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Bought and Paid For

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It felt like days had passed since her Master had left her, but in reality, it could only have been a few hours. She had not eaten or used the bathroom, nor had any need to do either. She listened as he walked down the stairs and tossed off the blanket, revealing herself to the cold air. When the door finally opened, she was already moving onto her hands and knees. He stepped inside, closing the door behind him, looking as handsome as ever. She hesitated as she looked over him, lips parting in concern as she realized he was dressed in a business suit, face clean shaven, and hair combed neatly. He was fussing with a button on his cuff when he looked up toward her. She immediately began to crawl toward him, shivering slightly in the cold basement.

She kissed his feet, clad in handsome black business shoes, and kept her face pressed to them a few moments. She kept repeated her mantra over and over in her head. I trust him. I trust him. I trust him. If she didn’t, she would go insane.

“Stand up, pet,” he said shortly. He did not sound angry but his words did not sound particularly warm either. She obeyed and stood before him, waiting for her next order. She only hoped that if he was going to leave her, it would not be with that horrible man. Her lower lip trembled and he made as if to leave the room, but hesitated upon seeing the look on her face. His eyes remained locked on hers a moment before he finally turned, ordering her to follow him.

She climbed the stairs, staring at his back as they went. His suit was made beautiful, the fit absolutely perfect. She was tempted once again to tell him if he had just asked her out she’d have done anything he wanted anyway. How could any girl think to turn down such perfection?

“I want to show you something,” he said as they got to the top of the stairs and he punched in the code. She looked down as he did, not wishing for him to think she was trying to see the numbers. He nudged her out first, his arm hand on her cool hip, and she was greeted with the delicious warmth of his home. She paused briefly to examine the spread on the kitchen counter, but moved on when she realized he was moving toward his office. She hurried after him, almost colliding with him when he pulled out a key to unlock the door.

“Number one house rule,” he said as he opened the door. “This is the only room in the house that you will never enter without express permission and under my direct supervision. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she said and he stepped into his officer.

“Come here,” he said and stood behind his desk. She heisted, unsure if he wanted her to stand in front of the desk or behind it. He was straightening his tie when he realized her concern and beckoned for her to join him. “I have a video-conference in about ten minutes. You are going to make me dinner.”

He put one hand on her hip and the other to the mouse. He clicked something and then an array of images popped up on the screen. She realized after a moment it was his house and she was looking at a surveillance system. She saw the kitchen, the living room, a dining room she had not yet seen, and a bathroom. It flicked a few moments later to the upstairs, then to the basement, then the exterior.

“Do I need to say it?” he asked, tugging her closer gently. His chin went to her forehead. His arms hands to her hips. She shook her head and leaned into him, relishing the feel of his warmth. “The doors are all locked, the windows, sealed. It is forty degrees out right now, Fahrenheit, it will drop to below freezing once the sun sets. We are twenty miles from the nearest town.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” she vowed. He patted her hip and released her. It suddenly occurred her why this was the one room she was not allowed in without him. Access to the outside world. His landline, his cell phone on the desk, his desktop and his laptop. As she walked back into the kitchen she looked around and realized he had no other phones around, at least within sight.

“Should be simple enough,” he told her. “Cook book is there, that is what I want. Everything you need is on the table.”

He paused to check his watch and then took hold of her face gently, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs.

“No working yourself up into hysterics,” he cautioned. “If you make a mistake, I’m not going to punish you. It is simply something you must begin to learn.”

She nodded slowly, biting her lower lip.

“And…” he smiled. “I want you to make me that apple strudel you were so excited about.”

She smiled. That would be good at the very least.

“Now,” he said severely. “I hear… a noise from you while I am on this call –”

“– You won’t –”

“ – and I am going to be very, very disappointed in you.”

“I promise,” she vowed. He took hold of her chin.

“You realize that if you do, our relationship will be forever altered.”

She nodded.

“There would be no going back.”

She continued to nod. She reached out and took hold of his lapels, moving closer to him.

“I promise,” she said reverently. He looked over her face and nodded slowly.

“I’ll be out in an hour or two,” he said, looking over the items on the table. “You have time so no need to rush. I don’t want you to feel unnecessary pressure for this.”

“Thank you,” she said, truly grateful. He checked his watched again. Her eyes widened as she saw it. Her hands seized his wrist and she looked at the watch, lips parted. “How much did that cost?”

“Less than you,” he answered and took his hand back. “You may use the bathroom if needed. Down the hall to the right. I will be watching. Stray and you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered. He looked at the clock.

“At … hmm,” he decided to check his watch. “At quarter to five, I want you to go into that cabinet and take out Meursault-charmes. Put it in the freezer for ten minutes. Then take it out. Understand?”

She nodded, trying to repeat the French word in her head so she would not forget.

“Good,” he said and patted her bottom. Hard enough to make a sound, but not hard enough to sting. “Get to it.”

He left the room and she looked around the kitchen, took a deep breath, and obeyed.

He left his office just past six thirty and she was just nearly finished preparing the apple strudel for baking. Despite his assurances that he would not be angry if she messed up dinner, she waited anxiously for him to come down the hall. When he did he had a phone to his ear and a smile on his face. He was messing with a cuff again and lifted his eyes brows at her in greeting. It was such a shockingly normal and familiar greeting that for a moment she forgot where she was and who she was with. She smiled at him in her own greeting, and then felt the weight of her collar around her neck.

“Thank you,” he chuckled in German. “No, she’s making me dinner. Perhaps later. Yes, thanks again. Bye.”

He surveyed her hard work and nodded, a smile on his lips.

“Smells good, slave,” he said. He was clearly in a good mood. His conference had gone well and she was grateful for it. It seemed every time he got off the phone he was in a poor mood. Usually that was taken out on her.

“Thank you,” she smiled and he put a hand on her hip, reached around her to taste the sauce.

“Hmmm,” he said appreciatively. “Already better than Meg. Girl couldn’t microwave a frozen meal.”

Her lips twitched downward at the mention of another woman’s name. It was irrational. She never even considered that this Meg was as much a victim as she, that this Meg was probably had no desire to cook for this man, and she was now probably in a much worse place, suffering untold horrors. She leaned back into her Master, hoping to take his mind away from slaves he had in the past.

“I’ve been promoted,” he told her happily, releasing her hips and moving to the wine bottle. He touched it with his fingers and put it back in the freezer.

“To what?” she asked.

“I am now the chief financial officer at LLCP Software,” he said proudly, removing his coat and draping it across a kitchen chair.

“Loeb, Lohse, Clauber, and Rothberg, software?” she asked in shock. He looked at her with a sideways smile.

“You know it?” he asked.

“I toured the facility. It’s the fastest growing company in Europe,” she said excitedly. “Last June. We were in Berlin for the week.”

“June?” he smiled. “I was there.”

“Small world,” she said with a tiny smile. He loosened his tie as he moved to the wine cabinet. Her heart lifted some as she watched him retrieve two glasses, but she refused to let herself have too much hope. “We were supposed to go on a different weekend,” she found herself explaining as he put the glasses down and moved to the fridge. His eyebrows lifted as he looked at her. “Not to Berlin. When we met on the train. Brigitte got sick and we had to cancel. We got those train tickets last minute by chance.”

He took the wine from the fridge and felt the bottle. Placing it on the counter he touched her naked hip, bringing her closer to him tenderly.

“You were meant to me mine,” he explained softly. She nodded slowly, wondering if it was true. If the universe had pushed them together for some reason. He leaned down and placed a kiss to her lips. It was soft, chaste. Just a pressing of their mouths together and he pulled back with a smile. “Will you celebrate with me tonight, Jessica?”

“Of course,” she replied. He looked over her face, blue eyes twinkling.

“Hmm, you won’t forget what you are? Who I am?” he asked. His words stung and her smile slipped slightly.

“I’m just a slave,” she whispered.

“Just,” he whispered back, almost sadly, and reached up to touch her cheek. “Not just, Jessica. Don’t ever doubt your worth to me.”

She touched his tie, running her hands down it slowly and blushed.

“You are very handsome,” she told him. “In a suit.”

“Hmm, I was to change. Now I think not,” he smiled. She gave tiny a giggle up at him and stepped forward. His hands slid around her, gripping her bottom firmly and he held her to him.

“You like a man in a suit?” he asked. She nodded, biting her lip. He leaned down but did not kiss her. “Because you like powerful men.”

She paused a moment and he lifted his eyebrows.

“Ah. It is true, no?” he murmured. He leaned down and placed a kiss to her lips. He tried to move away but she halted him, putting her arms around his middle and holding him still. He chuckled softly and touched her hips, finger tips digging into them firmly, but without pain.

“Tell me true, Jessica,” he purred, pushing her backward against the counter. Her heart fluttered at the sound of her name. “Does it turn you on, to belong to man like me? Who owns multiple houses, multiple cars, CFO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation. And the only woman in the world that I have eyes for… is you? Does that turn you on?”

A soft moan came to her lips as his leg forced its way between her bare legs.

“I know it does,” he whispered. “Because I could see it in your eyes the day I met you.”

He gripped her chin and she looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I can see it in your eyes now,” he breathed. He spun her around in a quick motion and she was bent over the counter, her face pressed closed to the hot stove top. He had a fistful of hair, holding her back tightly, and she felt the heat of the stove.

“You make me so fucking hard,” he told her, pressing himself against her bottom and tugging on her hair. “You want me to fuck you right now?”

“Please,” she breathed and he placed a wet kiss to her cheek.

“Do you like my power?”

“I love your power,” she breathed, but she found that as she sought to stroke his ego, she felt a pooling of warmth between her legs and she pushed her bottom against his clothed erection.

“Will you be my dirty little slut tonight?” he asked. “Show me how grateful you are to me?”

“Every night,” she breathed and he tilted her head so he could kiss her lips.

“My dirty girl,” he breathed against her lips. “What are you?”

“I’m your slave.”

“And?” he asked, tightened his hold on her head and yanking. A little cry left her but her pussy clenched as his hand wrapped around her and his fingers plunged inside of her.

“Your whore,” she choked out, his fingers massaging her clit firmly.

“My dirty whore,” he corrected her.

“Dirty whore.”

“My filthy slut,” he breathed.

“Filthy… slut,” she tried to swallow her moan.

“My sweet little plaything,” He said. He removed his hand from her hand and shoved his fingers into her mouth. Immediately she began to suck on them, struggling to hold eye contact with him. She could feel the heat of the stove against her breasts, but she trusted him. She had no fear. “Remember what I said about doting?”

His fingers pumped inside of her and she nodded.

“Are you going to dote on me tonight?”

“Yea-yes,” she breathed and he nodded, his eyes fixed on her parted lips.

“Yes, yes, you are,” he whispered hotly against her mouth. “Because what am I?”

“My world,” she breathed and he grunted, pressing his groin harder against her bottom. Her hips dug into the counter almost painfully but it did not bother her.

“Do you want to come, baby?”

She nodded desperately. She nodded, tossing her head back to rest on his shoulder. His fingers were still in her mouth, his hand directing the motions of her head. He pulled her face toward him and breathed in harshly, dragging his tongue along her cheek.

“You have to ask nicely, baby,” he cooed. “Beg your master for release.”

“Please, Master! Please!”

“Master of what, you dirty little girl.”

“My body and soul, uh! Please!” she cried. She was so close, she tried to grind her hips into his hand but he pushed his fingers further into her mouth, halting her.

“What are you good for, huh? Can’t even cook a meal without turning into a wanton little whore. Soaking my fingers, you vile girl.”

“Please, Master, please, I’ll, oh God.”

“Good girls don’t come without permission,” he reminded her. “Who gets you this hot.”

“You, you do, pleeaasse,” she whined, trying to grind herself against his hand again.

“What would they say, hmm,, everyone looking for you if they saw you now,” he taunted and she closed her eyes. She pressed back into him, whining as he spoke. “They’d see you for what you are hmm? You get so hot for me.”

“Master, I’m begging you, please,” she cried out.

“You want to make me happy?” he asked her. She nodded. “You want to serve me?”

He removed his fingers from her throbbing pussy and her aching mouth and gripped her hips gently. He kissed her cheek and whispered softly in her ear.

“Then finish making dinner.”

He moved away from her and her legs trembled. She felt like she was going to fall over. Juices slid down her thighs and pussy ached. It was beyond cruel but she knew he would reward her if she impressed himself tonight.

Even after she finished with dinner and she made up his plate, her pussy still ached. She poured him a glass of wine and went into the living room. He was rubbing the front of his trousers, lounging comfortably on his spot on the couch, the TV on.

“Hmm,” he mused with a smile on his face. He was in a wonderful mood and it lifted her spirits. “That is a pretty sight.”

She blushed as she came toward him, thighs shining, a plate of food in one hand, a glass of wine in the other. He moved in his arms in such a way that she took it to be an invitation. She slid onto his lap, careful not to spill the food or the wine. He smirked as he looked over her, eyes twinkling.

“The best part was watching that old cunt’s face when Stephan made the announcement,” he chuckled as he helped steady her in his lap, hands gentle as they touched her waist. He took the wine glass from her so she could better manage. “I helped build this company. They’d be nothing without me.”

“What is it you do exactly?” she asked softly, running her fingers through his hair. He raised the wine glass to his lips and took a sip. She cut into the meat and prepared to feed him.

“As the FP&A manager I would compile data and analyze it to put forth the best possible business strategy for the company. It would include, monitoring and managing performance and tracking the relevant performance indicators. Track revenue, our investment returns, overhead, operational costs. But my job was to look at the numbers and see what would be best for us moving forward.”

“Wow,” she murmured with genuine admiration.

“And as CFO, I’ll have controllership and treasury duties, as well as overall economic forecasting. More strategy,” he said. His hand caressed her thigh gently, edging upward slowly before retreating down to her calf. “I promised myself, I’d make it before I turned forty. Got there four years early.”

He raised his glass and took another sip.

“You don’t look thirty-six,” she told him. He looked at her.

“No?” he asked. She shook her head. He tapped his lips and she raised a bite to his lips. She waited anxiously, swallowing hard as he tasted it. “Very good, pet. Very good.”

She smiled proudly and he raised the glass.

“A sip?”

He brought the glass to her lips and she took a little sip, eyes widening at the taste.

“I’ve never had wine that tasted so good,” she said appreciatively. He chuckled at her.

“I doubt you’ve ever had a four hundred dollar bottle before,” he answered. Her eyes widened further. He chuckled softly. “I only buy the best.”

She blushed and touched his tie, balancing the plate on her lap.

“Does that include me?” she asked softly, biting her bottom lip as she looked at him. His eyes were hooded as he looked at her.

“Of course,” he said, his fingertips once again wandering up her thigh. She collected some food on the fork and brought it to his lips. “You are, by far, my very best investment.”

She raised another bite to his mouth and looked over his face, the bruises now completely faded.

“I am sorry for hitting you,” she said and he smiled.

“I forgive you,” he said. He reached up with his free hand to stroke her split lip. “I told him explicitly you were not to be struck.”

“I believe you,” she answered. She looked down to the plate. “It was my fault.”

“It will not happen again,” he vowed. “I will make better arrangements when I need to leave again.”

“I don’t want you to go,” she mumbled pathetically. He smiled softly as he ate.

“I can’t bring you with me,” he said regretfully. She nodded.

“But you can’t stay away long,” she said, looking back up at him. “Promise?”

“Demanding promises, are we?” he smiled. She bit her lip and blushed, nodding slowly. “I let you get away with far too much,” he said and took another bite. “It’s those eyes. Look at me. Oh yes. That look right there.”

She blushed and looked down, a breathy laugh leaving her.

“Oh, she’s shy now,” he teased. His hand squeezed her knee and pussy heated again. “Where’d the little slut from the kitchen go?”

“You make me nervous,” she said. He took the fork from her hand and raised a bite to her lips.

“Do I?”

“Of course, you do,” she answered. “You have so much power over me and…” she shrugged. “I want you to like me.”

“You don’t think I do already?” he asked, bringing up another bite to her lips.

“You don't really know me," she said. She missed the way he blinked, the slight lowering of his gaze. "It’s just… I don’t want to do to something that will upset you and… and make you want to sell me, or, or get another girl or something.”

“Never,” he told her with a little frown. He took a sip of wine and put the plate to the side. He ran his hand up her waist. It moved to her poor, abused breasts and squeezed gently. He took a sip of wine and hummed appreciatively. “Such a young body,” he breathed. She moved her hands to his shoulders, moving so she straddled him. He looked at her hotly, hand moving down the front of her body. 

“Master?” she whispered. “Will you please finish,” she started. “Please make me cum?”

“Greedy girl,” he scolded and took a sip of wine. He leaned back and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a little black device and placed his wine glass to the side.

“Master?” she asked, squeezing on his shoulders. He inserted part of it inside f her, pushing gently inside of her already wet pussy. It sunk deeply inside of her, stopping only when the upper portion pressed to her clit, covering it fully. His eyes closed and he had a little smile on his face when he clicked a button. A cry ripped from her throat and he chuckled. Her nails dug hard into his shoulders. “Oh, no, no, no,” she moaned as the vibrations rocketing through her body.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” he chuckled. A long, wound out moan escaped her and she shuddered. She writhed there in his lap, trying desperately to stop the shockwaves of pleasure from taking control of her. “Ah, the slut’s back.”

“Hmmmmmuuugh, youurr sluttt,” she got out and he leaned back, wine glass back in hand, and looked over her. She pressed her groin into his, pressing the vibrator in deep, and another cry left her.

“My slut,” he purred. “Hands behind your back.”

She moved to obey, the motion pushing her breasts out toward him and he licked his lips.

“Go on, baby, make yourself come. Grind that pussy on me,” he ordered and she did. She didn’t even care how degrading it was, how pathetic she looked. It felt so good. She was just about to reach her climax when he gripped her hips, halting her. She whined and looked at him in desperation.

Wo ist mein apfelstrudel, meine Schlampe,” he asked and she groaned again.

“Please, Master, I’m begging you,” she all but sobbed. He patted her hip. “Go on, and bring the other glass of wine. Keep that in your pussy or you’ll be getting a spanking tonight.”

She pressed her legs together as she went back into the kitchen. It was the hardest few minutes of her life, standing there, preventing herself from finding any real relief and then walking back in with his strudel. He had her stop in front of him and he shook his head.

“Oh… Jessica,” he purred. “You little whore.”

“Y-yours,” she breathed and moaned again. Her body tensed and she shuddered.

“Did you cum?” he asked her. “Be honest.”

“Yes,” she admitted, pressing her thighs together tightly. 

“Naughty girl,” he scolded. He rose and took the plate from her. He put it off to the side and circled around her. “Naughty, naughty,” he scolded, squeezing her unharmed ass cheek hard. He disappeared for a moment but she knew better than to move. When he returned, he stopped behind her, leaning over her and sucking her ear into his mouth. “My naughty little whore.”

She moaned as he bit on her ear lobe, nibbling firmly.

“Your naughty whore,” she breathed, leaning against him. She felt the leather close around her upper arm tightly and opened her mouth. His mouth found hers, kissing her with an open mouth, his tongue entered her mouth. The second strap closed around her other arm and he caught her lip with his teeth. Biting hard and tugging firmly. She moaned as he tightened the restraint, fastening her arms behind her back. He closed a hand around her throat and made her look up at him. She did with wide eyes and parted lips.

“Look at you,” he said with disbelief.

“Master,” she whimpered.

“On your knees,” he ordered and she dropped to the floor immediately. He reached into his pocket and all of a sudden the vibrations were more intense. “Did I turn that up?” he asked, latching a chain to her collar. He down in a hair and looked down at her.

“Master, yessss,” she said and he turned it down.

“You don’t come again until I tell you, you can. Understand?”

“Yes, master,” she said.

“Good. You cooked a lovely dinner. I would hate to have to punish you now.”

“Yes, master,” she said. He took a sip of wine and looked over her.

“Hm hm hm,” he smiled. “Come closer, slave. You can’t suck my cock from over there.”

She moved forward on her knees, breasts jutting outward, arms straining painfully, pussy pounding. Slowly, he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers. He smirked slightly as he looked over her. She bit on her bottom lip, forcing herself to focusing on anything than the pleasure coursing through her.

“The sooner I come, the sooner you come,” he told her, taking out his cock and stroking it firmly. Pre-cum oozed as he pushed his foreskin up over his shaft and then pulled it back to reveal the shiny, head of his throbbing erection. He continued to stroke himself, the head of his shaft wetting her closed lips. “Show me how much you appreciate your master. How much you love him.”

She opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her mouth. He leaned back, watching her with burning eyes. She oved her head back and forth. She moaned around him as the vibrations grew stronger. She shifted, trying to forced it more deeply inside her. Her lips tightened around him. She sucked harder. Her eyes found his. His cock fell from her lips, but stayed on her face. She leaned forward and it fell back against him. He leaned forward and dragged his tongue up his shaft. When she lowered back down he grabbed the back of her head, pressing her face to his balls. He adjusted, pushing his trousers down lower and she wrapped her lips around a testicle. She sucked it into her mouth and he let out a cross between a moan and a groan.

“Fuck, ja, ja,” he breathed. “Oh, gutes Mädchen,” he moaned. She sucked back up his shaft, drooling slightly along the skin and he took him back into her mouth. She trailed her teeth along his foreskin, eliciting another tense moan from him. He gripped her hair and bent down, jamming his fingers into the strudel. He trailed it over her lips, smiled at her as he did. “Dirty whore,” he breathed. She repeated it back to him. “Naughty slut.”


“Naughty slut,” she breathed. “Master. Fuck me.”


“Demands?” he asked.


“Please, please,” she begged. She moaned, body contorting as the vibrations picked up once again. “Please, master, use me.”


“But I gave you that pretty toy to play with,” he said, feigning offense. “Don’t you like it.”


“I do,” she whispered. “I do.”


“Then why do you want me to take it out?” he asked.


“I don’t I… I… fuck me, please.”


“Hmmm,” he said standing and tugged on her leash.  He brought her into the center of the room and bent her forward. She rested on her knees, her face pressed to the soft carpet, her ass in the air.


“Please fuck me,” she begged.


He spread her ass cheeks apart and spit on her asshole. A shudder coursed through her but she didn’t care. It was as though she couldn’t think. All she felt was the sensation coursing through her and she needed more.


“Please, master,” she begged him. “Take your pleasure in me.”


“You don’t deserve my cock,” he told her, settling down behind her. His hand moved over her back gently. “But I’m a kind master.”


She felt him at her entrance, slowly forcing himself into her tight hole. He got up on one foot, balancing on a knee, and sunk more deeply into her. He gripped her hips hard. His hips began to move faster as she stretched out. She came more than once as he fucked her. She didn’t really hear what he had to say about that but she apologized all the same. He pulled out of her and she collapsed onto the floor.


“I’m not done, slave,” he told her. He tugged on the leash and she moved toward him. He scooped her up and put her back on his lap, straddling him on the chair. “Hmm,” he mused, looking at her. He put on a condom before lifting her up and removing the vibrator from her. She moaned at the loss of the sensation and he lowered her down on him. She sank onto him with ease. Her thighs were drenched as they settled down on his trousers.


“Make me, cum, now, baby,” he ordered. “Show me how much my pleasure means to you.”


She circled her hips, grinding into him and a cry left her. He leaned back in the chair, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the chain attached to her collar and groaned.


“Not good enough, baby. Show me how much of a slut you are. Degrade yourself for me.”


She moaned and continued to move her hips the best she could, breathy moans escaping her. She pulled at her arm restraints, wishing she could hold on to his shoulders to better move.


“Oh, Master,” she moaned.


“Ride me, Jessica. Worship your master,” he breathed.


“I do,” she moaned. “I worship my master.”


She wasn’t even sure what she was saying anymore.


“I worship you, hmmmmuhg.”


“Worship me?” he breathed.




“You worship your master.”


“I worship my master.”


“You worship your master?”


“I worship my master.”


“You love your master.”


“I love my master,” she moaned. “I love my master.”


His fingertips dug into her and he lifted her up and brought her down hard. She moaned loudly, eyes closed shut, and another orgasm ripped through, this one sending shockwaves through her entire body and she saw stares behind her eyes as she came down. He grunted and shuddered as his own orgasm ripped through him. He leaned forward, breathing hard against her collarbone with an open mouth, tongue darting out to taste the smooth skin. When he fell back against the chair she sagged against him. It was her turn to pant against his chest, rubbing her cheek against the soft white fabric of his shirt.


“Good girl,” he murmured to her, brushing sweaty strands of hair back from her face with a gentle hand. “Mein gutes kleines Mädchen. Gutes Mädchen.”


An arm closed around her lower back, just under her bound arms, and held her to him gently. A little smile came to her lips and she nuzzled his chest.


“Master,” she whispered. His heart was pounding hard in his chest and she listened to the steady drumming contentedly. “Master.”


“Are we done yet, slave?” he asked her softly. She shook her head sleepily.


“No, Master,” she whispered. "Please, no." 


“No,” he agreed. He gently released her arms. “Go get my strudel.”