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The Sword & The Seamstress

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The Bug-type perked up from her seat at the meeting room. Her friends were staring at her weirdly, mainly because she’d been in a weird haze for the past 30 minutes.

“You’ve been acting strange lately,” said Liligant. She bore an expression of concern, the best that one could do without a mouth. “Like…”

“Are you seeing someone?” chimed in Serperior.

“I was going to say sick, but yeah, let’s go with that, your Highness.”

Leavanny knew they were right. It had been a week since she had met Samurott and had the weird seashell-talk date. Her abruptly ending the excursion out of anxiety had gotten to her.

“I’m fine, I was just up all night working on the cape.” That much was at least true. She felt that to make up for being a rude guest she would make the cape perfect for its recipient. Even as skilled and fast a tailor as Leavanny was, making a cape for a quadruped was somewhat difficult, but she managed, making a beautiful, regal mantle fit for a king.

“That’s not what I asked, dearie. I asked if you went out with a special someone yet?” If there was one thing that Leavanny could describe Serperior as, it would be persistent .

“Where did you even get that?” asked Leavanny incredulously.

“She’s… kinda right, your Highness” admitted Liligant. “Where did that even come from? Very out of the blue.”

“Leavanny, you visited the Cove Area a week ago, I presume?” Leavanny froze in her seat.

“My daughter’s little boyfriend is quite the talker. Not a very good keeper of secrets.” Liligant’s eyes shifted back and forth between the Queen and Leavanny. The Bug-type was beginning to panic.

“Area Keeper Samurott? I didn’t think he’d be your type.” And there was the bombshell.

Leavanny was quivering in her seat.

Liligant turned to the Queen, still not exactly sure what was going on. “Wait, what does Keeper Samurott have to do with this? I’m not exactly tuned in to what you guys are picking up.”

“I’m not dating him! It was just for the commission!” Leavanny realized she was getting flustered. “Your Highness, it’s nothing!”

She crossed her scythes and turned away from the serpent. She knew very well that this wasn’t helping her case.

“You visited the Area Keeper… and you went on a date with him?”

“Liligant!” snapped Leavanny.

“Serperior,” referring to the Queen by her first name for emphasis, “I broke it off. It was going too fast for my liking. It was really nothing. I just have to give him the cape and we don’t have to talk any further.”

Leavanny stood up from her seat and began walking towards the door.

“You know, he really does like you,” piped a small voice from across the hall. It was Princess Snivy. Everyone in the room stopped to look at her.

“Miss Leavanny, Mother is right in that Oshawott is terrible at keeping secrets. Like the fact that his father has been writing about you the entire past week or so.”

Leavanny remained silent.

“It’s all really sappy stuff, the kind of thing Oshawott hates, but honestly it’s really sweet of the Area Keeper.” Serperior was beaming.

Snivy looked at her mother and then back at Leavanny. “Before you ask, no, this isn’t one of Mother’s little set-ups. Honestly, she was trying to set Samurott up with Liligant.”


“Leavanny, I respect you quite a bit. I know that as you said, you broke things off, and you might be thinking he’s taking it as hard as you, but he’s not. There’s no hard feelings.”

Leavanny did not turn around but finally spoke up. “You sure?”

“I’m sure. If there’s one thing Oshawott is other than candid or goofy, it’s honorable. He’s not much of a liar when it comes to his home life.”

Leavanny thought about the Princess’s words for a minute. “Thank you. I have to go,” she said, before starting off towards the Cove Area.

The court was quiet.

“You were trying to set me up with Samurott? Not someone like Bisharp or Leafeon or anything?”
“It was more for him than you, you know. Like a friend-ship or something.”

“I don’t know how to take that, Your Highness.”