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The disappearance of Mineta Minoru and Shinsou Hitoshi's adventure in class 1A

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There is something very different about class this morning.


Midoriya Izuku is unsure if it is because he has been staying up late to cram for the exam, or something really is different this morning. It isn’t 8 o’clock yet but all the students have arrived. He scans around the room. As usual, most of the girls are chatting cheerfully around Yaoyorozu’s table. Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero are bantering around Bakugou’s table, of who is just as grumpy as ever. Is today different because the grimace plastering on Bakugou’s face isn’t as harsh as it was 2 months ago when they commenced UA? No, not that. Something is definitely up. Midoriya takes his seats. Uraraka and Iida comes over to talk to him about homework and the Sports Carnival, which he dutifully replies. But something is irking at the back of his mind. There is nothing out of the ordinary. Absolutely nothing. Everything seems as normal as it should be. Then what…


The front door slides.


“Return to your seat. Make it quick,” Mr. Aizawa’s tired voice rings with wielded authority such that the bubbly conversations fragmented back to their respective seats. Midoriya is still lost in his own speculations. “We have a new student who just transferred.”




“A new student? Now?” Iida exclaims. The classroom breaks off into soft murmur. Even from here, Midoriya can see that even Bakugou knits his brows in sudden interest. Student transferal in UA is something that is so rare that it is almost non-existent. He knows that dependent on the students’ performance at the Sports Carnival, candidates can be moved up to the Hero Course. But that means a student from this class has to move down for that.  Midoriya does a mental headcounts around the room. No one seems to be missing… right?


“Let’s get this over and done with.” Mr. Aizawa silences the commotion. Tension rises up in the room as the students ogle the entrance like hawks. The man skims a piece of paper he is holding on his hand. He glances as the door to motion the person behind to come in. “This is Shinsou Hitoshi”.


The bubble bursts.


“You!” Bakugou shoots up from his chair, but there is astonishment in his eyes more than the usual brooding annoyance. “What the fuck!?”


“Bakugou! The use of profanity in class in unacc…” Iida is swinging his arm in disapproval, but his reproach is drowned out by the warbling conversation. Shinsou!? Isn’t that the boy with the Brainwashing Quirk from the General Ed? He moved up!? How!?


Bakugou settles down and resumes his usual countenance, but he seems to have dropped any suspicion towards Shinsou’s ascension. The class is quick to accept their new reality as though it is obvious that Shinsou would have joined their class sooner or later. Midoriya looks around the room. Doesn’t anyone find this whole thing bizarre!? Sure, if the school has decided that Shinsou is worthy to be transferred to the Hero Course, there should be no opposition. Although there are plenty of faults in the system and more specifically, the entrance exam, UA does try its best to make sure that aspiring heroes receive the well-deserved recognition that was unfortunately filtered through by standardized test. What irks Midoriya though, is WHOSE place did Shinsou replace? He already counted but he will count again. There are exactly 19 students in this class, as it should be…


Wait, 19?


Something jogs Midoriya’s memory. The class could not possibly have 19 students. There are 20 desks and he relies on his memory enough to know that when he arrived at class 1A on the first day, all the desks were completely filled. How did the fact that someone has been transferred out totally fly over his head!? UA cannot possibly have kicked anyone out before the Sports Festival, which happened literally 2 weeks ago?  If they did, he would have known… he would have known…


Ah! The light bulb pops.


“Let’s see, there’s an empty seat behind Midoriya. You go there S…”


“Mr. Aizawa!!” Midoriya shoots up with his arm straight up in the ceiling. The entire class whips their neck around to stare at him like he just grows some grapes on his face or something. The classroom suddenly becomes so quiet that Midoriya can hear the loud thud of his dignity dropping. He is considering backing down.


“What is it Midoriya?” Mr. Aizawa’s voice is laced with annoyance. He musters up a piercing glare directed straight to between Midoriya’s eyes, making the boy shivering with unknown fear. “There better be a good excuse for this.”


Shinsou shrugs. He remembers Midoriya from their fight during the Sports Carnival, but as far as the green-hair boy can see, there is no animosity in those tired grey eyes. Midoriya gulps. He knows that he is being rude towards Shinsou and his concern is probably trivial anyway, considering how no one seems to be bothered by Shinsou’s transferal.


“Um… well… um, I was… wondering…” Midoriya’s fingers wriggle with nervousness. “Who was transferred out… um… you know… of 1A…?”


“It would be you if you don’t stop that babbling,” Mr. Aizawa deadpans. Faintly, Midoriya can hear Bakugou snorting. “Can we move on?”


“MINORU MINETA!!” Midoriya finally finds his voice and it comes out louder than he expects. The boy immediately covers his mouth in embarrassment. He swears to the God that birthed All Might that everyone in the class simultaneously blinks at him as though he just manifested a Grape-growing quirk.


Mr. Aizawa blinks. Not once, but thrice. Shinsou raises an eyebrow at Midoriya, but quickly glances back at his new homeroom teacher, as though mouthing the words, “can I go to my seat now or?”


“Whom? I don’t recall.” Mr. Aizawa still stares at Midoriya with those bloodshot eyes of a man who has not slept in 5 days. The green-hair boy feels as though he is treading on a landmine. He probably should sit down.


“Um, you know, short,” Midoriya gesticulates with his hands to mimic the shape of an obtuse log. “Purple, with sticky balls on his head.” He gulps. “Always talks about boobs in class.”


“Oi Deku what the fuck?” Bakugou turns back almost immediately. His glare is blazing with murderous intent, as usual. “Did that new quirk of yours finally snap your brain in half or some shit?”


“Midoriya-san, are you not feeling well?” Yaoyorozu, who is two desks behind him, speaks up with concern. "Perhaps some tea?"


“Yeah man, who is this Minoru Mineta you’re talking about?” Kaminari leans back on his chair and looks over to Midoriya. "You know maybe you shouldn't have studied so hard like..."


“What, you seriously don’t know!?” The green-hair boy feels like he is grasping on straws here. Can he really blame the class though when he himself doesn’t recognize any discrepancies until now? “I thought he’s your friend, Kaminari-kun?”


“Huh?” Kaminari stares at Midoriya for a solid 5 seconds before replying slowly and cautiously, “dude, I think if he’s my friend I would know.”


It feels as though the reality Midoriya has been living in his a house of glass, and right now, someone is shattering his sense and perception with a fucking bulldozer. He would scream if it means Mr. Aizawa would not give him a detention on the spot for disrupting the class. It is 10 minutes into period 1 already and from the corner of his eyes he can see the silhouette of a teacher waiting patiently outside their classroom. Confused and flabbergasted, Midoriya sits down, but he shoots one final call for help towards Uraraka on the other side of the class, but all she returns to him is the phrase “Are you ok?” mouthed with a perplexed expression on her face. Has he really gone crazy? Midoriya buries his face in his palms. He is pretty sure Minoru Mineta is a living sentient being out there whose existence is somehow erased in everyone’s mind except his.


Shinsou walks down the aisle and takes the seat behind Midoriya. He gives the green hair boy sitting in front of him a non-committal shrug before settling down in his new class.


“See me before lunch, Midoriya.” Mr. Aizawa’s voice is curling with irritation. He packs up his notebooks and leaves the room. Ms. Midnight walks in with an inquisitive thumb pointing towards Mr. Aizawa who is disappearing behind the closed door. The class returns her question with an “I don’t know” gesture.


Class commences as usual, as though nothing is out of the ordinary. Ms. Midnight seems to be surprised that Shinsou is in class 1A now but she makes no further inquiry into his transferal. As though it is only fitting that Shinsou should have been in class 1A from the very beginning.