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A hidden World.

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All in Stiles' POV.

Part 1:


I leisurely walk across the car park to Derek's loft, adjusting my bag pack with a little hop and a pull before I return to my slow strides towards the giant building's doors.

I gently push the heavy door open, the frame making a squeal of protest as I slide through them.

The door shuts with a quiet clang behind me as I make my way towards the newly fixed elevator.

Derek had decided a while ago to renovate the whole building and since the entire building belonged to him, he had started work immediately.

In the first months his loft, at the top floor of the building, had been fixed up and made to look brand new. It was modern yet had a vintage feel to it.

The kitchen was amazing and Derek, bless his soul, had allowed me to do all the designing and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. After all I was the designated cook of the pack since anyone else would probably die trying to cook and it only seemed fit that I was the one who designed it.

The 19th floor had also been renovated along side the 18th, 17th, 16th and the 15th.

The 19th floor had been split in half with Cora and Peter sharing the refurbished floor.

Isaac had claimed the next floor, Derek had wanted to give him his own space and the young man loved it. He shared the floor with Erica and Boyd but he didn't mind at all.

The 17th and 16th floors had been made up for the rest of the pack, it consisted of around 15 rooms including bedrooms with on suites, a small lounge and a kitchen and dining room on both floors.

Scott and Allison shared one room while Jackson and Lydia shared another. Danny also had his own room.

The other spare rooms were made to house any pack guests.

Derek was working on making the rest of the floors into living spaces for people to move into. He wanted to make a business out of it and although he had enough money to live four lifetimes, he liked to keep busy.

My room was in the loft, I had no idea why Derek had decided to place me on the same floor as him, in his territory, but he had and I hadn't argued. I mean come on, I get to see the man I was hopelessly in love with half naked everyday, what more could I want?

The pack uses the loft constantly, it was the pack den and Derek didn't seem to mind at all that the pack spent most of their time in there.

In fact, the whole pack were all currently there, waiting for me to get home.

After we had finished school only Lydia had decided to move far to go to college while the rest of us decided to attend the local one.

Now six years later we had finished our courses and Lydia had moved back home.

Derek had suggested we all move in with him and no one had really put up a fight. The wolves wanted to be close to their Alpha and the humans wanted to be close to the pack.

That was how I found myself taking the elevator up to the 20 floor, where I had been living go the past 6 months and to where the pack were waiting for me.

I had just come home from my job at the local Newspaper and I was utterly shattered. I couldn't wait to get home and to the pack.

After school I decided to study literature and journalism in college and after I passed with flying colours, I got a job as a journalist in 'The Beacon Hills Times'.

It wasn't the most adventurous job in the world but it paid well and I got to write all the time, so I loved it.

The pack had supported me 100% through the first couple of tough years, where all the writers would use me as their slaves and the boss used me as their personal assistant rather than a serious journalist.

The pack was my rock through those moments, where I wanted to punch my boss in the face and when I was tempted to let Erica rip them all apart.

However I fought through it and one day everything turned around and now I'm the top journalist.

Apparently the previous owner was a massive alcoholic and was arrested, ironically by my father, for drink driving and since then my life had been flipped upside down.

The woman who had taken over as CEO was named Hannah Jacobs, she was kind and easy to get along with. She had instantly seen my 'talent' for writing and quickly promoted me to her lead journalist.

My job required me to go out onto scenes and interview people, and with my Dad being the sheriff I got the inside scoop. Hannah had made an agreement to work fairly with the deputies, victims and eyewitnesses, promising only to post those of police related articles after being approved by my father.

The pack knew everything about my job and I couldn't thank them enough for constantly pushing me forwards.

However the pack didn't know one thing about my life and that was that I had two jobs.

Six years ago, while in my early years of college, I had stated to write a book.

By the time Hannah had become my boss three years ago, I had finished one, two and three and was half way from finishing my forth.

Then one night, while I was staying late at the office, I had fallen asleep. I woke up to Hannah sat on the sofa in my office, reading the typed copy of my first book.

I had panicked at first but when she told me it was really good I calmed. She surprised me though when she said she'd copied the manuscript and sent it to her friend at a big publisher. I had freaked out until she said wanted nothing from me accept my success.

And that was how my book got published, three weeks later, having been illustrated and printed on paper and hard back.

The book had been pretty successful and was a New York Times Best Selling Book and had sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Hannah had all four books which had been published as of yet in her office, standing on their own shelf. She had been extremely proud and I think she views me as her surrogate son, which I had no problem with.

The book was about a character who was entirely based on me.

His name was Genim Jones, a human who had been thrown into the life of the supernatural.

The name was a combination of my real name and my mother's maiden name, and seemed to fit my character perfectly.

I had used my experiences to make a new story, twisting real life events and changing it into something new just in case the pack ever did read it.

I had used a fake name as the author; simply going by G.R.S.

Aka Gemim Rhys Stilinski, my real name.

There had been four books so far in the series and the fans seemed to really love them so after the first I decided to carry on.

The elevator doors opened with a 'bing' startling me out of my thoughts and I quickly step into the loft.

I barely take five steps before a curly haired blur of a wolfman had jumped into my arms, clinging onto me while burying his head in my neck, rubbing his cheek along mine.

I was well used to these kind of affections by now, with Isaac being such a cuddly wolf, I was accustomed to them.

"Hey Pup." I greet, petting along his hair and rubbing my cheek back against his.

"How was work Mum?" He asked.

That was another thing I had grown used too, the shock of the pack calling me Mum had well had truly sailed.

"It was good, Pup. I got to go out into the field! How cool is that!? I have to write a story on the robbery that went down in BH Bank." I reply.

"That's so cool, Mum. I can't wait to read it" The younger man sounded enthusiastic and I couldn't help smiling.

"It is" I say, leading us both to the living room, letting Isaac cuddle into my side.

When we arrive in the room my eyes quickly dash around the room, taking everyone in.

And then, I saw it.

I gasp in recognition, shock and fear.

For Erica Reyes was sat on the sofa reading 'The Origins' by G.R.S.

"Oh my God!" I hear myself rasp out in shock, eyes wide as I stare at the front cover.

I had never thought the pack would ever read my books but now I as I watch Erica read it I didn't know what to say.

How does someone react to such a situation?

Should I confess to being its author and out myself?

Should I ignore the fact that Erica was reading it?

Should I laugh?

I had no idea, so when Erica spoke up I merely sputtered in answer.

"Stiles, you okay there?" Her voice asked and now she has spoken I realised I was stood in the middle of the living room and the pack were all looking at me worryingly.

"'m good" I managed to utter, quickly moving, practically sprinting towards the spiralled stairs that led to Derek and I's bedrooms.

I distantly hear Jackson say "What a weirdo" and a distinctively unique growl which belonged to Derek.

I burst into my room, slamming the door shut behind me, breathing deeply in shock and a little panic.

No one knew about my books and I wasn't sure how they would react.

I mean I had changed their stories in the books so I kept all their private lives out.

Like with Derek's character, I had named Eric. He was like Derek, broody and protective, he was large in stature, muscled and broad. He had the same description, dark tall and with Greek God like features. His family were all dead but unlike in real life his family had been hunted down one by one until all that was left was him.

I had completely missed out Kate, replacing her with a crazed Hunter out to kill all werewolves. Her character was named Karl and was completely like her but different, he had no links to Derek other than the fact he was a Hunter and Derek the thing he hunted.

Scott had been replaced by Stephan, a man of courage and bravery who was turned by a wolf driven crazy by Karl years before.

Stephen was in a relationship with a girl called April, the daughter of a former Hunter. She was obviously Allison, and like her she was a badass but instead of a bow and arrows she sported a crossbow.

Her father was called Conner, he was a Hunter turned Werewolf advisor.

Lydia had been taken over by Lindsey, a red head with a fiery attitude that matched her hair. In the book I made Lindsey and April sisters, with Allison's dad as the father and Lydias mum as the mother.

Lindsey was dating a jock called James, a turned Werewolf who was Eric's cousin. He was originally a human and was adopted after a couple had found his birth mother, shot up and lifeless at the side of the road. The woman had been Eric's Aunt. In real life she was Peter's wife.

Peter had been replaced with a man named Patrick who had gone feral after six years of being held captive by Karl, he had seen his sister, Tilly be murdered in front of him. He bit Stephen after he killed a Alpha who had been working with Karl.

Eric's sister was called Carys who had been tracked down and reunited with the pack.

Erica had been changed to Elen, a sweet girl suffering from fits who had been bitten by Eric, quite the same as Erica had.

Boyd was known as Billy in my book and was quiet, reserved and shy around people who weren't pack.

A man named Zachary was Isaac's characters name and just like he was, Zack was affectionate, kind and precious.

Danny had been named Dean in the book, I had chosen it due to his obsession with Dean Winchester. Dean was funny, confident and a brainiac.

Stephen's mother was named Maria and she was married to my charecters father, a ex-USAAF piolet turned private detective, Jonathan Jones.

Melissa and my Father had gotten together just before I wrote the first book.

Deaton had been changed to Doctor Aaron Davies, a doctor at day, animal healer at night.

Basically none of the charecters were instantly recognizable and I really hoped Erica didn't connect how similar the charecters were to their real life counter parts.

I sigh loudly, sagging towards my bed and flopping down onto the comfortable mattress.

I didn't know how long I lay there, thinking of how the pack would react. About how angry they would be that I had written their lives into a book without their permissions. How furious Derek would be that I had made Genim and Eric a couple. How dissapointed they'd be to find out I had used them to make money.

They'd never forgive me and for that reason I chose to hide my dark secret.

I nearly fall out of the bed in surprise when a knock echoes throughout the room.

My head snaps up to the sound just as the voice I loved so much travelled into my ears.

"Stiles? Are you okay?" Derek's voice sounded concerned and I instantly felt like crying at the sincerity of it.

"Yeah, its just been a long day. I'll be down soon." I reassure the older man.

"You sure?" He asks again, making my heart skip a little.

Even a little display of caring and gentleness from Derek always set my heart off, jumping with love and warmth growing from the pits of my stomach.

"Yeah I'm sure. Is everyone's staying for dinner? I'm making chicken tortillas and cheesecake." I answer, diverting the conversation.

"They all said yes. And that sounds great" Derek sounded so enthusiastic and I knew his love for my cooking always made him happy, before me he hadn't had a home cooked meal in years.

"Okay, I'll be down in just a minute" I say, jumping from my bed and rushing to my cupboards, hastily taking out a pair of sweats and one of many shirts that I had stolen from Derek over the years.

I shrug of my slacks, pulling on the soft sweat pant, revelling in the soft feel of the cotton against my legs.

I pull of my tie, unbuttoning my work shirt and chucking it to the floor to later put in the wash.

The long sleeved Henley I had slipped over my head was too big on me, my build being much less broad and muscular than Derek's. He older man was also a little taller, making it look longer.

I soothe my hand over the material of the Henley, imaging how it would feel to wear Derek's shirts all the time, how his scent would waft up my nose, rich, dark and as addictive as its owner

I shake my head, dismissing the thoughts quickly. I would never be able to do any of those things for I was nothing more than a friend and pack mate to Derek.

And anyhow, Derek was way above my league.

I sigh in dispair before making my way out of my room.

I open the door, my eyes downward as I step into the hallway.

I nearly land on my ass when I ran into a wall of muscle but large, warm hands quickly catch me, wrapping around my waist and pulling me into a wide, solid mass of pure muscle which was Derek's chest.

My face landed in the gap between his neck and shoulder and I instantly catch the rich, dark, scent of the forest, spice and a hint of something fruity.

I stand there, well more like flopped to be honest, for a few long seconds before my brain finally caught up.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you" I stutter, a blush making its way across my face as I scramble to get my feet under me again.

"It's okay. It was my fault" Derek's deep voice never seemed to not make me shiver just a little.

"Let's just say it's both of our faults, yeah? I need to make dinner." I move the conversation onwards again, not wanting to linger on the situation; I was embarrassed enough already.

"I'll help" He offers and that was how I found myself in the kitchen, Derek's giant form next to me, cutting up vegetables and meats for the pizzas.

The rest of the pack had joined us in the kitchen, sitting around to cosy dining table.

Erica still had her nose stuck in the book, the sound of her turning pages making me tense each time.

I didn't know how long we'd been cooking for but by the time three pizzas had been made and cooked, Erica was slamming the first book in my series into the wooden table.

"That was awesome! Oh my god! Guys you have to read it" She starts and I pray that the others didn't. "I cant believe how accurate it is! It soooo good!" The blonde was practically bouncing in her seat, shoving the book into Boyd's hands.

"Erica I'm sure it's just another crappy werewolf book created on myths and bullshit." I hear Jackson dismiss and I hoped to God Erica would drop it and dismiss the book as another crappy book aimed at teenage girls.

"No you don't understand! It's been written so accurately! Werewolves are killed by wolfsbane! Mountain ash is a werewolfs weakness! It actually contains correct information for once!" The blondes voice sounded joyful.

"No shit" Jackson utters, shocked at the truth behind Erica's words.

"Its the best book I've ever read! And this Elen chick? She's totally a badass! Billy and her are literally relationship goals." She enthuses. "Boyd you have to read it!" She adds turning to Boyd who was still inspecting the blurb.

"If you so highly recommend it, I will." The dark skinned man smiled towards his girlfriend, making Erica squel with delight.

And that was how the book was passed on to Boyd.