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Scott suppressed the urge to throw the book he was looking at across the room. With everything going on, an Alpha pack who wanted to kill all of them and now bizarre ritualistic murders happening all across town, with Stiles a possible target as they seemed to be targeting virgins, well at least they had for a while, it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on themes of jealousy in Othello like he was meant to be doing. Scott rubbed his face wearily, he had been a better son, student and friend over the course of the summer, and with everything going on (despite it interfering with his promise to himself) he figured he deserved the night off, he’d done a lot anyway, he’d already done his Maths homework, with a new record on the least amount of swear words used to complete the assignment.

Scott looked over at the window, frowning in distaste. It wasn’t nice out there. It had been lashing down all afternoon, ever since he, Allison and Isaac had royally pissed off the twins by messing with their motorbikes and a few hours ago, the thunder and lightning had started. It seemed that the entire town of Beacon Hills was going to be assaulted by a storm capable of personifying the Alphas anger. A loud rumble thundered over the house, and Scott was just considering going to see if his mother was alright (she didn’t particularly like thunder storms) when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in mom.” He called, deciding to at least face the desk to make it look like he was doing some homework.

The door opened, and the immediate smell of a wet werewolf made Scott take pause, because unless she was keeping something very big from him, she wasn’t a werewolf. Deciding to muse on the thought of his mother becoming a werewolf later, he turned to the doorway and his jaw dropped open slightly as he saw Isaac standing there.

He was soaking wet, wearing only a tshirt and jeans, his blond hair a sodden mess, and the look on his face was one of pure despondency, and he turned his miserable eyes onto Scott, and as soon as he looked at the expression on his friend’s face, he became certain that the wetness on his cheeks wasn’t just due to the torrential downpour going on outside.

“Hey,” Isaac began, his teeth chattering as he stood shivering in his soaking wet clothes, “I was wondering if I could ask you a favour.” He said softly, his teeth chattering and Scott nodded hesitantly, wondering what the hell was going on.

“Course you can, Isaac what’s going on, what’s wrong?” Scott asked, getting to his feet, and Isaac’s lip trembled as he looked at Scott sadly.

“I-I don't know what I did wrong, and...and he threw me out. He said it was, it was too much, having him and Cora there, he couldn't manage it anymore. And he threw me out, he told me to get out...” Isaac said, his voice trembling as Scott came up to him.

“Hey Isaac, listen to me. Calm down ok? It’ll be alright. Right, we need to get you out of those wet clothes before you get pneumonia, you must be freezing.” Scott said, rummaging through his drawers to try and find a towel for Isaac.

“I-I don't want to ask this, but I can stay here right?” Isaac asked softly, hopeful and fearful at the same time, and Scott grinned.

“Of course you can stay here, you can stay here as long as you need. Besides, it’s been ages since I’ve had a sleepover it’ll make me feel like a kid again, and god knows we could both do with that.” He said, and Isaac looked at him sheepishly.

“I’ve never actually been on one before.” He admitted lamely, and Scott grinned.

“Well the only person I ever had over was Stiles so I suppose it doesn’t really count. Here. Bathroom’s just opposite, but you might want to turn the dial down a bit, you must be freezing I don't want you getting scalded.” He said, and Isaac grinned hesitantly at him.

“Thanks Scott.” He said shyly, and at Scott’s gentle urging he headed into the bathroom and locked the door, leaving Scott with a puzzled expression on his face as he surveyed the bathroom door where Isaac had disappeared through.

Why on earth would Derek throw Isaac out? For the last few weeks, ever since they had rescued both Boyd and Cora from the vault, all the werewolves other than himself and Peter (Derek still didn’t trust him and Scott had to agree on that one) had all been living in Derek’s loft, and there was more than enough room for all the wolves there. And Isaac, who had been the most loyal and dedicated of Derek’s pack, the only one who hadn't tried to flee from Gerard and the Kanima, had been the one who had been thrown out by someone, who, in his own gruff and inimitable way, had been more of a father come big brother figure to Isaac than his own father had ever been. Derek had given Isaac a new life, and had made him feel a lot better about himself, given him a new home and a new family, and for his part, Isaac, who found it hard to trust others due to the trauma his father had inflicted on him, he had learned to trust Derek and in fact hero worshipped him in some ways. And now, all of a sudden, Derek had turned on Isaac and had thrown him out of the only place he had every felt truly comfortable calling home, on a night like this no less.

Scott suppressed an angry growl. He knew Derek must have his reasons and hadn't done this just to hurt Isaac, but there was something more to this, he was sure of it. He would sit down and get the full story from Isaac after he got out of the shower, but first, he needed to tell his mother that for the foreseeable future, she was going to be having a houseguest.

Alert for the smell of a freshly cleaned and warm Isaac when he came out of the bathroom, Scott headed downstairs, finding his mother dozing in front of the tv as she watched Grey’s Anatomy. Smirking and pressing record on the Sky box so she could watch what she missed, he sat down beside her, making the sofa move slightly, and leading his mother to mutter something about wind chimes.

“Mom!” he called and she jerked awake, blinking her eyes sleepily as she tried to bring the room back into focus.

“What time is it, am I late for work?” she asked, and he shook his head.

“No, but you do have a houseguest.” He said, his ears and nose alert for any sign of Isaac leaving the bathroom.

“Huh?” she asked in sleepy confusion, and Scott frowned.

“Isaac. Something happened between him and Derek and he threw him out. He doesn’t have anywhere else to go, he can stay here right?” he asked hopefully and she nodded.

“Well of course he can. Why would Derek throw him out though?” she asked in concern and Scott scowled.

“I don't know I haven’t got the full story yet. He came in soaking wet I think he’d been wandering around for a while.” He said worriedly, and Melissa looked out of the window worriedly.

“Out in that? He’s mad!” she exclaimed and Scott nodded.

“Yeah without a jacket too. He just looked so miserable, I’ve never seen him like that, and he was cold, shaking, everything, I sent him to the shower.” He explained, and she nodded.

“Alright, how about you deal with Isaac and I’ll get him some food? Oh shoot, I just cleaned out the guest bedroom that your gran usually sleeps in yesterday, you know what the woman’s like every time she comes to visit, more biscuits in the bed than there is in a biscuit factory. And there’s you know, the gran smell.” She said, wrinkling her nose and Scott grinned.

“Don’t worry mom, a while longer and you’ll have your own granny smell.” He said cheerfully, however his mother was less than impressed.

“Any more smart comments like that and Isaac won’t be the only one who’s homeless. Right, well the mattress is still airing, I had to clean that too, woman drives me round the twist. He can stay in your room tonight, go and get him some blankets.” She said, and he nodded thoughtfully.

“I don't like the idea of him being in a different room anyway he’s really down. I’ll get him some clothes to wear too, try and keep him warm since he was going around in nothing but a tshirt and jeans in that downpour.” He said worriedly, and Melissa nodded in agreement.

“Alright, you go and look after him, I’ll find something warm to make him.” She said, bustling through to the kitchen, and as he headed for the stairs, she smiled up at him.

“You’re a good friend to him honey.” She said proudly, and he grinned as he headed up stairs, getting the spare duvet (the one thankfully free of his recently visited gran’s influence and got one of his spare bedcovers, a nice blue one, he didn’t think Isaac would appreciate the lilac one they gave his gran. Setting the things down on the bed he heard the bathroom door click and turned to see Isaac, his teeth no longer chattering, emerging from the steamy bathroom, wrapped in only a towel, his bare chest glimmering with the heat he had caused in the bathroom as the steam in the bathroom billowed out into the corridor

“You feeling any better?” Scott asked kindly, leading him into his room, and Isaac shrugged as Scott looked around for things for him to wear, hanging awkwardly in the background, as if not entirely sure he was welcome.

“Sorry about this Scott, I just, I didn’t have anywhere else to go and...” he said, his voice still hesitant and slightly upset.

Scott shook his head.

“Look, it doesn’t matter. You’re my friend Isaac, and I definitely wouldn’t want you sleeping rough on a night like this. Like I said, it’s fine, you can stay here as long as you want. Are all your clothes wet?” he asked in concern, and Isaac nodded nervously.

“Yeah, he really picked a lousy night to throw me out huh?” he asked mockingly, trying to hide the pain he was in but Scott knew better than that.

“Yeah, he did.” He said, barely keeping a snarl from his voice.

How could Derek do this to Isaac? He already had enough issues without Derek joining in the fun, and doing what he did tonight of all nights when it looked like the weather that had caused Noah’s ark, how could he be so insensitive and pigheaded?

“Look, I don't want to cause your mom any trouble...” Isaac said hesitantly, and Scott shot him a patient look.

“Isaac, it’s fine ok? Mom’s already making you something to eat to warm you up, and she’ll wash your clothes too, she doesn’t want you out in that any more than I do. She’s ok with you being here, she knows you’re a wolf, so what’s the problem? You can relax here. Well you could if I could find you some clothes.” He said irritably, so much for being a better son, he’d tidied so much now he couldn't find anything in his room.

“Thanks Scott. I’ll be...” he began, but a sharp look from Scott made him break off mid sentence.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence. I told you, you can stay here as long as you want, and as long as you need. I think mom will kind of like having someone else in the house too. And it gives me someone to talk too, you never know, it might be fun. Finally!” Scott exclaimed in relief as he found in the back of his cupboard several things that he was too small for, because Isaac was taller than him and hence had more ground to cover.

“Here.” Scott said finally, after delving into the back of the cupboard, and turned his back while Isaac donned a black dressing gown that Scott was too small for, wrapping it tightly around him, but leaving a slice of his pale chest visible as he did so.

“Feel better?” Scott asked as he watched Isaac towelling his hair dry, and the other wolf nodded.

“Yeah.” He said, as Melissa entered, a bowl of steaming hot soup on a tray in her hands, along with a cup of something hot.

“Hey Isaac.” She said kindly, setting down the tray and he looked nervously up at her from his perch on the bed, and it looked as though he was fighting not to stand to attention when she came into the room.

“Thanks for letting me stay here Mrs McCall, I don't want to be a pain, but I didn’t have anywhere else to go, and...” he stammered, but she held up a hand, cutting off his explanation.

“I don't need to hear it honey, you stay here as long as you need to, I’m fine with it. Right, you know where the toilet is, your room will be next door, but not tonight, you can stay in here tonight, my mother was here last week and the woman’s a menace, gets biscuits and crumbs everywhere when she’s in bed when she has her midnight snacks. So, if you give me your clothes, I’ll get them washed and dried for you so they’re ready to wear in the morning ok? If you tell me what you want to wear tomorrow I’ll give it a quick iron too.” She said kindly, and he shook his head.

“No, thanks Mrs McCall, but it doesn’t matter about ironing them, we don't have one at...well we didn’t have one at home.” He said his voice hurt, and she smiled and cupped his cheek affectionately.

“It’s alright. Where’s your stuff, I’ll get started on that. I did you some tomato soup and hot chocolate to warm you up, you must have been freezing coming in out of that. Right, I’ll leave you boys alone, call me if you need anything.” She said, promptly picking up the bag Isaac had come with and disappearing out the door.

“Your mom’s nice.” Isaac said as he headed to the desk to eat his soup, his voice wavering slightly as he said it.

“I know she is.” He said proudly, and Isaac sent him a look from the corner of his eye as he started to scoff the soup.

“Must be where you get it from.” He said, tucking into the soup as if it was his first meal in ages.

Scott continued to look for clothes as Isaac finished his soup and his hot chocolate, exhaling in relief as he drank it.

“That’s better.” Isaac said, perking up slightly now that he had some food in him.

“I can’t find anything for you to wear tonight.” Scott said, biting his lip thoughtfully, and Isaac shrugged.

“It doesn’t matter, you’ve done enough. Besides, this is nice and warm.” He said, closing the dressing gown over his slightly exposed chest as he got to his feet and stretched, with Scott looked at him curiously.

“You sure?” he asked, and Isaac nodded.

“Yes. Thanks though, for everything. When Derek threw me out, I kind of panicked, I didn’t know where to go.” He admitted mournfully, scuffing his bare feet on the carpet and Scott grinned.

“I’m just glad you came here. At least you’ve warmed up now, you feeling ok?” he asked, and Isaac shrugged.

“You mean do I feel ill because I was out in the middle of a thunderstorm with the clothes on my back as that’s all I had time to properly pack? No, I feel fine.” He scowled, glaring out of the rain soaked window.

“But you still feel crappy.” Scott said wisely, and Isaac gave a tired sigh and sat down on the bed, turning to face Scott who was sitting beside him, his eyes glinting slightly as though he was about to cry.

“It was weird. I came home, and something weird was going on, Cora was hiding in the shadows for some reason, and Derek, Derek was drinking, he never drinks, and they were, I don't know, tense, wound up. I thought at first they were mad at me because of what we did to the twins, but he didn’t say anything. That’s when he said that it was too much having me there, because he had Cora now. I mean, I know she’s his sister, I get that I really do, but she’s back so suddenly I’m too much to look after? I just...I don't know what I did wrong. He said he couldn't keep me there anymore, that it was too much to look after the two of us, and then he told me he wanted me out. He wanted me gone. I didn’t believe him at first, and he just got angrier, I mean how was I supposed to know he was telling the truth, that he really did want me gone? He’s the one who made me a wolf! He gave me a home, and it’s like all of a sudden I’m not good enough for him, he doesn’t want me around anymore because he has his proper family back. I mean...he was my family, and suddenly I’m getting thrown out. I don't understand what I did to make him so angry, so upset.” He said, his voice wavering, and Scott frowned as he noticed Isaac touch his face self consciously.

“Isaac, what’s wrong?” he asked softly as Isaac’s hand shook, and Scott could feel his anger rapidly rising at Derek by the minute for doing this to Isaac.

“I, I didn’t want to leave, and he kept getting angrier. He lost his temper and he...he threw a bottle at me.” He said, and Scott’s eyes widened in anger.

Alpha or not, sometime mentor or not, he was going to kill Derek! Derek, other than himself and probably Jackson since he had lived across the road from them, knew better than anyone what Isaac’s abusive father had put him through. Derek, like him, knew all about the beatings, the harsh treatment, the criticisms, about the bastard locking Isaac in the freezer, and about him throwing things at Isaac when he was in a towering temper. Isaac had told them both that the night his father had died, he had thrown a glass at Isaac that if he hadn't been a wolf and had wolf reflexes could easily have blinded him. And now Derek, Isaac’s hero, his rescuer, his brother come father figure, had done the exact same thing to Isaac, who had a long history of being abused by such a person. Scott couldn't suppress the angry growl this time, he was going to kill Derek!

However, he suppressed his anger as he saw the depressed look on Isaac’s face. He looked as though someone he loved had died, and was trying not to cry about it, even though he was devastated. He sniffed stubbornly, and when he looked at Scott, his eyes were starting to fill up with tears.

“I’m sorry, I...” he began, but Scott shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ve had a crappy day. Come to think of it you’ve had a fair few crappy days recently.” He said with a slight smile, and felt slightly better as he got a weak chuckle from Isaac at the mention of it.

“Yeah, being set on by angry twin Alphas, getting beat up in a bike crash, losing Erica, being chased by Boyd and Cora, getting dunked in a freezing cold ice bath and now getting thrown out of my home. Yeah my life sucks doesn’t it?” he asked weakly, and Scott smiled.

“It’s not all bad, you’ve got me, Stiles...” he said, and Isaac smiled.

“Yeah, and you’re great. Really man, thanks.” He said and Scott shrugged.

“It’s ok, I told you before, I care about you and don't want to see you get hurt. Even by Derek.” He said with a hint of threat and Isaac smiled, heartened by Scott’s support.

“Thanks.” He said again and Scott smiled.

“Hey, we’re on the team together for a start, you’ve got my back, I’ve got yours.” He assured Isaac, who looked out of the window sadly.

“Do you think he even cares? Or do you reckon he just hates me like my dad did?” he asked, his voice so sad and hurt that Scott didn’t realise what he was doing at first, and by the time he did, it was too late.

He had snaked an arm around Isaac’s shoulders and without meaning to, had brought him close, and was now wrapping Isaac in a one armed hug. Isaac however, eyes filling with tears he had refused to shed before now, gave a sniff and didn’t move, apparently quite content to sit in Scott’s embrace, and Scott had to admit, it felt nice to ahve someone so close to him again. Ever since he and Allison had broken up, he hadn't been this close to anyone and it felt good to be able to just to hold someone he cared about again to make their day a little brighter. And boy did Isaac need that.

“Yeah, I reckon he does. Look, I know Derek doesn’t hate you. Whatever reason he had for throwing you out the way he did, I know he doesn’t hate you.” He said, his eyes dropping because as a wolf, Isaac was fairly warm anyway, and wrapped in his black dressing gown he was even warmer and it was making Scott just as sleepy as it seemed to be making Isaac who’s breathing was slowing down as he seemed content to nuzzle in Scott’s arms.

“Suppose so.” He said sleepily, and Scott smiled slightly.

“I don't hate you either. You’re my friend.” He said simply, releasing Isaac, who sat up, albeit reluctantly, he had been getting quite comfy.

“You’re my friend too.” He said, yawning widely, and Scott thought it might be a good idea to get Isaac’s covers ready.

“Hang on, before you fall asleep, give me a hand with this.” Scott said and getting wearily to his feet, Isaac, with several false starts, most of which were caused by Scott, had managed to navigate the duvet into its cover.

“Thanks man, I’m useless at these things.” He complained and Scott nodded.

“And as you can see, I’m not great master at them either.” He admitted lamely, watching as Isaac wrapped himself up in the duvet cover.

“Hmm, it’s nice to be warm again. Thanks Scott, for everything.” He said, and Scott grinned.

“Like I said, it doesn’t matter. You’re my friend, so just relax ok? Damn, I forgot pillows, I’ll be back in a minute.” He said, heading downstairs to get the spare pillowcases.

“Is he alright?” Melissa asked, taking Isaac’s clothes out of the washing machine, and Scott nodded hesitantly.

“Yeah I think he will be, he’s just hurt and a bit overwhelmed.” He said, and Melissa raised an eyebrow.

“And Derek?” she asked, sounding disapproving, and the scowl on her son’s face answered all of her questions.

“Let’s just say he and I are going to have a falling out very soon.” He growled darkly, as Melissa looked up at the ceiling to where Isaac was in Scott’s room above him.

“Make sure he knows he’s welcome as long as he wants to stay ok? And if you see Derek, don't do anything I’ll regret.” She pleaded and Scott grinned.

“I won’t mom don't worry. And I keep telling Isaac it’s fine that he’s staying here, but I don't think he believes me.” He said worriedly, and Melissa patted his shoulder reassuringly.

“It’s just because he’s new to this sweetie, he’s bound to be nervous, and he’s uncomfortable, he’s in a new home, his world’s been turned inside out and he thinks he’s asking too much of us, you just need to help him to relax.” She assured him, not noticing her son’s faint blush as he remembered hugging Isaac not that long ago, how warm and right it had felt, how relaxed both of them had been, and he quickly made his escape up the stairs.

As he entered his room, blush still tingeing his cheeks, he came to a stop, smiling slightly. Isaac was already asleep, breathing peacefully, his head on the pillows on the side of the bed that Scott didn’t use, to his great relief. His covers were covering his legs and half his waist, the other half clearly showing his black boxers. His dressing gown had come undone, revealing his bare chest to the night air, and one of his arms was draped over the side of the bed. Smiling slightly, Scott shut off the lights to allow him to sleep better. Setting down the pillows, Scott stripped down to his boxers, and considered the chair where he had intended to sleep tonight. And he then decided against it. He didn’t know why, he couldn't explain it, but he for some reason didn’t want to sleep alone with Isaac on the bed, so peaceful yet vulnerable. So, Scott gently climbed into bed, careful not to disturb Isaac, climbing under his own covers stealthily. Then, once settled he nervously draped an arm around Isaac’s waist. Isaac, sound asleep, made no noise whatsoever and simply snuggled a little closer towards Scott, the edge of his breath tickling Scott’s bare chest. Scott smiled at the sensation, enjoying the warmth that was coming off of Isaac, along with the gentle cooling breeze as he breathed peacefully, sound asleep as he was. With Isaac settled, Scott smoothed his hair with his free hand before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep, a smile on his face and Isaac snuggled up against him.


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Scott woke blearily, to find Isaac, who had wriggled out of the dressing gown he had been wearing when he had went to sleep, snuggled up against his bare chest. Scott looked at his friend, and for some reason, he really didn’t mind that Isaac was so close, and Isaac apparently didn’t seem to mind that Scott’s arm had been draped around his waist. Moving gently so as not to wake Isaac, Scott gently untangled himself from his new houseguest, moving to the window and leaning his forehead against the cool glass.

As Isaac made a small noise of protest in his sleep, Scott looked outside. The rain was still lashing down, and the wind was still whistling but the thunder at least seemed to have stopped. The moon, a crescent moon tonight (he made a mental note to himself to talk with Isaac about what they should do at full moon, his mother may know and accept that they were both werewolves, but she would be less than impressed with both of them transforming in the house), was overcast, as was his mood. He chanced a look at Isaac, who had stretched an arm across to his side of the bed, as if searching for Scott. Scott smiled slightly, sitting on the edge of the bed as he looked at his new house guest. How could Derek have done that to him, just thrown him out as if he were nothing? Scott grunted in the back of his throat. His anger at Derek had been playing over in his mind again and again as he had slept, involving a couple of fantasies were he kicked the disloyal twat right where it counted. Scott scowled as he thought of Derek and Cora, safely within their loft while Isaac had been thrown out into the pouring rain, at risk of cold and pneumonia, wandering around listlessly as he tried to find somewhere to stay after he had been thrown out of his home. Who the hell did Derek think he was?

With a low snarl, Scott stood up, making Isaac mutter indistinguishably in his sleep. Temporarily mollified by the sight, Scott gently eased the dressing gown out from under Isaac’s body and draped it over the chair, allowing Isaac to sprawl out and have the bed to himself. At least Isaac was getting some sleep, despite how upset he had been earlier, after he had hit the pillow he had hardly made a peep, his only action being to snuggle close to Scott some more. Isaac had kicked his duvet off slightly, revealing his chest to the cool night air that was coming in through the slightly opened window. Seeing Isaac shiver a little bit as he sprawled out onto his back, his arm still draped over Scott’s side, Scott gently pulled Isaac’s covers up to offer him a bit more shelter from the cold. Smiling at the noise of contentment Isaac made, Scott, without meaning to, gently swept Isaac’s hair from his eyes slightly, leaving him sleeping soundly in the bed, legs sticking out at odd angles and his left arm sprawled over where Scott had been lying minutes before. Confident that Isaac was sound asleep, warm and comfortable, Scott returned to scowling out of the window. He was still angry at Derek. He knew that whatever his reasons for throwing Isaac out, they were probably good ones, however, as was usual with him, he showed no tact or understanding and had left someone Scott cared a hell of a lot about an emotional and devastated homeless wreck. Scott snarled. What if Isaac hadn't come here? If Isaac hadn't had him or Stiles to turn to, where would he have gone? And would Derek have cared? By doing what he had done, Derek could very well have killed Isaac.

Not to mention the pack of bloodthirsty Alphas out there, the twins were certainly mad enough to attack Isaac after their little stunt at school today, and that crazy bitch Kali or that thug Ennis, both of them would be more than happy to have attacked a lone Beta on his own, particularly when he was the most loyal and steadfast of Derek’s original pack, the only one who hadn't cut and run when things had gotten tough. Not to mention, the twins had to have reported to Deuchalion that he and Isaac were friends too, which meant that if any of the Alphas had been feeling particularly vicious they could easily have done something that would easily devastate and hurt both Derek and Scott, a fact that would then further divide Scott and Derek because Isaac should never be out in that situation in the first place. What was more, along with a pack of dangerous and blood thirst Alphas who could easily have attacked and hurt if not killed Isaac, there was also the mysterious deaths that were going on around the town, and Isaac might have become a target for them too. Scott snarled, his anger with Derek growing to even greater levels.

How could he have been so stupid? He was meant to protect Isaac, look out for him, instead he had thrown him out, scaring the crap out of him in the process, convinced Isaac that he was worthless and that the closest thing he had to a parent now hated him, and had cast him out in the middle of a freaking thunderstorm to a town where there were a pack of bloodthirsty Alphas who would be more than happy to rip Isaac to shreds and were some weird ritualistic murderer was going around committing three-fold deaths. Anything could have happened to Isaac! Furious, and realising his anger was not going to abate any time soon, Scott grabbed the top he had been wearing earlier, and after a last check to make sure that Isaac was still sound asleep (his head was now buried in Scott’s pillow), Scott snuck out of the room quietly, filled with indignant righteous anger on his friend’s behalf. Pissed with Derek, and with a strong desire to give Isaac something good to wake up to rather than another day filled with misery wondering what he had done wrong, he quietly darted downstairs and slipped out of the house, onto his motorbike and headed for Derek’s loft, glowering angrily as he did so.




Derek was awoken by a thumping on the door. Someone wanted in, and badly. Swearing under his breath, he noticed Cora’s dark eyes peering out from her own door as she watched her brother head for the stairs.

“The Alphas?” she asked tightly and he gave her a small, reassuring smile.

“Something makes me think they wouldn’t knock.” He told her, and she looked at him worriedly.

“What if it’s Isaac?” she asked hesitantly and he sighed.

He still felt awful about what he had done to Isaac. On hindsight, he realised that maybe he should have just explained to Isaac why he wanted him gone. But, filled with fear and trepidation about the presence of the Alphas and the fact that Kali had basically murdered him while Deuchalion prattled a load of crap that he seriously wasn’t interested in (he might have at least listened if he didn’t have a freaking pipe stuck through his chest), Derek had told Isaac in no uncertain terms that he wanted Isaac gone from the loft, and when Isaac had kept pushing him and asking what he had done wrong, he had snapped, and with all his mixed up emotions, he had thrown a bottle at Isaac. The look of shocked, deep betrayal on his face before Isaac had virtually fled from the loft would haunt his memories for a very long time.

“If it’s him, I’ll tell him to go away.” He said regretfully, figuring if nothing else he ought to open the door just to shut the knocking noise up.

He reached the door, and slid the lock out of place before opening the door. And as soon as there was a gap big enough, a fist emerged from the hole and clocked him right on the nose, catching Derek by surprise and knocking him off his feet with a thud. Derek, slightly dazed, didn’t need to sit up or use his now bleeding and sore nose to know who it was who was attacking him.

“Hello Scott.” He said tiredly, pinching his nose as he sat up to see Scott, clad in shorts and a tshirt, his hair dripping with rain, glaring down at him, the angry yellow of his eyes diminishing as he beheld the Alpha lying on the floor.

“Don’t you hello Scott me! What the hell did you do that to Isaac for?” he demanded as Cora bounded down the stairs, rushing to her brother’s side, glaring at Scott as she did so.

“Look kid, he’s the Alpha and my brother, and if you...” she began but Scott growled, and not in a human way, he was full on pissed off werewolf growling, which Derek knew well enough was a clear danger sign.

“Cora back off. No offence sis, but Scott could kick your ass, and he’s angry enough to do it just to make a point. I’ll be fine.” He assured her, but Cora remained crouched beside him as he sat up and looked at Scott, his expression bored and irritated.

“I did it for his own good.” He said firmly, and Scott snorted derisively.

“For his own good? He thinks you hate him!” he raged, curling his hand, which Derek noticed included claws, into a fist to punch him again.

“He does? Tell him I don't.” Derek said, feeling guilty.

He hadn't wanted to make Isaac feel that he hated him, he had just wanted him gone, and gone in a hurry so he would be safe. In truth, he had figured that if Isaac would go anywhere, he would go to Scott’s, and he had suspected that Scott, being who he was (admittedly a much nicer and kinder person than he had ever been, even before the fire), would take Isaac in without any hesitation. And now that his nose was already clearing and healing thanks to his being an Alpha, he could smell Isaac all over Scott, and he suppressed a smirk. He figured Scott would hug Isaac, that would explain why he smelled so much of his Beta. And besides, his nose was starting to heal, and he doubted Scott, in the mood he was in, would believe that Derek was just smirking because something amused him and he really didn’t want to get hit again. Not that he would admit it, but damn his punches hurt, especially when he was pissed.

“I’m not your messenger Derek.” Scott snarled, and Cora glared up at him.

“Hey kid, back off, my brother doesn’t have to explain himself to you. And besides, he’s your Alpha, so you’re meant to do what he tells you.” She pointed out, and Scott gave a hrash bark of laughter.

“One, no I won’t, and two, no I’m not.” He said, and Derek sent Cora a look that implied she was to settle down.

“But I thought you said...”

“He’s an Omega technically, he only joined to stop Jackson and Gerard. Turns out he was working for Gerard all along anyway.” Derek explained and Cora growled and glared up at Scott.

“He was helping a werewolf killer?” she demanded, claws extending, and Derek shook his head.

“No, he was getting close to him just like he was to me so he could stop him. And Cora, seriously, back off.” Derek advised getting to his feet.

“What you don't think I can take him?” she demanded indignantly, and both Scott and Derek answered in unison.


Cora looked at her brother indignantly, and he sighed.

“Cora, you were held captive and didn’t transform for months. And besides, Scott could kick Erica and Isaac’s ass, and you’re not at their level.” He said tiredly, dropping down to the couch while he was still fixed with a death glare from Scott.

“You going to tell me why you thought it was a good idea to throw him out of his home, on a night like this no less, without so much as an explanation?” he asked, but Derek avoided the question.

“He’s with you isn’t he? I can smell him on you, he’s safe right?” he asked and Scott glared angrily.

“Yes, no thanks to you. Have you forgotten Deuchalion? Him and his goons murdered Erica and plenty of others most likely, and you throw Isaac out into the pissing rain when the Alphas want us all dead, and on top of that we had pissed off the twins even more today, he could have been a prime target. And then there’s the nutter going around killing people as sacrifices, did you not think of that?” he snarled at him, and Derek hated to admit it, but they were all good points, and Cora just sat beside him, glaring resentfully at Scott as he lambasted her big brother.


Scott’s eyes glowed yellow again, making Derek wisely shut up. Cora was looking at Scott resentfully sure, but also with interest. It seemed that despite how it seemed to her and Boyd, and probably to Isaac at times, that Scott and Derek really didn’t hate each other. She wouldn’t go so far as to say they truly liked each other but in their own way they were fond of one another and respected each other, except when Scott thought Derek had screwed up as he did currently. And Derek respected Scott enough to allow him to rage and scream at him (probably because he knew he deserved it) and also thought that Scott deserved answers too.

“Look, I know you’re mad at me. In your shoes I would be too. And I’m sorry Isaac went to you,” he began, but stopped when Scott shook his head irritably.

“I don't care that he’s staying with me, he can stay with me for as long as he likes. My problem is you throwing him out in the middle of a storm, when there’s at least two dangerous types of murderer hanging around Beacon Hills, with nothing but the clothes on his back, with no explanation and only after you acted like his father towards him.” He said with an angry growl.

“Yeah, that wasn’t my best move. You don't get it.” Derek said gruffly, and Scott raised an eyebrow.

“Well help me get it, because Isaac was in a serious state when he came in. What the hell happened?” he asked and Derek sighed.

“Deuchalion paid a visit today. He came here, with Ennis and Kali. They wanted to get me on their own, to convince me to join their pack. See that’s why they’re here. They’re recruiting, and they want me to join. Problem is, to join, I need to kill my pack.” He explained, and Derek frowned.

“You would never kill anyone in your pack. You may be an annoying jerk at times, but you wouldn’t kill someone in your own pack, you wouldn’t even kill Stiles despite the amount of times you’ve threatened to do it.” He said with conviction and Derek favoured him with a small smile. Trust Scott to miss the news about the Alphas visit and go straight to the more emotional part.

“Maybe, doesn’t change the fact that that’s what they wanted. They damn near killed me. That bitch Kali stuck a pipe through me, and then Isaac came in after they left, telling me about how you had pissed off the twins. I was frightened ok? They nearly killed me, and they could have killed Cora. That’s why I got Isaac to leave, I wanted to protect him and make sure they didn’t go after him.” He explained, and Scott sighed.

“I knew it would be for some stupidly noble reason, now I can’t be that mad at you. Actually, screw that, I can. If that was the reason why didn’t you just tell Isaac? He would have understood and he still could have come and lived with me, we wouldn’t have minded if you’d explained it, rather than just chucking him out, making him think he’s done something wrong and then going all dad like on him, don't you think he has enough issues?” Scott asked irritably, and Derek sighed.

“I didn’t think of it like that. All I knew was that I wanted him out and safe as soon as I could. I know you think I’m a jerk, but I was only trying to protect him. I just didn’t do it very well.” He said, and Scott sighed.

“Yeah you did, because now he’s with us. Problem is the way you did it was wrong. He thinks you hate him, and throwing a bottle at him wasn’t the best of moves you could have made.” He said tartly and Derek grunted.

“I know it wasn’t. Is he alright though?” he asked, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, he’s fine now, he was in a state when he got to me though, he kept asking me what he had done wrong to make you want him gone out of the blue like that. He also thinks you hate him. And I’m still mad at you for doing it the way you did, and sending him out alone into a thunderstorm in a town with a pack of bloodthirsty Alphas and some sacrificial murderer going around. How would you have felt if he had been attacked?” Scott scolded, annoyed, and hated saying it almost as soon as he said it.

While he did get the flicker of regret and shame from both the other werewolves, he now had vivid mental images of Isaac being attacked and ripped apart by the twins. Shaking his head to clear the heart clenching vision from his mind, he returned to glaring at Derek, his arms folded irritably.

“You know I would have felt awful Scott, I was just determined to get him somewhere safe. It didn’t occur to me that they might try and attack him when he left, but I’m glad he’s safe. Maybe the Alphas are afraid to get their paws wet. And besides, I figured if he would go anywhere he would go to you, so thanks for taking him in.” He said, getting to his feet tiredly.

“You need to talk to him, because you really knocked him for six yesterday.” He told him and Derek sighed.

“Scott, I’m the last person he wants to see right now. In case you missed it, which I know you didn’t, I’m the one who threw him out of his home, and worse, threw a bottle at him when he didn’t. You’re right, he is going to see me as acting like his dad, but at least it gets him away from here. He’s safe, which is what matters. I shouldn’t have done it how I did it, and I shouldn’t have thrown the bottle at him, I know better than that, but at least he’s safe.” Derek said stubbornly, making Scott roll his eyes.

“Yeah he is, but he’s also hurting. It’s something you seriously don't get isn’t it? There is more to a person than their physical state, their emotions and feelings matter too Derek, and you really messed Isaac up with what you did.” He ground out, frustrated with Derek as usual and Derek sighed.

“I know that Scott, I just...”

“Aren’t very good at dealing with emotions. You never were.” Cora said lightly from her perch, and the other two wolves turned to her, they’d almost forgotten she was there she hadn't talked in so long.

Scott suppressed a grin as Derek glared at his little sister, catching Cora’s eye and for the first time her gaze softened to one of casual amusement as her brother glared.

“Yes, thank you Cora.” Derek said with dignity, and Scott cleared his throat to attract the Alphas attention back to him.

“Look, good at dealing with emotions or not, the point is you need to talk to Isaac. I can try and convince him that you don't hate him till I’m blue in the face, but he won’t believe it if it comes from anybody but you. And an apology, or even just an explanation since I know you’re not very big on apologising, would be a good idea too. Otherwise, he might abandon you like Erica and Boyd did.” He said, and Derek flinched.

He hadn't said it to be brutal, he had meant it as a warning that he risked losing Isaac just like he had lost Erica if he wasn’t careful, but now he came to think of it Derek probably wouldn’t see it like that. He would see it as Scott reminding him of his failure to keep his pack together, a failure that had resulted in the death of one of them.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Would you take some of his stuff to him?” he asked hesitantly, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, all he can fit in of mine is a dressing gown, and he can’t go to school in that. I mean it though Derek, talk to him. He needs to hear it from you that you don't hate him, he needs to know why you threw him out, and it shouldn’t come from me, it should come from you.” Scott chided slightly, and Derek sighed as he headed into what had been Isaac’s room before he had been so unceremoniously thrown out.

“He does feel sorry. And it didn’t take him long to figure out how much he must have hurt Isaac when he threw him out. His heart’s in the right place.” Cora said tightly and Scott sighed.

“I never said it wasn’t Cora. I know he means well, its just the way he goes about it makes things worse. Isaac was a mess when he came to me, that’s why I was so mad because I knew it was Derek’s fault and I wanted to, I don't know.” He said grumpily and Cora smiled slightly as he became flustered.

He then turned to her.

“Just a heads up, Isaac might be mad at you too. For the last few months, its only been him and Derek and when you show up, he gets thrown out. He might take that the wrong way.” He said worriedly, and she scowled.

She didn’t want Isaac mad at her, she actually quite liked him, out of all the kids her brother seemed to delight in surrounding himself with, he was the best of the lot. But she could see how Isaac might consider it her fault that he was thrown out of his home and forced to shack up with Scott...which by the smell off him he had enjoyed slightly too much. Resisting the urge to bemoan her brother’s lack of empathy once again, she looked up just in time to see Derek come back through with all that remained of Isaac’s things in a bag.

“Will you at least tell him I’m sorry?” Derek asked, handing the bag to Scott, who stubbornly shook his head.

“No Derek, I know you don't like this but it’s you who he needs to hear from. You really hurt him, and he really looks up to you, so just I don't know, fix it ok?” Scott asked lamely, and Derek gave him a slight grin.

“You care about him don't you?” he asked, and Scott nodded.

“Course I do, he’s my friend. And so are you, most of the time anyway, and it’s your fault he’s in such a mess. So fix it ok?” he asked, and Derek nodded.

“I’ll talk to him. Do you want any money or anything for keeping him?” Derek asked awkwardly, making Cora wince.

“And I thought you were doing so well. No, he’s my friend, and he can stay with me as long as he wants. All I want from you is for you to talk to him and to make him stop feeling like shit. Ok?” he asked plainly, and Derek nodded.

“Fine. Thanks though, for taking him in. You didn’t need to.” He said, and Scott grinned a little.

“I kind of did. But you don't need to thank me. Besides, it’s kind of nice having him at home.” He said, and Cora noticed, though she doubted her brother did, a slight blush to Scott’s cheeks as he said so. She turned away to hide her smirk, ever since she had gotten back she had Derek complain about how Isaac hung around with Scott more than he did with him nowadays. Interesting.

“Yeah, but thanks. I was worried he would just run off, but at least he’s safe with you. So thanks. And for cleaning up my mess. And...look after him won’t you?” he asked hesitantly, and Scott nodded.

“Of course.” He said, and left the room, and before she burst into wild laughter, Cora scampered back to her room, leaving her brother tenderly rubbing his nose in confusion.




As Scott snuck back into his room, flicking the drizzle out of his spiked up fringe as he did so, he smirked slightly as he saw that Isaac had curled up in his cover, and rolled back onto his own side. Scott smiled slightly as he observed his friend sleeping peacefully, wrapped up in his covers, his blond hair falling into his eyes slightly. Moving quietly, with a tender smile on his face, Scott stripped off his shirt and boxers and climbed back into bed. Thinking he had been stealthy, he was shocked when Isaac stirred and turned back around to face him, one of his nice eyes looking at him blearily.

“Where did you go? Did I make you get out of bed? Sorry, I’ll...” he said nervously, starting to move, but Scott laid a hand on his bare shoulder to stop him.

“It wasn’t you, I’m ok like this. Besides, you’re kind of warm, kind of defeats the purpose of having covers. Relax ok?” he urged huskily, and Isaac nodded slightly.

“You sure it’s ok? You’re not uncomfortable about anything?” he asked shyly, and Scott shook his head.

“No, unless you are?” he asked, and he felt a sense of relief as Scott shook his head.

“No, I’m cool.” He said, cocking his head at Scott curiously.

“What’s up?” Scott asked, not really knowing where to put his hand.

“Where did you go, I can feel the cold coming off you?” he asked and Scott grinned sheepishly.

“Sorry, I was mad at Derek, so I went to see him.” He admitted, and Isaac looked at him in sleepy confusion.

“You were mad at him, why?” he asked, and Scott looked at him kindly.

“Because of what he did to you, it made my blood boil.” He told him, and was quite pleased when a blush appeared on Isaac’s cheeks.

“Oh, thanks Scott.” He said hesitantly, as though not quite believing it, and Scott smiled.

“Anytime.” He assured him, and Isaac cast his eyes down sadly.

“Did he tell you he what I did that was so bad to make him throw me out?” he asked pitifully, and without meaning to, Scott gently caressed Isaac’s cheek, and when Isaac said nothing about it, he continued, gently stroking his cheek calmly to reassure his guest.

“You didn’t do anything ok? It was all him. And I know for a fact that he doesn’t hate you.” He assured him, and Isaac scoffed before rolling over to face away from Scott.

“Yeah, right.” He dismissed irritably, and the sheer pain in his voice made Scott’s heart break.

“He doesn’t. But...even if he did, at least you know I don't hate you.” He whispered into Isaac’s ear, and Scott was sure he saw the room light up slightly as he saw Isaac smile.

“Thanks Scott. I don't hate you either.” He said, and Scott smiled.

“Good.” He said, and experimentally, he wrapped his arm around Isaac’s waist, snaking his fingers underneath Isaac’s toned stomach. He was nervous for only a second, afraid of how Isaac might react, if he might shove Scott off or snap at him. But all Isaac did was shuffle his back a little closer to Scott, allowing him to wrap his arm even further around Isaac’s waist, and smiling, Scott rested his chin on Isaac’s bare shoulder.

“Scott? You wouldn’t chuck out people you’re meant to care about. I reckon you’d make an awesome Alpha.” Isaac said sleepily, and as his guest drifted off sleepily, Scott found himself very glad Isaac was facing the other way, or his blush would have blinded him. Wrapping himself comfortably around Isaac, he too drifted off to sleep, his chin resting gently on Isaac’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around Isaac’s warm and toned stomach, Scott absently stroking Isaac’s hair sleepily as he too drifted off to sleep.




“Seriously dude? The only other one in actual contention for the title of Teen Wolf of Beacon Hills is staying with you now?” Stiles asked in disbelief as the end of the next school dat.

“What would you want me to do Stiles? Just leave him without anywhere to go?” Scott asked irritably, it had been a long day, and he hadn't had a chance to talk with Stiles all day, or Alison, or even Lydia. He also hadn't seen Isaac all day which worried him slightly.

“And your mom’s ok with that?” Stiles asked in disbelief, and Scott grinned.

“Maybe it’s because she doesn’t think Isaac will set her towels on fire.” He reminded him tartly, and Stiles gave him an affronted if amused look.

“Hey, that wasn’t my fault, how was I to know the towel rail was on?” he protested as he and Scott remembered that particular scolding which had involved threats of dismemberment, castration and the fire brigade.

“So yeah, Isaac’s staying with me, since Derek was a jerk and threw him out.” Scott said cattily, and Stiles grinned.

“Hey, for a wolf, you can sure be catty. Put the claws away.” He teased, and then stopped suddenly.

Realising Stiles had stopped, Scott paused himself, and followed his gaze to see what he was looking at, and he found his heart constricting slightly as he saw Derek standing over by the edge of the school, deep in conversation with Isaac, who was looking anywhere but at his Alpha. As Scott watched them, he felt, he didn’t know, a kind of sense of loss. He hadn't expected Derek to talk to Isaac and come as close to apologising to him as soon as this. He had thought that he would at least have Isaac’s presence for a few days at the very least, but here was Derek, making amends already, and Scott would go back to not having anyone in the house to talk to.

And loathe though he was to admit it, it wasn’t so much the company he would miss as the person. He didn’t want Isaac to leave the house, he liked having him there, and he certainly didn’t want him moving back in with Derek. He knew Derek’s heart was in the right place, but...he couldn't take the thought of Derek hurting Isaac like he had all over again.

“Looks like the lovebirds and patching things up.” Stiles commented, making Scott scowl.

It wasn’t that he wanted Isaac to stay mad with Derek, far from it. But he shouldn’t just roll over and forgive him after what he had done. He had tried to ignore the tear stains that had marked Isaac’s face the morning after his argument with Derek, but he couldn't help but think it was Derek’s fault that Isaac was crying in the first place.

Or maybe it was him, maybe he had gone too far, made Isaac uncomfortable and made him want to leave, maybe he....

He was broken from his train of bitter and saddened thoughts when Isaac shouldered his bag and stalked away from a slightly tired and saddened looking Derek. Catching Scott’s eye, Derek shrugged with an odd expression and vanished round the corner leaving Isaac approaching him, clad in a leather jacket and black tshirt, his hair curled and spiked into the style he had been favouring recently after borrowing Scott’s gel that morning.

“Um, can I go home with you? I’ve never actually gone to your house this way.” He asked awkwardly, and Stiles grinned.

“Course you can man. And you know what, since he waited all day to tell me you’d moved in, you can beat Scott to shotgun!” Stiles said brightly, guiding Isaac towards his jeep.

Scott grinned. Whatever had happened between Isaac and Derek, for whatever reason, Isaac had decided to stay with Scott. And for some reason he didn’t know, that thought just made him hopelessly happy. Isaac was staying with him! He wanted to stay with him, not go back to Derek.

Grinning like an idiot to himself, he was jerked out of his reverie by Isaac.

“Um, you want to come too? Only I don't really want to stroll in as if I own the place without you there, you mom might not like that.” He admitted ruefully, and Scott nodded, heading down to a smiling Isaac, a cockily grinning Stiles, all with a shining smile on his own face.


Chapter Text



As dark clouds gathered overhead, Scott was driving his motorbike through the town, Isaac’s arms wrapped securely around his waist as they headed to the meet with the Alphas. The trip so far had been silent, and truth be told, even though he was terrified of what might happen when they actually met Deucalion and the other Alphas, he was actually quite enjoying the trip, he loved just riding around on his bike. Of course the fact that Isaac had his arms wrapped around him was totally nothing to do with his enjoyment, certainly not.

“Scott, did I do something wrong?” Isaac asked softly from behind him, jerking Scott out of his reverie.

“Huh?” he asked, dazed as he had been too focused on his driving and enjoying the fact that Isaac was clutching him tightly.

“I asked if I did something wrong, is that why you wanted to leave me behind?” he asked hesitantly, and once again, as he had been doing quite frequently since Isaac had moved in, he suppressed a glimmer of rage, directed at both Isaac’s father and at Derek.

He knew Derek wasn’t to blame nearly as much as his father was, but it became clear that even though the bastard was dead, Isaac’s father still cast a shadow over his son, making him feel that more often than not, he had done something wrong.

The past couple of weeks had been strange in their own way, but enjoyable. Scott wouldn’t admit it to him, or to his mother who had that annoying mother like expression of smug superiority on her face every time she was him and Isaac hanging out together, but he was really enjoying having Isaac staying with them. At first, Isaac had been nervous, asking either Scott or Melissa’s permission to go out, use the bathroom or get himself something to eat, but after a bit of patience on the part of the McCalls, he had relaxed slightly, and had now largely adapted to life at the house. To Scott’s slight disappointment, Isaac had moved out into the guest room, but that didn’t bother Scott nearly as much as the thought it would. Isaac wasn’t a touchy feely sort, he didn’t need to be touched or coddled all the time. He had to know he was cared about, and both Scott and Melissa had been more than adequate at proving that.

At first he thought his mother would be reluctant to let him get too close, simply because she didn’t know Isaac nearly as well as she knew Stiles or Allison, but she’d been great, insisting Isaac ate everything on his plate, feeding him seconds if they were available (which had led to more than a few mini wrestling matches at the table for the last roast potato), allowing Isaac to choose a meal for them all at least once a week (provided she could cook it) and even taking over for him when he offered to do the washing up for them. This had in turn led to the two of them secreted in the kitchen, giggling, which made Scott very uneasy, he couldn't quite shake the feeling that they were plotting against him.

His paranoia aside, his mother had also been washing and ironing his clothes, had bought him a couple of other ones, looked over his homework to make sure he was doing it and generally went out of her way to make him feel welcome and part of the family.

And Scott himself had really enjoyed having Isaac staying there. He liked having someone to talk to who was on hand, and yeah, he’d always had Stiles, but he quite liked having someone else to talk to. And having another werewolf made it better too, they were more in synch that way, both being in the same boat. The two of them would sit up late, doing homework, playing video games (Scott had taught Isaac too well as he now kicked his ass at Call of Duty), complaining about school, complaining about Derek and discussing lacrosse. Isaac would help out with Scott’s chores, and would help him when he worked on the bike, listening to Scott when he told him how to maintain it. Isaac would also visit Scott during his break at the vets, brining Scott food to eat, and a few nights, for half of Scott’s wage, paid by Deaton, he would clean out all the kennels and cat cages, and help Scott clean up the vets after Deaton had gone home (though he flat out refused to deal with the hamsters they had in the surgery, they freaked him out for some reason which Scott, who found it highly amusing, had yet to discover). He would also help Scott with the homework he struggled with (because try though he might he just didn’t get some aspects of maths but Isaac did) and in turn Scott would help him. And then, at nights the two of them would sit on Scott’s bed and watch dvds (Isaac had been as scandalised as Stiles when he found out Scott had never seen Star Wars, so they had decided that the three of them would sit down one weekend and just watch them all). Scott liked those nights the most. A few days after Isaac had moved in, the storm had played havoc with the atmosphere and had made the air wet and sticky. This had led to two incredibly uncomfortable teenage boys while Melissa had been at work, so, throwing caution to the winds, Scott had given up and stripped off his top, and a few minutes later, a nervous Isaac had done the same thing. After that Scott had only paid half his attention to the film, the other half had been on Isaac’s pale bare chest. And so it had become a recurring thing, three nights a week they would sit and watch dvds, usually just sitting in their boxers as they usually turned in afterwards. And, to Scott’s enjoyment, this had sometimes led to either Isaac falling asleep on his bed and cuddling up to Scott or vice versa.

“You haven’t done anything wrong.” Scott answered in surprise, and he could practically feel the sad, soulful look Isaac was undoubtedly lasering into his back right now.

“Then how come you wanted to leave me behind? If you don't want me around, all you have to do is say so.” He said, his voice strong aside from one tiny waver at the end, which Scott only heard due to being a werewolf.

“I don't want you to go anywhere, I like having you around Isaac, it’s fun.” He explained.

“So why were you so keen to ditch me? I’m not stupid Scott, if I thought you were going to see Allison I would have left you to it, but you’re not are you, you’re going to see Deucalion, and like hell am I letting you meet that maniac on your own.” He growled, and Scott sighed as they got closer to where they were supposed to meet Deucalion.

“I wasn’t trying to ditch you. I just didn’t want you getting hurt.” He admitted ruefully, and behind him, Isaac grinned.

“Well that’s nice of you, but pointless, because I don't want you getting hurt either and I can’t make sure it doesn’t happen if you leave me at home.” He told him stubbornly, making Scott grin.

“Alright, I’m sorry! I should have brought you from the start, I’m sorry ok?” he asked and Isaac nodded, his chin rubbing against Scott’s shoulder as he did so.

“Good apology.”

“Besides, Derek will probably show up, and I figured you wouldn’t want to talk to him.” Scott said, coming to a stop in the car park in the building of where Deucalion said to meet him, pulling off his helmet and adjusting his spiked fringe as he did so.

Isaac climbed off the bike, pulling off his own helmet and running his hand through his hair, returning his blond hair to the curled and spiked style he was favouring.

“You know, you’re a really nice guy. Kind of awesome too.” He said with a grin and Scott shot him an expectant look.

“Only kind of awesome?” he asked with a grin, making Isaac smile wider.

“I knocked some off because you tried to leave me behind.” He countered and Scott shrugged.

“Deserve it I suppose.” He admitted, and joined Isaac in looking at the building they were meant to be meeting Deucalion in, an abandoned shopping centre.

“You sure he told you to meet him here?” Isaac asked sceptically, and Scott nodded.

“This is where he said.” Scott defended slightly nervously, and Isaac looked at him worriedly.

“Scott, this doesn’t look like the kind of place you would sit down for a talk. This looks the kind of place you would go if you wanted to ambush someone.” He said nervously, and Scott looked at the building worriedly, Isaac had a point.

“You’re right. But he said he would be willing to talk, and if we can stop what happened to Erica happening to anyone else, we have to try, preferably without Derek’s plan to kill them all.” Scott said, then feeling guilty for the pained expression mentioning Erica brought to Isaac’s face, and Scott squeezed his hand without thinking. Isaac merely squeezed back and nodded.

“You’re right. I’ve got your back, don't worry.” He promised, pulling his leather jacket tighter around himself and Scott took a deep breath and led him inside, heart pumping in his chest as he did so.

But then he became aware of Isaac’s leather clad form sticking close to him, in touching distance, and he relaxed slightly, leading Isaac into the building.

Isaac looked at Scott musingly. He always wanted to believe the best in people, always thought that even people like Deucalion had good in them, so much so that they would listen to reason. He had even seen good in him, so much so that just by showing Isaac a simple kindness that he didn’t deserve after the way he had acted to Scott, he had basically won Isaac’s undying loyalty. And besides, Scott was his housemate now if nothing else, and he didn’t want to go home and have to tell Mrs McCall something had happened to Scott, it would kill her. And destroy him. So, he pressed protectively closer to Scott as they entered the building, Isaac’s eyes taking in all of Scott, all of it that he had to protect. No one would touch Scott, his Scott, if he could help it.

He would die before he let anyone hurt him.

“Hello Scott. I see you brought someone.” Deucalion said coolly, standing on the escalator right in front of them as they avoided the large holes in the floor.

“Sorry, this is my friend Isaac.” Scott said, and Isaac felt a little twinge of affection and loyalty to Scott when he introduced him as such.

“That isn’t who I meant.” Deucalion pointed out, and catching a scent, the two teenagers turned to see Derek, Cora and Boyd enter.

Derek’s angry eyes lingered over Isaac for a minute, then moved on to Deucalion, clearly suppressing brutally whatever he wanted to say or feel. Oddly, Isaac couldn't bring himself to care. He wasn’t going to sit around and wait for Derek to call him. He was still part of his pack, and he would come if he was needed, but he was still too mad at Derek to dump Scott just to stop his Alpha getting jealous and territorial.

Scott then tensed, and alert to his movements, Isaac tensed too as Kali and Ennis came out of the shadows, and the twins striped off as they stood on the next level up. The tension started to mount, with Scott trying to talk Derek down, but he didn’t listen, and sprang at Deucalion, only to be intercepted by Kali. And with that, the fight began.

The twins gave a howl and transformed into their super beast form, leaping down from on high and landing in front of Scott and Isaac. Realising Scott had no interest in fighting, Isaac stepped forward, claws and fangs extending and eyes glowing yellow. He wouldn’t let them hurt Scott, besides, he owed them for locking him in the closet with Allison. Moving in front of a reluctant Scott, Isaac prepared himself to attack.

They wouldn’t take Scott from him. Ever.

And Isaac leapt at the twins.

Scott shook his head, why did Derek have to try and kill every threat he came across? He had been seriously considering just leaving when Isaac, obviously trying to protect Scott, had stepped forward to engage the twins. Scott couldn't stand to watch him fight alone, and was about to help him when the twins knocked Isaac flying. Scott suddenly saw red, morphing into his wolf form and giving an angry howl before springing at the twins. While he got in a quick slash, distracting them from their pursuit of a stirring Isaac, they span and slammed their fist into Scott’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him, the impact feeling like a hammer blow as he was sent hurtling through the air. He hoofed in pain as he smashed a massive crater into the wall, dropping down weakly, trying to get his breathing back under control as the twins advanced.

Isaac, all golden eyes, blond hair and leather, appeared from nowhere, slashing the wolf beast on the nose, allowing Scott to get back to his feet and the two, working in almost perfect conjunction, pushed their advantage. Claws flashed and teeth were gnashed, growls rumbled and howls pierced the air as the three combatants fought. Scott aimed a cut for the twins throat which Isaac then followed through on, sticking his claws into their back. As the twins howled, ignoring the sounds of battle from the other werewolves, the twins performed a savage slash, one which caught Scott right in the torso. Scott howled in pain, staggering back with blood gushing from him, and Isaac basically froze. Scott, his Scott, wobbling, his eyes out of focus with pain, and about to keel over, wounded, maybe worse. Scott sagged back against the wall, beginning to sag down it, and Isaac flipped.

With a roar, he sprung on the twins, his sharp claws ripping multiple slashes into their back as he lost all control upon seeing Scott’s pale tired face leaning weakly against the wall, trying to kick start the healing process. The twins, furious at Isaac’s attack, seized him and flung him into the wall beside Scott, making him groan weakly as he thudded down beside Scott, who was trying to get back to his feet. The twins then seized both of them by the back of their necks, forcing them to kneel as it seemed the battle was over.

Boyd was down and bleeding, Kali had her foot on Cora’s neck and Ennis kept Derek from doing anything stupid as the twins forced Scott and Isaac down. Deucalion and Kali were prattling, but Scott’s side was paining him too much for him to listen and Isaac’s head was still pounding from where he had hit the wall. He then looked up in time to see an arrow hit the twins and with a pained howl, they became two people again. Deucalion barked orders as more arrows rained down from above, and both Scott and Isaac looked up to see Allison firing a flash bang at the centre of the group, distracting the Alphas. Cora dug her claws in to Kali’s foot, darting to her feet and rushing to Boyd’s side. Scott, rallying his strength, gave a cry and ran towards Ennis, leaving Isaac to help get Boyd out of there. There was then a bang as Scott and Ennis slammed together and then the battle was truly on as both Derek and a wounded Scott joined forces to deal with Ennis while Cora and Isaac fought a fighting retreat with Kali. With a ferocious snarl, the bitch with the long claws stalked off, apparently to go and help Ennis, leaving Isaac to help get Boyd out of the mall.

“Thank god, we need to go, come on!” Cora urged, but Isaac shook his head.

“No, I’m not going anywhere without Scott!” he insisted and she rolled her eyes.

“Isaac, he isn’t really part of the pack, Boyd’s hurt, just leave him!” she urged, and Isaac roared at her, making her flinch as she backed off, Boyd chuckling darkly in their grip at the display.

“I said, I’m not going without him.” He sneered angrily, and ran back into the mall, leaving Cora supporting all of Boyd’s considerable weight on her own.

Isaac entered the building to see Scott and Derek still going at with Ennis, but it was clear Scott was failing, he was already weak, and Ennis was just too powerful. Derek was directing Ennis away from Scott, to the edge of the floor, but it wasn’t working, Ennis was about to overpower him instead. Isaac virtually flew towards them as Derek looked to be on the ropes, but it was then that Scott slashed across the back of Ennis’ legs with his claws. Ennis staggered, his tendons slashed, but rather than fall defeated like he was meant to, Ennis grabbed Derek and with all his might, pulled the two of them off the platform and out of sight.

Both Scott and Isaac looked at the space where they had vanished in utter shock. Derek, Derek was gone. The Alpha, Isaac’s Alpha, had fallen with Ennis, this couldn't be happening, it wasn’t real...

But then they heard a cry of pain and fury from behind them, and it jarred Isaac back to his senses knowing that a furious and grief stricken Kali was on her way. Isaac looked worriedly at Scott, who was crawling towards the edge of the floor to try and find Derek, but they didn’t have time, she was coming and Isaac couldn't stop her alone. So, Isaac did what he came to do in the first place, he protected Scott, wrapping his arms around him protectively.

“It’s too late, we need to go.” He whispered, his voice shaking as Kali thundered towards them.

“But-” Scott protested weakly, and Isaac buried his mouth in Scott’s hair, gently kissing the top of his head.

“No, not yet, we’ve lost Derek and I am not going to lose you too! We’re going!” he snarled, and with all his might, heaved Scott to his feet, allowing them to make their escape while Kali shrieked furiously.

Scott’s expression broke Isaac’s heart, but he didn’t have time to wait on pleasantries, so with what strength he had, he guided Scott to the door and to freedom, leaving the Alphas behind.

“Hang on.” Isaac urged, handing Scott his helmet and taking his own, and then helping a bleeding, weak and wheezing Scott onto the bike.

“Isaac, Derek, he..” Scott muttered deliriously, and Isaac took a hold of his cheek, forcing him to look into his eyes.

“Hey, stay with me! Don’t you dare lose it on me ok? We’ll get out of it. Stay with me. Now, hold on and don't let go!” he ordered, getting onto the bike and it was with a small thrill that he felt Scott’s arms wrap tightly round his waist, and then Scott leaned his head on Isaac’s back. Suppressing a feeling of panic, Isaac gunned the engine, and going as fast as he dared, he bore his precious cargo away from the mall.

Once he was a couple of streets away, Isaac slowed the bike down again. He couldn't risk going too fast. Scott had been teaching him how to ride the bike, but he wasn’t technically allowed to, or experienced enough, and besides, going too fast might make Scott worse.

“You better not die on me.” Isaac warned as they made their quick way home, Isaac ever mindful of the state Scott was in, fear, ice cold fear gripping him even as he gave Scott the warning.

Isaac brought the bike to a stop, scenting the air for any sign of Scott’s mother, the last thing she or they needed was for her to find Scott in this state.

Scott, deliriously thinking the same thing, then grabbed Isaac’s wrist.

“No! Mom, you can’t, she shouldn’t, please...” he muttered and Isaac crouched in front of him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell her but I am going to get you inside. Come on.” He said, gently getting Scott to his feet and supporting him as he led him into the house.

Isaac looked at him in panic, blood was staining his entire side, he was an ashen colour, his breaths were ragged and he was half delirious. Thanking whatever gods there were that Melissa wasn’t in, as gently and quickly as he could, Isaac all but carried Scott up the stairs. Scott clutched at him desperately, as though he was his only link to life, and Isaac was determined that he was going to survive so he could get wound up about this later. He gently sat Scott down on the toilet, his heart hammering as Scott’s chin slid to his chest.

“Scott! Hey, wake up! Don’t you dare die on me! Scott!” Isaac yelled, tears welling in his eyes as he tried to get Scott to respond.

Scott then gave a weak cough and Isaac fell his tears fall, not out of grief but relief.

“Alright, let’s get you patched up.” He said tenderly, and as softly as he could, he stripped Scott’s shirt off of him, making Isaac hiss and wince in sympathy as he saw what the twins had done to him.

Vowing to settle the score with them later for hurting Scott like this, Isaac got the first aid box out from under the sink and gently began to clean the wound, Scott all but passed out as he did so. Stroking Scott’s cheek every so often more to reassure himself than his patient was alive than to reassure Scott, Isaac cleaned and disinfected the wound, his face a mask of worry as he did so, before applying a large bandage patch to it. Sighing in exhaustion, Isaac leaned against the wall, gently stroking Scott’s clammy cheek.

“It’s ok, you’ll be ok.” He vowed softly, and got Scott to his feet, and with some effort, he managed to get him through to his room, gently lying him down on the bed.

Isaac frowned, this wasn’t good, Scott was still out and he was getting hotter. Isaac then started to strip off the rest of Scott’s clothes, leaving him in only his boxers. Isaac frowned to himself for a second as he did so, thinking it would be awkward if he had to answer Scott what had happened to his clothes. But, why should he be nervous? It wasn’t as if he was doing anything wrong, he was saving Scott’s life.

Deciding he would be better arguing this in the morning, Isaac trotted through to the bathroom and got a damp cloth, and upon coming through he laid it on Scott’s forehead, trying to bring his fever down.

“You better not die.” He bit out, tears clouding his voice as he took Scott’s hand in his own for a few minutes.

But after about five minutes, he began to relax, he could feel Scott’s temperature beginning to drop slightly. This was good, his fever was coming down. But, Isaac noticed, getting a whiff of Scott’s body (not necessarily a bad whiff, it just smelled like, well Scott, it was a nice, alluring smell, when it wasn’t polluted by blood) that he was still a little hot. With that, Isaac let go of Scott’s hand and after shrugging off his leather jacket, he went and got another damp cloth from the bathroom. Sitting on the bed beside Scott and crossing his legs, Isaac began using the cloth to wipe the glimmering sweat off of Scott’s well sculpted body, as gently as he could manage so’s not to wake him up. Isaac carefully and affectionately ran the damp cloth down Scott’s body, and he could feel the heat coming off him lessening as he tended to Scott. As he did so, Isaac was struck by how well filled out Scott had become, how well built, lean and muscular he was now. Isaac then looked away, feeling a blush come onto his cheeks as he rubbed down Scott’s chest, the action soothing him as he tended to his friend.

An hour later, Isaac was still sitting right beside Scott, worry having lessened slightly when Scott abruptly woke with a start.

“Derek!” he cried, sitting up in a panic, and Isaac gently turned his shoulder so that he was facing him.

“Scott, calm down, are you ok?” he asked worriedly, and Scott winced in pain as he felt his wound.

“I’ve had better days. Derek, is he...?” he asked, and Isaac shook his head.

“He’s gone Scott.” He said, and then the tears he had been denying suddenly flooded his eyes as the full impact of what had happened hit him.

Derek was gone, his Alpha was gone, dead, killed by the Alphas, just like Erica. Isaac shook his head as tears started to fall from his eyes, and saw the action mirrored by Scott.

“He’s really gone?” Scott asked weakly, tears staining his face, and Isaac nodded grimly, wiping his tears away with his wrist.

”Yeah, he’s gone. I can’t believe it, Ennis killed him.” Isaac said in dismay, it seemed like everyone he cared about just wound up dying or leaving him, and he was getting sick of it.

But then he saw the awful expression on Scott’s face, the recriminatory look of devastated self loathing, the hatred and disgust all on his face, the tears pouring down his face.

“Scott, what is it?” Isaac asked softly as Scott shivered, and sensing danger, Isaac quickly dived for the bin and got it into Scott’s hands just before he threw up, emptying his stomach into the metal container.

“It wasn’t Ennis.” Scott said, his voice shaking, along with his hands and Isaac dabbed him with the cloth to try and cool him down.

“What wasn’t?” he asked, bewildered, and Scott’s eyes were so full of pain it almost killed Isaac.

“It was me! I’m the one who killed Derek!” he cried, tears pouring from his face, and Isaac got to his knees, looking intently into Scott’s eyes.

“Scott, it wasn’t you! You didn’t kill Derek, it was Ennis. I know you. You don't have a mean bone in your body, you’d feel guilty if you killed a spider for pete sake, you aren't a killer. Derek...he isn’t your fault. He’s no one’s fault. Scott, you aren't a killer, so don't you dare blame yourself for this, it has nothing to do with you ok? I was watching, you were helping him when you attacked, it was an accident. You didn’t kill Derek.” Isaac intoned passionately, wishing he could banish that devastated expression from Scott’s face.

He didn’t seem able to do that, but he could rub Scott’s bare back as he threw up again, shivering weakly.

“I just can’t believe he’s gone. Derek’s...Derek’s dead. I’m so sorry.” Scott said softly as Isaac sniffed.

“You’ve known him longer.” He reminded him, but Scott shook his head.

“Yeah, but he was your Alpha, he was my friend and it sucks enough, but you...” he said sadly, shaking his head as Isaac tried to get a control over himself.

“Thanks Scott. You feeling any better?” he asked softly, and Scott shrugged.

“Kind of I think. Ah! Ok, maybe not.” He admitted with a wheeze as he hurt his side.

“Lie down.” Isaac commanded, but Scott shook his head stubbornly.

“No, we need to find Derek, you...” he muttered, but Isaac laid his hand over Scott’s mouth to quieten him.

“Shh. Look, I know it sucks, and yeah, we’re both hurting. And yeah, I want to talk to him again, forgive him for throwing me out, putting everything right, and now he’s gone and it’s...I can’t describe it. But...I’ve already lost my Alpha tonight, someone I care about, and that’s on top of losing Erica. So I am damned if I’m letting you go back out there, the twins nearly freaking killed you Scott. And I can’t lose anyone else, I can’t afford to lose anyone else, and I definitely am not going to lose you!” he growled, and after flinching a little at Isaac’s raw tone, Scott nodded.

“Ok, I’m sorry, sorry for...”

“It wasn’t you. And I’m the one who followed you to the mall. And I don't regret it, because if I hadn't gone, I might have lost you too, and I can’t face that right now.” He said, and Scott smiled a little.

“Thanks for getting me out, and for looking out for me.” He said with a sad smile and Isaac shrugged.

“Hey, you looked after me now it’s my turn to look after you. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up ok?” he asked and guided a weak and shaky Scott to the bathroom.

Isaac watched like a mother hen as Scott cleaned up, supporting his weak, tired and shaking body on the sink as he looked tiredly into the mirror.

“You look like hell.” Isaac commented as Scott retched again, as if to throw up, but a second later, with Isaac gently rubbing his warm back, the moment passed and Scott sagged back a little bit, as if he were about to fall asleep on his feet.

Isaac supported him, catching him, and then, wrapping his arm around Scott’s boxer clad waist, took Scott back to bed and lowered him onto the bed, stroking his eyebrow gently as he laid him down.

“Thanks.” Scott said, and Isaac grinned a little.

“Don’t mention it. You’re ill, and you rambled about not letting your mom know, which I did agree with, so I guess that makes me your babysitter.” He teased, and Scott mustered up a very weak glare.

“Jerk, I don't need a babysitter. But seriously, what you did, you didn’t need to. Thank you. And for leaping in front of me to fight the twins, that was kind of stupid, but also kind of brave.” He said weakly, and Isaac blushed.

“Um...thanks. And you’re welcome. Like I said, my time to look after you, so take it easy ok? Bucket’s beside the bed, so don't puke on me.” He said, stripping off down to his boxers.

“Huh?” Scott asked, clearly tired and failing to keep up.

“I’m staying in here tonight to make sure you’re ok. And don't argue. I care about you, you’re ill, and I’m not leaving you alone. But, if you throw up on me, I can’t make any promises I won’t kill you.” He warned and Scott chuckled weakly.

“Got it.” He said sleepily, as Isaac climbed into bed beside Scott, gently checking his wound. Confident it posed no immediate threat, Isaac leaned down beside Scott, getting a whiff of the toothpaste Scott had used to clean his teeth with after he had been sick.

“Thanks Isaac. For patching me up, protecting me, looking after me. And I meant what I said. I do like having you around. I like having you here.” Scott whispered tiredly, cuddling up to Isaac’s bare chest.

“And I like being here. So thanks for letting me.” He said softly, his left arm, which he had snaked around Scott’s chest stroking Scott’s back absently and his right hand, the free one, gently stroking Scott’s hair soothingly, which Scott made a small noise of pleasure in response to.

Scott made a small, urgent childlike noise as he leaned his head on Isaac’s bare shoulder, and dozed off within seconds, his breathing becoming steady, a slight breeze against Isaac’s chest.

“Night Scott. And this, this isn’t your fault.” He whispered into Scott’s ear, and pressed a gentle kiss to Scott’s forehead as Scott moved closer into his embrace, and it wasn’t long before both of them were sound asleep, Scott wrapped in Isaac’s arms, Isaac’s hand protectively covering Scott’s wound and the other entangled in Scott’s hair.



Chapter Text



“Scott, do you need anything for your trip?” Melissa asked as she entered her son’s room, coming to a slight stop as she looked over at the bed.

Isaac was in Scott’s bed for the second time, his arms around her son, who was snuggled up to Isaac, his head lying on Isaac’s shoulder. She stood there for a minute, trying to decide how to feel about this. And after a minute she decided she didn’t care. After Scott had broken up with Allison, he had been totally devastated, and despite insisting he was fine she could tell he was heartbroken. If Isaac made him happy in the same way Allison had, then she was happy. Besides, she was fairly certain a couple of werewolves could easily discourage anyone who disagreed with them. So yeah, she was fine if they were indeed together.

Besides, she couldn't deny that they looked really cute cuddled up together like that.

“Scott? Isaac? Wake up sleepyheads.” She ordered, whipping the covers off of her two boys, and then her heart was immediately gripped by panic as she saw Scott’s body.

“Scott!” she cried in alarm, seeing the large bloody bandage wrapped around her boy’s torso, and both kids opened their eyes at the same time.

“Don’t glare at me, I didn’t tell her!” Isaac protested as Melissa sat down on the edge of the bed and immediately started to fuss.

“What happened, when did this happen, why didn’t you tell me?” she asked in panic as she peeled back the bandage to find the bloody wound.

“Don’t blame Isaac, I told him not to tell you.” Scott groaned as she inspected the wound.

She glared down at her son, then noticed Isaac hovering nervously in the background, looking fearful.

“Did you patch him up?” she shot at him, and he nodded instantly.

“Yeah, I brought his fever down too, and helped him when he was sick. Did I do anything wrong?” he asked worriedly, and she saw his desperate look as if he were pleading with her, and then she realised he was getting the exact same look from Scott.

“No sweetie, you did a pretty good job. The only thing you did wrong was not tell me, and he can get the blame for that. Scott, why didn’t you tell me you were attacked, I could have done it myself.” She scolded, wincing as she surveyed his wound.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” He said sadly, and she clucked her tongue impatiently.

“Good job. Either of you want to explain how he looks like he went a round with a bear?” she challenged and Scott hissed in pain as she cleaned it up again.

“An Alpha actually, they attacked us. Isaac got me out.” He said, and Melissa smiled at Isaac thankfully.

“Well thank you for looking after him Isaac. But how is the wound so bad, you’re meant to have super healing aren't you, that’s how you were fine when Matt shot you, so how come this hasn’t healed?” she asked, as Isaac passed her another bandage so she could seal up his wound again, his own face a look of terrified concern.

“It’s healing slower because he was wounded by an Alpha, but still, it should have healed a little overnight. But with all the tossing and turning you were doing you probably messed it up, kept ripping it or something, you didn’t really settle at all.” Isaac informed Scott, who shrugged.

“I felt fine, at least until Edward Scissorhands here ripped off my bandage.” He said, though his eyes didn’t quite meet Isaac’s, as though he wanted to hide something.

“I don't care Scott, you’re my son and I love you, and you’re hurt, it’s my job to take care of you.” She said stubbornly, but just as stubbornly, he shook his head.

“Mom, no. You can’t, not today. I have to go to the cross country event.” He insisted, and she looked less than impressed.

“Scott, in case you missed it, you have a massive gouge out of your side.” She said sternly, and Isaac nodded, crouching beside Scott and giving him a worried look.

“Yeah, a wound that hasn’t healed at all. Scott, it should have done something by now, maybe your mom’s right.” He said worriedly, but Scott shook his head.

“Isaac, I can’t stay home, you know I can’t.” He insisted and Melissa made a frustrated noise in her throat.

“Well why can’t you stay home, what is so important that you want to risk your life going to school in the mess you’re in?” she asked irritably, her expression one of absolute worry.

“Cross country, mom I need to go to it.” He said, groaning a little as he sat up straighter.

“What, no! Absolutely not!” she snapped.

“Mom you don't understand...”

“Yes I do, this is about getting back into the lacrosse team this year isn’t it? My answers no Scott, you’re staying here, Isaac can tell you all about it when he gets back.”

Isaac and Scott then exchanged a look, Isaac didn’t want to leave Scott in this mess, he wanted to stay where he could keep an eye on him, where he could make sure he was safe. Scott also sent a look at Isaac. If his mother did get her way, which he had no intention of letting her having, he didn’t want Isaac to go onto a school trip and leave him behind with no one to talk to. Isaac looked at him in confusion, as if trying to figure out what to do.

“Yeah, I’ll admit that is kind of part of it, but that’s not the main reason. Ethan and Aiden are going too, and I need to keep an eye on them.” He explained, and Melissa looked less than impressed.

“Why?” she asked but it was Isaac who answered.

“Because they’re the ones who did this to him, they’re Alphas. And considering it looks like Derek died last night because of their pack,” he snarled, claws growing, “let’s just say some of us want blood.” He said with a vicious snarl, and Melissa looked at him in surprise.

“Derek is dead?” she asked in surprise, and Scott nodded, his eyes tearing up again.

“Yeah, he is.” He admitted softly, sniffing slightly and noticing that Isaac too had tears in his eyes, and that he was also not meeting Scott’s eyes anymore.

Scott felt that like a blow to the chest. Did Isaac blame him? He hadn't meant for any of this to happen. It seemed like ever since he had become a werewolf, the people around him, the people he cared most about, his mother, Stiles, Allison, Isaac...all of them, he just hurt, it was never ending. And now, Derek was dead, all because of him.

“Sweetie...” Melissa said softly, and brought her son into a tight hug, and without a seconds hesitation, she did the same thing to Isaac, trapping both boys in a hug, and to her relief, neither of them tried to wriggle out of it.

“It’s ok boys. But that still doesn’t explain why you need to go to school, if the Alphas are there, surely you need a reason to stay away from them?” she asked impatiently, and Scott shook his head.

“We can’t mom, Danny’s involved with Ethan, and they’ll all be in the same place as Stiles as well, and everyone else going on the trip. We need to be there in case the twins try anything, so we can protect people.” Scott explained and was then backed up by Isaac.

“Yeah, and what’s more, Boyd is going, and he might attack them anyway. We need to protect people, and keep them from getting hurt in the crossfire.” He said, and she looked at both of them, clearly not happy about this.

“Scott, you...”

“I’ll look after him.” Isaac stated, and she looked at him in surprise, and to be fair, Scott did too.

“You’d do that?” he asked, but Isaac ignored him and was focusing on Melissa.

“All he really needs is a little bit of help until his healing kicks in, it’s just taking longer for some reason, maybe because he was technically wounded by two Alphas. I’ll help him, Stiles will probably help too when we tell him what’s going on. It’s only until his healing starts. I can watch him till then. Besides, we need to make sure Boyd and the twins don't try anything. Please Mrs McCall. You know Scott isn’t stupid enough to insist on going in when he has a choice, but we don't have much a choice, we need to protect Danny and the others. Please.” He implored.

He knew Scott had to go there. Because Scott, aside from Derek, was arguably the most powerful werewolf in Beacon Hills, or at least he was until the Alphas showed up. Scott was strong enough to at least make the twins think twice before they tried anything, and because of who he was, and the respect even the others in the pack held him in, it meant that Boyd would probably listen to Scott if it came down to it. And besides, considering the pain Scott was in, and the worry Isaac and Melissa both had that Scott was in a lot worse a state than he was letting on was setting him on edge. Scott didn’t deserve to be in pain like this, he didn’t deserve to be hurting the way he was. Isaac couldn't bear the thought of Scott being in so much pain, and every time he looked away from Scott, the sweet, kind guy who had never hated anyone in his life, his blood boiled. It was the Alphas, the Alphas who had come here, killed Erica, made Derek throw him out and who had hurt Scott who had done all this, and he was past it, he didn’t want them to hurt anyone else, he wouldn’t let them hurt anyone else. And he also didn’t think he could trust himself being trapped in so close with the Alphas who had nearly killed Scott.

“Damn it, I knew it was for some stupidly noble reason. Are you sure you’re up to this?” she asked worriedly, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah mom, I’ll be fine, Isaac will take care of me.” He said, making his mother turn to their house guest.

“Look, I know I don't need to say this, but I don't care what you do, if he gets too bad...” she began and he nodded.

“I’ll drag him home myself, I promise.” He said, and she nodded.

“Alright then. Go if you must. But please, be careful.” She begged and both boys hugged her in order to assure here they would.




“Scott, it still isn’t getting any better.” Isaac hissed as he, Scott and Stiles sat waiting for the bus to be loaded.

“I’ve noticed.” Scott said, his face ashen, his voice dry and weak and a slight sheen of sweat materialising on his forehead.

Isaac looked at Stiles worriedly as Stiles fretted beside him. This definitely wasn’t good, wasn’t good at all. Although they had managed to convince Melissa to let them go (earning themselves half hourly texts as she worried about them before she headed to work), now it was beginning to look like a very bad idea. Despite the fact that Aiden hadn't shown up, which was only a good thing, Ethan was still here and he and Danny were basically joined at the hip which was making all three boys even more worried. Coach Finstock was driving everyone nuts, and none of this was helping Scott, who was now the colour of bad porridge. And he had already had to stop Boyd from taking a swipe at Ethan as Isaac had been trapped in a conversation with Finstock at the time and he hadn't been able to escape in time to help, and now Scott really was feeling the effects.

“He’s right dude, if anything it looks like it’s getting worse not better.” Stiles mumbled as Finstock went past.

“I don't know why it isn’t healing though. See, if Derek wasn’t dead, I could ask him.” Scott said softly, his lip trembling, and Isaac looked at him intensely.

“Scott, it wasn’t you! You didn’t kill him.” He insisted but Scott simply gave a weak moan and turned away from him, which caused Isaac to feel slightly hurt.

“It’s ok if you think I did you know, you can tell me.” Scott muttered wearily, and Isaac shook his head.

“No Scott, I don't blame you. The only thing I will blame you for is dying, so don't even think about doing it, because I am not going to tell your mom that you died on my watch.” He snapped as Scott gave a weak groan once more, clutching his wound.

Stiles pulled Isaac away from Scott, leaving him propped up against the wall, looking worse by the minute.

“Alright, I get that it’s an Alpha wound, but why the hell is it taking so long to heal? It should have at least started by now shouldn’t it?” Stiles asked nervously, looking frantically as a faintly stirring Scott.

“I’ve no idea, I thought he should have healed at least slightly by now too but he hasn’t. I’m worried Stiles, this isn’t good. I’m worried sick.” He said nervously, and Stiles looked at him hesitantly.

“What really happened last night? Where’s Derek, why’s Scott so upset?”

Isaac was about to tell Stiles when Finstock blew his whistle and ordered everyone onto the bus, sending the various students who had been milling around into a haphazard line.

“You with me or you staying with your new bunkmate?” Boyd asked as though he was unconcerned by the answer even though Isaac knew he was.

“No, I...I’m with you.” Isaac admitted.

Boyd was his friend and his pack mate sure, but right now, he didn’t want to be away from Scott, he wanted him to stay close. And what was more, even if Scott wasn’t hurt like he was, Isaac would still want to stay with him, he truly enjoyed spending time with Scott, and at least he made conversation, Boyd rarely did. But he had a job to do. With Boyd furious over the loss of Derek, and wanting revenge, his bloodlust at its highest, Isaac was going to have his work cut out trying to stop Boyd launching himself at their resident Alpha. Which of course was made all the most difficult by the fact that Isaac wanted to rip Ethan’s head off himself for hurting Scott.

“Get on, I’ll be there in a minute. And stay away from Ethan.” He ordered and Boyd glared at him rebelliously.

“I don't take orders from you Isaac. What, you reckon that Derek’s dead, you can become the Alpha now is that it?” he challenged.

Isaac knew he was only being like that because he was hurting over Derek’s death, but that didn’t take the impact away of his words. Isaac’s eyes flashed yellow, and his nails grew slightly, making Boyd back, then the big guy dropped his gaze apologetically.

“Sorry Isaac, I know you’re not like that. I know Derek meant a lot to you too, sorry.” He said, and hastily made his retreat, and to Isaac’s relief he avoided eye contact with Ethan allowing Isaac to return to Scott’s side.

Scott’s eyes were fading back from gold as Isaac returned to him, making Isaac look questioningly at Stiles.

“He went kind of wolfy when you did. I don't know why but he probably shouldn’t be doing it.” Stiles muttered, and Isaac looked urgently at Scott.

“Alright, go to the back of the bus, Boyd and I will go halfway up and keep an eye on Ethan. And rest.” Isaac urged, and as Scott looked up at him, both he and Stiles were shocked to see Scott’s eyes were swimming with tears.

“I’m so sorry.” He said mournfully, and Isaac shook his head, realising now what was going through his head.

“Scott, enough, this isn’t your fault. Now come on, let’s get you onto the bus.” He said, just as Finstock yelled abuse at them for taking too long.

Scott gathered his strength and with a little help from Stiles and Isaac, he got to his feet and limped towards the bus. This was all his fault. Derek was dead, and he was basically the one who had killed him. He had been fighting Ennis yeah, but it was Scott who had basically killed them both, he had murdered two people, he had murdered Derek. And now everything was falling apart. There was no escaping that, he had killed Derek, taken someone else’s life, and because he had, other people he cared about were being affected. Boyd and Isaac were fighting, Isaac was ridden with guilt because he hadn't really talked to Derek before he died. Cora now had no family left. The Alphas had won. All because of him.

So, ignoring Isaac and Stiles and hiding his wound beneath his jacket, he shuffled to the back of the bus, tears filling his eyes as he did so.

And as he went backwards, Stiles gave Isaac a darkly concerned look.

“Watch out for him.” Isaac all but begged him, and Stiles nodded.

“Course I will.” He assured him, heading back to sit with Scott as Isaac sat with Boyd and tried to stop worrying about Scott.




Isaac closed his eyes as the bus travelled, and to all intents and purposes, he looked asleep. But he wasn’t. He was in fact listening to the heartbeats of the other three werewolves on board and getting more and more worried as he did so.

Boyd, sitting beside him, was furious. He got that, he really did, and he wanted revenge too, but he daren’t try anything in the middle of a crowded bus, and he didn’t want to aggravate Scott when he was already doing so badly. Boyd was fighting down a low snarl, and was ready and willing to leap across at Ethan and rip him to shreds, and damn the consequences. And he was still seriously considering it despite Isaac’s frequent insistence that he shouldn’t.

Ethan on the other hand was anxious. One reason for this was most likely the fact that for a change he knew he was completely outnumbered and unable to become a super wolf, he was just an ordinary Alpha. But according to the frequent status reports he was getting from Stiles (which for some reason included weather reports, he wasn’t blind he could look out the window himself) Ethan was also checking his phone a lot. Isaac couldn't help but feel a bit of savage pleasure with that information. His panic and the absence of his twin clearly meant that Ennis was in trouble at least, which was giving him some small measure of satisfaction. It wouldn’t replace Derek but it would make them feel better about all this.

Isaac bit down on his tears. He couldn't let himself cry. He had enough problems with Scott crying, he couldn't break down too. The look on Scott’s face when he had gone back to him, the devastated, heartbroken expression, they had rent Isaac’s heart in two. The way Scott had looked when he was getting on to the bus, he’d known that look. Scott was trying his hardest not to cry. Scott shouldn’t be crying at all, he didn’t deserve to feel as bad as he did for doing nothing wrong, but he did regardless. Scott was too nice and kind to be feeling as bad as he was feeling, and seeing him so miserable and downtrodden was killing Isaac inside. He wanted nothing more than to banish the feelings that were killing Scott, but he couldn't. Stiles had reported that Scott had all but cried himself to sleep, and Isaac hated it. Scott should never feel like he did, like he was destroying everyone around him. He didn’t deserve it, and Isaac’s temper at the Alphas, and Ethan in particular, was spinning out of control, he wanted to rip Ethan apart for making Scott feel the way he did.

He also had another concern though. Scott’s heart rate was a beat too slow, if not more, and his breaths were pained, and it was scaring the hell out of him. He just wasn’t healing and he had no idea why, and with Derek gone and no way to contact Peter, Isaac had no way of knowing what was going on and it was scaring the hell out of him. Because as the journey continued and he focused on Scott, it became clear that he was getting worse and worse, his health was suffering, his wound wasn’t getting better and he was clearly deteriorating. And now, Isaac was beginning to wonder if Scott was dying, because it was certainly beginning to seem like it.

Isaac fought down a snarl. If Derek had listened, if he had been quicker, if Boyd hadn't been wounded...none of this would be happening. Isaac fought down his own tears. Derek was gone, his Alpha, the one who had saved him, the one he had come to look up to as a sort of aloof big brother, was dead. And Isaac despised himself for it. He had been too hurt to even talk to Derek properly since he had thrown him out, and now he would never be able to talk to him again, never tell him how much he had meant to him.

This sucked.

Derek was dead, Scott was dying and Isaac was terrified that pretty soon he was going to be the only one left of Derek’s original pack which had fought the kanima, not left like Boyd had. Isaac bit down on his feelings when suddenly Scott appeared, urging Boyd to calm down.

Isaac looked at Scott in shock. He looked even worse now, his face was now grey, his wound was bleeding, he was covered in sweat, he was shaking and looked like he was about to throw up. He had been so busy listening to Scott and keeping an eye on him that he had neglected Boyd, who had been about to spring Ethan, which would have caused all sorts of problems they could do without, and now Scott was suffering more for it. With Scott calming Boyd down, Isaac shot him a worried look, but all he got was a look into Scott’s broken expression before he vanished into the back of the bus.

They needed to get off this bus, otherwise it was going to kill them all.

So, Isaac texted Stiles, if anyone could get the bus to stop it was him.




Scott leaned into the corner of the bus, wanting to just close his eyes and let himself go. It was too hard to keep going, too hard to struggle on, and besides, he could really use a break from the pain.

He had killed Derek anyway. He didn’t deserve to still be alive if someone else was dead because of him. He’d been trying to block out Stiles’ frantic concern, and if he tried, he could virtually hear Isaac fretting over him, when he had gone down to stop Boyd, the look Isaac had given him, one of pained misunderstanding, he couldn't deal with it. Isaac was hurting, he could tell he was. He could see it in his eyes, on his face. He was hurting because Derek was dead...because Scott had killed him because he had to interfere in all this and try and negotiate with the Alpha. If he had kept his mouth shut, he and Isaac would never have been there and Derek might still be alive. And he wouldn’t be a murderer.

Scott then caved in, allowing the tears to flood from his eyes. He didn’t deserve to feel sorry for himself, it was his fault Derek was dead and that Isaac no longer had an Alpha and that the Alphas were a step closer to taking over.

This was all his fault. And he would never escape that.




Stiles had succeeded in getting the bus to stop, and he had quickly gotten Scott out of sight. Isaac could smell Allison and Lydia nearby, and he had never been so happy to get a scent of Allison. It wasn’t that he hated her, he just didn’t like her. He hadn't like her much even before she had gone all Rambo on him and had tried to kill him when they were fighting Jackson, but that certainly hadn't helped her case. And then, the fact that she had broken up with Scott and abandoned him for four months did little to endear him to her either.

But today, he was willing to call her his best friend if she helped Scott. She saw her get a status report from Stiles and she and Lydia quickly vanished to run to Scott’s side, their expressions frantic. Isaac was about to follow him when he heard Boyd’s heart rate rise as he stalked towards Ethan. After all, they were out in the open, there was nothing to stop him...

Isaac quickly stood in his way, preventing the large werewolf from going any further.

“Hey, drop it ok?” Isaac warned and Boyd snarled.

“They killed Derek! And I’m meant to just let them away with it? No! They need to pay!” he said, moving towards Ethan but Isaac shoved it.

“Boyd, stop it! We have enough problems.” He growled, and Boyd glared at him.

“Do you even care that he’s dead, or are you just happy because now it means you can shack up with McCall, become his first beta, his little houseguest?” Boyd sneered angrily, and this time, grief and rage didn’t fully justify it to Isaac.

And he smacked Boyd right in the jaw, sending him falling to the ground with a thud, and a second later Boyd was looking up at him with wide eyes, horrified.

“Isaac, I’m sorry, the rage, and them and Derek, I...” he spluttered weakly, but Isaac glared at him and didn’t bother to help him up.

“Forget it.” He said, once more searching for Scott’s heartbeat, and he relaxed slightly when he found it.

And then he went cold. Scott’s heart was far too slow, he could hear Allison and the other’s heart’s pumping incredibly quickly around him, but Scott’s was so slow, what was going on?

And then, Scott’s heart stopped.

Isaac staggered, supporting himself against the bus. Scott was...Scott was dead. He had gone, left, he was dead. He had given up, he had died. Scott, no Scott, he couldn't be, but he was, Scott was dead.

Scott was dead.

Scott was dead!

The Alphas. They had taken Scott from him, Ethan and Aiden had taken Scott from him, from the world. Scott was gone, his best friend, the one person he could count on, the person he cared about the most in the world, the first person to ever show him kindness, his housemate, his protector, the person he had vowed to Mrs McCall he would look after, his, well he didn’t know what he was, not really...but he was gone. The Alphas had taken them from him.

And they would pay.

So with a vicious snarl, Isaac headed towards where Ethan was chatting at Danny. The Alpha turned to face him and one look at his bland, smug face finally drove Isaac over the edge. He was on him, punching and hammering, determined to kill the one who had taken Scott from him. He was deaf to the noises around him, the cries and shouts, the whistles and encouragement, to Finstock yelling at him to stop, but then he heard something, the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

“Isaac!” Scott yelled and suddenly the world was right again, and Isaac turned, looking up to see a wincing Scott looking desperately at him, his warm brown eyes imploring him to stop.

He was alive, Scott was alive. His Scott was alive.

Giddy with relief and pleasure, just drinking in the sight of Scott standing there with a slightly puzzled expression on his face, Isaac came off a whimpering Ethan, allowing Danny to tend to him as Isaac staggered backwards joyfully.

Scott was alive.

Scott was alive.

Scott was alive!




“Hey.” Scott said as everyone evacuated the vomit smelling bus as he walked only with a slight gingerness to his step to where Isaac was standing with a ridiculous grin on his face as he looked up at the sky.

“Hey.” Isaac said as Fisntock tried to convince the owners of the motel to take the group in.

“You ok?” Scott asked gently, walking past Isaac and making him fall into step with him.

“I should be the one asking you that. You’re the one who...who died.” Isaac responded, his voice wavering on the last word.

Scott shrugged.

“I’m alive, and I feel slightly better. And it’s started to heal properly now, so yeah I’m good.” He said, sitting down on a bench on the far side of the motel, wincing slightly, while Isaac, his expression worried, sat down beside him.

He still smelled of Allison. But according to Stiles, she had saved him, so he put aside his dislike and jealousy and just thanked whoever was out there that she knew enough to save Scott.

“You scared the crap out of me.” Isaac scolded, and Scott grinned ruefully.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” He said and Isaac shook his head in disbelief.

“Jackass. You do know it isn’t your fault right? What happened to Derek? It isn’t your fault. You hear me? And I don't blame you, not one single bit, got it?” he intoned, and he felt elated when Scott nodded, as it looked like a load had been lifted from his mind.

“Thanks Isaac. So, you going to explain why you decided it was a good idea to brawl an Alpha?” he asked kindly, not sounding angry, or even disappointed, just curious really.

Isaac got to his feet and turned to look at Scott in exasperation.

“I heard your heart stop! I heard you die! And all I could think about was how it was their fault, how the Alphas, the twins, took you from me, so I snapped. I’m sorry, but I snapped, I wanted to make him pay, it was bad enough we lost Derek but then I lost you too, and I couldn't deal with it ok? I thought you were dead, that he had killed you. I...” Isaac began, and was angered to feel tears in his eyes.

But Scott didn’t care. He got up, with surprising swiftness considering he was injured and wrapped Isaac in a hug, and for a few seconds, Isaac just drunk in his scent, hugging him back ferociously but gently so as not to hurt him. They stood there, just holding each other, Scott gently running his hand through the back of Isaac’s hair, and Isaac doing the same with him, and then, all too soon but far later than they should have, they broke apart, grinning at each other shyly.

“Thanks. For being mad enough to kill for me. It’s kind of awesome in its own way.” Scott said with a grin, his brown eyes, which had been so marred before by grief, replaced with something bright and shiny.

“You’re welcome. But, do me a favour and never frighten the crap out of me like that again ok?” he asked nervously, his emotions and repairing sense of loss still raw and Scott nodded.

“Sure.” He said, rolling his eyes as they heard Finstock yelling for them.

“Hey, um, Stiles probably wouldn’t mind if you wanted to stay with me.” Scott said nervously, going slightly pink, and Isaac grinned.

The thought of spending all night with Scott in their own room, no one else there, it was great, because he did kind of like it when they shared a bed like they had the night before.

But no, not here, not now. Both of them were still messed up, emotionally in both cases and physically in Scott’s, and it wouldn’t be right. Besides, Stiles had been great today and he didn’t need to stay with a sour Boyd all night, Isaac would endure that trial himself.

“Nah, it’s fine. I stay with you all the time, Stiles should get a turn, you’re kind of in demand. Besides, he is kind of cool when you think about it, and he hasn’t done anything to warrant spending the night with Boyd and his snoring. But Scott?” he asked with a small smile, and Scott looked at him.


“I’m glad you’re not dead.”

Scott grinned, snorting slightly with laughter and nudged Isaac with his shoulder.

“Yeah, me too.”

Chapter Text



Allison exchanged a dark look with Stiles as they made sure the four young werewolves were on the bus. This hadn't been an easy night, what with three attempted suicides and a mental breakdown.

The Darach, looking to make three new sacrifices if not more, had put wolfsbane into Coach Finstock’s whistle, and so, every time he blew the damn thing he was been seeding wolfsbane throughout the entire bus, which of course had a perverse effect upon the four werewolves on board.

It had started innocently enough however...

There was a knock at the door just after Stiles had left to get some food. Scott, feeling tired and weak all over, and still feeling a bit ill, called for the person on the other side to come in, he really didn’t fancy getting up and crossing the room. Besides, his head was still pounding from all of Stiles’ theories about the Darach.

“Hey, you doing ok?” Isaac asked, entering the room and promptly heading over to sit on Scott’s bed.

Scott grinned slightly and attempted to sit up, but Isaac gently forced him back down with a shake of his head.

“Don’t bother getting up, I’m kind of used to having conversations with you when you’re lying on your back.” He said with a grin, and Scott mustered a dirty look to send at him.

“What nerve. You going to sit up there and make me crane my neck or are you going to lie down? You know what Stiles is like when he’s faced with a choice, total brain cramp, he’ll be gone at least half an hour now.” He said with a slight grin and Isaac laid down beside Scott, facing down at his friend, his roommate, the one who had taken him when Derek had thrown him out and without even meaning to, he found his hand coming up and gently starting to stroke Scott’s styled fringe.

Scott however didn’t appear to mind, as he closed his eyes in enjoyment at the touch, allowing Isaac to continue without interruption.

“I’m fine, my wound’s healing in overtime now. Maybe it just needed a jump start.” Scott theorised sleepily, and Isaac frowned and sent him a scolding look.

“Or maybe it needed you to stop feeling so guilty. You didn’t kill Derek ok? It was Ennis, nothing to do with you. You were helping Derek.” He soothed, and Scott looked away from him, he didn’t move his head but he certainly directed his eyes somewhere else.

“Yeah, helping him to die.” He said, his voice still filled with self recrimination, and it broke Isaac’s heart to see the tears that were once again beginning to develop in his eyes.

Heart beating in sympathy, Isaac gently took Scott’s cheek, gently making him look at him, and after a second, Scott’s warm, brown eyes, which should never be filled with tears, turned to face him.

“No you weren’t. It was nothing to do with you. Derek knew the risks in his plan, you tried to make him see sense about them enough and he didn’t listen. He didn’t listen, and awful though it sounds, that makes him more to blame for his death than it does you. Scott, you didn’t do anything. You’re not a killer, you could never be a killer.” He whispered softly, and Scott looked up at him sadly, eyes filled with tears.

“Yeah, kind of proved that wrong didn’t I?” he asked, his voice wavering, and Isaac shook his head, looking at Scott intently.

“No you didn’t. Scott, you aren't a killer. You refuse to let me kill bugs in the house, someone like you, you aren't a killer.” He whispered fiercely, and Scott sighed.

“I know you’re right, somewhere in me, but it just seems that all I do is hurt people.” He said bitterly, and Isaac stroked his eyebrow with his thumb, and once again Scott didn’t protest.

“Hey, none of that. I can tell you that there are some people you haven’t hurt, me, Stiles, where would we be if you weren’t around?” he asked with a slight smile and he relaxed slightly as Scott smiled too.

“I suppose you’re right actually. Thanks Isaac. But are you ok?” he asked, his face concerned and Isaac nodded.

“Yeah well...I don't know. I mean, I was mad at Derek sure, you know I was. And he was an ass at times but...” he said, his voice breaking as the full impact of what had happened hit him.

Scott raised himself up a little, resting his forehead against Isaac’s cheek, feeling Isaac’s tears running down his face silently.

“But he was like your brother.” Scott said knowingly, and Isaac nodded, not saying anything.

Scott gently ran his fingers through Isaac’s hair comfortingly, allowing Isaac to regain his composure.

“I didn’t want him to die, I wanted to kick his ass, but I didn’t want him dead Scott.” Isaac said with a sniff and Scott nodded sadly.

“I know. Me neither.” He whispered, and Isaac shook his head, trying to hide his tears.

“You sure you’re ok? I don't want you to die too.” He said, his voice having a hint of begging and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He assured him and Isaac grinned before getting to his feet, Scott feeling slightly depressed that he wasn’t right beside him and stroking his hair anymore.

“I better go and check Boyd isn’t watching porn or anything. Ew, wish I hadn't said that now, that image is seared onto my brain. Night Scott.” He said and headed out of the room, his eyes still rather wet and red, and as the door closed, Scott felt his mood take a double nose dive.

He didn’t want Isaac to go. He didn’t know how to explain it, but sometime since Isaac had moved in, he had become accustomed to his presence in the house, having him nearby at all hours. Also, and he knew he shouldn’t even be thinking this, but he also liked it when Isaac was near him. He knew he had a close relationship with Stiles, they were virtually brothers, but there was a lot more touching with Isaac, and contrary to popular belief, he actually quite enjoyed it, he liked it when Isaac was right beside him, close by, cuddled up to him, stroking his skin, holding him...

And there was another thing. Stiles was great, he truly was, and he had been Scott’s best friend since they were toddlers virtually. But, while he did try, and did get a lot of it, there were aspects of being a werewolf that he just didn’t get. Isaac, being another werewolf, could get the few things that Stiles couldn't.

And now, because of Scott, Isaac was hurting. Boyd was hurting. Cora was hurting. And he suspected that even Peter would be hurting, all because he had gotten Derek killed. Since he had become a wolf, he’d hurt everyone, Stiles, Allison, his mother, Lydia, Derek, Isaac, Boyd, Cora...all of them.

There really was no escape, from being a wolf, or from the murderous Alphas.

He was doomed.

Things hadn't been helped by the fact that the motel they were staying at, a rundown joint by the name of Glen Capri which incidentally had the highest suicide rate of any other motel in the state. And thus the night of horror had begun. Lydia had been majorly freaked out by their presence in the motel, especially when the wizened old lady who owned the place (who had later disappeared) told her of the high suicide rate, pointing to a board that had recorded the number of deaths that had happened in the motel. When Lydia had later returned to the desk, she had found the old lady missing, and the numbr having gone up two before anyone had killed themselves.

With the threat of high suicides, Lydia began hearing panicked screams, and became convinced that there were murders being committed in the next room, leading her and Allison on a trek to find them.

But while they did that, the true threat had revealed itself. The wolfsbane had taken hold of the four werewolves, and threatened to kill them all.

Isaac, hearing his father over and over again in his head had finally cracked, hiding under the bed and cowering in fear in a shivering ball as he tried to convince himself that his father really was dead and that he was truly dead. It hadn't worked however, he had still thought he was being abused, and was being locked once more in the freezer just like his father had always done to him. Convinced he was being abused again, and fearful of being trapped in the freezer once again, Isaac had rolled under the bed, shivering and shaking, clawing at the bottom of the bed with his werewolf claws and ripping up the carpet in his anxiety. He had finally stopped when Stiles had appeared, brandishing a flare from the bus to force him out from under the bed, and had escorted the traumatised werewolf to the bus with the others. Isaac, being Isaac, had been keeping himself to himself, not looking at anyone, trying to ignore his fear and pain when he had noticed Allison towelling down Scott with a frantic expression on her face, while he looked completely miserable. Isaac had let out a low snarl, his heart constricting, until he had gotten a whiff of Scott. And it wasn’t his usual, tantalising, alluring smell he scented.

He smelled gasoline.

However, he’d had no chance to ask Scott about it as Stiles had promptly taken his place beside Scott (he didn’t begrudge Stiles that, and besides, the two of them seemed closer than usual in the way they were looking at each other), but he did begrudge Allison sitting right behind Scott. So, irritably, Isaac had curled up the row behind her and had promptly fallen asleep.

Boyd hadn't fared much better. Already angry and full of bitter flowing rage about the death of Derek and his imprisonment by the Alphas, the bizarre motel and the wolfsbane poisoning caused by the Darach had further exacerbated the situation. Boyd had begun hallucinating, and from the few mumbles Stiles and Lydia had managed to get out of him, he had been hallucinating about his dead sister, and the feelings of intense guilt, loss and a desire to be with her again had caused him to try and drown himself in the bathtub while holding a safe. It had been a near thing too, but once again Stiles had saved the day, using another flare to force the wolf out of the bath and allowing Lydia to give him artificial respiration. With Boyd no longer suicidal, they had taken him to the bus and he had sat down opposite Isaac, watching over his friend who seemed rattled for some reason as he fell into a light sleep.

The Alphas had not been immune either. Ethan, the only one to come on the trip, had initially started off well. Despite his worry over the fate of Ennis, he had found himself relaxing, and both he and Danny had started to succumb to their strong feelings for each other. Sharing a room, as far as the others were able to gather, he and Danny had been enjoying a steamy night of passionate romance when the visions had started to become too much. Ethan had had a full blown freak out, believing that a life form, akin to the xenomorph in Alien, was trying to break free of him. Rushing away and leaving a frightened and upset Danny behind, Ethan had been found by Stiles and Lydia about to get far too familiar with an electric saw. Stiles had barely saved him in time, preventing him from cutting himself in two, and that had seemed to jar Ethan from the trance he was trapped in, and had quite politely asked and then agreed to take a place on the bus, not that he had slept much, he had been sending panicked texts to Danny to try and convince him that there was nothing wrong and that he actually did like him.

But by far, the most traumatic experience had been Scott. After saving the other three wolves, Stiles, Lydia and Allison had headed to try and find Scott, figuring he too was being attacked by the powers of the Darach.

And what they had found had nearly stopped all of their hearts. Scott, still riddled with guilt for his apparent role in the death of Derek, believing himself to be cursed and that he only hurt the people he loved, had doused himself in gasoline and had fully intended to immolate himself with a lit flare to stop him hurting the people he cared about. Arguing that ever since he had become a werewolf, all he had done was hurt people, and that there was no escape from the evil plans that the Alphas had for them, he was fully prepared to destroy himself to make sure that that never happened, and to make sure that the people he loved didn’t hurt anymore. Stiles, terrified to see his best friend, his brother, so broken and despondent, had calmly walked up to Scott, vowing that if Scott wanted to die and leave the world behind, then he would do the exact same thing, because he didn’t want to live without his best friend. By talking to him, by showing him that someone he loved loved him back and didn’t want him to be dead, it had broken the Darach’s power over Scott, and that had allowed Stiles to throw the flare to the side. The wind, or possibly the Darach, which would be furious that he had been denied a victim, had then moved the flare back towards the large puddle of gasoline that Scott had created, and by now, both Scott and Stiles would be dead had it not been for Lydia tackling them to the ground before they were incinerated in a fuelled inferno. And although he was saved, Stiles had hardly allowed Scott out of his sight, and had been the one to make sure Scott didn’t try anything else suicidal, occupying himself in the bathroom while he made sure Scott didn’t have a drop of gasoline on him. Something had changed in Scott, there was a darkness, a haunted aspect to his eyes that hadn't been there before. But there was also another aspect to his relationship with Stiles, who had talked him down but no matter what he did he couldn't fix the haunted look in his best friend, his brother’s eyes.

Scott had said little since his suicide attempt. Neither had the other wolves, all of them seemed too wrapped up in their own heads to say a lot. However, Scott had said something, while Allison had been freaking out over him after he got out of the shower, when she was towelling him dry as if to make sure there was no gasoline on him. He had made a simple request.

Don’t tell Isaac.

And he looked so broken, so miserable that they dared not disobey, and so, no one told Isaac.

And while Stiles, Lydia and Allison discussed the wolfsbane poisoning of the werewolves, and the disfigured face that Lydia saw in the flames, the four werewolves were all sleeping fitfully, the reminders of the previous night searing themselves onto their memory.




Melissa had been worried about both of the boys. Wounded as he was, she hadn't wanted Scott to go anywhere near the trip, but he and Isaac had convinced her that he needed to go, much to her dismay. But when both of her boys came through the door, she could automatically tell that something was wrong. There seemed to be a wall around both of them, and although both of them answered her and assured her they were fine, it was clear that they were far from it.

“Scott...hang on do you smell gasoline?” she asked as she tried to get her son to talk to her, and suddenly he became very skittish.

“I need to go unpack.” He informed her, making his tired way up the stairs before she could do anything to stop him.

“Isaac? Are you alright honey? Because he seems weird, even for him.” Melissa said, and Isaac glared at the floor before hauling his bag onto his back.

“I’m fine.” He told her curtly before also heading up the stairs, leaving her standing at the bottom, leaving her feeling very confused.

“They were only gone a day, what the hell happened on that trip?” she asked herself frowning after the two boys who had headed upstairs in high dudgeon.

Scott had made it up the stairs first, and Isaac felt a flicker of hurt as he saw Scott closed his door, basically indicating that he wanted to be alone. Fighting a sigh, Isaac entered his own room and shut his own door, his mind abuzz with what had happened at the motel.

Scott leaned against the door, breathing heavily. The last thing he needed was his mother finding out he had almost killed himself. She wouldn’t understand that it was the Darach (mostly) that had driven him to it, she would panic, and worry, so would Isaac, and he really couldn't deal with that right now. There was a reason he didn’t want Isaac knowing what had happened, Isaac needed Scott to be ok, after all, he had taken Derek from him, if Isaac found out that Scott had tried to kill himself, he was afraid it would destroy him.

And there was also the fact that he simply didn’t want to think about it. Because deep down, everything that he had said, everything that the Darach had brought to the fore, was stuff that he had secretly been feeling, and he really didn’t want to deal with that. True it had almost killed him, but he didn’t care. He had wanted to kill himself, the guilt, the self loathing, all of them combined had nearly made him kill himself. He had willingly, influenced or not, doused himself with petrol and had been prepared to set himself alight to spare himself some pain, to spare others some pain and he knew no one else would understand.

Scott felt his breath begin to shake, and his entire body began to shiver as everything hit him. He had killed Derek. Derek was dead because of him, Cora was an only child, and Isaac was without an Alpha, all because of him. And he had caused so much pain, to his mother, to Stiles, to Lydia, to Jackson, to Allison, to Isaac, to everyone that he cared about. And he had compounded the problem. He was a coward, a weak, pathetic coward, who had wanted to kill himself rather than face what he was going through. And that was bad enough, but Stiles, Stiles had wanted to do it with him, he was willing to die with Scott because he didn’t want to be without his best friend. What was Scott? He never wanted to be like this, he never wanted to destroy so many lives but that seemed to be all he did. Everything around him got destroyed, and all he was was an abyss that was taking everything he loved and cared about down the drain with him.

He had been fighting it for so long, but the disgust he felt with himself, the pain from his wounds, Stiles and Isaac’s unerring support which he knew he didn’t deserve, the fact that Derek was dead because of him and the Darach’s mind games...they were all too much. Finally giving in, Scott, leaning back against his door, sank down, crying in total despair and self loathing, wrapping himself up in his own arms and huddling himself into a small ball, hoping the world would just leave him alone.

Isaac lay on his bed, his mind reeling with all that had happened. He had thought that when he had became a werewolf, and when his father had died, that he would never be forced to feel as lonely, unloved and powerless as he had then ever again. But clearly, the blasted Darach had had other ideas. Playing mind games with them all, the damn thing had made Isaac relieve all of his father’s yelling at him, made him hallucinate at being trapped in the freezer and had turned him into a mewling quivering wreck who had basically been trying to scratch himself to death until Stiles had forced him out with the flare.

Isaac then snarled, getting to his feet. The Darach. The blasted thing, whatever the hell it was, had played havoc with all four of them, he even felt slightly bad for Ethan, strange though that was. He hammered his fist into the wall in a fury. How dare the Darach play with them this way? Driving Boyd to commit suicide, making Ethan think he was losing his marbles and making Isaac feel as broken, powerless and weak as he had felt under the tyranny of his father, that was inexcuseable.

And then there was whatever the damn thing had done to Scott. He didn’t know what it was, but whatever it was, he could tell enough that it had made Allison, Lydia and most of all Stiles completely terrified, and they had been virtually attached at the hip since then, not letting Scott out of their sight. Something major had happened, and they didn’t want Isaac to know about it. But Isaac wanted to know, he had never seen Scott looking the way he had outside the bus, his expression totally broken, and he wanted to find out what had caused Scott, his Scott, to look so very broken and miserable so he could fix it, or at least try to. And childish, selfish and jealous though it was, he thought he had meant something to Scott, after all, he had told Scott nearly everything about him, but Scott didn’t want to let him in. He didn’t begrudge Scott that, but it did rankle, especially when Allison, werewolf hunter extraordinaire and apprentice werewolf murderer who’s screwed with Scott’s heart more times than Derek’s threatened to kill Stiles, knew more than he did. He didn’t know how to explain it. He just wanted to make Scott see that he could rely on Isaac, after all, he had been there for him, and now he wanted to be there for Scott. And Scott was one of the few people in the entire world that Isaac seriously trusted, and he knew he was being childish and a bit ungrateful, but he wanted Scott to trust him back.

He knew being Derek’s Beta and acting as his henchman the year before hadn't helped his case, but he wanted Scott to trust him. Scott’s kindness and friendship had meant everything to Isaac, he just wanted Scott to feel the same way in return.

Snarling again, he kicked the side of the bed to vent his feelings. The Darach, Derek’s death, all of it was seriously messing with their heads and his in particular. He was just considering going to ask Scott to borrow his bike so he could go for a ride to take his mind off things when Melissa called up to them.

“Boys, I’m heading to work! I made some pasta for you both last night when I was worrying, you can eat that.” She said, and now, after a while living with her, Isaac was getting used to the subtle inflections in her voice.

He could hear the maternal streak, the urge to effectively mother both Scott and Isaac, and Stiles when he was around. He could hear the obvious love for her son, and the affection for both Isaac and Stiles. He could hear the encouragement, wanting her boys to do well. The fear, the fear of the supernatural and how it might affect Scott, then Stiles and Isaac, then everyone else. He could hear the weariness in her voice, from working long hours and worrying longer ones as Beacon Hills once again seemed determined to go to hell in a handbasket. And the slight sadness, that she was in this all alone.

And he didn’t like Melissa being sad any more than he liked Scott being sad.

“Thank you!” he called.

“You’re welcome.” Melissa replied as she headed out the door, and Isaac could hear the happiness in her voice as she left.

And it was just as she left that Isaac heard a noise that broke his heart in two. It was small, barely noticeable through the closed doors, but he could hear Scott sobbing in his room.

Without thinking Isaac immediately left his room and knocked on Scott’s door.

Not getting an answer, Isaac began to worry. He could still hear Scott crying, every sob breaking Isaac’s heart a little more. Scott should never cry, he didn’t deserve to cry, he should be happy, someone as kind and nice and cute as Scott (did he really just think Scott was cute?) should never cry. Shaking his head, Isaac entered the room, pushing the door gently when he felt some resistance behind it. Making only a big enough gap, Isaac slid through to see Scott sitting on the floor, dressed all in black, his knees up to his chest, his arms around his legs, crying his heart out. Isaac immediately sank down to his level and gently stroked Scott’s spiked fringe, bringing Scott’s swimming, devastated brown eyes to face him.

“Scott, what is it?” he asked in concern, not caring what it was, just wanting to fix it, to stop Scott being so upset.

Scott shook his head and turned away from Isaac, but Isaac didn’t let him, he gently cupped his cheek with his hand and turned it back to face him, bringing his friend’s face back to look at his.

“I can help.” He said earnestly, and Scott scoffed.

“Yeah, like you can help, you’re just as much as a basket case as I am.” He said derisively, and against his will, Isaac recoiled slightly, Scott had never gone outright to hurt him before, playful teasing certainly, but never something quite so blunt and cold.

“Scott...what happened back at the motel?” Isaac asked, persisting, because all he wanted to do was to make Scott smile again, for some reason the world seemed dimmer without it, he needed to see Scott smile again, maybe then his heart wouldn’t be panging and hurting quite so much.

“None of your business. Just leave me alone Isaac.” Scott snapped, the last word ending in a wolf like growl, but Isaac, stubborn to the last, and starting to get a little annoyed with Scott’s standoffish attitude when he was trying to help, shook his head and remained defiantly where he was.

“Scott, you’re my friend. You took me in, cared for me and fixed me up when I needed you, let me do the same for you.” He said irritably, though he would admit that there was a tiny bit of pleading in his voice as he did so.

Scott glowered at him.

“Maybe I don't want you to do the same for me, did that occur to you? Maybe I want to feel like this. Maybe I deserve to feel like this.” He snapped, and things suddenly became clearer to him.

“This is about Derek again isn’t it? Scott, that wasn’t your fault, what’s it going to take us to get that through your thick skull?” he asked in exasperation, and Scott sneered.

“Us? What us?” he asked bitterly, but Isaac decided to leave that question there, deciding not to explore what Scott’s tone and question may have meant for him.

“You know, us, the people who care about you! Me, your mom, Stiles, Allison, Lydia...we all care about you and want to help you. So let us!” he urged and Scott snarled.

“You mean the people whose lives I’m destroying? Yeah, that’s a great help.” He bit out, and Isaac shook his head stubbornly.

“You’re not destroying anyone’s lives Scott!” he insisted and Scott scoffed.

“Yeah, tell that to Derek. Oh wait, you can’t, because he’s dead, because I killed him.” He said angrily, but Isaac could feel and hear the sadness in his voice as he said that.

“Scott...” Isaac began again, but Scott beat him to it, and shot a glare at him.

“And since you’re in a sharing mood, why not tell me what the Darach did to you? Stiles told me he found you cowering under the bed.” He grunted, and unlike any other time, there was no hint of sympathy or kindness in his voice, just frankness, and Isaac hissed through his teeth before answering.

“It made me relive my abuse since you asked. Was that so hard?” he challenged back, taking a little bit of savage pleasure from the slightly guilty and upset look on Scott’s face.

“Was what so hard?” he asked back, not meeting Isaac’s eyes, and Isaac rolled his eyes in irritation.

“Telling what happened! Scott, I’m worried about you, when we got out of there, you looked completely broken, and you reeked of gasoline, you still kind of do. I’m scared and I don't want you getting hurt, so tell me what the matter is so I can help!” Isaac begged, and Scott got to his feet, tears still in his eyes, but his face was now coloured with anger.

“You’re scared? Well I’m sorry I upset you Isaac, but I have my own crap to deal with!” he yelled, and Isaac also got to his feet, eyes narrowed dangerously.

“I’m not scared for me dumbass, it’s you I’m worried about!” he yelled right back and Scott turned away from him angrily.

“Yeah, right.” He huffed, and Isaac felt that blow keenly too, how could Scott not think he cared about him?

“Scott...” Isaac said softly, trying to calm him down and placing a hand on his shoulder.

Scott promptly shrugged it off and turned back to face Isaac, his face angry.

“Well if you are, you shouldn’t be. I don't deserve it. Don’t you get it, I’m a murderer! I’m destroying everyone around me because of what I am and I can’t deal with it anymore. At all.” Scott said, and suddenly, something within Isaac’s head clicked into place as the truth became shockingly clear, making him reel back in disbelief.

“You...the tried to kill yourself didn’t you?” he asked in shock, his breath coming in short gasps, and Scott gave an angry yell, ripped his lamp from the wall and hurled it across the room.

“Yeah I did! I don't want to do this anymore, I can’t do this anymore, I’m a foul, life destroying, murdering monster! I deserve to die!” Scott bellowed, and Isaac lost all control and punched him in the face, knocking Scott for six.

Scott snarled as he steadied himself, and swung back at Isaac, who ducked the blow and kicked Scott onto the bed, growling angrily.

“You idiot! You wanted to kill yourself because of the fucking Darach, not anything else! You are not a bad person, you are not a murderer, and you are not suicidal!” Isaac shouted angrily, fear and shock filling him.

Scott had tried to kill himself. Scott had hated himself so much he had wanted to take his own life, end it all, burn himself to death, a fiery death, like that in hell...

No, he wouldn’t think about it. Scott would never go to hell, someone like him didn’t deserve it, but he had to make Scott see it.

“You don't know me! At all!” Scott threw back at him, getting to his feet and breathing heavily.

“Yeah, I do, I know who you are, a good, kind, caring person...”

“Yeah, who happens to be a murderer!”

Isaac roared at Scott, but he didn’t back down, and Isaac shoved Scott down onto the bed, panting heavily, his face right up against Scott’s, their hot breaths colliding with each other in the tiny gap between their lips.

“You are not a murder.” Isaac intoned, and Scott glared.

“Yes I am. Now, leave me alone.” He bit out, his voice full of venom, but Isaac shook his head.

“No, not when you’re like this. Scott,” he continued, softening his voice, his nails and eyes going back to normal, “please, I just want to help you, you’re my best friend.” He finished earnestly, tears glimmering in his own eyes, because now he truly was scared, scared that as soon as he had his back turned Scott might try to kill himself again, he couldn't, wouldn’t, live without Scott.

And there it was, a tiny flicker in his eyes, a flicker that was his Scott, the human, the kind, sweet, caring boy he was so drawn to, no matter what, not this messed up, angsty, angry teen wolf.

But then it was brutally crushed by the angry wolf.

“Well I don't deserve it. And frankly, I have enough problems without yours added on top of it. Leave me alone.” Scott snarled, though his eyes were still wet with tears.

“No, Scott, I’m worried about you, I...” he whispered, but then Scott shoved Isaac off as he got to his feet.

“And I said not to be. Leave me alone.” He said, his voice sounding angry, yet sad and broken all at the same time.

“Scott...” Isaac tried one last time.

“I said LEAVE!” Scott shouted bitterly, shaking, tears in his eyes, self loathing etched onto his features.

And then, he realised it truly had gone too far. Isaac gave him a sad look, something had been shattered by their fight. Tears were now glimmering in his eyes too and he took several unsteady steps back.

“I just wanted to help. I’m sorry.” He whispered sadly, feeling like he was losing his best friend and he was unable to do anything about it.

And in a way, he was.

Isaac, tears in his eyes, then quietly left the room, picked up his leather jacket from his own room and left the house, slamming the front door as he left.

And realising how awful he had just been to Isaac, how scared and powerless he had just made him feel, and how much that last, devastated broken hearted look had affected him, Scott sank to his knees and screamed, sobs shaking his body as he had just thrown away the one person who might have understood.

But that wasn’t what was truly hurting him here.

What was truly hurting him was the fact that the tiny part of him that thought he might still be saved, the part that wanted to go on despite the pain and suffering and death that he caused wherever he went, that part had just been buried under the realisation that he had just betrayed Isaac’s trust in him and had treated him just as badly as his father and Derek. He truly was no better than them.

And as he came to that realisation, he felt even worse.



Chapter Text



Isaac sniffed, refusing to allow himself to cry any further. The day was cool and sunny, a stark contrast to the last time he was told to leave someone’s home, but that did nothing to improve his mood as he kicked a can with wanton venom.

Scott had wanted to die. Darach or not, Scott had wanted to kill himself. He had wanted to leave this world behind, and for some reason, hadn't wanted Isaac to know, and even worse, he would have taken down Stiles with him. All of it made sense now.

Isaac let out a rage filled scream. Scott wanted to die, and it was all the fault of the Alphas.

And now...

Now he had lost Scott too. He had pushed, and Scott had snapped, he had broken Scott, and only made things worse for him. Scott had thrown him out. His best friend, the one who had been there for him, he’d tried to pay him back, and had only made things worse, breaking Scott in the process. He deserved to feel as crap as he did, like the world was ending.

He had done this to Scott, driven him to this, to become the angry, bitter person he had left, broken and sobbing, back in his room, the room where they had both spent happy times. True Derek and the Alphas had helped get them there, but it was him who had done it.

That wasn’t his Scott. His Scott, his hero, his saviour, he was gone, buried under death and dismay and despondency. And he had been the one who had put the buried Scott there by pushing so hard.

He had only wanted to help, to make Scott feel better. He had wanted Scott to know how much he meant to him, to repay him by doing the same as he had done for him. But it had failed. Maybe his father had been right. He was worthless, he couldn't even make his best friend feel better, all he could do was make him a thousand times worse. Scott had gotten it wrong. Scott wasn’t the one who destroyed everything he touched.

It was him.

Isaac crossed the road, not caring as someone hooted their horn at him. He didn’t care. He only wanted to escape, to run, to forget it all...

His phone vibrating interrupted him from his musings.

He felt a hope, a brief, fleeting hope, that it was Scott. He cared too much about Scott to lose him, he didn’t want this to destroy their friendship. The truth was, he’d never had someone like Scott before. He’d once heard Lydia say that she didn’t know what to make of the fact that she had a Stiles. He didn’t know what to make of the fact that he had a Scott.

Scott was his best friend, his light in the dark, he was the one he enjoyed hanging out with, playing videos games with, eating with, cuddling up to, he was, well he was Scott. His Scott, and he adored that. He didn’t want to face every morning, living somewhere else, most likely on the streets, without Scott, kind, sweet, loving, gorgeous Scott being there to make his day all the brighter. Yeah, he wanted it to be Scott.

It wasn’t.

It was a simple message, cold and impersonal.

Come to the loft’.

Isaac staggered to the wall, feeling the urge to rest for a second. There was no one else that could be. Only one person could sound so aloof, even on the phone.

Derek was alive! His Alpha had survived, he wasn’t dead!

Elation filled him. Derek was alive, everything would be alright again...Scott would be alright again!

And it was as he thought of Scott that it struck Isaac. Scott nearly hadn't been alive, all because of his guilt over what he thought had happened to Derek.

The fucking jerk was still alive, and he was only telling them now, after his pack and Scott, Scott!, went through hell trying to deal with the fact that he was gone.

Isaac got to his feet, not caring that it was broad daylight, and he gave a furious roar. Scott had almost died because Derek hadn't had the decency to pick up the phone. So, eyes blazing yellow, claws extended, fangs enlarged, a furious Isaac headed to the loft, determined to give Derek a piece of his mind.

Recently dead he may be, but by the time Isaac was finished with his oh so enlightened Alpha, he was going to wish he had stayed dead!




Derek looked out of the window, a smile on his face. Admittedly, his plan hadn't worked, but other than getting a bit beat up, his entire pack had survived. He had been the worst of them by far, but he had dragged himself away from the battlefield, and under the careful ministrations of the beautiful Jennifer Blake, his healing had kicked in big time and he was now right as rain again, a big smile on his face and ready to get back to business.

Cora had been delighted to find her brother, and even Peter had allowed himself a sigh of relief as he had reunited with his family. Figuring he ought to tell his pack he was alive, he had summoned Boyd, who had also been delighted to see him, but the bug, withdrawn Beta had said little, and after exchanging pleasantries with Derek, had disappeared back to his home which he had moved back in to.

Deciding Boyd’s weirdness wasn’t of great importance, he sent for Isaac, and was now waiting for his other Beta, his mostly loyal and dedicated pack member, to arrive.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, he mused as the door was wrenched open.

Now, Derek wasn’t one for sentimentality, but he couldn't help but be slightly hurt that Isaac didn’t look remotely pleased to see him. After all, he had nearly died.

In fact, come to think of it, Isaac looked pissed.

And as Isaac took a breath of the loft’s air while glaring at Derek, he seemed to get even madder.

His Beta then leapt the room and punched Derek in the face, knocking him to the floor with a grunt of surprise.

“You complete arse!” Isaac yelled, falling on him and trying to claw at his face, but Derek caught his wrist.

“Isaac, calm down, I’m alive!” he yelled, and Isaac snarled in fury.

“I know!” he yelled, backing off and allowing Derek to get to his feet as he stood there, breathing heavily.

“Isaac, what?” Derek demanded, completely perplexed.

He knew Isaac was still hurting over when he had thrown him out, but that didn’t justify this.

“You!” Isaac yelled and pounced, punching Derek in the face before his Alpha could even react.

Isaac gave a furious snarl as Derek reeled, his eyes blazing yellow as he once again came at him, determined to hammer some sense into Derek.

“You complete idiot! You didn’t stop to think did you? We’ve been through hell the last few days, all because you didn’t listen!” Isaac ranted, alternating between punching and clawing, all of his attacks finding their target, and Derek didn’t quite know what he had done to deserve this.

And then Isaac, losing all sense of respectable combat, kicked him where it counted. Derek gave a winded wheeze and sank to his knees, eyes crossing with the pain. The advantage was that Isaac’s bloodlust seemed to have been sated by that underhanded strike. As Derek wheezed heavily, Isaac stood there in front of him and glowered, arms folded, eyes back to their usual colour and narrowed at him in extreme annoyance, his leather jacket squeaking slightly as his hands tightened continuously around his arm muscles.

“I’m happy to see you too.” Derek muttered, feeling more than a little wrong footed, winded and pained.

“Yeah, I am glad to see you. Doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you.” Isaac said bitterly, though his voice had softened slightly, but he did relent and uncrossed his arms, offering Derek a hand and helped him move gingerly to a seat which Derek thankfully sank into.

“I’ll be with you in a moment...once I get my breath back.” Derek wheezed rocking back and forth, man the kid could kick when he was seriously mad.

“Sorry. I was pissed. Still am.” He said and sat down without an invitation glaring at Derek as he sat opposite him.

Derek clutched the table as he moved to a better position to better see Isaac. He actually hadn't seen much of him since he had thrown him out, and although he had tried to mend their relationship, at the time Isaac had still been too raw from his treatment to listen. He’d actually been surprised to see Isaac there the night they had confronted the Alphas, considering Scott had some sort of overprotective streak when it came to Isaac, but nevertheless, the two had been there, and it had been Isaac who had made the first move to protect Scott when the twins had made a beeline for him.

“Want to tell me why you’re so pissed and why you’ve decided I should...ugh...never have kids or are you just going to sit there and glare?” he asked, and Isaac scowled.

“Both.” He snapped back, and Derek beckoned for him to continue.

“Look, I’m glad you’re alive. I didn’t want you to be dead, I wanted to kick your ass, yeah, of course I did, but I didn’t want you dead.” He began and Derek grunted a little as he tried to make himself more comfortable.

“You’re forgetting your anatomy. The ass is on the other side.” He said and Isaac grinned slightly.

“But yeah, I’m pissed at you.” Isaac said and Derek sighed.

“Isaac, you know why I kicked you out, I did it to protect you. Admittedly I didn’t handle it very well, and you have no idea of how sorry I am I threw that bottle at you, that was stupid, but it was out of the best of intentions.” He insisted and Isaac sighed in frustration.

“I know it was. And even though you’re a total jerk, I do get why you did it. That isn’t why I’m so mad.” Isaac said with a dangerous looking glower.

Derek looked at him in confusion.

“Then why are you so mad? Look, I know things didn’t go very well with the Alphas, but it did kind of work, we took down Ennis, and none of us died.” He soothed, and Isaac got to his feet, his face thunderous.

“Yeah, well, because of you and your war mongering, some of us nearly did die! And I don't mean in the fight with them, I mean afterwards, when all of us were convinced that you were dead!” he yelled, making Derek recoil.

“Look, I may not have been dead Isaac, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t hurting, the fall nearly killed me.” He said irritably, and Isaac sighed in annoyance.

“Yeah, and it almost took us down with you.” He said bitterly, and Derek looked at him, completely confused as to what was going on.

“Isaac, what is it? Boyd was weird as well, so would one of you tell me what the hell is going on?” he asked impatiently, moving forward and then thinking better of it.

Isaac sighed.

“Well first off, all of us thought you were dead. We thought you had been killed. So, grief and anger, combined with pissed off hormonal teenage werewolves, not a good mix. We’d all been beat around a lot, and Boyd in particular wanted to go for another round with Ethan when he was on the bus with us going to the cross country. I was pissed too, but I was too busy trying to keep Boyd under control and look after Scott that I couldn't really vent.”

Derek sighed. Yeah, maybe he should have had Jennifer let them know that he was alive, that might have reduced a lot of their problems.

“Look, it was stupid ok? In my defence I had just basically fallen a story, along with getting the snot kicked out of me by Kali and Ennis. I’m sorry Isaac but letting you guys know I was alright wasn’t on the top of my priority list.” He explained, and Isaac shut his eyes wearily.

“Derek, I’m not mad because you nearly died, I’m mad because you nearly took Scott down with you.” He snapped, and Derek looked at him in confusion.

“Scott? What happened to Scott?” he asked and Isaac snarled.

“The twins slashed him when they were doing their weird super wolf thing. But it didn’t heal, it just kept getting worse. He was actually, physically dying, the wound was killing him, and his healing power wasn’t kicking in. And do you want to know why? It was because he felt guilty, guilty because he thought you were dead. He thought he had basically killed you. And you know Scott, he isn’t a killer. Thinking he had killed you destroyed him, made him think he was a murderer, a monster and he couldn't cope with it. He didn’t think he ought to heal, didn’t think he deserved it, and he was just slowly dying, and getting worse and worse, all because he thought he had gotten you killed.” Isaac explained, and Derek reeled.

Scott had been so badly affected by his apparent death? Alright, he knew Scott was a sweet kid, and the furthest thing from a murderer as you could possibly get, but he had never expected it to be as bad as that. Scott had truly been so messed up by his death that his own feelings of guilt and disgust has nearly killed him?

“Is he alright?” Derek asked, and Isaac looked away from him, looking tense and avoiding eye contact.

“Not really, but it isn’t all down to you.” He said softly and Derek considered getting up to make him face him, but his nether regions thought that was a bad idea, so he stayed where he was.

“Isaac, what’s going on? Is Scott alright?”

If Scott was hurt or ill, that would at least explain why Isaac was so mad, he would blame Derek. Derek couldn't help but feel guilty. Scott. Of course the kid would blame himself for what happened to Derek, even if Derek didn’t. He knew full well Scott had been trying to help. In fact, by doing what he did to Ennis, he had probably saved Derek’s life, because when Ennis went down it had given Derek a softer landing than the other Alpha had experienced.

“Know how we had that cross country trip thing? That entire thing didn’t help. Scott was still hurt, and he was getting worse, he was basically dying, he just wouldn’t heal. He wasn’t getting any better. Eventually, when we got off the coach, Stiles smuggled him away so Allison could tend to him. And when she was doing it...he died.” Isaac said, his voice quivering again and Derek’s eyes widened in shock.

Wait, Scott was dead? How could Scott be dead? The kid had survived Peter and Jackson and Gerard and...and he was dead? He couldn't be, he just couldn't be.

“His heart stopped. That’s when I lost it, I didn’t care, I just wanted to make Ethan hurt because it seemed like Scott was dead. I would have killed him too, I was going to beat him to a bloody pulp when Scott called me off. Allison fixed him up.” He explained, and Derek let out a breath of relief he hadn't been aware that he had been holding.

Scott was alive, of course he was alive. But still, the fact that he had virtually died, if even for a minute, scared the crap out of Derek, and judging by the way Isaac was acting, it had scared the crap out of him too. Either way, he had to talk to Scott, and not summon him, he would go to him in person to let him know he was alive. By apparently dying he had basically destroyed Scott, nearly literally, and he had to fix that. It was his fault Scott had nearly gotten himself killed, no one elses, and it was up to him to put it right.

“But he’s fine now right?” Derek persisted and Isaac glared sullenly out of the window, making Derek think that no was the answer to that question.

“Well, we couldn't make the cross country thing, so we stopped at this motel, a real dive. A real dive that just happened to have the highest suicide rate in the state. Lydia got really weird, you know what she’s like when something freaky is going on. Something started happening to us, it affected all four of us, me, Scott, Boyd and even Ethan. We started hearing voices, having hallucinations. I...I thought my father was back, yelling at me, abusing me for being a waste of space, for being worthless, for not knowing anything. I started to panic, I lost it, I thought I was in the freezer again, and I started clawing away at it, trying to get out, I was basically ripping myself to shreds because I was in such a panic.”

Derek looked at Isaac in concern. A motel did that to him? And if it had affected Isaac, who despite all he had been through was still going strong, what effect had it had on Boyd, and Scott? Boyd still hadn't fully recovered from his imprisonment, and with Scott hurt and barely healing...

“Isaac, what else happened in the motel?” he asked urgently, and Isaac’s lip trembled.

“I basically got off the best. Ethan, he had a full blown freakout. From what I gather he was getting raunchy with Danny when he started hallucinating that something was trying to come out of him, and that he was transforming. Whatever happened to him, it got so bad he tried to kill himself by giving himself a hair cut with an electric saw.” He explained and Derek sat back, astounded.

Something bizarrely powerful must have been going on in that motel, something very powerful in order to affect an Alpha of Ethan’s power, to drive him to try and commit suicide. And if that had happened to Ethan, and Isaac reckoned he had gotten off the best...

“What happened to Boyd and Scott?” Derek asked desperately, needing to know what had happened to them.

“Boyd hasn’t said a lot. He said he saw a face in the ice machine, and he kept muttering something about an Alicia. All I know is, whatever happened, he tried to drown himself. He trapped himself under a safe and tried to drown himself in the bath.” He said, voice tailing off at the end.

Derek looked up at Isaac in shock. One of his Betas has tried to kill themselves, all because of the sinister influence of this damn motel they had stayed at. But Isaac was clearly more concerned about Scott, so what had happened to him at this motel that was driving werewolves to attempt suicide?

“And Scott?” Derek asked breathlessly, seeing Isaac tense up at the mention of the other wolf.

“He didn’t want to tell me...but he tried to kill himself to. He...he basically just gave up. He thinks he’s a murdering monster, and that all he does is ruin people’s lives. He didn’t want to live if all he did was hurt the people he cared about. He...he doused himself in gasoline. And then he got himself a flare, the same flares Stiles was using to break me and Boyd out of our hysteria. He was going...he wanted to die. He wanted to set himself on fire and die.” Isaac said, and this time he couldn't keep the tears and pain from his voice and sadly, he leaned his head against the window, tears falling from his eyes.

Scott had wanted to die, he had become so miserable that he had wanted to die, to leave them all behind, leave everyone who cared about him behind because the Darach and Derek had made him so miserable, destroyed the spark that made him up. And all he had done was make it worse by trying to help, knowing him he had probably pushed Scott over the edge. It was him who destroyed what he loved, not Scott. Scott had been hurting, and all Isaac had been able to do was make things even worse and basically kick him while he was down. Some friend he was.

Derek watched as Isaac cried silently. His Beta really did care about Scott, that was obvious. Scott had been there for him, and had earned Isaac’s undying affection and loyalty. Derek frowned slightly. Scott could do that with people. When he had first met him, he had thought that Stiles would die for him, and had figured it was reciprocated, because they had been together for so long, thick as thieves, closer than brothers. He had also figured that Allison after a while would happily die for him (admittedly he had only though that because he assumed Scott must be great in bed but the thought was there). But now it was clear that whoever he met, Scott earned the love and respect of them, people who would happily line up and die for Scott. Even he himself probably wouldn’t think twice. Despite outward appearances, the two of them were quite fond of each other, and Derek viewed Scott as a sometimes irritating mix of his conscience, his moral compass and admittedly his best friend. He had never been one for best friends, sine his old best friend had been his uncle, and that had kind of soured when he had accidentally killed his big sister. But to learn that Scott had wanted to kill himself, Darach or not, because he had felt so horrible, guilty and foul, it shook him to the core. Scott should never feel like that.

And clearly Isaac agreed, as the kid was standing against the window crying his eyes out. There was more to this, even Derek could tell. He was beginning to think something had happened between Scott and Isaac to make Isaac such a state.

“Isaac...” Derek began hesitantly, and then Isaac turned to face him furiously.

“And then I come here to find out that while I was trying to scratch myself to death, while Boyd tried to drown himself, and while Scott drowned in despair and tried to barbecue himself, you were alive and well here! Why the hell didn’t you tell us? Or did you think getting laid was more important?” he snapped, and Derek flinched.

“ do you know about that?” he asked, and Isaac glowered at him.

“Hello, werewolf? I can smell it, I can smell the sex, I can smell the perfume and I can smell her! She’s my English teacher Derek do you really think that I wouldn’t be able to smell her? I don't believe you! While Boyd and me are trying to keep from ripping Ethan apart and Scott was drowning in depression and self loathing, while all three of us were trying our hardest to kill ourselves, you were here giving yourself a happy!” Isaac roared, punching the window in anger, shattering it, and Derek, who had opened his mouth to scold him, thought better of it.

After all, he was completely right. And Derek would have been seriously pissed in his situation too.

“Isaac...” Derek began, and Isaac snarled angrily.

“Scott, Boyd and I were trying to kill ourselves, Scott nearly died because he was feeling so guilty because he thought he had gotten you killed, Boyd tried to drown himself, I lost my mind, and while we were all worrying sick about you, when Scott tried to torch himself, instead of letting us know you were actually alright, you were getting laid!” he yelled furiously, and Derek flinched, yeah, he saw why Isaac was so pissed, he had every right to be.

“Isaac...calm down ok? I get why you’re pissed. And you’re right, I should have let you know I was alive, that was a jerk thing to do, but I wasn’t just goofing off, I was genuinely dying. But admittedly I should have gotten Jennifer to let you know I was alive. I’m sorry. If I had any idea that the Darach had gone after you three, if I could have helped, I would have, you know that don't you? And I know how it must look, and smell, that I abandoned my duties and decided not to let my pack know because I was with Jennifer, but that isn’t the case at all. Having sex actually finished healing me Isaac. But I swear, if I’d know how bad you guys were I’d have let you know.” He promised and Isaac glowered.

“Still doesn’t excuse it. Derek...Scott and Boyd nearly died. Scott wanted to die! All because of how he felt, because he felt that he was the reason you were dead.” He said, his voice fervent but wavering, and Derek could tell that there was definitely something else upsetting Isaac.

He knew Isaac was pissed with him, he had every right to be. But he was also trying to hide his other emotions. Something had happened with Scott, he was upset about something to do with Scott, and seemed very down, which he thought was odd (after all, to his slightly jealous resentment it appeared as if Isaac enjoyed spending time with Scott more than he did him nowadays).

“Isaac? Is everything alright?” Derek asked cautiously, and Isaac laughed humourlessly.

“Other than my friends trying to get themselves all around me, a mass murderer driving me and the people I care about insane and a murderous pack of Alphas who nearly guilted my best friend to death, yeah, I’m fantastic. You better talk to Scott.” Isaac all but ordered, and before Derek could stop him (not that he was able to move very far or very fast anyway as he was still in a great deal of pain from Isaac’s decidedly underhanded attack), Isaac left the loft, though Derek was sure he could hear Isaac sniff, as if trying to stop himself crying before he left.

Derek sighed. He was out of action for a little while and everything goes to pot. But, it was clear that he needed to talk to Scott most. The mess Boyd was in was bad enough, but the fact that Scott had almost died out of guilt and because he believed there was no escape from this miserable life had to be the main priority. Scott was his friend, and the kid shouldn’t have felt so awful that he wanted to die, not because of him. Derek shook his head in dismay. The guilt that had to be eating away at Scott, enough to make him want to die like that, and then combined with the Darach, it must have torn him apart. That and whatever had happened with Isaac, because his Beta was clearly upset about something and he knew it was to do with Scott.

And what was more, he had another reason to fix Scott. With the Alphas in town, he needed a backup. With the exception of the Alphas, Scott, due to the time he had been a werewolf, his own knowledge, Deaton being his sort of Obi Wan figure and the fact that he had seriously upped his physical game recently, and was quite the little schemer when he needed to be, the most powerful werewolf other than himself in Beacon Hills. He was certainly the most powerful non-Alpha in the town. And if anything should happen to Derek, he needed to know his pack would be looked after, and to him, it seemed like Scott would be a natural choice for another Alpha.

He was strong, brave, and had the kindness and compassion to match, a trait that Derek was willing to admit he didn’t utilise much because he didn’t like getting close to people. Every time he did that, he got hurt, and so did people he cared about. Getting close to Kate Argent was a prime example of that. Scott wasn’t like that. He was open, trusting and a lot more approachable than Derek was, and Derek knew it. And he also inspired loyalty. Should anything happen to Derek, he knew full well Scott would in his own way look after the rest of his pack. Isaac wouldn’t be a problem, he had a suspicion that if it weren’t for the fact that Derek was actually an Alpha and Scott wasn’t, he would already be Scott’s Beta rather than his own. Scott knew enough about Boyd to know that he just wanted to be liked, and would happily take him in and most likely get him to open up. Cora and Peter would be a different story, but he figured eventually Cora would agree to join Scott as well. What was more, Scott also had the power and the patience to be a leader, which admittedly, was a failing of his, at least on the patience front and it had nearly gotten all of them killed in the abandoned mall.

Derek had to talk to Scott. Besides, he was curious as to what had happened between him and Isaac.

So, wincing slightly as he got up as he still hadn't returned to normal, Derek walked awkwardly to the door to go and talk to Scott.




Isaac had gotten himself back under control. He was glad Derek was alive, of course he was. But that didn’t mean he was happy with him. After all, while Scott had been guilting himself to death and while they had been the Darach’s playthings, he, rather than at least having the decency to let his pack know he was alive, had been getting laid from his bloody English teacher for god sake. Harsh though it was considering Derek had nearly died recently, but he was a dick.

Isaac looked at the phone in his hand. He wanted to call Scott, just to let him know about Derek. But he also didn’t want to call Scott. They hadn't ended things particularly well last time, and he was afraid of what Scott might say if he talked to him again. He didn’t want to fight with him again. Isaac had had a lot of fights, and a lot of arguments in his time, but none had affected him like that one with Scott. He had only wanted to help him and had only made matters worse. And what if...what if Scott just didn’t want to talk to him? What if as a result of all this he didn’t want to be Isaac’s friend anymore?

Isaac looked at the phone in his hand, heart racing. Did he call Scott or did he not? He wanted to, but at the time same time he didn’t want to, he didn’t want to make Scott feel worse, and he didn’t want to feel worse either.

But then, the thought of Scott dousing himself in gasoline to give himself the horrible death he felt he deserved intruded on his brooding. Even if Scott wanted to stop being his friend, he didn’t want Scott to die. If Scott wanted to stop being his friend it would devastate him sure, but he wouldn’t want Scott dead.

He could never hurt Scott. Yell and rage yeah, but wish him harm never.

So, hand shaking, breath hitching as unwanted visions of his life without Scott (and now he came to think about it a life without a home too if Scott didn’t want him around anymore but somehow that seemed of much less importance than Scott not being in his life) he called Scott.

And to his surprise the answer was almost immediate.

“Isaac?” Scott asked uncertainly, his voice sounding choked up like he had a cold.

Isaac hesitated. He wanted to say things to him, to apologise, to talk about earlier, but his nerve failed him. He didn’t want to fight, he didn’t want to remember their fight, he didn’t want Scott to be angry with him, or to be reminded that he wanted him to leave. So, instead, he decided to be all business.

“Derek’s alive.” He said simply, listening intently for Scott’s response.

And then Scott scoffed.

“Isaac...look I know you’re worried about me, but lying to me isn’t going to help!” Scott cried in disbelief, and Isaac shook his head.

“I’m not lying, I just saw him!” he snapped back, but Scott just groaned.

“I promise I’m not going to top myself ok? So let it go.” He said wearily and Isaac glared at the phone in his hand.

“I’m trying to help you, Derek really is alive, and I’m not going to let it go, I’m worried sick about you!” he hissed and Scott sighed in exhaustion.

“I didn’t ask you to be. Where are you?” he asked, his tired voice changing to the softer, kind voice he was more used to hearing from Scott.

“I left remember, just like you wanted me to. I’ll come by later to pick up my stuff.” Isaac said, his voice strong at first, but fading into something more and more miserable all the time, his voice thick with unshed tears.

“Isaac...” Scott began but before he lost anymore face, and before he let Scott know how much all this had affected him, he hung up.

Sniffing and trying to ignore the tear tracks coming down his face, he shoved his phone and his hands into his pockets and walked sullenly up the street, glaring at the sidewalk and trying not to think of a life without one of the few things that made it worth living.




Scott sighed miserably as he hung up the phone. He could hear the pain and the worry in Isaac’s voice, the pain and worry he had put there. After all, he’d told him to leave when he was trying his hardest to forget the fact that he had tried to kill himself not twenty four hours before.

He felt horrible. He knew Isaac was worried about him, and cared about him and wanted to protect him, and Scott...Scott had been a cold hearted, self absorbed jerk about it and had thrown it all back at him, along with a load of cold hearted barbs and snarky insults along with it. He had pushed Isaac away when all Isaac had wanted to do was do the same for Scott that he had done for him. And Scott had gone all what he usually called full moon mood on him and acted like a jerk to him, just like he had done to Stiles during his second full moon. And now Isaac thought that he wanted him gone.

He didn’t want Isaac gone.

The thought of waking up every day, with Isaac not being in the same house, his bright smile, his good nature, his many expressions (and he found Isaac kind of cute when he got the one he liked to call his eager to please expression on, the one that made Scott liken him to some sort of dog that wanted to please its owner), his sweet, intoxicating musky smell with just a hint of the hair stuff he used, his hesitant laughter, his playfulness, his beautiful pale body...Scott shook his head. No, he didn’t want Isaac going anywhere. He wanted him here, where he knew he was safe, and happy (well he should be happy and he normally was when Scott wasn’t being a right dick to him). And the thought of not having Isaac there, of not waking up to have him in the house, or right in the bed next to him, the thought of not having Isaac gently stroking his hair or skin, all their close contact, he couldn't bear it. He needed Isaac to stay here.

“Isaac...” Scott said sadly.

He had to go out and find him, sort things out. Phoning wouldn’t do much good, he would take the bike and scour every square inch of the town if it meant finding him.

And apologise for what he had said to him when he had called. He knew Isaac only meant well and had been trying to cheer him up when he had told him Derek was alive. He was probably still terrified Scott would kill himself. But trying to get his hopes up wasn’t a good idea either.

Scott headed for the door, mind reeling, and was just putting on his shoes when there was a knock at the door.

“Isaac?” he asked hopefully, and opened the door to reveal Derek Hale, standing there, alive and well and looking immensely relieved to see Scott in one piece.

“Not quite.” He said, and Scott took a staggered step back, and without preamble, Derek strolled into the house as if he owned the place, leaving Scott standing astounded in the hall, the door wide open.

Isaac had been telling him the truth, but he had been so busy being a jerk and drowning himself in self pity that he hadn't realised it.

Yeah, looked like he was winning the prize for world’s biggest dick today.

Cajoling himself back to reality, he shut the door and followed Derek through to the living room.

“You’re alive.” Scott whispered in a kind of bewildered wonder.

“Yeah, barely, but I am.” He said, sitting down with a ginger expression on his face.

“But I...I killed you.” He whispered weakly, and Derek shook his head.

“No you didn’t. In fact if you did anything, you saved my life by doing what you did to Ennis. It wasn’t your fault the idiot dragged me down with him. But by doing what you did, you basically made him my cushion. He broke my fall, otherwise it might have killed me. I was beat up yeah, but not dead.” He said gruffly, and Scott looked at him in disbelief.

“But you, you looked dead, and...”

“I know. And I should have told you sooner that I was alive. That wasn’t a good move. But Scott, whatever might have happened wasn’t your fault ok?” he intoned and he saw Scott’s warm brown eyes look back at him curiously.

“But I...”

Derek shook his head.

“Scott, you saved me. And what’s more, if you and Isaac hadn't been there, Kali probably would have killed us all easily. In case you’ve missed it, the bitch kind of wants me dead, and all of you too. You saved Boyd, Cora and me just be being there. And you saved my life by helping out with Ennis. So thanks.” He said firmly, hoping that would be the end of it (he kept his groin covered just for insurance purposes).

Scott looked at him in disbelief, seeming to sag slightly before he slid down to the ground, and Derek stirred himself to look remotely concerned.

“You really aren't dead...I thought you were dead because of me, I thought...”

“No. You getting into such a state was kind of my fault I should have let you know. Are you ok? Isaac was worried about you.” He said, and Scott looked even more downtrodden than he did already with that information.

“I know he was. Didn’t stop me being a jerk to him.” He mumbled sadly, and Derek opted to try and cheer him up a little.

“Hey, least you didn’t throw him out into a massive thunderstorm!” he said brightly, but that was apparently the wrong thing to say as Scott glared at him venomously. Hmm, still a sore point for both him and Isaac then,

“I’m ok, well I’m better now I know you’re alive. I thought you were dead, I thought I had basically killed you. The Darach didn’t help either. You ever feel like you, well, do you ever feel like you’re just destroying everything you love?” he asked softly, his expression hesitant, childlike, begging reassurance.

Derek looked at him, feeling a sadness and kinship with the younger wolf. He’d never seen Scott let down his barriers as much as this before. Yeah he was more open with his feelings than he was but he’d never been like this before, or so willing to listen to Derek.

He decided the truth was the best policy.

“You’re asking a guy who led an insane bitch to torch her entire family remember?” he pointed out, and Scott looked horrified.

“Derek, I’m sorry, that wasn’t...”

“I know. But yeah, I feel like that a lot of the time. have stuff that I don't Scott. Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Isaac, your mom, all of them, even me to an extent if I was feeling generous, you aren't destroying our lives. If anything you’re making them better. I know it sucks a lot of the time, but you’re doing a hell of a lot more good in people’s lives than I am. Trust me.” He said, and Scott looked at him, as though unsure whether to take his word for it.

“You sure?” he asked nervously, and Derek nodded.

“Yeah, I’m sure. And another thing...I know you Scott. God knows I’ve tried to get it through your skull enough, but you still ignore me even after all this time. How many times did I try to get you to kill threats, like Peter or Jackson? And each and every time you refused me. There is no way you’re a killer, accidental or otherwise. You hear me?” he asked sternly, and Scott grinned, the first full grin he had in ages.

“You know, I never thought I would hear you nagging at me for not killing someone again, feels good to hear it. Or do you wish I’d listened this time?” he asked innocently, and Derek shot him a dirty look.

“No, for once I’m kind of glad you didn’t listen. Scott, you aren't a killer, not in any way shape or form. You yelled at me when I was going to chase down that deer to show you how to hunt remember? You didn’t want me to kill it. Scott, you couldn't be a killer. And you saved me, you didn’t kill me. There’s no way in hell, understand? Besides, you wouldn’t be able to kill me anyway. Clear?” he asked, giving as close to a smile as he ever got, and relaxed when Scott smiled too.

“Clear. Thanks Derek.” He said, and Derek could virtually see the dark cloud he had been under since their fight with the Alphas lifting off him.

“You’re welcome. Right, now, I need to go and Darach clean up crew Boyd too.” He said, wincing as he got to his feet, and Scott looked at him worriedly.

“You ok? I figured you’d have healed by now since you’re an Alpha?” he asked and Derek shrugged carelessly.

“That healed fine eventually. The kick in the balls I got from Isaac when he found out I’d been alive all that time and didn’t let you guys know because I was having sex with Jennifer, that still hurts. Aw crap!” he yelped as he realised what he had just given away, and as feared, Scott had assumed that intense pissed off look he got.

“Wait a minute, are you telling me that while I was dying because I was so wracked with guilt, you were shagging my English teacher?” he yelled and Derek bit his lip nervously.

Isaac had had enough reason to be pissed with that information, but Scott was the one who it affected most, and now, faced with the one who his lack of consideration had nearly killed, he wasn’t feeling nearly as good about the sex with Jennifer as he had done.

“I told you it was a jerk move. Please don't kick me in the balls, Isaac’s hurt like hell and I reckon you’d be worse.” He begged, not caring how pathetic it sounded.

Scott continued to glare for a minute, then shook his head in disbelief, snorting in amusement.

“And here I thought you were doing so well. Jerk. Get out.” He ordered, but there was no heat to his voice, in fact, despite himself, he was kind of amused by the entire thing.

“Ok. But are you ok now?” Derek asked, and Scott nodded slightly, not meeting Derek’s eyes.

Yeah there was still something else going on, but that was to do with Isaac rather than anything else.

And then, completely against his usual behaviour and his usual demeanour, Derek did something he never expected to do, and gently wrapped Scott in a hug. And after Scott stood there for a second, perplexed by this sudden display of affection, he hugged him back fiercely, making Derek grin.

He was getting soft.

“Thanks Derek. And you may be a jerk, but I’m glad you’re not dead.” Scott said into Derek’s shoulder.

“You’re welcome. I’m kind of glad too. Specially if it meant you went down with me.” He said, and he felt Scott stiffen, so he took a step back and looked intently into Scott’s eyes.

“You listen to me ok? Even if you are in any way involved in my eventual death...even if you finally snap and kill me yourself, it isn’t your fault ok? My life sure as hell isn’t worth yours. You hear me?” he asked seriously, and Scott smiled a little and nodded.

“Yeah. Thanks Derek. Have you seen Isaac? I need to find him.” He asked, and yep, he was once again the Scott they all knew and loved (even him, not that he’d ever admit it).

“Not since he left. If I find him on my way home I’ll tell him you want him back.” He assured, and then noticed the slight blush on Scott’s cheeks.

Deciding to figure that out at a later date, he opened the door.

“Aw crap!” he cursed, as Stiles, who had been about to knock on the door, looked up at him, eyes widening in realisation.

A flicker of happy relief moved across his face as Stiles basked in the knowledge that Derek was alive, and Scott was smiling happily and normally behind him. And then his brain did the math and his face turned furious, making Scott grin all the wider.

“You!” Stiles raged as Derek tried to shove past him.

“Not today Stiles.” Derek said, determined to escape, but Stiles was quicker and grabbed his arm.

“How about I give you a lift home? We can take the scenic route.” Stiles snarled and Derek groaned in despair.

“I can walk.” He insisted, but the glare he got was enough to dissuade him of that notion.

“Why, when I can give you a lift? Let’s talk.” Stiles snarled angrily, shoving a bemused Derek into his jeep.

“You’re about to rant and rage at me for hours on end aren't you? And drive me home in this crappy jeep of yours.” Derek asked in despair, and Stiles grinned evilly.

“Oh yeah.” He said, and the coldness in his voice was enough to make Derek on edge.

“Hey Derek! Make sure you tell Stiles about you and Miss Blake last night!” Scott called from the house, and Derek shot him an alarmed, betrayed look, as Stiles turned expectantly to him, figuring that out of two.

“Actually, how about we go upstate?” Stiles snarled, and he drove off, leaving Scott laughing and supporting himself on the door frame as Derek tried to resist the sudden impulse to kill himself very slowly with the inbuilt cigarette lighter in Stiles’ jeep as Stiles started to yell.




Scott was worried sick. He’d phoned Isaac three times, and received no answer, and he’d been out looking twice and hadn't found hide, hair nor scent of him anywhere, and now it was dark outside, with another storm moving in, it was getting cold out there too.

“Where are you?” he begged desperately, and was about to try and phone him again when the door opened, and Scott had blazed through to the front door before his falling phone even reached the sofa.

Isaac stopped in the doorway, looking like a miserable deer in headlights as Scott saw him. Scott hated himself for making Isaac look that depressed.

“I’m...don’t worry, I just came to get my stuff...if that’s ok.” Isaac mumbled nervously, but Scott didn’t say anything and just crossed the gap between them and brought Isaac’s cold leather bound body into a tight hug, burying his face in Isaac’s neck, and after a second where he hesitated, Isaac returned the hug.

“No it isn’t ok, you aren't going anywhere.” Scott whispered into his ear, breaking apart, and he smiled as he saw a hopeful look reappear in Isaac’s eyes.

“You don't want me to leave?” he asked hopefully, as though barely daring to believe it.

Scott shook his head fervently.

“Of course I don't. Come here.” Scott said, sounding like his mother, and he gently took hold of Isaac’s cold hand and dragged him through to the living room, sitting him down on the sofa and then sitting right beside him.

“Scott?” Isaac asked leadingly.

“Isaac, I am so sorry. I was a complete jerk to you, you didn’t deserve the way I treated you. It was out of order. And I shouldn’t have called you a liar too. Or hit you. And more than anything, I should never have told you to leave. Which by the way, was only meant to mean leave me alone, not leave the house, but either way, I should never have said that stuff to you. I don't want you to leave. I don't want you to go anywhere. Ever if at all possible. I really really like having you here, and I don't want that to stop just because I was a prick. Will you forgive me?” Scott begged desperately, as though his life depended on it (in a way it kind of did, his happiness did at any rate) and Isaac shook his head.

No? Scott felt his heart constricting, he’d hurt Isaac so much he actually was going to leave, he would beg on his hands and knees if that’s what it took, but he didn’t want Isaac to leave.

“You don't have to apologise Scott. I was pushing you too hard, I was...” Isaac began awkwardly, making Scott relax as he realised what he was shaking his head for.

“You were being a good friend, even though I didn’t deserve it. So thank you. I’m so sorry for the way I treated you ok? I never, ever should have hurt you, or talked to you like that, or told you to leave. I know you only wanted to help, and I was trying to push you away. You didn’t deserve it. And let’s face it, you were doing exactly what I would have been doing in your shoes. So please, don't leave. I want you to stay. You’re one of my best friends, and I...I kind of don't want to live without you. And mom, well, think of how mom will react, she’ll be depressed for weeks, and it’ll make her cry, and I hate seeing mom cry, think of mom, don't make her cry because of me! And me, well, I’ll most likely cry too, you don't want me to cry do you?” Scott asked in a pathetic, but very sweet, whimper, and Isaac shook his head.

“Of course not, I hate seeing you sad. That’s why I was trying to help. And I should still apologise, I did fight you back.” He pointed out, and Scott shrugged.

“Yeah, but not hard enough to hurt, just knock some sense into me. I was just trying to hurt you. I’m so sorry.” He said sadly, and Isaac grinned.

“It doesn’t matter. Can we both be sorry and leave it at that?” he asked brightly, and Scott grinned and nodded.

“Yeah, sure.” He said and both boys suddenly relaxed, and just like that, they were back to normal again, everything was fine.

“You really want me to stay?” Isaac asked, relaxing and leaning back on the arm rest, and Scott nodded.

“More than anything. I’m sorry.” He said a final time and Isaac grinned.

“Hey, we’re both sorry remember, forget it. And thanks, you know, for apologising, you actually said ‘I’m sorry’ which is more than I got from Derek.” He pointed out, and Scott grinned too.

“You’re welcome.” He said, and the two just sat together in silence for a bit, before Isaac looked at him hesitantly.

“Scott? Why didn’t you tell me, you know, that you tried to, well, barbecue yourself?” he asked curiously, the subject apparently taboo for him, and Scott sighed, though appreciating Isaac not really wanting to talk about it.

“Because I was stupid. But the main reason, well...I figured you had just lost Derek, and yeah, you were right, he was alive, I’m sorry for being a jerk to you when you called too, and I shouldn’t have been blaming myself, you were right about that too and I should have listened, but I figured that your Alpha was dead, I felt like I’d done it. And I had promised you that I wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t want you to think that I was checking out on you, going back on my promise. I know trust means a lot to you, and I want you to trust me not to go back on a promise I made you.” He said shyly, not meeting Isaac’s eyes and his cheeks feeling slightly warm.

Isaac looked at him in disbelief. He hadn't told him to protect him, to make sure he was alright?

“Scott?” he asked softly.

“Yeah?” Scott answered, still not looking.

“You’re an idiot.” He said fondly and Scott laughed.

“Yeah, I know I am.”

“But you want to know something else?” Isaac asked, and this time Scott did turn to face him.


“You’re a fucking awesome idiot. So thanks.” He said, and with that, everything was behind them, as the two boys hugged each other fiercely, Isaac enjoying the feeling of Scott’s fingers in his styled hair, and Scott enjoying the feeling of Isaac’s leather jacketed body pressed up against his.

“Hey Isaac? Have you got something in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” Scott asked playfully, and Isaac went scarlet.

Yes, he did have something in his pocket, but yeah, he was also pleased to see Scott, and in the exact same way as Scott’s dirty mind was thinking. He shuffled a bit in embarrassment as the two boys broke apart, trying to hide it as he looked at Scott shyly.

But, he had his own problems. Being that close to Isaac, well Isaac wasn’t the only one who was pleased, Scott was really pleased to see Isaac too.

Isaac then pulled out a DVD case, and Scott grinned.

“I was going to leave this here, because no matter what, it’s still criminal that you haven’t watched them, and if you wanted me gone, at least you could have something to remember me by.” He said nervously, and Scott moved right beside Isaac, and after a second’s hesitation, wrapped him in a one handed hug that spared them both some embarrassment, though wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as hugging face to face. But, Scott could still gently stroke Isaac’s hair and the back of his neck so it was kind of nice.

And then Scott took the DVD, a single case, but with three discs in it, from Isaac.

It was the original Star Wars trilogy.

“Call Stiles. Him and I are going to educate you.” Isaac told him, and Scott grinned.

Isaac was back, they were back to normal, all was forgiven, Derek was alive (though most likely wishing that wasn’t the case, what with sore nuts and having spent a two hour long drive with Stiles ranting at him), and Stiles and Isaac were going to kick back with him and watch a move.

Yeah, life rocked.

Settling into the sofa in the middle, he shivered slightly as the breeze from the open window passed over him. Isaac then took off his leather jacket and after a prod, made Scott put it on. Scott grinned in thanks, enjoying the warmth the jacket provided, and also the look, maybe he should get one. And then he smelled it, the scent that was just Isaac, his Isaac that he had draped round him.

Yeah, life totally rocked.




Melissa yawned as she entered the house, her back and feet were killing her after so long on her feet. She only planned to dump her stuff in the doorway, check on the boys, and then crash on her bed.

But then she saw a light coming from the living room. Rolling her eyes, she entered to switch off the tv and stopped, smiling fondly at the sight.

Scott was in the middle of the sofa, wrapped up in Isaac’s leather jacket and sound asleep. To his left was Stiles, still close to Scott, his head back and his mouth open, also asleep. And to Scott’s right was Isaac, snuggled up against Scott, his arm coiled around her son’s belly, his head on Scott’s shoulder, while Scott’s cheek was pressed against his forehead.

Coming home to this really made her day.

Smiling fondly, she draped a cover over all three boys, earning a satisfied noise from Scott, and she took a photo on her phone. After sending it to one person, with a last fond look, she headed to bed.




Sheriff Stilinksi hated night shift. But, clocking off time was near, the end was in sight, praise whoever it was who needed to be praised.

His phone vibrated.

He groaned, if that was a case when he had only five minutes to go...

He checked the phone, and the picture brought a smile to his face. Stiles, Scott and Isaac, all cuddled up together on the sofa, from Melissa.

Yeah, some things just made your night.




Chapter Text



“Isaac?” Scott called as he entered the house.

He was still in shock. He’d always known his mother was kind of awesome, but tonight she had really proved it, with a professional hand she had managed to save Danny’s life after he had somehow swallowed mistletoe. The problem was, now that Scott thought about it, this raised two important questions. Firstly, was the fate of Danny. Ethan, who had been with him at the time, claimed that he hadn't done anything to him, and Scott was inclined to believe him. However, that of course meant that it had been the Darach, but what interest did the Darach have in Danny?

And secondly, since the Darach had already struck twice tonight, that meant that the Darach needed a third victim, and it appeared to be going after healers. Which meant, his mother was now right in the firing line to be the third sacrifice.

“In here.” His housemate called and Scott felt himself relaxing as he saw Isaac’s pale, kind face looking back at him with a hint of worry.

“What’s up? You sound edgy.” He said, able to pick up even the tiniest inflection in Scott’s voice.

“I need your help.” Scott said, sitting down beside him on the couch and Isaac twirled to face him, his expression earnest.

“Anything, you know that.” He said softly, and Scott smiled and nodded.

“Yeah I do. Anyway, Danny was admitted to the hospital tonight.” He said, and Isaac stirred in slight alarm.

“Is he alright? What was wrong with him?” he asked urgently, and Scott frowned nervously.

“He’d somehow swallowed mistletoe. And yes, he was with Ethan, but he said it had nothing to do with him and I actually believe him. Claw marks yes, mistletoe not so much.” He said, and Isaac frowned.

“The Darach?” he asked, making the word a curse, after all, that thing’s mind games had nearly taken Scott from him, and he wasn’t going to forget that any time soon.

“Seems like it. Danny’s alright though, mom saved him.” He said significantly, and Isaac’s eyes widened in alarm.

“Wait a second, if the Darach was trying to kill Danny, and your mom saved him then?”

“Then mom’s just put herself on its hit list. I mean she was awesome, but now the Darach is going to be pissed that it didn’t get to off someone else. And it picked tonight, when there was a road crash, to decide to start whacking healers, which of course mom is.” He said nervously, getting agitated and the next thing he knew Isaac’s hand was gently clasped around his cheek, his eyes boring into his intently.

“Hey...we won’t let anything happen to her Scott, ok, I promise. Nothing will happen to your mom.” He promised gently, and inexplicably, Scott found himself relaxing and believing what Isaac was telling him.

“You sure?” he asked, and Isaac grinned a little.

“Yeah, pretty sure. Besides, it’s mainly self interest, if anything happens to your mom I become homeless again. Mind you so do you, so it wouldn’t be that bad.” He said brightly, and Scott grimaced.

“Not that bad? I’d get sent to my grandmother’s in Sacramento, evil old crone, I’d kill myself within a week.” He complained, and then winced as Isaac withdrew his hand from his cheek, looking anxious.

“Hey! I didn’t mean I would literally kill myself, it was just a poor joke, sorry. But you try living with the old cow, see how well you fare.” He said, feeling better as Isaac relaxed.

After everything to do with their fight with the Alphas and the stay in the trashy suicide motel where Scott had tried to kill himself (Boyd had too to be fair), Isaac had been very jumpy when the subject was brought up, and unless they were sitting together like this, he usually moved a little closer to Scott, as if to protect him from the thoughts of his attempted suicide. Scott of course hadn't abused this fact, not at all, it was just with the Darach and the Alphas in town he tended to mention death and suicide rather a lot in conversation, not because he liked it when Isaac got closer to him. However, the fact remained that Isaac was much more affected by the post attempt fallout of his suicide than he was, a fact which Stiles, ever observant, had noticed.

Scott and Isaac had both ignored him, which had only made his slightly smug grin bigger.

“So you’ll help me? Look out for mom?” he asked pitifully and Isaac nodded.

“Course I will, you don't need to ask, I like her too.” He said, and Scott grinned.

“Great. Just...keep it that way will you? She once became convinced Stiles had a crush on her because he kept breaking in in the middle of the night, tends to freak her out a little.” He said, snuggling up beside Isaac, who didn’t seem to mind at all.

“What happened?” he asked curiously, and Scott grinned.

“She knocked him out with her baseball bat, she’d already thrown him out and he came back, she thought he was a burglar. Thank god her and his dad are such good friends or that might have been very awkward to explain.” He said brightly and Isaac grinned.

“Should we go to the hospital?” he asked worriedly, and Scott, after a second’s hesitation, shook his head.

“She should be safe, it’s all hands on deck in there tonight, besides, she’s too busy to be on her own for any period though. We’ll pick her up though. Which gives us about three hours!” he said excitedly, and Isaac smiled and shook his head.

“Stiles and I have unleashed a monster. Which one? Return of the Jedi?” he asked, and Scott nodded excitedly.

“Obviously!” he said happily, vaulting off the sofa to put in the dvd.

Isaac gave him a curious look.

“You know, I can’t figure out what appeals to you about that one? Is it Princess Leia in the bikini, the space battle, or the Ewoks?” he asked, and for some reason he really didn’t want Scott to answer with the first one.

“The Ewoks! Dude, they’re warrior teddy bears who take down the Empire, they kick ass!” he explained and Isaac laughed and found himself letting go of a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

Scott then thudded back onto the sofa beside him, and then, slightly strangely, nudged Isaac’s cheek with his forehead. Isaac however immediately knew what he wanted and he moved his head to allow Scott to rest his head slightly on his shoulder.

“Thanks. You know, after the first one, I discovered you’re really comfy.” He said fondly, and Isaac smiled and leaned his cheek against Scott’s hair.

“So are you.” He said quietly, snuggling into Scott as the entry crawl began to blaze across the screen.




“You know, I don't think it’s normal for guys to be together as much as we are.” Isaac ventured hesitantly as Scott drove them to the hospital.

Stopping at the traffic lights, Isaac saw a glimmer of hurt in Scott’s eyes as he turned to face him, and he immediately felt awful, he hadn't wanted to hurt Scott, that was the last thing he had wanted to do.

“I thought you liked hanging out with me.” He said slightly defensively, and Isaac nodded eagerly.

“I do, I love hanging out, and staying with you it’s just...I don't know, that smug grin Stiles keeps having on his face is winding me up.” He said, watching as Scott relaxed.

“Just ignore him, he hangs out with us too.” He pointed out, and Isaac nodded, but he still looked hesitant, something Scott noticed.

“Isaac? What’s really bothering you?” he asked, and Isaac sighed sadly.

“It’s just...don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with you, you’re my best friend, it’s just, like tonight, when he cuddled up together on the sofa...” he said leadingly, hoping Scott wouldn’t take this the wrong way.

It wasn’t that he didn't like it when he and Scott were so close, he really enjoyed it, it made him feel warm, safe, well...loved when he was with Scott and so close.

“You don't want to do it anymore?” Scott asked, his voice odd, like it was hurt but also resigned and sad, but to his surprise Isaac shook his head.

“No, that’s not it at all, it’s just...maybe it’s just because I’m used to my dad and Derek, but I’m not used to being so close to somebody. Is that how other people are?” he asked genuinely curious, and he gave Scott that look, that look of total trust, the one where he was looking to Scott to take the lead and make things right for him.

Scott, for whatever reason, loved when he gave him that look. He loved it when Isaac looked at him like that, kind of like a kid looking at someone they viewed as a hero. At first, it had made him feel uncomfortable, realising his thoughts and opinions had such an influence on Isaac, but as time went on, he grew to adore that look. That bright, trusting soulful look he gave him, his bright eyes always seeming to look up at Scott even though Scott was slightly smaller, and he loved that it was him Isaac trusted the most, that it was him he turned to rather than Derek.

Served the jerk right for throwing him out.

“, not really. Most other people aren't like that.” He admitted hesitantly, and then he caught a glimpse of the crestfallen expression on Isaac’s face, and he couldn't help but feel that he had let him down somehow by answering with the truth.

Isaac looked out of the window into the darkness. He hadn't really wanted to know, or perhaps he had. He knew that he and Scott, touching each other so much, cuddling up together, stuff like that, he had known that that wasn’t how things usually happened between two guys. He had wanted to know if...if they were more. Or if they could be more.

Because quite frankly, this constant contact and living together, great as it was, was also driving him insane. He loved living with Scott, loved being with him, enjoyed every little electrical thrill felt when they touched, but, and he knew it was greedy, but he wanted more. Things had been a little odd after the motel incident, but while they hadn't talked as much, they had touched each other more, sidling up to each other, standing beside each other, hugging and touching and all that stuff, but...Isaac wanted a bit more.

For days now, weeks maybe, he had realised he was getting closer to Scott, in all sorts of ways. And when he had tackled him while Scott had been drowning in self despair after their fight with the Alphas, he had forced Scott down onto the bed, and their lips had been at most an inch away from each other, and ever since then, he had been wondering what it would be like to kiss Scott. And ever since he hadn't been able to get that thought out of his head, the thought of what it would be like if he actually did give in and kiss Scott.

“We can stop if you want...I mean, yeah, most guys aren't like that, but most guys don't need to know. I mean Stiles knows, but believe me, the way him and Derek look at each other at times, well they can’t really say anything you know?” Scott said hopefully, trying to make light of the situation.

This was all so confusing. Sure he hugged Stiles and stuff, and touched him a lot, but he was physical with Isaac a hell of a lot more than he was with Stiles. And he liked being that way with Isaac. It felt nice, right, and...he kind of liked touching Isaac even more than he had Allison. But he should have known it would confuse Isaac. Due to having a jerk of a father and an emotionally retarded Alpha, the closest he had ever gotten to physical comfort was anything he and Erica had done together, and as far as he knew all they had done was hold hands a bit until she had been attracted towards Boyd. Isaac, due to his father, had never really had any close friends like Scott was to him, and was bound to be a bit confused since he’d never really had a friend before.

But all Scott knew was two things, the first was that he didn't want to stop touching Isaac as much as he did, he didn't want their play fights, their hugging and cuddling, to end, he wanted the exact opposite, he wanted more. He liked it when Isaac touched him, he got a little electric shock, it made him feel alive when he and Isaac touched, or held each other, he particularly liked when Isaac either stroked his cheek, caressed his arm or ran his fingers softly through his hair. He really liked it, and didn't want it to end for any reason.

But he also knew that he would give anything in his power to banish that saddened, hurt and confused look from Isaac’s face.

“I just don't want you to get into trouble, or for people to make your life difficult, not because of me.” He said in a sad whisper which broke Scott’s heart.

“It wouldn’t be because of you.” Scott insisted, and Isaac shrugged, his leather jacket making a slight noise against the chair as he did so.

Damn it, why did Isaac have to ask him that when he was so close, smelling so good and wearing that damn jacket of his which Scott loved the look ok? The jacket, he loved the look of the jacket!

Who was he kidding, he loved the way Isaac looked when he was wearing it, he just suited it, he looked fucking awesome in it.

“I don't know...maybe we should try not to. Just for a while. I mean I don't want to, but maybe that’s the problem, I really don't want to stop being like that with you. Can we try not to be like that so much? Just be like normal friends?” Isaac asked softly, the very question killing him, he didn't want to stop, but he needed to stop feeling the way he did for Scott, he needed to stop imagining kissing him every time he closed his eyes, he needed to stop dreaming about Scott with only a towel wrapped around his bare, tanned body in the mornings, his hair dripping wet. He needed to stop imagining his hands running up and down Scott’s well sculpted chest, his fingers wrapping in his hair, his tongue in his mouth...

Stop it!

And he was being truthful about the other part, he didn't want news or rumours getting out about Scott, he was his best friend. He could and would take it, but if anything should start, he didn't want Scott dealing the any potential ridicule or fallout, he just wanted Scott to be able to relax and get a bit of peace even at school (well as much as he could with murderous wolf twins hanging around). He didn't want Scott to be laughed at or mocked. He wanted Scott to be happy and safe.

He squirmed uncomfortably, his jeans slightly tight due to what was going on in his pants due to his imagination running away with him.

Scott looked despondently at a fidgeting Isaac. He could hear the sadness and pain in his voice, he really didn't want to be doing this, but for some reason he was dead set on it. So what did he do? He could tell Isaac didn't want Scott to stop being like that with him, he was doing it for another reason, but Isaac had made a perfectly reasonable request. What could he do? He didn't want to stop being how they were, but he didn't want to make Isaac uncomfortable (though he seemed pretty uncomfy at the moment for some reason), and he wouldn’t force himself on him, he wasn’t that sort of person.

And besides, he couldn't say no to Isaac, to his beautiful, earnest, trusting face, it was too hard.

Huh, not the only thing that was too hard, he thought grimly, as images of Isaac ran around his head and he fidgeted slightly.

“Ok, sure.” He said, though his voice was low, sad and unenthusiastic.

“Thanks.” Isaac said quietly, sounding totally depressed and both of them leaned their heads against the windows as they waited for Melissa to leave the hospital.

Fortunately, the awkward silence which had descended upon the car was broken a few minutes later when Melissa, looking like a dead zombie, not just a zombie, a dead zombie, warmed up, plodded out of the hospital.

Scott grinned and gave Isaac and evil look, one he reciprocated.

Yeah, this could work, they would just limit their touchy feely stuff, they were still friends, good friends.

And so Scott honked the horn.

The reaction was worth it as a tired Melissa almost leapt a foot in the air, shrieking in alarm and dropping her handbag in fright, making both boys cackle evilly. Cursing and swearing, her narrowed eyes followed the beams of the lights to her car, and vowing an evil revenge on her two boys when she got the chance, she stomped into her car and thudded into the back seat.

“That wasn’t funny.” She said in greeting, and Scott grinned back at her.

“Woke you up though!” he said brightly, and she glowered.

“Well gee, thanks.” She said sarcastically as he drove them out of the car park.

“How’s Danny?” Isaac asked and she nodded sleepily.

“He’s fine, that nice Ethan boy was with him. And he even got a phone call, Jackson.” She explained, and both Scott and Isaac exchanged a double look, a nervous and disbelieving one as she described Ethan as nice and a shocked one that Jackson cared enough to phone his best friend when he was on the other side of the world.

He was still an asshole, but at least he seemed to have a few redeeming features.

“So why are you being so nice and giving me a lift? Hang on, did you make brownies again?” she asked dangerously, leading Isaac to give Scott a bewildered, curious look.

“Um...Stiles and me once made brownies, they turned out fine, the mess, not so much, we got it everywhere, I don't even know how we managed half of it, we had it on the ceiling, all over the kitchen, in the garden, on the shed, in the hall, on the porch, in the bedrooms, in the bathroom, we didn't mess around.” He explained as Isaac laughed.

“Well?” Melissa demanded impatiently and Scott raised a hand.

“Relax mom, we didn't make anything.” He said, and Isaac gave him a look, apparently asking permission to tell her about the Darach but Scott shook his head, she deserved just to go home and get some sleep, not worry about the latest lunatic in town.

“Isaac wanted to do something nice for you, since you let him stay, and well, he can’t drive this, he isn’t insured, and you won’t go on the bike, so I had to come too.” Scott said effortlessly, grinning slightly as Isaac went pink.

In the back, Melissa smiled.

“Than you Isaac sweetie.” She said, making his blush grow even more and he looked out of the window determinedly, Scott smirking as he did so.

But as the streetlight threw Isaac’s cute blush into greater relief, Scott really started regretting his promise not to touch Isaac as much.




“Isaac, wake up!” Scott insisted in an hissed undertone, but Isaac simply scrunched himself up in his covers and turned away from him sleepily.

Scott rolled his eyes, and whipped the covers off of Isaac, and was instantly glad that he did so. Isaac’s entire pale body was right in front of him, he was clad only in black boxers, his pale chest rising and falling peacefully, his nipples ever so slightly erect in the cool night air Scott had just exposed them to.

It was then that Isaac woke up in a hurried daze, shaking his head and glaring up at Scott.

“Hey!” he protested angrily, hoisting the covers up to cover himself up again, and Scott felt a little flicker of disappointment which he hurriedly squashed.

“Sorry, but can you help me?” he pleaded softly, his gorgeous brown eyes reflecting the light out on the street.

Oh yeah, Isaac thought irritably, like there’s any chance I can resist that look, especially when all you’re wearing is a pair of boxers. Thank god he didn't catch me dreaming, he though irritably, his eyes absorbing every square inch of Scott’s muscular, toned body, his eyes lingering on the tattoo which he had stroked his finger along many times.

“Sure, but with what?” he asked in confusion, and Scott looked at him worriedly.

“Darach watch.” He said, and Isaac immediately saw where this was going.

“Wait a minute, you want me, a virtual stranger, to sit up all night with you in your mom’s room? Isn’t that, well, weird!” he challenged, and Scott waved his hand impatiently.

“You’ll be fine, just don't touch yourself like Stiles did, that freaked her out.” He said dismissively, heading to the door, and Isaac bounded to his feet, blocking the door a second before Scott got there, grinning.

“Hang on, what? Alright, I’ll help, but I want to hear that story!” he insisted and Scott grinned.

“Deal.” He said, and Isaac moved aside so he could pass without them touching and headed to Melissa’s room.

“Um, Scott?” Isaac asked awkwardly, and Scott turned back to face him.

“What?” he asked, bewildered at the embarrassed expression appearing on Isaac’s face.

“Um, well you’re her son, so she’s seen all of you before, but won’t it kind of freak her out if she wakes up and sees me hardly wearing anything?” he implied, and Scott’s eyes and mouth widened in realisation, and Isaac thought that he looked really kind of adorable when he was slow.

“Oh, yeah. And we won’t have covers, yeah, clothes might be the way to go.” He admitted, heading into his room to change.

A few seconds later, Scott and Isaac, both slightly resentful of the fact that the other was clothed, entered Melissa’s room, and Isaac immediately sank down to the floor.

“You can take the chair.” Scott whispered kindly, but Isaac shook his head.

“No, you can take it, it’ll be like story time at school when we were little.” He said brightly and Scott grinned and assumed the seat, his mother sleeping on, blissfully unaware.

“Alright. Well, once upon a time, there was a weird little kid called Stiles...”

And hours later, as both of them were dozing, as Melissa seemed safe, Scott couldn't help himself. Isaac had dozed off, anyway, it was Scott’s turn to take watch, but as he had done so, his hand had draped over the arm of Scott’s chair, and Scott gently took it and held it, frowning a little at the coldness of Isaac’s fingers before he too dozed off.




After Melissa had woken up (jumping when she had found Scott and Isaac at the foot of her bed) and had chased them both out after Isaac gallantly took the blame for falling asleep on watch when it was really Scott, she ordered them both to get ready for school.

Isaac had wrapped a towel around his naked waist and had just left his room when the bathroom door opened to reveal Scott, slightly wet, steam billowing out of the room behind him, his hair wet about his face, his tanned chest gleaming above the towel wrapped around his own waist, coming out the bathroom.

“Thanks for taking the blame, she would feel bad if she told you off, she wouldn’t bother about me so much.” He admitted and Isaac shrugged.

“Hey, what are friends for?” he asked and Scott grinned and headed to his room, affording Isaac a generous view of his back, and he found himself detesting the towel Scott had round his waist.

Yeah, this no touching thing was clearly not working, Isaac was meant to be becoming less drawn to him, not more. Cursing himself, he entered the bathroom while Scott, who was closing his door, looked ever so slightly longingly at Isaac’s basically naked form, and for some reason he found himself hating the towel that was in the way of Isaac’s backside.




There was a knock on the door as Scott pondered what shirt to wear over his black tank top, he really needed new tshirts, he’d put on so much muscle recently that none of them fit anymore.

“Yeah?” he asked, rummaging in his cupboard, revealing Isaac, dressed in a simple black tshirt which Scott hoped to hell he wouldn’t wear with his jacket, that would tip him over the edge after all.

“Um, can I borrow your gel? I can’t find mine, I think it’s buried under the Crucible and all that catch up chemistry homework they keep giving us since Harris snuffed it.” He said, and Scott nodded.

“Sure. Did you get anywhere with it?” he asked, picking a shirt, watching as Isaac used Scott’s hair stuff and ran his fingers through his hair, styling it to the side.

“You kidding me? I’d understand Latin better than that stuff.” He complained and Scott sighed.

“You know, this Darach and alphas nonsense really doesn’t help our grades.” He complained, a small grin of appreciation on his face as he watched Isaac finish styling his hair into place.

“You know you should go to the penthouse, tell Deucalion off, in no uncertain terms, he can get stuffed till we pass our exams.” He said sarcastically as he watched Scott use his gel to start spiking up his fringe, enjoying the view nonetheless.

“Damn right.” Scott said with a grin as he finished his hair, watching Isaac out of the corner of his eye, who was watching him with both of his.

Yeah, no touching was all very well in good.

They were just making up for the lack of contact by looking at each other a hell of a lot more.

Yeah that would work.




Scott could barely move his feet as he headed towards the front door. It had been one hell of a long day. Deaton, his boss, come spiritual guide, come Obi Wan figure (he knew what that meant now, but he personally thought he was more of a Yoda) had been taken by the Darach, and tied up to wait for death. While he had been frantically searching for his boss, Isaac and Boyd had skipped school (he seriously hoped the school wouldn’t contact his mother as she was technically Isaac’s guardian at the moment, she and Isaac had enough problems without her having to play dutiful guardian to him) to go and see Derek.

Scott had originally thought it was good news. Isaac wasn’t in school, which meant to he ought to be safe from both the Alphas and the Darach, and the thought of Isaac well out of harm’s way did a hell of a lot to calm Scott down, and made it much easier for him to focus on Deaton. Isaac would be safe. And Boyd would look out for him too, and by going to Derek’s, it was clearly a sign that his anger and resentment with his Alpha had diminished and all was well again.

Then Isaac had told him Boyd had a plan to fight the Alphas and they were going to help Derek put it into effect, and so, the worry about Isaac part of him had gone into overdrive, battling with the worry about Deaton part for dominance.

And the day had been awkward too. Along with his worry about Deaton, and to his great bemusement, Isaac, he’d also gotten up close and personal with Allison, and his body had once again betrayed him, just as it had with Isaac the night before. Stupid body. Yeah he loved Allison, part of him always would, she was his first true love, and they had been shacked up in a closet together, under such close proximity, the only people who shouldn’t have been aroused were eunuchs. But, Allison was Allison, and Isaac was Isaac. Maybe he should lock himself in a closet with Isaac and see what happened.

Nice thought, very...nice...thought actually, but no, that wouldn’t work, Isaac was claustrophobic. But maybe having Scott there would calm him down, he didn't know. The thought of soothing and comforting Isaac while trapped together, yeah, that was really kind of nice.

But did he still like Allison? Or did he like Isaac? Did he like either? Did he like both?

He was so confused.

However, they had found Deaton, so while he went to rescue Deaton, fearing that Derek and the others had gotten themselves into more trouble than they could handle, Cora, Lydia and Stiles had headed to the loft to rescue them.

And now Scott was full of anxiousness. Yeah, he had saved Deaton. But, somehow, Chris Argent knew what the Darach was doing, something which was making Allison very edgy, the Darach had vanished, he hadn't heard from anyone in the Alpha party either.

And to top matters off, his eyes had gone red.

Deaton had been so excited, proclaiming that Scott had it in him to become a true wolf, a true Alpha, without having to resort to killing to become one.

Scott didn't want to be an Alpha, an Alpha meant a killer, at least to his mind, look at Derek (though that may just be his nature, even Cora had admitted her brother had a rather stone age approach to a problem, which usually began and ended with ‘kill it’). A true Alpha? Him?

His mind was buzzing, filled with the implications, the thoughts of having a pack, of being a leader, of having people’s lives depending on him and his decisions alone. And what would Derek think? Somehow he didn't think Beacon Hills could cope with two resident Alphas. And his pack, who would be mad enough to follow him? This was all so out there, he hadn't originally wanted to be a werewolf, let alone an Alpha, and now Deaton was telling him he was a true Alpha?

And there was an even better piece of news!

Deucalion hadn't come here for Derek, not really. Scott was assuming Kali, Ennis and the twins figured they were here for Derek, but not Deucalion.

No, he was here for Scott.

He wanted a true Alpha to join him, to join his pact, and after all, there was a place up for grabs and it would be just like Deucalion to try to get Scott to join his pack, and knowing him, most likely try and get him to fight Derek for the position, the right to be part of the pack and the lives of his friends.

The very thought made him sick.

Deciding he better go indoors before that nauseating thought overcame him, he entered to find his mother leaving the kitchen, glass of wine in hand.

“Hey honey, did you find Deaton? The sheriff told me that was probably why you weren’t in school.” She said, only slightly chiding.

Scott nodded tiredly.

“Yeah, I found him, so did the sheriff, we got to him in time, he’s going to be fine.” He said in relief and she smiled, dragging him through to the living room.

“So he’s alright, that’s good. I’m assuming that is why you weren’t in school?” she asked, sitting him down and he nodded.

“Yeah, it is. Sorry.” He said half heartedly, part of him was sorry, but mostly only because he had found out about his potential Alpha status.

He needed to talk to someone who knew enough to help, and not Deaton, Deaton had gotten so excited, he didn't want to take that away from him. He wanted to talk to Stiles. Actually no, he wanted to talk to someone who would really get it, Stiles would get it, sure, but there would be a piece slightly missing. Hell, he wanted to talk to Isaac, he was a wolf too, he would get it.

She smiled sadly, stroking his cheek fondly.

“You know, these maniacs have no appreciation for your future career do they?” she asked, slightly amused, and he nodded.

“Yeah, I know. Dicks.” He complained, and then she sipped her wine before giving him a nervous look.

“Mom?” he asked, wondering why she looked so off.

“The school called about Isaac too. He also skipped school. Look, I know he’s not my son, but I’m his guardian right now, and I don't want to confront him on it but because he isn’t my kid, if he misses too much of school they’ll try and take him from us, which is something neither of us want. Got to admit, I really like having him here. He cleans dishes better than you for a start.” She said brightly, and he shot her an indignant look.


“So, was he with you?” she asked hopefully, and her expression and heart fell when he shook his head.

“No mom he wasn’t. But, we kind of split up the crazies today, I got the Darach, he got the Alphas. Boyd skipped too, they went to help Derek with the Alphas, that’s why he wasn’t in school.” He explained and she relaxed a little.

“Good, I don't need to go out full out grumpy parent on him.” She said with relief and Scott looked at her with a pout.

“You do it to me!” he protested and she smiled.

“Yeah but you’re my son, it’s my privilege. I’ll talk to him in the morning, he didn't seem right when he came in.” She said worriedly, sending a concerned look to the ceiling.

“He’s home?” Scott asked, and she nodded.

“Yeah. But it was weird, he hardly said a thing to me when he came in, which is odd, he always at least says hello, he’s politer than you too...heh, sorry, couldn't resist,” she said in response to the irked look her son was giving her, “but he just went up the stairs, he didn't say a word. He didn't look at me either, he kept his face down and just ran up the stairs and slammed himself in his room. I don't know what’s going on. Scott, I’m sure I heard him crying too, I was about to go up and check on him when you came in, figured either me or him could use some dutch courage.” She said, indicating the wine, and Scott frowned.

Yeah, that didn't sound like Isaac at all. And now that he strained his ears (potentially Alpha ears, his mind reminded him irritatingly) he was sure he could just make out Isaac’s muffled sobs.

And that was all it took for his heart to break.

Isaac needed him.

“It’s ok mom, I’ll talk to him. Thanks, I’ll let you know.” He promised and kissed her cheek, and she took his hand before he ran from the room.

“Honey...I care about both of you, you know. I’m fairly with it on this werewolf lark now, so if you want to talk, either of you, I’m here.” She reminded him, and he grinned.

“I know mom. And don't worry, he knows too. If there’s one thing we both agree on, it’s that you’re awesome.” He said proudly, and she grinned, slightly flattered and shot him an approving but teasing look.

“Hey, if you’re angling for a raise in allowance you’re barking up the wrong tree. I could give Isaac one though.” She said musingly, and immediately got herself a pen and some paper to figure out if she could give him one too.

Shaking his head in amusement, Scott took the stairs two at a time, stopping outside Isaac’s door and knocking. He could really hear it now, Isaac was crying his eyes out, and he couldn't stand it, he couldn't bear for Isaac to be hurting like that, to be so sad and broken, he had to fix it. And no touching be damned, he would do whatever it took to make Isaac feel better, because let’s face it, how was he meant to comfort him if he didn't touch him?

He had to make him better, his own heart was hurting with every sob Isaac took, he couldn't stand it, he had to fix him. And when he found out what had upset Isaac, he was fully prepared to hunt it down and kill it, morals be damned, nothing deserved to live after it made Isaac hurt so badly.

He knocked rapidly on the door.

“Isaac, I’m coming in.” He said, and all he got in response was a shuddering inhalation and he opened the door.

The room was dark, but instinctively, Scott knew where Isaac was. He was curled up in the corner, his arms around his knees to try and hide his face. His trousers and the bottom of his cardigan and tshirt looked wet, and his face was streaked with tears. Scott stumbled slightly as he saw the lost, pain filled expression on his face, the sheer pain and hurt that Isaac’s bright face was being marred by. He could also see that slightly begging look, the one where he wanted Scott to put everything right, to fix it, and Scott suddenly had a really bad feeling about this as Isaac’s face was streaming with silent tears, his lip trembling and body shaking in grief and dismay.

All he knew was he had to fix this.

He crossed to where Isaac was sitting and knelt down in front of him, and, in case it made Isaac even more distressed, he avoided touching him, even though he desperately wanted to wipe away his tears, take his hand and bring him into a hug until he stopped hurting.

“Isaac, what is it?” he asked desperately, wanting to soothe him, to comfort him, to bring him to him and rock him and soothe him, to gently stroke his hair until whatever had upset him had passed and he was sound asleep in his arms.

Isaac looked at him, really looked at him, and Scott’s heart shattered, and he could feel a dark wave of depression settling in on his shoulders. Whatever this was, it wasn’t good.

“It’’s Boyd.” Isaac said in a broken, shaking voice, tears still flowing.

“What about him?” Scott asked nervously, but there could only be one thing that could do this to Isaac, only one thing could cause this, but no, it couldn't be true, it just couldn’t...

“He’s dead.”




Chapter Text



“What?” Scott asked softly as a crying Isaac looked at him, as if desperately begging him to fix it, but Scott couldn't, he couldn't bring back Boyd, which also meant he couldn't make Isaac feel better.

“Boyd...he’s dead. We laid everything out, and Kali showed up, we thought we had her, but they cut the power, we couldn't zap her like we planned, so Derek had to fight her normally. You know what she’s like, she’s just too strong, she’s far too strong for him. It was our fault, our fault that Boyd died. We didn't need to challenge Kali, but Boyd and I...we thought if we could get the jump on them, we could stop them. Derek couldn't even fight properly, he was too worried about Ms Blake, and he wouldn’t let us help.” Isaac rambled, as if trying to justify it to Scott as to how this had happened.

Scott couldn't believe it. Boyd was dead, no wonder Isaac was such a state. Derek couldn't be much better, he’d no virtually lost his entire pack, and Isaac, well he wasn’t doing so well.

“Isaac, hey. This isn’t your fault. Tell me what happened.” Scott ordered in a soft voice, and somehow it seemed to calm Isaac, who continued.

“Derek was fighting Kali, the twins had a hold of Ms Blake. Then Stiles and the others got there, they told us they were putting the electricity back on. But I don't know, something went wrong! Boyd wasn’t meant to move, Derek didn't want us fighting, he wanted us ready to protect Ms Blake, but when the electricity went back on, it knocked Boyd into the water too. I got to Ms Blake, the twins had left her, they went to help Kali, she got back up first though. Derek wasn’t strong enough and neither was Boyd, the twins took hold of Derek and then...Scott, she threw Boyd onto Derek’s claws.” Isaac said, his voice shaking and Scott reeled back on his haunches.

Oh god, this was awful. Boyd was dead, and not only was he dead, but arguably, it was Derek who had killed him. An Alpha’s claws penetrating so far into a Beta were wolf, poor Boyd wouldn’t have stood a chance, there was no way any of them could have done anything. Scott shook in disbelief, this couldn't be happening. Kali had killed Boyd, but she had used Derek like she would a knife, she had used him as the weapon to do it. Scott then felt a tugging at his front as Isaac looked up at him pleadingly.

“It’s all my fault.” He whispered in a broken voice, and Scott took a gentle but firm hold of his wrists.

“No it isn’t Isaac, none of this is your fault!” he intoned, but Isaac shook his head stubbornly.

“It is! I agreed with Boyd, him and I went to Derek’s, thinking we could stop them, but I didn't even do anything, I had to save the stupid teacher, but look what happened! Because I protected her, because I had to look after her, Boyd died, I couldn’t get to him in time. And now, Boyd is dead, Derek’s...Derek, I don't know what Derek is, and me, I’m just as bad as Kali because I let it all happen!” he wailed, his entire body shaking with grief, and Scott gently tilted Isaac’s eyes to meet his own, hating the massive pools of water that were in them, Isaac didn't deserve to feel like this, he wasn’t a killer, he was like him, not even close.

“Isaac, listen to me. Ok, are you listening? This isn’t your fault. This is Deucalion, and Kali. They’re the ones who came here, determined to kill everyone and everything that got in their way. You were doing what Derek wanted you to do. You were protecting Ms Blake. How much worse do you think he would feel if she had died too? You did what he needed you to do. You were saving a life, and that’s what’s important ok?”

Isaac looked up at him, Scott’s heart breaking as he saw that totally devastated expression on his face. He shouldn’t be feeling like this, Isaac didn't deserve to feel like this. He was...he was more important to Scott than anyone else in his own way. This strange kid, who he’d come to care about despite the fact that he seemed to be little more than Derek’s henchman, this gorgeous guy who had come into his life, already broken and traumatised. This amazing person who had come into his home, begging him for a place to stay and ever since then, he had evolved into something more than Scott had ever thought was possible. Now he woke up in the morning and couldn't imagine a time not living with Isaac, he didn't want to wake up and not have him there. Isaac, the one who Scott let down so many barriers with, the one he happily hugged and cuddled up to, the one who’s very touch made Scott’s heart flutter, and here he was, a devastated, heartbroken, grief stricken wreck sitting in front of him begging him to make the world better, to fix what had happened.

“No it isn’t. I let my pack mate die. And you want to know what’s worse? I let my Alpha get into the position where he was the one who killed him! Boyd is dead, and Derek is a wreck, all because of me! Erica’s dead, now Boyd, even my dad...and you, you tried to kill yourself too. Derek, he’s in this mess because of me, Boyd is dead because of me, and I’m the only one left. I should have helped, I should have done more!” he screamed loudly, his voice full of grief and self loathing.

Scott then gently took Isaac’s hands and pulled him to his feet, hating the tears and the look of self loathing that was haunting his eyes. Scott then gently guided him to the wall, forcing Isaac’s back up against it.

“Isaac, I want you to listen to me ok? And I know I can’t talk, but please, don't push me away, I want to...I need to help you. Listen to me, can you do that?” he asked softly, and he received a feeble nod, tears still streaming down his face, but he was virtually pinned in place by Scott, and he couldn't, wouldn’t leave until he had Isaac in a much safer emotional place.

“Isaac, you did nothing wrong. Nothing, you hear me? For a aren't a killer. You told me I’m not one, and it takes one to know one. You’re no killer. You are one of the nicest people I know, and what happened to Boyd wasn’t your fault. It had nothing to do with you. Derek needed you to protect Ms Blake. If you hadn't, she might have died too, or gotten hurt, and then that bitch Kali would have gotten the advantage over Derek. You saved him, and you saved her.”

“Yeah, but I let Boyd die. I could have done more...”

“No! You couldn't have! Isaac, all of us have fought them, and they still thrashed us. They’re too powerful. Derek is the strongest we’ve got, and he’s nowhere near as strong as they are, and if he doesn’t stand a chance, what makes you think we do? Isaac, listen to me ok. Boyd’s death isn’t your fault. Neither is Erica’s. Or even your father’s. Your father’s was Matt, and Erica and Boyd, they died because of Deucalion, and because of Kali, not you. I know you feel awful, and I wish to god that I could take away all the pain you’re feeling right now, because quite frankly I can’t stand to see you hurting this much.” He admitted and Isaac’s gaze wavered as he looked at him earnestly.

“Scott, if I had been smarter, quicker...”

“What could you have done huh? Gotten yourself killed too? So in one swoop I would have lost Derek, because losing his entire pack would kill him, Boyd, and I would have lost you too? Isaac, I can’t lose you. I need you alive ok? You did what you had to do. You protected Ms Blake, you protected someone Derek cared about so he could focus on Kali.” He insisted, and Isaac looked at him despondently.

“Scott, look what happened though! Boyd and I were the ones who went there, he wanted me with him, if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t have even been there! And I just sat there and watched when he got electrocuted, I...”

“What could you have done? Gotten fried too? That wouldn’t help anyone. Boyd falling in was an accident. And then what happened to him afterwards, that was all on Kali! Not you. Never you. There was nothing you could have done. And I need you to believe me, right now!” Scott begged as Isaac looked at him, looking so very broken.

“ was his idea yeah, but it was me who told him to tell Derek, who helped him set it out, it’s my fault he’s dead. I took him there, I encouraged him, and now he’s dead, all because of me.” He said, his voice shaking, brittle, and Scott saw he was losing but didn't know how to fix it.

And suddenly it came to him.

“Isaac...listen to me ok? Don’t say anything just listen. When we thought Derek was dead, I was a wreck. I thought it was my fault that he was dead remember? But you knew it wasn’t. You knew I wasn’t to blame. It was Ennis if anyone, not me. I was trying to help Derek remember? That’s what you were doing. You were helping Derek, by protecting someone else that he cared about. You were saving someone’s life. Isaac, no one can be in two places at once. You couldn't have saved Ms Blake and Boyd. Boyd’s death wasn’t your fault Isaac. I know that. It was Kali, not you. You saved Ms Blake, that was your job. What happened to Boyd was awful, yeah, but it wasn’t you, it was Kali. I know that it isn’t your fault that Boyd is dead. So what, you were there? You helped him, so what? That doesn’t make you a killer, it doesn’t even come close to making you responsible for it. Believe me Isaac, I swear if I could stop you hurting like this, I would. Because I know that all you’re doing is exactly what I did. Blaming yourself, because you don't know how to deal with the pain. And you also don't know how to deal with the survivor’s guilt.” He said softly, and he felt a small measure of triumph as something clearly broke within Isaac.

“Scott...” Isaac said tearfully, and Scott nuzzled his cheek with his nose protectively.

“I know it wasn’t you Isaac. Boyd’s death isn’t your fault ok? I know it hurts, and it feels like it’s going to rip you apart, but you can’t let it, otherwise Kali will win, she’ll kill you too. Take it from me, the pain and the survivor’s guilt will bury you, and you can’t let that happen. Otherwise she’ll win. And you’ll leave me alone. And I need you ok? I need you. Please believe me, don't let her win.” Scott begged softly and though Isaac kept his gaze down, Scott sensed he had won.

“Come on.” He said, gently taking Isaac’s hand and leading him to his bed.

“I’m sorry.” Isaac said in a quiet, miserable voice, but Scott shook his head.

“Least you haven’t tried to kill yourself. God I hope I haven’t just given you an idea. You have nothing to be sorry for Isaac, or guilty for. You did what Derek needed you to do and you saved someone’s life. She’s alive because of you. And no matter what you think, Boyd isn’t dead because of you. He’s dead because of Kali, no one else.” He whispered fiercely as a defeated Isaac laid down on the bed, curling into himself, and Scott could tell that he was still in pain.

“It’ll be ok.” Scott promised, knowing how pathetic those words sounded.

Isaac only shrugged as Scott gently stroked Isaac’s hair out of place.

“I’ll be back soon I promise.” He said, and Isaac suddenly sat up, looking alarmed.

“What? No, don't go, stay here. Please.” He begged urgently, his tone desperate, and Scott nodded.

“And I will. I’ll stay with you as long as you need me to, I’m not going to leave you alone. I promise. I just need to go out for a bit.” He explained, hating the desperate, pleading, fearful look he brought to Isaac’s face as he did so.

“No, it’s too dangerous, Kali is out there!” Isaac exclaimed, but Scott shook his head.

“I’ll be fine. She’s done her killing for the day.” Scott spat, and Isaac tugged at his hand.

“Please. I need you.” He whispered, and Scott sat on the bed, looking straight into Isaac’s eyes.

“I’ll be fine ok? I need to go though. I need to make sure Derek is alright, you understand that right?” he asked kindly, and Isaac nodded slowly.

“Yeah, of course I do. You’ll be careful though won’t you? I don't want anything to happen to you.” He said, and Scott nodded.

“Course I will. And I’ll come straight back to you when I come back, I swear.” He said firmly, and this seemed to convince Isaac.

“You promise you’ll come back?” he asked, not caring how he sounded and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, I’m coming back, I swear. Stay here, I’ll be back soon.” He promised and squeezed Isaac’s hand before he left him sitting in the growing darkness in his room, staring intently at the door, already waiting for when Scott would return.




“Sweetie, is Isaac alright?” Melissa asked as Scott headed down the stairs, and Scott shook his head.

“No, he isn’t. Boyd’s dead. The Alphas killed him.” He said grimly and Melissa staggered back a little bit, leaning against the wall.

This was getting worse. These were kids and these bastard Alphas were hunting them down and killing them like it was going out of fashion. They couldn't harm anyone, and as far as she could see they wouldn’t gain anything from killing a bunch of teenagers.

Her eyes drifted to her son. She knew that other than Derek he was the most senior werewolf living in Beacon Hills, which to her probably meant he was right at the top of their target list. These murderers would be going after her son.

And then she thought of Isaac, sweet Isaac who was up the stairs, broken hearted, and probably the third most senior wolf of the pack since he was the one Derek had bitten first. Which meant that another kid that she cared about, loved, was also right in the firing line, just like her baby.

This had to end.

“I need to go and check on Derek. Can you watch Isaac for me? Until I get back?” he asked hopefully, and she nodded.

“Of course I will sweetie. Do you think you can help him?” she asked as he pulled on Isaac’s leather jacket by accident, but she said nothing, she could tell her son wanted something comforting with all this.

“I don't know but I’ve got to try.” He said, heading for the door.

“Scott...please be careful. For my sake as much as Isaac’s.” She said softly, kissing his cheek and he nodded, tears beginning to seep into his eyes.

“I will mom. Look after Isaac.” He said, wrapping his werewolf partner’s jacket tighter around him for warmth and left the house.

Melissa closed her eyes wearily. How could such a small town be such a hotbed for death and misery? And more importantly, why were the kids she cared about, her three boys, Scott, /Stiles and Isaac, stuck right in the middle of it? Crazy ritual murders, slashing werewolf murders, teenagers being killed all over the was too much, and nothing any of them could do, not her, not Scott, not the sheriff, not Derek, none of them were making any progress and the problems were only getting worse, and the body count was only climbing. Sighing wearily, she headed up the stairs, and upon reaching Isaac’s room, she gave a knock and entered.

She saw Isaac curled up on the bed, silent tears streaming down his face, in a huddled shape looking at the door. Sighing sadly, hating this entire situation that was hurting all the kids she cared about so much, she silently crossed to the door and sank to the bed. Slowly and sadly, he raised his face to hers, looking completely broken, and without waiting for a sign of any sort, Melissa simply reached out and pulled him up into a gentle hug, hushing him and rocking him as he cried silently onto her shoulder.




Scott brought the motorbike to a stop outside the loft, to find a miserable Cora sitting on the step, her expression dour, looking as if she wanted to drown herself in the small puddle right in front of her.

“I couldn't stay in there anymore, not knowing that that’s where know.” She said, her voice only shaking slightly.

“I know, Isaac told me what happened. You ok?” he asked the usually brusque girl before him and she shrugged.

“I don't know. Derek’s not here if that’s who you’re looking for. Deaton came and took...took Boyd away. Peter tried to find him but he didn't know where he’s gone, he’s not anywhere around here, he’s not with Jennifer, he isn’t at the train yard...” she counted off places, confirming Scott’s suspicion as to where he might have gone to.

“I know where he is. Are you ok?” he asked, sitting down beside her and she shrugged.

“I don't know, no, not really. I wasn’t even here, I was...”

“You were helping us trying to save Deaton. I’ll tell you the same thing I told Isaac. This isn’t your fault, the only one to blame is Kali. Not Derek, not Isaac, not you, Kali. You hear me?” he asked intensely, and she nodded meekly.

“Thanks Scott. I might not like all the teenagers Derek hangs around with but I suppose you’re the best of the lot.” She said sniffily and he gave her an odd look.

“You’re a teenager yourself miss high and mighty. Go to Peter’s ok?” he asked, getting back on his bike and she looked at him in surprise.

“Where are you going?” she demanded, and he gave her a humourless smile.

“To go and find Derek where else?” he asked, and before she could stop him he had driven off.

“Hey!” she protested irritably as Scott’s headlights disappeared into the night.




It had been a while since any of them had been here. After moving to the train yard and resolving the various issues associated with the place (and most likely partly due to Stiles’ nagging), and of course the county retaking possession of the land, the Hale house had been largely unused since Derek had helped Scott with his tattoo. And he had suspected from the start that it was here that Derek had fled to, his heart and mind both in turmoil after what had happened to Boyd.

Cutting the engine, Scott took a deep breath, getting a hint of Derek’s scent as he had suspected he would have done. He climbed the stairs into the ruined house, to find Derek sitting on the threadbare sofa that had been damaged in their final battle with Kate and Peter all that time ago.

“What are you doing here Scott?” Derek asked in a hard, unfeeling voice and Scott sighed, he had know that this wouldn’t be easy.

“I’m making sure you’re alright. Isaac told me what happened. I’m sorry.” He said softly, entering into the room, trying to ignore the glowing red eyes that Derek had while he stared at his blood stained claws...Boyd’s blood.

Derek glared up at him, venomously at first, as though to make sure Scott knew he was about as welcome as dry rot, but then something seemed to break within Derek, and his eyes returned to their usual colour, and his claws seemed to shrink back to their normal size.

“What are you doing here?” he asked again, this time as thought it were an effort to even mount the energy to say that, and Scott went further into the room.

“Like I said to make sure you’re alright.” He said kindly, sitting on the sofa beside him as Derek stared hatefully at his hands.

“It was me. Did Isaac tell you that?” he asked, as though it didn't concern him, but Scott knew better, with one false move he would probably break Derek, most likely irreparably.

“He told me what Kali did. It wasn’t you Derek.” Scott began, but Derek cut him off with a snarl.

“Yes it was! It was my claws Scott, she threw him into my claws. And you know what he told me as he was dying? He told me what happened to Erica. Guess who killed her? Kali. Yeah she may be the mastermind behind my pack getting ripped apart, but the one who’s doing it, that’s me! I can’t protect my own pack!” he said with a snarl, getting to his feet and looking around in vain for something to throw, but there was nothing to be had so he contented himself with punching his fist through the wall.

Scott got to his feet.

“Derek, calm down. Boyd wasn’t your fault. When someone uses a knife to kill someone, is it the knife’s fault? No, it’s the person holding it, which is Kali!”

Derek took a staggering step and leaned against the wall, resting his forehead on his arm,

“Who are we kidding Scott? It’s me! I suck as an Alpha, I should have let you kill Peter in the first place, you’d make a better job than me. Let’s face it, one of my pack has already basically become your beta! I see the way Isaac looks at you, trusts you, cares about you. And I’m glad he has you. But he’s in my pack!” he stormed in futility, and Scott approached him, leaning his hand gently on his shoulder.

“I know he is. So does he. Because despite everything, he is still proud to be part of your pack. He’s still your beta, when you call, he comes, just like always.” He whispered and Derek sighed, scratching his now extended claws down the wall.

“Yeah. Boyd did too since we got him back. And now, because of me, he won’t be doing that again.” He said in total defeat, slumping down to the floor in a heap.

Scott sighed sadly and squatted down to look Derek in the eye. Fair enough, his eyes were always tricky to read but this time, this was different, Derek just looked completely blank, as if he had cut himself off from everything.

“Derek, this isn’t your fault.” He said firmly, but Derek only scoffed.

“That’s a good one. Now, I finally get what it was like when you wanted to kill yourself. See, thing is, everyone does die because of me, my family, Peter, Erica, Boyd...all of them dead simply because of me and the fact that I can’t help myself but get people killed!” he snarled, but Scott shook his head, resting a hand on his knee.

“No Derek. This isn’t your fault. None of it is. You’re doing the best you can. They’re dangerous, blood thirsty monsters. You can’t help that, how can you?” Scott asked, trying to make Derek see sense.

“By being a decent Alpha. And a decent Alpha doesn’t kill a member of his own pack. I’m as bad as they are.” He said despondently, at least until Scott punched him in the jaw.

“Ow! What the hell was that for?” Derek demanded angrily, eyes flashing red, but Scott shoved him back against the wall, forcing him to meet his eyes.

“You aren't anything like them. They are all insane mass murderers. You aren’t anything like that. You hear me? You are nothing like them. You’re an Alpha who just lost two members of their pack because a group of Alphas decided that they wanted you to join them. Derek...yeah, you’ve had some failures. But who hasn’t? You can’t measure yourself just on your failures.” He insisted, his voice sharp yet caring at the same time and Derek looked at him in disbelief.

“Oh yeah? Name one good thing I’ve done would you Scott? Come on, you think you have all the answers, what’s one good thing I’ve done?” Derek challenged, and Scott for once decided to ignore his tone and press on.

“Actually I’ll name two. Me and Isaac. When I first became a werewolf, I didn't have a clue did I? Yet you came along and helped me, reluctantly, grudgingly, but you did help me. And I was a serious pain in the ass at times, and I was in love with Allison too and I mean hopelessly, I didn't make your life easy, but you still took me in and helped me out. And you were the first person who ever made Isaac feel good about himself, and believe me, when he first moved in with you, he was the happiest he’d been in years, free from the tyranny of his father. Derek, yeah, you’ve screwed up, but so has everyone else. But you’ve done a lot of good too. And I need you to believe that right now! Boyd’s death wasn’t your fault. None of this is your fault. Kali killed Boyd, and the twins helped her. You didn't kill Boyd.” Scott intoned, trying to get through Derek’s thick skull, and his stubbornness which was incredibly thick as well.

Derek looked hard at Scott, but beneath the misery, he could see that he had actually managed to get through to him, which was a miracle in and of itself.

“Thanks Scott.” He said quietly, getting to his feet and turning away from him.

“You’re welcome. Derek, you may have lost a member of your pack but you still have a girlfriend, a sister and a beta, all of whom need you. And quite frankly, I don't want to have to deal with Peter if something happens to you.” He pointed out, and Derek, amazingly, came as close to a smile as he ever got these days.

“Thanks for the thought Scott. But they don't need me. Isaac least of all.” He said quietly, but Scott shook his head stubbornly.

“They do, and Isaac in particular, you’re all that’s left of his original pack. He kind of needs you to stay in one piece! So for god sake, for all our sakes, don't do anything stupid. Cora needs you. Isaac needs you. would be kind of sucky without you around to pull off of Stiles.” Scott admitted, not really saying what he felt but he got it anyway.

Derek got a little closer to a smile.

“Yeah, don't want your life to get boring after all. Look Scott, thanks. But you’re wrong. It isn’t me Isaac needs, it’s you. I think something happened when I threw him out. I mean, I think it was happening while he was still staying with me, but you got to him. I reckon he started becoming your beta a while ago. The only thing is none of the three of us wants to admit it.” He said softly, his voice slightly sad, but also proud and relieved too.

“Derek...” Scott protested, shaking his head but Derek cut him off.

“Thanks for the advice Scott.” He said, clearly ending their chat and Scott shrugged.

“Hey, you did the same for me, I was repaying a favour. Derek, this isn’t your fault ok? Boyd dying, that was on Kali, not you.” He insisted and Derek sagged slightly.

“I need to go.” He said suddenly, closing up as his thoughts about Boyd once again overwhelmed him, his beta, who he had killed.

He knew Scott was right, deep down. But at the moment, the pain, the loss, both were still too raw, as was the guilt, so he couldn't process it. And all he knew was he couldn't stay here. Kali would know he was weak, she would try and push her advantage if he stayed. He needed the others to be safe. Peter would look after Cora, and Scott...Scott would die for Isaac that much was obvious. He couldn't stay here. He’d thought that coming here to the house would help him sort it all out, but it hadn't, though he had calmed down, Scott just seemed to have that affect on people. He was calmer sure, but he was still in turmoil.

Which meant he was still useless.

And truth be told, he had known how useless he was for a while. Losing Boyd had just proved it. Maybe it was time to look for another way.

“Scott, look after the pack would you?” he asked, heading to the door, and Scott’s eyes widened in shock as he realised what he had ordered and what he was doing.

“Hey, what, where do you think you’re going?” he asked, scampering after him.

“I need to go Scott, I need to think, get my head back into place after...after Boyd. Which means I need you, the only oen strong enough who I trust, to keep an eye on the pack. I know Isaac’s a given, but could you at least keep an eye on Cora too? And Jennifer, make sure she’s safe as well? Thanks.” He said curtly, striding towards the forest, but Scott then leapt in front of him, blocking his path.

“Derek...” he said, he had to stop him, he couldn't leave now, not with everything going on.

But as he looked at Derek, something in him saw what was going on. After all, he’d been there himself. Derek needed a break, perspective, to try and sort his mind out without interference. Otherwise, he might get into the same mess that Scott had been in.

So, rather than saying anything, Scott hugged him briefly, and to his surprise, after a second or two of Derek standing stock still he awkwardly started to return the hug.

“I’ll look after them.” Scott promised softly, and Derek nodded gruffly, clapped Scott on the shoulder, assumed all fours and ran off into the darkness of the woods.

Scott looked tiredly at where Derek had vanished. Derek was losing faith, Isaac was heartbroken, there was an ever increasing body count in the town...

He forced back tears of his own and got back onto his bike. He needed to see Isaac. Because it was getting to the stage that Isaac was one of the few things that was keeping him going in this crap pile that was their life.

And besides, he had a promise to keep to him.




Scott tiredly read the note that was pinned to Isaac’s door. His mother had stayed with Isaac until he had cried himself to sleep, and then had gone to bed herself. He was tired himself. Losing someone else he knew and cared for, it was getting to him. He blinked tears back again. How many more was it going to take before Deucalion or the Darach were satisfied? Because he knew that none of them could keep going on like this.

He considered going straight to bed. But no. He’d made a promise to Isaac. And to Derek.

And no matter how bad he felt, seeing Isaac always cheered him up, it gave him a boost, acted as a talisman against the darkness that was surrounding him. And what was more, he was cold, scared and upset and the thought of cuddling up to Isaac was really good.

He quietly opened the door, but as he entered Isaac’s room, he remembered that they had a no touching rule going on. Scott sighed sadly, and was about to turn and leave, after all he didn't want this to get any more difficult or confusing than it already was when he heard Isaac moved, and he turned to see Isaac’s bright eyes staring at him through the darkness of the room.

“You came back.” Isaac said, but he didn't sound surprised, or even relieved, he just sounded happy, calm, and Scott grinned a little, Isaac was just happy to see him.

Just as he was to see him.

“I promised you didn't I? You’ve kind of had a crappy day.” He said quietly, sitting down beside him on the bed, giving Isaac a comfortable amount of space.

“So have you though. Thanks though. For earlier, I know I was a state and I’m sorry.” He said meekly, but Scott shook his head.

“Isaac, you had just watched Boyd die, you were entitled to be upset.” He said, and Isaac seemed to be looking at him, as though begging him for something, but he couldn't quite figure out what it was.

“Yeah, but you still had the crappy fallout.” He pointed out and Scott shrugged.

“You got it for me. I just didn't want you to think that you had to go through this alone. Because you don't you know. You’re one of” he said, shaking his head, and Isaac seemed to rear back, as though dealt a painful blow, as he had figured out what Scott had been about to say before he had stopped himself.

Scott however noticed this and hurriedly shook his head.

“What I meant is...I care about you far too much to let you suffer. kills me when you’re hurting, I don't like seeing you in pain. You are one of my best friends though, but this is more than that. I can’t let you suffer if I can maybe help it.” Scott explained, the urge to touch Isaac almost overpowering him, made all the worse by Isaac edging slightly closer to him.

“Thanks Scott. Now you see why I got into such a state after the Darach played its mind games on you, I was so scared I was going to lose you...I care about you too much to let it, or anyone, or anything, get you without a fight. I’d die before I’d let someone take you from me, I mean from us.” He said in embarrassment, going a very cute shade of pink in the darkness.

But far from being uncomfortable, it made Scott feel happy, safe, warm and loved. It was this, these moments with Isaac that were keeping him going, these little moments with him that he really enjoyed.

“Is Derek ok?” Isaac asked softly, and Scott shrugged.

“Kind of. He needs time I think, he’s pretty messed up but I think he gets that it wasn’t his fault. Quicker than I did anyway.” He admitted with a rueful smile, and his heart expanded as he saw Isaac smile too.

He’d needed that.

“Thank you Scott. For everything tonight.” Isaac said, and Scott grinned and got to his feet.

“You’re welcome.” He said, turning for the door, hating that he couldn't touch Isaac, he knew Isaac was still hurting and wanted just to hold him, to banish all his pain and hurt, to make him Isaac did for him when he held him when he was having a crappy day.

And then he heard it, a small keening noise that Isaac made unintentionally in the back of his throat.

“Where are you going?” he asked desperately, and Scott turned to him, bewildered.

“Um, bed?” he ventured and then he saw the crestfallen look on Isaac’s face.

“Oh ok.” He said meekly, and as Scott stood there in confusion as a tired and saddened Isaac suddenly started taking off his clothes before squiggling under the covers, wrapping his cold pale chest underneath the covers sadly before hiding himself from view.

“Night.” He said sadly, and then abruptly it all clicked.

“ you want me to stay in here?” he asked nervously, afraid of what the answer would be, he so wanted Isaac to want him with him.

And then he saw them, Isaac’s two beautiful eyes peering at him from over the covers.

“If you want. Well, I wouldn’t say no, it’s just...I kind of like sleeping with you. I don't want you to go, not tonight.” He admitted, and though he was sad, he was also excited, and excitement Scott could relate to.

“I like sleeping with you too. I’ve kind of gotten used to you sleeping with me anyway. And...” he began, but then hesitated, making Isaac sit up and look at him, covers falling to reveal his bare chest, his slightly erect nipples and Scott squirmed, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“And what? You ok?” Isaac asked worriedly, but as Scott fidgeted and went red he found himself really enjoying the very cute crimson blush on Scott’s cheeks.

“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just...when I’m with you, you know, hanging out with you, having fun, doing homework even, or you know, when we snuggle,” he lamented the loss of that particular pastime, “it’s kind of like, it feels right, it makes me feel good. I really like it, just being with you, it’s like...”

“The best part of the day.” Isaac finished, also going red with embarrassment, and Scott, still crimson, nodded.

“Yeah. Exactly.” He admitted, but as he saw the self satisfied and relaxed grin that Isaac, still looking gorgeous in that bed, had on his face, Scott didn't care that he might have said too much, it was worth it to put that expression on Isaac’s face.

“It’s the same for me you know. Just spending time with you. And when I’ve had a bad day, and let’s face it, we’ve both had a lot recently, it makes me feel better too, it cheers me up, just seeing you.” He admitted, and Scott grinned shyly, before chancing a look at Isaac.

“So, do you want me to stay?” he asked, not bothering to keep the hopeful tone out of his voice, and his heart soared as a smiling Isaac nodded.

“Of course I do. Anyway, I sleep better when you’re here too.” He reasoned, as if that was the only reason (far from it), and as Scott moved into the view of the streetlight, he had to admit, he looked really hot wearing his leather jacket.

“You suit it.” He admitted playfully, and Scott grinned, stripping down to his boxers, revealing his tanned tattooed body and he then slowly got into bed beside Isaac, too busy looking at the gorgeous pale were wolf beside him to notice Isaac staring hard at the tanned wolf getting into bed beside him.

“Um...” Scott began awkwardly, and Isaac gave him that look, that intense, stubborn look that he loved as much as his trusting one.

“Know how I said we shouldn’t touch each other so much?” he asked and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, it...well it kind of sucks.” He admitted, and Isaac, to his surprised delight, nodded fervently.

“Yeah, that was dumb, let’s not do that. I like the way we are with each other, and I don't want it to change. I just...I didn't want you getting grief because of it. You don't deserve it.” He admitted, turning his head away, and Scott, insides cheering, heart in particular, took Isaac’s cheek and turned it towards him.

“Then we don't change. Because I really like how we are together too.” He whispered, stroking the tear streaks that still marked Isaac’s cheek.

“Good. So, can we touch each other again?” he asked hopefully, eagerly, like an excited kid, or playful puppy and Scott grinned.

“Yeah. If only because I’m still cold from being out in the woods and you’re really warm and comfy.” He admitted sheepishly, and he barely managed to suppress a moan of pleasure as Isaac wrapped his arms around him, their pleasant warmth warming his chest and back as the two boys snuggled up together.

“It’s weird but...I missed you.” Isaac admitted, his eyes gazing into Scott’s, who smiled.

“I missed you too.” He whispered, stroking Isaac’s hair gently, enjoying it as Isaac snuggled into his rapidly warming chest, his left middle finger stroking Scott’s tattoo absently, his eyes drooping as Scott stroking his hair started to make him feel drowsy, as Isaac’s heat did the same to Scott.

“Scott? Thanks. For everything tonight.” Isaac muttered sleepily, a slight sniff to his voice as he remembered Boyd once again, his head lying softly on Scott’s bare shoulder, his breath tickling his bed buddy’s pecs.

“You’re welcome. You did the same for me anyway. And yeah, not touching is stupid, lets not do that anymore.” He whispered, still stroking Isaac’s hair as he snaked his other arm around Isaac’s chest, bringing him in close, both for warmth and comfort as he could see the moon reflected in Isaac’s tears again, really enjoying how it felt to have him cuddled up against him like that.

“Agreed. Night Scott.” Isaac muttered sleepily, his voice choked, dozing off, safe and warm in Scott’s grasp, right where he belonged.

Scott gave Isaac’s beautiful sleeping form a sad smile as he snuggled in to go to sleep, he was clearly starting to doze off himself. As such, Scott pulled the covers up over them, caressing his hand down Isaac’s side lovingly.

“Good night Isaac.” He said softly, and gently wiped away the last of his tears.

Yeah their lives sucked at times, but this, this was what made it worthwhile, when the two of them were safe and together. And somehow, Scott suddenly felt like the two of them could do anything.

“I won’t let them hurt you, don't worry.” He whispered, and hesitantly kissed Isaac’s forehead.

All Isaac did was give a sleepy grin and try to cuddle up a bit more. So, smiling, Scott finally gave in, drifting off to sleep himself, his forehead leaning against Isaac’s, and one hand with his fingers threaded through his hair. And Isaac, leaning against Scott, one arm coiled around Scott’s body, and with the other hand securely in Scott’s free hand, both boys holding on to each other tightly as they slept.

Chapter Text



“Isaac? What is it sweetie?” Melissa asked as she was heading out the door, seeing their resident house guest sitting in front of the tv with an angry expression on his face, as if the tv itself had done him a personal wrong (she could well sympathise, her show had been cancelled the week before due to a sporting event, furious did not describe it).

“Nothing, I’m fine, don't worry. See you in the morning.” He said, his expression softening as he turned to face her and she entered the room, her brow furrowed in concern.

“Honey, you know you can talk to me right?” she asked kindly, and he nodded.

“Yeah, I know, and you’re great, but it’s nothing, it’s not that important.” He assured her, and she gave him a suspicious look before nodding reluctantly.

“Just remember, I’m here if you want to talk about anything. Well not here here, I’m going to work, but you get my drift.” He said, cupping his cheek fondly before she headed for the door, allowing Isaac to wrap his arms around his legs and remain glaring at the tv.

True the subject matter wasn’t helping his mood. Cartoon Network had decided to put on a twenty four hour showing of Star Wars Clone Wars, and it wasn’t even the best parts of the show that were on, they were showing the later seasons where the storytelling took a real dive, and it seemed like they were out to subvert the established story at any opportunity. He and Stiles had spent an afternoon explaining to Scott just why they, as ardent Star Wars fans, disliked the show so much. And there, he had thought about them again, making him scowl even more. Both Scott and Stiles, the two of them were the current targets for his anger. He was mad at the two of them.

And it wasn’t just them, it was Lydia and Allison too. He was mad at all four of them, not to mention a little hurt. He knew it was stupid to feel like this, but still, he did feel like that, and in the rather sour mood he was in, he was finding it difficult to care.

Not only that, he was worried too. Derek hadn't been seen since...since Boyd had died. Shaking slightly, Isaac wrapped his arms around himself, holding himself even tighter. It had been difficult, ever since Boyd had died. And then, after that, after the emotional state he had gotten into, Derek had vanished, and now it seemed like the only one who bothered to let him know anything was Cora, who was going round the twist worrying about her brother. And Peter too to an extent, but Isaac didn't trust him as far as he could throw him. Both of them were keeping him informed of their quest to find his Alpha, but as they had no luck he was feeling worse than useless.

He scowled angrily as the credits rolled for another episode, though they softened slightly as he saw it was one of the better story arcs. That didn't take his mind off of what was going through his head though. Boyd was dead. Boyd had been part of his pack, and Isaac didn't think he was being arrogant when he thought of himself as Boyd’s only friend, and Isaac, just like Derek, Stiles, Ms Blake and Cora had all watched the life leave Boyd’s body after Kali had thrown him onto Derek’s claws. He had been a total state after that had happened, and only patient love and care from Scott had kept him from drowning in self loathing and guilt, just as Scott had nearly done after he thought he had gotten Derek killed.

And once again, his mind was brought back to Scott, and he scowled, though felt a pang of sadness in his heart as he thought of him too. That night, something had changed between them, it seemed like there had been less boundaries between them than usual (not that they had many to begin with anyway). He couldn't (and didn't want to) forget how it had felt, how good it was to feel loved like he did when Scott’s warm hands stroked his cheek, how nice and right it felt when Scott held him and wrapped his arms around him, both boys snuggling up together. He loved how relaxed and calm he felt when Scott, right beside him, cuddled up to him, gently stroked his hair, how natural it felt to find his hand in Scott’s. He loved waking up beside Scott, feeling safe and warm in Scott’s grip, taking in all of Scott’s body as he woke. He wanted to be held and comforted by Scott, and he knew that Scott had kissed his forehead and he really didn't care, it was Scott. It felt natural that they were so close, that they slept together most nights, that he enjoyed it when Scott hugged him or stroked him. And more than anything, he delighted in the fact that Scott cared about and valued him in the same way that Isaac valued him, as a friend, well let’s be honest, as more than a friend as he spent a lot of his time wondering what it would be like to explore Scott’s body without the confines of friendship, what it would be liked to be able to call Scott his, wondering just what his lips tasted like.

Or so he had thought.

Because tonight he wasn’t quite so sure about how much Scott valued him.

He huffed. He knew he shouldn’t take it so personally, but he was. And it was bad enough that it was Scott, but it was all of them, Stiles, Lydia and Allison too. Huh, maybe he shouldn’t be surprised, after all, when did the limited number of friends he made ever stick around?

Crap, now he was thinking about Boyd again. And just as bad, he was now thinking horrible thoughts, in which Scott left him and didn't come back, claiming not to care about him. No, that wouldn’t happen, that was like saying something bad was going to happen just to upset yourself. Scott wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t leave.

But, a nasty little voice in his head said, the Alphas or Darach might kill him.

Isaac growled angrily, all he was doing was making things worse. Yeah Erica and Boyd were dead, but he had Scott and the others. He thought, maybe...he didn't know.

He scowled. This wasn’t helping and dwelling on it didn't help matters either. He shouldn’t be so thin skinned. But still, he couldn't deny that it hurt.

He switched off the tv irritably and headed for the stairs, he needed to calm down, try and forget it. Scott wouldn’t have meant anything by it, he knows that. But still, it does hurt and he really can’t bring himself to feel guilty about being angry with them.

In fact, screw them, he was angry with them. All four of them, why shouldn’t he be? Hurt yes, angry, definitely. He slouched towards the stairs, glaring at everything in sight. He was being immature, at least he thought so, but he didn't have it in him to care, he was entitled to be angry and hurt even if it was for something silly like this.

And then it occurred to him, the thing that was really annoying him was the fact that Scott had done it. If it had just been the other three, he wouldn’t have minded nearly so much, and wouldn’t have taken it nearly so personally. But no, it was Scott, and it was seriously pissing him off.

He was just heading up the stairs when the door opened, and he felt himself relax a little as he caught the spicy mixture that was Scott, the mix between aftershave, deodorant, hair product, motor oil and his general, spicy, exotic scent, the one that he carried naturally, that was the smell. That was the smell that he loved smelling on his pillow every time they shared a bed, the smell he loved waking up with in his nose when they slept together, the smell that he would quite happily wake up smelling for the rest of his life.

Well any day in the rest of his life except for tonight.

“Isaac?” Scott called loudly, then spotted him on the stairs, giving an audible sigh in relief as he saw him.

“What?” Isaac asked sullenly, surprised by how irritable he could sound without even trying and Scott frowned, sensing the hostile tone in Isaac’s voice and wondering just what was up with him.

“Isaac what’s wrong?” he asked, his automatic instinct to fix it coming to life, he wanted, needed to fix whatever was wrong with Isaac.

Isaac however crossed his arms, and Scott could tell that he was basically keeping Scott at arm’s length, which made him even more confused.

“Nothing. I’m going to bed.” He replied, turning and heading up the stairs, and Scott looked up at him, feeling very confused, not to mention slightly hurt, he couldn't think why Isaac was so hostile.

“But, I...we need to talk.” He said, deciding that telling him ‘I need to talk to you’ could be construed in so many wrong ways.

Isaac shot him an angry look over the shoulder, his eyes like daggers which made Scott recoil slightly, served him right.

“Why not talk to Stiles, or Lydia, or Allison? I’m sure they can help you.” He replied savagely, and despite knowing he was in danger of crossing into being a jerk he couldn't help but feel slightly triumphant as he saw the hurt and bewildered expression that appeared on Scott’s face as he disappeared up the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, Scott stood staring at where Isaac had been only seconds before, hearing his door slam. Scott scratched his head in puzzlement, Isaac never shut his door. But doing it the way he just had, that was clearly a sign. He didn't want Scott near him, and he certainly didn't want to talk to him.

He shook his head, trying and failing not to feel hurt. After the police had come and collected Deputy Grahame’s body, the thought of seeing Isaac had been the light at the end of his tunnel, the reason he wanted to get home so quickly. He wanted to see Isaac, to talk to him, to mull things over with him, he wanted Isaac to bring him into a hug, to feel Isaac gently stroking his hair as he leaned against his chest, he wanted to see that expression that he so loved on his face, the one that made Scott feel like he could do anything, simply because Isaac believed that he could.

And instead he had been given one hell of a cold shoulder and couldn't think why.

And damn it, it hurt more than it should have.

Isaac was his friend sure, and he really, really cared about him. But somehow during the time that Isaac had been living with them, Isaac had become more important to him than he had any business being, and now it seemed that, he didn't know. They were different, the two of them, there was something between them that Scott loved, cherished, and actually believed that he would kill to protect it. And now, Isaac was giving him the cold shoulder, and it hurt like hell.

They had decided not to give up on their bizarre relationship, quite frankly both of them craved the comfort, presence and touch of the other too much for it to work. That was something he had filed under the category of ‘something I should care about but really really don't’. He and Isaac were what they were, and neither of them cared, and both of them were happy. Well they were meant to be. Had Isaac suddenly decided to give up on their relationship? Or was he treating Scott so coldly for another reason?

Trying to ignore the slight tightness in his throat (he put it down to stress, lack of sleep (he only really slept properly when he was cuddled up to Isaac) and the aftermath of finding the deputy’s body) he called Stiles.

“Hey buddy what’s up?” Stiles asked almost immediately, and Scott could hear the weariness in his voice.

“You ok?” Scott asked, after all Stiles had known the deputy.

“Give me a day or two, I’m getting used to it.” He replied tiredly, and Scott felt another wave of hatred for all of this.

Stiles had been his best friend virtually since they were both in diapers. He didn't deserve to be feeling like this, he shouldn’t be used to the plague of death that seemed to keep coming to Beacon Hills, whether it be caused by an Alpha, a Kanima, a pack of Alphas or the Darach. In truth, none of them deserved to be so world weary and fed up, or to have seen so much death before they were all even legal to drink.

“It’ll get better Stiles.” Scott promised, however he knew just as well as Stiles did that the promise was empty, and Stiles showed that he knew it by giving him a world weary sigh.

“I suppose. Anyway what’s up, you sound really down in the dumps too?” he asked and Scott bit his lip, Stiles didn't need his problems on top of his own problems.


“Don’t even think about it Scott, bad things tend to happen when you pent things up, so spill, what’s wrong?” Stiles asked and Scott sent another hurt and bewildered glance up the stairs.

“It’s Isaac, he seems really pissed with me and I can’t think why. I don't think I’ve done anything that would upset him.” He said uncertainly, because for the life of him he couldn't figure out what had so bothered Isaac to make him so angry.

Stiles made a thoughtful noise as he considered the problem.

“You been snoring again?” he asked, and Scott scowled.

“I do not snore thank you very much.” He said with dignity, though he did feel slightly better, Stiles sounded a bit happier at least.

“Hmm, what did he say?” Stiles asked, genuinely curious now, and like his father, when he encountered a mystery he had to solve it.

“He didn't actually say that much, he was heading upstairs when I got in, and I told him I wanted to talk to him, and then he said I should talk to you, Lydia or Allison, that you guys would help me, then he flounced off.” Scott reported, trying not to sound hurt, and on the other end of the phone, Stiles made a noise of understanding.

“Give us a sec, I’ll put you on hold. Get the girls to text him to find out if he’s talking to them.” He said, and dutifully, Scott put Stiles on hold and sent the text to Lydia and Allison, asking them to text Isaac to see if anything was wrong. He then went back on the line to wait for Stiles to respond.

“If it’s any consolation buddy, he isn’t just pissed at you, he’s pissed at me too, he just told me to get stuffed.” Stiles reported, and after putting Stiles on hold again, Scott found that the girls had received similar responses.

“Alright, weird, he said it to the girls too.” Scott said, puzzled, and Stiles sounded apprehensive.

“Um, don't take this the wrong way but was Isaac in when you came to meet Lydia and I?” he asked, and Scott nodded.

“Well of course he was.” He said wondering why the hell he thought this was important.

Stiles sighed, making Scott give a resentful scowl. He was bright enough, in his own humble opinion, but he did know Stiles and Lydia were the brains of the group, he Isaac and Allison were a mix between brain and brawn and Derek and Cora were just the brawn. But having two clever people in the group did annoy him at times, because it made him feel stupid when they realised something that he hadn't.

“Well that’s probably what’s pissing him off.” Stiles explained patiently and Scott snorted.

“What, he’s pissed because I didn't spend the night with him? We’ve hung out separately a load of times, it’s not as if I’m his boyfriend!” he protested, then wished he hadn't, because that naughty daydream, where he and Isaac were lying together in bed, kissing each other, had come back with full force, so he shook his head to clear it.

And besides, he sounded like he was lamenting the fact that Isaac wasn’t his boyfriend and that wasn’t it at all. He didn't want it to be that. Well maybe he did, but that was just too confusing.

“Scott...Isaac was in the house. And then you zoom out of there, leaving him with your mom without explaining, watching some of the crappiest episodes of Clone Wars made FYI, to go meet me, Lydia and Allison. You really don't see where I’m going with this?” Stiles asked patiently, and Scott sighed, and rather than feeling hurt, he now felt a bit guilty.

Yeah, he had kind of abandoned Isaac. After all, Isaac lived here now, and he was one of Scott’s best friends. In many ways, he was something more than a best friend, after all, Scott wasn’t nearly so touchy feely with Stiles and certainly didn't sleep with him. And Scott had just walked out on him, and so had the others. They had all left him on the outside looking in and that would go a long way to explaining why Isaac was so angry. Scott sighed sadly. Isaac didn't know what they had been doing, of course he was bound to feel resentful, thinking all of them were together and that they just didn't want him there. For a kid who’d spent his entire life virtually friendless until he’d become a werewolf and met Scott, Stiles and Boyd, Isaac had had nobody. And now, it had to seem to him like the friends he had made didn't want him around either.

Yeah, now he felt crappy, he kind of deserved the cold shoulder Isaac had given him. He should have told him what was going on, where he was going, even if Isaac had known it wouldn’t have mattered, but he hadn’t, and he had been left behind in the house with Melissa thinking that his friends were together and doing something together and he wasn’t there.

“Thanks Stiles. See you tomorrow.” Scott said tiredly, and Stiles made a noise of assent.

“Hey, text me when you’re done so I can apologise to him to. We won’t tell the girls, they can stew in his bad books a little while longer.” He said brightly and Scott allowed himself a small grin before he hung up.

Climbing the stairs two at a time, he knocked on Isaac’s door.

“Isaac? Can I come in?” he asked softly, and he heard a grunt of reluctant consent and he opened the door to see Isaac scowling on the bed as he read a book for English.

“What?” Isaac challenged irritably and Scott sighed.

“I’m sorry.” He said approaching the bed hesitantly, and Isaac’s face turned to one of surprise.

“Oh? What for?” he asked, seemingly genuinely surprised that Scott was apologising.

“For running out on you earlier. I shouldn’t have left you behind like that, or I at least could have explained where I was going.” He said, sitting down on the bed beside Isaac, taking it as a good sign that Isaac didn't tell him to get lost.

“Scott...don’t you trust me?” Isaac asked sadly, and Scott turned to see one of the few expressions on Isaac’s face that he detested, the one that it felt like if he said the wrong thing, it could break Isaac. He was looking at Scott intently, and Scott could feel the weight of responsibility hanging over him knowing that one move could affect Isaac in all sorts of ways.

“Of course I trust you, I trust you with my life! With mom’s life too, you know that.” He chided gently, cupping his hand around Isaac’s cheek, knowing he shouldn’t but still feeling heartened when Isaac didn't shove him off as the two boys looked intently into each other’s eyes.

“Then did I do something wrong? Do you not want me around?” Isaac asked uncertainly and Scott took a sad breath.

“Of course you didn't, it was just me being an idiot. I love having you around.” He assured him, leaning in close, their lips close to touching as the two looked into each other’s eyes.

See it was things like this that made him enjoy having Isaac around more than he should do, but despite the slightly uncomfortable feeling in his pants, he didn't care.

“Then...” Isaac began in confusion, and Scott shook his head.

“Look, we weren’t hanging out or anything. Lydia called us. She had one of her finding state things.” He explained, and Isaac groaned.

“Aww what? Now I feel like a colossal jerk, that’s completely different, I thought you were off hanging out, or talking about stuff and you just didn't want me getting in the way, I didn't think it was anything like that.” He said, hating himself, but Scott shook his head, pressing his forehead against Isaac’s and making the other wolf look right into his eyes.

“Hey! Stop that. You couldn't have known. Well you could have, but that kind of depended on me telling you, which I didn't, so this is all really kind of my fault. I should have told you what was going on, I definitely shouldn’t have just driven off and left you behind.” He admitted sheepishly, but Isaac still didn't look happy.

“Scott, I was stewing in my own juices thinking you guys didn't want me around, when you were doing something important! I feel like a right jerk.” He lamented but Scott shook his head.

“Don’t. You had no way of knowing.” He soothed, sitting back as Isaac, still looking unhappy with himself, did mellow a little bit, and Scott thought he was in the clear.

And then Isaac hit him in the head.

“Ow!” Scott protested angrily, that had hurt, Isaac had a particular skill at always hitting you where his nails would hurt the most.

“You went to another killing and left me behind!” Isaac grumped, his tone angry and admittedly, if Isaac had done the same thing to him, he’d be pissed too.

But while he was angry, it was Isaac’s eyes that had drawn Scott’s attention, they were wide and fearful, as though he were mulling over all the possibilities of what might have happened to them all because Scott had left him at home. Admittedly, if they had run into trouble, Scott would prefer that Isaac was far from any danger, but it also meant that the others would all have been in danger and he would have been the only one who might have been able to protect them from either the Alphas or the Darach (or knowing their luck at the moment some other random supernatural killer, it was like there was a frigging convention in town or something).

Once again, Isaac was entitled to be a bit miffed with him.

“Alright, fine, chalk me up for another point on the jerk board. I shouldn’t have left you behind in the first place, I should have at least told you where we were going. And yeah, leaving you behind when other than me and arguably Allison you’re the only other one out of the five of us who’s any great help in a fight, definitely wasn’t a bright move either. I’m sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, it wasn’t because of you, it was just me being dumb. Ok? Isaac, I care a lot about you. You’re one of my best friends, and if we did do something, I would want you there with me ok? I need backup to pick on Stiles, and vice versa. I wouldn’t leave you behind. Tonight I was just stupid, and inconsiderate. You were kind of right to be mad at me.” He admitted and Isaac shifted guiltily.

“Yeah, but I’m still a jerk, I was mad at you when you were doing something important, it wasn’t a social trip or anything, you were helping Lydia.” He said, turning away from Scott, and Scott took Isaac’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Hey, forget it alright? In your shoes, I’d probably be a bit pissed off too. But we’re your friends. We wouldn’t exclude you, I promise.” He vowed, and Isaac once more found Scott’s words soothing him, calming him down and convincing him that despite the increasing number of murders, all was still basically right with their world, at least their own little bubble.

“So...was it the same as she usually does?” Isaac asked in concern, and Scott nodded grimly.

“Yep.” He answered, he really didn't need to say anything else, and Isaac groaned.

“Who we thinking, Alphas or Darach? And...who was it? Anyone we know?” he asked, as if the answer wouldn’t phase him, but they both knew it would, ever since Boyd had died he had adopted a faux blasé approach to death even though he now felt it all the more keenly every time it happened.

“Darach. And we kind of knew her, it was Deputy Grahame.” He reported and Isaac sighed wearily.

“How’s Stiles?” he asked worriedly and Scott shrugged.

“A bit shaken up, he knew her. And so’s Lydia, she’s still clueless as to how she keeps finding the bodies. We all are.” He said irritably and Isaac scowled.

“Are you sure Deaton doesn’t know anything?” he asked, and Scott shook his head.

“He doesn’t, I’ve asked. The annoying thing is, I think Ms Morrell does. You would think since they’re both Emissaries, and brother and sister they would at least compare notes, but no.” He grumbled and Isaac extended his claws.

“I could persuade her to tell you.” He volunteered cheerfully, and Scott grinned despite himself.

“Tempting, but no. Deucalion and Kali might not take you roughing up their Emissary well, and I’d rather they didn't come after you. One, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt and two, they would come here, and that carpet in the hall was only put in about a week before you arrived.” He said and Isaac laughed.

“Alright fine. The offer’s still there though.” He said, retracting his claws and Scott smiled.

“I know it is.” He assured him and the two sat in companionable silence.

Because both of them knew one thing full well, they would both do anything for the other.

“So what are we going to do about Lydia?” Isaac asked after a while and Scott shrugged.

“Same as we always do, watch her. And we’ll need to get someone else to watch her when she’s at home, Stiles says her mother keeps phoning in that there’s someone watching the house, we could do without the sheriff having to arrest his own son for stalking.” He said, vexed and Isaac sniggered.

“You’re funny when you get all stressed out.” He said grinning easily, and Scott groaned.

“Speak for yourself, we’re all a bag of nerves, I don't see how you’re so calm.” He said irritably, and Isaac gave him a trusting look.

“Because I know you’ll figure it out.” He said earnestly, and Scott felt his cheeks go scarlet at the trust and faith Isaac was putting in him. He wished he believed it himself.

“Thanks.” He said meekly, touched by Isaac’s statement, and his companion shrugged.

“Besides, I am a bundle of nerves, I just hide it better, years of practice remember? I didn't want you worrying I was going to have a breakdown.” He admitted ruefully and Scott grinned.

“Could you not stop? I can only deal with one breakdown at a time.” He asked hopefully, and Isaac smiled.

“Sure, I’ll try to reschedule my imminent mental collapse to a time that’ll suit you better. How about two weeks on Thursday?” he asked cheekily, that wide smile on his face and Scott swatted at him playfully.

At least they all still had their dark, cynical senses of humour.

“Not really good for me, how about something the week after?” Scott asked, moving to get up, ducking as Isaac swatted back, grinning as he did so.

He got to his feet, grimacing slightly as he tried to fix his sore back muscles, earning him a concerned look from Isaac.

“You ok?” he asked, not liking the pained expression on Scott’s face.

“It’s not funny, I think it’s stress, it’s making my back sore.” He complained, and Isaac’s face lit up slightly, before he looked at him shyly.

“Um, well know how Boyd was a big guy? He showed me a couple of tricks to help, want me to try them?” he asked nervously, earning him a surprised look from Scott.

Isaac was shy about this. He really wanted to massage Scott, to make him feel better, and to banish his uncertainty and pain. And he really wanted to feel Scott’s hot, muscled body beneath his fingers. But he was also mortified that Scott would refuse, that he would make Scott uncomfortable, he didn't want to face any possible awkwardness in their relationship.

“You know how to massage people?” Scott asked in surprise, and Isaac went pink.

“Um, yeah. Well I didn't actually massage Boyd, but he told me how to do it and he had my practice, it was all very weird, I don't even know if I’ll be doing it right.” He said, feeling awkward and hoping Scott would give him this out.

Scott shrugged.

“Hey if you think you can help, try it, anything has to beat this.” He said, and to Isaac’s delight, Scott stripped off his tshirt and sat down on the bed in front of Isaac.

Isaac felt his heart flutter with nervous excitement (it wasn’t the only thing changing its usual pace, his trousers were getting rather tight too) as he placed his hands on Scott’s warm shoulders.

“So, bottom of your shoulders and your neck?” Isaac asked and Scott nodded.

And then Isaac slowly began to massage him, his thumbs working out the knots in Scott’s warm, toned back. And as he worked, he could feel Scott getting slightly heavier, he was relaxing, Isaac’s touch soothing him completely as he worked out the knots and pains he had in his body. Isaac gently kneaded his skin, enjoying himself. Scott was nice and docile beneath him, enjoying the touch, his warm body very nice to touch. Isaac leaned down a bit, his head hanging over Scott’s left shoulder and he gently nuzzled Scott with his nose, and to his great surprise, Scott made a small moan of pleasure as Isaac did so, but whether it was from the nuzzling or the massaging he didn't know.

“That feel any better?” Isaac asked huskily and Scott made a small panicked noise.

“You aren't stopping are you?” he asked worriedly, and Isaac grinned a little.

“I wasn’t planning to any time soon.” He assured his patient and Scott made a noise of contentment.

“Good. And yeah it does feel better.” He all but whispered, his eyes closed as Isaac gently worked out the knots in his body, his thumbs and hands getting the lay of Scott’s tanned back as he worked.

Isaac only had one regret: that it would be difficult to help Scott by massaging the front.

He moved his hands up gently kneading Scott’s warm skin, Scott moaning in relaxation as he did so, Isaac slightly physically uncomfortable, but he ignored the problem in his pants as he wrapped his hands gently around Scott’s neck and started to massage his strong neck, Scott moving his head from side to side in enjoyment.

Beneath him, Scott was seriously considering that this was the best thing he had ever done. Isaac’s hands were pleasantly warm, but also slightly cool on his hotter skin. And he was also very good, his soft hands working out the various kinks in his body, stroking up and down the side of his back, his fingertips barely touching him at times, the sensuous, minute touch sending ripples of enjoyment up his back as Isaac worked on his muscles. At times, Isaac would find a particular place at the bottom of his back and he would hold on to Scott’s abs while he worked on it, his hands just over Scott’s nipple, and that led to a few other slight moans of enjoyment, and he didn't even feel embarrassed that they had slipped out. Yeah, Isaac was seriously good at this. And as Isaac worked on his neck, his grip slightly tight around his strong neck, he found himself enjoying that all the more, as Isaac gently massaged and kneaded him, his fingers stroking down Scott’s neck and slightly through the back of his hair. He would have to be careful when he stood up though, because he was feeling uncomfortably tight in an area that it would be highly embarrassing and inappropriate to ask Isaac to massage. He couldn't help but feel that it wasn’t quite complete, and he made a mental note to make sure Isaac didn't have his shirt on next time (because if there was a god, there would be a next time). He wasn’t sure why it was important that Isaac was just as scantily clad as Scott was to massage Scott, but it did seem important somehow.

Isaac then nuzzled his other side, earning him another moan of pleasure in the back of Scott’s throat as he continued to massage his neck. Scott didn't even need to look, he just sat there, completely relaxed and at ease as Isaac massaged him, his eyes closed, feeling all warm, safe, satisfied and sleepy.

And then Isaac started using only his left hand to work out small knots in Scott’s neck, and he started running his hand gently through Scott’s hair, if possible, relaxing his patient even more.

“Wow Isaac.” Scott breathed huskily as he slowly opened his eyes, and a quick glance at the clock told him Isaac had been massaging him for about forty five minutes, and it still seemed like it was far too short a time, even if he felt a million times better.

“You feel better?” Isaac asked hopefully, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, you’re fucking awesome.” He said with conviction, making Isaac go scarlet.

“You’re welcome.” He said, embarrassed but very pleased, after all, he’d gotten to run his hands over a shirtless Scott for the better part of an hour, they had both won out of this deal.

Scott got to his feet, and to Isaac’s great surprise, Scott nuzzled him with his nose too, bending over almost immediately after he stood up to do it, and Isaac made a small noise of pleasure as he did so.

“Night Isaac.” Scott whispered in his ear, and it took all his willpower to resist kissing his cheek as he left the room, leaving a widely grinning Isaac behind him.

And as Isaac stripped off and got into bed, his thoughts were filled with Scott, of rubbing and stroking his bare body, of having Scott all to himself.

And as Scott clambered into his own bed, he was asleep almost immediately, he was so relaxed from Isaac’s massage.

But before he fell asleep, his thoughts, and then his dreams, were filled with images of Isaac, and how good it felt to have Isaac running his hands all over his body.




“I need you to do something for me.” Scott said desperately after their first class the next day, and Isaac cocked his head curiously, considering Scott had all but dragged him into the boys toilets.

“Not that I’m complaining, but if you keep dragging me places like that, people are going to start to talk.” He teased, and Scott went red, he loved it when Scott got embarrassed, he was so cute.

No, not cute, you don't think other guys are cute!

Oh screw it, it was too late now, Scott was really cute.

And besides, he really didn't mind if people talked about them, provided they didn't give Scott a hard time they could say what they wanted.

“I need your help.” Scott said, sounding flustered but also endearingly pitiful, and Isaac looked at him intently.

“Anything, you know that, what’s up?” he asked in confusion and Scott relaxed a little bit.

He shouldn’t get so worked up, and he knew he could trust Isaac. But, there was something about his plan that just didn't sit right with him, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was.

“How do you feel about skiving school?” he asked hopefully, and Isaac looked at him sceptically.

“You want me to skip school? Won’t your mom tell me off? I mean, it might bring social services on to her, and then they might...” he said, the thought of what they might do too horrible to put into words.

Scott stroked Isaac’s cheek soothingly.

“They won’t take you away, I promise.” He insisted, and once again, Isaac found himself believing him, relaxing as Scott’s words washed over him.

“Good. But your mom, I don't want to give her any trouble either.” He mumbled, but Scott shook his head.

“I’ll explain it to her. Look, Allison didn't come in today, and I’m worried about her. Could you check up on her, make sure she’s safe? She could just be messed up from last night, but...well she might be getting into trouble and I’d rather you were there to protect her.” He told him, and Isaac hesitated.

Allison definitely wasn’t his favourite person. The fact that she had tried to kill him, and that her family had tried to kill Erica and Boyd aside, she was Scott’s ex, who had hurt him more times than she had any business doing, and she was still a major factor in his life, to his great disgust. Not that he was jealous.

Yeah right he was as jealous as hell. She was his ex, and Isaac...he wanted to be Scott’s. He wanted to be with Scott, together, in every sense of the world. And being with her would just rub it in that she had had something that he wanted with all his heart...Scott.

But Scott needed him, and he couldn't, wouldn’t, let him down.

“Course I will.” He assured him, though he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the assignment, it was Allison for crying out loud.

But to his surprise, Scott didn't look or seem nearly as relieved as he thought he would.

“You ok?” he asked gently, looking into Scott’s beautiful brown eyes, and Scott shrugged a little.

“Yeah, no, I don't know.” He answered most unhelpfully, and Isaac barely stopped himself rolling his eyes.

“Scott, you asked me to protect her. I won’t let anything happen to her, I swear.” He promised him, and Scott looked at him, surprised.

“What, you think I doubt you?” he asked, and Isaac looked at him nervously.

“You don't?” he asked, bewildered, and Scott shook his head adamantly.

“Course not, I know you’ll protect her no matter what. It’s just, something isn’t right about it, something doesn’t feel right about it.” He said, and Isaac sighed sadly.

“I get it you know. You still love her.” He stated, though he sounded very sad as he said it, and Scott looked at his face, his own brow furrowed.

“Well, I used to yeah, now I’m...I’m not so sure.” He admitted, as it suddenly dawned on him just what was bothering him.

Allison was his ex. And Isaac...Isaac was more than that, he was someone who, he was his...he wanted Isaac. He couldn't deny it anymore. He wanted Isaac, he wanted to kiss him, wanted to spend all his time with him, he wanted to be with him, just as he had been with Allison.

He was effectively throwing together his ex and her replacement. And that didn't sit well with him. Not for Allison, he still cared about her and loved her in his own way, and since Scott had asked him to protect her, Isaac would now die rather than let anything happen to her. No, what bothered him was the potential of Allison being with Isaac, of the ex and the one he wanted to replace her being together and spending time with each other.

And what was more, Isaac was seriously cute, and he was sure, hunter instincts aside, Allison must have noticed that too.

Yeah, best not to think about that, that thought clearly pissed him off as his claws were starting to grow.

“Really?” Isaac asked brightly, and Scott shrugged.

“Yeah, I don't know how to explain it.” He dismissed, Isaac thankfully not noticing his growing claws.

“I won’t let you down.” Isaac promised, leaning his head against Scott’s and Scott smiled at him affectionately, nuzzling him slightly.

“I know you won’t.” He whispered, just as the door opened to reveal Danny standing there, looking at them in shock.

“Wow, I wondered about you two. You make a cute couple.” He said with a grin, and as both Scott and Isaac went scarlet and tried to explain, they both kept exchanging looks with each other, both wishing they were a couple, unaware that the other wanted the exact same thing, while Danny listened with a smug grin and a knowing look to their excuses.




The Darach was heading to the school. And as Allison and Chris talked and argued about keeping things from the other, Isaac could only think of one thing. The Darach was heading to the school, to find the last teacher.

The school was where Stiles and Lydia were.

The school was where Scott was.

And he was going to be right in the Darach’s line of fire.

He mustered a calm voice and stopped Allison and Chris bickering. They didn't have time to do this. They had to get to the school. They had to get to the last teacher.

And he had to get to Scott.

And as Chris blazed the car away from where he had parked, all Isaac could think of was one thing.

The guy he was in love with, his own personal Alpha, his...

Well, his Scott.

“Please be safe Scott.” He whispered to himself as Chris gave the finger to someone who blared his horn at him for skipping the light.

The Darach wouldn’t get Scott, wouldn’t hurt him. Not if he could help it. He then started thinking to himself, wishing Scott could hear him.

Don't give up Scott. I’m on my way. Don't give up.

And then he got the message that Lydia had vanished, and Scott along with her.

And while he was afraid for Lydia, his heart and mind were dominated by a desperate fear and longing for the safety of only one person, the person whose name he was screaming in his head.




Chapter Text



The school was in chaos, and to Isaac’s great dismay, Scott and Stiles were nowhere to be found. They had arrived at the recital just in time for the entire choir to start playing the death music of the Darach, and that had led to the pianist convulsing and falling from her chair, mistletoe and blood coming from her mouth as she was already dead. With everyone in the school panicking, and the weather outside taking a very bad turn for the worst, things were going from bad to worse as they tried to locate Scott and the others.

“We need to find them, have you gotten a hold of them yet?” Allison asked urgently, and Isaac shook his head, his heart pounding in his ears, he needed to find Scott.

They hadn't been here more than five minutes and he was already basically climbing the walls. After the death of the pianist and everything going right to hell, which combined with the storm outside making everything worse, things didn't seem to be going well for the home team while the away teams were walking all over them.

And all he could think about was Scott. And how dirty and low he felt, he felt like he had betrayed Scott. By protecting Allison, he had been doing exactly what Scott had asked him to do. The problem was, judging by her touches and the way she was looking at him, she was looking into this a hell of a lot more than he was. He wasn’t interested in Allison. He never had been and never would be.

There were various reasons for this. Alright, admittedly, when she wasn’t an insane werewolf killer who was trying to kill him, she was nice enough. But that was the problem. She was nice sure, but she was also a werewolf hunter like the rest of her damned family and had tried her hardest to kill him personally in their final fight with Jackson while her damn grandfather tried to make himself a werewolf. Secondly she was Scott’s ex girlfriend, the idea of him and her hooking up was just too ludicrous to even make any sense. He wouldn’t do that to Scott, for a start he liked how they lived together and if Isaac suddenly started banging Allison in the next room, it would release all sorts of crap.

And most of all, he just wasn’t interested! She wasn’t Scott. Scott was the one he loved, Scott was the one he was in love with, and he would never do anything to hurt him like that. And quite frankly, Allison, while attractive as a girl, did nothing for him. Scott on the other hand was an entirely new level of gorgeous.

“Isaac!” a voice called, jarring him from his thoughts, and ignoring the look Allison was giving him, due to it making him uncomfortable, he turned to see a pale and nervous Danny running towards them.

“Thank god, have you seen the others? Scott, Stiles or anyone?” Allison asked urgently, and he bit his lip as he came to a stop beside them.

“Not really, but since what happened in the hall everything’s been kind of mad. Ethan told me to find him if anything happened but I can’t find him.” He said, a slight note of fear in his voice and Isaac could sympathise, they were all probably losing years off their lives with all the worrying they were doing.

Come to think of it, he hadn't seen the Zack and Cody of the werewolf world since they had arrived, and he couldn't figure out if that was good news or bad. However, he had other problems to worry about, such as the absence of his two best friends, well his best friend and the werewolf he was insanely in love with.

“So you haven’t seen Scott?” Isaac asked desperately, instantly annoyed because despite the stress they were all under, Danny still managed a grin at the thought of him and Scott being so close when he had found them earlier that day.

“Not since about halfway through, he vanished not long after Lydia. He definitely before that weird scream stopped us all playing that song.” He said, still sounding nervous about the entire thing and Allison narrowed her eyes.

“Let me guess, none of you had ever played it before?” she asked suspiciously and he nodded.

“It was just this feeling that came over us, we couldn't stop it. It was round about that time that everyone started leaving too, Ms Blake left first, then Lydia then Scott, they all disappeared, and a bit after that there was that scream.” Danny retold and Allison and Isaac exchanged dark looks with one another, a scream could only mean one thing, and one person, Lydia.

“Was it a girl?” Isaac asked and Danny nodded.

“Yeah, definitely.”

“ was me.” Someone gasped and the three of them turned to look up the corridor where Lydia was being carried from out on a stretcher, which was hauled by two ambulance workers who looked at them grimly as they bore Lydia, a bleeding head wound and a bruised neck towards the door.

“Lydia! What happened?” Allison demanded, rushing to her best friend’s side, Isaac and Danny right behind her.

“Are you ok?” Isaac asked urgently, ignoring the peeved looks of the ones carrying her and she waved her hand blearily.

“We have bigger problems. The Darach. Its Ms Blake.” She whispered and both Allison and Isaac reared back in shock.

Ms Blake was the Darach. Jennifer, the one Derek had fallen in love with, the one who Isaac had protected while Boyd had died, she was the one who had been killing people. She had been the one who had nearly taken Scott from him. And he had been the one who had protected the bitch!

“Are you kidding me?” Allison demanded furiously, and Lydia shook her head.

“’s her. And she’s taken Stiles’ dad. He and Scott chased after her when they made sure I was alright.” She whispered tiredly as both Isaac and Allison held her hand to soothe her.

“They went after her? Alone?” Isaac demanded anxiously, the thought of Scott going up against Jennifer, the Darach, all on his own, it was terrifying, she had nearly succeeded in taking him from him once before, she didn't need another chance.

“No, she made off with Stiles’ father, they went to warn Derek about her before she gets herself an Alpha bodyguard.” She whispered before her eyes fluttered shut and she succumbed to the various painkillers she had been given.

“Will she be alright?” Danny asked the confused looking bearers, and they nodded.

“She should be, she might be traumatised though.” He reported and Allison smiled fondly, stroking Lydia’s hair, and the two bearers nodded and headed off with her towards the door.

“Alright. Danny, go home, don't stop, don't talk to anyone, just go straight home ok?” Isaac asked, and Danny nodded, his face concerned.

“Isaac, what’s going on? Why are you so worried?” he asked, and Isaac shrugged.

“At the moment I know about as much as you do.” He told the other lacrosse player as the lights dimmed after a particularly violent rumble of thunder, and they could hear the rain lashing against the windows.

“Hey, if you guys see Ethan, can you tell him I’m looking for him?” Danny asked, and Isaac nodded.

“Sure.” He replied as Danny headed to the door, joining the last few stragglers leaving the school.

“I protected her!” Isaac raged as soon as Danny was out of earshot, hammering his fist into the locker that was once Jackson’s, it didn't matter now but it made him feel better.

“Isaac...” she said in a soothing voice, trying to calm him down but he turned to face her angrily.

“Don’t you realise what’s she’s done? She’s the one who’s been killing everyone, all those people are dead because of her! And now she’s taken the sheriff, Stiles’ dad, which means he’s probably next! And I protected her! When Kali killed Boyd, I was protecting her because it was what Derek wanted, but she was the one who was the real threat, I should have thrown her onto Derek’s claws. Boyd died and I was protecting her, I should have been helping him, but I was protecting a murderer!” he stormed, kicking the lockers in disgust with himself and she took a hold of his shoulder to try and calm him down but as it wasn’t Scott it had no effect.


“And she was the one who almost killed us! She was the one who was driving us mad at the motel, she was the one who tried to make Scott kill himself!” Isaac continued, finishing in a furious, pained, rage driven roar that made Allison jump, just as her father arrived, gun raised, but he relaxed when he saw it was Isaac.

“Don’t do that, I could have shot you.” He scolded, but Allison shook her head urgently.

“Dad, don't, trust me he isn’t in the mood. Dad, the Darach, it’s Ms Blake, she’s conned us all along, she’s the one who you’ve been hunting and she’s the one who’s been killing people. That’s kind of why he’s taking it so personally.” She explained, checking the updates on her phone as Isaac struggled to get his temper back under control.

“How does she fit into the druid part of it though, it doesn’t make any sense.” Chris pointed out and she shrugged, making her father frown as he considered it.

“Either way, she’s the one who tried to kill Scott and the others and the one who’s been sacrificing everyone.” She explained, and Isaac growled darkly.

“Yeah, but if we had just left her alone Kali would have killed her and she wouldn’t be a problem anymore.” He complained and she shot him a patient look.

“Isaac, this isn’t your fault.” She insisted, but once again, the words coming from a person other than Scott didn't have any effect on him.

“You should know, Stiles’ jeep isn’t in the car park, I looked.” Chris informed him and Isaac felt another flare of worry.

If Stiles and Scott had indeed went to alert Derek to the fact that the woman he was banging (he shouldn’t have thought about that now he was even more mad than he had been, Derek had been shagging the fucking Darach while he, Scott and Boyd had been trying to kill themselves!) it made sense that they would have taken the jeep in this weather. But now it meant that the two of them were out in the middle of a storm, with the Darach’s secret now exposed and most likely with the two people he cared about most right in her sights.

“Scott?” he asked hopefully, and Chris shook his head.

“His bike’s still in the car park, he’ll be with Stiles.” Chris said, as close to assuring him as he was ever going to come, but that didn't help Isaac.

Instead he took out his phone. He had to find out if Scott was alright, if something happened to him because of him, he would never forgive himself. And she had Stiles’ father, that meant this entire thing was his fault. He had been the one who had protected her, the one who had made sure she was safe from Kali, not realising she was the real danger all along.

Jennifer was the Darach. She was the one who had been killing people. She had been the one who had driven Scott and Boyd to try and kill themselves, the bitch who had tried to take Scott from him, the one who was killing people, and now all because he hadn't just let the Alphas rip her to shreds like she deserved, she had Stiles’ father too.

This was all his fault.

He had to make sure Scott was alright. And now that they knew who and what she was, he supposed Derek ought to know he was banging a psycho.

But first, he had to check up on Scott, and dialled his number, desperate to hear his voice, simply to assure himself that he was alright.




Around half an hour later, Isaac, Allison and Chris had all arrived in the ER reception area, all of their tensions high. Isaac’s however was considerably higher than the rest. Derek and Scott hadn't answered his calls, and he had no way of knowing if any of the others were safe. What was more, in the deserted hospital, he could smell Jennifer and the others. The Darach was here, which was bad enough. But on top of that, the Alphas were also here which didn't help his already rather tense mood. He had also caught faint whiffs of Scott’s scent, which had soothed him slightly but it wasn’t helping him.

Cora was trapped here, and though the hospital had been evacuated due to the storm, he had a horrible feeling that she and the others were all still in the hospital. And what with the Alphas being here, along with the Darach and the others all stuck here as well, it meant that everyone Isaac cared about was currently within the hospital at the mercy of a horde of killers, which was the last thing he needed.

But he wouldn’t stop what he was doing. Scott had entrusted him to look after Allison, and even though he wanted to leave her with her father so he could go and find Scott, Stiles and Melissa, three people he cared about the most, he couldn't. He also had to find out if Cora and Derek were alright, and what the hell was going on around here.

The hospital was virtually empty, the lights only running on emergency power, giving the place an eerie green glow. He had caught smells of the Alphas, and he couldn't help but think that this would be a really lousy place to run into Kali. It would also be a bad place to run into Jennifer, well, bad for her, he thought savagely, flexing his claws.

“Isaac don't do anything stupid. If we meet her, stay back and let me deal with it.” Chris ordered and Isaac gave out a low snarl which made the werewolf hunter go quiet.

“Good luck with that.” Allison quirked in amusement, and Chris sent his daughter a funny look which she missed, and he suppressed a groan, he had a horrible feeling he knew where this was going. Nowhere good.

“Wait, we better not go any further in this direction.” Isaac said, holding up a hand, and Chris looked at him curiously.

“What’s wrong with this direction?” he asked and he waved his hand at him irritably to shut him up, and both hunters frowned in irritation as Isaac strained his hearing.

“I can hear clacking.” He said, and Allison smirked.

“Ooh, clacking, scary.” She mocked, and he glared at her.

“As in the clacking of a walking stick and freakishly long toenails on the floor. As in Deucalion and Kali, both coming this way. Now, your dad might help but there’s no way he can take down the two of them, and neither can I, and I reckon you would find it a lot harder to attack a werewolf when they aren't distracted with fighting someone else.” He said scathingly, and that promptly shut her up.

He wouldn’t have it said that he held a grudge against her for doing that to him in their final fight with Jackson, but Scott hadn't forgiven her for that one, so why should he when it was him she had been trying her hardest to kill?

“He’s right, let’s go.” Chris said, beckoning them down the next corridor, gun prepared to fire at a second’s notice.

They moved through the silent hospital, all of them alert for any sign of movement, the silence deafening as they moved through. Isaac cursed himself, he still wasn’t skilled enough to smell the others out, and now his fears about them, and his worry over Scott, were driving him mad, awful images kept flashing through his brain, images he steadfastly tried to suppress. Chris then held up a hand and motioned for quiet, readying his gun, as Isaac too heard footsteps and prepared to pounce around the corner onto whoever was coming.

And then Scott and Melissa, Scott slightly hurt and Melissa looking slightly haggard, appeared around the corner.

Relief, pure, heart warming relief filled both Scott and Isaac’s hearts as they beheld each other, and both of them could feel themselves relaxing as they saw the other.

“Isaac, thank god.” Melissa said, and hastily pulled him into a hug which he fiercely returned.

“Are you two alright?” Chris asked, all business as Scott smiled in relief and pure joy at seeing Isaac.

“Took you long enough.” He scolded playfully, and Isaac gave him a playful swat before hugging him as if his life depended on it, a ferocity which Scott returned, both of them slightly running their hands through each other’s hair, discreetly so Allison wouldn’t notice, both of them inhaling each other’s scents.

“You ok?” Scott asked as he broke off from Isaac and Allison nodded and gave him a fleeting hug.

“Not got much choice with my own werewolf bodyguard do I?” she asked, part amused part irritated by his decision but Scott didn't seem that bothered.

“What do we do now?” Melissa asked, and Chris frowned.

“The five of us figure out what the hell we’re going to do next, while figuring out where all your friends are, if the Alphas and the Darach are here, we’re going to need everyone together. You know if any place where we can be safe?” Chris asked, and Melissa nodded hesitantly.

“Yeah, I think I might know a place, follow me.” She ordered, and their little group departed, Scott and Isaac bringing up the rear, both of them just happy to be seeing the other one, and unknown to the other, both of them were resisting the temptation to take the other’s hand.




They had a plan at least. However, as Chris and Allison went over the finer points of said plan, and Scott apprised Derek, Stiles (who was with Cora) and Peter, all of whom were still in the hospital, of the plan, Isaac couldn't help but think that Scott was mad at him for some reason.

He chanced a look around, with the others all occupied, he wasn’t going to get a better opportunity to talk to him so he may as well take this one.

Scott savagely sent the text. He was stressed, he was worried, he felt betrayed, and he was angry. In fact he wasn’t angry he was just seething quietly, with all out jealousy.

“Scott? Are you mad at me?” Isaac asked hesitantly, as though afraid of the answer and Scott glared at him.

Yes he was. After everything, after so many close nights together, all their touching, their...for god’s sake, neither of them were blind or stupid, was he the only one who had thought that they had nearly kissed? And he so wanted to kiss Isaac, he wanted nothing more than to just go home, ignore the world and curl up with Isaac’s beautiful body right beside him, and spend the rest of this hellish crisis just feeling safe and loved in Isaac’s arms with Isaac kissing him passionately, massaging him, stroking him, playing with him.

He wanted Isaac, of course he did, he was in love with him!

And, for some reason he had started to believe that Isaac had started to return those feelings, until about ten minutes ago, when he had claimed that Jennifer, the teacher with the brown hair, the freaking murderous Darach, was ‘kinda hot’ in order to help explain to Chris who they were dealing with.

On reflection, he supposed he had been stupid to believe that Isaac would want him that way, he was only the way he was with Scott because he had never had someone like Scott before, not a best friend. After all, Isaac was young and gorgeous, and male, why would he want Scott when there were beautiful girls all over the place who would kill to be with him?

Huh, ironic, the one thing that might make him consider killing someone was his unreciprocated feelings for Isaac.

“I’m fine.” He retorted sharply, getting up and going into the next room, but Isaac trotted along at his heels regardless, clearly not getting the hint.

“Scott? What have I done wrong?” he asked sadly, and Scott felt a little pang at his heart, he hated it when Isaac was sad but this time he was justified in making him sad, and he was actually right for once, it was something he had done.

And then to his great shock, he hadn't meant to, he blurted out a question.

“Do you really think Jennifer is hot?” he asked, hoping a futile hope that his voice didn't sound betrayed.

Isaac went pink and shrugged a little.

“Well yeah she is attractive, you don't think she is?” he asked shyly and Scott just turned away, fuming, but then he heard a little voice right behind him that seemed to banish all of his anger in one swift stroke.

“But while she is hot, one, she’s with Derek, two, she’s a teacher, three, she’s a psycho and four, I really really don't fancy her.” He said, his eyes boring into Scott’s back curiously.

Why was his comment bothering Scott so much? He hadn't meant it, it wasn’t like he was attracted to her in any way. Sure she was pretty, but...well all the other problems aside, she wasn’t the gorgeous guy right in front of him with a stupid adorable pout on his face, which was giving way to a really bright look.

Wait a minute, was Scott jealous?

“You really don't fancy her?” Scott asked hopefully, and Isaac shook his head.

“Course I don't. I...I like someone else.” He admitted, but while he did feel a certain dread, he also felt a certain sense of relief he was going to tell Scott, he had to tell him...

“Oh.” Scott said, his face falling back into a pout again and Isaac just wanted to take hold of him and banish that pout by kissing it off of him. Getting his mind away from that little fantasy proved harder than he thought.

But as he looked at Scott, all he knew was that he couldn't bare for Scott to look so depressed, not because of him so he came in close and gently took Scott’s hand, leaning his forehead against that of the guy he loved.

“Yeah. mean a hell of a lot more to me than anyone else ever could. Regardless of who I fancy or don't, I won’t abandon you for anything.” He vowed softly, and he could see the selfish gleam of triumph in Scott’s eyes as he did so.

Scott couldn't bring himself to hate himself. While he did feel bad, and felt Isaac’s pain, after all he was dealing with unrequited love for the very one who had it for some unknown party, Isaac’s assurance that he wouldn’t abandon him was giving him a powerful sort of strength. It meant that no matter what, he would have Isaac. Scott shook his head, he couldn't let Isaac’s love life be dictated by his feelings, but it was so hard not to when by keeping quiet he ensured Isaac would stick around a little longer.

“Isaac...” he began, but he really didn't want to say what he had to say, he wanted to keep Isaac with him, the thought of Isaac, being in love with someone else and leaving him on the outside looking in, he couldn't deal with it. He wanted to be the one Isaac was in love with, the one he fancied. So how could he be all that, and still tell Isaac that he didn't have to dictate his love life around what Scott wanted?

“Wait, who you date, it doesn’t matter to me, provided you’re happy.” Scott said softly, the urge to kiss Isaac almost overpowering him and Isaac gave him a shy smile, his cheeks going slightly pink.

“Well, I’m happy with you.” He admitted softly, and Scott couldn't stop the large grin that spread across his face, really kind of energised and touched by that confession.

“Me too. I mean, I’m happy with you.” He whispered, and they were both so close, their hands were still entwined, they were looking right into each other’s beautiful eyes and their foreheads were still pressed together, they were moving forward towards each other’s mouths...

“Boys, we need to go!” Melissa called from the next room and the boys broke apart, albeit very reluctantly.

“Be careful.” Isaac warned and Scott grinned.

“I will if you will. Besides, it’s me he wants.” He told him and Isaac looked at him in confusion.

“What do you mean?” he asked, and Scott bit his lip, he thought Isaac had known, apparently not.

“I’ll tell you later. Be careful ok?” he asked, nuzzling his cheek with his nose, and Isaac nodded, grinning.

“I will, I want to hear why Deucalion is interested in you.” He said, and Scott grinned and led the way through to the others.

And, Isaac thought savagely, if Deucalion wanted Scott, he was going to have to get in the queue and go through him, after all, he had seen him first. Scott gave him a small, enticing grin, taking delight in the fact that he knew something Isaac didn't, and Isaac couldn't help but think that he was simply doing it to wind him up.

Either that, or Scott knew full well what he was thinking.

And little did Isaac know that Scott was indeed thinking the same as Isaac. Isaac had been there first, he really liked Isaac, and as far as he was concerned everyone else came second to him and what he wanted. So yeah, Deucalion could get in line.

He belonged to Isaac.




Isaac entered the house. It felt weird, in fact it felt horrible being here.

The plan had worked. Allison had tricked the Alphas into chasing here, and between them she and her father had forced them off. But that was about as far as the plan had worked. Derek had been knocked out by Jennifer, or Julia as her name apparently was, and she had once again made a run for it. Stiles had gotten Cora to the car, and with Peter they had been able to escape.

Isaac still couldn't believe he had left without Scott. Maybe if he hadn't, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Despite Peter’s nagging and the threat of Cora’s death hanging over him, Isaac had been adamant that he wouldn’t leave, not without Scott. He couldn't abandon him in an empty hospital filled with murderous Alphas, he wanted, he needed, Scott with him. But, their hand had been forced, and though it broke his heart to do so, he had left Scott behind.

He had left the person he loved behind, and at the mercy of the Alphas.

He had left Scott behind.

His Scott.

Isaac resisted the urge to punch his fist into the wall. He had left Scott behind, he had left the person he loved behind, and no matter what assurances he gave himself, it didn't alleviate the feelings of guilt, he had left Scott behind, and now the guilt was eating him up from the inside out and he knew the only person who could make him feel better was the one he had abandoned to save Cora.

He scoffed. They were doing more to save Cora than Derek was, the only problem is, that while it might save someone Derek loved, it wouldn’t save the one Isaac loved. The problem was, Deucalion had finally gotten his claws on Scott.

Scott had been desperate. After she had knocked out Derek, Jennifer (Julia, the Darach, whatever) had fled, intent on gathering her next sacrifices. And to their dismay, they realised that they had been wrong in thinking she was after cops. No, she had been after parents, and the bitch had taken Melissa as well. A desperate Scott had seen no other choice. They were clueless as to how to stop her, and so, desperate and out of time and options, and having to save his mother, Scott had entered into a deal with the devil and had left with Deucalion.

And Isaac had allowed it to happen by not staying.

And now, he stood in the McCall’s home, his home too, the place where for the first time he felt like as if he really belonged to a family. The house was so empty and quiet and dark, the light of its inhabitants snuffed out by their absence. The place didn't seem the same without Scott and Melissa here.

It was obvious now. This was his home. In truth, his home was wherever Scott was. Scott made a place his home.

He sniffed, wiping at his misty eyes angrily with his sleeve. Scott and Melissa were gone. Melissa was in the hands of the blasted Darach, in Jennifer’s clutches and the bitch intended to sacrifice her to some ancient god to try and stop the Alphas. And on the other hand, Scott had also vanished, had finally given in and had bent to Deucalion’s demands.

And now, Isaac was standing here, in his cold, dark home where the two people who made up his home lived, the two that were missing.

Melissa and Stiles’ dad were both captured by the Darach. Scott was with Deucalion. The entire group was falling apart, as the Alphas and the Darach got closer and closer to ending their respective missions here. And frankly, Isaac couldn't see a way out of this one.

Scott was the one they needed. More than that he was the one he needed, and the man he loved was no longer with them because he had fled. He had abandoned Scott and now, they were all going to lose everyone and everything that they cared about. He needed Scott, his Scott, and he wouldn’t believe that Scott as anything short of alright until he had him in his arms, both of them holding each other desperately.

But until then, he was in the house alone, the house he lived in. It wasn’t a home anymore, just a cold and dark house.

Melissa was gone

Scott was gone.

And they had nowhere left to turn, and nothing else they could do.

The Darach was going to win.

Deucalion was going to win.

And he had left Scott behind, and had brought this entire thing about.

He had left Scott.

And now, there was every chance that he was never going to see Scott again.

He was never going to see the man he loved again.

And it was all his fault because he had left Scott behind at the hospital.

And so, despairing and defeated tears started to fall from his eyes as he sank to his knees in the hallway of the house where he lived, the house missing its two inhabitants, wracked with guilt and self loathing.

Scott was gone. And he was all alone in the house.

He sniffed and looked to the ceiling, as if he could see into the room where Scott slept when he wasn’t with him and let out a piteous cry.


Chapter Text



Isaac stormed out of Derek’s loft. He had barely resisted the urge to throw himself at his Alpha.

His Alpha. There was a joke.

He liked Derek he really did. After all, Derek was the one who had saved him, he had made him a werewolf, and despite the problems Beacon Hills was facing, the murders of either Peter, Jackson, Jennifer or the Alphas, his life had definitely taken an upturn since Derek had turned him into a werewolf. And without being a werewolf, he would never have really gotten to know Scott, or Boyd, or Erica...basically he wouldn’t have had friends.

He wouldn’t have had Scott.

But while he did like Derek, even he couldn't deny that Derek just wasn’t a very good Alpha. He couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone lead an entire pack. Erica and Boyd had left the pack, making a run for it. True, that wasn’t entirely Derek’s fault, they were the ones who had cut and run. Problem was, it was Isaac who had done most of the looking for the rest of his pack after they had vanished. Derek had looked, of course he had, but he hadn't looked well, preferring to leave the job to Isaac while he stayed indoors and brooded. And so Erica had gotten killed because they hadn't gotten to her in time and Kali had killed her.

Derek also couldn't control his uncle, whose membership in the pack was ambivalent at best, and to Isaac he presented as much of a threat to the pack as he did a benefit.

Boyd of course was now also dead, thrown onto Derek’s claws by Kali, while the real threat was the woman he had been banging all along. And so Boyd had died, while Isaac had been rendered useless because he had had to protect the girl Derek was in love with, who turned out to be the Darach all along.

Scott wasn’t a proper part of the pack, he had the whole lone wolf thing going, which he did not find sexy at all. To hell with it, of course he did. Scott also acted as the conscience of the pack, and as he often looked for alternative approaches to Derek’s very simple and very Neanderthal way of thinking ‘ooh, me see threat, me get pack to help me kill’ he was often dismissed because his options didn't provide the expedient solution Derek wanted, which to him, the only expedient solution was to kill a threat even if that wasn’t what was called for. And being a lone wolf it also meant that Derek couldn't exert any control over him, even when he quite clearly had better leadership qualities.

Derek had also shown rather poor Alpha like qualities when he had all but banished him from his home. He was his Alpha, he was meant to help him, not throw him out when he had nowhere to go. In hindsight, while it had hurt like hell, he really didn't mind now because it meant he got to spend all his time with Scott, but still, throwing him out had been a very low blow and not one he should do and still expect loyalty from, he was lucky Isaac hadn't told him to get stuffed after that.

And now Cora was dying, poisoned by the bitch of a woman that Derek had been dating, the bloody Darach, and he was just sitting idly by, brooding and feeling sorry for himself all over again. This was his sister, he ought to be doing something, doing anything, but he was just sitting there, brooding and feeling sorry for himself!

Isaac roared in frustration, and ripped a massive chunk out of the wall with his claws. Everyone in his pack, in his life, was either dying or leaving, and he was sick of it! Erica, Boyd, now Cora, all dying, and Scott had vanished, and Melissa was missing and Stiles had also gone missing since the confrontation in the hospital. Isaac placed a hand on the wall, breathing heavily.

He couldn't lose anyone else. He wouldn’t lose anyone else, least of all, Scott, Stiles and Melissa. They were his family now, and let’s face it, they were a better one than Derek was, who didn't seem to care that much even when his sister was dying since all he was doing was sitting on his arse perfecting the art of doing nothing!

Blinking tears from his eyes (he couldn't tell if he was angry, upset, or just plain old frustrated), he slammed his fist into the wall, making the cheap bricks crumble around his fist, breathing heavily.

The entire thing was ridiculous. He was worried sick, his friends were dropping like flies, his Alpha was useless, and Scott...Scott had gone off with Deucalion. The evil blind bastard had backed him into a corner of hopelessness and had taken Scott from him.

His Scott. His Alpha.

Because that was clear now. Ever since Derek had thrown him out of the loft, and Derek’s sheer lack of leadership which was even now still whittling down their numbers, this had been coming. Isaac was changing pack. Scott, his gorgeous, kind, loving Scott, the one who had taken him in when he had nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to, the one who from that very night had basically melted his way into Isaac’s heart, he was his Alpha now. Isaac needed Scott to be his Alpha. Scott, the one who had so casually and easily curled up in bed beside Isaac the very first night, the one who made his life a million times better, the one he loved to snuggle up to and hang out with and touch and nuzzle, he was his Alpha now. Scott had virtually been his Alpha since Derek had thrown him out. With that one simple act, while he still had Isaac’s loyalty and affection, Derek had started the process of losing the final member of his original pack, and had driven him into the pack, and arms, of a much more superior Alpha.

A hotter Alpha too.

Isaac stood upright again. He had a job to do. While his Alpha, who he wasn’t entirely convinced hadn't created his pack just because he was bored and lonely (Derek hadn't actually answered him when he had challenged him with that), was sitting on his laurels contemplating his navel while feeling deservedly woefully useless and insignificant while his poor sister died, Isaac was going to go and do something. Find Scott, help Allison, look for Stiles, help Melissa, he didn't care, but he was going to do something.

He was going to help the people he cared about even if Derek didn't.

Scott, Stiles, Melissa, the sheriff, Cora...all of them were in trouble. He didn't even know what he could do, but he was going to do something.

He had to.

And if it helped him get Scott back, so much the better.




He wanted Scott. Sure the attack hadn't been fatal, but the bloody thing had stung like a son of a bitch. The thought of having Scott right beside him, making it better just be being there, sympathising and comforting and caring, yeah that was a nice thought, one that he didn't want to leave behind because if he did it would mean admitting he had failed. He’d been powerless as Jennifer had taken Chris away because the hunter had zapped him with his werewolf jabber when he hadn't expected it. Vowing to kill Chris if Jennifer didn't, he slowly hauled himself to his feet.

What did he do now? Chris had been taken, which meant the crazy bitch had the number of people she needed for her next sacrifice, and while he could care less about Chris (he could care even less that caring less about Chris since the arrogant bastard had electrocuted him, he didn't care if he’d had good intentions), he did care about Stiles’ father and Melissa.

He couldn't let Scott down regardless, which meant he had to do something.

So he got to his feet to see Allison struggling against the handcuffs her father had put her in. He was sorely tempted to leave her there. After all, it was her father who had gotten them into this mess and doing that might make her realise he really wasn’t interested.

But he wouldn’t. Scott wouldn’t be happy if he did that, and he had also promised Scott that he would look after her, and Scott, wherever he was and whatever he was doing, had quite enough to be going on with without worrying about Isaac not doing the job he had been given.

But as Isaac freed her from her bonds and she asked if all three of the parents were going to die (if Jennifer had her way yes, the bitch could have taken any three parents from Beacon Hills but no, she takes the parents of Scott, Stiles and Allison because Derek basically led her right to them by getting involved with her in the first place) she got all wound up and started to cry. He got it, he really did. After all, her dad was the only one she had left since her aunt was basically a mass murderer and had been what had turned Peter into a murdering loony and Derek into an aloof wreck, and her mother was a vicious old cow who had tried to kill Scott (so she deserved exactly what she got in his slightly biased opinion) and now Chris was the last member of her family still alive unless you counter her power hungry and bitter grandfather who had caused just as many problems as he had solved.

Maybe part of it was jealousy. His father hadn't exactly been a great parent. In fact, Melissa had been more of a parent to him than his father had ever been. And now, Jennifer had her, and for that alone, he wanted to rip the bitch into kebabs. It was also because of her that Scott was now with that nutter Deucalion which wasn’t improving his mood anyway. So yeah he could get why she was upset, why she was scared, but they all were!

Stiles was worried sick about his father and his best friend, Scott was worried sick about his mother, Allison was worried about her father, and Isaac was worried about Scott. Add all the others in and the entire thing was just far too insane and complicated to wrap his head around.

But her crying didn't help. This wasn’t what he was good at. If it was Scott, or even Stiles, yeah sure, he’d know what to do (well mostly). Even Lydia he had some idea of what to do. But Allison was a different matter entirely.

She wasn’t his favourite person sure, but he didn't want to hurt her, which if he comforted her, he could do by accident. He didn't want her to think he was leading her on, because he was in no way interested in her. He was in love with Scott, not Allison, and he really didn't want her to get it into her head that he might like her back because he was flat out not interested (and even if he wasn’t in love with Scott, he still wouldn’t be interested, at least he didn't think he would be, sure she was pretty, but there was still the whole thing where she tried to kill him and broke Scott’s heart, but the second part might be due to his feelings he didn't know).

But he also needed to go, they needed to go and get reinforcements, information, advice, anything that wasn’t standing in this horrible bank vault which smelt of despair, fear and death...Erica’s death. And she was upset, and he did feel bad for her, after all, her father was on the hit list of the sodding Darach.

So reluctantly, he wrapped his arms around her to soothe her, and as she buried her head in his shoulder, all the way through it he wished it was Scott he had safely in his arms rather than his ex.




“You need to stay here.” Stiles said awkwardly, and Isaac barely suppressed a snarl.

“Stay here? Are you crazy?” he demanded angrily, and Stiles looked at him helplessly.

“What do you want from me Isaac? Jennifer has my dad and the closest thing to a mother I’ve got, and Deucalion has someone who’s virtually my brother. And all I can think about is how Jennifer is going to make me lose all three of them, and we can’t do anything about it because that insane werewolf has the only one who can do something to stop it since your Alpha is to busy navel gazing to help!” Stiles exclaimed in a breathless rush and he leaned back against the wall, breathing heavily, clutching at his chest.

“Stiles?” Isaac asked in concern, Lydia had mentioned that he had had a panic attack earlier which she had helped him get over but she hadn't actually said how.

Stiles continued panting, looking at Isaac desperately as Isaac tried to help.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stay here, I’ll look after Lydia and Allison, please don't have a panic attack because of me!” he pleaded and rather impressively, Stiles gave a derisive snort and waved him off, continuing to pant, he couldn't catch his breath, Deaton was out somewhere, and Isaac really needed to help Stiles, he couldn't lose him as well, not on top of everyone else he had lost and looked like he was about to lose.

He continued to pant, and Isaac looked around desperately for anything that might help, anything that might calm Stiles down, but there was nothing around, what sort of vets was this? Deaton clearly had a line in fixing shapeshifters, why couldn't he dabble in human medicine and Isaac wouldn’t then have to watch one of his best friends suffering a panic attack because his world, just like everyone else’s, was imploding with terrible rapidity.

Wait a minute, take his mind off his panic, that might work!

“Alright, stay with me ok,” he asked, taking a gentle hold of Stiles as he continued to panic, and Stiles gave a weak nod, “think happy thoughts, of you and Scott, Lydia, lacrosse, your jeep, kittens, puppies, all that kind of stuff.” He encouraged, but as Stiles shook his head he realised it was a lost cause, yeah this wasn’t helping at all.

Unless he told him something that ought to really take his mind off his panic.

“I’m in love with Scott!” he blurted out, deciding to go through with it before he chickened out and before Stiles got any worse.

Stiles gave a deep shuddering breath, and then turned to face Isaac incredulously, and gasped at him.

“What?” he wheezed, and Isaac breathed a sigh of relief, he had stopped the panic attack at least, now he just had to deal with the fall out.

So, nervous, he scuffed his toes on the floor and avoided looking at Stiles.

“Hey it stopped your panic attack.” He pointed out, and Stiles nodded, a slight grin on his face.

“Yeah, I suppose it did. It’s not every day one of your best friends and partner in educating his other best friend in the finer things in life blurts out he is in love with that best friend. You really meant it didn't you? You’re in love with Scott.” He said, and Isaac nodded meekly.

“Yeah.” He said uncertainly, edging back from Stiles.

Stiles looked at this strange behaviour, wondering why Isaac was acting this way until it finally clicked. Of course.

“Wait, do you think I’m going to like you less just because you’re in love with Scott?” he asked in disbelief, and Isaac looked at him uncertainly, still scuffing his toes, and Stiles smirked and rolled his eyes.

“Isaac, I don't care about that! You’re one of my best friends! And don't tell him this, but you could do a lot worse than fancy Scott. I don't care if you’re in love with him. I just want you guys to be happy.” He said, and Isaac looked at him eagerly.

“You’re ok with it?” he asked, and Stiles nodded before giving Isaac a hug.

“Course I am, you’re my best friends and you make each other happy. That’s good enough for me.” He assured him and Isaac hugged him fiercely back.

“And I broke you out of your panic attack.” He said brightly, and Stiles nodded, looking thoughtful.

“Yeah, don't see why though, I think it was just the way you blurted out your big admission.” He mused, and Isaac looked at him in confusion.

“What do you mean?” he asked, puzzled, and Stiles grinned.

“Come on, you guys aren't exactly subtle. You both live together for a start, and you both like cuddling up to each other, you can see it when we hang out and play games, you’re always right beside each other, touching as much as possible. And I heard that you’ve slept together a lot. You might not be a couple but you’ve still shared a bed. And besides, it’s pretty hard not to notice the big goo-goo eyes you keep fluttering at each other, and the drawn out longing looks you keep sending each other’s way. And the fact that you each hang on the other’s word. Danny’s noticed, and you guys are so obvious even Coach Finstock had realised there’s something going on between you.” He pointed out and Isaac sighed.

“And here I thought we were being subtle about it. So if everyone else sees it, why the hell doesn’t Allison?” he demanded, and Stiles frowned in sympathy.

“Yeah, I noticed she was kind of attached to you, what, you reckon she likes you?” he asked, and Isaac shrugged.

“I’m beginning to think she does, but no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to be discouraging her.” He complained, and Stiles tapped his teeth with his finger pensively.

“Yeah, that’s a whole pile of awkwardness. But it’s a whole pile of awkwardness that can wait till another day, we have enough crap going on at the moment. So, you ok to stay here and keep an eye on the girls?” he asked, and he had to admit, when Isaac gave him that kicked puppy look, he could see why he had heard Scott once mutter that Isaac was cuter than he was (pure prejudice clearly, he’d always said Scott had no taste). Mind you, since it was quite obvious his best friend, his brother, liked Isaac as much as he liked him, he couldn't really fault Scott’s taste in men either. He had a frigging awesome best friend and just as good a boyfriend if he got his finger out and did something about it, preferably before Allison tried anything for whatever reason.

“But...” Isaac protested, and Stiles looked at him desperately.

“Hey, dude, don't kick off another panic attack. I know you’re worried about them all too. But if the Alphas or Jennifer come here, you’re the only one who might be able to protect Allison and Lydia, Deaton and I won’t be up to much. Please Isaac.” He pleaded, and irritably, begrudgingly, and resentfully, Isaac nodded, and a second later found Stiles’ hand on his shoulder.

“Hey. Scott will be alright. He’s good at this stuff. You might not think it to look at him, but he’s quite clever when he puts his mind to it. And quite the con artist too. He’ll be fine. And as soon as Deaton and I see him, I’ll get him to call you, or at least tell you he’s alright. I promise.” He said, and Isaac nodded faithfully.

“Alright, I’ll babysit. Be careful.” He warned, and Stiles nodded.

“You too. See you in a bit dude.” He said, turning for the door, until Isaac called him back.

“Hey Stiles?” he asked, and Stiles turned back to face him.


“Thanks. know.” Isaac said with a small grin, and Stiles nodded, grinning.

“Yeah, same to you.” He said, before leaving Isaac alone with the girls.




“Scott!” Isaac cried in relief as his Alpha came through the door, and Scott found himself immediately wrapped in a fierce hug which he was only too happy to return.

Both of the young wolves stood drinking in each other’s scent as Deaton and Stiles exchanged exasperated looks outside as the two wolves were blocking the door.

After the boys had separated and Scott had returned with Allison and Stiles with the items they needed, Scott and Isaac sat in the waiting room waiting for Deaton to finish creating the ice baths.

“I don't like this Scott.” Isaac said darkly, and Scott sighed.

“I’m not too keen on it myself, but we don't have a choice, we need to find the nemeton tree or mom...” he said, his voice breaking, and Isaac nuzzled his cheek softly, eliminating the tear that had slipped down Scott’s cheek.

“She’ll be fine. We’ll get her back, I promise. I just wish you didn't have to die just to do it.” Isaac said, his own voice breaking, and he felt Scott give his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“It’ll be fine Isaac. Deaton knows what he’s doing.” He assured him, and Isaac looked into the room where the three freezing cold tubs were, his brow furrowed.

“Yeah I know, but what if something goes wrong? And I’ve been in an ice bath, believe me, it sucks ass.” He told Scott, who nodded.

“I know. I didn't want you going in then, and I don't particularly want to go in now, but we don't have a choice Isaac. Look on the bright side, I won’t crush your hand like you did mine.” He said brightly, and Isaac gave him a dirty look.

“Haha.” He said, and the two of them sat together, Isaac’s hand ensnared in Scott’s, both of them sitting close, both of them filled with fear, and both of them resisting the rather strong urge not to snuggle into each other.

“Who’s going to be your anchor?” Isaac broached innocently.

He wanted it to be him. It had to be someone with a strong bond to them, but with the people in question, it just wouldn’t be feasible. With Scott, Stiles and Allison going under, Isaac would need to anchor Stiles while Deaton took Scott. He bitterly wished someone else could take Stiles. Not that he wished any harm on Stiles, far from it, he was his best friend, but he wanted to be the one responsible for Scott.

Mind you, maybe it would be best if he didn't. The anchor had to push them under the freezing cold water. He could just imagine the vast array of nightmares that would ensue if he basically drowned Scott. He gave a small shudder, and Scott wrapped his arm around him, bringing him close, drinking in Isaac’s scent as he did so.

“You cold?” Scott asked in concern, and Isaac smiled grimly.

“Not as cold as you’re going to be.” He said, trying to take the edge off it.

And it didn't help that his brain and his heart were now both very aware of the potential of something going wrong. If something went wrong, anything could go wrong, any if not all of the three could easily die in this risky plan. He didn't like it one little bit, too much could go wrong.

And then he could lose Stiles, his best friend.

And worse, he could lose Scott, the guy he loved, his Alpha.

He didn't want to think about it. But he did love Scott. And Stiles, who was usually right about these sorts of things, thought that Scott loved him too. What did he do? He wanted to tell Scott, he wanted to admit how he felt about him. But what if Scott actually didn't feel the same way? And if he did tell him, and something went wrong, what would happen then? Or worse, what if he didn't tell him, and something went wrong, the thoughts of what might have been would surely drive him insane.

What did he do?

As Isaac’s internal debate raged, Scott just simply held the person he loved in his arms, resting his cheek on Isaac’s shoulder, savouring the scent of Isaac, his Isaac. Given a choice, and if his mother and the others were safe, he would stay like this forever if he could. But now, he was riddled with a choice of his own to make. Did he tell Isaac how he felt about him? Did he admit he was head over heels in love with him?

And if he did, and Isaac didn't feel the same way, what would happen then? Would Isaac move out? He hoped not, he knew full well he wouldn’t survive it. And if he did feel the same way, but something happened to him, it could destroy Isaac, and he didn't want to think about that, he couldn't bear to hurt Isaac like that.

Both of them were then jarred out of their musings by Deaton telling them that the baths were ready. Stiles sent Scott a slightly scared look, and led the way through, Allison and Lydia close behind, leaving Scott alone with Isaac. This was the last chance either of them was going to have.

“Scott...” Isaac mumbled hesitantly, as a conflicted Scott moved towards the door, interrupting Scott who had just been about to turn back and blurt out his feelings to Isaac.

“Yeah?” he asked huskily, and savoured the experience as Isaac hugged him fiercely, and Scott once more wished he could just stay like this forever.

“Just...just come back. Just as you are.” Isaac mumbled pathetically, but he sounded do desperate and lost that Scott couldn't help but smile a little.

He couldn't help it, he found Isaac cute when he got all childlike.

So he gently nudged Isaac with his nose, looking into his eyes intently.

“I will, I promise.” He vowed huskily, and once again, the two of them were so close that he physically had to prevent himself from kissing Isaac.

But it was getting harder and harder to resist that temptation, Isaac was so near, and so gorgeous, and his lips...

Isaac wanted to shake his head, he wanted to stop this, he knew he should. But Scott was right in front of him, his beautiful Scott, his warm brown eyes locked with his, his soft lips slightly open, and they were getting closer...

“Scott, hurry up dude!” Stiles yelled from the other room, and reluctantly the two boys broke apart, making their miserable way into the room.

And as Deaton once more explained the ritual, explained the anchor, or emotional tether, Isaac so wanted to drift to Scott, who was holding a watch his father had given his mother. However, he couldn't, he had to bring back Stiles, and so he and Lydia exchanged a silent look of agreement, he would take her place beside Stiles and she would take his beside Allison.

And then, to Scott’s horror, Deaton said Lydia was Stiles’ connection.

And Deaton remained Scott’s.

Meaning Isaac was now Allison’s.

He didn't mind his being Deaton, he really didn't. But in an ideal world, he’d have had Isaac be his tether. He’d want Isaac there, holding him, keeping him anchored, bringing him back to the world.

But no. He was Allison’s anchor. Allison looked at Isaac as though he were some sort of larger than life hero. Isaac shot Scott a hesitant, scared look, and Scott barely fought down a snarl. Isaac...was Allison’s tether. Isaac, the person he was in love with, was the tether to his ex girlfriend. Isaac looked at him pleadingly, but all Scott did was give an irritable jerk of his head before turning away before he could see that pained expression on Isaac’s face any longer.

How could he have been so stupid? Allison was linked to Isaac! To him, he’d wanted that. To Stiles, yes, he’d expected that. But to Allison? He was Allison’s anchor to the real world, someone she had an emotional connection to? He’d only asked Isaac to look after her, not, not...well not whatever he had done to make such an impression on her.

Allison clearly liked Isaac. Clearly she had moved on, and had replaced him, with Isaac. Allison had replaced him in her life, and had filled the void with the one person he wished violently that she had kept her hands off. And Scott had all but delivered Isaac to her, practically gift wrapped him for her.

He was such an idiot. He had thrown Isaac at her, and she had reciprocated in kind. And with that sort of attention, of course Isaac would give in. He’d never had someone like her before, he would have lapped up the attention she was foisting on him, of course he would have.

He’d been an idiot to let himself believe Isaac would feel that way about him. He’d been an idiot to think that Isaac wanted that. He’d been leading him on, not intentionally, but he had been. It wasn’t Isaac’s fault that Scott was stupid enough to fall for it.

He had lost Isaac. He’d been such an idiot to think Isaac would care about him the way he did about him. And now, he was with Allison.

Allison had replaced Scott with Isaac. And Isaac had replaced Scott with Allison.

Which meant that Scott was alone.

He climbed into the bath, determinedly avoiding Isaac’s gaze. They could still be friends he supposed. He would just have to try and bury his feelings.

Isaac shot a sad look at Scott, who was now refusing to look at him. He didn't really think he cared about Allison the way she cared about him did he? After all, it was fairly obvious that Isaac was head over heels for him, not for her. He had no interest in her. And even if he did, he wouldn’t do that to Scott. He wouldn’t hurt him like that. Now to mentioned how awkward it would be if he started dating Allison when she was Scott’s ex. The entire thing was just so confusing.

He did wish Scott would look at him.

Stiles, in the middle bath, shared a look of exasperation with Lydia, who just shook her head in dismay. Where they the only two in their group who used their brain? How did Scott not see that Isaac was clearly in love with him, and not with Allison? And more to the point, how the hell was she missing the fact that Isaac was only with her because Scott had asked her? Werewolf hunting aside, considering Isaac was in love with Scott, he was hardly going to be her biggest fan.

But, all because Allison had fallen for Isaac when none of them had been looking, Scott was now determinedly ignoring Isaac, leaving Isaac with a broken expression on his face. But Stiles knew Scott too well. He was hurting, he felt betrayed, and that the person he loved was with someone else. He was also going into freeze out mode when no one (aside from arguably Isaac under better circumstances) could reach him.

Why was his best friend so damn stubborn?

He wanted to tell Scott that that wasn’t how it was. He actually wanted them both together, he wanted them both to be happy. He wanted to tell Isaac that Scott had the wrong idea and didn't hate him. But he couldn't, this wasn’t the time or the place for that talk, not when he was shrivelling up with the cold. Or when Allison was in earshot.

But, he could give Scott something else to think about.

So, he told him about his dickhead father being back in town.

And as Scott turned to face him, catching Isaac’s hurt but suddenly hopeful eye, he was grimly aware that his plan had worked.

And then, hating herself, Lydia pushed Stiles under.

Deaton pushed Scott under.

And, his eyes never leaving his Scott, who had given him a cold shoulder even before he had gotten into the bath, Isaac pushed Allison under, never taking his eyes off the one he truly loved.

Chapter Text



“Are you ok?” Lydia asked as Isaac paced restlessly between Stiles and Scott’s tub.

“Ask me that again when they wake up.” He muttered and she sighed, coming closer to him as he sank back to his perch, between Scott and Stiles’ tubs, where his best friend and the person he was in love with were floating as if dead beneath the blackened water.

Yeah this didn't scare him at all. Scott just lying there as though he were dead, completely unmoving, his yellow eyes (which Isaac had to admit, he found kind of appealing) gazing into nothing as he floated beneath the surface. He would be having nightmares about this that was for sure.

“They’ll be fine.” She assured him softly, and he looked at her in disbelief.

“They’ll be fine? They’ve been like this for over ten hours, and none of them are doing anything!” he cried desperately and she smiled.

“Hey, don't you have a panic attack, I don't want to have to kiss you too.” She said, and he looked at her in surprise.

“So, that’s how you jarred Stiles out? I was wondering how you did it, I blurted out that I love Scott...oh crap.” He said meekly, and she gave him a reassuring smile.

“Isaac, out of the lot of us, I think it’s fair to say Stiles and I are the smartest. I’m also not blind, it was pretty obvious that you and Scott liked each other. And considering both my serious boyfriends have been homicidal maniacs for whatever reason, I can hardly judge you. Besides, it’s ok with me. And for what it’s worth, I reckon you’d both make a cute couple.” She said with a small grin and Isaac seemed to deflate.

“That would be easier if he knew how I felt about him. And if he didn't think I was in love with Allison. You should have seen the way he looked at me when Deaton said I was Allison’s anchor, it was like I’d kicked him in the nuts after screwing his mother and crashing his bike. And he didn't even look at me after that.” He said miserably, and Lydia could just imagine that if Isaac was a dog, his ears would be drooped in depression.

Trying to banish the image of all her wolf friends with dog ears from her mind (she pictured Isaac as a beagle and Scott as a spaniel, she decided she better stop there) she went up to Isaac and wrapped him in a one armed hug.

“It’ll be alright Isaac. Trust me, Scott likes you as much as you like him.” She assured him, and he looked at her miserably.

“He might have done. Not now, not when he thinks I like Allison as much as I like him. And she seems to like me as much as I like him too.” He said, looking saddened, lost and confused, and she couldn't help but take pity on him.

“Isaac...I know all this is messed up, and Allison...she does like you.” She admitted, but Allison was currently freezing in a bath and couldn't stop her telling Isaac anything.

Isaac looked at her incredulously.

“Is she crazy? One I’m a werewolf, two, Scott’s kind of my best friend and I wouldn’t do that to him, three I’m not interested and four, she wanted to freaking kill me!” he protested and she shrugged.

“Hey, I knew Jackson was an arrogant, stuck up, highly strung jerk and I still dated him, even though a lot of the time I was with him I had to be someone I wasn’t. And when he found out about werewolves he treated me like crap because he suddenly thought he was better than me. Doesn’t mean I didn't love him, I did. And in her defence, you are very attractive.” She said matter of factly, and Isaac shook his head.

“But why does she think I’ll like her back? I was keeping an eye on her and did the comforting bit sure, but that was for Scott. She isn’t even really my friend, partly due to the whole werewolf killer, attempted murder thing, and partly due to...”

“How she treated Scott?” Lydia asked shrewdly, and he nodded, making her smile slightly.

“Well yeah, you told me about their first break up and she was basically being an ungrateful bitch. Second time it was also all her fault because she listened to her evil grandfather and felt bad. I don't get what he sees in her.” He grumbled, and she smirked.

“I know. That’s because you’re in love with Scott. Hey...if you and Scott do hook up, she’ll be the other woman in both your relationships!” she said brightly, stopping grinning with difficulty as Isaac glowered at her dangerously.

She may be a banshee but she didn't know enough yet to go up against a werewolf.

“What do I do Lydia?” he asked sadly, and she sighed and hugged him again.

“We wait. And when all this crap is over, then we can sort out this mess between you and Scott. All you have to do is convince him that you don't like Allison.” She soothed, and he snorted derisively.

“I can’t even convince Allison I don't like her like that, so how will that work?” he asked miserably, and Lydia smiled.

“We’ll think of something.” She assured him as the two went back to their silent vigil over their frozen drowning friends, Isaac’s eyes never leaving Scott.




They were finally awake. As soon as Deaton had informed them, Isaac and Lydia had tore through to the next room, virtually flattening the poor vet, come sage come druid in the process.

As he recovered from being stampeded, Lydia helped Allison stand up, before she wrapped a warm towel around a shivering Stiles who had managed to get up on his own. That left Isaac to deal with Scott. Isaac immediately wrapped the towel around him and helped his shaking Alpha, because that’s what he was to him, out of the bath, Scott’s teeth chattering as he did so. Isaac then started to wipe him down, only to stop when Scott abruptly pulled away from him, glaring out of the door. Feeling the obvious dismissal like a hammer blow to the gut, Isaac trotted over to Stiles, keeping his eyes away from Scott as Scott tried himself stubbornly. Stiles sent him a questioning look, but Isaac simply shook his head and started to help him dry off and warm up, all the while trying to ignore the interested look that Allison was sending his way.

As the three who’d diced with death gathered to tell them what had happened, Isaac once more moved towards Scott. It wasn’t as if he was doing anything, he just wanted to make sure Scott was alright. But as soon as he got anywhere near to him, Scott turned away and started talking to Stiles. Isaac tried hard not to let it bother him. He’d just diced with death, he was a bit mixed up...

No, this was because he was Allison’s anchor, and now Scott didn't want him near him. And it hurt like hell. Scott was the one who he loved, the one who had taken him in, and suddenly he was getting the Derek treatment from someone he didn't even think was capable of giving it. Stiles sent him another questioning look, hating the hurt that was blossoming in Isaac’s eyes. What was Scott doing? He exchanged a glance with Lydia, who glared at Scott before basically continuing a silent conversation with Stiles, their eyes telling each other everything. In the end both rolled their eyes in frustration. Yeah, it seemed that werewolves generally weren’t the brains of the outfit, that was down to the banshee and the human.

And before either of them could say anything, a glowering Isaac promptly sat down beside Allison, who looked happily surprised that he was sitting beside her. Lydia sagged a little in frustration but she could hardly blame him, he was head over heels for Scott and Scott was now treating him like he didn't exist. She hadn't exactly been sensible when Jackson had so abruptly dumped her (she was over that, of course she was, mind you if he hadn't been such a jerk they might have figured out he was a kanima long before it became an issue) but really boys?

As they explained that Scott and the others had been out for sixteen hours, Isaac’s voice had a hint of fear in it as he pointedly looked at Allison while he said it. Allison smiled a little, hesitantly as not sure what was going on but behind Isaac’s turned head, Scott was scowling angrily. So, he’d been more worried about her had he? Fine.

Beside him, faithfully, Stiles just exchanged a frustrated glance with Lydia, both of them restraining the urge to hit the two werewolves.

But, as Deaton informed them that they had four hours left before the eclipse, which was most likely when Jennifer would make her move, Isaac saw not the surly hurtful Scott who had been in the tub, but the passionate, leader Scott who could fix anything. He quickly took command of the situation and gave everyone jobs, and told Allison he needed her help. He then turned his attention to Isaac, and as he saw the hurt that he had put on Isaac’s face, his voice wavered slightly. He shouldn’t feel guilty for hurting Isaac. But...he did.

It wasn’t Isaac’s fault that Allison liked him now. And he was partly to blame, he had gotten his hopes up that Isaac would feel the same way about him, it wasn’t Isaac’s fault that he didn't. Or that he had unintentionally led Scott on.

And besides, he couldn't bear it when Isaac looked that sad.

“You can come too...if you want.” He said softly, noticing Stiles and Lydia beaming triumphantly beside him for some reason, and Isaac looked at him intently.

“Of course I’ll come. Anything, you know that.” He whispered in response, and Scott smiled hesitantly at him, both boys feeling a million times better all of a sudden as they made a move to try and stop the Darach.




The three of them made good their escape from the apartment building, Allison smirking slightly as she saw the smoke coming out of her window. Isaac had to admit, even though he didn't like her in that way, he could be beginning to like her as a friend. She was pretty cool when she put her mind to it.

“We’ll take my car, hang on, I’ll bring it round.” She said, heading to the car park at the rear of the building, giving Scott and Isaac their first time alone since before he’d gone into the tub.

Isaac didn't know what to say, he wanted to explain about Allison, but now didn't seem the time, they had other things to worry about, including the angry FBI agent upstairs who just happened to be Scott’s father. But as his gaze dropped from Scott nervously, his eyes went immediately back to Scott, noticing the tears welling in his eyes.

“Scott?” he asked gently, and Scott gave a sniff, stubbornly keeping turned away from him.

“I’m fine.” He assured him, and Isaac smirked in spite of himself.

“Yeah, and I’m Aretha Franklin. Scott, I just want to help.” He said, putting his hand hesitantly on Scott’s shoulder, feeling immensely relieved when he didn't shrug it off.

“I’m alright. It’s just...I’ve not seen him in years and now he suddenly turns up when everything we know is going to hell in a handbasket. I really didn't need him to come back now.” He mumbled, and Isaac took a step closer, close enough to be almost touching Scot’s body with his own.

“So you and your dad don't get on I take it?” he asked softly, and Scott snorted, bemused.

“Hell no. Not after the jackass abandoned me and mom. And now he’s back, thinking he knows everything and thinking he has the right to act like a father again after all these years. He doesn’t, he never was much of a father. He wasn’t here when we needed him, when mom cried herself to sleep every night during the divorce. He didn't bother keeping in contact, he didn't care about me. I’ve not had a father for over ten years, and I sure as hell don't need one now.” He bit out bitterly, his voice choked with tears and Isaac abandoned all pretence, and wrapped Scott in a hug.

“Shh.” Isaac soothed as Scott cried onto his shoulder, with Isaac unable to tell if his tears were due to him being upset, angry or bitter about all that had happened.

He gently rocked Scott a little, his hand stroking through his hair, and Scott managed to register that his jerk father had at least caused one good thing to happen, he was in Isaac’s arms again, with Isaac gently soothing him, stroking his hair to calm him. And for a second, he forgot all about Allison and her relationship with Isaac, it just felt right being in Isaac’s embrace again. And they were both close, and as Isaac pulled away slightly, both of them looked into each other’s eyes, and Scott so wanted just to kiss him and to hell with the consequences...

“Hey, look on the bright side. Your dad may be a jackass, but at least he hasn’t locked you in a freezer.” Isaac whispered to him, nudging him with his nose.

And he couldn't help it. Scott actually laughed, making Isaac grin.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I mean, not that what your dad did to you is at all funny-” he justified, hoping Isaac wouldn’t get the wrong idea, and Isaac grinned.

“i know. I did say it to cheer you up. Uh oh.” He said worriedly, seeing the lift in the building was coming towards the ground floor.

“Ugh, I can’t deal with another family reunion.” Scott muttered, just as Allison pulled up, looking harried.

“You won’t need to if you hurry, get in!” she urged, and Isaac clambered in the back, and for a split second, Scott stopped to ponder why he didn't sit beside Allison before he got in himself, Allison driving away just as the elevator divulged his father and his back up.




Yeah, running around in the dark forest with what seemed to be a cyclone raging was a really good way to spend a Friday night. Running around said forest with said cyclone raging while the Darach was heading for a showdown with the leader of the murderous Alphas and the guy he loved looking for his best friend who hadn't reported in for ages was an even better way to spend an evening.

Isaac swore violently. Scott was heading for a showdown with Jennifer, Stiles was missing, Ethan and Lydia were trying to turn Aiden away from the dark side, and Cora might be dead by now. And to top it off, this storm was playing havoc with his sense of smell.

“Isaac...” Allison said weakly, and he looked back at her, to see her eyes wide and brimming with tears.

“What?” he asked nervously, knowing full well whatever she was about to tell him wasn’t good news.

“The twins...they’re dead. So is Kali.” She said, her voice shaky, and Isaac staggered back in shock.

He hadn't been the twins biggest fans, but he hadn't wanted them dead. Kali, sure, but not the twins.

“What about Derek? Cora? Lydia?” he asked urgently, and she shook her head.

“The text came from Lydia’s phone, but I don't think it’s her who sent it. And Derek...he left with Jennifer.” She said breathlessly, and Isaac groaned.

Regardless, that could mean that Derek might have been backed into the position where he too would have to fight Scott. Scott couldn't take Derek, not when he was an Alpha. Deucalion could probably deal with him if he transformed, but surely he would deal with Jennifer. This was just getting worse.

But there was one positive thing. If Lydia hadn't sent that text, it meant that Cora most likely had, which meant she was fine. At least one thing was going their way tonight, nothing else seemed to be.

“Come on, you’re the only one who can find them now. Scott needs us to find them. Let’s go.” She urged, and Isaac sighed wearily.

“All this crap really sucks.” He complained, and Allison looked to the sky, where the moon was getting close to the point where it would disappear.

“Yeah, tell me about it. Look on the bright side.” She suggested, and he looked at her sceptically.

“Bright side? Your dad, Stiles’ dad and Scott’s mom are all held prisoner in the root cellar beside some evil tree stump. Stiles is MIA. The twins are dead, meaning Lydia and when he finds out Danny will be a state. There’s a list of bodies that’s only getting higher. The Darach, our English teacher, has Derek wrapped around her little finger. We’re running lost through the woods trying to find the evil tree stump. Scott’s asshole father’s reared his ugly head at exactly the wrong moment. And to top it all off, Scott’s with bloody Deucalion, about to enter a showdown with the blasted Darach. Where the hell is the damned bright side?” he demanded hysterically, and she shrugged.

“Admittedly that’s a lot of a dark side. way or another, it ends tonight. And besides, you know Scott as well as I do. If anyone can get us a win out of this, it’s him.” She told him, and he had to smile at that.

Yeah, if he could just stop worrying about Scott he might be able to believe that.

But she was right. Scott had gotten out of a lot of crappy situations. This was just one more. He would do it.

Smiling a little, and feeling slightly more optimistic about their chances, he beckoned Allison to follow him as they continued the hunt.




It was over. It was all over.

And amazingly, all of them were still standing.

The storm was gone. The Darach had been stopped. The sacrifices were saved. And finally, Isaac could rest his aching arms. Holding up the earth had made him very sympathetic to a particular Titan that now made him very determined to pay more attention when they learned about Greek mythology. Seriously, Atlas deserved a frigging medal.

“Mom!” Scott exclaimed happily, and Melissa hugged her son to her fiercely, her son embracing her happily.

“That’s more than enough excitement for one day.” The sheriff said wearily, as he tended to Stiles’ cut while Stiles yawned tiredly.

“Tell me about it.” Chris said, very aware of the glare that Allison was giving him.

“Well if you hadn't locked me up and electrocuted Isaac...” she began angrily, and Scott’s Alpha eyes flashed red as he turned to glare at Chris.

“What?” he growled menacingly, and Isaac’s ears perked up as he watched Chris recoil in fear at the tone of his voice.

“It was for their own good.” He said bravely, because crap Scott looked ten times older and a hundred times scarier as an Alpha.

Scott snarled in the back of his throat, and Chris suddenly became very aware of Scott’s claws extending. Melissa, smiling as she noticed this, turned to Chris and cocked her head in a smug way.

“I think I can interpret that growl. If you ever use one of your little werewolf hunting toys on Isaac again, my son will rip you to shreds!” she said brightly, and Chris nodded meekly, too tired and (not that he would admit it) intimidated to argue.

“Good. And...just so you know, if you ever use one of your little toys on any of my boys, Scott, Stiles or Isaac, again, and you won’t need to worry about a wolf because I’ll kill you myself.” She said, her voice still sweet but her expression anything but, and Chris nodded weakly.

“Understood.” He said gruffly, and Melissa smiled and turned to Isaac and Stiles.

“I’m glad you boys are alright too.” She said fondly, wrapping them in a hug as well as Scott, all three of them grinning.

“Hey Mrs McCall? Can I give you a call next time he does something stupid?” Allison asked musingly, as Scott’s mother had actually managed to frighten her father ever so slightly, handy skill to have.

“Sure honey.” She said with a smile as she went to check Allison was alright.

“You boys did good. You seen your dad yet?” the sheriff asked, clapping Scott on his shoulder, and Scott seemed to sag.

“Yeah.” He admitted, but to his dismay, his bat eared mother turned to face him.

“Wait, what?” she demanded, and Scott winced.

“He’s in town mom.” He said simply, and she groaned tiredly.

“Great, just great. That’s all we need.” She said sourly, and the sheriff wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“Don’t worry we were with you when he left you, we’re with you now. He still manages to piss me off as much as he ever did don't worry.” He assured her, and she smiled a little at that.

“So, he’s not your favourite person either then?” Isaac asked Stiles, and Stiles scowled.

“If you saw what the jerk put them through, you’d rip him apart. Actually, could you, all our lives would be better if you did.” He said brightly, and Isaac grinned.

“Don’t tempt me, he reduced Scott to tears earlier and that was only five minutes. I want to rip his head off just for that.” He admitted and then laid a hand on Stiles’ cut forehead, and used his power to heal it.

“Hey, you’re getting good at that.” Scott said, impressed by his work and Isaac grinned.

“I had a good teacher.” He told him, and Stiles felt his head experimentally.

“Got to admit, handy having a couple of werewolves in your pocket.” He said, heading over to talk to Allison, and Isaac smiled hesitantly at Scott.

“You did good. I’m proud of you.” He said, blushing a little, and Scott grinned.

“Thanks. You too.” He said, then as he looked into a puddle, he frowned sadly.

“What’s up? Scott, you won! Deucalion is on the run, Jennifer’s most likely dead, and we’re all still standing. Or is it your dad?” he asked, and Scott shook his head.

“No, it’s not that. I...I don't like my red eyes.” He moaned, and Isaac laughed, he sounded so pitiful, he couldn't help himself, but the adorable pout on his face soon stopped him.

“Really?” he asked in disbelief and Scott nodded.

“Yeah. I liked my yellow eyes, they were one of the best parts about being a werewolf. Well, look wise anyway.” He complained, and Isaac shook his head, grinning.

Admittedly, he had liked Scott’s yellow eyes, he liked how they looked with him, he suited yellow eyes. And he too lamented their loss, because in his opinion Scott’s yellow eyes made him even more attractive.

For all of a second, because as soon as Scott showed him his red eyes, he was hooked. For if there was ever a wolf suited for red eyes, it was Scott. He suited being an Alpha.

His Alpha.

“Don’t worry about it. You looked kind of cute and adorable with yellow eyes.” He said without thinking, and Scott looked at him in surprise, nonetheless going red at the comment.

“Really?” he asked nervously, and Isaac, his nerve failing him, proceeded before this got any worse.

“I mean, you still look...well you look not cute anymore, you’re past that with red eyes, you look hot now. Um...well yeah, you look hot, strong and powerful with red eyes, like you’ve grown up. Like you’re not a cub anymore.” He mumbled, and Scott grinned as Isaac was scarlet.

“Typical.” A voice said behind Stiles as he observed the two, and he turned with a delighted smile to see Lydia appear from the trees, with Deaton and the twins (looking very lost and nervous as though they thought they shouldn’t be there) in tow.

“Hey!” he exclaimed cheerfully, hugging her fiercely as both of them lamented the two wolves lost opportunity.

“Hey, Isaac?” Scott asked softly, aware that he was about to go and have to deal with Alpha duties in the shape of the very confused and out of place twins.

Besides, he really wanted to see Isaac’s face again, not the back of his head.

“Yeah?” he asked nervously, turning back to face Scott and not meeting his eyes.

“Well...Derek said he was taking off with Cora. And he’s not really an Alpha anymore since he used his power to save Cora. Which kind of means you got demoted to Omega as your pack kind of...fell apart.” He pointed out, and Isaac had to admit, that was true.

His pack was gone.

Whoa, this suddenly sucked.

“Oh...yeah...” he said sadly, and Scott couldn't bare him looking so sad, especially when he was the one who had caused it.

“Well...see, I’m an Alpha now, and I kind of need a pack. And, since you live with me and all, I kind of hoped you might want to be in my pack.” He said nervously.

Correction, this fucking rocked!

“Course I will.” Isaac said hugging him fiercely, and he felt something change between them, he was now Scott’s Beta, something had happened, forces they didn't know or understand had moved, and now, Isaac was officially Scott’s.

“Thought you might. We’re our own little pack, just the two of us. Well, I mean the others are part of it, sure’re the only other wolf.” He said, and Isaac grinned.

“Yeah, a two pack.” He said, and Scott grinned before heading over to the nervous looking twins.

“Told ya.” Lydia said, smugly taking the five dollar bill Stiles offered her resentfully, scowling.

“Show off. You better not be using your banshee powers to cheat.” He grumbled and she smirked.

“As if I need to with that pair.” She said as Deaton inspected the nemeton warily.

Scott finished talking with the slightly more cheerful twins when he went stiff, his eyes flashing red.

“Mom.” He said, and she groaned, there was only one thing that could mean.

“Joy.” She muttered as an FBI marked car pulled up.

“Melissa!” Scott’s dad yelled running over to them as Scott, Isaac, and Stiles promptly stood in front of her, stopping him from going any further.

“Agent McCall.” The sheriff greeted curtly, eyes narrowed in dislike, and McCall looked around at them all in shock.

“You’re all alright!” he exclaimed, astounded, and Melissa smiled sweetly.

“Yes, we are, no thanks to the FBI or to you. Mind you, that’s nothing new with you is it?” she challenged and McCall rolled his eyes while Scott grinned appreciatively.

“We were looking Melissa, and if Scott had been a little bit more cooperative...” he protested, and she scowled.

“Scott and the others managed to save us while you were choking on their fumes from what I’ve heard. I’m not even surprised, it’s not as if you’ve ever done anything right with us anyway.” She said savagely, making Scott grin all the wider as his father tried to control his anger.

“Melissa, can we not do this now?” he bit out, and she smiled in delight.

“Best idea you’ve ever had, other than clearing out I mean. You see, we’ve all had a traumatic experience, and I intend to go home and take a nice, long, hot bath to put it behind me. And I’m taking my son with me. Isaac too. Come on boys, let’s go home.” She said, smiling, and she strolled off regally, both boys grinning as they followed her.

“Melissa, Scott!” McCall shouted in frustration, starting to follow, but Isaac gave a little growl in his throat, managing to throw the sound and Scott’s father stopped to look around worriedly, fingering his gun.

“Down boy.” Scott whispered in amusement, smiling as he did so, and Isaac shrugged innocently.

“He must be hearing things.” He said cheerfully, heading to Stiles’ jeep.

McCall groaned as he watched his wife, son and son’s housemate retreat, and before he could turn to the sheriff, the sheriff clapped him on the shoulder.

“I’m sure you have questions Agent McCall, but I think they can wait till morning. Pop by my station and we’ll get down to work, figuring out how a bunch of kids tracked down the missing sheriff when the FBI couldn't. Well, you could never find what was important even when you had it, so why should it change when you don't have it?” he challenged with a grin, and Stiles smirked appreciatively.

“Good one dad.” He said, and his father put his arm around his shoulders.

“Now, I am going to go home with my son, you see that luxury is available to me unlike you, and give him a well earned lesson in the finer things in life.” He told McCall, and walked off with Stiles beside him while McCall scowled behind him.

“The finer things in life?” Stiles asked and the sheriff grinned at his son.

“Yes son, good whisky and other little luxuries life offers us. And if you want...we can talk.” He said, his voice full of meaning and Stiles nodded, and happily climbed into his jeep and drove off, leaving Agent McCall staring at his family as it vanished as always.

“And sorry Agent McCall, but my daughter wants to tear me a new one and I don't think it’s fair to deny her the pleasure any longer. But don’t worry, I’ll report to sheriff Stillinski first thing.” Chris said, putting his arm around his daughter who gave McCall a withering glare as she and Chris walked off, smiling smugly.

“And we can’t stick around, it’s past this pair’s curfew, I have to get them home.” Lydia said cheerfully, beckoning the twins, and all three glared at McCall as they too left.

“Nice of you to pay us a visit. You should do it more often. Shall we say another ten or so years?” Deaton asked mildly, walking out of the clearing and leaving a fuming Agent McCall behind.




Isaac had to admit, Allison was growing on him. Everything was finally back to normal. No more murders, everyone was safe, the only real problems were Derek having left (and he suspected he would be back) and the fact that Scott’s father was sticking around (though to his and Melissa’s amusement, Scott seemed to take great joy in shutting the door in his father’s face, whether it be his front door or his bedroom door).

Lydia and Aiden, who seemed to be provisionally part of Scott’s pack (he wondered if being Scott’s first Beta meant he could boss them around, god he hoped so) were flirting by the lockers. Danny and Ethan were holding hands as they walked to Danny’s locker. He and Allison were finally starting to become friends. And Stiles had found Scott and was steering him down the corridor cheerfully.

Yeah, everything was finally back to normal.

“Isaac!” Scott called, and he turned to find Scott shoving him into a storeroom, making Allison shake her head in bemusement as she carried on her way.

“Hey, like I said before, you’ve got to stop steering me into random rooms, people will start to talk.” He scolded in amusement and Scott grinned a little.

“Yeah well, now that there’s no more murders they need something else to talk about. I...I wanted to apologise.” He said, and Isaac looked at him curiously, cocking his head.

“For what?” he asked, and Scott scuffed his foot nervously.

“I was a jerk to you when I was in the tub.” He said, and Isaac, surprised that he had brought that up, grinned and tried to save him the embarrassment.

“You were out for sixteen hours Scott, that’s being a jerk to everyone.” He told him and Scott shot him a patient look.

“You know what I mean.” He said, and Isaac nodded.

“Yeah. do know I don't like Allison like that right? I never did and never will. She’s my friend, sure, but I don't fancy her. Besides, I wouldn’t do that to you.” He told him, and Scott’s eyes widened in shock.

“Really? You really don't like her like that?” he asked, and Isaac shook his head.

“Nope. And, you’re my best friend,” well he was a hell of a lot more but he didn't know that, “I wouldn’t do that. And anyway, you’re my Alpha, and my housemate. It would be all kinds of awkward even if I was interested, which I’m not.” He assured him, and Scott felt a darkness, which to him seemed deeper and darker than the one caused by the sacrifice, lifting off him.

“Thanks. But...alright, who do you like then? You like someone! And I don't know, and Stiles and Lydia do, and they think I don't know that they know, but I do! Why wouldn’t you tell me?” he asked sadly, and Isaac suddenly seemed very nervous.

“I...” he hesitated, and Scott shook his head.

“Because whoever they are, they’re not good enough for you! I assume.” He finished awkwardly and Isaac wondered if he should tell him.

“Scott...” he whispered, aware of how close they were.

“You deserve the best. And...whoever they are aren't the best.” Scott said softly.

“ me, the person I like, they are the best.” He whispered back, and Scott looked at him sadly.

“Well who are they? I mean, I’m your Alpha now, I think I need to sort of sniff them out...or something.” He invented wildly, making Isaac grin a little.

“They’re...they’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I didn't tell you because I’m not meant to like them the way I do.” He admitted, and Scott scowled

He wanted Isaac to be happy, of course he did. He just...he wanted him to be happy with him.

Not whoever it was he fancied. Him.

“Well...I don't care. You can like who you want. I...I’ll support you all the way.” He said, though his eyes were sad, he wondered if it was Lydia he liked.

“Thanks Scott.” Isaac said nervously, his mouth dry, there was no going back now, he had to tell Scott...

And as Scott looked at Isaac, his Isaac, his Beta, he finally decided. He couldn't let Isaac go off with this other person, not without telling him how he felt. And so, still very close, he made his decision.

And Scott leaned forward and kissed Isaac gently on the lips.

Isaac made a small noise of surprise as he did so, but then, realising what was happening, he kissed back, apparently to Scott’s surprise as he broke off.

“ kissed me.” Isaac said, in an elated daze, and Scott went into a panic.

He’d kissed Isaac, what did he do now?

“Um, I’m sorry, I...” he babbled, trying to escape, but then Isaac gripped his wrist.

“Don’t be. See...I was about to tell you before you kissed me. You’re the person I like.” He admitted shyly, and Scott reeled backwards, flabbergasted.

Isaac liked him?

And Scott looked at Isaac in shock, making Isaac nervous.

Scott liked him?

“You like me?” Scott asked shyly, and Isaac nodded eagerly.

“Yeah. Well, no actually. I...I kind of love you.” He admitted breathlessly, and Scott could feel a massive smile on his face as he heard the words he’d dreamed about for so long. Isaac loved him!

“Well...I kind of love you too. So, you liked it when I kissed you?” he asked excitedly, and Isaac grinned cockily.

“I’m not sure yet.” He teased and Scott kissed him again, more forcefully this time, then broke off.

“Now?” Scott asked playfully, and Isaac shook his head.

“Still not sure.” He whispered, and both boys leaned into the kiss.

And this time, the kiss was immense. Scott cupped Isaac’s face with his right hand, bringing him in close and snaking his left arm around Isaac’s waist. Isaac buried his fingers in Scott’s hair and wrapped the other around his back as the two of them finally gave in to their feelings. The kiss was full of love, heat, lust and passion, both of them tasting the other hungrily and longingly, small noises of contentment coming from the two as they kissed.

They were finally together and oblivious to the world, their bodies pressed to each other’s, their lips on each others, both of them holding on tightly to the one they loved.

Outside the door, Lydia smirked as she took money from both Danny and Stiles.

“How does she do that?” Danny demanded as she gloated smugly.

“No idea, she always does it. He actually finally did it!” Stiles exclaimed in delight and Lydia grinned.

“Told you Scott would make the first move. And for shame, you thought he would bottle it, and that Isaac would go first.” She scolded in amusement, and Stiles shook his head in disbelief.

“She always wins out of any bet we ever make her.” He lamented, and Danny nodded.

“I know, no idea how she does it. At least Scott and Isaac are finally together.” He said cheerfully, and Ethan and Aiden perked up as they approached.

“They finally admitted it?” Aiden asked in disbelief, and Ethan grinned.

“Hey, that means you’re the only straight guy in the pack bro.” He teased, and Aiden looked slightly dispirited, making the others grin.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you still have me.” Lydia assured him, taking his hand.

“Yay.” Aiden said with a grin as he kissed her.

“You know, I could get behind a gay Alpha...not in any kinky way I promise!” Ethan assured Danny, who was now entertaining visions of Scott, Ethan and Isaac together....

“Yeah, thanks, I’m not going to be kept awake by that thought all night.” He complained, though he didn't mean it, and Ethan kissed him happily.

“Well, I’ll just need to take your mind off it then won’t I? Or encourage it.” He whispered, dragging Danny away.

“See you later Stiles.” Lydia said, and Aiden gave him a sort of smile as he followed her away.

“What are you doing?” Allison asked worriedly as she saw Stiles standing outside the toilet and he grinned disarmingly.

“Just wondering how Lydia always wins at bets, care to explain?” he asked, leading her away from the door.

His best friends were finally together. And, if Allison did indeed know the secret, so much the better.

And inside, Scott and Isaac still had their lips locked to each other as they gave in to their feelings, kissing as if their life depended on it, as if they had been denied their life source for ages and were now lapping it up.

And as Scott broke off, making Isaac moan in protest, he made sure the door was locked and stripped to his trousers, allowing Isaac to feast his eyes on his gorgeous, tanned, shirtless Alpha. He then followed suit, allowing Scott to savour the sight of his beautiful, pale shirtless Beta. And then, grinning in eager, lustful anticipation, both boys once more pressed together, their eyes alight with mischievous desire and Scott gently brought Isaac to him as the two wolves, together at last, started kissing once again.

Chapter Text



Isaac groaned as the sun came up, blinding him as he lay in his bed. Growling angrily at the celestial body, he pulled his covers over his head, resenting it and the rest of the world. That seemed to be a recurrent theme nowadays. The world could shove off as far as he was concerned.

But then his alarm started to blare, and he resented the world even more. He could hear Melissa bustling about down the stairs, clearly planning to enjoy her day off as he could already smell the bacon she was grilling for herself. And now he was hungry. And he didn't want to give her anything to worry about on her day off, so with great reluctance he pulled the covers off of himself, swatted his alarm clock perhaps a tad more viciously than he should have done as it fell to the floor, and pulled himself out of bed. And, he didn't know what made him do it, but he looked down at the bed, as if hoping that the last few weeks had been a bad dream.

But they weren’t. Scott wasn’t in bed with him, he had been alone in his own bed like he had been since the week after they defeated Jennifer. When everything that Isaac had thought was proved wrong, and his heart was broken in the process.

Isaac snarled angrily, refusing to think about it, picking up his towel and wrapping it around his bare torso. Now, in reparation for the world waking him up well before he was ready, he thought it could pay him back by not making him see a half naked and gorgeous Scott coming back from the bathroom. That was the least the world owed him. After all, it had taken his mother before her time, given him an abusive father, had his original Alpha kick him out, his pack virtually fall apart, and then, just when he finally thought things were good, it cut off the avenue to the thing that made him the happiest he had ever been.

Refusing to think about that, he flounced into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it, acknowledging that the world had done alright on the avoiding Scott department. Now, if it would do that after his shower as well, he would appreciate that even more. And to be frank, he still thought he deserved it.

Stripping off his boxers and throwing them into the corner venomously, he climbed into the shower and hammered the button. He knew he should calm down, Melissa was stressed enough with two tense teenage boys in the house, and he shouldn’t take it out on her stuff, but he couldn't help it, he was hurt, and he was angry.

The day after they had defeated Jennifer, Isaac had finally admitted to Scott how much he loved him. Scott had been the first person to ever truly care about him, who had taken him in when he had nowhere else to go, the one who had first made Isaac feel like he meant something, that he wasn’t worthless, and that people cared about him. And on that day, Scott had also told him how he loved him, and after weeks of physical and emotional closeness, both of them touching at any opportunity, both of them snuggling up together at night, hanging out with one another, the amount they touched each other, they had finally surrendered to their feelings and kissed.

And it hadn't just been a tame kiss either. Protected by their helpful, and in Allison’s case, oblivious, friends, the two of them had virtually stripped, their hands stroking up and down each other’s warm, bare body, their hands running through each other’s hair, their lips locked, their tongues entering into each other’s mouths, their voices low and husky, filled with desire, their passionate bodies glinting with sweat, their fierce fiery desire for each other.

No teacher noticed their absence. And it was that day that they discovered just how long you could stay in a storeroom at school and still enjoy the experience. After they calmed down a bit, Scott sliding down the wall and gently pulling Isaac with him, as Isaac slid down beside him, he started to panic, realising just how confined the room they were in was, and he could feel a claustrophobic attack coming on.

But Scott had been there, kneeling in front of him, kissing his forehead gently, stroking his hands up and down his face, making him look into his eyes, talking to him soothingly, assuring him he was there. And to his amazement, Isaac had calmed down. Scott, smiling cockily, had leaned back against the wall, and the two of them had just sat there for ages, Scott’s arm wrapped protectively around Isaac, Isaac brought in close and snuggled into Scott’s shoulder, his head resting on Scott’s beautiful tanned shoulder, his hand holding Scott’s and stroking it with his thumb, while the other was snaked around Scott’s waist.

They had sat there for hours, talking, listening (they heard the argument between Lydia and Aiden as she told him he couldn't leave, and he challenged that he didn't have a reason to stay, and then there was the reboot of that conversation when Ethan said that he was taking off and they heard Danny pleading with him not to), and just enjoying each other’s company, getting to know every little bit of each other. They had finally admitted defeat and willed up the power to separate themselves for a while and go home when Stiles said he refused to stay any longer as he’d already been there past four oclock waiting for them to finish, and he refused to miss Digimon for anyone, and both Scott and Isaac had agreed that this was a good reason for him to abandon his post, and so they headed home, Isaac’s arms wrapped around Scott’s chest for the entire bike ride.

And when they got home to discover Melissa wasn’t in, Scott, grinning excitedly, had taken Isaac’s hand and led him up the stairs, guiding him into his bedroom and pulling him down onto the bed before tugging playfully and slightly beggingly at Isaac’s clothes. Isaac had obliged and had leaned back on the pillows, Scott hanging above him and bending down, kissing him passionately, his warm hands stroking down Isaac’s pale skin, making Isaac moan in pleasure. Scott had gently run down Isaac’s chest and stomach with his fingers, barely touching him, stimulating all sorts of responses in him, and then he had come to the top of Isaac’s jeans and had looked at him, cocking his head questioningly, kind of like an adorable puppy. And then, he had smiled widely as Isaac had nodded his weak consent, and Scott had carefully undone Isaac’s jeans, slipping them off and revealing Isaac’s bulging boxers. Scott had looked at it playfully, but also with reverence, and had ever so gently stroked it, making Isaac moan in pleasure.

And then, Isaac had sat up, pushing Scott onto his haunches, making Scott look at him worriedly, as if afraid he had done something wrong. Isaac had nuzzled him with his nose, grinning slightly, and then pulled Scott’s jacket off, and Scott’s adorable big brown eyes widened in realisation, before smiling in excitement as Isaac pulled his tshirt off of him. And then Isaac was on top, and then to Scott’s confusion, he was behind him. The reason why became clear a second later as Isaac kissed his cheek and began to massage him just like he had before, and Scott had made a strange noise of pleasure in his throat that he didn't know he could make. Isaac had kneaded all the knots out of his new gorgeous Alpha, Scott closing his eyes in enjoyment as he did so, and also enjoying the kisses Isaac was trailing down his neck and on his cheek. He also enjoyed as Isaac ran his hands through his gelled hair, and snaked his hand down his sculpted chest whenever he was choosing a new target for his soft hands to rub into. And then, when Scott felt the most relaxed he had ever felt, Isaac came from his back to his front, and silently looked at Scott, as if asking permission. Scott smirked, and shook his head in amusement, and he momentarily hated himself as Isaac seemed to droop, kind of like how a dog’s would when it was told off. Scott had then gently kissed him, nudging him with his nose, and suddenly, Isaac understood what he had meant: he didn't even have to ask.

And then Isaac had undid Scott’s jeans, pulling them off in excitement, seeing the black boxers that were struggling to contain Scott’s aroused cock. He had stroked it, as if frightened somehow, before relaxing into it and becoming more natural at it. It was when he stroked very lightly down Scott’s shaft that Scott made a groan of pleasure, and kissed Isaac, while gently forcing him down onto the bed, nestling Isaac in the pillows while he lay beside him. Isaac had then started kissing Scott’s neck, his hands running down his bare chest and gently taking Scott’s cock, while Scott had brought Isaac close, holding him beside him, kissing every inch of his body that he could reach. He had then playfully pinned Isaac, and Isaac had given him a playful smile as Scott kissed down to Isaac’s stomach, going to the top of his groin, enjoying seeing his boxer clad cock bulge due to his actions, Isaac moaning in lustful pleasure. Scott had released him, and Isaac had fixed him with a look, and all of Scott’s resistance melted away, lying down beside Isaac, Isaac snuggling into his embrace, Scott bent slightly around him as the two lay in the darkening room together. And there they lay, Isaac wrapped in Scott’s arms, his fingers trailing down Scott’s chest while Scott stroked Isaac’s hair lovingly before they both drifted off to sleep.

Isaac had awoken the next morning the happiest he had ever felt, and had been greeted by a passionate kiss from Scott. And then, virtually a week later, it had all changed, and he had fallen into the state of high dudgeon that he had endured ever since.

Isaac shut off the shower, glowering at the world. His life had never been fair, but this was a new low for the world, building him up, and then kicking him.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the state of his relationship with Scott. Even though Scott had broken his heart, they still lived together, and for the most part, they remained friends. But the closeness was gone, the constant physical contact was no more, and both of them slept in their own beds now, and they didn't stay up as late together anymore either. But they were still friendly, and Isaac still had a home. The day after they had stopped what they were doing, a very sad and apologetic Scott had said to Isaac’s locked door that he didn't want to stop being his friend, or his alpha, or his roommate. Just...just not his boyfriend.

Regardless, other than that, their relationship was still fairly good, other than Isaac’s broken heart and Scott’s hurt feelings, but they were both hurting, even if Scott was too pigheaded to admit it.

Or maybe Scott just didn't care about him as much as Isaac cared about, he wouldn’t think like that, thinking like that only wound up in more tears.

But while his relationship with Scott had been affected, it wasn’t all that had changed since Isaac had briefly allowed himself to be happy. Before the nemeton sacrifice and the defeat of Deucalion and Jennifer, Stiles had been the best friend Isaac had ever had, well other than Scott, but he hadn't counted him since he was in love with him. But ever since then, he and Stiles hadn't been getting on at all. As a result, Isaac was spending more time with the girls, not wanting to step on Stiles’ toes and affect either of their relationship with Scott, and as a result, Scott was acting hurt and jealous at this development.

He didn't know what it was. Was it some life long best friend thing that made Stiles suddenly passionately resent Isaac? Did he blame Isaac for what happened with Scott? Was he jealous? Either way, Stiles and Isaac barely spent any time together now, and when they did, it would only lead to an argument, which would just make Scott groan wearily and the girls start talking about their soap operas, which made Scott groan even more.

Isaac left the bathroom, avoiding all signs of Scott, his head hung low. His thoughts started dark in the morning and generally got worse as the day went on. Well, that had been the way of things since he and Scott had broken up. The first few days, Isaac had been resistant to getting up at all, and had just laid in his room, in the dark, hating everyone and everything, and Scott in particular. He had resisted Melissa’s attempts to talk, and had ignored the worried texts from Allison and Lydia (he hadn't had one from Stiles), and he could feel his claws growing and his eyes flashing every time Scott made any attempt to interact with him. But since then, he had generally improved, and despite himself, he actually looked forward to the time he spent with the girls. And despite his earlier animosity towards her, he was beginning to admit that Allison was growing on him, and that she was actually pretty cool, and he had been spending a lot of time with her, and enjoying himself too.

But she wasn’t Scott.

Isaac sighed in annoyance as he pulled on his clothes, using his hands to straighten out his hair. He checked the time, and sighed. He really should get a move on. Next door, he could hear Scott moving around, and decided it was time to begin the days torture.

He paused as he hung outside Scott’s door. He hated this. He wanted Scott back, but he was being stupid if he thought that Scott had the same feelings for him that he did for his Alpha. He’d made that clear. And they were still friends, and he was grateful for that.

That didn't stop his heart breaking every time he saw what he couldn't have.

He was about to knock on Scott’s door, he didn't just walk in anymore like he had learned to, when the door opened to reveal his Alpha, and Isaac felt his heart do that strange thing it did every time he saw Scott to remind him of just how screwed up he was. That strange pang of longing, hurt, anger, happiness, love and sadness that made him realise that he was all too alive.

And damn it, why was Scott so gorgeous? Dressed in a black tank top and shirt, his hair styled immaculately as always, his air of kindness and love, everything that attracted Isaac to him, all rolled into one. He stopped short as he saw his Alpha, his roommate, his friend, his ex...

“Hey.” He began, and Scott, who had been surprised by his ex’s sudden appearance (though, Isaac mused, could he be an ex when they’d only technically been together about a week?), took a surprised step back, and Isaac felt a little sting at the loss of even closeness, it was bad enough they had lost the constant contact.

“Oh boy.” Scott said as he did so, and Isaac could see a cloud of fear and regret in his eyes, but that just made him more agitated, after all, he was the one who had ended it.

“Are you going to school?” Isaac asked, hating the look of sadness in Scott’s eyes and knowing full well it was because of him. No, because of Scott, not him.

“Yeah.” Scott said, clearly wanting to get out before either of them did something they’d regret.

“Cool. Me too.” Isaac replied, and decided it was better to leave now, why had he even come to the door again?

“Good.” Scott said easily, hoping that that was the end.

That was clearly it, and Isaac considered leaving, he would get the bus, since they had split up, he hadn't gone anywhere on the bike with Scott, and Stiles didn't give him a lift anymore either since he’d somehow inexplicably lost him as a friend too. But then, his mind dwelling on the past few weeks, his father’s voice gloating in his head ‘why would he ever love something like you’, focusing on all the negative feelings he’d had since they ended it, the loss of both Scott and Stiles, and he was seized by an unexplainable daring.

He didn't care anymore, he wanted answers. He wanted to know what he had done to make Scott fall out of love with him. Because he had loved him. At least he thought he had. Scott had been the one to kiss him, surely that meant something? But not knowing was killing him. Scott had broken his heart, and Isaac didn't even get to know why, and he was sick of it. He wanted to know why Scott had ended it.

He wanted to know what he had done wrong to make Scott leave him in the first place.

“Can I ask you a question?” he asked, panic setting in, what was he going to ask? Why did you dump me? Did you even love me? Were you leading me on the whole time? Did you get Stiles to hate me? What did I do that was so wrong that you broke up with me?

“Ok.” Scott replied, no longer like he wanted to make a run for it, just calm and collected, his friend, standing by and waiting for his friend to speak.

“Are you angry with me?” Isaac blurted out, because after all, that would explain it, it would be something that he had done, and Scott would be mad at him for it, but Isaac wouldn’t have fixed in, so Scott would have ended it...

“No.” Scott denied, shaking his head slightly, but Isaac wasn’t soothed yet.

“Are you sure?” Isaac persisted, because he wanted answers, he wanted to know why Scott suddenly broke up with him, what he did to make him do it.

“No.” Scott replied, but this time, he was much less confident in his answer, and Isaac felt his blood boil slightly. Scott was angry with him? It might be his fault, but Isaac was the one with the most right to be angry.

“What’s that, what’s that mean?” Isaac asked, needing clarification, needing an answer, not just to find out why they had broke up, but because Scott was his friend, he didn't want him to be angry with him. He didn't want the guy he loved to be angry with him.

Scott looked at him helplessly, clearly not knowing what to do with this situation.

“I guess I’m not really sure how I’m feeling.” Scott replied, shrugging aimlessly.

Well, he might not know how he felt, but Isaac knew how he was feeling, and it wasn’t pretty. He was pissed, and he was hurt, and he was lost, he was confused, and heartbroken, and sorry, but Scott wasn’t helping him here, he needed to know, he wanted to know, but Scott couldn't even bring himself to tell him what it was that had brought them to this point in the first place.

“Ok, do you hate me?” Isaac asked, quite proud that his voice only wavered ever so slightly, he’d made a good job of hiding that if Scott said yes it would destroy him totally. At least he hoped he had.

“No, of course not.” Scott said firmly, incredulous that Isaac could believe that he hated him in any way, and Isaac calmed down slightly, at least Scott didn't hate him for what he had done.

“Do you want to hit me?” Isaac asked, not quite sure where he was going with this.

He didn't know what he had did, but whatever it was, maybe if Scott vented on him, he would feel better, and at least tell him why he had broken up with him. Whatever he had done to make Scott not love him anymore, he had to know what it was, it was killing him not knowing. And he wanted a reaction to Scott, something that proved to him he hadn't just imagined the entire thing, hadn't imagined that Scott had cared about him more than as a flatmate and a friend. And if he hit him, it meant that Scott would be touching him again.

“No.” Scott refused, but Isaac wouldn’t let it go.

“I think you should hit me.” He said earnestly, he genuinely believed that Scott should hit him, he wanted him to hit him, he needed Scott to prove something, he didn't know what it was but he did know he needed him to touch him. He needed this to feel real, to keep reminding himself that he wasn’t the one suffering the fallout from the nemeton sacrifice and that he didn't actually have Scott.

“I don't want to hit you.” Scott protested, as if it were crazy that Isaac would even want him to, and admittedly, it was kind of crazy, but Isaac needed Scott to hate him, or to think he had done something wrong, then it would at least explain why they had split up.

“Are you sure?” Isaac asked, and Scott looked at him in amused incredulity.

“Why would I want to hit you? You haven’t done anything have you?” he asked, though there was a slight lilt to his voice, as if wanting Isaac to say he hadn't done anything.

Isaac however, was puzzled. Well he’d done lots of stuff. He had spilled soup on the new white tea towel and had blamed Scott when Melissa had asked, and she had seemed content with the explanation. He had been the one who had swapped all of Scott’s cds from their proper boxes and put them in other ones (what could he say, he was hurt, he wanted to get back at him, he was still his friend somehow, and it was kind of fun watching Scott wonder how all his cds were in different boxes). He had also messed with his school books, hiding his notes in different folders. And, in retaliation for their break up, he had also squirted all of Scott’s gel down the sink, but that had been when he was really annoyed, and he had taken a savage pleasure in watching Scott try to puzzle out where his gel had vanished to. Yeah, no one said his Alpha was quick on the uptake.

But why would-of course. Allison. After all, it was always about her wasn’t it? That’s what Scott was afraid of. That he had done something with Allison.

Of course he hadn't. While he was a hell of a lot less hostile towards her than he used to be, he wasn’t in love with her. Of course he wasn’t, he was still head over heels for Scott, and that wasn’t likely to change when they were together so much, and when Scott was his Alpha. But, admittedly, he did feel...something for her. He didn't know what it was, but he did feel something. But Scott was seriously off the reservation if he thought that he would do anything with Allison. He wouldn’t do that to her for a start. It wouldn’t be fair to her, not when he was in love with Scott, he would be leading her on.

Kind of like what he was feeling Scott had done to him before he had ripped his heart out.

And he also wouldn’t do that to Scott. Aside from the fact that he was still in love with him, and could never do anything to hurt him, Scott was his friend. His best friend, since Stiles apparently didn't want to be his friend anymore. He wouldn’t do that to Scott. And besides, he lived with him, how awkward would that be? And on top of that, it was a thing you just didn't do, you didn't go out with your best friends ex. And...Scott was the first person he had ever truly felt loyal to. He couldn't betray him like that, especially when you added the whole gorgeous glowing red eyed Alpha bit into it. He’d been loyal to Derek, sure, but that was before he’d truly understood what loyalty meant, and was only through, well not necessity, but kind of because Derek had been his Alpha and he’d had no choice, and back then, he was loyal to him. Until Scott had come along, all cute and sweet and wanting everyone to be safe and caring about everyone, the jerk.

He didn't mean that. Scott wasn’t a jerk. He might have broken his heart, and might even have led him on, but he wasn’t a jerk.

And besides, his loyalty to Derek had rapidly evaporated when he’d kicked him out. Now, he was a jerk.

“No, no, uh, what do you mean?” he asked in confusion, and then Scott confirmed this was actually about Allison, how typical.

Maybe it was because he still loved her that he had broken up with him. He felt a red hot, devastated anger growing inside him. Of course it was about her, his entire damned world revolved around her, even when they were split up. He should have known. He was just a rebound from Allison, and Scott...Scott had let it happen. He...Scott had just been on the rebound, and had decided to experiment. And in a week, he had decided that he didn't like his experiment, and Isaac had been dropped like a hot potato so he could go back to mooning over Allison. And Isaac had been stupid enough to fall for it.

Yeah. What chance did Isaac have while Allison was the love of Scott’s life? He had never stood a chance, and to Scott, at least romantically, he had just been a teenage experiment, nothing serious. So much for him loving him.

“You didn't kiss her or anything, right?” Scott asked leadingly, and Isaac fought down a snarl of fury, no he wouldn’t because as he knew full well he was in love with him. Not every guy on the planet revolved around Allison Argent.

This wasn’t fair to her, and if he was slightly less hurt and angry, he might see where Scott was coming from. With Stiles and Lydia being partners in crime more often than not these days, and Stiles and Isaac not getting on, it was Allison he was spending most of his time with. But still, that didn't justify Scott saying he loved him, making him feel loved and then dumping him just so he could go back to loving Allison from afar, and it was even worse because she was seriously not interested. She had moved on, problem was, Scott had moved only a little bit, then went back to the same position again.

“No, no, absolutely not.” Isaac said, wanting to escape Scott’s room and just go to school, he didn't want to be here anymore, and besides, unlike Scott, who had a bike, he actually had a bus to catch and didn't want to ask Melissa for a lift, he didn't want to advertise that her son didn't love him anymore.

“But you might have?” Scott asked, his voice tense, and Isaac seriously considered just letting loose, damn the consequences. He wanted to storm and yell at Scott, he didn't care that he lived with him, that it would hurt him, that he was his Alpha, that Melissa would hear.

But he kind of did.

But just as he considered just leaving it there, with Scott wondering all day, which he bloody deserved, he decided to be the smaller person. After weeks of languishing in misery, he reckoned he kind of deserved the opportunity to be a dick back to Scott.

“Yeah totally.” He said cockily, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of triumph and satisfaction as Scott’s eyes widened in anger, flashing red, and also kind of savouring the hurt look, the look of betrayal as he realised that Isaac would do that to him.

Yeah, welcome to his world.

And then, Scott had his claws out, and threw Isaac from the room, sending him across the corridor and slamming into the wall. The painting that adorned it fell to the ground the same time Isaac did, grimacing and suppressing the sting he felt from the attack, as Scott seethed in his room, his eyes returning to their normal warm, chocolate brown.

And then Melissa came around the corner, clearly attracted by the noise of the painting falling, and Isaac felt ever so slightly bad for provoking Scott, if only because Melissa wasn’t involved in this and she was now roped into this on her day off no less, she didn't need his problems on top of her own.

“Hey! Two supernatural teenaged boys? Don't test my entirely unsupernatural levels of patience.” She warned, gesturing for Isaac to fix the painting as she headed back to finish making her breakfast.

Isaac then looked at Scott, who was standing in his room, his eyes chocolate brown again, his claws gone, and looking horrified as he saw Isaac slumped on the floor outside his room.

“Feel better?” Isaac challenged, before getting to his feet, his glare hostile.

“Isaac...” Scott began, but Isaac ignored him, hung the picture and then took savage delight in picking up his things and heading for the door without a backward glance towards his Alpha, who, provoked or not...had just done the same thing that had made Isaac come to him in the first place, no matter how much he hadn't really meant it.

And Scott looked at where he had thrown Isaac into the wall, and felt his stomach file with bile. Isaac.

“Oh crap.” He said softly, guilt riddling him.




“He said he wanted to kiss Allison.” Scott said, and Stiles looked at him in surprise.

“And does he?” he asked, and Scott sighed wearily.

“I don't know! I don't think so, well, not really, well at least I hope he doesn’t, but he might do, but I...” Scott rambled, and Stiles rolled his eyes as he looked for his lunch in his bag.

“And you threw him?” Stiles asked, hissing in annoyance as he tried to find his chocolate bar that he had swiped from his dad’s stash, the man may be the sheriff, but when it came to hiding chocolate bars from his son, he was pretty hopeless.

“Well, yeah.” Scott admitted lamely, and Stiles pulled his head out of his bag to look at Scott in disbelief.

“You, Scott McCall, Isaac’s knight in shining armour, threw him for-?” Stiles began to ask, and Scott hammered his fist onto his locker.

“I know! I know. I shouldn’t have lost my temper, he can kiss her if he likes. And it still doesn’t justify the fact that I did it to him. I feel awful.” He moaned, and Stiles sighed in irritation.

“Scott, he’s a big boy, he can handle it.” He said, but Scott looked at him sceptically.

“With his past?” he challenged back, and Stiles shook his head.

“I really wish people would stop bringing up his childhood. Yeah, sure, he was abused, and man that really sucks. But come on, enough’s enough. Ah!” Stiles ranted, finishing triumphantly as he finally found his chocolate bar.

Scott folded his arms in annoyance, leaning on the locker as he glared at Stiles.

“Alright, what is your problem with him recently? You never used to be like this, either of you, but now I can’t leave you alone for two minutes without you bickering like crazy, sniping at each other. What happened? You used to be good friends.” He pointed out, and Stiles shot him a look of superiority, one he had clearly copied from Lydia.

“You used to be his boyfriend and you aren't anymore.” He retaliated, and Scott fought down a wave of anger.

“That hasn’t got anything to do with it. Unless you’re using that as justification for being a dick to him, in which case, it kind of makes you a bigger dick than it does me.” Scott snapped, peeved, and Stiles put up his hands in surrender.

“Whoa, don't bite my head off, sheesh. No it isn’t to do with that. I don't really know what it is to be honest, just...something about him rubs me up the wrong way, that’s all.” He admitted, and he did look genuinely confused by it.

“Why? He never used to bother you.” He pointed out, and Stiles held up his hands helplessly.

“Scott, I hate it! I know I’m being a dick to him and having a go at him all the time, but I can’t help it. Admittedly, when he was Derek’s stooge he wasn’t my favourite person, but we were good friends, but now, I can hardly be in the same room as him, I don't know what it is. And I see how I’m getting to him, and I see that’s getting to you, and don't deny it we both know its true, and I want to stop but I can’t. Not only am I losing my mind and not able to read anymore, I’m alienating one of the few friends I’ve got. Stupid nemeton.” He ranted, and Scott sighed.

Yeah, the nemeton had a lot to answer for.

“We’ll figure it out somehow. Oh, and it doesn’t get to me, it just annoys me, you give me a headache.” Scott said with dignity, and Stiles snorted in amusement.

“Oh really? You’re going to stand there and tell me that it doesn’t kill you every time you see Isaac sitting there wit the kicked puppy look you love so much?”

“I don't love anything of the sort.” Scott said, completely unconvincingly, and Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, and I’m Queen Elizabeth. Scott, I know I’ve asked a million times, but why did you break up with him? All its done is make you both completely miserable. And you lose your marbles.” He said, as Scott had told him about the weird stuff that had been happening at home.

Being quicker on the uptake than Scott, he reckoned Isaac’s fingerprints were all over those multiple crime scenes but Scott either wasn’t going to put two and two together, or he knew and didn't want to admit he knew. Stiles however suspected the former.

“It’s for the best.” Scott whispered, although he didn't sound convinced.

“Oh yeah? Who for? Because it certainly isn’t you two.” Stiles said, but received no reply.

Shaking his head, Stiles moved on.

“Well anyway, you still need to talk to him. Otherwise, you might lose him altogether. Just talk to him ok?” he asked, and Scott nodded.

He knew he needed to. He had promised Isaac that he would never hurt him. Mind you he had also told him he loved him. He’d failed on both counts recently that was for sure. Just this morning, he had done the same thing to Isaac that Derek had done. Turned on him.

Sure, it hadn't been as violent as Derek’s attack had been, but it also didn't have the same underlying reasons that made it kind of justifiable. He’d abused Isaac’s trust, and hurt him. Yeah, in a way it had been kind of playful, and Isaac had provoked him, but that wasn’t the point. He had gone too far, he had hurt Isaac and he needed to make that right.

Because Stiles was right about one thing. Isaac still meant the world to him. And anything that hurt him, he still had the urge to rip the head off of, hem who had never even considered killing anyone, would happily rip anyone who hurt Isaac up. That first day, when Isaac had started to panic in the storeroom with him, Scott had seriously considered finding a way to get Isaac’s father resurrected just so he could kill him himself for inflicting the damage he did to Isaac.

And now it was him who had hurt him. He’d hated himself when he had done that before they had gotten together. And he had downright detested himself, so much he wanted to rip his own head off, when he ended it with Isaac. But now, it had reached a whole new level. This time, he had physically attacked Isaac.

He, Scott, the one who had been the first person to tell Isaac that he cared about what happened to him, the one who had taken him in when Derek had thrown him out, the one who had thrown madly in love with him, the one who had made Isaac his first Beta, was the one who had done this to him.

And he needed to fix it.



Chapter Text



“Isaac?” Scott called as he entered the house.

“Shh! He’s about to pop the question!” his mother scolded, and Scott rolled his eyes, and when he couldn't smell Isaac, he was about to head upstairs so his mother could watch her show when Isaac entered the door, looking stressed.

“We have a new problem.” He told Scott and Scott beckoned him up the stairs.

“What? Are you kidding me? He gets run over on the way to pop the question? Are you shitting me?” Melissa bellowed in the other room and both boys hid their sniggers as they escaped up the stairs.

“Isaac...” Scott began, but Isaac shook his head.

“No that isn’t the show I watch.” He said, and Scott smirked a little, he had come home one day before they had even got together to find both Isaac and his mother engrossed in a soap opera.

“That wasn’t what I meant. I was going to say...” Scott began.

Isaac could see where this was going, but he had more immediate worries at the moment, so he decided to head this off at the pass.

“Allison nearly killed Lydia.” He said quickly, and Scott looked at him in disbelief for a second before beckoning him up the stairs and into his room.

“How the hell did that happen?” Scott asked in a panicked voice, and Isaac hid a small smile, he was cute when he freaked out about other people.

“Well, because Allison has been all shaky because of the nemeton thing, Lydia took her out to the woods for target practice. And after failing, epically I might add, she decided to aim an arrow at her head.” Isaac explained, and Scott’s face clouded with concern, he was concerned for both of them, Allison and Lydia.

It was strange actually. Ever since the nemeton sacrifice, Scott had taken on a slightly more protective stance towards Lydia. True this was partially because they now knew what she was and because of Jennifer nearly killing her, but he had been more protective of her recently, kind of like a brother. It was like he figured Lydia would be affected by the nemeton fallout from Allison. He suppressed a burst of longing at that, he wanted Scott to care that much about him being affected by the fallout from the nemeton like that.

“Right at her head?” Scott asked in disbelief as they entered his room, Isaac following, trying and failing not to check out Scott’s cute ass as he did so. Hey they may be broken up, didn't stop his ex being gorgeous.

“Almost directly through it.” Isaac replied, as Scott, looking slightly lost and confused, sank down onto his bed, giving Isaac a view of his slightly better side.

“And she keeps saying the same thing, that she keeps seeing her aunt. Whatever is happening to you guys is getting worse.” Isaac said worriedly, and he could see the worry on Scott’s face, the worry and compassion about everyone that was one of the reasons Isaac loved him so much, even if he had broken his heart.

“If I hadn't been there, Lydia would be dead.” Isaac explained, and Scott’s eyes flared worriedly, they had all had quite enough deaths around here, they didn't need to add poor Lydia to the list.

And Isaac was very fond of Lydia, she was kind of like the big sister he had never wanted, but wouldn’t know what to do without. When Scott had dumped him, it had been her who had appeared and had took him for some retail therapy (admittedly she was looking for herself, but she had bought Isaac a couple of things, and had refused to hear it when he had offered to pay her back, so he settled for buying her lunch instead, which she had accepted) after he had been lying in his room for days, and had spruced him up a bit, and had gotten into a long tirade about how male werewolves (with the exception of him) were jerks in her opinion, which, as he was pissed at Scott at the time, and going by past experience, she was kind of right about. Only Boyd was arguably not a jerk, and he had been so quiet most of the time that it didn't matter anyway.

Scott suddenly hesitated, as if he had thought of something.

“What were you doing there?” he asked suspiciously, and remembering what had provoked him this morning, Isaac could see where this was going, and quite frankly, there was no way out of it, it was going to end badly, even if he told Scott he was just worried about Allison, he would still take it the wrong way. This was what happened when you weaved such a tangled web!

“Uh...” he began awkwardly, and before he knew it he was flying again, slamming into the wall as he had done this morning.

This time however, when the painting fell off the wall, the glass shattered as well.

“Oh, you guys, come on! This house does not have a supernatural ability to heal! So stop it, ok?” Melissa asked wearily, and Isaac had to admit it was a fair point.

Scott was once again standing there, looking scandalised that he had lost his temper with Isaac again, as Isaac pulled himself back to his feet and considered the broken glass on the painting.

“Ah well, it looks better without the glass anyway.” He decided, heading to find the dustpan and brush.

“Isaac...” Scott began as he came out his room, his face stricken with guilt.

Isaac wondered how he should handle this. How he really felt, or how Scott felt he felt?

Nah, that would be cruel. As cruel as dating someone who was completely in love with you for a week then dumping him for no apparent reason. He wouldn’t be that guy. So how he really felt it was. But, that didn't mean he couldn't make Scott squirm a little.

“What?” he asked sullenly, and Scott knelt down beside him as Isaac started trying to sweep up the broken glass, putting his hand on his wrist.

He looked at Scott, and saw the brown eyes he so loved staring back at him, wracked with guilt. His warm hands were on Isaac again, but no, he didn't want that, he wanted Allison, it didn't mean a thing. So, yeah, this was just torture.

“Let me.” Scott said softly, taking the dustpan from him and sweeping up the glass, allowing Isaac to hang the picture on the wall.

“Definitely looks better this way.” Isaac declared as he hung the picture back up, and Scott looked up at him anxiously.

“Isaac, I’m sorry.” He said, and that was that voice again, the one that made Isaac want to do anything for Scott, the one that pulled directly on his heart strings, and damn it Scott knew it.

“Do you like it? Throwing me around?” Isaac asked, and Scott got to his feet, the glass forgotten.

“Of course not!” he insisted, and Isaac turned to face him, cocking his head.

“Then-?” he began, but Scott just ploughed right on ahead.

“I don't know! It’ just...the thought of you and Allison being together, I can’t stand it! She nearly killed you, if I hadn't called her off, she might have, and now you and her...” he began, and Isaac looked at him in disbelief.

“Um, you do remember-?” he asked, a slight tone of anger in his voice, and Scott nodded, looking miserable.

“Of course I do. It’s just...I don't know. You said this morning...” he began, looking confused, and Isaac rolled his eyes.

“Wait a minute, are you telling me being vindictive to your ex is new to you? Because I know for a fact it isn’t, Lydia told me about a rather steamy encounter in the coach’s office when you and Allison broke up.” He said, crossing his arms and raising his eyebrow at Scott sceptically, and he went that cute shade he had when he blushed.

“Oh, you know about that huh?” he asked ruefully, and Isaac grinned maddeningly.

“Yeah, I know about that. Anyway, I don't mind Scott, I’m not mad at you. Well, not for that. I was asking for this morning. And because I provoked you this morning, and because I did you were always going to think the worst case this time.” He said, pointing at the painting, and Scott smiled ruefully.

“So, you aren't mad? But Isaac, I’ve felt awful! I...I should know better, more than anyone, I should know better! I know what your dad did to you, how he hurt you, and what Derek did to make you leave...I shouldn’t have done it and I’m so sorry. I know better. I know you. And no matter what you might be doing with Allison, or not doing, it’s not my business anyway. Either of your love lives aren't my business anymore.” He lamented, and Isaac narrowed his eyes in annoyance, well it was his own damn fault with him at least, Allison, that was hers because she got cold feet because she went all dark side and felt sorry for herself.

“No, I’m not mad. But..purely out of my own selfish interests, you might want to stop throwing me around, or your mom might throw me out.” Isaac said worriedly, jerking his head to the painting, and Scott snorted.

“Doubt it, if she throws anyone out it’ll be me, you’re the victim and she loves you. And besides...I’ve hated this picture for years, my grandma bought it for her, and we can’t get rid of it until she snuffs it, so I’m stuck looking at it every time I come out of my room. It wouldn’t bother me if it was horribly shattered in an accident.” He said musingly, looking at the painting in distaste, and Isaac smiled.

“I’ll try and aim better next time.” He promised, but Scott shook his head adamantly.

“No! There won’t be a next time. I know better, we both know I know better. I know you. And I...I don't want to lose you. And I’m afraid if I keep this up, that’s what might happen.” He said sadly, and Isaac felt that like a blow right to the gut.

He still cared. He...he still seemed sometimes like he still loved him. And that just made it all the worse, because Isaac didn't know why he had broken up with him in the first place, and he hated it. And Scott was afraid that if they didn't stop, his mother would make Isaac leave, and he clearly didn't want that to happen. He wanted Isaac to stay with him.

Ugh, this was just so annoying and confusing.

“Scott...” Isaac said softly, but Scott shook his head.

“No. I won’t hurt you again, I promise. I know better, and you deserve better. You always did. And I’m...I’m a lot of things to you. I’m...well I shouldn’t be hurting you. So I won’t hurt you again ok? I promise.” He vowed, and Isaac smiled slightly, just hearing him so fierce and protective of him again, even if it was from himself, was amazing. It made him feel like Scott loved him again.

Of course he didn't but he could dream couldn't he?

“Scott...” Isaac began softly, smiling a little, and Scott gently took Isaac’s face and made him look into his eyes gently.

“I promise.” He whispered passionately, his brown eyes boring into Isaac’s, and Isaac smiled and nodded.

“I know.” He assured him, and Scott held him like that for a little longer before he let go of his face, and it looked as though both teen wolves missed the presence of Scott’s hands on his face.

“I’m sorry Isaac. Come on, let’s see if mom is finished so we can watch something decent on tv.” He said, grinning, and reached up and stroked Isaac’s hair affectionately.

He then caught himself, as Isaac looked at him in surprise, trying not to feel too happy about it. But then Scott gave him a nervous half smile and snaked his arm around Isaac’s shoulder and gently led him down the stairs.

And as Melissa looked at both her boys in approval she wondered if their chances weren’t quite dead yet.




“Ok, so what happens to a person who’s had a near death experience and comes out of it seeing things?” Scott asked as the five of them sat around the lunch table the next day.

Lydia looked in slightly satisfied approval to see Scott and Isaac were sitting opposite each other again before turning her attention back to Stiles.

“And is unable to tell what’s real or not.” He added, looking frustrated.

“And is being haunted by demonic visions of dead relatives.” Allison finished, as Isaac took notes, trying to puzzle out what the hell was going on with the three of them.

He looked at the spider gram he had done: Scott: afraid of his power as an Alpha, having difficulty controlling his transformations, much less control over his wolf state, increased anger, afraid for the others, breaking up with him, Allison: haunted by dead aunt (and possibly mother according to Lydia), shaking hands, nerve problems, crap shot, increased likelihood of trying to kill her friends, Stiles: trapped in waking nightmares, unable to read, difficulty separating reality and dreams, not getting enough sleep, panic attacks, worry about his dad, and being a dick to him personally. None of it made any sense.

And to his concern, Stiles was clearly the worst off, and he had no way of being able to help him.

Giving up trying to explain it, he decided on the most obvious solution to alleviate the tension.

“They’re all locked up because they’re insane.” He declared, though while Lydia, Scott and Allison smiled slightly (though Lydia was more through smugness than amusement, not that he could blame her), Stiles looked less than impressed.

“Ha. Can you at least try to be helpful? Please?” he asked bitchily, and Isaac fought down a surge of annoyance, he’d done nothing but try and be helpful, but every time he did try to help, he never wanted to hear it. And to Isaac’s great regret, there wasn’t a book entitled ‘How To Fix Your Friends After a Druidic Sacrifice They Were Told To Do By a Potentially Shifty Vet Come Emissary’.

He knew he was scared, and he didn't blame him. But every time one of the others was scared, or the situation was tense, Stiles usually tried to defuse the situation with humour. Maybe it was the way he told it. Or maybe he didn't like Isaac stepping on his toes and doing his thing. Or maybe, he had always just been a dick and had only played nice because Scott had liked him.

So, being the bigger person (well he wasn’t, but to hell with it, he was trying to help, but he couldn't just wish it all away no matter how much he wanted to), he responded in kind.

“For half of my childhood, I was locked in a freezer, so being helpful is still kind of a new thing for me.” He replied, and Scott sagged his head weariness at their bickering as Stiles retorted.

“Oh, are we still milking that?”

“We are still milking that.” Isaac replied, as the new girl he had seen floating about the school came up to the table.

“Hi! Hi, sorry, I couldn't help overhearing what you guys were talking about.” She said nervously, and Isaac exchanged a slightly alarmed look with Scott, that would be all they needed if she blabbed to her teacher father that her year was full of nutjobs who spent their lunch breaks talking about sacrificial rituals involving death and resurrection.

“And I think I might actually know what you’re talking about.” She explained, clearly nervous, but Isaac found himself warming up to her instantly.

Heck, despite how he felt about Scott, if she could fix them, he’d freaking marry her.

However, if they had been expecting their enlightened leader to take the lead and talk to her, they were clearly overestimating him, as he and the rest of the group just continued to stare at her, but she seemed to accept this as a reason to go on.

“There’s a Tibetan word for it, it’s called Bardo, it literally means in between state, the state between life and death.” She explained, and Isaac had to admit, she was definitely the winner of the nerdy and potentially useful information prize.

“And what do they call you?” Lydia asked, none too kindly, and both Allison and Isaac looked at her in surprise at the tone of her voice.

“Kira.” Scott said, looking up at her, and everyone turned to look at him in surprise, and he gestured innocently, while Kira gave him a shy smile.

“She’s in our history class.” He explained, but there was a slight hint of interest there in his voice.

Isaac didn't know how he felt about that. He still loved Scott, but, at least he wouldn’t be interested in Allison if he liked Kira. He might be able to deal with that.

“So are you talking Bardo as in Tibetan Buddhism, or Indian?” Lydia challenged, her tone hostile, which earned her a questioning glance from Isaac and Allison, one which she didn't notice.

“Either, I guess. But all that stuff you guys were just saying, all that happens in Bardo.” Kira explained as she sat down beside her, and Isaac watched Scott as he looked at her, enraptured. But, unlike Allison, it didn't bring out the same feelings of anger within him as it did with her, Kira was different. And so far she hadn't registered that she would like nothing more than to wipe out werewolves, so she was already a winner over his last girlfriend for a start.

“They’re different progressive states where you have hallucinations, some you see, some you just hear, and you can be visited by peaceful or wrathful deities.” She explained, eager to show off how much she knew, and also slightly too excited for this subject, but to be fair she didn't know they were actually going through this nightmare.

But it was her last bit of information that caught his interest, after all, they had just dealt with a minor wrathful deity, and she had caused quite enough of a mess to be getting on with.

“Wrathful deities? What are those?” he asked suspiciously, and she shrugged at him, as if surprised he didn't know.

“Demons.” She answered readily, and Isaac exchanged a frustrated look with Scott.

“Demons? Why not?” Stiles asked, looking around the table in vexation, it had to be the first thing they had agreed on in a while, after all, since he’d met Scott they’d dealt with a revenge driven teenager, a cantankerously dying old man, a snake like Jackson killing people, an Alpha pack and an insane druid bitch out to kill everyone so she could settle a score.

Allison however focused on more practical uses of her time while Scott and Isaac exchanged looks with each other, demons were so far out of their league.

“Hold on, if there are different progressive states, then what’s the last one?” she asked nervously, and Kira was all too eager to help them with that question too.

“Death. You die.” She replied, and the entire group looked at each other exchanged terrified glances. And as Scott looked worriedly at Stiles, and Lydia looked at Jackson.

And beneath the edge of the table, Isaac stretched out his hand and took the hand that Scott had just dropped off the table weakly, and squeezed it reassuringly. Scott looked at him, and Isaac shook his head, making a silent promise.

He wasn’t going to let Scott die.




Scott slammed his door as he came up the stair, Isaac wincing as he did so. That had been a rather nasty argument.

Admittedly, since dear daddy McCall had shown up, the man had been a persistent pain in the backside of everyone in the house, including Isaac. Upon hearing that Melissa was now Isaac’s guardian, he had immediately demanded to know why he was living there, how he could be dangerous, and how he couldn't be trusted, and all sorts of crap which had led to Melissa losing it with him and telling him that Isaac had a hell of a lot more right to be here than he did. Isaac had been very touched, especially when Scott had weighed in and had basically sent his father packing once again. Ever since then, every time McCall came to the house, the other two took great delight in letting Isaac get the door to let him in, and Isaac kind of smirked at him every time he glared at him as he was admitted into his own house. He’d never felt like that before, having both Melissa and Scott standing up for him, and he was very touched that they had done that. And besides, the guy was a dick, and he kind of enjoyed ruffling his tail feathers.

Anyone who pissed both Scott and Melissa off to such a degree was a dick in his book.

He looked longingly at the door. Before they had split up, he wouldn’t have thought twice about going through to Scott, holding him, comforting him. And in that brief week of bliss, he’d have kissed him, nuzzled him, made him feel better.

Now it wasn’t so easy. But, he still wanted to help. Melissa was more used to dealing with her jackass ex husband (why she married someone like that in the first place he didn't know, she deserved much better), but Scott, who had grown up for most of his life without a father, only saw his father rarely, and never when it really mattered. Frankly, he was only here for work, not the son he’d abandoned.

Isaac bit down a growl. How come Stiles was the only one with a decent dad out of the three of them? And for that matter, how was Scott the only one with a mom? Wait...

He was disturbed from that particular amusing, and also kind of awesome, line of thought when he got a text from Melissa.

‘Sweetie, would you talk to Scott please? I know he’d appreciate it. And besides, I’m trying to open a bottle of wine, have you seen the corkscrew?’

Isaac looked at his phone suspiciously, this smacked of ulterior motive. But, he had considered going to do it anyway, and he knew that if she did have an ulterior motive, it was only because she loved Scott. She wanted Isaac to be the one to talk to him. Maybe she was trying to help Isaac too.

After telling her where Scott had hidden it last (a game he liked to play to infuriate his mother), he got up and headed to knock on Scott’s door, suddenly nervous. Not because the last two times he’d been thrown out, but because ever since they had broken up, he hadn't been in here for any extended period of time.

He received no answer, but breakup be damned, he was going in there, Scott was hurting and he wasn’t going to let him hurt when he might be able to help. So, he promptly threw open the door and strolled in.

Scott was lying flat out on his bed, kneading his forehead with his knuckles wearily, his eyes closed. Isaac briefly enjoyed the view before he sat down beside Scott on the bed.

“You ok?” he asked sympathetically, and Scott grunted.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He replied unconvincingly, and Isaac snorted in disbelief.

“Yeah, sure you are. Look, I know your dad’s a dick. But hey, least he hasn’t locked you in a freezer!” he said brightly, and Scott snorted slightly in amusement, then looked apologetic as he sat up and looked at Isaac, hurt in his brown eyes.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t funny.” He muttered, but Isaac shrugged.

“Hey, I said it to cheer you up so it worked didn't it?” he asked, and Scott looked down at the cover, then chanced a glance at Isaac.

“How much of it did you hear?” he asked, and Isaac shrugged apologetically.

“Um, all of it. You guys weren’t exactly being quiet. Neither were you and your mom.” He said softly, and his heart flared in response to the hurt look that passed across Scott’s face.

“I...I know it sounds pathetic. But she did used to be my anchor. And now I don't have one.” He whispered, and Isaac sagged a little sadly, he’d do anything to be Scott’s anchor, to be the person who Scott...

No, he wasn’t going there.

“So, your dad wants Stiles’ dad out his job?” Isaac asked, and Scott nodded, scowling furiously.

“Yeah, I’d like to see him try to stop all the murders in town, he wouldn’t last two minutes the jerk. But obviously, he and his FBI pals won’t see it like that, they’ll just see a string of unsolved cases, its not the sheriff’s fault that this town’s a disaster area for supernatural murder.” Scott ranted, getting angrier and angrier, and to Isaac’s shock, he saw Scott’s claws begin to grow, and his eyes begin to turn red.

“Scott!” he said firmly, taking his hand in his and looking right into his eyes, which were turning yellow because of his Alpha losing control.

Scott looked at him in alarm, and took a deep shuddering breath, his claws going back to normal, his eyes returning to their usual colour, with Isaac’s following suit.

“Sorry.” Scott moaned, and Isaac grinned ruefully.

“Yeah, I kind of felt your argument too, when you started to lose control it kind of set me off.” He admitted and Scott paled in embarrassment.

“Sorry, that’s the last thing you need, I...”

“Scott! Stop apologising. Your dad pushes your buttons, it’s alright. Some people were put on this planet solely to piss other people off, and your dad seems like one of them. It’s alright if he pisses you off. He pisses me off.” He said fairly, and Scott grinned.

“Yeah, I gathered that. Thanks. For taking my side.” He said softly, and Isaac grinned.

“What’s a Beta for?” he asked, and Scott grinned, then turned to look at Isaac affectionately.

“Hey, you know all that stuff he said, it doesn’t matter to us right? You belong here. And like mom said, you’ve got a hell of a lot more reason to be here than he does. I’ve known him all my life and I’ve seen more of you than I have of him.” He said, and Isaac blushed, and Scott hesitated slightly, as if taken aback by something, before shaking his head.

“Not like that! I mean you being here, I’ve seen more of you and I’ve hardly known you a year yet. He’s a waste of space. Anyway, you belong here, he doesn’t, so if he gives you a hard time, tell him to stick it. Well maybe not out loud, I wouldn’t put it past him to try and get you taken away from me...I mean us. But yeah, you belong here. With me.” Scott said kindly, and Isaac felt his gut swoon at these words.

Maybe...just maybe.

“Thanks. You ok now?” he asked softly, resisting the urge to nuzzle Scott, and Scott nodded, smiling at him.

“Yeah. Thanks.” He said in relief, and then it suddenly occurred to both of them that Isaac had been holding his hand since he had stopped Scott losing control.

“Um, you’re welcome.” He said, but found himself unwilling to release Scott’s hand, and just noticed that he had started stroking it with his thumb, and far from pulling his hand away, Scott was letting him do it, his brown eyes looking right into Isaac’s own eyes.

Hesitantly, Scott reached up and stroked Isaac’s hair, and Isaac could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and that wasn’t all he was aware of.

He was sitting in Scott’s room, he and Scott were holding hands, he was stroking Scott’s hand, Scott was stroking his hair, and they were edging closer and closer, and...

And Scott gently kissed him, his lips pushing against Isaac’s, and Isaac moaned in the back of his throat as he did so, eyes closing in enjoyment

Scott was kissing him again! Scott, the person he loved, was kissing him again, just like he had done before, but...but...but why was he kissing him? He had broken up with him, why was he kissing him now?

But as Isaac was asking these questions in his head, Scott pulled away, looking shocked, in fact he looked horrified. He looked at Isaac in terror, looking very guilty, looking like...

He looked like he was sorry he had done it in the first place.

Guess that answered his question as to why he’d broken up with him. Glad he’d cleared that up.

“Isaac...” Scott whispered, hating himself, as he saw the tears in Isaac’s eyes.

Isaac let go of his hand and headed out of the room, head hung low in case Melissa happened to come up the stairs and see him crying.

“Isaac!” Scott called, leaping to his feet, hating himself, he had to fix this.

But as he reached the door of his own darkening room, he heard Isaac give a quiet sob and shut the door firmly behind him, leaving Scott hating himself in the dark.






Chapter Text



Scott looked outside at the dark corridor, his ears ringing with the sound of Isaac shutting his door. What had he been thinking? He had broken up with Isaac, told him he didn't want to be with him, and then he goes and kisses him? And of course, he knew it was a mistake, but the way he’d acted...Isaac must think, well he didn't know what Isaac must think. He could think of several different things that his ex must be thinking right now, and none of them were good. How could he have done that to Isaac?

He wasn’t blind, he lived with him, he was his main Beta, one of his best friends, and was the person he was in love with. He had seen how much ending it with him had hurt him, and now he had just made things even worse.

He had to fix this. Well he had to try and fix this, there was no way he could leave things like this, he needed to talk to Isaac, try to justify himself, explain his actions. As if he could.

He edged nervously towards Isaac’s door, his heart rending in two as he heard Isaac crying on the other side. He closed his eyes, hating himself, loathing himself. Ever since he had taken Isaac in, and all his crazy feelings for Isaac had started, he had found himself to be very protective of him, and after the mess that his dad and Derek throwing him out had made of him, Scott had vowed that he wouldn’t allow anyone to upset Isaac if he could help it. That would be so much easier if it wasn’t him who had done it. He could still remember that shattered expression when he had actually broken up with him, the one that made Scott loathe himself more than ought to be humanly possible, the look of heartbreak that he had put on his beautiful Isaac’s face...

“Hey.” Isaac said happily, entering his bedroom that sunny afternoon, where Scott was sitting on his bed, and he couldn't suppress the small thrill he felt every time that Isaac kissed his cheek, that wonderful feeling it gave him, knowing that someone loved him so completely.

“Hi.” Scott said, enjoying the kiss on his cheek but hating himself, he knew what he was about to do, he didn't want to do it, but he had to, it wasn’t fair on either of them if he didn't, but...but it was Isaac.

He was his Isaac, his gorgeous Beta, this kid who had moved into his house and he had fallen head over heels in love with. And now, it was him who’s heart he was going to break. He was going to break his heart, even though he didn't want to. He didn't have a choice. He had to do this now, now before it went any further, and before it got any harder than it already was.

But...Isaac was so happy now that he was with him, and so was Scott, he loved being Isaac’s boyfriend, he loved waking up in the morning to find Isaac snuggled up against him, the happiness that being with him brought to both of them, it took his mind off the darkness that he could feel inside him, he loved that he had Isaac as his boyfriend.

And yet he knew that he had to do it. If he didn't do it right here, right now, he would never be able to do it, and that wouldn’t be fair on either of them.

“Isaac, we need to talk.” He whispered as Isaac had sat down on the bed beside Scott, and had been peering at the book that he had been reading.

“Uh oh, that sounds ominous. What is it?” he asked lightly, his trusting face turned to face his boyfriend, not at all expecting what was about to come, which only made Scott hate himself even more.

Scott hated himself, he hated himself, he hated himself...

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, he knew what this was going to do to Isaac, the same thing it was going to do to him, but only ten times worse, and he really didn't want to see Isaac’s face when he told him what he was about to tell him.

“We...we can’t be together anymore.” He whispered, as if the words were poison, and they hurt, they physically hurt to say them.

Isaac, who had taken his hand to encourage him to say whatever was on his mind, suddenly withdrew his hand, and Scott could feel his hand shaking as he did it, Isaac was physically shaking as he pulled his hand away.

“W-what?” he stammered, not quite believing what he was hearing.

“We can’t be together. We have to break up.” Scott said, and realising he couldn't have this entire conversation with his eyes shut, he opened them, and immediately wished he hadn't as he saw what he had done to Isaac.

His lip was trembling ever so slightly. His face was stricken, disbelieving of what he had heard. And most of all, he was betrayed. That look that was in his eyes, that was pure betrayal, and it was Scott who had put it there. He had done this to Isaac, to his beautiful Isaac, and he was the one who had done it. And it was only going to get worse.

“What? You’re-you’re breaking up with me?” Isaac asked in disbelief, his voice shaking, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah.” He said with a small nod, unable to meet Isaac’s eyes.

“But...why? What did I do wrong?” he asked, tears seeping into his eyes and voice now, and Scott’s stomach roiled, his heart was breaking, he was the one who was hurting Isaac like this, not his father, not Derek, this was him, this was happening, this was real.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing, I swear. We just can’t be together.” He said, tears beginning to creep into his own voice, and Isaac shook his head, not quite believing it, willing it not to be true.

“But...I love you. And I thought you loved me. So why can’t we be together? If we love each other, if...all that time, all that time we spent together not telling each other how we really felt...we wanted to be together. Didn't we?” he asked softly, tears streaming down his face, and Scott nodded, his heart heavy, he felt sick that he was doing this, how could he be doing this to Isaac?

“Yeah, we did. But we can’t Isaac. We can’t be together. It...we can’t be together.” Scott said softly, and Isaac looked at him pleadingly, as if begging him to fix it, just like he always did but there was no way to fix it, not this time, he couldn't do it, he had to do this.

He couldn't fix it this time. This time, he was the one who was doing this to Isaac, he was the one doing this to himself, he was the one who was causing all this hurt.

“Why?” Isaac breathed weakly, his voice shuddering with even that simple word, his face paler than usual, his eyes filled with tears.

“We just can’t. I...I didn't want this like I thought I did. I’m sorry Isaac. But we can’t be together.” He explained, knowing full well he had just given Isaac a pack of lies, but he was praying he would accept that reason, if not, his resolve would crack and he would take it all back.

“ really mean it. You don't want to be with me anymore. Scott, I, I love you! Please, please don't do this, tell me what I did, I’ll fix it I swear...” Isaac begged tearfully, but Scott shook his head, his own eyes and throat filled with tears.

“It’s not you Isaac. There’s nothing you can do. We’re over.” Scott gasped out, and Isaac staggered to his feet, shaking his head in disbelief, his expression shattered, and Scott knew that it was saying that last tiny sentence which had finally shattered Isaac. His expression was betrayed, devastated, his entire body was shaking, his face was stained with tears, his breath shuddering, and in any other circumstance, Scott would have held him close and soothed him, but he couldn't, not this time, no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't do it.

He had to do this.

“Scott...” Isaac begged one last time, his voice weak and watery, but Scott shook his head, refusing to meet Isaac’s tortured gaze.

“No. We’re over.” Scott gasped out and Isaac backed away from Scott, sounding like he was on the verge of hyperventilating.

“But...but I thought you...oh.” Isaac said with a dreadful finality, and he turned away from Scott and virtually fled from the room, his head down, heartbroken sobs wracking his body as he vanished from Scott’s sight.

And as Scott let out his own sobs, bringing his legs up and burying his face in his knees, he heard a final sob as Isaac slammed shut the door and the entire house was quiet, as if lamenting their relationship.

“Isaac?” he asked softly at the door, knocking lightly, hearing Isaac inside, crying, and it was his fault, he was the one who had done this to him, he had broken Isaac’s heart all over again, and it felt even crappier than the first time he had done it, and he hadn't even thought it could feel any crappier than it had then.

He debated to himself about what he should do. He wanted to go in, but after what had just happened, he was sure he would be about as welcome as dry rot. Isaac wouldn’t want him anywhere near him, maybe forever now. But he had to do something to try and fix this. He needed to set things right. So, taking a deep breath, he opened the door before he chickened out.

Some Alpha he was.

Isaac wasn’t on his bed, but Scott knew immediately where he would be, he would be in the same corner he had found him in when Boyd had died, where Scott had comforted him, where he had soothed him, calmed him down. And as predicted, Isaac was in the corner, his eyes streaming with tears, his legs brought up in front of his face.

“Isaac?” he asked softly, and Isaac glared up at him.

“I didn't say come in.” He bit out angrily, his voice tinged with tears but more importantly with fury, and Scott loathed himself for doing this to Isaac.

“Isaac, I am so...”

“Save it. I don't want to hear it.” He said bitterly, and Scott flinched at the tone of his voice, he had never spoken to him like this before. Admittedly he deserved it but still, it just sounded awful, Isaac talking to him like that.

“Isaac, I know I screwed up, and I...”

“Do you like leading me on, huh? Was it a joke? Is that why Stiles hates me now too, because I didn't think it was a joke?” he asked viciously, and Scott looked at him in confusion.

“Isaac, what are you talking about?” he asked softly, completely wrong footed, he literally was clueless as to what was going on here.

“You. You never meant a word of it did you? I saw your face. You were disgusted with what you had done. You were disgusted with me. You didn't love me at all.” Isaac said, his voice still angry, still tinged with tears, but also strong as he glared up at Scott.

Wait, Isaac didn't think that Scott had ever loved him? That was so far from the truth, so far, he had loved him, for god sake he still loved him, hopelessly...

“And like an idiot I let you use me.” Isaac growled out, and Scott shook his head urgently.

“Isaac, I swear, it isn’t anything like that, I promise...” Scott began, but Isaac cut him off, getting to his feet, his eyes blazing in hurt fury.

“Save it. You led me on, made me think you loved me like I loved you, and you were lying all along. After all, I’m not your precious Allison, or even Stiles, how could you ever love me?” he asked acidly, and Scott recoiled from the sheer venom in his voice, he knew he had hurt Isaac, but he didn't think he had hurt him like this, he had to do some serious damage control, and he had to do it fast.

“Isaac, that is so far from true, don't think any of that is true because it isn’t. What I did was a mistake, a stupid mistake. I should never have kissed you and I’m so, so sorry that I did.” He said, and Isaac’s eyes flashed furiously.

“Yeah, sorry you ever did it in the first place. I saw your face Scott, you were disgusted you had even kissed me in the first place. led me on. Was it just some joke? To lead me on, huh? Was it fun?” he asked, his voice and eyes flooded with tears.

“Isaac, please listen...” Scott began, his own tears beginning to form in his eyes, this was all so wrong, why had he kissed Isaac in the first place? He’d just been so weak, and he missed Isaac so much, and with the two of them so close, he had lapsed, but now he’d made everything a thousand times worse.

“No, you listen! I’m not your plaything Scott! didn't love me at all. And you just let me go on, thinking that you did. But I get it now. You were a straight guy who was experimenting. And I was the gay sap who was stupid enough to fall for it. Well, I’m glad I helped.” He said savagely, and Scott actually felt himself stagger back with those words, he had hurt Isaac so very deeply, he had done this to Isaac, broken him like this.

“Isaac, I swear, that isn’t what this is, I made a mistake...” he said, not caring how pathetic he sounded, but apparently that didn't help either.

“Yeah. And it was me.” Isaac said, and Scott caught a glimpse of the beautiful Isaac that he loved, the one who he had so deeply hurt, the beautiful soul that had been hardened by enduring so much hurt that he was only adding to.

“No, Isaac, you, us, that was never...”

“Get out.” Isaac ordered softly, and Scott stopped short, praying that Isaac wasn’t going to do this.


“I said get out.” Isaac demanded in a stronger voice, glaring at Scott through red, tear filled eyes, and Scott shook his head defiantly.

“No, not until I fix this, Isaac, please listen to me...”

“I said get out!” Isaac roared, his eyes flashing yellow, and Scott was so shocked that he retreated to the door, completely forgetting that he was the Alpha and that Isaac technically couldn't order him about. But Isaac was furious, and he had done it, so he did as asked and headed for the door.

“I’m so sorry.” Scott whispered before he left the room.

“Out!” Isaac growled, and as soon as Scott crossed the threshold, he slammed the door shut behind his Alpha, and Scott staggered back into his room, as he realised just why Isaac was so angry, so hurt, and saying all that stuff to Scott.

He deserved it for a start. Isaac was wrong, but he couldn't blame Isaac for feeling the same way he did.

Isaac thought Scott had just used him as an experiment, and had never loved him in the first place. He really hoped that Isaac didn't really believe that. He did love Isaac, he loved him with his entire heart, he just couldn't be with him. He did love him.

But because of how Scott had reacted, Isaac, already hurting from their unexpected breakup that Scott had basically dumped on him, had put two and two together and had made five. He assumed that Scott had never loved him in the first place, and had finally realised that he wasn’t gay, or bi, or whatever he was. He had assumed that Scott had realised that he was straight, and hence wanted nothing to do with Isaac romantically. And as a result, he believed that Scott, who had been disgusted with himself for kissing Isaac when he knew how much it would hurt him, was actually disgusted because he had kissed Isaac who was gay.

In short, by screwing up earlier and being weak and kissing Isaac again, he had managed to convince Isaac that he hated him, and after everything Isaac had been through, coming to expect the worst in everyone and everything, he could hardly be blamed for jumping to the wrong conclusion. He had convinced Isaac that he was repulsed by the very idea of kissing him, of him in general, and by so doing had broken his heart all over again and had made Isaac think that he couldn't even stand to be near him now.

The entire thing was such a mess.

He had hurt Isaac again, he had messed things up even more between them, and had managed to convince Isaac that he hated him, which was so far from true, all this was happening because he was still in love with him. He loved Isaac. But this was all so messed up.

Isaac...Isaac probably hated him. He can’t say he would blame him, he deserved it for screwing around with his feelings like that. He’d been weak, he’d let himself forget that they were broken up and now everything was even worse than it had been.

He didn't know what to do. He wanted to try to fix it, to explain to Isaac but he knew that if he did he would only upset Isaac more. He needed to give him time to cool down, and he couldn't do that with Scott hanging right over his shoulder.

He would talk to him in the morning. And if he had to get on his hands and knees to convince Isaac to forgive him, that’s what he would do. He couldn't handle Isaac hating him. They may be split up, and in a mess right now, but he still needed Isaac. He loved him, and if Isaac hated him, Alpha or not, nemeton or not, werecoyote or not, he wouldn’t be able to go on.

He would fix this. He would do whatever it took.

But for now, his mind was reeling from the damage he had done to Isaac. Figuring he wasn’t going to get to sleep any time soon, not when he would be keenly aware of the damage he had done to the person he loved in the next room, he decided to at least do something constructive.

He was going to look for the werecoyote.

And as he decided to do that, he smirked. Why not?

After all, Stiles had done the same thing to him all that time ago. Why shouldn’t he do the same to him?




Melissa yawned. She loved being a nurse, she really did. But, she had to admit, getting up really early when the weather was getting colder really did get to be a bit of a drag. She wouldn’t mind so much but two of her three boys, and hopefully the other one as well with a bit of luck, would all be tucked up warm and in their bed, sleeping peacefully while she and Stiles’ father got up and headed out to work.

Oh to be teenagers again.

Smirking at that thought, she entered the kitchen, and realised that out of the three kids she considered her own sons (only one of whom actually was), possibly only two were still asleep because Isaac was sitting at the table, already dressed, looking thoroughly miserable.

“Isaac honey, what are you doing up, its only half five.” She said chidingly, and he looked up at her reluctantly, and she had a sneaking suspicion that if it were an acceptable hour, he would have been drinking.

Or perhaps scoffing the entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer.

Either way he looked completely woebegone, and that meant it had something to do with her son.

The day after the Darach was defeated, he and Isaac had come home, and had been so happy, and she had breathed a sigh of relief, they had finally admitted what they had meant to each other. It had been obvious to everyone (except Allison for some reason) that the two of them were completely in love with one another, and for a week, Isaac had been the happiest she had ever seen him, and Scott had been as happy as he had been when he had first started going out with Allison, if not happier. They thought she hadn't noticed them playing footsie under the table, cuddling up to each other on the sofa, sleeping together (they’d been doing it off and on for ages so she saw no point in stopping them) and just being a cute couple, and she was thrilled for them. She had been even more thrilled as she could wind Kyle up every time he asked about Isaac and take his side. That was definitely fun. And for an entire blissful week, it had continued, two of her boys finally together.

And then a week later, she had come home from work one night to find both their bedroom doors shut and when she had listened intently at the doors and heard both of them crying their heart out, she had realised what must have happened. No fight could do that.

That was a breakup.

Ever since then she had tried to stay largely out of it, since she knew both her boys were hurting it was a lot more difficult than she had originally thought it would be. After only a week, the two of them had split up, and since Scott had recovered first (she used recovered very loosely, he was a basket case) she could only figure that he had been the one to end it with Isaac, and it was only with Lydia’s intervention that Isaac started acting like a normal teenager again.

And now here they were again, and Isaac was up hours earlier than he should be, looking thoroughly miserable.

“Sweetie?” Melissa asked, and he passed her a cup of coffee wordlessly, and she sighed.

“That bad huh? Alright, let me get the sugar and we’ll talk.” She said kindly, stroking his hair slightly, and she fetched the sugar, stuck two spoonfuls in her coffee, then sat opposite the kid that she had taken in and loved as her own kid.

“I...I said something horrible.” Isaac said, and Melissa looked sympathetically at her adopted kid, true she hadn't actually adopted him, but he was as good as, who would have known when she had one bouncing baby boy all those years ago she would be getting an eventual buy one get two free deal?

“Alright, well nothing is irreparable, what did you say?” she asked softly, taking his hand gently, and it seemed to give the kid a bit of a boost, so he continued.

She again mused on how easy it was sometimes to make him spill the beans, all he needed was a little bit of affection and he would do anything for you. Something that she ought to remind Stiles of, since he had been less than stellar recently. A swift foot up the jacksie would soon sort that out...

“Scott kissed me...” he said sadly, and she looked at him in surprise.

Considering how broken up he had been when Scott had ended things (she could tell Scott was the one who had ended things, he had been the one who had recovered first even if he was still completely miserable) she would have thought that Scott kissing him again was a good thing.

“But isn’t that what you want?” she asked, and he nodded sadly.

“Yeah more than anything. But you didn't seem him when he stopped, when he realised what he was doing. It was like was like he was disgusted by me, by what he had done. So...I kind of assumed the worst.” He admitted softly, and she fought back a sigh, the complicated lives of teenage boys.

Why couldn't she have had a jerk kid like Jackson had been? No, she had to get the sweet emotional one in Scott, the messed up insecure one in Isaac and the nervy and weird one in Stiles. She wouldn’t swap them for the world, but still, her life would be slightly easier if they were all just players.

“Ok...why did he kiss you? He broke up with you right? So why was he kissing you again?” she asked, and he sighed irritably.

“Because we were too close, and everything got really confusing and we kind of had an epic falling out.” He said mournfully, and she could tell that she was going to have to do some major damage control.

“Alright, tell me exactly what happened, and don't worry, he’s still asleep.” She said, and he nodded.

“Yeah I know he is, he didn't get in to the back of twelve.” He said carelessly, and she raised an eyebrow, not impressed.

“Oh really?” she asked, and he looked at her pleadingly.

“Please don't let on that you know, I think he hates me enough as it is, I don't want him to hate me any more than he already does.” He said miserably, and he sounded so sad and lonely that she couldn't help but cave to what he wanted.

“Alright I won’t put him through the wringer for staying out so late, but only if you tell me what happened between you two.” She said, because aside from anything else, she was genuinely worried about her two boys, and about her son’s woeful inadequacy to tell Isaac how he really felt.

“Well, he was kind of in a state, since his dad had shown up, so I was trying to calm him down, and then we started holding hands, and that’s where things got really messed up because the next thing I knew we were kissing. And then, when he finally realised what he was doing, he...he looked like he never wanted to do it in the first place. Like he was disgusted just because he’d kissed me. Like I...” he said softly, and she could see in a heartbeat what was really troubling Isaac.

What was really going on inside him was a terrified fear, he was afraid that Scott didn't accept him and was disgusted by what Isaac was. Now, while she knew that was the furthest from true as it was possible to be, the problem was with Isaac’s past, and her kid’s own inelegance, it was going to be a bit of a chore convincing him of that fact.

“Isaac, listen to me. Look, I don't know why Scott broke up with you. And I wish to god he hadn't. But I do know one thing: he didn't break up with you because he doesn’t accept who you are. He knows who you are, what you are, and he loves you regardless. You don't disgust him, you never could. Scott doesnt hate you, and he doesnt hate what you are either. You do not disgust him, do you hear me? I think...he knows how much it hurt you, hurt both of you when he ended it with you. And I reckon that if he’s trying to move on, it’ll be a lot harder if he keeps slipping like that. He knows he can’t keep messing with your feelings, however unintentional it might be. He made a mistake, he knew it was a mistake to kiss you. He knew that doing it would hurt you.” She explained, and he scuffed his feet, looking away from her.

“ do I know though? I mean, I didn't mean to say that stuff, do I know I wasn’t just an experiment? I know it’s Scott, and he could never do that. But something’s different in him, it has been since the sacrifice and I’m...what if he never meant any of it, and I was just some idiot who fell for it?” he asked nervously, and her eyes flashed.

She got it, she really did. After how he and Scott had been, and then his abrupt dumping, she could hardly blame him for thinking that way. But still, Scott was her son, no matter how much he may have messed Isaac up recently.

And there was the fact that Isaac had just brought up something that she had worried about as well. Since the nemeton sacrifice, things had been different in all three of the kids who had done it. While Stiles was apparently the worst affected, followed by Allison, the fact that Scott had that to deal with on top of becoming an Alpha, it did make her worry. And she had wondered if the abrupt end to his relationship with Isaac, a relationship that had made them both very happy, had anything to do with what he had put himself through in order to save her

“I know something’s different, about all three of them. But no druid sacrifice could change how Scott feels about you. And don't forget, I’ve known him all his life. He isn’t like that. What he felt for you is real. He wouldn’t just use you, you know him better than that. And I know he hurt you, but I think deep down you didn't mean any of the stuff you said to him.” She said sternly, and he nodded meekly, his eyes terrified.

“Of course I didn't, I was hurt and I was angry. I didn't mean to throw any of that stuff at him, it’s just I don't know what to make of it. Before we got together, it was good, and then we got together and it was amazing, we were both happy, and then all of a sudden he comes out of nowhere and dumps me and I don't even know what I did to make him do it. Since then I’ve been so messed up, and then tonight he kisses me and makes it all weird and complicated again. I don't even know what he wants.”

“What do you want?” she asked softly and he looked at her as if the answer was obvious.

“Him.” He replied, and she smiled sadly.

“Of course you do honey. Look, I know Scott, I’ve raised him all his life. He’s a sweet kid, and I know as well as you do that Scott wouldn’t mess you up like that. He did...does love you I think. But you have to consider what it’s like for him sweetie. He thought he was straight, and then you came along and suddenly, he’s questioning everything and he’s suddenly interested in boys too. That’s a lot for a teenager to take in. And adding in the Darach and the Alphas and becoming an Alpha himself, he’s had a lot on his mind. And that doesn’t excuse how he hurt you, I know,” she said but he shrugged.

“It makes it better though.” He whispered, and she smiled slightly.

“But it does help explain it. Even so, he did mess you up a lot and it isn’t fair what he did to you, it isn’t fair what he did to either of you, but I swear to you honey, he didn't do it to hurt you. And if I were you, I wouldn’t give up hope.” She said sweetly, and he smiled cautiously.

“You think?” he asked hopefully, and she nodded.

“Yeah. After all, he wouldn’t have kissed you if he didn't still have feelings for you. Don’t give up on him just yet. Just give him time.” She told him, and he smiled slightly.

“Thanks for this.” He said, and she ruffled his hair affectionately.

“You’re welcome honey. Now, I’ve got to go to work. You sure you’re ok?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Yeah. I’ll still leave early though, I think we should both have some space.” He admitted, and she nodded.

“Got it. See you when I get home.” She said, and left the one who her son was hopelessly in love with even if he didn't know it sitting in the kitchen, feeling slightly happier than he had done that morning.




As he had intended, Isaac had left the house just as Scott had been waking up, taking the long circular route to school, and let’s face it, he would have had to get the bus anyway, and he couldn't stand the curious looks that everyone kept sending his way anymore since he and Scott weren’t joined at the hip any more.

He felt awful. Last night, he had been hurt, he had been angry, and he had lashed out at Scott. He shouldn’t have done it, and he wasn’t proud of it. He loved Scott, and he could tell that he had hurt him with what he said. He hadn't meant to do that. Well he had. Scott, after them both admitting they loved each other had broken up with him, breaking his heart into pieces, and Isaac, who had allowed himself to be happy for the first time in his life, had suddenly found himself crashing back down to earth when the other shoe had finally dropped. And then, after weeks of Isaac trying to rebuild himself and getting back to normal, Scott had kissed him in a moment of weakness, which had ignited all the feelings that Isaac had been trying his hardest to repress. And then, when Scott looked horrified, disgusted by what he had done (which in hindsight was probably because he knew how much it would hurt Isaac), Isaac had assumed the worst, thinking that Scott had been using him all that time and had never loved him at all.

Scott was Scott. And nemeton, Alpha or whatever, he would never do anything to knowingly hurt Isaac like that, and Isaac knew it. But while he did know that, it hadn't stopped him being hurt by what Scott had done. Those few moments when Scott had been kissing him, everything was alright with the world again, the world was a million times better than it had been...and then reality had hit again, his hopes had been shattered and he and Scott were back to how they had been.

He understood that Scott was confused. It had been easier for him. He had just fallen in love with Scott, and had never really had friends or a girlfriend, and so when Scott had come along, he had fallen in love with him without reservation. Scott was different, his first major romance had been Allison, and she had messed him up in all sorts of ways. Going from Allison to Isaac had to be confusing to him.

But he had then dumped him, and that didn't make sense at all to Isaac. He loved Scott, and Scott claimed to love him. But all of a sudden out of nowhere Scott had dumped him, and even now, Isaac still didn't know what had caused it.

For weeks they had been apart, their relationship from before they even got together lost to them, and then last night Scott had kissed him again, showing that perhaps their relationship wasn’t completely lost. But, was it what Scott truly wanted?

He knew Scott hadn't lied to him, he should never have questioned that. And he knew that Scott would never use him like he had accused him of the night before. But he also knew that they weren’t what they once were.

Their friendship had suffered, as had their relationship. And last night hadn't helped much either, with Scott making the mistake he did and Isaac reacting the way he did.

He was angry at Scott. Scott knew that Isaac, while he loved being Scott’s friend, and his Beta, and his roommate, wanted more. Isaac wanted Scott back. But if he couldn't have him like he wanted him, then he at least wanted to go back to the way they had been before they had gotten together. He didn't want the belief that once you split up you couldn't even be friends anymore to apply to them. He didn't want to lose Scott in any way.

But by the same token, he didn't want to be messed around anymore. He got that Scott was conflicted, and that his reasons for breaking up with him, whatever they were, may very well have been good. He now understood that Scott might not have taken to their relationship as easily as he had, and he did understand that he really did. But, he also knew that no matter how much he loved Scott, he couldn't go on like this. He couldn't get so far only to be messed up again. He knew Scott hadn't intended to do it, and had made a mistake, and both their reactions to it left a lot to be desired, but still, there had to be an end to it.

Because if they both stayed like this, stuck in a rut of back and forth and of what was and what might have been, it would drive them both crazy, and only hurt them both even more in the long run.

He needed to sit down and talk to Scott. With a werecoyote to find and the nemeton sacrifice fallout still to deal with, it was going to be a tall order but they needed to sit down and talk. They needed to find out what they were to each other, and what they should do next.

And they also needed to repair the damage they had done to each other last night.

Which would of course be a lot easier if they hadn't both hurt the other so much.

Isaac was angry, and he was hurt. And by now, Scott would be the same, which was hardly conducive to a talk about where they stood. But they didn't have a choice.

They needed to figure out where they were and where they could go, and where they were going. And they had to do it soon.

Simply put, where did two ex werewolf lovers go from here?

Chapter Text



Despite the progress they had made in helping the sheriff solve the Malia case the night before, Scott was still miserable the next morning. That fight with Isaac last night, it kept echoing in his head, and the worst part was, he knew he deserved to feel as lousy as he did, of course he did, but the fact that he had no idea how messed up his relationship with Isaac now was.

He didn't want to lose Isaac. It had nearly killed him breaking up with him as it had been, he hadn't wanted to, and now he might have lost Isaac as a friend as well. He had no idea how he was going to set this right.

At least the mess he had made with Isaac was matched by the mess he and Stiles had made of the Malia thing. While they did now know more, they had also forced her from her den, from her home, which meant she was now out and about wondering through the preserve and most likely through the town. He felt for her, he really did. To feel so much guilt that she would rather spend eight years transformed, he didn't know how she could manage it. Or how she could live with the guilt, but he could understand it. He had always been petrified that he would hurt someone he cared about by being a werewolf, his mother, Stiles, Allison, Isaac when he came along, he was terrified of the thought that he might hurt any of them. For Malia to endure what she had, the poor girl must be so lonely and guilt ridden.

So now he had set an angry, confused and lost girl, who was trapped in her coyote form, loose on the town, which was a town where the sheriff was about to lose his job because of his father, where he and his friends were dealing with the fallout from the nemeton sacrifice and where he had further screwed up what little relationship he had left with the ex boyfriend that he was so in love with and had so brutally dumped.

And here Deaton had thought him becoming an Alpha would be easier.

Maybe life would get easier if he had an actual pack. True, his pack consisted of Stiles, Isaac, Allison and Lydia, but in terms of actual other werewolves, he only really had one. The twins had been kind of skittish before they vanished, and considering what they had done to Boyd and the other’s personal feelings towards them, he wasn’t inclined to go after them, after all he didn't owe them anything.

The only other two werewolves he knew weren’t likely to join his pack either. While Deaton had explained that technically Jackson was now part of his pack, due to Isaac being Derek’s first beta so when his pack fell apart and he cast his lot with Scott it kind of dragged Jackson along too, the fact that Jackson lived in London and would be less than enthused to have Scott as his alpha meant he wasn’t much of a contributor to the pack, besides, there was a good chance that if they were thrown together like that, Isaac and Stiles would actually agree on something for a change and join forces to kill him.

The other person who might be part of his pack was Derek, but something made him think that the former Alpha would be less than enthusiastic to join forces with Scott. And besides, while Scott did have a certain degree of affection for Derek, there was once again the problem of Stiles and Isaac, Derek was hardly Stiles’ favourite person with both of them considering the day wasted if they hadn't threatened to kill one another by lunch time, and while Isaac and Derek were getting along better than they had after he had thrown him out, they hadn't seen each other since their pack had fallen apart and Isaac had defected so he didn't really know how that was going to go. Come to think of it, where the hell was Derek he hadn't seen him in weeks, and he hadn't answered his numerous texts the night before.

He groaned. This was all such a mess, and he had no idea where to start. Malia was running loose, but he didn't have any idea how to stop her or help her. Derek was missing and he didn't have any idea where he was or even where to start looking for him. He, Stiles and Allison were all suffering from the nemeton fallout which was making him have performance issues, Stiles lose his mind and Allison try and kill her friends. And he had further harmed his relationship with Isaac and didn't have the slightest idea of how to put it back together again.

He really should have just stayed in bed.




Scott leaned against the wall, closing his eyes wearily. He was right about staying in bed. The nemeton effects were getting worse, and it was Stiles who was affected the most. Stiles, his best friend, his brother, the one who had said he didn't want to live in a world without Scott in it, was suffering the most, and it was killing Scott was he was completely unable to help him. Stiles was terrified, and the sacrifice was affecting him the most, this time it had made him replace all the words in the textbook Kira’s father was having him read with symbols. As a result, Stiles had had a massive panic attack, and Scott had had to leave the classroom to calm him down.

And then of course, Malia, in her coyote form, had entered the school, looking for the doll that Stiles had taken from the crash site, believing they could use it to try and get the scent. She had cornered Kira in the locker rooms, and only Scott’s timely arrival had prevented her from becoming Malia’s new toy when he had scared the wild girl off.

He just felt so helpless. Completely and utterly helpless. Stiles was losing it big time, and there was nothing he could do to help, and Stiles was the one who was suffering the worst of the fallout from the nemeton. Allison was little better, and was being haunted by her dead aunt, and he couldn't help her either. He himself was still unsure about his own powers, and wasn’t certain that even if he could do anything, it wouldn’t necessarily help anything in the long run anyway. He couldn't even figure out how he was going to help Malia or what he could do to make that situation better. He couldn't even help poor Kira become less freaked out. And what was more, he had the entire thing with Isaac making matters worse as well.

About the only good thing that had happened today was finding out that Kira liked him.

And that in and of itself brought an entirely different breed of problem that he could seriously do without.

He liked Kira, he really did. She was interesting, intriguing even, and very pretty in her own unique way. She was also very quirky, and unlike Allison, didn't seem determined to wipe his species from the planet. And her father, while a teacher, was fairly decent and also not on a crusade to wipe werewolves off the face of the earth (as far as he knew). And...he was attracted to her.

But on the other hand, there was Isaac. He was intense, loyal, and clearly in love with Scott. He was also very attractive, and to Scott, he was kind of beautiful. He was funny, and sarcastic, and brave and Scott knew how he felt about him. And his father, while a scumbag, was dead and no threat to Scott or anyone else he cared about. And Scott was in love with him.

He groaned wearily, resisting the urge to slam his head through the wall. How was this all so complicated? How was he meant to help anyone if he couldn't even help himself? He couldn't even decide what he wanted, or who he wanted, or what he was doing.

“Scott?” a timid voice asked, and his heart leapt, he didn't deserve to, it shouldn’t do, but his heart leapt.

He opened his eyes to see Isaac standing in front of him nervously, as though he didn't know he should be there. But in his eyes, Scott could still see the damage that he had done to him, the hurt he had inflicted on him, and the righteous anger that was burning there.

“Isaac...I need your help.” He whispered, and Isaac hesitated, before raising his eyebrow, and Scott knew what that meant, usually Isaac wouldn’t hesitate to help him, but after what he had done, he wasn’t quite so willing to as he usually would be.

“What with?” he asked suspiciously.

To be honest, he didn't know why he was there. He had seen Scott slink out the door, and there was something automatic in him, to try and make Scott feel better. But then, as he had gotten closer, he had started to lose his nerve and was just going to leave Scott, who clearly wanted to be alone, when he had said his name, and now here they were.

He knew Scott wouldn’t ask for his help if it wasn’t necessary. But still he was finding it rather hard to agree to help him. He knew he shouldn’t be like this, but it was hard.

He wanted to talk to Scott, try and sort out what had happened, but he didn't want to do that here, not at school. He didn't even know why he was still talking to Scott, obviously he wanted to, but not now, if at all. This was all so messed up.

“Isaac, I know you’re mad at me, and I know we need to talk. But...but I need your help. The coyote, it’s actually a person, she’s like us. Please.” He asked softly, and Isaac sighed, knowing there was no point in making this any more difficult.

After all, when he loved Scott like he did what chance did he have of refusing him?

“I think deep down we both know you didn't need to ask. What do you need?” he asked, and Scott felt his lips form a small smile as he started to explain to Isaac what he’d missed because Scott had been a dick.

But while Isaac had consented to help, it was clear to both of them that their relationship was far from fixed.




“Xylazine. It’s a tranquiliser for horses.” Deaton explained as he came into the room, with Scott pretending not to notice the mistrusting looks both Stiles and Isaac were giving his boss, typically the one thing they would agree on was that they didn't trust the vet simply because he had suggested the ritual.

Deaton put the three vials on the examination table, looking at Scott sternly.

“For a werecoyote expect it to work in seconds. I only have three, so whoever’s shooting needs to be a damn good shot.” He said, and Scott shrugged dismissively.

“Allison is a perfect shot.” He stated, but then became aware of the sceptical glance Isaac was giving him.

“She used to be.” He responded, and Scott looked him in the eyes, as if silently telling him not to worry and to trust her.

“She can do it.” Scott said loyally, and Isaac pointed out another flaw in the plan.

“If we manage to find the thing.”

Apparently, Stiles didn't find this line helpful either, and Scott could feel a headache coming on, couldn't they be in a room together for two minutes now without bickering?

“Ok, what is the point of him? Seriously, what is his purpose? Besides the constant negativity, and the scarf. What’s up with scarf anyway? It’s sixty five degrees out.” Stiles challenged, and Isaac gave him a sarcastic smile, and Scott rolled his eyes, why couldn't they get along? The two most important guys in his life and neither would be happy till they killed the other.

For once, Isaac refused to retaliate, he and Scott were already hardly speaking, he didn't need to add another argument with Stiles to the list. But he was getting a tiny bit sick of Stiles’ jealousy, and his attitude. He got that he was going through a lot, but the constant riding was seriously getting on his nerves. Scott was his best friend, and nothing Isaac did was ever going to change that, nor did he want it to. And besides, Stiles knew as well as he did that they had broken up, so it was quite clear that Isaac wasn’t even a threat to him anymore, not that he had been originally.

And why, because he was pointing out the flaws in Scott’s plan he was suddenly negative? Just because he had a stick up his ass recently, that didn't make it Isaac’s problem.

And for the record, did he ever mock the way Stiles looked? No he didn't, he didn't have a go at any of the weedy little nerd’s physique. He had a perfectly legitimate reason for wearing a scarf as it had been cold when he had left the house that morning, and he liked wearing it, it made him feel warm somehow, even when he wasn’t cold. The fact that the scarf had been a present from Scott was completely irrelevant.

So, suppressing his anger, Isaac turned to Scott, completely ignoring Stiles and taking a savage bit of pleasure out of it as Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Look maybe I’m asking the question that no one here wants to ask, but how do we turn a coyote back into a girl, when she hasn’t been a girl for eight years?” he challenged, looking intently at Scott, and had to suppress a smug smile as Stiles did look slightly flummoxed by that one.

And...he wasn’t entirely sure that they should be doing this. What had happened to Malia was terrible, sure, but...she was still in her coyote form for a reason. They would be forcing a girl, deeply traumatised by what had happened to her family, to confront something she had spent the last eight years trying to avoid. He knew Scott wanted to help, just like he did with everyone, but he couldn't help but feel that by forcing this on Malia they would be causing a hell of a lot more harm than good.

“I can do it.” Scott said, and Isaac narrowed his eyes, he liked that idea even less.

True, as a coyote and little more than a wild animal, Malia shouldn’t pose any threat to Scott, but there was still the fact that Scott himself would be the one forcing her to confront her past.

“You can?” Stiles asked, and Isaac suppressed a flare of irritation, if Scott said he could do it, he could do it, even if he didn't particularly like the thought of his ex forcing Malia into this mess.

“Remember the night that Peter trapped us in the school? In the gym, he was able to make me turn using just his voice. Deucalion did the same thing in the distillery.” He explained, and Isaac turned his gaze to the doctor who he was less than impressed with recently.

“This is a werecoyote Scott. Who knows it will even work if you can find someone who can teach you?” he challenged, and Isaac resisted the urge to gnash his teeth, he knew it was most likely his own paranoia, but the fact that he agreed with this potentially dodgy guy didn't sit well with him at all.

“That’s why you called Derek first.” Stiles realised, and Scott nodded a little.

“Yeah I could try it on my own but right now I’m too scared to turn into just a werewolf.” He lamented, and Isaac felt his heart constrict with the pain and shame in Scott’s voice.

“We need a real Alpha.” He summarised, and Isaac shot him a vexed look, while Scott went for one of hurt disbelief, and Isaac crossed his arms tighter to prevent himself from taking Scott’s hand, in that way laid madness.

“You know what I mean, an Alpha who can do Alpha things, you know an Alpha who can get it going, an Alpha who can get it-”

“Up?” Isaac supplied helpfully, unable to resist, and Stiles gestured to him in thanks, and Isaac, grinning a little, gave him a mock bow, making Stiles grin too, both of them fully aware of the dirty look that Scott was giving Isaac.

“Great, I’m am Alpha with performance issues.” Scott said, sounding pitiful, but neither Stiles nor Isaac looked at him, they were both avoiding each other’s gaze and trying not to giggle.

God he had missed this with Stiles, winding up Scott was a good pass time.

Deaton however was all business.

“Is there anyone besides Derek who can help?” he asked, and Isaac, bringing himself back to reality, shook his head slightly.

“I wouldn’t trust Peter.” He said darkly, and all three present nodded, the man was deceit and scheming walking.

“Maybe the twins?” Stiles asked, and Isaac shot him a look of distress, which he made a helpless gesture in response to.

They were short on time and options, but the idea of Scott having to rely on the twins, the same twins who had helped murder Boyd, didn't sit well with him at all.

And then once again he was forced to admit that Deaton did raise a good point.

“They’re not Alphas anymore, after what Jennifer did, almost killing them, it almost broke that part of them.” He explained, and Isaac couldn't help but feel slightly satisfied by that, they had lost their Alpha powers, couldn't happen to two nicer guys.

“What if they know how to do it?” Stiles asked, but Scott thankfully pointed out the flaw in the plan.

“No one’s seen them for weeks.” He stated, and Isaac knew that much was true, Danny hadn't coped with Ethan’s absence well, and was spending a little bit too much time with the ex who the entire school knew had broken his heart.

“Actually, that’s uh, not totally true.” Stiles admitted, and he flinched slightly when Scott and Isaac both turned an acidic glare onto him as they waited expectantly.




“I’m sorry, I should never have suggested it.” Stiles said remorsefully, but Scott waved him off, Lydia had cleaned him up before going back inside to yell at Aiden.

“Doesn’t matter, I think I got what I need. I see what they mean now.” He said, and Stiles shook his head.

“Maybe, but Scott, that wasn’t helping, that was kicking the crap out of you! They were using you as a chew toy because they’re pissed that their pack is gone.”

“Yeah, but I think Aiden helped more than he meant to. I can’t say I like his methods, but he did kind of get his point across. He let go when he vented at me, that’s kind of what I need to do with Malia.” He explained, wincing as he was still very sore from the beating.

“Yeah but...” Stiles protested, but Scott shook his head, and even though he wasn’t blaming Stiles, it still wasn’t making him feel any better.

“It doesn’t matter ok? Just...don’t tell Isaac.” He asked meekly, and Stiles looked at him in frustration.

“Scott, when are you going to stop this? Because you are not telling me that you don't miss him like crazy, because I know you do, and I know you’re both miserable. You could at least tell him, and me just FYI, why you broke up with him, I think that’s what’s getting to him the most, the fact that he doesn’t know why you suddenly decided to dump him. Well, that and the fact that you kissed him yesterday. And don't tell me Kira has anything to do with it, sure I’ve seen you looking at her, and I can tell you like her but that still doesn’t explain why you dumped Isaac.” He said impatiently, and Scott looked at him in disbelief.

“Wait a minute, when you two are together you’re bickering like a married couple, but split you apart and you’re his knight in shining armour?” he asked incredulously, and Stiles shrugged.

“Don’t ask me, I know it doesn’t make sense. I just can’t help myself when I’m with him. And besides, I think he needs a new knight in shining armour. His last one screwed him over. Severely.” Stiles said tartly, and Scott made a mental note to himself, try to keep Stiles away from Lydia as much as possible, he was picking up too many tips from her.

“I know how much I hurt him, and I know I made it ten times worse by kissing him, you don't need to remind me. can’t be his knight in shining armour.” He said childishly, and Stiles grinned.

“Really? That thought bothers you does it? I mean, Isaac isn’t a bad looking guy, he and I could...”

Scott roared. And not a human one, a wolf one, eyes flashing red and everything, and Stiles recoiled slightly, before grinning smugly.

“Well well, maybe the twins aren't as bad as we thought. You clearly learned something from them. And by the way, since you just roared at me, roared, I’d say the thought of anyone being with Isaac pisses you off, so why the hell don't you fix things? You both still love each other, it’s obvious.” Stiles said in annoyance, and Scott breathed deeply.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have, well, yelled at you.” He said feebly, and Stiles quirked an eyebrow in amusement.

“That was your definition of yelling? That was a full blown teenage wolf temper tantrum because you thought I had designs on your precious Isaac, who you dumped. I don't by the way, I just wanted to see what would happen. Interesting.” He said brightly, and Scott glared at him.

“Haven’t you ever heard it’s not wise to poke the bear? Same applies to Alpha werewolves.” He muttered angrily, and Stiles sighed, squeezing his shoulder.

“Will you at least talk to Isaac? Honestly, if Deaton and I hadn't been there, you’d either be ripping each other apart earlier or ripping the clothes off of each other. You’re both miserable, so why not do something to try and fix it?” he asked, and Scott sighed wearily.

“I know, I need to. But first, we still need to deal with Malia. Then I can deal with the mess I made of things with Isaac.” He said sadly, and Stiles rubbed his shoulder as an annoyed looking Lydia returned from yelling at Aiden.

“Are you finished being all macho? Come on.” She ordered, and both boys trotted along behind her, grinning slightly as they did so.




The drive to the preserve had been quiet. Isaac was watching Allison in concern. That was the second time in as many days that she had tried to kill one of her friends. Lydia was obviously the most shocking, after all, she was Allison’s best friend, but these nemeton visions were seriously getting to Allison. And now she had pointed a tranq gun at Isaac too. While the tranquilizer itself wouldn’t kill him, he had heard what sharp objects at close range had done to Kali, and he wasn’t entirely sure if he could stop a lethal needle from going too far into him. She was shaking a lot, having waking dreams that invariably wound up with her pointing lethal weapons at her friends, and it was seriously beginning to freak him out. Once again he fought down the desire to rip Deaton to shreds, this was all his fault, him and his sacrifice, if it weren’t for him they wouldn’t be doing this. And he didn't believe for a second that there was no other way to find the nemeton, the freaking thing was massive, they’d have found it eventually, all they would have had to do it lure Jennifer away.

Allison was clearly suffering, as was Stiles. But Allison seemed a lot more physical than the other two. Scott was having problems getting it up (he wouldn’t know, they hadn't gone that far), Stiles was clearly having mental problems but Allison was a bizarre mix of both. What if she was the one who was most affected? Since Stiles, unlike Allison who’d had training, had had no protection of any sort against the supernatural, they were all assuming that he was the worst affected by all this. What if they were missing the signs that Allison was?

Isaac sighed softly. He cared too much about all of them to let this go without a fight. Stiles had been his best friend, and despite the fact that Stiles seemed to be out to make his life more miserable than it already was at the moment, he wasn’t inclined to let the nemeton get the better of him. Scott was his Alpha, the person he loved, his roommate, and the first person who had ever truly cared for him, and Isaac owed him so much, and if he found out the nemeton had anything to do with their break up, he would rip the damn thing from the earth himself. And Allison had become important to him too. Initially only the ex of the person he loved, she was now a firm friend, and he truly did care about her. Not in the way she wanted him too, he knew that much, for a start he was still in love with Scott and he wouldn’t do that to her, but there was definitely something strange between them.

And now here they were, about to go looking for a girl who had been a coyote for the last eight years due to a past trauma, and most ironically, the ones who were in the best shape were the former abuse victim and the one everyone had thought was insane. How was that for irony?

All five of them got out of, or off in Scott’s case, their vehicles and for a second, none of them spoke, they all just looked at each other until Lydia finally voiced the thing that everyone else was thinking, even if they didn't want to admit it to themselves.

“Anyone else think that we might be doing more harm than good?” she asked, and Scott, as always, the one who always believed in doing the right thing, had an answer to that.

“We’re trying to keep a father from killing his own daughter.” He insisted, and Isaac weighed in.

“Actually, we’re trying to keep a guy from killing a coyote, who’s actually his daughter, who we have to chance from a coyote back to his daughter.”

“And again with the not helping.” Stiles said, peeved, and Isaac just shot him an unaffected glance, and nodded mockingly, he was trying to make Scott see how ridiculous this sounded because quite frankly, he really didn't think they ought to be doing this. To him, they just didn't have the right to force Malia back into her human form when all they would really have to do is chase her away from the traps and herd her towards a new area. Yeah, it sucked, but the girl had been in the wild for eight years, and what right did they have to get involved in this?

Scott rolled his eyes as usual as they bickered before he turned to Allison, who looked at him, as if nervous about her position here, and considering Isaac had seen her earlier, she had every right to be.

“Did you bring it?” he asked and she got the rifle out of the car.

After the group had made little progress in trying to catch Malia’s scent, as it was crisscrossing all over the damn place, they suddenly froze when a rifle shot rang out through the forest, making Scott and Isaac turn and stare into the distance.

While the shots continued to ring out, Scott leapt onto his bike and rode off, following the noise, Isaac chasing right after his Alpha as they did so, determined not to let him face this thing, or Tate with a gun, on his own, and Allison chased after them, leaving Stiles and Lydia far behind.

While Scott streaked on ahead on his bike, Isaac was starting to lag behind. Cursing the fact that Scott had gotten so good at riding the damn thing, and the fact that he wasn’t safely on it with his arms around his ex boyfriend’s waist. Allison appeared behind him, very winded and out of breath, and Isaac suppressed a smirk, it was wrong to feel happy that she couldn't keep up with them. He still did though. As they exchanged glances, Allison’s gaze basically screaming shut up at him, and as she recovered, they heard more shots ringing out.

He could get that the guy wanted to kill the thing and blamed her for the death of his entire family being killed, but the guy was going overboard. After all, let’s face it the coyote was really kind of cute and it wasn’t her fault, and she was quite small all things considered so all this was a little extreme if you asked him.

They then continued running the same way that Scott had gone, Isaac streaking in front of her by a considerable amount.

“Isaac, wait!” she gasped weakly, still running after him, and to be quite frank, she was completely bloody exhausted.

As he galloped through the preserve, he briefly turned to make sure that Allison was keeping pace with him, when he felt something give beneath his foot. Before he could do anything about it, a metal claw trap slammed shut on his ankle, puncturing all the way through, and he let out a terrible scream of pain as a chain jerked his already very damaged foot backwards, and he could hear his scream echoing throughout the entire forest as it did so.

He was gasping in pain, he’d been attacked by all sorts of things, but nothing compared to this pain. He looked down at his ruined ankle, to see the claw trap crushing into his leg, and had to look away before he vomited. He shivered in pain, seeing the blood that was blossoming all over the bottom of his jeans and he started gasping in pain, all he wanted right now was to pry open this trap, but it was too tight around his leg, and what was more, the pain was too much for him to concentrate. He fought down tears of pain and another scream as he tried to pry himself out of this mess, trying valiantly to concentrate on getting himself out of this.

He vaguely became aware of footsteps running to him through the leaves behind him, and briefly wished it was Scott. He wanted it to be Scott, who could get him out of this, who could make it better somehow just like he used to. But, wasn’t he meant to be chasing Malia? But for a brief moment, he didn't care that he had something else to do, he just wanted him to be with him.

It was Allison however. Not quite who he wanted but it would do he supposed.

“Malia?” she asked breathlessly, making no mention of the clamp around his leg, which was probably best since he wasn’t entirely convinced he wasn’t going to throw up or collapse with either pain or blood loss.

However, he had a job to do, and even with a clamp around his leg, and the fact that Scott had broken up with him he wasn’t going to let him down.

“And Tate. Use the tranq gun on him ok?” he panted breathlessly, still trying to pull himself free of the trap.

Allison got to her feet, her entire body shivering whether it be fear or the nemeton, and aimed the rifle at Tate, who it looked like finally had Malia in his sights.

“Ok, come on.” Allison encouraged herself, her entire body still shaking and she took the shot.

Managing to focus on the dart, he saw the dart shoot nowhere near Tate and embed itself into a tree.

Isaac fought down a wave of annoyance, and frustration, after all, he had a sodding bear trap around his leg, he knew she was having issues, but he kind of really needed her to take the flaming shot so he could get out of this. So he turned to her, and tried to be as accommodating and understanding as possible when he was in as much pain as he was and the fact that she was indirectly helping at making it longer.

“Allison, breathe!” he urged, managing to keep his voice mostly calm despite his pain.

She took a deep breath, and started repeating her new family motto to herself, and raised the rifle again and took the shot once more. And to his great relief, the dart embedded in Tate’s shoulder, and as the man collapsed to the ground, Isaac breathed a sigh of relief before he turned back to Allison, who was obviously looking for Malia.

However, as she raised the rifle again, she breathed in realisation.

“Isaac, she’s gone.” She whispered, and Isaac, still on the edge of hyperventialiting, whether with pain or the fact that his leg had suddenly decided to be claustrophobic, he didn't know.

As Allison fretted beside him, trying unsuccessfully to get the trap undone, Isaac panting in pain as she did so, suddenly a massive roar filled the woods, and Isaac...Isaac changed.

It was like a sudden burst of energy, something that spoke to his heart and soul. Suddenly he felt himself transforming into a wolf, his eyes glowing yellow as he did so, this massive power that as giving him strength, the strength to become what he truly was. It was like sunshine powering something, or a current of electricity, it was amazing.

And he knew what it was. The massive roar that was sounding across the forest, that was Scott.

His Scott.

His Alpha.

And it was him who was giving Isaac power, meaning and focus simply by roaring.

God his Alpha was awesome.

And with a final cry of pain, he ripped the bear trap into pieces, freeing his leg and adding his roar to that of his Alphas, a roar of respect, loyalty, affection, love and a considerable bit of pain, both their roars echoing across the forest together.




As Scott had to take a newly human Malia to the station, and Allison and Lydia decided it would be a good idea to take the rifle back before her dad found out it was missing, that left Stiles to get a wounded Isaac home. Needless to say, neither of them were too happy about this, and both stayed quiet on the drive home, Stiles focusing on his driving while Isaac tried not to whimper at the pain he was in, god he wished his healing would kick in.

But as he cursed his healing ability which was barely noticeable at the moment, it was taking its sweet fat time to help fix him, he had time to reflect on what he had somehow lost. The friendship of Stiles. A few weeks ago, despite the pain he was in, he and Stiles still would have been chatting about everything and nothing, and now, there was just nothing. Isaac wished he knew what he had done to make Stiles fall out with him as well.

Glaring out the window he decided it didn't matter. He had lost Scott, and had lost Stiles, but he spent enough time fretting over the fact that Scott had dumped him, he wasn’t going to mope around over Stiles as well. He’d lost them both, it was simple as that, and the sooner he stopped regretting that fact was the sooner he moved on.

Stiles pulled up in front of the house, and before he could say anything, Isaac thanked him and opened the door, putting his weight on his good foot as he tried to get out the car.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Stiles asked in exasperation, and Isaac hissed as he put weight on his damaged leg.

“Going inside.” He retorted as if it were obvious, which to him, it kind of was.

“Isaac, wait.” Stiles ordered as Isaac pulled himself out of the car.

Isaac took a deep breath as he leaned against the side of Stiles’ jeep, this wasn’t going to be pretty, but all he had to do was get to the front door without falling flat on his face

“Hey, are you going to be all macho or are you going to let me help?” Stiles asked plainly as he came round the side of the car, and Isaac glared at him.

“Well I wouldn’t want to put you out anymore than I already have, I’ll manage somehow.” He replied acidly, and Stiles seemed to sag a little before shaking his head.

“Ok, deserved that. Come here.” He said kindly, and wrapped Isaac’s arm around his shoulder, allowing him to take some weight off of his leg.

“Thank you.” Isaac muttered sincerely, and Stiles shrugged.

“Well, the least I can do I suppose. And ex or not, I think Scott would turn me into a chew toy if I let you fall on your face. And I don't want to think about what Melissa would do to me.” He admitted, and Isaac smiled slightly as Stiles helped him up the path to the house.

“You want me to dump your kind of heavy ass in the hall, the living room or your bedroom?” Stiles asked as they got into the house, and Isaac shrugged.

“Living room is fine.” He said, beginning to feel slightly wrong footed.

Stiles looked at the living room, and sighed. He couldn't do that to him. Werewolf healing or not, that was kind of harsh. And besides, he didn't even dislike Isaac, he quite liked him, well at least he had used to. They had been friends, and he did want to be his friend, but for some reason that was next to impossible now.

“Come on WereGarurumon, let’s get you up stairs.” He said, and Isaac grinned slightly at the reference as Stiles helped his hobbling former friend up the stairs.

A few minutes, and multiple swear words from both boys later, Isaac was finally lowered onto his bed, and Stiles even helped him roll up the leg of his jeans, wincing as he saw the mess that the trap had made of his ankle.

“Oh dude that looks nasty.” He said in sympathy, and Isaac hissed as the air truly got to it for the first time, nasty didn't even describe it.

“Yeah, kind of is. Word of advice, don't get your leg caught in one, it hurts like a bitch.” He muttered, and Stiles sank down onto his bed, looking at the wound critically.

“Can I?” he asked, and Isaac smiled slightly, shaking his head.

“No you can’t poke it.” He said slightly scolding, and Stiles shrugged.

“Hey don't blame me, my dads in a morbid profession.” He said defensively, and Isaac rolled his eyes.

“Seriously though, thanks.” He said softly, and Stiles patted his good knee.

“You’re welcome.” He said, actually being genuine and got to his feet, and was clearly about to leave.

“Hey Stiles?” Isaac asked just as he got to the door, and Stiles turned back to face him.


“What did I do to make you hate me?” he asked, and Stiles sighed wearily.

“You didn't do anything. Look Isaac, I know I’ve been a jerk to you recently. And I am sorry, I don't mean to be, I just...I actually can’t help it. I don't know what it is, and I don't want to be doing it, but I can’t help it. I don't even know why I’m doing it all of a sudden. I blame that stupid tree.” He lamented and Isaac deflated a little, why wasn’t he getting a decent answer about all this from either him or Scott?

“Stupid nemeton.” Isaac grumbled, and Stiles sat down beside him, actually sitting beside his upright body, after he got a pillow and helped Isaac raise his foot a little.

“Yeah, stupid nemeton. It has a lot to answer for.” He said unhappily and Isaac nodded in agreement.

“Too true. Well you did help me today, thank you. Maybe our problem is that there can only be one sarcastic bastard in a pack at any one time.” He theorised, and Stiles grinned.

“Yeah, that might be it. Look I’m sorry I’ve given you such a hard time recently.” He said, and Isaac shrugged.

“Hey I’m not exactly helping though am I? I can be a sarcastic bastard, and besides, you and Scott are more optimistic than me.” He said, and Stiles shrugged.

“Yeah still doesn’t excuse it. So, I am sorry. And I do kind of miss you.” He said, and smiled slightly as Isaac went a bit pink.

“Yeah, me too. I thought you just started being a jerk to me because Scott and I broke up and you were taking his side.” Isaac commented, and Stiles shook his head.

“Nah, that isn’t my style. Besides, whatever broke you two up, I’m thinking it’s more to do with Scott than you.” He said, and wrapped his arm around Isaac’s shoulder, and Isaac looked up at him questioningly.

“Wait, you don't know why he broke up with me either?” he asked, and Stiles shook his head.

“No I don't. Sorry buddy. But for what it’s worth, I don't think it’s because he doesn’t care about you. He really does. He’s just...confused I think.” He said, and Isaac sighed wearily.

“Great. So you hate me and don't know why and Scott’s confused and dumps me for no reason.” He said, and Stiles held him a little tighter.

“Hey, I don't hate you. You annoy me for some reason now, being with you annoys me sometimes, but I don't hate you buddy. And Scott does care about you, it isn’t because he doesn’t. He roared at me since I said I could be your new knight in shining armour.” He said mischievously, and Isaac grinned.

“Actually Alpha roared?” he asked eagerly, and Stiles grinned and nodded.

“Yeah, he didn't like that.” He said with a grin and Isaac laughed a little.

“Thanks Stiles. And since you don't like spending time with me anymore, you didn't have to stay.” He said, and Stiles shook his head.

“I didn't mean it like that Isaac.” He said softly, and Isaac nodded, and Stiles briefly stroked his cheek with his fingers lightly.

“I know. But thanks anyway.” He said, and Stiles grinned and pulled his arm away from his shoulder, and was just about to get up.

And then he did something Isaac had never thought Stiles would do, and kissed him lightly on the forehead. Stiles then smiled at Isaac, who smiled back as his perhaps not so ex friend headed for the door.

“Thanks.” Isaac said, and Stiles smiled.

“You’re welcome. See you later, and don't do anything with that leg or Melissa will kill us both. I’m going to go and check on Malia. Get some rest.” He ordered and Isaac smiled as Stiles left the room.




“Am I being unreasonable, wanting you boys to get through a week without some new infirmity?” Melissa asked wearily as she finished cleaning Isaac’s wounds, which had at last healed to some extent.

“Probably.” Isaac admitted and she sighed wearily.

“Well it’s as clean as it’s going to get. And kudos for not getting blood on the pillows.” She said brightly, and he smirked.

“You’re welcome. Thanks.” He said, and she petted his cheek as she got up, just as Scott came to the doorway.

“Isaac...” he said in shock as he saw his still kind of mangled leg and hovered in the doorway.

“My day was fine sweetie thanks for asking. I’ll go and make dinner.” Melissa said sarcastically and Scott grinned ruefully as she left the room, leaving Isaac trapped in the room with Scott with no way out, which for some reason made him very nervous.

“How are you doing?” Scott asked, dallying as he came closer, and Isaac shrugged.

“It’s better than it was when it first happened, and now the healing’s kicked in as well.” He said, and Scott nodded, then looked at his leg nervously.

“I could...I could fix it if you wanted me to.” He whispered, and Isaac shook his head.

“No. It just makes things confusing when you touch me.” He said miserably, and Scott seemed to sag in defeat as he said that.

“Isaac...can I sit down?” he asked, and Isaac seriously considered saying no, he didn't want to have this conversation, not now.

But he also didn't want to lose Scott as a friend, and he was afraid that if they put it off, that might be what happened, so he reluctantly nodded. Scott sank down at the edge of the bed, staring at his damaged leg, and without thinking, he outstretched his hand to try and heal it.

And then to his great surprise, Isaac roared at him angrily, his eyes glowing, making Scott flinch and withdraw his hand urgently.

“I said no.” Isaac ground out angrily, it was them touching that had led to this, and besides, he was basically a wounded animal so he was more than entitled to lash out at Scott at the moment.

Scott dropped his hand and his gaze, looking stung but understanding.

“I’m sorry. I just, I hate seeing you in pain, it kills me.” He said softly, and Isaac sniffed angrily.

“Not bothered you for the last few weeks though has it?” he asked venomously, and Scott winced, and if Isaac was fair, he had to admit, that was kind of a cruel blow.

“I know. Can we talk about what I did?” he asked, and Isaac gave a reluctant nod of consent, and had to look away because that adorable pout was on Scott’s face again and god he was cute when he was like that.

“Suppose.” He said indifferently, and Scott sighed.

“Isaac, I’m so sorry for kissing you. And I know how that sounds, but it isn’t what you think. I...I didn't mean to kiss you. It’s not like I didn't enjoy it, because trust me, it was amazing, and you’re a great kisser. I felt so awful, because I had dumped you and then I got weak and kissed you, and made it all ten times worse and I’m so so sorry for that. I never meant to hurt you like I did. And I know how it must have seemed to you, but that isn’t it at all. Listen, and I need you to get this, I never regretted anything about us being together. Nothing ok? And I don't care what you are, if you’re gay, bisexual, transgender,” he said and Isaac quirked an eyebrow at him, “my point is that I don't care. Ok? I never meant to hurt you, and when I ended it with you, I hurt you so much, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you again. And then, because I was weak, and stupid, I did hurt you again, I...I got your, no, I kissed you and I shouldn’t have and I’m so sorry about that. Isaac you need to understand, I love-d you, and I still respect and care about you too much to ever hate you for who you are. I care about you so much, and I know I screwed up by kissing you. That isn’t to say the kiss wasn’t nice, but...I know I can’t keep doing that to you. It isn’t fair to either of us.” He said, and Isaac, who was now facing him completely, nodded slowly.

“I know you didn't mean to hurt me like you did, and I know I got the wrong end of the stick, but Scott, I can’t keep doing this, I love you, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. So...are we broken up or not?” he asked softly, and Scott looked away from Isaac.

He so wanted to say no. He wanted to ask Isaac if he would give him another chance, kiss him as much as he wanted to, and just snuggle up beside the guy he was clearly still in love with. But, he also knew that he couldn't. He needed to, well he just couldn't.

“I’m sorry Isaac, and I know what you want to hear, but...yeah, we’re broken up.” He admitted, hating himself, and refusing to look at Isaac as he said it.

Isaac felt that blow once again to his heart, but, strangely, it didn't bother him as much as he had thought it would. He reckoned he knew that that was coming, and somehow that had made it slightly easier to hear. Still, it didn't stop the feeling of tears in the back of his throat.

“So, where do we stand then?” he asked softly, not meeting Scott’s eyes as he wiped his own with the back of his hand, he didn't want Scott to know he was crying, after all, he didn't need him to comfort him anymore, no matter how nice it would be if he did.

“Isaac...just because we’re not together doesn’t mean I don't care about you. I do. In fact, out of everyone, you are one of the three people I care about most in the entire world. In fact, I care about you so much I came off my bike when you got hurt earlier.” He told him, and this did make Isaac’s ears perk up, and he looked at Scott curiously.

“Really?” he asked, not caring if Scott saw the remnants of tears in his eyes, and Scott nodded with a sad smile.

“Yeah. You screaming, it hurt me. Physically. I couldn't stand that you were in pain, I sort of blacked out in pain for about half a second because I knew you were in so much pain. I couldn't deal with it. And I don't mean when I came off the bike, I killed me to hear you like that. All I knew was that you were hurt, and I couldn't do a thing about it, and I hated it. You being in pain like that...I couldn't cope with it. I care about you so much, and then you got hurt, and all I knew was you were hurting and I could do nothing to help.” He whispered helplessly, and Isaac smiled sadly.

“Well...least I know you do still care, you wouldn’t come off your bike for just anyone.” He said playfully, and Scott smiled and nodded.

“Yeah. That’s true. Never think I don't care about you, because I do, I lo-care about you so much Isaac, and you’re my friend, you’re part of my pack, my roommate, and, well all that other stuff. So yeah, we might not be together anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly stopped caring about you.” He said softly, and Isaac smiled a little.

“I know. Still kind of nice to hear it though.” He admitted and Scott smiled a little too.

“I am sorry Isaac. Can I heal you now? I hate you being in pain, even without a painful dismount.” He said, and Isaac looked at his leg, before nodding, and an instant later Scott’s warm hand was on his leg, pouring pure energy into him to heal his damaged leg.

“Scott...?” Isaac asked softly, and as he poured more energy into his leg, Scott looked up at him questioningly.

“Can we be friends again?” Isaac muttered, and Scott smiled slightly.

“Isaac we are still friends.” He said, and Isaac nodded.

“I know we are. But...” he said, and the penny suddenly dropped.

Before they had gotten together, they had been very physical. And ever since they had broken up, they had hardly touched at all, and god did Scott miss that, as much as Isaac did clearly. But that wouldn’t be a good idea, it would get too confusing, but Scott did miss it, touching Isaac, being so at ease with him, so close. But if they started that again, how hard would it be for the two of them to keep their minds on the fact that they were split up?

Or...was Isaac being devious? Was that his plan?

Scott smiled as he considered it. No, Isaac wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t manipulate him like that.

But, even if Isaac was some secret evil genius, was Scott really that opposed to being manipulated like that?

Truth was he wasn’t. And he did miss Isaac, so very much. He missed what he had destroyed when he had split up with him.

And he would be lying if he said he didn't still love Isaac, or that he didn't want him back, because he so did. He missed Isaac like crazy, and Isaac was sitting there, giving him a chance.

And this time he wasn’t going to blow it.

“We...we can try it again. But,” he said, and the bright look on Isaac’s face diminished a little, “we need to have boundaries.” He said, and Isaac hesitated for a split second before nodding.

“Fine.” He said, and Scott stopped his healing touch and went up to sit beside Isaac, and Isaac cocked his head, as if asking for permission, and Scott nodded, smiling a little as Isaac laid his head on his shoulder once again.

“I’ve missed you.” Isaac whispered, and Scott closed his eyes in enjoyment at Isaac being so close with him again.

“I’ve missed you too.” He whispered, and barely resisted the urge to kiss Isaac’s forehead.

Yeah, this was going to be difficult.

“Awesome roar by the way.” Isaac said proudly, and Scott felt himself going red.

“Thank you.” He replied, pleased with himself and Isaac snuggled a little closer to him like he always had.

Difficult...but so very worth it.

“Stiles and I talked. We’ve decided...he’s my new knight in shining armour.” Isaac said teasingly, and suppress a laugh as Scott growled angrily, and he chanced a glance to see Scott’s eyes glowing red.

“You pair aren't meant to be talking.” He grumbled, and Isaac smiled innocently, sitting up.

“So you’d rather him and I kept fighting than finding a common ground, which is bad mouthing you?” he asked, and Scott looked genuinely conflicted by that bless him.

“Hmph.” He said in response, but he was smiling slightly and Isaac nestled back onto his shoulder.

They sat in silence for a minute before Scott spoke up again.

“Hey...I wish I was still your knight in shining armour.” He mumbled, and Isaac sighed slightly.

“Yeah, me too. God I sound like a girl.” He complained and Scott smiled.

“I don't mind.” He whispered into his ear, and Isaac smiled.

He may sound like a girl, but Scott, his Alpha, well, he kind of had been a knight in shining armour. Now...his armour was still mostly shiny, just a bit dirty.

But either way, he was still his Scott.

“Hey, how did the twins teach you to roar like that?” Isaac asked curiously, and Scott shook his head.

“They didn't. They taught me to lose control. Aiden did most of it actually when he was beating me to a pulp.” He reported, and Isaac yawned sleepily.

“That’s nice. Wait, what? He beat you up! I’ll fucking kill him! I’ll rip his head off the arrogant cloned wanker....”

Smirking as he had to restrain Isaac, who was getting to his feet in order to go and kill Aiden as promised, it occurred to Scott that they might just be alright.


Chapter Text



Isaac was alerted by the sound of Scott’s window opening, and he peered out of the window to see his Alpha tearing across the grass, running like the wind. He used his wolf to probe Scott’s Alpha consciousness slightly, and Scott sent back a wave of affection and mischief, and Isaac rolled his eyes in amusement, Coach Finstock wasn’t going to be happy in the morning.

He had never understood Mischief Night, and he didn't really mind that Scott hadn't bothered to bring him along. Considering he lived with a nightmare, Halloween had never really appealed to him even before he became a werewolf, and then, what with Kanimas, hunters, Alphas and Darachs appearing killing people all over the place, he didn't see why people got so excited by things that went bump in the night. Besides, he thought with a smirk, things went bump in the night in this house as it was, as Scott when he was half asleep tended to bump into the walls because he tried to enter the bathroom before he reached the door. He may be an all powerful True Alpha, but he couldn't see for crap in the dark when he was half addled by sleep.

There had been a slight change in their relationship recently. They were touching again, but Isaac, while he did want Scott to be touching him, he was being greedy, and he knew it, but he wanted more. He enjoyed it when Scott touched him, and when they were close, and some of that old closeness had returned, but they had greater inhibitions now, like there was no shirtless cuddling, no sweet kisses that weren’t romantic at all, no cuddling in general, and while what they had was good, it wasn’t what he wanted.

Because try as he might, he wanted Scott, and he knew he couldn't have him.

He still didn't know for what reason Scott had dumped him, and that frustrated him no end. But on the plus side, Stiles was being more pleasant to him, and somehow having Stiles back as a friend was really helping keeping his mind off of what he had lost with Scott.

Part of the problem that was getting to him was the fact that Scott clearly liked Kira. Isaac actually couldn't blame him, she seemed quite cool, and he would rather see Scott with her than with Allison.

And another part of the problem was that Allison was almost constant in his life, and he didn't know where he stood anymore.

He loved Scott, he truly did. But one night, when Scott had been at the vets, helping Deaton with a particularly vicious hamster (Isaac gave that one a wide berth, hamsters freaked him the hell out), Stiles had gently suggested that he move on.

“Look Isaac, I know I kind of don't have a leg to stand on since I’ve been such a jerk to you recently, but...maybe you should...give up on Scott.” Stiles said, and he had to admit, he could see why Scott thought Isaac was cute when he gave him that kicked puppy expression.

“But...” he said, and Stiles smiled kindly.

“I know. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes that you’re hopelessly in love with him, well Allison can’t see it but considering the problems she’s been having recently I wouldn’t be surprised if she needs glasses, but buddy, he...”

“Dumped me I know. And I know I’m pathetic when he doesn’t want me but I can’t help it.” He moaned, and Stiles smiled slightly.

“Hey, remember who you’re talking to, you’re talking to the guy who’s loved Lydia from afar for over ten years. I’m not going to give any lectures on that. And unlike me and Lydia, well, until all the supernatural crap started, Scott knows you exist and really cares about you.” He said, taking a bite of the pizza they were sharing as they watched Battlestar Galactica (Isaac had just had a bit of a nerdgasm since Pegasus had just shown up).

“I know he does, and we’re better now but...well we’re not together, and I want to be and he doesn’t.” He said with a sigh, and Stiles shrugged.

“I’m not entirely sure he doesn’t. But, well, his problem is that he’s...”

“Confused. I know, I get it. Problem is it was me who got the bum end of his confusion.” Isaac said bitterly, their relationship might have improved but that didn't mean he couldn't be bitter about that little fact.

Stiles looked at Isaac, biting his lip thoughtfully, then glaring at Isaac when he took a bit of pepperoni off his side of the pizza and put it onto his own, which admittedly had none, but still, that wasn’t the point.

He knew Scott still loved Isaac. He could also tell that there was a lot more to Scott breaking up with Isaac than he was letting on, and the fact that he wouldn’t even tell him about it made Stiles sure of the fact that Scott had regretted it ever since he had done it.

But while Scott did love Isaac, he was also developing growing feelings for Kira. His best friend, his brother, was clearly bisexual, but either didn't want to admit it to himself or actually couldn't. There was nothing wrong with it as far as he was concerned, or anyone else in the pack for that matter, but Scott seemed to be in a rut, and he was caught between his feelings for Isaac and his feelings for Kira.

“I know he didn't mean to hurt you.” Stiles said diplomatically, and Isaac seemed to sag.

“I know he didn't, doesn’t change the fact that he did. I know he wouldn’t hurt me on purpose.” Isaac said, chewing his pizza musingly, and Stiles nodded, Scott wouldn’t do that to Isaac, especially with the way he felt about him, even if he did love Isaac’s kicked puppy look.

“Alright, I know Scott hurt you, and we both know he didn't really want to. Whatever made him dump you, he’s ashamed of it because he isn’t even telling me why he did it, and believe me, I’ve asked. And...I don't think he’s stopped loving you. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, and he still looks at you just the same as he always did.” He said, but far from cheering Isaac up, he just looked more miserable.

“Yeah, so whatever I did to make him break up with me is so awful he just doesn’t want to be with me.” He said softly, looking depressed, and Stiles shook his head.

“No. It wasn’t you. I know that much, it wasn’t you. Isaac, I know you still love him, and I know that isn’t going to change or even have any chance of changing any time soon, but...”

“But he isn’t interested so move on?” Isaac asked plainly, and Stiles could see that while Isaac was fairly accepting of that eventuality, it still hurt him to even consider it.

“I know it sounds harsh, and I’m hardly the poster boy for healthy love lives, but maybe, yeah. But for the record, he is still interested. He’s just trying to convince himself that he isn’t, but if he really believes that, well he’s a bum.” He said, and smirked as Isaac’s cheeks went slightly pink.

“Thanks.” He whispered, and Stiles grinned.

“You’re welcome. But, I will say this.” He said, and Isaac looked at him curiously.

“What?” he asked, terrified at the prospect of moving on, how was he meant to move on, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone since he was clearly still in love with Scott.

“Don’t give up on him just yet.” He advised, just as Galactica and Pegasus were about to go to war with each other.

And he knew that it wasn’t healthy, the fact that he was still in love with Scott. Scott didn't want to be with him. He knew that, and he knew that Scott had feelings for Kira too, and he, he was...well he wasn’t what Scott wanted. Maybe he had never been, he knew he shouldn’t think like that but it was hard not to.

So, he was taking Stiles’ advice and trying to move on, however hard it was to try and get over Scott and however much he really didn't want to.

And after all, they were still friends, they still lived together, he was Scott’s main beta (technically his only one), it wasn’t as if Scott wasn’t part of his life.

He just wasn’t the part that Isaac wanted him to be.

And while he was in love with Scott, and if he was honest with himself he didn't see that changing any time soon, there was the fact that Allison now meant more to him than he ever thought she would. There was certainly...something...between them, he just didn't know what it was.

He didn't know what to think, about any of this. Maybe this was why Scott had dumped him, the entire thing was just damn too confusing.

Speaking of Scott, he had earlier encouraged Isaac to get involved in Mischief Night, but Isaac had declined seeing as it wasn’t his thing. But, well, Scott was his friend, and he and Stiles were out terrorising the coach, so, what could be the harm in Isaac terrorising Scott a little?

He grinned evilly and set to work.




Scott sniggered as he leapt back into his window, fresh from helping Stiles make Coach Finstock’s life a misery when he got into school later that day. He did feel sorry that Isaac hadn't decided to join them, and he missed that Isaac wasn’t there. It didn't seem right, going somewhere without Isaac, but he had asked, and Isaac had said no.

That didn't make him miss his presence any less.

This entire thing was so messed up. And they had been a lot more physical recently, and Scott really craved more, but he was also attracted to Kira, and despite what Isaac had said, he could now see that his ex boyfriend/Beta was developing feelings of some sort towards Allison. They were both completely messed up, and it wasn’t getting any better.

But at least he could take solace in the fact that they were closer again, because god had he missed that.

He had just taken off his shirt in order to get into bed when something then made a small noise, and Scott turned to see what had caused it, seeing nothing. He then heard another noise over the other side of the room. Scott growled, extending his claws, his eyes flashing red, if a raccoon had gotten in the house, it was about to learn that you didn't enter the house of the local apex predator.

His heart was beating fast, and for some reason he felt unaccountably nervous. After all, this was Beacon Hills, whatever was moving could be anything. He searched the room, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Figuring he should take a closer look he was about to head over to the desk when something moved at the bottom of his vision, and Scott looked down, and two things happened.

“Boo!” he cried, revealing his shining yellow eyes and Scott leapt onto the bed in fright, cursing and swearing as Isaac crawled out from under the bed, laughing hysterically at the look on Scott’s face as he flicked on the light, seeing his shocked Alpha standing on the bed, clutching his hand to his chest and glaring at Isaac, eyes glowing crimson.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Scott raged as Isaac, clad all in black (why did he have to be clad all in black didn't he know how hot he was dressed all in black?) and his face was also painted black, the only changes in colour being his teeth, which were only showing because he was laughing at his panicking Alpha, and his glowing eyes which were going back to normal.

“What’s the matter, it’s Mischief Night!” Isaac said brightly, and Scott jumped down from the bed, glaring at him.

“Yeah, it is, but we torture Coach Finstock, not me!” he protested, his own eyes going back to normal.

“What’s the matter, can dish it out but can’t take it?” Isaac taunted playfully, and Scott gave him a playful growl and took a swipe at him, Isaac ducking out of the way, backing away from him tauntingly.

“You know, Derek wasn’t much of an Alpha, but he had an excuse, you’re a True Alpha, you’re meant to be some kind of werewolf superman, and by moving a few things around and crawling along the floor, I can make you scream like a girl. Got to say, disappointed.” Isaac taunted, and Scott smiled in grudging amusement.

“I’m so going to get you for that, you scared the crap out of me.” He snarled, and Isaac laughed.

“I wonder what Stiles will say if I made our oh so fearless leader wet his pants.” Isaac gloated, and Scott pounced, tackling Isaac to the bed, pinning him and hanging above him, grinning in cocky superiority.

“I win. And now you can’t tell Stiles either!” he said brightly, but Isaac just smiled up at him innocently, which made Scott feel very uneasy.

“Scott...did you really think I would do something like this and not consult with Stiles?” he asked sweetly, and Scott deflated slightly, Stiles had disappeared for a bit when they had been at the school, he’d assumed he was in the toilet.

It was getting to the stage he was missing their bickering, this unholy alliance of theirs so wasn’t good for him.

“Figures. Well either way, you’re pinned, so, you little sneak, what are you going to do now?” Scott challenged, and Isaac shrugged a little.

“Nothing much really. I’ve done what I needed to do, all I need to do is get this stuff off. I can lie here all night.” He said, but seemed genuinely unconcerned, so Scott didn't think he was being suggestive, he was just calling Scott’s bluff, because after pinning him, he hadn't really thought about what else he could do to Isaac.

Well he had, but there weren’t doing that anymore, they were split up.

“You’re a smart ass.” Scott said, pouting slightly, because Isaac did kind of have him beat, even if he was the one who was pinned because Scott was kind of flummoxed as to what to do now to get back at him.

He could think of several things, but most would mess both of them up too badly.

“Yeah I know. You going to get off me?” Isaac asked playfully, and Scott glared at him, aware that Isaac was starting to take more of an interest in areas they had both decided were out of bounds.

“Jerk.” Scott complained, getting off Isaac, and his Beta sat up, grinning with superiority.

“Aww you don't mean that.” Isaac chided, and Scott turned away, no he didn't mean that, and Isaac knew it full well, and he could tell from the tone of his voice that he was enjoying this.

“You’re still a jerk. What would you have done if I’d clawed you?” Scott demanded, and Isaac smirked.

“Is this before or after you finish wetting yourself?” he needled, and Scott grinned as he threw a pillow at him, Isaac laughing as he escaped his room, bidding him good night as he did so.

Scott smirked as he sat down on his bed, shaking his head in amusement. Isaac and Stiles, working together, determined to drive him insane. And he knew for a fact that they would waste no time in telling the others, and he knew full well that Isaac and Stiles were texting back and forth right now, both of them sniggering at him.

Damn it.

But there had been a second there when he had considered not getting off Isaac, in fact he had wanted to do quite the reverse and bend down to kiss him. He missed kissing Isaac, he wanted to kiss Isaac. And Isaac, well he wasn’t exactly subtle. Scott may have been hanging shirtless over him, but Isaac was still not very subtle about the fact that he was checking him out. They both wanted this, so why were they both so stupid and determined to hurt each other?

But no. He had broken up with Isaac for a reason, and he had hurt Isaac too much to risk jerking him around again, it had killed him to see how much he had hurt him. They couldn't go back to that, and besides, both of them were trying to move on.

However hard it was.

But, he couldn't deny...seeing Isaac like he had tonight, all dressed in black and playful, well, he couldn't deny, it was kind of nice, as in attractive nice, it was such a change seeing Isaac acting like that.

Smiling, and dreading the inevitable teasing he would undoubtedly get from the others tomorrow, Scott climbed in to bed, trying and failing not to think about Isaac, and how easy it would have been to kiss him a few minutes before.




Isaac had escaped the house early the next morning, to Scott’s mild annoyance, that meant he was away to spill the beans about his prank to Stiles and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. And that thought annoyed him incredibly if he was honest himself, he was an Alpha for god sake, and he couldn't stop his roommate scheming against him with his best friend.

It was a pity as well, because he would have given Isaac a lift. Yes it would come dangerously close to violating the boundaries they had decided ought to be set up, but if they were ever going to have some semblance of a normal friendship, they were going to have to persevere, and friends gave each other lifts especially when they lived in the same house. True that would get everyone in the school looking at them again but he supposed he could deal with that, after all it was his fault they had all been looking at them in the first place.

Oh and the fact that he would have Isaac’s arms wrapped around his body again were nothing to do with his desire to give Isaac a lift.

However, he eventually made his way into the school, and as he came to a stop outside the building, looking for either Stiles or Isaac, in order to get the humiliation over with quickly, his gaze was drawn to the sleek black motorbikes beside his own, and he felt a sense of dread as their owners realised that he had arrived and climbed off their bikes, heading towards his own.

The twins were just what he needed.

But, he decided to at least try to be civil, after all the last thing anyone needed was an Alpha, one Beta and two murderous Omegas going at it in the school parking lot.

“You back in school?” he asked, standing protectively in front of his bike, and Ethan shook his head slightly.

“No, just to talk.” Ethan said, and Scott relaxed slightly as he heard Stiles come up beside him.

“Ah, that’s kind of a change of pace for you guys, since you’re usually hurting, maiming, killing.” He summarised, but to their credit, Aiden ignored Stiles and looked directly at Scott.

“We need a pack. We need an Alpha.” He told him, and Scott was so taken aback that he was rather glad that Stiles answered for him.

“Yeah, absolutely not. That’s hilarious though.” Stiles said dismissively, and Scott relaxed a bit more, he could feel Isaac’s presence (must be some werewolf thing) and he was getting closer.

“You came to us for help and we helped.” Ethan reminded him, and Scott prayed that they wouldn’t mention that in front of Isaac, because Alpha or not, even he wouldn’t be able to stop Isaac jumping on them for that.

Stiles looked at him incredulously.

“You beat his face into a bloody pulp! That’s not helping, in my opinion, that’s actually counterproductive.”

Scott however was more curious as to their reasons, surely after everything they had done, they had to know he wasn’t just going to roll over and let them join his pack.

“Why would I say yes?” he asked sceptically.

“Strength. We’d make you more powerful. There’s no reason to say no.” Aiden told him, as if his magical solution of making Scott stronger was justification.

They clearly didn't know who they were dealing with. Scott had never wanted power, and he was quite content with what he had. True his pack only had one other werewolf in it, but he had all the others too, and he was more than content with that. And since his life had been turned upside down by Alphas determined to build up their strength and their packs twice now (though admittedly it had been worse the first time since that was when he had become a wolf in the first place) he was less than inclined than most werewolves would be to build up his pack.

And besides, he wasn’t sure if he wanted the twins in his pack, and what was more why would he want them in his pack when they had been involved in...

“I can think of one, how about the two of you holding Derek’s claws while Kali impaled Boyd?” Isaac asked, standing close beside Scott, finishing his thought for him, as that had been what he was thinking.

The two twins tensed at the mention of their role in the murder, but Isaac (who’s slightly taller frame standing protectively beside Scott made him feel a lot safer), crossed his arms and looked at them challengingly.

“In fact I don't know why we aren't impaling them right now.” He said coldly, and Scott could well understand his feelings, but everything else aside, it wouldn’t look good for anyone if one of them was suddenly stabbed by another’s claws in the parking lot.

“You wanna try?” Ethan challenged, his eyes going blue and his fangs bared, and Isaac, smirking slightly, took a step towards him, before Scott took his wrist in his hand, and sent him a look that made him back off, glaring at the twins mutinously.

And he may have been acting out of self interest, but he didn't want Isaac getting cut up by the twins (even though he knew his guy would win in a fight, after all, an Alpha, a Beta and a Stiles had to outclass two formerly Alpha but now Omegas. Wait, his guy, had he really just thought that? God he so wasn’t over him).

Scott shot Isaac a scolding look, scolding him because werewolves couldn't fight in public, and also because he didn't want Isaac getting hurt, and Isaac dropped his gaze, slightly apologetic and moved back to his side, still smirking at the twins, just as Stiles was (yeah that pair working together again, very bad idea, who had thought that that was a good idea?)

“Sorry, but they don't trust you,” he said, indicating Isaac and Stiles, “and neither do I.” He said finally, and he walked past them, slightly pleased by the glare that Aiden was giving him, but also kind of put out by the slightly disappointed look that Ethan was giving him, he did kind of feel bad for them in a way, a while ago, he and Stiles were outcasts like they were now. But that didn't change what or who they were, or what they had done.

That said, he could practically hear the smug grins that Stiles and Isaac were giving them as they headed into school.

Isaac vanished down the other part of the triple hallway to his locker (which he still hadn't told anyone the number of, fearing sabotage by less than honourable parties otherwise known as Stiles) leaving Scott with Stiles, who was glaring at a younger student who had just thrown toilet roll at them.

“Dude, good decision, good Alpha decision.” Stiles complimented, patting him proudly on the chest.

Scott sighed as he leaned towards the lockers, hoping to collapse against them, because try as he might to ignore it, that disappointed look Ethan had given him was getting to him. And...well Derek had only bitten Isaac, Erica and Boyd because he had needed to build up his pack, and Scott had refused to play ball. But there were four of them, however much good that had done. In terms of actual werewolf power, the pack only was him and Isaac, and while that might have been kind of fun a few weeks ago, having a pack all to themselves, now they had split up it wasn’t nearly so fun anymore, and Scott was actually aware of how vulnerable they were. He may be a true Alpha, but Isaac was just a normal, albeit hot, Beta and considering they seemed to attract trouble like a magnet, having a bigger pack wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

But then again it was the twins, known murderers both, who were asking to join the pack.

“I hope so.” Scott said wearily, and Stiles shook his head, while dodging another toilet roll bandit, seriously, what was this, some sort of fetish?

“No you know so.” Stiles said as they headed to his locker, which judging by the relieved look on Stiles’ face was readable.

As Stiles sorted through his locker, Scott’s gaze was drawn to Kira, who was having much the same problems as Stiles, only her things were falling on the floor, and he smiled affectionately.

There was definitely something about her, something that really attracted him. She was sweet, and shy, and nerdy and cute, and Scott really liked her. But he also really liked Isaac, who was loyal, funny, smart and hot.

This was all so confusing. He knew he liked both of them, and had strong feelings for both of them, but which feelings if any did he act on?

And considering the weird situation he was in with Isaac at the moment, was trying to start anything with Kira really the best thing he could do? He knew that Isaac didn't mind Kira, and Scott knew he didn't need Isaac’s permission to be with her, but it still felt wrong, feeling like he did for Kira when he felt like he did for Isaac as well. And it would also seem dishonest, even more dishonest than he already felt with Isaac, to have been with him then go back to being with a girl, it might give Isaac the wrong idea and that would make things worse.

While Scott mused, while staring at Kira, Stiles noticed the attention he was giving the new girl and turned back to him questioningly.

“What you looking at?” Stiles asked innocently, and Scott started, drawing his attention right back to his best friend.

“Me? You.” He said defensively, and Stiles looked over his shoulder at Kira.

“You looking at her?” he asked, his voice filled with all sorts of hidden meanings, most of which Scott was sure he wouldn’t like.

“Her? Who her?” he asked dumbly, and Stiles rolled his eyes slightly in exasperation.

“Her her, Kira. Do you like her?” he asked, and Scott looked at him, and he was sure he had a deer caught in headlights expression on his face.

“No. I mean yeah, uh, she, yeah, she’s new.” He explained, not at all liking the look Stiles was giving him, part mischievous, part exasperated, part disappointed and part amused all at once (how could he put so much into one expression anyway?)

“So ask her out.” Stiles summed up, and Scott suddenly felt something swoop in his gut, the idea of him asking her out was a little...well it was weird, since he and Allison had kind of just fallen in together, and he and Isaac had never really been out, but the thought was also kind of nice.

“Now?” Scott asked in disbelief, also slightly amused because it seemed the locker was regaining the advantage in its eternal war with Stiles.

“Yes. Now.” Stiles said, giving in, shutting the door and punching it for good measure.

Locker, one, Stiles, zero.

“Right now.” Stiles encouraged as they started walked away from the locker.

When all Stiles got from this was a blank look, Stiles decided it would be best if he explained himself.

“Scott I don't think you get it. You’re an Alpha, ok, you are the apex predator. Everyone wants you, you’re like the hot girl that every guy wants.” He said, and Scott was a little too taken aback by that statement to realise just what Stiles meant by all of it.

“The hot girl?” Scott repeated in disbelief, just as Isaac arrived, looking at them curiously.

“You are the hottest girl.” Stiles said, clapping him fondly and smirking as he disappeared into the crowd.

“What?” Isaac asked in total confusion, looking to where a grinning Stiles had vanished and back at Scott.

“I’m the hot girl.” Scott said slowly, and Isaac smiled.

“Yes you are.” He said mischievously, and Scott smiled happily and strolled off, Isaac smiling at his retreating Alpha in amusement, and also checking out Scott’s ass as he did so.




The day had been fairly decent all told, Scott had been put in a very good mood since both Isaac and Stiles had decided that he was the hot girl (and he had to admit it meant slightly more when Isaac agreed), Isaac had been fairly cheerful and had been informing Stiles and the others of what he had done to Scott the night before (leaving out the part where they were lying on the bed with Scott above him) and other then Finstock, who was on a rampage and wanted to murder Greenberg simply because he existed and blamed him for the pranks that befell him, everyone was in a fairly good mood.

That was until William Barrow, the Shrapnel Bomber, had escaped the hospital where he has getting surgery after a sac had burst and filled the operating theatre with flies, and allowing the shrapnel bomber, with a known history of killing school kids, to walk free, albeit with a large slit down him.

When the school was suddenly filled with the FBI and the police, coupled with Chris’ urgent calls to Allison and Melissa’s frantic calls to her son and to Isaac, this was understood to be a very bad thing.

After getting the general gist, including the few juicy details all the news reports had left out at the time, from his dad, Stiles had rushed away to find Scott and the others, instead finding Allison and Isaac first, and filled them in as they headed down the stairs, using Isaac’s nose to find his Alpha.

“Barrow went after words with glowing eyes, he said those exact words?” Isaac asked as the three of them descended the stairs, worry in the pit of his stomach.

Barrow, a dangerous enough maniac at the best of times, had a thing for kids with glowing eyes. Now in any other town that may just be the rantings of a lunatic, but here, glowing eyed kids (which after all accounted for eight percent of the werewolf population since Derek had vanished) meant something else entirely, and Isaac didn't like it one bit.

While he didn't particularly care what happened to the twins, Barrow could have them for all he cared, he did care a hell of a lot about what happened to Scott.

“No one knows how he woke up from anaesthesia, just that when they opened him up they found a tumour filled with live flies, which in any other circumstance would be all kinds of awesome...” Stiles said, and they all jumped slightly as Lydia, who had appeared behind them, spoke.

“Did you say flies?”

They all turned to look at her, and Allison looked at her nervously, and Isaac could well understand why, whenever Lydia got weird like this, it usually meant something bad was about to happen.

“Lydia?” Allison asked, and she looked at them in irritation.

“All day I’ve been hearing this sound, this...buzzing.” she said and Allison walked towards her slightly, as if scared about what could come next.

“Like the sound of flies?” Allison asked wearily, and Lydia nodded as Stiles and Isaac walked towards her as well.

“Exactly like the sound of flies.” Lydia concluded, and Stiles and Isaac exchanged a weary glance.

“And you wonder why I’m always with the negativity.” Isaac challenged, and Stiles nodded fairly, patting Isaac’s shoulder as he smiled a little and shook his head wearily.

“Great. Evil flies.” He said, and Isaac smirked slightly.

“Yay us.” He said, and Stiles snorted in amusement as Lydia and Allison exchanged confused looks behind them.




After Lydia and Stiles had brought a very confused Scott up to speed, to the sheriff’s annoyance as he now knew that Lydia was on the chessboard now as well, Melissa snuck into the school with some of Barrow’s things to let Scott and Isaac use their sense of smell to help track him down.

“You got it?” Scott asked as he met up with his mother and she gave him a bad full of clothes that Barrow had had on when he arrived, and when Scott took them from her, she looked at him intently.

“Promise me you’ll be careful. I looked right in this guys eyes, and it was terrifying.” She said worriedly, and Scott nodded a little.

“Yeah. I’ll be ok mom, I promise.” He vowed, kissing her on the forehead and heading off.

Melissa looked worriedly at where her son had disappeared. She knew she shouldn’t be as worried, after all, her son had gone up against one mad Alpha, an angry and murderous teenager, a transformed snake of a human who had turned into a snake monster, a evil cantankerous old man afraid of dying, a pack of lethal Alpha killers and a twisted and insane dark druid. But somehow, despite all of that, the thought of someone like Barrow being anywhere close to him, that didn't sit well with her at all.

Supernatural threats were bad enough. The threat of a human lunatic was something completely different.

“Are you ok?” a voice asked behind her and she leapt about a foot in the air, cursing as she did so and turning to find a sheepish Isaac standing behind her.

“Other than the heart attack you just gave me, yes.” She scolded and he went slightly red.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” He said apologetically as she willed her heart to stop hammering.

“I know. You know everything?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Course. I’m...I’m away to find the twins. Scott thinks they might be willing to help, if only to get in his good books.” He explained as if the words left a horrible taste in his mouth, and Melissa nodded.

“That’s good...hey, what? The twins are back?” she asked, and Isaac scowled.

“Yeah, and they had the nerve to ask to join Scott’s pack since it will give him more power.” He growled angrily, and she sighed wearily.

“Great. What did Scott say?” she asked, and Isaac shook his head.

“He said no, but you know what he’s like, he’s giving them a chance.” Isaac said, and she smiled at him fondly.

“He kind of did the same for you sweetie.” She reminded him, and his gaze dropped, but he was still scowling.

“Yeah, but I hadn't murdered anyone.” He pointed out, and she had to admit that was a good point.

“I know. Hey,” she said, drawing his eyes back up to her, “stay close to him alright?” she asked softly, and Isaac nodded slightly, understanding completely.

In other words, stay close to him and make sure no one hurts him, and also, stay close to him so no one hurts you.

“Of course.” He said, and she smiled and kissed his cheek before leaving the school and allowing Isaac to resume his hunt.




“Lydia thinks that he’s still here, even though the cops have searched the whole school. But they didn't have one thing.” He said, and pulled the surgery scrubs Barrow had been wearing from a bag.

“Our sense of smell.” Scott told the assembled three other werewolves standing outside the door to the basement.

With a deep whiff (which Aiden was kind enough to point out that the mass murderer had been virtually naked under these clothes, which made the other three wrinkle their noses in disgust), the four of them split into two groups, the twins going one way and Scott and Isaac going the other, Ethan and Isaac glaring at each other as they did so when they went into the basement.

After they were far enough away from the twins so that they wouldn’t hear them, Isaac, loyally standing behind Scott (the fact that he could look at Scott’s ass was just a bonus), he ventured what was bothering.

“This is how it’s going to be now? We trust them?” he asked in disgust.

He knew Melissa was right about Scott believing the best in people, and giving them second chances (he, Jackson and even Allison were all living proof of that) but the twins, they were different. The twins had tried their damndest to kill him, that girl who had rescued him, Scott, Derek and had actually helped kill Boyd. He couldn't believe that Scott was even considering working with them in any way shape or form.

He knew it wasn’t about power, Scott wasn’t interested, he never had been. Derek had been, but couldn't quite translate that into what he needed, and Peter was, but was unable to do anything about it, but Scott wasn’t. So why on earth was he even giving them a chance like this, a chance to be helpful, when they were what they were, Deucalion’s former thugs and that murdering bitch Kali’s former muscle?

Scott looked back at him, an understanding look on his face which soothed Isaac slightly.

Scott wouldn’t be doing this unless he had any other choice he supposed. And in Scott’s face he could see that Scott knew why he was so dead set against the twins helping in any way. And, he might have been imagining it, but it looked as though Scott considered reaching out and taking his hand, only to think better of it, and turned away, back to tracking.

“Just because I’m letting them help doesn’t mean I trust them.” He pointed out, and Isaac closed the distance between them.

One he preferred being beside his Alpha, and two...well being down here was slightly creepy, and was slightly reminiscent of the basement where his freezer had once been and he felt better about that with Scott beside him. And as he came up beside him, Scott registered his new presence right at his side, and smiled despite himself, he knew full well why Isaac had suddenly cozied up to him.

“Yeah well I don't trust them either. Or like them. In fact, I hate them and actually want them to die.” He said, slightly truthfully albeit slightly petulantly, but he did feel slightly remorseful as Scott shot him a scolding look.

“Well if Barrow’s actually here and has a plan, you might get what you want.” He said, moving ahead as Isaac stopped to consider that fairly appealing possibility.

And then, when it twigged that he could see Scott’s ass again when he should be seeing his face, he quickly ran to catch up to his Alpha and fell into step beside him again, trying to ignore the slightly smug and amused look on Scott’s face.





Chapter Text



Isaac had just been about to ask Scott what he was going to do about Kira, when suddenly, the fire alarm blared across the school. Looking at each other significantly, and figuring that no one would pull the damn thing at the moment unless there was a real fire or unless you were somehow involved in their search, the two of them ran up the stairs, and a few seconds later they heard the twins pounding up after them.

“What do you reckon?” Isaac asked as they exited the building, to see hundreds of students moving away from the school.

As they followed Scott to where Stiles and Lydia were heading to, Isaac looked curiously at Ethan, who seemed majorly put out by something. A second later, the reason became more than apparent when Danny left the school looking very guilty with his ex boyfriend.

“Oh Danny you didn't.” Isaac muttered, disappointed in him, as the group gathered around Stiles and Lydia.

“We didn't find anything.” Aiden reported irritably, making both Lydia and Stiles frown.

“Not even a scent.” Scott concluded, which made them both look even unhappier.

Stiles face then turned to one of puzzlement as he tried to figure out just what the mass murderer was doing.

“It’s three o’clock and school’s over, if there was a bomb, wouldn’t he have set it off by now?” he posed, and Isaac had to admit that was a good point.

“Does that mean everybody’s safe?” Ethan asked, and Isaac looked at him in surprise, it sounded as if he did genuinely care about everyone being safe, well, wonders never ceased.

That being said, he did kind of feel for him, after all, he knew what it was like to find out someone you loved wasn’t interested in you anymore.

“I don't know.” Lydia said breathlessly, and everyone turned to look at her in shock, and she just looked at them helplessly.

“I just, I don't know.” She summed up, and Scott sighed slightly, his eyes scanning the crowds for any possible signs of trouble.

“Alright, we’re not going to find anything now anyway, there’s too many people running about. Let’s go home, we’ve done all we can for today.” Aiden said, and Ethan nodded and turned away with barely a glance, his face clouded and his eyes stormy.

“Scott?” Stiles asked leadingly, trying to make his friend register the fact that the twins were leaving, but his gaze was fixed on the door, and Isaac smiled at his friend slightly.

“He’s on Kira watch.” He said, and then he looked up as the twins started to head away, Aiden leading the way, and he slipped away from the others, where Lydia and Stiles were both trying to talk to Scott in increasing annoyance as he was busy looking for them.

“Um, don't look now but our other resident pet werewolf has done a disappearing act now too.” Stiles said, hoping that might stimulate Scott’s attention, but no, he was still looking for the new girl.

“Well where’s he gone, the last thing we want is him to have a go at the twins in the middle of all these people, no matter how much the students like a fight. Scott!” Lydia snapped in frustration, clicking her fingers at Scott, who seemed to come back to himself as he saw Finstock leading a perplexed Kira out of the school.

“Huh?” he asked, and Stiles was urgently shaking his head but Lydia didn't notice.

“While you were off on cloud nine with the new girl, your second in command went walkabout with the twins.” Lydia said, and Stiles sighed in frustration, as Scott, his eyes widening in alarm, suddenly started scanning the crowds for Isaac now instead.

“See what you did!” Stiles complained, and Lydia, who had been quite proud of herself for getting through Scott’s thick skull a second before, sagged slightly in defeat as they were now right back to where they had started.

“I thought he was a werewolf, not a weremeerkat.” She lamented as Scott scanned the crowds urgently for Isaac.

Isaac however was right behind the twins, and he could see that Ethan was now trying to push ahead, as if determined to escape as quickly as possible, something that hadn't gone unnoticed by his twin.

“Ethan...” he chided but Ethan shoved past him, bound for his motorbike, head down.

“He can move fast when he wants huh?” Isaac asked as he came up beside Aiden, and Aiden looked at him sceptically.

“What do you want, you made it perfectly clear that we aren't your favourite people, or have you come to gloat?” he asked savagely, and Isaac shot him a cool look.

“No actually. I followed you to make sure that Ethan is alright.” He said truthfully, and admittedly, he figured he must have looked as surprised as Aiden did that he had said them.

“You did?” Aiden asked suspiciously, and Isaac’s eyes caught sight of Danny approaching, and he nodded.

“Yeah, and unless you want this to get very ugly, you might want to get to your brother soonish.” He said, looking towards Danny, and Aiden gave a slight growl and resumed the march towards Ethan who had now reached his bike and was climbing on defiantly.

“Bro, calm down.” Aiden soothed as both he and Isaac reached his bike, and Ethan glared, though while his eyes looked watery, he hadn't actually shed any tears.

“Calm down? As soon as my back’s turned, he ran back to his ex!” he ground out, and Isaac shrugged slightly.

“Yeah, but...look the entire school heard about what that jerk did to Danny. He was a state for weeks because of it. He must be pretty desperate to go back to him.” He said, and Aiden growled at him, and Isaac winced, that hadn't come out the way it was supposed to.

“Yeah, desperate to get over me.” Ethan said, reaching for his helmet, but Isaac laid a hand on his wrist to stop him.

Both twins were startled by this unexpected move, and Ethan looked right at Isaac as he shook his head.

“No, desperate to try and move on because he misses you that much. I can’t say much for his taste, but Danny...when Danny falls, he falls hard and he falls fast. And he must have figured you weren’t coming back, so if you ask me, he was trying to move on, so he could stop hurting because you weren’t around anymore.” He said softly, and then released his grip on Ethan’s wrist, and the former Alpha smiled a little despite himself.

“I thought you hated us?” he asked, giving Isaac an odd look, and the dominant Beta shrugged.

“Yeah, I do. But...well other than Jennifer or your boss, few people deserve a kick in the teeth like that. Believe me, I know how much it sucks.” He said flatly, and Ethan nodded slightly at him as he pulled on his helmet, while Aiden looked at them in confusion.

“Um, are you two hitting on each other?” he asked, and Ethan rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“No jerkoff we aren't, since we hate each other. But...well he does kind of have a point. And besides, I reckon he knows what he’s talking about. Thanks Isaac.” Ethan said, and Aiden gave him a cold nod as Isaac folded his arms defiantly as they started their engines, and was then struck by a wave of altruism.

“ know, for helping, even if it was just to get in Scott’s good books.” He said, and Aiden smirked at him before he pulled on his own helmet.

“You know...Scott may be the Alpha, but he isn’t the only one with good books that we need to get into. We kind of need to get into yours as well. Otherwise, your sweet little Scott probably won’t ever let us in.” He pointed out and gunned his engine, both twins disappearing from the parking lot just as Danny reached them, looking very ashamed of himself and out of breath.

“Where’s Ethan?” he breathed weakly, and Isaac jerked his head back towards the disappearing motorbikes.

“Going home. Seriously Danny?” he bemoaned, and Danny shot him a pitiful look.

“I...I didn't think he was coming back. And you aren't telling me that Scott dumping you didn't hurt because you’re still hurting, everyone can see it.” He said sadly, and looked genuinely sorry for him, and Isaac shrugged.

“Yeah I know I am. And I also get why Ethan’s so bothered too. Being kicked in the emotional nuts by someone you love sucks.” He said, clapping Danny’s shoulder and leaving him looking slightly despondent at the edge of the pavement.

He had just gone out of his way to try and help one of the twins. He hated the twins, the twins had tried to kill them, had nearly killed Scott and had helped kill Boyd. Yet here he was, helping Ethan who had just seen that Danny wasn’t going to wait around forever.

He shook his head at himself, incredulous that he had even done it.

He wasn’t sure how, but he was sure it must be Scott’s fault, damn his sweet nature. Scott would help anyone and everyone, even someone like the twins. He was rubbing off on him.

Or maybe he just knew what it felt like to have your heart broken and wanted to help someone going through the same thing.

Either way, he was still one of the twins.

But, then again...

“There you are. Are you ok?” Scott asked as he came up beside him, an annoyed Stiles and Lydia behind him, looking exasperated with Scott, and Isaac shrugged.

“Course I am, why wouldn’t I be?” he asked, and Scott looked at him worriedly.

“Are the twins alright?” he asked, and Isaac shot him a dirty look.

“Yeah they are. Well Ethan isn’t, but that’s Danny’s fault, not mine.” He pointed out and Scott grinned slightly at him.

“Well, I’m impressed.” He said, grinning teasingly, and Isaac went a slightly darker colour and determinedly avoided looking at his ex.

“I don't know what you mean.” He said, and Scott smirked maddeningly.

“Well, you proved you can be sympathetic even to one of the twins, you officially care when it comes to them.” He said teasingly, and Isaac shook his head stubbornly.

“Oh no you don't, this was a onetime thing, I don't care about Ethan’s feelings.” He protested, but Scott, and now Stiles and Lydia too, were grinning in the same smug way.

“Aww relax, I’m proud of you. You did good, proved you were the bigger person than you thought you were.” Scott said, and though he was still teasing, he was also sincere, and Isaac looked determinedly away so he wouldn’t look too pleased with himself.

“You know, I see what Scott meant, you actually are really cute when you blush.” Lydia commented conversationally, and both Scott and Isaac looked at her in shock, but to Isaac’s slight gratification, Scott was now going red too.

“I...I didn't say that.” Scott protested, but Stiles and Lydia just arced their eyebrows at him, and he looked away fuming.

“Well for what it’s worth, you’re cute when you’re embarrassed too.” Isaac said sincerely which only made Scott go darker and avert their eyes.

“Some Alpha, he’s easily embarrassed.” Lydia mused, and Stiles, who looked as though he was figuring something out, clicked his fingers in realisation.

“Hey, I just realised! Since we decided that you’re the hot girl, that makes Kira a lesbian and Isaac the hot guy.” He said brightly, and Scott glared at him menacingly as the other two snorted in amusement.

“Hey, I’m the right sex. Hey, does that mean that when we were together you were the girl?” Isaac asked playfully, and Scott glared at him too before turning back to Stiles.

“Uh oh, I know that look. You’re going to kill me aren't you?” Stiles asked worriedly, edging away from his best friend, and Scott gave him an evil smile and allowed his eyes to flash red.

“Oh yeah. Painfully too.” He promised as Stiles continued to retreat and Scott continued to advance menacingly.

“Hey, you’re an Alpha now, five second head start!” Stiles protested, and Scott grinned evilly.

“One, two,” he began and Stiles made a run for it, but on three Scott chased after Stiles leaving Isaac and Lydia shaking their heads in disbelief.

“Ah well, at least that pair can still be insane when there’s a mass murderer walking around. Come on, I don't fancy Stiles’ chances even if Scott wasn’t a werewolf.” Lydia said, and Isaac grinned as she took his hand and led him after their friends.




“ it a date?” Isaac asked as he was lying on Scott’s bed, watching his friend, friend only, debate about what to wear.

“Um, no, I mean he’s a pretty nice guy but definitely not a date.” Scott said with a slight grin and Isaac shot him an annoyed look while his back was turned.

“Not with Mr Yukimura, I meant with Kira. I mean you are having dinner with her aren't you?” he asked, and Scott seemed to hesitate as he was about to reach into the closet for something else to wear.

“Well not really, after all, her parents will be there, and he only invited me to thank me for saving Kira from Malia. Nothing else, I promise.” He said kindly, and Isaac smiled slightly, he was too sweet for his own good, assuring Isaac that he wasn’t going on a date with Kira.

“Scott, I’m fine with it. We aren't together, you can, you can date who you want.” Isaac said, though the last little bit did clog up in his throat a little.

He wasn’t fine with it, far from it, but he wasn’t against it. He loved Scott, but he since Scott had dumped him, they weren’t going to be together, so he was just going to have to love him enough to be happy for him to find someone else.

And he really did like Kira, she was quirky, she was fun, and he saw the way Scott looked at her, the same way he used to look at him. He, well it was hard, because he wanted Scott to be with him, but he wanted Scott to be happy.

Scott turned to look at him, and his warm brown eyes looked slightly tortured as he smiled hesitantly at Isaac.

“Thanks Isaac.” He said softly and he turned back to his closet, still debating, and Isaac rolled his eyes in patient amusement.

“Thank god we didn't go on a date, otherwise we’d never have gotten out of the house, honestly, you’re worse than Lydia.” He said chidingly, and got off the bed and gently shoved Scott out of the way of his closet to look inside.

“Yeah well, you take ages getting ready too. Well you did.” Scott said, sounding slightly pathetic and defensive, and Isaac blushed, which of course made Scott grin slightly.

“Well I had a good reason for that back then.” He said, and Scott raised an eyebrow as Isaac poked through the closet.

“Oh yeah, what was that?”

Isaac gave him a shy smile, and avoided his eyes a little.

“I wanted to look...never mind.” He said, his nerve failing him, but he’d said enough for Scott to know what he had meant, Isaac had taken time because he had wanted to look good for Scott.

“Isaac.” He whispered slightly under his breath, both of them were making this so difficult.

“Hmm, well you always look hot in black.” Isaac muttered to himself, and Scott kept quiet, he didn't think he was the one who looked good in black, that was Isaac’s job.

“So, this, and your jacket and some dark jeans. I’m totally reinforcing the stereotype here aren't I?” Isaac asked, sounding put out and Scott grinned.

“Don’t worry about it. Out of interest, why these?” Scott asked as Isaac pulled the things out of the cupboard, and Isaac shrugged, grinning reminiscently.

“Well, I liked it when you wore stuff like that, you looked hot. And if Kira doesn’t, well, she needs her eyes checked.” He said shyly, not meeting Scott’s eyes, and a second later, Scott wrapped him in a hug, catching Isaac totally offguard, and Scott stroked his hands through the back of Isaac’s hair slightly.

Isaac closed his eyes in enjoyment at the touch, just drinking in the feeling of being held by Scott again. They hadn't exactly ruled out hugging, or hair stroking, which suited both of them, though it wasn’t entirely what Isaac wanted.

“You’re amazing.” Scott whispered affectionately into Isaac’s ear, and Isaac went slightly pink.

“Thanks.” He said as they broke off, and Scott grinned at him before turning away and pulling off his top, exposing his lovely shirtless torso to his ex, which of course immediately made Isaac uncomfortable in what a few weeks ago would have been all the right reasons.

“Um, do you want me to look away?” Isaac asked nervously, praying that Scott wouldn’t say no.

Scott turned to Isaac in shock, a guilty expression on his face, he had completely forgotten that shirtlessness was meant to be forbidden in case it made either of them do something they would both regret.

“Oh sorry, I completely forgot. But...well, we play lacrosse together, and we do cross country.” He pointed out and Isaac grinned, arcing his eyebrow questioningly.

“Wait a minute, are you telling me you peek?” he asked and Scott blushed a little, looking away.

“, but well, I need to look somewhere, and well, you’re...what I mean is there are certainly worse areas to look, and well, I don't know, but you can’t tell me that you don't do it either!” Scott protested, and Isaac smiled a little in amusement at how flustered Scott had become.

“So...yes?” Isaac asked teasingly, and Scott blushed furiously and looked away from him.

“Well, yes and no, I don't peek out of, well I don't do it on purpose, you just always happen to be where I’m looking.” He said defensively, and Isaac snorted in amusement.

“That’s a lousy excuse. But...well you are nice to look at too, and you raise a good point about seeing each other in perfectly innocent circumstances. So does that mean I can watch?” he asked playfully, and Scott grinned a little.

“Don’t see why not.” He responded and Isaac grinned as he jumped down onto the bed.

Scott shook his head slightly, this so wasn’t healthy if both of them were trying to move on, but, he had to admit, this kind of playful flirtatious banter bit they had going was kind of fun. And just because they weren’t touching each other while shirtless anymore since both of them knew they wouldn’t be able to control themselves, that didn't meant they couldn't look at each other. But it did mean, to his great disgust that Isaac wasn’t able to give him a massage anymore.

Stupid dumb boundaries and stupid dumb break up and stupid dumb him for doing it in the first place.

“You really like her don't you?” Isaac asked, his voice only slightly sad, and Scott nodded, not looking back at Isaac because he knew he wouldn’t like the look on his face.

Scott looked into the dark recesses of his closet as he considered his answer.

The answer was yes, he did really like her, she was quirky, and funny, and cute, and exciting.

But she also wasn’t Isaac, who he also really liked, and he knew that if he went any further down this road, he was going to wind up hurting one, if not all three of them. He was so confused, how could one person be so confused about what they wanted?

And how could he have messed this up so much?

“Yeah I do.” Scott responded quietly, and he heard Isaac breathe a barely audible sigh.

“Alright. That means if she breaks your heart, I’m going to have to kick her ass as your main beta.” He said thoughtfully, and Scott smiled and turned back to face Isaac.

“You’d do that?” he asked softly, and Isaac gave him a small smile and shrugged.

“Well someone has to make sure you don't get your heart broken.” He said kindly, and Scott smiled a little, but inside he was loathing himself, he was the reason Isaac knew just how much having your heart broken hurt.

“Thanks.” He said, pleased that Isaac would even consider doing that for him and Isaac shrugged again.

“Well what’s a beta for?” he asked, as Scott pulled on his jacket, and frowned at himself in the mirror, making Isaac roll his eyes.

“For goodness sake, some Alpha, you can’t even get out of the house for a date with your history teacher and his kid.” He scolded in patient amusement and Scott glared at him.

“I’m not dating Mr Yukimura!” he protested, and Isaac grinned maddeningly.

“An older man, you sly dog.” He teased as he approached Scott at the mirror in his bathroom, and Scott seethed, but knew he was powerless to do anything, Isaac was enjoying this too much, and besides, contact when they were both like this probably wasn’t a good idea.

“Well, you’re just jealous because the art teacher didn't invite you for dinner.” He said childishly, and Isaac considered this, and then he grinned.

“Wouldn’t say no if she did though.” He said brightly, and that made the bottom kind of drop out of the bottom of Scott’s stomach, the thought of Isaac with...

No, he didn't get to care about that anymore.

Maybe he should tell Isaac why he dumped him, even though he knew it would, well he didn't know what it would do.

But not right now.

“Here.” Isaac said patiently, putting a little of Scott’s gel into his fingers and rubbing it into his hair gently, his fingers gently running through Scott’s styled hair.

Scott tried, he really did, but he failed miserably. He closed his eyes in enjoyment, and his jeans became slightly tight as he savoured what Isaac was doing.

“There.” Isaac said softly, regretfully stopping touching Scott’s hair, and trying to ignore the tight feeling in his own jeans.

Scott looked into the mirror, Isaac had brought his hair slightly forward, making the front more spiked up than it had been and stopping the slightly slicked look he had earlier, and making it look more solid and fuller.

“Thanks.” Scott said softly, and Isaac shrugged it away as he washed his hands.

“You’re welcome.” He said and Scott looked at him sadly.

“Can I give you a lift anywhere?” he asked, he had to do something to thank him for his help, and Isaac shook his head.

“Nah, I’ll go and help Allison, see if I can help her find anything. You go and see Kira.” He said, and Scott sighed slightly.

“Ok. Thank you.” He said, and he didn't know what made him do it, but he kissed Isaac softly on the cheek.

Isaac raised a hand to touch his cheek in pleased confusion, and then smiled a little, and Scott relaxed, relieved he hadn't just caused another argument.

“You’re welcome. Have fun. And if she messes you about, me and her, issues.” Isaac said sternly, and Scott grinned a little as he picked up his helmet.

“I’ll relay the message.” He promised as he left his room, leaving the pleased and slightly confused Isaac standing in the bathroom with a smile on his face.




Isaac yelped twice in quick succession as he was zapped by electricity, and he tumbled into the hallway of the Argent apartment, shaking his stinging hand and bitterly wishing he could shake the place where the other zap had gotten him as he had fallen in the window. As he couldn't, for fear of her father seeing and getting the wrong impression, Isaac stood and thought up several vivid and descriptive and evil curses to call Allison as he limped gingerly to her room, trying to restore the use of his faculties as he did so, and he hung in the doorway, resenting the amused smirk on Allison’s face.

There had to be easier ways of getting in here, there just had to be.

Either that or it was time to admit defeat and just come in the front door and hope her father didn't blow his head off, which would probably hurt less than getting zapped where he just had while falling in the window.

“Electrified the windows?” Isaac asked, trying and mostly succeeding to keep his pain and annoyance out of his voice.

God he hated electricity when it was used against him.

“Yep.” Allison said brightly, peering at the computer.

“Didn’t want to, you know, say anything about it?” he challenged, glaring at her, but she still remained looking at the computer screen.


Isaac thought of several words to describe her in that instant, none of which were very pleasant. Deciding he would get revenge on her later in some way (he would conspire with Stiles, Stiles always seemed to have a plan for revenge nowadays), he entered the room.

“Okay.” He muttered, crossing towards her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, and he shrugged slightly.

“Figured you could use another pair of eyes.” He responded as he came around the back of the chair, while she sighed in frustration at the computer screen.

“Can you read Latin?” she asked and Isaac thought about the logic of people writing a freaking bestiary in Latin of all damn languages, honestly, how were people meant to read it? He shouldn’t need a university degree to read a frigging book.

“No,” he admitted as he looked at the screen and saw the jumble of words that he had no hope of understanding (though he did understand the numerals, that was something at least), “but I can look at pictures!” he finished brightly and she smiled in amusement, allowing him to use the mouse.

And typically, he clicked a disturbing picture of the devil with bulging eyes first, making both of them look at each other grimly.

Yeah, this was going to be a long night.




“Yes mom, I ate sushi.” He assured her for the third time, why was that so hard to believe?

“I didn't even know that you could use chopsticks.” She said in amusement, and Scott decided he should ask her now before his nerve failed him, because since the untimely, unwarranted and entirely unwanted arrival of his dad in town, this question had bothered him, and the conversation with Kira’s parents about their surname had piqued his own interest.

“Hey mom, can I ask you something?” he asked awkwardly, wondering just how she was going to take this question, since neither of them particularly liked talking about the fallout from the divorce.


“Why didn't you, ugh, how come you never changed your name back to Delgado?” he asked nervously.

“Do you mean why did I keep your father’s name?” she asked, not sounding entirely thrilled but not sounding angry either.

“Yeah.” Scott confirmed, waiting for the answer.

“Because it’s your name too honey. I gotta go. I love you.” She said, before hanging up, leaving Scott contemplating what she had said.

He was disturbed from his musings however by Kira as she arrived back in her bedroom, carrying, to his great relief, a box of pizza and a couple of cans of juice.

“Oh, thank god,” Scott said in relief as she entered, and then hastened to add, “no offence to sushi.”

Kira smiled.

“Yeah, probably should have started you on California rolls.” She admitted as they sat down on the bed, and she opened the box to reveal a Hawaiian pizza, Scott joining her.

The two of them sat together in contented silence, eating the pizza, Scott silently hoping that he hadn't offended her parents by not particularly liking sushi. He turned his head to study Kira, smiling happily as he looked at her.

He really did like Kira, he enjoyed spending time with her, and wanted to get to know her better, and could imagine himself actually being with her, and he wondered, just what this meant. He certainly liked her, and he was certainly interested in this becoming something more, he knew that.

But when you spend time with a girl you really like also thinking about your gorgeous roommate who he loved spending time with as well, he wondered just where that left him in the general scheme of things.

And as he chewed thoughtfully on his pizza, as Kira started talking about how she felt he had done quite well at dinner regardless of not liking sushi, his mind was filled with thoughts of her and how she had managed to affect him so powerfully.

But he was also thinking about Isaac, and just what he was doing now.




“You find anything?” Isaac asked as he returned from picking more stuff up from the printer.

Despite the fact that they were doing research, he was quite enjoying being here, the stuff they were looking at was sort of morbidly interesting and he had to admit, he actually really enjoyed Allison’s company nowadays.

“Others have referenced about flies being able to carry messages to the dead.” She said, taking the pages from him and putting them into a pile as he sat behind her on the bed, and she then turned to him briefly.

“What about you?” she asked, before turning away again as he rubbed his hand nervously up his leg.

He reached over, his arm touching her waist as he pointed at the stuff that he had found for them to look at.

“Just Beelzebub, you know, the lord of the flies.” He said, and Allison seemed to stare at his arm and realising he was invading her personal space, he made to pull it away.

But then, to his surprise, she turned to him, smiling shyly, and he then became aware of just how close they actually were. She looked his face up and down, and...

And he wanted to kiss her.

He actually wanted to kiss Allison.

Despite everything, his love for Scott (come on, he knew he was in love with Scott, that wasn’t going to change any time soon), his loyalty to Scott (she was his ex girlfriend, come on, what was it stiles said, mates before dates), the fact he lived with Scott (how would that go over if he was kissing Allison and Scott was in the next room) and the fact that he was pretty sure that he was more into guys in general than he was to girls (well at least he and Scott were both confused now), he still really wanted to kiss Allison.

How did that even make any sense?

But, it was like, something electric, like a magnet really, and he wanted to do it, and he leaned towards her...only for her to turn her face away.

He was confused. She’d been the one who had wanted that for so long, but he’d been so resistant to it, and he knew he still loved Scott, and besides, Scott was his best friend, his roommate, so why on earth was he doing this?

And, well he couldn't deny that it kind of dented his ego a bit when she turned away from him. Just his ego and his pride were bruised.

He wasn’t hurt at all.

Well not much to be bothered with anyway.

But still, it did kind of hurt, what had he done wrong, or was she just that repulsed by him being a werewolf? Or was she angry that he’d taken so long? Did she know how he felt about Scott?

“Are you serious?” she asked, disbelieving, and Isaac was kind of caught on the hop, how was he meant to respond to that?

He had been serious about trying to kiss her, he had really wanted to. He didn't know why and he wasn’t inclined to think too much on it because all it would do is give him a headache. And...part of him suddenly really wanted to kiss her, part of him liked how close they were, at least until she’d shot him down like that. True the other part was wishing it was Scott but still.

“Wha-” he said in slight shock and she pulled away from him, and looked down her nose at him, which did kind of piss him off, just because she was a hunter she was better than him, was that it?

“You were just trying to kiss me.” She challenged, and he desperately tried to find his voice, or at least move out from that look she was giving him.

“Noviwasnt.” He muttered unintelligibly.

“Then what were you trying to do? Headbutt me?” she asked, and he decided to really throw her off her game.

“Alright, maybe I was trying to kiss you.” He said with a slight smile.

She looked shocked (hah), and then seemed to shake herself back to her senses, and pushed herself up from the bed, leaving Isaac sitting there looking at her warily, his slightly triumphant grin fading fast.

“Are you completely totally out of your mind? You actually think I would want to kiss you?”

Well if she didn't she didn't have to be this way about it, he thought she had liked him. Served him right for being confused he supposed. He wanted her to stop yelling so he could get out of here and try and forget this had ever happened.

“Or-or any other werewolf again, because trust me on this,” she began, and Isaac grinned, maybe she wasn’t that put off by this as he thought she was, she was clearly trying to justify reasons to herself, and was failing miserably.

Well, two could play at this game. She wanted to get all high and mighty about this, well fine, let’s see how she liked her bluff being called.

And, to his slight interest, he was finding this kind of attractive, even if he didn't approve of her methods.

“I-I wouldn’t, I would never kiss you...ever!” she insisted, even though her face looked as though Isaac daring to question her would make her crumble.

Yeah she sucked at this.

“Never? Alright, fine.” Isaac said, getting to his feet, wondering just how far she would keep up this ridiculous charade, honestly.

Mind you, he and Scott could hardly talk, but well, he was here, she was here and Scott wasn’t so there.

“I won’t kiss you either.” Isaac said, and on a burst of impulse, he took his tshirt off, revealing his bare chest, and as expected, her face wavered slightly as he glared at her challengingly, and he had to admit, this was kind of fun, seeing which of them would break first. It wasn’t what he had set out to do, and she wasn’t Scott, but yeah, this was getting interesting.

Maybe that’s what it was, maybe she was trying to make sure he knew she was in charge. After all being a kick ass hunter and now being a reduced one of them at that, had to be hard for her. Or maybe she thought that Isaac was a Beta she could push him around. Or maybe she did know about him and Scott and figured that Scott was the more dominant one of the two, Alpha status aside.

But now it was her move, and she copied his (she could have at least did something else, come on, this was a good game they were playing) and she stood there, in her bra (seriously, guys thought those were appealing, they looked, well they didn't look very nice (but then again, he had to admit, a guy’s equipment wasn’t necessarily pretty to look at either)), and despite himself, he was turned on.

She looked gorgeous, bra aside, and he contemplated getting a little closer as they stared at each other, until the door opened to reveal Chris Argent.

And yeah, that was definitely a mood killer, no matter what sort of mood they had, and theirs had been some sort of weird sexual tension thing and his unexpected appearance definitely put a damper on that.

He was so dead.

Both Isaac and Allison quickly grabbed their tops, as Chris, still standing in the doorway, glared at both of them.

“Allison,” he ground out, “can I see you in my office? Where I keep my guns.” He added bitterly as he glared at Isaac who eagerly avoided his gaze as Allison shuffled out of her room, making Isaac sigh in relief.

“ANOTHER WEREWOLF?” Chris bellowed, and Isaac had to smirk, yeah, if Chris came back in here, he was getting electrocuted, or dead, but yeah, when you stepped back and thought about it from an outsider’s perspective, a werewolf hunter falling for two was pretty funny. Not for her dad obviously, but well, he killed people like him for a living so anything he did

Isaac looked around. Did he leave? That would be safer for him, but he couldn't let Allison face her angry dad on her own, that wouldn’t be cool. But if he stayed, Chris might seriously kill him, and he doubted Allison could stop him.

But then again, both Scott and Melissa had warned Chris not to dare hurting him, and that did make him feel slightly better. But, well would Scott’s threat to Chris still count since Isaac had been trying to kiss his ex?

But well Melissa seemed to really care about him, and Chris had seemed frightened of her when she had warned him never to touch any one of her three boys again.

The threat of imminent death aside, there was another thing to consider. And that other thing was Scott. He loved Scott, but now he was developing an increasing attraction to Allison. Scott was his best friend, but there was Allison who he was developing some sort of feeling for. How could he do this to him? True Scott had done it first and Scott obviously liked Kira as well as him, but still, Isaac, well Isaac thought he had known what he had wanted, he had wanted Scott. But now there was Allison, who he did like, but could he grow to love her like he did Scott? They were supposed to be moving on, accepting that their relationship was over, and yeah, kissing Allison was kind of a step in the right direction. Well it wasn’t, but it was a step away from Scott, like he was meant to be taking, but was it a good thing?

Where did he go from here?

Because he had literally no idea.




“Hey, calm down!” Stiles hissed into his ear over the phone, as Isaac let out a low, menacing growl.

Barrow had taken Kira, which was a bad enough state of affairs but the crazy bastard had hurt Scott, the jackass had hit him with a crowbar for god sakes, in order to do it.

So no, Stiles, telling him to calm down wasn’t going to help, not when the guy he loved had just been ambushed by a murderous lunatic who had now branched out into kidnapping on top of all his other crimes.

“Stiles, he smacked him with a fucking crowbar!” Isaac all but roared, and Stiles sighed.

“Hey, I know you’re pissed ok, I am too. But he’s fine, he’s alive and kicking, hurt yeah, but he’s fine. So take a deep breath for me ok?” he pleaded and since it was Stiles, and they needed to find Kira quickly, he did and sighed irritably.

Barrow, what on earth would he want with Kira? How on earth would he find her in the first place? Why would he go after her in the first place? As far as they knew she didn't have glowing eyes, that was him, Scott and the twins, so why Kira?

“Fine. What do you want me to do?” Isaac asked, and he could just hear a smirk in Stiles’ voice.

“Since you’ve been such a good doggy, I’ll let you talk to Scott. Here.” He said, and Isaac vowed to kick the crap out of Stiles later, but his anger and his fear for Scott magically dissipated when he heard Scott’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Isaac?” Scott’s voice asked, and Isaac could feel himself relaxing as he heard him.

“Scott, are you ok?” he asked frantically.

“I’ll be fine, I heal fast remember? Where are you?” he asked kindly, and he looked around, Allison and her father were still going at it next door.

“I’m still at Allison’s, do you want me to come to you?” he asked urgently, he knew Scott was alright, but he would feel so much better if he could see it for himself.

Scott hesitated, he seriously wanted Isaac there with him, he would feel much better if there were two werewolves that were able to deal with Barrow. But they didn't have much time, and besides, Barrow had a hard on to kill kids with glowing eyes, which meant he would be putting Isaac directly into harm’s way if he did, and it was bad enough that he, Kira, Stiles and Lydia were already in harm’s way.

“, you’re sa-better where you are. But have you got anything on what Barrow could be, on flies and stuff?” he asked, and Isaac shook his head as he looked at the stuff he and Allison had gathered.

“Just stuff on flies and the dead, nothing else.” He said.

“Ok thanks.” Scott said, hanging up, and he was gone before Isaac could even say anything else.

Isaac looked out the window. How on earth was he just meant to sit here while Scott chased down a murderer, and while Stiles and Lydia were with him? Even Kira, he didn't want any of them to get hurt and he had to stay here.

Would Chris and Allison be of any help? Well Chris would but they couldn't be sure Allison would manage it since she was messed up because of the nemeton fallout, but Chris might be able to help, but then he would need to distract Scott in order to find him, and then there was a good chance they would hold him back and stop him finding Kira before it was too late.

He hated feeling helpless. He sighed, there was at least one thing he could do.

He could try and find out what the connection was between Barrow and the flies that had been inside him, so sitting down he got to work.

But as he did so, he thought of Scott, his Scott, his Alpha, going after a murderer without him there. He needed to talk to him, he needed to talk about what had just happened with Allison, he needed to talk about them, about all sorts of stuff, but first he needed to help him stop Barrow.

So, smiling slightly at the yelling going on next door, he got to work.




Having received a text from Stiles telling him that they knew where Kira and Barrow where, Isaac had relaxed ever so slightly, until it occurred to him that three people he cared about, one of them someone he was in love with and the person he cared about most in the world, were about to confront a murderer at a power station.

Yeah that sucked.

He was still poring over the notes he and Allison had taken (she was now berating her father for being so protective) when the chandelier above his head started to flicker. He looked up, about to dismiss it, but when it happened again, and the other lights in the room flickered too, he got to his feet, looking at it suspiciously.

Wait, lights, electricity, flickering, Barrow, electrical station, Scott!

Before he could do anything else, the lights went completely out, plunging the room into darkness. And when they did so, Isaac, who had been about to bolt for the door so he could try and find Scott, suddenly heard a monstrous growl.

He turned, shocked, remembering just what he had done to Scott the night before, but he was beginning to think that this wasn’t nearly as funny, or being done by someone nearly as friendly.

There was something in the room with him.

A black shape skirted the edge of his vision, and as he turned to face them, something moved in the corner of his eyes on the other side of him, making him turn back in the pitch darkness. He was beginning to breathe heavy, these things, whatever the hell they were, weren’t friendly, and there were a few of them, and they were surrounding him, he was trapped by these black figures. And then, the moon shifted slightly as Isaac turned to face one of the things that were surrounding him, and his blood ran cold.

Dressed all in black, clad in armour, with a metal mask covering its face, he had no idea what it was.

All he could tell was that this thing was pure evil.

Isaac bared his claws and his teeth, preparing to fight them, even though he knew he was severely outnumbered, and probably outgunned.

And then the things moved as one.

And as the shadow men laid into him, each of them now glaring at him with eyes glowing a horrible sickly yellow, he let out several cries and grunts of pain as these things kicked the crap out of him, barely hearing Allison and Chris hammering on the other side of the door which had shut itself.

One of the creatures then kicked Isaac’s leg, and he fell down to his knees, before one of the creatures seized his neck, tilting his head up to face those awful glowing yellow eyes.

Isaac gagged, gurgling for air due to the pressure on his neck, clawing ineffectually at the monster’s hand, urgently trying to free himself, but it was no avail this thing was simply too strong for him. He was gasping for air, his legs kicking behind him as he tried to free himself, the other four attackers standing mutely behind the one who had Isaac in his grip.

And as Isaac could feel his life start to leave him, gurgling desperately for air as he tried frantically to free himself, his eyes rolling back in his head due to lack of oxygen, the one holding his neck raised a hand and touched behind his ear.

Isaac let out a shuddering, choked gasp as his entire body suddenly went completely frigid. The attacker let go of his neck and with a gurgling noise, Isaac’s eyes rolled back in his head and his body collapsed, shaking and shivering, to the floor. He could dimly see smoke as he fell, the world was closing in around him, he was hardly able to breathe...

He was going to die.

And his last thought was that he would never see Scott again.



Chapter Text



“I think they might have been after me.” Chris said, before he left the room, leaving a still freezing and weak Isaac sitting on the floor with a concerned Allison beside him.

“I...I can’t keep this from Scott.” He said softly, his voice shaking, feeling the tears of cold and terror running down his face, holding his head as it was still pounding slightly since the masked men had been strangling him.

And worse his arm was hurting now too since Chris had dislocated it to kick in his healing abilities to warm him up.

“He just wants twenty four hours.” Allison said soothingly, stroking his hair, but he shook his head.

“No, Scott’s my Alpha, he’s my best friend, I can’t keep stuff like this from him.” He said, and she looked at him patiently.

“Isaac, my dad’s only after a little bit of time. And besides, don't you think Scott has enough on his plate with Barrow without adding this to it as well?” she asked matter of factly as she got to her feet, and he lowered his eyes as he considered what she was saying.

Well yes Scott did have a lot on his mind, and besides, Isaac didn't even know if he was alright or not, after all, the lights had gone off when Scott had been at the power plant, it could mean anything had happened to Scott. As he tried to fight down the urge to vomit at that particular brand of thought, he also considered that with the nemeton sacrifice and Kira and becoming an Alpha, Scott had enough problems without him adding any more to the mix. And besides, yes Scott was his Alpha, and he thought he should know, after all, these things were clearly dangerous, and this was Scott’s town. But, Isaac wasn’t above admitting he had other reasons for wanting to tell Scott about these things that attacked him, he wanted Scott. He wanted Scott to hold him, to warm him up more than anything else, to tell him it would be alright. Childish, and long since passed when the horse had bolted it may be, but that’s what he wanted.

Maybe Allison was right. Maybe he shouldn’t tell Scott. But then what did he owe Chris Argent? The guys entire family was bad news walking, and even before earlier with Allison he had made it more than clear he wasn’t particularly happy that Isaac was drawing breath. He didn't owe him a thing.

But then another though rose unbidden in his mind, Allison was right, Scott had other stuff on his mind. He might not even care that he was attacked.

Isaac shook his head. He knew that wasn’t true, but, well now he had thought of it, he couldn't get that thought out of his head. Scott would care, he knew he would, in fact he would probably swear bloody vengeance on those damn things for hurting him in the first place, but he couldn't help but shake that feeling that maybe he wouldn’t.

“Isaac?” Allison asked with a small smirk on her face, and he looked up at her warily, his mind whirling with the debate about whether or not to tell Scott.

“Yeah?” he asked, his voice still weak, and she smiled at him affectionately.

“Well, earlier, you did try to kiss me.” She said, and he shivered, yeah he did, but even if he was given the chance he wouldn’t even want to kiss Scott at the moment he felt so cold and ill and frightened.

Becoming a wolf was meant to have stopped him being frightened, but instead whatever sicko was in charge of the way the world worked just kept finding new and exciting ways to make him scared. And being attacked in pitch darkness by creepy dudes with glowing yellow eyes and metal masks was definitely a way to go.

“Yeah?” he asked, not entirely sure where she was going with this, and also not entirely caring after all he was bloody freezing.

“Well I was just wondering if next time you’d like to pick up where we left off?” she asked sweetly, and kissed his cheek, but the feeling of her lips on his freezing cold skin made him pull away from her slightly, and she shot him a look of amused pity.

“How about we get you home? Can’t deprive Melissa of the chance to mother one of her boys.” She said, helping him to his feet and she got him his coat and his scarf, wrapping them tightly around him to try and give him some extra heat as she led him from the room.




“Isaac honey you’re freezing.” Melissa fretted as he came in the door (after she had tried to clobber him with a torch, the fact that she had turned it on was the only reason he wasn’t nursing yet another injury).

“I’ll be f-fine.” He promised, and she raised her eyebrow at him sceptically.

“Really? When you’re shaking, my god you actually are freezing, come in here and get warm.” She ordered, and not to be denied, she took his coat off him, allowing him to keep the scarf and sat him down on the sofa before disappearing.

He could really use a shower, but the shower was electric, so, it wasn’t working. The entire town had been pitch black as Allison had driven him over here, not a light to be seen. That did nothing to comfort him though as his phone was dead and he couldn't call Scott to find out if he was alright, and all he knew was that he had been at the power plant before all the power had gone down. He resolved not to mention that to Melissa, who had just come back into the room carrying blankets, towels and the dressing gown Scott had lent him the first night he had been here.

“So how are you so cold?” she asked, and he hesitated as she passed him the dressing gown, pointing at it to make sure he knew he was to put it on.

He wanted to tell her, after all, he could tell that she did seriously care about him, and after all, she was the closest thing to a mother he had in years. But he also didn't want Scott to know he had been attacked and she might tell him.

“Um...” he began, and she shot him an unimpressed look as she wrapped a fluffy towel around him, still not looking happy as she tried to warm him up.

“Just remember, your warmth depends on me here mister, so think before you give me a pack of lies.” She said sternly, and he hung his head slightly and allowed her to wrap him in another blanket.

“I don't want to lie to you.” He mumbled, and she smiled a little and stroked his still ice cold cheek.

“Then don't. Let me guess, some supernatural pain in the ass has just crawled out of the woodwork and is after us all.” She said in a bored voice, and he nodded a little, making her sigh.

“Of course it is, why not? So what was it?” she asked tenderly, confident that he was now wrapped up as much as he could be, but without heating, the shower or a fire, he was still bloody cold.

“I don't know, I’ve not seen them before, Chris didn't say what they were either, all I know is they kicked my ass then made me freeze my ass off.” He complained, and frowning, she pointed the torch at his neck, seeing the faint bruises that had been left from their attack on him.

“What did they want?” She asked warily, not at all liking the fact that they had attacked Isaac, and he shrugged.

“No idea, maybe just to kick my ass, maybe it was therapeutic.” He reasoned, and she bit her lip before she let slip a tirade about evil supernatural creatures and his father using him as a punching bag.

“Aww honey,” she moaned, and then he turned to her with a puppy dog expression that made her heart sink, “oh no, I’m not going to like what you’re about to say am I?” she asked, and he gave her a small humourless grin and shook his head.

“Probably not. Please don't tell Scott.” He begged her, his puppy dog eyes speaking to her (why did the two kids she lived with have adorable kicked puppy looks, honestly, how was she meant to be an effective mother to any of them when they had that secret weapon?)

“I knew it would be something like this, why not?” she asked patiently, and he shrugged slightly, and mumbled something unintelligible.

“No dice Isaac, if you can’t tell me why I’m not meant to tell Scott, then I will. He will want to know you’ve been attacked, so why are you keeping it from him? He cares too much about you not to do anything about it.” She told him, and he sighed wearily.

“I know, but...he has enough on his mind, with Kira, the twins, Barrow, the nemeton, being an Alpha, I don't want to bother him with this, that’s all.” He said, and she looked at him on concern.

“Sweetie, I think he would want to be bothered by this, you’re one of his best friends, he loves you, and you were attacked, he’ll want to know.” She said, and he nodded.

“Yeah, I know, and I’m not saying we can’t tell him, just, not tonight. He has enough on his mind without me adding to it. Please?” he begged, and she sighed wearily.

“Alright. I don't like it but alright. But he’s going to wonder why you’re wrapped up in so many layers though, what are we going to tell him about that?” she asked pointedly, and he shrugged.

“I’ll just tell him I don't feel well, which is kind of true actually.” He said, and she looked at him sadly.

“Alright, I won’t tell him. But you better.” She said softly, and stroked his cheek as she got to her feet.

“Where are you going?” he asked worriedly, and she sighed, flashing her torch onto the clock.

“To work, the powers that be think my kid’s old enough that he won’t be scared of the dark so I have to go in and let others go home so they can be with their families, and let the DIY fanatics try and fix the power.” She said in disdain, and he looked at her in disbelief.

“Seriously? All the powers out.” He pointed out and she smiled.

“Tell that to the men I work with. I’m only covering for a few hours since I’m not meant to be in, don't worry, I’ll be fine,” she promised, kissing his head, “get to your room and wrap up warm ok?” she asked fondly, and he nodded as she left the room, cursing as she stubbed her toe in the darkness and leaving Isaac sitting contemplating in the darkness, wondering what on earth these creatures wanted and just where Scott was.




“Mom? Isaac?” Scott asked as he entered the dark house, and swore loudly as he walked into the small table that had the keys on it.

“Who put that there?” he demanded, wincing as he rubbed his toe after he kicked off his trainers.

It had been a long night, and it had started so nicely, that night with Kira. Until Barrow had shown up and whacked him with a crowbar, kidnapped Kira, tried to kill her only for her to be revealed as something supernatural and knocking out the power of the entire town. And then he’d had to deal with his father, which had done nothing to improve his mood.

So basically, all he wanted to do now was go to bed.

He frowned at his phone, slightly hurt that Isaac hadn't called again after the last time they had talked. He wondered if Isaac actually was mad at him for seeing Kira. He might have assured him that he wasn’t, but Scott wasn’t exactly entirely mature about Isaac and Allison, why should Isaac be mature about him and Kira?

As he was about to head up the stair, still kind of bummed that Isaac hadn't called or anything, he saw a small light coming from the living room and entered, and smiled slightly as he beheld his ex boyfriend, wrapped up in numerous layers, asleep on the sofa. Well, he supposed he could let him off for not calling him if he was sound asleep. But as he approached Isaac, Scott frowned, Isaac’s teeth were chattering and despite being wrapped in so many layers, he was freezing.

Scott gently took a hold of Isaac’s cheek, which was also freezing to the touch. Why the hell was he so cold?

“Isaac, wake up.” He urged gently, and Isaac’s eyes fluttered and he looked at him blearily, as if surprised to see him standing there, his hand pleasantly warm on his cheek and his face the definition of concern.

“Scott?” he asked weakly, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah, you’re freezing, come on, bed.” He said worriedly, and Isaac shook his head to try and make his brain work again.

Oh yeah, weird demons guys with glowing yellow eyes freezing him half to death and he wasn’t to tell Scott, now he remembered.

“Ok.” He said, his entire body shaking as Scott helped him to his feet, his expression concerned.

“Isaac, why are you so cold? I mean you’re usually pretty cold anyway but this is ridiculous even for you.” He said as Isaac’s head drooped, yeah, this wasn’t good, maybe he should have struggled up to bed, but after Melissa left he had drifted to sleep, his teeth chattering as he did so.

“I don't feel well.” He said sleepily, which was kind of true, he really didn't feel well, weird shadow men aside.

“Come on, up the stairs.” Scott ordered softly, helping him up the stairs to bed.

It took a while, and Scott had to stop the shaking and weak Isaac from falling over the numerous layers he was wrapped in and stop him from falling back down the stairs, but Isaac finally made it to his bedroom, and was still freezing, his entire body was still shaking and he collapsed on the bed and immediately pulled the covers around him. Scott looked at Isaac frantically as he shivered and shook on the bed, Isaac never got like this, he must be really unwell for him to be shaking and shivering like this.

He couldn't leave him like this. Isaac was clearly freezing and there was no heating in the entire house. He was clearly wrapped in nearly every possible layer in the house, and he wasn’t getting any better. He looked at Isaac, saw him shivering as he reached out to pull the covers tighter around him, his teeth still chattering. And Scott knew that he would hate himself for ever if he left Isaac in this state.

He approached the side of the bed, squatting down so he could look into Isaac’s eyes, and saw them looking glassy, and Scott was sure he saw little particles of frost on his eyebrows and eyelashes. Dismissing his brain’s rebellious thought as he thought about how gorgeous Isaac’s eyelashes were, he gently stroked Isaac’s cheek with his thumb, making Isaac’s glassy eyes focus on him.

“Isaac, you’re absolutely freezing. I can help but if I do, it means I need to break one of the boundaries, are you ok with that?”

He had to get Isaac warmed up, he had to make him warm, he couldn't justify it to himself leaving Isaac as weak and shaking as he was especially when there was no other heat to be had. He clearly wasn’t warming up, and if Scott went to his own room, there would be no telling what might happen to him, he might he wouldn’t let that happen, he would get Isaac warm somehow.

Isaac nodded sleepily, and Scott stripped off his top and jeans, figuring the heat would transfer to Isaac more quickly this way, and came around the other side of the bed and climbed into it. He hesitated ever so slightly before snuggling right up to Isaac, and despite the numerous layers Isaac was wrapped in, he still felt how intensely cold the person he loved was. Scott bit back a small curse and cuddled right into Isaac, who gave a small moan and turned over, snuggling into Scott’s bare chest weakly.

“That any better?” Scott whispered, stroking Isaac’s hair absent mindedly, and Isaac nodded sleepily.

“Yeah. Thanks.” He mumbled as he cuddled in to Scott’s bare chest, feeling slightly better for doing so.

“Isaac...” Scott said in quiet despair, how had he gotten to be so cold, there was something more here, there had to be, but Isaac was in no fit state to tell him anything so instead Scott just bit his tongue and wrapped his arms around Isaac’s shivering body and brought him in closer, vowing to find out more later.

“How’s your head?” Isaac whispered sleepily, and Scott smiled a little, he was freezing, he was dangerously cold, and he was more worried about Scott being whacked on the head by a crowbar.

“I’m fine, it’s mostly healed. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow ok?” he asked softly, and Isaac nodded a little before Scott felt his freezing cold cheek touch his sternum.

Scott frowned in concern at the top of Isaac’s head as Isaac dozed off, snuggled as far as he could be into Scott’s grip. How on earth could Isaac be so cold, this wasn’t illness, this was something else. It had to be. Scott could imagine what he would have done if he had just gone to his own room while Isaac was as cold as this, he would have hated himself. He was, well he was Isaac, and Scott loved him. He couldn't let Isaac suffer alone, not when he might be able to do something. And so here he was, with a freezing and basically spaced out Isaac snuggled into his chest, with Scott holding him in his arms again.

Yeah, so much for their boundaries. And as much as he tried to tell himself that he was only doing it to help Isaac and warm him up, he couldn't deny that despite how cold Isaac was, it felt right. Isaac belonged in his arms, cuddled up to him, safe and just as importantly, warm. It was like they were together again, and Scott loved it, it felt like he hadn't destroyed their relationship and had broken Isaac’s heart, and they were doing the stuff normal couples did, sleeping with each other, being there for each other.

Of course it wasn’t because he had broken up with him but there was the fact that he had his arms wrapped around his gorgeous Isaac again and it felt so right. He briefly thought of Kira, and felt a pang of guilt and disgust with himself, he liked her, he knew he did, but he and Isaac, well they were different. But when Isaac made a small keening noise in his throat and Scott looked down to check he was alright, all thought of Kira went out of his mind. And then it occurred to him that Isaac was already slightly warmer, his face was getting warmer anyway.

Scott gently stroked Isaac’s cheek, barely touching it, and to his relief he found that he was slowly starting to warm up. He smiled slightly, and gently peeled off one of the layers wrapped around Isaac before tightening his hold around Isaac’s multilayered waste.

He sat there for ages, beginning to feel sleepy himself as Isaac warmed up beside him, stroking his hair listlessly, loving how it felt to his fingers, how it felt to have Isaac in his arms, how it felt to be sharing a bed with him again, when beside him Isaac muttered something.

“IoveooScott.” He muttered sleepily, and Scott was sure he went crimson, whatever Isaac had just muttered needed no further explanation.

“I love you too Isaac.” Scott whispered, kissing Isaac’s head as Isaac snuggled back into his bare chest and Scott soon drifted off himself with a big smile on his face.




Isaac woke up to find he was boiling hot, which he dimly remembered was a vast improvement over last night. As he tried to get his brain to cooperate, he realised that the various layers that Melissa had wrapped around him had been discarded during the night, and he was now just clad in his tshirt and jeans. But if that was the case, why was he so warm?

He then became aware of an arm wrapped around his waist, and he turned around to see Scott sleeping soundly beside him, his arms wrapped around Isaac’s waist.

Isaac felt a little giddy. Scott breaking up with him had been a dream, a horrible dream, and he was actually here, sleeping with Isaac just like they had been doing for so long.

And then his brain kicked into gear, and he realised that they were still broken up. Scott had only slept with him to warm him up, not because they were together again. But, well, at least he cared enough to do that, that was something.

He gently stroked Scott’s cheek, and Scott woke up in an instant, and as he saw Isaac looking at him curiously, he quickly removed his arm from around his ex’s waist, looking very guilty.

“Morning.” Isaac said softly, and Scott looked at him in embarrassment.

“Hi. How are you feeling?” Scott asked softly, sitting up and without any regard for the close quarters they were in, the covers fell off him, exposing his bare chest to Isaac’s view.

Not that he didn't like seeing Scott shirtless, far from it, he loved it, but they were sharing a bed for the first time since they had broken up and quite frankly, gorgeous though Scott was and hot as it was to see him like this, well it just wasn’t good for either of them.

“Better now. Thank you.” He said softly, and Scott smiled, and then looked at him curiously.

“You sure?” he asked, and Isaac closed his eyes as Scott laid his warm hand on his forehead, and he nodded.

“See, I told you, I’m fine.” He said, and Scott nodded, smiling a little.

“Yeah you are. What happened last night?” he asked, and Isaac hesitated.

He wanted to tell him, and after all, Scott had stayed with him all night to make sure he was warm and wasn’t freezing to death while he slept. But he also didn't want to give him more to worry about, he seemed to have done that last night despite his best intentions.

But...if he told him, Scott would insist on hunting down the things that had attacked him, he would insist on making sure Isaac was safe and protected, and he couldn't deal with it, they were too close as it was.

So he kept quiet.

“I don't know, I just came down with something and felt really crappy, that’s all.” He assured him as he got out of bed, facing away from Scott so he hopefully wouldn’t notice the slight bulge in his jeans, and Scott looked at him suspiciously.

“Are you sure? After all, you’re a werewolf, and more to the point you’re my friend. If something happened to you...” he said, and Isaac shrugged.

“Nothing happened to me, I swear.” He said, and Scott looked sadly at Isaac’s back, a few weeks ago, before they had gotten together and when they were together, then Isaac would have told him everything. But of course Scott had broken his heart, and now Isaac didn't tell him everything, it was like by breaking up with him he had created some invisible wall between them that wouldn’t come down no matter how much he tried.

He really did hate himself.

“Isaac...” he whispered, about to get up when Isaac turned back to him, his own eyes narrowed in concern.

“What about you since that bastard smacked you in the head with a crowbar?” he asked, his teeth gritted as he said it, and Scott smiled slightly as he saw Isaac’s claws start to grow as he mentioned it.

“I’m ok, I promise. Isaac...” he said hesitantly, taking a deep breath and getting ready to come clean.

He had to, he had to fix this. He loved Isaac, and he had been stupid, he’d been more than stupid to break up with him, and he realised just how much was missing when he wasn’t with Isaac. He loved him. He really did love him. Yeah he was attracted to Kira, but she wasn’t Isaac. He wanted Isaac.

No, he needed Isaac, he was totally and completely in love with him and he would do anything, he would tell him everything, he would explain why he had broken up with him even when he really hadn't wanted to, he would cry, he would beg, he would do anything because he needed Isaac back.

This was it. He was going to tell Isaac everything and beg for him to forgive him and even more, he was going to beg for him to take him back.

And hope to heaven, hell, demons, angels and all the other crap that Isaac actually would say yes.

“Hey, can I borrow your phone for a sec?” Isaac asked, jarring Scott from his mental preparations and when Scott looked at him curiously, Isaac looked very nervous and very guilty, “well it’s just I was with her last night when I got sick and I want to let her know I’m ok.” He said, his cheeks going slightly pink and avoiding looking directly at Scott’s chocolate brown eyes.

Oh. Ohhh.

Isaac wanted to speak to Allison, and he looked so guilty and nervous, like a child with their hand caught in their cookie jar, and his eyes were searching Scott’s face for some measure of approval, or at the very least acceptance.

Oh god, that could only mean one thing.

Isaac had, well he was with, he and Allison...

Funny how the thing he had dreaded had actually come true. He’d been the one to break up with Isaac, the one who had insisted they move on, and the one who had been frightfully jealous because he thought of Allison being with Isaac. And now the very thing he hadn't wanted to happen had happened, just before he finally got his head out of his ass and realised he wanted to be with Isaac.

“Yeah. Sure.” Scott said in a quiet voice, and Isaac picked up the phone, looking curiously at his ex who was hanging his head.

“Scott?” he asked gently, and Scott forced a smile, hoping the tears that were threatening would at least wait until he escaped the bedroom.

“I’ll go shower first, let you talk to her alone.” He said softly, and he practically fled from the room, leaving a miserable looking Isaac behind him as he did so.

And as Scott locked the bathroom door, he felt the tears that had threatened well up in his eyes as it finally hit him and he slid down the door in devastated defeat.

Because he had been so stupid, because he had let himself be convinced it was for the best, he had now lost Isaac completely.

Isaac had moved on, and was with Allison.

And that meant that Scott was alone.

He had lost Isaac, the person he truly loved. If he had realised a little earlier, if he had gotten his head out of his ass and fixed it with Isaac before now, if he hadn't broken up with him in the first place, then he would still have him. But now he had no one, and he had lost Isaac, the one person he truly wanted.

And he had no one to blame but himself.

And with that he let out a small self pitying sob while Isaac talked to Allison in the other room.




“But I thought you liked Kira?” Stiles asked in confusion, and Scott nodded.

“I do. But last night I think something just clicked and I realised what, well I should say who, I wanted but now, it’s too late.” He said miserably, looking as though he was bent almost in half with this news.

Stiles bit his lip. After all, both of them were his friend, and he did feel kind of responsible since he had been encouraging Isaac to move on. He just hadn't actually thought that he would do it since he was still so hung up on Scott. But now...

Vowing not to mention his sort of role on this to either of them considering the full extent of the debacle, he fixed Scott with a sympathetic sad look.

“Aww buddy.” He said and Scott shrugged, looking hurt and defeated.

“Hey Scott, Stiles, what’s up?” Danny asked cheerfully as he approached, and to their great surprise, a shy Ethan was in tow.

“Ugh.” Scott responded miserably, and both Danny and Ethan exchanged a significant look.

“Let me guess, he’s tall, hot, blond, hates me with a fiery passion, lives with you and had his heart broken by you not that long ago?” Ethan asked, and Scott glared at him, his glare speaking a thousand words that made Ethan bow his head from the Alpha, though he was trying and mostly failing to hide a smirk of amusement.

“Yeah, it’s Isaac.” Stiles supplied, and Danny looked at Scott with sympathy.

“What’d he do?” he asked, and Scott sighed.

“Same thing I did to him, but he did it when I finally got my head out my ass and realised how much I wanted him back.” He lamented, and both Danny and Ethan winced.

“Been there,” Danny began, looking at Scott sympathetically.

“Done that.” Ethan finished, and Stiles smirked at the two of them.

“So, are you two-?” he asked, and Danny and Ethan both shook their heads.

“No, why?” Ethan asked, slightly too defensive, which if Scott hadn't been so miserable would have made him snigger, he sounded just like him.

“Well you’re finishing each others sentences I thought you two might know.” Stiles said awkwardly, and both Danny and Ethan shook their heads.

“No, no no no no no, we aren't back together.” Danny explained, though he looked thoroughly miserable about that thought, while Ethan looked betrayed and hurt.

Stiles shook his head. How come had had two gay couples that were just a stupid as the other? It was obvious that Scott and Isaac still loved each other, and it was just as obvious that Danny and Ethan still loved each other too. Why couldn't they just admit it? He got that Ethan was hurt and betrayed since Danny had been with his ex when he had caught him, but really, it was obvious that they both loved each other, and Isaac was right about one thing, Danny wouldn’t be trying nearly so hard to move on if he wasn’t fully aware that he was in love with Ethan and wanted to try and move on for fear of getting hurt again.

Why were both the gay couples he knew so bloody stupid?

“So what is it then?” Scott asked in confusion, and Danny smiled.

“Well thanks to Ethan,” he said happily, and Ethan went slightly red as the other two turned their gaze onto him, “the blacklight party I was going to have is back on, so it’s kind of perfect for you, you can take your mind off of Isaac,” he said to Scott, who scowled, “and you can flirt with guys or girls, whichever you prefer!” he said brightly, grinning as Stiles glared at him.

“I like...well never you mind.” Stiles said defensively, and Scott looked at him curiously, well he knew Stiles liked girls but was it possible that he also liked guys? After all he could hardly judge, and well, purely as Stiles best friend, and Isaac in agreement...Stiles had gotten really kind of hot recently.

“It’s tonight, at this cool loft Ethan and Aiden found.” Danny explained as Stiles fumed quietly, and Scott and Stiles exchanged an amused glance, then looked at a very guilty looking Ethan.

“We’ll...we’ll be there.” Stiles said, trying to keep from cackling, and Danny beckoned shyly towards Ethan who gave him a hesitant nod before turning to an amused Scott.

“You better hope Derek doesn’t come back because he will seriously kill you. He will kill you until you’re dead and then kill you some more.” He informed him as Danny dawdled on ahead, clearly wanting to work with Ethan but Ethan wasn’t quite getting the hint.

“Well no one’s seen him in weeks, and besides, Deucalion owned the penthouse, we had nowhere to live.” He said pitifully, and Stiles smirked.

“Should have asked Scott, he likes to adopt dumb animals with no homes.” He said and Scott turned and fixed him with a venomous glare.

“Too seen? I didn't just mean Isaac though, I remember when you brought home that hedgehog.” He said defensively, and Scott grinned in maddening superiority.

“I seem to remember you were the one who named him and shoved me out the way every time I tried to feed Mr Quillson.” He said smugly, and Stiles stuck his tongue out at him, knowing he was beaten.

“Anyway, are you coming?” Ethan asked hopefully, and Scott looked at him curiously.

“Is this part of some elaborate plan to get Danny back?” he asked suspiciously, and Ethan shrugged.

“Well that is kind of part of it. But mainly we just want to be helpful.” He said, and Stiles cocked an eyebrow sceptically.

“You mean you want to prove to Scott that you’re not just evil murderers?” he challenged, and Ethan glared at him.

“Well yeah. But he’s not the only one we need to convince. Aiden needs to convince Lydia too, I need to prove to Danny that I’m going nowhere and we kind of need to earn you and Isaac’s approval, otherwise we’ll never get anywhere.” He explained and Stiles scoffed.

“Yeah good luck on the last two counts.” He said in disbelief, but Ethan ignored him and turned to Scott.

“But we do want to prove to you we’re more than what you think we are.” He said, looking kind of adorable about it, and Scott nodded cautiously.

“Alright, cant make any promises this’ll get you in my good books though.” He said, his mind still distracted by thoughts of Isaac, and Ethan looked at him sympathetically, and for the first time Scott truly did appreciate that Ethan at the very least wanted to be part of the pack, and that he actually had a heart.

“Hey, you know, if you are feeling crappy and want to take it out on someone, well, that’s kind of what we’re here for.” He said, and Scott looked at him in slight surprise, he hadn't expected Ethan to make such an offer, especially when they had been hurt a lot as Omegas before that creep Deucalion had found them, so volunteering to allow Scott to work out his frustrations on them, well on him at least, was a big deal for him.

“Yeah and you do kind of owe him since your lovely twin beat the crap out of him.” Stiles said waspishly, though he felt slightly offended when Scott flicked his hand at him to shut him up.

“It’s ok, considering who my other Beta is, I’m not willing to hurt anyone, especially my Betas, or even Omegas. Besides, you don't need to be an evil or abusive asshat to be an Alpha.” He said, and Ethan smiled a little.

“You really think that don't you?” he asked hopefully, and Scott nodded, perplexed, and Ethan grinned wider.

“Course I do. And besides...for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t pick on you anyway, I’d pick on Aiden, you’re nicer, I prefer you.” He mumbled, and Ethan smiled widely.

“Really? I’m your favourite? Awesome.” He said, and bid Scott goodbye before heading to join Danny, who turned to look at him curiously.

“What’s gotten you so happy?” he asked as his ex boyfriend approached him, and Ethan grinned.

“I’m Scott’s favourite!” he crowed happily, and Danny glared back at Scott who held up his hands innocently.

“Well maybe you can be his boyfriend then.” Danny grumbled, and Ethan turned a maddeningly smug grin onto his ex.

“Well I’d at least wait for more than two weeks before I did it.” He said childishly, and Danny and he started to bicker as they moved up the corridor.

“I think you kind of made his day. Better watch or he’ll start fancying you too.” Stiles warned jokingly and Scott groaned at the thought, Isaac and Kira were quite enough without Ethan in the mix.

“Shut up.” He moaned as he saw Isaac up ahead, talking with Allison, and then abruptly turned and walked the other way, leaving Stiles to sigh in exasperation at the two of them before dutifully following his best friend.




After helping Kira delete all the pictures from her phone in his dad’s office (while vowing not to let the fact that his jerk of a father had a picture of him as a baby affect him) he and Kira ran back out to Stiles, who looked quite relieved to see them, especially since he had had to delay his blasted father before he’d caught him and Kira at it.

Well not it, it, well he knew what he meant.

Despite the danger and threat of imprisonment, he had actually enjoyed breaking into the police station with Kira. She was fun, exciting, new, and he really liked that about her. But, well he knew he liked her, but he also knew he had only offered to help her for fear she was something supernatural that they didn't want the authorities to find out about, how many times had the threat of exposure been hammered into him from everyone from crappy Alphas to overprotective godmothers?

And he also knew that part of his enjoyment was coming from the fact that he was hurting because Isaac had moved on, but...well this was Kira, and he really did like her, he loved spending time with her, she was amazing, and he did seriously feel something for her, feelings for Isaac aside.

“We did it, all the pics deleted!” Scott said happily as they found Stiles standing beside his bike, and Kira smiled so sweetly and purely that Scott couldn't help but smile a little bit wider.

“God that was awesome!” Kira exclaimed in excitement, gaining her a surprised look from both Scott and Stiles, and she faltered a little.

“I mean, terrifying, completely terrifying, but kind of awesome.” She said in barely controlled excitement and both Stiles and Scott grinned at each other, she was so endearingly weird.

“God have either of you ever done anything like that before?” she asked curiously, and Scott pursed his lips as he considered his answer, while Stiles looked at him in amused curiosity as if wondering how the hell he was going to answer this one.

Exchanging a look, in which Scott silently told Stiles not to tell her the whole truth, Stiles shrugged a little, looking as innocent as he could under the circumstances.

“Yeah, once or twice.” He responded, and Kira nodded, slightly impressed despite herself.

Scott then looked at her, kind of depressed that she now had to go home, he really did enjoy spending time with her, hanging out with her, even if she wasn’t Isaac.

“Well I guess I should take you home.” He said, and Kira’s good mood faltered a little, kind of killing her adrenaline fuelled high as she nodded, as if lamenting the fact that she now had to go home.

Scott passed her a helmet and Stiles headed round to the driver’s side of his jeep as the two of them got onto the bike. And as he looked back to make sure Kira was safely on board, he saw Stiles, mouthing something at him.

Now to anyone else, he would have looked ridiculous but with a little help from his werewolf benefits, he could clearly make out what Stiles was saying.

Ask her to the party!” he was urging, and Scott shook his head ever so minutely, and Stiles rolled his eyes and raised his fist threateningly.

Look how depressed you made her, she likes you too! And Isaac, he’s moved on buddy, what better way to move on than by getting back in the saddle?” he asked silently as Kira adjusted herself on the seat, and Scott turned away from Stiles as he considered what his best friend had mouthed at him.

Yeah it was true Isaac had moved on, and after all, Scott had been the one to end it, he had been the one who had realised he had feelings for Kira before Isaac realised them for Allison. Isaac really didn't owe him anything. Well he didn't owe him anything other than a well deserved kick in the nuts for breaking his heart in the first place. Scott didn't deserve to feel miserable that Isaac had moved on. And besides, he liked Kira, and given some time, he could grow to love her, and he and Isaac would be fine and good friends and that would be all.

But, well asking her out seemed kind of trashy. He knew he still loved Isaac, he had done all this time even if he had broken up with him. Asking her out the same day he had figured out that Isaac wasn’t waiting for him anymore and had moved on with his life just seemed wrong somehow.

But she had seemed so miserable when he said he was taking her home, and he had so enjoyed spending time with her.

Well, what if Stiles was right? He usually was. And besides, he didn't have to be asking her on a date, he could just be asking her as a friend.

And so, taking a deep breath and bracing himself, and trying to ignore the feeling that made it feel like he was betraying Isaac, he turned to look at Kira hopefully, who cocked her head at him curiously.

“Hey you wouldn’t want to go to a party would you?”




Isaac looked back at Allison, who was smiling at him in amusement, he seemed like a new dog, happy to be going out but also afraid to stray too far, she kind of liked this side of Isaac, this cute sort of puppyish side to him.

He then froze slightly as he beheld the door to the place that had used to be his home before Derek had thrown him out. He’d been back since, of course he had, but never for anything like this. But Derek was gone, and he supposed he couldn't begrudge the twins a place to stay, after all, he’d ran to Scott and look where that had gotten him. The good stuff was all very well and good but the bad stuff, not so much. And the twins were trying to fit in, to be good, and, not that he would ever admit it to anyone, but he supposed he could give them a shot.

Scott had done the same for him after all.

Checking Allison was coming, he smirked at her and opened the door, and the two of them looked into the loft in surprise as the pounding music flooded over them.

People in paint and various colours of neon were everywhere, dancing to the pounding music, drinking, painting each other, Ethan was skirting Danny’s heels as Danny made sure everyone was enjoying the blacklight party and as Isaac saw the room with the sort of bluish hue he couldn't help but think of Derek.

He would go fucking nuts if he saw this.

“Derek can never know about this.” He said in all seriousness, though he was rather amused, he could just imagine the look on the sour wolf’s face if he saw what had become of his loft.

Allison smiled, and she took his hand to lead him inside, and Isaac followed dutifully, trying to ignore his heart that was telling him that he really wanted to be here with Scott.

Chapter Text



“Do you want to leave until we’ve figured it out?” Scott asked, wincing slightly at all the noise as hardly clad painted people danced and enjoyed themselves around them.

Stiles had been obsessing about this key all day, and while he could understand his friend’s frustration, he reckoned they had enough to worry about at the moment without adding some errant key into it.

Stiles was about to respond when a girl Scott vaguely recognised came up to Stiles and kissed him on the cheek.

“Happy Halloween!” she said happily and as Scott exchanged an amused glance with an equally amused Kira, Stiles looked at the neon wigged girl who twirled a little as she walked away from him and a sort of perplexed Stiles looked at her lustfully then shrugged at Scott.

“It can wait, it can wait.” He assured Scott as he followed the girl, who to his great annoyance he couldn't place for the life of him and it was seriously beginning to annoy him. However he was glad that Stiles was enjoying himself it was about time he did and he laughed a little before realising that Kira had disappeared from his side. Looking around he saw her slightly further back, looking very nervous and abandoned so he reached out and gently took her hand, drawing her towards him.

He liked this, this was something he hadn't had since he had been with Allison, and he was glad that he was here with her.

But as he took her warm hand in his own, he couldn't help but miss the feeling of how he liked Isaac’s cool hand being in his as well.

But then Kira smiled at him and drove all thoughts of Isaac temporarily from his mind.

“Thanks.” Kira said, but Scott couldn't hear what on earth she had said, admittedly being a werewolf did have some perks, sure it did, but the heightened hearing could be a blessing and a curse at times.

He leaned in towards her ear to try and indicate that he literally couldn't hear a thing.

“What?” he asked in confusion.

“Thanks.” Kira repeated, talking closer to his ear so he could hear her over the din of the party.

However that did nothing to help Scott, who was still just as confused now as when he had asked her the original question.

“For what?” he asked, genuinely confused as to what she was thanking him for, and she gave him that radiant smile that was really beginning to brighten his day whenever he saw it.

“For everything.” She replied easily, and he smiled as he searched the room, trying to see where they might be able to get a drink, and then his heart kind of stopped as he beheld one person.

And he knew it was bad and he knew he shouldn’t but he did regret that it wasn’t Isaac he had seen.

Instead it was Allison, who looked at Scott standing holding hands with Kira. Her eyes widened in surprise, and Scott and Allison stood there, looking at each other, but while Allison looked like she was trying to figure out just what she felt about this development, Scott stood there impassively. He and her were over, he knew that for a fact. To quote the song, they were never never never getting back together. They were done, and he found that while she was his friend, he really didn't care if she didn't like him with Kira. They were done, and they had moved on. And if she didn't see that, well...well she was screwing Isaac around too and he would take a very dim view on that, perhaps a violently dim view...

But as he contemplated that line of thought Allison gave him a nod of approval and she disappeared, presumably to find Isaac. Suppressing a burst of irritation as she did so, knowing that she was going to the person he had been stupid enough to let go when he was still in love with him because of some misplaced sense of duty and from a desire to protect the one he loved most, he realised that he had lost a hold of Kira and that she had disappeared into the crowd. Seeing no sign of her, he decided discretion was the better part of valour and rather than risk losing her completely, he allowed his eyes to glow red and scanned the crowd for her, and after a bit, he finally saw her.

And the blazing fox that surrounded her like armour.

“Whoa.” He exclaimed in shock, now he saw it in its entirety, he had to admit, it did look kind of weird.

But while looking weird, it also looked amazing and in some ways really kind of enticing.

He struggled through the crowd to her side, and she sagged in relief as he came up beside her.

“You ok?” Scott asked, and she nodded.

“Yeah, I figured you two needed a bit of space, that’s all. Old girlfriend?” she asked hesitantly, and he nodded.

“Yeah she is. But you, well he, well no one needs to worry about Allison and I anymore, we’re totally finished.” He assured her, and she smiled a little and she nodded her head to where Stiles was dancing with the girl who had kissed him.

“He looks like he’s having fun.” She commented and he grinned.

“Yeah and about time.” He told her, making her look at him curiously, but he just waved off explaining what he meant by that, surrounded by some weird fox glow though she might be, their lives were probably still way too much for her to handle.

“Did, did you date her too?” she asked, indicating the girl and Scott shook his head, though he was kind of pleased with the slightly jealous tone of her voice, it wasn’t quite as endearing as Isaac’s was, but yeah, it was kind of nice, for someone who had never been fancied to his knowledge most of his life to suddenly have people acting jealous of anyone he was potentially linked to was kind of oddly satisfying.

Even if the person acting jealous wasn’t Isaac.

“No, I recognise her and it’s really bugging me that I can’t remember who on earth she is.” He said, and he grinned as Stiles started to dance closer to the unnamed girl.

“Nothing worse than that is there? Hey do you want to get something to drink? It’s really warm in here!” she all but shouted as a new and louder song started banging from the radios, and Scott grinned.

“Actually no, I have a better idea.” He said, offering her his hand which she hesitantly took as he led her outside.




Isaac looked at Scott forlornly as he led Kira away from the party. Yeah he was here with Allison but, well it was Scott, and he seemed to be enjoying himself with Kira. Not that he wanted him to be miserable and he did quite like Kira but still it bothered him that he was going with her...and not with him.

But no, they were both moving on, getting on with their separate lives, finding out what they truly wanted and standing here moping wasn’t going to help things.

Scott was with Kira now, and that meant that they were never getting back together.

And hurt though it did to admit that to himself, he just had to accept it.

Besides, he had this weird thing going with Allison whatever the hell it was.

As he thought of her, she suddenly came back to him, looking less than impressed, much to his silent amusement, she didn't have anyone to blame but herself, after all she’d been the one who had dumped him in the first place, if she hadn't, they would probably still be together.

“You see Scott?” he asked, wondering just how she felt about him and Kira, and was quite proud that he didn't sound remotely bothered by the fact that he was here with Kira.

“Yeah.” She said in a voice that clearly indicated that she didn't want to talk about it, and Isaac couldn't help but marvel at the way people’s minds worked, it was alright for them to like someone else but as soon as their ex got with someone new they were all jealous and angry about it, where was the logic in that?

“Did you tell him what happened?” he asked, not knowing how he wanted her to answer.

He wanted Scott to know, but now that he had kept it from Scott, he also knew that if Scott found out from Allison, he wouldn’t be happy with him for not telling him in the first place. And he was the one who was attacked and childish and pathetic though it was, he wanted Scott to find out and to care that he had been attacked by those things whatever they were and he kind of wanted Scott to make him believe that despite not knowing anything about them, things would work out alright just like they somehow mostly always seemed to do.

“No we still have a couple of hours remember? We promised my dad?” she asked as if she were speaking to a child, which annoyed him slightly, so he decided to annoy her back.

“You promised your dad.” He clarified, after all, despite whatever he felt for Allison, Chris Argent was still one of his least favourite people in existence and he didn't owe him anything at all.

“I promised him in order to protect him.” She reminded him, as if that was meant to further motivate him, but when the man in question used to spend his days hunting down and killing his kind, and had tried on numerous occasions to do the same exact thing to both him and Scott he wasn’t particularly inclined to try and protect him.

“You did, I didn't.” Isaac pointed out and Allison turned to him with an amused smile on her face.

“Is protecting my father such a bad thing?” she challenged and he sighed, he wasn’t getting out of this, he had to tell her why he was so inclined not to give her dad his twenty four hours.

“I don't like keeping secrets from Scott.” He told her curtly, that much was definitely true, he didn't like that a hunter who he had no affection for and his daughter who he had confused feelings for had basically made him keep something so big from the most important person in his life, he didn't like it at all.

And Scott was his Alpha, he needed to know about this sort of thing. And he would just feel better, safer if Scott knew, and for the better part of a day because of Allison and her hunter father he had been lying through his teeth to the person he loved most in the world and he didn't like it one little bit.

Allison turned to him, her expression sort of disappointed, as if it bothered her that he was clearly choosing Scott over her, shaking her head to a tiny degree, and she turned her head away before smiling a little and turning back to face him.

“No you don't, you just stand there awkwardly, waiting for someone to notice us, whatever we are. And then you like to make things...incredibly uncomfortable.” She said in suppressed amusement, and Isaac grinned a little, yeah, he did do that and yeah he did enjoy making Allison uncomfortable, it was kind of fun.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he challenged with a slight grin, but then it occurred to him what she was saying.

She was wanting someone to notice them as an us. They weren’t an us, they were so not ready to be an us. Isaac wasn’t even sure if he was coming or going, he was still in love with Scott, his emotions were completely messed up and now she was wanting him to be with her as an us? He wasn’t even in the same state as being ready for an us for crying out loud!

He wondered if this was because of the time they had spent together when they had been dealing with the Alphas and the Darach. He actually hadn't had the heart to tell her that he had only been hanging around her then because Scott had asked him to, and as in love with him as he had been, screw it as he was, there was no way he could refuse Scott even if he was asking him to spend time with Allison. He really needed to talk to her about all this, about how he had only recently started to become attracted to her and they weren’t nearly as far along as she seemed to think they were. Lydia was right, Allison was kind of oblivious about all this it clearly wasn’t healthy.

“What do you think it means?” Allison asked, and Isaac smiled, needing to talk about where they stood before she got any ideas into her head aside, he really did like her, he just didn't know how he liked her yet.

“I think it means you’re probably mad.” He said, and she shook her head.

“I’m not mad.” She told him, and while that did make Isaac feel slightly better it wasn’t the same as when Scott told him he wasn’t mad at him for any reason, that made him feel all relieved and relaxed and safe, her saying it just made him feel a little better.

“No?” he asked, still kind of seeking the same feeling that Scott’s insistence that he wasn’t mad at him brought him.

“No.” She insisted, and he was kind of bummed out, it just didn't feel the same. He knew it was unfair measuring her against Scott, completely unfair, and he did really like her and might consider giving them a chance if he could get his head on straight, but for now it was was just too much of a reminder of what he had had with Scott that got so messed up and changed when Scott had dumped him out of the blue.

“Good.” He said, feeling none of the relief and relaxation that Scott saying the exact same thing to him usually brought him.

“I’m frustrated.” Allison explained, and unable to help himself he grinned as he looked at her.

“Sexually?” he asked cockily, and he had to admit, he certainly sympathised.

One, they were teenagers, they were all sexually frustrated. And two, he was kind of more sexually frustrated than most, well sexuality frustrated since he didn't know if he was coming or going, what he wanted or who, if he was gay or straight or bisexual, or anything else really for that matter.

She turned back to him, making them both laugh as little, and she looked at him smugly as if he had just proved her point about him making things uncomfortable (yeah maybe he had done that ah well) and she leaned forward as if to kiss his cheek.

And unconsciously, Isaac pulled away, preventing her from doing so.

He just couldn't, he couldn't explain it, and it didn't make sense, but he just wasn’t ready to let her kiss him.

Taking it in her stride she made a taunting face at him and walked off through the crowd, as if beckoning him to follow, and he dutifully followed her down the stairs into the throng as she headed for the painting table.

What on earth did he do? How did he get stuck in this situation, being in love with Scott and being attracted to Allison, who was previously in love with Scott and now attracted to him, while Scott who had said he was in love with him was now attracted to Kira? None of this made any sense, if he managed to get his head round this any time soon, he would write a book so other poor saps didn't go through what he was going through.

He came to a stop at the painting table, where Allison had stripped off her shirt and was offering him a paintbrush.

“Do you want to talk about Scott or do you want to paint my body?” she asked coyly as he stared at her, her bra glowing pink in the blacklight.

Isaac was genuinely conflicted. Yes she had a very nice body, and yeah, he did like painting too it was fun that’s why he took art, and well, she looked hot and he was a teenage guy, albeit a confused one.

But, well he also couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to paint Scott’s gorgeous perfect body with its toned muscles and tanned skin, Isaac painting him and stroking him...

“I want to paint your body.” He blurted out, and then as she smirked and handed him the paint brush, he couldn't help but resent the fact that it was Allison that he was painting.

Because attractive as she was and attracted to her as she was, quite simply, she wasn’t Scott.




Scott had led Kira up to the blissful quiet of the roof, away from the party, enjoying the peace as it assaulted his ears. Yeah super werewolf hearing definitely had some drawbacks, he and Isaac were going to drive his mother mad, they wouldn’t be able to hear a thing tomorrow.

“You’ve got some paint on you.” Kira told him with a smile and he hastily tried to rub it off.

“Still there.” She said, and Scott rubbed at his cheek harder to try and get the paint off.

“Ugh.” Scott grumbled, as she and Kira sat down on the edge of a fan, and she smiled.

“Here let me.” She offered, licking her thumb and wiping the paint off of his cheek as he focused on this odd girl who had just walked right into his life and now had him completely smitten.

Well, half smitten. The other half was still very much in love with Isaac.

Why was his love life so damn frigging complicated?

But then it dawned on him what Kira was doing and he started to laugh, which of course made her start to laugh too.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you just mommed me.” He said, not quit believing she had just done that, but really kind of glad that she had at the same time.

“I did not mom you.” Kira retorted, and Scott nodded, his eyes dancing in amusement as he took in the beautiful girl beside him.

“Totally mommed me.” He said firmly, and she laughed a little, bowing her head in embarrassment which simply made her seem all the more cute to him.

“Ok, I may have slightly mommed you.” She admitted ruefully as they both laughed.

She then turned to him, her face serious and slightly scared, as if nervous of what she was about to ask.

And that particular expression struck a chord within him, because a certain blond guy he knew could look so scared and adorable doing the exact same thing, in fact he looked kind of cuter than Kira did doing it.

How on earth could they both remind him of the other, they’d only really met the once!

As he considered the similarities between the two people he wanted to be with, she looked at him, her gaze intense and he felt a slight trickle of foreboding as he could tell she was about to ask questions about stuff he didn't want to answer.

“How are you so ok with all this? I just showed you a picture that would send anyone else running the other way.” She said, looking vaguely worried about whatever his response was going to be.

“Didn't look that bad to me.” He said truthfully, and he had to admit, the fiery aura winding around her, all shiny and fox shaped, was kind of, well, attractive.

“I look like a demon from hell.” Kira said in disbelief, and he did wish he could tell her everything, about werewolves, and druids and kanimas and everything else, but she was freaking out enough as it was and she really didn't need to know about them.

And besides, he liked that about her, the fact that she wasn’t hurt or jaded by all the crappy stuff that went on in this town. She was still, pure he supposed was the word for it. Allison had been fairly pure as well until she had met him and her twisted aunt had roped her into the family business. And Isaac was far from pure about the supernatural, he knew enough about it and Scott would never have met him if it weren’t for the supernatural, which in his quiet opinion more than balanced out the fact that Isaac wasn’t pure when it came to the supernatural.

“Guess I saw something different.” Scott said plainly, and Kira looked at him in vague confusion.

“What did you see?” she asked, and Scott shrugged a little.

“It kind of looked like it was protecting you, kind of like armour. And it doesn’t look like a demon to me.” He assured her, and she looked at him hesitantly, as if willing herself to believe she wasn’t evil.

Maybe he had a thing for people who believed stuff about themselves. Because of the strange aura around herself, she believed she was a demon, Isaac believed he was worthless because of how his blasted father had treated him and Allison had spent a lot of time thinking she was weak when she was far from it. But all he knew was that he wanted to reassure Kira, make her realise she wasn’t some fiery demon from hell and was actually one of the coolest and sweetest girls he had ever met. A girl he wouldn’t be entirely opposed to becoming his girl. Actually he kind of wanted her to be his girl.

“What do you think it looked like?” she asked in the same hesitant voice.

“It looks like a fox.” He told her softly, and he gently reached out to take her hand which she accepted, smiling a little.

“Foxes are kind of cool right?” she asked, and Scott nodded a slight smile on his face.

“Yeah. Not as cool as wolves obviously, but yeah, still cool.” He told her, and she looked at him in vague confusion which made him smile as the two of them happily sat on the roof looking out at the pitch black town.




Isaac and Allison were dancing. And not the awkward friends dancing people did, no, this was up close and intimate. And Allison was still wearing only her bra, and a lot of paint, and now Isaac was also painted too, with half his face a myriad of colours. How had they come to this?

And the worst part was, well the worst part that also doubled as the best part, he was actually enjoying himself, he liked being like this with her, but...he knew she wanted to kiss him. She was dancing up close and personal with him, and was looking very sultry and seductive as she did it, and boy was she hot.

But his mind kept wandering, yeah she was hot, and yeah he was enjoying himself, but he knew she wanted to kiss him and he, well he didn't want her to. He didn't want to kiss her. It was like there was some sort of block in his mind, if he kissed Allison, it was like if he kissed her, it would end all chances of something with Scott.

And as several times when he had been painting Allison he had been filled with a desire, a longing for Scott to be the one he was there with, his body to be the one he was painting. And he wanted it to be Scott he was kissing or not kissing, not her.

He truly did like Allison, and if he let go of the possibility of something happening with Scott, he could grow to love her. But he didn't want to let go of that possibility. He knew he wasn’t being fair to Allison, he knew she liked him and wanted more from him, but he wasn’t ready to go there yet. Not when he knew he was still in love with Scott.

But she was there, they were dancing, and it was nice and he was enjoying it, and she was so close, her arms were wrapped around his neck and she was beautiful, and completely ignoring the debate raging in his mind and the feeling that he was betraying Scott in so many ways, he bent down to kiss her.

But then, she stopped.

And, despite the fact that he wasn’t sure where he really stood with her, he still felt slightly hurt by that. He just wanted to know if she really did like him like that or if she was just messing him around. And besides, every time he tried to kiss someone recently it had resulted in him getting hurt. True her rebuffing him hadn't hurt as much as when Scott had broken up with him after he had kissed him, but it still hurt. Maybe his kissing was bad?

“What’s wrong?” he asked, and she frowned as she felt up his neck.

“There’s something on your neck, it’s behind your ear.” She told him, frowning in concern, and he felt his blood run cold, behind his ear was where that thing had taken a hold of him.

The two of them quickly left the dance floor and rushed to the toilet, Isaac remembering where it was from when he lived here, it seemed like so long ago, before his love life had gotten so complicated.

Reminding himself to kick Derek in the nuts the next time he saw him (this was all his fault if he hadn't chucked him out he probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with Scott) they entered the dingy bathroom, Allison scrutinising it with her eyes as she turned his face towards the mirror so he could see.

“It’s some sort of mark, you see it?” she asked as they looked into the mirror.

“What is that?” Isaac asked, not at all liking the black mark that had appeared behind his ear and wasn’t coming off no matter how much he rubbed it.

Yeah one night when he and Scott had been lying beside each other, Isaac stroking his finger around Scott’s tattoo he had considered the idea of getting one, admittedly being almost convinced when Scott had decided he would love to see Isaac with one, but if he was going to get one he wanted to decide where and when and what he got, not some evil dark man with freaky glowing eyes.

“It looks like the number five.” Allison said, her face puzzled and he turned back to look at her and was about to say something about the mysterious mark when a noise made him change his tune.

“Did you hear that?” he asked, distracted by the noise and when he heard it again, his Scott given mission kicked in and he pushed her back slightly as he edged over to the bins, stopping in surprise when he saw Ethan, who he had to admit he hadn't seen in ages, lying on the floor, his eyes glassy, his shirtless body painted, staring into nothing.

Isaac’s first thought was that he was dead. And to his eternal annoyance, the fact that Ethan was dead didn't fill him with satisfaction. In fact he kind of felt guilty. Deciding he ought to kick Scott in the nuts too for rubbing off on him and making him care about people (stupid dorky loveable Alpha who cared about everybody) he got to his knees and propped a freezing cold Ethan up against the wall, his entire body shaking as he did so.

“Isaac, he’s...he’s just like you were.” She said hesitantly, and he shot her a look of pure venom that made her recoil slightly.

“Still happy we gave your dad time?” he hissed at her before turning his gaze back to Ethan while she pouted slightly (and she wasn’t nearly as cute as Scott was when he pouted).

Ethan was shaking, he was completely frozen, and his eyes were rolling in his head, and Isaac didn't like it one bit. They needed to find Aiden, he was his brother, he could help warm Ethan up, but that didn't help him right now. And he doubted Aiden would be as willing to cuddle up to Ethan as Scott had been with him. Well Danny would do it but they had broken up. But so had he and Scott. Deciding to see if he could convince Danny to stay with Ethan later (for goodness sake, he was helping Ethan’s love life now god save him) he looked at the shaking former Alpha before him, his eyes rolling in his head.

He’d been there, he’d suffered that. And he knew how much it sucked, and Ethan didn't have someone like Scott or Melissa to help him feel better.

So he had to help him just like how Chris had helped him.

“What are you doing?” Allison asked, and Isaac looked warily at Ethan’s shivering and shaking form, preparing to defend himself if Ethan retaliated badly to what he was about to do.

“It’ll trigger the healing.” He told her, and snapped Ethan’s arm, and only felt a minor bit of satisfaction as he did it.

And as Ethan roared in pain and started shivering back to life, Allison crouched down beside him, turning his weak head the other way and found a mark identical to the one on Isaac’s neck.

“It’s the same, exactly the same.” She told him worriedly, and he shot her an angry look that made her look away.

It wasn’t fair to take it out on her, but well, he’d told her they had to tell Scott and now look.

“Ethan?” Isaac asked, tapping his cheek lightly to bring Ethan’s attention back to him.

“I-Isaac?” he shuddered, his entire body completely freezing and Allison looked around for something to wrap him in.

“Yeah, it’s me. Let me guess, you feel like total crap, you’re freezing and you kind of want to hurl?” he asked, all business, and Ethan nodded, his teeth chattering, wincing as he moved his arm.

“Yeah, h-how did you know?” he asked, his entire body shaking and Isaac frowned worriedly.

“Because they got me last night.” He informed him, and Ethan shuddered, but this time he could tell it wasn’t out of cold, it was out of fear.

“They, they came out the shadows, out the darkness and they sprang me. They were-”

“Really creepy dudes all dressed in black with glowing yellow eyes and metal facemasks, I know, I remember.” He said, not unkindly, and Ethan nodded, looking around the room nervously as if afraid they might attack them again, a nervousness that Isaac himself was beginning to share.

“You, they attacked you?” he asked weakly, and Isaac nodded as Ethan desperately held onto his hand, as if seeking warmth from even that small source made him feel slightly better.

“Yeah, they’re not nice guys.” He told him, and Allison made a noise of frustration.

“There’s nothing around here I can wrap you in, sorry Ethan.” She said, but he ignored her, keeping his attention focused on Isaac.

“What are they?” he asked, his voice flooded with fear, and Isaac shook his head.

“I wish I knew, all I know is, they aren't good news. Come on, we need to get you to Aiden. And to Danny, you like that idea?” he asked, and Ethan nodded, and his eyes misted over slightly, giving Isaac pause.

Yeah, Ethan really did love Danny. Strange how that had happened since he was only meant to be using him originally to get to Scott.

“Yeah, Danny, good.” Ethan said, his teeth chattering and Isaac got him to his feet, and as he looked to make sure Ethan was still alright, he saw the younger of the two twins pouting at him, though his eyes were still very unfocused.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, and Ethan looked at his arm sadly, as if lamenting its very existence.

“You broke my arm.” He whined, and Isaac grinned a little.

“You kicked the snot out of me several times and you’re holding that against me? I did it to save you, it kick started the healing process.” He explained, and Ethan gave him a shy smile.

“I guessed. So...thanks.” he said simply, and Isaac smiled a little as Allison took a told of Ethan’s other side and moved towards the door.

“you’re welcome. Alright, we get Aiden, we get Danny...then we tell Scott.” Isaac said harshly, and Allison nodded meekly as they took the former Alpha towards the door.

“Ok.” She said quietly, and Ethan shook his head.

“No, Scott first, he’ll know what to do.” He slurred weakly, and Isaac smirked a little.

“Not even part of the pack and already thinking like a beta. Alright, we’ll look for Scott, but if we see Danny or Aiden on the way, you’re going to them sunshine because damn are you heavy!” Isaac complained and Ethan sagged a little, his entire body just wanting to collapse in a heap and curl in on itself for warmth.

“Bite me bitch.” He mumbled, and Isaac smirked.

“There’s gratitude for you. Come on asshat, let’s find someone to help.” He told the twin and after a nod from Allison, they were about to leave the room when a roar echoed through the building, making Ethan perk up a little as they heard it, and making Isaac stop with a hesitant smile on his face.





Scott arrived in the main room just as everyone was leaving, actually running towards the exit. And as he came to a stop, he quickly took in the room. Aiden, Derek was inexplicably back, and Isaac (half his face glowing with paint which made him look very sexy), Allison and between them a weak and shaking Ethan.

Scott suppressed a flare of annoyance as Isaac met his eyes across the room. While he was relieved to see Isaac was alright, it was clear from the state Ethan was in that whatever had happened to Isaac the night before had happened to him now.

Which meant Isaac had lied to him.

And which also probably meant that it was something to do with the five mysterious black clad figures standing silently and creepily throughout the room, the figures that Ethan and Isaac were looking at in terror.

Confident Kira was safely behind him, Scott exchanged a quick glance with a nervous Derek and a scared Isaac (all of a sudden he wanted to run over and hold him despite being mad at him), before he turned his full attention to the black clad men, who, as one, all turned and faced Aiden, black smoke billowing off their bodies.

“Guys, they’re all looking at me.” Aiden said nervously, and Ethan made a slight noise of panic in his throat as he did so.

And the soldiers then marched jarringly towards a panicking Aiden.

“Why are they all looking at me?” he asked, his voice now scared, and as they took another step towards him, Scott knew he couldn't wait anymore.

Whatever they wanted, they were going to try and hurt Aiden. And despite what he had used to be, he couldn't allow that to happen.

He was going to make sure of it.

Both he and Derek ran forwards, their claws aiming right for the shadow men, Scott clawing right for the neck. And it was then that they started to twirl away from the two werewolves, one felled Derek with a kick, and while Scott grazed one, it turned the fall into a spiral, landing deftly on its feet while another cartwheeled right next to him, making Scott look around in alarm, and begging that no one else tried to fight these things, because whatever they were, they were seriously good and even more seriously scary.

But then Derek cleared the room in a jump, and Scott was actually relieved when he snapped the neck of the one he landed in front of. They could be killed, because whatever these things were, they weren’t human, not with their eyes glowing like that. And besides, they didn't smell human, they smelled...weird, like damp leaves and wood.

And as he looked to see where Derek was heading next, the ones who’s neck he had broke turned its head back to him and slammed Derek across the room, giving a slight Nazgul like cry as it did so.

Scott was in front of a paralysed Aiden, determined to protect him and rolling away from the attack of the one that was coming at him but when he came back up, his opponent was there and the next thing he felt was its freezing cold hand on his chest that threw him over the room and sent him crashing into some barrels, where he lay groaning weakly.

The thing advanced on Aiden as Scott rolled to his side, in time to see Isaac leave Ethan with Allison and run towards it, claws extending. And then, as Isaac prepared to fight, the damn thing turned and pulled a smoking sword from its chest.

It pulled a fucking sword from its chest, span it around, and pointed it at Isaac.

At his Isaac.

And unbidden an image of Gerard slicing a werewolf in half came to mind, and his heart caught in his throat, this damn thing was threatening to kill Isaac, to make him very very dead.


Isaac backed off in alarm, looking less than impressed by the appearance of the sword, and to Scott’s temporary relief, the thing turned away from him, turning back to a paralysed and trembling Aiden.

“Somebody do something!” Allison encouraged as she was now supporting a weak and shaking and fearful Ethan all by herself.

Two of the things then grabbed hold of Aiden, and then the one that had threatened his Isaac approached, eyes glowing a freaky yellow and pressed its hand to Aiden’s neck. Aiden stood stock still, there was a puff of air, and Aiden’s eyes rolled in his head as he collapsed to the ground, shivering.

Yeah, these things were exactly what had happened to Isaac.

And now they were looking for their next victim.

And as they all turned toward Scott, he knew who it was.

He growled slightly, claws growing and eyes glowing as they advanced, and then, in fear, and with a strong desire to protect her too, Scott turned back to see Kira right behind him looking at him in shock.

Deciding he would deal with that later, he growled a challenge to these evil smoke ninjas and was about to spring on them when he felt a warm light touch his face. The ninjas stopped dead, their metallic evil faces turning to face the window as the sun started to come shining through the glass. And with a stream of smoke, they were gone as sunlight flooded the room, leaving the entire group looking at each other nervously, not quite believing they were gone.

Ethan managed to disentangle himself from Allison and ran as well as he was able to Aiden, crouching down beside his brother and bringing him close, trying to warm him up, and Scott turned to the room at large.

“What the hell were those things?” he demanded, and then he heard Isaac behind him, making him turn to face him.

“Your dad’s twenty four hours are up.” He bit out to Allison, and Scott suppressed a flare of anger, of course a fucking hunter was involved, especially Argent was involved, whatever went wrong in this town usually had someone from his family’s fingerprints all over it.

“Aiden...” Ethan said, panicked, and Isaac crossed to him, looked at Ethan, who nodded, and with that, Isaac snapped Aiden’s arm, making him roar and his eyes flash blue, kick starting his own healing.

“Even with that, you’re still going to feel like crap. Hey Derek can they stay here?” he asked, and Derek, while glaring at him and the twins, nodded reluctantly, and with that, he crossed to help Isaac get the twins to their feet and get to their room.

“They can take Cora’s room.” He said without explanation and Scott turned to Allison, his mood none too good.

“Call your dad and find out what the hell they were.” He ordered angrily and she nodded meekly and got out her phone, looking at him apologetically.

“I made Isaac...” she muttered softly, and he gave a bark like growl that shut her right up and put her back on her assigned task.

Isaac had met those scary ass things, he’d been attacked by them, almost killed by them, and he had kept quiet about it. He hadn't told him, his best friend, his roommate, his Alpha, his ex boyfriend. He hadn't told Scott.

And that was seriously pissing him off. Someone had tried to kill him, kill his Isaac, and he hadn't thought that he had needed to know? What the hell had he been thinking?

Isaac came back down the stairs, Derek following.

“I’m not getting through.” Allison said worriedly, and Scott turned to her.

“Keep trying.” He ordered, and she nodded, heading towards the door.

“Hey kid, you ok? Come on, we should get you to safety.” Derek said to a seriously freaked out Kira, and she nodded weakly, and Scott exchanged a glance with Derek.

“Take her to my bike please.” He said, and he nodded, leading Kira from the room.

Leaving Isaac alone with Scott.

“They attacked you last night didn't they?” Scott demanded, and Isaac nodded, not meeting Scott’s eyes.

“Yeah. They’re why I was so cold, they attacked me when I was at Allison’s, branded me too apparently.” He muttered, looking at his shoes.

“And you didn't tell me why?” Scott demanded, the anger barely contained in his voice.

These things had tried to kill him. They had tried to kill Isaac, take him from him, and had now tried to kill everyone else he cared about all in one night.

These damn things had attacked the people who were for all intents and purposes, his pack. And Isaac had known about them and had said nothing.

“Allison’s dad wanted a day to investigate.” He said meekly, and Scott tried to keep his temper in check.

“Isaac, those things attacked all of us tonight. They attacked you last night. And they looked more than willing to kill all of us. And you knew, and you didn't tell me! All because Chris Argent asked you too, when they’re probably something to do with him anyway? What the hell?” Scott yelled, and Isaac looked up at him pleadingly.

“I’m sorry! I wanted to tell you, but Allison...”

“Of course, Allison asked you.” Scott said angrily, and he knew that was unfair, especially considering his past with Allison, but he was too angry and frightened that these things had almost killed all his friends to care.

Isaac snarled back angrily at that comment, eyes flashing gold in challenge.

“She asked me not to tell you, and I agreed. You want to know why? Because I reckoned you had enough to worry about with adding my problems on top of them!” he bit back, and Scott growled in frustration.

“Yeah, but those things hurt you, which does make it my problem, and we were totally unprepared tonight because you kept quiet! They could have killed you, they could have killed all of us, and you didn't tell me.” Scott finished, his voice shaking as it sank in that Isaac hadn't thought to tell him that he’d been hurt by some evil smoking ninjas.

He’d rather keep quiet than tell him something about him now. He’d rather do what Allison told him than tell Scott anything.

And he could have lost him as a result of it.

“I-I thought you had enough on your plate.” Isaac said softly, going back to looking at his shoes.

Scott knew he couldn't leave it like this. Isaac looked so miserable and he looked genuinely sorry, he knew he hadn't meant for this to happen, but Scott couldn't get that ninja pointing a sword at him out of his head.

Isaac could have died tonight.

And because Isaac had said nothing, because he didn't want to be a burden and because Allison had asked him to, Scott wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing about it and would have lost the person he loved most in the world.

“I’m taking Kira home.” Scott said emotionlessly and turned and left the loft, leaving Isaac standing in the sun flooded room, still looking at his shoes with tears running down his face.

And as the door slammed behind his Alpha, Isaac gulped a little as he mumbled.

“I’m sorry.”



Chapter Text



Despite Derek leading Kira to Scott’s bike, she had said that she didn't want to go home, and had said she would walk around for a while to try and get her thoughts together. With Derek volunteering to watch her (most likely because he didn't want to see the mess the loft was in or share it with the sleeping twins) he had volunteered to keep an eye on her while Scott, Isaac and Allison went to her apartment to check on her father, who still wasn’t answering his phone.

As such, the drive was very uncomfortable. To Allison’s mild surprise, Scott had sat in the front and Isaac had slinked into the back, avoiding looking at anything but out of the window, as if trying to not draw attention to himself. Scott also sat in silence, and as he calmed down from the shock of being attacked by the ninjas, he started to feel really bad.

Isaac had only been doing what he had thought was right, and besides, Allison was also involved in his decision not to tell him. Scott knew from his own experience that in certain ways she was very hard to say no to. And he knew that Isaac cared a lot about him, and wouldn’t have hesitated to tell him if he had thought the ninjas were a threat to him in any way, shape or form. But because it had only been him they had attacked he had kept it quiet. He knew he had made Isaac feel bad, and he knew he needed to fix it, he’d been too hard on him. He’d made a mistake, and he hadn't done it because he was careless or anything, he had done it because he hadn't wanted to trouble Scott, and also because someone he cared about (Allison, not Chris) had asked him not to. So by all rights, it should be her he was mad at.

But he decided not to think about being mad at her. Not due to any lingering affection but because if he started, he would start thinking a lot of stuff about her and Isaac, and he didn't want to go down that road. Isaac had moved on and it was none of his business anymore.

But as an increasingly agitated Allison parked outside her building and rushed inside, Scott opened his mouth to say something to Isaac, but his Beta kept his head down and walked right past him, still staring at his feet and followed Allison into the building.

Scott sighed a little and followed them inside, wondering just how he was going to fix this.

As he arrived on Allison’s floor, as both she and Isaac had gone on ahead, he heard a commotion from inside, and tensing, he entered the apartment, afraid that the ninjas had returned and were once again threatening his Isaac.

In relief, he found that they weren’t, instead finding Allison fretting over her father, who looked like he had been beaten up, and Isaac, standing by her side loyally.

And yeah, he did kind of have to take that into account, maybe he’d been so harsh with Isaac because he was jealous that he had moved on with Allison. He wouldn’t have done it consciously, but the thought of Isaac being with her and not with him was seriously grating on his nerves. It wasn’t fair, and besides, it had been his idea to break up in the first place, but it wasn’t Isaac’s fault that he had moved on, or that Scott was too much of an ass to see how much he had loved what he had had until it was too late to do anything about it.

The two boys hung around nervously as Allison patched up her father, who listened intently, his face growing increasingly troubled as he heard what had happened to all of them at the loft and the attack of the ninjas. He had also not said anything about asking Isaac not to tell him, not that it would have mattered as Isaac was looking alternately between Allison, her father and the window and avoiding all eye contact with his Alpha, which was making him feel even more bummed out than he already did. He knew he deserved it, after all this was Isaac for god sake, he knew better than to vent onto him, but still, he didn't like that Isaac wouldn’t even look at him.

Vowing to do some damage control fast when they got out of here, Scott zoned back into the story that Chris was telling them, and then looked at Chris in surprise.

“His eyes were glowing?” he asked as he sat opposite Chris while Allison tended to a cut on her father’s forehead and Isaac hovered slightly behind him and to his left.

“There was something almost ritualistic about it, like it was looking right into his soul.” He recounted, and did not look particularly happy that these things that he had encountered before were suddenly in Beacon Hills.

Which was about as happy as Scott felt about the damn things being here too, they had just dealt with a pack of Alphas and a Darach for god sake, the last thing they needed now was a squad of evil ninjas.

“That’s the same thing it did to me.” Isaac said, and Scott looked at him, imagining how terrified he must have been to be attacked in the pitch black by those damn things, and again hated that Isaac had kept it quiet. Isaac however remained looking at Chris and Allison, not noticing Scott’s look.

“That’s the same thing it did to everyone.” Allison said as she cleaned her dad’s forehead.

Scott thought about it for a second, and then a common link sprung to mind.

“Not everyone, they only went after the werewolves.” Scott said, after all, they hadn't gone anywhere near Allison or Kira, not that he was sure Kira was entirely human anymore.

“And Lydia.” Allison added.

“Anyone with a connection to the supernatural.” Chris summed up, and Scott thought about that, that at least meant his mother and Stiles and Allison all ought to be safe, and hopefully if the things had done what they had wanted with the others that meant the twins, Derek and more importantly Isaac were now safe from anymore attacks by the flaming things.

“Then who’s the guy they went after in Japan?” Isaac asked curiously.

“Akumicho. He was a Yakuza boss. He was my first gun down, I was only eighteen. It was supposed to be a simple exchange but Gerard had left out the minor detail of the buyers being Yakuza, wanted to see if I could adapt in the moment, testing my ability to improvise.” He explained, and Allison looked at him sceptically.

“Or your ability to survive.” She pointed out, which considering how much of a delightful person her twisted grandfather was, he wouldn’t put it past the wretched old man to have organised a potential death trap for his son.

Chris didn't react to this however, he was still focused on telling his story.

“The moment the sun went down it was like they just materialised out of the shadows,” he explained, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Isaac shudder in fear, yeah these damn things had really freaked him out, and he had to physically force himself not to go and wrap him in a comforting hug, “they had swords, not curved like katanas, but straight, black steel, like ninjatos.” He explained, and Scott looked at him, yeah, these were definitely the guys who had attacked them.

“What did they want?” he asked and Chris gave him a grim smile in response.

“Akumicho.” He said simply, and clearly lost himself again in the memory.

“They cut down every living thing in their way.” He recounted, and Scott watched as Isaac raised his hand to feel the mark the damn things had left on the back of his neck, they had no business defiling Isaac’s body like that.

Admittedly it was much better than stabbing him but still, they had no business marking him like that even if he was himself.

“Did they mark him like they did us?” Isaac asked as he touched the mark, and Chris shook his head slightly.

“Not exactly.” He said, his tone leaving nothing to their imagination as to what had happened to him.

“What was he?” Scott asked urgently, after all, if they had been there for the Akumicho guy, it stood to reason that whatever he was then was whatever they were looking for here now.

“I don't know. But there might be someone who does. There were few others who survived that night, one of them was a man named Katashi. They call him Silverfinger because of an unusual prosthetic. And it looked like he was getting ready to take them all on himself.” He explained, and they all looked at him curiously, waiting for him to continue.

“I’ve known for a while that Katashi was in the country. I spent yesterday tracking him down.” He explained, and Isaac pointed to the injuries Chris had sustained.

“Doesn’t look like he wanted to be found.” He commented, and Chris shook his head.

“Not particularly, no.” He admitted, and Scott got to his feet, eager to find out more, after all, the more they knew about these things, the better prepared they would be, the better they would be able to fight them, the better he would be able to protect Isaac.

“You think he knows what they are? Or what they want?” he asked, trying to suppress his emotions, after all, this guy could be the key to all of it, and for once it would be nice to be ahead of the game and not find out all the stuff about the new big bad after bodies had already started to drop.

“Maybe.” Chris admitted, and Allison, still looking less than impressed with all this, looked at her father sceptically.

“What if he doesn’t want to talk?” she asked, and Chris got to his feet, heading to the box on the edge of the table.

“What if he doesn’t even remember you?” Isaac asked, and Scott suppressed a grin, if Stiles were here he would moan about Isaac being negative again, but he, and Allison too to be fair, were raising good points.

“He’ll remember this,” he said, opening the box to reveal one of the shattered metal masks that their attackers wore, “I know I didn't kill it, I’m not sure you can. But I slowed it down long enough for us to get out of there.” He said, and Scott picked up one of the shattered pieces of the mask, looking at it suspiciously, the thing felt freezing even to his touch, all these years later.

“What was behind the mask?” he asked, feeling a shudder rise up his arm.

“Darkness. Absolute darkness.” Chris concluded, and Scott put the bit of mask down, feeling slightly queasy.

“Alright. See what you can find out. I need to take Kira home. Isaac?” he asked hesitantly, and Isaac looked nervously in his direction.

“Yeah?” he asked, still not looking at Scott’s face and he was really beginning to miss looking at Isaac’s gorgeous face.

“Are you coming home?” he asked, and Isaac shook his head.

“No, I’ll help them with this.” He said, still not meeting Scott’s eyes and Scott felt himself deflate a little bit.

He knew Isaac was upset, he was hurting, and he had kind of gone Alpha on him which explained why he was being so submissive. And Scott had been kind of a dick to him. He knew Isaac hadn't meant any harm and wouldn’t have put anyone in danger if he thought anyone else might have been hurt by the ninjas, but because it was just him he had kept quiet.

He swore, if his blasted father ever crawled out of hell he would...

He could go Alpha on him again and make him come home, be with him, but going Alpha on him and abusing his power like that wouldn’t endear him to Isaac in any way. So, he would take Kira home and he would go to school, cover for Isaac and hope that he, Allison and Chris could find out something about these dudes all in black.

“Ok. See you when you get home.” He said, and Isaac avoided his gaze as Scott left the guy he loved behind.

With Allison.

Growling a little at that thought, he headed for the door, and Allison appeared behind him.

“I’ll give you a lift back to Derek’s. What was that about?” she asked nervously, and Scott breathed through his nose.

“Nothing.” He responded, his tone broaching no argument and she went quiet, while wondering just what was going on between the Alpha and his favourite Beta.




Scott rolled his eyes as he took off his helmet. Despite his best intentions, he was kind of starting to enjoy the twins presence, there was something slightly reassuring about having two former Alphas flanking you like bodyguards. And admittedly, it was also kind of cool, not that he would ever tell them that.

But it was also kind of a pain in the ass, despite their best intentions, which if he was feeling unkind and cynical, in other words, thinking how Stiles or Isaac would feel about them, were probably only to suit themselves anyway.

“Are you guys going to be doing this all day?” he asked, slightly bored but also kind of amused by it, after all he reckoned they had all proved last night that they really weren’t a match for these demonic ninjas.

“All day.” Ethan affirmed with a slight smile, looking right at him.

“All night.” Aiden finished and Scott rolled his eyes slightly.

Thinking just what both Stiles and Isaac would say if they heard this, he challenged them with the obvious question, after all they were hardly the most caring people on two legs or four, unless it was Danny or Lydia or each other they were caring about. He severely doubted they were doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

“Is this about being in my pack?” he asked, irritated.

“This is about you being the target of demonic ninjas.” Aiden elaborated, but Scott was still highly sceptical of their sudden concern for his well being, after all, they weren’t that concerned at the abandoned mall or at the hospital, both instances of which were when they had tried their hardest to kill him. Admittedly the attack at the mall had led to Isaac cuddling him all night...

No, get your head away from there, two potentially psychotic former Alphas with inferiority issues needed dealt with first, not the guy he loved who he’d been a total jerk to and made feel like total crap.

“You mean the demonic ninjas who pulled swords out of their chests and completely kicked our asses?” Ethan asked his brother rhetorically, and Aiden nodded in confirmation, smirking at Scott as he did so.

“Yeah, those demonic ninjas.” He concluded, and Scott silently prayed for patience, it wasn’t as if he needed their help, if they wanted to be helpful they could, well he didn't know what they could do. Make themselves permanently scarce was a shout definitely, but he had to admit they were beginning to get to him. Find some way to make Isaac accept them, that would be a help because if he ever did cave and let them officially join his pack he could just imagine the fights they would have, they would make Stiles and Isaac’s ceaseless bickering look blissful.

“I don't need anyone to protect me.” He said, not really wanting to go everywhere with two leering potentially unbalanced former murderers all day.

Ethan looked at him in barely concealed frustration.

“They were looking right at you when the sun came up.” He said pointedly, and Scott did wonder, out of the two of them he thought Ethan was definitely the more empathic one, the one who was more likely to be telling the truth and to actually just want to help. True he still had an ulterior motive but still, Scott couldn't deny that Ethan, well actually both of them, had already come a long way since leaving Deucalion’s pack.

“They also disappeared. Argents seems to think they only come out at night.” He said, and then hesitated, now he was taking Argent’s word as scripture, wasn’t that what he had had a go at Isaac for, something which had made Isaac slink away like a beaten dog and stay with Allison when he belonged with him?

“Since this is our first experience with demonic ninjas we reckon we should play it safe.” Ethan told him and it was in that instant that Scott realised he wasn’t going to shed his identical shadows any time soon.

“All day.” Aiden repeated, and resigned to the worst, he admitted defeat.

“And all night.” Scott finished as the three of them got off their bikes and headed into the school.

As Scott headed a little ahead of them, the twins looked musingly at each other.

“What do you reckons up with him?” Aiden asked, and Ethan frowned thoughtfully.

“Well Isaac was bumming him out yesterday, probably still that. According to Danny when he falls he falls hard and fast.” He told his brother, and Aiden smirked slightly.

“So are you two together again?” he asked, and Ethan rolled his eyes.

“No we aren't, we’re just friends.” He told him firmly and Aiden snorted in amusement.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good one, the same way Scott and Isaac are just friends yet spend every night wrapped up with each other and every second they can touching each other? Yeah that’s the sort of friend I am to Lydia.” He told him in a mocking tone, and Ethan cocked his head as he looked at his brother.

“Don’t you mean the sort of friend you were to Lydia, didn't she dump your murdering ass?” he asked brightly, and Aiden looked away, slightly bitter at the low blow.

“Yeah well then I warmed her up last night so we’re kind of good again. And besides you have a murdering ass too.” He told him sternly, and Ethan nodded, getting the same expression on his face that a few months ago under Deucalion would have earned all sorts of punishment that were too horrible to fathom.

“Yeah, but I have a bonus, the guy I like doesn’t know I’ve got a murdering ass.” He said, his tone nervous, and Aiden sighed, yeah all through their fight with Scott’s pack he could tell that Ethan was getting far too close to Danny, and was now at the stage where the fact that Ethan was who he was was going to have to come out sooner rather than later since somehow Danny had missed that his best friend, his other close friends (and he had to have noticed two of them, they were two of the hottest guys in school) and his boyfriend were all up to their necks in the supernatural.

“You need-” Aiden began but Ethan shook his head adamantly.

“No, no way. Anyway, like I was saying, if anything’s still bothering Scott, it’s likely to be Isaac.” He explained, and Aiden sighed slightly, he should have known that Ethan would clam up on that subject, it was nothing new when he mentioned telling Danny the big bad secret.

“Or Kira.” Aiden pointed out and Ethan nodded his head in concession as they joined Scott at his locker.

“Ok, one thing first, I need to talk to Stiles and let him know everything that happened last night, without you.” He told them, and Aiden briefly wondered, if Scott truly accepted his Alpha power how much power he could put into a simple passive command like that.

Fortunately for the two of them, Scott wasn’t a power mad lunatic who had to be obeyed.

And challenged occasionally.

“No.” He protested, and Scott stopped what he was doing in annoyance.

“Yes. And I don't want you listening in, no wolf hearing.” He warned and Aiden felt his stomach flutter slightly.

“How would you even know?” he asked, as he had been about to do the same thing Scott had just told him not to.

“I’m a true Alpha, you’ve no idea what I can do.” Scott said mysteriously before he shut his locker and headed off to find Stiles.

“You reckon he can do that?” Aiden asked in slight alarm and Ethan looked slightly nervous too.

“Well, maybe, I mean Deucalion knew every little thing that was going on, but he was such a controlling bastard he probably bugged wherever we were. What if he did know and could hear everything we said or thought? It would explain a lot.” He said, casting his mind back to many times when Deucalion or any of the others knowing exactly what was going on in their room wouldn’t have been good for anybody concerned.

“And if Scott’s a true Alpha, what if it makes it worse?” Aiden asked worriedly and the two began debating about just how far Scott’s powers reached while their prospective Alpha tried to keep from laughing as he left them standing there debating about the level of power he wielded, if he was more forgiving than Deucalion, and just what it was Deucalion might have heard and worse what he might have told Ennis and Kali.




Scott looked worriedly at where Stiles had disappeared to go home. Ever since the nemeton, Stiles had been suffering more and more from the effects of the sacrifice, but now it was getting so intense, Scott was wondering if that’s all it was. Stiles was his best friend, and despite everything he had always stuck by him. And now something was going on with his best friend, with his brother, and it was making him scared, paranoid, anxious, sleepless and irritably.

And it was really starting to worry Scott.

And now Stiles thought he might somehow be connected to what had happened to Kira, and that he was somehow linked to Barrow going after her. But why would he be? So what if he had the same idea as Barrow had, Stiles’ mind was weird, it always had been and followed its own logic.

But still Stiles was scared and Scott was beginning to get scared too.

As expected, he found the twins waiting for him right where he had left them, and Ethan was smiling in triumph at a crimson and embarrassed Aiden, who hastily looked away from Scott. Vowing to get Lydia to interrogate him about that later, the two of them flanked him as they walked up the corridor.

“Did you tell him?” Ethan asked, and Scott hesitated, there was no reason to tell him everything, just the very basic level of information.

“Nah, he’s got enough on his mind right now.” He told the two of them as they walked up, Scott’s mind, which had previously been darting between the three main topics of the day, the twins, Kira and Isaac, was now filled with worry and concern over Stiles with the twins slightly behind that and Kira and Isaac hanging around in the background. Couldn’t he have gotten a bigger brain when he became an Alpha? Nowadays there was so much crap going on in it he really needed more storage space.

“They’re coming for you in a few hours and so do you.” Ethan pointed out and in exasperation at their mollycoddling.

Honestly, he could look after himself, he was an Alpha now for pete sake, and besides, he didn't like anyone mollycoddling him, he didn't need protected or looked after. There was only one person he might allow to mollycoddle him and at the moment that one person was avoiding him because he’d been a jerk to them.

“What if it’s not me? What if I’m not the one they want?” Scott asked in irritation.

“Who else is there?” Aiden asked in confusion, and getting a scent of her Scott turned to see Kira descending the stairs.

Kira, the only other supernatural person in the room last night who the ninjas hadn't gone after, which could easily mean that she was as much of a target as he was.

And that thought didn't sit well with him at all.

Her, the twins could protect.

But only if he couldn't.




The drive had been mostly silent, even though Allison had pressed him to tell her what was going on with Scott. Isaac had stayed silent, simply sitting in the back and staring out of the window.

He knew Scott was right to be mad. Because he’d done Allison and her father a favour, and kept quiet like he was asked, they had all been attacked by these demonic ninjas and since he had kept quiet they had been completely unprepared. And now Scott was angry with him, and all Isaac could think about was how he hated that Scott was mad at him. They’d not talked before, they’d been angry at each other before, but this time was somehow different.

This time there was no safety net. Gone were the days they could forgive each other anything, when a simple pout would eventually melt the other’s ire and lead to them hugging and snuggling into each other again, or for a brief while, kissing and making up. Now they were different people. Scott had Kira, Isaac kind of had Allison, and neither of them had each other, no matter how much Isaac wanted them to go back to where they were.

No, now they weren’t doing their weird mutual friendly attraction or whatever it was, their dysfunctional relationship that would have made anyone question if they were together, now they were simply friends, roommates and an Alpha and his main and only Beta.

And he had let his friend, his Alpha, down, all because of the Argents, who Scott had rightly pointed out only ever caused trouble, had asked him to.

Was he that far along with Allison that he would keep quiet on something so important for her? Was he pulling away from Scott?

He didn't want to, he needed Scott, he need his friendship, he needed, well he just needed Scott, full stop. And no matter what happened with Allison, Isaac knew full well that his heart wasn’t really in it. He liked her he really did, and was falling for her in some way, he knew that much as well, but beneath it all there was one glaring flaw with her: she wasn’t Scott.

He loved Scott. Yeah he liked Allison a lot, and wanted to be with her, but she wasn’t the person he loved, no, that was that stupid, sweet adorable Alpha who had been the first person to ever really care about him since Camden had left for Afghanistan.

So why was he keeping things from him? Allison had told him not to add to Scott’s problems, and all his life he had been hiding problems from other people. But...Scott was one of the few who truly cared. Scott, the one who inexplicably cared about him when he hadn't even given him a reason to, the one who had taken him in when he had nowhere else to go, the one who he had fallen head over heels in love with, he truly did care about Isaac. And instead, Isaac had kept something from him, simply because Allison had asked and had made him think he would be adding to the person he loved problems.

What had he been thinking?

He sighed deeply as he looked out of the window. Scott was right to be mad with him, right to be disappointed with him, he deserved it. He should have told Scott regardless of what he or Allison though, and to hell with Chris wanting it kept quiet.

He wasn’t pulling away from Scott. He wasn’t even straying towards Allison. He’d just been an idiot and thought he’d been doing Scott a favour by keeping quiet because he knew Scott would make a fuss and panic and vow to fix it, just like he always did. But now he saw how stupid that was.

Because together or not, Melissa was right. Scott would want to be bothered by Isaac. And Isaac knew it. And more stress on Scott’s already bothered mind wouldn’t bother him. In fact what would bother him was the fact that Isaac hadn't said anything about it in the first place.

He’d been an idiot.

He had to make it up to Scott, let him know how sorry he was for letting him down.

And that started by finding out just what the hell these things were that seemed to have marked Scott as their next target. They weren’t getting Scott, they weren’t getting his Scott, the guy he loved, not without a fight.

And if they still wanted him, he would fight tooth and claw to make sure that they didn't get him.

It took Isaac a while to jar himself back to reality, but he did so when he realised that the car wasn’t moving and that Chris and Allison were simply staring at a house ahead of them.

Chris tutted impatiently as he checked his phone, and fully alert now, Isaac turned his full attention to the hunter who he had foolishly kept quiet for to see what it was that was bothering him.

He was never going to keep anything from Scott again, and especially not for someone who’s life mission it was to eradicate his kind.

He wasn’t even going to keep anything from Allison again either, no matter how he felt about her. And besides, he genuinely didn't know how he felt about her, all he knew was that he was very confused about the entire thing and it was driving him nuts.

But in his heart, he did know one thing.

Allison wasn’t Scott.

“What is it?” Allison asked and Chris looked most vexed as he looked at her while Isaac draped himself over the two seats so he could hear the conversation better.

“Katashi won’t do the buy in person.” He complained, and Isaac thought about that for a second.

“Well he’s a paranoid recluse, shouldn’t you be a little less surprised?” he asked pointedly, and Allison nodded, he did have a point.

“I was trying to remain optimistic that I wouldn’t have to go to my plan b.” He said, and Isaac couldn't help but feel a little bemused by that, why was everyone around him so bloody optimistic?

Scott he could handle, he actually quite liked Scott’s sweet optimism (except when it was directed at people who everybody knew was bad news, such as the twins or Deucalion, he still couldn't believe he had let that psycho go). And Stiles moaned a lot but he was just as miserable as he was, it was just these days he enjoyed moaning a lot for some reason.

But come on Chris was a hunter who’s sister had been killed by the werewolf whose family she had torched, his wife had killed herself because she was such a spiteful old hag, and his only daughter had fallen for one werewolf and was trying to fall for another.

So why the hell did he have any optimism left?

“Plan b? What’s plan b?” he asked, and Chris looked in the mirror so he could look right at Isaac as he opened the boot.

“How tall are you?”




This was such a bad idea. He’d been part of bad ideas before (the one springing to mind was Derek attacking the Alphas in the mall but he wasn’t meant to be there he just went to make sure Scott didn't get hurt) but this was an entirely new level of bad.

First of all, they itched. These clothes literally itched. And he didn't like wearing a suit, and he especially didn't like that he had to wear a white shirt and a tie on top of it. No, these things were for people who liked to dress smart, or for older people, not for teenagers, especially one who hated dressing like this.

Which was him.

And second of all, the stuff he had to say to them, to a place full of Japanese mobsters, even with his werewolf stuff, that was a daunting prospect and he was never going to remember it all.

And lastly, if they got trigger happy and killed him...well he wouldn’t be able to fix things with Scott.

But the thing that preyed on his mind most was these damn clothes and how much he hated wearing things like this. He’d wear paint, earth, Kanima poison, bandages, teenage clothes, or nothing (preferably with Scott) but not this!

“Guys? Guys this is, this isnt going to work. I look ridiculous. I mean I look like I just stepped out of the last period of a Catholic prep school, and there is no way I’m going to remember all of this! I mean what does this even mean? Revolving over and under barrels?”

All he knew was that he knew next to nothing about guns and that he wanted it to stay that way.

Chris looked less than impressed, but quite frankly, Isaac couldn't give a flying rats ass what he thought of him, it wasn’t his fault that he’d come up with such a harebrained scheme, and he was beginning to suspect he had only done this to make him uncomfortable, it was the sort of dick thing a hunter would do, especially a hunter who’s daughter happened to be liking another werewolf.

“All you have to do is keep him occupied long enough for us to get inside and find Katashi. He might not be there in person, but he will be around.” He told him, but Isaac was too preoccupied with his ridiculous he looked to pay much attention.

“You look great.” Allison told him, but he didn't believe her, he doubted he would believe Scott in this situation and that took a lot of doing.

“I am sweating all the way through my jacket. I didn't even know that I could sweat this much.” He complained in a panic, and Allison looked to her father wearily.

“Give me a second.” She said, and he rolled his eyes and shuffled off, leaving the two of them as alone as it was possible for them to be.

Allison then looked at him intently after she had dragged him slightly further away from her father.

“You can do this. You’re not a boy, if you go in there, acting like a man, ok, act with confidence, then all they’ll see, is a boyish looking man.” She assured him as she tucked his shirt in to make him look a bit smarter, but he was still far from convinced.

And just what did she mean, boyish looking man?

“Or a stupid teenager pretending to be a man. I’m going to get my head blown off by a bunch of fingerless Japanese mobsters-” he fretted, and then, to his great and everlasting surprise, Allison took a hold of his face and pressed her lips to his.

She was kissing him. Allison was actually and finally kissing him. And despite all his fears about it, it was...well it was great.

It wasn’t amazing, like it was with Scott and it didn't have the same heat behind it, but yeah, it was still pretty great. After all this and after everything, she actually did really like him, just like he liked her. And yeah, he was really starting to enjoy this.

But...there was something missing, or something that wasn’t quite right. And he didn't need to be part of MENSA to know what it was, it was fairly obvious. Because hot though she was, and like her though he did, she just wasn’t Scott.

This wasn’t fair on her, not really. He knew she liked him, but he was still too hung up on Scott. But that said, well, he was really enjoying this as he kissed her back, his hand hovering awkwardly.

And then, to his great surprise, she took his hand and put it on her waist. And before he could bring her slightly closer, she seemed to think twice and then she directed his hand down to her ass.

That was unexpected. But not at all unpleasant.

They slowly broke apart, and he looked at her shyly. This was the first time he had ever kissed a girl, well kissed a girl that he really liked. And it wasn’t like kissing Scott, but yeah, he could seriously grow to like this.

Just like he was seriously growing to like her.

“How do you feel now?” she asked cockily, and he gave her a grin, pulled on the sunglasses in the pocket of his jacket and headed for the door.

And as he walked towards the door of the estate, his mind was racing, and he was clearly still on his post kiss euphoria.

But as the euphoria lessened, he couldn't help but think of the kiss. Yeah, it had been great. Yeah he was in...well he was in something with Allison. He knew he wasn’t in love with her, well at least not yet. He could see her growing to love her. But he wasn’t in love with her. He liked her a lot, but this wasn’t fair to her. She liked him a lot more than he liked her at the moment, and well, he liked her a lot. She was great, and she wasn’t pushing, but he knew it had to be getting to her, the fact that he was so reluctant to go further with her, after all it had taken them ages to kiss for god sake.

His problem was he didn't know what he wanted.

Well he did, he just knew he couldn't have it, and it was driving him seriously round the bend.

He had Allison. He didn't have Scott.

He kind of wanted Allison. He wanted Scott.

He really liked Allison. He loved Scott.

But he kept thinking about that kiss, and the feelings it brought out in him.

He already loved Scott. He was falling in love with Allison, at least he thought he was.

He knew how he felt about Scott. He didn't know how he really felt about Allison, but he liked finding out.

He’d had his heart broken by Scott. He hadn't had his heart broken by Allison.

He was just so confused.

But he kept thinking back to that kiss, about how Allison had made him feel something that he thought only Scott could.

He smiled, thinking about how Scott had directed his hand to squeeze his ass as he had kissed him, of that kiss that had awakened something in him again.


Oh to hell with it.

So, with images of kisses and groping and more with both of his significant others in his life whizzing through his head, the door opened and he took his glasses off, CSI Miami style (he’d always wanted to do that).

“Gentlemen, I believe Mr Katashi is expecting me?”

Chapter Text



“That looks like what happened to you at the power station.” Scott said as Kira flicked through the book she had brought with her to try and explain to him and more importantly to herself what it was that she was.

He felt kind of bad for the twins. He knew they wanted to protect him, whether for their own selfish reasons or not, and so he did feel kind of bad about leaving them behind. But it was for their own good. The demon ninjas were going to come again. Despite what he had told them, he was sure that the demonic ninjas would come after Kira, and most likely after him too. That was why he had brought her here, which was theoretically where she would be safest, behind the protections that Deaton had put in place since his mother was fed up of coming under attack by supernatural forces in the house. Hormonal teen wolves she could handle, attacking supernatural threats, not so much.

And speaking of hormonal wolves, he also couldn't stop thinking about Isaac. He had Kira, a girl he really liked, sitting in his room, on his bed, right beside him (an occurrence which would make most guys very hot and bothered) but his mind was on his beta, his, well on his Isaac and how he had hurt him and given him that sort of beaten down and despondent look that Scott had spent so long trying to break him out of. He knew Isaac was just upset that Scott had treated him the way he had, and that it was just an argument they would soon move past but he still didn't like the fact that he was the reason Isaac had looked so miserable.

He also didn't like the fact that Isaac was currently with Allison when he could be here with him which is where he would be if he hadn't treated him like some naughty kid.

And frankly, Scott would feel a lot better if Isaac was here, behind the safety mechanism that he was hoping to god would work and hold out all night. Because if not, Isaac wouldn’t be able to get into the house, and would have to stay elsewhere, the very thought of which making his blood boil, as he could just imagine where Isaac might spend the night if he was given no other choice.

He should be here, with Scott, safe, and when this was over, he should be wrapped up in Scott’s arms, cuddling into his bare chest together like they had before Scott had listened to someone he shouldn’t have and screwed everyone up. He had done it to protect him...but he’d only wound up screwing things up between them completely.

“When a kitsune rubs its tails together, it can create fire or lightning, its called foxfire. I don't have any tails!” she assured him hurriedly, just as he started looking at her rear to check if she did indeed have tails, and unbidden the image of one of the Pokemon he had used when he’d first gotten a Gameboy, Ninetales, came to mind.

“How’d you know what I was thinking?” Scott asked, because he was pretty confident she hadn't seen him check out her ass purely for scientific reasons obviously.

“Because kitsunes are also psychics. I can hear all of your thoughts.” She told him casually, and he felt the bottom drop out of his stomach.

That, while a very cool ability if you had it, wasn’t a very good ability when you were in the predicament that he was, because if it was true it meant that Kira could see everything, how he felt about her, how he felt about Isaac, the embarrassing things he had done as a kid (in his defence it wasn’t written anywhere that you weren’t meant to decorate your bedroom by putting toilet paper on the walls, he’d been trying to help his mother), and a lot of blackmail information about Stiles which could also theoretically be used against him.

His alarm must have showed on his face because Kira then grinned.

“Just kidding.” She promised and he laughed in nervous relief. That had been a close call.

The two of them were still so close, but despite everything, demon ninjas, werewolves, kitsunes, she was so calm about all of this (admittedly she was taking all this a hell of a lot better than Allison had at first). And he wanted to, well he didn't know what he wanted to do.

“The sun’s setting.” She said softly, and he pulled away from her, realising that she was right and that if Chris was right they were about to come under attack by the demon ninjas all over again.

“Yeah I know. Are you scared?” he asked her gently, because truth be told, he wasn’t exactly thrilled himself with this situation.

“Not right now.” She said shyly, looking at him intently, and he considered leaning in to kiss her before she looked at the clock on the wall nervously.

“I’m supposed to be back before dinner.” She told him, but he remained nonplussed, just staring at this beautiful new girl who had stumbled into his life.

“Tell them you can’t make it.” He told her and she looked at him curiously.

“What should I say?” she asked apparently becoming aware of how close the two of them were and not at all being opposed to it in any way.

“Say that...that you’re going on a date.” He whispered.

He didn't know what had made him say it. But, odd though it seemed, it felt kind of right. He did want to date her after all, he did like her and he seriously wanted them to be more than friends. And besides, it wasn’t as if he had ever asked Isaac on a date. Wait a minute, why the hell hadn't he asked Isaac on a date even in the short time they’d been together? He was, well he was a lot of things, but the word that sprung to mind at the moment was cheapskate, he hadn't even taken his boyfriend out on a date, not on a proper one anyway. And if anyone deserved to be taken on a date it was Isaac. But no, because of how society worked he would be the one who was expected to take Allison out. Isaac deserved some taking care of, he’d more than earned it.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Foxes and wolves don't really get along.” She told him playfully, flicking the page of her book to show a kitsune being hunted by a werewolf, which he supposed was a kind of accurate metaphor. After all he was certainly pursuing her.

Scott then shut the book in her hand and leaned in even closer, looking at her intensely, willing her to see that this wasn’t a mistake.

“That’s just a drawing in a children’s book.” He whispered, and the two of them started to edge closer, both of them closed their eyes, they were going to kiss...

And then Scott heard a car pull up outside.

“My mom’s back.” He said, and the moment was over.

He got to his feet, his stomach clenching a little. He shouldn’t have left it like that, he definitely should have finished what he started, but Kira was his responsibility, he had to protect her, and his mother was the only one who could activate the security system, and the sun was going down so he kind of needed it done like now.

And as he headed down the stairs to meet his mother, he thought about what had happened, well had been about to happen. He did want to kiss Kira, he certainly did. She wasn’t Allison, it wasn’t the same as it was when he had been in love with her, this was different. No, it was a different kind of attraction to her he thought, something that was more pure. But while he did want Kira, and didn't want Allison, there was still Isaac to consider, and his feelings for him, which weren’t going anywhere and were still insanely strong.

He knew he had to make up his mind. He wanted Kira, but he also wanted Isaac. And, while he could see himself falling in love with Kira, the person he was actually in love with was Isaac. He wanted both, but he’d done too much to Isaac for him to ever forgive him and take him back. Besides, Isaac had moved on, he was with Allison now, however much that might rub Scott the wrong way. And it also wasn’t fair to Kira, even considering going ahead with this when he was still so hung up on Isaac.

As he entered the living room, vowing to talk to his mother about this later and hear what she had to say (because he was so confused and he could really do with some advice about all of this, he knew she had promised he would fall in love with someone else but two people at once, and one of them was Isaac who’s heart he had already broken? That she hadn't mentioned), he came to a stop because rather than his mother, who he actually needed and wanted to talk to and was very concerned about the safety of, it was his father.

And his arrogant, absentee father who knew how to infuriate just about everyone in his life who he cared about was the last thing he needed, particularly when the idiot was about to be right in the firing line for a showdown with evil demonic ninjas who would happily turn him into stew.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded, and then another thought occurred to him, “and why do you still have a key?” he demanded, much angrier this time, he didn't care about Kira being behind him, his father hadn't been here nearly all his life and he can still swan in as if he owned the place, particularly when the ninjas were going to be coming. Well he couldn't swan in at any time in his opinion, the jerk hadn't bothered coming back before now and had only returned to make the people Scott cared about’s lives a misery, but he could swan back even less so than usual when there was about to be an attack by evil shadowy ninjas.

His father looked at him with that smug impassive look that Scott had learned to hate so much over the years, the look on his face he always had after yet another failed promise when both his mother and him were giving him his just deserts, the face that basically implied to them that he thought he was in the right and they were in the wrong even when he knew he was in the wrong.

Maybe he should let Isaac rip into him, he’d volunteered, he wouldn’t object since he couldn't attack the twins, his father certainly deserved it, and provided Scott kept an eye on him there would be no need for Isaac to lose his pretty golden eyes.

“Funny you should mention keys. You see, while I still have a key to this house,” and Scott thought that if he had anything to do with it, that would change after tonight, “I’m not exactly sure how you got a key to my office.” He said smugly, opening his laptop to reveal a picture of he and Kira from the night before.

Oh they were screwed.




Isaac scowled as Silverfinger told Chris exactly what they were dealing with. Demons. Unstoppable demons, that was what the fresh hell in Beacon Hills was. The things that had attacked him and the others, the thing threatening Scott, it was a sodding demon. An unstoppable one at that.

Why on earth couldn't they deal with something they could handle? Like a plague of evil rabbits, a slightly miffed cow with an ingrowing horn or something, an army of, scratch that, hamsters scared the crap out of him. But no, these things were demons.

Allison and Chris were looking at Silverfinger with something akin to trepidation, and it suddenly dawned on Isaac that the Argents hadn't heard of demons. While that was bad news in all sorts of ways, he did feel slightly gratified knowing that there was something even they didn't know. Killing people like him could only get them so far. Ha.

“So how do we kill them?” Chris asked, and Isaac could hear the tone in his voice, he was frightened, these things frightened someone who had taken on all manner of creatures, they scared him.

And he could well understand why. These things were clearly lethal, they came out of the shadows and had easily taken down three former Alphas, a Banshee and one actual Beta all without so much as a scratch. True Derek had snapped the neck of one but the damn thing had simply put its head back in place and had proceeded regardless, trying to take out Scott along with conjuring a sword out of the smoke that made up its own body. It was just pure, well, darkness. Deucalion was evil. Jennifer, despite Isaac kind of getting why she had gone so batshit crazy, was also evil. Kali was definitely evil. So was Gerard. These things, they were different. They were something else entirely.

And these things were trying to take Scott from him.

And he was damned if he was going to let that happen.

The Oni frightened him, they had made him feel so weak and powerless. And it was because of them and his own stupid decision that he and Scott weren’t talking. And that...he wanted Scott. He needed Scott. Which meant he needed this Silverfinger guy to spill everything he knew about these demons so he could protect Scott from them.

“Yeah what stops them?” Allison asked, and Silverfinger looked up at her grimly.

“Nothing. At least no man made weapon. Oni are a force of nature. You don't fight a tsunami. You endure it. And hope you are not destroyed in its path.” He informed them gravely, and Allison looked at him, as her and her father’s gaze faltered since they discovered their weapons would be of little effect.

“Then how do we endure it?” Allison asked, her face betraying the concern that she felt.

“One of you already has.” He informed them, and Isaac pulled himself in tightly as he sensed that it was him that he was approaching with that deliberate pace that his father had always assumed when he was going to lock him in the freezer for some slight or other.

Or maybe he was just being antsy since that werewolf thug of his had manhandled him, he didn't like being manhandled. And his claws had hurt when they were digging into his neck. And besides, Scott and Allison were the only one who were allowed to get that close.

However Silverfinger meant him no harm (which was more than could be said for his werewolf friend who looked rather interested in getting his claws around Isaac’s neck again), and simply angled his head to reveal the mark that the Oni had left on him.

“This is the Japanese kanji for self. This means he is still himself.” Silverfinger explained, and despite himself, Isaac felt himself relax a little.

He was still himself, and he supposed the Oni hadn't done anything else when they had attacked him otherwise Silverfinger would have said something about it. At least he now knew what this unwanted tattoo meant, it wasn’t quite what he had had in mind to get if he got a tattoo, but at least it wasn’t the sign of something more sinister.

“The Oni are looking for one who is no longer themselves.” Silverfinger explained.

Isaac exchanged a dark look with Allison. What exactly did that mean, no longer themselves? And then a feeling of trepidation begun to creep into his gut.

Scott...there had been something off about him since the nemeton sacrifice. Something was off with him, and there had been for a while. Was it the effect of the nemeton? Scott hadn't been his usual cheerful self, and he might be very narrow in his focus here, but there was still his unexpected dumping of Isaac, what if when Scott had made that decision he hadn't been himself? What if the nemeton had made Scott something other than himself? And the Oni, the Oni had been looking right at Scott, right at his Scott, when the sun had come up, what if he was what they were searching for?

And Allison, she too had been off, her entire hunting game was off, seeing her dead aunt and mother everywhere she looked, her nightmares, did all of that point to her being something else, to her not being herself? After all the Oni hadn't even considered her even though she had been beside him twice, what if because she was human she was considered beneath their radar?

And then there was Stiles, the one who was clearly suffering the worst from the nemeton sacrifice, with the nightmares, the sleep paralysis, the irritability, the way he was treating everyone and not just him nowadays, his paranoia, the lapses in memory... and he hadn't been anywhere near where the Oni had been either, the Oni had been nowhere near him so couldn't even consider making him a target either.

Suddenly Isaac was very worried for all three of them.

“What do you mean no longer themselves?” Chris demanded, not liking the sound of this at all.

“Possessed by a dark spirit.”

And with that the bottom dropped out of Isaac’s stomach as a wave of dread filled him.




Scott winced as the house shook once again. The demonic ninjas, apparently fed up of trying to wait them out and realising sunrise wasn’t far away, were now trying their hardest to break down the barrier of mountain ash that protected the house.

And if they succeeded, everybody in the house would be in possibly mortal danger.

Scott looked into where his mother was tending to his father. His dad, the man who could never be counted on to be there when he should be, was quite typically, in the wrong place at the wrong time. In trying to confront him and Kira, when one of the ninjas had appeared the idiot had challenged one of them as if preparing to arrest them. The ninja, needless to say, had been unimpressed with his fathers attempt at intimidation and had simply stabbed him through the shoulder with its sword before turning its attention to the pack. While the ninja had been banished, Scott’s dad had started bleeding out, and bleeding out badly. While his mom was trying to tend to the wound, he needed a hospital, or he wasn’t going to make it.

The only problem was there were several deadly ninjas outside with a quarrel with them and there was no way they could get past them, they were just too strong.

Scott looked worriedly at his dad. He may be a colossal ass, a pain in the backside, a smug prick who was trying his best to ruin the sheriffs life and as usual messing up his and his moms...but he was still his dad. He didn't want him dead, of course he didn't. He wasn’t a great dad, but he wasn’t an evil one. He didn't deserve to die, and if he did die, after all this, it would be his fault. Some Alpha he was if he couldn't even protect his own dad, even if his own dad had been stupid enough to try and confront a demon ninja.

And that wasn’t all. Derek was back, for good it seemed, and to Scott’s part annoyance, part relief, he had been following him all day. Once again he proved his creepy stalker skills but he was kind of glad that he was here. And despite the fact that he had tried to leave them behind to protect them, he was also kind of glad the twins were here. There was something alarmingly reassuring about having two reforming murderers in the house when dealing with something you knew next to nothing about.

And on top of that, as they had suspected, Kira actually was a kitsune. While they had been leaning towards thayt argument, he was glad that he had finally gotten it confirmed. He knew she was a fox of some sort. But the problem was now she believed she was the bad guy, which also meant the demons could be here for her.

Scott entered the living room once again, the entire house shaking and flashing blue as the evil ninjas were now using their swords to batter away at the mountain ash shield that was now their only line of defence. Kira shot him a frightened look as he entered, Scott wincing as one of the scary ninjas hammered against the shield once again.

“What are they doing?” Scott asked Ethan who was the closest to the door that the ninja was trying its hardest to get through.

“Probing for weaknesses.” He replied tensely as the entire shook hammered with another blow from the sword.

Scott bit his lip. He had to do something. His dad needed the hospital, they could very well be here to kill Kira, Derek, the twins and his mother were still in the house and hence still in danger, and these were also the things that had attacked Isaac. He had to deal with them, somehow, anyhow, he had to protect...well he had to protect his pack.

And just as importantly he had to make them understand: you do not attack his Isaac and get away with it.

Scott shook his head, thoughts of Isaac clearly weren’t helping at the moment. But, he couldn't quite shake the horrible feeling in his stomach, the fear that if something happened to him, Isaac wouldn’t know how he really felt, that he still loved him.

He’d been such an idiot.

The ninjas were clearly getting impatient now, as they were now doubling up to hammer onto the force field, making the entire shake as if it were being rocked by an earthquake, and it was now shaking so hard, dishes were falling off the bunker and smashing on the floor. Scott looked worriedly to Kira, he had to protect her, if it was actually her they were here for, he had to make sure none of them hurt her, his own mixed up feelings for her aside.

Abruptly the hammering stopped and as Scott gave the girl he had feelings even he didn't understand for a nod, he turned to see the ninjas had changed tactic and were now plunging their swords into the shield as if to try and puncture a hole in it. He had to give them one thing, they were persistent sons of bitches, there was no denying that.

But then the shield started to break. A tiny little crack had appeared in it, and now the ninjas were looking at it curiously, and pushing their hands towards it. That in turn was causing a massive pile up of energy at the door as the ninjas were clearly getting closer and closer to breaking in.

“Uh guys, we have a problem.” Ethan said nervously as the demons pushed against the shield, determined to get into the house.

Scott pushed Ethan slightly back, and as Ethan looked at him curiously, Scott prepared himself to fight, and both twins exchanged startled looks with one another, while Derek rolled his eyes in exasperation and Kira edged back towards the wall.

The ninjas were about to get through, and then these things were going to play havoc with all of them. How the hell were they going to stop them without getting killed? He had to protect his pack, he had to make them pay for attacking Isaac, but how the hell did you go about stopping something like this?

And then to his great relief his phone rang, and Scott breathed a sigh of relief as he saw it was Allison. She had to have something, she had never failed yet, she was bound to know something that would help, and besides, she had Isaac with her, it also meant the two of them were safe and weren’t the targets of the ninjas, which made him feel ever so slightly better about his own imminent encounter with them.

“Allison? Please tell me you have something. They’re here, they’re trying to get in and it looks like they’re going to be able to.” He said worriedly, and he was so worried about the imminent arrival in the house of these things that he didn't even register disappointment that it wasn’t Isaac who was on the other end of the phone.

“Ok, ok listen. They’re Japanese demons, they’re called the Oni. They’re looking for someone who’s possessed, someone with a dark spirit attached to them.” She explained, her voice clearly trying to calm him down since he was admittedly kind of frantic right now.

And to his great surprise it worked, because now that he had some idea of what they were, the pieces were all clicking into place.

“Nogitsune.” He said in dreading wonder, and he could practically hear Allison staring at the phone in surprise confusion.

“How do you know that? Scott?” she asked urgently, getting more anxious when he didn't respond right away.

“I just, tell me what else.” He ordered her breathlessly, because the Oni were nearly through the shield and it wasn’t going to stand in place for much longer.

“Ok they won’t hurt you. They know you’re supernatural, but once they do this check, once they realise that you’re not carrying this dark spirit, they won’t hurt you I promise. All they’re looking for is a Nogitsune.” Allison explained before he hung up the phone.

If she was wrong, he didn't want her, or even more importantly Isaac, hearing what could be about to happen, both of them had more than enough problems as it was.

True none of them had evil looking shadowy demonic ninjas breaking down the door right now, no, that was his problem, but still, they had enough on their plate.

“I’m right aren't I? They’re looking for me.” Kira said anxiously as she came up beside him, looking terrified but also resigned to her fate, and he shook his head slightly, looking intensely into her beautiful eyes.

“They’re looking for a dark spirit. I know that’s not you.” He promised her, before Derek jarred them from their conversation.

“Scott, you’re going to have to do something!” he urged, and the shield finally shattered, and Scott’s blood ran cold: the Oni were in.

Scott looked in fear at the advancing demons, his heart hammering in his chest, Kira now slightly behind him while the twins and Derek arrayed themselves in a line to try and stall the Oni’s progress. Scott couldn't let that happen. They’d already tried to go through his father once, he wasn’t going to let any of them suffer the same fate, he couldn't and wouldn’t.

He could feel the creeping aura of fear and cold as they approached, their menacing sightless faces fixed on him and Kira, who were of course now the only two supernatural members of the pack who hadn't been tagged by these damn things. All he knew was he trusted Allison. She’d never let him down before and she wasn’t about to start now. She didn't think they meant them any harm. But he also knew they would happily cut through whatever got in their way.

Which meant he had but one choice.

They were making that eerie sound, the shadows swirling around them as they approached, it was now or never.

“Don’t do anything.” Scott ordered, and the three other wolves tensed up at the order, Ethan turning his head back as if to check that really was what he had heard.

“Is he serious?” he demanded as the Oni advanced, swords at the ready as Kira looked at him in terrified shock at his bizarre order.

“I said don't do anything.” He intoned, and while the other three wolves looked at him mutinously (Scott was kind of glad Isaac wasn’t here for this as he wouldn’t like this at all), he took a step forward, staring right at the Oni, who stared impassively back, their evil looking masks fixed right on him.

He then turned back and extended his hand towards Kira, who took a hesitant step forward and reached for his hand with her own.

“Trust me.” He begged, and she gave him a slight nod.

The two of them then advanced, hand in hand, Scott’s heart hammering in his chest in fear and with a desperate plea to whatever gods that might be listening that he was right, the two of them came to a stop in front of the Oni, Kira’s hand squeezing his in terror as the evil masks glared at them.

Two Oni then took a step closer, and Scott’s breath caught in his throat, this was where he found out if he was right, or if he was about to get run through by a sword. And it was then that he saw the eerie yellow eyes glowing inside of the masks that had so alarmed Isaac, those yellow points of light that were in no way comforting. Scott looked them challengingly in those glowing yellow eyes, trying to ignore the shiver it sent down his spine, and then the Oni in front of him rose its hand and clamped it around his ear.

Scott then felt pure cold on his face, spreading throughout his entire body and he bit back a gasp of cold as the icy assault hit him. This was how cold Isaac had been, this had been exactly what had happened to Isaac and now it was happening to him.

Scott felt his head arch back slightly as the Oni titled his face up to look right into those glowing yellow eyes, the cold spreading through him, his body already starting to shiver. His hand came away from Kira’s and he urgently stretched, trying to get his hand back into hers, for comfort if nothing else as the glow of those yellow eyes lit up his face as he was brought down to his knees.

Pure darkness was inside that thing, behind the creepy glowing lights that were its eyes, it was pure darkness. And Scott knew he never wanted to encounter anything like this again.

After what seemed like an age, the Oni seemed to decide that he was himself, and finally let go of him.

Scott hoped there would be blood rushing to all the cold areas, but there was no such luck. He was completely frozen, his entire body shaking as he collapsed to the floor, his teeth chattering and his entire body struggling for breath, it was like having his asthma back again only a thousand times worse. He could see Kira hitting the floor in a heap just like he just had, and while he wanted to go to her and warm her up, what he really wanted was someone, a tall, blond someone, to come up behind him, wrap him up in his arms and warm him up.

But thoughts were rapidly going away from him. He was too cold to even think, too rattled by the encounter, too weak to do much. He was losing consciousness, the world was starting to go black around him.

He was dimly aware of reaching up to touch the small mark that the Oni had made on his skin before tiredness overcame his arm, making it drop like a stone as he struggled to stay awake. He couldn't stay awake, he couldn't breathe properly, he was so weak, he felt feverish, sickly, the world was spinning and going black around him...

He vaguely registered Aiden talking to him.

“You’re going to be ok.” He promised, and Scott looked blearily at him before he succumbed to the darkness and knew no more.




Scott watched through the glass door as the nurses tended to his unconscious father. He was stable, and the nurses, who all knew him through his mother, had all assured him that his dad was going to be alright. That was some small comfort at least. His dad may not be his favourite person in the world, and he might have been a complete fecking idiot for trying to interrogate an Oni, but despite everything, he was still his dad. He didn't want him dead. Wanted him kicked in the nuts, sure, but dead, no way.

Everything seemed normal again. His mother was getting his dad’s blood cleaned off her, and he was waiting here until he could go home with her. The arrival of the Oni into their lives had left her rather disturbed, and he was sure she had muttered something about Isaac, which started him pondering whether his mother had known about what had happened to Isaac or not. Vowing to pursue that very annoying trail of thought later when his mom had calmed down, he had headed to find Stiles, who was like a whole different person.

Gone was the grumpy, irritable, sleep deprived and bitchy best friend he’d had the last few weeks, he was back to his usual chipper self. Well he was until he’d been told about the Oni which had filled him with dread equalling the disgust he felt when Scott told him about the twins appointing himself as his bodyguards.

But now Stiles had headed home, vowing to text the moment he got in to make sure he was safe, and Scott was waiting for his mother to get the lowdown on his dad so they could both go home. Scott shivered. He still felt weak, cold and feverish, and he wanted nothing more than to go home and curl up in bed where he could hopefully get warm. Derek had called and had told him that Kira was now safely at home, he was the only mug still up and about, still weak and freezing, and he wanted nothing more than this day to be over so he could just collapse in a heap on his bed.

He checked his phone, wondering what the hell was taking his mom so long. All he wanted to do was go to bed, curl up in the covers, and wish bitterly that Isaac was there beside him.

“Hey.” A soft voice said behind him, and despite how miserable, feverish and crappy he felt, he still felt his heart raise a little at the sound.

Ask and you shall receive.

“Hey.” He said softly, turning to see Isaac standing scuffing his feet nervously in the doorway, as if afraid to come any closer.

Of course, in all the chaos that the Oni had caused, he had completely forgotten about the fact that he and Isaac weren’t talking.

“How are you doing? Your mom said you might want someone to talk to. I tried to tell her you didn't want to see me, but she wasn’t having any of it.” Isaac mumbled, still not meeting Scott’s eyes, and Scott began to wonder if his mother was taking so long because she was waiting for Isaac to come and talk to him.

He’d get her for that.

But then his freezing brain registered what Isaac had just said, that he thought Scott wouldn’t want to see him. Nothing could ever make him not want to see Isaac, and he had to convince him of that right now.

“Isaac...” he began, but his body shook as he moved to take a step towards Isaac, the cold was clearly getting the better of him, and in that split second as he tried to reach Isaac, he could tell that this wasn’t going to end well.

Actually, scratch that, because Isaac was there a second later, catching Scott before he fell, this had ended rather well.

“Scott you’re freezing!” Isaac bemoaned, and Scott nodded weakly, his teeth chattering.

“Yeah, those Oni dudes you ran into aren't nice guys.” He admitted ruefully, his entire body shaking as he was held close by Isaac.

While this was very nice, there were two flaws with the plan. One they were standing up and weren’t in bed together, and secondly, Isaac felt fairly cool at the best of times anyway, but Scott was eagerly sucking in all the warmth from Isaac that he could.

“Hey, don't you go to sleep on me, that’s my job. Come on, let’s get you home.” Isaac muttered, holding Scott to him tightly to try and give him as much warmth as humanly possible.

“Good you found him.” Melissa said, frowning in concern as she saw her son clinch tightly onto Isaac, his entire body shaking.

“Yeah, can we go?” Isaac asked urgently and she nodded, bid the nurses goodnight and helped support he shivering and shaking son into the car.

“Thank you for coming. I thought Stiles might have stayed but he has enough on his plate without worrying about Scott too. Besides, I figured it was you he really wanted.” She muttered to Isaac while she got the keys from her bag as Scott shivered.

“Huh?” he asked sleepily, and Isaac gave her a pointed glare which she smiled mischievously in response to as he and Scott got into the back seat of the car.

“Huh, déjà vu.” She muttered to herself, seeing her son slumped in the back seat just as his father once was. Thankfully it wasn’t booze that had done this to her son, it was some sort of evil demon.

Well maybe thankfully wasn’t the right word.

Scott was shivering and shaking the entire journey, snuggled as tightly as he could get into Isaac’s chest, and despite himself, despite knowing Scott was probably still mad at him, Isaac was kind of enjoying it, stroking Scott’s hair softly as Scott froze beside him. He just wished it was like this all the time, like they had used to be, before they had gotten together, before they had broken up, before Scott had gotten mad at him.

“Hey, we’re home.” Isaac muttered to Scott, who was still shivering weakly.

“Good.” He managed tiredly, wishing he and Isaac were in bed already, his teeth chattering and his skin pale, and Isaac looked up to his room, he just had to Scott to bed, then he could start to warm up. And then, once Scott started to warm up, he would feel so much better, having been through the exact same thing he knew that it wasn’t pleasant at all what Scott was going through at the moment.

While Isaac held Scott and tried to warm him up, Melissa sighed in irritation as she saw the shattered window that the twins had leapt through while Isaac tried to get Scott out of the car alone.

“What is it with werewolves and their aversion to doors?” she grumbled to herself as she got out of the car and went to help Isaac get her son out of the car.

As Melissa opened the door, Isaac got Scott into the house, leaving her to close up and complain about the twins and their lack of respect for her windows while he tried to get her son up the stairs, knowing Melissa was trusting him to look after her kid (he also suspected she may have some of ulterior motive but he wasn’t sure about that one).

“Hey come on, not far now.” He promised his ex boyfriend, who moaned in protest but relented and with a little bit of a struggle, Isaac finally got him up the stairs, and with a last burst of speed, as he was clearly bolstered by the realisation that he was nearly in bed, Scott managed to get into his bedroom, cross to his bed and collapse onto it before Isaac had even managed to get into the room.

“Hey, not like that.” Isaac admonished, and he quickly got Scott’s shoes off and wrapped him in the covers and then collected the piles of blankets that he had needed two nights ago, draping them over his Alpha before climbing onto the bed with him himself.

Isaac hesitated as he did so though. This was different from him, they knew more now, and besides, he wasn’t like Scott, Scott was the one that was always blazing hot, he was usually quite cool. And besides, considering he was mad at him, he wasn’t even sure that Scott would want him in bed with him. Isaac looked at Scott’s bed critically, he probably needed more pillows, he didn't need him in bed with him, and he was about to go and get more when Scott cuddled right into his chest, just like Isaac had done to him a few nights before.

“Scott...” he started to protest softly, Scott needed more blankets, not him, but Scott got there first.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered softly, and Isaac looked at him in surprise, completely wrong footed by this unexpected apology.

“Sorry? For what?” he asked, he was the one who had done wrong, not Scott.

“For giving you such a hard time. I was too hard on you, and I’m sorry. It frightened me. You were attacked, and these Oni mean serious business, and you kept it from me. And I...I hate that you listened to Chris and didn't tell me, and I was annoyed, and scared, and also kind of jealous about it, and I took it out on you. So I’m sorry.” Scott mumbled sleepily, leaning against Isaac and snuggling in as much as he could in order to keep warm.

“Scott...I, I deserved it. I shouldn’t have kept it from you, you’re my, well you know, and I just didn't tell you. I wanted to but Allison made me promise not to. I’m so sorry.” He said, but Scott shook his head wearily.

“No, don't be. I know better than anyone how she usually gets her way after all.” He quipped half heartedly and Isaac smiled a little.

“So...are we good?” he asked hesitantly, his voice quivering slightly, and Scott looked up at him with those annoying gorgeous big brown eyes of his.

“We’re always good. I’m not going to hate you just because we fight. Besides, if either of us deserves hating, I deserve it from you, and...well you don't secretly hate me do you?” he asked, his teeth not chattering as much now, but sounding very childlike and scared about Isaac’s answer.

“Of course I don't. I...” Isaac began, but stopped himself before he made this too complicated.

“Good.” Scott said happily, and with that, Isaac could feel the tension between them melting away (he was starting to join it, he was sweating under the numerous layers that he had put on top of the bed for Scott to get warm under), raising his hand and stroking Scott’s cheek lovingly as Scott started to warm up and relax beside him.

“So your dad’s going to be ok?” Isaac asked softly, and Scott nodded slowly.

“Yeah. Idiot, as if you can ask a bloody demon for their id.” He grumbled, and Isaac smiled a little at the sheer annoyance in Scott’s voice.

“Hey, least he cared enough to try.” He pointed out with amusement, running his hands through Scott’s hair absently, and trying to ignore the small moan of satisfaction that Scott made in his throat.

“Hey, Isaac?” Scott asked sleepily, his hand taking Isaac’s other one and stroking the back of his hand with his thumb.

He needed to know. He needed to find out, right now, if there was ever a chance of them ever getting back together. He needed to tell Isaac how he felt, he needed to beg him to take him back, and screw the consequences, never mind Allison, or Kira, he needed to know if he and Isaac could ever be together again.

“Yeah?” Isaac asked nervously, seeing that Scott was failing to sleep but also having a massive internal debate with himself.

This felt so right, him and Scott, in bed together, caring about each other, caring for each other. He loved Scott, and he had to find out if Scott still loved him. Melissa, Stiles, Lydia, all of them seemed to think he still did. They all knew Isaac still loved him. But...would Scott want to get back together with him? He liked Kira, he wasn’t blind, he could see he liked Kira, and there was his own messed up feelings for Allison to consider, but...Allison wasn’t Scott. And deep down, in his heart of hearts, he knew who he wanted.

The gorgeous Alpha he had fallen so head over heels in love with, that dorky far too adorable for his own good guy who was cuddled up beside him. Scott.

“Um...thanks for coming tonight. You didn't have to though.” Scott muttered softly, sleep was trying to get the better of him, he was so tired, but he was going to ask him, all he was doing was trying to build up the courage to say what was going on inside him.

Isaac gave Scott’s near sleeping form a sad smile.

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course I was going to come, whether I needed to or not.” He whispered as Scott finally dozed off against him.

Scott made a contented noise and Isaac smiled slightly.

He was adorable when he slept.

Checking that he was finally warming up, Isaac stripped a couple of layers off of Scott, who made a noise of protest as he realised he wasn’t quite as warm as before. Isaac smiled slightly and laid down properly in the bed beside his Alpha, allowing Scott to snuggle into him more effectively, and Isaac allowed himself a contented smile as he did so.

They weren’t together. But they weren’t apart, and if that was what he had to live with, drive him mad though it would, then that he could do.

“IoveooIsaac.” Scott muttered in his sleep, and Isaac felt himself smile.

Maybe...maybe the others were right, and there was hope.

“I love you too Scott.” He whispered softly and kissed Scott’s forehead as the two boys drifted off to sleep.


Chapter Text



The first thing he became aware of was that Isaac wasn’t in his bed anymore. He reached across the bed to where his ex boyfriend had been sleeping, and there was a rather obvious imprint where he had been lying, and the hand that Isaac had been holding all night was now cold without his hand wrapped around it.

Scott made a small, involuntary keening noise in his throat. He had stayed there all night with Isaac, was Isaac still hurt at how he had treated him, had he gone back to his own bed?

He then heard a dull clunk and a small yelp, and he allowed himself a small smile. Isaac was in the bathroom and had clearly, as he usually did when he got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, walked into the towel rail.

“Son of a bitch...every night!” Isaac grumbled sleepily from the bathroom, and Scott sniggered as he heard him go about his business.

He looked longingly at the place where Isaac had been, hoping he would hurry up. He wanted to cuddle into Isaac again. True, before they had gotten together and when they had been together, he was usually the one who Isaac snuggled in to, but he had to admit, he did enjoy the occasional role reversal. He liked making a fuss over Isaac but he liked it the occasional times when Isaac took care of him.

And...this was the second time the two of them had slept together in as many nights. True there was nothing overtly romantic or sexual about either event, but they couldn't change the fact that both had happened. Scott wanted Isaac back. He never should have broken up with him in the first place, he never should have listened and should have just trusted himself and Isaac. That way he wouldn’t be confused about Kira, and Isaac wouldn’t be confused about Allison and it would just be the two of them, together.

He wanted Isaac back. He was going to do it. He had intended to ask him before he had drifted off to sleep, but he’d been so exhausted by the Oni’s attack on him that he hadn't had a chance. But now, he was going to take a risk and ask Isaac if they could give it another try.

This was it, he was going to put everything on the line, and as soon as Isaac came back to bed (please let him come back to bed, Scott thought longingly) he was going to ask him the question he’d wanted to ask him since he’d broken up with him in the first place.

Will you please take me back?

Isaac was clearly going to be a while, but Scott was determined that he wasn’t going to fall asleep until he came back, so he was about to get up when his phone started to ring.

Scott looked at his phone, wondering why on earth it was going off at this time of night.

And as soon as he saw Stiles name on the screen, he felt something clench in his stomach, for Stiles to be calling at this time of night, no something had to be wrong, there was no way Stiles would call at this time of night if it wasn’t serious, not with everything that was going on recently.

“Hey man what’s up?” Scott asked worriedly, and at first he received no answer.

He allowed himself to relax slightly, Stiles had probably rolled over his phone and managed to call him somehow by accident, that would be it.

But then he heard a sort of electrical buzzing, and then a heavy breathing. And this was seriously starting to freak him out.

“Stiles?” he asked, hearing his friends heavy breathing down the phone, terrifying him all the more, he needed to know what going on right now.

Stiles’ breaths were shuddering and erratic, there was that buzzing, and Scott knew that whatever reason his friend had called for wasn’t good at all.

“Stiles? Are you there?” he asked urgently, and then he heard Stiles voice, but it sounded panicked, laboured, actually it sounded terrified.

“Scott?” he asked, his voice shaking with Stiles and Scott immediately sat up in the bed, ready to do whatever Stiles needed to get him back to normal.

“Hey, yeah I’m here, can you hear me?” he asked, his brow furrowed in worry and concern over his best friend, who still sounded terrified, his voice hitching in terror, and it also sounded like Stiles was crying as well, and Scott vowed to do whatever it took to fix this.

“Scott, I don't know where I am, I don't know how I got here, I think I was sleepwalking...” Stiles sobbed, and Scott could hear how scared and upset Stiles was, and Scott was beginning to get that way too, this was just the latest thing in a long line of crap that the nemeton had thrown at his best friend and he was beyond sick of it.

Deaton needed to help Stiles, and if he didn't, he and his sort of emissary were going to be having some serious words.

“Ok, um, can you see anything, tell me what you see?” Scott asked, first he had to find Stiles, he needed to find Stiles and make sure he was safe, then he would take great pleasure in tearing Deaton a new one for being his usual enigmatic self and not helping as much as he should do.

“I don't know, it’s dark, it’s hard to see...oh no there’s something wrong with my...” Stiles said, his voice still quivering and flooded with fear and tears, and then to Scott’s greatest alarm, the line went dead.

Scott got to his feet in a panic. His best friend was missing, he didn't know where he was, and now his phone had cut out and he had no way of finding him. How could something like this have happened? A few hours ago, they’d all survived an encounter with the Oni and Stiles had gotten home safe, but now, Stiles was missing, how could this have happened?

And how couldn't Deaton have helped Stiles more to cope with what he was dealing with, it was clear he was the worst affected out of all three of them?

Vowing to rip the vet to shreds (somewhere inside him he knew this wasn’t entirely his fault but he took a savage pleasure in blaming the vet for this, it wasn’t the only thing that the vet had done or not done) he quickly tried to call Stiles again, begging that his friend would pick up, but to his increasing agitation and alarm, all he got was voicemail.

Panicking, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest, he needed to find Stiles, he needed to get to him, to save him, he couldn't...thoughts and images were starting to come into his brain, enough people had died in Beacon Hills to know that a sleep deprived teenager who had gone sleepwalking was as far from safe as you could be in this town. He wasn’t about to let anything happen to Stiles, he had to find him, he needed to find him. Nothing else mattered.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm himself he tried to call Stiles again, but once again got voicemail, and Scott rubbed his hands through his hair anxiously, begging something or someone, anything really for a break, for Stiles to pick up, he needed a break, he needed Stiles to pick up, he needed something to happen that would give him any clue of where to look for him. He took another deep breath as he stared at his phone, wondering if he should try and call him again when his phone started to vibrate, and Scott felt a surge of relief, Stiles was calling him, thank god, he was calling him.

“Stiles?” he snapped urgently, he didn't have time for pleasantries, he needed to find his best friend, and he needed to know enough so that he could actually go about saving him.

“Scott, I don't think I can get out of here, I can’t move.” Stiles whispered, his voice flooded with fear, and Scott could feel his own fear growing as he heard the terror in Stiles’ voice, Stiles had been with him virtually his entire life and had stood shoulder to shoulder with him against everything that had been thrown at him, and never before had he sounded as scared as he did now.

“Where are you?” Scott asked, that was what he needed to know, to stand any chance of finding Stiles, any at all, he needed to have some idea of where to look before it was too late.

“I don't know, it’s too dark I can’t see much. But something’s wrong with my leg, its stuck on something, I think its bleeding.” Stiles gasped, and Scott suppressed a groan, this was getting worse and worse, and he was still no closer to finding out where Stiles was.

“How bad? Stiles How bad is it?” Scott asked urgently, he needed to know just how bad a state he was in, just what he needed to bring. But while he panicked about this latest development, he realised that Stiles wasn’t answering his question, which did nothing to help his stress levels and his heart started beating like a train once again as terror for his best friend’s life once again filled him.

“Stiles, are you there, can you hear me?” he asked urgently, he needed a response, please, please don't let that horrible vision of Stiles that was playing in his head, shrouded in darkness, covered in blood, his eyes glassy and unseeing, please don't let that come true.

“There’s some kind of smell down here, something smells terrible, it’s brutal, my eyes are watering.” Stiles told him, finally rejoining the conversation and Scott nodded a little, this was progress, something that made a rancid smell, that could help him find Stiles. But regardless, he knew he couldn't do it alone, one wolf on his own, well two wolves there was no way Isaac would let him go out at this hour alone, especially to try and find Stiles, but even with the two of them, they were going to need help.

“Ok listen I’m going to call you dad.” Scott told Stiles, figuring that would calm him, the idea of having the entire police force of the town at their disposal would also help to calm him down too because he was no good to either of them if he couldn't calm down.

“No, wait, no no no.” Stiles argued, and Scott’s face clouded with concern, why on earth would Stiles not want his dad trying to help find him?

“But your dad,” Scott began to protest, why didn't Stiles see this, didn't he realise how much danger he was in, the visions that were on a loop through Scott’s head, didn't he realise that he could very well die if they didn't find him soon?

“Just, just please don't call him promise me you won’t, he already worries about me too much Scott please.” Stiles begged, and Scott struggled with himself, he couldn't make a promise like that, not even to Stiles, not even in the state he was in, not when it was his life on the line.

“What if I can’t find you? Stiles I can’t make a promise like that.” Scott explained, tears of panic and fear starting to crawl into his own voice and eyes, he was too worried about Stiles to even think straight right now, but he knew that he couldn't make that promise, not when it might potentially save Stiles’ life.

“No no no, just please, please don't call, come find me, you can do it, you a wolf Scott you can find me...” Stiles said, his voice shaking, and Scott swallowed back his own tears, Stiles was one of the ones who always made him feel like he could do anything, but something like this, when the consequences of not succeeding were oh so very real, this was something so new, and hearing Stiles in such a state wasn’t helping matters.

“I don't know if I can do this.” Scott admitted, his voice tense and strained from the effort of not crying.

“Oh I gotta call you back I gotta turn the phone off.” Stiles said suddenly, and Scott felt nauseous upon hearing those very words, why was he turning the phone off, he still didn't know enough to try and find him and now Stiles was trying to turn his phone off, he couldn't...Scott might never find him if he did!

“Hold on Stiles wait, hold on man!” Scott begged his friend, but Stiles didn't listen.

“I’ll call you right back I promise!” he vowed and the line went dead once again.

Scott stood there for a second, breathing heavily, dazed that he had once again lost contact with his best friend. How could he have let this happen? They had all been struggling with the nemeton, and Scott had tried to help him, but it had seemed like he was getting better, but now his best friend was out sleepwalking and was lost, scared, hurt and confused and Scott...Scott was in his home safe, and right now he would give anything for their positions to be reversed and for Stiles to be the one who was safe.

He then decided to get into action, he had to find Stiles, he needed to find him and save him and he needed to do it right now.

He ran to his dresser, hammering on the lamp as he did so.

“Isaac, Isaac, get up, I need your help, Isaac!” he yelled, pulling on a jacket, and now he came to think about it where the hell was Isaac, what in gods name was he doing that took him so long that he had missed the entire conversation with Stiles?

A second later, his door opened again to reveal Isaac, walking slightly stiffly which answered Scott’s question as to what he was doing, and he looked at Scott in panic, wondering what had gotten him so worked up.

“Whoa, what’s wrong?” he asked urgently, not liking seeing Scott in this state one little bit, he had never seen him so frightened and anxious before as he was now, and he wanted nothing more than to fix whatever was making him like this.

“It’s Stiles, get dressed.” Scott ordered, throwing Isaac his helmet which he barely caught, knocking him back a step with the momentum of the throw.

“What’s wrong with Stiles?” he asked in confusion, very wrong footed, he knew he had been otherwise engaged in the loo for a while but what the hell had he missed while he had been in there?

Scott then looked at him, and Isaac saw something he had never ever expected or wanted to see: Scott looking so completely and totally lost. Ever since he had met him, Scott was the one who always knew what to do, but now, he looked so scared and lost that Isaac knew he never wanted to see him looking like that again.

“I don't know.” He said hopelessly, but when Isaac moved closer to try and calm him down, Scott turned to him angrily and glared at him.

“And get dressed!” he snapped, and Isaac scampered back to his room, throwing on some clothes in a rush.

What the hell had he missed while he’d been in the toilet? What was wrong with Stiles? Worry for him filled him, despite how much they liked to bicker, Stiles probably was his best friend, and he didn't want anything to happen to him. Moreover, if something happened to Stiles he knew Scott would never recover he would be completely heartbroken. Whatever was going on, he needed to fix it, and he needed to fix it right now.

“Isaac, hurry up!” Scott yelled impatiently, and Isaac glared at the door as he pulled on his jacket, yeah like he was moving slowly, he’d never gotten dressed so fast in his life, he cared about Stiles too.

“Alright, what’s going on?” Isaac asked as he joined Scott in the hallway and Scott dashed for the stairs, Isaac hot on his heels.

“Stiles is lost, he doesn’t know where he is, he thinks he was sleepwalking and now he’s hurt, and scared, and we need to find him right now.” He said, and Isaac’s stomach started churning with worry.

The bathroom was the coldest room in the house, and it had been freezing when he had been in there, and if Stiles was outside, lost, in the dark, hurt when it was so cold outside...oh god they needed to find him right away, they didn't have any time to waste, because if not, it might very well be too late.

The two of them ran down the stairs, heading for the door when abruptly Scott dropped his helmet, making Isaac stop and turn back to his ex as he answered the phone.

“Stiles?” Scott asked desperately, Isaac pressing in close so he could hear the conversation as well.

“Did you call him, did you call my dad?” Stiles sobbing voice asked breathlessly, and Isaac frowned quizzically, why wouldn’t Stiles want his dad involved in searching for him it just didn't make sense.

“No, just Isaac, we’re coming to find you. Can you figure out where you are? Try to find something that can tell us where to look.” He begged, desperate for any sign of anything that would allow him to find his best friend, and he could practically feel Isaac’s concerned gaze boring into him and the phone in his hand as they did so.

“It’s a basement, I don't know, some kind of basement.” Stiles babbled, and Isaac cursed inwardly, the fact that he was in a basement wasn’t going to help them find him, and on a night as cold as this...

“In a house?” Scott asked in confusion, hoping that he was in a house basement, as then there might be a chance he would be found, but also dreading it because there were so many houses in the town, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

“No much bigger, like industrial, I think there’s a furnace but it’s cold, its freezing down here, I gotta, I gotta turn the phone off Scott, it’s going to die.” Stiles said and both boys on this end of the phone started, if they lost the signal there would be even less chance of finding Stiles.

“No wait wait wait, what else is there, what do you see?” Scott asked, he needed something, anything, the limited information they had right now wasn’t enough to help them find him, they needed more, they needed more information, more time, more anything.

“My phones dying I can’t talk I have to go, please.” Stiles begged once again and Scott could feel it killing him, hearing Stiles so scared and upset, he couldn't bear hearing Stiles like this. But then, something occurred to him, something that gave him an even greater sense of fear, and he stole a brief look at a worried Isaac before he asked the question that had just sprung to mind.

“Stiles, why are you whispering?” he asked in fear, ever since he had first called him, Stiles had been whispering, and it was suddenly dawning on Scott now that considering the situation he was in, Stiles should have been screaming as loud as he could to try and get some help, talking as loud as he could if it helped someone find him. But he wasn’t, and now that he thought about it, the fact that he wasn’t was really quite worrying.

“Because I think there’s someone here with me.” He whispered as the phone call died and Scott felt a new kind of terror grip him.

Stiles was lost, hurt and freezing. And there was someone else there with him. And in any other town, that was bad enough but in Beacon Hills, it was most likely fatal.

Scott seized his helmet off the floor and headed to the table by the door, Isaac right behind him and already preparing to put the helmet on his head, his own mind racing with thoughts about how they could try and find Stiles before he either froze, bled to death or was harmed by the person who was there with him.

“Where are my keys?” Scott demanded urgently as he pulled apart the table where they stored them, and Isaac jarred himself back to the present just as Scott rounded on him.

“Where did you put them?” he demanded irritably, and Isaac glared.

“I didn't have them last, you did. They’re in your pocket.” He said, in a voice of forced calm, and Scott’s eyes widened ever so slightly as he felt his pocket and as predicted found his keys inside them.

“Wait, how can you be so calm? Stiles is missing, there could be some psycho with him, and you’re barely reacting, or do you want something to happen to him? Would that make you happy?” Scott demanded furiously, and Isaac recoiled, hurt by the accusation, that was so far from the truth and so below the belt, he didn't think Scott even had it in him to be that cruel and vindictive. But with that blow, Isaac’s patience totally evaporated and he lost it.

“Because I want to help Stiles and I figure that one of us needs to stop and think rather than act like a drugged up jackass otherwise we’ll never find him!” Isaac snapped, and Scott flinched from the harsh tone his ex’s voice took, and Isaac breathed an internal sigh of relief, he was finally getting through to him.

Scott then hung his head slightly and looked at him with tear filled apologetic brown eyes.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in a cowed voice, and Isaac crossed the gap towards him, taking Scott’s face in his hands and leaning his forehead against Scott’s, and Scott closed his eyes, allowing Isaac’s cool skin to soothe him slightly, and the touch was doing it too, but he refused to cry, he couldn't let himself cry, not yet, not when Stiles was still missing.

“I know ok? I know you’re scared, I know you’re frightened. I am too. But you need to calm down. You can’t help Stiles in this state. So, deep breath ok? Calm down.” He whispered to the guy he loved, and Scott closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and he repeated the process a few times, in which Isaac could hear his heart, which had been hammering inside his chest, come down to a more normal level.

“Ok. Ok. I’m sorry I’m being such a jerk. I know you don't want anything to happen to Stiles, that was cruel. I’m sorry. I’m just so...” Scott whispered, but Isaac shook his head, both their heads still pressed together, and Isaac pulled Scott into a hug, holding him tightly and stroking his hair to calm him down further.

“It’s ok, it’s Stiles, I get it. I’m worried about him too. But you need to calm down. You can’t help Stiles in this state can you? And besides, you’re driving, and the way you’re going, you’d drive us into a tree and I really don't want to be in another motorbike crash.” He said, and was rewarded when he saw Scott’s lips moving into the smallest facsimile of a smile out of the corner of his eye.

“True. I’m sorry Isaac.” He whispered, but Isaac shook his head and separated from his ex, whose breathing and heart, while still slightly raised, were at a much more manageable level.

“So, recap. Stiles is missing, trapped in a basement, hurt, and there’s someone who knowing our luck is most likely some twisted nutjob there with him, right?” he asked, taking Scott’s face in his hands again and Scott nodded, his brown eyes still hurt and scared and slightly glassy with unshed tears.

“Yeah. He reckons he sleepwalked and he doesn’t know where he is, but wherever it is, it smells bad and is in a basement, where he may or may not be alone.” Scott recounted, the mantra helping to soothe him as Isaac had planned, and Isaac nodded gravely, yeah this wasn’t good, but they couldn't afford to go to pieces, not when Stiles urgently needed their help.

“Ok. So if he sleepwalked, he was at home right? So, if we’re going to find him, wouldn’t it be better to start there? Maybe get a scent, get some clue as to where he might have gone?” he asked softly, his voice still low and soothing, and he could see the soothing effect it was having on Scott, who nodded weakly.

“Yeah, yeah that’s a good idea. Thanks.” He said, and Isaac smiled a little.

“Hey, if we don't find him, I’ll have no one to bitch about you to. Right, keys, helmet, good. Let’s go find Stiles.” He said softly, and Scott gently stroked Isaac’s cheek.

“Yeah. Thank you for calming me down. And I’m sorry about what I said, I didn't mean it, I’m just scared.” He mumbled, and Isaac kissed his cheek softly, then stroked a stray tear off of Scott’s cheek with his thumb tenderly.

“I know you didn't. Come on, and please don't crash us.” He said pathetically, and Scott gave a little snort of amusement as he headed for the door.

“Hey, Scott?” Isaac asked softly.

“Yeah?” Scott asked, his voice wavering a little.

“We’ll find him. I promise.” He vowed, and Scott took a deep breath, nodded grimly, and then took Isaac’s hand before the two of them headed into the night to find Stiles.




Isaac looked at Scott warily as they descended the stairs, looking at him in concern. So, Lydia had heard Stiles somehow, and he had been begging her for help too. That little bit of good news had done nothing to alleviate Scott’s fear, and he could hear Scott’s heart pounding in his chest. Scott was getting worse and he was clearly losing control, and Isaac was beginning to worry that if he didn't do something soon Scott was going to lose it completely, and if that happened he would be furious with himself for not doing anything to stop it.

However, he wasn’t particularly pleased with Lydia either. While she had indeed heard Stiles calling for help, which was all very well and good (well it had been until Aiden had pointed out that she only got like this when someone was about to die which helped no one), her having a go at Scott as if it was somehow his fault wasn’t going to help matters either. Admittedly, maybe he should have called the sheriff straight away, and maybe he did believe in his pack, but there was the fact that Scott was Scott. The adorable, loyal sweet, naive idiot would do anything for anyone, and for Stiles, he would go beyond even that. He’d made Stiles a promise and he wouldn’t like having to break it, even if the police could help because he would now be tormented by the fact that he betrayed his friend’s wishes and also because he could be potentially putting the police in danger. And besides, knowing Scott he would already be blaming himself, it was just what he did. If one of the people he cared about got so much as a paper cut, Scott blamed himself. It was the sort of person he was, and Lydia having a go at him as if it were his fault that Stiles was still missing and for not calling the police was only going to exacerbate his belief that the danger Stiles was in was his fault.

But it was Stiles’ room that was getting to Isaac. With all the red lines, all the links to the unsolved cases plastered all over Stiles walls, when was the last time he had slept? And why did he think he was linked in with it all, like he was the focal point, the reason for all those cases being unsolved? He shook his head slightly, he wasn’t joking when he said that all the red string may very well be evidence of Stiles total insanity. Ever since the nemeton, there had been something completely different about Stiles and it was getting worse. They had all put it down to tiredness, to the fallout from the sacrifice, but what if it was actually the sign of something a lot more dangerous and threatening? Could they all have missed what was going on with Stiles, had there been signs that they had all missed when they had all been worrying about various other things? Had they failed him as his friends?

As Isaac wrestled with that question, his mind whirling with thoughts and fears of Stiles, because now images of being too late were starting to play on a loop inside his head, and Stiles dead frozen eyes were staring at him in accusation, he began to feel short of breath.

Stiles was his best friend. Yeah he wasn’t as close to him as Scott was, he never would be, that was impossible. And they might not have been as close recently since the nemeton sacrifice, but that didn't change the fact that Stiles was his best friend since Scott was inadmissible since he was still in love with him. He was partly responsible, they all were. With everything that had been going on, they hadn't watched Stiles enough and now he was suffering, he was lost, and there was a very real chance that they might never find him.

Beacon Hills may be a small town but there were still plenty of places that one teenage kid could be lost. Great now he was starting to panic too.

No, he couldn't lose it. He couldn't afford to panic, Stiles was missing and they needed to find him which meant he couldn't make Scott focus on him when Stiles was in such desperate need of help.

And then he heard a shuddering breath that made his heart go as cold as the temperature.

Scott was crying, and he was also having a panic attack. And all he knew was that he couldn't stand that happening to his Scott.

“Hey, Scott, calm down.” He whispered urgently coming up beside Scott, who was standing over his bike, leaning on the seat, his body hitching and his breath coming in ragged gasps, tears running down his face.

Scott looked at him, his beautiful brown eyes flooded with tears, his face ashen and his breath hitching as if he were desperately trying to catch his breath.

“Scott, listen, calm down ok? Deep breath ok, in an out, in and out...” he begged his ex, but Scott was clearly trying but he couldn't seem to catch his breath, his breaths were getting more desperate, it was more and more ragged and Isaac was beginning to panic himself, if Scott couldn't catch his breath he could collapse or worse. And then he would lose both of them, and that frankly wasn’t an option.

“Scott come on, deep breath, please try.” He begged desperately, tears starting to form in his own eyes as he worried about Scott and Stiles, one having a panic attack and the other missing and in deadly danger.

Stiles had had a panic attack when he was with him once, but the way he had broken him out of it, by completely shocking him with the news that he was in love with Scott, wouldn’t work this time, Scott already knew how he felt about him. He was wondering if he should go back and get Lydia when something suddenly a bell rang in his head.

Lydia had been with Stiles when he had had a panic attack once. And she had...

Isaac then took Scott’s face in his hands, tilted him slightly and pressed his lips against his.

Scott made a noise of surprise in his throat, but then to Isaac’s great relief (and slight gratification) Scott melted into the kiss, kissing back urgently as if he was drawing air right from Isaac.

He didn't know how long they stood there, kissing one another desperately, both of them seeking peace and serenity from the other as they kissed passionately, Isaac’s fingers wrapping in the back of Scott’s hair slightly while Scott pulled Isaac a tiny bit closer and his hand dropped slightly towards Isaac’s ass, holding it firmly as they kissed to calm each other down.

A little flurry of snow started to fall around them as they kissed, landing on Scott’s warm face and jarring him back from his blissful paradise and back to his hellish reality with a bump, and very reluctantly he stopped kissing Isaac, his hands going back to the middle of Isaac’s back while Isaac’s hands took a gentle hold of Scott’s face again.

“Thanks.” He whispered shyly, relieved to find that he had finally got his breath back and was back in control of his body again.

“Are you ok?” Isaac asked gently, his fingers gently cupping his ex’s face, and Scott nodded slowly, relieved that Isaac was there and really missing the press of his lips against his own.

“I am now. Sorry, I...” he began, tears still in his voice, but Isaac shook his head and kissed his forehead tenderly before he leaned his own against his.

“Don’t be. You’re panicking about Stiles, we all are. But you can’t let it beat you ok? If you do, we lose any chance of finding Stiles, and if anyone can find him, it’s the one who’s known him since you were both in diapers. After all, you’re the Alpha. Remember, you’re the apex predator, you always get what you go looking for. And that includes Stiles. You hear me?” he asked, his voice low, soft and smooth, and Scott could feel the words washing over him.

He didn't know how he managed it but his gorgeous Beta always made him feel like he could do absolutely anything. And now, with Isaac’s words blaring in his ears, his shining blue eyes boring into his own, and the feeling of his lips still tingling on his own, Scott actually believed him.

“Isaac, you...” he began softly, stroking the sheen of tears away from his ex’s long eyelashes.

“What?” he asked curiously, confident that Scott had finally calmed down and was ready to move on.

Scott then smiled to himself and pecked him on the cheek, making Isaac look at him questioningly.

“Nothing. Right, we haven’t found any sign of Stiles, and his jeep is missing. Can you call Derek and Allison while we ride?” he asked, getting back to business, and Isaac nodded.

“Course I can. Want me to call Ethan and Danny too?” he asked, and Scott bit his lip thoughtfully as he considered it.

It was all very well calling Ethan (mental note, why did Isaac have his number? Maybe he was prank calling him), but the entire idea of the entire pack had been to keep Danny as far away from the supernatural crap as much as possible, it was the one thing Jackson had begged of them before he had left for London and they had agreed as they hadn't wanted him put in danger any more than he was just by living here.

“Text him, if Ethan’s on his own, ask him to help, if he’s with Danny tell him to stay with him.” He said, and Isaac nodded, but looked slightly sceptical.

“You think he’ll listen to an order coming from anyone but his prospective Alpha?” he asked, and Scott shrugged, but had a slight glint of mischief in his eyes.

“He’ll listen to you. After all, if he wants to get in my good books, ignoring my best Beta who’s technically the second in command of my pack isn’t the way to go about it.” He said pointedly, handing Isaac his helmet as he climbed onto his bike.

“We are going to find him.” Isaac promised intently.

“I know beautiful.” Scott responded softly and reached back and squeezed Isaac’s knee reassuringly as he pulled on his helmet one handed and Isaac couldn't help but feel a little happier as a warm glow settled in his chest as he heard Scott call him the name he hadn't called him since they had broken up.

“Ok, so, you get us to the station, Lydia can do her thing and I’ll call the cavalry. You sure you’re ok?” Isaac asked softly as he wrapped his arms gently around Scott’s chest, perhaps a little lower than he had been holding him recently as he started to call Derek.

“Yeah I am, thanks to you. Thank you.” Scott said softly, and Isaac laid his chin on Scott’s shoulder.

“Anytime, you know that.” He whispered into his ear as Scott gunned the engine.

And vowed to himself that once they found Stiles (because they were going to find him, he just had to), he was going to stop messing about.

He loved Isaac.

And he wanted him back.

And as Scott drove them away from Stiles’ house, Isaac talking to Derek and telling him what was going on, he vowed to himself: as soon as they found Stiles (because Scott would find him, Scott was going to rescue Stiles there was no way that he could fail when it was Stiles on the line) that he was going to tell Allison that whatever it was they were, they couldn't be, for one simple reason.

He loved Scott.

And he wanted him back.




The sheriff had just finished giving out a list of instructions to the various deputies (including one who Isaac had to admit was pretty cute) before he led him and Scott into his office, his face crinkled with worry, his heart now beating as fast as Scott’s had been.

Isaac looked out at the various deputies, all up and about, getting to their assigned tasks. They wouldn’t let anything happen to Stiles, not if they could help it. Stiles had basically grown up here, all the deputies here, especially the old timers, all looked out for him, and upon hearing that he was missing had all basically agreed to do anything they could to help. It was a mark of how much affection they had for Stiles and how much they respected the sheriff that they were willing to put all else on hold to look for a missing kid. Isaac contemplated sadly that they wouldn’t be nearly so helpful if McCall had been the one. Well they would, but for the sheriff, Stiles and Scott’s sake, none of them gave that irritating FBI agent the time of day.

“Okay is there anything you need to tell me that I can’t tell anybody out there?” the sheriff asked, speaking mainly to Scott, which Isaac understood, everyone knew Scott was the best of them, and was Stiles best friend, he was to everyone else exactly what he was to Isaac: a hero.

“Lydia knew she was missing.” Scott told him nervously, and he could well understand why, after the sheriff had found out that Lydia was now on the chessboard, Stiles had explained how she appeared to sense death before it came, and the news that she had sensed his son was missing had done nothing to help calm him down.

“Can she help find him?” he asked, suppressing the fear he felt, and Isaac chimed in, hoping to calm the sheriff down slightly.

“She’s working on it.” He assured him, and the sheriff looked at him, the worry etched all over his features.

“Anything else?” he asked them both generally, and Scott finished reporting the news.

“I called Derek and Allison for help.” He told him, and that seemed to soothe him a little bit, knowing that the entire pack was on it.

Isaac however was slightly worried, while Derek had responded instantly, he had had no response from Allison, which he considered very strange, she usually answered her phone, but for some reason this time he had received no response, and to his confusion Scott hadn't received an answer when he had called her either. They both knew that she wouldn’t hesitate to help, and she would easily get her father on board so the lack of response was seriously annoying.

Ethan however had responded, and had blown a very confused and hurt Danny off to go out and help, to Isaac’s mixed emotions. He got that the twins were trying to prove themselves to Scott and he did appreciate the fact that Ethan was willing to sacrifice a chance of getting back with Danny in order to help them find Stiles, but he was also very wary, knowing that this was most likely coming from the fact that they wanted to be part of Scott’s pack rather than any genuine concern for Stiles’ wellbeing. But that aside, to his great disgust, he had to admit the twins were growing on him.

“Alright, can’t you, cant you find him by scent?” he asked desperately, and Isaac was about to reply when Parish, the attractive young deputy entered, looking vaguely triumphant.

“We’ve got it sir, we found the jeep.” He informed them and with that the sheriff left the two young wolves chewing on his dust as he bolted out of his office towards his car.

“So, if they found the jeep...” Scott said leadingly, and Isaac nodded.

“Then there’s a good chance we can find Stiles by scent from there. Told you we’d find him.” He said chidingly, and Scott gave the barest of smiles as he squeezed Isaac’s hand thankfully.

“I know you did, and thanks for everything tonight, but let’s not celebrate just yet, we still have to actually physically find him.” He reminded him and before he started to stroll out the door, Isaac pulled him back a little, sensing Scott’s agitation at the direction his thoughts had just gone in.

“Hey, we will, we have a lead, Lydia and Aiden are doing her banshee thing, Derek is out looking, and Ethan blew off a chance at getting back with Danny to help us look, and the two of us are doing our bit too, and now we have the entire police force looking for him. We’re going to find him.” He vowed, leaving no room for argument and Scott nodded, still looking a bit anxious at where his thoughts were going but also looked slightly relieved to hear Isaac talking him down once again.

“I mean it you know, if it weren’t for you tonight I would be...” Scott began, words failing him and Isaac gave him a soft smile.

“Probably the same way I’d have been in if you hadn't taken me in when I first turned up on your doorstep.” He told him and Scott gave him a half smile as he nodded.

“Yeah, maybe. Come on.” He said, his hand still enclosing Isaac’s and the two of them left the office to see a slightly pouting Parrish going back to sit at his desk.

“Where did they find Stiles jeep?” Scott asked him urgently, and he sighed.

“At the hospital, they’re still all getting into the cars, if you hurry you can get there the same time as the sheriff does.” He told them, flopping back into his seat, and Isaac cocked his head at the attractive young deputy.

“Why are you here?” he asked, sensing that his continuing presence in the station was what was really getting to the young deputy.

Parish scowled.

“I’m the most junior member here, so I get to stay behind and man the phones.” He said in false cheer, and both boys gave him an encouraging smile.

“Yeah, you do, but thanks to you, we know where to look. The others wouldn’t have told us, and we can help.” Scott assured him, and Isaac smiled.

“And besides, if anything happens, you’re here, on your own, like Assault on Precinct Thirteen, holding down the entire station yourself. Kind of awesome.” He said, and both boys left the young deputy with the beginnings of a smile on his face as he entertained visions of himself holding down the station alone against unknown foes that only he could see.




They arrived at the hospital just as the police started doing their own sweep and both boys ran over to Melissa, who upon seeing them her face changed to one of relief and wrapped both boys in a hug.

“Anything?” she asked, and Scott shook his head.

“No but the entire packs working on it. There wasn’t much of a scent near his jeep though.” He reported to her, and her face fell in alarm.

Isaac shook his head, glancing around the area at the people who had caused all their problems just by being here.

“There’s too many people coming in and out of the hospital to get a proper read on Stiles’ scent, and when all the police showed up it scrambled whatever was left of his scent.” He explained, and she sighed, looking worried, and Scott kissed her head soothingly.

“It’s ok mom, we’re going to find him, none of us are going to give up till we do.” He promised, and she nodded, cupping his cheek affectionately.

“I know you won’t. I only ever intended to have one kid, just as well, I got two extra ones who need worrying about just as much as my one does. Please find him honey. He’s...he’s my kid too, just like you and Isaac.” She said, and kissed Isaac’s cheek before she went to yell at the security guard at the door, who was snoozing at a time like this.

“Derek’s still here, he says he’s on the roof...this better not be a suicide note, we have enough problems without him adding to them, he’s meant to be helping, not committing suicide. Come on let’s go...Isaac?” Scott asked, turning back to him, and he saw Isaac’s cheeks shining bright red and hastily wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

“I-I’m fine.” He said tearfully, and Scott couldn't help but allow a real smile to form on his face, and decided to reflect on how cute Isaac was at that particular moment a little bit later on.

“Come on.” He said, taking his hand and leading him up to the roof.

Melissa watched two of her three boys go, smiling proudly. They would find her other kid. They would find Stiles. There was no way they couldn’t. Even if she had just reduced Isaac to tears bless him.

Poking the old security guard awake, to his great disgust, she informed him of what was going on and then returned to her desk, determined to do whatever she could to help find the missing kid who she viewed as her own.




Derek was indeed on the roof and to Scott’s great relief, he wasn’t trying to jump, as he and Isaac ran out onto the roof to meet him.

“He’s not here, not anymore.” Derek reported as he heard them running up behind him.

Scott couldn't believe it, he thought that finding the jeep had been a sign that they were getting closer, but if he wasn’t here then he could be anywhere. They were right back to square one and they were rapidly running out of time.

“In the whole building?” Scott begged, his last hope rapidly draining out of him.

“Gone.” Derek confirmed tersely, and Scott hung his head in defeat, taking a little solace from Isaac placing his hand at the small of his back.

“I’ll go tell Stillinski.” Isaac said, and Scott made a decision, if they were to have any hope of finding Stiles they needed all hands on deck, and that included Allison and her father. They were hunters, and they needed to hunt for Stiles, they should be out and helping.

“See if you can find Allison, she’s not answering her phone.” Scott ordered, and Isaac exchanged a last significant look with Scott before he headed off.

And as soon as the door closed behind him, Scott felt his presence as if he had lost a part of himself.

Giving himself a shake, he ran over to Derek’s side, where Derek was looking out at the town as if he were some sort of royal surveying his kingdom.

“Notice how strong that scent is up here? You ever hear of chemosignals? Chemical signals that communicate emotion, just a scent that can give off anger, fear, disgust. Take a deep breath, tell me what you feel.” Derek ordered, and even though it wasn’t Isaac who was now soothing him, something about Derek teaching him something that may actually help calmed him down too.

And then it occurred to him, if Derek could smell emotions then...oh great, that meant Derek could smell all the raging emotions inside him, including how he felt about Isaac. Just what he needed, Derek was able to smell his love life. Hoping his panic and anxiety for Stiles safety would prevent the former Alpha from learning too much about how he felt about Isaac he did as instructed and took a deep breath and let his nose do the job.

And as soon as he did so, he entered a whole new world that he had never thought possible.

He could smell all three of the people who had been up here.

Derek, he smelled of worry, concern, sourness, affection (most likely for Stiles, not that he would ever admit it) and vague amusement (which Scott had a feeling was to do with him and Isaac).

Isaac’s lingering scent was still strong, and smelled of fear, worry, stress, anxiety, desire (for him?), resentment (who at, him for sending him to Allison, or at Allison for not being available when they really needed her and because he was now going to be separated from Scott to go to her?) and strangely enough, hope (hope for Stiles, sure, but was he also hoping for something else?)

But it was Stiles whose scent was the most overpowering and though there were several different emotions raging inside his absentee best friend there was one that stood out above all the others.

“Stress.” He concluded, it was overpowering how stressed Stiles was, and something that was making Stiles that stressed out didn't bode well for anyone, especially him, if he was that stressed there was no telling what might have happened.

“And anxiety.” Derek added to his conclusion, looking just as worried about Stiles as Scott felt.

“What was he doing up here?” Scott asked nervously, because all the raging emotions he could smell from his best friend, all of them pointed to something very very bad happening.

“I don't know. But there was definitely some kind of struggle.” Derek said, looking around, seeing no signs of a physical struggle which only made him all the more concerned.

Scott looked at him in slight alarm, was the psycho he was with doing something to him, forcing him to do something he really didn't want to do? Had he been forced up here against his will when he had reached the hospital, was this some new fresh hell that had it in for his best friend?

“With who?” Scott asked, hoping that Derek was picking up on something that he had missed, please let him be picking up on something that he had missed.

“Himself.” Derek reported grimly, and as Scott made an involuntary noise of terror, he laid his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

Stiles was still missing. He had left his house, had come here, and had come up here in such a stressed and anxious state and had had an almighty struggle with himself, before winding up in the basement of some unknown building where he was freezing, wounded and possibly in the company of some maniac.

Scott felt his breath shuddering and he could feel the tears of panic and terror, the feeling of total hopelessness grip him as he faced up to the very real possibility that he could very well lose his best friend forever tonight.

And then, after getting a brief sniff of resignation from Derek, he felt Derek pull him into an awkward hug as the two of them stood on the roof of the hospital, Scott’s mind running itself ragged with worry about Stiles, his best friend, who they may be too late to save. Tears ran down his face and he shivered in terror at what Stiles was going through and how helpless and powerless he felt to save his friend.

And then his mind reminded him of Isaac, and how much better he would feel if it was him who was wrapping him in a hug.

Isaac always made him feel like he could do anything. He was also a lot better at hugging him than Derek was. But that aside, Isaac believed in him. He believed Scott would find Stiles, believed it with all his heart. And he wasn’t going to let his Isaac down.

So Scott would find Stiles.

He had to find Stiles.

There was no other option.



Chapter Text



Isaac wasn’t happy about this, not happy at all. He should be out looking for Stiles, he was the one who was in danger here. Allison as far as they knew was safely tucked up in her bed, he shouldn’t have to come here and haul her lazy ass out of bed when one of her friends was in trouble. Why the hell wasn’t she answering her phone?

Admittedly her and her dad’s help would be good, but the fact that they had wasted so much time waiting for her to answer her damn phone when the rest of them had spent the entire night running around town looking for Stiles wasn’t doing anything to improve his mood.

Scott had told him that he and Lydia were heading to Eichen House, the local asylum, as Lydia had a feeling that Stiles may be in there, but to his dismay Stiles had been nowhere to be found and they were still none the wiser as to where his friend might be. And Isaac had just run across town and it was absolutely freezing out there, if they didn't find Stiles soon, there was a good chance that they wouldn’t at all.

Well not before it was too late at any rate.

No, he thought angrily, he couldn't think like that, it would only make him panic and that was the last thing he needed right now.

What he needed was Allison to be answering her phone so he didn't have to run halfway across town in order to fetch her.

And then he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he grabbed it before it even reached the second ring, answering it as if his life depended on it, and it only occurred to him after the fact that he hadn't actually checked to see who it was.

“Honey?” came Melissa’s soothing voice, and she sounded so much less anxious and scared than she had earlier, did that mean-?

“Have you found him?” he asked eagerly and she gave a small sigh of relief.

“Yeah, we found him. He was at that coyote den you and Scott told me about after you got your leg clamped in that trap, Rafe figured it out from the phone calls Stiles had with Scott. We’ve got him, he was nearly hypothermic but we got to him in time. He’ll be alright.” She assured him soothingly and Isaac could feel the built up tension flowing out of him as he sighed in relief.

Stiles was alright, they had found him, and he was fine and he was safe. He closed his eyes briefly as he let the words sink in, Stiles was fine.

“Thank god.” He whispered, and she made a noise of assent at the other end.

“Agreed. Right sweetie, there’s no point in seeing him tonight, he’s out for the count, drugged up to the eyeballs and the nurses will make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. When we get there, I’ll pry Scott from him and get him home ok?” she said, and he nodded slightly to himself.

“Good. I won’t be long.” He promised her, glaring at Allison’s door in severe annoyance, he wasn’t going home till he had bitten her head off and chewed her around a bit, he needed to vent and unlucky for her, she was prime candidate number one.

“Good, I reckon Scott would appreciate you hurrying home too. He’s had kind of a crappy night, we all have and you always make him feel better. And whatever you did, thank you.” She said, and he looked at the phone in his hand in confusion, trying to ignore the slightly smug feeling rising in him from knowing he made Scott feel better.

“For what?” he asked, stumped.

“For keeping Scott calm all night.” She said simply and he smirked.

“Glad I could he help.” He said, slightly mischievous, which Melissa either didn't hear, or did hear and chose to ignore, and knowing her, probably the latter.

“Ok sweetie, I’ll see you when you get back, don't be too long.” She told him softly in that maternal voice he missed so much from his own mother.

“I won’t. And...” he began awkwardly, his nerve failing him slightly as he struggled to say what he had wanted to say to her since the hospital, ever since she was as much her kid as Scott and Stiles were.

“Yeah?” she asked kindly, and he could feel himself blushing.

“Thank you...for earlier.” He said softly, her saying she was basically her kid too...he would deny the fact that he had been so touched that he had cried till his dying day but still, she had said it, and it had made him feel, well it had made him feel a lot of stuff he hadn't even known he could feel anymore. Like he was wanted, like he was loved, like he was part of a family, as well as a pack.

Damn McCalls and making him feel feelings.

“You’re welcome. Don’t be long ok? Love you.” She said softly as she hung up the phone, leaving Isaac with a fond smile on his face.

Damn McCalls telling him they loved him.

Damn Melissa McCall for being so nice and caring about him and Stiles so much when their own mothers were both gone, basically adopting them both as her sons when she already had one of her own.

Damn both McCalls for being awesome really, he thought fondly.

And speaking of awesome, and someone who was decidedly not at the moment, Allison still needed dealing with.

He glared resentfully at her door. He was still worried about Stiles, he was annoyed that she hadn't picked up and helped, sure...but he had to face it, the real reason he was annoyed was because going to fetch her had taken him away from Scott. He knew Scott had had Lydia with him, and Derek had been close by, but he didn't feel right, leaving Scott when he was in such a state. Scott was so worried about Stiles, and Isaac would feel a lot better if he was with Scott, making sure he stayed calm as they looked for him. He knew Scott didn't need coddled or anything but Isaac just didn't want to leave him. His Alpha, the person he loved, was in distress, and he was here, with the significant other in both his and Scott’s lives instead of where he should be. Which was with Scott.

He hammered the door impatiently. Scott and Stiles had both needed him and he had been forced to come here. She was going to get an earful that much he was sure about. He didn't care what the reason was, he was going to give her an earful and damn the consequences. Stiles had been missing, Scott had been panicking, the fact that they had found him didn't change how thoroughly annoyed with her he was, and since he was here and the entire situation was just...

The door finally opened and Isaac hand to lean against the doorframe to keep from falling flat on his face.

“What the hell have you been doing?” he asked Allison as soon as her pale, sleepy and tousle haired form appeared in the doorway, with tensions running as high as they had been tonight, he was in no mood for pleasantries, especially when, to his great disgust, she had been asleep while he, Scott, the entire police department, Lydia, Derek, Melissa, the jackass who was Scott’s father and even the bloody twins had all been helping to try and find Stiles.

She blinked her eyes blearily, clearly still half asleep as she tried to cope with the sheer annoyance in Isaac’s voice.

“Sleeping, what have you been doing?” she asked, completely mystified, and to his everlasting irritation, his rage dimmed just a little bit, she did seem totally unaware of the chaos that was going on beyond the cosy comforts of her bedroom, and of the deadly peril Stiles had been in.

“You didn't get any calls, or texts?” he asked, slightly thrown and he could hear only confusion in his voice now, because after the amount of calls and texts that they had all sent to try and get her to help, there was no way she could have avoided them, so how hadn't she heard them, how would she not know that Stiles had been missing?

She gave him a look of confusion, clearly not knowing what he was talking about, and headed for her room to check her phone, Isaac following her in as she did so.

“My phone’s off...I never turn my phone off.” She said nervously, and Isaac frowned, she was right, she never turned it off, none of them ever did, it was the only way to make sure there were no fresh hells plodding through town that none of them knew about if they came across one.

As Isaac tried to puzzle out why her phone had mysteriously turned off, she turned on her phone, which of course proceeded to go bloody haywire with texts, missed calls and voice messages.

“Sleepwalking?” Allison asked in shock as she clearly read one of the texts informing her of the problem, “is he ok?” she asked.

Isaac considered being a dick to her, asleep, phone off or not, she’d been here while the rest of them had all been out looking for Stiles and she had been blissfully unaware, but he decided he ought not to be, she was legitimately worried.

And after all, Scott being so nice to everyone had rubbed off on him, the dick.

“Yeah they found him a few minutes ago, they’re bringing him to the hospital.” He told her, hearing Chris snore slightly in his room, also irritatingly unaware of the trial the entire pack had been through tonight.

“I don't know what happened, I never turn it off.” Allison said, still completely mystified as to how her phone had switched off, but as she studied it, as if it would magically reveal the answer to her, Isaac considering just going home as she did so, she suddenly frowned and saw a number of messages from an unknown number which she immediately started playing, starting a message that was very strangely playing out in Japanese.

“What’s that?” he asked, jarred from his thoughts of leaving by this strange development as he and Allison looked at her phone.

“I genuinely have no idea, I don't speak Japanese. French yes, Japanese no. It’s weird.” She said, playing the next message from the same unknown number to hear the same message played all over again.

“How would you get a message from someone Japanese? It doesn’t make sense.” He said, and she nodded, looking at her phone suspiciously.

“You’re right. Never mind. We’ll take it to Kira’s dad tomorrow, let him hear it and see if he can tell us what it says, that might give us a clue to where it came from. There’s not much more we can do tonight.” She said, putting her phone down and turning to give him a tired smile.

Isaac nodded wearily. Yeah, there wasn’t much else they could do, and quite frankly he was too tired and too unconcerned to bother trying to decipher a weird Japanese message on her phone. And even though it wasn’t her fault, he couldn't help but still feel a little resentful that she hadn't been there to help earlier.

“Good point. And anyway, Stiles is safe, and I kind of can’t bitch at you anymore, since your excuse was pretty good.” He said with a playful smile and she smirked as she raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, you came here to bitch at me did you?” she asked, and he grinned.

“Yeah, couldn't you tell I was pissed from the way I was hammering on the door?” he asked, and she looked kind of put out by that thought, to his confusion.

“Yeah, suppose so. You know I would have helped if I’d known.” She told him and he nodded.

“I know you would have. But it’s ok, Stiles is fine, Scott’s going home, and everything’s alright, well at least for the moment.” He summed up and she nodded.

“Yeah seems to be. Look, it’s late and you look exhausted, do you want to stay here tonight?” she asked him nervously, wondering how he would take that.

Isaac was a little shocked. Yeah he and her were doing some sort of weird flirtation thing, and he certainly liked her, and he knew she liked him a lot too, but that had caught him completely off guard. She wanted him to stay here?

“The guest room is always made up, since Kate’s dead and my grandfather is an evil lunatic, we don't get many visitors. You can stay here, because no offence but you look dead on your feet, you look like you could use the rest.” She said kindly, and he shrugged.

“You try running all over town and see how good you look,” he told her teasingly making her grin, “I’ll be ok. Thanks though, but Scott, he kind of needs me tonight, he’s had a crappy night.” He told her, and while there was a brief flicker of disappointment, she didn't look that bothered which assuaged the slight guilt he felt.

He knew she was frustrated. He knew she liked him, and was frustrated by his loyalty to Scott and his nervousness about doing anything with her, and he did feel really bad for her, she didn't deserve to be getting messed around like this. If Scott wasn’t around, if he wasn’t so loyal to him, if he didn't love him as much as he did...yeah, there would be no question. He really did like her and she was amazing, a far cry from how he had used to feel about her.

But...weird though it sounded for a teenager to be thinking this, she couldn't rush him. While she still seemed oblivious to how deep and far his and Scott’s relationship was (he had no idea how she was so oblivious, after all even the twins had known before she had) the fact that his feelings for Scott were still there and as strong as ever meant he couldn't rush into anything, not without all of them getting hurt. And he knew that he was hurting her, by seeming hot and cold at the same time, but he knew what he wanted, well mostly, but he also knew what he didn't want.

And he didn't want to really get together with Allison. At least not yet. Not until he was over Scott, because if he did that, she would be the one who got hurt just like he had been, and he wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And Allison really didn't deserve it, not when she was so, well, great.

“Ok. So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” she asked, and he nodded, and then kissed her cheek, bringing a small smile to her face.

“Probably. Sorry I woke you.” He said, smirking and she shot him an amused glare.

“Are you buggery, you reckon I deserve it since you were all out searching and I wasn’t.” She told him sternly, smiling as she did so as she walked him to the door.

“Yeah, maybe just a little bit.” He admitted, putting his fingers nearly together to show a small amount and she rolled her eyes.

“Well excuse me for wanting to sleep. Call me if anything changes with Stiles ok?” she told him, and he nodded.

“Of course I will. And...I’m sorry.” He said, and she shook her head, apparently not wanting to go any further into it.

“It’s ok, I get it, Scott needs you. Go calm him down ok? We might not be going out anymore, but I still care about him.” She said, cupping his cheek, and he nodded.

“Night.” He said as he entered the elevator, waving to her as he did so and she gave him a sleepy wave as he pressed the button for the lobby.

And as the doors closed, he considered the mess he was in. He really cared for Allison. Actually, he more than cared for her, and she had clearly fallen for him, and in any other circumstance, he would jump at the chance. After all she was strong, independent, gorgeous, loyal, sweet, funny, smart, loads of stuff and he really enjoyed being with her, and she was also a damn good kisser.

But there was also Scott, his sweet, gorgeous, caring, loyal, loveable, adorable Scott, who he had already fallen for and who had also apparently fallen for him. And it wasn’t fair to Allison to do anything with her when he was still hung up on Scott. Or vice versa.

He needed to talk to Scott. He had spent so long trying to bury his feelings for him, but tonight all the feelings he had been trying so hard to suppress had all come flooding back. And while he had new and intense feelings for Allison developing, he knew he wasn’t in love with her. Well he wasn’t in love with her yet, but he could see it becoming like that if he could let go of his feelings for Scott. But he also knew that he didn't want to let go of his feelings for Scott.

And deep down, despite how he felt, he knew who he really wanted.

And it wasn’t Allison.

As Isaac wrestled with his inner demons, Allison closed the door, yawning tiredly, wondering why the hell her phone had been turned off when the pack had so clearly needed her. Feeling annoyed with herself for whatever had happened, and also pondering the mystery calls on her phone, her thoughts turned to the gorgeous wolf who had just left her apartment.

She shouldn’t have asked him to stay, she should have known he would panic. She hadn't meant to make him uncomfortable, she hadn't meant to imply anything. They, whatever they were, this frustrating kind of sort of relationship thing they had going on, they were nowhere near ready for anything else, especially of that sort. She had just wanted to save him a trip back over town to get home, nothing else, she had just wanted to be helpful, but of course by asking what she had she had put him on the spot and frightened him a little.

She really liked Isaac, and truthfully, he was the first person she had really been attracted to since she had broken up with Scott. She really liked him, and she did want more. But she also understood that she couldn't rush him. As far as she knew, he had never really been with anyone, after all the first person to ever show any genuine concern or affection for him had been Scott, she knew as well as Isaac did that Derek had only turned him to suit his own ends. True there was Erica and Boyd and she had always wondered about Isaac and Erica, but she reasoned that if he had liked her, surely he would have left with her when she left town? So his reluctance to go far was understandable. He was insanely loyal to Scott, his loyalty to him only matched by Stiles loyalty to his best friend, he had never really had a relationship before and on top of that he hadn't had the healthiest of relationships with people who were meant to care about him.

But she couldn't help but feel a little frustrated by his hot and cold approach to whatever it was that they were. She understood it, sure, and respected it, but still, it was frustrating not knowing where she stood with him.

“Allison?” her dad asked, emerging from his bedroom and looking at her blearily.

“It’s ok. Stiles disappeared but they’ve found him, he’s fine. I’ll catch you up in the morning.” She told him and he nodded sleepily.

“Alright. Who was at the door?” he asked, and she shrugged easily.

“Isaac, he came to yell at me but he kind of got defused when I told him my phone had turned itself off. I asked if he wanted to stay though,” she said, and her father, who had been crossing towards the bathroom, stopped dead in his tracks, “he just looked so tired, I figured he could have crashed here, but he said no, he’s going home to make sure Scott’s ok.” She told him, enjoying the look of alarm and the shade of red her father went which was now defusing now the danger was over.

“Hmm, definitely like that boy. Yeah, like that boy a lot.” He said in approval, and she laughed slightly as he headed into the bathroom to go about his business.




Isaac yawned tiredly as he entered the house, yeah this running back and forth across town lark was getting seriously tiring. But not bad, he’d made it in the better part of forty minutes, had to be a new record as far as he was concerned, and the only problem was that poor cat who had been happily washing himself that he’d made leap a foot in the air as he had blazed past.

Before he could even consider dragging himself up the stair, he was wrapped in a fierce hug and felt the comfortable, familiar motherly feeling that only came with Melissa.

“Thank goodness, now I can relax. It’s been kind of a fraught night what with one thing and another.” She explained into his ear, stroking the back of his hair affectionately.

“Yeah, tell me about it. Thank you, for finding Stiles.” He said, and she smiled as she pulled back from him and cupped his cheek.

“I told you, you and him are as much my kids as Scott is. I love you. Now, get to bed. The night nurses said they would phone if he had so much as a nightmare, so there’s nothing else we can do for Stiles tonight ok? I’ll phone the school in the morning and you and Scott can go in a bit later after you’ve seen him.” She told him, and he nodded.

Stiles was alright, and now hopefully everything with him would go back to normal, he was safe and couldn't get hurt anymore, and now he was safely locked up in the hospital where he could actually get some rest.

But still, he, Scott and Melissa wouldn’t feel any better until they saw him for themselves the next morning, not that any of them would say it out loud.

“Thanks. Would it be bad if we killed him for putting us through all that?” he asked musingly, because bad though it was to even consider it, he did kind of feel like kicking his ass for putting them through all that, and she snorted in amusement.

“Might be frowned upon. Let’s wait till he’s out, then we can kick his ass for all the panic he caused, how’s that sound?” she asked brightly, and he grinned.

“Sounds good to me. Night Melissa. And...I love you too.” He said softly, but the delighted smile on her face as he ran up the stairs to Scott’s room was more than enough to confirm that she had heard him.

Smiling slightly, and trying to ignore the nice warm feeling in his chest, he opened the door to see Scott tiredly slumped on his bed looking completely burnt out.

“You’ve looked better.” He said in greeting, and Isaac couldn't help but feel a little bit smug as he saw how much his appearance seemed to chirp Scott up.

“Yeah, probably have. But it’s fine, Stiles is safe now, so now I can stop worrying, even with how much like crap I look.” He said, crossing the room and pulling Isaac into a tight hug which Isaac melted into.

Exactly, after all the stress they had been through tonight, now Stiles was safe, everyone else was safely back where they belonged and he and Scott, well he didn't know what was going on there, but he so wanted to. And Scott’s arms felt so warm, so right, so soothing around him that he couldn't help but wish that the two of them would just come to a decision about them already.

“Hey, I never said you looked crap. You could never look crap.” He admonished slightly, nuzzling Scott’s neck with his nose and Scott made a small noise of amusement in his ear before pulling away from him, frowning.

“Isaac, you’re freezing. Did the Oni get you again?” he asked in slight alarm as the thought occurred to him, touching Isaac’s face frantically and Isaac rolled his eyes in patient amusement.

“No silly, I just had to run back and forth across town since Allison wouldn’t answer her phone.” He told him, and Scott shook his head, took Isaac’s hand and guided him gently to the bed, and as if they had never broke up or stopped sleeping together, Isaac laid down beside him, cuddling into Scott while Scott wrapped his arms around him, using his heat to warm him up.

“Is she ok?” Scott asked, looking appreciatively at the guy curled up beside him and wondering just where he was going with, well with this, with what he was doing with Isaac.

Isaac scowled. Yeah he had let her off lightly but the injustice of it all still stung.

“Course she is, she was bloody asleep. We were all running around like headless chickens in the freezing cold panicking about Stiles and she was safely tucked up in bed.” He said resentfully, and Scott grinned slightly at the look of supreme irritation on Isaac’s face.

“Yeah, I can see why that’s made you kind of pissy...but what’s the real reason? Because Stiles needed her help, because you had to go and fetch her, or because she was warm and asleep while we were doing all the work?” he asked, stroking Isaac’s hair gently, and Isaac scowled a little.

“All of the above.” He said irritably and Scott laughed, though he couldn't help but wonder, and also hope, that if the thing that was annoying him the most was the fact that going to Allison had taken him away from Scott.

God he hoped so.

“Thank you, you were amazing tonight, if it weren’t for you, I don't think I’d even have found anything that might have helped Stiles.” Scott whispered, still stroking Isaac’s hair even though his brain dimly registered that he didn't need to be warming him anymore, he was already warmed up.

Isaac gently reached up and stroked Scott’s cheek, which caused Scott to close his eyes in enjoyment despite his very best efforts not to.

“It’s ok, but all I really did...” he protested, and Scott grinned a little.

“Was keep me calm and help me when I lost it, kept me going even though it seemed hopeless and actually made me think I could do this.” He said, resenting it slightly as Isaac sat up and gazed at his Alpha.

“Scott...” he began, and Scott rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“Can’t you just take my thanks?” he asked playfully and Isaac grinned.

“Yeah I suppose I ought to. So you’re welcome. But you need to get something into your thick head too.” He told him, his blue eyes boring into him.

“Yeah?” Scott asked and Isaac gently nudged him with his nose affectionately.

“You’re more than capable of doing all that stuff. I just helped. And I told you we’d find him.” He told him in a bratty voice and Scott laughed a little, his hand wrapped around Isaac’s.

“Yeah you did. Anyway, thank you. And I’m sorry, for the stuff I said to you when I was panicking, I didn't mean a word of it, you know that right?” he asked and Isaac nodded.

“Of course I do. Unless you’re a very good actor and are an expert at keeping everything hidden, which let’s face it, you’re not,” he said teasingly and Scott swatted at him, a grin on his face it, “I know you wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt me.”

And there it was, that sheer trust and love and affection in Isaac’s voice, the thing that made Scott feel like he could do anything, the thing that made him feel like he was the centre of Isaac’s universe, the thing that made him feel fucking awesome because Isaac believed that much in him and cared that much about him.

“Of course I wouldn’t hurt you, I hate it when you’re hurt.” Scott said huskily, edging closer to Isaac, looking at his gorgeous long eyelashes, his thumb stroking Isaac’s cheek tenderly.

“I know you do. You’re an overprotective pain in my ass, but I’m glad you’re there. You’re...I don't know where I’d be if I didn't have you.” Isaac whispered, leaning his head against Scott’s, looking into the big brown eyes of his gorgeous Alpha that he loved so much.

Scott shook gave a microscopic shake of his head, running his thumb gently along Isaac’s lips, wondering if he should keep talking with Isaac or do what he really wanted to do and kiss those luscious lips, the ones that had kissed him earlier that night, the ones that he’d been missing ever since he had broken up with him, the lips he so wanted to be his again.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re here, where you belong. And...I kind of like making sure you’re safe. After being screwed over so much, and seeming to be a favourite target for every foul thing that comes through town, well I kind of like making sure you’re safe. I...I actually need to know you’re safe.” He said softly and Isaac smiled ruefully.

“You know, you were the first person who cared about me in a very long time. I mean Derek might have done, but you know what he’s like, he’s an aloof jackass and he kicked me out. You’ve never hurt me. Well...not without hurting yourself too.” He said sadly, but strangely Scott could tell that it wasn’t the fact that he’d hurt Isaac that was making him sad (even though he knew that had hurt Isaac, deeply) but the fact that Scott had hurt himself was what was getting to Isaac.

“I’m so sorry I hurt you like I did I...” Scott began but Isaac shook his head, looking pleadingly at Scott, as if begging him not to go any further.

But damn it they needed to go further, this was killing them, this was killing both of them and they both hated it.

“I know.” Isaac whispered, holding Scott’s face in one hand while the other squeezed Scott’s reassuringly.

“Isaac...I didn't mean to hurt you.” Scott whispered softly, he knew Isaac didn't want to talk about this (or did he?) but he had to, he had to figure this out.

“I know you didn't. And besides, since you’re such a moron you hurt yourself too.” Isaac pointed out with a small smile and Scott gave him one in return.

“Yeah, not my best move admittedly. And I’ve regretted it ever since.” He said, his voice barely above a whisper and Isaac looked at him hopefully, wondering where he was going with this.

“Really?” he asked, he could feel his heart rate climbing in his chest, butterflies were fluttering in his stomach, and all he knew was, he really wanted Scott, he needed Scott to...

“Yeah, because it means I can’t do this anymore.” He said, and Scott finally succumbed to his raging emotions inside him, the ones that were the exact mirror image of Isaac’s, and he finally kissed Isaac again.

Isaac moaned in pleasure as Scott’s lips touched his again. This, he had wanted, no this was what he had needed. His heart was hammering in victory, Scott was kissing him again, he still loved him. He pushed back hungrily, wanting more and Scott reciprocated, kissing him all the more passionately, his fingers running through the back of Isaac’s hair as Isaac did the same to his Alpha. Isaac made a keening noise in his throat as he did so, Scott gently tipping him back into the pillows, their lips never breaking contact, in fact all it made Isaac want all the more and kiss him all the more desperately.

Scott could feel how much Isaac wanted him, in fact he wanted him just as much as he wanted Isaac. Scott kissed him passionately, not caring about anything anymore, about the promises, about the warnings, the threats of impending doom, the voice in his head being completely cancelled out as he kissed his Isaac again. Isaac. He loved Isaac, and they had wasted too much time as it was, he wanted him back, he needed him back and all he knew as he was kissing Isaac was that he never wanted to be apart from him again.

As the two reunited wolves broke for air, Scott came up, hanging above Isaac nervously, as if waiting to see what Isaac would say. And then, when Isaac rose his eyes to meet Scott’s, Scott smiled in nervous enjoyment, his Beta’s eyes were glowing their beautiful golden colour and judging by the bulge in Isaac’s jeans he was more than willing to let Scott continue just the way he had been. Scott grinned and bent down to kiss Isaac once more, but instead he felt Isaac’s hand on his chest, making him stop and cock his head at him in confusion.

Isaac stretched up and kissed Scott’s cheek, looking into his Alpha’s glowing red eyes. This was new, this was exciting, this was...this was happening. He and Scott were getting back together. He kissed Scott’s other cheek and then kissed down his strong neck, affecting a small pout as he reached Scott’s top, and Scott grinned, finally getting why Isaac had stopped him and he stripped the top off and threw it into the corner, allowing Isaac to feast his eyes on his tanned, shirtless lovely Alpha.

“Better?” Scott challenged excitedly, and Isaac grinned, reaching up and entwining his hands behind Scott’s neck.

“Much.” He whispered as they kissed again, Scott supporting Isaac’s head as they kissed, hanging in mid air as they were, and then nudged Isaac with his nose, and Isaac smirked, he realised that his Alpha wanted the same thing as he did.

Scott broke off from him for a second and then Isaac sat up, stripping his top off as he did so, revealing his pale body to his Alpha who made a sort of purr in his throat which was clearly approval as Isaac kissed him once again, his hands stroking up Scott’s back as Scott gently took hold of his waist as he fell back, allowing Isaac to be on top, both of them kissing as if their life depended on it.

God he had missed this, that kiss earlier hadn't been enough, he needed this, he needed Isaac back, he needed him to be his boyfriend again, no more messing around, he wanted to get back with Isaac. He wanted them to be together again and this time it didn't matter what anyone said, he wouldn’t break up with him for anything, if they were together, it was for keeps.

Scott made another sort of purr of pleasure as Isaac’s hands fell down to his jeans, clearly bulging. Isaac looked at him, seeking his approval desperately, needing his approval to go further and Scott kissed him lightly, stroking his cheek with his thumb as he did so, and Isaac gave him a happy joyful look and undid Scott’s jeans, revealing his bulging black boxers. Scott smiled as Isaac’s face lit up excitedly, looking at Scott mischievously, and he bent down to kiss him again, Scott groaning as he did so, his body arching and wriggling out of his jeans as he did so. Isaac then broke off, his golden eyes looking at Scott beseechingly, as if he had adopted his adopted that puppy dog eyes look that made Scott completely powerless against him and Scott kissed Isaac’s neck as he sat up, his hand pressed against Isaac’s chest as he did so, the other hand undoing his jeans, pulling them down to reveal Isaac’s own substantially enlarged boxers and Scott looked at Isaac excitedly, wanting more, wanting him, wanting his Isaac, wanting him right now...

“Scott...” Isaac moaned as Scott kissed down his neck, his hand stroking over his abs and as Scott hung above him, Isaac kicked off his jeans, sending them flying away leaving both aroused werewolves in only their boxers.

And it was then that something clicked in Scott’s brain as he beheld his Isaac, his gorgeous Isaac who he was still so madly in love with, looking longingly up at him.

And beneath him, as Isaac beheld Scott, knew he and his Alpha were finally doing what he had wanted them to do ever since he’d been dumped, something clicked in his head.

And as Isaac’s eyes faded to blue and Scott’s to brown, both of them locked gazes and said in unison


They must be mad, they had both wanted this for so long, and now both of them were saying no, both of them were actually agreeing.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Isaac said softly, wriggling out from under Scott, but to his relief he didn't get out of bed, he just sat up and looked earnestly at Scott, who rocked back on his heels and sat on them, looking shyly at Isaac.

“I know. Doesn’t mean what we did wasn’t amazing though.” He said playfully, sitting beside Isaac, who looked at him hesitantly and after receiving a small nod from Scott, he laid his head on Scott’s bare shoulder.

“Yeah it was, but we shouldn’t be doing it.” Isaac said mournfully and Scott nodded beside him.

“Well not until we’re really sure of what we want. Tonight...tonight we’ve both had a rough night, our emotions have been all over the place because of what happened with Stiles wouldn’t be right. We wouldn’t be doing it because it’s what we really want, we’d be doing it because of the stress we’ve been under tonight. But...we do need to talk.” Scott said softly as he started unconsciously stroking Isaac’s hand with his thumb.

“I know we do. Our emotions are everywhere...but for what it’s worth, I don't think tonight was a mistake.” He said, and Scott smiled.

“Yeah, probably wasn’t. But I’ve hurt you once before and I don't want to do it again ok? We need to think about this, we both do. We need to think about it when we haven’t had a night like this. But...” Scott said hesitantly, wondering if he should say what was really on his mind.

He didn't need to wait, he knew what he wanted. Even though his emotions had kind of been through the spinner tonight, that didn't change how he felt about Isaac. He wanted him back, he wanted to fix their relationship and get back with him. And just now, when they had been so close to having sex...he had realised how much he had missed him. He had had Isaac around and they had strayed from their reduced contact rule a couple of times, but tonight, that had been amazing. He had missed him, missed being with him, cuddling up together and just talking, waking up and finding Isaac beside him and he had also missed the physical part because let’s face it, Isaac was bloody gorgeous and he was really kind of good at the physical stuff and it was amazing.

And there was Kira but...while he did really like her, quite simply, she wasn’t Isaac.

Beside him Isaac had a soft smile on his face. Yeah that had been amazing, and they hadn't even done as much as they could have, or gone as far as they had wanted to. He missed being with Scott. And even though they had both called a halt, he could see that Scott’s mind was already made up, just like his was. He wanted Scott back. He’d known from the instant that Scott had broken up with him that if he ever got the chance to take him back, he wouldn’t hesitate to take it. And now, it looked as though they could actually get back together.

He briefly pondered if Stiles’ disappearing act was part of some evil scheme to get him and Scott back together. No, even he wasn’t that crazy. And if he was, he would thank him and then he would kill him for doing it in the first place.

But there was still Allison to consider. He really did care about her, and in any other circumstances (in other words if he wasn’t totally in love with Scott) he would have jumped at the chance to be with her. But when he had Scott, even if he did feel slightly bad about it, the choice was still a no brainer.

He wanted Scott.

“Hey...just because we’re not doing anything else doesn’t mean you have to go does it?” Scott asked softly, and Isaac smiled as Scott laid down.

“I don't think so.” He said, and just as they had been before Stiles had called, Isaac laid down beside Scott and allowed Scott to cuddle into him, his warmth filling Isaac as he did so.

“And I mean it Isaac...thank you for tonight.” Scott whispered, kissing Isaac’s cheek gently, and Isaac smiled.

“You’re welcome. We made the right choice didn't we?” Isaac asked hesitantly, and Scott nodded, gently stroking Isaac’s cheek reassuringly.

“Yeah we did. We both wanted it, but I’ve hurt you before and I can’t bear to do it again. If we do what we were going to, it has to be because we both want it.” He said softly and Isaac pouted as he looked at him.

“Wait, does that mean you didn't want it?” he asked nervously, what if he had been wrong about what he thought Scott was feeling, but Scott gave him a little half grin, nudging him slightly with his nose.

“Isaac, believe me I wanted it. And even if I didn't, if you were offering, I’d have to be blind, deaf, dumb and asexual to say no.” He told him and Isaac went scarlet, making Scott giggle.

“Um...thanks.” Isaac muttered meekly and Scott sniggered at the embarrassment he had caused him.

“You’re welcome.” He said, kissing Isaac’s cheek gently again as he cuddled into him, and Isaac buried his face in Scott’s hair, trying to hide his blush.

“Hey...Stiles is going to be alright isn’t he?” Isaac asked into Scott’s head, and Scott nodded.

“Yeah he will be. And if he isn’t, we’ll make sure he is. Together.” He promised, his hand wrapping around Isaac’s.

Isaac smiled a little and nodded, wrapping himself a little tighter around Scott.

“Good.” He said, and Scott grinned up at him.

“Do you think you could turn your cheeks off? Cute though you are, you’re kind of keeping me awake.” He teased and in response Isaac grew a single claw and poked him with it.

“Ow!” Scott yelped and Isaac smiled evilly.

“Serves you right, jackass.” He retorted and Scott swatted at him as the two of them laid together.

“Anyway...Stiles will be alright. We found him, he’s safe. It’s fine.” He promised Isaac and Isaac smiled a little.

“I know. And even if it isn’t, you’ll make it fine.” Isaac muttered sleepily as the two boys drifted off to sleep, wrapped around each other.




The original plan had been that both Scott and Isaac would go and see Stiles before Melissa took them into school later on. However when Melissa had woken in the morning, one of the night nurses had phoned her and told her that they were going to be doing some tests on Stiles all morning, however, when Melissa asked, the stickler for the rules on the other end refused to tell her since she wasn’t actually family. Scowling angrily, she had basically did half the raising of the kid, her kid and Stiles had been best friends since they were both crawling and he was just as much her kid as Scott was, she had quite unprofessionally told the woman on the other end where to go and what to do with herself (eliciting a scandalised response as a result) and had sat and thought. She had a feeling, a horrible feeling, that she knew where this day was going. She had seen it before, all those years ago with Stiles’ mother, Claudia. She could feel it in her gut.

Something was wrong with her boy, the little boy who had looked up at her so desperately after his dad had told him his mother wasn’t coming home anymore, and throwing caution to the winds, ignoring the fact that he was too old to be lifted up, Melissa had scooped a crying Stiles into her arms and did her best to soothe him. Claudia had been her best friend for so many years, she had met her at a new mom’s class and that had been it, the two women had become best friends so easily, and their little babies had become best friends the first day Melissa had visited Claudia at home and stuck baby Scott in the playpen with Stiles while she nipped to the loo.

By the time she had come back, the two of them were cooing at each other happily, Stiles holding his arm out over Scott protectively, and both mothers had known from that moment on that the two boys would be inseparable from then on. She smiled reminiscently, Stiles had always looked out for Scott, always cared for him, always made sure he was alright. Maybe it was because Stiles was slightly older. Maybe it was because Claudia had told Stiles to look after Scott once when they were toddlers while she and Melissa had chased away a snake that was in Claudia’s garden (Melissa had argued for shooting it, but being the wife of a sheriff, she refused to budge and used a broom to great effect, and Melissa had been very impressed that she had managed to subdue it and put it safely in a box all without killing it as she would have preferred). Or maybe it was just because of Scott’s asthma and the fact that after she had died John had raised Stiles alone and some of his personality had rubbed off on his young son, but Stiles had always looked out for Scott, made sure he was safe, made sure he had his inhaler wherever he went.

When Claudia had died, she had assumed the mothering role for Stiles, just as John had become a sort of father figure for Scott since his own one was about as much use as a chocolate fireman. Claudia