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Team 7 Chat ™

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ramenlord  created a new group chat.

ramenlord  added  sakupunch, sasuke  and  cakekashi  into the group chat.

sasuke: what the hell is this

ramenlord: omg sasuke izs a grouo chat go with thw timez

sakupunch: Naruto, learn how to spell.

ramenlord: i dont want to


sasuke  has left the group chat.

ramenlord: dont leave us again sasuque

ramenlord  has added  sasuke  into the group chat.

sakupunch: Naruto, why

cakekashi: someones salty :3c

ramenlord: youre one to talk sennsei jfc

cakekashi: what r u talking about im sweet

sakupunch: First of all, sensei you're not twelve, so stop.

sakupunch: Second of all, Obito.


cakekashi: I came out to have a good time, but I honestly feel so attacked right now.

sasuke: Naruto I can hear you groaning through the wall. Shut up.

ramenlord: smh

ramenlord: sensei shut up 

cakekashi: rood

ramenlord: also sasque

ramenlord: this isnr an essay in school dattebayo

sakupunch: So you write 'dattebayo'?


sakupunch: I bet you even have it as a shortcut.


ramenlord  has left the group chat.


sasuke: ... sasque?

sakupunch: I can't deal with this.

sakupunch  has left the group chat.

cakekashi: now its only u n me

sasuke: No, it's only you.

sasuke  has left the group chat.

cakekashi: I

cakekashi: awww