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The One with the Winking Teapot

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There’s a slight intonation of murmuring voices when Jeongguk hastily ducks into the library, a boy almost his age wildly waving and shoving his friend as he points out the newest addition.

The other, his apparent tutor, looks up blearily and turns to Taehyung, pursing his lips as he asks Taehyung a question. Taehyung nods and Jeongguk sighs, straightening his back with set resolve and making his way to the table. He downs some of his dark roast, sighing as the liquid caffeine rolls down his throat and makes way to his stomach in the form of warm neurotransmitters.

Coffee’s more of a comfort for him more than anything nowadays, the intense bitterness forcing his eyes wide open and the flavorful hazelnut syrups masking the “ass” taste that Seokjin always claims it to have.

“I’m going to leave you two to the science then yes?” Taehyung says as his tutor takes out his worksheets, motioning Jeongguk to take a seat in front of him with a quick jerk of the head.

“I’ll text you, Tae,” His tutor replies and Jeongguk should know his name, the boy’s his peer mentor after all, but the syllables that formulate his name don’t seem to come to mind and he prays, hopes for the love of god, that Taehyung doesn’t have some weird nickname and calls the boy by what he’s known by.

“Yeah okay, I’ll see you soon Jimbizzle, my mans, my broski, the love of my eternal soul.” Taehyung serenely pats Jeongguk’s tutor (Jimbizzle? A very odd name if you asked Jeongguk) on the back as his tutor cringes and swats the hand away.

“You’ve got to be kidding me Tae,” the tutor mutters and Taehyung walks backward with a blinding smile, wiggling his fingers in mocking farewell.

“I’ll see you soon too baby bun”—Taehyung faces Jeongguk, a gentle concern in his voice that hadn't been there when he was speaking to his tutor. Maybe he looked worse and more sleep-deprived than he thought—“Maybe we could grab a quick dinner soon? At that breakfast diner, you like, in the south quad?” Jeongguk looks up meekly after Taehyung calls out his name while completely ignoring Jimin’s comment, flushing darkly at the nickname and nods slowly in assent before chugging down more of his coffee.

“Y-yeah that, uh. That sounds good,” Jeongguk replies hesitantly and he’s not nearly awake enough for any of this, even if it is five in the afternoon. He can feel the onset of a headache underneath his temples, one that’s normally associated with sleep deprivation and sighs whilst rubbing the bridge of his nose. He lets his head fall back as he slouches weakly in his chair, feeling his tutor’s eyes upon him.

“Tae stop harassing my student and go study or I don’t know,” his tutor says exasperatedly. “Go fuck Hobi hyung or something.”

“Jesus, what’d I ever do to you,” Taehyung gasps affronted before raising his hands up and conceding. “Fine, fine, for the love of cheerios, I’m out of here. Guk-ah don’t die, Park’s got a bit of a frustrated teacher streak when he’s tutoring ochem but I promise he doesn’t always just cutely puff his cheeks when annoyed.” Taehyung thinks for a minute before continuing. “He does most of the time, however, it’s quite endearing actually.”

“You littl–” Park Jimbizzle (in all honestly, all Jeongguk wants to know at this point is what his goddamn tutor’s actual name is) begins before his voice tapers off frustratedly.

“And with that, I, Kim ever-loving and tranquil Taehyung,” Taehyung begins as he moves into a short yet exaggerated bow.

“None of which you are,” Jeongguk’s tutor interrupts.

Taehyung glares at his tutor. “As I was saying, I will now take your leave.” He walks out with his nose shoved pompously in the air as if trying to prove something, and Jeongguk wants to slam his head upon the table in what Namjoon usually calls immense existential regret. He does in fact, do this the minute Taehyung walks out the door, so as to minimize his death by mockery.

“Thank god, he’s gone,” His tutor whispers under his breath in relief, he too resting his head on the table for a minute and resting his eyes.

Jeongguk parts his lips with a sigh, finally lifting his head once again to gulp down the remainder of his drink.

“Didn’t you just, I don’t know, get that?” His tutor asks, eyes opened and looking straight at the way Jeongguk tilts the cup to get the few remaining drops of his drink.

Jeongguk slams the cup down, quietly of course, as if he were in a bar ready for another tequila shot and wipes his mouth. “Yeah, what’s it to you?”

“What’s it to you, hyung. I’m obviously older than you, so that’s hyung to you, inconsiderate brat.”

“I don’t think you should be calling your student an inconsiderate brat," Jeongguk quips. "Doesn’t that affect your end of term evals?”

“Not trying to tutor for this godforsaken mindfuck of a class again so no, it won’t.”

Jeongguk slowly nods and the boy before him lifts his head back up again to properly look at Jeongguk. His scrutiny causes Jeongguk to begin fidgeting with his sleeves uncomfortably until he cracks under the pressure.

“What the fuck is it.”

His tutor tuts. “Ah-ah, language, Jeonggukkie.”

Jeongguk frowns. “I didn’t ask for a nickn– how the hell do you know my name.”

The boy sitting before him curls a corner of his lip upwards in a smirk. He picks up the paper lying in front of him, waving it mockingly. “Well I mean, I should know the kid I’m teaching orgo to, is it not? Plus, aren’t you Tae’s friend or something.” He probably doesn’t mean to sound condescending, but that’s how it sounds and Jeongguk grabs his cup to down more of his coffee—only to realize that he’d finished his drink earlier. Jeongguk whimpers pitifully, looking longingly at his now-empty venti cup.

He groans, wiping his eyes blearily. “Okay, so what if I am, but I don’t even know your name.”

“And who’s fault is that now, hm?” His tutor quips, good-naturedly, but Jeongguk still barely processes his words. “It’s Park Jimin, hyung to you, and unfortunate best friend and roommate to Kim Taehyung, otherwise known as the one who refers to you as anything related to babies. Don’t ask me.” Jimin introduces himself and Jeongguk nods slowly, taking in his name and mouthing out the syllables.

Oddly enough, he wants to say Jimin’s name more. Maybe even hug him, but that was a thought for much later, preferably during his planned nihilistic crisis at 5am.

“Right, Jiminnie,” Jeongguk begins, immediately attaching a nickname to Jimin’s name, and suddenly the temperature of the air drops a few degrees with Jimin’s resulting glare. “Jiminnie hyung! Sheesh, chill a little with the formalities.”

“Good thing you haven’t met Hobi-hyung yet, he’s more stickler with the formal stuff,” Jimin sighs, rubbing the inner corners of his eyes gently to steer away from a wave of sleepiness and a probable headache.

“You mean Tae-hyung’s fuck buddy and dancing king?” Jeongguk asks innocently, but it doesn’t stop Jimin from choking on his spit. “I’ve met him, he’s great and slightly a bit more terrifying than you so yeah, definitely referring to him as hyung.”

Language, you shit, we’re in a library.” Jimin hisses and Jeongguk almost points out Jimin’s own swears.

Instead, Jeongguk merely shrugs. “Do what you gotta do to stay alive hyung. Like me,” Jeongguk says blandly and Jimin scrunches his eyebrows in confusion. Cute, Jeongguk almost says before mentally slapping himself for sounding like an awkward idiot with a mutual friend–slash–tutor. “Like me, leaving to grab another coffee, do you want anything I’ll pay you extra. No? Okay, bye, be right back in a bit.”

The haste with which Jeongguk dashes out of the library is almost like lightning, for Jimin only blinks dumbfounded for a second before being met with an empty chair in front of him.

“You—” Jimin reminds himself to stay calm, but in reality, he just wants to shriek at Jeongguk for wasting more of his precocious time.

Twenty minutes later, Jeongguk troops back into the library with a carton full of coffee, both iced and steaming hot.

“Didn’t know what you liked—don’t give me that look—so I just bought 3 other drinks. Please note that I do like them all so whatever you don’t choose in the next five minutes will be mine because I’m gonna need a lot of this stuff.”

Jimin doesn’t answer, just raises an irked eyebrow in response; however, this just seems to prompt Jeongguk more.

“The venti salted caramel latte is mine, sorry if you like that one best but I don’t really give two shits because it’s mine; there’s a cold brew with two shots of hazelnut, I think, to be honest; The other closed lid one is a macchiato with coconut milk, just in case you’re lactose intolerant even though I for one, am not; and lastly, the other iced drink is a dirty chai with a shot of espresso.” Jeongguk gasps for breath upon finishing, grabbing his latte and gulping it down. He looks at the cup and frowns. “They gave me only hot,” he hisses in distaste.

“Isn’t it supposed to be hot?” Jimin inquires, and Jeongguk just looks at him as if Jimin had hit him with a car, smashed into him with a train car more like

“Isn-isn’t it supposed to be hot? I asked for extra hot, hotter than they usually make and this barely scalds my tongue? How dare they make me pay extra for this, I’m poor.”

“Oh, you poor addicted thing,” Jimin drawls mockingly, tapping the back of his pen impatiently against the worksheets and books that he had so kindly spread out in hopes of finishing the session in an hour instead of two. Hope was really for the weak it seemed.

Jeongguk sniffs pretentiously. “That’s right I am poor–wait what. I am not addicted to coffee how dare you.” Jimin just raises an eyebrow in direction of his now almost empty latte, tilting his head knowingly towards the drink in Jeongguk’s hand. He picks up the dirty chai for himself, humming in appreciation of the drink.

“Okay fine, maybe I can’t function normally without like a minimum of 2 cups of espresso, sue me. But I usually need my salted caramel latte’s extra hot with espresso, sweetened if it isn’t already, a little more salt, just extra everything and they didn’t do that. Today,” Jeongguk pants heavily, worked up with anger at the baristas who hadn't followed his precise instructions for his caffeine intake.

“Wow, do you want me to go yell at them, you poor thing.”

Evidently, Jimin’s sarcasm goes over Jeongguk’s head because he nods energetically in response. “Please do, it’ll earn you brownie points.”

“Pretty sure you’re the one needing brownie points with me,” Jimin mutters under his breath before gulping down his chai to avoid saying anything he would probably regret.

A thought occurs to Jimin. "If you’re so regrettably dependent on coffee why not go the route of the better alternative?” Jeongguk merely raises an eyebrow, so Jimin presses. “Tea. I mean tea. Less caffeine than coffee, although only a few herbals don’t have any caffeine.”

“Because I don’t support the consumption of bitter leaf juice, hyung.” Jeongguk’s voice lowers, he’s cranky and tired and the last thing he wants to talk about is his never-ending resentment for tea. And organic chemistry, but he’s going to be forced to discuss the subject regardless considering he’s paying for Jimin’s tutelage.

“Is-isn’t coffee just bitter pressed beans?” What Jimin doesn't add is that he too used to be far too addicted to coffee.

“Yes, but it’s different. I actually like the taste of bitter beans. Plus these bitter beans don’t give me the false sense of wakefulness that only tea gives.” Jimin shrugs in response to his words, not willing to push the matter forward. “Can we just start,” Jeongguk groans as he begins emptying out his backpack with supplies and worksheets. “I don’t want to be here for two hours, I’m sure you don’t either.”

Jimin looks at his phone for the time. “Yeah, too late there bud, we’re gonna hit two hours easy.”

“God, why do you hate me so,” Jeongguk moans, laying his head back upon his 4th Edition, Used Rental Organic Chemistry Textbook.

“More like, you brought this upon yourself Mr. I Prioritize My Caffeine Addiction More Than My Grades.”

“That was too long to process, I’m sorry.” Jimin just sighs in response, clicking his pen and tapping it against the table instead.

“Okay then, anyways, let’s begin with what you guys are doing right now, Tae said you’ve been whining about ortho, para, meta directors? Activating groups? And gibberish it seems, in your sleep.” Jimin has a disgruntled expression as he reads through the worksheet that Jeongguk had handed him, eyebrows scrunching together through the optional problem set his TA gave him when he failed the last exam. 

Jeongguk nods, not trusting himself to speak coherently, and instead picks up the cold brew and downs a few gulps.

“Right then, you should probably memorize that table of groups, it’ll help immensely for your next exam considering how your prof operates. And we’ll just go through questions and mechanisms of varying difficulty and complexity until you feel good about this stuff and could do it half awake, yeah?” Jeongguk nods once more, squinting at the chart of benzenes and side groups that Jimin places in front of him.

They proceed like this for the remaining duration of the session, ending with Jeongguk feeling far more confident and caffeinated that they had begun and Jimin rushing out for a night shift at the hospital, muttering about how he didn’t have the time for dinner anymore.




“You know,” Seokjin started, his lips twitching mischievously just as Jeongguk objects.

“Don’t tell me you’re about t–”

“I got bit by like five mosquitoes yesterday. I’m not really complaining, but I just stared at them afterward and it was like they spoke to me.”

“You are, you’re really gonna do this to me,” Jeongguk begins again, offset by Seokjin’s interruption.

“They gave a little fluttery buzz in greeting and said ‘wing,’” Seokjin snorts before his laugh turns into a full-blown hiccupping cackle in appreciation of his joke.

“Hyung why are you like this,” Jeongguk moans incredulously. He drops his head before lifting it to reach for his travel mug and tilting it completely upside down, groaning in pleasure after the last drop of now-cold black coffee makes its way down his throat. Seokjin notices this and after his windshield-like laughter subsides, he changes the subject to something far different.

“Alright. Anyways. So. I’m putting you on a diet.” Seokjin’s words resound painfully through Jeongguk’s brain, the younger processing them with a short-circuited delay. “Gonna put that chemistry-riddled brain of yours to the test.”

“What do you mean diet.” He states, his voice cracking at the end. He figured that his time had come, that Seokjin had finally become fed up with Jeongguk’s various addictions, but he could still pray that it wasn’t for what he was thinking. “And excuse you, what chemistry riddled brain. I am purely a biology major.”

Seokjin raises an eyebrow at the lab report Jeongguk was currently writing, one with organic chemistry mechanisms.

“Okay so if it weren’t for the ochem…”

Seokjin clears his throat before unrepentantly repeating. “It’s going to be a strict, no caffeine diet.”

“You can’t be serious. You actually cannot be shitting me right now,” Jeongguk says dumbfounded, mouth falling open in what can only be shock, but Seokjin’s pressing his lips in disapproval.

“I can’t have you die from caffeine jitters, your parents would kill me then probably raise you from the dead and kill you again and I’m not about that dead life.”

Jeongguk snorts, but Seokjin is far more serious than he hoped.

“They wouldn’t kill me per say. Maybe you, though,” Jeongguk responds cheekily, but his grin fades almost immediately with Seokjin’s leveled glare.

“You can’t do this, I need coffee, it’s my blood,” Jeongguk whines out in disbelief.

“Yeah no wonder, with the amount you drink.”

“You can’t even die from coffee, the LD50 for it is like fuckin’ 500 milligrams per kilogram of body mass. And with the amount I weigh, that’s like 100 cups of coffee, no reasonable person would drink that.”

“Okay first off, non-science major here and I have no idea what the shit you just said is. And secondly, you probably would Guk-ah,” Seokjin intones and Jeongguk gasps in horror.

“I would not, how dare you.” He places a hand upon his heart, which is thrumming remarkably fast probably because of the espresso, but Seokjin didn’t need to know such details. “And the LD50 is the approxima–” Jeongguk pauses mid-sentence upon noticing Seokjin’s expression, the elder merely raising an eyebrow, as if to mock him.

“Okay so maybe I would,” Jeongguk concedes. “But so what? Withdrawals are really a thing when you drink as much coffee as I do hyung, and I don’t think I want that physical pain right now. Woo’s already up on my ass because of orgo and let’s not forget that health econ class I regretfully took. Coffee is currently saving my ass, therefore I cannot afford to go through a coffee diet, it’s just not right.”

“Oh but my dear Jeonggukkie, I’m sure you’ll notice that your hand is fucking shaking because there’s no caffeine in you. That. We’re gonna fix that. Pronto.”

“But hyung,” Jeongguk whines, the pitiful noise escaping from the back of his throat.

“Nope, stop talking, we’ll start you off slow. And by slow I mean you only get to drink a maximum of one cup a day to help wean you off of the four plus cups you had religiously. Honestly, what the everlasting fuck Guk, it’s like you’re married to caffeine or something.”

Jeongguk gasps affronted, his hand moving up to cover his opened mouth. Just then, a voice pipes up behind the two, an evident drawl that could only belong to Yoongi. “He’s like me, just worse babe, don’t worry.” Somehow amongst all their arguing, neither Seokjin nor Jeongguk had heard the quiet opening of their study room.

Seokjin’s face whirls to glare at the sight of his boyfriend, who is also, currently sipping at a cup of ice cold black coffee. “That shit’s gonna kill you and don’t come to me when it does.”

Jeongguk just looks longingly at Yoongi’s americano, feeling his fingers trying to make grabbing motions to have a sip before pulling back at the sight of Seokjin, still in front of him.

Yoongi notices Jeongguk’s glance at his drink, curls a corner of his lips before taking a long sip from his straw, grinning at Jeongguk’s horrified stare afterward. “Cheers Guk,” he says cockily while raising his glass as if toasting and sauntering over to where Seokjin is sitting. He plops down into his lap, the elder groaning with the weight. Seokjin shifts and adjusts himself to properly hold Yoongi, rubbing his hips quite evidently under the table of the study room.

“First gross, PDA is not becoming of you two and secondly, what the hell hyung I thought you were on my side.”

“Jin would deprive me if I wasn’t on his,” Yoongi deadpans, squinting up at his boyfriend. “Plus Seokjin’s a monster when it comes to these things, thank Christ my problem never got as bad as yours.”

“It’s still pretty bad hyung,” Jeongguk nods towards Yoongi’s almost empty cup.

“Yeah well, at least I can make it last occasionally. Unlike this kid sitting across from the two of us, with shaking withdrawn hands. Plus I’m cute, he wouldn’t be able to enforce the diet upon me for long as the past details.”

Seokjin opens his mouth, as if to dispute Yoongi’s matter-of-fact tone before closing it, sighing in rueful agreement.

“Oh come on,” Jeongguk moans, dropping his head into his palms. “You can’t be seriously agreeing with one another.”

The two cuddling in front of him share a glance before turning back to Jeongguk. “Yeah, I guess we are,” Yoongi responds, smirking back at Jeongguk. “Whatchu gonna do about it, huh Guk? Last I remembered, we both beat your ass at beer pong, so don’t forget that you’re all talk.”

Jeongguk pouts, muttering with a sulky tone.  “It was one time and I was hammered with lowered inhibitions and hand-to-eye coordination, when are you going to let that go.”

“The minute you stop drinking coffee Jeongguk,” Seokjin pipes in, nudging the back of Yoongi’s neck contently.

“You’re never going to let this go are you,” Jeongguk sighs, rubbing his palm back over his face. “Look,” he starts again. “At least I’m addicted to something legal.”

“Nope!” Seokjin says, albeit a bit too cheerfully. “And you shouldn’t forget it either. You do frequent the café I run so I can lay the law down quite well. All my workers, except Jimin, are terrified of me and I don’t know why, but it’s finally time to put that to good use. And I don’t give a shit that it’s legal because it’s ruining your body, quite literally.” He looks over Jeongguk’s consistently tired form worriedly.

At the mention of Jimin’s name, Jeongguk’s ears open wide. “Did you just say Jimin? Also I swear to god Seokjin hyung if you ban me from the Winking Teapot, my life and soul. My sole supplier.”

Seokjin blinks. Yoongi groans and hides his face into Seokjin’s shoulders, gripping his back tightly as if in debilitating pain. Jeongguk shivers from his pun, immediately regretting the decision to make it. “Okay yeah, never doing that dad joke thing again even though I’m fucking hysterical, anyways moving on, Jimin the barista? Who is this Jimin?” He makes doe-like eyes at the two before him, who just stare at him blankly.

“Maybe you should leave the wordplay to me Guk, I don’t think it….quite suits you. Barely suits Jiminnie, but somehow his giggles always make the jokes far better. Unlike your tsundere personality Guk.”

Jeongguk’s eyes widen comically at both Jimin’s name and the backhanded insult. “Fucking excuse you, you should feel privileged to hear my comedy. Tsundere who now? But tell me more about this Jimin, why isn’t he ever there when I am.”

Both the older boys notice Jeongguk’s continual interest with Jimin and Yoongi begins to play along, turning to Seokjin in faux question. “He’s talking about Park Jimin, cuteness personified, and dying medical student, right Jinnie?”

“Ah yes, you mean Taehyung’s best friend? The one who Hoseok and Tae always accidentally sexile and the one who then ends up interrupting our alone time? My favorite barista Park Jimin?”

“Mhm yes, that’s the one Jin, I think our Guk has a teensy bit of a crush huh.”

“N-no, wha-what’re you. No I don’t. I’m just curious. I know all the baristas Jin hyung manages alright. Except this uh, Park Jimin. It’s not like he tutors– no, nope, I’m just going to shut up right about now, you’re scaring me,” Jeongguk stammers, flushing a deep red.

“Oh so you’re the kid Jimin was complaining about earlier.” Yoongi drawls and Jeongguk’s ears begin to go bright red.

“Co-complaining? The fuck hyung, I am a goddamn delight to have around.”

“He is tutoring you right. You don’t have to deny it, Guk-ah,” Yoongi references the immediate head shaking Jeongguk was doing. “We already know it, it’s not like Taehyung didn’t announce it to us first thing in the group chat.”

“What group chat,” Jeongguk squints at Yoongi, who opens and closes his mouth in regret of saying far too much.

“You weren’t supposed to tell him about that,” Seokjin hisses and Yoongi raises his hands, with difficulty, complacently.

“Well, shucks it came out anyways. It’s basically like the group chat we have with him. Without Jimin.”

“So you’re meaning to tell me that Jimin hyung—” Seokjin coos at Jeongguk’s reluctant ‘hyung’ “—and I are in the exact same friend group, yet we still don’t know each other? And you guys make sure of it?”

“Well you’re not exactly what I would call, good first impression material Guk and plus we weren’t quite sure if you were exactly ready to meet the ball of joy that is Park Jimin,” Seokjin inputs.

“It was one time! How was I to know that you were going to be bringing your boyfriend, sorry Yoongi hyung, to our apartment, just as I walked out of the shower stark naked? You’re supposed to inform your roommate of these things, it’s called common decency and respect.”

Yoongi turns and raises his eyebrows up at Seokjin. “No wonder he was so awkward when you first introduced us.”

“I texted you!” Seokjin splutters. “And stop turning this on me, you were the one who got all protective after putting on those clothes. Poor guy probably thought we were trying to be a polyamorous couple with him.” Jeongguk snickers at the memory.

“It was kinda worth it seeing him piss his pants though. I mean,” Jeongguk waves between himself and Seokjin. “You’re definitely not my type.” He shudders at the thought. “You’re also too nit-picky and refuse to let me eat your food, and let me tell you right there hyung, that’s a deal breaker. Plus coffee.”

Seokjin gasps. “I make a great boyfriend, Yoongi can just tell you right here.”

“Great is. A very extensive term, one that I wouldn’t take lightl– ow, fuck Jinnie, why’d you pinch me?” Yoongi yelps before covering his mouth precariously, eyes darting to make sure the sound wasn’t as loud as he believed.

“Be nice,” Seokjin says, tight-lipped.

“No you fucker, you just hit me!”

“Out of good reason,” Seokjin tries before Yoongi pinches him in the stomach.

Jeongguk watches with wide-eyes. “Like I said. No PDA and bickering while I’m around, I’m a fragile boy.”

“Moving on,” Seokjin says, rubbing the spot that Yoongi pinched. “Jiminnie was saying that you were a caffeinated fiend and that he couldn’t believe he hadn’t recognized you from before, considering the numerous times he’s served your sleep deprived ass.”

“He was also cursing your name after his foodless night shift and subsequent sexiling, but that’s another story for later.”

“He knows me?” Jeongguk chooses to Yoongi’s addition, focusing more on Seokjin’s original words.

“Yeah, he nicknamed you the ‘3 Cup Hazelnut Dark Roast Monster’ because of how we’d always run out after you walked in,” Seokjin mentions offhandedly.

Jeongguk’s mouth falls to shape a perfect ‘O.’

“As in the very reason Seokjin decided to put his,” Yoongi peers down at Seokjin’s feet. “Glamorously covered feet, babe, are you sure we could afford those?”

“Birthday present.” Seokjin waves off Yoongi’s statement. “But yes, this is why you’re now on a coffee diet. Starting now.” He displays his golden watch at Jeongguk, tapping at the dial delicately.


“No buts.”


“You’ll figure something out.”

“What if,” Yoongi adds. “We decide to, uh, reward you after every, um. Milestone. Yes. If you’re a good boy and go by the schedule we make for you and rules.”

Jeongguk’s eyes gleam. “Rewards you say?”

Seokjin and Yoongi share a glance, one that Jeongguk can only account for being their form of wordless communication.

“Yes, uh. Reward. Or rewards. Whatever we choose,” Seokjin says haltingly.

“Interesting,” Jeongguk says, his voice going a little high-pitched at the thought of being rewarded to stop drinking coffee. Maybe his friends’ concern and approval would be worth the withdrawals. “Okay, I’ll uh. I’ll do it. I guess. But I get one coffee a day still right.”

“Only to help the withdrawals considering your study habits.”

Jeongguk stands up, picking up his now cold and forgotten mocha. He throws it in the trash bin next to the door, a small whimper releasing from the back of his throat at the thought of the wasted beverage until he looks up to see Seokjin’s and Yoongi’s approving smile.

“But don’t forget,” Seokjin starts. “Once you get used to that one cup, you’ll stop completely alright? No cold turkey in the beginning, however.”

“Yeah, yeah. Can I get tea though?”

“Uncaffeinated, yes. I’ll keep some aside for you at the Winking Teapot. You might have to remind me to buy some though, Guk.”

Jeongguk sends a pained smile in the direction of the sitting couple. “You better hope I don’t die from this hyung.”

Yoongi finishes up his own coffee, getting up off of Seokjin’s lap to throw away the cup. Seokjin kneads his legs, sighing at the release of tension in his thighs from holding Yoongi. “You won’t Guk because we both know you can do this. This is good not only for your body and mind but also for your wallet. You’re amazing Guk for even listening to us in the first place.”

“Yeah well, wouldn’t wanna be infamously known as the ‘3 Cup Hazelnut Dark Roast Monster’ by Jimin hyung would I?”

Seokjin looks at Jeongguk softly, the makings of a blush forming upon the younger's cheekbones again. “He’ll be proud of you too, for taking care of yourself. Lord knows he’s been through this too. With coffee like you, but that too is a story for another day.”

Jeongguk rubs his eyes. “Alright are you done with this, can I go back to studying now, hyung? If you’re completely done laying down the law on me because Lee’s really going to murder my ass slowly if I don’t finish this paper on biological metals on time.”

“Yeah go ahead, I think Yoongi and I are going to go out for a bit for dinner, we’ll bring you back stuff.”

Jeongguk powers up his laptop again, nodding mindlessly, not yet fully comprehending the decision he had made in order to receive his hyungs’ approval. He groans just as Yoongi and Seokjin leave hand in hand, ruffling his hair and hoping the night, his midnight deadline, would finish fast so that he could sleep.




Jeongguk stumbles into The Winking Teapot, the café that Seokjin is the manager at and his favorite shop on campus, gripping his backpack tightly. His sleep deprivation is at an all time high and the past two out of the total five tutoring sessions with Jimin have not gone well, as per his last pop quiz results in lecture.

So he’s tired, cranky, and stressed. It’s the usual, really.

Well, the usual including the onset of the caffeine withdrawal, which generally has a tendency to fuck shit up by asserting the complete opposite effect as caffeine. Because his head killed now, the stimulating effect that the copious amounts of coffee had gone, the depressant effects nastily ruining his state of mind.

It’s been a little over a week since Seokjin catered to Jeongguk’s competitive and praise loving side by laying down the law on his caffeine addiction and Jeongguk’s even more deprived than ever. The things he had learned months ago about physical withdrawal was all, unfortunately, true and even the one cup a day recovery mechanism that Seokjin had allowed him wasn’t helping.

All in all, it was a truly shitty week, one that he and his poor body was hoping would end fast.

His mood takes a real turn for the better when he sees a certain Park Jimin, his tutor and apparent friend of all his friends, at the register. He mentally pats himself on the back, hoping his neglected brain doesn’t say anything too stupid like the last tutoring session they went through.

He doesn’t like to think about their first session when he ran out of the library in haste to restore his depleted coffee supply. That had been solely a time of trying strength. Even though it had only been almost three weeks ago.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing your face outside the library, Guk?” Jimin drawls, his hand already searching for a free marker on the counter in front of him. He takes outs a blue one from the tip jar in front of the register, scrunching his nose in distaste at whoever had put the pen in it.

“Hell probably.” Jimin snorts at Jeongguk’s tired deadpan. “You know, hyung, I’ve never actually seen you here. And I know all the baristas that work here. Coffee and Jin hyung made sure of it.”

“Nah, you don’t remember me likely. I’m the one who made your morning drinks and handed them to your cranky ass,” Jimin teases. Jeongguk turns around in disbelief at first, and upon noticing that there is no line behind him, thanks himself for coming in at such a good time.

“Right, yeah, Yoongi hyung, uh– told me that you nicknamed me the ‘Three Cup Dark Roast Monster’ after I drank up your entire supply of the day once.” Jeongguk lifts his fingers to quote around the unpleasant name, holding his breath in pain upon mentioning it.

It’s worth it though, for Jimin laughs openly, his body slackening to slap down at the counter below him. Jeongguk’s mesmerized by the sound, choosing to slap himself out of the way he’s just looking at Jimin, teetering precariously on the edge of feelings. It’s the first time Jeongguk really notices the peach, pillowy nature of Jimin’s lips and he has to blink out of his thoughts, which are creating hypothetical situations that are far too dangerous for his heart.

Jimin grins. “That I did. Do you know how frustrating you can be on coffee?”

Jeongguk’s lips flatten, cringing slightly. “Apparently so. Jin hyung might’ve uh. Mentioned it.”

“Good.” Jimin nods shortly. “Anyways. What can I get you today?”

Jeongguk’s about to say, very casually, that he wanted a Pistachio-Rose Latte, considering both were in season and he was feeling like splurging, until it dawns upon him that he’d need his “One A Day” for the 2 shot espresso he had planned on consuming at 3am. The day wasn’t over until he slept, if he did that is, considering the copious amounts of problem sets he needed to work through to figure out the basics of carbohydrate ring formation, so he could easily argue it with Seokjin if the question on his integrity ever arose.

“No uh. No coffee,” Jeongguk manages, the words coming out of his throat in less than a jumbled mess. Jimin solely raises an eyebrow in question. “Jin hyung h-he put me on a caffeine diet based off of uh. What you told him about me downing coffee like no tomorrow because apparently he thinks that I breathe and bleed the substance now. But I’m kind of dying and am only allowed one cup a day for withdrawal emergency purposes, but it’s totally fine.” His mumbling voice isn’t accusatory, he understands that he had—has—a problem and that the intervention was probably for best. It still sucks though.

Jimin nods slowly, thoughtfully. “So nothing caffeinated or coffee-based, okay. So a tea?”

Jeongguk licks his lips, his mouth suddenly dry. “Y-yeah I. I uh, I guess. If it’s caffeine-less?” The ending comes out quietly, and he stuffs his hands into his pockets, suddenly finding a speck of dust on the counter far more interesting than this embarrassing encounter. However, he was relieved, glad even, that Jimin hadn’t commented on his ‘diet,’ that he just went along with his words rather than good-naturedly teasing like the rest of his friends.

“Okay so uh,” Jimin measures the screen in front of him, appraising the various options Jeongguk could order. “You could get a tea-based lemonade. That way it’s not as much of the caffeine that tea normally has since we unfortunately don’t carry those herbal teas that don’t have caffeine, though you should ask Jin-hyung about ordering some bags of them. Considering you’re on this uh, caffeine diet an all.”

Jeongguk sighs. Looks at the options of tea-based lemonade. “You guys have it iced here?”

“Only iced, Guk-ah, of course. Who the hell drinks hot lemonade?”

“Well, I don’t know there are some weird fuckers out in the world,” Jeongguk mutters underneath his breath, scrunching his eyebrows dejectedly. “I guess I’ll uh, get the. Black tea lemonade? Is that mango next to the name?”

Jimin brightens. “Yep! Mango black tea lemonade, it’s one of my favorites. But you uh. You don’t even like tea all that much, right Guk-ah? If that cranky rant our first meeting was anything to go by.”

Jeongguk doesn’t remember when Jimin started referencing him as everyone else, but he liked the way the name just spilled out of his mouth, like it was meant to be voiced by Jimin.

A snap from Jimin in front of Jeongguk’s eyes breaks his dazed stare, a questioning look from the elder making his thoughts scramble for an answer to the question at hand. “Guk-ah? You there?”

Jeongguk shakes his head, flustered. “Y-yeah, uh. Here, present. But yeah, I think tea’s disgusting, though Tae hyung always seems to make me drink some whenever I chill at his, I mean your, place. Something about “disgusting chemicals like coffee not being allowed within the premises of his apartment” I guess.”

“Yeah we don’t. Drink coffee much, Tae and I. I mean, ideally we try to not be caffeinated, what with Tae being naturally upbeat anyways and it messing up my sleep schedule, considering that intervention for me last year.”

So that’s what Seokjin had been talking about when he mentioned what ‘Jimin had been through.’

“Do you,” Jimin’s voice is hesitant right now, and Jeongguk is mind blown at how there’s still no line behind him. “Want to add in a scoop of frozen berries or some sweeteners? To lessen the ‘bitterness’ of the tea lemonade?”

Jimin’s words suddenly remind Jeongguk of the warm, probably squished, fruit sitting in the front pocket of his backpack now that he was supposed to snack on later, but would probably throw out instead. He could use those instead of spending extra cash that he doesn’t have on berries.

“No, i-it’s uh. It’s fine. I have stuff. I mean. I brought stuff, yeah.”

“You know we don't condone mixing outside alcohol or crushed drugs with our drinks,” Jimin starts matter-of-factly. As if this very matter had happened before. “Even if you're bringing your own, right?” He makes sure, and pauses when Jeongguk dips his head down in confused assent. “By the way. Are you even of age to drink Guk-ah?”

“E-ex-excuse me? O-of age? You’re shitting me, I look older than you,” Jeongguk splutters, offended at the possibility that he, a dying (probably of brain and neural combustion) third year university student, could be underage.

“You’re right, that’s not feasible, forgive me for my,” Jimin pauses for dramatic effect, “dire misjudgment.”

“Damn straight.” Jeongguk mutters before recalling what Jimin had said before insulting his age. “Listen. I have my own fruit okay, you guys probably don’t have what I want.”

“Bet, what if we do.  Plus no outside food, you know how it goes.”

“I doubt you guys put blackberries in your drinks hyung.” At that Jimin pauses.

“Dude are they even in season right now?” He shakes his head of the thought, continuing with another sentence. “Anyways, it's still outside food, and policy states no outside food or drink is allowed in. You know the rules Jin hyung made Guk-ah, I wouldn’t contest them right now.”

“I literally brought four slightly warm and smushed blackberries in a small plastic bag, albeit to eat later and not drown in my drink but they’re smushed, so what do you want me to do, because you guys carry every berry except this one, I know Jin hyung refuses to have pesky clumps of black dots in his café, but you’ve got to be shitting me.” Jeongguk’s voice is strained, he can feel his neck straining with frustration, his sternocleidomastoid (ha, he could actually name his goddamn muscles, take that Ryu) muscle especially prominent.

“It’s just a precaution, chill.”

“Well your precaution just lost you a loyal customer,” Jeongguk flips his head and swivels on his heel, about to stomp away to finish off the scene with proper dramatics. “Thanks a fucking lot Jin hyung!” He mutters under his breath, loud and close enough for the words to carry over the countertops, his sleep deprivation catching up to him as he stumbles out of the café, without drink in hand. Jimin watches him go with an open mouth, turning towards the back just as Seokjin leaves his office in confusion.

“Is he normally like that?” Jimin jerks his head in a bemused fashion, pointing with a finger at where Jeongguk had stomped out.

“Withdrawal, Jimin-ah. Really does the worst to us.” Seokjin smirks. “Kid doesn’t know that it’s just going to go downhill from here, real quick.”

Jimin frowns. He only knew how bad withdrawal was. It fucking sucked. “He hasn’t had his one-a-day cup yet right?”

“Not that I know of and I’ve been making sure that the intervention this time sticks around, therefore he has to send me a timestamped picture and description of what he’s drinking if it’s caffeinated. Thank goodness he hates pop. It’s so bad for him Jiminnie, it’s like how you were last ye–”

“Yeah, yeah I get it, okay.” Jimin cuts between Seokjin’s words, not letting him finish. He doesn’t like to be reminded of the intervention everyone had held for him, when they had sat him down sternly trying to make him understand that coffee was a shit way to stay awake. The intervention had mildly failed, not in the way the others thought though, for they believed he was done with using stimulants.

And he was, relatively, so to speak, but so what if he smoked a cigarette after every difficult exam? It wasn’t like he was chain-smoking, it was so he could breathe his stress out in smoked tar or stave off hunger to study late at night, considering that coffee was now completely out of the question because of his idiocy.

Seokjin frowns. “Alright, don’t do anything stupid then.” And Jimin’s hands twitch, that twitch of longing that he suppresses because he’s stronger and better than this need for something that would only fuck up his neurons and lungs far more than he needed.

So, when his shift ends and he goes to the library with what Jeongguk was about to order, one that he convinces Seokjin to buy blackberries for.

Jeongguk, according his tutoring location request, like to end up in the same quiet corner of the fourth floor of the library, hidden away from the eyes of everyone.

The second time he asked to meet in said location, Jimin had asked him why he liked to be so secluded, to which Jeongguk had just made the noise of a dying whale, jerking his head towards his orgo notes.

The point was taken and afterward, it became their general location to meet for tutoring. But there isn’t a session today, no Jimin still feels bad for earlier when Jeongguk left without the drink he was about to order.

He sets the mason jar down lightly in front of Jeongguk’s dozing head, the younger’s fingers still twitching incomprehensibly around his pencil. Jimin, smirking takes a picture for later, before gently tapping Jeongguk’s head, ruffling his caramel hair gently.

“Hey, Guk-ah, wake up,” Jimin murmurs softly, gently enough to rouse Jeongguk without any repercussions.

“Gu-guh?” Jeongguk turns his head, before whispering blearily; he squints up at Jimin, who’s sporting round sunglasses atop his head and clinging quietly to his backpack's straps, in question.

“Tea.” Jimin jerks his head towards the mason jar that he took from the café. He'd bring back the glass tomorrow, when he went for his morning shift, for this was his apology in the form of aesthetics.

“I thought you guys didn't carry blackberries.” Jeongguk stretches, moaning gratefully at the gentle crack his shoulders make once he lifts his head properly off the table. “You're not tutoring me today, right? We hadn't scheduled anything?” The thought occurs to him quickly in a panic, but Jimin just laughs, shaking his head.

“Nah, you just looked so sad and tired.” He doesn't add that he felt horrible and had luckily remembered Jeongguk’s usual study location, that he had texted both Seokjin and Taehyung to make sure that he was going to the right spot.

Jeongguk raises an eyebrow. “I always look sad and tired.” He rubs at his dark circles, hoping that they aren't as swollen as he thinks.

“Wanted to apologize alright? For the insinuation I made earlier at the shop. About drugs and alcohol.” Jimin nearly admits that he smokes to chase away the stress and stave off hunger during late nights, but he instead opts for the safer route, the one which wouldn’t result in questions why the hell a med student chose to smoke his life away when he knew what the tar and nicotine did to his receptors and cells. “Because I uh, might keep a bottle of svedka and another of expensive rosé behind the counter, with Jin-hyung’s permission of course. To take a shot of right before a big rush comes in. Helps depress my nerves and calm me down ever so slightly, you know?”

The logic, though flawed, makes sense in Jeongguk’s sleep-deprived brain. He wished he hadn’t downed his own bottles at that last pregame because maybe that last remaining bit of scotch would force him to disregard his mental sets and think through his worksheets with a new, albeit judgment-less, perspective.

He takes a sip of his tea, the lack of bitterness a surprise as he makes a small noise of appreciation.

Jimin looks on in approval, an upward curl to his lips, as Jeongguk sips the drink with growing enthuse.

“It’s not as bad as I thought,” Jeongguk admits, before bringing his mouth back to his straw, eyes widening as he sucks in his cheeks for better suction.

“It’s because I’ve added enough lemonade and fruit to mask the taste, dumbass,” Jimin says fondly, eyes glimmering with affection for the younger.

“Do you wanna sit and um,” Jeongguk hesitates shyly, “study with me too hyung?”

At the allowance, Jimin merely pulls out a chair, groaning as he rolls his shoulders back into the stiff wooden seat. As he takes out his own laptop and books, Jimin mentions cheekily, “Jin hyung also told me to do this or else I'd get fired because he loves you and worries about you a lot.”

Jeongguk stops drinking, before opening and closing his mouth in speechlessness. Finally, he responds dryly, “You couldn't have just left the moment as it was, could you.”

“Nope!” Jimin says cheerfully whilst popping the last sound of the word, relieved that the itch that had been tingling in his fingers ever since Jeongguk had left the café hours ago, had finally stopped annoying him.




If Jeongguk could have his way, he’d be out of the lecture hall, his orgo midterm tossed in the bin without a care in the world and in bed, recovering from his past two consecutive all-nighters and general strain upon his brain.  

But he doesn’t, so instead he’s scribbling mindlessly through the mechanisms, praying to whatever existed that Jimin’s tutelage was enough to make him pass for once.

It wasn’t that he didn’t recognize any of the compounds or reactions; surprisingly enough, he could confidently say that he knew a good amount, but he hadn’t exactly slept in 36 hours and now that it had been over a month, nearing five weeks, since Seokjin enacted his caffeine diet, he wasn’t even allowed to have a cup a day.

He felt like he was dying, his movements were far too lethargic for him to properly comprehend his exam, but he would survive through it and do well, if only to see Jimin’s proud reaction.

Miraculously, he finishes with three minutes to spare, a first considering he normally spent the very last second still writing his exams at the speed of light.

He books it out of the lecture hall after his exam is matched to his student ID, scrambling through his nearly empty backpack for his phone. He finally finds said device in the middle of crumpled sheets and crumbs, making a face at the age-old food that ends up sticking to the back of his phone case.

He turns it on while walking to his dorm, praying that his roommate has left so that he could finally collapse into his mattress and pass out.


[To: Jiminnie]

Fcking done with that hellish midterm

f i n a l l y

[From: Jiminnie]

And?? What’s the verdict??

[To: Jiminnie]

It uh.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought

I guess

[From: Jiminnie]

That’s my Gukkie!!

See, I knew you could do it

[To: Jiminnie]

Not without your help tho .__.

[From: Jiminnie]

Haha I know

Drinks at 10ish to celebrate?


Jeongguk’s mindblown when the message appears on his lockscreen. In a very good, very excited, didn’t expect this to happen, sort of way. He doesn’t answer immediately, for he’s finally arrived at his building.

He swipes his ID through the front door of his dorm building, waiting for the characteristic green light to indicate that the door was unlocked and takes out his keys while stepping into the elevator that takes him up to the fifth floor, where he shares a room with another third year, Kwon Woosung, an economics major he immediately regretted being paired with after he’d moved out of Seokjin’s apartment.

Breathing in relief after realizing that Woosung isn’t in their room, Jeongguk kicks off his black docs, the heavy boots teetering precariously sideways onto the tiles.

He dumps his backpack onto his desk chair and jumps onto his bed. Jeongguk groans at the early time his phone displays, scratching the back of his neck in sleepiness, before his eyes widen in remembrance.

He sends Jimin a quick response and turns on his alarms, before clutching his blankets and passing out until he needed to meet Jimin.


[To: Jiminnie]

Ye sounds good


Two hours after he meant to wake up, Jeongguk’s eyes shoot open, hands scrambling for his phone. Woosung still hasn’t gotten back yet, a small blessing in disguise, when he realizes that he had in fact, forgotten to turn on the sound for his alarms.

He groans while getting up, flattening his hair as he twists his back, delightfully cracking his lower vertebrae and stretching out his tense muscles. Now would be a good time for a cup of delightfully black coffee and toast, despite it being almost eight in the evening.

But, he hasn’t eaten a bite since he passed out after his exam, so Jeongguk regretfully jumps off his halfway lofted bed; he finds his slippers and makes way for the dining hall, praying that no one he knew would be there to see him bleary eyed and half awake.

A good hour later, with a stuffed stomach he strolls back casually to his room where Jimin is waiting expectantly, wearing a short-sleeved silken black button up and tight black jeans which somehow blend perfectly with his ebony hair.

“You know, I thought you were more of a timely sort,” Jimin drawls, tapping his fingers on his arm.

“I-I just woke up, why are you here,” Jeongguk groans, having forgotten their texts from the morning.

“Picking you up? Unless you don’t want to get piss drunk because that would definitely save my wallet from a certain debt.” Jimin raises an eyebrow expectantly, a grin breaking out upon his face as Jeongguk’s face drops in recall.

Fuck, I overslept,” He groans, shoulders slouching in regret. Jimin merely tilts his head, as if to ask if they would stand out in the hallway all day, causing Jeongguk to scramble through the pockets of his sweats for his keys.

Unlocking the door, he steps in with Jimin and notices the shower on, the alternative genre that Woosung listened to on full blast. A whine builds its way up Jeongguk’s throat and he looks at Jimin painfully.

Jimin sighs. “Grab your clothes, you can change in my place.”

At this, Jeongguk’s face brightens exceptionally, and he stuffs his clubbing clothes into his backpack, scrunching up some of the papers at the bottom of the bag. Stuffing his keys in his pockets, he shoves on his boots and walks out with Jimin.

“You sure you wanna go out Guk? You look like you’re gonna pass the fuck out.” The slight chill in the air as they walk the ten minutes to Jimin’s and Taehyung’s apartment does nothing for Jeongguk, as he shivers and rubs his arms for some form of frictional heat.

“At least I’ll pass out with some good ‘ol liquor in my system,” Jeongguk manages as a reply. Jimin opens his mouth, as if to reply condescendingly, and upon seeing this Jeongguk continues, “You really can’t say that I make good decisions hyung.”

In a knowing tone, Jimin says, “Yeah, yeah. I know, God, do I know.”

Jeongguk bumps his shoulder good-naturedly at his words, just as they enter Jimin’s building, the entrance dingy and moldy.

“It’s old and cheap, but our place is…. much nicer on the inside, don’t worry,” Jimin says at Jeongguk’s scrunched face, as they walk up the three flights of stairs to the apartment.

“Yeah I know, it’s just. The entrance and staircase never fails to gross me out, why the hell don’t they clean the place up?” Jimin raises his eyebrows and turns to face Jeongguk right in front of his door.

“Because they know they could probably get students who want to escape from the dorm food to empty their pockets and live here. So why bother?”

“Touché,” Jeongguk says, mulling over Jimin’s words as Jimin unlocks his front door.

“Anyways,” Jimin starts. “Welcome back to our humble abode; you can change in my room over there.” He jerks his head down the opposite direction of Taehyung’s room, where Jeongguk usually spent his time. It was really a wonder that he hadn’t quite met Jimin until he began tutoring him.

Jeongguk nods in response, hiking up his backpack and making way to Jimin’s room. He notices the slight smell of cigarette smoke in his room, the clean ashtray on his desk, but decides to not say anything, hoping that what he saw was merely a fluke, that Jimin really didn't smoke.

Ten minutes later, Jeongguk walks out with freshly sprayed hair and lined eyes; he goes over to where Jimin is currently sprawled on his sofa, one leg bent wide and the other straightened over the entire spans of the furniture, mindlessly scrolling through his phone with fingers now covered in rings.

“You changed?” Jeongguk’s voice is somehow gruffer than he intends as he looks over the elder with a heated look and Jimin jumps at the noise, squeaking at him.

“Nah, I’ve been ready, just forgot to put my rings and this necklace on when I came to get you, and I just felt off without them on, you know?”

Jeongguk fingers his gauges and the two other hoops going up his ear and agrees, “Yeah. I know exactly what you mean.”

“Nice getup, anyways,” Jimin nods over at Jeongguk’s loose white shirt, almost billowy in effect. Jeongguk flattens his lips in hesitant thanks, uncomfortably tucking in his shirt so it wouldn’t fly up when he danced. He can't stop but look at Jimin’s fingers and lips, trying to picture how he'd look whilst smoking before shaking the image out of his mind, focusing on the boy in front of him.

“I, uh– I left my stuff on your floor, you know, considering we’ll probably both be mindfucked from all the alcohol. If that’s uh, okay with you,” Jeongguk awkwardly says instead, not completely acknowledging Jimin’s compliment. Jimin merely waves his words off, accepting Jeongguk’s request to stay over after their night out.

Jimin hauls himself up off the couch, grabbing Jeongguk’s arm and tugging him out of the apartment excitedly. “Let’s go get fucked up, Gukkie!”

Jeongguk nods, his mind focusing on the slight grip that Jimin has on his arm as they quickly go down the stairwell.

The enormity of the situation just comes upon Jeongguk, who realizes that he is in fact, going out solely with his tutor and half-crush (maybe it was a full-on crush, but no one needed to know), as friends and nothing more and without any of their other friends to help with any ensuing awkwardness that comes up.

Ignoring what’s probably his only coherent state of mind, Jeongguk ignores the foreboding feeling that’s sitting in his stomach, instead nodding his head half-heartedly at Jimin’s bright chatter in their taxi.

The rest of the night goes by quickly, for after they enter the Bleu, Jimin calls to the bartender for a round of blow job shots, to which Jeongguk protests because he’s been doing so well without coffee, and three rounds of tequila to start them off. It doesn’t take long for them to begin falling over drunk and the minute Jimin pulls Jeongguk to the center of the floor and begins dancing with him, does Jeongguk lose his mind.

It isn’t after the mojito that he buys for himself dissolves in his system that he’s able to say what he’s been meaning to all day, especially after his exam.

“You know Jiminnie hyung,” Jeongguk is forced to shout before choosing to instead just press his lips to Jimin’s ear. He gets some sort of satisfaction watching Jimin shiver from his lips against his ear, wanting nothing more than to kiss him, but also knowing that it’s probably just the tequila forming such thoughts. “I still can’t believe you tutored me, you know, even though I probably pissed you off with the uh, coffee that first day. I just. You know. Finished early and uh. I actually, you know. Understood everything for once.”

Jimin somehow is able to hear and comprehend everything he says, the somewhat sober words of Jeongguk bringing about a fond smile upon his face. He grabs Jeongguk’s hand and pulls him back towards the bar, motioning for a gin and tonic for himself and a beer for Jeongguk, before leaning back into the wood. “I knew you had it in you Jeongguukkie, you just needed to believe in yourself and stop thinking of how shitty of a prof Woo really is.”

Jeongguk shifts around awkwardly, rubbing his neck sheepishly and taking a grateful sip of his beer. “I-I don’t know. I don’t even know how I could repay you, because I may have not received my marks yet for this exam, but I have a good overall feeling for the rest of this semester.”

Jimin shrugs while twirling the straw in his drink. He pushes his hair back and Jeongguk’s mesmerized by the motion of how it falls gracefully back into a middle part. “A blowjob sounds nice for that maybe,” Jimin responds a bit too casually and Jeongguk almost spits out the gulp of beer in his mouth in surprise.

“You’re not talking about the drink right?” He asks and he’s a bit too drunk for this, too drunk for all of his dreams to basically be coming true.

Jimin just looks at Jeongguk, who stares back with speechless, widened eyes. They both take sips of their drinks and Jeongguk eyes Jimin, contemplating the pros and cons of a one night stand upon his platonic relationship with his tutor. He gulps down the rest of his drink, the surge of alcohol lowering his inhibitions enough for him to act.

He grabs Jimin’s hand, linking their hands while giving enough cash to cover both his and Jimin’s drinks and then some to the bartender. “I’m taking you home.”

“I was kidding, a drink would be fine.”

“Yeah well,” Jeongguk pointedly looks at the money he just handed to the bartender. “I’m not.”

Jimin just looks speechlessly at Jeongguk, who tilts his head in wait. “Yeah okay, let’s go.” He decides, his voice suddenly incisive.

It takes all of Jeongguk’s courage to not start kissing Jimin in the taxi itself, but being a kind and considerate human being with a relative disgust for PDA, he restrains himself, keeping to just clutching Jimin’s arms and linking his fingers through Jimin’s.

They quickly pay and Jimin hauls Jeongguk up from the taxi once they reach Jimin’s apartment, clutching his fingers tightly as if he were dreaming.

Once they stumble up the three flights and Jimin’s shaking fingers unlock the door, Jeongguk falls upon the closing door; he feels heady, definitely from both the alcohol and nerves.

“So,” Jeongguk starts, looping his arms around Jimin’s waist, linking his fingers through his belt loops.

“So,” Jimin whispers in response, curling a corner of his lips up in amusement and pressing his hands upon Jeongguk’s chest.

“How do you. I mean, where do you wanna–”

Jimin laughs and it's a twinkling noise that Jeongguk could probably listen to forever.

“My room dummy, come on.” And so, Jeongguk lets himself be tugged into Jimin’s bedroom, seeing his bag and sweats laying on the floor near Jimin’s desk. He falls upon his bed, pulling Jeongguk on top of him.

Jeongguk doesn’t mean for it to happen, but his lips crash into Jimin’s and suddenly they’re kissing; Jimin’s lips bite his softly, nipping for access into his mouth and the second Jeongguk’s lips fall open, he feels Jimin’s tongue push in roughly. He licks into Jeongguk’s mouth and presses down upon his tongue, touching the base of his mouth and around his teeth in the process. It really isn’t Jeongguk’s fault when he lays there, forgetting all about the blowjob while making out with Jimin because, whatever it is the boy did with his lips, it was magical.

He groans at the feeling, grinding his hips down unconsciously. Jimin’s resulting moan goes straight to his hardening dick and Jeongguk’s neck feels hot as Jimin breaks away from his lips, latching and sucking on the base of his throat instead. Jimin’s hands find their way to his hips, thumbs rubbing circles and moving underneath Jeongguk’s now untucked shirt.

The touch raises goosebumps on Jeongguk’s skin and his head drops forward into the crook of Jimin’s shoulder, a moan bubbling up from his throat. He scratches the back of Jimin’s head, pulling at the ebony strands hard enough to make Jimin’s lips pause to release a throaty gasp and a small laugh before going back and biting gently at the skin.

“Wa-Wanna,” Jeongguk begins, his throat closing up and muffling his voice as Jimin’s lips move up to kiss the edge of his jawline, moving behind to gently suck at the hollow behind his ear. “Wanna suck your, ah. W-wanna suck your dick h-hyungie.”

At first, it seems as if Jimin hasn’t heard, but on the contrary, he releases Jeongguk’s skin from between his teeth to look up at where Jeongguk’s head lays next to him.

Jeongguk pushes himself up onto his elbows to properly look down at Jimin, to see the way his lips have parted with a short breath, the way his eyes have glazed over in response to Jeongguk’s request.

“No one’s, uh.” Jimin clears his throat, his voice muffled from the shirt that he’s still wearing. “No one’s stopping you from doing so, Jeonggukkie. And I uh”—Jimin sniffs and wipes his nose—“call me hyungie, I like that.”

Jeongguk’s lips downturn as he looks over Jimin’s fully clothed body, then his own, from where he’s straddling him. “Yeah but,” he says, gently tugging on Jimin’s silken shirt, “these are, hyungie.” He adds it as an afterthought, loving the way that Jimin’s breath stutters deeply at the nickname.

“Then take ‘em off sweetheart.” Jimin lifts his upper body to meet Jeongguk’s now, guiding his lips back to his own as his fingers deftly unbutton Jeongguk’s shirt. Jeongguk watches in fascination as the various muscles in Jimin’s abdomen contract while the elder pushes the shoulders back down Jeongguk’s body. He trails his fingers slowly down Jeongguk’s bare chest before gripping Jeongguk’s frozen arms and bringing them to his shirt’s buttons.

Separating for breath, Jeongguk shakes his head minutely to focus himself and breathes heavily as he hastily takes off Jimin’s shirt, gazing at awe at the sculptured body beneath him.

“Y-you’re–” Jeongguk mumbles, dumbstruck at the exquisite boy beneath him. He swallows past the lump in his throat. “You’re gorgeous.”

He can see the slight flush arising in Jimin’s cheeks, can feel the tender heat growing in Jimin’s neck from where he’s now situated.

“Y-yeah uh,” Jimin looks aside, coughing into his shoulder to mask his embarrassment. “You’re not too bad on the eyes either.”

“R-right,” Jeongguk flushes, the inside of his stomach warm and tingling. “Dick, I uh. Suck.”

“Wanna say that in a more coherent, flirty way? You know, try not to kill the mood and all, what with you straddling me and the two of us half-naked. Seduce me, make me blush, and all that jazz.” Jimin waves in the little arm room he has.

“Y-yeah I uh,” Jeongguk brings up a closed fist and clears his throat into it. “I wanna suck your dick hyungie, please let me,” he states as a request, proud to have said it so directly.

“I mean I figured as much with your statement at the club Jeonggukkie, but you know–” Jimin pauses with a dry mouth, staring up at Jeongguk in a funny way as he raises himself up onto his elbows. “You know what? Never, um. Nevermind, please proceed.”

Jeongguk snorts, albeit still confused, and scrambles off Jimin quickly so as to not delay the action any further. Jimin merely watches, still balanced upon his elbows until Jeongguk pushes him backwards, enough so that his back hits the headboard with a small gasp.

Jeongguk goes slowly, unbuckling Jimin’s belt before taking Jimin’s tight pants and rolling them off, throwing them carelessly behind him. He moves a hand over his boxers, gently rubbing up and down and watching as Jimin’s dick tents the cloth above it, creating a friction that he guessed Jimin couldn’t stand by the way his eyebrows scrunched together.

“Well get on with it,” Jimin bites out, bucking his hips up slightly in an effort for more, but Jeongguk presses him back down, using his other hand to pull down his boxers, watching his hard cock spring up from its restraint.

“It’s so pretty hyungie, you’re so pretty,” Jeongguk says and Jimin’s eyes flit to him in disbelief.

“You’re seeing my dick for the first time and your reaction is that it’s pretty?”

Jeongguk strokes it gently, thumbing the slit and feeling for the underside of Jimin’s dick. Jimin lets out the small breath that he had been holding as he watches Jeongguk jerk him off almost painfully slowly.

“It’s just so pink and–” Jeongguk flits his wrist ever so slightly as if giving an indication, the motion causing Jimin to intake a breath in surprise. He leans down to press a small peck at the base, grinning slightly at the way Jimin jumps from the contact. “–so pretty, h-hyungie. Not even surprised honestly, given how pretty you are in general.”

Jimin’s stomach contracts in a soundless laugh at the compliment, eyes flickering first to where Jeongguk is still slowly pumping his dick before moving to Jeongguk’s eyes.

“Well,” Jimin begins, but Jeongguk can see how difficult it’s becoming for him to formulate coherent sentences and he grins at the effect. So instead of letting Jimin finish whatever he meant to say, Jeongguk releases his dick, shrugging slightly at the dirty look the elder sends him.

He leans forward from where he’s sitting, pressing soft kittenish pecks along Jimin’s inner thigh and nipping gently at the skin. When he hears Jimin’s whimper, he works his way up to where the base of Jimin’s dick lay, moving systematically in a slow fashion.

The minute he fully takes Jimin’s cock into his mouth and sucks lightly at the beads of precum, he can tell Jimin’s a goner from the way his fists seem to tighten almost painfully around the sheets, the way his eyes glaze over and neck arches, letting his ebony hair flop backwards.

Jeongguk sucks slowly, hollowing his cheeks enough to take him in further, spit rolling down from the corners of his mouth as he wraps his free hand around the remainder of Jimin’s dick and begins to pump it.

His tongue presses against the underside of Jimin’s dick and the motion causes him to arch his back in slight shock and bring a hand up to pull at Jeongguk’s hair, forcing the younger to gag slightly before taking him in further. Jimin’s short gasps and wanton moans are enough to keep Jeongguk going, sucking around his head with his spit-slick lips until he feels the twitch that indicates he’s close, at which point he pulls off, not wishing to have cum in his mouth.

But the image of a protesting Jimin is seared into his brain and as he wipes his lips with the back of one hand, keeping his other hand upon Jimin’s dick and yet again stroking softly, Jeongguk comments drunkenly, “You’re real fucking pretty hyung, fuck.”

Jimin glares at Jeongguk for not being able to cum, wordlessly motioning to his still-hard cock, painfully red and stiff at this point.

“Wanna fuck you too hyungie, wanna make you beg to cum.” Jeongguk doesn’t quite know how the words found their way out of his mouth in a plea, but he hopes for the best upon seeing Jimin’s widening eyes. He continues to rub Jimin’s cock in slow, repetitive motions, the slightest movement against the vein on the underside of his cock causing Jimin’s back to arch with a moan.

It’s at this that Jimin pushes himself up and grabs at Jeongguk, shoving him down on the bed. “Didn’t let me cum while blowing me and weren’t you the one who said you owed me? I’m gonna take control now sweetheart, so on your back you go.”

This change in positions is almost comical, with Jimin first pulling Jeongguk’s pants and boxers off, coolly disregarding his dick and instead taking out the lube and box of condoms from his nightstand drawer.

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re still fucking me,” Jimin says matter-of-factly. “But you have no say in how or when you, yourself, or I can cum, Mr. Drunk Off Your Ass.” Jeongguk protests at the nickname, but one look from Jimin has him quiet, vigilantly watching as Jimin first uncaps the bottle of lube, pouring it generously onto his fingers and rubbing them together to warm the cool liquid.

“Foreplay?” Jeongguk weakly asks, eyes trained on Jimin’s fingers, motionlessly following his movements while his fingers tighten uselessly at the sheets.

“You mean, you watching as I prep myself?” Jimin questions with a raised eyebrow and Jeongguk’s lips fall apart with a slow intake in reaction to his words.


Jimin smirks sultrily, tilting his head enough that Jeongguk can see the small mole that sits upon the curve of his clavicle. Jimin reaches back with his lubed hand, teasing Jeongguk’s gaze by circling his rim. He pushes a finger in, the intrusion forcing a gasp to bubble out of him. He rocks on top of it, slowly pumping in and out before inserting a second, wincing while doing so. The slight pain seems to subside as Jeongguk watches Jimin fall apart in front of him, his hooded gaze looking at the way Jimin stretches himself, itching to touch his own neglected dick. He moves to do so and Jimin pauses in his ministrations, his free hand coming to slap it away as his eyes snap to Jeongguk.

“What did I just say sweetheart,” he purrs breathily, before his other hand moves to languidly finger his slit, head dropping back into another moan.

“N-no touching,” Jeongguk mumbles, berated but unable to look away still. He watches as Jimin’s two fingers evidently find the general spans of the wall his prostate sits behind, a small shiver shuddering through his body, the wave of pleasure causing Jimin to rock back and try to push his fingers up deeper than they already were.

“G-good boy, you’re su-such a good boy, such a sweetheart,” Jimin stutters out the praise and Jeongguk would be lying if the words didn’t go straight down and arouse his dick even more than it already was.

After relaxing slightly from the tingling that settles in his stomach, Jimin pushes a third finger into his hole, jaw slackening as he begins to rhythmically roll his hips over his fingers, rocking back and forth with each thrust. Jimin’s breaths are heavy; they’re deep exhales that seem to bubble out of his throat with each movement and he uses his head to slowly jerk towards the opened drawer.

“You could maybe, ah fuck, put the condom and lube on yourself,” Jimin whimpers and Jeongguk just looks at him dumbfounded.

A glare from Jimin has him sprawling for the box of condoms and lube, tearing open a packet and rolling the rubber onto himself before dribbling the lube generously onto his fingers, making sure to keep watching Jimin as he did so. He rubs his own dick with the fluid, pumping it gently enough to make sure it remained hard, but slow enough that he wouldn’t come before Jimin said.

“Y-you,” Jimin’s voice breaks with a hiccup. “G-good, sweetheart?”

Jeongguk nods mutely as Jimin takes his fingers out of his ass, releasing a whimper from the removal. He slowly makes his way to where Jeongguk’s sitting against the headboard, gripping behind Jeongguk to properly straddle him, the friction between their cocks releasing a combined gasp. Jimin steadies himself as he slowly sinks upon Jeongguk’s dick, his resulting moan sends shivers down Jeongguk’s spine and he grips Jimin’s hips bruisingly, not looking away from Jimin’s own strong gaze as the elder bottoms out.

Jimin takes a second to adjust before slowly bringing his hips upwards, his thighs straining under the control. “God, you’re so big,” Jimin’s voice cracks at the end of the sentence as his head rolls back, swallowing heavily, and Jeongguk’s eyes follow the motion, mesmerized. Jimin flicks Jeongguk’s nipple teasingly, sucking in a breath when Jeongguk bucks upwards at the stimulation.

“You like that baby? You like me touching you there?” Jimin whispers teasingly, thighs still strained from being up for so long. Jeongguk jerks out a nod with a stuttered breath and Jimin bends to take his nipple into his mouth, teeth grazing at the bud and grinning as Jeongguk’s back arches. He takes his mouth off only to roll his hips down whilst playing with the other nipple.

“Y-you’re so tight, shit,” Jeongguk chokes out, his eyes flickering down towards Jimin’s chest as he swallows heavily, the motion of Jimin coming back down upon him. Jimin smiles weakly at his words, before moving his other hand to tweak at his other nipple then place it onto Jeongguk’s shoulder; he rolls his hips slowly up and down on Jeongguk’s dick, getting used to the motions before he raises himself almost fully off, solely letting the tip remain circling his rim.

When Jimin’s hips slam back down onto his dick, Jeongguk’s eyes roll slightly back at the friction caused, amazed by the feel of Jimin around his cock.

“T-touch me,” Jimin gasps just as Jeongguk begins to thrust upwards into him, the motion causing a heady feeling of sorts. The younger brings one hand from Jimin’s hips down to cup his cock’s head, rubbing his fingers slowly over the member. “You’re not allowed to cum before me,” Jimin orders and Jeongguk’s eyes flit up at him in disbelief, bringing his other hand to slowly grip the head of Jimin’s dick.

“Don’t forget sweetheart, I can just get back off of you and, ah,” Jimin shudders from a certain deep angle that Jeongguk’s cock takes. “Give us both blue balls.”

Jeongguk swallows, unable to quite speak up a response, instead just rubbing the length of Jimin’s dick while thumbing his slit, rolling his hand slowly around him.

“R-right then,” Jeongguk finally stutters, feeling a wave of lucidness just as Jimin’s hips roll slowly. His hand matches the rhythm Jimin’s hips lower upon his cock, languidly stroking while watching the way Jimin’s eyes begin to become high strung, as beads of sweat make their way down his neck. Jimin grabs his shoulder with one hand; he puts his other hand onto Jeongguk’s own, forcing him to jerk him off at a faster pace.

“Q-quicken up you fool, my thighs hurt,” Jimin pants, opening his eyes to reveal his hazy, unfocused pupils. Jeongguk can feel Jimin’s walls clench slightly around his own dick, the pressure going to his head as he feels blood rush downwards, the telltale feeling of a climax fast approaching.

Just as he thinks of how the hell he should try to quell his climax for after Jimin reaches his, his hips jerk up, back arching off the bed with shallow breaths.

Jimin’s hand upon his own also increases the pace on his dick, Jeongguk’s name falling from his lips in a desperate stutter. Jeongguk snaps his hips up harder, faster, and watches as Jimin falls apart in front of him in a cry.

God,” Jimin breathes just as Jeongguk releases into him. A white flash erupts behind Jeongguk’s eyelids as Jimin’s name falls from his lips in a shuddered groan. He thrusts into Jimin one last time until he’s completely emptied, and his orgasm sends Jimin over the edge as cum spurts out onto his stomach.

“Di-didn’t I say you weren’t allowed to cum first, fuckin’ inconsiderate asshole,” Jimin breathes out, his lips stuttering in the beginning as his breaths slow down afterward and his body drops down onto Jeongguk’s. He takes himself off of Jeongguk, rubbing his own cum between their bodies.

Jeongguk scoots forwards before shifting them both around. He stands up, peeling off the condom, disposing of it in the wastebasket, going to the bathroom to get a wet towel to clean both of them off.

“I-I uh,” Jeongguk beings when he returns with the towel, still stark naked. “I’ll make it up to you? You can punish me next time?” Immediately after he says this, he freaks out internally, working hard to maintain a poker face while running through all the responses Jimin may have to his insinuation of a next time.

But Jimin thankfully doesn’t hear the last part to his sentence as he stretches his arms while he lays on the bed, yawning deeply and scratching his head, tugging at the strands delicately. “Yeah, mhm, next time that works.”

Jeongguk wipes him off, having cleaned his own chest while in the bathroom, and he dumps the towel in the hamper as well before climbing into the bed with Jimin. It’s approximately three in the morning now; the two of them need to be up by eight so they don’t arouse any suspicion with Taehyung when he returned the next morning, but for now, Jeongguk pulls the snoring Jimin close and settles down, falling asleep almost immediately.

The next morning, Jeongguk wakes up first from the bright light shining through Jimin’s uncovered window, Jimin shifting around in his sleep, pouting while doing so.

Jeongguk watches him softly and bleary-eyed, the sun filtering through and bringing out a brown tone to Jimin’s otherwise black hair and illuminating his skin, revealing the freckles that sit upon his cheekbones. He looks down and sees Jimin’s still swollen lips, the product of only a few hours prior when they had messily hooked up, but Jeongguk doesn’t regret one bit of it.

Jimin’s eyes seem to open just as Jeongguk thinks it and for a minute, the two of them just stare at each other before Jeongguk accidentally lets a “good morning hyungie” slip from his mouth.

Both of their eyes widen respectively; however, Jimin’s eyes seem to widen more upon noticing Jeongguk’s ravaged neck, the deep reds and soft teeth marks a seeming product of Jimin’s fascination with it the night before, the hickies blooming darkly against Jeongguk’s skin.

But Jeongguk, who hasn’t quite noticed the marks quite yet, flushes and opens his mouth about to take the words back. Instead, he jumps out of the bed completely flustered and shoves his sweats on, lugging on his overnight bag and dashing out of Jimin’s room awkwardly with a promise to text Jimin later upon his lips in a flustered mumble.




“Let me get this straight,” Namjoon raises his fingers, snapping to get an invested Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s attention.

Earlier, when Jeongguk had hightailed it for the apartment where he knew Namjoon, Hoseok, and Taehyung were hanging around, they had cackled at the sight of his neck, evidence of the night before. He borrowed a scarf from Hoseok, tightly wrapping it around his neck although it looked odd with the warmth outside and when paired with his sweats, so he wouldn't have to sit uncomfortably in front of his thoroughly amused friends.

“What is there to get straight,” Jeongguk moans into his hands, thoroughly embarrassed for the rest of his life. “I called him hyungie and we had a one night stand, kind of, because I stayed over and cuddled and he’s my tutor and so damn hot.” The last bit is whispered in increasing amounts of horror.

“How does one have a kind of one-night stand, you’re gonna have to explain it to me.”

Jeongguk looks at Hoseok who innocently blinks back. “Fine. We had sex. I blew him. Happy, motherfuck.”

He had decided to become a hermit and dig a hole for himself in the middle of nowhere; it was only fitting given his situation.

Hoseok, at this point, cannot control himself and breaks out into laughter on his bed. “I-I’m sorry,” he gasps, clutching his gut for good measure. “It’s just hilarious how much you’re flipping shit over something so small.”

“So small ? Excuse you, this could just about ruin my entire life, thank you very much.” Jeongguk says with a dramatic flare, twisting his hands, moaning towards the end of his sentence. He then chucks a throw pillow at Hoseok in retaliation for the sarcastic words, the elder squawking indignantly.

Taehyung gets up to pace the length of Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s small bedroom before sitting back down on the floor again. “Are you naturally a dramatic person or is this a withdrawal symptom from not having coffee.” When Jeongguk glares at him, Taehyung merely raises his hands in self-defense. “Just curious, nothing else.”

Neither you piece of shit.”

“Why don’t you just take him out,” Namjoon inputs and the three just look at him. “What? It’s what any normal person would do.”

“Yeah like you and Donghoon huh,” Taehyung says with a wry smile, snorting as Namjoon flushes darkly.

“Sh-shut up that has nothing to do with this,” he stutters, eyes wide.

Hoseok leans over to grip Taehyung’s hand, lacing his fingers through the younger’s despite the obvious height difference. Jeongguk crinkles his nose at them before turning back to Namjoon.

“I can’t just do that,” Jeongguk wrings his fingers in an effort to get his friends to understand. “What if he doesn’t like me back and the whole sex thing was just him being nice?”

Taehyung bursts out in laughter, leaning against the frame of Hoseok’s bed. Jeongguk glares at him yet again as he shrugs. “That’s a load of bull Guk, he’s so enraptured by you it’s disgusting.”

“Ex-excuse me?” This scene is strangely reminiscent of the day Seokjin had settled his proposition for Jeongguk five weeks ago, the backhanded insult making him straighten his shoulders with disdain.

“Oh now you’ve done it Tae, he's had fragile pride since the diet started as it is,” Hoseok states.

“I do not,” Jeongguk protests, but Hoseok merely raises an eyebrow at him. “Well, would you if your life source, your liquid energy was taken away from you and leaving you laconic for days?” He finishes with a grumble, glaring into nothing.

“Poetic,” Namjoon comments, putting a finger upon his lips, tapping his skin thoughtfully.

“Look,” Taehyung begins. “I can guarantee that Jimin is probably dancing his stress of last night’s events away as of right now.”

“Because he didn’t want it to happen,” Jeongguk assumes with a deadpan, to which Taehyung’s eyes widen comically.

No, I never sai– forget it. What I mean is that he very much so wanted the sex event to happen,” Taehyung ignores Hoseok’s groan at his terminology. “But he also is probably, basically, madly in love with you.”

Jeongguk raises an eyebrow. “Do you have any evidence to attest to your hypothetical claim,” he says, regretting the formal words as soon as they leave his mouth.

Taehyung pulls out his phone, shamelessly opening his messages with Jimin. “He says here that your dick is magical and that you have this way with your tongue and first of all ew. And he almost busted his balls that day last week when you were in a pissy mood because of withdrawal and left without your tea. And then proceeded to, yet again, flip his shit when you both studied together afterward. And I quote, ‘how does one manage to attain just pristine levels of physique and brains just by bleeding coffee,’ which is, my dear Jeonggukkie, as best of a coherent compliment from him as you’re gonna get. Plus you slept next to him, in his bed, and my boy the Young Park–”

“Please stop,” Hoseok interrupts upon hearing Taehyung’s newest nickname for Jimin, but Taehyung readily ignores him.

“–does not like to buck and tuck in the comforts of his room, says he’s too busy to clean up all that shit. Practical one he is, my Jimmy boy.”

Jeongguk’s voice catches in his throat as his mouth falls open speechless, but Namjoon says what he’s definitely thinking. “Buck and tuck.”

“I-is that not a thing,” Taehyung begins and his voice lowers in volume as he watches both Namjoon and Hoseok mutely shake their heads in sync, Jeongguk sighing in disbelief. “O-oh well, it is now.”

“Okay but this conversation isn’t helping to solve my problem.”

“Fucking he– okay here’s what you’re gonna do,” Hoseok starts, lifting his pointer finger up. “He’s using my booking right now in the dance building, seemed like he needed it so I gave the practice room I reserved to him.”

“And that’s supposed to help me… how?”

“God it’s like talking to an unfeeling robot or trying to build something that has poorly written instructions,” Hoseok groans. “You’re gonna go get his sweaty ass after you change into a nice dress shirt and pants; there’s swing dancing at the diag tonight and he loves that sort of shit so you’re gonna take him and be ridiculously happy so you’re not pining and moping in here anymore.”

“Shouldn’t I wait for a few days, you know, to let him recover from what happened last night,” Jeongguk states uneasily, hands shifting uncomfortably.

“Trust me,” Namjoon says. “From past experience, letting whatever thoughts about not being wanted save for sex fester in both of your minds is a bad idea. A very, very bad idea.”

Taehyung nods sagely in agreement. “Gotta get up off your ass and take your man swinging, Jeonggukkie, not too difficult.”

“I’ll say,” Jeongguk mutters, wincing as he stands up; his knees crack from the pressure and he groans at the pop of the joints, rubbing the nearby area to soothe the body parts.

“You going then? The fest starts at like 6 I believe,” Hoseok says. He would know too, being one of the overseeing dance grad students who oversaw much of the fundraising for such events.

Jeongguk nods, grunting noncommittally, checking his phone to see if he had enough time to change before surprising Jimin. To the surprise of no one save for Jeongguk’s, there isn’t a text from Jimin waiting for him on the screen, just the rest of his group chats blowing up as usual.

“So crisis averted then?” Taehyung asks with an unexpectedly bright disposition.

Jeongguk sighs in return, rubbing his palm over his face wearily. “I mean I guess it has for now. Still bet he’s gonna just say no.”

“Highly doubt it Guk,” Namjoon interjects, yet again trying to absolve Jeongguk’s qualms. “He’s pretty into you, he wouldn’t have taken you out to drinks to celebrate your exam on a weekday when you could have had a morning class the next day. I know you didn’t, don’t give me that look, you wouldn’t be here embarrassed out of your mind if you did.”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk says, acknowledging Namjoon’s words. “I know.”

Hoseok scoots to the edge of his bed to properly smack Jeongguk’s ass. As Jeongguk turns to him, clutching his ass with a slighted expression, the elder merely wishes him good luck, raising his thumbs in approval.

He ducks out of Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s apartment then, making way for his own dorm room to quickly change into something fitting for both swinging and a first date. He then heads to the dance building, going to the second floor where the location of the studio Hoseok had booked was.

And, just like Hoseok had said, there Jimin is in a snapback, tank, and shorts; his headphones are shoved in his ears and he seemed to be krumping, his pace slowing down as the song probably changed into something more relaxed. Jeongguk watches for a minute while leaning upon the edge of the door, at the stain of sweat that is evident on Jimin’s back.

He hasn’t seen Jimin dance before, not like this. Their grinding the previous night at the club wasn’t really as indicative of any sort of talent as this was.

Suddenly Jimin stops to shove his shoes off, kicking them to the back of the room when he turns around abruptly and stiffens, noticing Jeongguk lingering at the door right away. He has his glasses on, chunky square black frames that should be giant upon his face but instead only add to his features in the best of ways.

Jeongguk clears his throat, suddenly wondering if this was really as good of an idea as Hoseok suggested. He fidgets with his shirt sleeve, the plaid loosely worn over his t-shirt.

“Jeongguk?” Jimin asks, ruffling the back of his head in confusion, his breaths slowly subsiding to normalcy. “What’re you– why’re you here?”

Jeongguk swallows past the lump in his throat, goosebumps arising upon his skin; he’s far more nervous than he had anticipated and unsure whether he could pull this off.

“Do you wanna go on a, uh, ahem. A date? With me. Right now. If you’re uh, free that is.” Jeongguk looks at the bead of sweat making it’s way down Jimin’s neck in small strands, suddenly aware of the previous night, that it actually had occurred in all of its entirety.

“Right now?”

Jeongguk nods, jerking his head faster than he could normally, the motion causing him to stumble ever so slightly on his generally stable feet. A cold sweat begins to form at the back of his neck and he immediately raises a hand to rub at the skin, flustered and worried that he was too late and this wouldn’t quite amount to anything.

“There’s a thing I wanna take you too,” Jeongguk says and Jimin raises a brow.

“In plaid, a bucket hat, and an extremely bruised neck?”

“Somewhere special,” Jeongguk stresses, suddenly feeling out of place in his mismatched clothes; unfortunately, he had left all his nice attire to be washed at the very last minute and they were all currently being dry cleaned. He brings his hand up instinctively to his neck when he realizes that he had stupidly taken off Hoseok’s scarf before leaving in pursuit of Jimin. The elder just laughs, nodding his head in acceptance and it’s at that small action that Jeongguk releases a held breath of relief, shoulders sagging in thankfulness, his expression becoming far shyer than before.

“Okay but what is this thing, because,” Jimin lifts his hand to motion at Jeongguk’s clothes. “I’m definitely not prepared to be dressed like that, I just came here to dance.”

“We’ll uh be dancing I think,” Jeongguk whispers, eyes back to trailing another bead of sweat making its way down his forehead and cheek.

“Gonna need more information than that Jeongukkie.”

“Sw-swing dancing. Hoseok hyung uh. Told me about it, just sent me a flyer about it.” Jeongguk waves his phone that had the said flyer displayed.

“Huh,” Jimin remarks, clenching his jaw while looking over Jeongguk’s outfit. “You really wanna take me swing dancing while I’m wearing a sweaty tank and shorts.”

Jeongguk had not thought this through, evidently. “Yes.”

Jimin raises an eyebrow. “Well I mean, if you’re down to be embarrassed by our clothing…” He trails off, shrugging a shoulder before looking down at his own sweat-ridden clothes.

Jeongguk merely walks up to Jimin in a surge of motivation, lacing his fingers through the elder’s. “C’mon hyung, I really do like you,” he says in a pleading voice, hoping to convince Jimin of his true feelings for him.

“Even though we fucked before our first date?” Jimin’s voice sounds odd, a tone Jeongguk doesn’t like hearing, not at all.

“Let’s not discuss it like that, we could always call yesterday our first date.”

Jimin snorts, waving Jeongguk off with his unoccupied hand. “Nah it’s fine tokki, don’t you worry your cute little heart about labeling our first date.” Jeongguk’s about to protest when Jimin tugs on his hand. “Lemme just shrug this shirt on to look mildly decent and we can be on our way yeah?”

Jeongguk nods mutely whilst mouthing Jimin’s newest nickname for him, detaching his hand and watching as Jimin wipes his neck and face with a towel before putting on a striped pullover, one that matches his baby blue cap.

They leave the building and head towards the diag hand in hand, Jimin gently rubbing circles into Jeongguk’s palm in a way as if he knew how tense he was becoming.

But his worries are long forgotten as Jimin pulls him in close before twirling Jeongguk out, his giggles infectious as Jeongguk too, loses himself in the music and in Jimin’s touch.

Jimin tugs Jeongguk, about to lift him before deciding otherwise, his muscles strained from his dancing earlier. After a while of dancing energetically, of jumping and lifting, they move to the more outskirts of the ground floor, instead choosing to slow dance despite the upbeat music for a foxtrot.

“So,” Jimin starts off, glancing awkwardly above Jeongguk’s shoulder. The height difference between them is impeccable right now, the top of Jimin’s head barely reaching Jeongguk’s eyebrows. He bends his head a little to put his chin on top of Jeongguk’s shoulders, languidly dropping one hand over the other shoulder and his other hand around his waist.

“So,” Jeongguk says in a similar fashion, looking upwards and berating himself for being so nervous. “Are you a dance major like Hoseok-hyung?”

Jimin starts, his chin jumping slightly from its position before digging back into it. There’s no eye contact as he responds, choosing instead to watching the couple dancing fast-paced behind them. “No I- I wish. Medicine takes up my entire time, sadly. Sometimes perform with the dance club here though, but not. I’m not focused on it or anything.”

“So you can’t book a room for yourself then huh,” Jeongguk comments, thinking back to Hoseok mentioning how he gave Jimin’s his studio time slot. Their university only allowed dance concentrated students to book the dance studios and the same went for the music concentrations and art students. They, being science students, however, weren’t allowed access to any random lab; they had to have a PI watching over their shoulder to make sure they didn’t fuck up and contaminate the entire surrounding air space.

The mood seems to turn somber as they sway slowly, Jimin choosing not to respond and instead just closing his eyes, eyebrows scrunching together in an effort to stop thinking about his culminating responsibilities.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk breathes, turning his head downwards to where Jimin’s head lay upon his shoulder. He fondly looks at the elder, thinking back to their first meeting.

Jimin looks up, separating himself and frowning at the loss of contact. He jerks his head as if to push Jeongguk to finish his sentence, the words trapped within Jeongguk’s throat.

“I like you.” Jimin looks at him in disbelief, reaching up to flick the younger on the forehead. Jeongguk yelps, rubbing what was probably now his reddening forehead, pouting at Jimin. “Hyungie, what’d you do that for,” he whines and Jimin’s eyes widen with further incredulity, his mouth falling open slightly and drawing Jeongguk’s eyes to his lips.

“Y-yah,” Jimin looks aside, his neck flushing. “Didn’t you already say that earlier, say an hour ago, at the dance studio?”

“Just wanted to remind you,” Jeongguk says, words dripping with saccharine before the rest of his face reddens to match the color of the spot Jimin flicked him on.

“You’re really unbelievable, you know that?” Jimin scoffs lightly, the end of the sentence ending with a more high-pitch as Jeongguk pulls back from Jimin, twirling in the elder before dipping him. Jeongguk watches as a surprised gasp tumbles out of Jimin’s mouth, grinning foolishly at his expression.

“Unbelievingly amazing I take it?” Jeongguk whispers, a corner of his lips raising in a half-smirk. Jimin presses his lips to hide his amusement just as one of Jeonnguk’s hands come up to cradle the back of Jimin’s neck.

“You mean the fact that we’ve already kissed thereby ruining the entire first kiss atmosphere you’re trying t–” Jeongguk’s hand moves from Jimin’s neck to cover his mouth softly, choosing to reply carefully.

“That just means this one has to be even more special,” Jeongguk responds, stressing the last few words.

Jimin clears his throat unsteadily just as time seems to slow remarkably around them, the pair of them still leaning into the dip. His cheeks bunch up and Jimin’s lips fall open in laughter. Jeongguk takes this moment to bend forward, his one arm straining to maintain their position, in order to press his lips chastely over Jimin’s.

The sensation is far different from the kiss of the night before, far softer and Jeongguk decides that he loves the pillowy nature of Jimin’s lips, their full curve. He can taste a hint of lavender, honey, and mint, from the tea Jimin had most likely drunken earlier, not that Jeongguk had seen him do so. He can smell the musky cologne Jimin had sprayed over himself to hide the stench of sweat before they had left; Jimin reaches up to tug at Jeongguk’s hair, his fingers curling at his undercut near the base of his neck and Jeongguk pulls him up out of the dip. Jimin’s lips part just as Jeongguk separates himself from the elder, his eyes fluttering open with a wanting frown and his hand leaving Jeongguk’s neck to touch his lips in wonder.

Jeongguk peers into Jimin’s eyes with pursed lips, bringing his hand up to caress Jimin’s cheek, the elder leaning into the touch with closed eyes. They've stopped moving altogether, the other dancers moving in a blur around them as Jeongguk realizes that Jimin’s dilated pupils twinkled as if they held galaxies within their vast grasp.

Suddenly the temperature seems to rise despite them being outside in the chilly autumn air. Jeongguk’s eyes flicker down to Jimin’s throat, watching as his Adam’s apple bobs up and down.

“Want to. Uh, do you wanna maybe,” Jimin begins, looking at Jeongguk’s neck and the dark hickies he had given the younger the night before.

Please,” Jeongguk croaks, his throat drying as he thinks about what was definitely Jimin’s hard dick pressing against his own, his hips flush against his.

“Who’s place?”

“W-well,” Jeongguk stutters hoarsely, his mind going back to his shared dorm with Woosung. “If you wanna fuck on a rickety dorm bed that’s probably infested with bedbugs and give my uptight roommate the show of his life then…” he teeters off with an insinuating sigh.

“Right. My place again it is,” Jimin says, bringing his hands down to link one with Jeongguk’s hand. The cool metal of Jimin’s rings is pleasant to the touch and Jeongguk marvels at the smallness of Jimin’s fingers in comparison to his own. “But be warned, we may already be too late and Tae and Hoseok hyung may be going at it like bunnies.” Suddenly there’s an expression of mild disgust upon Jimin’s face, Jeongguk shuddering at the thought of hearing his two friends having sex through the thin walls of Jimin’s apartment.

“Hopefully they aren’t because last I saw, they were gossiping in Hoseok hyung’s and Joon hyung’s studio apartment.” Jeongguk wouldn’t mention that they were in fact, gossipping about his and Jimin’s relationship and staging an intervention to help Jeongguk get the balls to finally confess and ask Jimin out on a date.

They walk quickly to Jimin’s apartment, never letting go of each other’s hands, and dash up the steps to the flat.

When Jimin unlocks his door and they walk in, both breathe out a sigh of relief at the darkened apartment. Jeongguk tosses his hat carelessly onto the floor and shrugs off his flannel shirt, meeting Jimin halfway and connecting their lips once more. Jimin surges forward, pressing his hands on both sides of Jeongguk’s hips and guiding him back towards the general spans of his room. Luckily, the door is opened as they stumble through, their kisses desperately messy with teeth and too much tongue. Jeongguk feels his knees buckle at the edge of Jimin’s bed, and they forget about the still opened door, even as they share a collective breath.

Jeongguk feels his dick twitch against his pants, and suddenly his lungs feel tight despite his heavy breathing as they stare into each other’s eyes.

“Why’d you stop,” Jeongguk whispers. His breaths stutter as his eyes never once leave Jimin’s, until the elder’s eyes flicker down to where the deeply colored hickeys that Jeongguk was sporting lay.

“Trying to think of where I could kiss you next,” Jimin sniffs before responding, his hand laying across Jeongguk’s chest, scratching the skin lightly. He seems to have made up a resolve, though, because the next thing Jeongguk knows, his t-shirt is off and his belt is unbuckled. One of Jimin’s hands reaches underneath Jeongguk’s pants, palming his length slowly over his briefs while the other flicks his nipple, allowing it to harden before he bends his head to suck on the bud.

Jeongguk inhales at the sudden contact, his hands twitching uselessly at his sides. He tries to move, but it’s too no avail when Jimin’s hand shoots out to grip his wrist painfully.

Suddenly a thought occurs to him, in the midst of Jimin sucking his nipple and rubbing his cock.

“J-Jiminnie?” Jeongguk pants, the sudden craving now too great to ignore. “Have y-you ever smoked and had sex?”

A needy mewl bubbles out of Jeongguk when Jimin lips pause in their ministrations. He loosens his grip on Jeongguk’s hand, lifting his head up to properly look at Jeongguk in the eyes while licking his lips. The image is almost too much to bare. “Smoke what exactly, tokki?”

Jeongguk thinks back to the ashtray he had seen the night before, noting that it wasn’t in its original spot on Jimin’s desk right now. This would probably not be the best time to ask about Jimin’s potential cigarette habit so he chooses the drug he was going to ask about anyways.

“Weed hyung, you know I don’t do cigs.”

The stringy, yet relieved laugh that bubbles out of Jimin’s mouth is slightly concerning but Jeongguk chooses, somehow coherently, to again not say a word until Jimin was ready.

Instead, Jimin bends over to the side of the bed, leaving his hand painfully immobile on Jeongguk’s dick. He opens the first drawer of his nightstand, taking out two sheets and a small bag of leaves. He begins moving his hand underneath Jeongguk’s briefs, wrapping his hand around his length just as he finds the lighter in triumph.

“Okay maybe we shouldn’t uh–” Jeongguk shies away from Jimin’s touch, his teeth worrying his lower lip as he watches Jimin use his free hand to spread the necessary items. “–shouldn’t touch each other’s dicks until after we get high. Just for pure precautions of having a fire near our genitals, that’s all.”

Jimin looks amused but he complies and takes his hand off Jeongguk’s dick.

He then opens the baggie, pouring out some of the contents into the prep paper and grinding the leaves just enough for the one blunt to be enough between the two of them. He hands the tobacco sheet to Jeongguk, who gingerly licks the inner edge to moisten it before filling it up and sealing it.

Jimin runs the joint over the lighter a few times, touching it to make sure it’s not too hot before putting the stick between his lips, puffing at it gently as he lights it. He knocks his head back after his first inhale, breathing out tendrils of smoke blissfully. He takes in another deep drag before handing the joint to a dazed Jeongguk, whose mind is enraptured by the way Jimin’s lips look after exhaling the smoke.

The first hit doesn’t do much to him, but it’s after he takes another drag that the idea comes to him.

“Hyungie,” Jeongguk mumbles, looking up at Jimin from underneath his eyelashes. He hopes he looks seductive, hopes that he’ll be able to persuade Jimin to try this out with him. “Wanna try something.”

Jimin sets the lighter, baggie, and paper back onto the nightstand before scooting up to Jeongguk. He takes the blunt between his thumb and index finger, raising an eyebrow while taking in a deep drag.

“Wanna shotgun with you, hyungie,” Jeongguk says in a small voice and the words themselves cause smoke to become trapped in Jimin’s throat and he begins to cough, thumping his chest to remove the feeling.

He throws a hand carelessly over Jeongguk’s shoulder, fingers gently tracing his shoulder blade. “Okay,” Jimin responds, taking a drag to absolve some of the remnants trapped in his throat. “Okay, yeah, uh, we can try that.”

He slowly exhales, letting the feeling awash over him. He doesn’t get high often, but it’s comforting, a better option to the cigarette he was considering lighting after they fucked and Jeongguk had gone to sleep.

“What’re you, how’re you gonna,” Jeongguk mumbles, watching the way Jimin’s eyes flutter close. Jimin laughs, before placing a palm on the back of Jeongguk’s neck, curling his fingers and rubbing at his hair.

He breathes in deep, letting the smoke sit in his throat as he presses his lips onto Jeongguk’s, breathing out just as Jeongguk’s opens his lips to breathe in. Jeongguk’s fingers thread their way into Jimin’s hair, tugging at the strands before separating, blowing out the remnants of smoke.

Jeongguk opens his eyes in wonder, the feeling washing over him. He takes the joint from Jimin now, blinking away the glassy feeling before sucking in a breath. “Again,” he demands as he exhales out the smoke and Jimin giggles, his hand moving to trace Jeongguk’s face.

“You’re an insatiable one, aren’t you sweetheart,” Jimin whispers smugly; Jeongguk’s hand stutters, just as he brings the blunt to his lips. Jimin’s free hand goes back underneath Jeongguk’s briefs then, wrapping his hand around his cock, watching as Jeongguk coughs smoke out, groaning.

“Why’re you like this hyung,” he moans, but Jimin merely grins wickedly. He plucks the half finished blunt out of Jeongguk’s hand, taking one last drag before dropping it on top of the ashtray on his nightstand, and kisses Jeongguk again, letting the smoke pass into the younger’s mouth.

As he detaches himself, Jimin looks up at Jeongguk coyly, smirking as the high settles into Jeongguk’s bones. He wiggles out of his shorts and boxers before pulling off Jeongguk’s underwear, watching the way Jeongguk’s cock is covered in spread precum, a result of Jimin’s continuous hand motions.

“You’re so hot,” Jeongguk whispers in response to the way Jimin looks at him, with hooded eyes and a well-defined chest. He hasn’t had the time to properly admire Jimin’s naked body the previous night because he had wanted to get right down to the sex, but what a mistake that was.

Jimin’s eyes glimmer at the compliment, his cheeks bunching up and his eyes disappearing as he laughs brightly. “Ah, my little Jeonggukkie, so are you.”

Jimin grabs the lube off of where he had set the bottle on the nightstand earlier, his black hair falling into his face as he opens the cap and squirts some of its contents onto his fingers. He moves behind his ass to finger himself, but Jeongguk grabs his forearm, stopping his movements.

“Wanna do it this time hyung,” he mumbles. Jimin looks on amused as Jeongguk rubs off the lube from Jimin’s fingers onto his own, looking down at his barely covered fingers with disappointment. He reopens the bottle and taps it to get more, covering his fingers generously.

Jeongguk and Jimin switch spots and Jimin wiggles his ass up into the air teasingly. Jeongguk grabs a cheek to stop him, his ears picking up the slight moan that Jimin lets out when he pinches the skin.

“You like that huh, hyungie?” Jeongguk grins, massaging the skin slowly before lightly tapping his cheeks.

“M-maybe,” Jimin says in a reedy, high-pitched voice, a gargle bursting from his throat with need. “F-fuckin’ get on with it and touch me for God’s sake, will you, tokki?”

Jeongguk snorts and hits his ass in rebuttal and Jimin releases a breathy laugh, his eyes wavering but never losing eye-contact.

Jeongguk spreads Jimin’s asscheeks then, watching with fascination as Jimin’s hole tries to clench around nothing. He rubs his fingers together once before pushing in a digit, slowly moving it in and out. Jeongguk keeps an eye on Jimin, watching as the elder pushes his head back, ebony strands flipping delicately into his eyes.

“Add ‘nother please,” Jimin groans, as Jeongguk complies, inserting his middle finger slowly.

He feels around Jimin’s hole experimentally, trying to find the bundle of nerves that comprised his prostate gland, only knowing from diagrams of where it potentially lay.

He pushes his fingers in deeper and touches what he believes to be Jimin’s said prostate, but when Jimin doesn’t quite respond the way he had the previous night after fingering the general Jeongguk realizes he was touching an area higher than where his prostate was supposed to be.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk whispers, partially in weed-induced wonder and partially in scientific interest, “I think I just touched your seminal vesicles, that’s so fucking cool. I bet this is what they meant about putting our knowledge to use in the real world.”

Jimin turns his head as much as he can in disbelief, yet before he can say a word, the pair hear screeching.

“HOLY SHIT MY POOR EYES,” Taehyung yells in horror, backing away as fast as he can from the opened door. “Close the door when you fuck next time, you idiots!”

Just like that, the mood is broken. Jeongguk can’t pull his fingers out of Jimin’s ass fast enough and Jimin merely laughs softly, a whimper bubbling out of his throat at the loss of Jeongguk’s fingers.

“At least now I know what it’s like being the sexiler and not the sexilee,” Jimin whispers and he looks at Jeongguk, starting to giggle. Jimin falls onto his chest as Jeongguk slaps the bed covers, snorting at Taehyung’s evident horror.

They end up falling asleep instead, foregoing sex for relieving the evident sleep deprivation from the night before instead.

When they wake, it’s to a number of texts in their group chat from Taehyung, Hoseok, and Namjoon respectively. They deal with the chain of events from the night before: the first two complain of being sexiled to Namjoon and Hoseok’s apartment and the latter gripes about being kicked out of his flat to Yoongi’s and Seokjin’s, experiencing the sexiling that Jimin normally had to deal with at the hands of Taehyung and Hoseok.

Jeongguk and Jimin share a smug high-five, choosing not to respond to their respective texts and going back to sleep instead; Jimin curls up into Jeongguk in a manner that he can only describe to be koala-esque, but he doesn’t mind—Jeongguk welcomes the body warmth gladly, craving Jimin’s touch in the same way as elder obviously was.




A month after they begin dating, Jimin and Jeongguk fall into a basic routine.

Jimin picks up Jeongguk from his organic chemistry lecture because for some reason, the fifth year has a very lax schedule compared to Jeongguk.

They then either traverse to Jimin’s apartment—always Jimin’s place because Jeongguk’s still terrified of what Woosung’s reaction would be to coming upon them spooning and sleeping—or to the Winking Teapot before heading to the library, where they would study till the wee hours of the morning.

Their sex life is interesting, to say the least; most of it happens by accidentally kicking Taehyung out of the flat, or while somewhat in the mood to forgo sleep even more.

Jeongguk exits his organic chemistry lecture hall, turning towards the ducking figure on the right side of the building. Jimin, for some reason, is completely covered from head to toe as if he were trying to hide from Jeongguk.

But, the second Jeongguk walks up to him, his attempt fails. Jeongguk tugs down the hood only to reveal bright orange hair and Jimin whips around, a cigarette burning in his hands. His eyes widen and he immediately drops the cigarette onto the ground, using the foot of his shoe to put it out and crush it.

“W–Jeonggukkie, you’re out early?” Jimin poses it as a question and Jeongguk opens his mouth about to say something, say a few things actually.

“Is this why you refused to send me snaps of your face all day yesterday?” He chooses to say instead, deciding to bring up Jimin’s apparent smoking habit afterwards, and focusing on his newly dyed hair. It was, by far, the brightest shade of orange Jeongguk had ever seen. Brighter than fire and sunsets combined probably, and he still couldn't believe his eyes.

“Possibly.” Jimin swallows, his eyes flickering up at Jeongguk nervously.

Jeongguk swallows, his throat far too dry for a coherent reaction. “It looks good, ve-very fiery,” he croaks, as if suddenly realizing how hot Jimin really was.

“Thanks?” Jimin responds in question, bringing his hand up to rack his bangs out of his face. Jeongguk lightly moans at the sight, his lips dropping to release the pent-up breath in his lungs.

He then nods slowly, a thought forms in Jeongguk’s mind and he shoves his foot into his mouth, effectively ruining whatever semblance of normalcy he still had remaining with Jimin. “Did you know,” he begins, his voice taking on a know-it-all tone that he can’t help. “Since you smoke and all, you could possibly have been born with a mutation in the enzyme that metabolizes nicotine. A carcinogenic mutation obviously, since you probably metabolize nicotine faster than a nonsmoker.”

Jimin, not expecting such a question, chokes on his own spit, thumping at his chest to rid his windpipe of the feeling. “What the fuck, Jeon Jeongguk, are you on?”

“Medical school entrance exam prep and concern for your lungs,” Jeongguk quips, stepping forward in order to link a hand with Jimin’s. Jimin mutely watches the way Jeongguk takes his hand and folds his own into his fingers.

“It’s not– I’m not addicted,” Jimin begins, but Jeongguk looks at him with knowing eyes.

“That’s what they all say hyung. Remember me with coffee?” At this point, it had been over nine weeks since Jeongguk had given up coffee and over five weeks since he had quit cold turkey.

“No I– this is my way of managing stress. Especially since Jin-hyung made me stop drinking coffee last year,” Jimin confesses candidly, and Jeongguk nods his reluctant assent. For, although Jimin had always had a clean ashtray laying on his desk, he rarely sported the stench that accompanied smokers.

And though, that wasn't enough to convince him of Jimin’s lack of addiction to nicotine, it'd need to be enough for now.

“Let’s uh– how ‘bout we just head over to Seokjin-hyung’s café,” Jeongguk says carefully, noting the relieved way with which Jimin drops his shoulders.

Jimin nods slowly, laughing lightly under his breath. “Yeah, that sounds good.”

They walk across campus to the Winking Teapot where they encounter Seokjin having an aneurysm while training one of the new baristas he’d hired.

“I’m going to need you to tell me what the roasters we use are, one more time,” Seokjin’s voice is strained and both Jimin and Jeongguk suppress their imminent giggles at scene unfolding before them.

“We uh,” the new hire’s voice picks up at the end nervously. “I believe they’re uh, called Okay Cliff?” Her voice becomes stringy and she’s visibly sweating. Jimin almost feels bad, but he had to deal with a far more stressed Seokjin training him when he first began at the café.

“Okay. Okay?” Seokjin questions. “We are not shitty and mediocre. We are indie. We use the highest quality roasters from across the globe to give authentic and exotic tastes to our blends–”

“Hyung,” Jeongguk interjects tapping Seokjin’s shoulder cautiously, watching the way the new hire looks like she's about to burst into tears from either stress, the information, Seokjin’s intense training, or a combination of the three.

“What,” Seokjin bites, whipping around with a glare. His expression softens upon noticing both Jeongguk and Jimin, skeptical expressions and all. Seokjin doesn't seem to notice Jimin's new hair at the moment, which is good because neither of them were quite prepared for a Seokjin-level freakout.

“This may be a good time to tell you that uh,” Jimin takes over, smiling tensely while rubbing the back of his neck. “Don't fucking scare our new hire off hyung because I’d like to have less shifts and spend time with my boyfriend, thanks,” he finishes with a small smirk, utterly unrepentant of his words. He leans into Jeongguk, the latter wrapping his hands around Jimin’s waist in a back hug out of mere instinct and resting his chin in his collarbone.

Jeongguk splutters, red reaching the tips of his ears at the way Jimin obviously wanted to be with him.

Seokjin’s mouth drops, opening and closing a few times in shock. “I thought you… liked working here,” he finally says.

Jimin upturns the corners of his lips and goes in for what Jeongguk assumes, is the kill. “Yeah but like hyung,” he whines whilst fluttering his eyes. “I’m a stressed and overworked 5th year who’s just trying to date a cute bun. And you just hired a newbie, so please don’t scare her off.”

“B-but,” Seokjin splutters and the new barista begins to adopt a calmer expression, schooling her face into what Jeongguk assumed to be pure professionalism and not kindness.

Hyung,” Jimin pleads, twisting his hands and widening his eyes into a puppy-dog expression.

Seokjin stares for a few seconds before caving. “G-Yo– Fine. Fuckin’ cute ass smile,” he mutters and Jimin delivers the most outstanding smile.

“Thanks hyung! Good luck,” he says to the new hiree before grabbing Jeongguk’s hand again and tugging him to the counter. “By the way hyung.” He tosses the words over his shoulder. “We’re ready to order.”

“We are?” Jeongguk questions, but he shuts up upon noticing Jimin’s look.

Seokjin swears under what Jeongguk assumes to be his breath but his voice isn’t soft enough for the pair to not hear and Jimin grins widely in reaction. Seokjin gets off of the barstool he’s currently seated at, putting up a finger to tell the new barista to wait, as he twists his back in a stretch and walks to the back of the counter.

“Okay,” Seokjin sighs, tapping his fingers lightly on the countertop. “What can I get you two.”

“I’ll uh, I’ll get that gingerbread hot chocolate. In a mug for here,” Jeongguk says, pointing to the spot the drink item lay on the overhead menu.

Seokjin nods in approval, writing the drink name on a mug. “Good choice, I’m proud of you Guk-ah.” Jeongguk flushes with the praise, ducking his head sheepishly.

Jimin taps his chin, a wicked grin forming on his lips. “And I’ll have a toffee nut latte.”

“There are a million and one reasons of why that’s a bad idea. But I’ll choose the most obvious,” Seokjin begins in objection. “You were fucking addicted to the substance last year and I’m still not quite one hundred percent sure that you won’t relapse.”

“Yeah Jiminnie,” Jeongguk whispers. “The fuck.”

Jimin turns to Jeongguk, a blinding smile masking his strained voice. “Respect your goddamn elders.” He turns back to Seokjin. “Actually, make that a venti,” he says in a voice that was no less than demanding.

“We’re classier than Starbucks Jimin, you should know this, you work here.”

“Then give me your largest mug Kim Seokjin,” Jimin says exasperatedly. He adds a meek “hyung,” upon noticing Jin’s glare, his smile strained.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk hisses. “The actual everlasting fuck are you doing.”

Jimin, probably still tense from being caught with his cigarette earlier, grins pleasantly at Seokjin. “Add an extra shot of espresso and no hyung, I promise I won’t relapse. Add a couple of cute hearts on the mugs too, I’m feeling oddly aggressive today.”

“I can tell,” Seokjin mutters, compiling with Jimin’s request. “But are you sure,” he glares at Jimin for added effect. “That you can handle an extra shot. Considering, you know, you technically haven’t had any form of coffee in over a year.”

“Just give me the extra fucking shot hyung,” Jimin says, glaring back. A staring contest ensues between the two of them while Jeongguk stares knives into the back of Jimin’s head, wishing that he too, could get coffee for himself.

“You’re a monster,” Jeongguk whispers spitefully after Seokjin rings them up. Jimin pays, handing his card over before Jeongguk has the time to even process the exchange, his hand slowly taking out his unneeded wallet.

“Probably because you’re an uncured coffee whore, Jeonggukkie,” Jimin singsongs pleasantly.

Jeongguk frowns, not disputing the fact because until a few weeks ago, he really couldn’t function without the substance.

Seokjin calls their drinks out in a dry tone and hands the mugs to Jeongguk and Jimin respectively before washing his hands and heading back out to where his newest hire was still sitting in wait.

Jimin skeptically sips at his latte, frowning at first as he smacks his lips as if tasting the drink for the first time. He takes a bigger gulp after deciding that he liked the drink, sighing happily at the taste of coffee.

Jeongguk watches as Jimin’s eyes roll slightly inwards in pleasure before he effectively shoves his foot into his mouth once again. “You uh, you look like,” Jeongguk starts in a high-strung voice, his throat drying at the sight before him. Jimin knits his eyebrows and looks up at him in confusion. “You’re making the same expression that you do when you give me a blow job,” he says hoarsely, a reedy tone escaping his lips.

Jimin chooses to not respond, instead cautiously mouthing at the edge of his mug to properly taste the additional toffee nut drizzle on top of the foam of his drink. He then looks up at Jeongguk and smirks before he teasingly licks his lips.

“S-stop that,” Jeongguk whimpers, his eyes not leaving Jimin’s lips. His drink is still untouched, the heart Seokjin had drawn in the hot chocolate undisturbed.

Jimin curls a corner of his lip up, grinning at the obvious effect his drinking has on Jeongguk.

“Drink your cocoa, sweetheart,” he purrs, pleased with the way Jeongguk reacts to his words before complying with Jimin’s order.

“J-just so you know,” Jeongguk says after he groans at the amazing taste of his hot chocolate. “I won’t be able to study with you looking like that.” Jimin’s foot taps his shoe and Jeongguk kicks back, playing footsie with his boyfriend underneath the table.

“Who said we were here to study babe,” Jimin says and Jeongguk gulps audibly, eyes widening in fear.

Jimin’s eyes bunch up, disappearing into crescents as he ducks his head in a bright laugh, chuckling in immense humor.

“Kidding, kidding, sheesh,” he snorts, raising his hands up innocently. “Good to know that you have such cute reactions to my words though, tokki.”

“Why do you have to make things so erotic all the time,” Jeongguk gripes while wringing his hands and Jimin lifts a knowing brow.

“I’m not really doing anything tho–”

“Your entire existence is erotic,” Jeongguk hisses, not unkindly.

Jimin snorts. “If I remember correctly sweetheart, you’re the one who’s the experimentalist in this relationship,” Jimin says and Jeongguk reddens, hushing Jimin.

“Do you have to be so crass all the time,” Jeongguk groans, dropping his head on the table, next to his mug.

“No, but embarrassing you now that’s never been more fun,” Jimin remarks, grinning widely.

“You’re lucky I like you, hyung,” Jeongguk says, though his words are fonder than intended.

Jimin pretends to think, putting his pointer finger upon his chin. “Actually, you’re the one who’s lucky to have me, Mr. I’ve Never Done So Well On An Ochem Exam.”

Jeongguk exhales out a laugh, nodding with acceptance. “Fine, I guess I am lucky.”

Jimin merely nods contently, his lips curling up fondly as he reaches across the table to link his fingers through Jeongguk’s. “Yeah,” he says softly, eyes curling up in happiness. “I really am lucky.”