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Drabble Challenge 2017

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They say marriage is like a trip on the roller coaster, there are ups and downs, scary, thrilling, all a bunch feelings mixing into a batter that leaves a strange but addictive taste in your mouth.   

Jason can never get enough of it, once he had a taste and damn, now he feels like he can’t breath without knowing Dick is there at home waiting for him, even though that man wants to kill him sometimes,… like right now.

He just got home and no beautiful acrobat husband comes greeting him except for a flying pot. The damn thing lands right next to his head, punching a hole through the door and successfully scaring the shit out of him.

It was snowing outside but damn, Jason felt the cold sips through his skin and sinks deep to the core of his spine when Dick’s furious expression comes into sight, emerging out from the kitchen.

“So..” His voice is a bit shaking but in his defense, Dick’s holding a meat mallet.

“You’re still mad?” 

He had hope, but the mallet comes flying toward his face anyway. Jason wonders if he wasn’t able to dodge that. 

Dick doesn’t say much, face bright red going on full stress.

“Babe-“ Jason successfully ducks another flying item, which looks a lot like his gun, and slowly makes his way toward Dick. “It was work.“

“Work?!“ Dick screamed. “You went to the strip club!“ 

Which is never gonna make sense for Dick, but is totally normal in the line of Jason’s work. Drug lord and all, you don’t meet your business partners at coffee shop nor fancy restaurant like normal people. 

“I thought you were cheating!“ Dick looked at him with sad wet eyes. “I thought you had got tired of me.“

“Pfft, please, those stripper girls are not even half as flexible as you are.“

And of course, it’s not the right thing to say at moments like this, because he’s an idiot, the fryingpan lands flatly on his face before he can even see it, knocking Jason right off his feet.