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All Alone

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You sit in the darkness of the save screen, too broken and sad to move away from a lurking shadow. You hear their laughter as they kill everyone once again, you only killed until you got to Papyrus. Chara took over then.

You cry as you listen to their corrupted laugh, blaming yourself for your curiosity. This is the reason you came to the mountain, to end the damage of your existence.
"Nyeh? Why are you crying little one?" You look up to the familiar voice and sniffed. Papyrus was standing in the save screen, he stares at you confused before his eye sockets widned. Realization dawned on his face as he backed away.
"H-Human?! I just saw you! You killed me!"

You cry as he stares at you with hate. The one emotion you never seen in the tall skeleton, it hurts you knowing that he...-Is he coming near you?
His right eye began to glow orange, you have never seen this before. Sans' magic involved his left eye glowing blue, and that was scary enough. You back away from the skeleton as he approached you, a single large bone makes you stop.
You are trapped between this bone and the skeleton, you tell Papyrus that your sorry. He continues toward you.

Your Sorry
Your Sorry
Your S-

A gloved hand holds your shoulders and pulls you into a strong hug, you tremble in his embrace. He is shaking as well, but he continues to hold you.
You begin to wail, little did you know, Papyrus was seeing each RESET from your point of veiw. He hugs you tighter and with a Nyehehe, he lifts you up. You cringe, shutting your eyes as he lifts you up.
"Human, look at me." Still crying you look at the skeleton, he has a bright smile on his face. Truly does he trust you? This skeleton is too pure for you and this world. He brings you back into the calming hug, "Human, Frisk, We must devise a plan to stop this madness!"

You look up to the skeleton brother and nod with a small thin smile, You tell Papyrus that you want everyone to be saved...especially the human in your body. He looks confused at first, but gives you a smile that only he can give, "I, The Great Papyrus, Will help you save everyone!!!"

With a nod, Papyrus hugs you one last time and disappears into the darkness. Neither of you knew, that Sans found out how to fight the RESETS. Alphys finishes it just before the RESET, and manages to finish Mettaton's body when she remembers.
Chara comes to you in the Save Screen, "You know, killing everyone is getting predictable. I might give you your body after this one." You look up hopefully, but Chara only smiled and left you behind once again.
You go with them this time, but remain on the flower bed in the RUINS. This time felt off, you hadn't heard any screams or the motherly voice of Toriel and the screech of a hurt Flowey.
You notice that the dirt moved under you, you float upward as it grew bigger. You cover your eyes as the dirt blew everywhere, "Human! Open your eyes!" You hesitantly move your hands to see Papyrus and a confused Flowey.
You wave to the flower as his eyes grew wide with recognition, "Frisk? What happen to you! If you're here than....Chara!" You nod before turning your full attention to Papyrus.
He was in deep thought before you had an idea, You tell Papyrus your plan. He hums lightly, "Flowey? Is that possible?" Flowey stares before nodding, "We will see, I am actually grabbing them now. I'll meet you in Snowdin, that is where the ones fighting are."

You float as Papyrus stands up tall, "I might to do my Special attack for this, but I do not wish to harm them...or your body." You tell Papyrus to do what he deems necessary. You both go through the now empty RUINS, this unerves you. There is nothing, not even dust.
You tell Papyrus that something is wrong, Papyrus looks guilty. You stare at the skeleton, beads of sweat pour down his skull. He sighs, "Frisk, I must tell you something troubling. I am not the only one who remembers, Sans and Undyne were evacuating Snowdin as the monsters from the RUINS were evacuated by a female goat monster. I'm sure that everyone are in Snowdin, along with Asgore and Mettaton."

You are shocked and began to panic, you tell Papyrus what might happen and you bolt toward the door to Snowdin. Papyrus was behind you as you race to the sound of fighting, you stop as Papyrus nearly runs passed you.
"Frisk? What-" You look to Papyrus and tell him to put your SOUL in his ribcage and try not to absorb it. Papyrus nods and you fly into his hand, he rubs your red heart before putting you in his ribcage.
You tell a pun involving trapping a human, "OH MY GOD!!!!!"

You are rewarded a smiling annoyed skeleton, Papyrus sees the commotion and awaits for Flowey. Timing is crucial for this and you allow Papyrus to jump out at the right time, using you and his magic to trap Chara. Sans and everyone looks alive and shocked, but you give Papyrus one last order.

You tell Papyrus not to tell anyone about what was really happening, the skeleton is confused. You tell him that you used what DETERMINATION you had to protect the tall skeleton and that if you died...everyone would be happy.
Flowey appears with what you ask for, game set match.