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The moments we shared were the best.

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The girls today we're on their own boat ride on lake lilac with Gwen watching over them, happily the teal haired girl looked at the lake water to see the water bugs float along. "This is amazing! Our boat rides were never this fun!" A Ginger haired girl said as she sketched a quick doodle of a frog she saw on a Lilly pad. "Yeah, David said this time of day is the best to do this boat riding thing" Gwen said rowing relaxedly watching the girls look around seeing the very nice veiw. "This is actually soooo cool" ered said leaning back letting out a enjoying sigh. Nerris laughed happily "so many mystical creatures!" The 'mage' girl said. Nikki looked up and at nerris "nerris look fireflies!" How much do you brt I can eat one?" She asked, nerris chuckled "don't eat bugs!"

Gwen had stopped rowing and sighed "God damn it's pretty out here." The other girls agreed nodding "so, girls. How have your school life's been?" Gwen asked "well, I just got with my crush Milo mecarsen!" Lillian spoke turning her head towards the counselor. "Ohhh, how long?~" chimed the redish brunette "'bout five months?" She said after thinking for a moment "wow, good guy ya got there, I still want to get a girlfriend badly." Ereds voice cut through "oh I got an idea! Does anyone have any crushes?" Gwen asked, wanting to see if she could start drama.

As the girls talked about the whole thing, it was Nikki's turn to speak up. "M-me?! " She asked Getting somewhat red in the face. Oh geez, she can NOT say who she liked, it was NATURAL! "Yeah! Who do you like Nikki?" Nerris poked wiggling her brows, so out of character. Nikki gulped "well...go also goes to a camp..." Mumbled the girl "oh! A camp? What camp? Is it out of state or town? Or is it here in town?" Gwen continued rabbling on and on with more questions for the poor teal haired girl.

Nikki sighed "in state, in town..." She mumbled. That's when things went silent. "Wait. If it's in town..." Nerris started "the wood scouts are the only other camp with males nikki-" Gwen started "YOU LIKE A WOOD SCOUT!" The other girls said squealing "who is it? Snake? Petrol? Or-" nikkis face flushed completely "oh my God! You like pizza face!" Gwen said playing around and made a 'bleagh' noise and giggled.

Nikki hissed "shut up! So what if I like Pikeman? He's an ass yes but I like him okay?" She said in a stern tone. The girls squealed "it's adorable!" Ered said in a more enthusiastic voice than usual. Nikki felt compelled to jump in the water and drown, but what would help her if she did that? She hid her face on her hat, face flushed and embarrassed.


From a far, another boat, not camp campbells boat, but one from the camp of the Wood scouts. Edward stared, somewhat flushed after hearing the conversation that the girls had. "Whoa, look at that man, a girl actually likes you" snake laughed staring at the red head giving a playful smirk. "Shut up, let go back to camp. On ward." Edward commanded.


Off again to another boat, had the boys from camp Campbell , rowing along "god damnit David, take us back to camp." Max hissed glaring at his father, or the man who gave a shot and adopted him. Neil was off in his own world, reading to himself quietly. "Aww come on Max! Cheer up! Isn't it pretty out here?" The happy man asked and he rowed more. "No, I'm getting eaten by mosquitoes take us back to lad ass hole"
Rest in pice David frigail heart. Oh wait it was hurt long ago oof.

Back on shore, Nikki rushed off the boat still flushed and embarrassed.
"What what's with Nikki ?" Neil asked looking towards the girl. "Girl problems." Gwen said walking off with the other girls escorting them to their tents.