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'Ahhh... The Beacon General Hospital... The most prestigious hospital there is. I can't believe I got accepted into this teaching facility after finishing my preclinical and basic science studies in Atlas. Well... Father's opinion on this was pretty torn: On the one hand, he wanted me to stay in Atlas, so he could continue to control every aspect of my life... urgh... but on the other hand, he really couldn't say anything against it since this is the best medical education I can get to become a doctor. He might've been a pretty harsh father, but at least he can be reasoned with... sometimes... Wait! Why am I thinking about this depressing stuff when I can be overly excited about my first day of clerkship at the world-famous BGH instead?'

Weiss Schnee, daughter of one of the most powerful businessmen in all of Remnant, couldn't be happier as she strolled down the main road of Beacon's medical campus. Everything was perfect: The pristine white facades of all the different buildings, the perfectly trimmed grass of the green areas, the beautifully shaped hedges and trees, the old, classy-looking cobblestone walkways... the white-haired girl couldn't find a single thing wrong about this place.

With her posture perfect and her head held high Weiss walked down these exact cobblestone walkways, looking for the main building of the huge campus. Her Scroll didn't provide any useful information, for whatever reason, but there had to be a map somewhere. She had to attend her basic orientation before she finally could do real medical work. Weiss was eager to prove herself, showing everyone that she was just as capable as everybody else, maybe even more so. She was about to be a part of Remnant's medical elite, one of all these people in their white coats populating the campus and saving lives, accomplishing one of the most important jobs in the world.

'Finally some interaction with well-educated and sophisticated people to exchange views and ideas with. Okay, even all of my fellow students might be a bit older than I am, but they soon will become aware of the fact that I'm an extraordinary person. I mean, I finished high school when I was fourteen, then pre-med one year early, pre-clinical in record time, and now, with just nineteen, I'm just a stone's throw away from becoming a real doctor. Nineteen years old and almost a real doctor! They're going to love me. I mean, I'm a Schnee. Okay, maybe some of them are going to be a bit jealous, or intimidated by my grandiosity, but I can be pretty charming and generous. Also, I'm really cute, if I do say so myself, hehe. I'm pretty sure I'll be just...'

Her self-adulating daydream was interrupted by a collision with another person as soon as she turned a corner. The impact of the obviously running individual was strong enough to knock her flying and let her land on her butt. The person she had collided with suffered a similar fate and fell over as well.

"Ohmygosh! I'msosorry! Areyouokay?!", Weiss heard as soon as she had recovered from this unpleasant surprise. She opened her eyes and saw a young looking girl, a concerned expression covering her face. She was about as tall as herself, but that didn't signify anything since Weiss was quite short herself, something the white-haired girl was a little annoyed with. The other girl had black hair that graduated into red tips. She wore a red hoodie, a black skirt, black leggings, and black boots. Her silver eyes looked like the ones of a child that was about to be scolded. And, oh boy, a scolding was what she was going to get!

"What in all of Remnant's sake were you thinking, running around without giving a damn about your surroundings?!", Weiss yelled, "You could've hurt me, and you, by the way, but I guess I have far more important things to attend to."

"I'm really, really, really, really sorry.", the unknown girl stammered, "I-I was in a hurry... and... and I didn't see you. I have to get to the ICU really fast, so I didn't look out."

"Yeah, whatever.", Weiss snarled, "Watch where you're going, you dolt! Anyway, why does a child roam around a medical campus like this? Did you run away from your parents?"

"Umm... well, actually...", the crimson-haired girl began but was quickly interrupted by Weiss.

"Nevermind.", the white-haired girl grunted, "I don't want to know anyway. Because of you, I'm probably going to be late. Can you at least tell me where I can find the main building of this horrendously huge campus?" Her good mood from earlier was completely gone.

"U-umm...", the young girl tried to recover from the waspish intimidation, but then she found her voice back, "Follow the main road further down, then turn left at the big underground carpark, then only straight ahead. Can't miss it."

She answered in a nervous, rapid and a bit frightened demeanor. Instead of the expected Thank you, she only got another extremely annoyed grunt, then her new acquaintance turned on her heel and left.

"I'm really, really sorry!", the crimsonette cat-called at Weiss again, "I promise, I'll make this up to you!"

She didn't get any reaction at all. She didn't expect one, either. The younger girl just sighed and hung her head in shame.

'Way to start your day, Ruby...', she berated herself inwardly, 'Everywhere you go, you immediately drop a brick, one way or... the other...' Then, she checked her watch and almost had a heart attack.

"Oh no!", she whined, "Now I'm gonna be late, too. Better hurry." With these words, she took off like a bullet to the ICU.

Weiss easily found the main building of the BGH's campus, thanks to the directions the weird, crimson-haired girl had given her. She entered the facility and noticed a young-looking woman with a mop of orange hair behind a counter. Since her Scroll seemed to act up lately, it was probably easiest to just ask her where to find the lecture hall where the orientation speech would take place before she finally could attend to do real doctor's work.

"Excuse me.", the white-haired girl asked politely, "Can you tell me where I can find the lecture hall where all new med students have to gather for the orientation?"

"Sure thing, shorty. Nora's got your back.", the woman behind the counter chirped enthusiastically and Weiss scowled at the nickname, mostly because the person behind the counter was probably about her size, "Go through the door on the right, then down the corridor. Elevator to the third floor, then one of these big double-doors with the ornated handles right in front of you."

"Thanks a lot.", Weiss responded and tried to hide her grudge against the nickname. Then she took off to the lecture hall.

"So you're one of the newbies, huh?", the orange-haired girl asked, "If so, welcome to Beacon!"

Weiss just gave her a disdainful huff as she made her way through the door.

'If everybody here is similar to the two dolts I've already met, one even working here, my two years at the BGH are going to be awful!', the white-haired girl thought, 'So much about well-educated and sophisticated people ... Let's just hope that not all of my future co-workers are as disturbing as the person I just met.'

At least, the orientation speech passed by without any further annoyances to Weiss. Her fellow students (which she assumed were the best of the best ) listened disciplined to the referrals of some of the doctors and even the head lawyer, a man named James Ironwood. Then, when the orientation was almost over, the chief of medicine took the floor. He was a tall, bespectacled man with short, gray hair and was wearing a green-tinted, elegant suit under his white lab coat. He also had some kind of cane with him, even though it doesn't seem that he had a motor impairment.

"I'll try to keep this brief...", he started mysteriously and adjusted his glasses, "You have traveled here today in search of knowledge... to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the healing of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose... direction... You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this hospital will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

Then, as soon as he had arrived, he left already, leaving a confused auditorium behind.

'What the hell was that about?', Weiss thought irritated, 'We all know our purpose, otherwise, we wouldn't be here. And isn't the right knowledge all we need to cure a patient?'

After the orientation speech, all students received their pagers and a lot of information: About their schedules, the dorms and their locations, the curfews, and so on – stuff Weiss already knew about. But the most interesting thing they were told was to which departments they were going to be sent and which attending physicians they were about to shadow for the next two years. The student supervisor told them to change into their scrubs and to wait in the lobby for their attending physician. Then, they were dismissed and Weiss and her fellow students left for the locker rooms.

After they got changed, all med students assembled in the lobby and waited for their attending physicians to pick them up. Some of them were chatting, but since Weiss didn't know anyone, she just took a seat. She had to leave everyone she knew behind, but that didn't really bother her. She had always been the youngest, always skipping grades, always finishing everything earlier than her acquaintances, so she never had time to make friends. She didn't really want to, either. Admittedly, now she was amongst people like herself, ambitious and highly intelligent students ('Not like those peasants at college who were always partying and lazing off...', she thought), but she was too excited about her first day to socialize right now. But there would, most certainly, be enough time left to do that later.

Every few minutes a doctor or resident came into the lobby, called up a name and greeted their student. Then, they took off again, probably for a little tour around the hospital before they were getting started. The numbers were dwindling rapidly and after half an hour there were only two people left: Weiss, and a tall, young man with blonde hair, who had been chatting with a redhead the entire time.

While the blonde was slowly getting nervous, Weiss was getting annoyed. The Schnee family was well-reputed, so everyone that was about to have the honor to meet her shouldn't be running late, even though she was just a student. And, on top of that, she was a prodigy, a nineteen-year-old young woman already in her damn last two years of medical education!

"Heh... looks like the golf kart of our guys had a flat tire.", the blonde guy a few seats away joked and laughed nervously.

"Highly unlikely.", Weiss retorted flatly and looked at her Scroll to check her messages. Maybe someone had informed her about some kind of delay. Again, nothing... worthless device.

"Yeah... you're probably right.", the young man said with a friendly smile but the white-haired girl didn't pay attention to him.

"Umm... well...", he continued, desperately trying to keep this pretty one-sided conversation up, "By the way, my name's..."

"Jaune Arc?", someone suddenly asked. Both med students looked up to face an energetic, young looking man with messy green hair. He held a mug of coffee in his hand and in one of the pockets of his lab coat was a thermos, probably containing the same beverage.

"Oh... that's... that's me!", the blonde guy said and stood up.

"Nice to meet you, young man! My name's Doctor Oobleck.", the green-haired man exclaimed, "Sorry for the delay, there had been an accident that required my assistance. But now we can finally begin, so I hope you're ready to save some lives! Follow me." And without waiting for an answer, he turned around and left the lobby again.

"O-of course!", Jaune replied, then he turned around to face Weiss one more time, "Umm... See you around, I guess. G-good luck." After that, he followed his attending physician. Weiss simply gave him a huff and crossed her arms.

'I can't believe it! Who dares to let a Schnee wait?!', she thought resentful, 'I just hope for my attending physician there was another accident, either busying or involving them.'

Since she had no other choice, she decided to wait a bit more. It couldn't be that they had forgotten about her. Her application had been confirmed and the date was correct, Weiss had double-checked this. So why wouldn't anybody show up? She was a Schnee and a prodigy, and they dared to let her wait... After another fifteen minutes, the white-haired girl finally had enough.

'That does it!', Weiss cursed inwardly, 'I'm going to find them myself!' She went through the files she had received and found the name of her attending physician.

'I don't care if I'm just a med student! I'm a Schnee! And you're going to get an earful, Doctor...', she looked at the sheet of paper, '...Rose!'

It didn't take Weiss long to find out that her attending physician worked in the ICU today, so the white-haired girl quickly asked her way there. Unfortunately, she had to interact with this weird girl with orange hair behind the counter again to do so, but her anger got her moving. Soon, Weiss found herself at the ICU, but since she didn't know what this Doctor Rose looked like, she had no other choice but to gather more information. There was a nurses' station nearby, occupied by someone with wild, blonde hair. Hopefully, this woman wasn't such a weirdo like the girl in the lobby. With this in mind, Weiss approached the station.

"Excuse me, Miss...", the white-haired girl asked and checked the name tag next to an enormous bust, "...Xiao Long. Weiss Schnee, med student. I'm looking for my attending physician, a person named Rose. Can you help me?"

"Hey, that's my sister Ruby.", the nurse responded with a smile and offered a handshake, "My name's Yang. Nice to meet you and welcome to Beacon."

"Yeah, alright. Thanks.", Weiss said, still a little annoyed, and shook hands with the nurse, "Now, can you tell me where I can find her? She didn't show up in the lobby and now I'm late."

"Oh, sure. No biggie at all.", the blonde reassured her, "Just a moment. She was probably too busy to go get you herself. Always burying herself in work..." Then, she started to rummage through some files.

The entire time, Weiss was tapping her foot rapidly, arms crossed and clenching her teeth. She wanted to yell at the blonde to hurry up but this would be inappropriate and the nurse didn't deserve it. She seemed to be nice and far less annoying than the other people Weiss had met so far. And, of course, the white-haired girl wanted her anger to hit the right person.

"Sooo... first day, huh?", Yang asked with a grin while she ordered the chaos on her desk, "Nervous already?"

"Hardly.", Weiss responded flatly, "I was valedictorian everywhere I graduated, so I guess I'll be fine."

"Vale-whatexactly?", Yang asked confused and looked up.

"Urgh... I always had the best grades and was always chosen to deliver the farewell statement at the graduation ceremonies.", Weiss explained with a sigh. Maybe this nurse was kind of nice but most certainly far away from well-educated and sophisticated.

"Oh. Congratulations, I guess.", the blonde responded and continued browsing her files. But then, in the corner of her eye, she saw the person she was looking for.

"Ha! There she is.", Yang explained and pointed to the left, "Second bed from the right. The little one with the hoodie. Can't miss her."

"Thanks a lot. I hope she has a good explanation for why she ditched me.", Weiss said and was about to leave, but was called back by Yang.

"Umm... just a warning...", the blonde nurse began, "She's in a, well, pretty foul mood for whatever reason, so just be a little careful and don't take what she says too personally. Ruby can be a bit... difficult... when she's that way."

"So, she is in a bad mood?", Weiss grunted, "Well, that makes two of us!" Then she left the blonde, fuming.

"Well, fuck...", Yang sighed, "This won't end well."

Weiss strode down the corridor, her anger fresh and unspent. This Doctor Rose was about to get an earful! She was a Schnee! Her family was famous! Her father was the CEO of one of the most powerful companies in all of Remnant, if not the most powerful! No one had the right to treat her the way she had been! This woman better had a good explanation for this!

But when she spotted her attending physician, she immediately came to a halt. It was a girl about her size, with black and red hair, in a white lab coat, its collar hidden by a red hood. Weiss recognized her immediately and a shiver ran down her spine.

'You've got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!'