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Drabble Challenge 2017

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He looked at Dick and suddenly knew how the night would end. Dick looked at him and suddenly he couldn’t pretend, like this all should end but simply they just couldn’t. 

Too many things pent up and now it all flowed out. Too many years waiting and now his patience was breaking. Too many mistakes and now he could no longer bare the ache. 

His hand touched Dick’s skin and suddenly it felt like a sin. He was so hot and oh so soft, Jason felt like melting. Dick crawled his back when Jason could no longer hold back. He moaned his name, and Jason was on flame. 

He knew, that the shame would come once the alcohol lost its game, that it would never be the same after tomorrow came. 

Seven years of waiting and now he had him screaming, endless nights of drinking and now here they went crashing.

The ring fitted his finger like it was born to belong with. Dick looked at him when the heat was gone, and Jason looked back at him with the heart like the sun at dawn. 

“I have to, even if you don’t want to.”

Because Dick was addictive, and Jason was sick of pretending it didn’t make him weak. 

How many weeks had it been, since he went to the store with drunkness soaked into his skin. How many times he had looked at the small ring, and cried till his tears faded into steam, because what they had was never more than a dream.

But then morning came and Jason woke up with Dick staring at him in no shame.  His smile was blinding and his skin was shining, the ring was sparking and suddenly, suddenly Jason felt like crying.

“I thought it was a one-night-stand… and now we’re married…”

It felt like the heart had broken free from its cell. For the first time, the tears fell in front of its cause, and this time, they had his applause. Because from today his dream shall never need to exist in the reality that they had already lived.