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You ever know that feeling when everything felt wrong?

You just stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself and everything is wrong.

Your mouth is uneven
and your face is too round
and your ears stick out at weird angles
and your freckles are too splotchy
and your hair is puffy and everywhere and it is yours but for some reason, it doesn’t feel like it
and your sunburn doesn’t hurt but is pasted across your face like you took a giant tube of lipstick and just smothered it only on your nose and part of your cheeks but not all of it so it looks weird
and that weird bruise scar you have in the middle of your neck from rollerblading down a hill with your best friend just doesn’t feel right.

It should feel right but it doesn’t.

And the pale skin across your shoulders just doesn’t look like you anymore even if you just saw them earlier that morning without any problems.
And for some strange reason, you aren’t you anymore.

Jeremy knows that feeling all too well.

It’s almost like every time he finally gets used to himself again he takes one look and nothing is right and he desperately wants to make it right.

But he can’t. And he knows he can’t.

He’ll just deal for now and try to accept it.