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Drabble Challenge 2017

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He couldn’t remember how it had started anymore. They both shouted and hurt each other, saying things that shouldn’t be said and doing things that they would both regret. Putting two angsty mess together and what you got was a disaster. 

They screamed at each other, Jason shouted something and Dick immediately yelled back. Their faces inches away from each other, breathing so hard it was all audible even through their mass of their voices. Dick turned and Jason started screaming, following him to the bedroom and demanding more fire into their explosion.

“That’s it, run away with your tail between your legs like you always do.”

He said some more and so much more, cursing and insulting, giving low blows away like it was a force of nature that he couldn’t stop. He knew he shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t be saying things that he didn’t mean it, shouldn’t be stating facts that would hurt him to hear. 

He knew the price, but pushed it anyway.


“I’ve had enough!” Dick suddenly shouted, eyes so wet and face bright red. “I want to be alone.”


All of the sudden, the sky fell. 

Jason only started to panic when Dick started packing, stopped breathing when Dick took things from the shelves down and shoved it all into the bag. The photo of them both got knocked down and stayed cold on the floor, Dick walked pass him with his tears started to fall, and only then, Jason regretted it all.