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The Rabbit of the Night

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The police were first tipped off by a resident who had sent a noise complaint about a loud wailing. They thought it was nothing, the call was from middle end neighborhood in Musutafu and noise complaints were common. They took their time sending a cruiser over. Only when an officer got close enough to hear sobs piercing through the brisk night air did they realize that there could be an emergency. The cruiser picked up speed, heading towards the focal point of the sorrow as quickly as possible. Dread acted as weights in the officer’s boots, slowing them. As the pair of officers rounded the corner they felt despair.

In front of them their flashlights glistened off of the pooling blood on the ground. Drowning in the blood between two bodies there was a single green haired boy. A kid, no older than 8, an innocent. Yet the officers could only call an ambulance and for additional units. They couldn’t approach an emotionally unstable child, what if they had a dangerous quirk, they could injure more people without meaning to.

As the two officers waited, the child stopped sobbing. They were relieved for a millisecond, only to see the child slouch over. They hadn’t even thought about the child having an injury, the boy could have been dying in front of them. Quick as the wind they move to the boy’s side, dried blood crunching under their feet. Immediately they realize the boy had passed out, now unconscious in a pool of blood.

The officers go on to pick up the boy and take him away from the scene, trying to scrape off at least some of the blood that was caked onto his body and see if he had any injuries. After multiple eternities, had been spent waiting for more officers, the ambulance and other police arrived to process the scene. The medics quickly determined that the boy was in a stable condition, but needed to be sent to the hospital to ensure there weren’t any internal injuries. The officers quickly took a few pictures of the child and sent him off to the Hospital with another officer.

Finally, Detective Tsukauchi arrived. With a grimace at the sight of the veritable lake of blood he asked about the current information that they had.
“What were you and your partner responding to?”
“A simple noise complaint.”
“There was no report of abnormal lighting or possible screaming?”
“No Sir, once again only a simple garden variety noise complaint.”
“How long did it take for you arrive to the scene?”
“About fifteen minutes, we thought it was nothing so we took our time.”

So, the criminal had to have used a silent method of killing and somehow prevented both victims from crying out for help. In addition, somehow, both during this encounter and for the at least fifteen minutes that elapsed after, no hero had appeared to stop the crime or sooth the crying child. While the area wasn’t particularly heavily patrolled, usually a hero would have passed by.
“Have the victims been identified yet?”
“No, there was no form of identification on them and the child that was here passed out before we asked who he was.”
The detective realized that this night was going to be a long one.

Izuku startled awake in a desperate sob, but he didn’t know why. He felt dry, even has he thought he should be crying, only struggled gasps could be heard. Yet, Izuku still didn’t know why he was so distraught. An idea range through his head, he would go to his mom, she always helped him feel better.

Suddenly Izuku saw that he wasn’t in his room. Why? Everything was white and there was a monitor beeping next to him, he must be in the Hospital. What caused him to go to the hospital. Maybe he had been in an accident. What if his mom was hurt? Izuku realized just how worried he was, could that be why he was sad? Maybe.

Izuku was brought back to reality by a soft cough. He looked up, startled, at a man in business clothing who was holding a police badge. Nervously Izuku asked,
“Wh-who are you?”
“I am Detective Tsukauchi, I have a few questions for you.” Immediately Izuku became even more nervous, what had he done that required the police, he had always been known as a quiet but kind kid, he couldn’t think of anything he had done that was wrong. “First, and dare I say most importantly, what is your name.” Relief washed over Izuku, if they didn’t who he was then they must have just found him or something and it wasn’t like they had him chained up or anything, maybe he had just wandered off the night before and they were trying to bring him back home, that would even explain why his mom wasn’t there!

“Mi-midoryia Izuku.” One of the officers that had been waiting around swiftly exited the room, presumably to contact his parents thought Izuku.
“Okay, Midoryia I have a few more questions and I want to get through them all at once, do you want any water before we start?”
“S-s-sure.” With a grateful carefree smile accepted the gift, it was smile full of life, shining brighter than the sun, even if it wobbled like the seas waves, it was there. A smile that could fill others to the brim with hope. A smile that inspired. A smile that would not ever again appear on Izuku.

“First, do you remember anything about last night?” Initially Izuku frowned, he couldn’t remember anything, but after a few minutes he brightened up. “Yeah! My dad had come to visit. We had decided to go the movies to see a new superhero film that just came out. But I don’t remember anything after leaving the movies.”

“Where was your father visiting from?” Tsukauchi could feel the potential lead, if his father only visited the family then maybe he was normally involved in criminal affairs.

“Oh he’s always working over in America, but that’s all he and my mom will tell me.” Izuku pouted at this, clearly upset at the idea that his parents didn’t trust him for some reason.

“He would come back and visit once a month. Even if I don’t get to see him all of the time, he still is a great dad.” Without warning Izuku felt sorrow pull him down, his previously bright smile morphing into a whimpering frown. He rarely felt this way, he knew the only thing that helped him feel better when he felt this way was his mom.

Choking back a sob he asked, “C-C-Can I s-see my mom? Please.”

Tsukauchi grimaced, he had been trying to figure out how to tell the boy what had happened, but now the truth was going to have to come out. The rooms’ mood shifted, and Izuku could feel it.

“I can see my mom right” Izukus voice became horse, “Right!?”
“I’m sorry Midoryia, your parents are dead.”
“No, no,no,nonononono. I’ll find them at home, alive.” As Izuku tried to sprint out of the room the Detective caught him, trying to sooth him, but he just didn’t know how.

After that point whenever an officer approached Izuku he would break back down at the slightest hint of contact. With the heart wrenching sadness happening on the other side of the door Tsukauchi discussed what to do about Izuku.
“He has NO living relatives, or a designated legal guardian?”
“From what we have found so far that is correct.”
Sighing, “Of course, just one more problem the kid will have to deal with. What is his quirk, I never got a chance to ask him.”
The other officer looked at the medical sheets, and then with a pained surprise etched on his face, “The kids quirkless.”

For a minute the detective had been considering the foster system, but at those words he changes his mind. The foster care system was a black hole that swallowed up every quirkless child in it, no one wanted to adopt a person who didn’t have a unique ability. Especially not when right next to them was a child who could jump super high, or one who could make water at will.

Slowly, the detective realized that the childs wailing had stopped. Inside the room Izuku had cried himself out and was now sleeping.

As Izuku slept he remembered the previous night in a nightmare that would haunt him for the rest of his life. He was laughing with the rest of his mom, she had told a hilarious joke as they had left the theatre. They had just seen a movie about a hero that lived in a desert and used his sword quirk to dispatch every villain. The night held both the warmth of innocence and the chill of desperation. As they started walking home, his dad had said he knew a shortcut back home through a nearby alleyway. Once they were in the alley all Izuku could see was an all-consuming darkness, and them a voice appeared. Detached, yet close, full of greed and hunger. In front of them stood a man, covered in shadows and with gleaming red eyes. Izuku ran behind his mom, only barely peeping out.

“Stop where you are, give me all of your valuables. Nobody try to be a hero and none gets hurt.”
Izukus dad tensed up at his words, ready for a fight, but worried what might happen.
“Ok, just give me a minute, my wallet is in my back pocket.”

Even as his father moved, a deeper darkness fell on the alleyway. Izuku could see the tell tail glow in his father’s throat that indicated the use of his quirk, Firebreath. My dad’s strong! He’s going to win! Izuku thought, but the robber had noticed the glow a well. In an instant it was over, blood started to steep out of his dads chest, even as his mom began to scream, no sound would come out, only the crimson color of death.

Izuku looked in terror at the man who killed his parents, only to see that fear reflected. The man started to raise his gun, but then turned around and ran. Shaking in his despair Izuku realized just how alone he was. No one was coming, and he started to wail, to ask for somebody anybody. He tried to shake his mom and dad awake, but he soon accepted that they were dead. It was then that his legs collapsed under the weight his new burden, under the sorrow. Alone he cried out, alone in an ocean of blood, alone in the world, and alone during his embrace with sleep.