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Hey there, Pretty Boy

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chanhee’s eyes flutter close, eyelashes resting softly on his cheekbones. he runs one of his slender fingers over his bottom lip before he pushes it into his mouth, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around the single digit. he knows his viewers like the teasing, it gets him extra money so each time he steps it up a bit and gets more money than the last time. he looks into the camera with big, beautiful eyes, making sure his lips are pouty enough and talks in an overly adorable voice. he bites on his bottom lip and slowly drags a finger up his dick, letting out a soft gasp.
“chanhee needs someone here to make him feel good…”
the comments section immediately goes twice as fast as before.
“wouldn’t someone like to come take care of chanhee?”
he runs his finger over his slit, pressing down ever so slightly to make more soft noises fall from his strawberry lips.
“chanhee’s lonely…”
he swirls his finger around his head and a whimper comes out, he looks into the camera with pleading eyes and sinks his teeth into his bottom lip, letting out another soft whimper.
“can chanhee touch himself?”