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Love, probably.

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If Reigen had to think a reason as to why he was in his current situation it would probably be that someone just had too much time in their hands, and honestly, that wasn't too far from the truth.

Mogami knew Reigen wasn't a bad person. He didn't exude that certain.... aura people usually exuded when their souls were gradually being corrupted with negative emotions.

But, as he figured, if any evil person with enough effort could become a good person, wouldn't that work the other way around, too? Even the best of people, under the most terrible of circumstances, could turn into the worst. He himself was probably proof of that.... though he'd never been particularly "good", but that wasn't the point to be made here.

Mogami had thought out an entire scenario, designed a medieval-looking prison, and shackled Reigen with the crudest and most uncomfortable shackles he could come up with. He wanted to maybe make a metaphor that the shackles symbolized vanity, or something of that sort.

But even as he started on the deepest, most symbolic part of his evil speech, Reigen...

....Reigen wasn't into it.

He didn't seem particularly fearful, either.

As Reigen figured, he had lost consciousness as he was taking out a trash bag from the consultation office where Serizawa and Mob waited, so it was probably a matter of minutes before they noticed him gone and came after him.

"So.... This is the peak of your illusion abilities?"

Reigen looked at a particular corner of the medieval prison where a cobweb and a piece of fungi shared the wall.

Mogami couldn’t bring himself to even spare him an answer. He felt like anything he said would only turn into the butt of some joke.

"I should have probably dug deeper into your subconscious. Being deprived of your freedom is a common human fear so it seemed like the right choice, but..."

Well, in his defense, Reigen would have been terrified if it was a real prison.

Mogami gave Reigen a particularly intrusive look.

"What do you really fear, Arataka Reigen?"

"Dying alone, probably. Cockroaches."

"....why are you telling me?"

"There's no real choice here anymore, is there?"

Like drapes being pulled off and away, the scene around them dissolved. Reigen lost the shackles and instead was somehow resting on an infinite of pure white.

Mogami joined him there still looking somewhat baffled and irritated.

"Let's see... It has to be something you fear, but also that shames and embarrasses you greatly so we can make the scales even."

Right away at the mention of "shame" something popped into Reigen's mind and Mogami immediately caught it.

It brought a conflicted look to both of their faces.

"Well, that's definitely it, but..."

Reigen made a bad effort to seem composed.

"It's not like I'm saying that's the torture you have to go with, you know!? This is your own evil illusion world, after all...."

"No, no... I asked for it, and you gave me the answer. It's only reasonable that I'd do what I asked for. What kind of man would I be if I didn't keep my threats."

Reigen brought his knees up to his chest, and hugged them to himself in an overly self-conscious gesture.

Mogami cleared his throat awkwardly and turned his face away from him.

A scenario once again draped into place around them. 

It was like something straight out of a romance manga. It was a grassy slope dipped in the orange light of a setting sun. There were small daisy flowers littering the place, and a small channel of murky water running at the end of the slope. At the distance, there was also a small bridge.

Reigen was sitting on the grassy slope. He looked down at himself. He was wearing a black gakuran, similar to what he saw Mob in every day.

"....this is sloppy craftsmanship, I didn't wear a gakuran to high school."

There were trudging footsteps through the grass behind him. He heard Mogami huff before plopping down beside him. He was also wearing a gakuran.

"....lets just get this over with."

Reigen immediately stiffened up. He turned away, and then back, and then turned to look at Mogami directly.

"What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to look? Am I fine the way I'm sitting?"

"Why are you overthinking this so much? We barely know eachother."


Reigen's face was burning up. He fidgeted with his hands.

"Even if it's pretend, I should still give serious thought into my response.... It's rude to make light of other people's feelings."

"What are you saying...."

Mogami combed back his hair with his hand. He was trying as hard as he could to keep a composed expression to it all, but it seemed like Reigen's honesty was getting too much to him. He exhaled heavily, knowing that dragging on the small talk would only make this more insufferable.

"Arataka.... would you... would you be my boyfriend?"

It was as if a bomb was set off.

Reigen jumped back into the grass, and in a disheveled attempt of a run away, started to crawl onto the top of the slope.


Mogami easily stood up, and pressed down a foot to the middle of Reigen's back to stop him on his tracks.

"Answer me." He commanded.

Reigen squirmed and released a small whine from deep in his throat.

"I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Arataka, you know this is an illusion world, time passing is meaningless."

"But, I—"

Mogami nudged a foot under Reigen's side to flip him around. He straddled him, sitting down over his stomach to keep him in place. Reigen choked with the air being squeezed out of him by Mogami's weight.

"Do you like me or not, Arataka?"

"I don't know!"

"You barely know me? How can you not know? Are you saying that anybody is fine as long as they like you?"


Reigen covered his face with both hands, his head was steaming to the point he seemed about to pass out.

Mogami shifted his hips to rest lower. He felt the soft bulge of Reigen's crotch nudge into his ass and a sudden interest sprouted in him. He immediately followed through by grinding his hips down. Reigen choked up over a whole new reason than the first time. He pushed on Mogami's thighs trying to shove him off.

"Wh-why is this turning sexual all of a sudden!?

Mogami pushed back on Reigen's hands and pinned them down to the grass. He grinned despite himself, leaning over Reigen's face to flick his tongue over his cheek. Reigen winced.

"This is how romance works in your teenage years, Arataka..."

That explanation did nothing for Reigen. 

Mogami hadn't been too on board of the idea of "romancing" Reigen, but now that he had gotten into, it he realized that Reigen's panicked expression was more satisfying than he expected.

He began to unbutton the clasps on Reigen's gakuran.

"Do you like me, Arataka?" Mogami hissed before ghosting his lips over Reigen's neck and taking a playful nibble.

Just from that, Mogami could feel Reigen getting hard under him so he continued to steadily grind his hips down against him.

Reigen had such a conflicting expression on him. He was watching Mogami as his tongue slid over the exposed sensitive parts of his chest. His hands weren't even pinned anymore. The real binding was that his underwear was extremely wet, but Mogami's soft grinding wasn't stimulating enough to send him over the edge.

He wasn't going to ask, though.

Definitely not.

Mogami unbuttoned his own gakuran jacket and tossed it aside. Reigen's chest properly tended, all slick and puffy, he knew it was time for the next step.

He shifted on top of Reigen, pushing himself back to sit on the grass before spreading Reigen's thighs around him and nudging forth into his ass. Their bottoms were still fully clothed, but knowing what the pose suggested, both of their bodies started to go into a small frenzy, their breathing heavy.

Mogami pushed his clothed dick into the small crevice between Reigen's ass cheeks and began to nudge into him. A squirming feeling shot up Reigen's stomach, and his lust wiping out any trace of pride he had left in his mind, he angled his hips up to give Mogami better access to his ass. He exhaled heavily, bringing his hand down to try to relieve himself through his pants.

"P...please touch me more..." Reigen said softly.

Mogami released a small chuckle, bringing his hands to Reigen's sides to slide them up and down his hips as a sort of soothing gesture. This only made Reigen squirm more, his skin burning up the more he was touched.

"N...not there..." He complained feebly.

Mogami helpfully complied and clean-pulled Reigen's pants off along with his underwear. Reigen's exposed ass hit the grass and his breathing became more shaky.

Mogami immediately took Reigen's crotch in his hand and began to stroke him. Tears almost coming to his eyes, Reigen bucked his hips into Mogami's hand, the feeling overwhelming his senses completely.

"Wh...why....why does this feel so good...?" He exhaled.

Mogami pulled up on Reigen's legs until his knees were almost touching his shoulders. Wondering what new pleasurable feeling Mogami was going to bring him, Reigen held onto his thighs and complied obediently.

His hand hot and slippery in Reigen's pre-cum, Mogami pressed a finger into Reigen's hole and it easily slid in.

"I'm going to use this part here, too..."

Reigen's face was burning up. The only person who had ever seen that part of him exposed was probably his mother when he was a baby.

It was easy to get two fingers inside him, too, but Reigen couldn't say he was feeling anything good or bad out of it. In fact, even his boner was beginning to die down a little.

But that feeling only lasted for a minute.

It started with a wet warmth, and then a squirmy, ticklish feeling up his hole. And as he heard a slurping sound, Reigen parted his knees to look down at Mogami, and was surprised to see his face buried in his ass.

Becoming conscious of Mogami's tongue inside him, Reigen's face heated up in embarrassment, and he began to squirm his hips uncomfortably, but Mogami quickly brought a stop to that by clenching down on his buttocks.

Reigen began to release short strings of breaths, very close to full moans, but he was too embarrassed to really use his voice.

Feeling Reigen's body relaxing, Mogami immersed himself more fully to servicing him, and as he circled his tongue through the soft linings of Reigen's insides, he reached around to grab hold of Reigen's dick, his thumb pressing into the head in a wringing motion.

Before long, Reigen's body tensed, and before he could put together a coherent sentence to inform Mogami what was happening, his cum spilled over his own stomach. After his climax, it was as if every single muscle in his body gave out, and he laid there for a few seconds on the grass, dazed.

Reigen had the fleeting thought that he didn't know how much time had passed, but it was still sunset. Was that world stuck in an eternal sunset?

Mogami leaned back into the grass to also stare at the sky.

"You came too fast."

"You... you were doing too many things to me at the same time, so I..."

Mogami gave a small chuckle, but the sound surprised Reigen at how loose it sounded. Of course Reigen had the impression Mogami was an uptight person, so them joking and laughing so casually as if they really were high school students made it all seem like a lively dream somehow.

"So... why exactly are you terrified of high school romance?"

Reigen felt an itch on his back from the grass and sat up.

"If you can read my mind why are you making me say unnecessary things..."

Mogami had a small smile on his lips as he shrugged casually and began to put on once again the coat of his gakuran. This gave Reigen a disappointed feeling, which immediately made Mogami chuckle again.

Ignoring this, Reigen sat up to take a grip on Mogami's sleeve.

Mogami turned to meet his stare a bit startled.

Aren't you going to put it in?

Both of their faces heated up in embarrassment at Reigen's single thought.

Mogami couldn't bring himself to answer so he nodded instead.

He crawled his way out of between Reigen's legs and sprawled out to lay down beside Reigen. He awkwardly reached out and pulled Reigen's body to his. As he was pulled on top of Mogami from behind, he opened his legs around him to give Mogami space to enter him.

It was a sloppy position, but Reigen could feel Mogami's chest pressed to his back, so it gave him a comforting feeling.

Mogami ran his hand down Reigen's sides to rest on his thighs. He slid his hands over Reigen's skin gently before gripping his thigh firmly and pulling him up by over the knee to spread open his ass.

Both of their breaths became tighter, and they could both feel how anxious and eager the other was since their chests were rising and falling together.

Reigen felt the head of Mogami's dick begin to nudge his entrance, and his heart fluttered. Then, Mogami's arm wrapped around his chest to secure him in place as the next second he began to force his way inside.

It was definitely more difficult than the fingers.

Reigen felt every single centimeter of Mogami's length as it spread open his insides.

For some reason, having something pushed into him obstructed all his senses to the point he found it hard to breathe.

Mogami stoked his chest comfortingly, seeming to notice this.

"Take deep breaths, you're clenching down too hard so it makes it harder to push deeper inside..."

Reigen fidgeted impatiently. He felt like if he moved his lower body he'd break, so looking for a quick distraction, he pressed his hand to Mogami's cheek and brought their faces together.

Their tongues quickly found eachother, and their breathing became foggier. Mogami knew it probably wasn't the best timing, but being half-way through inside Reigen and in the middle of passionate kissing, he was at the brink of his endurance.

As they continued to slurp their tongues together, Mogami's hands found their way to Reigen's waist, and in one decisive movement, he gripped down on Reigen's hipbones and forced himself all the way inside.

Reigen almost bit off Mogami's tongue as he suddenly found it harder to breathe than before. The ring of muscle around his entrance was burning in pain.

Reigen choked a few breaths, his eyes filling with tears as Mogami began to pull out slowly. Mogami found himself pressing small apologetic kisses to Reigen's shoulder and neck as he continued to pull on Reigen's hips to guide his length in small thrusts.

"I'm sorry this hurts, but it feels so good inside you, I...."

Reigen gave a small nod, but reached out to dig his fingernails into the back of Mogami's hands gripping his hips into place.

"Can you... can you at least stop moving for five damn seconds."


Mogami released Reigen's hips.

Reigen tried to catch his breath shifting his hips a bit as he became used to the feeling of Mogami bulging inside him.

"Since this is more difficult for me, I'll be the one to move."

A smile seemed to twitch into Mogami's face but he quickly caught it and shifted into an overly-solemn nod.

"Go ahead." He said as seriously as he could.

Reigen steadied himself by placing his palms down on the grass and pushed himself to sit up.

A bad move.

Adding his upper-body weight to the place they were connected only made Mogami sink deeper into him.

He choked momentarily before forcibly taking a deep breath to try and steady himself. He then continued shifting into a more comfortable sitting position. He settled for sort of kneeling over Mogami's legs.

It wasn't long before Reigen began to move, and consequently, Mogami could comfortably watch as Reigen raised his ass over him, the place where they were connected smack in the middle of his view.

Mogami had no idea why Reigen had chosen such a naughty position, but he guessed that his main goal had been to hide his face and he'd let go of the rest of the details in the process.

Mogami lightly rested his hand on the small of Reigen's back to help guide him as Reigen continued to raise and lower his ass over him.

"Why.... why are you getting harder? This is already difficult enough as it is...."

Mogami felt like he'd cum just from the sight alone.

"This is just very erotic."

Reigen's breath seemed strained as he continued to move, so he didn't reply. Moving at his own pace wasn't as painful. Before long, the pain had turned into a dull ache, and he was able to fully focus on moving his body in rhythm. He was disappointed that the feeling of Mogami inside him wasn't as good as he expected, so his main concern was just making Mogami cum so they could finish already.

Of course, Mogami quickly caught onto his train of thought and sighed equally as disappointed.

Mogami sat up, pushing on Reigen's back to get him off.

Reigen easily complied. He began to pull away, and as the head of Mogami's dick found his exit and his insides became empty with a naughty wet sound, Reigen's entire body shivered. He plopped down onto the floor before him on all fours.

"That.... that last bit felt incredibly good for some reason...."

"Oh, my..."


Mogami's could almost feel his mouth salivating at the sight in front of him.

Reigen's butt was up and perky before him, his asshole still gaping open the size of his width. Mogami pressed his thumbs to the sides of Reigen's hole to stretch it out of shape.

"...wha-what are you doing?" Reigen said a bit stunned.

"This place back here is still so cute and swollen, like it's begging me to come back inside."

Reigen's face started burning. He should have been more self-conscious of what position he had fallen into. The way he was he looked like he was offering up his ass.

"My... my arms and legs are tired from moving, so..."

Mogami gave a small nod even though Reigen couldn't see his face.

"Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it."

The entrance was much more easier this time. In this position, Mogami could bury himself all the way to the base of his dick. For some reason, this gave him an ecstatic sense of accomplishment.

As he began to pull out, he reached around Reigen's hips and jerked him off. Reigen squirmed uneasily.

"Why....why do you have to keep doing the back and the front at the same time, I c—"

Reigen's words were cut off as Mogami pushed back in and made a small grinding motion with his hips that made an unexpected quiver of pleasure shoot up Reigen's stomach.

"That... that felt good..."

"This?" Mogami repeated the grinding motion as he was pushing back inside Reigen, and Reigen's hips unconsciously pushed back to get him inside faster.

Reigen nodded several times instead of answering.

Quickly getting the hang of it, Mogami got to work. He grinded and pushed into Reigen as deep as he could, simultaneously rubbing his thumb over the tip of Reigen's stiff and dripping manhood.

Reigen's fingers had dug so deep into the grass he had unearthed the dirt underneath and his fingernails were caked with black.

Mogami couldn't figure out whether Reigen's sounds were chokes of air, sobbing , or mindless moans. It seemed like a mixture of all three.

It wasn't long before Reigen released his load onto the grass, the last strength in his knees leaving him. His stomach met the splatter of grass and cum and he was momentarily filled with a feeling of discomfort.

"You came too fast again."

"It's your fault...." Reigen groaned.

Mogami pushed down on Reigen's lower back to straighten out his body.

"Well, it doesn't matter, anyways. Because this time I'm not planning on stopping."


Reigen felt Mogami's heat press down his back.

"W-wait, my stomach feels gross—"

Reigen tried to crawl away from under Mogami, but Mogami pinned him in place.

"That's pretty selfish of you, Arataka. Using me to cum twice and then wanting to run away. Turn this way."

Reigen obeyed, and he was met by Mogami's lips once again on his. They kissed lightly, like a chaste couple giving eachother a comforting gesture. Mogami ran his hands over Reigen's hips and sides, his fingers clinging hotly onto his skin in his hazy lust.

Reigen's insides felt mushy and numb as Mogami continued to push into him. He had just cum, so he didn't think he had it in him anymore, but...

Mogami moved his mouth onto Reigen's shoulder, where his lips hesitated a few seconds before pressing down into a hard sucking motion.

He left a small red mark on Reigen's skin.

This, once again, filled Mogami with a gleeful sense of accomplishment. He had heard about marking lovers with kissmarks, but had never done it himself. He just never really saw the point of marking someone as his own, or even cared for it. But at that moment, Mogami felt even a fleeting sense of sadness thinking that this mark wouldn't last forever.

With renewed drive, Mogami hugged Reigen around the waist and pulled them both back so that Reigen was laying on top of him once again. He continued thrusting into Reigen's hips, and in that position, reached to jerk Reigen off.  To his surprise, Reigen was already hard once again.

He grinned satisfied before reaching to kiss Reigen, their passion becoming too overwhelming they found eachother using teeth as they licked and gnawed on eachother's lips.

Their love making became a hot frenzy of Mogami trying to pull out to thrust into Reigen properly, but Reigen almost immediately always slamming his hips onto him so there was no space to move. Mogami had to opt once again for pushing Reigen onto all fours and taking him from behind because it was the only way he had space to work with.

When Mogami was finally on the brink, he instinctively pushed in as deeply as he could into Reigen and filled his insides.

As he pulled out, the sight of watching his own cum dripping from Reigen's ass almost made him want to go for another round but Reigen's body was limp and he was pretty sure he'd probably already passed out from exhaustion.

Mogami gave a small chuckle before plopping down on the grass beside Reigen.

He immediately regretted it. The grass was full of unearthed dirt from Reigen desperately clawing on the floor, and grossly cold cum.

He nudged Reigen's rib with his knuckles, and Reigen groaned.


Reigen didn't respond.

"It might be strange of me, but I'm beginning to feel hung up over the question from earlier."

Once again, Reigen didn't respond. Mogami could easily read his mind, but for just that instance, he felt it would be more fulfilling to hear the words straight out of Reigen's lips, sore and red from kissing so much.

"I know you probably don't want to think about it, but if you could think about it for only a second, maybe—"

Becoming a bit impatient, Mogami pushed on Reigen's side to flip him over.

Reigen's eyes were open, but he had a conflicted look on his face.


Their fingers met by chance on the disgusting grass, and Reigen hooked his finger around Mogami's thumb. When he spoke, there was genuine concern.

"How am I going to explain to my mother I'm dating a ghost?"




Neither Serizawa nor Mob noticed Reigen had been kidnapped for exactly 2 minutes.

As he came back to the office the only thing that had changed was the game of cards Serizawa and Mob were playing.

"So..... Good news. I have a boyfriend, now."

"How is that possible? You were barely outside for a minute.... who is this person?"

"You did take longer than usual to take out the trash, Master. I'm glad you made the most of your time outside."

More satisfied with Serizawa's reaction, Reigen made his place beside them, making a pompous act of sitting down and crossing his legs.

"My boyfriend is none other than the former greatest psychic of the century.... Keiji Mogami."

Mob and Serizawa were both fearful, and respectful, of Reigen's dating abilities.




There's no way for me to leave a real kissmark on Arataka's physical body...

As usual, Mogami haunted innocent people from a distance.

I could always possess someone's body to mark him, but the thought of someone other than me kissing Arataka makes me feel disgusted.

The person he decided to haunt today was a college girl. She was aimlessly laying on her bed, fiddling with her cellphone. The only reason he had taken an interest in her was since she had a bit of a nasty personality.

The next moment, her phone rang, and she answered it nonchalantly.

"I already told you to take all your disgusting sex problems to your boyfriend, Miyumi. He's the one nailing you, it's nobody else's business!"

A momentary pause as the other girl gave an energetic response.

".....a dildo and a suction cup should do the job."

She hung up.

Mogami suddenly had a really good idea.