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Don't Save Me

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⚠️Thai Fanfic is under severe reconstruction please be patient⚠️


👋Hello my beautiful Titans👋

*whispers* long time no see peeps

Obviously if your here your here for a reason! 

So I've figured out why I can't finish any of my fanfics.

It is because I can't stick with an idea if I don't right all of it at once or outline every detail and then bring it together later. 

So this means I will put all my shiz on haitus until I get a new comp so writing is easier.

sorry if some words are spelt wrong autocorrect isn't working rn

So lovely beast(don't wanna call y'all readers cause it sounds boring XD):

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Saitama was in a half asleep half awake state when he heard someone beating on his inn room door. As he grew more aware of what was going in he realized the violent knocking also had someone's loud voice mixed in with it. The voice was yelling "It's time to get up you only gave me enough for a couple of hours! I have other customers willing to pay for longer! GET UP NOW!!! Before I come in and drag you out!" The voice went to continue yelling when Saitama interrupted "Shut up! Twenty words or less lady!"

"I'm a man! That's it I'm coming in!"

"Sheesh" Saitama thought then yelled back "Fine, fine I'm going gimme a minute." 

"Yeah you better." was whispered yelled as the voices shoes could be heard moving away from Saitamas door. To torture some other underpaying soul that wanted sleep.

After a couple minutes when Saitama deemed himself ready enough to leave he heard the lady-mans shoes come stomping down the hall to come abuse the door again. He jogged all the way out of the inn so he didn't have to hear or see the lady-man again. 

He'd decided he would ask around to find the Old Royal Castle after he got far enough away for said inn

( ^∇^) ( ^∇^) ( ^∇^)

It wasn't until later that he'd gotten an answer to his question. He also discover that the castle was located down an old dirt and stone path on the far side of the village. Saitama decided he'd go after he'd eaten a delicious but cheat meal and  stacked up on supplies.

He had to get a new bag because on his way to Z-Kingdom a band of cocky thief's decided they'd "steal the low rank knights stuff and get away with it" but they all parished with one punch and he tore his bad in the process. 

After he'd made sure he'd gotten his supplies he left and didn't look back toward the village when he reached the path and headed down it. He had a long way to go before he would reach the castle and that got him thinking.