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A Hero Must Be Bold

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Katsuki Bakugou stopped outside of the creepy hell-store and watched the people walking in and out, a near constant chorus of croaks filling the air even outside. It was bad enough dealing with one the other day. If that didn’t want to make him turn away and go home, the smiling person holding the door open for him even though he was nowhere near close to it definitely did.

Unfortunately for his plan to work he needed to be inside the damn store, though. Still, that doesn't mean he had to speed up for this piece of shit. He walked as slowly as he could without looking like he was messing with the door holder, who was already starting to look inside and back to him in some kind of low level anguish.

Bakugou walked in past the pained smile of the door holder who hurriedly rushed away as soon as he was inside. With a step far more than what was needed Bakugou hopped over the frog’s sensors with some small pride, that was instantly shattered when two customers walked out both triggering them.

The store somehow felt even stranger with people in it. Like it was just plain wrong for this many people to be inside a dingy hobby shop this early in the morning. Because it was. What kind of freaks wake up and immediately think to go buy a thousand piece puzzle.

Bakugou was still staring down the other customers when a weak hand gripped his shoulder.

“You know you’re not supposed to be in here, Katsuki,” and old woman’s voice sounded from behind him. “Especially with all these people. It’s dangerous.”

“Damn it, you old crone! I'm not gonna blow up the damn store!” Bakugou turned to face down the the shopkeeper.

“Well we didn’t think you would last time either, dear.”

The frogs croaked as someone left the store, and the old hand gripped him tighter.

Bakugou slapped off the hand. “Let go of me! I'm not fucking scared of them anymore, and I know how to control my damn quirk!”

The old shopkeeper withdrew her hand, but still watched him closely. “Well, at least if you do get scared we’ll have enough customers to pay it off fast! You could even get a job here to pay off the damage, we could use another set of hands around the store.”

He gave her a look that told her he’d rather die than work here. “Why are there so many damn losers here? Is today some kind of national nerd day or some shit?”

The old woman chuckled softly. “No, dear. But ever since the attack on the mall business has been great again!”

“I didn’t know this many losers even went to hobby stores.”

“Well being the only one in town means we get all the customers,” she paused to smile to some customers entering the store to more croaks.

The woman laughed again, but Bakugou just watched the people walking through the tiny aisles of the store. At least all these customers meant that the cramped aisles actually have room to walk in now without hitting every bone in his body on some damn box or package.

“Enough chit chat. You guys used to have a general store, right?” Bakugou questioned.

“Oh, yes! We had everything in that store, until we had to close it down. It was the one that made more money, but this one was always his dream,” she said wistfully.

“Yeah that’s great and I probably care and all,” Bakugou yawned, “but do you still have any old stock or anything laying around? I need some fireworks.”  

“Why would you need something like that so urgently?” She asked, but she was already hobbling for the back room. “You wouldn’t be trying to vandalize now, would you?”

“What? Why the fuck would I vandalize something with damn fireworks?” Bakugou debated staying quiet, but quickly realized he didn’t care what she thought anyway. “Its for a date.”

As he expected she started moving quicker, reaching the counter where the old man was tending to a short line of customers, which still seemed long for a damn hobby store.

“Oh no, who let you back in?” The old man joked. “I hope the frogs are still in one piece.”

Bakugou avoided rolling his eyes by instead clenching his fists so tight he felt like his fingernails were cutting him.

“He has a date and needs some fireworks! Do you know if we have any?”

“We always have some lying around!”

“Are fireworks a hobby?” Bakugou questioned.

“Well we’re mainly a hobby store, but we also cater to seasonal trends,” the old man explained while tending to the customers. “In summer have hats and sunscreen, in spring we have raincoats and umbrellas, and in festive seasons we have fireworks. We don’t always sell out though, since the megamall…”

“Well that’s gonna change this year!” The old woman smiled. “Of course the incident was bad, but for us it’s good-”

“But we should have some unsold stuff we can get for you, just give her a moment and I'm sure she’ll find something.”

Bakugou backed off from the counter, not wanting to look like a lost mutt as he waited. He tried to find something on the shelves to distract him from his growing nerves before he had to kick his own ass. Like usual that damn Ochako brat had somehow made sense. He had completely blown off Midoriya after the party, when that dork had tried so hard. Now there was probably a time limit before he just stopped caring.

Before that happened Bakugou would have to make his move.

He chastised himself for chasing his thought down the rabbit hole and quickly looked for anything to distract him. Glancing over the models of planes, trains, and automobiles only made him more bored as he wondered what the hell Todoroki had been thinking.

“Hey mister! Are you the guy from the sludge villain attack?!”

Bakugou spun around quickly, fists clenched and a tirade of expletives ready for his next victim. He had never liked being noticed for that, and the further he got from it the more it annoyed him when it came up. People actually praised him for falling victim to a damn villain just because he was held hostage by a damn villain and got saved before dying.

When he turned he had to look down to see who had called for him. A child, somewhere before puberty and after birth, was standing before him with an All Might colouring book in his hands. Almost all of his anger subsided, though some was kept in reserve in case the little shit tried to start anything.

“Yeah, kid. That’s me.”

“Wow, you’re so cool!” The kid’s eyes were practically stars. “I can’t believe I get to meet a real life hero!”

“I'm not a hero yet.”

“But you beat a villain? That makes you a hero!”

Bakugou grinded his teeth, but tried to look content enough. Being a victim that lived doesn’t make you a hero, it just means someone better than you was around to save you. It still pissed him off to no end that the first time he saw All Might in action was when he had needed saving.

“Can you sign my colouring book?!”

Bakugou was surprised, but his hands knew what to do and took the kid’s pen and squiggled his name. His bare name looked like a pretty trash autograph, though. What could he add? An underline, an exclamation…

With a self satisfied smile he added an explosion to the end of his name and handed it back, the kid smiling like a damn idiot before his dad called him back over. Bakugou was still watching the kid when the old woman came back with a box of fireworks and pushed it lightly into his hands.

“How much is this?” Bakugou asked, inspecting the slightly wet box from where it had obviously been wiped for dust.

“Well they are in high demand right now,” The old woman smiled. “I can do you a deal, though. If you buy something with it, then i’ll throw it in for cheap.”

Bakugou wanted to yell the old hag down to a fair price, but he still had to  shop for groceries, get back to the campus, make a halfway decent lunch, prepare the date site, and get back to wait outside class until Midoriya walks by him so he could casually invite him to train. He also remembered what he did to Todoroki by leaving him at that party in his underwear.

“People who make puzzles, they put time and effort into that shit, right? They’re probably the same kind of losers who would frame it and put it on a wall. You got anything like that?”

“One puzzle frame, coming up!”

Bakugou waited while the old woman found the frame and bagged his things, thinking about what exactly the price for using the girl’s kitchen will be. He’d already spent too much on these damn fireworks, and he still had to buy food to cook with. As long as the cost isn’t money it couldn’t be too bad.




“Did you even comb your hair at all!” Ochako said, running her fingers through his hair from where she sat on the bench.

“Is that really what you’re wearing?” Mina said from the table. “I thought you said a tight shirt? I can’t even make out your abs. Do you want one of my shirts?”

This is the food you’re cooking? Where’s all the sweets?!” Toru said, rummaging though his bag. “You should make him a cake instead!”

Bakugou had only been here for a minute and he was already regretting it.

“So this is the price of me using your kitchen?” Bakugou groaned. “I have to listen to your shit?”

“No, this is an added bonus to using our kitchen!” Ochako said, smiling wide as Bakugou laid out his food in preparation. “Without us you two would be nothing!”

Bakugou made some kind of grunt that came out far more exaggerated than he planned. “Fuck off. I could do this without you. It’s just less annoying with you. Barely.”

Ochako frowned. A dangerous thing. “Well this seems like a good time to get our payment.”

The girls clapped, Bakugou trying his best to ignore them as he pulled out their knife; a move that had worked a lot better in his own dorm. It seemed the girls were starting to get a little too comfortable with him. He grimaced.

“You wanna use our kitchen, you gotta go by our rules!”

“I know what I fucking agreed to!”

“Then hurry up and undress,” Mina smiled unsettlingly wide as she sat up.


“Deku was telling us about you cooking breakfast the other day and we thought it sounded fun to watch!”

“So you want me to take my damn shirt off? I didn’t even bring my apron.”

“No, we want you to take your shirt and your pants off! Don’t worry though, we got you an apron!” Ochako winked and threw him a filled pink apron.

Bakugou didn’t bother fighting as he needed their fucking kitchen, instead just shaking his head. He’d done it in the locker room in front of Midoriya, Todoroki, and Kirishima plenty of times. If he could do it in front of them then he could do it front of these faceless.

He tried not to notice how closely they watched him shrug off his shirt and hop out of his pants. They probably expected him to get embarrassed by the damn pink apron but it didn’t both him as much as the thought of these crones staring at his dick. The fucking apron was probably short enough that they could probably still see the base of his package though.

“Is this it? Can I get back to my cooking now you freaks?”


Bakugou turned to the stove, drizzling oil into a pan and starting the heat.


He whipped around just in time for Ochako to snap another photo of him from the front.

“What? Are you gonna save that to jerk off later you perv?!”

“No, I'm gonna send it to Deku so he can~” The girls all made cooing sounds that boiled his blood.

“What the fuck shit-for-brains, this is supposed to be a fucking surprise!”

He was going to fucking kill Todoroki when he found him. He was supposed to be here to take some of the damn heat off him but he’d disappeared when Bakugou had got back with the supplies.

“Don’t worry, I won’t send it to him. I’ll just leave it for him to find!”

“Yeah, surprises are way better with a little intrigue,” Mina added. “You have to let him stumble onto it and wonder.”

With a shake of his head he looked at the torn out recipe he had chosen for the day. He had to get his mind off their fucking shit before he blew his cool and they kicked him out. It was a simplified katsudon dish modified to taste a little less like shit when served cold so that he wouldn’t have to make Midoriya wait while he reheated it like a loser. He was starting to regret not choosing a faster recipe the more the girls talked. Maybe he could just speed this one up.

With his knife fast as a flash he tore through the raw foods. Unfortunately, the blade was dull so some pieces were left connected or just flattened in it’s wake. Whatever, it’ll have to do. The damn line at the shopping market had been long as fuck because of the mall attack destroying a couple food stores. He was running out of time to finish his damn plan.

When he finally got his damn hero license he’d be sure to make the villains pay for making him rush this fucking day.

“So how are you gonna ask him?”

“What do you mean? I'm just gonna walk up and fucking ask him.”

The girls all shared a look and Bakugou wished he could roll his eyes directly into his skull.

“What?” He groaned.

“Nothing,” Ochako said in a shit eating voice. “It’s just-”

Mina stood up with a clatter of her chair. “If I was asking him I'd make it special. I'd find him after his class, then I'd get real close to him with a smile,” Mina was mimicking the plan on Bakugou’s back as he cooked. “Then I'd put one hand on his arm and lean in even closer until I can whisper the invitation in his ear.”

The hair on Bakugou’s neck raised but he ignored the slight tingle that spread through his body.

“No, that won’t work with Bakugou! He’s too clunky. He’d probably just end up knocking him over,” Toru laughed. “Baku can’t do it like you, you have to think like him!”

“Grrr I'm angry and I wanna screw Deku but I'm scared i’ll seem too eager and I don’t wanna be whatever I think a loser is!” Ochako mimicked with a puffed out chest. “I'm gonna talk a big game about being a top but then shy out in the moment because feelings spook me, grrr~”

Bakugou stared with his harshest eyes, but Ochako didn’t care.

“That’s more like it,” Toru said with glee. Probably a smile too, but thankfully Bakugou didn’t have to see that. “So big grumpy Bakugou doesn’t know how to be cute or charming, we have to come up with a plan that actually suits him!”

“Okay I got one!” Ochako called out. Of course it was her the damn brat. “So Bakugou stomps his way over to Deku’s class and leans on the wall pretending to be cool. When Deku gets out he’s of course going to come say hello, then Baku can blow the hair out his eyes and sigh, then ask like he doesn’t care either way.”

“I don’t stomp. And for the last time I'm not a fucking emo!”

“Fine, well how are you gonna do it then?”

“I was just gonna ask him like a normal fucking person!”

“What? So you just walk up to him and be like ‘hey let’s go on a date now’?”

“No, I'm not asking him on a date. I'm asking him to train and then ambushing him with a date. If I'm going to have a crush I'm going to crush it into the ground using real tactics. This is war, and I'm going to seize that loser by the end.”

“Damn that was going to be my impression of you!” Toru laughed.

“Yeah? Then how come it wasn’t?”

“I didn’t get a chance to go!” Toru objected. “This isn’t fair!”

Bakugou let out a hot sigh. That fucking loser better appreciate this.

“Oh and you have to bring a gift as well!”

“Yeah, something like chocolates!” Toru said with a weird amount of excitement. “Or cupcakes…”

“No it had to be special! Something like…” Mina rose her finger to her chin to think in an exaggerated way that made Bakugou sigh. “Oh! You should give him a signed sexy picture!”

“What? Why the fuck would I print it? Why the fuck would I sign it?!”

“Because then it makes you feel like a model!” Mina gave a quick glamour pose.

Ochako sat up like she was about to give an idea, so Bakugou cut in quick.

“I already got him a damn gift.”

“What is it?”

“Is it cool?”

“Is it chocolate?!”

Bakugou rested his head on the stove head and closed his eyes. This better fucking be worth it.




Izuku Midoriya yawned as he desperately tried to stay attentive in class. It was an optional period the school offered to let students do their homework where the teacher can answer any questions they have, but as the teacher was Aizawa and the homework was easy so it was mostly just a few people trying to stay awake while the teacher slept.

He was sitting alone because Todoroki had stopped coming when he had started his break and Iida said he found Izuku’s muttering too distracting to study with. Normally at this point he’d just start drawing to fill the rest of the time because he was too shy to leave in the middle of even a free class, but he’d accidentally packed one of his lewder sketchbooks and there was no way he was opening that here.

Instead he pulled out his phone, keeping it beneath his desk even though the person two seats over was clearly playing some bejeweled clone. Izuku looked through his downloaded apps, but with his cheap phone he could only fit three of them, and he was still having trouble choosing between them.

A notification at the top of his screen saved him from indecision. He was subscribed to Ochako’s instagram so he can see her awesome photography and always be the first one to comment with some love and support. She was actually really good at taking snapshots, which meant that he had definitely missed being the first comment if he was this late to seeing it.

His phone manufacturer was so obscure that half the features of instagram didn’t even work on his software, so he had to scroll through his feed when he should have just been taken to the photo. And of course Instagram didn’t show him the images in chronological order, either.

Each swipe scrolled him past pictures of his classmates, official photos from superhero PR profiles, and fanart of superheroes from various fan pages until he reached Ochako’s picture. He could tell even when scrolling fast because it had the same filter that she always used, a light one that he hadn’t even noticed until she told him, but now couldn’t not notice.

His finger clenched around the phone and he hid it deeper between his thighs as he felt his classic Bakugou blush spreading across his cheeks. It had been taken from the back, so Izuku could only see explosive blond hair, his perfectly muscled body, and where his tight grey underwear hugged against his rear.

Izuku looked around, checking if anyone was looking at him for whatever reason.


No one seemed to hear the sound of the screenshot from where his phone was muffled into his thighs, thankfully. He noticed the second circle at the base of the photo. He had to contain his anticipation. There was a second image in the post, and with a breath he pulled the gallery across to show the next image.

He silently thanked Ochako for her blessed work. She had also captured a frontal shot of Bakugou in a frilled pink apron that barely covered his underwear. Just short enough to give his imagination something to run wild with.

The sound of a second screenshot came, earning a side-eyed glance from Iida condemning him for the sound. Thankfully Aizawa didn’t notice or care.

Izuku stared at the image for longer than he should have, but was snapped from his daydreaming and admittedly a slight amount of drool when his mind kicked back in. Why had Bakugou been cooking for Ochako in his underwear? In an apron that barely covered him?

Surely they hadn’t been doing anything illicit…

Only a second was wasted on the thought. Ochako wouldn’t do that, and even in some parallel world where she did she wouldn’t post the evidence online.

Still, the photo was enough to remind Izuku of his pledge to himself. He was to be braver and start doing what he wanted to do, instead of doing everything for everyone else, or some vague rules he thought existed that usually turned out no one else followed. Like how he thought he had to stay in this class when three people had already left.

With a scrape of his chair that was a bit too loud he shot up to stand. He’d have to do this like he did with his quirk if he wanted to become this better version of himself. He couldn’t just be bold in the big moments or he’d always be nervous. He had to start being bolder in every moment, always being true to himself, so that it would become second nature.

He strode for the door, feeling everyone's eyes watching him as he went, even though no one actually looked up from their notes. When he was outside the class he pumped his fists, celebrating the small victory. When he opened his eyes with a wide smile he saw Bakugou walking in a small circle.

Bakugou was leaned back against a wall muttering and gesturing with his hands, then pushed himself off and took a few steps and mimed leaning forward before going back to the wall shaking his head. It was a strange sight seeing Bakugou so out of sorts, but it was something he’d been seeing a lot of lately.

Whatever the occasion though it was always good to see him, even better when he got to see him coming first so he could make sure he looked alright, but mostly time to adjust his pants so they don’t give away what he’d gained looking at those pictures.

“Kaachan!” Izuku called out with more glee than he’d meant to let show. “Are you here to pick me up?”

Bakugou stopped like a deer in headlights, but after a heartbeat jumped back to the wall and pushed up against it with his back, looking away.

“Tch, how would I even know you would be here?”

“I'm always here, it’s study period,” Izuku said, closing the gap between them.

“It's not like I keep track of everything you do, loser. I have a damn life.”

“I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just joking…”

Bakugou pushed himself from the wall, looking annoyed as all hell. He closed the remaining distance between them in a few stomps and stood staring at him for a moment before taking another half step and leaning in to Izuku’s ear.

Izuku felt a chill and instinctively leaned his head toward Bakugou, his body inching forward as he waited. And waited. And waited until Bakugou withdrew with a frown and averted eyes.


Bakugou looked back to him and reached out, fluffing out Izuku’s hair above his ear.

“You… had something in your hair.”

Bakugou flicked his finger and took a few steps back, crossing his arms and tapping his foot. Izuku watched him as he progressively got more and more twitchy before he uncrossed his arms and clutched his head with a growl.

“Those fucking girls got in my god damn head! Why the fuck did they have to butt in, I would have had this on my own god damn it! I didn’t ask for their fucking help!”

Izuku said nothing, not wanting to be the one in the crosshairs.

“Fuck it, I'm doing this my way. I'm just gonna ask you like a normal fucking person,” Bakugou said, taking a steadying breath. “So what about it, nerd? Do you wanna train with me or what?”

Izuku had a lot of questions, but none of them outweighed his wide eyed desire to train with Bakugou again. He nodded once, Bakugou turning around before Izuku could even try to find some words.

“Don’t worry about getting changed into your hero gear, I won’t make you too dirty.”

“No, don’t worry Kacchan! If I'm going to train with you I don’t want to hold you back. I can keep up no matter what, I promise! You can get me as dirty as you want, don’t hold back!”

Bakugou looked back over his shoulder with a shark’s grin, Izuku only smiling back at him. Izuku was going to prove he could keep up with him no matter what it took.

As soon as they got out of the building Bakugou sped up into a jog, probably testing to see if Izuku could really keep up. He only wished he knew where they were going so he could try to outrun him and prove himself.

Whenever Izuku was getting too close to him Bakugou just sped speed up, looking back with that same grin to check he was still there.

“How does my dust taste, loser!?”

“This isn’t a fair race!” Izuku yelled back. “I don’t even know where we’re going!”

“Same place as last time! Right where you told me you hide from me, you damn nerd!”

A tinge of guilt shot through Izuku, but he sped up. He had an advantage over Bakugou here because he could use his quirk outside of training zones as it was subtle and most of the time it wouldn’t tear up campus property. He felt the surge rush through him as his muscles grew and tightened, the tight shirt he’d worn stressing at the added girth.

Bakugou cringed as Izuku overtook him in a powered bound, poking out his tongue.

“You’re gonna pay for that, Deku!”

By the time they reached the urban training course Izuku had a solid lead. He wanted to beat Bakugou there, but at the same time he didn’t want to stray too far just in case it was still some kind of prank. If he was being honest though it was mostly just so he could look back and tease him every so often.

As soon as they got through the concrete walls Bakugou took off with a thundering explosion. It wasn’t as big as it could be with his gauntlets, but it was enough to speed him up and keep him in line with Izuku’s old pace. So Izuku sped up with a wide smile as he hopped from broken car to street light to building like a jackrabbit and barrelled his way towards the building.

He landed at the base but with one jump he vertically leaped up and onto the windowsill where he had embarrassed himself so much that day at training. He moved to enter the building, but almost fell back when his eyes locked onto the scene within.

In the decrepit building, between the piles of rubble and the concrete columns was a green checkered picnic blanket with a wicker basket on top. Izuku barely managed a step toward it as his jaw went slack.

He was still frozen when Bakugou came panting up the stairs and collapsed against a column by the blanket.

“Fucking stairs,” he said between breaths. “Should have stopped for my damn gear, I can’t get any fucking height without those stupid gauntlets.”

Bakugou made some inhuman noises as he caught his breath, apparently stairs besting even physically peak people like him. He pushed off from the column with a huff and spread his arms to the picnic with an awful attempt at jazz hands.


“Kacchan what is this?!”

Bakugou looked affronted. “What the hell do you mean? It’s exactly what it looks like!”

Izuku’s heart was like a drum, beating so hard it made his body twitch in tune. Bakugou had set this all up for him? Did that mean that he actually was waiting for him outside class? Bakugou squatted down on the blanket and started unpacking the basket, pulling out plastic cups, plates, and containers filled with food. This must have been what Ochako’s picture had been about.

“Is this… Okay? I mean are you hungry?” Bakugou asked, though he kept his eyes locked onto the plastic cup he filled with what seemed to be grape juice. “Because if you’re not hungry then we can fuck off back to training, it’s fine-”

Izuku took the steps forward a bit too quickly and sat cross legged across from Bakugou, who handed him the drink with an averted smile.

“Don’t worry, it’s not alcoholic,” Bakugou said with an awkward laugh.

He drank half of it before he could tell himself to slow down. Bakugou had actually set this all up for him? It wasn’t even just something he’d thrown together, either. He had cooked the food, hidden the basket, and picked up Izuku from class. And now he was awkwardly trying to open the container with their food.

It was like a dream.

His mind was going a thousand miles a minute, but if this was a date, an actual date with Bakugou, then he wouldn’t waste it being a nervous wreck. He sat up straighter, putting down his cup and taking the container from Bakugou, using his quirk to pop it open.

“My quirk could have opened it too,” Bakugou said snatching back the container.

“I know Kacchan, I'm just trying to help. This is all so much, it’s the least I could do, really!”

As soon as the smell hit Izuku his eyes snapped down to the container. The unmistakable scent of his favourite food.

“You… Know my favourite food?”

Bakugou didn’t answer for a moment as he dished out the food.

“One day in the cafeteria it was just you, me, and Ochako, but she had to go to the bathroom so it was just us. You spent the entire fucking time she was gone ranting about your favourite foods in order, then you finished too soon and restarted alphabetically.” Bakugou rubbed his neck with one hand as he offered over the plate with his other. “I couldn’t remember if this was your favourite or just first alphabetically, because I don’t fucking care that much, but-”

“No, you’re absolutely right! This is so cool!”

Izuku could barely listen past the first words. Bakugou actually listened to him when he muttered? He knew Bakugou had stopped yelling for him to shut up, but he figured it was just because he’d learned how to just tune it out.

He dug in fast and hard to the meal, eating four mouthfuls before he could even tell how bad it tasted. The meat was cold and soggy, probably from being put in a container too soon, and whatever seasonings he had applied he’d done so by the fistful. Just the amount of salt alone on the dish was crunchy.

Bakugou was watching though, so he smiled through it and even managed to take another bite. Even if it was a quarter of the size and he washed it down with as much grape juice as he could fit around it.

“You seem hungry, do you even eat? You can have some more, I don’t care.”

“No!” Deku blurted. “I mean, I don’t want to eat all of it and make a pig of myself…”

Bakugou nodded, idly stirring his food. “So what do you even do in that class? I saw like four people leave before you finally got out so it can’t be too important.”

“It’s just a free study period! You can get the teacher to help with homework, but mostly it’s just a quiet place to study. Aizawa usually sleeps though, so it’s pretty chill and people listen to music and stuff while they work.”

“Maybe I should come along next time.”

“I didn’t know you were having trouble with your studies, Kacchan!”

“What? No, they’re easy as shit!” Bakugou put down his bowl just to cross his arms. “But my damn room gets humid as shit during the day so I can’t fucking focus.”

“Well there’s always a seat next to me!”

“Yeah, I bet. Luckily your muttering has become white noise to me.”

Izuku could only smile. Bakugou could say what he liked but now he knew that he was actually listening when he spoke.

It made him a little sad how much that meant to him.

Bakugou dug into the basket, rifling through until he found a black notebook. He tapped it with his fingers idly.

“It’s probably stupid but I thought- I mean it’s dumb but,” Bakugou took a breath and practically threw the book at him. “This is for you, loser.”

Izuku fumbled to catch the book, but even once he had it he hesitated before opening.

“What is it?”

“It’s theoretically possible that I was kind of a dick about the party,” Bakugou swallowed. “When we woke up together, I mean. It’s a present.”

Izuku didn’t know why he was worried, but it took a weird amount of determination to open the front cover. On the first page was a layout he’d seen so many times before; the layout to his hero notes. A drawing of the hero on the left with arrows and scrawled notes about the hero design, with more notes on the right about the hero.

Only… The hero was him.

Bakugou had drawn an image of Izuku in his first battle outfit. Notes were connected everywhere. On his ears: ‘ Rabbit ears? Fucking dumb but might make him look taller? Furry.’ On his jaw: ‘Why does it have teeth. Why is it smiling?’ The entire head was circled with a note: ‘Creepy rabbit smile with black eyes. If this furry doesn’t scare villains nothing will.’  

A cross was next to the body of the outfit with another note: ‘So loose? Hero outfits should be tight.’ A last note was by his shoes: ‘Get new fucking shoes’.

Izuku couldn’t help but laugh reading the notes on his outfit, but on the right Bakugou had made a list of things that Izuku liked. They were all so spot on. Except that Bakugou kept calling him a furry, but aside from that it was really sweet!

Beneath that there were a few dot points:

No matter howfucking  dumb and stupid your plan is you always have one, and even when it’s stupid to you keep getting up and fighting. That’s kind of cool, I guess.’

‘Everyone seems to like you instantly. With me it takes longer, if it happens at all. Likeability is good for a hero.’

‘You have such a pathetically cute face that villains would have a hard time fighting you.’

There were a couple more, but Izuku was having trouble focusing with how good he was feeling, so much so that he was hardly even embarrassed by the happy tears in his eyes.

“It’s stupid, but fuck you I tried so… whatever.”

Bakugou picked up his bowl and with a pout he took a large mouthful of his food. His face immediately soured as he turned and spat it out onto the concrete.

“What the fuck?! This tastes like fucking shit! Why did you eat this? Why didn’t you tell me!” Bakugou got up, dusting himself off. “Fuck me, this is such shit. Why did she say I should cook? I can't fucking cook!”

“You cooked good eggs?”

“Everyone can cook fucking eggs!” Bakugou started pacing. “What was wrong with my plan! I didn’t have to fucking cook in my underwear for a bunch of perverts in my damn plan! And Mine had explosions!”

He charged over to the window, leaning halfway out as he shouted. “Where the fuck is Todoroki?! He was supposed to be here to fucking reheat the shit food while you were fucking racing, and set off the damn fireworks like five fucking minutes ago. That was like the one part of my fucking plan that made it! I worked so hard on this and he’s not even here?!”

Izuku felt like he should be worried or scared by the yelling, or sad and comforting of his friend, but Bakugou getting this worked up over a plan for him made his soul shimmer.

“What was your plan, Kacchan?” Izuku said, trying to sound natural enough that Bakugou would keep ranting.

“It was fucking simple! I'd just pick you up in my arms, carry you to a damn restaurant with actual fucking cooks, then take my shirt off and blow stuff up. It’s fucking foolproof.” Bakugou turned back to him and crossed his arms, only to immediately uncross them and pace again. “Then Todoroki said I should ask the fucking brat for help and she ruined everything-”

“You actually asked for help?”

“What? No. It was a consult. I don’t need fucking help.”

Bakugou sat back on the blanket with a look of angry defeat, crossing his arms with a pout. Izuku bounced into a kneel, fiddling with his fingers but keeping his eyes locked onto Bakugou.

“You actually asked for help for me?”

Bakugou span like he was about to yell him out the window, but once he saw Izuku he softened.

“I guess…”

Izuku smiled, inching closer to him on his knees.

“Don’t be so nervous! This was so cool, really! And this note page was amazing, I'm going to put it on my wall as soon as I get back,” Izuku smiled, but Bakugou looked away. Another thing he was getting used to. “But to be honest, your plan would probably have worked too… Maybe not the blowing up a restaurant part, but the picking me up shirtless thing sounds pretty good.”

Izuku looked away, moving his bowl and the picnic gear between them to the side. “Honestly… All you ever had to do was say that you actually like me. That you definitely definitively absolutely like me... “

“Why the fuck would I do this shit if I didn’t like you?!”

Izuku’s stomach was full of butterflies, but he inched further across the picnic blanket on hands and knees until he was a foot from Bakugou’s lips.

“All you have to do is say it, Kacchan~”

Bakugou tried to look away, but his eyes were already glued onto Izuku’s lips.

Bakugou swallowed.

“I guess I like you…”

The words escaped Bakugou breathlessly, but it was more than enough for Izuku. He moved forward,  gripping Bakugou’s face only a moment before Bakugou secured his hands on his waist. Even without the alcohol and the party Izuku still felt his skin heat a thousand degrees, and his breath get taken away as he gave everything he had to the kiss. Without the alcohol he was too shy to move in his tongue, but Bakugou was already pulling back.

He was left with the sight of Bakugou blushing bright, a rare sight that made Izuku smile warmer than he felt he ever had.

“I guess there were fireworks after all…” Izuku whispered.

Bakugou snorted a laugh. “You’re such a god damn loser.”

Izuku shot up, ready to object but Bakugou surged forward, toppling them both onto the blanket and pinning him to the ground by the wrists. His eyes darted all over Izuku. He did the same. He wanted to demand so much but being pinned he was just ready to submit himself to Bakugou’s whims, ready to let someone else take charge.

Bakugou unpinned his wrist to run a finger down the middle of Izuku’s chest, the same thing that he had done to Bakugou when they’d woken up together. Goosebumps rose in the wake of his finger eve through the shirt, and it was a failing effort to keep his body from squirming under where Bakugou’s body hung barely above his own.

The slow finger skipped over his belly button and onto his bare skin where his shirt had pulled up. Every movement past that Izuku rose closer to Bakugou’s mouth, begging silently for him to take what he wanted. Bakugou’s eyes whipped back to his with a violent hunger that was happy to oblige. Bakugou moved into him hard enough to push him back to the ground, his body grinding into Izuku’s in the motion.

Bakugou slipped in his tongue like a welcome invader, Izuku flanking it with his own.

Izuku was ready to give in, to give whatever was asked of him, clinging to Bakugou as he drew back. Bakugou had to push him back to the ground to separate himself, a rejecting action that cut through Izuku’s haze and replaced it with pure worry of overstepped boundaries until Bakugou ran a hand through his hair with a feral grin.

“It’s dinner time, Deku.”

“Yeah it is,” Izuku said, rising back up but Bakugou pushed him down again.

“No you damn animal, it’s actually dinner time.” Bakugou fished for his phone that was still ringing an alarm that Izuku hadn’t even noticed in his heat. “I didn’t expect my food to be so fucking trash so I haven’t eaten all day…”

Izuku had to take a moment to try to regain any semblance of self control, but eventually managed a weak nod.




Bakugou had been staring at his ceiling for so long that it was near pitch black in his room. His date plan had been a complete and utter fucking failure, but it had still gone so well. Even if he had once again not been the one to kiss first, he’d definitely been the one to kiss better.

The look of Izuku as he fell perfectly into his role underneath him was looping in his mind. The way his body had risen under his finger as he trailed it along. He knew it would work because he’d wanted to do the same damn thing when Izuku had done it to him.

The damn loser had been so good at his role that Bakugou had almost cum in his fucking pants grinding against him. Luckily he was saved by the damn dinner bell because he would have had a hard time thinking of a reason to stop if not that.

He hadn’t even needed to jerk off when he got back, he just touched the damn thing and it exploded. Luckily Todoroki was still out doing whatever it was that betrayers do so he had the room to himself. Still even with all he’d done today he couldn’t sleep. He was still so close to the loser on the other side of the wall. The distraction too real.

Bakugou swung his legs from the bed and stood up with a crack of joints. He could just go. Just knock on his door and… What? Just ask him to sleep over like some fucking twelve year old?

He remembered the look on Izuku’s face again as he had to push him down to keep them apart. If he did ask Izuku he wouldn’t be able to stop him again, and god knows how long Bakugou would last against him.

He couldn’t sleep at the moment though, so maybe it would be better to just take the embarrassment to fall asleep with him after. At the very least he needed to get some cold water. Maybe enough to submerge himself in. Or a god damn ice bath. All he had available was the leaky tap of the common room and a sink that was far too small to bathe in.

With a sigh he swung open his door, but Midoriya was standing on the other side.

“Oh! Kacchan, I was just, uh, I mean-” Midoriya took a breath, but wouldn’t look any higher than Bakugou’s feet. “Can we talk? In private…”

Bakugou nodded, stepping aside to let Izuku past. As soon as he closed the door Izuku started his muttering.

“I just wanted to say I'm sorry! I came on super strong this afternoon and it’s so embarrassing that you actually had to push me off, I don’t know what came over me! That’s both times now that I've been so pushy and… I don’t know what it is but it keeps happening and I know it’s making you uncomfortable so it’s just- I'm just here to say sorry…”

Bakugou grabbed Izuku’s chin and forced it up, forced Izuku to look him in the eye. How much of a fucking coward would he have to be to let Izuku feel bad just because he almost came himself.

“It’s not your fault, Deku. This is fucking painful to say but it’s just… been a while. Y’know?”

Izuku gave him a look that clearly said he had no idea. “It’s fine! I just mean… Maybe we should take it slower?” Izuku’s face dropped. “ I- I mean not that we have to take it anything, I mean we’re not together so I don’t know why I said that… It could have just been a one off thing, maybe you just-”

Bakugou moved his hand to Izuku’s cheek, Silencing him with a quick kiss that ended before either of them could think of tongue.

“Don’t talk like that, idiot. You can’t just go around kissing people like that anymore. You’re mine now.” Bakugou stared hard into his eyes, and to his surprise Izuku stared back. “Mine.”

Izuku gripped Bakugou’s hand with a smile and bright eyes, but Bakugou released him before he could think of kissing him again, sitting on the edge of his bed. Izuku looked to the door, then back, fiddling his fingers.

“Umm, I was wondering… If it’s okay if I could… Maybe…” Izuku shook his head and started moving for the door. “It’s nothing. Goodnight Kacchan.”

“Hey, loser… Just so you know if you ever want to,” Bakugou looked away, instead moving onto his bed and staring at the ceiling again, “Sleepover or anything. Standing offer. Or whatever.”

Izuku was silent for long enough that Bakugou was about to check if he’d left when another body laid down in his bed. Bakugou moved back to give Izuku space, but Izuku immediately inched back into him. After another moment Izuku reached back for Bakugou’s hands and put them over his waist.

Bakugou was happy to oblige, and gripped Izuku tightly.

The damn loser was his.