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Kravitz wasn't really sure how to broach the subject. It wasn't like "meeting the parents" or anything, and not nearly as scary as meeting all of Taako's family, but going to a formal event as a couple was still another step forward in their relationship. There was no way Kravitz would come out of it without feeling like their whole dynamic had changed, whether Taako said yes or no.

"It's a work… thing," he finally blurted out above the low sound of a sitcom.

Taako, half asleep against him with some of his own hair in his mouth, made an adorably confused noise in response. "What's a work thing, baby?" he murmured against Kravitz' shirt.

Kravitz fumbled to turn the television down and shifted his arm around Taako's shoulders, holding him a bit closer. "Ah, it's… kind of a party, I guess? I have to be there, though. And I can bring a date." He cleared his throat, unsure if Taako was even awake to listen to him, and continued, "I'd like to bring you. As my boyfriend. Because I l-love you."

He didn't realize he had his eyes closed until he heard Taako snickering. Self-conscious, he peeked one eye open, glancing down at Taako who had a hand over his mouth as he laughed. "You're so cute, Kravvy. Of course I'll go with you." He lifted his hand away from his wide grin to pat Kravitz' chest open palm. "My sweetheart."

Taako was so sweet to him, probably just because it made him embarrassed. "It's this Friday. Formal, but not quite black tie, so…." He didn't like talking about money with Taako for fear it sounded like he wanted to sugar him, but he also knew that Taako was between paychecks and it had just passed the third of the month. Every bill that could get paid had gotten paid on the first and Taako probably didn't have much spending money lying around.

"That's fine," Taako said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I can borrow something of Lup's." He must have felt Kravitz freeze behind him, because while bringing up money didn't make him bat an eye, he sent the beginnings of a glare up now. "Will that be a problem?"

Kravitz was quick to shake his head. "Not for them, no. It definitely won't be. Just… for me. Depends on what you wear." He watched realization come over Taako's face, and then a devious little smirk.

"You wanna take it off me at the end of the night, huh?" he murmured, the hand that was still on Kravitz' chest playing with the buttons on his shirt starting to slowly slide lower. "You think I'm gonna wear something slutty and make you suffer in front of your coworkers?" Taako leaned up and put his lips to Kravitz' ear. "You want me to blow you at your desk? What if I kneeled underneath while you worked with the door wide open and I just tortured you?"

Whichever god blessed Taako's filthy mouth, Kravitz was ready to become their acolyte. He (gently) pushed Taako onto his back and spread his legs just enough to settle between them. Taako's smirk only got wider, eyes flicking between Kravitz' face and the seam of his jeans. Kravitz interrupted him with a wet, open-mouthed kiss, using more teeth than absolutely necessary because he knew how much Taako loved it.

Taako's hands completely bypassed any normal foreplay areas, like the hair or the arms or even the chest, and went straight for his pants zipper. Kravitz chuckled into the kiss but let Taako do as he pleased, absolutely sure he would be in the same state come Friday night.

"Remember when I said I was excited to suck you off tonight?" was the first thing Taako said to Kravitz when he answered the phone that afternoon. He felt his entire face begin to burn and had to excuse himself from the lunch meeting he was in, walking to the restaurant's waiting area and standing in a corner like he was a child being punished.

"Hello to you too, Taako," Kravitz sighed. "I do remember, yes."

Taako laughed, and Kravitz was only partially sure he was laughing with him rather than at him; there was he sound of movement as Taako also walked from one part of his apartment to the other. "Slight change of plans, my dude. Angles was supposed to have a sitter this evening but they fuckin' bailed and there's no way I'm leaving him home alone." Something that sounded like dishes clattered in the background but Taako seemed unaffected. "Can I bring him with me to your little soirée?"

A small voice said something that was obviously protesting and Taako replied, slightly muffled, "You are that important, pumpkin, don't say that."

"Of course you can bring him, darling. I thought he was at school right now?" Kravitz said with just the slightest questioning lilt at the end.

"Y'know how schoolkids are. I swear they get a week off every month." Kravitz could almost hear Taako rolling his eyes down the line. "You've seen what a fantastic kid he is. All those stuffy dickheads are gonna be so impressed."

Kravitz chuckled despite himself, leaning against the wall and resisting the urge to touch his chest to slow the lovestruck pitter-patter of his heart. "Yeah, they are. I'm actually with a few of them right now, so I can't talk for long. But thank you for letting me know about our new guest."

"Mm-hm. Knock 'em dead, Kravvy. Proud of you!"

"Thanks, love," Kravitz replied sincerely to Taako's teasing. "See you tonight." Taako was the first to hang up, likely occupied with his son, so Kravitz was left standing with his phone in his hand for a few besotted seconds.

The hostess cleared her throat from behind her stand, drawing Kravitz' attention. "You and your wife newlyweds?" she asked good-naturedly.

It only served to make Kravitz more nervous; he ran his hand through his hair and smiled sheepishly. "Boyfriend. No w-wedding yet." He really didn't want anything else to spill out so he nodded briefly at her and walked back to his table, doing some of the meditative deep breathing exercises Taako taught him to calm down.

He could barely concentrate through the rest of the meeting now that he was reminded of the night's plans. He ran on autopilot until he was driving home just as the early autumn sun was setting. It only took a few minutes for him to shower and get redressed in a slightly nicer suit than the one he wore to work that day, choosing a neutrally colored tie so it would match with whatever Taako decided to wear. It took a few more minutes to sit in silence, internally berating himself for treating it like high school prom and not two adult men dating one another.

Once 6:45 rolled around, Kravitz took a fortifying breath--unfortunately not a fortifying swig of something strong--and got back in his car to stop by Taako's place and pick up him and his son.

Surprisingly, Taako answered the door as soon as Kravitz rang the bell. "Hey baby, come on in. Just give us a minute," he said after a quick peck to Kravitz' cheek. He turned and rushed back down the hallway before Kravitz could get a good look at him but what he saw was a deep, dark blue and tight in all the right places.

Not thirty seconds passed before Taako returned, Angus' hand in his. Angus looked sort of like he'd been crying but Kravitz didn't know the etiquette in bringing something like that up. "You look very handsome, Angus," he managed, putting his hands in his trouser pockets.

"Thank you, sir," Angus replied without looking at him, and then twin tears suddenly ran silently down his cheeks, his already frowning mouth beginning to waver.

Taako didn't look exasperated, or frustrated, or any kind of negative emotion that Kravitz had seen so many parents wear when things weren't going their way. Instead he used Prestidigitation to conjure a handkerchief and crouched down next to Angus, whispering something to him.

"You can just lock me in the bathroom, my m-m-mother used to do that when she--" Kravitz could hear Angus protesting, and only then did Taako clench his free hand into a fist.

"I would fucking kill her if I could," Taako harshly replied, perhaps inappropriately from Kravitz' point of view, but Angus seemed to take it to heart and sniffled a bit, tears slowing. "We both stay or we both go. If you decide we go and you feel uncomfortable at any point, we're Audi 5000." Angus just looked at him for a moment before nodding. "We can switch phones so you can use the internet, okay? You don't have to talk to anyone if you don't want to, you don't have to shake their hand or even look at them. If they try and pressure you I'll get them to fuck off easy."

Angus' gaze flickered over to Kravitz. "But Mr Kravitz works with them…," he said hesitantly.

"When have I ever given a fuck? No offense, Krav," Taako said, sparing his own glance at Kravitz, who just quirked a smile at them both. "You come first, remember? You're my first priority."

Angus didn't nod, but he didn't shake his head either. He just held onto Taako's conjured handkerchief tightly and reached down to hold his hand again.

Taako leaned forward to kiss the side of his head and then stood up again, brushing stray curls from his updo out of his face. "Onward and forward, homie," Taako said, gesturing Kravitz out the door. Kravitz went outside as the two of them locked up and opened both passenger side doors. He wasn't sure if Angus was supposed to be in a carseat but he hadn't used one when Kravitz picked him up the one time, so he figured it would be okay.

The insight into Taako and Angus' father/son relationship made Kravitz feel a little bit like a voyeur. Taako was letting him spend more and more time with Angus, which definitely made him get a better sense of his position in their little family, but they were so unique it made him curious. He wouldn’t have figured Taako for a father until he'd seen him in action.

Taako helped Angus into the backseat first, smoothing his hair away from his forehead for a moment before gently closing the door. Then he accepted Kravitz' hand while getting into his own seat. "So chivalrous," he teased, but Kravitz could see his heart wasn't all the way in it.

"I try," Kravitz responded in kind. He closed the door and circled the car, trying to think of his own way to make Angus feel better while also making sure Taako didn't feel the need to raise hell at his place of work.