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Drabble Challenge 2017

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Jason came back home with a shower on his mind, but the sight of Dick nursing his cheek with puffy eyes changed his thought completely. 

“What happened?” 

“Slade knocked off one of my teeth.” 

Ah, someone must have had a bad night.

“Your cheek is swollen.”

“I know.” DIck grunted and pouted, a man this age wearing an expression like that shouldn’t be considered adorable, but boy, Jason felt like it was and felt like teasing the man a little.

He groped Dick’s chin and pulled his face up, plugging two fingers inside his mouth and stretched

“AOONN!!!” Dick shouted, hands when up to push him away with the force of a newborn cat.

“Huh, one of your pretty teeth does come off cleanly.”  

“UITT IT!!!“ 

“Wha? Can’t hear ya, sweetheart.”

Dick swatted his hands away.

“Quit it or I’ll bite!“

And that, was a killer shot. Jesus Christ, DIck was so fucking cute when he was angry.

“Ohho, you’ll bite?! What are you, part kitty?!”

Jason didn’t get to finish off his laugh when Dick grabbed his forearm and bit down. He must have hurt himself while doing that because the force of his teeth was barely there.


Dick pulled off and looked at him, cheek swollen and pink lips parted. 

Jason was turned on.

“Hey,” He whispered, touching Dick’s face lightly. “Can I have a taste of you too?” 

He didn’t wait for Dick to answer though, immediately went for the kill, grabbing Dick’s hair and sinking his teeth deep down to the skin of his neck. He bit hard and knew it must pain. Dick moaned his name, and Jason went insane.

This would definitely leave a mark, but he didn’t care. Dick always managed to bring the fucking animal out of him, and Jason, Jason just wanted the world to see that he was his.