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Crossover: Dragon Ball Z/Sons of Anarchy Challenge

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Crossover: Sons of Anarchy and Dragon Ball Z

There is an OC and she falls for android 17, 17 meets her in the second year of the seven year peace, Oc is 15 when that happens, 17 sees her being bullied (getting the shit beat out of her) he stops it and offers to train her. Oc is very good at making up stories on the spot. When she was 18 years (three years into her training and five into the peace) old her parents had a baby [which is a boy (we'll call him Drew for now)] and after her mom and Drew are discharged from the hospital some gang killed her parents (and tried to kill her and Drew, since she has been dubbed by the entire club as the Sons Princess or Anarchy's Princess) to try to start a war with the sons because her family is closely tied with them (no her dad is not in it but helps them out a lot with whatever they need) they shot at her and one bullet hit her shoulder blade (no 17 didn't teach her how to catch bullets, yet) she is trapped at a dead end in an alley way when 17 shows up and kills them, he them flies her to the club (as she told him to) Tara removed the bullet while the oc and 17 have a sarcasm battle. [we are in the second season of sons of anarchy] things happen like they are supposed to except Opie doesn't die (they don't even go to jail) Tigg's daughter doesn't get killed because of Pope, Tara doesn't die because she pretty much ordered Jax and Tara to tell Gemma what they were doing, they did and Gemma aloud it. The oc kills Pope and Marks, Gemma and Nero get together. Season four of sons, I believe (the oc is twenty and drew is 2), is the last year of peace in the DBZ world, Majin Buu searching for power comes to charming, finds her and they battle, pretty much destroy the clubs 'church' by being knocked into it (the sons were in 'church when this was going on) they come out and try shooting at Majin Buu Jax gets in a lucky shot and hits Buu and Buu goes after him but the Oc gets in the way and gets eaten (17 tried to help but kept being knocked back) just when the oc gets in the way is when the Z fighters show up and when she got eaten 17 went in a rage and kept attacking Buu after Screaming the oc's name. The Z fighters started to help him and get the club to safety, when everybody is revived from Buu's attack the oc heads back to the club, on the way there 17 tells her he loves her and she says it back because she does (she has never had a boyfriend and doesn't blush except for that time) when they get to the club it's in chaos, she immediately starts barking orders and the sons listen to her every word. She starts making dinner (Drew is with her) when the sons start cleaning at her order with 17 watching, and laughing, at them.