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Drabble Challenge 2017

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Dick knew there was something wrong with Jason, the way the man hid stuff and lied about bits and bobs. He left home soon and came back late, avoided Dick’s eyes and liked to stay alone. 

Was he cheating? Was he leaving? Was he tired of all this?

5 years at peace but Dick could help but see the disaster waiting for them. As Christmas came, they were all in one place. The Manor was warm and filled with delight. Jason pulled Bruce aside, leaving Dick behind feeling not so fine. 

What were they doing? What were they talking about? Why did it have to be a secret?

He felt at night Jason would touch his hand, touch his face then kiss his skin, but when Dick opened his eyes he would turn away, shying away like they had first ever laid.  

The fear built up through time, and their relationship started to fall into a bind. 

But when Jason’s knee hit the ground as people started to count, all at once, Dick found the answers. The gold band laid in his hand, looking so simple and bland for the money Jason had in command. 

“They say if you kiss in the final countdown, you’ll stay forever with your loved one.” Jason smiled, looking so kind and fine.

“Dickie, I don’t wanna kiss.” His hand started shaking and his lips started trembling. “I wanna marry you.”


Jason looked at Dick with those eyes of a tame wolf, so soft and oh so good. 

Dick couldn’t do anything but nod, hand on his mouth as he sucked in breathy sobs.  


“Happy New Year!“

As people shouted and clapped, the ring made its home on Dick’s finger. Jason shot up to his feet and snapped Dick’s into his arms, laughing and crying. 

“That worth a month at the workshop, all clean money from my blood and sweat. So you better never take it off.“ 

Now Dick knew where Jason had spent all his time at.

“You scared me.“ He whispered. “I thought we were going wrong.”

“I’m sorry.” Jason laughed, squeezing him in tighter. “I scared myself too.” 

He lifted Dick’s face up and smiled so bright the light of fireworks couldn’t compete. 

“Happy New Year, baby.“