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Competition: Anders vs. Fenris

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Bodhan takes a deep breath as the front door opens. Paragons, he doesn’t know how to explain this to his boss.

“Take care, guys! Be safe!” Hawke calls, closing the door.

“Welcome home, Messere. A situation requires your attention.”

“Thank you, Bodhan,” says Hawke, striding through the main hall. “We cleaned out the Bloodragers’ headquarters tonight. I’ll read it after I wash up.” Hawke waves a hand at the desk. “…or maybe tomorrow,” he admits tiredly. He’s spattered in blood, though healed. He’ll need elfroot potions soon.  

Bodhan glances at the balcony outside Hawke’s bedroom. “Apologies, Messere. It’s not a letter.”

Hawke advances on Bodhan. He has Messere Hawke’s attention, which many in Kirkwall consider… unfavorable.

“Right,” Bodhan says. “Your good friends have arrived.”

Hawke’s eyebrows rise. “Good friends?”

“Serahs Anders and Fenris.” Not my business, not my business… but Hawke destroys Bodhan’s mantra, given the chance.

“Boyfriends, Bodhan. They’re my boyfriends. I’m gay and very taken, which I’d rather Kirkwall learn than keep throwing bachelorettes at me.” Hawke rubs his forehead, smearing blood around. “Have you smelled smoke?”

Bodhan blinks. “No?”

“Good. Have they been yelling?”

Bodhan blushes. “No, Messere.”

“Interesting,” Hawke says. “What’s the problem?”

“I couldn’t say, Messere. Something was… off. They never come here together without you.”

“Nor anywhere else, I’d wager,” Hawke mutters.

“Now that you mention yelling, perhaps they were angry, but they hardly spoke. Fenris requested a bath, but Anders didn’t indulge.” Bodhan glances at the blood on his boss’s skin and armor. They deserve better than for Hawke to… meet with them while filthy. “They met in the parlor, taking light refreshment, and went to your room.”

“How long have they been upstairs?”

“Fifteen, twenty minutes perhaps?”

“How sure are you?”

“I didn’t set an hourglass, but I’m reasonably certain, Messere.”

“A quarter hour,” Hawke mutters to himself. “Bodhan, help me with my armor and have Orana bring my dinner to the bath. Make the bath hot if you please.”

“Of course, Messere.” Bodhan is back in known territory: Hawke regularly arrives hungry and spattered in blood.