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Bought and Paid For

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When her Master returned he had a bottle of water and a pill pinched in his fingers. She watched him as he kneeled down in front of her. She waited nervously and opened her mouth when he gave the order. He placed the pill on her tongue and brought the bottle to her lips. She swallowed and thanked him again, but he said nothing once again. She bit the inside of her cheek as he put the bottle in her hand and went to the work bench. She waited for him to grab a paddle or a whip, to tell her he was lying when he promised not to hurt her again, but he never did. He simply glanced down at the newspaper again and then looked back at her.

“You are beautiful,” he said with a little curve of his lips. “And all mine.”

“Yes Master,” she said and waited, taking another sip of her water.

“It’s something you know, the power you feel owning another human being,” he told her. His blue eyes were hot as he looked at her. She did not know what to say to that, and she looked down at her hands where they rested in her lap. “You’ve enjoyed these last few days, slave?”

“Yes Master,” she said to him, nodding.

“They will continue, if your attitude remains so pliable and demure,” he replied. He moved to stand in front of her, gently running a hand through her hair and looking down at her. His hand tightened slightly in her hair, forcing her to look up at him at a more severe angle and her muscles trembled. When he spoke again his voice was soft and there was a smile on his lips. The hand not in her hair moved to stroke her cheek, and his finger tips trailed down her jaw. “You and I are going to be so happy. I know it.”

“Yes Master,” she said. She had no idea what he wanted to hear from her. His finger tips very gently touched her split lip and her bruised skin.

“Poor girl,” he said gently. She smiled softly at the regret she saw in his eyes. “There’s a smile. Tell me, Jessica, what's your purpose in life?”

“To serve, obey, pleasure, and worship,” she repeated nearly automatically.

“And you worship me,” he whispered, hands very slightly trembling. “I am… your world.”

“Yes, Master you are,” she replied in hopes of supplicating. She would do anything at this point, to keep him happy with her. “My world.”

“Don’t,” he said curtly, pressing a finger to her lips. “Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying,” she said and grabbed his shirt, pushing herself up further on her knees. She gripped him tightly; terrified he would become angry, but confused as well. One moment he wanted to hear it, the next he didn’t. He ran a hand over the back of her head, stroking the hair and nodded. “Truly Master, you are my everything.”

Her eyes were wet as she said the words, and though they disgusted her, they held a glimmer of truth in them, even though at the current moment it made her want to vomit.

“I am. You have nothing without me…” his finger trailed down from the center of her forehead down the curve of her nose and paused on her lips. “… not even life…. You are afraid… that’s good. You understand my power. Oh, shhh, hush now, no tears.”

He wiped the tears of fear from her cheeks.

“Do you remember what I said about trust?” he asked.

“Yes Master, I trust you,” she told him but she could not stop herself from trembling and the tears from spilling from her eyes. Her eyes glanced downward toward the bulge in his pants. “Do… Do you want me… to…”

“You should say ‘How can I serve you,’ or ‘how can I please you,’” he said “That is how you will ask.”

“How can I serve you, Master?” she asked.

“You will use your mouth,” he said and unbuckled his belt. He paused to bend down slightly, taking her chin in his hand firmly, almost to the point of pain. “If I feel teeth –”

“You won’t, you won’t I promise, Master,” she said and there was a flash of annoyance in his eyes when she thought there would be approval.

“Do not interrupt me ever again,” he said slowly and she nodded. She bit her lip, wincing at the pain of the cut.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered and he nodded.

“You are trying,” he recognized. He stood back up and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. “I can hardly be too angry. Your sweet face… it undoes me.”

He took out his cock and she waited, surging up all her courage and strength. She was not entirely sure what she was feeling as she looked up at him, waiting, but it had her stomach in a twist of painful nerves. She was anxious, to get it over with, to please him, to avoid punishment. She kept her eyes on him as he stroked himself. He was uncircumcised, something she had always thought she would be disgusted by, having heard her roommates back home talk about the uncut men they had been with, but it was really not so bad. He was always clean and so she did not really understand what all the fuss was about.

“What do you think of it?” he asked as if reading her mind.

“It’s perfect, Master,” she replied smoothly and he smiled. He licked his upper lip and pulled back the foreskin.

“Kiss the tip,” he ordered and she obeyed, pressing her soft lips to the glistening skin. She shuddered, wanting to pull away, but she did not want to change his attitude. She needed him to believe she was broken, and although she might not have the same rage for him, the unbearable hatred, and though when she looked at his face she saw a handsome protector instead of a vicious rapist, she was not broken.

He dragged the tip of his cock over her lips, wetting them with his pre-cum.

“Suck the tip into your mouth,” he ordered. “That’s it. Good girl. Good slave.”

She wanted to hear him say gutes Mädchen again. He seemed to purr when he said it. It was only said when he was very pleased and despite herself, it made her feel warm.

“Your tongue now, in circles, yes,” he hissed in a breath as she obeyed. “You listen closely now. I expect to be pleasured fully with my slave’s mouth. You will learn how to do so properly.”

She nodded, her mouth still around the pulsing head of his hard erection.

“Little more now,” he said and pushed his cock further into her mouth. She took everything he gave her, flicking her tongue against his cock. One hand had a firm grip in her hair at the back of her head, and the other guided his cock into her mouth, but once he had decent penetration he moved his hand to brush back some stray strands of hair from her forehead.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a subjugated woman,” he told her, eyes hot and breathing elevated. “So utterly submissive… as you should be.”

He pulled out of her mouth and moved the hand not buried in her hair back to his cock. He slapped her lips a few times with his erection, but she did not feel any pain from her abused lips. The pill he had given her was quite clearly taking effect, and the pain was dimming.

“Lick up and down the shaft,” he ordered and she obeyed. She dragged her tongue against the heated skin, circling it around the sensitive head of his large cock, and he hummed slightly in the back of his throat. When he spoke his voice was controlled, but thick and laced with pleasure. “Worship me slave. Make me feel like a king… like a god.”

She briefly wondered what had happened to this man to give him such a complex. He clearly had a propensity toward violence, but she believed to her core that something must have happened to him at some point in his life to make him the way he was, something that made him feel inadequate to an epic level, and something to instill a deep seeded hatred for the fairer sex. She kept that in mind as she licked and sucked at the impressive erection. She did not know what tiny little thing might make him snap and perceive some sort of disrespect. She tried to make certain she would give him nothing he could possibly misinterpret.

“It’s a delicious dilemma,” he breathed as he pushed his cock back into her mouth, sliding his cock down her throat. She gagged, felt her ability to breathe decrease dramatically, and brought her hands up to grab onto the side of his pants. She knew better, even in her panic and discomfort, than to try and push him away, but instead patting on his thigh, whimpering and gagging, pleading silently to be released. “Not knowing where to cum. On you, or in you. And when that decision has been reached, where.”

He pulled back, leaving her mouth completely and she struggled to catch her breath. He grabbed her chin, forced her face back up, and slid into her mouth again. Very briefly her jaw muscles failed her and her teeth scraped over his shaft. Terror took hold of her heart like an icy vice when he hissed in a breath and placed a light little smack to her cheek, but he did nothing else but scold her sternly.

“No teeth,” he reminded her. “Or I will be forced to punish you.”

“No teeth,” she agreed when he took his cock out of her mouth again.

“Tell me who I am,” he ordered, rubbing his cock against her cheek.

“The master of my body and soul,” she told him.

“Where do you want my cum, slave,” he asked hotly. “You’ve been a good girl for me. You may chose.”

“I…” she didn’t know what he wanted. Either way it was a violation, either way it was disturbing. She was more tempted to ask him to cum on her breasts, but she was terrified he would realize she was trying to avoid the humiliation of it being on her face, or inside of her in any way. “I want you to cum where you want to, Master.”

“Hmm, gutes madchen,” he said and she smiled. He put his cock back into her mouth and guided her head up and down on his length. She struggled to take all of him, but he gave her no option. “You take education well.”

Even with his voice laced with arousal the condescension in it had her stomach turning slightly. She found it odd, she did not feel such a turning of the stomach with his cock in her mouth, but with the words he spoke.

“Look at me, eyes open,” he ordered and she realized her eyes had been closed. “You are a sex toy, Jessica; you are no different than anything over on that workbench.”

Despite herself his words stung. She wanted to be valued as more than an object, she wanted to be cared for, even if it was by the man who had stripped her of everything, her pride, dignity, freedom… it still stung. He must have seen it in her eyes because he smiled, his eyes glowing with hot pride. He thrust into her mouth harder, using her. He pulled out and shoved her shoulders hard. She fell back on the pillow bed and he crawled on top of her. He pressed his fingers to her core and seemed disappointed to find her dry. He murmured something under his breath in German and slid his fingers inside of her. She was surprised when he only masturbated her though, and made no effort to enter her. He slid his cock over her dampening slit before taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking.

“Oh, ich muss nicht,” he breathed as he groped her breasts, his hot breath washing over her nipples. “Ich soll nicht.”

She frowned but slid her hands into his hair.

“Aber sie können alles machen,” she replied and he growled. He lifted himself slightly and thrust into her. She cried out, surprised at the sudden invasion, but he did not slow down.

“Ich kann alles machen,” he grunted in her ear as he thrust. One of his palms pressed to her forehead, pushing her head backward into the cushions beneath her. His other hand squeezed her breast hard, pinching and pulling on her nipple. He sucked an earlobe into his mouth, nibbling at her skin. She moaned and he laughed, almost cruelly, in her ear.

“Whore,” he breathed. “Dirty slut.”

She shook her head but he ignored her.

“I bet if I had followed you into that water closet on the train, you’d have given yourself to me like a common hooker. I bet you would have writhed around my cock like a wanton whore.”

“I’m not…. I’m not…” she breathed but his mouth took control of hers. He kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He sucked her own tongue into his mouth next before pulling away. He got onto his knees and angled her hips upward, pounding into her hard. She felt warm and her vision was very slightly blurred, but she attributed it to the pill he had given her. All her pain was gone and she felt like she was floating. But mixed in with the slight europium was a bombardment of conflicting emotions. She knew she was not supposed to like it, she knew he was raping her, she knew he had hurt her terribly, but she wanted him to care about her. She needed to be cared for. She had nothing, no one else. It was a painful admission of her own vulnerability, but she felt so beaten down, emotionally and physically, and he the only one to show her any sort of compassion since it began, whether or not he was her abuser to begin with, she desperately needed his affection. She was starved for it. A human being could only take so much.

“Master,” she breathed and reached for him. He said nothing as he thrust into her, but he looked at her with a searing gaze. “Master.”

She was so confused, physically and emotionally, that she felt tears in her eyes despite the pleasure.

“Cum for me, whore,” he said and he rubbed her clit. “Cum for your Master like a good girl.”

It took a moment, but the stimulation of her clit was too much and she shuddered out an orgasm. He pulled out of her as her walls clamped and squeezed around his cock. He came on her slick pussy, and as the ending spasms of pleasure worked through him he rubbed his cum into her clit with the head of his cock.

“I have ordered birth control from a friend of mine. Then I can cum inside of you whenever I want,” he breathed and laid down on the bed beside her. She was covered in sweat and panting, and she looked over at him as he put himself back into his trousers.

“Am I allowed to ask you questions?” she asked him and he nodded as he buckled his belt.

“Why haven’t you ever undressed?” she asked him. He touched the damp shirt as it clung to his body with his own sweat. He smiled softly, eyes closing.

“Once you fully understand your place I will undress,” he replied and she frowned.

“I don’t understand why it matters,” she said softly. She did not know if he would take that as a challenge or not and watched his face sharply for a change in his features. He remained relaxed, his afterglow still holding onto him.

“It’s a power differential,” he explained. “At the moment if we are both undressed you might mistake that as equality. You and I must remain separate until I know you have learned your place and your purpose.”

“Oh,” she said and sat up. She tried to examine her thighs and bottom, but she could not get a good angle to see the broken skin. All she knew was she could not feel it and she actually felt slightly happy. She would have to be good more often, so he would give her more of whatever it was he gave her. She gasped slightly when she felt his hand clamp down on her wrist.

“Come here,” he said and yanked on her. She fell down beside him and he looped an arm around her waist. He pressed her head to his chest and held her to him firmly. She smiled. He would not cuddle a dildo or nipple clamps. She wasn’t just a toy, no matter what he tried to tell her. That cruel man, Ulrik her Master had called him, might think of woman as nothing but objects, and her Master clearly had his own issues, but he wanted, from what she could tell, a companion of sorts. He wanted her to be a slave and he wanted to be worshiped, but he wanted her to want him. That was something she did not think Ulrik had cared about.

“I should be the center of your attention,” he told her. “Always.”

She nodded and touched his damp shirt, feeling the hard body underneath.

“I think I want you marked,” he said and her heart stopped at the possibilities behind those words.

“Marked, Master?” she asked trying to hide her terror. He shifted, moved her to her back and leaned on his side, looking over her body.

“Here, perhaps,” he said and touched the spot just above her mound. “Or here,” he touched her hip. “Property of Maximilian. Or simply, Maximilian’s.”

The thought had her stomach turning. She knew if she escaped, when she escaped, she could get it removed, but she would always know it had been there.

“A tattoo?” she asked and he laughed, gently massaging a breast and then the other.

“Do not sound so horrified, slave,” he said. “Think of it like this. If I have you tattooed, I could hardly turn around and sell you at any decent price. Unless I find a buyer named Maximilian.”

She nodded and looked down at her body, wondering what it would look like with such a mark on it.

“Up,” he said patting her thigh before standing. “To the bathroom. You need to brush your teeth and shower.”

“Yes, Master,” she mumbled and stood. Before she could begin her walk to the bathroom he caught her around the middle and pulled her to him.

“A kiss, like the one before I left,” he murmured. She obeyed, standing on her tip toes to press her mouth to his. She did everything she could to show him how hard she was trying, and she felt his mouth curve into a smile. He broke the kiss and she went back to her flat feet.

“I don’t want to be a toy,” she said quietly, hardly a whisper one could hear. “I want to mean something.”

“You have to earn that. You have to prove yourself worthy of my affections,” he said gently and she nodded. “You are a good girl.”

“Gutes Mädchen,?” she asked. He hummed softly as his eyes twinkled.

“Gutes Mädchen,” he agreed and his finger tips trailed over her thigh. “Go now. The bathroom.”

She hurried to obey.