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Reject Academy

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Reject Academy

Chapter 1

By Tyfa Robinson


Bluetta: Reject Academy? I’ve never heard of it before, it must be new.

BaBadda: Well, no matter what, we’re going through this together!

Bluetta smiles and they walk through a portal. On the other side is a large school building. The two stare at it in awe. A rather tall person in an armored suit is standing next to them, a spaceship parked in this odd pocket dimension.

BaBadda: Where are we?

Vilvid: It’s a pocket dimension, a distorted timespace area made by the creators of the academy. I suggest you get to orientation right away.

Bluetta: Uhhhh, thanks. What’s your name?

Vilvid: That’s not important. See ya.

She walks off and the two stare at each other. They hurriedly follow her to orientation, where all the students sit down in chairs. Meanwhile behind the curtain on the stage at the front of the room, two very well known heroes bicker.

Steve: You said you’d do it!

Ty: No, you said we’d do it together!

Steve: We’ll do rock paper scissors to see who does it.

Ty: Fine…

Tyfa does rock and Steve does paper.

Ty: What!?

Steve says nothing and just gives her a smug look. Tyfa frowns with anger and pulls up the curtains.

Ty: Ahem. Welcome to Reject Academy. Twenty-four lucky students have been accepted to our brand new school designed to give people rejected from other franchises a second chance at stardom! Uhhhh, am I forgetting anything?

Steve: No idea.

Ty: Okay, get to class everyone! Oh, wait, any questions?

Vilvid: These are the people running the school? Seriously? You can’t even hold a proper presentation.

The students all stare intensely at the two upfront.

Steve: Uhhh, any other questions perhaps?

A young girl in the back of the room raises her hand excitedly.

Abravo: I’ve got a question! Are we all taking the same classes, or do we get to, or what? We all kinda just got invited to this place without much information…

Ty: Yeah, I kinda got swept up in all this without being told much either… I mean, uhhhh, you’ll have to ask my wife about that! Noel’s the one who handles courses for everyone. I just teach the strength and skills training class with Cheese Head and Maya.

Steve: You’ll all be taking the same classes I think, just not all at the same times. I teach the values and morals of being a hero. Tyfa and I both have classes right after this. Noel is the principal here at Reject Academy, she’s a very nice lady. Any other questions, miss?

Abravo: So what are all the other courses we’re taking?

Steve: Well, we already mentioned our courses, so there’s that. Flagman and Flagwoman are running the speed and athleticism course, Kilareena and Quitara are doing a course on tools and technology, Click and Beta have a course about making a living off of your profession, Robo and Pinecone have a course about supporting others and how important it is to be supported, Sticky and Alexis teach a general history course of the Beta Universe, and Jianna and Secret teach a transformation class about becoming a hero. I know that might sound like a lot to handle, or some of them might not interest you, but we think they’ll all be helpful for you in the long run. Try to make the most out of it and you’ll go far! Also, Cancel and Helicopter are the main security units around here, so they’ll keep yous in line and keep yous safe. That should be all the info you need to know about courses because your invitations should have come with schedules, right?

Abravo: They did, it’s just kinda confusing without directions or anything…

Steve: I understand… We’ll do better next year with all this stuff. Any more questions?

Filava: Aren’t you all the Beta Heroes!? The legendary fighting team that took down the powerful Zeta Warlord! And you and Tyfa… you’ve defeated insanely powerful foes like Killer Kombat, Growth Four, Black Beast, and Susan! And Cheese Head took down a powerful god who wanted to rule the world, and so did Maya! I can’t believe I get to meet and work with all of you! Aaaaaaaah!

The two upstage blush.

Ty: Aww, I didn’t know we had fans!

Steve: Hehe, yeah that’s us… It’s nice to get some recognition every once in awhile…

Cosmosis: Tyfa, huh? I think we’ve all heard that name. The Omega Universe will sure never forget it.

Ty freezes up and Steve makes an angry smirk.

Steve: Hey, kid, watch your mouth, alright?

Cosmosis: So what’s it like, being remembered as the soulless killing and eating machine that nearly wiped out that universe?

Ty stops breathing and starts to sweat and shake. Steve disappears as the students all gaze at her with concerned looks. In seconds, he reappears in front of Cosmosis with the Growth Sword now in his hands. He slams it into the ground and stares down on him.

Steve: If you ever say shit like that again, you’ll be expelled. Don’t fool around like this or you’ll only end up in trouble.

Cosmosis chuckles and Steve gets furious.

Steve: The Omega Universe is still alive, and it’s thanks to her that it is! Don’t talk about what you know nothing of! You can’t experience the pain we all went through because of what Black Beast did! So don’t sit here and pretend you can!

Cosmosis: Jeese, it was just a question. Don’t get so offended.

Ty starts to cry and falls to her knees. Vilvid speaks under her breath.

Vilvid: What a dick…

Steve scoffs and teleports back to Tyfa, comforting her with a hug.

Steve: I think that’s enough questions, everybody get to class.

The curtains fall and everyone gets up, shocked and confused, and they all head to class. Bluetta and BaBadda walk the halls.

Bluetta: What was that all about?

BaBadda: I don’t know, it seemed pretty serious in there. I’m surprised that guy didn’t get expelled.

Bluetta: And what’s the Omega Universe? Why did mentioning that make the room so tense, and what did he say about a soulless killing and eating machine?

BaBadda: It’s… a long story. Anyway, we have all the same classes. It must be based on the alphabet, I bet. Hope we don’t run into that jerkwad who caused a scene. First up is the strength and skills training.

Four students meet up at the backyard of the school. There the three teachers await, Tyfa, Cheese Head, and Maya.

Cheese Head: So, these are the students, eh?

Maya: Hehe, this’ll be fun!

Ty: Names, please!

Abravo: I’m Abravo! Witch in training, and sorcerer of magic!

Bluetta: My name is Bluetta, future pirate queen, nice to meet ya!

BaBadda: The name’s BaBadda, and I’ll shake the whole Beta Universe up with my own style!

The last student doesn’t say their name. They look down at the ground, their face not visible.

Ty: What’s your name?

They look up with a cocky grin.

Ty: You…

Cosmosis: The name is Cosmosis. Heh…

Ty: Alright… Let’s start class. Who wants to go first and show me how strong they are? Don’t be shy, just give me your best attack!

Cosmosis starts dashing forward pretty quickly. Tyfa puts an arm out and he strikes the arm. Cosmosis cringes and waves his hand about.

Ty: Weak…

Ty flicks her finger and Cosmosis flies back to where he was standing.

Ty: Feels like you punched a diamond wall, right? That’s the power of Point Control: Density. Every part of your body can be micromanaged, if you’ve got the strength and willpower to do so. Who will go next? Try attacking Cheese Head!

BaBadda: Uhh, I think I’ll sit this one out, I’m no fighter, just a singer.

Ty: Then at least give your classmates a good rallying cry!

BaBadda: C’mon, Bluetta! You got this!

Bluetta pulls out her pistol.

Bluetta: I guess I’ll give it a shot.

Bluetta aims her pistol with confidence and fires a single bullet. He swipes it out of the air.

Cheese Head: This yours, miss?

Bluetta: But how did you do that!? I want to do that!

Cheese Head: It took me a long time to figure that trick out. But maybe someday you’ll learn it, too.

Ty: Abravo, attack Maya with your best magic!

Maya: Don’t go easy on me, not even death can stop me!

Abravo: Uhhh, okay, here goes! Earth Tremble!

The ground beneath Maya starts breaking apart, a hot wind blows Maya up towards the sky, the ground begins flying at her in large chunks. She swipes her blade and cuts apart the earth in her path, reducing it to dust. She lands right in front of Abravo.

Maya: Nice trick, you did a good job!

Abravo blushes and smiles.

Abravo: Thanks!

Ty: That was pretty great, you four. You gave it your best effort, now let us show you our best effort. See the three boulders behind us? Watch us obliterate them!

The three each walk up to a giant boulder. Maya pulls out her sword and it starts to glow along with her hands.

Maya: God Slayer!

With a single sword stab the rock explodes. Nothing left behind of it but burning ash. Cheese Head cracks his knuckles.

Cheese Head: Here goes, Pain Killer!

Cheese Head becomes ridiculously buff. He pulls one arm back and puts his other hand on the boulder.

Cheese Head: Muscle Cannon!

Cheese Head’s fist flies forward, the rock falling apart to pebbles before he even makes contact. A powerful wind carries the remaining dust of the boulder far off into the space of the pocket dimension. The school shakes like an earthquake had just come up. Kilareena reassures her class it’s nothing to worry about.

Kilareena: Don’t worry, that’s just the strength and skills training class! You’ll see that for yourself soon!

Ty: Now it’s my turn!

Ty pulls out three blocks of diamond from a portal she opens up. She absorbs them and bursts with a white hot flame.

Ty: Hyper Hades Shot!

Ty’s hands become huge and slam into the boulder, turning it into dust.

Ty: That’s not even my best! But I’d need to convert an entire planet into energy to use the Hyper Atlas Gatling! Anyway… I think that’s enough for today. I’m gonna… take a nap.

Ty returns to normal and falls to the ground, snoring away.

Cheese Head: She still has to do that presentation five more times today. Is she gonna snooze every time she does that?

Maya: Probably, it takes a lot out of someone to convert mass to energy. She deserves a catnap in between classes.

The four students just stare with shocked faces.

Cosmosis: Such power…

Abravo: So… cool…

Bluetta: I… can’t believe it…

BaBadda: I’m speechless…

Cheese Head: Your next class should be starting soon. Hope you learned a lot about just how strong you could be someday!

Bluetta: I could be that strong!?

Cosmosis: You’re kidding…

Maya: If you try hard enough and believe in yourself, anything’s possible!

BaBadda: You guys are the coolest!

Abravo: I think I peed my pants…

Cosmosis: What? That’s disgusting!

Bluetta: This is my favorite class…

Abravo: I was kidding! (I wish I was kidding…)

BaBadda: I know someday, Bluetta, you’ll be that tough!

Maya grins and Cheese Head closes his eyes and scratches his head.

Cheese Head: That went pretty well for our first class!

Maya: It feels great!

The four leave, Abravo running off rather quickly.

Cosmosis: Wait, you weren’t kidding were you!? Come back here pisspants!

Bluetta: That was the best!

BaBadda: Totally! How are we supposed to concentrate in our other classes after seeing that!?

The next four classmates walk up.

Cheese Head: Looks like the next classmates are here already! Get up, Tyfa!

Ty: Wah? I’m still sleepy…

Maya: Names, please!

Filava: I’m Filava, the world’s greatest dragon tamer and friend to all dragons! It’s so nice to meet you!

Fleura: The name’s Fleura, it’s my pleasure!

Grathe: Grathe, here. So what’re we doing?

Frost: I’m, uh, F-Frost…

Cheese Head: Welcome to the Strength and Skills Training! My name is Cheese Head and these are my coworkers Tyfa and Maya! Who would like to show us how strong they are first?

Filava: I’ll go first!

Grathe: I’ll go last…

Frost gets really nervous knowing she can’t go last. Filava shouts to the sky.

Filava: Dragons! I could use your help!

Cheese Head: Huh!? Is that… Wild Call!?

Ty: She knows one of the Sixteen Godly Techniques!?

The school is surrounded by dragons bigger than the school itself. Abravo screams looking out the window of the school.

Cosmosis: Don’t piss yourself again.

The dragons gaze down upon the three.

Filava: Go get ‘em!

She points at the three who are in quite a shock. Their claws swipe down and break apart the ground beneath them as they jump out of the way.

Ty: I didn’t think we’d find anyone this strong!

Cheese Head: Maybe she was rejected for being too powerful!?

Maya: This’ll be fun! We’re eating dragon tonight!

Filava: Aaaaaah! Don’t eat them, they’re my friends!

Cheese Head punches a dragon’s jaw out of the way while Tyfa sits on one of the dragon’s noses. It shakes its head all about but can’t manage to shake her.

Ty: Sorry pal, my butt’s Magnetros’d to your face, so you’re not gonna shake me. It’s actually a nice view from up here!

Maya: Well if we can’t kill them I guess I’ll use… Satan Killer!

Maya punches a dragon with her invisible gauntlet, causing a huge shockwave that makes all the dragons pass out, falling off the deep void of space until Tyfa grabs them using psychokinesis.

Ty: Who’s next?

Filava: She knocked out all my friends with one punch! Aaaaaaah!

Fluera: I’ll go next! Hope you’re ready!

Fluera runs forward with her giant club and slams it onto Tyfa’s head, who eats an apple as if nothing had happened.

Ty: You’re a lot tougher than Cosmosis, that’s for sure, but still pretty weak compared to me.

Ty flicks her finger and sends Fleura back to the spot she ran from as she finishes her apple, core and all.

Cheese Head: It’s your turn Frost.

Frost is cowering behind her pegasus.

Frost: Okay...

She pulls out a bow and fires an arrow at Cheese Head, squeaking as she does so. Cheese Head grabs the arrow and his arm starts freezing up.

Cheese Head: Ah, an ice arrow.  That’ll stall me for a second or two.

Cheese Head flexes and the ice breaks off.

Cheese Head: Good job, Frost!

Ty: Grathe, you go and then we’ll do a quick montage of the rest of the classes!

Grathe: Should you really break the fourth wall by directly referencing how the story is going to progress?

Ty: Who cares! Montage time!

Grathe jumps and glides over to Ty and slams their claws into her side, breathing fire as they do so.

Ty: Fire and a claw attack, nice! But not effective against me!

Ty flicks her fingers and the montage continues to class C.

Ty: Heartia, hit Cheese Head with your best shot!

Heartia breathes fire at Cheese Head who cancels it out with Elemental Aura: Water.

Ty: Lesley… you sit this one out, you look like you’re gonna puke… Lillia, give Maya your best!

Lillia runs up to Maya with lightning speed and crashes into her face first, bonking her head on Maya’s armor.

Lillia: Ow…

Ty: Liz, hit me!

Liz aims her bow of light and shoots an arrow right at Tyfa’s heart.

Ty: Good aim, but still not strong enough to pierce Point Control: Density!

Class D begins.

Ty: Luna, attack Cheese Head!

Luna: Shouldn’t be hard to hurt a block of cheese! Moon Beam!

Her staff lights up and shoots a beam at Cheese Head, who blocks with Aura Block, deflecting the beam off into space.

Luna: Aw, come on!

Ty: Better luck next time! Nend… I understand you’re a comedian, eh? Crack a joke, will ya?

Nend: What do you call someone with poor bladder control?... Abravo!

Ty starts laughing.

Ty: Aw man, poor Abravo… She’s never gonna live that down…

While Ty is laughing, Pal-E picks up and throws Tyfa at the school, busting through the wall, interrupting Kilareena’s class.

Ty: Looks like I let my guard down… Whoops.

Ty fixes the wall and gets back to her class.

Ty: Pon! Attack Maya!

Pon: I just don’t feel like it…

Ty: Aww, are you okay, buddy?

Pon: I don’t wanna talk about it…

Ty: Okay…

Class E begins.

Ty: Pounder! Give it to me!

Pounder begins repeatedly striking Tyfa as she yawns and then flicks him away.

Ty: Troy?

Troy lassoes Tyfa and tries to tighten it, but Tyfa rips the ropes apart.

Ty: Nice try. Trunkle, go!

Trunkle gets in her shell and spins rapidly towards Cheese Head, but Cheese Head lifts his foot and places it on top of her shell, stopping her.

Ty: Aww. Okay, Ves, go!

Ves throws a fire boomerang at Maya who grabs it and blows it out.

Maya: A fire boomerang? Belluci’s got one, too!

Class F begins.

Ty: Give me all you’ve got, Vilvid!

Vilvid: Yes ma’am!

She fires both arm cannons at Ty who blocks with her arms, hardened by Point Control: Density.

Ty: That didn’t work. Virilia-

Tyfa punches Cheese Head in the face.

Ty: Heal Cheese Head’s broken face!

Cheese Head: What the hell, Tyfa!?

Virilia uses her staff to make Cheese Head feel better.

Cheese Head: How could you just punch me like that!?

Ty: I needed to test Virilia’s healing capabilities! Now Vortex, attack Maya!

Vortex tries to suck in Maya with a black hole but she slams his mouth shut by simply walking up to him and putting her foot down on top of his head.

Ty: Zil, you’re the last student to test their strength today! Give me your all!

Zil: If I did that, I’d destroy the school.

Ty: We can rebuild it easily! As long as no one gets hurt it’s fine!

Cheese Head: Uh, Tyfa are you sure about this?

Maya: Yeah, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Maybe we should listen to the kid.

Ty: It’ll be fine! Trust me!

Cheese Head: If you say so…

Maya: Welp, give it your best, Zil.

Zil unleashes their full psychokinetic force upon Tyfa, throwing the entire school and the ground beneath them right at her, everyone floating in space watching and screaming. Tyfa looks concerned as she sees everything flying at her. She bursts into a white hot flame.

Ty: Hyper Gatling!

The ground, the school, everything is destroyed as it flies towards her and everyone watches the obliteration until there’s nothing left in the pocket dimension except the floating students and teachers.

Filava: Holy shit!

Abravo is crying.

Abravo: God damn it, not again!

Cosmosis: You really need to get that under control, pisspants.

Ty: Well… that’s it for Strength and Skills Training, I suppose. Let’s cut to when the school is rebuilt, cus I think it’s almost the end of school.

The school is rebuilt. All the students gather at the entrance.

Ty: I hope you all enjoyed your first day!

Cosmosis: It was definitely something…

Abravo: I hope every day isn’t this crazy.

Steve: Don’t worry, it won’t be. We have a lot of people from all around the world meeting in this one place, I think we can make some pretty big changes!

Filava: Ah… they’re all so cool!

Vilvid: Well, no reason to hang around, I’ve got bounties to hunt.

Vortex flies off into space ahead of Vilvid.

Vilvid: Get back here, Vortex! You’re not stealing another bounty from me!

Vilvid hops in her spaceship and flies off, leaving the pocket dimension.

Bluetta: So uhh, do you have dorms by any chance? I’ve kind of been moving all about lately.

Ty: No, but we could easily make dorms!

Steve: Yeah, let’s do that!

Dorms are made and the classmates all snooze peacefully while Tyfa chats with Noel.

Ty: You know, it’s a great thing you’re doing, helping these rejected kids find new series to be a part of.

Noel: Thanks, love! I just hope no one minds we’re releasing this despite The Steve Series being unfinished and this happens canonically after that.

Ty: Eh, who cares? It’s good content! I’ll add notes explaining what stuff and characters are.

Noel: Don’t forget, my dear.

Ty: I won’t!

The chapter ends with a kiss.


I didn’t forget to add notes I was just too lazy sorry. <3