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Yo-kai Watch: A Rewrite (Book 1 of the Rewrite Series)

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The sun shined down on Uptown Springdale, which was part of a small town in Japan. In this small part of town, there was a group of four kids that were around the age of eleven hanging around in Triangle Park. One of the kids picked up a wooden box and looking inside the box revealed a couple of dead insects neatly pinned down and labeled.


“Did you catch all those yourself, Eddie?”

The boy holding the box, who was named Eddie, turned to the boy and girl that spoke and grinned.

“Yep! We have a forest behind our vacation house and there's always a bunch of bugs there!”

“Yeah, but I had to catch a couple of them. Eddie here got too squeamish to touch them.”

Eddie glared at the large boy who basically called him a coward and said,

“Well, I'm sorry for being unsure if they were dangerous or not, Bear. I don't want this project to be the cause of my death.”

Bear just rolled his eyes and turn to the other boy and the only girl in the group.

“Hey, Nate and Katie? How are your projects coming along?”

Nate and Katie glanced at each other for a moment and Katie spoke up first.

“I haven't been able to get much done. My sketchbook is already full and I haven't gotten around to getting a new one yet.”

Bear and Eddie turned to Nate and Nate rubbed the back of his head and said,

“My bug container's lid broke and I gave my mom the container so she could try to grow herbs in it. I'm trying to find a new bug container before I can do anymore work on my project.”

Nate wasn't sure if Bear and Eddie believed him or not, but that didn't matter to Nate. He was going to continue progress on his summer project, he just had to get new supplies. Nate wondered to himself how much more money he needed to buy a new container because the one that broke had been bought from a yard sale a while back and he couldn't remember if there were any more that were at a decent price still in stock at any of the stores that carried them.

The four of them stood in silence before they eventually parted ways. Nate and Katie started back home together, Nate softly sighing.

“Nate? What's wrong?”

Nate turned to Katie and said,

“A lot of things. I have no clue when I'll be able to buy a new bug container, I have no clue what else I want to do this summer, and I'm afraid this summer will be boring!”

After he ranted, Nate blushed and mumbled an apology.

“Sorry for ranting like that. It's just...I don't know if I'll ever get to do anything exciting in my life. I don't want to have an average and boring life.”

Katie sighed as well and said,

“I know what you mean. Life here is just too slow for my tastes. I want to experience something life-changing before I die.”

They kept walking until Katie spoke up.

“Do you want to work together on our projects?”

Nate was confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I'm saying that I can loan you my bug container for your project and as soon as I can find some paper to draw on, I could draw the insects you catch for my project and our projects will be done in no time.”

Nate stopped on the sidewalk and thought about it.

“Actually, that could work and we can release the bugs after we're done with them.”

Katie smiled and said,

“Yeah! That's what I was thinking!”

Nate smiled back and extended his hand.

“Well, partner. Ready to tackle our projects so we can have a nice summer?”

Katie took his hand and shook it.

“Consider it a deal, partner.”

When they got to Katie's house, they agreed to meet back at the park after they got the things they needed.

“See you in a bit, Katie.”

“You too, Nate.”

Nate walked back to his house and went up to his room, collecting his bug net and some money.

You never know what could happen, even in a peaceful town like Springdale.

As Nate walked downstairs, he overheard his mom talking to someone on the phone, so he stood in the doorway, waiting patiently for her to finish so he could tell her he was heading out. His mother turned her head a bit, muttered something to the person on the other end, and placed a hand over her phone.

“Going back out, Nate?”

“Yeah, I'll be back before dinner.”

“About that, Nate. We're having Katie and her family over for dinner tonight. We haven't decided what we're going to cook yet, so it might be a while before dinner is ready. Just come back home around 5, okay?”

Nate nodded and went out the door, jogging over to the park where he saw Katie waiting. She was sitting on a bench while carrying a few index cards, a pencil, and a bug container.
Nate gave her a strange look and she looked up and retorted,

“What? I told you my sketchbook was filled up.”

Nate tried to think of something that wouldn't sound rude, but decided to drop it before it became a problem.

“You ready to tackle this?”

Katie gave him a grin and said,

“Thought you'd never ask, Nate!”

She placed the objects she brought with her down on the bench as she stood up and helped Nate look for some insects.

“Here's some over here!”

In the one of the trees she was pointing at, there were a few green cicadas. Nate readied his net and pounced, catching one. The other cicadas flew away, leaving Nate a bit miffed and making Katie laugh as she put the cicada in the container. They investigated the other trees, catching another green cicada, and on the last one, the green cicada was way too high for Nate to reach with his net.

“Katie? You mind helping me here?”

Nate gave Katie his net, knelt down, and interlocked his fingers, waiting for Katie to let him boost her up. Katie stepped on Nate’s interlocked fingers and with the extra boost, she caught the final cicada and placed it in the container along with the others.

“Well, there were penalty of bugs here, but nothing too exciting like Eddie’s collection.”

Then, the container started glowing.

“What the-?! One of the cicadas is glowing!”

Katie, who had been sketching out one of the cicadas, looked up and also saw the glowing cicada.

“Wow! That cicada is definitely not normal!”

Nate gave a small smile and said,

“Well, at least something interesting happened today.”

Nate looked at Katie and she said,

“We should look for more insects, just to have a variety.”

Nate got up and said,

“We should ask the janitor. He’s always talking about his crazy bug collection!”

Katie gathered her stuff and the two of them started off towards the elementary school.


Nate and Katie made it to the elementary school they attended and saw the kids playing about on the field as usual, even though school was out for the summer. They kept walking until they saw the janitor. They explained that they were having trouble finding interesting bugs for their reports and if he knew of any place that might have what they were looking for. The janitor reached into his pocket and pulled out some black syrup.

“Here you go. My secret pro-tip on catching these guys. I would recommend going up to Mount Wildwood. There are some good bugs up there you can catch.”

The two kids thanked the janitor and headed to the back of the school, where the entrance to Mount Wildwood was. Nate and Katie stopped before the stairs leading to the shrine at the top and looked up. They held hands as they started to run up the steps, never missing a step until they reached the shrine. There weren’t many people around, just a student, a young child near the pond, and an old man at the shrine. Nate and Katie went towards where the fenced-off part of the woods was and looked past it.

“Guess that’s the end of the line for us. That’s okay. There’s probably some interesting bugs around here.”

Nate nodded at what Katie said and started looking around with her for some interesting looking bugs.


After about five minutes, all they caught were a brown cicada and a butterfly. Nate sighed as he mumbled,

“Well, there are bugs here, but nothing remotely interesting enough.”

Katie finished drawing out the butterfly and started releasing some of the bugs that had been caught. The problem was that there was a green cicada that refused to leave the container for whatever reason. She decided to leave the cicada for now and walked over to Nate.

“What time do you need to be back by?”

“Around 5. Our parents decided to have dinner together and they’re having trouble deciding what they want to make.”

Suddenly, the small gate that kept curious folk from wandering deeper into the woods disappeared before their eyes in a puff of purple smoke.

“Where did the gate go!?”

Nate and Katie looked at each other and knew the other was thinking the same thing.

Time to go deeper into the woods.


“Hmm...if I were a rare bug, where would I be?”

They walked further into the woods and they eventually came across a giant tree.

“Whoa! Look at that tree!”

They looked at the old, giant tree then they glanced at the strange machine at the base of the tree. It looked like an ancient version of a capsule machine and peering inside through the dusty glass revealed that there were some stone capsules in the machine.

“What is this doing here?”

“What is this thing would be a better question, but I have to agree with you on that. What is this doing here?”

They were both deep in thought about the strange machine that they were both startled when they suddenly heard a strange voice coming from the machine.

“Feed me, feed me....”

“Whoa! What?! Who said that?”

“Feed me, feed me. Feed me, feed me, feed me right now!”

Nate and Katie looked at the machine that had been glowing purple every time the voice spoke, or in this case, sang.

“So, we should feed this old machine, then? With what?”

Nate reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin.

“So it wants us to feed it a coin? It is a capsule machine, after all.”

Katie wondered if it would even work as Nate placed the coin in the coin slot and turned the handle. A stone capsule fell out and Nate picked it up.

“Can’t believe that actually worked. I wonder how old it actually is, since our regular coins seem to work with it.”

Nate twisted the capsule as he said,

“I don’t know how old it is, but maybe there’s something in here that’s really old and worth something.”

As Nate was getting the capsule open, Katie said to him,

“Yeah, but if there is something in there not from our time period, how do we explain where we got it from? We can’t say that we got it from a talking capsule machine that was in the woods that was closed off by a gate that suddenly disappeared. People wouldn’t believe us and we would get in trouble for going in here.”

Nate stopped for a minute and said,

“You have a good point. Let’s just see if there’s anything in here. If there isn’t, we’ll just leave the capsule at the machine and leave. If there is something in here, we’ll see if we can figure out what it is and do some research later.”

Nate pulled the capsule apart and a bright blue light came from the capsule. The blue light suddenly materialized into a white blob-like creature with blue lips and a black line between it’s eyes. The creature turned to the shocked kids and bowed politely.

“Hello there, children! My name is Whisper and I’m a Yo-kai. Pleasure to meet you! Charmed!”

Both Nate and Katie were at a loss for words.

“We’re sorry. What are you exactly?”

“I’m a Yo-kai.”

Nate and Katie knew about some Yo-kai, but they had never seen or heard of anything like...Whisper, he said his name was?

“You’re a Yo-kai?”

“Of course. I was trapped in that stone capsule for 190 years because a monk was convinced I was an evil spirit and locked me away.”

Seriously? This guy was considered ‘evil’? Wait, he was locked in that stone capsule for 190 years!? How is he still sane!?

While Whisper was ranting about how unjust it was for him to have been locked away based on a bias, Nate looked over to Katie and gestured to start walking away from Whisper. They waited until his back was turned and started to walk off.

“Hey! Where are you two going?!”

They froze and turned back around, showing a clearly not amused Whisper crossing his arms.

“At least let me finish my story before you decide to sneak off.”

They felt sheepish as they looked at the annoyed Yo-kai and said,

“Sorry, Whisper. It’s just we’re busy looking for bugs, so we…”

They turned back around, about to leave when Whisper suddenly teleported in front of them.

“Bugs, eh? Why settle for boring old bugs, may I ask?”

Nate replied to Whisper in a questioning tone,

“Bugs aren’t boring, are they? Besides, there are a lot of people that study bugs their entire lives.”

“Hmm, yes. But I have an interesting proposal for you two. You can either leave me and go back to your mundane lives or you can have a little excitement in your lives. An adventure, if you will.”

For the first time in their short lives, Nate and Katie had a life-changing decision to make. They could leave Whisper and return to their normal lives, but have a boring summer and there was no guarantee that Whisper would still be around. He would most likely go off somewhere else and they wouldn’t be able to take up his offer if they changed their minds. Or, they could take Whisper up on his offer of excitement and have a not so boring summer, but there was probably a risk of some dangerous situations that they would have no idea how to handle.

“Whisper? If we agree to your proposal, how do we know that we’ll be safe?”

Whisper suddenly gave them a large grin, which made Nate regret asking that question and Katie immediately hid behind Nate before Whisper caught on and toned down on the creepiness factor he was giving off. He chuckled softly before apologizing.

“I’m so sorry. It’s been awhile since I actually conversed with someone on this sort of thing. Well, it’s actually been awhile since I had a proper conversation with anyone, period. Anyway, I have something for the two of you, but I’ll only give it to you if you want some excitement. If you don’t, that’s fine.”

Whisper reached into an invisible pocket or something and produced two watches, one wristwatch and a pocket watch necklace. The wristwatch looked like a normal, run-of-the-mill wristwatch while the pocket watch necklace looked more feminine. The one thing the watches seemed to have in common was the strange symbol in the middle that had four sections that consisted of blue, purple, green, and pink that was covered by a weird looking bubble. Nate and Katie took the watches, Nate taking the wristwatch while Katie took the pocket watch necklace, and examined them further.

“How will these keep us safe?”

“These are Yo-kai Watches. They can make the impossible possible! Which brings me to our deal. Would you two like to search for Yo-kai?”

Wait, there are more Yo-kai in existence? I thought they were just legends!

They were at a loss. They could search for Yo-kai?

“Wait. What’s the catch?”

Whisper blinked before understanding what Nate was asking.

“I believe you two can bridge the gap between the humans and the Yo-kai. So, what do you say?”

The kids looked at the Yo-kai Watches in their hands before coming to their final decision.

“We accept.”

They put their Yo-kai Watches on and they started to light up.

“Oh, goody! There’s a Yo-kai around here!”

Whisper did his weird teleporting trick before pointing towards a random tree.

“I’m getting some odd sensations from that tree over there!”

Nate and Katie walked over to the tree and didn’t see anything.

“Umm...are you sure something’s there, Whisper?”

“That’s because you’re looking with your eyes, not with your Watch. See that button on the side? Push it.”

The kids pushed the button on the side as Whisper told them to and the bubble flipped up.

“Whoa! The bubble opened!”

“That’s not a bubble, my friends. That’s the Yo-kai Lens. If you look through it, you’ll be able to see the Yo-kai.”

They looked through their lenses and they saw a depressed looking bird with a droopy neck.

Okay, now what?

The bird Yo-kai looked at the two kids and said with a depressing tone,

“I was having a nice nap and you two had to go and wake me.”

You looked awake when we were scanning you!

“I guess I’m going to have to fight you, aren’t I?”

Nate and Katie tried desperately to get out of the fight with the Yo-kai, which they realized they didn’t know the name of.

“Whisper! What do we do?!”

“Simple, just call forth the rest of your Yo-kai friends.”

“Wait! We don’t have any Yo-kai friends! We were literally just introduced to all of this!”

“Well, that’s a bit rude to your cicada friend there.”

The cicada that had refused to leave the container earlier suddenly started glowing and it leapt out of the container, revealing it’s true form.

Nate and Katie had no words for what just happened.

“I am Cadin, a Yo-kai that dons the disguise of a mere cicada. Noble Nate and Katie, my heart was abuzz with thy bug catching.”

“Uh, thanks?”

“To able thee, I give you my Yo-kai medal.”

Cadin pulled out a small disc and tossed it over to them, which Nate caught.

“Umm, what is this?”

Whisper was filled with glee.

“Your first Yo-kai medal! Congratulations are definitely in order.”

Nate studied the medal in his hands. It had a picture of Cadin on one side and the other side was pink except for a white heart-shaped area.

“This medal is a symbol of our friendship. Use this to call upon me if thou art ever in need.”

“Well, thank you for the medal.”

“I guess you went and forgot about me, didn’t you?”

The kids turned to the bird Yo-kai they just realized was being ignored this whole time.

“Eh, sorry?”

Cadin pulled out a sword and said,

“Have at thee, feathered fiend! Thou shalt note I will not hold back!”

Cadin and the other Yo-kai proceeded to battle each other until Cadin started glowing blue and ended the battle by repeatedly slashing at the other Yo-kai with his sword until the other Yo-kai gave up.

“So, I guess you won. What are you going to do to me? Are you going to grill me or fry me?”

Nate and Katie made a disgusted face as they said,

“Gross. I don’t want to do either.”

“Well, are you going to make me ask for forgiveness, then?”

“We should really be asking you. We did disturb you.”

The bird Yo-kai tossed over her medal, which had her picture on one side and the other side was purple with a symbol of an eyeball, and she said,

“You can call me Buhu.”

Cadin put his sword away and he said,

“Top notch performance! I have to go now, but thou can always call upon me in thou art ever in need.”

“Yeah, I’m going too. Call me if you feel like disturbing me again.”

With that both Yo-kai left, leaving Nate and Katie alone with Whisper.

“Did we just become friends with those Yo-kai?”

Whisper smiled and said,

“Yep! Oh, right! I have something else for you two!”

Whisper produced a book and handed it to Katie.

“This is the Yo-kai Medallium. You can store any Yo-kai Medals you receive in here for safekeeping.”

As soon as the two kids tried to comprehend the situation, they just sat down on the ground.

“So, do you think you understand Yo-kai a little better know?”

Nate looked at Katie and they said,

“Well, it’s a little hard to believe that Yo-kai actually existed in the first place. I believed they were just stories.”

Whisper chuckled and said,

“Oh, I understand, but Yo-kai are hiding everywhere in the city, you see.”

Whisper made a gesture to indicate the entire area that they lived in was filled with these creatures.

“So, how’s about we put those Watches to good use and get you two some Yo-kai friends, okay?”

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After what happened at Mount Wildwood, Nate and Katie headed down the mountain, Whisper following them. As they were walking back to Nate's house to check up on his parents and the dinner plans, they saw Whisper following behind them.

"Umm, why are you following us?"

The three of them stopped and Whisper seemed honestly confused.

"Why? So I can be there for you, of course! That's such a silly question."

"Well, that's nice and all, but you're making us feel like Little Bo Peep or something."

Whisper turned himself into a sheep and said,

"I'll always be there for ewe."

He changed back to his normal form and said,

"If you two need to know anything, anything at all, just ask me! It's my job to make sure you two are well taken care of."

Nate and Katie just stared at him and asked,

"Why do we need to be taken care of? What's wrong with us?"

"Well, look at you two. You're both just children! Besides, how would you two have learned to befriend Yo-kai in the first place?"

They had to give him credit, he brought up a good point.

"Well, that's true, but..."

"Good, glad we're on the same page! Now, let's see my new home!"

Nate and Katie looked at each other and said,

"Whisper, just so you know, we don't live with each other. We're not even related. Our families are just having dinner together here tonight."

Whisper stopped in his tracks.

"Seriously? Well, I didn't expect this to happen."

He sighed as he tried to think of a solution to this predicament he had found himself in.

"Well, let's go inside anyway! I'll probably find a solution to all this after a good meal."

Nate looked at Katie and wondered if she was thinking the same thing he was thinking.

Ugh, our parents are going to flip when they see Whisper!

Nate opened the door and walked in, Katie and Whisper following, and before he could say anything, he heard the loud bickering from the kitchen.

"I'm just saying it wouldn't kill you to help me get dinner ready! I spend hours on the phone with Rebecca setting it up and I don't need to hear you complain about how Jason is better at using a grill then you!"

Nate hid by the doorway and peeked inside. His mother and father were bickering over dinner plans, which made Nate worry. His parents were never the type to bicker over anything. Nate whispered mostly to himself,

"Why are they fighting? This isn't something that usually happens."

Whisper peeked around the corner and said,

"Parents are so complex. They can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies, depending on the situation."

"Yeah, but why does it have to be like that?"

Whisper squinted and said,

"Aha! I believe I found the source of this bickering. One of you point your Watch over there."

Nate used his Watch and it revealed a purple blob creature next to Nate's parents. Nate whispered,

"Is that a Yo-kai?"

Whisper nodded as the group watched Nate's parents move towards the backyard bickering all the while. The three of them went into the room where the Yo-kai was, catching the Yo-kai's attention.

"You can see me, darlings?"

"Well, yeah. You see, we have these-"

The Yo-kai sighed, cutting off Nate.

"I'm sorry I gave you the impression I was interested, dear."

Nate wasn't sure if he should be insulted by her or not.

That's right! I need to put an end to this!

"Could you please stop making my parents fight?"

She looked at Nate and slowly shook her head.

"I really don't feel like going anywhere right now."

Dang it! I have to put an end to this or dinner will be a disaster!

"I believe we need to learn on how to be more direct. We may have to use force for this situation."

"Are you saying we have to fight her?"

"Allow me to be of assistance!"

Nate's Yo-kai Watch glowed and Cadin appeared in a blue ball of light.

"Ready thyself, evildoer! I will come at you with the strength of a dozen hearty cicadas!"

He jumped at the purple Yo-kai and bounced off when she slapped him.

"Nevermind. She's strong, this one."

Then Cadin disappeared.

Well, that was helpful.

"Okay, time for a new strategy. Let's leave!"

Nate and Katie couldn't believe what came out of Whisper's mouth. He just wanted them to leave Nate's parents to the mercy of this Yo-kai? Plus, what if Katie's parents came over and got involved in the arguing?

"Whisper, why are you suggesting this?"

"I have my reasons, now come on!"

They left Nate's house and when they got outside, Whisper told them his plan.

"Sorry about leaving your parents like this, Nate, but I'm afraid we need to collect some more Yo-kai before we can battle her."

"We have two Yo-kai, three counting you. Why can't we just use the Yo-kai we have?"

"She took out Cadin with one hit, Nate. Besides, I'm not a fighter, I'm a butler. Plus, we have to get your Yo-kai to become stronger if we ever stand a chance of getting your parents to stop arguing in time for dinner."

They knew Whisper had a point, but where would they start looking? What Yo-kai are in the area?


They started walking around as the Yo-kai Watch started going off at random times. They scanned the areas and they would immediately be in battle with a group of Yo-kai. Needless to say, it was difficult the first time they did this, because there were three Yo-kai in the group instead of one. The first Yo-kai group they ran into was a group of spiky Yo-kai called Coughkoff. They fought the group with Cadin and Buhu, but in the end, none of the Coughkoffs wanted to join. However, they did pick up some loose change that the Coughkoffs apparently dropped. They kept investigating the areas until they ran into a group of mosquito Yo-kai called Negatibuzz. After the battle, one of the Negatibuzzes came up to the group and asked to join. Katie suspected that this particular Negatibuzz had a crush on Buhu, but decided to keep that theory to herself and happily accepted him into the team. They also found more items and money after the battle. Nate questioned Whisper about it and Whisper said,

"Oh, this is a common practice in Yo-kai society. When we Yo-kai get into fights, the loser always has to drop something for the winner. Money is always involved, but there have been accounts of Yo-kai dropping items along with the money. It's best not to question it."

The group just decided to keep searching for Yo-kai while keeping what Whisper said in mind. After many fights with the Yo-kai in the area, they had the following Yo-kai in their party:







After they had caught Hungramps, Whisper said to them,

"Well, we have certainly accumulated an interesting variety of Yo-kai here. I certainly-"

Suddenly, Whisper stopped himself mid sentence as he looked around.

"Wait a minute! I'm detecting a strong aura!"

Whisper closed his eyes as he tried to figure out the direction of where the aura was coming from.

He pointed in a seemingly random direction and said,

"It's coming from this way!"

Nate and Katie walked in the direction Whisper was pointing and ended up near the fish market.

"Oh, the aura is definitely stronger here. Now, if only I could find the Yo-kai giving off that aura..."

As Nate and Katie looked around, they suddenly heard the owner of fish market speak to them.

"Hey kids. I would be careful crossing the street if I were you. There have been some strange incidents happening here and I don't want you two getting hurt."

Just the words 'strange incidents' seemed to make Whisper give off a grin.

"I was right! There is a Yo-kai around here. When it's safe to cross, we'll carefully inspect the intersection!"

The two kids pressed the button that would allow them to cross safely across the street and took off the minute it was safe to do so. They scanned the area until they found the Yo-kai they were looking for. It was a red cat Yo-kai with two tails that had a ball of blue flames on each one and he looked at the intersection with a determined expression.

"This Yo-kai seems..uh...tense."

"Oh, this has to be the source of that aura I sensed earlier! Plus, he looks quite determined!"

The cat mumbled to himself, unaware of the two human children and the Yo-kai watching him,

"Here it comes!"

He immediately ran onto the crosswalk that Nate and Katie had walked on and was preparing himself as a truck was coming towards him.

"This ends here, and nyow! Take this, you evil beast! Prepare to taste my Paws of Fury!"

The cat Yo-kai's paws suddenly started going at a hundred mile per hour, making hard to see them as he tried to beat up the truck. Unfortunately, the truck was much stronger than the Yo-kai and the Yo-kai ended up flying towards the sidewalk.


Nate and Katie quickly knelt down by the Yo-kai's side. The Yo-kai sighed and mumbled,

"Defeated again..."

Nate carefully poked the Yo-kai and said,

"Hey, are you okay?"

The Yo-kai got up and said,

"Yeah, I-"

There was an awkward silence as the Yo-kai finally took in the two kids and Whisper.

"Wait! Can you guys really see me?!"


"Do you knyaow a girl named Amy?"

"I don't think so. Who's that?"

The cat seemed depressed as he sighed.

"Well, she was my owner before I got turned into a Yo-kai. When I was still a regular cat, I got hit by a truck. It was nyo fun at all."

He looked down at the ground and continued.

"My beloved owner, Amy. I can still hear her like it was just yesterday. 'Hit by a truck?! That's so lame.'"

The whole group was shocked at the Yo-kai's story. Who in their right minds would say that to their pet as they were dying?!

"That wasn't very nice!"

"Well, it was my fault! I'm the one that got hit a truck in the first place! And as soon as I'm strong enough to beat up a truck, I'm going to find Amy again!"

The determined expression was on his face for a minute before he frowned again.

"But no matter what I do, I always get hit by a truck. The other Yo-kai make fun of me and one of them stole my only possession, a picture of my beloved Amy."

Okay, that's just going too far for these creatures. First, they make fun of this Yo-kai's goals of being able to make his owner proud again, then they steal his only possession from him?! When I find that Yo-kai, they're going to regret it!

"They stole your picture from you?!"

The cat sighed.

"Yeah. Maybe I really am just...lame."

The three of them felt anger bubbling up.

"Who took your photo?! Let me have a crack at them!"

Nate and Katie were shocked. This was the Yo-kai that said he wasn't a battler, yet he was willing to fight another Yo-kai for making this one upset.

"Well, let's find this Yo-kai and get the photo back! We'll show them what happens when you mess with our friends!"

Nate looked at Katie and nodded. Jibanyan was confused about the whole thing.

These guys barely know me and yet, they're calling me their friend and are willing to help me. Maybe there is hope for me after all.

"Which Yo-kai stole your photo and where are they at?"

Jibanyan pointed across the street and said,

"His gang hangs out behind the fish market. I can't even go there to get some fish anymore."

The group looked towards the fish market and knew what they had to do.

"Well, let's go get that photo back. You just wait here and rest."

Before they set off to confront the Yo-kai, Katie suddenly said,

"Oh, that's right! What's your name? I'm Katie and this is Nate and Whisper."

The cat Yo-kai said,

"I don't remember any names from before other than Amy...but the other Yo-kai call me Jibanyan though. I kinda like it!"

"Well, Jibanyan. We'll go get your picture back for you in no time!"

The group started off across the street towards the alleyway behind the fish market and stopped at the entrance of the alley.

"Seems kinda sketchy back here."

"Yes, that's how the Yo-kai that lurk around here like it. Makes it easier to startle humans that wander by here in the dark."

"Well, time to get going."

The three moved ahead, unaware of the fact that they were being followed.


As they made their way towards the back of the alley, they found a solitary Yo-kai holding a tattered photo. No doubt it was Jibanyan's.


The Yo-kai looked up with an annoyed expression.

"You talking to me?"

He's a delinquent Yo-kai, isn't he? This is going to be harder than I thought.

"Yeah! You stole Jibanyan's photo and we've come to take it back!"

He looked more amused than threatened if anything.

"Oh? That little meow meow got himself some though friends, huh?"

He sort-of got up from his crouching position and said,

"I ain't handing over this here pic! Not without a fight! You're going to have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!"

Aren't you already dead?

"You asked for it, buddy boy!"

The Yo-kai summoned two other Yo-kai and said,

"Good luck defeating the Roughraff gang, punks!"


A few minutes later, the Roughraff gang was defeated.


Nate stuck his hand out.

"I believe you own us one photo, Roughraff."

The Yo-kai growled and shoved it into Nate's hand.

"You got lucky this time, punks! You're going to drive me to hooliganism!"

Roughraff disappeared and Whisper made a snide remark about what just happened.

"Isn't he already a hooligan? Ah, who cares? We got the photo back. Let's get it to Jibanyan right away!"

As they turned around to leave, they suddenly saw the adult male just standing there.

Who's he and why is he right there? How long has he been standing there?!

Needless to say, the two kids were kinda creeped out by this random adult just standing there.

"Hold it! I saw what you did there!"

Let's just humor him for now...

"Oh yeah? What did you think?"

"You just defeated a wanted Yo-kai! One of the most wanted Yo-crooks!"

Wait, what?

"A wanted Yo-kai...?! Does that mean you can see Yo-kai too?"

Seriously, who is this guy?

"Of course I can! I'm not running around arresting air here! Roughraff was wanted on the account of a disorderly pompadour!

That's the reason he was wanted? Nothing about theft? Just messy hair?

"Well, I didn't think his hair was disorderly at all. I kinda liked it!"

"Yeah? Well, your hair is kinda rowdy too, kid. Except for the young lady, her hair is fine."

Nate was pretty sure that was an insult to his hair. It wasn't his fault his hair looked the way it does.

"Actually, have you two ever considered working undercover?"

He didn't wait for an answer.

"Good! It's decided then! I'm officially deputizing you two to official Yo-kai investigators!"

"Do we get a hat like your's?"

In all honesty, that siren hat looked weird, but considering what they had to go through today, that was the least weirdest thing they encountered.

"Absolutely not! But you do get the satisfaction of cleaning the city of Yo-crime. I can see the flames of justice burning in your eyes! So, you'll do it, right?"

Well, since he already made us official investigators, we might as well take him up on his offer.

"Sure. Why not?"

"Excellent. If you ever need me, I'll not be loitering near the post office."
Then he walked out, leaving the three of them confused about what just happened.

"We should really get this back to Jibanyan."

They found the will to walk again and they went back to where Jibanyan was waiting.

"I believe this is yours."

Jibanyan's eyes sparked and filled with tears as he held the photo.

"Oh, thank you! I didn't think I would ever get this back!"

He sighed sadly and said,

"But I couldn't get it back by myself...I really am just-"

"Look, you're not lame. I don't care what you've been told or what you've heard. You're going to such extreme lengths to impress a girl. I could never beat up a truck to impress someone."

Jibanyan let his tears fall as he tackle-hugged Nate, happy for the first time in his short time as a Yo-kai.

I was right...these guys are exactly what I was waiting for.

"We're friends nyow! You can call for me whenyever!"

Jibanyan summoned his Yo-kai Medal and tossed it towards Nate.

"There's that aura I sensed earlier! Now, we can officially take care of that problem at your house, Nate!"

Nate, Katie, and Whisper started off towards Nate's house, ready to battle.


When they got there, Nate listened through the door to figure out if his parents came back in after they left. He carefully walked back in the house and peeked through the doorway to the kitchen. His parents were still arguing and the purple Yo-kai was still in the room. The only thing that changed was that Katie's parents were also in the backyard, bickering with each other.

"Katie? I don't want to alarm you, but your parents are fighting too."

Katie peeked around the corner and mumbled,

"Are you kidding me right now?"

From what Nate could tell, both of their parents looked too distracted to care that their children were watching them. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to get that Yo-kai out of the room. They walked in and the Yo-kai looked towards them.

"Oh, you're back. While you were gone, I added some more people to the argument. It's so fun watching them bicker over little things."

" don't plan on leaving anytime soon?"


Whisper said,

"Well, that went as expected. Time to call in Jibanyan!"

Nate took the Yo-kai Medal from his pocket and flipped it like a coin toss.

"Come on out, my friend!"

He caught it in his hand.

"Calling Jibanyan!"

He inserted the Medal into the Yo-kai Watch.

"Yo-kai Medal, do your thing!"

The watch hands started to spin crazily as a voice rung out from the Watch.

"Summoning, Charming!


Boom, boom

Walla, walla

Dance, dance


A blue light came from the Watch as the chant rang out. It eventually formed into Jibanyan.


Then, Jibanyan hit the ceiling and fell.

Nate instantly regretted summoning Jibanyan in the house.

"Make sure the ceiling's higher, nyext time you call me."

Nate looked towards the backyard to see that the adults were still bickering.

How did they not hear that just now?!

Confusion aside, Jibanyan got up and was ready to fight.

"Okay, who do I have to fight? Do I have to fight this purple blob of blobiness?"

She looked insulted, but she let it slide.

"Your words hurt me, dear. I suppose a fight is in order, then."


It was a tense battle. Jibanyan started it off with a quick scratch to the Yo-kai's face, Negatibuzz and Buhu did a team-up hit, Hungramps healed the team when they got hurt, and Dimmy kept to himself but participated in battle anyway with Cadin. Eventually, the battle was over and the purple Yo-kai was defeated.

"Oh, I overstayed my welcome, didn't I?"

She sighed and said,

"I'm sorry for inspiriting your parents like this, but they reminded me too much of my relationship with my husband. I got into an argument with him recently and I stormed off. I was jealous of how happy they were, so I inspirited them."

Wow, even Yo-kai get into arguments? I guess there's more to them than we humans could ever know.

"Well, who's your husband? We can go look for him and sort this out."

"Diz! There you are!"

A yellow cloud-like Yo-kai suddenly appeared in the room. What stuck out the most was his large smile and the flower on his head.

"My words were too much, darling. Will you come back with me?"

The purple Yo-kai smiled and said,

"My sweet Happieirre, I was hoping you'd come find me again!"

Happieirre heard the bickering in the backyard and just shook his head with a grin, like he was used to this sort of thing.

"Let me fix this up before we leave."

He snapped his fingers and the bickering outside started to cease.

"I'm so sorry about Disemeralda. She can be a bit of trouble at times, but she's still the one for me!"

Dismeralda produced her Yo-kai Medal, as did Happieirre, and they gave the Medals to both Katie and Nate.

"Feel free to call us anytime."

With that said, they both disappeared, leaving the room empty except for the two kids and Whisper.

"Well, it seems that your parents have finally stopped arguing. Now we can have some food!"

As Nate and Katie were about to ask their parents how dinner was coming along, they got their answer when their parents rushed inside.

"Oh, dang it! We were so busy making fools of ourselves that we forgot to pick up something for dinner!"

Nate's mother turned to see her son and Katie standing there.

"I'm so sorry, guys. I totally forgot to pick up some meat from the store. Dinner will be later than I thought."

"Mom, it's really no big deal. You just lost track of time. It happens to everyone once in awhile."

She smiled at the encouraging words that Nate gave her and headed towards the door.

"You two want to come along? You can help me pick out what to cook for dinner."

Nate and Katie smiled and went out the door with Nate's mother.


It had been a successful trip to the store. They were able to get some hamburger meat to be grilled and while they were there, Nate bought a journal and some new pens and pencils, while Katie was finally able to get some new sketchbooks. When they returned to Nate's house, the adults started working on dinner while the kids went to Nate's room to discuss the events of the day.

"That was such a crazy day we had!"

Nate was sitting crossed-legged on his bed as Whisper poked around some of Nate's stuff.

"I mean, seriously! We started the day just wanting to catch some bugs and now we're dealing with Yo-kai!"

Katie was sitting on the floor, sketching out Whisper.

"Katie, what are you doing?"

She looked up and said,

"I'm drawing Whisper in my new sketchbook. I want to make a record of the Yo-kai we've met."

Nate was impressed with Katie, but also confused.


"Nate, think about it. We're possibly the only ones that know what's going on in this town and what if we meet someone else that can see Yo-kai, but they didn't have someone like Whisper to help them?"

Nate looked down at the journal he had bought and he felt inspiration strike.

He started to jot down what had happened that day, when he heard his mother calling them down for dinner.


Jibanyan had came during their dinner and Nate secretly gave Jibanyan bits of hamburger when the adults were distracted. When dinner was over, the two kids hung out in his room before Katie had to go back home. Nate had discussed his idea of keeping a journal that discussed Yo-kai, like Katie's sketchbook record. The group seemed to like the idea. They had also agreed that Whisper and Jibanyan would stay with Nate for tonight and until there was a Yo-kai that wanted to stay with Katie, they would switch back and forth. Before Nate went to bed, he finished writing the entry for today in his journal.

Nate: Today was an interesting day! Katie and I were just trying to find some bugs and we ended up being involved with Yo-kai! We had rescued a Yo-kai named Whisper from a capsule machine near the Sacred Tree at Mount Wildwood and in return he gave us these things known as Yo-kai Watches. We used them to find Yo-kai, help them with their problems, and even stopped our parents from bickering! I must say that this is the start of an exciting summer! I guess our wish came true when we wanted a more exciting life! I might as well let the others have a say in here as well. We are a group now, afterall.
Katie: Like Nate said, our wish for a more exciting summer has come true! I'm even keeping a visual guide of the Yo-kai we've met, so that we can help other people that can see Yo-kai understand them better.
Whisper: It makes so happy to know that I have such smart and kind masters! I certainly hope that they will be the best when it comes to teaching others about Yo-kai!
Jibanyan: I like these guys. They have helped me gain my confidence and I know that if Amy could see me right now, she would be proud.
Nate: As I am writing this, I must get ready for bed. Who knows what lies ahead tomorrow?

With that said, Nate closed his journal and prepared for sleep.

Chapter Text

Nate rolled around in his bed for a few minutes before waking up and yawning.

“Man, I feel like a million bucks! That was a such crazy dream I had!”

“You know, Nate, you were snoring up a storm all night.”

“Really? I didn’t know I snored.”

Nate blinked before turning his head towards the voice he just heard.

Whisper was floating in his room and there was a sleeping Jibanyan on his bed.

“Oh, wasn’t a dream?”

“Nope! I’m going to be by you and Katie’s sides 24/7 from now on!”

After spinning happily, Whisper stopped and said,

“At least you took it better than Katie when she woke up.”


Katie had just woken up, thoughts of a strange dream in her mind.
“Wow! I feel like a million bucks! That sure was a crazy dream I had!”

“I’ll say. You were snoring up a storm all night, Katie. I swear, you’re about as bad as Nate when it comes to that.”

“Hey! I don’t snore!”

Suddenly, all of the memories from yesterday rushed back into her head.

“You wasn’t a dream?”

Whisper shook his head.

“Nope. All of us are in this together now!”

Katie shook her head and she said,

“Whisper? When you go back to Nate’s, can you tell him to meet me at the park?”

Whisper bowed and said,

“Can do, Katie!”


“Oh, right! Katie wants us to meet her at the park!”

As Nate got dressed, he couldn’t help but think to himself,

I guess this is really happening. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after what happened yesterday, but it seems so unreal. I wonder why Katie wanted us to meet at the park? Ah, well. We’ll find out when we get there, I suppose.

Nate picked up his bag, shoved his journal and other necessities in it. He then ran downstairs and went to the door.

“Hey, Nate. Are you going out?”

“Yeah, I have to meet Katie at the park.”

“Okay, just be careful!”

“Will do!”

Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan went out the door and started running to the park. When they got there, they saw Katie sitting on the bench. She perked up when they walked in.

“Hey, guys.”

Nate sat down next to her and she said,

“We have to figure this all out.”

Nate looked at her with a confused look.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, the two of us have this special power that was given to us by pure luck. What do we do now? Sure, summer is a great opportunity to use this power, but what about when school starts back up? What do we do then?”

Nate had to think about it.

I guess she brings up a good point. We did kind-of just jump into this without thinking ahead. But we were able to help our parents stop fighting and we did help Jibanyan with his problem.

“Well, we can help people and Yo-kai with their problems!”

They all looked at Nate with a quizzical look.

“Think about it guys! We helped Jibanyan yesterday and we were able to get our parents to stop fighting. There’s no reason for us to stop there! We can solve problems over the summer and we can keep doing this during the school year! We can probably do this for a long time, especially if we become Yo-kai ourselves!”

Nate got up and started to leave the park, pausing to see if the others were coming or not. The other shrugged and followed Nate.

“So, do you have any idea of what we’re doing?”

“Yeah. We’re going to walk around town until something happens.”

“That doesn’t seem like much of a plan, Nyate.”

“Look, I had this thought literally about a minute ago. Cut me some slack!”

They ended up near the riverbank and decided to sit down on the grass near the vending machines. Jibanyan stretched and laid down near Nate as he was looking for some change.

“I’m going to buy a drink. You guys want anything?”

They all shook their heads, so Nate went up and bought a Y-cola. As he was picking up the drink, he heard a conversation between two high school students. One of them was confessing his love to a female student, but something about it seemed off. It almost felt like…

A Yo-kai was responsible!

Nate immediately ran over to the others and told them what happened.

“Are you sure a Yo-kai was responsible?”

“Look, the confession felt forced and the guy didn’t seem to have control over what he was saying! It has to be something!”

The group walked over to the spot where Nate had overheard the conversation and they shined their Watches around the area. When the light touched the bench next to the supposedly inspirited student, it revealed a small elderly lady. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was small enough to be held in someone’s hands and that she was invisible until the Yo-kai Watch’s light touched her, she would have seemed rather normal.

She had been looking at the high school students next to her, so she didn’t notice the group until the light had hit her. She looked over at them with an annoyed expression.

“Tell, Tell?!” (Translation: “What are you looking at?!”)

Whisper looked at the Yo-kai before a look of shock crossed his face. He hid behind Katie as he explained.

“This Yo-kai is called Tattletale. Whoever she inspirits is forced to say whatever comes into their heads. As you can probably guess, she has been responsible for people spilling very embarrasing or dark secrets that they would have rather kept to themselves.”

As Whisper was explaining, he didn’t notice Tattletell look towards Nate with a mischeivious look in her eyes.

“So, why are you hiding behind me, Whisper?”

“I have some things I would rather keep to myself than have the whole world know about.”

Whisper looked up to find Tattletell about to jump on Nate.

“Nate, look out! Tattletell’s about to inspirit you!”

Nate looked up and it was too late for him to move out of the way of Tattletell.

“Gah! Get off me! Get out of my head!”

Nate started to shake his head, not caring if anyone thought he was acting crazy. He had get her off of him or he would end up saying something he was trying to hide for years.

“Tattletell! Get off me! I don’t want to tell Katie that I had a crush on her since we were little!”

Nate suddenly realized what he had said and started blushing. He looked up, admittedly afraid of Katie’s reaction. He was shocked to see that she was also blushing like crazy.

“Tell, Tell!” (Translation: “This is some juicy stuff!”)

Tattletale hopped off Nate and went back to her bench, giggling the whole time.


Nate quickly looked down, trying to avoid Katie’s face.


“Do you...really have a crush on me?”

Nate forced himself to nod. What he didn’t expect was for Katie to wrap him in a hug and whisper in his ear,

“I’ve been crushing on you for a while too.”

Chapter Text

After letting that sink in, the two kids heard Tattletale snickering on her bench.

“Tell Tell!" (Translation: “Both of your faces are so red right now!”)

Nate sighed to himself and said,

“Do you want to discuss this later? We should really find out why Tattletale was acting like this.”

Katie nodded.

“Alright, Nate.”

Tattletale was still snickering, but she seemed to calm down a bit.

"Tell Tell!" (Translation: "I like you guys!"

"Oh! Do you want to be friends then?"

"Tell!" (Translation: "Thought you'd never ask!")

A bright light came from Tattletale and a medal flew into Katie's hands.

"Tell Tell Tell, Tell!" (Translation: "Here you go, you lovebirds!")

They both blushed.

"Please don't call us that."

Tattletale puffed her cheeks out.

"Tell..." (Translation: "Fine...")



One explanation later:


"So, you had suddenly developed some extra energy and you had to get rid of it? Did I say that correctly?"


Tattltale nodded at Whisper.


"Tell, Tell Tell." (Translation: "Yeah, something like that.")

"Okay, now that we have that figured out, we should direct our attention to figuring out what the source of the extra energy was."

Tattletale cleared her thoart before speaking.

"Tell Tell Tell Tell Tell." (Translation: "It probably had something to do with the weird business suit guy I saw earlier today.")

Tattletale then explained what she had saw earlier that day, with Whisper translating.

"So, you saw a strange man in a business suit wandering around the elementary school while muttering something about 'breaking the seals' and going to the post office tomorrow, then you suddenly felt a sudden increase in your energy?"

She nodded.

"Oh, boy. This can't be good."

Whisper had a look of worry on his face.

I may have been locked away from the world for 190 years, but I know that if there are seals in this town, they have to be there for a reason. No one makes seals just for the heck of it, after all. Plus, if there's talk about breaking them, it can't be for a good reason.

"We have to investigate this right now!"

Nate looked at his Yo-kai Watch and yelped.

"Oh, no! It's getting late! We have to get home before our parents get worried!"

The sun was starting to set as everyone started back home.

"Okay, we'll deal with it tomorrow, but I'm keeping my guard up tonight. I suggest that everyone else do the same."

Everyone nodded and went their separate ways.


The next day...

Nate woke up and rubbed his eyes. He had been up late last night, writing an entry about Tattletale and what had happened that day while the thought of the fact that Katie returned his feelings were running through his head.

If it hadn't been for Tattletale, if we hadn't met Whisper and got involved with Yo-kai, would I have been able to confess my feelings to Katie at that moment? Would we have been this age or older when I confessed, regardless of the involvement of Yo-kai or not?

The soft pitter-patter of rain distracted Nate from his thoughts and he wondered how Whisper and Jibanyan were doing at Katie's house as he went downstairs to get breakfast.


Katie had just woke up, running her fingers through Jibanyan's fur. Whisper had been up for a while, most likely planning out what they were going to do today. Katie got out of bed and went over to her desk, where her sketchbook was laying open on a drawing of Tattletale she had been working on last night.

"Okay, I recommend dressing for this weather. It's not going to hinder us in our investigation, but I don't want to worry about either of you catching a cold."

Katie nodded and closed her sketchbook, putting it away in her bag. She grabbed her pink raincoat and grabbed a Blehgal before yelling,

"I'm going outside, Mom!"

"Be careful, Katie!"

"I will!"

She walked outside, thankful that it wasn't raining too hard. She walked over to Nate's, glad to see that he was also outside and wearing his red raincoat.

"Hey, Nate!"

He smiled and waved her over as they walked to the post office.

"So, what do we plan on doing when we get there?"

"I haven't thought that far yet, but be on your guard. For all we know, it could be someone dangerous."

"Umm...can we stop at Everymart real quick? We should pick up some food just in case it's going to take a while. No point in fighting Yo-kai on an empty stomach, after all."

"Actually, that's not a bad idea. I can't believe I forgot to tell you this, but you can give Yo-kai food to make it easier to befriend them or to heal your fighters. They all have different tastes, of course. For example, cat Yo-kai like Jibanyan have a preference for seafood, but some of them prefer chocolate. I'm not sure what Jibanyan would prefer, but he can tell you for himself. If you need help with finding out what food a certain Yo-kai likes, don't be afraid to ask me. I'll do my best to find the answer for you."

Whisper stopped talking as the four of them walked inside Everymart. As the two children picked up a few food items, Whisper pulled up a map of Uptown Springdale on his tablet to look for any other seals in town, just in case there was a bigger threat than the one seal.

"Whisper, why are you looking that up, nya?"

"Oh, that's right. I forgot that you weren't there when Nate and Katie met me. I was locked in a capsule for 190 years, so my knowledge of this time is not the best. I really hope to at least catch up with the current Yo-kai knowledge of this time, so please don't judge me if I have to look something up."


Jibanyan crossed his heart and said,

"I promise nyot to judge you. I'll even make sure that Nyate and Katie don't accidently make you feel bad for looking anything up."

Whisper felt his face heat up slightly and smiled.

"Thank you, Jibanyan."

Jibanyan walked over to the chocolate aisle, picked up two Chocobars, and walked over to the two kids and whispered something to them. They nodded and walked over to the checkout lane. Whisper was very curious about what Jibanyan had said to them, but all he got from Jibanyan was a smile. After they paid for everything, the two kids walked to a blue spirit thing that Whisper identified as an Eyepo.

"I honestly have no clue what they are, but they are very helpful for organizing your Yo-kai team and healing if you're low on health and don't want to waste food or medicine, which we'll worry about at a later point in time. If you want to switch out Yo-kai right now, you can."

After consideration, they switched out Hungramps for Tattletale, promising to try to help him catch up with the other team members at a later date. They continued on their way to the post office and when they got there, they saw someone in a business suit tinkering with the mail box outside the post office.

"Is that the same guy Tattletale saw yesterday?"

"Tell! Tell Tell!" (Translation: "Yes! That's him!")

They walked up to him and asked in an innocent, "totally-not-suspecting-you-of-being-evil" tone,

"Excuse me, sir? What are you doing?"

He jumped from hearing their voices and turned around.

"Nothing for you to worry about, kiddos. Just some grown-up stuff."

Tattletale got annoyed and hopped on him.

"Tell Tell, Tell Tell!" (Translation: "Time to spill the beans, suit man!")

The man turned back around, seemingly ignoring Nate and Katie and started to evilly laugh.

This can't be good...

"Fools! Little do they know that I'm breaking one of the seals that keep the power of this town from reawakening a very powerful force and why am I saying this out loud?!"

"Okay, our fathers might be businessmen and we may have no clue what half of the stuff they say means, but we know that whatever he said isn't normal business jargon!"

The man suddenly turned into a Yo-kai that Whisper identified as Tengloom and it all made sense to the group.

Of course it was a Yo-kai causing this. I don't know if there are any other people that can see Yo-kai, but I doubt that they would purposely put the town in danger.

The group went into battle and after a few select Soultimate moves, they defeated Tengloom and collected the items that he had dropped.

"Oh, it's not like it matters! There are others that will succeed where I have failed!"

He disappeared and the group looked at the mailbox that was now leaking a strange and familair purple smoke.

"Isn't this the same purple smoke that made the gate disappear?"

"Yeah! This was also from the capsule machine that Whisper was trapped in! Does that mean that purple smoke prevents a Yo-kai from escaping?"

"Yes, but in this case, it's supposed to keep a huge threat in check. After I fix this seal, we have to track down the other seals and make sure that they're safe."

Whisper closed his eyes and started to mumble something under his breath until the purple smoke disppeared.

"Okay, let's get going!

Whisper pulled up the map he had been looking at and said,

"According to this, there are three more seals that are keeping this power in check. We better go make sure that they're okay!"

They nodded and Whisper pointed towards the bank.

"There should be a seal over in that direction."

They walked over and saw the purple smoke pouring from the pig statue in front of the bank.

"Oh great. Let's fix this before it gets worse."

As Whisper was about to seal the power away, a purple chubby bird showed up. Nate whispered to Katie,

"Wanna bet that Yo-kai is evil?"


"Gimme that power! I take that power and become the most powerful Yo-kai in existance!"

"Sounds normal for a Peckpocket with evil intentions. The faster we get rid of him, the faster I can fix this."


One battle later:

"We did it, guys!"

They collected some Gooey Candy (still in the wrapper) and at least a dollar off the ground.

"You meanies! All I wanted was to steal that power for myself!"

Peckpocket disappeared into thin air and Whisper sighed to himself.

"Okay, now I can fix the seal without any distractions."

Whisper held his hands together and yelled,

"Pocus hocus! Oh great spirit seal, get well soon-ocus!"

The purple smoke disappeared and both kids looked at Whisper surprised.

"That's it?"

Whisper looked at them with a sheepish expression and said,

"Well, it was only part of the spell. There's still two more seals to fix up, so let's get going."

Whisper glanced down at his Yo-kai Pad, which was still miraculously dry, and pointed in the direction of the community center.

"This way, everyone."


They stopped at the monument near the community center. The purple smoke was a clear giveaway that it was the seal they were looking for.

"As soon as this seal is fixed, we can head-"

"Youse guys ain't fixing nuthing!"

"Oh, great. An evil Mochismo. Just what we needed right now..."

The sarcasm was dripping from Whisper's voice as Nate and Katie prepared for battle against the walking block of mochi.


"Oh, my beans!"

After the Mochismo disappeared, everyone just facepalmed at how lame that expression was and collected the dropped items and money.

"Okay, fixing the seal now!"

Whisper moved his arms from side to side and said,

"Pain, pain, go away, come again some other day! Seal...FIX YOURSELF!"

The purple smoke disappeared and as Whisper pulled his Yo-kai Pad out to check something, Nate said,

"Whisper, is that really all there is to it? I mean, anyone one of us could have said those words..."

"I'm older than all of you, therefore my magic is stronger."

Okay, he got us there...

"What's our next step, Whisper?"

"Oh, that's simple. We're going to the school. Remember Tattletale's story? She said she saw the 'business man' leaving the school."

"Oh, okay! Let's go!"

Katie checked to make sure they had enough food and pulled out a strange brown powder.

"Whisper, what's this?"

"Hmm? Oh, that's Bitter Medicine. There's three types of medicine:

Bitter Medicine, which is brown and can revive fainted Yo-kai with little health. It's fairly easily to find and very cheap if you know where to buy it.

Nasty Medicine, which is purple and can revive fainted Yo-kai with half health. Slightly more expensive than Bitter Medicine, but still easy to find.

Mighty Medicine, which is blue and can revive fainted Yo-kai with full health. It's hard to find and very expensive, but if you have it, try to save it for an emergency."

Katie counted out the amount of medicine they had collected and said,

"Okay, there's enough for three Yo-kai. Let's hope that we don't get into too much trouble."

"I was thinking of going to an Eyepo and healing up. There's one at Everymart, as you know, and there's also an Eyepo at the bank and the post office. The closest one would have to be...Everymart."

After healing their Yo-kai friends, they started to head to the school and ran into a classmate of Nate and Katie's.

"Hey, Lucas! How are you doing?"

Lucas hummed and said,

"Oh, I'm doing fine. It's just...I've heard some weird noises coming from the school. I'm not sure if I'm just imagining things, but it sounded so real..."

"Don't worry, Lucas. We're actually going to the school right now for a project. If we hear anything, we'll let you know."

"Oh, thank you very much!"

Lucas ran off with a smile and the group continued on their way to the school, unaware of someone watching them.


"Okay, if I'm correct, the seal should be right over-"

"There it is!

They walked over to the purple smoke coming from the statue near the school.

"Wow, there is a powerful aura here. I wonder what it was sealing up for so long?"

As Whisper looked over the statue, they heard a sinister voice.

"At lassssst...I have been sssssealed away for ssssso long. You four will be my firsssst ssssnack ssssince my imprissssionment!"

Their eyes widen as they started to prepare for battle.


Jibanyan, Cadin, and Tattletale were in front while Negatibuzz, Buhu, and Dimmy were in the back, ready to switch at a moment's notice.

"We can return this Yo-kai to his imprisionment! The town is depending on us!"

Whisper's words rang in their heads as they realized what was happening.

This wouldn't be like Dismeralda's battle, where they were just trying to get their parents to stop bickering.

This was a battle for their lives and the town's.

"Everyone in front, start attacking! Whisper, see if you can figure out what Yo-kai this is and what it's weak point is!"

Whisper quickly typed a few words, found the answer he needed and whispered to Nate and Katie.

"Okay, this Yo-kai is Slimamander and his weak point is when his eye is exposed. But he switches the position of his eye between his...heads...mouths...thingys?"

"Thank you for the information, Whisper...ick..."

Although they were disgusted by the information, it was at least helpful.

At the very least, we can attack him and stop the...things that aren't hiding the eye from attacking our Yo-kai.

Jibanyan took a hit from the fire that spewed out of one of the mouths on Slimamander and Tattletale quickly healed him before he attacked the head that attacked him along with Cadin, who struck one of the other heads with his sword.

"We have enough supplies, right?"

"Don't worry, Nate. We have enough."

"How can I not worry, Katie? Sure, we fought Dismeralda and some other Yo-kai, but this guy is bad news! He was locked away for crying out loud!"

"Nate, Katie, I understand that you're both nervous, but I have faith in you two. If you two didn't get the Yo-kai Watches you now possess, then this town would've been attacked by strong and evil Yo-kai and there wouldn't be anyone to help the good Yo-kai put them back in their place. You can defeat him with the help of your Yo-kai friends. Show me that you can do it."

Their fear went away and they went back to concentrating on the battle. Jibanyan got inspirited, so they switched him to the back, putting Dimmy in front. They started to break the chains off Jibanyan when the eye revealed itself.

"Everyone in front, aim for the eye!"

They broke the final chain and after giving Jibanyan some Y-Cola, which made his Soultimate move available, he was moved back in front. He released his "Paws of Fury" at the exposed eye before it went into hiding again.

"You're doing great, everyone! Just keep it up!"


After constantly tossing food for health and drinks to perk up their Soultimate moves, they had finally defeated Slimamander as his eye rolled back into his head for the final time and he collasped.

"Holy...we did it! We defeated him!"

Nate grabbed the ten dollars on the ground, splitting it with Katie, and grabbed the Bitter Medicine that also been dropped and their Yo-kai friends left to do whatever they did when they weren't with the two kids, except for Jibanyan and Whisper.

"Well done!"

Nate and Katie took a breather as they realized they had taken on a major threat with the help of their supernatural friends. As they were about to head to the seal and lock him away, Slimamander suddenly used his last bit of energy to fire a large fireball at the group. They braced for the impact, but to their surprise, a Yo-kai that looked vaguely like a teen wearing a dragon scarf showed up in front of them, shielded them from the fireball before attacking Slimamander with his dragon scarf. This time however, Slimamander actually went down in a purple puff of smoke.


The Yo-kai turned to the group, seeming to examine them before disappearing.

"Who was that? Was that a friend of yours, Whisper?"

"I've never met him before! But it's a good thing he showed up when he did! I better get to that seal before there's a second round with Slimamander. All right?"

"Go ahead, Whisper. We believe in you!"

Whisper smiled, went to the seal, and said,

"Oh seal, heed my words! about...CLOSE SESAME!"

The purple smoke disappeared from the statue and they all celebrated.

"I guess we found the source of that strange noise Lucas heard, but what do we tell him?"

"We can just say that he won't be hearing it anymore. It's the truth by technicality."

"That's true...okay, if we run into him, that's what we'll tell him. Let's go hang out at my place until the rain stops, then we can see about learning more about the Yo-kai in this area! We can even ask your parents if you can spend the night at my place tonight! "

"Okay, Katie! I have to go to my place to pick up my journal, anyway."


Nate wrote the final words describing the battle between them and Slimamander as Katie colored in the final details of Slimamander.

"Okay, this is turning out to be a great guide! Hopefully, this will come in handy for future generations!"

"You know, Katie? I hope we become Yo-kai after we die."


"We can be like Whisper, helping those that stumble into the world of Yo-kai without a guide. We'll even help Yo-kai with their problems!"

As Nate put his journal on top of Katie's sketchbook on her desk, Katie said,

"Normally, that would never cross my mind, but yeah...that's what I hope for, too. All of us together, helping those in need."

Nate started to get settled into his sleeping bag when Katie kissed his forehead and smirked.

"Goodnight, Nate. Night, everybody."

She clicked the light off before Nate could respond. He was too tired to say anything about it, so he mumbled,

"Goodnight, Katie. Night, everyone."

Then he fell asleep with Jibanyan in his arms and Whisper sleeping near Katie.


The mysterious Yo-kai slipped inside Katie's room. It had been easy for him to follow the group to her house. Besides, he had to investigate them. He opened the journal and after reading a few entries, he placed the journal down and flipped through the pages of the sketchbook.

I guess I'll investigate them for a bit longer. If they're strong enough to defeat Slimamander with their little collection of Yo-kai, then maybe...

With that in mind, the Yo-kai set everything back in place before he left the room.


Nate: Yesterday and today was crazy! There was Yo-kai inspiritment and battles all over! Well, at least I know Katie likes me.

Katie: Be honest, if I didn't like you like that, would you still be my friend?

Nate: Of course I would! We're in this craziness together!

Katie: That's true. Although, I think there's something between Jibanyan and Whisper...

Jibanyan: Nyo there isn't! *blushing* B-besides...we just met, nya.

Whisper: Did you guys say something?

Jibanyan: Let's get back to studying, okay?!

Whisper: Alright! ^-^

Chapter Text

As daylight shined on the two children sleeping in Katie's room, they were awoken by Whisper and Jibanyan poking them.

"Wakey, wakey! It's a new day and there's so much to do!"

After many persistent pokes, the kids finally got up and stretched.

"I'm still worried about yesterday. If that Yo-kai hadn't showed up, we would've been..."

They trailed off, not really wanting to think about the terrible alternative ending to their battle.

"Oh, don't worry, you two. It's actually about time that I told you about getting your Watches upgraded!"


"Yes, if your Watches are upgraded, you'll be able to find and battle stronger Yo-kai!"

"And where would we go to get them upgraded?"

"Timer's and More, of course!"

Whisper than hummed a little tune and sang,

"If there's a watch you just adore, take it down to Timer's and More!"

"Wait, if you were in the capsule for so long, how do you know about Timer's and More and the jingle?"

Whisper winked and said,

"Trade secret, Nate. I'll meet you downstairs. Come along, Jibanyan."

The cat Yo-kai followed Whisper out and as Nate pulled out the outfit he was going to wear for the day, Katie said,

"Nate? Are you worried about what happened yesterday?"

"A little. I mean, it started with Tattletale just inspiriting some random people, myself included and suddenly we're fighting for the fate of the town and our lives!"

"You know, that's how all of this began."


"We were just hunting for bugs for our projects that day and suddenly we're hunting Yo-kai!"

"I'm sorry...what?"

Katie sighed.

"Well, our journey began because of a simple thing and now it's gotten a bit more complicated. Of course, we weren't really fighting for our lives on that day, but you get my point now. Right?"

Nate nodded and said,

"Listen, about when Tattletale inspirited me, how did you really feel?"

Katie blushed and didn't know what to say.

"Umm...we better get downstairs for breakfast and plan out the rest of the day."

"Oh, right! Sorry about that!"

"I promise, when there's a good time, we can discuss it."


After breakfast, taking Nate's stuff back to his house, and a quick stop at Everymart because their parents had eaten the food they had bought yesterday, they started off towards Timer's and More.

"So, why is it this specific shop?"

"It's a watch shop, Nate!"

Nate sweatdropped.

"I know that. I meant, why is it this specific shop in Blossom Heights and not a watch shop in...say...Tokyo?"

"Reasons that shall be explained in due time. Besides, would you be willing to travel to Tokyo for a Watch upgrade?"

"Well, is there a Yo-kai that can make that happen?"

"Yes, actually! Mirapos are used to travel to a lot of places, as long as there's a Mirapo there, of course! The problem is...I haven't seen any Mirapos since I was released. Of course, I haven't been to a lot of places yet, so they might be somewhere I haven't been yet."

"Hmm...maybe. I think we make a right here."

"No, Nate. That's the road to the hot springs. I heard that they might be doing some renevations soon. Besides, it's the next right."

They stopped in front of the watch shop known as Timer's and More. They only passed by it whenever they were visiting their friend Bear, who lived a few more feet down. To their surprise, they saw Lucas in front of the store, wistfully gazing inside.

"Hey, Lucas!"

"Hmm? Oh, hey you two."

"Interested in watches now?"

"No, it's not that. It's felt like I've been here before, but I don't know why."

"Hey, Lucas? You know that weird noise you heard at the school? I don't think you'll be hearing it anymore."

"You think so? Well, that's good to hear. Well, I'm going to go elsewhere now. I'll be seeing you two again later probably."

He left, humming an odd tune. The two kids walked inside, the bell ringing to alert the owner of their presence.

"Hang on a minute, please!"

An elderly old man walked out of the back room and stood at the counter. Now, they had only caught a few glances of him before, but now that they were in front of him, they were surprised.

"Mr. Mortimer Goodsight is my name. I can't say that I remember you two in my shop before."

"We've past by a couple times to visit a friend of ours. He lives a few feet away from you actually."

"Hmm...yes. I remember seeing you two walking by, it's just I never seen you two in here. Can I help you with something?"

"Actually, yes! What can you tell us about these Watches we have?"

Nate and Katie walked up to the counter and showed Mr. Goodsight their Yo-kai Watches, praying that he didn't think that they were playing a joke on him.

"Oh, Yo-kai Watches! It's been a while since I've seen one of these!"

"Wait, you know about these?"

"Yes, and I can see your little friends too. Can two you keep a secret?"

Nate and Katie nodded.

"Well, I'm actually a Yo-kai myself!"

"Wait, you are?!"

Whisper nodded.

"Yep! Some Yo-kai prefer to mingle amongst the humans and take on a human form to do so! I'm surprised that didn't cross your minds at all. It's a common thing that Yo-kai do in folklore, after all."

That's true...

"But how do you know about the Yo-kai Watch?"

"Oh, I know the people that invented it."

He smiled and said,

"I assume you want to upgrade them, correct?"

"Yes, we want to find and battle stronger Yo-kai!"

"Well, I can do that! I just need you to pick up some items for me."

"Alright, what are they?"

"I need you to pick up two springs, two screws, and two cogs. One for each of your Watches."

"Okay, and where do we find the items?"

"Wayfarer Manor, Opal Bike Shop, and the Abandoned Mansion."

"Okay, then! We'll be back soon!"

They left the Watch shop and after a brief discussion with Whisper and Jibanyan, they went to Opal Bike Shop first.

"You know, I've been wanting a bike for a while now. It would be a lot easier and faster to get places with one."

"Yeah, I've been thinking that too. It's just that we don't have enough money to get one."

"Well, if we keep getting battles with Yo-kai, we might make enough money one of these days."

"We would have to explain to our parents where we got the money from, plus we have to buy food and other stuff for our Yo-kai."

"I know, it was just a thought."

They walked to the employee in front of the store.

"Hi. Mr. Goodsight sent us to pick up something."

"Oh, yes. He called about that. Hold on a minute..."

He fished into his pocket and produced two screws with a strange symbol on them.

Hey, the symbol looks like the purple and green sections of our Yo-kai Watches!


"It's no problem, really. Although, I would be careful with those. Those are really hard to find."

"Oh, don't worry. We promise to keep these safe."

They pocketed the screws and went to Wayfarer Manor, which was actually a very small apartment complex. No one had actually seen anyone live there except for the guy running the place. As they got closer to Wayfarer Manor, they realized that it looked a little run-down.

Maybe that's why no one has ever been seen living here...

They got to Wayfarer Manor and saw the landlord.

"Hey, you two must be here for the things, right?"

"Uh...that depends on what you mean by that?"

"Mr. Goodsight called and told me everything. Here you go."

He handed over two springs and the kids pocketed them.


Before they left, Nate asked,

"Hey, why is there barely anyone here? How do you stay in business?"

"Oh, I house Yo-kai."

There was an awkward silence before Katie broke it.

"I'm sorry. You rent out rooms to Yo-kai?"

"Yep. There's a lot of Yo-kai that travel through here and if they happen to be nearby, they'll stay in one of my rooms. It's a decent little business."

"Okay, then. Well, we would love to stick around, but we really have to get back to our little errand."

"Oh, it's not a problem. Maybe you can come by and meet some of my guests sometime. In would you two like to run the place?"

"...I'm sorry. You're going to let two kids that are still in elementary school run what's basically a Yo-kai motel?"

"Well, you don't have to run it right now. I just want someone to leave it to in case something happens to me."

"Oh...why can't you just find an adult to do that for you? Or better yet, ask a Yo-kai?"

"I've considered it, but you two have a certain aura that tells me that you two care about Yo-kai."

"Look, I'll agree to it for now, but if I change my mind, try to find someone else to run it."

The group left and started towards the Abandoned Mansion.

"Nate, why did you agree to that?"

"Look, if things end up going bad in our adulthood, we can have a decent business to run. I mean, if you want to be business partners, of course. I'm not trying to force you into it-"

"Oh, relax, Nate. Of course I want to be business partners with you. You're the only other kid around here that can see Yo-kai that I know of, with or without the Yo-kai Watch. Besides, it would be nice. We can have a place to ourselves when we graduate from school. We'll figure out the legal stuff when we're older, but let's just enjoy our childhood while we can."

Nate couldn't help but smile and yelled,

"Race you!"

He took off while Katie started laughing and ran after him. The two Yo-kai followed behind, trying not to lose them.


They made it to the Abandoned Mansion and looked at it.

"Wow...I wonder who lived here before."

"Well, it's home to a lot of Yo-kai now. We better get inside and find those cogs."

They walked inside very easily and saw an Eyepo and a large door in the front room.

"Okay, I'm going to say that the cogs are behind this door."

Nate walked up and tugged on the door, hearing it rattle with each tug.

"Great, the door's locked. Whisper, Jibanyan, think you can phase through the door and check?"

"Alright, give us a minute."

The two Yo-kai phased through the door and came right back out.

"The cogs are in there, but there are two Yo-kai laying on them and we can't get them to wake up."

The two kids sighed.

"Okay, looks like we'll have to find the key to this door. Let's start searching."

They walked up to a strange purple door with an open eye and after pressing their hands on it, they felt the door flip and take them to the other side. When they turned around to check the door, it was now red with a closed eye and pressing on it kept them from leaving, forcing them to find another way out.

"Well, we might as well check out the Yo-kai that live in this area. Maybe there'll be someone new to befriend."

As they walked, they ran into three new Yo-kai that Whisper identified as Pandle, D'wanna, and Snotsolong.

"Try giving them some food!"

Nate dug through the plastic bag that held their food and tossed a Leaf Rice Ball at Pandle. He caught it and a visible heart floated above his head.

"He likes it!"

After they battled, only Pandle walked up to Nate and Katie and gave them his medal.

"Guess I should've been more careful, huh? Let's be friends!"

He then disappeared to who knows where and the group walked over to one of the purple doors, which deposited them behind the wall and they saw a ladder. They climbed up, Whisper warning them to be be careful as they saw the holes in the floor. As they tried to find another ladder to climb down, they were chased by another Dismeralda and Tattletale.

We have their medals already! Leave us alone!

The floor fell without warning and Whisper just barely managed to catch their arms.

"Are you two okay?"

"Yeah...but can you put us down, Whisper?"

"Try to hold on to the floor, I'll get you down safely."

Whisper gently put his arms around Katie and told her to grab on to him. She followed his directions and he was able to put her safely down on the ground floor and repeated the process with Nate.

"I'm pretty sure that the key is up there, but I don't want you two to get hurt."

"Guys! I found the key and some other stuff up here!"

"Hold on! I'll come get you, Jibanyan!"

Whisper flew back up to get Jibanyan and the things he had found. Meanwhile, Nate and Katie found another Yo-kai named Ake and after a quick battle and no luck befriending him, Whisper and Jibanyan came back down.

"Did we miss anything?"

"Not really. Just a random battle with an Ake. No new friends."

"'s what Jibanyan found."

Whisper handed over a worn-out key, some Nasty Medicine, a bottle of Milk that was somehow still cold and fresh, and some mysteriously fresh sandwiches.

"Okay, how is the food still fresh?!"

"Don't question Yo-kai logic."

"How are we supposed to carry all of this? It's one thing to store stuff in a plastic bag from Everymart, but we can't carry every single type of food in one."

"Oh, relax, you two. I got something to take care of that problem. I was going to give it to you later, but I think now's a better time."

He produced a normal looking bag that he explained was bottomless and could keep any food they picked up fresh, could separate any medicine they picked up, and hold anything Yo-kai related. The kids were relived that they didn't have to worry about their parents eating their food again and happily dropped everything into the bag.

"Okay, now let's get those cogs and get our Yo-kai Watches upgraded!"

Nate put the key in the keyhole and turned it, hearing a satisfying click.

"Time to see what's inside."

They walked in and saw two tapir-like creatures laying on the floor. One was purple and pink while the other was white with marks of pink.

"Okay, I know that the purple one is Baku, but who's the white one?"

"That would be Whapir. She's a rare Baku with white fur instead of purple fur. It's odd though. I've never seen the two together before."

"Well, we should wake them up."

Nate and Katie gently poked the two tapir Yo-kai and they suddenly woke up!

"Gah! Monsters won't eat Baku and Whapir!"

Before they knew it, they were fighting again.

"Dang it! Try to calm them down enough to let us talk to them!"


After a quick fight, the two tapir Yo-kai had calmed down.

" two not monsters from Baku's nightmare. Baku apologize."

The purple tapir bowed as much as she could.

"Please understand. My sister hasn't been sleeping well recently. She hasn't had any good dreams to eat recently, so I came to see her so that she could have some of my dreams, but it hasn't been working too well. She just ends up having more nightmares."

"Well, do you two want to be friends? We can try to find a solution to your nightmare problem."

Two lights shined from the tapir Yo-kai and Nate and Katie caught the two medals.

"You two have tasty faces. You two must have good dreams."

The two kids sweatdropped.

"Look, we're okay with the dream eating, but please don't eat our faces."

"Baku no eat faces. But faces still tasty."

"Here, have these as an apology for the trouble you went through."

Whapir gave the kids the two cogs they needed.

Yep, these have the pink and blue sections of the symbol! We definitely needed these!

The two tapir Yo-kai walked out of the room and Nate saw a ladder in the back. Before he could climb it, Jibanyan stopped him and walked up the ladder for him. He came back down holding a purple coin that Whisper quickly took out of his paw.

"We'll deal with that when we have some free time. Right now, let's get back to Mr. Goodsight."


They walked back to Timer's and More and went inside.

"Hey, we're back!"

They gently placed the parts on the counter.

"Can you upgrade our Yo-kai Watches now?"

"Well, what do you know? You two did it! I'd be more than happy to give you two an upgrade, it's just..."

He trailed off, looking embarassed.

"I lost my lucky underwear at the hot springs and ever since then, I've lost the spark that let's me work on upgrades. I called the hot springs, but no one's turned them in yet. They said to came back later tonight, but I have...a thing about going out at night."

Fear filled his eyes for a second and faded away.

"I'm sorry. Are you asking us to get your underwear for you?!"

Mr. Goodsight looked more embarassed and said,

"...Yeah. Like I said, I'd go myself, but there's some things an old Yo-kai like me can't handle."

"Well, we would, but our parents would kill us if they knew we were out of room at night."

"Oh, right. It's been a while since I met a child that could see Yo-kai. If only you had a Baku or Whapir to help you..."

"You call Baku?"

The two tapir Yo-kai showed up, much to everyone's surprise.

"Well, how about that! You managed to befriend both of them! You'll be free to sneak out at night now! They'll suck the sleepiness right out of you so that you're not tired and take your place in your bed!"

As creepy as that sounded, they were desperate for their Yo-kai Watch upgrade so that they didn't have another Slimander incident.

"Alright, then. We'll go for it."


After convincing Nate's parents to let Katie spend the night, they started preparing to go to the hot springs.

"I hope this works. I'm nervous."

Whisper and Jibanyan were in the front room at Nate's request to warn them if Nate's parents were heading up to his room so that they could change the subject.

"Don't worry. We'll be okay."

Katie placed a quick kiss on Nate's cheek and Nate blushed.

"So, are we a thing now?"

"Nate, it was just a small kiss. Let's wait a little longer before it's offical."

"Can I say we're dating if someone starts flirting with you?"

"If that happens, then yes."

They heard Jibanyan running and he warned them that Nate's parents were coming up, so Nate sat on his bed and wrote something in his journal while Katie sketched the Yo-kai they met today. They closed their books when Nate's parents walked in and after exchanging their goodnights, the two kids waited.


Later that night...

Nate and Katie were extremely tired after staying up long enough to make sure that Nate's parents were sleeping before summoning Baku and Whapir.

"Okay, let's get this over with."

Baku took the sleepiness out of the two kids and they silently cheered.

"Wow! I don't feel tired at all anymore!"

Baku and Whapir then turned into exact replicas of Nate and Katie respecitively, laid on either the bed or floor, and fell asleep.

"Thank you for doing this, you two. We'll pay you back later somehow. Let's get going."

They sneaked downstairs, grabbed their shoes, and went out the door, closing it carefully behind them.

"Okay, we made it! Let's go to the hot springs and get this over with!"

Chapter Text

The two kids took a few slow steps away from Nate's house before going in the direction of Blossom Heights.

"So far, so good."

There wasn't many people out that night, but they didn't want to make this a habit.

This is just a one time thing, right?

Suddenly, the kids felt a cold chill run down their backs.

"W-whisper...what's going on?"

Everything suddenly turned gray, fog started to show up, and they heard the most terrifying noise they had ever heard from a giant red Yo-kai.

"Gargaros! Garga...Garga..."

Whisper and Jibanyan started shaking.

"Whisper, what is that?!"

"That's an Oni! No time for explainations, just RUN!"

They took off, trying to hide from the patroling Yo-kai identified as Leadoni and Suspicioni because they had a feeling that if they were caught, it would spell trouble for them.

"Where's the exit out of this nightmare?"

"I don't know, just keep out of sight!"

They sneaked by group upon group of patroling Yo-kai, nearly got within Gargaros's cone of vision a few times, and stopped near the front of the elementary school.

"I don't think we can last much longer, Whisper."

Whisper gently took their hands and said in a calming voice,

"We'll get through this, I promise. Let's just find a way to the hot springs, okay?"

Nate picked up Jibanyan and the kids nodded. As they were about to go towards Blossom Heights, a Yo-kai showed up. They instantly recognized him from the Slimamander battle.



"Cut the small talk. I've been watching you, Nate and Katie."

Hi, that's not creepy at all!

The Yo-kai made a yellow glowing door appear, which stood out against the gray background.

"This door will take you back to safety."

"Wait, we never got to thank you for helping us with the Slimamander battle!"

"Yeah, well, I'm not in the government, so don't expect another bailout next time."

He then disappeared and the group went through the door, making everything turn back to normal. They started towards Blossom Heights as Whisper said,

"That Yo-kai sure is a mysterious one. Despite what he said, I don't think that's the last we'll see of him."

"Whisper, what just happened?"

Whisper looked up and said,

"Well, there is only one explaination for what we witnessed. We must have activated Terror Time!"

"Terror Time? Probably going to regret asking, but what's that?"

"It's a special nightmare that kids have. There's three Onis that usually patrol Terror Time, not all at once but still terrifying. We were lucky that we got the weaker Oni, Gargaros."

"He's the weak one?!"

"Yep. I guess we activated Terror Time by having Baku and Whapir sleep in your places, but that's just a guess, I suppose."

"Is this what Mr. Goodsight was worried about? Getting caught in Terror Time?"

"Probably. You two are nice kids, it's just that the circumstances right now require you to break curfew. We'll get you back home before daybreak, I promise."


Luckily, no one that happened to be out in the streets seemed to care that Nate and Katie were out this late. They made their way to the hot springs and walked in.

"You two are out awfully late. If you want to take a dip, you'll have to come back tomorrow."

"No, we're here for a friend. He said he left something here."

"Really? Well, no one's turned in anything today. You're free to check the men's room if you like."

Not wanting to let the woman know their identities, just in case they came with their parents in the near future, Nate whispered to Katie,

"Katie, if you want to wait outside, I understand completely..."

She shook her head.

"Let's just check and get it over with."

They walked in and were thankful that there wasn't anyone in the room and searched under the benches and anywhere that the underwear could've ended up.

"Hold on! I'm sensing something!"

"...Is it underwear?"

"First off, no. Second off, why would I have that specific power? Thirdly, point your Yo-kai Watch over there."

They pointed their Yo-kai Watches at the large bath in the corner of the room and they weren't sure if they were supposed to be shocked or not at the giant pig Yo-kai sitting in the bath.

"Ahh...Sproink likes a long soak after a long day..."

"Well, that bath certainly does look relaxing."

"That one Yo-kai was the cause of the aura you sensed?!"

"Why are you so surprised? Remember Slimamander?"

"Ugh...don't remind us. So can we just leave him be? Please say yes."

"Keep it down over thar! Don't make Sproink get out of dis tub and teach you two a lesson hisself!"

"So, Whisper...about leaving and saying that we couldn't find the underwear..."

"Oh my..."

Whisper was turning red as he said,

"I hate to say it, but I think Sproink is wearing Mr. Goodsight's lucky undies."

"Whisper, are you sure?"

"Well, unless someone else wrote Mr. Goodsight's name on the waistband."

"I'm hoping that's unlikely. Also, stop staring, Whisper. It's a bit weird."

Whisper turned his face away as Nate attempted to peacefully finish Mr. Goodsight's request.

"Excuse me, Mr. Sproink, sir? We really need that underwear you're wearing."

This is got to be the most embarassing thing I ever asked someone.

"First you interupt Spoink's soak and den demand Sproink's new undies?!"

He hopped out of the tub, holding two wooden buckets.

"I'm gonna have ta teach you a lesson!"

Steam filled the room and the battle began.


When the steam mostly cleared up, the first thing Nate and Katie saw were the half-naked old men dancing in the background along with some seaweed Yo-kai.

"What in the-?!"

Shocked couldn't even begin to describe how the group felt at the moment.

All of this over a pair of underwear?! Why was Sproink even wearing a random pair of underwear he found in the first place?!

Whisper was looking up information on Sproink to help the battlers out, but the steam made it difficult to read his Yo-kai Pad.

"Hang on, I have to clean the screen off. Try to weaken him until I can get the information. I swear there was something about this Yo-kai that is vital to this battle."

Cadin started by attempting to slash Sproink's face, but it was blocked by one of the wooden buckets, which Cadin bounced off of, getting damaged on the way down. Sproink then threw the bucket at Cadin, weakening his health even more.

"Oww...I'm alright, but this Yo-kai is a strong one."

Jibanyan helped Cadin up and Tattletell quickly slapped Sproink's face multiple time until he started covering his face with both wooden buckets. Jibanyan started hitting Sproink's belly button, not noticing that he was starting to turn red. Whisper finally found the information and shock filled his face.

"Jibanyan! Stop hitting his belly button! Too much pain in that area will activate his Soultimate Move!"

Jibanyan's paw just barely touched the belly button, but that slight touch made Sproink mad enough to prepare his Soultimate Move.

"Quick! Someone try to cancel it! Nate, Katie, make sure you have healing items on hand, just in case!"

The front row did their best to cancel Sproink's Soultimate Move by using their own Soultimate Moves. While they caused a lot of damage, it didn't cancel the Soultimate Move in time. Sproink threw down his buckets and released fire from his snout, burning the front row and lowering everyone's health and making Cadin faint. Nate quickly switched out the front row and back row, gave Cadin some Bitter Medicine and healed him up.

"Everyone alright?"

Cadin, Jibanyan, and Tattletell nodded and seeing that Dimmy, Buhu, and Negatibuzz were handling the battle pretty well, they let them battle Sproink to make up for not battling much in the Slimamander battle. They were careful not to hit the belly button too much after witnessing what it could do, but that was easier said than done. Sproink threw soap at Dimmy, making him trip and unable to concentrate on battling, so Negatibuzz and Buhu did an inspirit/attack combo to slow Sproink down and lower his health until Dimmy could get back on his feet.

"Here, I'll help Dimmy up. Someone cover me!"

Nate and Jibanyan sneaked over to Dimmy and helped Dimmy get back on his feet and cleaned the soap off the floor where he had been standing.

"Thank you, Master Nate and Ally Jibanyan. Now I can deal the final blow!"

Dimmy used his Soultimate Move to defeat Sproink and the battle was finally over as Sproink fell onto his stomach.


"Why? All Sproink wanted was ta take a long soak..."

He disappeared into a puff of purple smoke and the other Yo-kai left to get some sleep. Nate and Katie found twenty-two bucks and much to do their surprise, the men's room was empty with no sign of those weird dancing old men or seaweed Yo-kai.

"So, was that real or was it because we were up really late?"

"I don't know and I don't care. I want to get the Yo-kai Watches upgraded, go home, and get some sleep."

"Gah...I got the underwear. Let's get out of here..."

Whisper threw it into a plastic bag and the group started off towards Timer's and More, which was thankfully nearby.


They walked in Timer's and More, tired and relieved to be in a safe area.

"Well, would you look at that! You found my lucky underwear! I was beginning to lose hope!"

Whisper quickly handed the underwear over to Mr. Goodsight.

"Thank you! My muse is coming back faster than a freight train! Now, let me see your Yo-kai Watches and I'll upgrade them for you!"

They handed over their Yo-kai Watches and sat on the couch, waiting for the upgrade to be finished.

"Should we tell him that Sproink was wearing his underwear?"

Whisper and Jibanyan shook their heads really quickly.

"No need to tell him that! Besides, he'll probably wash them before he goes to the hot springs again!"

"Okay! I finished the upgrade!"

Nate and Katie walked over and picked up their Yo-kai Watches.

"You can now battle tougher Yo-kai! Use this power wisely, kiddos!"

"Thank you, Mr. Goodsight!"

"It's no problem, really. Unfortunately, I only had enough energy to do one upgrade for each of your Watches tonight, so if you want to battle even tougher Yo-kai, you'll have to come back later for the other upgrades. I would explain it to you, but it's getting late and you need to get home before daybreak."

They waved good-bye to Mr. Goodsight and went back home.


After sneaking back into Nate's house, Nate and Katie filled their respectives books about what had happened that night before waking up Baku and Whapir. They bid their goodbyes before putting their pajamas on and going to sleep for real. Only Whisper and Jibanyan were awake and as Whisper was about to settle down and sleep, he heard Jibanyan say,

"Sorry for nyot stopping in time."

"It's not your fault, Jibanyan. I should've gotten the information to you sooner."

"It was steamy in that room, it wasn't your fault that you couldn't read the screen."

Jibanyan cuddled next to Whisper and asked,

"Do you think that the four of us will be together forever?"

All Whisper could do is shrug.

"I don't know, Jibanyan. That's for the future to decide."

Jibanyan rested his head on Whisper's shoulder and yawned.

"It's just...I can't imagine what life would've been like if you guys hadn't shown up that day..."

Whisper felt a pang of sympathy and whispered,

"Honestly, I feel the same way. I've been stuck in that capsule for 190 years and thought that I would never get out. It was thanks to Nate and Katie that I'm even here now and learning about how things have changed since then."

"Yeah...Nyate and Katie are the best. We met because of them and I'm learning so much about the other Yo-kai along with them. Thank you, Whisper."

Whisper blushed slightly before rubbing the space between Jibanyan's ears. Jibanyan purred before closing his eyes and whispered,

"Good nyight, Whispy."

Whisper placed a soft kiss on Jibanyan's forehead, his blush increasing a little.

"Good night, Jibby."

With that said, Whisper soon fell asleep with his arm around Jibanyan.


Nate: So, what exactly are we going to tackle next? Another Yo-kai?

Whisper: Actually, Nate. I've been thinking about having you and Katie help people and Yo-kai around town. It'll do some good in the long run, trust me.

Katie: That sounds good! We've helped Jibanyan and you did say that you wanted to help people and Yo-kai, Nate.

Nate: Alright! That's going to be our next goal! Help as much as we can before we're dragged into another battle with a extremely strong Yo-kai!

Chapter Text

The sunlight shined down on the two sleeping kids, who were thankful that it was summer vacation so that they could sleep in and recover the lost energy from last night without worrying about being late for school. Whisper and Jibanyan had been unknowingly cuddling each other in their sleep all night, so they were surprised to see themselves tangled in their arms.

"M-morning, Whisper."

"M-morning, Jibanyan. This is quite a shock, isn't it?"

Jibanyan nodded before detangling himself from Whisper's arms.

" what do you want to do while we wait for Nyate and Katie to wake up?"

Whisper shrugged and went onto his Yo-kai Pad. He looked through the Yo-kai News, occasionally humming to himself.

"Hmm...nothing big seems to be happening yet. Wait..."

Whisper's eyes were currently scanning an article about the Slimamander incident and he handed the Yo-kai Pad over to Jibanyan so that he could read the article as well:

Slimamander Resealed by Mysterious Group:


Two days ago, the dreadful Slimamander had unwiitingly been released from his imprisionment by an evil group of Yo-kai seeking the power to rule the Yo-kai Realm. The police had found them nursing injuries when they were captured at Mount Wildwood, rethinking their takeover plan. When they were being questioned, they said that they had been in battle with a group of Yo-kai with some humans and they have unfortunately refused to give anymore details about the group other than that the group had resealed Slimamander. While they were unaware of the true purpose of the seals, they are currently awaiting for their trail to decide their punishment.


Jibanyan stopped reading the article and looked at Whisper.


"We're famous?"


"Err...kind-of. They don't know that it's us specifically."


Whisper glanced around.


"Secretly, I'm afraid that someone told the reporters who we are and that they're waiting to ambush us for an interview. I want Nate and Katie to be more comfortable around Yo-kai before that happens, you know?"


Jibanyan nodded and looked at the article.


"Well, they're nyot asking for information about us yet. They want to see if we strike again before trying to track us down."


Whisper let out a relieved sigh.


"That's good to hear. We should just take the day to relax, look around town, befriend more Yo-kai, and help people."

"Should we wake them up?"

"No, they were up pretty late last night. Besides, they don't have anything important to do right now."

"'re right, Whisper. But it's pretty boring just waiting for them to wake up on their own."

"I know, but you'll have to deal with it."

Whisper went over to Jibanyan to get his Yo-kai Pad back, but Jibanyan started to hold it out of Whisper's reach, pressing a paw on Whisper's chest to make it more annoying for him.

"Jibanyan, give it back or I swear to Lord Enma..."

Suddenly, Jibanyan fell onto the floor and Whisper fell on top of Jibanyan, both of them blushing like crazy. They heard Nate and Katie moving around, about to wake up, so they quickly got up, acting like nothing happened while Whisper took back his Yo-kai Pad and started mumbling,

"If you had just given it back to me..."

Jibanyan flashed Whisper a small glare before watching the two kids fully get up.

"Man, that was very tiring. I really hope we don't have to do another late night thing again."

"So, are you saying that you don't want to go to the upcoming festival?"

"I meant in the near future. The festival isn't that close yet."


After breakfast, they walked around town, unsure of what they wanted to do first.

"Hey, Whisper. What was that purple coin Jibanyan found yesterday?"

"Oh, it's a Crank-a-kai Coin. There's a variety of them in the world."

"So, we don't have to spend our hard earned cash in the Crank-a-kai like we did with you?"

"Look, you didn't have a Crank-a-kai Coin that day. Besides, that was just one measely little coin."

"Alright, Whisper. We get the idea. So, we'll head up to Mount Wildwood and check out what we get from this coin. That's at least something we can do today."

As they walked, they saw a mother with her young daughter. The daughter seemed to be tired and unwilling to move from the bench.

"Mommy, are you sure you don't have a drink on you?"

"Sorry, sweetie. I don't have one on me."

The mother glanced up and exclaimed,

"Excuse me! Can you two do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

The mother dug out a dollar-fifty and handed it to Nate.

"Can you buy a Y-Cola for my daughter? I'd go get one myself, but I'm afraid that she'll faint when I'm not around and hurt herself."

Nate nodded.

"Sure, we can do that."

The group walked off to the closest red vending machine and bought a Y-Cola.

"You didn't have to take her money, you know. You could've bought one regardless. You have enough cash to buy a lot of Y-Colas between the two of you."

"I know. I just wanted to be nice."

They went back to the mother and gave her the Y-Cola.

"Thank you!"

She handed it to her daughter, who chugged the whole thing down.

"Thank you! I'm ready to go, Mommy!"

She slowly stood up and clung to her mother's arm. The group waved goodbye as they watched them leave as a bright blue light suddenly appeared in front of them. They closed their eyes to block the light and when the light died down, they slowly opened their eyes. Nate and Katie looked down in their hands and saw a 10 cent gum, a Gooey Candy, and a Giant Cracker. They were confused about how they got these items, but put it out of their minds as they put them in the bottemless bag.

"Hey, guys? I think doing that lady's favor made me a little stronger."

Jibanyan picked up an empty can laying on the ground and slightly crushed it.


Katie gently took the can out of Jibanyan's paws and threw it away.

"Geez, can't anyone not litter around here? At least we pick up items we get after fighting. Right, Nate?"

He nodded and said,

"Maybe there's a Yo-kai that rewards people and Yo-kai for doing good deeds. What do you think, Whisper?"

Whisper just shrugged with a sly smile on his face.

"Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. You'll find out someday. Although, doing that favor really made me thirsty. We should probably pick up a few drinks."

"Is there a Yo-kai that'll take soda as a gift of our friendship?"

Whisper pulled out his Yo-kai Pad and tapped the screen a few times.

"Soda falls under the Juice category and there are a lot of Yo-kai that drink stuff from the Juice category, so yes."

"Wouldn't 'Drinks' be a better name?"

"Well, there's an entire category called 'Milk', so calling this category 'Juice' is their way of making sure that no one mixes up the two."

"Okay, Whisper. We'll buy some drinks."

Nate went up to a red vending machine and put a dollar-fifty in there, hoping to get a Y-Cola. Instead, he got a VoltXtreme.

"What the heck?!"

"I didn't know that could happen, but look on the bright side, Nate. According to my Yo-kai Pad, that is the best Juice to give to a Yo-kai."

"Alright, then. Seems a bit random, but okay."

Nate put the VoltXtreme in the bottomless bag and tried to get a Y-Cola again. To his relief, he actually got one, so he bought one more Y-Cola and two Soul Teas.

"We might have to fight some more Yo-kai soon. We're not out of cash yet, but we're going to need a steady stream of cash if we're going to be trying to befriend more Yo-kai."

After giving Whisper a Soul Tea, the group walked to Everymart, where they saw one of their classmates, a girl named Lulu.

"Hey, Lulu. What's up?"

"Oh, hey you two. I've been getting hungry a lot recently, but I don't know why. It always seems to happen when I come to this Everymart, though."

Probably a Hungramps. It should be no problem finding him and getting him to stop inspiriting Lulu, right?

The group walked a little off to the side of the Everymart, so that if there was a Hungramps in the area, no one would hear them talking to him.

"Come on, Yo-kai Watch. Don't fail us now."

Nate had to keep his voice low as he scanned the area, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention to the group. He found the Hungramps and politely asked,

"Excuse me? Can you please stop inspiriting my classmate?"

"If you can get me a Plum Rice Ball and a Soul Tea to wash it down with, I'll stop inspiriting her."

Luckily, they had the items Hungramps requested, so they handed them over to him. Katie noticed Whisper and Jibanyan trying to resist going through the bag to get something to eat, so she said to Hungramps,

"We gave you what you wanted, please stop inspiriting this place. I'm starting to get hungry myself and we don't have a lot of food left."

"Oh, alright. Just get me some Curry Bread and we'll call it even."


"Relax, young ones. I was just joking. Curry Bread doesn't 'curry' any flavor with me, anyway."

They collectively groaned at the lame pun, but were thankful that he was going to stop inspiriting Lulu.

"I won't inspirit anyone anymore, but I'm going to stay here until I see my granddaughter one more time."

The kids looked at Hungramps with a sad expression.

Poor guy. He actually reminds us of Jibanyan in a way.

Nate took another Plum Rice Ball out of the bag and placed it near Hungramps.

"I know it's not much, but I hope you'll see your granddaughter again."

Hungramps picked up the extra Plum Rice Ball and smiled.

"Thank you for your generousity and concern."

The group went back to Lulu to check on her.

"Oh, hey guys. I suddenly stopped feeling hungry all of a sudden! I'm going to head off now. Bye!"

As she walked off, two girls came walking by.

"I used to come here with my Grandpa all the time when I was younger. I just wish that I hung out with him more before he passed on."

The group looked at the girl who had just spoken.

Is this Hungramps's granddaughter?

The Hungramps in question happened to be looking over when the girl had spoke and gave off a smile, confirming the group's thoughts. Hungramps got up and walked away with the food items in hand, waving goodbye to the group and the group waved back as a blue light appeared in their bag. They rushed to check it and found two Hamburgers and a Cheeseburger.

"Wow, we're good at this. Should we go to Mount Wildwood as we planned or keep going around town?"

"We'll stick to staying in town for now. If there's still time in the day, we can head up to Mount Wildwood."


After a quick stop at Everymart to buy a few things, they walked out of the store and to their confusion, they saw a woman hiding behind a van. They checked their surroundings and walked over to the woman.

"Excuse me. Are you alright?"

The woman jumped and let out a surprised squeak before sighing with relief.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you were these two crazy fans of mine. You see, I'm kind-of an idol, nothing too major. Normally, I wouldn't mind some attention, but it's my day off and I just want to relax a little. Sadly, I was noticed by two fans and I had to run and hide here so that they wouldn't find me. I just want people to not notice me for one day. Is that too much to ask?!"


Whisper started swiping through his Yo-kai Pad and sighed with relief.

"Oh, thank goodness. We already have Dimmy."

Jibanyan looked at Whisper curiously.

"Why do we nyeed him, nya?"

"He can make people invisible, so to speak. If we get him to inspirit this young woman, she won't be bothered until he stops inspiriting her."

Whisper slipped Dimmy's medal into Nate's hand and Nate understood the message, having heard Whisper explain. Nate summoned Dimmy, knowing the woman couldn't see the Yo-kai, and said as seriously as he could,

"Miss? I happen to know some magic that can make you unnoticable for a while."

"Really? Oh, normally I would just humor you, but I'm desperate. Please help me!"

The group, minus Dimmy, gave Nate a weird look. Dimmy nodded as he quickly inspirited the woman.

"Oh, no! I can hear them coming!"

"Don't worry, miss. The magic is working as we speak. If they walk by here, they won't notice you at all."

"Dude, let's check this alley! Oh man, I can't believe it! You barely see her in normal clothes! I have to get a picture with her!"

Two teenage boys walked by the group. One of them turned their head, not seeming to notice the woman, and went on his way with his friend.

"I can't believe it! It worked! Thank you so much! I can finally relax!"

The woman walked off with Dimmy following her, promising to come back when she was ready to be visible and to be careful of the other Dimmies in the area.

"Magic, Nate? Really?"

"I panicked, okay?! Besides, it worked, didn't it?"

They weren't even surprised when the bag became slightly heavier, knowing they had been rewarded with something.

"Hey, Whisper. How much can this bag hold?"

"It's bottomless, Nate. It only gets slightly heavy when you put stuff in it and the heavy feeling fades away after a while, so you easily end up forgetting that you have stuff in there."

They walked down for a while, fighting a couple of Yo-kai to make their team stronger and to collect money and items until they came to a building called Jungle Hunter.

"Oh, right. They just moved in. They're a speciality shop that specializes in bugs and fish."

"I can finally get that new bug container! Thank you!"

Nate rushed inside to check it out, leaving Katie and the Yo-kai to awkwardly stare at the door before going inside, seeing Nate inspect a bug container and chatting with another customer. They looked at the other stuff in the shop, Katie explaining what each thing was to the two Yo-kai as Nate was digging around in his pockets for the money to pay for the new container.

"Funny, I thought there would be some fishing poles here. I wanted to try fishing this summer."

"Oh, we're having some shipping trouble. We have a ton of fish bait, but no fishing poles. We haven't heard anything about the poles coming in yet, but they'll hopefully come in soon."

Katie sighed with disappointment as she walked over to Nate. Nate got the recipt for the bug container and he chirped,

"Thank you! Oh, and if I happen to be near Mount Wildwood at night, I'll see about finding the Rhino Beetle for you!"

The group walked outside as Nate filled the group in on the favor he promised to do for someone. Apparently, the customer had been looking for a Rhino Beetle for a while, but doesn't have the time to actually look for it.

"They're only there at night, though."

"It's not like we're sneaking out to catch bugs, Katie. They'll be there in the early evening before we have to go home."

"Okay...if you say so, Nate. Do you want to go by Banter Bakery?"

"Yeah. I could go for a snack. So, why were you so disappointed, Katie?"

Katie filled Nate in on the fishing pole stitutation.

"Well, I'm sure Bear has an extra pole he could lend you. If you want to go fishing, we can go ask him."


The group walked over to Banter Bakery, the relaxing smell of baked goods invading their senses as they walked in the door and went over to see what was in stock.

"Darn that co-worker of mine! He said he would be back half an hour ago!"

They saw the clerk with a sour mood as she tapped the countertop very loudly. She glanced up to see Nate and Katie and quickly bowed.

"Ahh! Forgive me. My co-worker left some time ago for his break, but he hasn't come back yet. I would go look for him myself, but I can't leave the shop and I don't want the customers to be annoyed at me for closing early so I could track down my co-worker."

"If that's the case, we can go look for him if you want."

"Oh, thank you! He said something about heading towards the fish market. I don't know why he would go there, but it's not really any of my business. Just please make sure he is okay."

The group walked out of Banter Bakery, Whisper making note of the favor, along with the Rhino Beetle favor.


They got to the fish market with no problems and Whisper peeked into the alleyway behind the fish market.

"Okay, I don't see that Roughraff that caused Jibanyan so much grief, so we can investigate the alley for that baker."

Jibanyan felt a small smile form on his face as he followed the group into the alleyway. They found a man wearing a Banter Bakery apron, so jt was safe to assume that this was the co-worker they were looking for.

"I'm not good for anything. Why do I bother working there anymore?"

The group halted when they heard what he was muttering under his breath.

Was this man inspirited? Is that why he didn't come back when he was supposed to?

They shined their Yo-kai Watches near him and found a Negatibuzz inspiriting him.

"Okay, the quicker we battle, the quicker we can have him back to normal, agreed?"


"It'zzz not going to be easy, you know."


The Negatibuzz went down after using Paws of Fury, releasing the man from his inspiritment.

"Oh, man! I need to get back to work! She is going to be so mad at me!"

The man rushed by the group and they decided to head back themselves, still hungry for something to eat. They fought a few more Yo-kai on their way over, but haven't made any new friends yet.


They walked back through the door of Banter Bakery, seeing the smiling clerk.

"Thank you for finding him! I don't know why he was trying to avoid work, but it seems that he's back and happy to work again!"

She handed them a free Blehgal as a reward and after they bought a Custard Bread for themselves, the group walked out.

"So, what should we do now?"

"Well, if we start heading towards Mount Wildwood, we can get the Crank-a-kai thing done. It won't be around the time to catch Rhino Beetles sadly, but it's not the end of the world."

Nate and Katie broke their Custard Breads in half, handing half to the Yo-kai that was closer to them and the group enjoyed their treat as they walked past the preschool that was near the elementary school. The little kids were playing and laughing, although something looked a little off. Some of the kids were coughing, sneezing and sniffling like they had a bad cold. Normally, it wouldn't bother Nate or Katie too much because kids got sick all the time, but when they heard the attendent saying that those kids had been healthy earlier in the day, they decided to investigate. They searched everywhere until they found the main culprits on the roof, Snotsolong, Coughkoff, and Dulluma. After a quick battle against them, Nate and Katie went down the slide, just for the heck of it, and walked over to the elementary school.

"Gah, it's so hot! I want to go inside the school for a bit and cool off."

"Yeah, we should go do that. We can also work on our Yo-kai projects while we're inside."

"Oh, speaking of projects, are we ever going to finish our bug reports?"

"We are, it's just not our top priority at the moment."

"Okay, okay. Let's just get inside then."

The group walked into the school, relived to feel the air condtioning and they made their way to the library on the third floor. It was mostly empty, so they didn't have to worry about someone walking in on them and disturbing them. Nate went on to write about what they had accomplished earlier today while Katie colored in the Yo-kai she had drawn last night.



A group of Yo-kai hid in the shadows of the trees by Catfish Pond, counting out the stolen loot they have collected.

"Aren't you worried about the mysterious group that sealed away Slimamander? What if they get involved?"

"Nah. They're just a pair of humans and some weak Yo-kai that got lucky. Not even Holdit has been able to catch us and he's supposed to be the best at catching us Yo-criminals."

"But why are we doing this?"

"You see, my friend, we've been stealing things of sentimental value from the humans. The humans would do anything to get their precious item back if it meant something to them. If we keep everything hidden near Catfish Pond for a while and annouce our presence as 'professional item finders', we can get a lot of cash from the humans for finding them."

"Won't they get suspicious if we just happened to find their 'lost' items at Catfish Pond, though?"

"That's why the night before our grand debut, we're going to put the items near the places where we 'accquired' them, just enough to be hidden from plain sight if they happened to have already looked in the area, of course. We don't need to arouse too much suspicion."

The leader of the group left them to see what other mischief he could cook up when he saw a boy heading to Catfish Pond carrying a tackle box and saw two rings hanging off some fishing lines. One was made out of a cheap and shiny plastic while the other looked more fancier. The Yo-kai could sense a hint of sentimaental value in the fancier ring. Maybe it was a present of some kind?

"Let's see if I can find the King of Catfish Pond with this cheap ring."

As the boy was setting up his fishing spot, the Yo-kai saw this as an oppurtunity to steal the fancier ring, so he sneaked over and grabbed the ring he needed, planning to throw it in the water later on so that it would be difficult for the boy to find it later.

This is going to be good.

As the Yo-kai walked away, he heard the boy yell in surprise as he noticed the ring's disapperence and when he turned his head, he saw the boy had left the area, no doubt looking for the lost ring. With a smirk, he tossed the stolen ring in the pond and patiently waited for the boy to come back to the area so that he could watch the boy's fruitless efforts to find it.

Chapter Text

Nate and Katie had walked out of the school and were hanging around the front of the school, just talking while Whisper and Jibanyan were busy planning out the rest of the day. Eddie walked up to Nate and Katie and asked,

"How are your projects going?"

"Oh, they're going great!"

"We're actually almost finished!"

Nate and Katie both knew that it wasn't a total lie. They were actually going to look for more bugs later, it was just that they had a new secret project that was taking up most of their time. Trying to understand Yo-kai was a lot of work and they were both extremely thankful that it was during the summer that their Yo-kai adventure began and not during school.

"Oh, that's good! I finished my project already, but I'm still really bored. I'm trying to find something else to write about, but I don't know what. I guess I'll see what comes around."

Bear suddenly ran up to the group, completely out of breath.

"Bear? What's wrong?"

He held up a finger as he was catching his breath and as soon as he was able to converse with them, he suddenly yelled, startling the whole group.

"I lost my mom's birthday present! I spent weeks saving up enough money to get her something nice and it disappears the minute my back is turned!"

"Where did you last see it?"

Bear sighed as he asked,

"You guys know about the King of Catfish Pond, right?"

The group, except for Whisper and Jibanyan, had heard of the King of Catfish Pond. It was a supposedly large fish that has extremely hard to catch and the only way to catch it was to use shiny objects as bait, or that's how the story went.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, I had bought the ring for my mom and I wanted to give it to her before she left for her class reunion, but she wasn't home yet. I decided to go fishing to pass the time, so I grabbed one of the cheap plastic rings I had around in my room to use as bait. I go up to Catfish Pond, hook up the cheap ring to my lure, and I discover that the ring I bought for my mom was missing! I'm just back-tracking to see if I had lost it before I got to Catfish Pond."

"Hey, Whisper. Do you think that the King of Catfish Pond is actually a fish Yo-kai, nya?"

"I'll look it up. You see if they mention anything else, Jibanyan. This is very curious."

As Whisper was about to look up any information on the King of Catfish Pond, he suddenly came across a news article about some recent thefts.

"Oh, great."

Nate and Katie turned their heads towards Whisper and after seeing if Eddie and Bear were paying attention to them, they quickly sat down next to Whisper to see what the article said.

Thefts in Human Realm Threaten Yo-kai Safety!


Recently, a string of thefts in the Human Realm has many Yo-kai concerned. Normally, it wouldn't be a huge problem, but the items in question are far too expensive to just sweep under the rug. We suspect that another group of evil Yo-kai has been doing the crime, but we have no information as of yet for motive. We urge all Yo-kai to be careful until the culprits are caught. As long as they're causing trouble, no innocent Yo-kai is safe from being a victim of flase accusation from the humans.


Nate glanced up and whispered,


"I thought only a select few humans could see Yo-kai?"


"Yes, that's true, but they're also refering to Yo-kai that disguise themselves as humans. If they're revealed to be Yo-kai, all Yo-kai might get blamed for any crimes commited, making things tense between the human and Yo-kai Realms and we don't need a war starting up, dang it!"

Nate and Katie quickly stood back up and went back to their friends before they suspected that something was up.

"Sorry to hear that, Bear. What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to keep looking. You guys are more than welcome to help me if you want."

"What does the ring look like?"

"Oh, it was gray with some engraved symbols. I know it sounds vague, but I don't have a better way to describe it. Nate, Katie, can you guys check by the riverbank? I know I walked by there on my way to Mount Wildwood. Eddie and I are going to check around the school. We'll meet back here after we're done searching."

Bear and Eddie went off in one direction while Nate and Katie started off towards the riverbank.

"Whisper? Is it possible a Yo-kai was responsible for the ring disappearing?"

Whisper gave it some thought and said,

"Well, it is possible, but just try to remember that Bear might've just lost it without any Yo-kai influence. At least, I hope that's the case."

"We'll keep it in mind, Whisper. Trust us, we would be happy if a Yo-kai wasn't involved this time."


They got to the riverbank and started looking under the benches for anything that looked like a ring. As they got close to the bench near the vending machines, they overheard a conversation between two women.

"A floating plate? Oh, please! Next, you'll saying you saw a flying saucer!"

"It's true! I saw a floating plate here in the river a few moments ago!"

"Well, I think you've been watching too much television. By the way, did you record last night's episode?"

The women left the area, still bickering over the floating plate.


Katie started tapping her foot as she was trying to remember something.

"Whisper? Kappas have plates on their heads and are considered Yo-kai, right?"

Whisper did a quick search and his eyes widened.

"Yes, Katie. I have to admit, I'm impressed! You've certainly done your homework!"

Katie beamed as she continued,

"She might've saw a kappa! We can ask the kappa if they've seen the missing ring around here!"

The group started to walk to one end of the riverbank when their Yo-kai Watches started going off near a sunflower.

"Okay, the Yo-kai Watches are saying that the kappa should be around here somewhere! Start searching!"

The light from the Yo-kai Watches shined on the sunflower and it revealed a sleeping blue duck-like Yo-kai with a water bottle around their neck, a gray plate on their head, and something resembling a lily pad under the plate.

"Is this really a kappa?"

Whisper searched it up and said,

"Oh! This is Walkappa! He's part of the kappa family, so yes."

Walkappa opened one of his eyes and gave a surprised yelp.

"Wait, you two can see me?!"

"Yes! Can we ask a favor of you?"

Walkappa suddenly dozed off and snapped back awake.

"Ah! Sorry, sorry...I was swimming earlier but then I realized that I forgot to eat something and now I'm dozing off at random times because of how hungry I am. If you guys can catch me three Carp, I'll be more than glad to help you with whatever you need!"

"Well, that's nice and all, but neither of us have fishing poles or bait."

"Oh, is that all? Here, I just so happen to have two extra fishing poles and some bait."

Walkappa summoned two fishing poles and took some bait out of the water bottle that happened to show up with the poles.

"Why do you keep fish bait in the same bottle you put your water in?"

"Oh, this isn't for water. This is my bait bottle. I have bottles for water, bait, and a nice miso soup. The soup's a family recipe, remind me to share some with you sometime."

Walkappa doozed off yet again, so Nate and Katie went to catch some Carp while Whisper and Jibanyan sat near Walkappa so that he didn't accidently fall in the river while he was dozing.


After catching three Carp, Nate and Katir went back to Walkappa and gave him the Carp. He woke up, took the Carp, and ate all three in one go.

"Thank you! Here's my medal as a token of our friendship!"

There was a bright light as Walkappa's medal fell into Nate's hands.

"Okay, what did you guys need help with?"

Nate and Katie explained about the missing ring and asked if he had seen it fall in the area.

"You know, before I doozed off, I did see someone with the ring you were talking about. He had it tied to some fishing line along with another ring. I didn't see or hear it fall and I haven't seen or hear anyone say anything about it either."

Okay, so that means either Bear lost it somewhere else or it was stolen.

They decided to head back to the school to tell Bear what they had learned when they saw a crying child.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"My friend stole my comic book and won't give it back!"

"Here, we'll deal with it. You'll get it back soon."

They walked over to an inspirited child clutching a comic book.

"Hehe, this is mine now! He's not going to get this back ever!"

They shined their Yo-kai Watches near the kid, suspecting a Yo-kai was behind it and they were right. It was yet another Peckpocket causing trouble.

"Oh, man! I've been caught! Hmm...I like your watches. Maybe I'll take those instead. Or maybe that cat's collar. It looks to be worth something."

The kids and Jibanyan covered the mentioned items protectively as Whisper stood between the group and Peckpocket.

"Okay, buddy. You've already crossed the line with the comic book theft. You really don't want to mess with us!"

"Maybe I'll take you instead. Nevermind, you're too annoying."

Whisper was clearly insulted as he slowly got away from the group and said,

"Guys, make him pay for stealing that comic book."

They battled Peckpocket, beat him, got loose change and Gooey Candy and he ran north. The kid he had inspirited shook his head and seemed to realize something.

"Oh no! Excuse me? Can you give this back to my friend for me? I have no clue what came over me, but I want to work on my apology before I face him again."

The kid handed the comic book to Nate and walked off. Nate delivered the comic book to the crying child.

"Oh? He said he was going to apologize later? Well, I'll forgive him when we meet again. At least he realized what he did."

As the group headed back to the school, Jibanyan said to Whisper,

"Whisper, just so you kynow, I don't think you're that annoying, nya."


"Yeah. You're a nyice Yo-kai, regardless of what anyone else says."

Whisper smiled at the compliment as Nate and Katie nodded along to Jibanyan's words, agreeing with every word.

"So, who should we switch out for Walkappa? I want to see him in battle."

"Hmm...maybe Dimmy? We can let him have a break. Besides, I have a feeling a bigger battle is approaching."

"Oh, right! Let's see what we got from those favors we've been doing!"

Nate poked throught the bag, finding some Nasty Medicine, a book called Lil' Angel Heals, a talisman labeled Defense, and some food items.

"Okay, what does this book and talisman do?"

"Books can change a Yo-kai's nature or help them get stronger with their attacks or Soultimates. This book is usually best for healing Yo-kai."

"Well, I like Tattletell the way she is now. I'll just hold on to it until further notice."

"You can always sell it and any items you don't find useful, you know."

"Well, who would buy the stuff without any questions?"

"Mmm...good point. I think Everymart can buy stuff off you, but where do they get the money for it?"

"Well, they are a store chain. We'll see about selling stuff later. We have to check in on Bear and Eddie."


Neither of the groups had any luck finding the missing ring. Eddie looked at his watch and said,

"Dang it! I have to get back home and help my mom with stuff. Sorry to leave you guys shorthanded, but you know how my mom gets. Good luck!"

Eddie rushed back home as Bear started back towards Mount Wildwood.

"I'm going to see if I dropped it on my way up there. Besides, I left my fishing stuff up there and I really don't want to have to buy a new set."

Nate and Katie just stood there, unsure of what to do.

"Maybe we should head up there too?"

"Yeah, we'll cover more ground that way."

As they were about to head off, they saw Detective Holdit walking by.

"Oh! Hey, Detective. Anything interesting happen yet?"

"Actually, I'm on a very good lead! A Yo-kai from a group of Yo-criminals I've been after for a while was last seen heading in this direction!"

"Was it a Peckpocket?"

"Yeah! How'd you know?"

The group filled the detective in on what happened.

"Of course! That group may have stolen your friend's ring and is planning to make a profit off it!"

"What does this group do anyway?"

"Oh, they're a bunch of scam artists. They steal items of sentimental value, hide them away for a while, come into town pretending to be 'item finders', charge a large fee to find the items, and they just happen to find the items near where the person lost it when they actually put the item there the night before, and make off with the cash after their work is done. The rest of the Yo-kai Realm finds them annoying and they've hired me to catch them in the act so that they can finally put them away for good. The problem is, they're too good to be caught. They always skip town before I can nab them and I only hear about it from either the local Yo-kai or if the townspeople were talking about a group of humans that happened to find their items."

"Well, we're going to Mount Wildwood to help our friend. If we find anything about the group, we'll send a Yo-kai to get you."

"Thanks, you two. Go on before your friend becomes a victim of these scam artists."


They rushed up to the shrine on top of Mount Wildwood, not seeing Bear on their way up.

"I hope we're not too late, guys."

"Don't worry about it. We'll catch them before it gets out of hand."

After stopping at the Eyepo and switching out Dimmy for Walkappa and summoning him, they rushed over to Catfish Pond. They found Bear checking the ground near the pond. Nate whispered to Walkappa,

"Walkappa? Can you see if the ring got in the pond? Maybe the scam artists threw it in there to make it more difficult for our friend to find it."

"Okay! I'll go check the water, you go help your friend."

The group walked over to the pond and started to help Bear look on the ground.

"Any luck yet, Bear?"

Bear shook his head.

"Not yet."

Walkappa jumped into the pond, startling everyone in the area.

"What was that?!"

Nate and Katie had no clue on what to tell Bear and just watched as Walkappa kept searching for the ring, making large splashes as an excuse to explain how the ring got out of the pond in case Bear questioned about how Nate and Katie found the ring if it had been in the pond. It wouldn't answer the question of how it got in there in the first place, but they'll hopefully figure something out.

"Hey, I think I found it!"

Walkappa swam back to the surface, holding the ring they were looking for.

"You might want to clean it off first if it's supposed to be a present."


The group was startled at the yell, except for Bear, who had left some time ago to collect his nerves about the 'mysterious splashes'.

"Oh no..."

Whisper quickly looked something up and a look of horror crossed his face.



"You've just upset SV Snaggerjag, aka The King of Catfish Pond."

Chapter Text

"You might want to prepare for battle. It's the only way to get him to calm down enough for us to explain what we were doing."

Nate and Katie were hoping to not battle, but it looked like there was no other option.

"Okay, just tell us what his gimmicks are and we'll try to make the battle as quick as possible."

"Got it."

Realizing that they still had their fishing poles in hand, they placed their fishing poles down to have their hands free to help their Yo-kai friends.


The battle started with Jibanyan, Tattletell, and Walkappa in the front row.

"SV Snaggerjag uses fish to help him in battle, so try to take out the fish before attacking him. If he has a fish on both sides, he'll be able to unleash his Soultimate Move."

Jibanyan went first with a quick scratch to Snaggerjag's face and helped Tattletell reach him so that she could inspirit him easier.

"I have three fish helpers. The blue fish is Shuter and he uses water attacks, the red fish is Grumpus and he uses physical attacks, and the green fish is Meditatum and he heals me. Why am I telling you this?!"

Snaggerjag quickly purified himself as he threw his hook into the water below to catch a fish, leaving Nate and Katie to dwell on the possible outcomes.

If he manages to catch two fish, we have to get rid of at least one of them so that he doesn't activate his Soultimate Move. And we just had a huge battle last night too!

After what they had witnessed last night, that last thing they wanted was another Soultimate Move going off and making their Yo-kai faint again. Sure, they have some Nasty Medicine to revive the Yo-kai with, but they had to also give the revived Yo-kai some food to heal with and that was if they could find something that could at least heal them enough to not let them faint in one hit.

"Whisper! What does the talisman we got do?!"

"That one is for defense! It'll give the Yo-kai you use it on more defense in general. There's also defense talismans for elemental attacks, but we'll deal with that later! Pay attention to the battle!"

As Nate threw the Defense talisman to Jibanyan, he glanced over and saw Snaggerjag pull up a fish, which was colored blue.

Okay, that's Shuter. He attacks with water, so we should get rid of him so that he doesn't attack Jibanyan, regardless of the Defense talisman I just gave him.

Before Nate could say so, Tattletell smacked Shuter, lowing his health by a third. Snaggerjag pulled out another fish in response, this time it was Meditatum. Walkappa attempted to attacked Meditatum, but did little damage, so he was switched out for Cadin. Cadin released his Soultimate Move, Cicada Cut, damaging both Snaggerjag and his fish. Shuter had fainted and Meditatum was now at half health, so Jibanyan started to warm up to release Paws of Fury. Snaggerjag attempted to attack Jibanyan with his hook, but Tattletell jumped in front of it, taking the hit for Jibanyan. Nate dug through the bag to find a healing item and pulled out a Plum Rice Ball, handing it to Tattletell so that she could heal a little. She healed herself the rest of the way, bringing her back to full health as Cadin put a hit on Meditatum to lower his health even more. It wasn't enough to make him faint as he managed to heal up Snaggerjag a bit. Jibanyan then released his Paws of Fury, taking down Snaggerjag's health by a chunk and made Meditatum faint.

"Go, Jibanyan!"

They switched Walkappa back in and let him prepare his Soultimate Move, Mega Waterfall, as Snaggerjag used a water move on Jibanyan and pulled out Grumpus, the final choice of fish he had. Grumpus headbutted Jibanyan, but thankfully, the Defense talisman kept Jibanyan from getting too much damage. Katie handed him a Hamburger to heal with as Walkappa released Mega Waterfall on Snaggerjag. Jibanyan scratched Grumpus a few times before letting Tattletell deal the final blow on Snaggerjag with Loving Slap with Grumpus fainting along with him.


"Ugh...I was told that lifeguards got more respect than this."

"Sorry to burst your bubble, sir, but you attacked us before we could explain what we were doing. We were just trying to get something for a friend of ours. Wait, where did he go?"

"Oh, he left before the battle. He was muttering something about the lake being haunted."

"Great, now we have to track him down again. Why extactly did you attack us?"

"I'm the guardian of Catfish Pond. It's my job to protect the fish that live and vacation here. I just attack anyone that disturbs the fish here in an attempt to scare them off. You two are actually the first ones to fight back."

"Oh. Well, we're sorry for disturbing you. We're just going to go on our way now."

SV Snaggerjag disappeared after that conversation and as Katie picked up a Water Ring and fourty-one dollars off the ground, Nate took the ring Walkappa found, cleaned it off with the bottom of his shirt and pocketed it.

"Okay, let's go find Bear and return the ring to him. We'll just say that it flew out during those big splashes."

Before they walked out of Catfish Pond, they grabbed their fishing poles, acting like they had been just fishing, and Nate said,

"Since we're here, do you guys want to check out the Crank-a-kai real quick?"

They walked over to the area where the Crank-a-kai was.

"I'm surprised no one noticed that the gate was gone."

"Eh, no one really seems to care anyway."

When they got up to the Crank-a-kai, they noticed that the glass had been cleaned recently and they could see the capsules inside. There were gray, red, blue, purple, golden, and black capsules, much to the kid's surprise. Whisper let off an involuntary shudder.

"Whisper, are you okay, nya?"

"Sorry, just being near it freaks me out. I really hate that thing."

"Don't worry, Whisper. We're just going to use the Purple Coin and then we'll leave it alone."

Nate put the the Purple Coin into the coin slot, but before he turned it, he asked Whisper,

"Is it random what I get or is there a system?"

"It depends on the coin. With the Purple Coin, you'll either get a Yo-kai from the Eeriee tribe or some sort of item. Actually, you'll proably get an item regardless of what coin you use, but the Yo-kai depend on the coin."

Nate turned the knob and a capsule popped out. The capsule was gray and Nate twisted it. It released a puff of smoke and in it's place was a Bronze Doll.

"What does this do?"

"Nothing. You sell it for cash. Bronze Dolls go for ten bucks, silver is fifty, and gold is a hundred."

"So, how do we convince the Everymart cashier to buy these dolls if they don't do anything? In fact, how do we convince them to buy any weird Yo-kai items we get that we don't need?!"

"When it comes to that point, I'll tell you. Right now, we have to find Bear. I didn't see him in this area, unfortunately."

"Well, he left his stuff at Catfish Pond, so he's probably going to get them back at some point. We can wait around for him and do some requests in the meantime."

"We can't do the Rhino Beetle request until it's late, remember?"

"There's other people around here, they probably have problems we can solve."

They walked out of the Crank-a-kai area and saw the old man at the shrine with a worried expression.

"Excuse me, sir. Is something wrong?"

"Yes. I've been feeding the cats that live here, but recently something's been eating their food."

"Do you want us to go check on them?"

"Yes, please, if you two wouldn't mind. The feeding grounds are to the west of here. Just look for a group of cats gathered in one spot."

They group thanked him for the information and walked to Catfish Pond to use as a shortcut. As they were walking up, they came across a woman looking at the ground looking for something.

"Um...did you lose something?"

Are we dealing with another theft?

"Nope! I'm trying to find proof of the existance of Tsuchinoko!"

Whisper did a quick search of the term and 'ohhed' when he found the information.

"She's looking for proof of Nokos. Tsuchinoko is the longer name for this Yo-kai. They're rare and hard to find and don't get me started on Pandanoko. They're so rarely seen that it's considered a blessing if they'll befriend you."

"Miss? Why are you looking for Tsuchinokos?"

"I'm doing this for my college club, the MMR club or Mysterious Monster Research club, if you want to get technical. If I can find some of proof, I'll be happy."

"Do you mind if we help?"

"No problem. Can you check by the river that goes into Catfish Pond? I heard that Tsuchinoko often hang around there. I'm just checking this area in case they hang around here too. Here's some plastic bags to carry the proof back in if you come across any."

The group walked back the way they came and started looking. Katie found a Noko skin, which had a fading aura according to Whisper. It just meant that the Noko had shed it's skin some time ago, but not recently. She placed the skin in one of the bags and they continued their search. Nate came across something that Whisper stated was Noko dung, so Nate quickly picked it up with one of the plastic bags and they came across some Noko tracks as they were heading to the woman. They gathered some dirt from the tracks, hoping she'll accept it.

"Here you go, miss. Some genuine Tsuchinoko evidence."

She seemed to squee with delight as she took the bags of evidence and thanked them.

"When the MMR club becomes an international thing, I'll try and get you on the team when you're old enough! I'll never forget you two! See ya!"

She ran off, acting like a child on their birthday when they got what they asked for.

"Did I just see our future?"

"Nah, you wouldn't be that crazy, Nate."


Whisper giggled as he said,

"Can't take a joke, Nate?"

Nate just gave Whisper a playful glare as he said,

"Come on. We should deal with the cats before we forget."


After much investigating, they found a group of cats hissing at an invisible foe. Jibanyan offered to translate what the cats were saying and after asking the cats, he turned to the group and said,

"There's a Yo-kai bothering them and stealing their food."

"Of course there is. Which one is it?"

A quick shine of the Yo-kai Watch revealed a toy poodle dog with a man's face. Shocked couldn't even begin to describe the feeling both kids were having.

"Manjimutt, or the Human-face Dog Yo-kai. He has terrible luck due to his apperence and can't be taken seriously."

"Oh, drat! I've been caught! I'll make you pay for innterupting my meal!"

Nate and Katie just sighed as their Yo-kai took out Manjimutt in two hits.

"Please leave these cats alone from now on, Manjimutt."

"Oh, there goes my free meal!"

Manjimutt left the group, not even bothering to ask for forgiveness or to be their friend.

"...We could've been friends with him if he just asked. Oh well."

The cats purred as Jibanyan said,

"They want to thank you for your help with getting Manjimutt away from their food."

"You're welcome, guys."

Whisper started muttering to himself,

"Well, the old man didn't seem to be able to sense me or Jibanyan, so he probably wouldn't believe that a Yo-kai was bothering his cats, but we have to tell him something. Maybe a wild dog? That should work. It's technically the truth, so it's not a total lie."

Whisper saw Nate and Katie staring at him and he just gave a sheepish grin.

"Sorry, I was just trying to think of something to tell the old man at the shrine. We can say that a wild dog was bothering them, right?"

"Hmm...yeah. That should work."

As they were heading back to Catfish Pond to see if Bear had come back yet, they heard some yelling.

"Get back here, you rotten thieves! You're not going to get away with messing with my stuff again!"

The group went over to investigate the noise and to their surprise, they saw a Peckpocket and Roughraff were running away and screaming their lungs out.

"We don't want your stuff, you weirdo! Stop trying to attack us!"

"It was bad enough being attacked by those two kids with their Yo-kai!"

Oh, joy. It's that Roughraff that was bothering Jibanyan and that  Peckpocket that tried to steal our stuff and insulted Whisper.

The group just kept watching as the Roughraff and Peckpocket looked over at the group. A look of horror crossed both of their faces as they begged,

"Please help us. This Yo-kai is crazy!"

The group gave the two Yo-kai a disapproving look.

"I don't did bully Jibanyan a lot and stole his prized photo, Roughraff and you're not exactly innocent either, Peckpocket. You inspirited a child to steal a comic from their friend and almost ruined thier friendship, you tried to steal our Yo-kai Watches and Jibanyan's collar, and you insulted Whisper."

"Oh, just forget it! We'll just take your items and throw them in Catfish Pond like we did with that stupid ring that kid had!"

"You stole Bear's ring?! That was a present for his mother, you jerks!"

As the group were about to yell some more at the two Yo-kai thieves, they saw a child-like Yo-kai with a green button eye and stitched up like a doll giving the two thieving Yo-kai an evil glare. The group started to back away slowly as the two thieving Yo-kai made a sudden realization and slowly turned around to meet the Yo-kai that had been chasing them.

"You rotten thieves..."

Before the Yo-kai could land a hit on the two thieves, a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and struck the two thieves down. A human-like Yo-kai with slightly singed gloves and carrying a book walked into view along with Detective Holdit.

"There are those scam artists.  I'm going to enjoy putting these two behind bars. Thank you for helping me locate them, Detective."

"Let me just file the report and we can lock them away for good. If we only knew where they stored the stolen goods. Oh, hey Nate and Katie. Did you find your friend's ring?"

"Hi, Detective Holdit. Yeah, we did. These jokers threw it in Catfish Pond, but we asked Walkappa to get it for us."

"Of course they did. Did he happen to find anything else?"

"I don't think he did. Are you going to check or something?"

"Might as well, unless they stashed the stuff somewhere else."

The child-like Yo-kai pulled out a faded sack out of the bushes and tugged on the human-like Yo-kai's sleeve.

"Is this what you're looking for, mister? Those mean Yo-kai were near my collection of stuff and tried to make off with my bag instead of their own."

The human-like Yo-kai opened the faded bag and after investigating the items, nodded and patted the child Yo-kai on his head.

"Thank you for giving this to me. These items will be returned to their rightful owners."

As Detective Holdit was tying up Roughraff and Peckpocket, the human-like Yo-kai walked over to the group and said,

"Has these Yo-kai given you any trouble that I should know about?"

"Well, that Roughraff bullied Jibanyan here and stole his picture and that Peckpocket tried to ruin a friendship through inspiritment, tried to steal our Yo-kai Watches and Jibanyan's collar, and insulted Whisper here."

He wrote down everything and handed them his medal.

"I'm Shizen. I've been asked by some associates to track down these Yo-kai criminals. I'm quite a busy Yo-kai, so I unfortunately won't be available to be summoned, but since you have given me more reasons to put these two away, I might as well give you this as a reward. It's best if I get going now. Their trail isn't going to start itself, after all."

He picked up the two scam artists and waved goodbye as Detective Holdit walked away to find something else to investigate. When everything had calmed down, the child Yo-kai glanced at the group and said,

"Hi, I'm Rontao."

He tilted his head as he studied Nate and Katie.

"You two remind me of someone I knew a long time ago."

He started to tear up and burst into tears, prompting Nate and Katie to kneel down and hug the poor Yo-kai. Rontao buried his face into their shirts and after collecting his breath, he wiped his tears away and said,

"Sorry about that. That's the reason I stay up here at Mount Wildwood, to control my emotions so that I don't accidently hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it, unlike those thieves."

Katie handed Rontao a Gooey Candy and he munched on it, his mood getting better.

"You two are alright, so I'll let you and your Yo-kai friends come through my area whenever you want."

He handed them his medal.

"I wouldn't recomend summoning me for a while. I just want to get my powers under control before I can be summoned by anyone. Please forgive me."

"Oh, no. It's not a problem. Just let us know when your powers are under control or if you just want to hang out with us without battling."

Rontoe gave them a smile as he created four dolls that looked just like the group.

"It's nice to have some friends. Goodbye, you guys."

The group bid their farewells as they went back to Catfish Pond to see if Bear had returned yet.


A/N: A quick thank you to Wattpad User DWN024ShadowMan for letting me use their OCs, Rontao and Shizen, for this chapter.

Chapter Text

When they got to Catfish Pond, they saw that Bear's fishing stuff was gone, but Bear himself wasn't there.

"Dang it! We just missed him!"

"Well, he lives in Blossom Heights, so he might just be on his way home. We can try to meet him there or maybe we'll run into him on our way over."

"Let's tell the old man that we solved his cat problem before we go."


They told the old man that a wild dog had been eating the cat's food and that they were able to scare it off so it wouldn't be eating the cat's food anytime soon. He was thankful at the very least, so he gave them some free talismans, one Speed, one Strength, one Defense, and one Spirit.

"I run a talisman shop here at the shrine, so if you ever need to buy some talismans, just come here."

They thanked him and went on their way, hoping to run into their friend.

"I just realized something. I don't have my bug net on me, so even if we did find a Rhino Beetle, I couldn't catch it."

"Yeah, neither do I. I guess it just slipped our minds."

"Well, there's really no rush for the Rhino Beetle thing. We can find Bear, give him the ring, and explore Blossom Heights for a bit before we head back home."

"I was actually thinking of going home to put away our fishing poles. We can't carry these all the time."

"Well, we can't exactly take our bug nets everywhere either."

"Give me the fishing poles. I know where you can put them."

Curious, Nate and Katie gave their fishing poles to Whisper, who had opened the bottomless bag and pushed them inside.

"Oh, right. I forgot we had that."

"That's the beauty of this bag. If you want to, we could run by your houses and pick up your bug nets so it can also be within easy reach. No more having to worry about whether or not you should take the fishing pole or bug net."

"We really shouldn't waste too much time. We have to find Bear."

"Okay, okay. It was just a suggestion."

"When we have time, we can go by our homes and pick up our nets.

As they walked down the steps, Nate turned to Whisper and asked,

"How are our fishing poles able to get in there? I didn't think fishing poles or bug nets counted as Yo-kai related items."

"If a Yo-kai has been in contact with it, then it counts as a Yo-kai related item. Plus, you never know. Maybe there's another Yo-kai that wants fish or a Yo-kai that needs a bug for something."


After quickly dealing with a Dimmy inspiriting their classmate Shelly in the schoolyard they rushed to Blossom Heights and found Bear moping in front of the candy shop. Nate slipped his hand into his pocket, pulled out the ring, and the group walked up to Bear.

"Is this the ring you were looking for?"

Bear's eyes widened as he took the ring out of Nate's hand.

"How did you find it?!"

"You know those big splashes at Catfish Pond? We think the ring flew out during one of them."

Bear was too happy to care about asking how the ring had gotten into the pond and after thanking Nate and Katie, he ran back home.

"It's nice to see him so happy. What should we do now?"

"Go back home and get your bug nets?"

"Okay, but we should come back here to see about getting a new Yo-kai Watch upgrade."


After running back to their homes and grabbing their bug nets, they happily walked back to Blossom Heights, fighting some Yo-kai along the way and befriending some new Yo-kai, Noway and two Dullumas.

"You're both making great progress so far with befriending Yo-kai. We should see about befriending some more Yo-kai in Blossom Heights.

"We will after we get the requirements for the new upgrade."


They walked into Timer's and More and asked about getting a new upgrade.

"Hold on a minute."

Mortimer looked through a pile of papers near his work station and found a piece of paper with various names separated into sections labeled with a specific letter.

"Let's see two need to upgrade from Rank D to Rank we go!"

He wrote something down on another piece of paper and handed it to Whisper.

"Here's a list of the Yo-kai you need to defeat and where they can be found. I put a little device in your Yo-kai Watches that'll tell me when you've defeated the specific Yo-kai on the list for your upgrade so that you don't have to worry about proving to me that you battled them. They'll get reset for every upgrade until you reached Rank S, the highest level of the Yo-kai Watch."

Whisper looked over the list, which listed the following Yo-kai and their locations:

1. Signibble in the Academy Shortcut.
2. Suspicioni in the alley behind Frostia's Place
3. Tantroni in the delivery bay south of the arcade.

A look of confusion crossed Whisper's face.

"Where are these places?"

Nate took the list from Whisper and after reading it, realized where they had to go.

"They're all in Downtown Springdale. We can probably deal with them tomorrow. We're not in any rush here."

After thanking Mr. Goodsight for the information, they walked out of Timer's and More. Since they were in the area, they decided to check on Bear. He was currently in front of his house, happily humming as he fixed his fishing line. He waved when he saw Nate and Katie.

"Hey, Bear. How did it go?"

"Oh, it went well. Mom was happy about the gift and she just left for her class reunion. I'm in charge of the house until she gets back. Her words, not mine."

After a few quick words, Nate and Katie said their goodbyes to Bear and went in their way.

"Whisper, what are you looking for?"

Whisper had been looking at his Yo-kai Pad when Nate asked, so he answered,

"There's a temple around here that Nokos like to hang around. I was thinking of showing you two what a Noko looks like after doing that woman's quest."

"Oh, that's great, Whisper!"

Whisper pointed southwest and said,

"To Shoten Temple!"


"So what does Noko like to eat?"

"Hamburgers. Don't ask."

"We have some cheeseburgers, so that's good."

"Nokos are hard to find and befriend due to some greedy humans trying to abuse their power of luck for many, many, many years, so try to not be disappointed if you don't see one on our first visit or can't befriend one right away."

The kids nodded as they walked up the steps to the temple and after finding a small alcove to the side of the temple, they slowly walked in to find a small garden and some Yo-kai walking about. They recognized Manjimutt, Mochismo, and Pandle, but they didn't see any new Yo-kai, a.k.a Noko.

"This is where Nokos are known to hang out, but like I said, they're hard to find and befriend."

The kids walked down the steps, deciding to at least try to befriend a few Yo-kai.


It took a couple battles, but they befriended two Mochismos, and a Manjimutt.

"Okay, we may not have seen Noko yet, but at least you have some new friends."

The kids walked back up the steps and looked at the temple.

"Do you want to check it out?"

"Yeah, I'm a little curious about it. Whisper, if you and Jibanyan want to wait outside, we understand."

"No, no. This temple is safe for Yo-kai. There's something special about it. I can feel it."

The group walked in, not really expecting much. They saw a priest, a crystal ball laying in the corner, and a gong, but that was about it.

What's so special about this temple?

The priest looked over at the group, having been preoccupied with some papers.

"Oh! Hello, children. I'm Mr. Zen, the priest of Shoten Temple. Why don't you and your Yo-kai come over and sit down for a bit?"

"Wait, you can see Yo-kai?!"

"Of course. I'm a priest, after all. A very special priest, in fact."

Whisper muttered,

"Well, it was a monk that imprisoned me, so I'm not really surprised."

"Relax, my pale friend. I'm much more open-minded. I've been studying Yo-kai fusion for quite a while now. Maybe you four would be interested?"

They had nothing better to do, so they sat down and listened to Mr. Zen's lecture.

"Do you happen to have any Dulluma and Mochismo medals you're willing to give up?"

The group did, so they handed him the extra medals of the Yo-kai he requested. He took out a box with three holes in the top, dropped one medal in the left side, dropped the other medal in the right side, and covered both holes.

"Okay, now to fuse these medals into a new Yo-kai. Fusion....HA!"

A bright light errupted from the middle hole and when it died down, Mr. Zen reached in the middle hole and pulled out a new medal of a Yo-kai Nate and Katie didn't recognize.

"Ah, Darumacho. Here you go."

Mr. Zen tossed the Yo-kai medal to the group and said,

"I can fuse more than just Yo-kai. I can fuse two items together and I can fuse a Yo-kai and an item together. As long as they're compatible, they'll fuse with no problem."

The group thanked Mr. Zen for the example and they left the temple.

"Is there any other fusions we could do?"

Whisper found a long, long list of fusions written by Mr. Zen himself and simply said,

"Yes. Oh! There's some fusions that Jibanyan could do!"

He showed the group the Jibanyan fusions, Baddinyan and Thornyan.

"Let's see here...for Thornyan, we would need a Coughkoff and for Baddinyan, we would need a Roughraff."

"Nyo! I'm nyot fusing with Roughraff!"

The group was startled by Jibanyan's yell, but they understood why he didn't want to fuse with Roughraff. After being bullied by one, he wasn't exactly keen on the idea.

"Well, if we somehow befriend a Roughraff, we promise to keep the two of you separated."

Jibanyan sighed with relief.

"Thank you. But seriously, I don't want to be fused."

"Well, according to the Yo-kai Pad, we might not have to. There are some wild Baddinyans and Thornyans here in Springdale. Their locations are a bit random however, so it might take a while to find them. The point is, we don't have to worry about fusing Jibanyan."

Jibanyan seemed satisfied with the answer as Nate looked to the sky.

"Guys, it's starting to get late. We should make our way back home."

Jibanyan pointed to the alcove and said,

"I'm pretty sure I saw a shortcut through here."

"It's better than nothing. Let's hurry!"

They rushed to the alcove, only to stop near the stairs when they saw a yellow snake-like Yo-kai hanging around the bushes near the little vegetable garden.

"Whisper? Is that a Noko?"

Whisper nodded as Katie squeaked,

"It's so cute! How do we befriend the little guy?"

"Well, he might make a break for it if he sees you two, but maybe I can try to talk to him for you."

Whisper dug through the bag and pulled out a Cheeseburger.

"Wish me luck."

The kids watched Whisper float down near Noko and give him the burger. They heard the Noko squeak a few times and they tried to hear what Whisper was saying, but his voice was too low to hear. Noko started squeaking more and nodded. Whisper smiled, picked Noko up, and flew up to the group.

"Good news! I convinced Noko to give you two a chance. Here, talk to him."

Whisper handed Noko to Katie while Nate dug through the bag for the other Cheeseburger and gave it to Noko, who then ate it and gave a satisfied squeak.

"Okay, he seems to like you better."

"I just wish we had more burgers for you."

"There's a Nom Burger in Downtown Springdale we can go to tomorrow while we're getting the battles for our Rank C upgrade."

"That's true. Noko, how do you feel about being friends with us?"

Noko squeaked happily as Whisper said,

"He's willing to be friends with you two, but he wants to stay here in the alcove. He promises to let the other Nokos in the area know that you two are nice."

After Noko gave them his medal, they walked Noko over to the bushes and placed him down gently. He gave off a squeak as he burrowed into the bushes. The group then walked through the empty alcove, taking some loose carrots and cucumbers and they found a strange blue door with a large letter D blocking their way to the other side.

"Whisper...what is this door?"

"Watch Lock Door. They're very annoying and only exist to remind you to upgrade your Yo-kai Watch. Thankfully, we have the proper Rank for this one."

They flashed the light at the door, making it disappear and they walked until they found themselves near a house. They unlocked the gate from their side, quickly walked through the gateway, and closed it, hoping that the owner didn't mind them walking through.

They started to head back home and after discussing stuff to do tomorrow, they parted ways, Whisper and Jibanyan going with Nate for the night.



The mysterious Yo-kai that had been helping Nate and Katie had been reading a few files, trying to confirm his thoughts.

Let's see here...Adams and Forester...I know I've heard those names before.

"Hello, old friend."

The mysterious Yo-kai didn't bother looking up from the file in his hand.

"Hello, Kyubi."

"What are you doing?"

"There's some kids that have caught my interest, but I can't quite figure out why."

"Here, let me help. I don't need you pulling another all-nighter. It's bad enough with the Yo-kai Realm in constant chaos and you trying to keep everything in control after Lord Enma's passing."

The mysterious Yo-kai sighed and said,

"I know, I know. But I made a promise to Lord Enma to protect the humans and Mckraken isn't exactly making things easy."

Kyubi took one of the files and read through it.

"Adams and Forester...ah!"

Kyubi took a photo of two boys and took a picture of Nate and Katie and put the two photos side-by-side. He pointed to both photos with a clawed finger and said,

"They look awfully similar to each other, don't they?"

The mysterious Yo-kai looked up from his file and after examing the two photos and checking back to the file in his hand, his eyes lit up.

"Of course! Those two are Nathaniel and Kenny's grandkids! That must be why they've caught my interest!"

Kyubi chuckled.

"Once again, destiny has the Adams and Forester families involved in Yo-kai hijinx, and they're both at the same age too. How fitting."

Chapter Text

The sun was shining as both Arron Adams and Jason Forester walked to Sunshine Station, envelopes containing papers for an important development project in both of their hands. While they could've easily just took the short way to Downtown Springdale with the crosswalks in front of Lambert Post Office or Piggleston Bank, they both prefered walking through the not-so-busy Blossom Heights, plus Central Station was a little more closer to their office building. When they got to Sunshine Station, they sat down and looked through the papers.

Everything seems to be in order here.

They placed their envelopes down for a minute, unaware of a Yo-kai resembling a green hat biting on their heads, making them lose their train of thought for a few moments. Just then, the train showed up.

"That was fast!"

They walked onto the train, leaving the important envelopes behind.

As the train took off, a station attendent walked by and saw the envelopes.

"Some office in Downtown is going to be filled with panic without these papers! Too bad it's just a name on these envelopes, I would've been able to call someone about this."



Nate had just woken up and stretched. Whisper and Jibanyan were still sleeping, so Nate wrote in his journal a little more and got dressed. He collected his things, woke up Whisper and Jibanyan, and the three of them went down for breakfast. Nate waved to his mother as he sat at the table and ate his breakfast with her, sneaking Whisper and Jibanyan some of it when she wasn't looking. After eating, he helped his mom with the dishes and as he was putting them away, his mom's cell phone went off.

"Hello? Oh, hi honey! Wait...what?! Both of you?! This is just plain crazy! I'll ask Nate to handle it. What? I'm busy today. Okay, bye."

She sighed as she turned to Nate, who had just closed the dish cabinet.

"Nate, this is a bit strange, but somehow both your father and Katie's father left some important documents at Sunshine Station. I need you to go pick up the papers and take them to your father."

"Mom? May I ask why I have to do it?"

"I'm busy with errands today, sweetie. I'll call the train station to hold on to the papers until you get there."

Nate left the house and started off towards Blossom Heights. He stopped for a moment when he heard Katie running up to him.

"Nate! You're not going to believe this, but-"

"Your dad left some important documents at Sunshine Station and your mom sent you to pick them up?"

"Yeah...oh, right. Mom was confused about how both of our dads managed to do that. Let's just hurry and get those papers."


They made their way to the station and found the station attendent.

"Excuse us, have you seen two brown envelopes? They should have our father's names on at least one of them. Arron Adams and Jason Forester?"

The attendent handed the envelopes to them and said,

"Well, I'm glad to know that these will be getting back to their owners safely."

The kids nodded as they hurried onto the train to Central Station. Normally, it would cost three bucks for a pass, but there was a special for that day that allowed you to ride the train for free. As they waited for their stop, Whisper started reading from his Yo-kai Pad.

"Well, we've yet again made the front page news."

They all read the article:

Mysterious Thefts Stopped by Slimamander Sealers!


Yesterday, the Yo-kai group known for scamming humans out of their money by stealing sentimental items and pretending to find them again has been stopped by the same group that sealed away Slimamander. We can only see good things happening with this group!


They all smiled as they saw that their good deeds were slowly becoming regconized.


"Oh, our stop is coming up! We better get off!"


They got off at Central Station and walked through the South exit.

To their shock, they saw a bunch of Yo-kai resembling green hats flying about in Downtown Springdale.

"Gah! Whisper, what are those things?!"

"Those are Wazzats and please skip the jokes! These things are serious!"

Just then, a Wazzat came up and bit Whisper on the head.

"Wait...what was I just talking about?"


"Oh, right! They're known for inspiriting people to forget stuff. They're probably the ones that made your dads forget their papers!"

"Oh, right! We have to get these to them right now! If we hurry, we can get these to them before their big meeting!"

"Just be careful around the Wazzats!"

Nate quickly took Whisper's Yo-kai Pad and typed in the name of the office building they had to go to.

"Here you go, Whisper. Try to find us a safe route to this building."

Whisper nodded and lead the way, having the group run if a Wazzat happened to see them and hide until it was considered safe. They eventually made their way to the building, but saw that there were also Wazzats in the building. They quickly ran to the elevator and pressed the button for the seventh floor.

"Oh, thank goodness! I though we were going to have to worry about being inspirited again."

"Don't worry, we just have to drop these off and if the Wazzats are gone,  we can do the Rank C battles since we're in the area."

"That's a good point, Katie."

The elevator doors opened when it got to the seventh floor and seeing no Wazzats in sight, the group hopped out of the elevator and saw both Mr. Adams and Mr. Forester.

"Hey, Dad! We got your documents for you!"

They handed the evelopes over to their dads, who sighed with relief.

"I thought we were going to have to make up something on the spot for the meeting! I just can't believe that we forgot them at the station! Be safe getting home now, you two."

"We will."

They went their seperate ways and when the group got to the first floor, they saw no Wazzats, much to their surprise.

"Huh...guess they got bored or something. I wonder why they were hanging around this area in the first place."

"To be fair, busy people are usually easy targets for Wazzat to inspirit. Now let's get to finding these Yo-kai for the Rank C upgrade."

They walked out of the building and not seeing any Wazzats in the streets, they looked at the list of Yo-kai they had to fight and their locations on Whisper's Yo-kai Pad.

"What are we closer to?"

Whisper pulled up a map of Downtown Springdale, and after a few taps, said,

"The best course of action would be to go to the delivery bay, Frostia's Place, then the Academy Shortcut. Let's start battling!"

Before they headed off to battle the Yo-kai they needed, they decided to see what Yo-kai were in Downtown Springdale since they had been a bit too busy to check Blossom Heights yesterday. They had battled a few Yo-kai, mostly being Wazzats, a couple of Cupistols, and some Yo-kai they already had. They didn't befriend any Yo-kai, but it didn't matter to them. They were just happy to know that there were other Yo-kai to find later on. After making a stop at Nom Burger to to grab some lunch for later and to pick up two Nom Burgers for Noko, they started walking to the arcade, unaware of a Yo-kai following them.


When they got to the arcade, they went south of it and looked into the delivery bay. Whisper looked up the Yo-kai they had to fight and after comfirming that the red Yo-kai was the Tantroni they had to fight, they went up to him and went into battle.


"Fine, you two won, now go away!"

Tantroni disappeared into a puff of purple smoke after they had won the battle against him.

"Geez, it was just a battle."

"Well, he is known for making people have temper tantrums, so this is normal behavior for him."

"Just cross him off the list please, Whisper."

Whisper tapped the screen and said,

"Okay, now to Frostia's Place."

They walked to Frostia's Place, which was basically a bar. Miss Frost, the woman who ran the place, was a very mysterious person. They went to the alley behind Frostia's Place and found a Yo-kai that they recognized from Terror Time.

T hat's de finitely Suspicioni. Let's battle him and get closer to that upgrade!


"You cheated, didn't you?! I don't trust you at all!"

Suspicioni disappeared into a puff of smoke like Tantroni did.

"Let me guess, Suspicioni is always suspicious?"

"Pretty much. That's why he's part of Terror Time."


No one wanted to remember that, so Whisper started to lead the group to the Academy Shortcut.


"Here we are, the Academy Shortcut, and there's Signibble. He's responsible for...let me see here...ah! He's the reason for bad reception in some areas, or that's what I'm reading here, at least."

"Okay, this should be simple."


"Zap, zap! You two are fun! Let's battle again sometime!"

Signibble disappeared like the Yo-kai before him.

"Well, at least he was agreeable. That should be the last battle we need."

They walked out of the Academy Shortcut and they glanced at their Yo-kai Watches to check the time.

"Time for lunch. Let's go to Rolling Waves Park. There's some tables we can sit at and maybe we can do some fishing."


After they ate lunch with their Yo-kai friends, Nate and Katie went down to the beach to do some fishing.

"Hey, Whisper? Can the bag also hold living creatures like bugs and fish?"

"Yeah, and there's a section for them in there too. It sounds strange, but it's a strange item in general."

"Well, time to catch some fish. I heard we can trade them in at Jungle Hunters for some cool stuff or sell them for money."


Nate and Katie had caught a few fish between them, but nothing rare. They had caught a few Red Snappers and Mackerels and as they put the fish and fishing poles into the bag, they saw that it was getting late.

Guess time really flies when you're battling Yo-kai and fishing.

"We seriously need some more time to find and befriend new Yo-kai. Maybe tomorrow we can start looking?"

"We also need to do some more favors. Trust me, a good deed goes a long way."

"Mmm...yeah, that's true."

They went up to Central Station and stood at the front of the station for a few minutes.

"Okay, let's find our train home..."

Just then, a Wazzat showed up and was about to bite down on either Nate or Katie when Whisper grabbed him.

"Not so fast, Wazzat! You are not inspiriting these two!"

Wazzat wiggled out of Whisper's grasp, let out a creepy laugh, and stuck his tougue out at the group before flying away.

"Come on! We have to keep him from inspiriting more people! If we don't, no one will remember anything!"

"Yeah...that would be a weird world."

"Get back here, you!"

"Whisper! Wait for us!"


They had managed to catch up to both Whisper and Wazzat, who had stopped in front of Banter Bakery.

"We got you now, you memory-erasing trouble maker!"

"Uh...I don't think we really caught him. It's more like he just stopped running from us."

Wazzat did a mid-air flip and flew up in Nate's face, making him back up a bit.

"Wazzat, can you back up a little? You're invading my personal space."

"Hehe, sorry. You're fun to play with. I don't have anyone to be with anymore."

Wazzat's voice lowered a little in sadness.

He just wanted a friend?

"We'll be your friends, Wazzat. But no inspiriting anyone unless we say you can."

Wazzat gave them a goofy grin and tossed them his medal.

"Okay, since we won't be having any trouble with Wazzat anymore, let's get you two back home."


Once again, the mysterious Yo-kai was looking through a few files about the Adams and Forester families.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

"What is it, Kyubi?"

Kyubi drummed the table with his clawed fingers.

"Can I borrow the kids for something, Venoct?"

"What could you possibly need them for?"

"There's been some trouble in my territory and I need them to handle it for me. I'm a very busy Yo-kai and Mckraken certainly isn't making things easier."

Venoct was quiet as he thought it over, which wasn't very shocking to Kyubi, and he finally said,

"Fine, but if you get them hurt in anyway..."

Kyubi held his hands up in defense.

"Relax, I won't let them die."

Venoct glared at Kyubi.

"I won't let them get hurt too much?"


"Wow, you really care for these kids, don't you?"

Venoct made a shooing motion at Kyubi. He started to leave, but not before turning to Venoct with a smirk and said in a sing-song voice,

"You're not denying it."

"I have my reasons, fox. Now go away. I'm busy."

Kyubi vanished into a puff of purple smoke and Venoct put the file folder he had been reading down.

He better not get them into any trouble. I have enough to do with Mckraken's political party gaining followers and making sure he doesn't find our secret weapon.

Chapter Text

The next morning, after waking up and getting dressed, Katie hopped downstairs with Whisper and Jibanyan by her side as she wondered how the day would go.

I want to head to Blossom Heights first and get the Rank C upgrade, get the requirements for the next Rank, then head to Settle In Bookstore to see if that comic came in . Then we'll go find more stuff to do. It's definitely going to be a productive day today.

Katie grabbed a Custard Bread for her breakfast and ate it as her mother said to her,

"Morning, Katie. Your dad said he wanted to give you something before he went to work. He's right outside."

Katie nodded as she went to see what her dad wanted and she was surprised when she opened the door.


She walked over to her dad and the bicycle next to him.

This is the Sakura bicycle I've been saving for!

"What's this for?"

"Think of this as a thank you for returning those papers to us yesterday. This is the one you've been wanting, right?"

"Yeah, it is!"

She sat on the bicycle to see if it was the right size for her.

"Okay, it's the right size. I remember when I got my first bike. I rode it around town until it was dark. Man, my dad was annoyed at me for doing that."

"Isn't Harrisville smaller than Springdale, though?"

"Yeah, but he had his reasons. Seriously, though. Don't do what I did as a child."

"I'll ride it to Flower Road to get the hang of it."

"That's a good distance for a bike ride. Just go through Blossom Heights instead of Downtown. It's too busy right about now."

"Alright, I'll see you later, dad."

Katie took off on her new bike, leaving Whisper and Jibanyan behind.

"Whisper, she forgot us."

"Relax, I'll get us to her. Hold on to me."

Jibanyan got onto Whisper's back and Whisper flew after Katie. Thankfully, Katie had stopped a few feet ahead when she realized that Whisper and Jibanyan weren't with her. When they caught up with her, she gave them a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about that, guys."

"Nyeh, it's okay. It would've been awkward to put me in the basket in front of your dad, anyway."

"Oh, did you want to ride in the basket, Jibanyan?"

"I did at first, but I like being carried by Whisper."

Whisper blushed a faint pink as he plopped Jibanyan into the basket, making him annoyed.


"Oh, quiet, you lazy nekomata."

Katie just rolled her eyes as she continued pedaling, making sure that Whisper was with her this time.

"Hey, guys!"

Nate cycled up to Katie and they pedaled side-by-side.

"Nice day today, uh?"

"Oh, you got a bike too?"

"Yep! Dad got me the Breeze bike I've been saving up for as a thank you for yesterday. Heading to Blossom Heights?"

"Yeah, only for the Watch upgrade. I was also going to Settle In Bookstore on Flower Road."

"Okay, first to Blossom Heights, then to Flower Road, and we'll see how the day goes."


They parked their bikes at Timer's and More and went inside.

"Hi! We're here for the Rank C upgrade."

They placed their Watches on the counter and Mr. Goodsight went to his work table and started fiddling with them a little before handing them back to Nate and Katie.

"Here's your new Rank C Yo-kai Watches and here's a list of Yo-kai to battle for Rank B."

Whisper took the paper out of Mr. Goodsight's hands and the group looked it over.

"Let's see here...Tengloom at Construction Site, Flumpy at Shopping Street Narrows, and Mad Mountain at Abandoned Tunnel? These are a bit random, aren't they?"

"Okay, Shopping Street Narrows we can do, kinda iffy about the Abandoned Tunnel, but the Construstion Site? Why would we ever go over there?"

Mr. Goodsight shrugged.

"Don't ask me. I'm just a shopkeeper. Besides, I'm sure your Yo-kai friends will keep you safe from any real danger."

They thanked Mr. Goodsight for his help, left Timer's and More, and continued onward to Flower Road.


When they got to Flower Road, they got off their bikes and walked with them down to Settle In Bookstore. They bumped into Eddie as he was walking out of Settle In Bookstore with a bag of books in his hand. He waved at them and said,

"Hi, guys."

"Hey, Eddie. Whatcha got there?"

"Stuff for a new project I'm working on. Oh, I got a new video game the other day and I wanted to know if you two would be interested in playing it with me?"

"Sorry, Eddie. We're kinda busy today. Maybe tomorrow?"

Eddie seemed to think it over and said,

"Sounds good. I'll use the time to read these books I got. I'll see you tommorow then."

Eddie went on his way, Nate and Katie locked their bikes to the bike rack just outside of Settle In Bookstore, and went inside. The kids walked over to the comics and Jibanyan and Whisper were hanging around the magazines. Jibanyan picked one up and as he leafed through it, he asked,

"Whisper, this might sound like a weird question, but do you think that we could stuff their bikes into the bottomless bag?"

Whisper shrugged as he watched the two kids look over the comics.

"I don't see why not. We'll try it when the four of us are alone."

Whisper floated over to the bookshelves and found a couple of books that were known to help Yo-kai. He waved Nate and Katie over just so that they knew where they were if they ever considered getting them for their Yo-kai companions. Jibanyan had finished his magazine and walked over to the group as Nate and Katie were about to head over to the counter to pay for the new comic.

"Look, if I told you once, I told you a hundred times! I'm not selling my store, no one else is selling their store, and we're not leaving Flower Road!"

The cashier was arguing with a man in a business suit. Nate and Katie started to wonder what that was about as the businessman left grumbling to himself. The cashier sighed and mumbled to himself,

"Finally. I thought that jerk would never leave."

He glanced up at Nate and Katie when they walked up to the counter and laid the comics on the counter.

"Oh, did you two just see that? I'm so sorry for that. Five bucks for both comics."

Nate laid five bucks on the counter and asked,

"Hey, Sam? What was that about?"

"Oh, that jerk was trying to convince me to sell the store again. They want to build a mall or something here. Stupid jerk doesn't realize that there's a reason no one on Flower Road is selling their stores to them. We're not making the guardian of Flower Road homeless for the sake of some kiosks that sell snacks that anyone can buy at any Everymart or grocery store."

The group was now curious. They hadn't heard of a guardian protecting Flower Road before.

"You know, your science teacher was just here discussing the stituation we're going through right now. He knows more about the guardian than I do."

"Well, thank you for the information, Sam. We'll see you later."

They took their comics, got their bikes and Whisper poked them.

"According to my Yo-kai Pad, he Shooping Street Narrows are just a few feet away. We can go fight Flumpy and get it over with."


The group walked over to the alley known as the Shopping Street Narrows and walked in. They saw a Yo-kai that looked like Buhu, but was green and yellow with a bit of orange.

"This Yo-kai can make you feel very unfashionable and awkward. Let's just ask for a battle."


"My defeat was so awkward! Don't look at me!"

The entire battle felt awkward. We just wanted to get it done and over with.

Flumpy disappeared and they picked up what they could find.

"I'm hungry. Can we pick up some food?"

"Yeah, there's plenty of places to eat here, so it's just a matter of picking what we want."

They walked out of the Shopping Street Narrows and walked by a few places and Whisper pointed towards Sun Pavillion.

"What does that place serve?"

"Chinese food, if I'm remembering right."

Whisper flew up to look at the menu in the window and glanced at it.

"Oh, they have Liver and Chives!"

"Wait here, Whisper."

Nate walked into Sun Pavillion for a few minutes and walked out with some Chinese food in a bag.

"There's Yo-kai that like Chinese food, right?"

Whisper nodded and said,

"Yeah, there is. It's not my favorite food, but I do enjoy eating it."

Nate handed Whisper a Liver and Chives and Whisper had to wipe away the drool coming from his mouth before taking it out of Nate's hand.

"Whisper...your drool is green?"

Whisper had stuffed the Liver and Chives into his mouth and had to chew and swallow it before he answered,

"Don't question it, Nate. But thanks for getting this for me."

Nate smiled and patted Whisper's head as he put the rest of the Chinese food into the bottomless bag.

"Might as well pick up some other food while we're here."

Before they went to the other shops, they saw their science teacher, Mr. Barton.

"Hi, Mr. Barton!"

He turned to see the two kids and smiled.

"Oh, hello, Nate and Katie. How has your summer been?"

"It's been going great, Mr. Barton. We actually wanted to ask you something."

"If it's a science question, you have to wait until school is in session or look up the answer yourself."

"It's not that, Mr. Barton. We heard that you know something about the guardian of Flower Road."

"Ah, yes. Ever since talk of demolishing Flower Road started up, people have been saying that the guardian has placed a curse on Shopper's Row due to some strange incidents. In fact, your classmate Lucas Yenamo reported seeing a fire recently in the area. Last I saw him, he was near Everymart. He can probably tell you more about it than I can."

Mr. Barton left them to attend to some business elsewhere and the kids started walking to Everymart. They saw Lucas fiddling with his necklace and he stopped when he saw Nate and Katie. To their surprise, he looked relieved when he saw them.

"Hey, guys."

He looked off to the side, almost like he was staring at Whisper and Jibanyan.


Lucas snapped back to Nate and Katie and said,

"Sorry, I was dazing off again. What did you two need?"

"We heard you saw a fire?"

"Yeah...I saw a fire start near Nocturne Hospital. I went to get an adult before it got any worse. I didn't tell anyone this, but it looked like the fire started by itself. I didn't think anyone would believe me if I said that, but it feels like I can trust you two for some reason."

"Thanks for the tip, Lucas. Be careful on your way home, okay?"

Lucas smiled as he walked off and waved goodbye to the group, humming the same strange tune and fiddling with his necklace.

"Whisper, did you nyotice Lucas was staring at us?"

"It certainly looked like it, didn't it? Well, let's get to Nocturne Hospital and see what's up."


After buying a few food items and making sure they still had some money left, they went down to Nocturne Hospital. It was an abandoned hospital that was the subject of many urban legends and it certainly showed. There was a small burned area that told them that this was where the fire started and a yellow and purple Watch Lock door with an A.

"Thank goodness for the Watch Lock, I'm getting a creepy vibe from this place."

"Yeah, it is pretty creepy, Whisper. Don't worry, we're not actually going in."

Whisper sighed with relief as Jibanyan held his hand.

"Guys, can we go nyow? I'm starting to get creeped out by this place."

Before the group could leave, they saw a Yo-kai suddenly appear into the area, their back turned to the group.

"Oh, I'll show them. They're going to regret messing around my territory."

"Is that the guardian of Flower Road?"

The Yo-kai turned to the group and snapped,

"I can hear you, you know! But, yes. I am Kyubi, guardian of Flower Road."

"Why did you curse Shopper's Row?!"

He rolled his eyes and muttered to himself,

"I really envy my brother. He doesn't have to deal with this."

He held his hands behind his back and said,

"Tell you what. I'll explain everything if you'll meet me at the Construction Site tonight."

"What?! Why?!"

"Reasons. I'll be seeing you there if you want the explaination."

He bowed and disappeared into a puff.

"Wow...totally not suspicious at all."

The sarcasm dripped from Nate's words as the group had to think over what had happened.

"Would it be worth it to risk our lives in a dangerous construction site just to see why Kyubi is acting like this?"

"Well...Tengloom is there...and we kinda need the upgrade."

"Okay, we'll go for Tengloom, but I'm still not sure about Kyubi."

"Well, let's go kill some time until nightfall, then."

Chapter Text

After discussing it, they decided to head to the construction site and see what exactly they had to deal with. If there was going to be a lot of people at the site, it was going to be a problem. They rode their bikes to the construction site and saw a green door with a C. They flashed the light onto the door, making it disappear and showing the group that there were only two people at the site.

"Well, it looks like it's just us for today. I'm going to Everymart to pick up something, so I want you to get some work done while I'm out."

The boss of the construction crew had left the site and Nate and Katie were confused about something.

"Do normal people not run into the Watch Lock doors or something?"

Whisper just shrugged.

"I would think so, otherwise people would be curious about the strange barrier keeping them away from some places."

"Were we immune to Watch Lock doors before we got the Yo-kai Watch or are we just coming across them recently?"

"Well, this one was at a construction site, which is a dangerous place in general, so it might be just a coincidence. The other one we saw kept us from trespassing into someone's yard, but it was also in a hidden alcove near Shoten Temple, so that one is kinda debatable."

As they were discussing the logic behind the Watch Lock doors, they heard the worker sighing to himself.

"I wish I was stronger than I am right now."

"Excuse us? Is anything we can do to help?"

"Hmm? Oh, you heard that? Yeah, if you know a way for me to get stronger, I'll gladly listen."

The worker turned away from them and started carrying some lighter items into the site.

"Whisper, is there anything you can think of?"

"Maybe Liver and Chives? It would work for me. If that doesn't work, we can try having Mochismo inspirit him."

"We'll give it a try, Whisper."

They pulled out a Liver and Chives and handed to the worker.

"Here, we heard that this dish can make you stronger."

"Okay, I'll give it a try."

He ate the Liver and Chives and for a few minutes, it seemed to work. He was at least carrying slightly heavier items into the site, but he eventually got tired again as he leaned against the doorway, facing away from the group.

"Man, I can't handle this much longer."

"Quick! Inspirit him before his boss gets back!"

Nate summoned Mochismo and after a quick explanation, he inspirited the worker and by the time the boss of the construction site came back, the worker had almost finished clearing out the site.

"Wow! I can't believe you managed all this while I was out!"

The worker smiled as he kept working and the group left the construction site, hoping that inspiriting the worker will get him away from the site for the night and walked to Nom Burger for lunch. When they got there, they ordered their food and sat down in a corner booth, and they discussed some things that they could do for the rest of the day until nightfall.



Kyubi was getting impatient as he waited for night to come.

"Ugh! Why can't it be night already?!"

"Honestly, Kyubi, elementary schoolers are more mature than you."

"I really don't understand why you gave up a life of lesuire to teach human children, Kit."

"You're the one asking two elementary schoolers for help."

Kyubi glanced at the ground in embarassment and said,

"Look, it's personal, okay?"

"Just don't forget that you agreed to talk to the Koma Brothers about helping them with living arrangements today."

"Yeah, yeah...wait...of course!"

"Kyubi...what are you planning?"

"'ll see..."


"Matt, come on! The clerk is worried about you! There's an angry mob forming!"

Whisper looked behind him and said with surprise,

"Wait, really?"

Matt wasn't paying attention to the group, so Nate cleared up the confusion.

"Nah, I said that to see if he was listening. I guess not."

The group had headed to the arcade to kill some time, but when they went to the counter to see if there was any new games put in, they were told that one of their classmates, Matt, was spending too much time and money on one of the crane machines. They decided to check on him, worried that there might be something wrong with him.

"I'll form an angry mob myself if that kid doesn't start listening to us, nya."

Whisper started dragging Jibanyan away from the scene as he said,

"Jibanyan, you stay out of this. We don't need to bring violence into this."

"Fiiine, but can I at least attack the Yo-kai inspiriting Matt?"

"Wait, what?!"

After a quick scan, they found a Yo-kai and Whisper quickly looked him up.

"Chansin, a Yo-kai that inspirits people to take chances, although he has run some people into debt through gambling. We might want to get rid of him. I don't think it would be healthy for your classmate to develop an addiction to gambling at a young age."

"Let me fight him! See if he's willing to take any chances after I'm done with him!"

"Not in the building, Jibanyan! Take it outside!"

"Weren't you against using violence, Whisper?"

"I thought Matt was just being stubborn. I didn't know that he was being inspirited. Jibanyan, go get Chansin outside. See if being away from Matt will stop the inspiritment."


Jibanyan poked Chansin's leg and he knelt down. Jibanyan whispered something to Chansin, who then went outside with Jibanyan. Matt seemed to calm down when Chansin and finally left the crane machine alone and left the arcade. They went to the counter to tell the clerk that they managed to get Matt to calm down with the overspending and as Nate started up one of the arcade machines, Jibanyan walked back in with a few bruises and Chansin's medal in his paw and said,

"I managed to talk him into being friends after defeating him and giving him a few tips on battling. Here you go."

He handed the medal to Katie as Whisper dug through the bag to get Jibanyan something to heal him up.


Kyubi had managed to convince the Koma Brothers to meet him at the construction site when it got dark and went back to wondering about if his plan would work.

"Kyubi, I swear to Lord Enma, if those kids get hurt..."

"Calm down, I'm not going to let them get hurt."

Geez, this is the second Yo-kai that's threatened me.

"You better not...those are my students you're sending in there."


After dealing with a few things in Blossom Heights, Whisper had found a box near Everymart with a spirit symbol. Out of curiousity, he placed one of the bronze dolls they had collected and placed it in the box. The bronze doll disappeared and was replaced with ten dollars.

"Okay, I guess the new selling system is finally in. Do you guys have anything you want to sell?"

After looking through the bag and discussing what could and couldn't be sold, they sold the other bronze dolls they had collected, the books they had collected, and a few battle items they had no use for, the amount of money making up for all the food they had bought earlier.

"Woah...where was this box earlier?"

"I honestly have no clue. I guess it was still being set up."

"Okay, we'll head to Mount Wildwood to take care of the Mad Mountain at the Abandoned Tunnel and be one more step closer to a new upgrade."


A quick bike ride later, they were at the steps leading to the shrine. They hopped off their bikes and were about to walk them up the steps when Whisper held his hand out.

"Let me try something."

"Are you going to teleport us up there?"

"If I could teleport all of us, we wouldn't have had to worry about being caught by Gargaros that one night."

Whisper opened the bag, picked up one of the bikes, and let it drop into the bag. Even though they all knew that the bag was bottomless, they were half-expecting to hear it hit something.

"Geez, is there an entire universe in there or something?"

"I would say it's more like a very organized void."

Whisper took the other bike and repeated the same process. As the group started walking up the steps, Whisper pulled out his Yo-kai Pad and started looking something up.

"Whisper, we know where the Abandoned Tunnel is. You don't have to look it up."

"That's not what I'm looking up. I want to see if there's an easier way of storing your bikes. It would be a pain to keep taking them in and out of the bag, but we don't know when and where we might need them."

"Fair enough, Whisper."

They had gotten to the small shrine when Whisper found something.

"Okay, I found a charm that can help."

Whisper showed them a picture of a white and rectangular charm with a clasp and went back to examing the charm.

"While it's mainly used for making moving heavy furniture easier, we can easily use it for carrying your bikes around. All you would have to do is keep it on your person and you can summon your bike whenever you want."

Whisper scrolled down a little and his eyes widened.

"Price too high?"

"No, it's decently priced. It's just if I order it, it won't come until tomorrow morning. I was planning on having you guys ride your bikes to the construction site so that we could save some travel time, but that plan's not going to work."

"Isn't there an instant delivery option?"

"I'm looking, but I don't see one."

Whisper opened a few more tabs and looked around.

"I can't find it anywhere else! We're going to have to-"

A small package fell out of a tree near them and after opening the box and examining the contents, Whisper realized that these were the charms they needed. There was also a note that read,

It has come to my attention that you might be in need of some assisstance. I just happened to have some extra charms that I am willing to give to you. I trust that you will use them responsibily.

- A Friend

While the group was rightfully confused, they were also thankful for the charms.


Hiding in the leaves of the tree above the group was Mr. Barton in his true form. (Imagine Kyubi wearing glasses and a white overcoat.)

I might as well help you since Kyubi won't let me help him with his problem and is very persistant about having you two help him.


Nate and Katie had taken one charm each and pocketed the charms, planning to use them later as they walked to the Abandoned Tunnel.

"How do these work?"

"You just tap the charm against the object of your choosing and keep the charm on your person. When you need the object, you just have to squeeze the charm and the object will appear and disappear at will."

"Is that it? But what if people notice when we make a bike appear and disappear out of nowhere?"

"Well, you can always say that you're praticing your magic. At least that claim you made to that idol will seem less crazy."

Whisper chuckled at Nate and Katie's faces and he continued,

"Relax, you two. I'm just joking. No one will notice."

"This might be just because I'm still new to being a Yo-kai, but how can anyone not remember a child making their bike appear and disappear?"

"Everyone else's memories will just be slightly altered to remember whether Nate and Katie had their bikes on hand or not. It's like with the Yo-kai Watches. Haven't you two noticed that no one close to you has ever questioned where and when you suddenly got these strange watches?"

Both Nate and Katie realized that Whisper was right. Their parents and closest human friends had never once asked them where they got their Yo-kai Watches from since the day they got them. The Yo-kai Watches were pretty strange in design, even if they didn't allow you to find and summon Yo-kai, so you would think that someone close to them would've gotten curious and asked by now.

"As far as your friends and family know, you two have always owned these strange watches. Everyone else either already knows about the world of Yo-kai in one way or another or they're just not interested in finding out more about your weird watches."

The group was becoming more curious about how Whisper knew about all of this. Sure, he might've just looked it up at some point as he did admit that he had to catch up on a lot of things he missed, but for some reason, it felt like there was more to him than they originally thought. However, before they could ask him about whether or not he had just looked the information up, they had found themselves in front of the Abandoned Tunnel.

"Okay, no one else is around. Let's use the charms on the bikes now."

Whisper started to dig the bikes out and Nate had to get the question off his chest.

"Whisper, be honest. Did you just look all that up?"

"For some of the information, yes. A few things have changed since my imprisionment."

Whisper didn't specify what he had to look up, but the group was at least satisified with his answer. Whisper finally got both bikes out and said happily,

"Okay, take your charms and tap them on your bikes."

Nate and Katie took the charms out of their pockets and tapped their charms against their bikes. The bikes glowed bright blue and disappeared into the charms. Both charms now had a light blue outline and a picture of their bikes, Nate's charm having his Breeze Bicycle and Katie's charm having her Sakura Bicycle.

Wow, this makes things a lot easier!

They squeezed the charms and saw their bikes in front of them in perfect condition and squeezed the charms again to make them disappear. They pocket the charms as Whisper and Jibanyan went forward.

"Okay, now that we've tested the charms and seen that they work, we can start looking for Mad Mountain."

They walked further inside the Abandoned Tunnel and found Whisper and Jibanyan looking over an old minecart.

"If it wasn't broken, we could ride it to the other side and solve some ancient puzzles left by the past generation!"

"Wow, Whisper. I was under the impression that you were a play-it-safe kind of guy."

"I am, but as long as I can find a way to keep Nate and Katie from getting too badly hurt, I don't mind them having some excitement."

The group walked to the right and found another minecart and after checking to make sure it was operational, they hopped in it and they traveled on the track it was on, seeing where it lead.


After a couple of false turns on the tracks, picking up a few items, their biggest find being a dark blue Crank-a-kai coin, they started walking to an area where they believed that Mad Mountain was hiding. Just as they were walking by an A rank Watch Lock door, a Leadoni showed up from out of nowhere and yelled,

"You're here to uncover our secret, aren't you?! No one can know! Get out of here!"

It was admittedly a quick fight, since Jibanyan just took him out in two hits, mostly out of annoyance that he was keeping them from exploring the rest of the Abandoned Tunnel and finding Mad Mountain. When Leadoni was defeated, he disappeared and left behind a Leadoni Wheel, or at least, that's what Whisper was able to find out about it despite the terrible reception in the tunnel. They threw it into the bag and continued on. They were relieved to finally see Mad Mountain and got ready to battle with him.


After the battle, Whisper was doing flips.

"That was the second to last Yo-kai we needed! We can go to Timer's and More and get the B rank!"

The group made their way out of the Abandoned Tunnel, befriedning a Leadoni and Babblong along the way, only to find that it was early evening.

"Whoa, we spent a lot of time in there. We better head back before our parents start to worry, or worse."

Since for this group, 'worse' meant running into Gargaros, they started to make their way home, only stopping to catch a Rhino Beetle for the one request at Jungle Hunter. When they got to the bottom of Mount Wildwood, Nate handed Katie the Whapir medal.

"Use this to sneak out like we did for the Hot Springs. We'll meet in front of my house when our parents are asleep, so maybe around ten. I'll send Whisper to you when I'm outside."

"Best of luck, Nate."

"Best of luck, Katie."

They summoned their bikes and made their way back home. Thankfully, their parents weren't too worried about them arriving home close to evening since they expected that to happen with having a new bike and all. The kids had their dinner, Nate sneaking food to Whisper and Jibanyan when his parents weren't looking, and stayed in their rooms, Nate writing about what had happened that day and Katie drawing the Yo-kai they met and befriended. However, as they rested to have the energy they needed and to keep their parents from worrying, they were both excited and worried about what this late night adventure would bring.

Chapter Text

"Nyaattee...wake up!"

Nate rose out of bed after Jibanyan yelled at him and after checking to make sure that his parents had fallen asleep, Nate summoned Baku to take his place in bed. After he got dressed and got out the door without waking up his parents, he sent Whisper over to get Katie.


When Katie saw Whisper floating in her room, she had Whapir to take her place in bed, got dressed, and sneaked out with Whisper. She grabbed her bike and rode over to Nate's house. She waved at Nate as he was getting his own bike.

Let's get this over with!

After getting Jibanyan into Katie's bicycle basket, they turned on the little light on their bikes and took off towards the shortcut that would take them towards Downtown Springdale. Jibanyan was grumbling about wanting to ride on Whisper's back, but since he wasn't walking, he couldn't complain too much.

"I really, really hope Terror Time doesn't activate right nyow."

They stopped at the crosswalk in front of Piggleston Bank, pressed the button for crossing the street, and looked around. After not seeing any strange fog and the crosswalk light turned green, they continued to ride over to the construction site.


They skidded to a stop in front of the wall in front of the construction site and after making their bikes disappear into the charms, Whisper floated up to see if there was anyone that would keep them from stepping inside the site or worse, call the police. The last thing the group wanted was to have to explain to a bunch of adults that couldn't see Yo-kai that they were meeting a fox Yo-kai to find out why he was messing with people on Flower Road.

"There's one guy here, but I think he fell asleep. We can probably sneak past him if we're quiet enough."

"Kyubi better have a good explanation for this when we find him."

The group didn't head into the area to the construction site just yet, staring at the large building in front of them. At this point, it was almost close to completion. On one hand, that meant the building had walls to block out the elements and no one would see them climbing on the structure. On the other hand, there would probably be some unfinished floors, blocked stairways, and many dangerous ways to get around. The group had to whisper to avoid accidently waking up the guard or drawing unwanted attention.

"I don't know, guys. Is it really worth it?"

"Tengloom's here, remember?"

Nate sighed softly.

That's right. We really need that upgrade.

"Okay, let's head in and hope that Kyubi isn't tricking us into getting in trouble."

The group quietly walked in, thankful that they didn't have to worry about leaving their bikes in the area, further getting them into trouble if they were to be discovered.

"Hold on!"

Whisper stuck an arm out and the group stopped as Whisper looked around.

"I thought I sensed something."

"Whisper, not to sound rude, but are you sure it's not your imagination? It's pretty late and there's a chance that Terror Time might hit us or that we might get caught by someone."

"Nate, when I say I sensed something, I sensed something."

"Whisper's right. I can sense it too."

The group looked at Katie, who seemed to be concentrating on something.

"There's two figures, about Jibanyan's height. They're hiding in the construction site for some reason."

Whisper was amazed.

"Wow...I Katie, I had no clue that you could sense Yo-kai auras. Why didn't you say something? Did you just develop this power or something?"

Katie shook her head.

"No, I've always been able to detect strange auras. When I was younger, I would call them 'feelings' because I didn't know the proper term until recently."

Before the others could ask her about her aura-sensing powers more, she walked into the construction site.

"Yep, there's a lot of Yo-kai in here, but I think the Yo-kai Whisper sensed was"

The rest of the group went into the construction site as well and went over to where Katie was. She was near a pile of random construction materials where they heard two voices speaking to each other about...something. The voices were too quiet to understand, other than that the speakers might be from the countryside.

"Excuse us?"

The two voices shrieked and the group saw two pairs of glowing eyes, one pair of blue eyes and a pair of green eyes, from the pile of construction materials.

"K-kyubi! We were just-"

"Waitwaitwait. You two are looking for Kyubi too?"

The two pairs of eyes seemed to blink in confusion before they widened in shock.

"Oh my swirls! We're so sorry! We thought you were Kyubi, zura!"

One of the Yo-kai walked out, revealing himself to be what Nate could only describe as a white lion-dog with green eyes, two red swirls on his cheeks, and a pair of blue, firey eyebrows carrying a green pouch on his back. The other Yo-kai that came out was identical to the first Yo-kai, but he was light brown, had blue eyes, darker brown firey eyebrows, which were the same color as the swirls on his cheeks, and he was carrying a blue pouch on his back.


Katie's eyes were sparkling as she squeed about how cute they were. Jibanyan and Nate were confused at Katie's behavior while Whisper looked up something.

"Ah! These are the Komainu Brothers or the Koma Brothers for short."

Whisper gestured to the white komainu.

"This is Komasan, the eldest of the two. The brown komainu is Komajiro, the youngest. I have to admit, I didn't expect to see any komainus here in the city. They usually hang around in the mountains, countryside, basically anywhere where a shrine can be located."

Komasan shuffled his feet slightly.

"Komajiro and I had to leave our shrine in the country due to something happening in the Yo-kai Realm that could effect us. We came to this city looking for someone that could help us find a place to live until things can get sorted out. We ran into Kyubi earlier today, but he told us to meet him here. I really don't understand why, but who are we to argue with a powerful Yo-kai like him?"

The group was now concerned. There had to be a reason for Kyubi to send the two komainus here to the construction site on the same night he told them to meet him.

"Who are y'all? Are y'all trying to find a place to live too?"

The group shook their heads.

"Oh no. We already have a place to live. I'm Katie Forester and this is Nate Adams, Jibanyan, and Whisper. We have to meet Kyubi too, for a different reason, and maybe if we all go look for him together, we can figure out why he wanted us to meet him here."

Two bright lights shined from the komainus as a pair of Yo-kai medals flew into Katie's hands.

"Thanks, y'all!"

The komainus each hugged one of the kid's legs and as Katie pocketed the two Yo-kai medals, she looked around and saw an Eyepo.

"Umm...Whisper? Why is there an Eyepo over there?"

Whisper turned to where Katie was pointing with a confused expression on his face.

"Huh...I don't remember that being there. Do you want to...use it or something?"

Katie nodded and went up the the Eyepo. She touched it and after looking over the Yo-kai medals they had on hand, she switched out Negatibuzz and Buhu and replaced them with the Komainu Brother's medals and also decided to bring Dimmy back into the group, replacing Walkappa.

"Okay, there's some escalators over there we can use to climb to the next floor."

The group of six headed towards the escalators, noticing that there was a purple Watch Lock door with a large S.

"Okay, we might be coming back later. Not in the near future, but later."

They kept walking until they found an escalator that wasn't blocked off. They walked up the escalator, thankful that it was stable. Komasan was shaking as the group got off. Nate looked at the shaking komainu.

"What's wrong?"

Komasan looks at the group, which has gone further ahead and asked Nate,

"Can I tell you something, Nate?"

Nate nodded and knelt down to Komasan's height. Komasan shuffled his feet and said,

"I'm trying to be brave for Komajiro's sake, but I can't handle this, zura. I'm homesick, I can't understand city life, and I was too much of a scaredy-cat to talk Kyubi out of arranging to meet us here at the construction site."

Nate petted Komasan's head.

"We're all nervous about meeting up with Kyubi here. We don't know why he wanted to meet us here, but we're going to go find out!"

Komasan was confused by Nate as the two of them went to catch up with the rest of the group.

How can he be so calm when we're facing danger? We're about to meet Kyubi, one of the most powerful Yo-kai in existance, and he's treating it like we're taking a stroll through the countryside, even though he admitted that they're all nervous about meeting him. How does he do it? How do they do it?

The group looked around the area as they were carefully walking around.


"Yes, Jibanyan?"

"If we ever find Kyubi, remind me to kill him."

"You know that Kyubi is a S rank and you're a D rank, right?"

"I'll smack him, then."

"Can I talk you out of doing that, Jibby?"

Jibanyan had a slight blush on his face when he heard Whisper call him that and didn't answer right away.


Jibanyan shook his head to clear his mind and said,


The group looked around and saw that any escalators that could easily take them to the top floor was either blocked off by a gate that wasn't a Watch Lock door or they couldn't get to them safely.

"I remember seeing an escalator downstairs that might be able to get us to that side safely, but I don't remember if there was a clear way over there."

Whisper looked over to see a rope and a metal girder that was the only thing connecting the area they were in to the area the rope was located.

"Good news and bad news, everyone. The good news is I found a way to get down that might get us to the escalator we need to take."

"That's great, Whisper! What's the bad news?"

Whisper pointed to the rope.

"It's over there."

The group walked over and looked at the metal girder.

"We'll have to go one at a time. Whisper, would you mind holding my hand?"

Katie got on the girder and after seeing it not wobble, Whisper took her hand and started to walk with her across the girder until she got there safely.

"Made it! Go get the others!"

Whisper helped Nate walk across the girder and started to help the Komainu brothers across, starting with Komasan, then Komajiro. When he came to get Jibanyan, he held a paw up and shuffled his feet in embarrassment.

"Can I...ride over on your back?"

Whisper blushed, thankful that the others couldn't see his face at the moment, and said,


Jibanyan climbed onto Whisper's back and held on as Whisper floated over to the rest of the group as they were climbing down the rope. Whisper just floated down with Jibanyan on his back and let Jibanyan hop off as the Koma Brothers hopped off the kid's backs.

"I'll go ahead and see what we have to deal with."

Whisper floated out of the room and found not only the correct escalator, but also the Tengloom they had to fight for the upgrade. He floated over and practically dragged the group over to battle Tengloom.


One battle later...

Tengloom disappeared into a puff of purple smoke and Whisper was celebrating.

"Yes! We're a step closer to having the best watch in the world!"

Whisper was doing some sort of silly dance as Katie took his arm and dragged him along with the rest of the group.

"Sorry for not putting you two in battle, but we want to save you in case there's a big battle with Kyubi."

The Koma Brothers nodded in understand, Komasan being secretly relived that he didn't have to battle yet, but was nervous about a possible battle against Kyubi. Sure, his Soultimate was pretty powerful, but would it have worked against Kyubi? Probably not, seeing as they were both Fire Attributes. As they walked up the escalator, Komasan felt the nervousness bubbling in his chest. At this point, it felt normal to him, but back home, he wasn't always this nervous.


Admittedly, he wasn't the strongest komainu. That title belonged to his older brothers, Komane and Komiger, and his ancestor, Komashura. Komasan, Komajiro, and their mother, Komama, were more like pacifists, in that they didn't fight unless it was absolutely necessary.

The two brothers spent their days lazily laying in the grass at their shrine, playing in the small river nearby, and transforming into humans to go to the nearby town to get ice cream and mingle with the humans in the small village. Life was perfect for the Komainu Brothers until one day, they got a letter saying that their shrine had been targeted by a group of Yo-kai that hated humans and any Yo-kai that supported being friends with humans. Komane and Komiger had already gotten the news and had helped Komama move to their vacation house in the Yo-kai Realm, but before Komasan and Komajiro could join the rest of their family, the portal to their vacation house closed suddenly and they were forced to find a new shrine quickly.

They hopped on the next train out of their small village and got off at what they hoped was far away enough from the war that separated them from their family. The two brothers had been wandering around Springdale for days, trying to find somewhere to live that hadn't been taken or targeted by the human-hating Yo-kai when they met someone that promised to have Kyubi, who was the guardian of Flower Road, help the two find a place to live. The brothers were estatic that they would soon have a place to live in, but when they actually met Kyubi face-to-face, he told them to meet him at the construction site that night if they wanted a place to stay and disappeared without explaining why.

They were very terrified as they entered the construction site and they both hid the moment one of the Yo-kai that lived in the consruction site tried to attack them. Komasan had promised himself that he would be brave for Komajiro, but it was proving to be very difficult.


Komasan snapped back to reality as he found himself at the top of the escalator with the rest of the group. Whisper had went over to check on him while the group tried to figure out which way to go.

"Komasan, is everything alright?"

Komasan shook his head.

"No...I was forced away from my home, I have to find a way to contact the rest of my family, and I don't even know what I'm doing."

Whisper placed a hand on Komasan's shoulder.

"Kyubi probably thinks that we're all scaredy cats, but we're going to prove him wrong. We're going to show him why he shouldn't underestimate us and get what we need from him once and for all!"

The two Yo-kai went back to the group and as the group walked down the hallway, Komasan stopped and looked around.

"Hey...are any of y'all...getting the feeling that someone is watching us?"

No one noticed the giant humaniod Yo-kai staring at the group through an open window and faded away before they turned back to the window.

"There's a lot of Yo-kai here, so it would feel natural that you believed someone was watching you, Komasan. Let's keep going, everyone!"


The group eventually found another set of ropes and went up the rope that would take them to the top floor. They saw a lot of Yo-kai in the building of course and had battled with them, but only managed to befriend a Blazion. As they walked, Katie told the Komainu Brothers about what the group had done before. To Komasan, it all made sense now that he heard it.

They've gone through more danger than someone in a fireworks display! No wonder they're so calm about meeting Kyubi!

They were getting close to the area where they suspected Kyubi would be, so they stopped and healed up.

"Okay, everyone! Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all!"

The group saw the nine-tailed fox just floating on the balcony-like area that was strangely big enough for the whole group and their Yo-kai companions.

Okay, this is getting weirder. Kyubi told Nate and Katie to meet him here, we meet the Komainu Brothers, who were also told to meet Kyubi here, and he's floating above an area that's just big enough to us to battle on. Just what is he planning?

Whisper had to shake the thought out of his head as the group went to confront Kyubi.

"Took you all long enough. I thought I was going to have to get you myself."

Whisper started shaking as he was in front of Kyubi. Kyubi was still powerful enough to smack him into the next country with one of his tails if he wasn't too careful. Even Jibanyan seemed to be regreting ever thinking about smacking Kyubi as payback for being so dodgy about giving them information.

"Kyubi! Why are we here?! Couldn't you have told us why you cursed Flower Road without forcing us to come here so late at night?! And why are Komasan and Komajiro here too?! What are you playing at?!"

Whisper was about to put himself in front of Nate in case Kyubi attacked, but the kitsune rolled his eyes.

"None of you really know the truth about all of this, do you? Especially since I just lead you to the true culprit!"

The building started to shake as Whisper quickly grabbed Nate and Katie to keep them from falling while Jibanyan and the Komainu Brothers grabbed their legs to balance themselves.

"You want to protect Springdale, don't you? Well, go for it!"

Kyubi flew away from the group, being more dodgy about the whole thing.


The group ran out to the 'balcony' and Kyubi chuckled childishly as he flew farther away.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

The building started to shake again as Kyubi bowed.

"I bid you farewell, little ones."

A giant hand came up from behind Kyubi and he disappeared before it could make contact with him. The hand then smacked down on the area where the group was, barely just missing them.


The group soon came face-to-face with a giant humaniod Yo-kai and prepared to battle.


Whisper was looking up the creature that they were about to fight.

"Massiface, weak points are eyes and forehead. It is best to blind this Yo-kai so that he'll miss more often."

Massiface slammed his hand onto the ground, making a bunch of stuff fall on the attacking party.




Thankfully, there wasn't a lot of damage done to the attacking party and Tattletell healed Cadin as Jibanyan used his tail flames to get a hit on Massiface.

"I got one of his eyes!"

Cadin used Cicada Cut and he hit all of Massiface's weak points and Tattletell threw a nearby rock at the eye Jibanyan had managed to hit earlier, forcing Massiface to close his eye in order to get it to heal. The attacking party would've celebrated, but they had to get his other eye closed or they would get hurt by whatever attack Massiface planned next. Tattletell and Jibanyan focused their attacks on the other eye while Cadin attacked Massiface's forehead.

"Do you think they'll make it, Nate?"

Nate took Katie's hand and squeezed it to comfort her.

"They will, Katie. We've gotten this far with them, didn't we?"

She nodded and sighed.

"You're right, Nate."

Massiface tried to flick Cadin, but since Cadin was on the side where his eye was closed, Cadin was able to jump out of the way before he could be hit and attacked the other eye. However, just as he managed to land a hit on it, Massiface opened his closed eye and flicked Tattletell, inspirting her.


"We have to switch out and purify Tattletell!"

Before the kids could switch out the front party, Massiface unleashed his Soultimate, Massive Swat, and managed to get the attacking party down to low health.

"Switch them out! Switch them out!"

Nate switched out the front party and placed Dimmy and the Komainu Brothers in front and Katie started working on healing and purifying the others as the same thought started to form in everyone's mind.

I hope Komasan and Komajiro are up to this.

Komasan felt panic rising in his chest. He and his brother had to help hold off this giantic Yo-kai until the others had been helped, but the only time they had ever fought like this was during their practice battles with their older brothers.

It's one thing to be fighting with my brothers because we can stop at anytime to take a break, but we can't do that with this Yo-kai. We have to defeat him or get him weak enough for the others to deal the final blow.

Komajiro sent a lightning attack towards the eye that had been injured by the party currently in the back and Dimmy smacked Massiface's forehead, only to be flicked away and taking damage.

I have to this...for Komajiro, my family, for my new friends, and to prove to Kyubi that I'm not the scaredy cat that he thinks I am!

A spark ignited in Komasan as he sent a flame towards Massiface's recently opened eye and made it close again.

"Komajiro! Let's prove that we're worthy of being guardians someday!"

Both komainus closed their eyes and a strong aura started to surround them as they prepared their Soultimates.

We've only done a double attack once, but if we can pull it off, we can defeat Massiface once and for all!

Both komainus snapped their eyes open.

"Spirit Dance!"

"Wild Zaps!"

A barrage of flames and lightning came from both komainus as both attacks hit Massiface and made him faint.


The group watched as Massiface disappeared into purple smoke and the aura surrounding the Komainu Brothers faded away. Both brothers fell to their knees and started to pant from using so much energy.

"Oh my swirls, that took a lot out of us."

"Do any of y'all have any milk?"

Katie digged out two bottles of milk and handed them to the komainus, who quickly downed the drinks in two seconds. Nate then broke the awkward silence.

"What was that just now?! Are you guys normally this powerful?!"

Komasan shook his head.

"Nope, that was the Guardian Spirit that inhabits us komainus. It's only to be used in extreme circumstances, but I considered this to be extreme enough. The reason Komajiro and I activated it at the same time is due to our bond as brothers."

The group nodded as they went back into the building, just wanting to go home and not bother with Kyubi anymore.

"Huh...I didn't think you were that powerful."

The group stopped and turned around and saw two Kyubis. The one wearing a white lab coat and wearing glasses was giving the other Kyubi a death glare for some reason and the Kyubi on the receiving end of the death glare was becoming very sheepish as he said,

"What? I said I wouldn't let them get hurt too badly."

"Why didn't you deal with this youself?"

"For the sake of Lord Enma, my reputation was being ruined by this jerk and I'm too busy with other stuff to deal with him! You know that!"

The glassing wearing Kyubi gestured to the group as a whole.

"I meant, why did you bring them into this?"

"The other komainus were either helping their families or dealing with something else and these kids have been building up a reputation, so I figured, why not test their ability against Massiface and I'll add the komainus to the mix to see what happens."

Kyubi turned to the group and said,

"It might be a surprise to you, but I like living in the Human Realm and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, but I will warn you. There are bigger things ahead for you, so be on your guard."

Kyubi bowed and disappeared. The glassing wearing Kyubi just sighed and turned to the group.

"Sorry about him. He means well, but he has a very odd way of showing it."

Nate tried to remember where he heard that voice before, then it hit him.

"Mr. Barton? Is that you?"

The glassing wearing Kyubi turned into their science teacher, proving Nate was right.

"Mr. Barton, if you're a Yo-kai, why are you teaching elementary school students?"

Mr. Barton had a smile on his face as he said,

"I made a promise to a friend that I would help human children grow into wonderful people, so I took up teaching at the first school I found that had an opening for a new teacher, Springdale Elementary. Sure, teaching science wasn't exactly what I had in mind at the time, but I managed and besides, it's not like elementary schoolers need to know the more complicated sciences right now. That's what junior high and high school is for."

"Umm...Mr. Barton? Is there any chance you can help us get out of here? It took us forever to find a way up here and I'm pretty sure that it'll take forever to get back down, not to mention that the guy sleeping outside might have woken up by now and we can't really afford to get in trouble with our parents."

Mr. Barton turned back into his true form and said,

"Well, considering that Kyubi didn't think this far ahead, I might as well."

Nate and Katire each took one of the Komainu Brothers and Jibanyan had hopped onto Whisper's back, claiming that it was so there wasn't any added weight to either child, but they all had their suspicions about Jibanyan's actual reason for riding on Whisper's back. Mr. Barton wrapped an arm around both Nate and Katie and lifted them up with no difficulty as he flew over Downtown Springdale with Whisper and Jibanyan following him. The group was amazed by how small the town looked from where they were and Mr. Barton dropped them off on the roof of the elementary school.

"There we go. Hopefully, no one should notice us up here. I'll walk you through the school so that the Yo-kai living here won't attack you."

"Couldn't you have dropped them off closer to their houses?"

"Yeah, but then someone would freak out about a Yo-kai potentially kidnapping a pair of kids."

"Point taken."

Mr. Barton took out a set of keys and unlocked the door to the roof and lead the group through the school before taking them out the side door.

"Get home safely now, okay?"

He pocketed the keys and petted Nate and Katie's heads.

"Oh! Just so you know, if you need any help with anything, you can find me here all summer or somewhere in the area if I'm not here."

The group waved goodbye to Mr. Barton as they all walked back home, quickly hiding from anyone that might recognize them and tell their parents.

"Hey, Whisper? Why didn't Terror Time activate this time?"

Whisper shrugged, just as confused as Nate.

"Happens randomly, I guess. I could've sworn it was an every night thing, but maybe things have changed since my imprisionment."

"Oh, right! About that, are you on catching up with everything you missed out on?"

"I can't tell you exactly how much I have learned or need to learn, but it's more than what I knew before."

Nate accepted that and realized something.

"Oh, right! We need to find a place for the Koma Brothers to stay!"

"They can stay with me. I have room and I wouldn't mind having them hang out with me."

"Really, Katie? You'd let us stay?"

Katie nodded.

"Of course! We're friends, after all!"

As they parted ways, sneaked back inside, filled out what they had learned and done that night into their books, and went to sleep.

Chapter Text

The next day...

"And in other news, plans to tear down Flower Road was been permanently halted."

Nate had been eating a Custard Bread for breakfast when the news caught his attention. He swallowed the last bite, walked over to the living room, and stood next to his mother, who was watching the news.

"Some people claim that the Guardian of Flower Road had something to do with the construction plans being halted, but a majority believe that the nostalgia and memories of Flower Road's past is the key factor of all of this."

Nate's mother sighed with relief.

"Well, it's good to know that Flower Road will still be here. Your father and I had our first date at Flower Road."

Nate's mother had a whimiscal expression on her face as she remembered that day.

"Mom? I'm going out now."

"Okay, Nate. Have fun and be careful."

"I will!"


The sun was shining as Nate and Katie were both outside with their Yo-kai companions, discussing what their plans for the day were.

"We'll go get the Watch upgrade, but I don't want to get the requirements for the next upgrade quite yet."

Whisper nodded.

"Fair enough, Nate. We can take a break from fighting Yo-kai for upgrades for a bit and work on befriending Yo-kai and helping people."

As the group started to walk to Timer's and More, Nate brought up the news.

"Did you hear that Flower Road is safe from being demolished?"

"I did. I wonder if Kyubi did something about it?"

Nate shrugged.

"They say it might be because Flower Road holds too many memories for the people to ever let it go, but maybe Kyubi did something to invoke those feelings and memories?"


They walked in Timer's and More to see Lucas at the counter.

"Okay, Lucas. Your extra glasses should be here in a couple days."

"T-thank you, Mr. Goodsight."

Lucas bowed and almost bumped into Nate and Katie.

"O-oh, hey guys...sorry for almost bumping into you."

Lucas made his way out the door and the group walked up to the counter.

"He's a sweet kid, Lucas. How can I help you two today?"

"We'd like to upgrade to B rank, please."

Mr. Goodsight took their Yo-kai Watches and started working on them.


A few minutes later...


The kids collected their Yo-kai Watches and after thanking Mr. Goodsight, they left the shop.

As they were walking, Katie said,

"After we check out Eddie's new video game and assuming that we don't do something else with him, we should see about spending the night at one of our houses and watching a movie. After what we've been doing for the past couple days, I say we deserve it."

"So...what movie do you want to watch tonight?"

Katie smiled.

"Spirited Away."


After discussing their movie plans for later that night, the group made it to Breezy Hills.

"You didn't tell me that Eddie lived in the fancy side of Springdale!"

"Jibanyan? How do you know that?"

"I vaguely remember that Amy and I lived in Uptown Springdale before my untimely death and I also vaguely remember that she said that she wanted to live in Breezy Hills with the other wealthy people when she made it big."

Whisper whistled.

"I've known and seen a couple of wealthy people in my day before my imprisonment, although they usually had some sort of political power or something. Is it still like that here?"

"Err...kinda. I really don't want to go into detail, mostly because I wouldn't know what I was talking about."

Everyone kept going, but if anyone had been paying attention, they would've noticed a look of fear on Whisper's face for a split second before he shook his head and followed the group.


"Seriously? There's a Watch Lock door here?"

Nate gave an annoyed gesture at the red Watch Lock door with a large B blocking them from going into Eddie's house.

"At least we have the proper rank for it. Can you imagine how much of a hassle it would've been if we didn't have all the right Yo-kai for the upgrade? Also, if you take the fact that the Yo-kai were randomly scattered in different areas into account, it would've taken us all day to get the upgrade and if we hadn't gone to Timer's and More first, we would've had to go all the way over there, get the upgrade, and come back here."

Katie patted Whisper's arm and said,

"Whisper, calm down. We have bikes, so it wouldn't have taken too long to ride over to Blossom Heights and back here."

"You're right, Katie. It's just that so much has happened over the past couple days that we all need to discuss at some point and...Nate, what are you doing?"

During Whisper's rant, Nate had attempted to see if it was possible to go through a Watch Lock door without using the Yo-kai Watch if you were wearing one, but it was proving to be difficult as he fell to the ground after walking into it.

"Huh, I guess wearing a Yo-kai Watch does takes away your ability to walk through the Watch Lock doors without using them."

Nate got up and shined the light on the Watch Lock door, making it disappear.

"Well, let's head inside."


"Hello, Mrs. Archer. Is Eddie home?"

"Edward's upstairs in his room. He told me that you two were coming over today. I'll bring some snacks up to you later."

Nate and Katie bowed, thanking Mrs. Archer as they went upstairs.


"Hey, Eddie! We're here!"

Eddie had been setting up the game system when he heard Nate and Katie.

"Hey, guys. Take a controller and I'll start the game."

Nate and Katie each took a controller and waited for Eddie to get the game ready. They looked over at the four Yo-kai accompanying them, who were content with watching them play the game.

"Hey, Eddie? What game are we playing?"

Eddie looked at the box the game came in.

"The name's kinda hard to say properly, but it's about a group of kids that have to get through their normal lives while dealing with some supernatural stuff that that only they can deal with for some reason. I bought it for the puzzles, really."

Wow...sounds like me and Katie's life right now...except for the puzzles.

"I wanted to have the four of us play together, but Bear couldn't make it today. I figured we could play the minigames for a bit today and we can actaully play the story mode of the game when the four of us are together in the future."

Nate and Katie shrugged as they played the minigames with Eddie for half an hour.


"I'm pretty sure we beat all the currently unlocked minigames."

Eddie placed his controller down and pulled out some museum passes.

"Oh, right! Do you guys want to come to the museum with me? My dad gave me these passes and they're good until the end of the summer."

Nate and Katie agreed and took the passes.

At least we'll have something else to do this summer and maybe there'll be some Yo-kai at the museum.


The group of three human kids and four Yo-kai were now at the museum. As far as Nate and Katie could tell, there were no other Yo-kai in the museum, but they checked out the exhibits, learning that there was going to be a new addition to the museum in the near future for Springdale's past.

"That would be interesting to see. I guess the Flower Road thing really sparked interest in Springdale's history."

Nate and Katie nodded, although they both knew what the other was thinking.

It would be nice if we could learn of the Yo-kai that were in Springdale's past as well. We could always ask Whisper later. He has the means to look it up anyway.


After going through the museum, Eddie seemed to be disappointed.

"I heard an interesting piece of information regarding an exihibit, but there doesn't seem to be anything that can help me."

Before Nate or Katie could ask Eddie what he was talking about, they overheard two workers talking about a supposedly haunted suit of armor in the storage room. They saw something spark in Eddie's eyes as he pulled them outside.

"That's what I was looking for! After finishing my summer project, I read an article about these people that studied the paranormal and..."

As Eddie was explaining about how he wanted to see if the supernatural was real or not, Nate and Katie wondered about how Eddie would react if they told him that they had a watch that could show the wearer of the watch the supernatural world.

"So I was wondering if you two would be interesting in helping me?"

Nate and Katie snapped out of their shared thoughts and looked at Eddie with a confused look.


"I want you to meet me here tonight and help me get a look at the suit of armor in the storage room."

"You want to come later tonight when they're setting it up?"

Eddie looked to the ground and mumbled,

"Actually...I was thinking more along the lines of sneaking in when the museum was closed."

Nate and Katie didn't know what to say. Of course, they weren't really one to talk. They did sneak into a construction site last night, after all.

"Why go through the trouble? Why not just ask if you can examine it?"

"They're not going to let a kid examine a supposedly haunted suit of armor by themselves. Besides, I heard that the curator lost the key to the storage room earlier. If we find the key, we can examine it ourselves!"

"Wait, why are you asking us to help you?"

"You're my closest friends, although if Bear wasn't busy today, I'd ask him to come with us tonight. Besides, doesn't the idea of seeing if the supernatural is real excite you?"

Nate and Katie gave each other a look.

Eddie, with all due respect, we've been dealing with the supernatural for days now. Forget a standard school report, we could write a book about how much we've dealt with.

As they were intetnally debating whether or not to tell Eddie, they did realize that they had to give him an answer at some point.

Well, we might as well make sure you don't get in trouble. Besides, what if it's actually a Yo-kai making the armor move?

"Yeah, we'll come with you, Eddie. The haunted suit of armor sounds interesting."

Eddie did a happy little spin and said,

"We'll meet back here in the early evening. The museum will be closed and we won't have to worry about sneaking out late at night!"

Eddie walked away, leaving the group to themselves.

"That was an interesting date, wasn't it?"

Nate blushed and made sure no one was paying attention before snapping at Whisper in a hushed voice,

"It wasn't a date! If it was a date, it would've just been me and Katie...and maybe the four of you..."

"Either way, you just agreed to do something with Eddie that might involve Yo-kai."

Nate sighed.

"Look, it's mid-afternoon now. Let's just eat lunch and help where we can before evening."


The group was eating lunch at Rolling Waves Park and they fished for a while before going back up to Uptown Springdale to turn in all of the fish they had captured. Nate wasn't sure if he should be surprised or not that the fish they had caught a while ago were still fresh, but he just traded them in for money, making up for lunch and having enough for the upcoming festival.


"Let me get this say that you saw Zoey following you around all day today?"

The group was at the community center to see what they could do when they saw Lina, one of their classmates. They had barely spoke to her before, but they knew her enough to know that she had an interest in the supernatural.

"Yes. I'm just curious about why she's following me today. I tried to ask her myself, but she ignored me."

"Okay, we'll see what we can do, Lina."

Nate and Katie did find it odd that Zoey would just suddenly follow Lina around like that. Zoey normally kept to herself during school, so this felt a little strange. They found her standing near the community center, having been watching them the whole time and she was making her way to the school.

"We follow her and see what's up."


The group followed Zoey to the school library and as they hid among the bookshelves, they couldn't think of a rational reason for Zoey to have been following Lina. Just as they were about to ask Zoey why she had been following Lina, their Yo-kai Watches went off. Thankfully, they were the only ones that could hear them, but it meant that a Yo-kai was in the area. A quick shine revealed a Suspicioni was near Zoey and while they had no clue why Suspicioni would inspirit Zoey, they knew they had to get rid of him before they talked to Zoey.


Thankfully, the battle was over very quickly and they were free to talk to Zoey without any interuptions or suspicions.

"Why was I following Lina all day?"

Zoey seemed confused at first, then her eyes lit up.

"Oh! I was trying to talk to her about forming a club for lovers of the supernatural, but for some reason, I was suspicious about whether or not she would take my request she still at the community center? I want to apologize to her and ask her to join my club."


After the whole mess was dealt with, Zoey and Lina formed the Ghost Club and Nate and Katie were made members as well. They parted ways as they promised to hang out again in the future.

"That was interesting. We're now friends with other kids that believe in the supernatural."


Nate looked at the time and noticed it was getting close to evening.

"Well, we better get ready, Katie. I'll ask my parents if I can stay the night at your place tonight. If they agree, we'll tell your parents that we're picking up snacks for movie night so that they won't worry when we're coming over late."

Katie nodded and said,

"After we get that settled, we'll head to the museum, meet Eddie, and get the haunted armor thing over with."

Chapter Text

After getting permission from Nate's parents to spend the night at Katie's and telling Katie that they were going to pick up some snacks for movie night, the group headed over to the museum.

"I hope we can come up with a decent excuse for why it took so long to get some snacks."

"Don't worry, Nate. We'll come up with something."

They saw Eddie hanging around the museum and he waved at them as they approached.

"Hey guys! Glad you could make it!"

"Eddie? Aren't you worried that your parents will question why you're not at home at this hour?"

"Nah, they're working late tonight. Besides, it's early evening. If it was later, then I would worry."


"What did you tell your parents? I know your dads don't usually work late, so what was your excuse to be out right now?"

"We're picking up snacks for movie night."

Eddie nodded at Nate and Katie's excuse and said with a smile,

"Let's start the investigation! The front door is locked, just as I suspected, so first we need to find another way in."

Eddie went one way, so Nate and Katie went the other way.

"Seriously? I thought Eddie was smarter than this. Who doesn't check to see if there's another way in and out of somewhere?"

"We walked into a construction site with no clue about how it looked on the inside and we didn't have a plan for in case the guard woke up."

"That's different, Katie. I expected Eddie to have put some thought into this plan."

As they rounded the corner, they saw an odd mirror. They walked up to it and saw their reflections, along with the reflections of their Yo-kai companions, but they noticed an odd light blue aura surrounding the six of them. It got weirder when Eddie showed up.

"Hey, guys. Did you find somewhere we can enter yet? Huh? Why are you two staring at that old mirror?"

The strange part was that while they could see Eddie's reflection, there wasn't an aura surrounding him. In fact, they were about to ask Eddie if he saw anything out of the ordinary with the mirror when the mirror suddenly flashed and a bright light engulfed the group. When it died down, they looked around to find that they were inside the museum!

What the-?!

There were red security beams at the enterance to each exhibit like in the movies, but that was the least of their worries. They had to figure how they got in there and if they can get out again.

"I'm going to look around. The security cameras shouldn't activate until either later or if we accidently set off the security beams, so we should be safe."

Eddie left the group as the odd mirror suddenly appeared in front of the group. Whisper looked at it and facepalmed.

"Of course! It was so obivous! Guys! This mirror is actually a Yo-kai! In fact, it's Mirapo!"

This is the Yo-kai that can help us travel to areas quickly?

A face formed on the mirror and it bowed as best as it could.

"Forgive me for the sudden teleport, but I need your help with something."

"What is it?"

Mirapo sighed softly.

"I haven't been able to get much sleep ever since I was able to return to the museum. I, along with the other Mirapos, had to be checked to make sure that our transporting powers haven't been tampered with, which is why you're just now seeing me. I'm essentially the leader of the Mirapos, so if I were to give you my medal, all of the other Mirapos would be willing to help you."

"So what was keeping you up at night?"

Before Mirapo could answer, Eddie came back to the group, clearly confused.

"I have no clue how we got in here, but it's not important right now."

Eddie hopped over the receptionist's desk, to the group's confusion.

"Eddie? What are you doing?"

"I'm going to hack into security and get the security beams deactivated long enough to us to investigate."

"Eddie, you have way too much free time."

Eddie dismissively waved.

"All in the name of progress, you, let's see if I can get rid of these security beams..."

Eddie typed away at the computer and Whisper turned to Mirapo.

"Mirapo? Is there anyway you can help us navagate through the museum?"

"Oh, of course!"

A lot of Mirapos appeared on the floor they were on, allowing the group to investigate while Eddie worked on deactivating the security beams.


They had investigated the entire first floor, but they didn't find anything that would help. They did meet some new Yo-kai, although they didn't befriend any at the moment.

"We have to get to the second floor and investigate."

"Hold on, you two. I almost have it, I just to type in the right thing and..."

As Eddie typed, a strange noise came from the computer and panic filled his face.

"I don't have it! If I can just..."

He quickly typed something and the noise died down as Eddie let out a sigh of relief and typed something else into the computer, making the security beam in front of the stairs disappear.

"Okay, you're free to investigate the second floor. I'll stay down here in case I have to put the security beams back up."

As they walked upstairs, Jibanyan asked,

"Where does he find the time to learn all of that stuff, nya?"

"He has too much free time, Jibanyan. Let's leave it at that."


"Are you kidding me?"

After searching the entire second floor and getting into battle after battle with some Yo-kai, Nate pulled the key for the storage room out of a random potted plant on the second floor.

"Did the curator really lose the key here or did he put it here on purpose?"

"Nate, the point is that we found the key. We can head back to Eddie and give it to him now."

"Look on the bright side, Nate. We battled some tough Yo-kai to make the team stronger and if I'm correct, Dimmy will be evolving soon."

Nate and Katie tilted their heads.


"He'll gain another form...think fusion but you get the form through leveling up instead of fusing with an item or another Yo-kai."

"Oh, we know what evolution is, we just didn't know Yo-kai could do that."

Whisper blushed and hid his face behind his Yo-kai Pad.


Nate patted Whisper's head.

"But thank you for telling us, Whisper."

Whisper smiled as he lead the way back downstairs.


They went downstairs and they gave Eddie the key.

"It was in a potted plant upstairs."


Eddie typed something to make the security beam in front of the storage room disappear, hopped over the receptionist's desk again, and went to the storage room to finally investigate the supposed haunted suit of armor.

"Okay, guys...ready?"

Nate and Katie nodded and Eddie unlocked the door. He pushed the door open and the group ventured inside. Towards the back of the room, there was a red suit of samurai armor that in the dark looked positively terrifying. The Koma Brothers were already holding on to Katie's legs out of fear.

"So this is the armor that's supposedly haunted..."

Eddie stood on his tip-toes to reach the armor better and peered inside.

"There has to be some sort of mechinical feature in here that allows it to move..."

"Eddie? I thought we were trying to prove that the supernatural does exist?"

"Well, if it doesn't, there has to be an explaination for how it moved."

Nate and Katie were about to tell Eddie that maybe he shouldn't mess with the old armor, worried that it might fall on him when it started to shake and glow purple.

Uh oh...

When the armor stood up of it's own accord, Eddie started to back away from the armor, but before the group could leave, the door behind them slammed shut and try as they could, no one could get the door open. While the Yo-kai could just phase out of the room and try to open the door, they had a feeling that it still wouldn't open.

We're trapped! If it was just me and Katie, we would be able to handle that thing no problem, but Eddie's trapped with us too! How do we fight that thing without Eddie thinking that we're crazy?!

Before Nate could come up with an idea, Eddie fainted from the shock. Luckily, Katie caught him in time and they put him off to the side so that they could battle without worrying about accidently stepping on him. The armor then started floating and it transformed into what they could only assume was a Yo-kai.

"W-whisper? Can you find out what Yo-kai that is?"

Whisper was already on it, looking up the Yo-kai in front of them.

"This is Phantasmurai. The best way to deal with him is to destory his katana and then deal damage to the white mark on his chest...for some reason. It doesn't say why..."

"Good enough for us! Begin the battle!"


The silence was unnerving as Phantasmurai spun his katana around in his hand and stared at the two human kids and the Yo-kai about to battle him. He didn't say a word as he slashed at the front party containing Cadin, Tattletale, and Dimmy. Cadin had jumped to avoid Phantasmuri's katana and dealt some damage to it with his own sword in retaliation. Dimmy and Tattletale received some damage, but Tattletale was able to heal Dimmy as he attacked the white mark on Phantasmurai's chest. Nate dug out something for Tattletale to eat and handed it to her as Cadin activated Cicada Cut to deal damage to both Phantasmurai's katana and the white mark on his chest. After the attacking party did enough damage, the katana broke and they switched out the front row for the back row containing Jibanyan and the Koma brothers. When Jibanyan landed a hit on the white mark on Phantasmurai's chest, it broke open to reveal...a mouse. Needless to say, there was plenty of confusion.


"Does the Yo-kai Pad say anything about a mouse living in Phantasmurai?"

"He's fixing the armor! Attack already, you guys! I'll tell you after the battle!"

The current attacking party went back to fighting Phantasmurai, or specifically, trying to prevent the mouse from fixing the armor. After a few Soultimate Moves, Phantasmurai fell to the ground, resulting in his defeat.


As soon as the battle ended, Dimmy started to glow and when the glow faded away, he was now taller, had a red scarf, and was carrying a large shuriken.

"Presenting...Blandon, the evolution of Dimmy."

While they were shocked, they brushed it off and praised Dimmy for getting stronger. He blushed, not used to the attention, but he was glad that his friends supported him. As Katie picked up the items and money that had fallen from the battle, Eddie started to stir and Nate helped him up.

"What did I miss?"

"Oh, the armor just stood there and stared at us. It's still doing it now..."

Nate was interupted as the armor, which had been standing up after the battle, suddenly fell to the ground and the mouse that had been living in the armor ran out in terror.

"So the mouse living in the armor made it look like it was moving?"

Nate and Katie gave each other a glance, shrugged, and decided to go with it.

"Looks like it, Eddie."


Nate and Katie sweatdropped. There was really no point in trying to convince him otherwise. Besides, they were still learning about Yo-kai themselves. Sure, they got the idea of it by now, but there was still so much to know about Yo-kai.

From knowing only the basics of Yo-kai from stories to actually meeting can change people a lot. It has for us...

They walked out of the storage room and the group minus Eddie, who was working seeing if he could unlock the door through the computer, went upstairs to put the key back where they found it. At the potted plant where they had found the key, they found Mirapo waiting for them.

"Did you get rid of that mouse?"

"Wait a knew it was a mouse the whole time?"

Mirapo nodded, as well as a mirror could nod anyway, and said,

"I apologize if it was a bit ridiculous, but even though I'm a Yo-kai, I'm still as fragile as a normal mirror, so I couldn't do a thing about it as it nibbled on me. I did ask the other Yo-kai living here to help, but Phantasmurai managed to defeat all of them. I was losing hope until I saw your group and decided that it couldn't hurt to ask for your help."

While the group did understand why Mirapo teleported them in, there was just one question on their minds and so Nate asked,

"Mirapo, why is it that when we look into you, our reflections have a light blue aura, but our friend didn't have one when we saw his reflection?"

"Connections to the Yo-kai Realm. Your friend isn't involved with Yo-kai, outside of maybe the occasional Inspirtment, but you two are activately communicating and hanging around Yo-kai. If this was the olden days, you two would be mistaken for Yo-kai yourselves if you weren't careful."

Mirapo tossed his medal to the two kids and said,

"When I brought all of you in here, I did something to prevent the cameras from seeing you. Your friend's invisibility was only for tonight, but with you two, you're free to come anytime you like at night."

Nate pocketed the medal and said,

"Thank you, Mirapo. We'll summon you downstairs after we talk to our friend."

The group headed back down to Eddie who had given up trying to find a way to unlock the door from the computer.

"Well, this was an interesting night. It's too bad I fainted when the armor stood up, I really would've liked more data..."

Eddie put his hands in his pockets and shrugged.

"At least I have something to put in my report."

"Are you actually going to write a report about this for school?"

"Nah, I was just bored. I'm still turning in my bug collection for school."

The museum door suddenly opened, so the kids took advantage of the moment and quickly ran out. They parted ways as Nate and Katie were about to head to the Uptown Everymart to pick up some snacks. Mirapo showed up one more time and said,

"Don't worry about the armor. With a little Yo-kai magic, I can have it back to normal before tomorrow morning and the door was my doing. Have a good night, my friends."

Mirapo bowed and disappeared, leaving the group alone for the night and they quickly made their way to Uptown before it would be considered too late.


When they got to Everymart, they found a Mirapo towards the back of the store and after talking to it, while being thankful that there wasn't a lot of people in the store to notice the two kids talking to themselves, they learned that Mirapo had told the other Mirapos around Springdale about what they had done for him and that they were now able to fast travel to any location that had a Mirapo and the areas they have been to before, but can only access at night now had a Mirapo for easy access. Nate and Katie were glad that they now had an easy way to get around town and after thanking Mirapo for the help, they bought their snacks, left the Everymart, and made their way back home for movie night.


The six of them were enjoying themselves as they watched the movie and ate the snacks they had bought. Whisper offered to identify the types of Yo-kai in the movie, but Nate and Katie managed to convince him to relax and to take a break from his job for one night. Nate and Katie's hands brushed a few times when they were getting snacks, but they just accepted it and held hands for the rest of the movie. Jibanyan and Whisper brushed hands once when they were getting some popcorn, but they quickly pulled their hands away and blushed, Jibanyan blushing more than Whisper. Eventually, the movie ended and after they cleaned up her room and filled out the sketchbook and journal about their activities, they all went to bed.


A few minutes later, Whisper felt someone poking him and opened his eyes halfway to see Jibanyan looking at him.

"Jibanyan? What is it?"

"Can I sleep with you? I usually sleep with either Nyate or Katie because it reminds me of when I was alive and with Amy, but I don't want to wake them up. They look so cute sleeping nyext to each other."

"Why did you wake me up in particular?"

Because I have a small crush on you.

"I knyew you longer then the Komainu Brothers."

Whisper couldn't think of a better reason and allowed Jibanyan to cuddle next to him for the night.

"Good night, Jibanyan."

Jibanyan blushed and whispered as they both fell asleep,

"Nyight, Whisper."

Chapter Text

The sunlight shined through the window as the group stirred from their slumber.

"What's the plan for today?"

"We need to discuss a few things, but I want to discuss them in a private area where no one can interfer with us or give you weird looks."

"Nocturne Hospital?"

Whisper shook his head.

"No way. That place gives me the creeps. Mount Wildwood?"

"No, they're setting up the festival today."

"Timer's and More? Mr. Goodsight already knows about Yo-kai and he probably wouldn't mind letting us hang around there."

"Yeah, but he has other customers coming in and out of the shop."

"The alcove where we met Noko?"

"Well, there aren't that many Yo-kai there, so it could work. We can eat lunch there too while we're at it."

After getting permission to go out for the day, the group walked to Downtown Springdale. It was still pretty early, so they decided to see if there was anything they could do until lunch.


As they were exploring the alleyway behind Frostia's Place, they saw the owner of the shop, Ms. Frost standing near the doorway, troubled by something.

"Hello, Ms. Frost. Is something wrong?"

The woman looked up and asked,

"Oh, it's nothing too bad. It's just that need Black Syrup for something I'm considering serving here and I don't have any on hand."

Nate dug into his pocket and pulled out a small cup of Black Syrup.

"Is this enough?"

Ms. Frost nodded and said,

"Yes, thank you. Are you...two familiar with the area around Catfish Pond?"

Nate and Katie nodded, although they did notice that she had paused before saying 'you two', as if she wasn't sure if that was correct.

"I also need some Refreshing Herbs. I heard that they grow around the area. I would head up myself, but I have to do some testing with the Black Syrup you got for me."

"Oh, sure. We can do that for you."

Ms. Frost bowed and said,

"Thank you. Just be careful while you're up there. The festival is being set up today."

As the group left, she hummed and looked at a paper she had in her hand that also had a picture of the two kids.

It's safe to talk about Yo-kai matters with Nate Adams and Katie Forester. However, if you want to see for yourself, ask them to do you a favor, perferably a non-dangerous one.

- Kit Barton


The group had teleported to Mount Wildwood through the Mirapo at Downtown Everymart and they walked by the festival being set up. Thankfully they had arrived at the time where people were just looking for places to set up the stands. The group walked by quickly and after looking at a list of currently active Mirapos, decided to just go through the Mirapo at the Abandoned Tunnel after they received the Refreshing Herbs. They walked up to Catfish Pond and found a strange plant that after a quick search, Whisper confirmed to be the Refreshing Herbs Ms. Frost needed.

"Okay, let's get these plants to the lovely Ms. Frost before something happens."

Just as Whisper said that, they saw a Mad Mountain.

"What are you doing trespassing in my training grounds?!"

The group was visibly panicked.

"W-we were just getting something for a friend. We were actually about to leave right now!"

Unfortunately, they were thrown into a battle that they believed was uncalled for. After using the right moves, they managed to stop the battle.

"That was really uncalled for, Mad Mountain! We were going to leave anyway. You didn't need to bring us into this fight!"

Before Mad Mountain could say something, he was suddenly hit with a ball of ice and was knocked out cold. The group decided to take advatage of it and ran for their lives before Mad Mountain woke up and brought them into another battle. On the bridge above them, Ms. Frost was standing there, having witnessed the whole thing.

Well, I didn't intend to make them battle Mad Mountain. I didn't even know he was in that area, but I did get to see how strong they were. Hmm...I do need to repay them somehow…


They walked back to Frostia's Place and handed the Refreshing Herbs to her.

"Here you go. We had...a little trouble getting them, but they're here with you now."

Ms. Frost dug into her pocket and handed Nate and Katie some money for helping her. As they were pocketing the money, they realized that one of the coins looked suspiciously like a Yo-kai Medal. Whisper checked it on his Yo-kai Pad and said,

"That's a Frostina Yo-kai Medal! Why would Ms. Frost have one? Unless..."

Ms. Frost gave a knowing smile.

"Yes, I'm a Yo-kai, but that's not my medal. It actually belongs to my little sister. I want her to see that not all humans are bad and as much as I really miss battling, I have a business to run now."

She called to her side a small girl who matched the picture on the Yo-kai Medal. She could easily pass for a human child if she wanted to and while she was quiet when she was introduced to the group, she did go with them willingly.

"Take good care of her, okay?"

"We will!"


They went to the Eyepo hanging around the Downtown Everymart, switched out Cadin for Frostina, and went down to Nom Burger to pick up some lunch since it was getting around lunch.

"Why couldn't there be a Mirapo at Nom Burger?"

"It's best to not question it, Nate."


After picking up lunch, they used Mirapo again to go to Shoten Temple and they headed to the hidden alcove, where it was only Noko hanging around. After giving him a Nom Burger, he squeaked happily and dragged it away to eat in peace.

"Okay, now that we're alone, we can talk about a few things."

Whisper sat down and started to think to himself.

What do we discuss first? The recent Yo-kai crimes? Kyubi tricking us into fighting Massiface? Katie's ability to sense auras? That mysterious Yo-kai that's been helping us?

Whisper glanced at the group and sighed.

Well, I should start with something that they'll probably have more information about.

"Katie? How long have you been able to sense auras? You never really brought it up until recently."

Katie took a sip of Soul Tea to wash down the fries she had been eating and said,

"Well...I've actually been able to do it since I was younger, although I can't recall specifically how old I was when I started sensing auras. Of course, I didn't know what auras were back than, so I just called them feelings. I learned that what I was sensing were actually called auras when I was around eight or nine. I did hear my grandmother say that my grandfather had the same ability once, but I'm not sure if that's true or not. It's not like I can ask him myself. He died before I was born."

Nate nodded solemnly. His grandfather had also died before he was born, so he understood why Katie was frustrated at not being able to talk to someone that could help her.

At least Whisper can help us understand her ability better.

Whisper was typing something on his Yo-kai Pad as Jibanyan sneaked a peek at what Whisper was typing.

Note: Katie's ability to sense auras seems to be genetic, but she is unsure. I'll help her with developing her powers as best as I can.

Jibanyan quickly looked away before Whisper could notice the blush on his face.

Aaaannnd my crush on him is growing.

"Well, I'll do what I can to help you with your aura sensing."

Whisper mentally checked that off the list and went on to a different topic.


Time had passed as they discussed everything that had happened and they agreed on the following:

1. The recent Yo-kai crimes could have just been typical Yo-kai hi-jinx, admittedly at a higher level than just inconveniencing humans.

2. The mysterious Yo-kai, which they hadn't seen in awhile, might be an ally, considering he helped them avoid certain death.

3. While they don't know the full circumstances for Kyubi's ploy, he really didn't need to trick them into battling Massiface for him. He could've just asked or tested them beforehand and then asked.

"Okay, now that's been settled, although I can't help but feel that there's something bigger going on. From what the Koma Brothers had told us about their reason to come here, it seems that there's some sort of turmoil in the Yo-kai Realm, but why is it getting to that point?"

As much as they wanted answers, the group knew that if there were any, they wouldn't show up right away. Either they will never find out the answers or the answers would come later. Either way, they had to be on their guard. If it ever got worse than what they had experienced, they had to be ready, no matter what.


A poster for the festival landed near Lucas's feet and he picked it up. For some strange reason, he had a feeling he would be safe there as he looked around, hoping that he wouldn't be attacked again as he walked away to get ready for the fesitval.


"Nate? Are you ready to head to the festival?"

"Yeah! Give me a second!"

Nate smoothed out his festival wear, a red kimono with light blue stars on the sleeves, and walked out of the room, bumping into Whisper.

"Oh! Hey, Whisper! I'm so sorry for bumping into you like that...Whisper? Are you okay?"

The Yo-kai Butler had been about to say something when he saw what Nate was wearing. In his dazed state, Nate had disappeared and was replaced with an older man that Whisper remembered well.


'Waitington' didn't speak to Whisper. He just extended a hand to him and placed it on his face. The touch seemed to knock Whisper out of his daze and he saw Nate giving him a concerned look.

"Are you okay, Whisper?"

Whisper nodded and said,

"Sorry, Nate. I was distracted by something. You look wonderful."

Nate was just glad that Whisper was okay as he went downstairs to get Jibanyan and head to the festival to meet Katie and the Koma Bros, but if he had been paying closer attention, he would've noticed a small tear falling from Whisper's eyes.

Chapter Text

Nate walked down to the festival at Mount Wildwood with Katie, who was wearing a light blue kimono with ligt pink sakura petals on the sleeves, and their Yo-kai friends. They were very excited since Terror Time couldn't activate due to a lot of children being allowed to attend the festival that night and being allowed to head back late. Of course, even before they learned that Terror Time existed, they always enjoyed the festival. In all honesty, they needed a break from the Yo-kai hi-jinx and the festival was the best place to do so.

"It's been years since I've been to a festival! They used to be quite common before I was sealed away and I went to a lot of them."

The group could see Whisper's eyes sparkling as he gushed about how he couldn't wait to attend his first festival in almost two hundred years.

It's quite sad really. I should be happy for him, but it really hurts to knyow that he missed out on a lot during his imprisonment. I want to make this special for him so that he'll nyever forget it, but how?


When they got to the bottom of Mount Wildwood, Nate and Katie gave the Yo-kai some money so that they could enjoy the festival as well. They did have a lot of money from what they have been doing for the past couple days, so they could afford to spare some cash.

"Have fun, you guys, but try not to cause too much trouble. Okay?"

"Don't worry, Nate. It should be a small festival. There's not much we could do to cause any trouble up there."

The minute they entered the festival, Whisper's eyes lit up and he flew to the nearest stall, which was selling goldfish.

Wow, Whisper is acting like a kid in a candy store right now.

Of course, one could hardly blame him. If they had spent almost two centuries in isolation, they would've acted the same way.

"We'll meet near the shrine, okay?"

The Yo-kai nodded and the group went their separate ways, the Koma Brothers going to an ice cream stall, Nate and Katie going to wait for their other friends near the shrine, and Jibanyan going over to Whisper.

"You're very exicited, Whisper."

Whisper nodded as he floated down and looked around.

"It's great to know that festivals haven't lost their touch over the years."

Jibanyan offered his paw and asked,

"Do you want to walk with me?"

Whisper took his paw, not noticing the blush on Jibanyan's face as they walked around from stall to stall, sampling the food, buying a Candy Apple and a Shaved Ice for themselves, and listening to idle chit-chat from the humans and the occasional Yo-kai outside of the ones they've befriended. Something that caught Jibanyan's attention was the mention of a firework display happening later that evening.

I think it's considered romantic if you confess under some fireworks. At least, that's what I heard Amy say or did I hear it somewhere else? Gah! Curse my memory loss!

"Jibanyan? Are you okay?"

Jibanyan looked at Whisper, who was giving him a concerned look and nodded.

"I'm fine, nya."

What if he laughs at me for having a crush on him?

Jibanyan looked at Whisper, who was unaware of the longing gaze Jibanyan was giving him.

"Hey, Whisper?"


Jibanyan mentally prepared himself for the worse.


Jibanyan blushed as he looked at the ground and mumbled,

"I have a crush on you, Whisper."


Jibanyan hadn't expected Whisper to look confused.

"Why? You're the first Yo-kai that didn't make fun of my goals, you were willing to fight Roughraff for my picture of Amy, and you're helping Nyate and Katie understand us Yo-kai. What I'm saying is, I love you for your kindness, Whisper."

Whisper blushed, clearly not expecting a Yo-kai he had met a few days ago to be crushing on him.

"Well, this is a surprise. I mean...we've only known each other for a few days. Also, I didn't exactly fight Roughraff. I was just so mad at that fact that someone could stoop so low to steal a prized possession that I wasn't exactly thinking straight."

"I kynow...but I love you anyway. Y-you're not going to laugh at me, are you?"

Whisper shook his head.

"No, Jibby. To be honest, I find you very cute and I love your determination. It's just I have trouble telling the difference between romantic feelings and plantonic, or friendship, feelings."

Whisper seemed embarrassed to admit that, but Jibanyan was relieved that Whisper wouldn't make fun of him.

"Sooo...if I were to kiss you, how would you react?"

Before Whisper could answer, he heard something going on near where Nate and Katie were and went to investigate. Jibanyan could only sigh as he followed Whisper, annoyed at his unanswered question that would be most likely answered much later than he hoped for.


"So, did you guys hear about the latest school mystery?"

"Is this a new 'Seven School Mysteries' thing, Bear? I swear, we never have a consistent mystery there, let alone seven of them."

"Maybe it will be...I'm not sure yet, but I heard that a teacher heard a child-like voice when they were working late one night. It supposedly said, "Wanna play?", but the teacher didn't find anyone after searching the school. Rumor has it that the voice is still there and that you can only hear it if you're near or in the school at night."


Nate and Katie had been talking to Bear and Eddie about their summer so far, leaving out the Yo-kai related stuff, of course, when Bear brought up a story that had been going around recently.

"Well, to be fair, it was kinda late and when people are tired, they do tend to hear things that could be written up as their imagination."

Nate and Katie were hoping that Eddie's explanation was enough to convince Bear because after being friends for so long with him, they could tell that he wanted to see if the rumors were true and after what they had been through, they really just wanted to relax.

"You guys know that the fireworks will be starting later this evening? I was thinking that we need a better view and what's a better view than the top of the school? I even have some ramune soda for us to drink while we're up there! What do you guys say to that?"

Eddie eagarly agreed as Nate and Katie shared a worried look.

Oh no...not another attempt to sneak into a building ! We just did that last night and I doubt there's a Mirapo active at the school right now!

"Bear, we can't even get into the school this late."

"Ah, that's no problem. The side door is unlocked right now. They've been having trouble with the lock recently, so it's pretty much fair game."

Before Nate or Katie could bring up the possibly of someone else breaking into the school, they watched the dark blue kimono and green kimono of Bear and Eddie leaving as they chuckled about how much of a good time they were going to have.

"Isn't there Yo-kai at the school?"


"They're going to get inspirited in some way."

"So we should go after them?"

"Just to keep them from getting into too much trouble. Besides, it's kinda hard to resist rooftop fireworks and ramune soda."

Nate just sighed as he knew Katie was right.

"Alright, but we're getting ramune soda for the Yo-kai. I doubt Bear considered the possibly of there being more than just the four of us on the roof tonight."


After getting the Yo-kai rounded up and getting some extra ramune soda, they proceeded to head down to Springdale Elementary.

"Why did you two agree to this?"

"We have to keep our friends that can't see Yo-kai out of trouble with them or at least make sure that they're okay."

"I wonder if Eddie told Bear about our little adventure last night?"

"I hope not...unless Eddie is still looking for proof of the supernatural and he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to investigate a supposed haunting again."

"It just occured to me that Whisper never said that we couldn't tell anyone about the Yo-kai Watch and what it does. Why don't we just show them?"

"Umm...there's actually a reason that you two were chosen."

Nate and Katie turned to Whisper.

"Oh? What's that?"

Whisper rubbed the back of his head and said,

"Firstly, before I was released, I had a dream where someone came to me with the Yo-kai Watches I gave you and told me that I was to give the Yo-kai Watch to whoever released me. I can only assume they gave me both models because they weren't sure who would release me. two didn't scream and run away like a normal person would upon seeing a singing capsule machine and releasing a Yo-kai from a capsule from said singing capsule machine."

"We did try to sneak away though..."

"Yes, but that was after you released me, not before. Plus, as I'll repeat, you two didn't run away screaming, which usually means that you can handle having the knowledge that Yo-kai exist. Of course, I did give you a choice on whether or not you wanted to be able to see other Yo-kai, so it's not like I forced you into it."

Whisper does make a good point. We did accept the Yo-kai Watches, even though we easily could've said 'no' and returned to our regular lives, but we didn't. Plus, despite the fact that it's only been a few days so far, we did get a more exciting summer out of it and we're making connections to a world we didn't even know existed.

"But what does have to do with why we can't show our friends the truth?"

"If word got out that there were a group of kids and possibly adults that could see invisible creatures and that most of the said invisible creatures affected humans in so many ways before the bridge between us can be gapped, there would be chaos. You would be separated from your families and friends for various reasons, there would be ongoing debates in both realms about whether or not humans and Yo-kai can coexist together, flase accusasions will rise, war might happen between the two realms, and many things I don't want to bring up."

"Whisper, have you been doing late-night research on the internet recently?"

"Maybe, but I'm just saying that before you go around revealing that you can see and communicate with Yo-kai, you should see if whoever you want to tell would be willing to keep a massive secret like this until either they die, they find someone else that can keep a secret or is connected to Yo-kai as well, or the gap between humans and Yo-kai is bridged and we can all be friends with no fear."

Once again, Whisper had brought up a good point. A very lengthy one, but still a good point.

Maybe when we're all older and a little more mature to handle things like this, we can tell Bear and Eddie the truth unless they do something that convinces us not to tell them. It's a long road, but we can handle it. And if they don't believe us, even with proof, we'll just ask Wazzat to erase their memories of us telling them.

As they passed a tree near the road to the school, they heard a rustle in the trees and they looked up to see a familiar Kyubi with glasses and a white coat.

"Hey, Mr. Barton. What's up?"

"I overheard your friends saying something about investigating the mysterious voice in the school. I came here to warn you that I have investigated the voice and I believe that's actually a Yo-kai, but sadly, I'm unable to communicate with it. For some reason, it doesn't want to talk to me."

He tossed down a set of keys to the group and they quickly pocketed them.

"These keys will help you get around the school, just don't tell your friends where you got them from."

"Mr. Barton? Is the lock on the side door really broken?"

"Nah, I was going to ask you two if you could help me with the mysterious voice, so I made it look like it was broken. Unfortunately, it appears that I unintentally made an invitation for people to sneak into the school at night for many reasons."

"So, do we just leave the keys or give them back to you when we're done?"

Mr. Barton thought it over and said,

"If you can find the cause of the mysterious voice, I'll give you free range of the school at night, meaning all the doors will be unlocked."

Nate and Katie shrugged. They weren't sure when they would need to ever come back to the school at night, but hey. If they could at least keep their friends out of trouble, it would be worth it.


"Oh, a few more things before I leave. One, your friends are right. The rooftop is an excellent place to watch the fireworks. Two, be careful. There are Yo-kai that hate humans and Yo-kai being together and they have heard of some kids that are connected to Yo-kai, but thankfully, they don't know who you are specifically. Three, Lucas has been following you and I have to go now. Good luck!"

Mr. Barton disappeared, so the group turned around and sure enough, Lucas, dressed in a red kimono with yellow cuffs, had been a few feet away from them. They had no clue want to say or do as Lucas walked closer to them.

Chapter Text

"H-hey guys..."

"Oh! Hi, Lucas!"

The group was surprised at Lucas's appearence. Sure, they've run into each other a lot recently, but this was the first time he had decided to follow them specifically.

"I-is it alright if I hang out with you?"

Nate and Katie were now kinda confused. Sure, they wouldn't mind Lucas hanging out with them, but why now?

If we say no, he might get suspicious and keep following us, but if we say say yes, how do we explain to Bear and Eddie why he's with us?

Truthfully, they wouldn't mind a chance to get to know him better, but they also didn't know how their friends would react to him tagging along on their adventure.

We can't really ditch our friends if they're going to be in a Yo-kai infested area and we can't risk having Lucas getting inspirited if there's any Yo-kai roaming around here.

"Alright, Lucas. But stay close to us."

Lucas nodded and the group walked towards the school.

"Mind telling me why we're going to the school this late at night?"

"Bear's idea. He wants to get a better view of the fireworks from the roof."

"Why is this not an option? It would save on crowded areas near Mount Wildwood and also save people a long trip to Mount Wildwood's summit."

Nate and Katie shrugged. Lucas seemed to be a smart kid. Timid, yes, but he does understand why they were doing this. Well, part of it, anyway.


In the shadows of a tree, there was a Yo-kai that was watching the three kids as they went towards the school.

"Rats! They all have the same aura!"

The Yo-kai in question was wearing a pair of glasses with light blue tinted glass that allowed the wearer to see the auras of those with connections to Yo-kai, which he had trouble balancing because he only had one eye. Unfortunately, he didn't know that the kid he had been stalking for a while was friends with two other kids with the same aura and the four Yo-kai hanging around them didn't make things easier for him. For all he knew, the kid he was supposed to find was actually either the new boy or girl he had just came across.

Dang it! Now I have to tell my boss that there's two more kids to worry about!

He sighed as he climbed down the tree, not an easy task when one of your hands was larger than the other and you're about the size of a human toddler, and made his way back to Nocturne Hospital.


Although they were surprised that Lucas was coming with them, Bear and Eddie didn't mind him hanging around as the group walked in through the side door.

"Get the keys and we can get going."

Nate and Katie went to the area where the keys were placed, but pretended to be looking for the right keys as they slipped the keys they had gotten from Mr. Barton into their hands.

"Okay, found the keys, guys! Let's get going!"

"Wanna play?"

The group froze as they turned around to see a child-like shadow with purple smoke. Nate and Katie blinked and to their shock, not only did the strange shadow disappear, but Bear, Eddie, and Lucas had also vanished!

"They're gone! What do we do?!"

"Can you find your friends?"

The voice had changed into a creepy, sing-song tone, which scared them more.

"We have to find them! Don't worry, they should be still be in the school!"

They rushed into the hallway and as they made their way to the front enterance, there were stacks of desks preventing them from continuing left. On the other side of the desks was Lucas. He was unconscious, but after shouting to him, he woke up a little confused.

"Nate? Katie? What happened? How did I get over here?"

"We don't know, Lucas, but Bear and Eddie disappeared too. Can you wait here until we find them?"

Lucas nodded since it was clear that none of them could think of a way to get rid of the desk blockade that didn't involve it crashing to the floor and the fact that they had to put the desks back into the right positions afterwards.

"Is this the work of that mysterious voice that people have been talking about recently?"

Nate and Katie had a bad feeling that it was and while they didn't know the voice's intentions yet, they feared the worse for their other friends.

"Lucas, we're going to look for the others. If you get bored while waiting for us to come back, see if you can find another way around. Maybe we'll run into each other or something."

"Alright, just be careful."

"You too, Lucas."

Lucas turned around, probably going to find a way out and the group went back and saw an unactivated Mirapo. After activating Mirapo in case they needed him, Nate, Katie, and the four Yo-kai went up the stairs, which thankfully wasn't blocked off, only to find that the next stairway was blocked.

"Dang it! Well, we'll start searching for Bear and Eddie here."

They walked around the floor they were on until they came across the science room, where Mr. Barton taught during the school year.

"It's so weird to know that we were taught science by a Yo-kai this whole time."

"Mr. Barton said so himself. Science wasn't his first choice, but at least he was helping children grow."

They walked into the science room and their Yo-kai Watches went off.

"Well, we better see what the issue is."

They shined the lights from their Yo-kai Watches around the room until the lights hit the class skeleton, revealing...another skeleton. However, this skeleton was clearly a Yo-kai, judging by her yellow and cyan eyes and her fasion sense, which they could only assume was supposed to be gothic. As Whisper looked her up and told the group that she was called Rattelle, she stretched and looked at the group.

"Thank Lord Enma. Some kids that won't invade my privacy."

Okay, that means either Bear or Eddie has been here.

"We're looking for some friends of ours and it sounds like you saw one of them. Do you know where he might be?"

The skeleton pointed her umbrella at a display case next to her and said,

"He's right here, the scoundrel."

Purple smoke rose from the case and they saw Bear, frozen in the case.

"Bear! What did he ever do to you?!"

"He stole my rib! That's what he did to me!"

Rattelle crossed her arms as Whisper counted her ribs.

"One, two...ah, yes. She does appear to be one rib short."

"The kid looked lost and I was going to point him to safety, but then he stole my rib and said something about going to his homeroom. When he came back to go through the other door, I captured him. I was going to release him after I got my rib back, but I have no clue where he put it."

Nate and Katie had a good idea about where he might have taken it.

"Do you want us to get your rib back? We think we know where it is."

"If you do, then please get it and bring it back to me. If you do, I release your friend and unlock the door to the other side."

The group left the science room and walked down the hallways until they reached Room 5-2.

"This is our homeroom, so he probably stashed it in his desk."

"Why would he do something like that? Sure, he didn't know that the skeleton was actually a Yo-kai, but come on! Did he really think no one would notice?!"

"He was always a risk-taker."

Nate and Katie went to Bear's desk and found a small, bony, yet pretty rib there.

"Hehe, she has such tiny, little ribs!"

Whisper couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yeah, but let's just keep that observation to ourselves, okay?"

Before they left the room, Nate looked around.

"It's so peaceful here at night. It's easy to forget that it's so noisy in here during the school year and summer mornings."

When we have a free moment, we'll have to come back here at night. Whether it be us telling our Yo-kai companions our school stories or just random activities, it'll be a great place to hang out.

Nate chuckled at the thought. He never imagined that he would be looking forward to going to school during the summer and at night.


They came back to the science room and Rattelle was still there, bored out of her mind.

"Please tell me you found my rib. I feel so imcomplete without it!"

"Mind describing it so that we know it's your's? Just ribbing you! Here you go!"

Nate handed the rib to Rattelle as it disappeared and they heard a satisifying clicking sound.

"I'm so happy to be complete again that I'm even ignoring that lame pun you made!"

Nate nervously chuckled as his eyes went to Bear, still in the display case.

"So...about releasing our friend..."

"Oh, right!"

Rattelle was about to set him free when she paused and said,

"You know, I get so lonely here at night. Sure, Mr. Barton does keep me company when he can, but I want more than that. At least when school is in session, I feel less lonely because there's more people around."

"Do you...want to be friends, Rattelle?"

Rattelle was surprised when she heard Katie ask her that.

"D-do you mean that?"

"Well, you can give us your medal and we can call you if we need help with something."

Rattelle smiled as she tossed her medal to the group and released Bear as she promised before she disappeared.

"Bear? Are you alright?:

"Guys?! How did you get up here?!"

"We took the stairs. Do you remember how you got up here?"

"Well, I remember hearing that creepy voice I told you guys about and the next thing I know, I'm on the next floor. I wandered around for a little bit until I reached the science room and I found that the door to the other side was locked. I was waiting for someone to show up when I got bored and...wait, did the fireworks start yet?"


Bear got up and saw to his surprise that the door was now unlocked and as he rushed out of the room, he yelled,

"If you see the others, tell them to meet me on the rooftop!"


They continued their quest to find the others as they found a way to the next floor, hopefully where Eddie was.

"I really hope Bear doesn't wonder why the rib isn't in his desk the next time he's at it."

"I'm just hoping he wasn't planning on telling anyone he stole a rib from the skeleton...or Rattelle, in this case."

"He probably wanted a momento of this occasion."

Whisper rolled his eyes at Nate's suggestion.

"Ah, yes. Because a skeleton rib is the perfect momento for a festival."

They made their way up to the next floor and started looking for either Eddie, a way to get to Lucas, or both.

"I really hope Eddie doesn't end up like Bear, trapped by a Yo-kai because he did something to make them mad."

Jibanyan's ears twitched as he heard the faint plinking of piano keys in the distance.

"Guys? Do you happen to have a pianyo in this place?"

"Yeah, in the music room. Why?"

Jibanyan didn't say anything as he walked down the hallway. Wanting to keep the number of lost group members to a low number, the group followed Jibanyan. As they followed him, they could now hear piano music playing.

"I-is a Yo-kai playing the piano right now, zura?"

"Either that or Eddie has suddenly taken a liking to playing the piano."

They entered the music room and saw Cupistol half-heartly pressing piano keys and looking annoyed with each off-key note. They also saw Eddie, who was thankfully not in a display case, but he was inspirited. They walked up to him and shook him.

"Hey, Eddie. Are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine. For some reason, I found myself on this floor and as I was trying to find a way out, I heard piano music coming from this room."

His face showed annoyance as he continued.

"I'm pretty sure there's a machine of some sort in the piano that's making it play by itself, but there's no way it should be this bad."

"Everyone's a critic."

Cuspistol had stopped playing the piano after saying that statement.

"I'm starting to regret inspiriting him so that I could pretend to preform for an audience of adoring fans, but now I'm stuck with a kid that doesn't even know I exist and hates my music."

He faceplanted on the piano keys, which made a terrible noise. After they all recovered from the sudden noise, Whisper asked,

"Can you uninspirit him?"

Cuspitol sighed.

"I would, but it won't wear off until he compliments my music and for some reason, the other door is locked when it's usually unlocked. I figured that playing the right music would get the door unlocked, but after going through all of the sheet music in here, nothing has worked. I hate to be a bother, but can you guys get me some new sheet music? Anything to get this critic off my case and hopefully unlock the door."

Cupistol went back to playing off-key, although the group wasn't sure if he was now doing that on purpose or not. They left Eddie, knowing that he wasn't likely to go anywhere right now and went into multiple rooms on their current floor, hoping to find a stray music sheet, until they reached the library.

"This is hopeless! We're never getting them out of here!"

"Nate, try to calm down. This is why you two went along with them, so that you could get them out of any Yo-kai hi-jinx that occurs tonight."

"Yeah, but Lucas had nothing to do with this and he's stuck too!"

"Technically, Lucas wasn't inspirited when we saw him. There's a good chance he's still okay and waiting for us. Let's just find a music sheet and get Eddie to the roof so that we can focus on getting Lucas out of here."

They found a loose piece of paper jammed between some books and after retrieving it, they saw that it was a music sheet.



They gave the music sheet to Cupistol. He set it up, read the paper, and started to play the best music they had heard all night. When he finished, they all started clapping, even Eddie, who was now uninspirited.

"Wow! That was actually pretty good! I guess the machine fixed itself or something."

Eddie went to the other door, which was unlocked, and left the room. The other hung around to talk to Cupistol.

"That was really great, Cupistol! Do you want to be friends?"

Cupistol seemed surprised, but he smiled as he handed his medal over to them.

"A token of our friendship. I apologize, but I must continue practicing. However, if you should call me into battle, I'll be able to charm any one Yo-kai into joining you...most of the time. I'm still working on my ability. I know there are other Yo-kai with the same ability, but I try really hard!"

Cupistol bowed as he happily continued to play the piano and the group took that as their cue to leave. They met up with Eddie in the hallway.

"Hey, guys? Where's Bear and Lucas?"

"Bear is heading to the rooftop and we're still looking for Lucas."

"Oh. Well, I'll meet you guys on the rooftop. Good luck!"

Eddie went to find a way up while the others looked for a way down to the first floor to get Lucas.


After a very annoying search, they managed to make their way down to the first floor, on the side Lucas was on.

"Lucas! We came to get you!"

They were unnerved by the silence as they exited the stairwell and found that Lucas was nowhere to be seen.

"We would've run into him if he came up the stairwell and there really isn't that much down here..."

They saw an Eyepo where they had last seen Lucas and they realized that a huge battle had to be coming up.

"Okay, guys. There's a good chance that we might have to battle. Do we have everything we need, just in case? Food? Medicine?"

"Yes and Yes."

They exahled slowly as Nate peeked into the boy's bathroom, hoping that they were wrong about battling. To his relief, he saw Lucas, but then the relief vanished when he realized that he had been inspirited. What really surprised Nate though was the fact that Lucas was struggling, like he knew what was happening to him and wanted it to stop.


Lucas turned to Nate, relief on his face as he attempted to walk to him.

"Nate! Thank goodness you're here!"

Suddenly, Lucas has more purple smoke surround him and he disappeared. Nate looked up at the ceiling and saw the largest spider he had ever seen.

"Wanna play?"

The spider had the same chilling voice as the one they had heard earlier and it dawned on Nate that this spider had to be the reason for their separation.

"Whisper? Who is that?"

Nate and Katie entered the spider's lair, both knowing that under normal circumstances, both of them being here would be considered weird, but there were always exceptions. Fighting a giant Yo-kai spider that kidnapped their friends is one of those exceptions.


Whisper had been trying to find the Yo-kai they were facing, only for his face to become even paler, if that was even possible.

"Guys...I can't find any information on him."

Fear filled the room. If Whisper couldn't find the information, then they had to rely on instinct, hope, and observation to get through the battle.


Frostina, Tattletale, and Blandon were the attacking party this time so that they could see the new Soultimate moves of both Blandon and Frostina and so they could have a chance to battle. They all looked at the spider on the ceiling that was mocking them with a smirk.

"Maybe we should knock him off the ceiling and wipe that smug smirk off his face."

"Okay, then. Start attacking the feet and see if we can make him get fall damage or something."

They decided to see how Frostina was at battling as she sent an icicle towards one of the spider's feet. He flinched and shook that one foot before spewing out a ball of posion towards Frostina as revenge. She jumped out of the way in time, landing into Nate's arms as he helped her back up.

"You okay, Frostina?"

She nodded as the attacking party continued to fight the spider until he fell to the ground, exposing his underside. They quickly had the attacking party use their Soultimates and switched the parties from Frostina, Blandon, and Tattletell to Jibanyan and the Koma Bros so that they could get a few hits in. Unfortunately, the spider Yo-kai managed to get back up to the ceiling and they had to defeat him if they wanted Lucas back.

"It's nyot a problem, you guys! We can get him down and make things right, nya!"

After sending fireballs and balls of lightning towards the spider's feet, he fell to the ground again and they unleashed their Soultimate Moves on him until he disappeared in a puff of smoke.


After they collected the fallen items and money as their reward, they found Lucas back where he was before he had disappeared.


"Lucas? Are you okay?"

He nodded and they left the bathroom.

"When you guys left, I was about to look for a way up to the roof when I heard a voice calling me into the bathroom. I tried to ignore it, but it was like my body had a mind if it's own. I only regained control for a moment when I saw you, Nate, but I don't exactly remember what happened after that. All I can remember is a different voice saying that my friends would help me."

Lucas smiled.

"Looks like that voice was right. I'll meet you guys on the roof."

He waved as he went up the stairs. When he was out of sight, Mr. Barton appeared in his Yo-kai form.

"So you dealt with the Yo-kai?"

They nodded and explained what had happened that night.

"No information, you say? Not even a name or location of origin?"

Whisper shook his head. He had double-checked, but still couldn't find anything on the Yo-kai they had just fought.

"Well, for the time being, we'll call the Yo-kai you just fought Tarantutor."

Mr. Barton had written the information they had managed to collect from the battle down and said that he would try to see if more information could be found about Tarantutor.

"Thank you for helping me, you two."

He left the area and the group went up to the roof, although something was on Whisper's mind.

If I couldn't find any information on this Yo-kai, things can't be good. Along with everything else that's happened, there has to be something big going on and we're going to be caught in the middle of it, whether we like it or not.


The group had made their way to the roof and Nate and Katie waved to their friends, safe and sound. They all sat on the bench on the rooftop and they all grabbed a ramune soda to drink as the fireworks started. The Yo-kai had their own ramune soda, Nate and Katie giving it to them before they went onto the roof, and they were drinking it along with the humans. Nate glanced at Katie's strawberry flavored ramune soda and looked at his blueberry flavored ramune soda.

"I've never had strawberry ramune soda before. Any chance I can have a taste, Katie?"

"Depends. Can I have a taste of your blueberry ramune soda?"

Nate nodded and was about to give Katie his ramune soda bottle when he felt Katie kiss him. His eyes widened as he tasted the strawberry ramune soda on her lips mixing with his blueberry ramune soda, then he closed his eyes as he returned the kiss. They pulled away a moment later, only to notice their friends staring at them.

"I knew it. You two are a cute couple!"

Lucas was smiling and while Bear and Eddie were happy for them, they were still surprised.

"Well, that was unexpected, zura."

Jibanyan nodded at the Koma Brothers's words, being both surprised and envious of the two humans. He jumped when he felt Whisper tap his shoulder and turned to him?


"Remember what you asked me earlier? About how I would react to you kissing me?"

Jibanyan blushed as he nodded. He didn't expect to feel Whisper kiss him.

W-we're kissing...Whisper and I are...

Jibanyan felt his tails wrap around Whisper's arm and he almost didn't notice him pull away or that his friends were staring at them with expressions that clearly read,

"About time you two got together."

Whisper held Jibanyan's hand as the fireworks kept lighting up the sky.


Venoct watched the group happily laughing as the fireworks continued to light up the sky.

I made the right decision by trusting them. They will help us when the time comes.


As the fireworks slowed to a stop, they all left the rooftop to make it down before anyone noticed that they had sneaked into the school. When they exited the school, they all parted ways and Nate and Katie went back to their homes for the night.


"I'm home!"

Nate and Katie got into their pajamas and after filling out their books, they laid in bed and fell asleep. That night, Nate, Katie, Whisper, and Jibanyan all dreamed of their first kiss on the rooftop during the festival's fireworks.

Chapter Text

Nate yawned as he stretched.

Man, last night was crazy! Sneaking into the school, rescuing our friends from Yo-kai, me and Katie kissing...

Nate blushed as he remembered that moment, along with witnessing Whisper and Jibanyan kissing a moment afterward.


The group were now hanging around in the park as Whisper discussed something that had been bothering him since last night.

"With everything that's been going on recently and the fact that I couldn't find information on Tarantutor when we needed it most last night, I fear that something terrible might be coming to Springdale. We need to find out what's going on and we need to make plans."

"But how are we going to find out what's going on? It hasn't really been in our plans to save Springdale from total disaster again."

"I know. That's why we're going to speak to Mr. Barton. He might have some information that will help us."


"I wish I could help you, but there are some things that I'm not aware of either."

They had gone to the school to see Mr. Barton since they had no clue on where else he would go and figured that the school was a safe bet. Thankfully, he was there, so they asked him for advice on what they should be doing since there was a chance of Springdale being in danger. Unfortunately, he had very little information about most of everything that had happened. Any information that he did know he had heard on the streets or from the group themsleves.


The group had been about to leave when he said that. They paused, wondering if he had some new information.

"There's a Yo-kai that owns a crystal ball that can answer any question that you might have at Shoten Temple."

The group thanked Mr. Barton and after they were out of the school and close to Blossom Heights, they summoned their bikes and rode down to Shoten Temple, having missed the feeling of riding their bikes. When they got there, they put the bikes near a make-shift bike rack at the front of the shrine and walked up to the temple and saw the crystal ball Mr. Barton had been talking about.

"Yep, this is it. Now, how does it work?"

"Mr. Barton said that a Yo-kai owns the crystal ball, so shine your light on it."

They did just that and they saw a small green dragon with the crystal ball resting on his head. He opened his eyes and yawned, giving them the implication that he had been sleeping.

"Hello, I'm Draggie, keeper of the crystal ball of knowledge. Did you want something?"

"Yes, actually. Can we use your crystal ball?"

"You have to do me a favor first. I can't just let everyone use my crystal ball, you know."

"Fair enough. What is your favor?"

Draggie seemed to be thinking and he finally said,

"Please bring me a Sawtooth Stag."

Odd request, but at least it's something simple.

"We can do that, Draggie. We'll be back with a Sawtooth Stag as soon as we can."

The group went out of the temple and they rode their bikes towards Mount Wildwood, where Sawtooth Stags were said to be located.


It took a while, but they were able to catch a Sawtooth Stag for Draggie and they had just returned to Shoten Temple with it in a cage.

"Here you Draggie. One Sawtooth Stag, as requested."

The young dragon Yo-kai took the Sawtooth Stag out of the cage and placed it in another cage he had nearby.

"Thank you! There aren't many bugs back home so I never had a chance to actually take care of one before! I'll take good care of it, I promise!"

Draggie sat down on the ground, took the crystal ball off his head, and rubbed it.

"What can I help you with?"

"We need to know if something bad's going to happen to Springdale so that we can make plans for when it happens."

The crystal ball glowed purple as an image of Nocturne Hospital appeared in it.

"There's a scary Yo-kai at this location. He's planning on something...but I can't tell what it is."

The crystal ball stopped glowing and Draggie placed it back on his head.

"Sorry about that. I'm still learning to do this sort of thing. My dad sent me here for my safety and he gave me some advice."

"And what advice is that, Draggie?"

"The bond between humans and Yo-kai is stronger than any evil. I really didn't understand what he meant at first, but now I'm starting to get it. I would like to be friends with you to ward off any evil for as long as possible."

Draggie gave them his medal and the group went outside.

"Guys, do we have to go to Nocturne Hospital? That place is creepy!"

"Sorry, Whisper. If we want to stop whatever is happening, we have to check out Nocturne Hospital."

Whisper knew that, but he had a bad feeling about that place. He looked at a gravestone and while he couldn't read the letters due to the weathered state of the gravestone, he placed a hand on it and closed his eyes, hoping that if he was right and that something terrible happened at Nocturne Hospital, help would come to them.

I don't know why, but this gravestone comforts me for some reason. I just wish I knew who it belonged to.

Whisper quickly went back to the group, completely unaware that the gravestone had started to glow a light blue and that a cresent moon symbol had appeared on the gravestone.


They rode their bikes to Nocturne Hospital, where they saw Lucas hanging around the wall in front of the hospital.

"Lucas? What are you doing here?"

Lucas looked at the wall and shuddered.

"I was just walking by when I felt a strange chill run down my back. This place is so creepy...I would be careful around this place if I were you."

Lucas walked off, fiddling with his necklace as he whistled the same strange tune to calm his nerves, or that's what they assumed he was trying to do.

"Well, let's head in and see what's up."

They went up to Nocturne Hospital, only to remember that there was a Watch Lock door blocking the way and they were at B rank. Whisper was relieved that they could hold off on going in for a while, but he knew that like it or not, they would be entering that place.


"I'm sorry, the Yo-kai are where?"

The group had headed to Timer's and More to get the requirements for the next rank. Needless to say, they were shocked when Mr. Goodsight told them where to go for the next three Yo-kai battles.

"Look, I just get the information for your next battles. I don't control where they might be."

"But the waterways?"

"Can't be anymore dangerous than what you two have been through recently."

Nate sighed as he watched Whisper type the names and locations of the Yo-kai that they needed for the next upgrade.

Well, it looks like this might take a while.


After fighting Benkei in Blossom Heights, Quaken in Uptown Springdale, and Alhail in Breezy Hills, they went back to Timer's and More, got the upgrade, and started towards Nocturne Hospital.


"Well, guys. Here we are. Ready to take care of this?"

Honestly, everyone was terrified, but they knew they had to continue on, otherwise they would never be able to get to the bottom of everything. Nate shined the light on the Watch Lock door and the group entered, thankful that it was still light outside so it felt slightly less creepy.


Meanwhile, in Nocturne Hospital...

A shadowy figure was upstairs looking over a few files he had received about the two kids his worker had found last night:

Nathan "Nate" Adams (born on Feburary 2nd, 11:59 pm)

Son of Arron and Lily Adams , grandson of Nathaniel and Lucy Adams

Katie Forester (born on Feburary 3rd, 12:00 am)

Daughter of Jason and Rebecca Forester , granddaughter of Kenneth "Kenny" and Kelly Forester

He started to chuckle to himself.

Even if they aren't who we're looking for, their hearts will be very useful. I just need to get some more information on them and I'll make my decision then.

Chapter Text

The group walked into the hospital, which had clearly seen better days. They weren't at all surprised to see a few Yo-kai hanging around the place since it was the perfect place for them.

"Hello there!"

They looked down to see a Leadoni holding a clipboard and smiling at them.

"Would you be interested in our free promtional check-up?"

They were hesistant to answer. It could be a trap, but they had a feeling that he wouldn't let them go any further if they didn't agree to it.


He smiled and said,

"Excellent! Just head down this hallway to Examination Room 1 and I'll meet you there!"

The group walked down the hallway, suspicion growing in their minds as they found the poorly fixed sign above the doorway confirming that this was Examination Room 1 and entered. They weren't surprised to see the Leadoni from earlier in the room next to a stadiometer, although they were suprised that he was dragging Nate over to the stadiometer.

"I need to measure your height. Just stand there and no tiptoes!"

There was a hint of malice in his voice when Leadoni told Nate not to stand on his tiptoes, almost like he was threatening them. Not really wanting to make him mad, Nate just let him measure his height.

"Okay...4 feet and 6 1/2 inches for you..."

Nate stepped away from the stadiometer and Leadoni had Katie step up to it and he measured her height.

"4 feet and 7 1/2 inches for're both around the average height for kids your age."

The Leadoni closed his eye and smiled, although the smile felt unnerving to them. Just then, an announcement came from somewhere in the hospital.

"Nate and Katie, please head to Examination Room 2."

"Well, you better listen to the announcement. One of my co-workers will meet you there."

As the group left to find Examination Room 2, they couldn't help but wonder about a few things.

"Why did he only have us tested? I would've thought that since he was a Yo-kai, he would've been a little concerned about making sure that you four got tested as well."

"Yeah, and we never told them our names, so how were they able to ask for us to go to Examination Room 2?"

"And how are they making the announcements?"

Whisper was silent as the group walked. Yes, Nate and Katie had valid questions, but something was bothering him. As the kids were being measured, he swore he heard the sound of someone writing. He knew it wasn't the Leadoni that had been measuring them since he didn't seem to bother writing down the heights after he called them out. Either he had a good memory or someone else was watching them and taking notes.

I want to tell them as soon as possible, but what if they think I'm just being paranoid? But if I'm right and I don't tell them my suspicions, they'll get mad at me for keeping it to myself and not getting them out of here when I had the chance.

As Whisper decided to just tell the group his suspicions, they had found Examination Room 2, which also had a poorly fixed sign above it. The only things inside the room was an eye chart and another Leadoni, except this one was wearing a monocle.

If there really is something bad about to happen, I don't want to tip off anyone that might be trying to make it happen. As soon as we're not being examined by anyone, I'm getting them out of here, mark my words!

The group walked in and the Leadoni, who was holding a pointer stick, just told them to identify what he was pointing at. He pointed it to a picture of a bunch of bananas, which Nate and Katie correctly identified.

"Correct! Both of your eyes are in perfect health!"

Before Nate or Katie could tell the Leadoni that an eye test required identifying more than one picture on the eye chart or what a normal eye chart looked like, another annoucement was made.

"Nate and Katie, please come to the X-ray room."

"Well, you better get going. Have a nice day!"

The group walked around Nocturne Hospital, looking for something to identify the X-ray room as Whisper grew more worried.

Okay, I definitely heard someone writing when we were in there and that Leadoni didn't have a clipboard in his hand. Someone's spying on us, but I don't know who or why.


Meanwhile, outside of Nocturne Hospital...

After hearing the workers talk about locking the front doors so that their 'patients' wouldn't sneak out and worried that the group might be in trouble soon, the figure quickly sneaked inside Nocturne Hospital, staying out of sight as he watched the group go by. His eyes were on Whisper, who obviously looked worried about the group and the possible danger they could be in, but couldn't seem to convey it without fear of accidently drawing unwanted attention.

I will help you when the time comes, my dear friend. I just hope that time has been kind to you since our last meeting.


They had managed to find the X-ray Room and they had just had an X-ray taken of their hearts. They were expecting to see a normal human heart, but what they saw was not what they had been expecting.

Were these X-ray machines modified for Yo-kai use and they were just too lazy to make the machine work for regular humans like us? It would at least explain why our hearts don't look normal!

While the things on the X-rays still maintained a normal heart-like shape, it was the fact that they had faces that completely threw them off. The Leadoni in charge of this room, who wore only a white lab coat, was looking at them with an expectant grin, waiting for them to say something.

"They look...great."

Nate and Katie both knew that was a total lie, but the way that Leadoni was looking at them while they were looking over the x-rays kinda scared them. It was like he was forcing them to say that the x-rays were right.

"Nate and Katie, please make your way to the director's office."

The group left the X-ray room and started looking for the director's room, however they were very reluctant to actually meet the hospital director.


These kids are the perfect subjects for my next experiment! Not only are they able to see and communicate with Yo-kai, they also seem to be healthy from the results of the tests I had them do. I just need a little more information and I can start making preparations.


After they finally managed to find the director's office, they were expecting to see another Yo-kai. So imagine their shock when they saw a normal human sitting at the director's desk and wearing a name tag with his name, Dr. Maddiman, in large letters.

"Have a seat, you two. I'm just going to ask you a few questions."

He gestured to two seats in front of his desk, which Nate and Katie sat down in.

"Have you two been sleeping well lately? Any headaches or nausea?"

"Yes, we've been sleeping well. No, we haven't been having any headaches or nausea."

"I see...and have you been seeing anything strange recently?"

" what?"

"Well...Yo-kai for example."

That's oddly specific!

Nate and Katie looked at each other, then they asked,

"Why are you asking?"

The director seemed to freeze for a second, like he hadn't expected them to say that.

"Err...just curious."

When the director looked at a file that Nate and Katie had just noticed he was holding, they quickly glanced at Whisper. He slowly shook his head as he pointed to the hospital director and mouthed,

"Don't trust him."

The hospital director wrote something down on the file, looked up from it, and gave them the kind of smile you would see on someone trying to be charismatic, but lacking the charm that makes it work.

"Well, you two are in need of a change of heart anyway. Please meet me in the operating room."

The hospital director got up from his desk and to their surprise, he went towards the back of the room and disappeared instead of going through the same way they did. Whisper went over to investigate and saw a hole in the wall that lead towards the first floor.

"Okay, we have to get out of here. I was waiting until we were alone to tell you this in case someone was listening, but someone's been watching us and taking notes. I heard someone writing stuff down after each test and I'm not sure if the rest of you heard it or not."

Everyone nodded and confirmed that they had also heard what sounded like someone writing.

"What's with the whole 'change of heart' thing he was talking about and wanting to meet us in the operating room without mentioning calling our parents or something like that?"

"Nate, can you really come up with a good explaination to tell your parents why you were in an abandoned hospital?"

"Well, no. But wouldn't a doctor at least say something like that, considering we're minors and still in elementary school?"

Katie picked up the file left on the desk as Nate and Whisper were discussing the strangeness of the whole stitutation. She was curious about what was in there and her eyes widened as she read the papers. The rest of the group looked over the file and their fear grew larger. There was papers with basic information about each of them, with Nate and Katie's information circled in red with random comments about how they were perfect candiates for...something. The writing started to get unintelligible at that point.

"This can't be good. Let's leave before we get caught up in another fight again!"

Whisper nodded as he lead the way to what they hoped was their freedom.


Blast that white Yo-kai! He just had to be suspicious of me and make things difficult! As soon as I trap those kids, I'll have my workers make quick work of him! Without that Yo-kai around to help them, there's no way they'll be able to defeat me!


As the group descended downwards, they were careful not to attract attention to themselves as they sneaked towards the front doors, only to find them closed. They tried to open the doors, only to find them locked! Memories of the musuem flashed in their minds as they tried to open the doors again. This time, Whisper offered to see if he could open the door from the outside, but when he attempted to phase through the door, he bumped into it much like Nate or Katie would if they had attempted to it themselves.


"Whisper? Are you okay?"

He nodded as he rubbed his head, then he noticed the two metallic gurneys heading towards them.

"Get up the stairs quickly!"

The group also noticed the gurneys and ran to the stairs as fast as they could to avoid being run over by them. The gurneys stopped by the stairs, blocking the doorway as the group huddled by each other on the stairs. They all had a sneaking suspicion that the gurneys were meant for Nate and Katie, but there was no way they were going to be trapped here.

"How do you feel about finding a way to the third floor? There was an open window up there and we can come down the vine wall."

No one else had a better idea, so they went upstairs, but they found the next flight of stairs was blocked by rubble. As they were about to look for another way up, they found another pair of metallic gurneys up on this floor as well.

"Okay...let's just keep calm for your lives!"

The group started to run as the gurneys chased them around the second floor and the Yo-kai grabbed random pieces of rubble and threw them at the wheels of the gurneys in an attempt to stop them from chasing Nate and Katie. However, it was all in vain as Nate and Katie eventually fell onto the gurneys and were trapped as the gurneys flew down the stairs. The Yo-kai grabbed onto the gurneys, hoping to at least protect Nate and Katie from whatever was going to happen. However, as the gurneys headed towards the operating room, Whisper lost his grip on the gurney he was on and flew away from the group.


Nate, Katie, and the other three Yo-kai watched the doors close on Whisper, who had been trying to catch up to them. They heard him banging on the door as he promised to get them out, then the banging grew quiet. They hoped that he was alright and looking for a way to rescue them as they turned to their right to see two operating tables, a tray of operation tools, and the hospital director waiting for them.

"Now, if you two would just hop onto the operating table..."

Nate and Katie just stared at him.

"You're the Boss Yo-kai...aren't you?"

The hospital director just chuckled darkly.

"Well, two are smarter than you look. I almost couldn't tell since you listen to that paranoid Yo-kai all the time."

"Hey! Don't insult our friend!"

The hospital director turned from a relatively normal human to what they assumed was a human like Yo-kai with one eye and what they had to assume was a mad doctor vibe to him that was connected to an IV.

"It doesn't really matter anyway. Once I defeat you, I'll take your hearts and put them to use in my experiments. But don't worry...I promise that you won't feel a thing!"

He brandished three scapels in one of his hands and said,

"Oh, and I wouldn't worry about that Yo-kai if I were you. My workers will make quick work out of him!"


Whisper had stopped himself in mid-air and tried to catch up to the others, but the doors to the operating room closed in his face and he banged on the door after he found out that he wasn't able to phase through the door.

"Nate! Katie! I'll try to get you out of here!"

He could hear faint mumbles through the door and he looked around for anything he could use to break the door down with.

"Don't bother. There's nothing you can do to save them."

Whisper froze in place and turned around, seeing the three Leadoni that had been testing on Nate and Katie, except that they were now weilding make-shift weapons. Whisper looked around again and realized that the other Yo-kai the group had seen earlier had vanished.

"Weren't there other Yo-kai here?!"

"There were, but they were against us trapping those kids, so we just locked them away until the procedure was over. However, you won't be so lucky!"

Whisper flew out of the way of a Leadoni swinging a piece of wood at him, hearing it bang against the metal door. Whisper let out a sigh of relief as he picked up a piece of rubble and chucked it in the Leadoni's general direction.

Time to get rough.


Nate and Katie could hear the fighting outside of the operating room and it filled them with the confidence they needed to battle. They summoned their other three Yo-kai friends to the battle and they engaged the fight against the mad doctor.

True, Whisper might not be here to help us with finding his weak points, but we can still find a way to beat him.

Filled with rage at Doctor Maddiman for threatening their friends, Jibanyan and the Koma Brothers put everything they got into the battle, even as Dr. Maddiman started to whittle their health away. They were switched out when they got poisoned by him, but the others still put up a good fight. As Nate and Katie cleaned the poison off of the three Yo-kai with a clean rag they had found and gave them some food to heal with, they were also listening to the battle outside, hoping that Whisper was okay.


"Dang it! Keep still!"

Whisper dodged another attack from the Leadoni leader and smacked him with the paper fan in his hand. He had run out of rubble that he was able to lift and toss at the Leadoni and the rubble he threw either disappeared into purple smoke or broke into pieces that wouldn't do enough damage, so he had to start using the paper fan he had on his person for so long. Considering that the last time he had used it in battle was before his inprisonment in the Crank-a-kai, he was a little surprised to see that he was still pretty decent with it, although he felt that he needed more time before he could be in top form again.

I honestly wish that I had bothered to practice fighting with it beforehand in case this sort of thing happened, but it's too late now. I just have to hold them off until the door can open again.

Whisper was growing weary as the battle went on and he slipped up a few times as confirmed by the few scratches made by the Leadoni, but he couldn't let anyone else close to him get hurt ever again.

"You're going to have to rest eventually, Yo-kai."

Whisper knew they were right, but he couldn't afford to rest. If he stopped fighting...he shook his head. He didn't want to imagine it.

"You know, three against one isn't fair."

They turned to where the voice had come from and Whisper's jaw dropped when he saw a nekomata dressed as a samurai with a cresent moon on his helmet walk from the shadows and join Whisper's side. He drew his sword and pointed it at the three Leadoni.

"I really dislike an unfair fight, but the only reason I'm stepping up now is because it looked like he was handling you three pretty well. I'm just offering him some assisstance."

The nekomata turned to Whisper and said,

"How have you been lately?"

"Shogunyan, as much as I want to catch up with you, now's not a good time."

"Ah, right. Remind me after the battle."

The three Leadoni were in shock.

How does he know the legendary Shogunyan and why is Shogunyan so friendly towards him?!

Shogunyan patted Whisper's shoulder as he said to the Leadoni,

"He's an old friend of mine. We've been through a lot together and it seems fitting that our first meeting in so long involves a battle."

One of the Leadoni swung his piece of wood and Shogunyan easily blocked it and sliced it in half, the top part falling on the Leadoni's head.

"Honestly, that was just rude."

Shogunyan started to glow light blue and Whisper wisely floated away, having seen this happen before. Shogunyan took his sword and yelled out,

"Bonito Blade!"

The moment he yelled it, he started to slice at the Leadoni until they surrendered and disappeared into a puff of purple smoke, leaving a set of keys behind. Shogunyan stopped glowing as he fell to his knees, lacking energy.

"Sho? Are you alright?"

Shogunyan nodded as he watched Whisper pick up the fallen keys.

"It's time to rescue everyone!"



Nate and Katie both noticed small hearts appearing around Dr. Maddiman earlier in the battle and it wasn't until they remembered his rant about how he was going to take their hearts that they had realized that the small, floating hearts were connected to Dr. Maddiman in a way. They popped the hearts with whatever they could find and when Dr. Maddiman attempted to heal himself, he was unable to because of the lack of hearts. It left him open to attack and they took advantage of it until he was defeated for good.

"H-how could I lose to mere children?!"

He coughed and fainted, but before he disappeared, he called out a name.

"Chairman Mckraken!"

When the purple smoke cleared, they heard the door to the operating room open and they saw Whisper covered with scratches as he floated into the room.


They rushed over to him and after he confirmed that he was fine, he introduced Shogunyan to the group.

"Guys, this is Shogunyan, an old friend of mine. We used to travel together a lot."

Shogunyan bowed to them.

"It's so nice to know that my friend is in good hands."

"Whisper, we should really do something about your scratches. I think there's something in one of these cabinets that might help, nya."

Jibanyan went to a random cabinet, placed his ear on it, and slowly opened it to reveal a Mirapo inside.

"Oh, thank Divine Paradise! I thought I was going to be stuck in there forever! That crazy doctor and his minions locked me in here to keep you from escaping, but looks who's laughing now!"

After helping Mirapo out of the cabinet, he walked to his normal post by the enterance of Nocturne Hospital and the group found stuff to help Whisper recover faster in the same cabinet. Getting Whisper to sit still was other issue as they discovered that he hated the sting of the disinfectant spray they had found.

"Let me go! Let me go! It stings so much!"

Whisper was actively struggling to escape their grip as they tried to wrap some bandages around his injuries.

"Why can't Whisper heal himself and why aren't we using any of our healing Yo-kai for this?"

Whisper stopped struggling and looked at the ground as he mumbled,

"I'm a Drain Attribute Yo-kai, so I heal in a...different way then the rest of the Yo-kai and you could use a healing Yo-kai on me, but I don't know why Jibanyan didn't think to do that."

"I wanted to take some petty revenge against the doctor for trying to kill you guys by stealing some of his stuff."

Jibanyan had a gleeful smirk on his face as he said that as Nate and Katie were able to finish wrapping the bandages around Whisper.

"Don't a Yo-kai, I'll be scratch-free by tomorrow!"


They headed back to Shoten Temple by Mirapo because none of them felt like riding their bikes or walking there. They found Draggie and Nate and Katie asked him if he knew anyone by the name of Chairman Mckraken. Draggie nodded as he took his crystal ball off his head and it glowed purple, showing a meeting between a large squid Yo-kai and a group of Yo-kai that were completely white.

"My Yo-kai! The wait is over! It's time to get kraken and show these humans who's boss! We'll show them and the Yo-kai traitors that side with them that we're not squidding by taking our chance to octopi the Human Realm!"

There was a moment of silence between the group of white Yo-kai and the squid that the group assumed was Mckraken.

"Okay, so I'm still working on my puns. If any of you have any better ideas on how we can express our anger to the humans, just let me know...but now our time has come!"

He let loose an insane cackle as the group of white Yo-kai cheered. The crystal ball stopped glowing at that point, but that was all the group needed to know. There was something bad happening soon and they had to get ready to stop it at any cost...or they would if it wasn't starting to become evening. They decided to just head home for the night and they agreed on meeting somewhere tomorrow to make plans. After eating dinner, filling out their books, and getting ready for bed, the two kids fell asleep despite how nervous they were for tomorrow.


Whisper sat on the rooftop of Nate's house and sighed softly. He saw Shogunyan next to him as they discussed what has happened since the last time they saw each other.

"If you don't mind me asking, does it still bother you?"

"Does what still bother me?"


Whisper froze in place as memories flashed in his mind and he started to shake.

"S-sorry, I guess it still does bother you."

Whisper sighed softly as the flashbacks ended.


"Do you plan on telling them?"

"Of course I do! It's just...difficult."

"Hey, no rush."

Shogunyan handed Whisper his medal and said,

"Be sure to give that medal to them."

Whisper nodded as Shogunyan left and he went inside when he felt a drop of rain fall on his head and by the time he got back to Nate's room, it had started to pour.

"Hey, Whisper. What were you doing outside, nya?"

"Hmm? Oh, I was just remembering things, Jibanyan."

Whisper sat down and scratched the area between Jibanyan's ears, listening to him purr.

I want to tell them about my past at some point, but I don't know how they'll react. I mean, it would be better if I was the one that told them...

Whisper then remembered what they had seen in the crystal ball and shook his head.

I can't tell them right now. Not when our realms are in danger. Maybe in the future, when things have settled down, I'll tell them...but not right now.

Whisper laid down and after he watched Jibanyan get settled, he fell asleep with a smile.

At least life has been good for me so far.

Chapter Text

Life couldn't be any better for them. Nate was on a picnic at Mount Wildwood with Katie, Whisper, Jibanyan, and the Koma Brothers to celebrate their friendship and the sky was blue and clear. They all laughed at a story Whisper had just told them when Lucas appeared. He gestured to an empty spot near Nate and Nate nodded, giving him permission to sit there. Lucas sat down and took some food as Jibanyan curled up in Lucas's lap. Lucas chuckled and petted Jibanyan's head as the sky started to grow dark. They were all worried as they finished eating and packed up to move to another location, but then the winds picked up and blew everywhere, forcing the Yo-kai to cling to the closest person for dear life to avoid becoming a victim of the wind.

"We have to get out of here!"

Suddenly a light blue beacon started to shine from an unknown location and they traveled to it, hoping it was safety from the winds. To their surprise, it was the tree that the Crank-a-kai was in front of and there was a small light blue light coming from the key around Lucas's neck. There was a stone pillar with a keyhole, so Lucas inserted the key into the keyhole and turned the key. There was a soft click as the Crank-a-kai disappeared and was replaced with a set of doors that opened to reveal an elevator. The group walked into the elevator and found themselves in a beautiful area filled with Yo-kai. They walked forward and saw the teenage Yo-kai with the dragon scarf. The three kids just stared at him for a bit before they started to glow. When the glow died down, Lucas was wearing the same outfit he had worn at the festival and Nate and Katie looked the same except that they had a glowing aura surrounding them, light blue for Nate and pink for Katie, that seemed to originate from their Yo-kai Watches and they were wearing golden armbands with a spirit symbol within the Yo-kai Watch symbol on one side and on the other side was a light blue star and a pink heart. An evil laugh echoed through the land and the teenage Yo-kai pointed to Lucas and said,

"Protect him at all costs."

Just as Nate and Katie nodded, the ground started to shake and white tentecles shot up from the ground. Nate and Katie quickly got in front of Lucas and saw that their aura scared the tentecles away from grabbing Lucas. When their Yo-kai friends came over to them, the aura grew bigger and the tentecles shrank away from the group.

"Prove that you're both worthy of bearing the Yo-kai Watch. Protect both humans and Yo-kai from the evils that wish to keep them apart. Be the bridge that covers the gap between us."


Three kids jolted up in the middle of the night after having the same dream and they all sat up on their beds, wondering what the dream was trying to tell them. Two of them realized that it was a sign of approaching danger, but one wondered if it was connected to his forgotten past and everything that's happened to him recently. They all went back to sleep, determined to figure out the answers in the morning.


"Wait, you had the same dream too?"

Nate and Katie had been heading towards the riverbank with some Custard Bread in hand when Nate told Katie about the dream he had last night, only to discover that she had the same dream.

"That's freaky. The same dream, down to the small details."

Katie nodded as she ate, then Nate mumbled,

"It's odd though. In the dream, Lucas was able to interact with Jibanyan, petting his head and everything. He even laughed when Jibanyan was curled in his lap. I don't just feels weird."

"Considering that we don't know if Lucas can see Yo-kai?"

"Well...remember when you were talking to Lucas about the fire he had witnessed? We didn't say anything because we didn't think it was important, but I swear that Lucas was looking right at me and Jibanyan."

Nate and Katie tried to think back to that day and they realized that Whisper was right. Lucas had been looking in the general direction of both Whisper and Jibanyan, but it never crossed their minds that he was actually looking at them.

"But what was that place we were in?"

"That would be the Yo-kai Realm. It's where us Yo-kai usually hang around when we're not in the Human Realm. The area you were specifically in leads to the throne of the Yo-kai Realm's leader, which that Mckraken guy seems to be in control of. What happened to Lord Enma that resulted in someone like him taking over?"

"The Great Lord Enma passed on some time ago, zura. He went on to the afterlife, having finished his duties as our leader...but something happened during the preparations for our new leader. I don't know the exact details since I lived in the Human Realm with my family at the time, but all I knew was that the throne had been taken over by a non-family member and that he hated humans and any Yo-kai that believe that humans and Yo-kai could be friends. The problem is that the late Great Lord Enma was a strong believer in that philosophy, which in turn made a lot of Yo-kai firm believers in that philosophy."

"Yo-kai like him caused us to be separated from our family and we haven't been able to contact them since then, so we're not even sure if they're okay or not. They might not even know that we're okay!"

They saw the Koma Brother's fire flare up for a moment, but they managed to calm down after a moment.

"Well, we need to make plans. Whisper, do you know how to get the the Yo-kai Realm?"

"There are many ways to get there, but if someone like Mckraken is in charge, they're most likely closed off."

The group sighed as they finished their breakfast and got up to prepare for a possible Yo-kai invasion.

"Nate! Katie!"

They turned around to see Lucas rushing towards them and he was out of breath when he got to them.

"I've been looking for you guys! I need to talk to you about something!"

"Sure, Lucas. What do you want to talk about?"

Lucas nervously fiddled with the key around his neck as he said,

"Well...I have this secret I've been keeping for a while. You might think I'm crazy, but I have to tell someone."

Lucas sighed softly before he continued.

"I can't remember my childhood at all. It never bothered me at first because it's not like anyone has ever asked about it, but lately...I have been getting weird flashes of what I think are my forgotten memories, but I could never tell, then I started seeing these strange creatures everywhere. Kinda like the four hanging around you two right now."

"Wait, can he actually see us?!"

Lucas jumped at Whisper's voice.

"Gah! He can talk!"

Whisper looked at Lucas's wrists and flew around him before stating,

"Odd, I don't see a Yo-kai Watch or anything that can allow him to see and hear us."

" he talking to you two? You can see and hear him too?"

Nate and Katie realized that there was no point in denying it. Lucas can see and hear Yo-kai, just like them.

"Yeah, pretty much."

Lucas mumbled,

"I mean, I did see him hanging around with you whenever we met up, but I never put that much thought into it until now."

Lucas knelt down and started petting Jibanyan, who started purring out of habit.

"'re as soft as you were in the dream I had last night."

"Wait...did your dream start with the three of us having a picnic on Mount Wildwood with Yo-kai and-?"

"We had to go to somewhere on Mount Wildwood to avoid the sudden winds? Yep. Although...that dream was what made me decide to seek you two out and find out what was going on. Even before I started to get curious about my past, I always wanted to be near you two, but I didn't know how why. I thought it was just because I wanted friends and I was too shy to say anything about it, but it wasn't until recently that I realized that it was a combination of wanting friendship and feeling safer when you guys were around."


Lucas nodded with a grim face as he picked up Jibanyan.

"I've been stalked by Yo-kai a lot recently and I'm pretty sure they wanted to attack me, but they always seem hesitant to do so, even when I'm alone."

Were those Yo-kai afraid that they would be hurt if they attacked Lucas? If that's the case, then why were they following him? What's so special about him?

Lucas looked towards Mount Wildwood.

"I have a feeling we have to head to Mount Wildwood...right now."

"Wait, now?!"

Lucas nodded as he started walking towards Mount Wildwood. They walked with him, remembering that the dream told them to keep him safe, but why?

This just gets stranger and stranger...


"This is the tree, but how do we acess the elevator?"

They had stopped at the Crank-a-kai tree on top of Mount Wildwood. If their dream was correct, the elevator to the Yo-kai Realm was inside the tree, but how do they get to it?

"If I remember correctly, there was a stone pillar that Lucas put his key into that made the elevator appear. We just need to find it."

Whisper searched the ground, tapped a specific area, and a stone pillar appeared.

"Like this one?"

Nate and Katie nodded as Lucas inserted the key into the small hole on the stone pillar and turned it. True to what they had seen in the dream, the Crank-a-kai disappeared and a set of elevator doors appeared in the tree. The doors slide open and Lucas took the key out of the stone pillar.

"Lucas, you should probably wait here. I know you want answers as much as we do, but the dream told us to keep you safe and if there are a lot of Yo-kai willing to hurt humans, we don't want to risk getting you hurt."

Lucas nodded as the four Yo-kai joined Nate and Katie in the elevator.

"To the Yo-kai Realm, please."

To their surprise, nothing happened. The elevator doors didn't close and it showed no signs of moving. Instead, it glowed a sickly white, which made Whisper panic.

"Oh, no! Mckraken must have made the elevator inaccessible! We're stuck up here!"

"Whisper, I'm sure we can find another way to the Yo-kai Realm."

"If the elevator isn't working, then nothing else will be working! The Human Realm is about to be invaded and we can't even delay it! We're doomed, I tell you!"

Lucas stepped into the elevator out of concern for Whisper when the doors suddenly closed and the elevator started to glow light blue and shook before descending.

"Whisper? Are you okay?"

Whisper nodded as the panic he had been feeling started to fade, but he knew that it might appear again later on.

"Why are we moving now?"

The best the Yo-kai could do was shrug as the elevator continued to descend until it stopped at the place that they had seen in their dream. It looked to be enternally spring, if the cherry blossom trees blooming in summer were any indication.

"Now what?"

"I guess we continue forward."

The group walked forward to a set of double doors. They pushed the doors open and they saw a winding path with a red gate towards the end of the path they could see.

"There's only one path and three gates to go through, so all we have to do is keep going and we'll reach the throne room."

"I'm afraid that I can't allow you to go any further."

The group looked up to see the teenage Yo-kai with the dragon scarf blocking their path.

"If you want to continue and get the answers to your questions, you'll have to battle me."

Chapter Text

"Wait, why do we have to battle you right now?"

"I need to see if you've improved in battling so that we can stop the invasion or at least delay it."

The group was hesitant to battle him, but they had to continue onward and if the only way to continue was to battle him, then they had to.

"This won't be like your other battles. They made the mistake of underestimating you two just because you were children, but I've been watching you and I won't make that mistake, so go ahead and give me your best shot, but I'm warning you now...I'm not going to hold back."

"Neither are we."

Whisper and Lucas noticed a spark in the Yo-kai's eyes and they were pretty sure that he was smirking under that dragon scarf. Whether Nate, Katie, and the other Yo-kai noticed it or not, they didn't know, but they did know that it was not a good time to ask them.


Okay, in order to beat him, he has to be taken by surprise. How should we do it? Hmm...his dragon scarf seems to be moving of his own free will, so maybe if we have some of the Yo-kai distract the scarf, we can get a few hits in on him!

Nate had an idea and whispered something to Tattletell, who had a gleam in her eye as she lept at the Yo-kai, who then caught her with his scarf.

"Trying to get me to reveal my weakness? I have to say, while it was clever, it's also one of the oldest battling tricks in the book."

Before he could say anything else, he felt the sheer coldness of Frostina's Snow Sherbert as it landed on him. He flinched and almost dropped Tattletell. She then used Loving Slap on him before hopping back over to the group, snickering the whole time. Blandon managed to land a hit with Hazy Dance before the Yo-kai released his own Soultimate Move on the current attacking party, whittling their health to halfway. Nate and Katie let them fight for a little longer before they switched them out for Jibanyan and the Koma Brothers.

They managed to distract me by having look like Tattletell was going to inspirit me! Well, I'm not out of the game quite yet! Let's see what else they got!

Nate knew that the Yo-kai wouldn't fall for the same trick as he healed Tattletell and watched the current attacking party throw a few elemental attacks at their opponent's dragon scarf, then used their Soultimates Moves on the Yo-kai himself when he was distracted by checking on his scarf. The Yo-kai was low on health, but he knew when to admit defeat and landed as he kneeled to the group.

"You have proven your strength to me and I will admit defeat to you."


The dragon scarf seemed to snap at the group after the battle was over, but the Yo-kai wearing it petted it to calm it down.

"Now, now. They're our allies."

"Okay, you said you would answer our questions."

"Yes, I did say that...very well. I'll start with answering the question that is most likely on your mind. I'm Venoct, former servant of the Great Lord Enma."

Okay, that's one question down.

"Why did you save us from Slimamander that day and why have you been watching us since?"

"Slimamander is a dangerous Yo-kai, as you know, and if he was loose in Springdale, it would mean trouble to both humans and Yo-kai alike. When I heard that some Yo-kai were trying to release him, I tried to track down the Yo-kai responsible and check on the seals, but to my surprise, the Yo-kai that had been guarding the seals had been defeated and the seals had been fixed. I went to the school to check on the main seal that kept Sliamander in check, only to find you two battling him. I was going to step in and help, but you were making good work of him, so I just watched. Besides, I was pretty bored and needed the entertainment. I was going to leave when the battle was over but then Slimamander decided to try to burn you, so I decided to step in and make sure that you two didn't die."

"So, you were watching us because of Slimamander?"

"No, I've been watching you two for a little longer than that. Slimamander was just want convinced me that you could help me with something that I'll discuss later."

Okay, it's still creepy knowing that you've been watching us, Venoct.

"C-can I ask something? Why can I see Yo-kai and why am I here? I'm not as experinced in dealing with Yo-kai as Nate and Katie, so why do I have the key to the Yo-kai Realm? Why didn't one of them or their Yo-kai companions have it?"

"When the Great Lord Enma was still around, he had two grandsons. Their parents had unfortunately passed on too soon, so they grew up under his care. Both grandsons were curious about the Human Realm and listened to his stories of the Human Realm and how he wanted Yo-kai and humans to co-exist."

Venoct had a faint smile in his face as he spoke about it.

"As time went on, he had a vision where one grandson lived in the Human Realm and the other grandson stayed in the Yo-kai Realm so that the grandson in the Human Realm could help the grandson in the Yo-kai Realm better understand humans when the time came. Try as he could, he couldn't figure out which grandson was which in his vision, but he knew that the idea could work. He decided to have a special item enchanted so that it would glow when touched by the grandson that was destined to live in the Human Realm and he summoned his grandsons. He had them hold the item in their hands until it glowed in the hands of the youngest grandson."

Venoct quickly glanced at Lucas before he continued.

"After preparations had been made, the youngest was sent to the Human Realm and came back to the Yo-kai Realm during the times where it wouldn't be considered suspicious for him to be gone for long periods of time. Life was good for them until the day that the Great Lord Enma fell ill. No one knew how it had happened, but everyone suspected that someone was trying to get rid of the Great Lord Enma. When he suddenly passed on, there was chaos in the Realm as no one knew who was to be in charge until one of the grandsons had fully developed their powers. During the chaos, Chairman Squiddilius Mckraken had taken control of the throne and his political party started to rise. Unfortunately, Mckraken was against everything that the late Great Lord Enma had stood for, so needless to say, there was rioting from both his political party and the rest of the Yo-kai Realm because of their loyalties and beliefs. The grandsons had to be separated for their safety until their powers had fully developed or until we could find someone that could help us, someone that Mckraken wouldn't expect or take seriously."

Venoct sighed as he continued.

"However, there hadn't been any news about anyone like that in years. I took the youngest grandson back to the house that he had been staying at in the Human Realm and blocked off his past memories so that Mckraken and his croonies couldn't find him until something could be done about that corrupted chairman. I began to lose hope after a while until I saw you two fighting Slimamander and I knew that the youngest would be in good hands."

Lucas looked at the key in his hands and he heard a voice in his mind that he knew wasn't his own.

"Lucas, this key has the ability to take you between both the Yo-kai and Human Realms. You'll be able to help bridge the gap between Yo-kai and humans like a lot of humans and Yo-kai before you along with your cousin. I know that you can do this. After all, you are of the Enma bloodline!"

Lucas looked up at Venoct and said,

"I'm the youngest grandson of the late Great Lord Enma, aren't I?"

There was shock in Venoct's eyes that quickly faded.

"Yes. In the Human Realm, your full name is Lucas Kai Yenamo, but your full and true name in the Yo-kai Realm is Lucas Kai Enma."

" said that my memories were blocked off, right? Then why have I been having faint recollections of what I think are my memories?"

"The memory block was supposed to wear off eventually, but this is too early. I suppose it could be because of the sudden increase in Yo-kai spiritual energy. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem having a lot of Yo-kai in the Human Realm, but with the way Mckraken has been running things, there's almost no balance between the two realms."

Venoct went over to Nate and Katie, slipping his medal into their hands.

"I'm going to take Lucas to a safe location. When you're about to fight Mckraken, summon me."

Nate and Katie nodded as they watched Venoct and Lucas head to the elevator and go up until they were just specks in the sky.

"Well, we better get going, guys. The fate of the realms depends on us."


Meanwhile, with Lucas and Venoct...

Venoct walked with Lucas as he tried to narrow down the least likely places that Mckraken or his croonies would think to look for Lucas.

Let's see...there's Shoten Temple, Frostia's Place, Timer's and More, wherever Mr. Barton is hanging around...someplace with a powerful Yo-kai or human that can watch Lucas until Mckraken is defeated.

He looked at Lucas and smiled, remembering when Lucas was little, always happy and curious.

If it hadn't been for the Whispocrates Law*, Lucas would've been found out in the Human Realm a long time ago.

*Whispocrates Law: Allows Yo-kai to use a different name under certain circumstances and if they wish to do so, they can legally change their name. Whether or not it effects the Yo-kai's medals is up to the Yo-kai in question.

Chapter Text

Nate, Katie, and their Yo-kai companions looked towards the path and after composing themselves, they walked forward to the red gate up ahead.

"Hey, Whisper? What's so special about these gates?"

"They're guarded by the Onis of Terror Time, Gargaros, Ogralus, and Orcanos."

The group stopped in their tracks, shocked.

"Wait, what?! The same onis that hunt for kids sneaking around after dark guard the gates?!"

Whisper nervously chuckled.

"Well, we were only caught in Terror Time once and considering the circumstances right now, I don't think they'll hold it against you."

Nate and Katie sighed as they and the rest of the group continued onward. As they walked, they saw some Yo-kai in the area. Some were too scared to even acknowledge the group walking by, a few were curious, but didn't say or do anything, and the rest just waved to the group with a smile. To pass the time until they got to the red gate, Whisper explained that there were areas below the bridge that sometimes had Yo-kai roaming around.

"There's three areas that I know of down there...hold on..."

Whisper pulled out his Yo-kai Pad and typed in something before nodding.

"The three areas are Hungry Pass, Liar Mountain, and Hooligan Road. To access them, you either need to fail the tests that the Onis give you or fall through specific holes that are in the fences along the bridge."

"What? There's no rope to get back up with?"

"There is, but I'm pretty sure that it would take you back to the gate that you had passed through to get to that area. You could always climb down the rope if you want to see the area before walking down the bridge."

On one hand, we can fight some Yo-kai and get stronger while seeing some new areas, but on the other hand, we don't want to waste a lot of time and there's a chance of us getting lost down there if we're not careful.

As they juggled with the thought of visiting the areas, they heard Whisper say,

"We're almost there, guys."

True to Whisper's words, they were closing in on the red gate and in front of it was Gargaros.

After we pass his trail, we'll just keep walking on the bridge and see what happens and if we don't see those areas, we don't see those areas. Besides, it's not like we won't come back and visit this place again...right?

They composed themselves and walked forward, stopping in front of him. To their surprise, Gargaros looked to be rather calm, unlike the first time they encountered him.

"We would like to pass through the gate, please."

"To pass through this gate, you must have a good heart. Have you helped those in need?"

"Yes, we have."

Gargaros stared at them for a few moments, then he disappeared and they heard an echoing voice say to them,

"You two do have good hearts. The energy from those you have helped is enough to convince me. You are free to pass by the red gate."

The group walked through the red gate and they continued onward, seeing a blue gate in the distance, which was their next destination.


Meanwhile, in the throne room...

Mckraken was looking over a few papers with a scowl on his face. of the threats to my leadership got away and is under the protection of some traitorous Yo-kai and if the report I got from Maddiman is true, there's two human kids that can see us and they're on their way to defeat me! It took me years to finally get the throne to myself and I'm not going to let some human kids take that away from me!

Mckraken tossed the papers to the side, which made them disappear in a puff of smoke, and he sighed with annoyance, but then an idea formed in his head.

I know! I'll make the kids fall into the area below the bridge! Sure, it'll just delay them, but if I can keep them away long enough, the invasion can still be launched!


Back with the group, they were almost to the blue gate when they felt the bridge shaking. They held on to the rails to steady themselves before they could walk forward to a safer area, but the rails suddenly broke and even though Whisper and the other Yo-kai grabbed the kids to keep them from falling, it was in vain as the shaking got worse and the kids lost their balance, which made the whole group fall downwards. Thankfully, they landed safely on what looked like a giant cake and after looking around, they realized that this must be Hungry Pass, if the cake theme didn't already give it away.

"Okay, all we have to do is find the rope and we'll be back at the red gate, which unfortunately means that we have to walk all the way back to where we were before the bridge started shaking."

As they walked around, looking for the rope, the kids asked if the shaking was normal in the Yo-kai Realm. Whisper shook his head and said,

"This must have been a dirty trick created by Mckraken to delay us! We have to keep going forward and stop him if we want to keep our realms safe!"

The group walked through the cakey area, occasionally fighting some Yo-kai to be ready for battling Mckraken, until they found the rope. They climbed up the rope and found themselves at the red gate. They quickly rushed down to the blue gate, where Ogralus was waiting.

"We need to pass through the gate."

He looked at them and said,

"I cannot let children pass, so tell me the truth. Are you children?"

"We are children, but we need to pass through the gate, sir."

"I admire your honesty. In truth, I was only going to let you pass if you told the truth."

"You mean...?"

Ogralus nodded as he disappeared.

"You're free to pass through the blue gate."

As the group was about to cross through the blue gate, they felt the bridge shake slightly and looked towards the rope that would take them to the next area below the bridge.

Better safe than sorry.

They climbed down the rope and as their feet touched the rocky ground of the area that Whisper identified as Liar Mountain, they saw the rope shake violently. Nate and Katie took their hands off the rope and hoped that the rope didn't break off the bridge and leave them stranded on Liar Mountain. Whisper noticed their distress and reassured them that the rope wouldn't break. Nate and Katie sat down and looked over the area they were in while they waited for a sign that told them it was safe to go back up. They didn't really know what they had been expecting when they got there. Liar Mountain was just a mountain-like area that was dark due to being under a bridge. If it wasn't for the blue lights floating around, Nate and Katie doubted that they would've been able to see anything. There were Yo-kai hanging around, as expected, but there were also a few Yo-kai that looked odd. These Yo-kai looked like some of the Yo-kai that were hanging around Liar Mountain, except that they were completely white.

"Wait a minute...didn't we see Yo-kai like that in Draggie's crystal ball?"

"Yeah. They were in the same room as Mckraken when we saw him, which means that they have to be his followers! We're getting close to him if we're seeing his followers!"

None of them knew if they should be happy or scared that they were on the right track. On one hand, they were getting closer to hopefully delaying the invasion. On the other hand, these Yo-kai and Mckraken have been running their operation for a while and were probably as strong as the group, if not stronger.

It must be terrible for any Yo-kai that happen to be the same color as Mckraken's followers. If it wasn't for the fact that his followers appear to have glowing red eyes, Yo-kai like Whisper and Komasan would probably never be trusted unless they could prove that they were against Mckraken's ideals.

Nate and Katie looked at their Yo-kai companions, who were practicing fighting and Whisper was making sure that they didn't damage themselves too much and end up wasting their healing items before the big battle.

We haven't been with these guys for long, but to imagine not having them around feels strange. They've already made themselves a huge part of our lives...

"Ready to head back up?"

They were snapped out of their thoughts by Whisper, who was now gesturing towards the rope. They nodded, climbed back up to the blue gate, and started walking forward to the gate guarded by Orcanos.


Meanwhile, with Mckraken...

Mckraken sent some of his followers to the part of the bridge that connected the gate that Orcanos guarded to the Lord's Gate.

If those kids expect to get to me, they'll have to go through my followers first!

Mckraken had a malicious smile on his face as he sat on the throne and patiently waited, either for his followers to defeat and capture the kids and the traitorous Yo-kai accompanying them or for the group to walk into the throne room themselves, allowing him to be the last thing that they'll ever face.

Once they're defeated, by my hand or otherwise, there'll be nothing to stop me from taking over these realms!


The group walked up to Orcanos, the final gate guardian. He was very intimidating to the group, but not enough to scare them from their task. They patiently waited as he looked the group over.

"You have fought well to make it this far. The Lord's Gate is just beyond this gate, but be warned. Mckraken and his followers are not to be taken lightly."

Orcanos disappeared from the gate and the group went down the rope to Hooligan Road before the bridge could shake and mess up their balance. When their feet touched the ground, they released the rope and decided to look around at Hooligan Road and the first thing that hit them was how hot it was. The heat was very uncomfortable and the fact that there was lava or magma below the rocky paths made it clear that this was a volcano area. The Yo-kai in the area, both normal and Mckraken's followers, seemed to be used to the heat, but to Nate and Katie, this was unbearable and they were pretty sure that the Yo-kai Watch was the only thing keeping them from feeling the full effects of Hooligan Road's temperature.

"Can someone check and see if it's safe to climb back up? The heat's so unbearable down here."

Whisper mumbled,

"This is nothing. There's a much hotter place than Hooligan Road and if we ever find it, than you'll be wishing that you were back here...or maybe at home."

The kids considered asking Whisper what he was talking about, but then they realized that the rope hadn't been shaking since they got down here.

That's odd...the bridge would normally be shaking by now...did Mckraken give up already? No...from what we've heard about him, he's not going to give up just like that. He must have developed a better idea than just trying to throw us off balance so we would be delayed.

After Whisper went up to make sure that the bridge wasn't shaking and that it was safe to climb back up, the rest of the group climbed back up the rope and they passed through the black gate. They looked around as they noticed that the bridge was turning white as they walked towards the Lord's Gate. They saw more of Mckraken's followers as they walked, knowing that his followers were looking to pick a fight with them.

Well, if they want to fight us so badly, they can, but with the bonds between us and our Yo-kai, it'll be hard to defeat us.


After fighting a few of Mckraken's followers, they found themselves at the Lord's Gate. There was an Eyepo, so they healed their Yo-kai, switched out Blandon for Venoct, and after he was summoned to the Lord's Gate with them, he said,

"This is it. We're going to face Mckraken, either stop or delay the invasion, and bring peace back to both realms."

"Is Lucas safe?"

"Yes, he's with Mr. Barton at the school. He's going to wait there until we come back."

The group braced themselves as they walked through the Lord's Gate and saw Mckraken sitting on the throne, waiting for them.

Chapter Text

The group started at Mckraken, who was lazily sitting on the throne, looking at them like he was expecting someone else to walk in.

"Huh...not what I expected."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"When I heard that two kids were going to try to stop me, I expected you to be in either junior high or high school, not elementary school."

Of course, Mckraken was lying. Having read the report Maddiman gave him, he did know how old the two kids were. He just wanted to rile them up a little, although he was admittedly worried.

Maybe trying to rile them up is a bad idea...if these two managed to defeat Maddiman and get here to fight me,, Squiddilius. Don't get distracted. You've put too much work into getting to the top and you're not going to let some kids take that away from you!

Mckraken gave the group a malicious smile as he attempted to repress his negative thoughts.

"I must say, I'm surprised to see any human children making it this far. I would say you have guts, but honestly? I think you just wasted your time if you think you can defeat me."

"And what makes you so certain, Squiddilius? Do you feel threatened by two human children that have bonded with Yo-kai?"

Venoct's voice carried a tone that sounded like a combination of being threatening and teasing.

"N-no! Yo-kai are far more superior to the humans! We should be ruling over them!"

Venoct didn't buy it. He knew that Mckraken was terrified of his plans falling apart, plans that he had spent years putting together. The only thing keeping him from letting the invasion to the Human Realm start right that second was the fact that he was facing what could be his plan's demise and he couldn't think straight.

"Humans and Yo-kai should never be friendly with each other! I'm restoring the pride that was lost when some of these Yo-kai actually decided to be friends with the humans and act like their little pets!"

Nate and Katie didn't have to look at their Yo-kai companions to know that they felt insulted by Mckraken's words, saying they had no pride by befriending humans and Nate and Katie saw Whisper's face turn cold, which they had rarely, if never, seen. Yes, they had seen him mad and annoyed a few times in the short while they had known him, but the expression on his face was that of someone who has had enough.

"Excuse me, but just because some Yo-kai believe that we can get along with humans doesn't mean we have no pride. If you can't even see that truth, you're not fit to even rule a goldfish bowl, let alone the Yo-kai Realm, you shellfish Yo-kai."

Whisper broke his cold facade to snicker at his unintentional pun and Nate and Katie took the moment to speak up for their friendship with their Yo-kai companions.

"That's right! We just want to live together in peace!"

Mckraken laughed, obviously not taking them seriously, even with Whisper snapping back to his cold facade.

"Squeeheehee! You gotta be squidding me! It's never going to happen once I take over!"

"We'll see about that! Mckraken, we challange you to a battle!"

Mckraken looked confused for a moment as he looked at the Yo-kai currently with them.

Let's see, the only strong one they have seems to be Venoct and I've seen the kid fight. Other than him, I can easily wipe out the other Yo-kai they brought. I mean, it's just a nekomata, two komainus, and whatever the white Yo-kai that doesn't work for me is supposed to be. This will do nicely.

"Very well, I'll agree to your battle."

Mckraken got up from his throne and walked down the stairs to the group, stopping just a few feet away. To his surprise, Nate and Katie summoned two more Yo-kai, Frostina and Tattletell and sent them up with Venoct, the nekomata, and the two komainus.

"Wait a minute! Why isn't he battling?"

Mckraken gestured to Whisper, who was already hanging near Nate and Katie with his Yo-kai Pad in hand.

"Oh, I'm not a battler. I'm a butler."

Of course, Nate and Katie, along with Jibanyan and the Koma Brothers, knew that Whisper was a decent battler due to the Nocturne Hospital thing, but they all agreed that Whisper didn't have to battle until he felt he was ready to battle once again.

"Besides, Squiddilius, they never told you which Yo-kai were going to battle you."


As the battle began, Mckraken had to rethink his battle plan slightly since Whisper wasn't battling him and there were now six Yo-kai battling him instead of five.

Look Squiddilius, it's just a cat, two lion dogs, a grandma, a little girl, and a teenager...all of which have elemental powers and are dead. What am I saying? These kids managed to defeat Maddiman and get here to me with most of these Yo-kai here and if Venoct is here, these kids must have impressed him enough to be willing to work in a group, considering that he's usually alone...

Mckraken was snapped out of his thoughts by Jibanyan scratching him multiple times.

Gah! Focus, Squiddilius!

The Koma Brothers then lauched their elemental attacks at the same time, creating a ball of electricity and fire that hit Mckraken straight in the chest, which made him stumble, but considering how strong he was, it wasn't enough. Still, that didn't stop the front party from putting their all into their attacks until they were switched out to heal.

Great, now I have to deal with the more human-like Yo-kai. I better not be defeated by them, otherwise this will be very embarrassing.

Unfornately for Mckraken, having the younger sister of a powerful Blizzaria, a small grandma that can heal her allies and inspirt you to reveal your weakness, and the former servant of the late Great Lord Enma battling you wasn't exactly a bundle of joy, especially if said Yo-kai were friends with humans trying to help the former servant restore peace to both realms.

I'll let them fight me for a while, then I'll unleash my secret weapon!

Mckraken did put up a fight, draining health from one Yo-kai, stealing some energy from their Soultimate Moves, attacking them with whatever elemental ball he could summon, and occasionally smacking them with the tentacles hanging around in the background, although the other Yo-kai still kept fighting as well, throwing their own elemental attacks at him, hoping to stop him from stealing their health and energy.

Okay, time to stop playing around!

Mckraken started to create a large, light blue and white ball of energy as the tentacles blocked off the Yo-kai from disrupting Mckraken's progress.

"He's preparing his Soultimate Move! We have to stop him right now!"

Venoct unleashed his Soultimate Move to remove one the tentacles protecting Mckraken and the other Yo-kai followed suit with their Soultimate Moves until there was nothing left to protect Mckraken. Mckraken fell to his knees out of shock, leaving him in a vulnerable position as Venoct's dragon scarf dealt the final blow, defeating Mckraken once and for all.


"H-how?! How could I be defeated?! Why did you have to get involved?!"

Whisper crossed his arms and said,

"Don't blame us. You're the one who couldn't leave the Human Realm to the humans. These realms don't belong to one single entity and if they did, it would certainly not be you! It wouldn't be good for the reputation of the Yo-kai that want peace between the two realms if you were in charge!"

Mckraken gave out a weak laugh as he said,

"You may have beaten me here, but I'll be coming back! Both realms will be wrapped around my tentacles and they will be mine! Just you wait!"

With that said, Mckraken disappeared into a large puff of purple smoke and the group stared in silence, feeling both happy because they had defeated Mckraken and worried because they had a feeling that it was far from over.

"Let's get out of here and meet up with Lucas. I just hope he's okay."

"Don't worry, he is. He's at the school right now."

"Well, let's get going then!"

As they left the throne room, there was a Mirapo who looked extremely happy to see them.

"It's about time someone put Mckraken in his place! As my way of thanking you, I'll transport you to the Yo-kai Elevator so you don't have to walk all the way back!"

They stepped through Mirapo and true to his word, they were at the elevator. They stepped onto the platform and headed back to the Human Realm.


"Hey, Lucas!"

Nate and Katie saw Lucas waiting at the statue where they had first encountered Slimamander and met Venoct for the first time. Mr. Barton was also there waiting for them as they walked up and explained what had happened. Mr. Barton looked out into the distance as he said,

"I have a feeling that it's far from over."

Before they could ask Mr. Barton what he meant, they saw the statue glow purple and Slimamander appeared before the group.

"Oh no..."

"Masssster Mckraken has freed me from my imprisssonment and the first thing I'll do is-!"

Venoct sent his dragon scarf at Slimamander before he could finish his sentence and Slimamander disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"But we fixed the seals and locked him away! How did he get out?!"

As if on cue, Kyubi came up to the group.

"Bad news! Mckraken's goons have invaded the Human Realm!"

"What?! I thought he would hold off the invasion if he was defeated!"

Kyubi glared in the direction he had just come from.

"So did I, but apparently Mckraken has decided to have one more go at total realm domination."

"This is terrible! What do we do?!"

Whisper was silent as he knew of one way that could work, but he wasn't sure how Nate and Katie would react. He glanced at Venoct, who seemed to know what he was thinking about. Venoct nodded at Whisper and Whisper sighed as he said,

"There is a way to stop Mckraken for good. We need to make some stronger seals to keep him from getting to Springdale and after we do that...we have to seal the elevator, which will break the connection between our realms."

It only took a second for Nate and Katie to realize what he was saying.

"If we seal the'll never be able to come back to the Human Realm?"

Whisper nodded solemnly and Nate and Katie started to think to themselves.

Can we really do this? We'll never see our Yo-kai friends again if we seal the elevator, but if we don't...Mckraken and his followers will overrun the Human Realm and cause more trouble.

Nate and Katie sighed softly as they came to their final desicion.

"Alright, how can we make some stronger seals?"

Kyubi summoned a bag with a picure of a sakura flower and handed it to Katie and handed a map with three locations circled on it to Nate.

"You have to sprinkle this stuff on the cherry blossom trees to make them bloom. By making them bloom, they'll make the seals stronger."

"Nate, Katie, you go work on making the cherry blossoms bloom while Kyubi and I deal with Mckraken's followers. Lucas, you stay with Mr. Barton until I come to get you, okay?"

Lucas nodded as Venoct and Kyubi left to battle Mckraken's followers and Nate looked at the map and pointed to one of the circles that was just a few feet away from where they were standing.

"Come on, there's a tree we can make bloom over here!"

They rushed to the tree and saw Wazzat in the middle of battling a large wall-like Yo-kai.

"I won't let you let you hurt my friends and their realm, Impass!"

Wazzat angrily bit down on Impass's head and they watched him become very confused.

"Wait...where am I? What was I doing again?"

Wazzat turned to see Nate and Katie standing there and gave them a smile.

"Hiya! This Yo-kai threatened to make things difficult for you so I turned the tables on him!"

Katie sprinkled the powder on the tree and to their amazement, the famous pink petals of the cherry blossoms appeared.


"This area is now safely sealed! Let's get to the next seal!"

Nate looked at the map again and after some careful thought, they headed down towards the riverbank to find Walkappa giving his all against  yet another one of Mckraken's followers.

"There's no way I'm going to let someone like you take over, Rollen!"

"Look at how you struggle. The die has been cast and resistance shall only make it worse."

Whether or not Rollen was just saying that to mess with Walkappa, they didn't know, but they did help fight with Walkappa until Rollen was defeated. With him gone, they were free to make the cherry blossoms in the area bloom.

"Okay, I'll stay here and make sure no one messes with the cherry blossoms here! You guys go and make the rest of the cherry blossoms bloom!"

They went to the final area, which was actually close to their homes and saw Rattelle casually blocking the Yo-kai's bat swings with her parasol and attacking him with her parasol.

"Glad to see you two here! I have a bit of a problem as you can see here. I have been fighting this Bruff for a while and he refuses to give up so I was wondering if you two could give a lady a hand with this?"

After managing to fight off Bruff, they threw the powder onto the trees and saw the cherry blossoms blooming once again.

"You guys go on ahead! I have to protect this beautiful seal you just made from those evil Yo-kai!"

As they walked away, Whisper said,

"We did it! Now we just have to get to the Yo-kai Elevator and seal it off once and for all!"

In the chaos, they had almost forgotten what that meant for their Yo-kai friends, but they couldn't worry about that right now. They had to get to Mount Wildwood and make sure Mckraken didn't make it to the elevator.



Mr. Barton had finished making the final call to the Yo-kai that were disguised as humans living in Springdale, making sure that they had made the preperations for what was to come.

I'll really miss it here, but after the elevator is sealed, we won't be here anymore. Of course, maybe in the future, a way for us to come back will be found, but we'll have to wait and see.


As they walked up the steps towards the Yo-kai Elevator, they saw the surrounding area had turned white. Worried, they rushed forward to find some of their Yo-kai friends there and Mckraken being held back by streams of energy.

"So you made some new seals and managed to drive away my followers...big whoop. That's not going to stop me!"

Mckraken broke through the energy streams holding him back and tranformed into a new form that none of them expected to see.

"Squeeheeheehee! Time for me to show you what real power is!"

"Give us your best shot, Mckraken! The bottom line is, you're not taking over anything!"

"That's right! You may as well just give up and go home right now!"

"Nyobody wants you here anyway!"

"Yo-kai agreeing with Yo-kai against me?! I'm inkredulous, you traitors!"

Mckraken seemed to thinking something over for a second before saying,

"I'll make you a deal. Join me, and you can rule this realm. How's that?"

Whisper just gave Mckraken an annoyed look and said,

"A: you can't bargin with something you don't have.

B: you can't bargin with something no one else here has any interest in.

C: I don't make deals with anyone that  calls me a traitor just for being friends with humans. You really are quite an awful negotiator, you know that?"

"Yeah! They're actively choosing to live and coexist with us out of their own free will!"

"I'm nyot gonna let a bully like you threaten Amy's realm! I'll protect Amy, Nyate, and Katie, nyo matter what the cost!"

Komasan, despite his timid nature managed to speak up,

"'s bad to do...bad things!"

"You all lost your pride as Yo-kai! No matter! I have nothing else to discuss with you. This realm is going to be mine!"


The moment that the Yo-kai Nate and Katie selected to go into battle stepped towards Mckraken, they all felt a sudden burst of energy inside them as they started to fight Mckraken. Even the Yo-kai that were just hanging around started to help in whatever way they could, whether it be shouting words of encouragement, healing the battlers in any way that they could, or telling them where to hit Mckraken to deal more damage. As they witnessed the battle happening before their eyes, Nate and Katie only had one thought on their minds.

Is our friendship with them the reason their attacks are more powerful? They would risk everything to make sure that nothing happens to us or our realm. The least we can do is help them through this battle!

"Keep going, guys!"

"We believe in you!"

Even as Mckraken's new form changed into a strange palatte of colors and he used new attacks on the battlers, they never gave up on their Yo-kai friends and they never gave up on Nate and Katie until eventually, the battle came to an end as Mckraken once again fell to his knees.


"I don't believe could I possquidly lose? What a calamarity!"

"Are you quite through yet? Let's all experience your defeat a bit of self-respect. As a butler, I'm quite proud of all of us! Our cooperation was stellar!"

"I don't regret a thing nyow!"

"I feel kind of...actually...I feel more confident, zura!"

"So do I, Komasan!"

"It's like Lord Enma always said: 'The Human Realm needs our friendship, not our control. To witness the strength of friendship between humans and Yo-kai is both inspiring and humbling.'"

Nate and Katie both wiped away a tear that had formed after hearing Whisper say that.

"Whisper, that's beautiful."

Whisper smiled at the two kids before  turning back to Mckraken, who was now disapppearing into a very large puff of smoke and when he disappeared, everything was back to normal.

"So, I guess this is it, huh?"

Whisper nodded.

"I'm afraid so. It's time to close the Yo-kai Elevator."

They both knew this was coming, but they couldn't help but cry.

"W-whisper...I know we have to make sure our realms are safe from Mckraken...but it feels like it's too soon for us to part ways and there's still so much we don't know about Yo-kai."

Whisper looked at them with sadness in his eyes and said,

"I know, but every meeting leads to a parting. It's the circle of life. Our goodbyes were fated since the moment we met at this very tree."

"We know, but we're not ready to leave you guys..."

Whisper dried their tears as he tried to stay strong for them.

"Allow me to perform my final duty as your butler."

Whisper softly mumbled something as he summoned a talisman.

"This talisman is what we need to take care of the elevator!"

Whisper flew up to the elevator doors and slapped the talisman onto the doors.

"We're now...closed for business!"

A bright light shot out and Nate and Katie covered their eyes to avoid being blinded by the light. When they uncovered them, they saw the area was glowing softly and so were the Yo-kai in the area.

"My time as your butler...has sadly come to an end. We must now go back to our own realm."

As he said that, some of the Yo-kai started to disappear one by one, clearly either trying to hide that they were crying, trying not to cry, or just giving up and letting their tears flow.

"However, you must not worry. This is not a moment of sadness."

Jibanyan gave the kids a small and sad smile as he waved goodbye to them.

"Bye-bye nyow..."

"I'm sure we'll meet again someday."

Nate and Katie saw their Yo-kai Watches disappear into a small ball of light and looked at Whisper, the only Yo-kai remaining.

"And with that, I shall take my leave. Goodbye...for now."

Whisper gave them a gentle smile as he disappeared, much like the other Yo-kai had.


There was yet another burst of light and when they looked up, there was nothing at the foot of the tree. No Crank-a-kai, no elevator doors, nothing out of the ordinary.

"T-this is really it, huh?"


They sighed sadly and mumbled,


They walked out of the area with the Crank-a-kai and as they walked, they saw the light pink cherry blossom petals falling and they grabbed each others hands and rushed forward, happily laughing as they reached the stairs and overlooked the town.

"Thank you, Whisper."

They smiled and stared into the distance, remembering the journey and fun they had with him and their Yo-kai friends.

"Thank you, my Yo-kai friends."

Chapter Text

Time had passed since their Yo-kai friends had returned to the Yo-kai Realm and Nate and Katie tried to make the best of it. They hung out with Bear and Eddie, either playing a video game or catching bugs, although Eddie was still confused about how the cherry blossoms had bloomed so suddenly as he brought it up in their conversations from time to time, but he eventually stopped talking about it.

Such a beautiful sight, those cherry blossoms. Good thing we saved a few petals from the trees.

When they weren't hanging out with Bear and Eddie, they were riding their bikes around Springdale, really missing how they could use a charm to carry their bikes, but those days were long gone. Their bike rides showed their town changing as a new
restaurant was getting ready to open, the hot springs was starting to be remodeled, some donut shops were going to be moving into Flower Road, and the construction site was slowly becoming what they discovered to be a new gym.

Hard to believe that we were in there trying to fight Kyubi and ended up fighting Massiface, although we did get Komasan and Komajiro's friendship, so that was a plus.

However, no matter what they did to distract themselves, they always thought back to their Yo-kai friends. More than once they had caught themselves about to speak to their Yo-kai friends, only to remember that they weren't there anymore. Whether it be a trip to get some ice cream and almost asking their Yo-kai friends what flavor they wanted or almost asking Whisper's opinion on getting him a bowtie to make him look more butler-like, they couldn't get their minds off of them. The only things they had left were memories, drawings, and notes they had made over their journey. One night, as they were in their rooms, they looked over the night sky and wondered if and when they would see their Yo-kai friends again.


In the Yo-kai Realm...

Life hadn't been the same since they sealed the Yo-kai Elevator. Sure, they were able to punish Mckraken for what he did and they were currently looking for the other grandson so that he could safely come back and rule over the Yo-kai Realm, but it felt empty. Whisper and Jibanyan were staying with the Koma Brothers and their family at their vacation house since Jibanyan didn't have a house due to becoming a Yo-kai recently and Whisper never had a permanent place to stay, being a traveler and all before his imprisonment. Whisper often thought about Nate and Katie, hoping that they were alright and as he sat on the porch one morning with Jibanyan and the Koma Brothers, a letter appeared in front of them and after reading it, they all smiled and after thanking the Koma Brother's family for letting them stay with them, they rushed forward to see if what the letter had said was true.


Nate and Katie were walking to Triangle Park as they discussed their plans for the summer, only to see a light blue ball of flame.

"Can it be...?"

They slowly walked up to the flame and when they turned the corner, they saw Jibanyan, smiling. Nate and Katie smiled as well and laughed happily as they saw more Yo-kai appearing.

"You guys were able to come back!"

Jibanyan and the Koma Brothers rushed up to Nate and Katie, hugging them as tears of joy spilled from their eyes from both parties. They looked up and saw Whisper, also crying with tears of joy as he bowed to them and they hugged him tight, afriad that he would disappear if they let him go. Nate felt a weight on his wrist and Katie felt a weight around her neck and saw that their Yo-kai Watches were back. It had felt so weird not wearing them anymore and not being able to see and talk to Yo-kai anymore, but now everything felt right again. Nate and Katie laughed again as they declared with a smile,

"Our lives are back to normal!"