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The Trees Stood Witness

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Birds chirp loudly as you walk through the forest. It’s almost as if they’re greeting you.

The village that borders it was bustling with life, but it’s quiet in the depth of the woods, aside from the birdsong and distant trickling from a stream somewhere. The forest wraps around the base of the mountain and you’ve been warned about the wild animals that prowl down from there when the sun sets. Still, you’re on a deadline to get to the next town as fast as possible and taking the path is a far longer journey, and it’s not entirely safe from hazards, itself. So as long as you don’t start climbing, you should be safe from the more dangerous wildlife around here.

It’s pretty here, anyway, much nicer than the view of the road could hope to be. Afternoon sunlight punches through spots in the leafy canopy above you, sending beams of light down to random patches of earth below. Wildflowers are dotted all around and the smell of fresh earth fills your nose and you breathe in the clear air with a faint smile. It feels good to get away from the smallness of the village, of the people who are so suspicious and gossipy and the general suffocating feeling that comes from somewhere so small, where everybody knows everybody. It’d only be a matter of time before people started turning gossip towards you. No, you need to keep moving.

Still, walking through the forest alone gives you time to think and the thought that persistently stays with you, tagging along at your heels with each step you make, is that you’re being watched. All you can see for miles is trees and the occasional animal scuttling past, the flash of a rabbit or shuffling of something hiding in the bushes. Though you’re happy to be away from other people for a short while, there’s something a little intimidating about being entirely alone. Like anything, anything at all, could happen to you.

Which is why you nearly jump out of your damned skin when a voice suddenly shatters the quiet, a lazy drawl that comes from behind you.

“You’re not from around here, are you?”

You whip around, heart thudding in your chest, skittering backwards a step. A man stands a few feet away from you, as though he’s been there the entire time. For all you know, maybe he has.

You let out a puff of breath. It's one of the wolf-people who live further up the mountains, where it's still untamed by humans. The forest is technically neutral ground between the villagers and mountain-dwellers, but they have an innate advantage here, eyes that see well in the dark, a sense of smell that can track prey for miles...humans have to be on their guard and for a girl like you to be alone, in the forest, with a wolf man...well, it could go either way, depending on his mood.

This one doesn't look angry, at least, but the way he's watching you makes you nervous. He’s tall, with dark shaggy hair and plain, utilitarian clothing. Pointed ears poke up from his hair and you can see a thick, lupine tail behind him. His expression may be bored, but his eyes follow every movement that you make. Your skin prickles - his stare is almost like a physical heat, as if you're standing under the sun. You swallow, but do your best to keep your nerves under control. He's not threatening you, just asking a question, though he makes it sound more like a statement of fact. You attempt to sound casual,

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't see you there..."

“Mm,” he says, tilting his head just a little. “If I were I snake, I would’ve bit you.”

The smile slides off your face as he says that. He has fangs, you just noticed it when he opened his mouth wide enough. You can’t help but imagine those teeth sinking into your neck and it sends a peculiar shiver to descend down your spine.

Where did that come from?

You’re fairly certain that wolf-people don’t just attack humans at random, yet…yet there’s an atmosphere that’s descended upon the woods that fills your head full of teeth and claws. You feel a little silly, so defensive and jumpy just because he’s a little different from you, so maybe that’s why you don’t run away when he speaks again.

"You know," he drawls, moving a little closer to you, his hands still in his pockets, "you probably didn’t know this, but when passing through someone's territory, it usually requires an offering."

“Your…territory?” you repeat, frowning just slightly at how straight to the point he is. “So, the whole forest is your territory now?”

“The forest belongs to those who live in it,” he answers, giving a slow blink, “you’re just passing through. But if you want safe passage through here, it’s only polite to give something in exchange.”

An offering?

"I..." you falter - you clearly don't have anything valuable on you, except for the small satchel of coins you have tied to your belt and something is telling you that's not what he wants. You don't want to offend him by assuming you know exactly what he’s getting at, though, and besides which, his cryptic speech is a little irritating. So you look him square in the eye. "...what exactly did you have in mind?"

That seems to please him, because he turns to face you fully and pulls his hands out of his pockets. His tail lashes back and forth, ears pricked up. Something about his gaze sends a tingling bolt of heat down your spine, making you shift your weight from foot to foot. A very slight smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, revealing a sliver of fang that makes your heart jump into your throat.

"I can think of a couple of things."

You take a wobbly step backwards and something nudges your back. You turn your head to see you've stepped back into a tree and when you look back, he's standing right in front of you. Your eyes widen - how did he manage to do that so silently? You've been walking through the forest for about twenty minutes and you couldn't take a step without making leaves rustle and dirt crunch. Perhaps that explains how easy it was for him to follow you, with you wandering through the woods and making so much racket. It would have been simple for someone who knows the area well to follow you, unheard. The scent of pine and earth fills your nose as you watch him. As the wolf moves closer, you’re suddenly very aware of the exposed skin of your legs and arms, your distinct lack of natural weapons like fangs or claws.

“What’s your name?” you blurt out nervously, as the wolf man looms over you, not moving, just pinning you there with his gaze alone.

He pauses, considering the question.

“Aizawa,” he says, after some thought. “But you can call me whatever you want, it doesn’t bother me.”

“Oh,” you say, then tell him your name, though you don’t know what makes you do it – you don’t think he cares, but it seems polite to do so.

He runs a finger up your arm, a claw lightly brushing your skin. It’s not enough to break it, but the notion that he could with just the right amount of force makes you shiver. The birds have stopped singing now, leaving the forest almost completely silent, besides your breathing. Just you and Aizawa, totally alone.

“I can tell you’re not from here,” Aizawa says, his voice so close to your ear that it makes you shiver, “None of the village girls would enter the forest alone. You never know what might happen to them.”

“I can give you money,” you say in a breathy voice, heart thumping hard in your chest. “If that’s what- “

“No,” he replies, a distinctly husky tone in his voice now and a clawed finger gently tips your chin back so you’re staring right into his dark eyes, “I want something else.”

You don’t ask him what he wants, because the next moment he’s kissing you – his lips are rough against your own, but it’s certainly not unpleasant. You let out a muffled noise against his lips and he takes advantage of it, licking the seam of your lips with his tongue. A growl builds in his throat and his other hand clamps around your hip, drawing you closer. His kisses are hot and insistent as he pulls from your lips and turns his attention to your neck – your delicate, smooth neck, kissing and then sucking on it. You shudder beneath him, which only spurs him on. Something primal in the back of his mind was innately pleased at leaving markings on you, leaving behind tangible proof of this encounter.

Did you know how alluring you looked to a predator like him, prancing through the forest without a care in the world? Probably not. But Aizawa has been watching you since you first begun your journey through the forest – humans are tricky, you never know which ones are trustworthy and which aren’t. Though it was clear that you had no intention of stopping, that you really were simply passing through to get elsewhere, he couldn’t help but be intrigued by this girl who did not seem to mind of the things that hid in the wild, just out of sight.

Now here you were, staring up at him with wide eyes as he licked and nipped at your skin, surprised, but not resisting. Curious but wary. It’s an interesting combination of emotion that only tempts him to do more, makes him want to see if you taste as good as you look.

Aizawa crowds you against the tree, pushing your hair out of the way so he can get at your shoulders and collarbone, breath hot on your skin. Goosebumps erupt over your flesh, but you don’t try to fight him off, not when the slight prick of his fangs on you feels so good. Heat pools in your belly as he insinuates himself between your legs, his leather-clad thigh cool against the bare skin of your inner thighs. His hands run down your sides, claws dragging over the fabric of your clothes and you gasp as you hear it tearing here and there. Indignantly you glare up at him, to which he gives a fanged smirk.

“Watch the claws,” you complain with a huff, wondering if you will have little scratches littering your body when you take your clothes off.

“Watch your mouth,” he replied in an amused drawl, leaning down and nipping your bottom lip, tugging just a little before muffling further protests with distracting, heated kisses.

While your mouth is occupied, however, it seems Aizawa has other plans for you. His hand rests on your thigh and slides upwards, marveling a little at how soft your skin is beneath his fingertips. You let out a startled noise against his lips as his fingers nudge your underwear.

“Getting excited, are you, girl?” he smirks, tracing the outline of your core with his fingertip, pressing your weight against the tree, feeling you squirm deliciously against him. There was more where that came from.

“Ah…” you gasped as his fingers nudge past the hem of your underwear, finding your slick heat with little difficulty. “Aizawa…”

The bark of the tree digs into your back, but you’re beyond caring as Aizawa rubs hard circles on your clit, mindful of his claws, sending shockwaves rocketing up your frame. He’s pinning you to the tree so easily, growling with approval as you pant, your thighs shaking as he teases you. With a free hand, Aizawa grabs the front of your dress and pulls the neckline down over your breasts, taking the bra beneath with them. He nuzzles into them, licking at the feather-soft flesh and watching your skin break out in goosebumps, but he deliberately avoids the sensitive buds until you’re nearly writhing from desperation – between his ministrations on top as well as between your legs, your head is spinning. You’re glad that Aizawa thought to trap you against the wide-based tree trunk, because you’re not sure you’d be still upright otherwise.

Heat spreads up and down your body, and you cry out as Aizawa sinks his teeth into your neck, just enough to draw a playful bit of blood. He soothes the wound a moment later with some quick flicks of his tongue, a throaty noise in the back of his throat that could almost be mistaken for a purr.

“You’re almost there, aren’t you?” he rumbles, almost sounding matter-of-fact, but you can detect the obvious enjoyment in his tone, “Mm, what about if I do this?”

His fingers slide into you with ease, brushing against your walls and you gasp out loud as he works them in and out of you, beckoning, while his mouth forms a hot seal over your throbbing breasts, tongue leaving over a pert nipple. The throbbing between your legs is so strong it feels like a pulse and you nearly smack the back of your head on the tree as you throw it back, light-headed and dizzy as he drives you over the edge. Your eyes are half-lidded, chest rising and falling rapidly.

Aizawa seems amused, but he makes no comment on your rumpled state. Instead, he fixes you with a heated stare as he bridges the gap between you entirely, nudging against your thighs. You hear the sound of his zipper being undone and look up at him, a tongue swiping across your bottom lip.

“Ready?” he asks, and you nod.

He pulls you close and doesn’t even bother to remove your underwear – he simply nudges it aside as he enters you, and you cry out, startled. It doesn’t really hurt, not after all the preparation and he’s moving in you at steady pace. No need to rush – who’s here to see you? You grunt, bracing your hands on his shoulders and feeling tree bark biting into your arms as Aizawa drags over the sensitive areas, making sure to stroke you hard and deep. Your snug heat wraps around him, squeezing and making him growl, fingers digging into your sides.

The tiny section of forest that you occupy is filled with the sound of harsh pants and grunts, your head lightly knocking against the tree as Aizawa drives into you, hitting a spot deep inside you that makes you squeal and the noise ignites something feral in him, because he can’t resist giving you another bite, the taste of blood providing such a contrast to the throbbing of his length, the way your thighs clamp around him. You yelp but you don’t have time to dwell on the sting on your neck, because you’re too busy clinging to him like you’re shipwrecked and he’s the only way to keep your head above water. He shifts his feet and a branch snaps under his heel.

“Aizawa…nngh…” you manage to pant, as he grabs your hips and hitches you up, your feet leaving the floor entirely as he ups the pace, claws digging into the backs of your thighs, which curiously only serves to excite you more. Your groin pulses with friction, making heat bloom across your cheeks.

“That’s it,” he growls, his voice rumbling in his throat, “Let me hear you.”

He’s getting faster now, sloppier, his breathing coming out as sharp grunts, his back held taut as he holds you up. For your part all you can do is hold onto him, reaching up sink your fingers into his shaggy black hair… it’s the closest you’re going to get to petting him, so you may as well take advantage.

It doesn’t take long for the movement, sounds of pleasure and the sensation that you’re the only two people in the world to get to you. Aizawa shudders as he comes, crushing you between his body and the tree and licking one of the bitemarks on your neck. The head of his length brushes against your throbbing core, once, twice, three times, each time hitting better and sweeter than the last. Your eyes slide shut and your back arches, breasts brushing his chest as a drawn-out moan spills from your lips, your second orgasm flooding your system, sending your nerves singing. You rest your head on his shoulder, hair sticking to your forehead with sweat.

Silence descends.

Aizawa sets you down slowly, waiting a moment before releasing you so that you don’t faceplant into the dirt. Your legs feel like rubber and you brace a hand against the pine tree, which is still slightly warm to the touch. Your underwear slides back into place as he pulls away, though they are considerably less dry than they were. You run your shaking hands over your body, smoothing your clothes, swiping your messy hair out of the way.

Aizawa watches you in silence, his expression unreadable, though you’re no longer nervous being under his gaze. You’re expecting him to bid you farewell, but he doesn’t. Instead he begins walking in the direction you were heading, glancing over his shoulder.

“Come along,” he says.

You stare at him, taking a half-step forward.


“The sun is setting,” he explains, tilting his head up to the sky and, as you copy him, you can see the sliver of moon peeking over the tops of the trees. It’s not quite dark yet, but there’s a little chill in the air that there wasn’t before, “It’s dangerous here at night. I’ll walk you the rest of the way.”

You are about to tell him that he doesn’t have to do that – why, you don’t know. But he keeps walking anyway, pausing to make sure you’re still following him. An understanding passes between you – you completed your half of the offering, now Aizawa will make sure you do get to where you want to go. Under his watch, no wolves or any other beasts will touch you.

You glance up at the moon, then at him, and you smile to yourself.

You never said you wouldn’t come back to the forest when you were finished in town. And judging from the looks Aizawa gives you every so often, eyes dark and full of promise…he’ll be waiting when you do.