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Stellar Collision

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“Fuck that bitch!” yells Clarke as she skids into a roll on the fresh cut grass.

“Just let it go, come on,” says Raven, leaning down to help Clarke up.

Swatting Raven’s hand away, “I’m fine!” retorts Clarke, getting up on her own and brushing off the dirt and grass on her uniform.

It’s the third time the brunette had grazed by Clarke, purposefully making contact and knocking Clarke down.

But Clarke didn’t let it go and looks back to yell at the referee. “Come on Ref! That’s a foul!”

Putting his hand up and blowing the whistle, the referee cautions Clarke, touching the yellow card with his other hand. Clarke’s about it let it go until the brunette approaches with piercing eyes and a distainful look.

“That wasn’t a foul. It’s not my fault you’re so weak,” the brunette taunts.

That did it.

Clarke looks at the brunette dead in the eyes, explodes past the referee, and spits in her face. Instinctively, the brunette shoves Clarke in the shoulders and all hell breaks loose as the Captains from both teams go at it, continually shoving and trading profanity filled insults.

“Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” exclaims Clarke.

“Fuck you too!”

“Go back to your fucking trash can, ya piece of shit raccoon!” yells Clarke, mocking the black face paint around the brunette’s eyes.

“Fuck off Goldie Locks! ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s your trash I just swept!” rebuts the brunette.

Leading 1-0, the brunette had picked the ball from Clarke and scored.

Thankfully, before any punches are thrown, both coaches retrieve their respective Captains. They continue to shout at the each other from across the field despite the referee’s whistles. It’s  beyond embarrassing for both sides as both Captains are red carded and receive an expulsion from the game. And not just any game, the California High School Soccer State Championship game.



Name: Clarke Griffin

Grade: Senior

Title: Soccer Team Captain

School: Arcadia High

Mascot: Lions

Location: Southern California


Barging into the locker room after Clarke received a mouthful from her coach, is her teammate and best friend, Raven.

“What the hell is wrong with you Clarke!?”

Clarke replies, shaking her head, “I don’t know Rae. That girl just pissed me the fuck off. Fucking walks around like she’s the shit.”

“I’ve never seen you like that. You’re lucky to even be keeping your scholarship.”

Considering it was the last game of the season, a suspension would serve no use unless carried into the following season. Clarke is a senior, and the referees looked at the situation as a whole. It was Clarke’s first and only infraction in her history of playing, so the referees decided to let this incident go, fulling knowing that a report could affect the blonde's scholarship status. 

“I know,” Clarke says sternly.

“Fuck dude, we could have won with you on the field. Stupid score stayed at 1-0 after you left.”

“I know that too!” Clarke says remorsefully. “Just, leave me alone.”

Clarke Griffin is usually known for her easy-going, friendly, and level headed attitude. But in that moment, had turned to rage, resentment, and irrationality. The brunette had a profound effect on her, provoking a type of abhorrence that Clarke didn’t know she was capable of. Watching the brunette bark orders like a commander in charge of a squad of troops, Clarke decided it was a dictator type leadership style that she immensely disagreed. Clarke was a democratic leader, staying silent to hear her teammates out before deciding. For whatever reason, the brunette embodied a high class of arrogance that crawled under Clarke’s skin.


Name: Lexa Woods

Grade: Senior

Title: Soccer Team Captain

School: Winters High

Mascot: Raccoons

Location: Northern California


“What the hell is wrong with you Lexa?! I’ve never seen you like that,” says Anya, Lexa’s best friend and teammate, after Lexa received a lengthy verbal reprimand from her coach.

“I don’t know Anya. She just, fucking got to me,” replies Lexa.

“You know, you really put your scholarship on the line with an act like that.”

The referees had granted the same leniency for Lexa. 

“I know,” replies Lexa firmly.

“We could have at least beat them by two more goals if you hadn’t gone rogue.”

“Shut up, Anya. Just, leave,” says Lexa, throwing up both her hands and signaling Anya to go.

Lexa Woods, distinguished for her mature, stoic, and rational characteristics transformed into an anger filled, vengeful, and illogical savage. Unknowingly, the blonde had stirred a form of animosity within Lexa. Watching the blonde stand idly by as her team spoke around her, she displayed zero leadership skills. Lexa prided herself in her ability to take charge and make difficult decisions, constantly stepping up to the plate to be a strong example for others. For whatever reason, the blonde was representative of anything but a team Captain, an embodiment of a false entitlement and that got under Lexa’s skin.


Nevertheless, after that day, both Clarke and Lexa pushed passed their humiliating outburst and left it behind them. Unbeknownst to each other, they both accepted a full scholarship to Stanford University and each considered themselves the star freshman player seeking to boost the team into a National Championship.