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Don't Save Me

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⚠️Thai Fanfic is under severe reconstruction please be patient⚠️


👋Hello my beautiful Titans👋

*whispers* long time no see peeps

Obviously if your here your here for a reason! 

So I've figured out why I can't finish any of my fanfics.

It is because I can't stick with an idea if I don't right all of it at once or outline every detail and then bring it together later. 

So this means I will put all my shiz on haitus until I get a new comp so writing is easier.

sorry if some words are spelt wrong autocorrect isn't working rn

So lovely beast(don't wanna call y'all readers cause it sounds boring XD):

You are welcome to come harrass (if you do this do it gently lol) me on tumblr @ my-cringe-is-ineffable 

<( ̄︶ ̄)↗ If you come find me on tumblr feel free to teach me the ways of shit posting and to give tips on stories you don't wanna see flop peeps

🍻Any hoot byeeeee🍻