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My Fandom Needs Me

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Hey there! Welcome to my collection of One-Shots! I know you want to get into the chapters, so I'll make this short and sweet.

Requests are always open! Please request! Sometimes requests really help me get rid of writer's block and that is like a writer's dream come true.


Current Chapters:

One Moment (Tony Stark X Reader)

Fortnight (Legolas Greenleaf X Reader)

Elusive (Tom Hiddleston X Reader)

Small Family Business (Erik Lehnsherr X Daughter!Reader)

A Sentence A Day Keep the Loneliness Away (Sam Wilson X Reader)

The Ex in Eighties Parts 1-7 (Clint Barton X Reader)

All I Ask Of You Parts 1 & 2 (Bucky Barnes X Reader, High School AU)

Not Bad Parts 1 & 2 (Rocket Raccoon X Vixen!Reader)

Kingly Duties (Aragorn X Reader)

Reaction (Chris Hemsworth X Pregnant!Reader Ft. Uncle Tom!)

Smoke Parts 1 & 2 (Sherlock X Reader(Pt. 2 Requested))

Perfect Happy Ending (Steve Rogers X Reader)

Kitten Parts 1-4 (Sherlock X Childhood Friend!Reader)

Beautiful Sight (Aragorn X She-Elf!Reader(Requested))

Guarantee (Aragorn X Healer!Reader(Requested))

Kicker of Mystical Ass (Stephen Strange X Wife!Reader)

Pillow (Dean Winchester X Reader)

Bad At Your Jobs (Spencer Reid X Reader(Requested))

Companion Parts 1-3 (Legolas X Dragon-Rider!Reader(Requested))

Darling Mary (Gabriel X Single-Parent!Winchester!Reader)

Stubborn (Legolas X Reader(Requested))

Grandmother (Johnlock X Reader(Requested))

Angel With A Shotgun (Castiel X Reader(Requested))

Crashing The Party (J2 X Reader(Platonic))

Monsters (Loki X Reader(Requested))

Home Parts 1 & 2 (Kylo Ren X Reader but like not really(Requested))

The One (Rob Benedict X Reader Soulmate AU)

Nest (Clint Barton X Reader(Requested))

Won't Ever Know (Peter Parker X Reader)

Catch Up (Spencer Reid X Reader(Requested))

Mermaid (Spencer Reid X Reader(Requested))

Imperfectly Perfect (Castiel X Reader(Requested))

Take Care of You (Spencer Reid X Reader(Requested))

Distracted (Stephen Strange X Reader ft. Chronic Headaches(Requested))

Genius Parts 1 & 2 (Sherlock X Reader(Requested))

Troublemaker (Cat!Loki X Reader(Requested))

A Glass of Milk and A Rose (SPN Lucifer X Reader(Requested))

Seems Inhuman (SPN Lucifer X Reader(Requested))

Flustered Yet Determined (Young!Sirius Black X Deaf!Hufflepuff!Reader)

This Moment (SPN Lucifer X Reader(Requested))

A Break (Richard Speight Jr. X Pregnant!Reader(Requested))

Baby Speight (Richard Speight Jr. X Reader)

Red (SPN Lucifer X Reader(Requested))

Everything To Me (Everett Ross X Reader(Requested))

Found It (Loki X Librarian!Reader(Requested))

Starry Nights & Flower Crowns (Bucky Barnes X Reader(Requested))

Holmes Home (Sherlock X Reader(Requested))

Unexplained (Loki X Cat!Reader(Requested))

Mayhem (Loki X Enhanced!Reader(Requested))

Friends (Legolas X Lesbian!Reader(Platonic, obviously(Requested)))

Welcoming Committee (Avengers X Singer!Reader(Requested))

After Hello (Newt Scamander X Reader Soulmate AU)

Outside (Spencer Reid X Best Friend!Reader(Requested))

Spiders, Snakes, and Study Dates (Peter Parker X Witch!Reader(Requested))

No Idiot (Spencer Reid X Reader(Requested))

I Trust You (Nebula X Reader(Requested))

Family Emergency (Loki X Pregnant!Reader(Requested))

Belong (Arthur Pendragon X Reader(Requested))

Not Alone (Merlin X Reader(Requested))


Requests Ready To Post:

:( i'm a mess


Requests On My List:

Possibly Not Bad Part 3?? (idk i'm not really feeling it, so we'll see...sorry you guys, i just don't think it'll turn out great unless i have a lotta motivation for it)

A Glass Of Milk and A Rose Part 2

Smoke Part 3

A multitude of Criminal Minds and Marvel requests from WaywardRose0216 (bless you, these are so wonderful)

Clint Barton X Reader (ft. Pietro(this request is fucking genius and i love you for this just so you know))

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) X Reader (my boi!)

Natasha Romanoff X Fem!Reader

SPN Lucifer X Reader

Avengers X Teen!Reader

Steve Rogers X Superhero!Reader

Steve Rogers X First Responder!Reader

Bucky Barnes X Amputee!Reader

Bucky Barnes X Male!Reader

Peter Parker X Reader

Merlin (BBC) X Reader

Steve Rogers X Barista!Reader

Gwaine (BBC) X Reader

Spencer Reid X Reader

Team Free Will X Reader

Tom Holland X Reader

11th Doctor X Reader (yes hi i'm garbage and haven't gotten that far yet into Doctor Who BUT THAT WONT STOP ME I WONT DISAPPOINT U BABE)

*distant screaming of the author*


Additional Info:

Prompts for fics can be found here on my Tumblr!

Also I DO NOT WRITE SMUT, so please don't request it. It makes me uncomfortable and I would just prefer not to write it. Thanks for understanding.

Break Times Update: Bitch not gonna have no breaks. No set break time, but I may occasionally be a few days- cough weeks- late if I get too busy to update.

I enjoy Supernatural, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, Hamilton, Les Miserables, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, and many others, so if you're not sure if I know your fandom, request it anyway! You never know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

(Check out my tumblr @GenerallyNerdy! It's a blog I share with my best friend, Toastyclaws! She posts art and I post written works!)