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The spider monarchs of Queens

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"Peter (Y/N) is here" peters uncle Ben shouted up the stairs. "come on kid your gonna be late for you big trip" he shouted again after a few minutes of awkward silence. "Coming" was peters muffled reply before he bounded down the creaky wooden steps.

"Hi (Y/N/N) you excited for the Oscorp trip?" Peter asked you before kissing your cheek. You went a deep shade of red and so did he once he realised what he did.

"Yesss I'm so excited like you do not even understand how excited I am" you said gleefully ignoring Bens muffled giggles. "Okay you two time to go" Ben urged pointing to the door.


"Aghhhh Peter this is amazing" you squealed grabbing his hand as you ran over to the radioactive spider exhibit. "Oh my god looks at this one Pete" you said pointing to a box which held a cross between a jumping spider and a monarch butterfly.

'CRASH' "agghhhh" screeched a few of the girls close to you. Flash though it was hilarious the he had just pushed you and Peter into the glass boxes you were looking at. "Thompson coach now!" Shouted one of the teachers over the top of flash's giggles, furiously pointing at the exit.

"(Y/N)? (Y/N)? (Y/N/N)?" Peter asked rocking your arm to try and wake you up. "Sir s-she w-won't wake up!" He shouted at the closest teacher who just told flash off. "What?" (Y/N) asked as you jerked upright finally gaining consciousness.

"Right that's it you guys need to leave" announced a security guard to Mr.Johneth. "Okay sir I'm very sorry" he apologised "(Y/N), Peter can you walk?" He asked offering out he's hand to Peter. "Yeah I'm alright" Peter groaned as he took sirs hand and stood up.

"(Y/N) can you?" He asked hopefully. "Yeah" you gasped attempting to stand up only to fall back down onto the glass. You tried to stand again only to have yourself swept off your feet and into peters arms.

"(Y/N/N) it's okay I'm here your okay" Peter cooed into your ear before you felt a pinch on your stomach and then your vision went black.


"(Y/N) honey are you awake?" You heard the loving voice of aunt may ask. "Mmhmmm" you groaned as you lifted your heavy eyelids to see Peter and aunt mays faces. "Hi Pete hi may" you whispered groggily to them, your throat still saw.

"Hi honey, your gonna be staying here for the next few weeks okay." She asks hesitantly "yeah- wait why not at mollys and jacks?" molly and jack were who adopted you- but only for the money. "Umm well you see they think your a bit to much trouble (Y/N) so-" may cut herself off she couldn't bring herself to say it, but Peter could knowing that you were probably glad that you were leaving them finally. "Your gonna be adopted again (Y/N/N)" Peter whispered before kissing your forehead.

"What about school" you question "well Peter and you have the next day off due to the fall-"
"push, flash pushed us may" Peter reminded "okay we'll due to the push but it looks like you both got a sick bug or something" may continued before handing you both two orange tablets and a glass of water to share.

"Have these they will make you sleepy but they'll help" aunt may ordered. You swallowed the pills with a gulp of water and instantly felt tired and by the looks of it so did Peter. "Wow that worked fast" aunt may commented as she tucked you both into Peters bed. "Night guys" she said before she left, leaving the door slightly open.

"Pete?" You whispered after a couple of moments "yeah (Y/N/N)?" He replied "I think I got bit by one of the spiders" you said hesitantly "me too" Peter announced after a few seconds of silence. "Let's just go sleep we'll sort it out in the morning okay?"

You woke up that morning with your legs tangled with his, your head in the crook of he's neck and your arm lazily slung over his chest. Wait a minute since when has Peter had muscles that big- woah!? Since when did you have muscles that big? "Oh my god" Peter gasped as he woke up realising that you and him just gained huge muscles.

"This is amazing" you commented "I know right" Peter squealed sitting bolt upright which took you of guard and you jumped- but didn't fall back down? You peeled your eyes open slowly oh my god you were on the ceiling! "Ufff" you groaned as you fell back on the bed. "Them spiders were not normal right?" You asked even though you knew the answer

Over the next few days you and Peter faked your illness to stay off school and test out your powers it turns out you could jump as high as a 30 story apartment, you could shoot webs from your wrists, crawl on walls, heal really quickly- and best of all... you had wings!!
Peters powers were the same as yours but minus the jumping and the wings. You had got used to your powers now and used them to help in your every day lives.

All was fine

But then a bullet was fired

And a man fell dead