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Matsuno no Hero Academia: Origins

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He will not stand for it.

The Matsuno Sextuplets have finally graduated from middle school and are about to begin their junior high school years. With all six of them in the same class, let alone the same school, has garnered them a certain level of fame. They gave any teacher that is brave (or unfortunate) enough to take them as students a run for their money. There is one undeniable fact among the teachers however, that the Matsuno Sextuplets, save for Choromatsu, has to potential to be a top ranking hero if they should choose to take the Hero Courses in their high school years. All of them have amazing quirks except for Choromatsu, who is known to be the only quirkless child in the Matsuno household. This did not stop them from sticking by each other the past twelve years though. Especially if any kid thinks they could bully little Choromatsu for being quirkless.

But for the past few weeks, an uneasy feeling had started seeping into each of the brothers. This all started from them learning that they were not able to be enrolled in the same school as they had planned. They were split into different groups, with Osomatsu and Choromatsu in one school, Karamatsu, Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu in another, and Todomatsu having to be all alone in another school. Worse yet, only Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu have managed to be in the same class. This uneasy atmosphere has gotten to the point that its almost visible whenever the brothers are around each other, them being unsure of their new situation and unwilling to spend the next 4 years apart from each other.

The uneasy tension has carried on till the first week of their new school. On the first day, they each left their house at the same time, waving goodbye to each other as they split off into their respective groups, promising to arrive home at the same time. But with all the activities going on in the first day of school, it was impossible for them to have kept the promise. By the end of the week they have mostly settled down on their morning routine, Todomatsu leaving the house first, followed by Karamatsu, then Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu, and finally Osomatsu and Choromatsu.

To be honest, Osomatsu would often miss the days where they would go to school together, eat lunch together, then return home together. He knew this was part of growing up, and it is only natural they would drift apart once they started going different schools. He tried to get them to spend more time outside of school together, but they all have different priorities now. Karamatsu has joined the drama club and have a play coming up. Todomatsu made new friends, and is quick to dismiss any family bonding in favour of spending time with his new buddies. Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu is always nowhere to be found. Even Choromatsu who goes to the same school as him is keeping to himself. Osomatsu really wished he knew how his world fell apart so quickly. Has the past twelve years of sticking together meant nothing to the rest of them?

Over the course of the next month, they would barely see each other at all. The only brother Osomatsu is guaranteed to see is Choromatsu as they walk to school together, and even then there was an uneasy atmosphere between the two, and for most parts, both of them would not speak. Osomatsu’s pride won’t allow him to admit how much this was affecting him, and Choromatsu content to let the silence between the brothers continue.

It took Osomatsu 3 months to finally put down his pride and speak up.

“Choromatsu, I really miss my brothers” Choromatsu turned to look at him as they walked. After studying the red matsu for a moment, he spoke up

“We sleep next to each other, what’s there to miss?”

“When was the last time all six of us sat down and ate together?” Osomatsu voice cracked. He slowed down a bit, not wanting Choromatsu to see that he was blinking rapidly, trying to hold back the long overdue tears that should have fallen months ago. Thankfully Choromatsu has already looked away as they continue walking, allowing the eldest son the privacy he needs to mull over how vulnerable he has felt from all the drama that have been going on in their lives lately.

“I don’t know… Everyone has got their own thing now. Maybe we all needed a break from each other, and this is just the perfect opportunity to pursue our own interest.” Choromatsu mulled, as if pondering some great mystery.

As much as Osomatsu doesn’t want to admit, everyone seems unwilling to get together and just… spend some time together. He frowned, leave it to Choromatsu to be able to analyse what is technically their falling out.

“What about you?” He asked tentatively. “Do you need a break from us? From me?”

Hearing this, Choromatsu stopped walking and turned around to face him, while Osomatsu looked away, not quite ready to make eye contact.

“I think… for the longest time, I have been looking up to all of you. When each of your quirks started manifesting and you all gained all these amazing powers, I felt left behind. I didn’t want to admit it but I was frustrated with myself. Frustrated that out of all six of us, I was the only one to be quirkless while being told by everyone that my brothers would make great heroes. Not once has anybody ever told me that I can be a hero, even though it was me that wanted to be a hero the most out of all six of us.”

“So when everyone when their separate ways for junior high, I wanted to take this opportunity to experience what it is like being independent from my amazing brothers. How it would feel to be judged when my brothers are not with me. I just didn’t want to hear another person telling me how my brothers will obtain what I can never achieve.”

Realizing for the first time how horrible Choromatsu must have felt all those years, Osomatsu opened his mouth, intending to say how sorry he was for not taking his brothers feelings into consideration, but it was lost when the younger matsu embraced him in a tight hug.

“But you know, out of all of us, this separation probably hit nii-san the hardest. You were always upset whenever we had to be apart. I know it may not seem like it, but we will always be connected together. And even though I might not be able to become a hero in the future, I want you to know that I will always be there for you guys as moral support.”

As a smile slowly crept onto his face, Osomatsu returns the hug.

” Silly Choromatsu, you already are a hero.”

And that is why he will not stand for it, when he hears these ugly rumours. These rumours about a quirkless kid in his school. Rumours on how the seniors have been singling him out and targeting him for a beat down. Rumours that they have been bullying and ridiculing him for months. That all quirkless are meant to be treated like dirt.

If anybody fucks with any one of their brothers, they fuck with him.

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Before, when people talk about Matsuno, they would think of the Matsuno Sextuplets. The mischievous but good natured troublemakers blessed with strong quirks that might propel them just far enough to be the next top ranking heroes in the future. Nowadays, when people talk about Matsuno, they will have many different versions on who he is. Some from Fyukka junior high say he is a charismatic class clown. A boisterous kid with a constant bubbly, joyous atmosphere about him that everybody can’t seem to get tired of. With an incredible quirk that will put most pro heroes to shame, he is bound for great things in the future.

Students from Junichi junior high will argue and say that he is actually an extravagant performer. That he is a hopeless romantic and likes to sprout painful lines that will make the most stoic student cringe. With a quirk so flashy that allows him to give any audience the most spectacular show.

A small amount of students from that very same school may say they are actually inseparable twins. One as gloomy as the darkest night, with a quirk that is way more suitable for villiany than actual heroism. The other as jovial as the brightest sun, with a quirk that simply does not adhere to logic. But if you were to ask any females in Ryankouku junior high about him, they will say he has the most charming personality, with eyes that you can never say no to.

Lately however, there have been rumors calling him a quirkless liar. they will tell you he is actually a wuss, a loser that has no quirk. So pathetic that he is willing to do anything you ask even if you beat him to a pulp.
Osomatsu has long since given up on asking everyone to go to the bathhouse together like they used to. It was only after the heartfelt talk he and Choromatsu had on the first few months of their junior high years that Choromatsu has agreed to at least spend some time with his onii-chan and make time on their weekends so they could relax and enjoy some manly brotherly bonding in the local bathhouse. So when Choromatsu started giving excuses about how he can’t go to the bathhouse with Osomatsu because he has to do homework, Osomatsu’s onii-chan instinct started screaming at him to take notice on the recent mannerism the green matsu has adopted.

Choromatsu always looks so ashamed and guilty when turning him down, especially during the times where he couldn’t stop his disappointment from seeping into his usually carefree way of speech. Even an idiot like him could tell that Choromatsu was turning him down not because he didn’t want to hang out with him, but due to some unspoken reasons Choromatsu doesn’t want to talk about.

Osomatsu has also noticed how Choromatsu has taken to wearing long sleeves whenever he’s at home for the past month or so. Whenever Osomatsu asks about it, he would dodge around the question, directing his attention away from it.

And then there’s the mountains of homework that Choromatsu always seems to be doing. They were both in the same grade, so why does his brother have so much more homework than he?

There was also the curious fact that many of his classmates suddenly become very curious at what his quirk was. Of course, Osomatsu has no qualms on showing off his quirk to his classmates, they were all suitably impressed by his flashy quirk, giving him praise just as quickly as any other person he has met prior of his junior high years. Despite the usual awe and respect, there was also a certain relief whenever he showed his quirk off to whoever that ask. He tried asking for the reason why his classmates were acting so suspicious, but he always got half-hearted answers like “Its nothing” or “Ah, just curious” but also picked up whispers around him like “who told you that?” or “must be fake news”

It wasn’t until a certain classmate of his accidentally let slip that “Matsuno isn’t some quirkless loser, right?” when they were joking around during a gym session one day, that Osomatsu finally knew how much shit Choromatsu has gotten himself in. Pressing further revealed that rumors were spreading that ‘Matsuno’ was not just quirkless, but also spineless by some of the upper class men. Of course, his classmate would think the Matsuno in these rumors were him. After all, in accordance to Choromatsu’s wishes, he hadn’t told anybody that he was a sextuplet, and one of his brothers were actually attending the same school as him.

Over the next few days, more and more worrying gossip would reach his ears. About the horrible environment that Choromatsu has been put through. Bullies cornering the green matsu, beating him up on isolated corners of the school. His brother, forced to do not only his classmate’s homework, but also the homework of his seniors. No wonder Choromatsu has so much to study, the homework he is doing is way above his curriculum!

On one hand, he wanted to confront Choromatsu for hiding so many things from his nii-san, but he also knew Choromatsu would most likely view this as a challenge to his independency.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to experience what it is like being independent from my amazing brothers. How it would feel to be judged when my brothers are not with me”

Well, turns out that without his brothers, Choromatsu’s life was steadily becoming a living hell. Osomatsu wanted to protect his brother but was torn on what he should do.

So when some random kids walked up to Osomatsu in the toilet and started shoving him while calling him a “quirkless loser”, Osomatsu finally decided that he had enough. Choromatsu’s pride be damned, nobody gets to fuck with him or his family and get away with it. And so, 15 minutes later, those same random kids were on the ground, with bruises and first degree burns.

As he makes his way back to class, Osomatsu begins to formulate a plan to drag Choromatsu out during the lunch period, so that they have some quality ‘brother bonding’ while making sure that the scenario in his head is, hopefully, just in his head.

This time he wasn’t going to take no for an answer

Choromatsu was the first to walked out of the classroom for lunch. Although there is a chance they might call out to him or try to stop him, He definitely did not want to be trapped in the class, with them, alone. Thankfully, he managed to make it to his locker without encountering any other students that might decide to try anything funny. Opening his locker, he let out a sigh, wondering what Osomatsu is up to now. He felt super bad, after turning his nii-san down over and over again whenever the eldest son wanted to hang out. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to hang out with his brother, after all, it seems like only the two of them are ever home these days. He just didn’t have time between constantly avoiding them and all the extra homework he had to do.

Besides, if he was seen hanging out with Osomatsu, his older brother might get caught up with all this bullshit too, though he can’t ever see his nii-san losing in a fight. After all, the whole point of him letting them step all over him is so that his brothers would never find out and he don’t have to rely on them to bail him out of trouble like in the past. It was only after placing some books into the locker and slamming the door shut, did he notice a certain red matsu and his signature lazy grin, standing by his locker.

“O-oo Osomatsu nii-san!! Don’t scare me like that!”

“Well, if only you would pay more attention to your surroundings you would have noticed me following you Choro-chan~” Osomatsu winked.

“D-don’t call me that! And also, you couldn’t have followed me when I was walking here, nii-san. I was checking my back on the way here!”

“Ho…?” Osomatsu lowers his eyelids, “Why are you looking out for stalkers? Could it be that someone is out to get you?” Cursing internally for slipping up, Choromatsu started to shy away from his older brother’s piercing eyes.

“I-i-its nothing nii-san. I’m just trying to avoid a guy in my class that wants to burrow some money. I don’t have a lot I can give after all… haha…” Great, he even added an awkward laughter which made Osomatsu even more suspicious, in fact, he could literally feel the older matsu’s gaze intensify. Stupid stupid stupid.

“Want me to beat them up for you?” Choromatsu looks up into Osomatsu’s face. Osomatsu was smiling at him, but there was a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Ahh nii-san don’t be so violent! Sheesh it’s just some guy that doesn’t know how to take no for an answer!” He didn’t want Osomatsu’s help. He didn’t need it. He is going to get by on his own.

“That’s too bad then. Wanna grab lunch together?” Like a switch, Osomatsu was back to his usual self, giving him a lazy grin.

Well, it’s not like he could say no at this point. And he does not want Osomatsu wandering around this side of school, in fear of his bullies mistaking his brother for him. Sighing for a second time since the last minute, he started walking to the cafeteria, with his older brother in tow.

Nothing eventful happened during lunch. Its times like this that makes Choromatsu miss being with his brothers. Even though his older brother is an obnoxious, loud mouthed idiot, it’s kind of hard not to laugh at his silly antics. In fact, he couldn’t remember a time where he had smiled or laughed this hard for the past few months. Ever since they started junior high, he hasn’t been talking to his brothers all that much, since they were in different school and on the weekends there always seem to be at least one or two of his brothers not around. But he has a feeling that once this phase has past, Osomatsu will definitely be able to get them all back together.

Finishing up his lunch, Choromatsu waved his brother goodbye, stating that he needed to hit the toilets before returning back to class for his second period. Humming cheerfully to himself, he did not notice that several of his classmates and a few seniors have slowly gathered and is now stalking Choromatsu. Just as he is about to enter one of the toilet stalls, he was forcefully pulled away and shoved into the ground.

“Hey quirkless loser! Didn’t I tell you to wait for me in your classroom at lunch time? You wanna die?” Choromatsu felt a sharp pain as he was kicked in the stomach.

“Who was that eating with you huh? Is that your brother? I bet he is a quirkless loser like you huh? Quirks are passed down with genes rights?” Choromatsu curled up to try and better protect himself but more and more kids are joining in on the kicking.

“Be careful not to hit his head or face guys, don’t want anybody else finding out and ruining our fun!”

“Quirkless losers like you should just crawl on all fours like a dog! You are powerless and rely on us quirk users for protection!”

“Maybe we will find out which class your brother is at and make him beg like a dog too!”

“Don’t you dare go snitching us out to the teachers either! If you do, we will make sure you won’t be able to speak for weeks!”

Groggy from the pain, Choromatsu felt himself being pulled up and forced to stand. Someone grabbed his hair and lifted his head up. “I want you to beg, beg me to hit you, and then thank me as I do. Or else we are going to find your brother tomorrow and beat him up as well”

Realistically, Choromatsu realised that Osomatsu will never lose to these fuckers. Even without his quirk, he could probably take them all. And whatever quirks they have can never hold a candle to Osomatsu’s quirk. It would be simple enough to let them find Osomatsu and get the shit beaten out of them. But Choromatsu didn’t want to rely on his brother’s power. He was supposed to be independent now. No longer a scrawny quirkless that hides behind his brothers. He wanted to be noticed for being him, not the brother of someone with an amazing quirk. Heroes will always persevere till the end.

Glaring at his attackers, “Please… senpai. Hit me with your best shot”

“Ho ho! I like your tone but your eyes pisses me off. I will teach you not to look at your betters with such defiant eyes!”

Without pause, a solid punch was swiftly delivered to his stomach. “Thank… you” Choromatsu wheezed.

“Good dog!”

They continue beating on him for the next couple minutes. Choromatsu knows he’s about to lose consciousness soon, and takes comfort in the knowledge that they would probably leave once he faints.

“Oi. What do you fuckmunches think you are doing?” Choromatsu can barely register the heat coming from somewhere. Something hot just stepped in the toilet with them. He can feel the kids around him stiffen from the pressure the newcomer is exuding. Something about the sound of fire crackling, the warmth it brings, seems oddly familiar, not to mention downright soothing to Choromatsu. The kids holding him up suddenly let go of him, making him collapse on the ground. Choromatsu managed to glance up at his eldest brother before passing out. Covered in seething flames, eyes glowing like the midday sun. His final thoughts were how his brother looked just like those cool heroes they always admired as kids. Those cool heroes he still admires to this day. Even though he would not admit it by the time he wakes up, he was really, really, glad that Osomatsu came to his rescue.

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Osomatsu waved goodbye to Choromatsu, giving him a wide grin. It’s been so long since he has eaten with any of his brothers! Having lunch with your classmates is fun and all, but nothing beats family. Speaking of beating his family, as soon as Choromatsu has turned around and slowly making his way to the toilet, Osomatsu’s grin quickly fell into a frown. Choromatsu was definitely hiding something from him. His demeanor at the locker has already raised so many red flags to his onii-chan instinct. Osomatsu buttoned up his uniform to make it look neater, adjusted his collar to make it look smarter and made his way to Choromatsu’s classroom.

As he walked in Choromatsu’s class for the first time, he paused to look around. He immediately notices Choromatsu’s desk, with his favorite green pencil case that has the symbol of peace's freckled face sticking out on the sides. He makes a mental note to tease Choromatsu about it later. What really caught his attention however, was the stink-eye Choromatsu’s classmates is giving him. Giving a glance to the full body mirror near the door just to check how well he managed to imitate the younger matsu, he had to admit that If he didn’t live in a house with six same faces for twelve years, he have differentiated between him and Choromatsu either.

As soon as he took a step towards Choromatsu’s seat, two boys came up and abruptly shoved him outside. Just for a moment, Osomatsu thought he have been found out, before one of the boys opened his mouth.

“Oi nerd, what are you doing here? Tokuhara said in the group chat that you were heading to the toilet! How did you manage to evade our squad?” Group chat? Squad? He didn’t think they would go this far out of their way just to beat Choromatsu up! This Tokuhara kid must have been secretly spying on them throughout lunch! Ignoring those two kids, he immediately turned around, worrying that Choromatsu might have been in more trouble than he originally thought. However, right as he was about to walk away, a firm hand clasped his shoulder from the back.

“We didn’t say you could leave nerd. Even if you managed to evade the main group, we are still going to beat you up here!”

Slowly, Osomatsu turned his head, contempt evident in the glare that he is currently giving them. The boys flinched, for the Choromatsu they knew would never look at them that way. The longer they stare at this supposed Choromatsu, the more they realised that Choromatsu’s face looked slightly different than usual, like for example, the slightly larger than usual eyes now eyeing them with unchecked rage.

The boy holding Osomatsu’s shoulder slowly lifted his hands, but Osomatsu was having none of that, they have kicked the hornet’s nest and now he was going to kick their sorry ass. Clasping his own hand down onto the other boy, Osomatsu’s hand combusted with flames. The boy’s faces changed to terror as they realised that for sure, this wasn’t Choromatsu. Ten seconds later, both boys are on the ground, their face sizzling with smoke.

The distance between the classroom and the toilet isn’t that far, but it felt excruciatingly slow for Osomatsu. Running through an overcrowded hall of children isn’t easy, especially when lunch is almost over and the students are heading back to class. As he made his way closer to the toilet, he noticed two kids standing guard outside its door, stopping anybody from entering the toilet. Scowling, he lit his hands on fire, walked right between them with his arms outstretched, positioned his palms right in their faces, and released his quirk. Fires shot out of his palms and danced on the faces of the two guards, burning them with a satisfying sizzle.

Looking down to confirm that the guards were knocked out from the pain, Osomatsu kicked in the doors to the toilet, causing said doors to slam against the concrete walls, drawing the attention of the room towards him.

Surveying in the scene before him, he takes mental notes that there are at least twelve kids here, he does not know what their quirks are, and the space to manoeuvre in the toilet is actually quite small. But more importantly, in the center, was Choromatsu, being held up by two other kids, his uniform rugged, Osomatsu can see the bruised chest between the slight opening of his uniform.

“Oi. What do you fuckmunches think you are doing?” Osomatsu calmly ask the group, before bursting into flames.

There had only been a few times where Osomatsu felt the need to coat himself in his fire. His quirk was mainly for healing, as the fires he produces have the power to heal any wounds they touch. The only conditions he have to meet is that he needs to be touching the target, and that he doesn’t run out of blood, the fuel for his flames. The greater the injury, the more blood he has to expend to heal it.

However, on the rare occasion that Osomatsu has to defend himself, his aggression can be channeled to his flames, causing them to burn and sear instead of mending his targets. These flames can be shot out of Osomatsu as projectiles to hit targets from a distance, but aren’t very powerful. They can cause up to first degree burns at most times, but the amount of damage they can do is directly affected by Osomatsu’s emotion. The stronger his emotion, the more potent the flames will be. His control over his quirk reaches its peak when he is coating himself in his regenerative flames, being able to simultaneously direct his fires to sear any assailant, while healing any wounds caused by them, is an impressive feat which Osomatsu has mastered over the years when growing up.

Quirk doctors have called his quirk: Phoenix Embodiment. When his entire body is covered in flames, he is practically immortal. Any injuries inflicted on him will be mended almost immediately. His body also goes through changes on a genetic level, two streaks of black hair that runs down from the crown of his head to the fringes will become more pronounced and will be dyed in red. His eyes will change to a fiery hue, emitting light bright enough to seen in dark. His flames often concentrating on his fingers and shoulder blades, giving them the semblance of wings and talons, hence the name, Phoenix Embodiment.

“Nobody fucks with my family” with that, Osomatsu jumps, pressing his two palms into the face of the two closest kids, and slams them to the floor while igniting their faces. The screams of the two kids snaps the rest of them into action, each of them activating their quirk in preparation for a brawl. One kid rushes Osomatsu, his nails have stretch out and become claws. His swipes were intercepted by Osomatsu’s arms, the claws tearing out chunks of flesh from his arms.

Grinning in triumph, the kid shouted “My quirk isn’t just claws, I secrete a fluid that prevents your wounds from closing for five minutes! Your bleeding will never stop! Judging by that wound, you would probably die from blood loss, serves you right hahaha!” As the kid continues to laugh, the blood seeping out of Osomatsu turns into flames, coating his wounds, then sealing them without so much as a scar. The look of triumph slowly gives way to confusion as the kid with claws slowly backed away from the now smirking Osomatsu.

With his palms outstretch, Osomatsu blasted a stream of fire into the clawed kid, sending him flying. Three other kids run up to Osomatsu on the left side, one of them have bigger hands than his wrist, with pads on his knuckles, which Osomatsu assumes makes him punch harder. Another one have horns growing out of his head, and is now charging at him with those horns poised to pierce him. The last one just looks like he has big ears. Osomatsu clutched his fist, concentrating his fire onto his forearm. With a swing of his arm, the fire disperses across the room, sweeping the three running towards him into another two behind them. With his other arm, he launches fireballs into the mass of fallen kids onto the group, setting them all on fire.

“Fire quirk huh? Too bad for you, I can store up the water I drink and then fire it back out like a firehose!” A kid with a puffy throat exclaimed as his throat inflates, then a spit out a stream of water at Osomatsu, obviously expecting a drenched Osomatsu equates to a powerless Osomatsu. However, the flames just stays alit even as Osomatsu is obviously covered in water.

“Huh? Why isn’t it working?” The kid shouted before a fist was connected to his face, sending him flying onto the other side.

“Just because it looks like fire doesn’t mean it is, you idiots.” Osomatsu then launched fireballs into the two of the remaining kids while they are still distracted, putting them out of commission.

Snapped out of their daze, the two remaining kids got into some sort of formation. One kid stood in front of the other, some sort of flaps on the side of his forearms extends out to form a make shift shield. The other kid points a finger gun at Osomatsu, whom could see that there are holes at the tip of his fingers. Osomatsu sends a fireball to the kid at the back but was quickly blocked by the shield user, his fire sizzling at the hardened flaps.

“Don’t get cocky, kid” The gun user at the back squeezed his fingers using his thumb and thorns fired out from the hole on the tip of his fingers, which Osomatsu instinctively dodged. Upon inspecting the thorns, he could make out some sort of liquid was coating it. Thank god he dodged that, or he might’ve been poisoned or who knows what other nasty shit that liquid can cause.

Before he could collect his thoughts however, the shield user stepped forward and swing his hardened flap, smacking Osomatsu square in his chest, knocking him back. Landing on his back, Osomatsu quickly rolled before several thorns struck the floor where he was at a moment before. Climbing to his feet, Osomatsu barely have enough time to raise his arms out to block the hardened flaps from slamming down on him. His arms gave a sickly crunch, making Osomatsu winched in pain, before healing it right up.

In a split second, Osomatsu grabbed the two arms bearing down on him, forced them open so there was no obstruction between the both of them, then and slammed his skull against the other boy’s head. While the other boy is dazed, he kicked the boy into the gun user at the back. As they both topple over onto the floor, Osomatsu blasted them with a stream of fire, knocking both of them out at once.

Surveying the scene with a satisfied nod, Osomatsu makes his way over to the unconscious Choromatsu and gently placed a hand on his limp body. He closed his eyes and focused, channeling his flames onto the younger matsu. Slowly but surely, the bruises on Choromatsu begins to fade.

“Oiiii Choromatsuuu. Onii-chan healed you so can you please get up for me?” The older matsu started slapping Choromatsu lightly, then pouted when his brother showed no signs of response.

“For a quirk that can supposedly heal all wounds, why cant it wake the fainted, sheesh. Welp, at least i get to see that sexy nurse again hee hee. ” Osomatsu smiles lecherously as he lifted Choromatsu up and headed to the infirmary.


When Choromatsu finally opened his eyes, he was staring at a porcelain white ceiling, with a snoring Osomatsu wrapped around him. He looked around to find himself in the nurse’s office, with an IV attached to his arm. Struggling to get out of his brother’s deathgrip, He sighed as Osomatsu didn’t even budge at all. Giving in to his fate of being his elder brother’s cuddlematsu, he sets his gaze on the ceiling.

Once again, his brothers have to come in and save the day. So much for being independent. Lost in thought, he did not notice that the sleeping Osomatsu has puckered his lips and is moving his head closer and closer until said lips has planted themselves on the younger matsu’s cheek. Choromatsu’s face flared, and with a strength that he didn’t knew he had, shoved Osomatsu off the bed, causing the older matsu to land on the floor with a solid thud.

“Owwwww!! So mean! How can you shove Onii-chan off the bed while he is sleeping! Choro-chan is so mean!”

“You asked for it! I bet you are having some nasty dream about girls in your class and used my face as your ma-ma-mak… never mind that! What happened to all the bullies?”

“Fried them~ ” Osomatsu replied nonchalantly as he climbed up the bed, only to get pushed off again, landing on the floor with another loud thud. “Oii, what’s the big idea, treating your saviour like this?”

“I never asked for your help” mumbled Choromatsu. “I could have handled it myself. I wanted to handle it myself. Why do you have to stick your nose into places that you don’t belong?” Tears were threatening to well up, luckily Choromatsu was facing away from Osomatsu’s so he wouldn’t have to further shame himself in front of his brother.

Osomatsu’s snarky remark died on his throat as soon as he stood up and saw Choromatsu. He already knew his brother had confidence issues, being quirkless and all, but it hurts every time he sees Choromatsu depreciate himself like this.

“Choromatsu…. Letting yourself be beat up isn’t a good way of handling the bullies.”

“Then, what else could I have done? I don’t have quirks like everyone else. I can’t fight them back physically. I can only beat them mentally, because that is what a hero would have done. And I lost even in that aspect thanks to you.”

“Choromatsu… you know being a hero isn’t only about staying strong in times of hardship and enduring adversity when it comes calling. It is also about not giving in the evil, and protecting the we-“


Both matsu stared at each other in silence, knowing that one wrong word would mean straining their already tender relationship they currently have. After a few minutes, Choromatsu was the first to speak up

“Osomatsu nii-san, I am not weak. I refuse to admit that I am weak. I refuse to be beaten by society just because I was not gifted with a quirk at birth. I want you to respect my wishes, and let me adapt to this. I have to do this, all of you cannot and will not be able to protect me in the future. All of you will be heading to Hero courses while I will have to take a general education course. Please, nii-san. I need this.”

Osomatsu stared at his brother blankly, processing what he have just said. He blinked several times, then gave his brother the only answer he can think of.


“Harrrrrr?” Veins started popping out of the green matsu’s forehead. “What kind of answer is that?? I gave you a heartfelt speech expecting you to be sympathizing with me, and here you are telling me ‘no’? How dare you!”

“Choromatsu, I am sorry for phrasing it poorly. I didn’t mean to call you weak, that was my fault.” Osomatsu walked over and slid his arms around Choromatsu’s shoulder, exerting just enough strength to pull his younger brother closer (and to make sure Choromatsu isn’t able to shrug it off with his struggling).

“I don’t believe you are weak either. You are one of the mentally strongest person I know, and your planning and cautiousness has helped us more than you can ever imagine. You are not weak, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t protect you either.” Osomatsu turned to face his brother

“Do you remember at the start of the school year, where all of us started separating and doing their own things? What you said to me that time really stuck with me.” We all wanted to be heroes when we were young, but that’s only because heroes are cool. After the day where you comforted me, I really started to think of who I am and what I want to be. I decided that I don’t want to be a hero after all.” Osomatsu grinned when Choromatsu gave a small gasp.

“I mean, look at me, I fall apart as soon as my brother’s life does not include me in it and I just tend to rush into situations and conclusions without thinking. In my opinion, you are better suited for hero work, seeing how you genuinely want to help others, and is able to comfort others in times of need “

“Besides, with my quirk, I could be a doctor or a field medic, I would still be saving lives. I don’t particularly want to be a hero, and I can take general education courses with you so you wouldn’t be lonely without your Onii-chan!”

Choromatsu had opened his mouth, wanting to tell Osomatsu how stupid it is, to waste his super amazing quirk on something that isn’t hero work but Osomatsu clamped his mouth shut.

“But now, I realise I do have a reason for being a hero. I was given a great quirk, Choromatsu. And whether you like it or not, I will use it to protect the things that are important to me, and that includes you.” Osomatsu gave his brother a wide, earnest grin.

Choromatsu stared at his elder brother in disbelief. How does he say such cheesy stuff without feeling embarrassed? And what is that logic? Isn’t that just another way of saying he’s awesome and can do whatever he wants? A quieter part of his mind also tells him that Osomatsu basically said he is important to him, but he ignores that part of his mind for now because he doesn’t want to be distracted from reprimanding his stupid older brother right now.

“Osomatsu nii-sa-”

“Besides, wasn’t it you who always told me that being a hero means sticking your nose to where it doesn’t belong?” Osomatsu looks at him expectantly, as if daring Choromatsu to argue, knowing full well where the green matsu quoted the phrase from.

“That’s no-“

“Non non non, Choromatsu. You don’t get to lecture me for all these years, only to be a hypocrite when I apply the same logic you have been using as an excuse to reprimand me whenever I do something bad!”

Unable to keep up his scowl anymore, Choromatsu finally relents and gave a small chuckle at that Karamatsu imitation. Leave it to his stupid eldest brother to diffuse any tension with an inspirational but weirdly inappropriate speech and a pahfect imitation on one of his brothers. His face relaxes and he gave his older brother a grateful smile.

“Thank you, Osomatsu nii-san.”

Chapter Text

Matsuno Osomatsu

Quirk: Phoenix Embodiment

Osomatsu’s red blood cells have a completely different protein composition from a normal human. When his quirk is activated, the stored oxygen is then combined with the protein composition in the red blood cell through Osomatsu’s quirk factor to create a substance that turns into a red-ish tinged vapour, much like how carbon dioxide is produced. This substance, then seep out through Osomatsu’s enlarged pores around various parts of his body and take the shape of a gentle flame enveloping him.

Osomatsu is then able to control the substance, either through touch or using it as a projectile. Currently, up to two different effects can be noticed when the substance (henceforth be called as his flames) makes contact with a physical object.

A. Unsurpassed regenerative properties. Osomatsu is able to heal almost any injury on himself when he is covered in his flames be it internal or external. Osomatsu is also able to extend his healing flames to another individual should he be in physical contact with them. It was once recounted by Ichimatsu that Osomatsu managed to reattached a hacked off tail of a cat he had found lying in an alleyway. Other recounting by Jyushimatsu suggest that he had seen [REDACTED] though it is unconfirmed by Osomatsu as he has passed out and [REDACTED]. It would seem that this flames may have even more miraculous property undiscovered but Osomatsu “does not want to try anything crazy”. As of current records, Osomatsu needs to be in direct contact to heal.

B. Ability to sear and cause burns on the target, akin to a chemical reaction caused by acidic substances. Osomatsu is able to switch out his healing flames for a searing fire at will. Although not as strong as other fire based quirks, the flames do not follow the natural property of fire as they are actually gaseous substance created by Osomatsu, and are unable to be putted out unless Osomatsu wills it or its time limit runs out. Intensity and duration seems to be affected by Osomatsu’s emotions, however the longest recorded time he’s able to keep the flame up is for 5 minutes and the most damage he’s able to do is third degree burns. Osomatsu has greater control over this type of flames, and is able to use it in many ways like imbuing an object with fire, firing projectiles or through touch.

In addition, Osomatsu has shown great control over the use of his quirk, being able to coat himself entirely in his fires, allowing him to simultaneously attack and heal any injuries that may fall upon him. Certain physical changes might manifest on Osomatsu when this happens, recorded changes include certain hairlines will change from black to streaks of red, emission of red-orange-ish light resembling fire from his irises, flames forming talons around his fingers and wings around his shoulder blades, which resembles a phoenix. He calls this his Phoenix Form

Overusing his quirk will cause Osomatsu to be anaemic, experience fainting spells or even hypovolemic shocks due to the excessive amount of blood being used to fuel his quirk. His body is quick to recover however, as he has an incredible red blood cell division rate and can replenish any lost blood over the course of a few hours. He is, however, still recommended to have a regular intake of food types that helps with replenishing of blood. He is also susceptible to poisons and diseases as his powers can only heal physical injuries.

He is also suspected to be [REDACTED]. When he was ten, a robber [REDACTED]. He was [REDACTED],[REDACTED]. [REDACTED]. Based on this incident and the recounting by Jyushimatsu, it seems that [REDACTED].

When his quirk first manifested, Osomatsu was 4 years old and had broken his arms for the first time. It was reported that his arm “spontaneously combusted”, which spooked Osomatsu enough that he started crying so loudly that the other sextuplets started freaking out about his arm. When his parent came, they were horrified at the scene and immediately dialled the fire department and the ambulance. After trying to put the fire out with buckets of water, they notice that the flames were not spreading and would not be putted out. It was soon diagnosed as a quirk when the fire was still present when the ambulance arrived and calmed Osomatsu down enough to gather that the flames are not burning him, and the fracture on his arm was completely healed.

When playing ball with his brothers when he was 6, Osomatsu set a few trees on fire when he accidentally imbued flames onto the ball as he was throwing it. However, this was nothing like his benign flames before, it was actually burning. The brothers stood gawking at the fire that Osomatsu has caused. After a few rounds of testing done by Osomatsu, he found out that he could switch out his healing fire with searing ones. But not before a hero arrived on the scene and patiently explained to Osomatsu why he cannot go around setting trees on fire.