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Embrace The Goddess

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The Archaeologist.

Saturday 1 st  February 2183.

"If you are here to talk about Benezia's death, you need not bother. You did what you had to do, and she brought it on herself." Liara said coldly.

"Don't pretend it doesn't bother you. She was your mother, I know how it feels when your mother dies," Cassie said softly.

"She was... but she was not. I wish to remember Benezia as she used to be, before she was corrupted by Sovereign's power."

"The best of your mother lives on in your determination, her intelligence, her strength," Cassie said encouragingly. "And her beauty..."

"That is kind of you to say. I appreciate your concern, but I am fine." Liara brushed it off. "Benezia chose her path, just as I have chosen mine. I am with you until the end, Shepard."

"Maybe we could pick up where we left off. You were telling me about your interest in the Protheans." Cassie said, seeing that the topic of Benezia was over.

"Actually I think I was talking about my interest in you, and making a fool of myself in the process." Liara flustered. "As I said, I'm not used to dealing with people. Especially humans."

"I'm only half human Liara," Cassie smiled.

"I know, but you're physically human," Liara said quickly. "I did not really know much about humanity when we first met, Shepard. I found it hard to take humanity seriously. Your kind always seemed so rushed and high-strung."

"Well humans don't have the luxury of time. An Asari can live for a thousand years. We're lucky if we hit one hundred and fifty." Cassie laughed. "I'm not sure how long I'll live for with my mixed heritage."

"That is true, I could go on at length about my views on the lifespan of humans and how it affects them, but I get the feeling that's not why you're here." Liara said quickly. "What can I do for you Shepard?"

"Remember how we joked about you wanting to study me?" Cassie asked.

"Goddess don't remind me, I was so embarrassed to not realise you were joking," Liara blushed.

"Sorry to bring it up again, but I think that I'd like that," Cassie said quickly.

"Excuse me?" Liara asked, completely caught off guard.

"I want you to study me, I want to know more about myself, and I know that an Asari doctor is my best option." Cassie said sitting on Liara's desk.

"Wha... What do you want me to look for?" Liara stammered.

"Differences between human traits and Asari traits, and what makes me unique physically," Cassie suggested. "I'm really not sure, but I get the feeling you'll be able to help me with this."

"I will do my best," Liara said nervously. "Should I ask Doctor Chakwas to join us?"

"She's already given me a physical, but I'm sure she can assist." Cassie smiled.


"Will that be all Commander?" Karin asked after over an hour of testing Cassie in every imaginable way Liara could think of.

"Yes, thank you Karin." Cassie said, giving her doctor a warm smile.

Karin returned the smile and a wink, before turning and leaving.

"Are we done Shepard, or do you require something else of me?" Liara asked, realising her eyes were attached to Cassie's breasts.

"Do you have enough to make a diagnosis?" Cassie asked, putting her bra back on.

"I think so, but I will still find you an incredibly interesting person to be around," Liara said, distracting herself with her datapad.

"Are you interested in me because of my heritage, the Beacon, or me as a person?" Cassie asked, stopping as she moved to put her jacket back on.

"I'll admit; your connection to the Protheans had something to do with my initial interest. But it has grown beyond that since learning that you're half Asari, yet are physically human." Liara said quickly, evidently becoming increasingly embarrassed. "You intrigue me, Shepard. But I was not sure if it was appropriate to act on my feelings. I wasn't sure if you were already in a relationship with Lt. Williams."

"I am in a relationship with Ash, and Karin, and I'm interested in starting a relationship with you." Cassie said; her hand tracing up Liara's arm. "If you're interested?"

"You're in two relationships? And you still want to be with me?" Liara stammered.

"My mother told me that I have a lot of love in my heart, too much for loving just one person; essentially I have to be with multiple people, because loving one person won't be enough for me and too much for them." Cassie said quickly. "Apparently I get it from my Asari mother. Is the idea of sharing me with others causing you to question yourself?"

"No, I'm not questioning my feelings commander, I'm worried that I'll devote myself to you, and you won't return the affection." Liara said, brushing Cassie's hand off her shoulder. "I don't want my first love to break my heart."

"Liara, I will never break your heart, I care about you too much to hurt you," Cassie cupped Liara's cheek, making the Asari look into her eyes. "If you don't want to be with me, I'll leave now and we'll never speak about it again."

Liara looked to the door, before looking back at Cassie, and kissing her in a quick sudden motion, pressing her lips against her Commander's. Cassie tentatively moved her hand behind Liara's head, deepening the kiss as she probed Liara's soft lips with her tongue, finding them part at her touch. As quickly as the kiss started, Liara pulled back when Cassie's free hand cupped her ass.

"Not yet Shepard, I'm not ready for that," Liara stammered. "This is all a bit overwhelming. I am not used to... this. I need some time."

"Take all the time you need, I'll be in my quarters," Cassie said moving toward the door. "I care about you Liara, I'm not going to rush you into this."

"Thank you Shepard, I appreciate you being so patient with me," Liara smiled. "I'll come by when I'm ready."


Saturday 15 th  February 2183.

Everything was going fine, and then Cassie got the Cipher in her head, and the images still did not make sense, so she needed Liara to meld with her. And just like her first time with her SO back during basic, she knew that she and Liara were bonded, and there was no undoing it.

"Goddess what is wrong with me?" Liara breathed when she thought she was alone in the restroom, but Cassie had followed her and locked the door behind her.

"I'm so sorry Liara, I should have warned you in advance, but we all needed the Cipher unscrambled and you were our best hope," Cassie said, putting her hand on Liara's shoulder, making the young Asari jump around.

"Cassie... I... Commander!" Liara squeaked. "You followed me?"

"I feared this would happen, and I felt I should explain it before you blame yourself," Cassie said softly.

"Why can't I stop thinking about you... naked... and having..." Liara said, but Cassie pressed a finger to Liara's lips.

"Something I inherited from my Asari mother, but I haven't got control of it yet," Cassie said. "I guess the best way to describe it is that I've imprinted on you."

"Imprinted?" Liara asked.

"Yeah, remember how I said I was a very loving person, well when I meld with someone, I can imprint on them and the person I meld with is essentially bonded to me, whether they want to or not." Cassie said, sitting on the edge of the metal sinks. "I've only ever had it happen once before, my SO during my early career."

"What happened?" Liara asked.

"It was my first time, I didn't know what I was capable of, and without intending to, I severely imprinted on her, and she became obsessed with me." Cassie sighed. "It would have become a bigger problem, if she wasn't killed during our next mission... on Akuze."

"Goddess! How did you feel about it?" Liara asked.

"I felt awful about making her become obsessed with me, and I was devastated that she and my entire unit were wiped out on Akuze." Cassie replied.

"Is there any way to... lessen this need to be with you?" Liara stammered, feeling uncomfortable about the subject.

"I guess we could fulfil this desire, and meld again," Cassie said, standing up and putting an arm around Liara's waist. "That should hopefully help with the severity... Just how severe are your desires?"

"I can't focus on anything else except being with you for the rest of my life," Liara said, hugging Cassie tightly. "I need you in my life!"

"Oh dear, well let's see what we can do," Cassie said, sweeping Liara off her feet and kissing her on the lips. "I promise to be gentle... to start with."