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Bought and Paid For

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He gazed down at her with a feeling of warmth in his stomach and a tugging in his chest. She was sleeping peacefully, her shoulders rising and falling under the blanket he tucked up under her chin, and there was actually a little smile on her face. He had her lay down on the bruised side of her face so he could enjoy her unblemished skin as she faded off to sleep. She had asked him to stay with her again and he almost relented a second time. Her lower lip trembled and she was so vulnerable at the moment that it was a true struggle to say no to her. Never once in his life had he ever had such a problem telling a woman no before and it unsettled him. In the past he would have said no and walked up stairs and leave her to sleep. Though he had managed to refuse her, he agreed to stay with her until she was asleep. She had fallen asleep nearly fifteen minutes ago, and still he remained to watch her.

He wondered as he gazed down at her small form how he could have been so lucky as to spot her on that train. He had been honest when he told her she was becoming a perfect slave. In perhaps a half of a month he would be able to bring her up stairs and begin training her in housework. In a month and a half he might have her bringing him his lunch as he worked at his desk. He smiled softly and gently smoothed his fingers over her hair. He felt the warmth return to him and he gently trailed the back of his knuckles over her cheek bone. They would be happy together. She was learning so fast and was becoming so affectionate that it was only a matter of time before she’d be everything he had dreamed of in a woman. This one he would even bring to his bed, his real bed upstairs. He’d hold her while they slept and she’d be there in the night to please him. He’d have her close by to care for him and tell him how much she loved him.

He had been tempted to order her to tell him she loved him but decided against it. It had been hard and he wanted to hear her say it so badly but he knew in the long run it would be better. If he ordered her to say it when she did not feel it he would never know if she truly felt it. He wanted to be loved so badly by this perfect little angel sleeping so soundly before him, but he needed it to be true. He could not live his life always wondering, always doubting. If she was the girl he thought she was, she’d be with him a long, long time. The thought of selling her was unfathomable. Other slaves had come and gone without much ceremony. The slave he had the longest, four whole years, he sold because he simply grew board of her. There was no sense of loss as he saw her go. He did not see that happening with the girl before him. What he felt for her right now was too strong. It was incomparable with anything he had ever felt for a woman in his entire life.

He leaned down and placed his lips to her cheek, already regretting his having to leave her. He wanted to be there when she woke up, but he knew if she awoke alone then his returning to her would be far more enjoyable to him. Seeing her excited gaze overflowing with happiness and affection as he walked into a room had been what he had wanted in a slave since he first realized this was what a woman was. He had never been able to find the right one. The perfect one. Now he was afraid she would disappear if he left her a lone too long. He glanced at her one last time as he left the room, but made sure to scan the room and make sure he had not left her anything she could hurt herself or him with. Once satisfied he tucked the newspaper under his arm and made his ascent.

It had been easy enough manipulating her. Her German was poor, at least it had been the first day he heard her on the train, and now he knew it had not improved. With simple placement of his fingers he had cut off the most important aspect of those three lines. ‘People will say’ were perhaps the three most important words in the article, and without them her mother went from a loving woman who supported her daughter when others doubted her, to a uncaring, disinterested bitch who had virtually already disowned her daughter for her foolish mistakes. The tears, the pain in her eyes, the quivering of her jaw sent a feeling of triumph through him but the desire to make the pain stop always overwhelmed him. The joy on her little face when he told her he cared for her had been electrifying.

True enough were the facts that the mother apparently had stopped paying for her education and that her parents had accepted the Austrian, Hungarian, and German authorities evaluation of the case. That they accepted the cease in priority of the case did surprise him, but they were not so uncaring as he lead her to believe. It was better this way. She would stop missing them faster if she felt they no longer cared and she would have him to lean on now. He sighed as he placed the newspaper on the kitchen table. He poured himself some scotch and went into his office to sit down. He wished he had a friend closer than Salzburg who shared his interest. He had a friend in Bern as well, but he disliked travel. If Max wanted to see them he would have to go there.

He leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his scotch as he checked his email. No doubt if Jessica saw how other slaves were treated by their masters she would be even more grateful to him. He sighed and read through his work emails. He was anxious to get back to her already and not ten minutes had passed. Physically she was so easy to overpower, and mentally she was just about broken. He had pushed her far enough he believed, now he just had to bring her back from the brink, but on his standards. When he had seen Ulrik’s most recent slave Maria, a beautiful little thing from Spain, if slightly too young for Max’s liking, and he had looked into her eyes he saw a void. A dark, empty void. Whatever Ulrik had done to the girl, her spirit was broken, her mind was broken. The moment he had looked into her eyes he felt coldness come over him and he had felt sick the rest of the night. He could never do that to a slave. Objects they might be, put on this earth to serve man, but humans. How could a woman worship and love you if there was nothing left inside? Then what was the point of punishments if they did not fear?

When you finally did find the right one, the one worthy of your affection and dare he say love, they needed to be protected. They were too weak to defend themselves and it was their job to protect the little creatures from harm. He had an involuntary image of Jessica looking like Maria had and he downed his scotch in a single gulp.

He signed out of his email and left his study. He moved to the stairs and made for his room. As he moved into the bathroom he glanced at his bed and imagined Jessica lying under the covers, snuggled underneath warm and comfortable, smiling at him as she waited for him to climb in with her. One day she’d look up at him and smile, tell him how much she loved him, tell him she obeyed, served, pleased, worshiped and trusted him and mean it.

He showered quickly and shaved, taking care to add an appropriate amount of after shave and cologne. Once done he moved back into the bedroom and laid down. The bed was cold and empty without his little slave in his arms and he fought the urge to go back to the basement. He could not appear too needy for her affection. He had to remain separate from her, more aloof. She needed to understand he had the power. When a woman discovered a man’s feelings they took advantage of it. They took the love given them and twisted it into something painful and hurtful, leaving the man with nothing. But Jessica was the one with nothing without him. It was not the other way around.

He felt a smile come to his lips as he imagined the day when he could bring her to Berlin with him on his business meetings, to Vienna when needed, to Italy or Greece on vacation. He’d lie on some Italian beach with her lying beside him, sipping martinis, so young and beautiful, and all his.

“Oh, Jessica,” he breathed. “Gutes kleines Mädchen.”

He set his alarm for a few hours so he could wake up and get work done before returning to his slave. Once he was sure it was on, he rested his head back down on the pillow.

When he rounded the corner he found her awake, sitting up in bed, looking around the room at the furniture and toys. She bit her lip nervously as she surveyed her surroundings. She seemed fairly alert, more awake than she had been since he left her with Ulrik. He shut the door behind him and she jerked her head to the side toward him. Her eyes were wide and as he had thought alert, but no defiance had returned to them. There was a slight, hesitant curve to her lips as she looked at him and he raised his eyebrows.

“What do you do when your Master enters a room?” he asked. He knew it had been a while ago since he told her, but he was pleased when, after a moment of pause, she crawled toward him and placed her lips to his feet. “Gutes Mädchen…” she looked up at him and smiled. He crouched down and took her face between his hands, running his thumbs over her lips. “Remember what I said about doting?”

She nodded.

“Go to the workbench and fetch me a blindfold,” he ordered and she hurried to obey. “Put it in your teeth and crawl back.”

She crawled back to him, glancing up hesitantly as she stopped before him. He wanted to bring her up to his bed and simply lie with her, feel her hands in his hair and on his face. He felt his hands tremble slightly as he reached out and touched her cheek.

“When I was gone,” he said very softly. “Did you think of me often?”

“Every second,” she whispered and fire pulsed through him again.

“And you missed your master,” he said and she nodded.

“I knew,” she said softly, the volume of her voice matching his, “I knew if you would only come back you’d protect me. I knew I could prove to you that I could be good.”

“You have been very good,” he told her. “I am very happy with you.”

The smile that brought to her face had his own widening. It turned sour again as a dark mood suddenly took hold of him. Her own smile fell as she saw the change on him and he looked at her healing mouth.

“You should have remembered me from the train,” he murmured, trailing a finger over the split skin. “I could never have forgotten you… you should have remembered me.”

He did not stop her as she got up on her knees or place her hands to the side of his face. He felt so angry suddenly that the feel of her small hands on him gave him some peace. His breathing was slightly elevated and he looked over her fading bruise. As she spoke to him he tried to calm himself, hanging on every one of her words.

“I get nervous in social situations. When I do new things or go new places, I get very anxious. On the train I was anxious and when I got in your way and you bumped into me I was so flustered and embarrassed that my brain went kind of blank. It happens to me all the time. But… you are so handsome, Master, and… and foreign,” she tried to smile but her jaw quivered, “That probably made me even more nervous. Had I seen you from afar, or noticed you in a different situation, there is no way I could have forgotten you.”

He grabbed onto her chin and forced her to look at him squarely and they stared at each other a moment. He searched her eyes for insincerity before she licked her lips and spoke again.

“But I’m here now,” she said and her cool hands trailed down the back of his neck. One stayed to gently play with the hair at the nape of his neck and the other rested on his shoulder. “I’m all yours now and you are my everything. My entire world is consumed by you.”

She leaned forward and placed a kiss to his mouth. He felt her soft lips against his own and in a moment his anger faded but his need to reestablish his dominance over her filled him. He placed a hard shove to her shoulders and she fell back, sprawled against the floor. She looked up at him in fear, tears ready to fall but he was on top of her in a second, pressing his lips to hers again hard. He expected her to begin to struggle at the sudden assault but she was limp beneath him, her lips soft and yielding. He only placed two or three more hard kisses to her mouth before he felt himself begin to calm again and he pulled back to look at her. He smiled softly as he saw her fear and gently touched her now slightly bleeding lip. The cut had opened by the force and he wiped away the small beads of blood.

He sighed and picked up the blind fold and tied it around her face. His hands were shaking but he made sure that she could not see it. Her arms went around his neck when he scooped her up and he carried her up the stairs. She rested her head on his shoulder and leaned up once to kiss his neck.

“You smell nice,” she murmured and nuzzled his shoulder. He said nothing and moved to the other stairs and continued to climb. He moved to his bedroom, glancing toward the bed. He was tempted to lay her down on top of the rich red covers and take her on it, but he knew better. She needed to earn it. She did not get to sleep in his bed simply because she behaved. He moved into the bathroom and gently lowered her down onto the tile. While the outside of the home looked like a rustic cabin, if very large, the inside looked like the near mansion home he had outside of Vienna, though his favorite home was perhaps his penthouse in Berlin.

The tile floor was tan and the shower in the far left corner was two sides brown tile, two sides clear glass. The bathtub was raised from the floor and perfectly white porcelain. He enjoyed his bathroom, though it was not his favorite, and he looked forward to spending time with his slave in it. He removed the blind fold from her and allowed her to look around the room.

“Wow,” she breathed and he shut the door from his bedroom so she would not see anything more than the room she was in. “I knew you were rich.”

He said nothing as he walked around toward the sink.

“…size of my kitchen…” was all he got out of her soft mumble and he looked at her, slightly amused. Usually he did not take kindly to women commenting on his wealth. When he had tried dating it always reminded him that it was the only reason they were with him. They did not like him. They liked his money. When slaves commented on it in the past, as rare as it was, them having other things to comment on, it had put him into rages. This was the second time she had brought it up and though he had been annoyed the first time, he was amused now.

“Do you know how much money I spent on you, slave?” he asked and she looked toward him. She shook her head very slowly and though she did not ask he could see the curiosity in her eyes. How much was I worth, he saw in her eyes. Even if she thought she could not be bought, she wanted to know her price and his smile widened slightly. He looked back to the mirror and picked up a comb, placing it at his part and dragging it through the silky locks. He had always liked his hair and combed it constantly. Once at a party with Ulrik the Norwegian has joked he acted like a woman. After the subsequent fist fight the two had not spoken for nine months.

“Nine hundred thousand…” he said and lowered the comb. He glanced at her. “Euros.”

He eyes widened slightly.

“Normal human trafficking normally does not break a hundred thousand but… well… Belko runs a tight ship. It is worth avoiding the risk,” he said and looked at her. He leaned against the sink and crossed his arms. “Get on your back and put your feet on the floor, legs spread… good girl…” he took a deep breath, “now spread your pussy apart for me to look at. I must survey my property… hmmm yes… Worth nine hundred thousand…”

He walked over and kneeled down between her spread legs.

“You had a perfect hymen… I saw it myself,” he told her and slid a finger inside her. He felt her muscles tighten around him. “When I saw you were a virgin… well… I could not have been more pleased with you.”

He removed his finger and stood. He turned on the hot water of the bathtub and tossed off his sweater. As the tub filled he began unbuttoning his shirt. He tilted his head to the side as he came to stand near her head. She stared up at him and he smiled. When he slid the shirt off, he tossed it to his sweater. He smiled as he saw her eyes move to his now bare arms. The white t-shirt he wore was not tight, though it fit snugly to his body and no one could call the look in her eyes anything but approving.

“Stand up,” he said and went to sit on the edge of the tub. He checked the level of water before looking back at her. “Come here.”

She came to stand between his spread legs and he touched her hips gently pulling her closer.

“Touch me,” he ordered and her hands moved to his shoulders. Slowly they trailed down his biceps to rest on his forearms. He watched her face, eager to see her excitement and approval. Her fingers gently squeezed as she moved back up to his biceps.

“You are very strong,” she whispered then added with a smile, “Ein stark Mann.”

“Hmmm,” he smiled back. “Ein starker Mann.”

“Starker,” she said quietly and blushed. He took one of her tiny hands from his bicep and placed it on his abdomen. She bit her lip and he slid the hand underneath his shirt.

“Ein mächtiger Mann,” she added softly. “How would…”

She hesitated and looked up at him, fear in her big brown eyes. He looked at her a moment, pleased with her at the moment and touched her cheek.

“Go on,” he said.

“How would you say Master in German?” she asked him. “Is it... Herr, Meister… Gebieter?”

“Take your pick,” he said softly. “Though… Herr is too common place for my liking. Herr Furst I am called by everyone. I prefer Meister or Gebieter. Gebieter is more like… Lord though.”

“Ich bin ihre sklavin…” she said softly, her eyes moving up from his chest to her his eyes. Her chin was angled slightly downward and his eyes were filled with trepidation. Still he saw some affection, even happiness there, and he smiled.

“Ja, du bist… und ich?” he asked her.

“Du bist…” she stopped abruptly and he saw terror overcome her features but he kept his face blank. She would not be punished unless she did not correct herself. “Sie sind…” she paused and he gave her a little nod. He reached over to turn off the water, steaming up around them, and waiting. “Sie sind mein starker, mächtiger Meister.”

He smiled and removed his white t-shirt. He ordered her back before she could react and unbuckled his belt. He stepped toward her and looped it around her neck. He held did not pull it tight however and left it snug as he unbuckled his pants.

“You will bathe me,” he told her as he slid off his jeans. She nodded slowly and her eyes moved over his body. He knew he was in good shape, perfect shape really. He was lean, but covered with muscle, not too thin, not too big, but still he worried about her opinion. He wore boxer briefs, he thought they were stylish and helped showcase his large member, but he did not remove them right away. He looked at her a moment.

“Come remove them for me,” he said and she fell to her knees in front of him. She slipped her fingers under the waist band and slowly pulled them downward, keeping her eyes averted from his hardening cock. He fought to keep himself from becoming aroused but it little good with her in the room with him, acting so sweetly submissive. It did falter slightly when he saw her glanced toward the water, fear, discomfort and confusion coming to her eyes. He wanted her eyes to be focused on him and filled with love and devotion. Now was not the time for fear. That was when he had her strung up and whip in his hand. Not when she was supposed to be worshiping his body.

“What’s wrong slave?” he asked curtly and she looked up toward him.

“I just…” she whispered and looked back toward the water. “I have a fear of drowning…”

“You have to be a special kind of stupid to drown in a bathtub,” he said and when her eyes turned on him he realized her meaning. He smiled softly and got onto his own knees before her. He still loomed over her but grabbed her face and made her look up at him. “If I ever decide to kill you, I promise I will not drown you.”

He saw more terror fill her and he could not help but smile softly.

“Shh,” he cooed gently. “I doubt you could do anything that would make me want to kill you… well… I may want to kill you but,” he shook his head, “I would not. I care too much about you.”

She smiled gently and she reached out and gently wrapped her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her close. She felt so small, her small body and soft flesh pressed against his skin, and he felt power once again pulse through him. His mouth found hers and he kissed her gently. He pulled back and stood leaving her on the floor. He slid into the steaming water with a groan and leaned back.

“Come on, slave,” he nearly barked and she scrambled over to him. He grabbed onto the belt and yanked her toward him. She grimaced and that look of fear and confusion he was coming to love came to her face. “It is something to know I could yank just a little hard and pulled you into this water with me… it would take nearly no strength at all to hold you under… soon the bubbles would stop coming up to the surface…” tears came to her eyes and he gently wiped a stray one away. “Why would I do that, pet, my sweet slave, when you are such a good girl for me?”

“I don’t know…” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t…” he told her. He looked into her eyes, letting his own guard down slightly to show her his sincerity. “I am not a murderer. I’ve never killed anybody. I certainly won’t start with my little angel. You are the best slave I have ever known.”

“Do you mean that?” she asked him.

“Of course,” he told her and she smiled. He saw the raw vulnerability in her eyes as he leaned in for the kiss. “There are cloths in the drawer right of the sink, third down.”

He released the belt and she moved to obey. He watched her glance toward the door and his eyes sharpened slightly. She would ruin everything if she tried to run now, absolutely everything. If she thought she could get the jump on him because he was naked and in the bathtub she would be sorely disappointed. All his doors were locked and reinforced, his windows the same, and he would have her before she got out of his bedroom. But his worry was unfounded. She went directly to the sink and retrieved a white cloth and came toward him again.

“The doors are all locked,” he said anyway when she kneeled back down in front of him. She looked at him in surprise and he began to believe the glance was incidental.

“I’m not going to run, Master,” she told him and he nodded, leaning back again and resting his arms on the sides of the tub.

“It’s been so long,” he breathed. “So long since I’ve had a good woman…” he laughed bitterly. “Never have I had a good woman. They don’t exist you know… a good woman… a good woman is as rare as a unicorn or bigfoot…” he laughed again. “A fucking yeti.”

“I want to be good,” she whispered and he felt the water move and then the damp cloth dab at his neck. He opened his eyes and looked toward her. Her lower lip was trembling and one fat tear slid from her eye. She couldn’t meet his eye and he observed her.

“It’s in your nature,” he told her. “You’re born bad.”

“I wasn’t,” she whispered and licked the tear as it reached her lips.

“You fought me,” he reminded her and she shook her head.

“I was scared… you… you even said I was lucky. I could have been bought by a man much worse. One that…” she licked away another tear. “one that would have drowned me by now… It’s human nature to want to protect your life… How was I supposed to know you were so kind and loving?”

“Loving?” he asked sharply and she looked down. “You presume too much.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered and moved the rag over the other side of her neck. Her eyes remained on the rag and her face was red, eyes filled to the brim with tears. He glanced down and watched her hand tremble as she moved it gently over the skin above the water. Her shoulders were slumped in an attempt to make herself look smaller and he tilted his head to the side.

“You want me to love you…” she said with a soft, small voice, surprising him. “Is it… so wrong that I might hope for the same? … Do you think that… I’m… I am incapable of loving?”

Two more fat tears dropped down from over her cheeks and into his bath water. He watched the little ripples.

“Look at me,” he ordered but she shook her head, looking down, tears silently leaving her eyes. “That was an order.”

She turned her eyes up at him and he noted they looked almost green when she cried. She struggled to hold eye contact.

“Do you think you are worth my love?” he asked her waiting for her to be a good girl and say “no”. Then he would tell her he thought she was and have her crawl into the tub with him. He would hold her a little while and then she would continue washing him. He fought a smile as he thought about it.

“Yes,” she said surprising him. She held eye contact but he could see her entire body shake as she feared the beating he should give her. “I think I am.”

He looked at her, eyes very hard. He should hold her under the water long enough to terrorize her. Make her think he would kill her then pull her out, rape her little asshole on the bathroom floor until it was bloody mess, and then whip her until she was unconscious. This was a challenge. He could see it in her eyes. It was something she would not back down from except through physical force. He had her submissive and she clearly was beginning to bond with him, but she still thought she had worth outside of him. She did not believe she was nothing more than an object. He had to beat that out of her. But her body shook and her jaw trembled and her eyes looked so sad. Instead he reached up and gripped her chin gently.

“I think so too.”