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sweet destiny

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It was a cold afternoon on the Grid.
He stood on top of a buiding in the shadows of a billboard to hide his position from whoever just so happen to look up. He was wearing his long coat hiding moost of his light looking as dark as possible. His eyes had grown even darker.
Cyrus took a deep breath, taking in the icy air surounding him. A privilege he had lost so long ago. He looked over the city of Argon… chaos. There was only chaos. The once so innocent town had turned into a firepit. The curfew had gone in a long time ago but now that… it has started, there were small groups of programs all over the town fighting against the occupation. Not that it would even matter in the end.
He layed a hand on his left wrist looking down at the energy containers around his lower arms. They were the same as Trons healing chamer… well atleast they had the same affect, used both the same type of technologie to keep him alive afther the fight. They looked like big gloves that covert his for arm but not his whole hands. The tech inside hidden behindt metal cover. The metal was strong and discproof. Someting that he had found out to be quite handy when it came to blocking attacks. He closed his eyes for a while and took a deep breath of air When something caught his attention. An explotion. There were a few Rebbels ( as they so happened to call themselfs) fighting off some of the guarts. Cyrus stood motionless, watching, opserving as he did best. There were 3 man and one girl as far as he could make out. Some of them were wearing selfmade harnasses making the gender hard to read. The girl however did no even have her face covert. She had black-red hair and a small and long face with green-brown eyes. She ran forwart as she threw a bomb towarts the guarts. The bomb was probably self made as it exploded in mid-air.
She took down 2 gaurts together with one of the rebels and half her own leg.
She was pretty.
Not smart.
They would sure catch her now, not that she would be send to the games. Like that she was useless. Afther all it was not like they were going to fix her leg they were probably just kill her right there…
Amost sad.. she was quite an eyecatching sight, like that Paige girl where Beck …


All this pain. And it was now all resting on his shoulders. For him to fix this mess. He coulden’t possibly take this weight. Cyrus turned around from the horrific scene and headed towards the hideout. It had bin long sins he took the time to observe the boy. Specially sins the fight. And oh how Beck looked broken then. Eyes growing darker just like his owne. How long for he would turn on Tron ? He jumped of the building rerezzing his light jet.

There was no point in it.
In anything.
Not in him.
Tron was yelling at Beck.

“Tron i- “
But Beck couldn’t finish his sentence before being cut off.
“You were killed again. Beck this isin’t a game. This might be a simulation but out there. Right now, You’d be dead. Do you honestly think we can afford SUTCH STUPID MOVES?”
Beck kept his head down. Stupid was all that was said to him ever sinds the revolution had started. And he was, he really was. Even Beck agreed so. But the tempo was just way to high. Ever sinds Tron was back to full health the training level had increased he just couldn’t keep up with him anymore. He was just another burden for him. And Tron ? Tron was sure to point that out.

“t-the level… it’s just … i-i could barly keep up with you before a-and n-now”
Tron steped closer. Beck felt a sick discomfort in his chest. This was the 7th training he had screwed up.
“Than what exacly do you think you are doing here? Except wasting my time.”
And that ..hurts.
Tron walked away out of the training room. But before closing the door anrgy behind him he turned and looked at Beck one more time.
“i'm out. I expect you to be capeble of handeling this simulation level once i get back”
‘’for how long will you be .. gone ? “
“a few cycles”
And that …. Was all. He left Beck standing there with nothing more. No goodbye , no stay safe , no nothing. Like that would matter Tron would be back, he’s Tron. Beck stayed in place until he heard Tron leave the hideout. Beck went staight for his room trying to hold back the tears streaming down his face. Once in his room he punshed the wall, He wanted to sream why why why why the hell was he so fucking weak. Why was he crying? there was no reason for him to cry. His face towards the mirror. He hated the way he looked. …. Weak. Tron was right and with that the feeling returned. That awful feeling. He started to feel it ever sinds this damn revolution had started.
He wanted to feel anthing instead of that feeling.
He had. He did feel different once. Cyrus his markes were covered under other scars
The funny thing was it that it acualy took the real pain away. The one in his chest. The stupid feeling in his chest. It felt empty and sad and if to describe it’s something like pressure or rather the reverse of it. It felt horrible. And that was if he were to describe it. but you can’t you can’t ever. You only know it if you have felt it and if you indeed know the feeling. There is nothing left to feel but sorry for you.
He didin’t want this anymore.
He was fucking done with it already.
Done with every stupid mistake…he, himslef was a mistake, a second choice. He grapped his bike and threw it towards the mirror. Beck jumped back a little when the mirror broke with the impact of the bike. The mirror falling apart in pieces on the floor. Beck looked at it. At the bike, at the broke pieces, at the small reflection of himself in some of them. He was done. done questioning, done being a burden, done being second choice, done with it all.
With the friends that yelled at him for never being there. The way they had shut him out. some were dead.
He was done with fighting. No one needed him anyway.
And no one would miss him
Tron could find another one he was so good in that afther all.
Tron would be free of him like he wanted to be.
Beck slowly walked towarts the mirror and picked up one of the sharp pieces and looked down at his owne broken reflecton in it. he lowered the piece towards his wrist.
And started cutting.

When Cyrus came to the hide out it was strangley as if there was no one there. Now he had seen the bike. He knew tron was probably dealing with business in the city. But Beck was not in the training room nor the main once. He had to be carefull not making noice to alarm the young renegade. But someting was wrong. It all felt wrong. His attention was drawn to the room Beck had taken as his own. Cyrus started to pick up the pace walking to the door. He leaned in close putting his ear to door. No sound. Beck could be sleeping. But something told him it wasn’t. it just wasn’t.
He slowly opend the door. Thinking maybe Beck could be in the bathroom taking a shower. But his eyes wident in shook at the sight before him.
Beck was laying lifeless in a mix of his own cubes, energy, and fragments of a broken mirror.
Cyrus dropped the carefull act and ran over to the boy who was unconcious on the floor. And when he turned beck over he could see the huge scares on his wrist. They were long in vertical angle and were done with obviously a lot of anger.
“Beck …BECK”
He took the boy in his arms trying to shake him awake. But there was no sucsess in any of it. Beck was loosing to much energy and all the training had put his energy levels down and he looked skinny. Way to skinny to be healthy.
Beck needed treatment now.
No. Not here. He didin’t know when Tron would be back. With Beck like this. And the instabilty of his own code... it was all the better if he got him out of here as fast as possible before Beck’s code became fully instable and he would die. He quickly took some bandages of a box witch was where it once was. This room didn’t change. He wraped up Beck’s arms to stop the energy from getting out. For what was left of it. and with all the volux on the floor, Beck was not far from dying. he wraped the boy up in his long coat and lifted him up. Bridal style. And basically ran towarts the window jumping out of it with Beck in his arms rerezzing his lightjet and heading to his own hide out.
But Cyrus was not sure even now if he would make it in time.
Beck wasn’t suppoost to break. Not yet. Not like this. If he were to Lose Beck now he would lose their destiny with it. And that was something he couldn't have to happen. He didint care.

3 cycles later
Beck was laying chaned to the machines. His condition acually had improved. However the whole scene was depressing it could make a saint a sinner. And for Cyrus who was already one …oh well. It was rather sad even without the back story of the happening. Beck was to improtant to lose specialy to Tron’s tyranny. He felt sorry for the boy. Feelings. But than again he was once in Beck’s position.
He let out a deep sigh. Told himsleft that his past was why he cared. Afther all this was not good for either of them. He had talked to the boy while he was next to bed trying to wake him up. Beck reacted to Cyrus. Ironic. But it really seemed that way. He told Beck about how he would be there if he woke up ( something he was planning on doing for more resons than just comfort). Beck seemed to react to that. Not that the reaction that the wanted but he was not picky.
Not now he remembered the shock.
And about how he ran into his own hideout.
wich was more hidden than Tron's hideout.
Deeper into the grind still keeping an eye on his mountan-hideout and the city. But there was less of a view. It also seemed to rain more often because it was so much closer to the edge where there were always more storms. Not that he minded. He had actually grown quite fond of the rain.
But when brining Beck here he regretted how far he acually had build his second hideout. So far away from things. And that had caused them time.
He had rushed into the room leaving all doors open brining him to the bed of the healing room he had build for himself afther the fight. He had made a healing room simliar like his former mentor. The technology in the room was atleast based of off it. But Cyrus was no mechanic. And he was lucky his wounds could cure.
The healing room was weaker than Tron’s used to be. But it did the job. He had placed Beck into the machine where he kept him for about one and a half cycels afther that he had layed Beck on a hospital-like bed. He had chained the boy's armes to the railings of it on each opposite side. Half to keep his arms in place for the wires half for if Beck would wake up. It was nothing too real or serious but it would keep him in place. He had also taken care off the boys scars on his arms. but they were heavy. And he could only do so much untill the boys code would need rest.
Cyrus led out a laugh.
like that was what it was about.
Beck had cut his own wrists. With what reason? what about his friends. If they even still were his friends (knowing the toll of the revolution). Beck tryed to kill himself. That feeling fo suicide was not gonna be over as soon as he would wake up. Beck wasn’t gonna be Beck. His eyes would be empty unlike the little sparkel that used to be in them.
He closed his eyes and pinched Beck’s hand. And then

Beck responded. Beck’s hand gave a light and weak pinch back returning the message.