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Up We Go

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Hey friends~

No, this isn't a new chapter or an epilogue. Sorry to get your hopes up, and you're free to scadaddle on out if you'd like. But I'm posting to let you all know that as of ten minutes ago on this fine Wednesday afternoon in June, I've edited the entirety of Up We Go. I mean all of it. ALL of it. The entire fic has been refreshed, and there's almost 10k of new material. It's still the same story, just with like a nice haircut or something. Not so scruffy anymore.

To keep this brief, there are a few reasons for this update:

  1. The first is that I feel like I now have a better grasp on the member's rich personalities, as well as their relationships with each other, compared to when I first posted the story two years ago.
  2. I wanted to include more background information to make the characters more dyanmic, so you'll find some added info here and there on that.
  3. There were some inconsistencies in the world-building and plot, and hopefully those are all squeaky clean now.
  4. I also worked to make the fic less western, as it's important not to whitewash the cultural significance of the setting in which the story takes place.


I love this fic dearly, and I know several of you do, as well, so I wanted to make the story better because I thought it and you all deserve it.

Anywho, thanks for being awesome and patient and loving the words I've written. Please don't feel required to read this if you don't want/feel up to it! If you tell me there's a typo I'll cry, but dear heavens please let me know if there's a typo.

I'll delete this chapter/update/thing in a few days so please don't leave a comment here if you want it to stay! Love you!