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The Sword & The Seamstress

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The court was calm. As it should be, thought Leavanny. The trusted friend and attendant of the Queen, Leavanny was somewhat glad that the more pertinent troubles of the Arbor Area were dealt with by the Princess and her new little friends. Unfortunately, the lack of troubling issues to deal with left the Queen with more time to herself.

Even when the Arbor Area Court were simply just kids training under their parents, Serperior was always one for romance. Specifically, seeing romance, and setting up dates. Lilligant called it “shipping”, and while Leavanny paid no mind to it before, with the then-Princess trying to make Eevee (now a Leafeon) date a passing Buneary, it was starting to become a problem as adults.

Leavanny was by default a shy bug, and not one for talking to others aside from the court and her ward Sewaddle. She mostly spent her time sewing and taking commissions for dresses and what not, being a Leavanny and all that.

Serperior seemed to read this as Leavanny being lonely, and thus looking for a mate. The reality of the situation was that the bug was fine being single. Yes, some days she would write in her diary about the men of the Arbor Area, but then again, she did that with everyone. Being the only tailor in the area did that for a working Pokemon. Still, boredom is a powerful motivator, and the Queen was getting quite bored.

Perhaps Leavanny shouldn’t have jinxed the sudden arrival of her Queen on the scene, accompanied by a very confused Scizor.

“Leavanny! Darling!” shrilled the serpent. “I know you’ve been spending your nights all alone, and you know that I can’t let a friend just languish like that!”

Leavanny looked at the Queen’s unwilling companion as the Serperior draped herself onto a conveniently placed snake-sized chaise lounge. The two bugs made eye contact, and based on the ensuing face journey the Scizor embarked upon, he wasn’t too happy about the situation either. Just as he was about to mouth something, the Queen (who had been going on about the wonders of romance and friendship) slithered up to Leavanny, who had been mentally tuning her out.

“-And that’s why I, Queen Serperior, have brought in this fine specimen for you to consider. Oh yes, his name’s Scizor.”

“Thanks, Your Highness, for the date, but I’m not really interested. In fact,” said Leavanny, as a realization dawned upon her, “this is the same Scizor from two weeks ago!”

“Yeah, I’ve been telling her that, miss,” said the Scizor, drolly.

“Well, you could just give him a chance. Again,” said Serperior. Leavanny shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but no. I get it, you’re worried as a friend and as my boss, but like I’ve said, your Highness, I’m fine.” Leavanny sighed. “Plus, I think someone’s knocking at my door for commissions.”

She didn’t know that, but Leavanny wanted to leave the court as soon as possible before things got even more awkward.


Leavanny didn’t live very far from the Royal Court, so it was a short walk, though thankfully one out of sight from any Court windows. What the bug didn’t expect was for someone to actually be at her door. It was a small otter with white and blue fur, easily recognizable as Oshawott. Specifically, Samurott’s ward Oshawott, the Princess’s friend Oshawott. As she moved forward, the small otter noticed her approach.

“Miss Leavanny! There you are!” said Oshawott.

“Hello, young one,” said Leavanny. She stifled a giggle at the playful, ineffectual manner of this kid at her doorstep. “What brings you here?”

“Official Cove Area business!” he stated proudly. “The Princess told me you were the best tailor in the area, correct?”

“Yes?” she inquired.

“Cove Keeper Samurott has a request for you! He told me to tell you that he wishes to commission a formal cape for the price of 70 berries.”

Leavanny knew little about the Cove Keeper aside from some Arbor Area gossip. Apparently the Queen used to date him when they were in their second-stages, supposedly, and that at the moment he was single. Based on the offer he seemed very generous, and Serperior had said he was handsome…

She quickly pushed the thought out of her head. What was she thinking? Thinking like Serperior suddenly kinda shocked her. Didn’t she just say to her superior (pun notwithstanding) that she was fine by herself?

“Miss?” Leavanny snapped out of it from the otter’s question. She had forgotten that they were still outside her house talking about the job. The job from Samurott. Yes.

“I’ll do. Just tell him to send me a letter with the details.”

“Yes, ma’am! I won’t let you down!” he said, before scuttering off towards the Cove Area. Humorously, he tripped on the way back, which made Leavanny giggle before realizing it was getting late. She quickly got inside, all while formulating ideas for this cape.


The next day, Leavanny was greeted by the Arbor Area’s courier, an elderly Cacturne lady. Leavanny was a relatively good friend of the Cacturne, primarily because her jobs gave the cactus plenty of mail to deliver between the areas.

“Mornin’, Leavanny!” said the Cacturne, in a cheerful version of a Cacturne’s normal deep drawl.

“Good morning, Cacturne. I guess you have mail for me today, I suppose.”

“Yep. Area Keeper letterhead, too. Getting friends in high places, eh?”

“Cacturne, I’m friends with Queen Serperior.”

“Yes, kiddo, but to you she’s not the Area Keeper. She’s your friend. Area Keepers generally keep to their zone, and this one seems to be from the Cove Area.”

“Oh, yes, that must be for my next job.” Leavanny was given the letter by Cacturne. “Thanks.”

“Y’know, he’s single,” said Cacturne.

“Have you been talking to Queen Serperior, Cacturne?”

“Like you said, I’m friends with her too,” replied the cactus. “I have a lot of friends across the Park. Comes with being a courier.”

“I know, but this is most definitely not for romance. I’m fine.”

“Well, it’s worked for me all these years, but I just want you to consider things. Now if you’ll pardon me, I have rounds to make,” Cacturne said before turning towards the next house.

“See you later!”

“Same!” said Cacturne, somewhat afar.

As the cactus disappeared past the treeline, Leavanny went back inside and sat down to read the letter.

Dear Leavanny,

I am Samurott, Keeper of the Cove Area. I am writing to you to give you the details of the cape I have commissioned. Our mutual friend, Queen Serperior, as well as my apprentice’s friend, Princess Snivy, seem to know you very well and have said many good things about your sewing. Honestly, the cape wasn’t my idea, but Oshawott said I should have one for “formal reasons”. He also said that I should talk to more people outside of work, but that’s not important. He is my only son, and he at least has some of my instinct. I hope our arrangement handles well, and I hope to see your reply soon, either in person or by letter.


-P.S. I almost forgot, the measurement for the cape and its design are on the back of this paper. Sorry!

Leavanny could tell a lot about Samurott from the letter as she read it over a few more times. For starters, he seemed to be an agreeable person. He wasn’t boisterous about the request, and in fact seemed more interested in formalities and making a first impression rather than the job itself. Queen Serperior would’ve said this was an invitation to a date.

She snapped herself out of the weird stupor she was in. This was a job request, not a love letter. Turning the letter around, she saw that Samurott had already written his measurements as well as a basic idea for the cape. The information certainly was helpful for the tailor, as she had been coming up empty on ideas for the design when she had barely an idea of the person she was working for.

It would be a flowing regal mantle, in a deep navy blue to complement his fur, and shouldered with grand seashells. It would be rather simple, but doing the design would require her to go to the Cove Area and find someone who would know where to get these shells.

Leavanny decided to use this as an opportunity to finally meet this Samurott face to face. Normally, court business and Sewaddle took up her time, but with the relative peace of the Arbor Area, and Sewaddle (now a Swadloon), mostly away on her own adventures, Leavanny had the time to actually explore the PokePark outside of her home zone.

Was she starting to have feelings for this Samurott figure? Perhaps, she thought, but trivialities like romance aren’t to be dwelled on. Better off alone, she had said. Though at the same time, as she walked towards the palace, was that really true for her?