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A Hero Must Be Bold

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Izuku Midoriya woke up to hot breath steaming his neck and let out a soft moan, wiggling in the bed that was perfectly snug. His bed had always been terrible. The sheets itched, and the mattress had loose springs that poked into his back unless he stayed in one position the whole night. He wriggled between a few sleeping positions, smiling wide at the feeling of being able to stretch in a bed again.

Even if there was something anchored around his waist, and something hot and hard along his back. He sighed happily and settled back into the sheets, ready to let sleep recapture him.

Except, if this wasn’t his bed… Whose bed was it?!

He tried to turn over but with a grumpy moan the thing around his waist tightened, pulling him closer. From the sound of the familiar moan it must have been Bakugou. And the arms around him must be Bakugou’s. And the thing pressing against him where his skirt had moved up must have been Bakugou’s too.

Izuku thanked whatever god was clearly taunting him that it was dark enough in the room so that not even he could see how perfectly crimson he must be. His body tried to tug him back down into sleep, telling him that he could deal with it later, or it was just a dream, but against his better judgement he stayed awake.

Across the way he could make out Todoroki passed out face down on the bed with a waterfall of drool flowing off his bed. He wanted to laugh at the thought of him sleeping like that every night, but seeing Todoroki just confirmed that he was in Bakugou’s bed.

Slowly and carefully Izuku shifted in place, trying not to wake Bakugou as he turned over to face him.

It was weird seeing him so still and peaceful, though even in sleep his default face seemed to be one of annoyance. Izuku tried to ignore the hot breath that parted around his forehead, and tried to ignore how much of Bakugou’s hard body he could see. He failed to resist the urge to run a light finger down Bakugou’s chest, though his eyes were locked onto his bright yellow underwear, and what they were barely able to contain that pressed into his thigh.

He jolted in panic and embarrassment at staring so long, but the strong arms now around his back pulled him in closer. Bakugou was so tightly pressed against his thigh that he could almost feel individual features. That barely mattered now, though. The real shame in his cheeks came when he realised that Bakugou wasn’t just pressed into him, but he was pressed into Bakugou. Every part of him…

The thought of their dicks only inches apart made him pulse.

Thank god his dress somewhat obscured his firm press on Bakugou.

Oh man, oh geez, oh god!’ Izuku thought quickly, a flurry of thoughts that hit him like a jackhammer to match his pounding headache. ‘What the hell do I do, how the hell did I get here?! What the frick happened last night?!’

Izuku tried to sort through the events of last night but they came slowly, his mind seeming to only spitting out what would make him feel worse. The memory of how he felt when he couldn’t see Bakugou at the party the thousand times he looked. How he had laughed so hard at what everyone said, and touched them just to make Bakugou jealous. He’d probably looked like a psycho.

There must have been something good that happened. No matter how pathetic he had been last night Bakugou wouldn’t have let him into his room. He’d never let him in before, and was furious whenever Todoroki did. Izuku tried not to focus on the perfectly heroic body that was barely disconnected from his own as he continued sorting through the night.

His heart froze. The reason Bakugou wasn’t wearing pants came flying into his head. The scene on the roof, vomiting everywhere. Including on Bakugou’s pants. Izuku tried to curl into a ball and disappear, but in the limited space it was closer to him tucking his head under Bakugou’s chin. Not a great spot to hide.

‘Oh god. I made a complete fool out of myself! He’s probably just let me in here to make sure I didn’t drown in my own vomit so he can kill me himself! Oh man, I don’t even remember having any alcohol! How could this have happened…’

His mind jumped to the icy pole, and the wink, and he tried to burry himself further into Bakugou. His head was throbbing, and he felt like his eyes were on fire as the tears started to well but then another memory came. A good one.

The kiss. The almost perfect kiss on the roof that night, where he’d finally been brave enough to take what he wanted. His arms around Bakugou. The way his tongue had felt running across his teeth. The touching, the flirting. The way Bakugou had watched so intently as he’d licked the icy pole, and how he’d fallen, actually fallen, when he’d winked.

And how He’d gotten into bed with him without a fight.

He managed to peel himself away from Bakugou’s chest, and for a moment just waited as he existed in his arms. Bakugou’s muscled arms had loosened in Izuku’s wriggling, but were still loosely around him, holding him like he’d only ever done in Izuku’s dreams, and the pictures beneath his bed.

Izuku allowed himself a moment of bliss, running his hand down the middle line of Bakugou’s abs. He got an inch from the elastic line of the yellow boxer briefs before Bakugou shuddered, and Izuku froze.

Some small ghost of control in his motor senses pulled him back slowly from beneath Bakugou’s chin until he could see his crimson eyes pinning him with a hard stare.

“What are you doing?” Bakugou’s voice was tired and as hard as his stare.

Izuku thought of something to say. Anything to say. Even if it was just fluttered nothingness he need to talk but all that came out were sputters of consonants. Bakugou ignored them, thank god, instead his eyes glanced over Izuku’s body which was still in the ill-fitting dress.

Bakugou’s eyes flashed with a panic that Izuku had never seen in them, and the arms around him retreated in a flash. Bakugou shifted away, rolling onto his back with an actual blush on his cheeks as he moved the covers to hide his body from Izuku. Like he was repulsed by his touch.

“...Sorry,” Bakugou muttered, holding the sheet almost up to his neck.

Izuku had no clue what he could possibly be sorry for. All he’d done was take care of Izuku, and all Izuku had done in return was use it as an opportunity to grope Bakugou.

“I'm sorry I threw up on you!” Izuku blurted as his mind finally gave him a kindling of thought, which quickly ignited into wildfire. “ I'm sorry I know they were your nice pants that you got from your internship and all, and they look really expensive! I don’t know if you had to pay for them or anything but I'll pay for dry cleaning if you want me to! Or I can buy you more if you want, but I'll need to save up the money first and-”

“It’s fine,” Bakugou interrupted, though not rudely. “I'll just wash them.”

The panic in his eyes had already faded into something else.

Bakugou sat up, taking the sheets with him with some kind of newfound modesty that made him cover himself. Izuku shivered at the air that rushed in where the blanket was pulled from his own body, feeling exposed despite the dress that covered parts of him. He ran a hand over the dress, making sure the skirt was covering his briefs.

He seemed to notice Izuku’s shaking, and separated the sheets he was hoarding, handing the bottom sheet back to Izuku .

Izuku took the sheet, but had nothing to say, nothing to do as the air between them started to fester.

Oh god, I've made it weird! I was weird last night and kept going after him, and then on the roof when he even told me not to, I still kissed him. And now he’s woken up to me groping him like some kind of… Mineta!’

Bakugou let out a long breath, and dropped the blanket around him, revealing his chest again. He turned and wrapped the inside of his callused hand over Izuku’s forehead, rubbing back his mess of hair.

“It’s not weird,” Bakugou said, as if reading his mind. “We were both drinking, we just need to move on now.” Bakugou sighed, staring into his eyes. “Nothing that happened last night was real. We just need to forget it and… Move on.”

Bakugou withdrew his hand from Izuku’s forehead, content with whatever it was he found there. He rolled out of bed and staggered to stand tall, stretching his arms high with both elbows cracking loud. Izuku watched the muscles in Bakugou’s back shift, but felt the ones in his own gut twist in pain.

The words Bakugou said looped in his mind.

Nothing was real. The smiles, the delicate touches, the kiss… Nothing mattered.

He watched absently as Bakugou pulled on a loose pair of pajama pants and walked through the room, lit by the first morning lights, over to Todoroki’s bed, sitting on the edge.

Bakugou put his hand on Todoroki’s forehead aswell, but Todoroki’s eyes shot open, and his body surged against Bakugou. On his stomach though he wasn’t much of a fight, and Bakugou held him down firmly until he calmed down at the familiar sight of his room, and turned onto his back.

“I had the worst dream,” Todoroki started, watching as Bakugou withdrew his hand. “I was in my underwear pinning Denki to the ground and yelling about candy.”

Todoroki looked to the others and seeing their reaction, his face dropped.

“Oh god. That happened? I punched Kirishima!”

Izuku and Bakugou shared a look.

“Nothing that happened yesterday matters…” Izuku said, quietly than he meant to.

Bakugou nodded slowly, but Todoroki sat up stiff.

“Nonsense, I have to apologize.”

“You’ll need to apologize to a lot of people,” Bakugou said, walking to his drawers and pulling out an orange apron. “If you’re going to spend all day apologizing for all the dumb shit you did, then you’re going to need to eat something. You too, Deku. Both of you drunks need something in your system.”

“You’re cooking?” Todoroki questioned.

“Yeah, I don’t want your vomit in my food you fucking lightweight!” Bakugou opened the door, turning back with a raised middle finger, “Besides I'm a great cook. Fuck off.”

Bakugou left with only a gentle door slam, leaving Izuku with only his thoughts, and Todoroki who was gripping his head in his hands. The muscles on his arm tensed as he seemed to be trying to squeeze his head to accomplish… something. Apparently unconcerned with the massive drool stain. Maybe it was a common occurrence.

Feeling some kind of peak embarrassment he hadn’t reached in a while, Izuku took the opportunity to slip from the room while Todoroki was preoccupied. Maybe he could go hide in his own room for a while. Maybe he could fall asleep and not wake up until everyone had forgotten about all this.

He opened the door to the hall a whole lot more blatantly than he should have, not even checking if it was empty before he turned into it, slamming head first into Kirishima.

Kirishima pulled back, smiling as always. He didn’t seem to have any kind of bruise or mark from where Todoroki had hit him.

“Oh hey Izuku!” Kirishima smiled, but his jaw slacked a bit as he looked down over Izuku’s day old dress, then into the room behind him. Izuku closed the door quickly but the damage was done. “Sleeping over with Bakugou?”

Izuku did the only thing his throbbing head could think of and flipped his dress hood up over himself, trying to hide in the costume. Wishing his quirk had been invisibility. Or even better the ability to just erase himself from existence.

“It’s not like that, he was just looking after me after the party...“ Izuku explained. “Nothing happened…”

Kirishima’s smile immediately faded and he put a hand on Izuku’s arm.

“Izuku, I'm sorry! I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable!”

“No, you’re fine!” Izuku squeezed past him in the hall, stopping with his back on the door to his room. “I just… Really need to get changed.”

Kirishima nodded, his smile back as fast as it left. He moved to block the view from the common room to Izuku, making sure no one else saw him in the outfit.

“Alright, but be sure to make an appearance at breakfast, yeah? You disappeared on the roof last night and some people were a bit worried.”

Izuku felt bad for causing such worry, but nodded and disappeared into his room, a breath of relief coming out as he closed the door behind him.

“IZUKU MIDORIYA!” Izuku’s heart jumped to a thousand beats. “What on Earth happened to you?! I was worried sick!”

Tenya Iida was stood in front of his perfectly made bed with crossed arms. Had he not slept all night? It was impossible to tell since his bed was always so neat.

“Iida, I-”

“You didn’t come home at all last night, from the party that I was in charge of! Aizawa is going to kill me!”

Izuku deflated. Of course he was just upset about how this affected his party.

He seemed to notice. “Of course I was worried for you as well, but you were with Bakugou. The two of you can take care of yourselves.”

“Can we just leave this, for now?” Izuku sighed. “I think apologies are scheduled for breakfast…”

Iida still seemed worked up, but settled with a nod.

“A public statement. Good idea. If you’re this irresponsible as a hero, then you’ll need the practice.”

With a puff of satisfaction Iida walked for the door, Izuku sliding out of his way. Iida stopped with the door open, one foot out, and turned back to him with a surprisingly warm smile.

“I'm glad you’re safe.”

With that he was off, and Izuku closed the door firmly and let out a long winding sigh this time, waiting for the next thing the world will throw at him. Waited as the thoughts gathered in his head. Not that there were many of them. Just the one big thought that he was trying so hard to ignore. The one that had his heart in a vice.

Nothing happened.’

Izuku tried to shake it off and walked further into his room. It was always kept pretty clean thanks to Iida, though Izuku had managed to win a few small battles that allowed him to keep his desk the way he liked it, which was admittedly pretty messy.

Pens and pencils were scattered across the desk, along with three notebooks open to unconnected pages full of information from various classes and superhero notes, and one sketchbook open to a drawing of All Might in his favourite pose.

He had a large cork board above his desk where he had pinned his favourite drawings, which were mostly just drawings of his classmates based on photos from Ochako’s Instagram. Of course there were three of All Might pinned up as well, and two of Bakugou. Purely because he drew Bakugou so much more that there were bound to be more good ones.

Though the reason he drew so much more of him was less than pure, which the sketches under his bed would show…

He’d been questioned by Iida about the drawings on his corkboard once, particularly so many of Bakugou, and to his own surprise he’d quickly been able to convince him that it was useful for studying hero movements, and that he simply respected Bakugou most as direct competition.

Iida had been so convinced he’d actually tried it himself, though it hadn’t lasted long.

He passed by his bed, wanting to sink into it and disappear, sleep until everyone forgot he existed and how he’d embarrassed himself.

How could I have been such an idiot. Bakugou said he didn’t want to kiss me and I forced myself onto him! I'll never touch alcohol again… Not that I even knew I was. Ahhh, what the hell had I been thinking!’

He’d held onto the crush so long he thought he’d die with it. Why had it been so important for him to try to do everything in one night!

With a limp grab he picked up a loose white shirt and grey sweatpants, slipping behind the folding screen in the corner of the room he’d gotten so he didn’t need to get changed in front of anyone, even Iida. Everyone in the school was so comfortable changing in front of each other, but Izuku just wasn’t that showwy. Especially not one on one.

It would be good to finally get out of the dress. As soon as he pulled the zipper on his back down he felt his chest expand as though the dress had been pressing into his lungs. Mina had managed to find a beautiful dress on short notice, and he’d been sure to thank her a thousand times, but it would have been nicer if she’d have remembered his size…

He held the lazy sweat clothes in his hands, standing in his underwear. Izuku hadn’t felt so anxious in years. He closed his eyes, shaking his head. If it had gone so badly then he wouldn’t be here. Bakugou wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want to do, so it couldn’t be too bad, right?

Sure, he could give up right now and that could be the end of it. His one shot wasted and nothing good to come of it. Or he could not give up. He could keep trying, though this time he wouldn’t be drunk and he could do it the right way. He’d not given up on being a hero when he was quirkless, and what had come from that had truly been impossible. In comparison being with Bakugou seemed like nothing.

He folded the dress, putting it on a small set of shelves on the private side of the screen, deciding to keep it like Mina had offered instead of returning it like he had planned. As much as he was worried about it, the dress just had too many good memories around it. Bakugou actually fell when he winked, and held him tight on the roof, and kissed him back.

He’d never seen him like that. Maybe the dress had been magic. Maybe it had been made by someone with an enchanting quirk!

No. It had been Izuku. Izuku had finally been brave and bold and made a move for what he wanted and he was done feeling bad about it. He wasn’t going to let Bakugou forget what happened last night.

He reached into the shelf and pulled out new clothes. Green shorts and a tight white shirt. It wasn’t much of a difference from the lazy clothes, honestly, but his wardrobe didn’t have a wide range to it, and certainly not anything sexy. A tight shirt was the best he could do.

He picked up his small mirror to try to get a handle on how he looked, but with the limited view it took some time, and the results were less than stellar. Maybe it was a good idea not to stand out right now, though. Better to look a bit mediocre and slide under the radar while the apologies happen. Even if it meant letting his hair look like Fumikage had tried to nest in it, and he probably smelled awful.

The thought of sleeping eternally, or even stalling for just five minutes, crossed his mind again but he forced himself from his room in a cloud of deodorant spray that he hoped would at least take the edge off his scent until he could get down to the showers.

As soon as he stepped into the hall, he could hear Bakugou shouting.


Izuku took the distracted moment as a chance to sneak into the common room without being the centre of attention.

Todoroki was sitting at the dining room table with a straight posture, despite his obvious tiredness. Izuku slipped into the seat across from him, and watched where Bakugou was stood with his back to the almost empty fridge, his loose pants sagged to reveal half of his underwear, and only the bright apron covered his chest.

“Your what ?” Kaminari asked from where he sat on the island bench.

“It’s a fancy ass cheese!”

“You use cheese made out of ewe milk?” Iida questioned.

“Ewe?” Kirishima questioned, taking a set beside Todoroki. “Like a sheep?”

Bakugou chuckled to himself. “Yeah that’s why I bought it at first. I thought it’d be a gross prank but it turned out to be halfway decent.” Bakugou’s features went hard again as he started yelling, “So which one of you fucksticks ate it!”

“Someone probably threw it out. You should know not to trust the dorm fridge, bro.”

Bakugou pointed to Kaminari like he was about to use his spatula as a weapon, but Kirishima cut in quick.

“Just use the normal cheese, man.”

Bakugou sighed, incredibly loudly, but added the normal cheese to his stack of ingredients and dumped them on the bench. He pulled out a knife that made everyone edge a few inches away from him and started chopping some vegetables and the cheese into a bowl.

Todoroki turned at the conversation break to face Kaminari. “Once again I'm sorry for what happened last night.”

“It’s fine, really! I guess it’s kinda my fault for spiking the punch in the first place,” Kaminari smiled. “Fun night, though.”

“And I still don’t remember you hitting me, dude.” Kirishima shrugged. “Are you sure that part… actually happened?”

“Positive. You tried to pull me off Kaminari and I hit you.”

“Do you remember that, dude?”

Kaminari shook his head. “What I remember is Kirishima picking you up to take you home.”

“I guess you tried to put your arm around me and missed the first time,” Kirishima looked to Kaminari uncertainly. “I guess that could have been meant as a punch?”

Kaminari laughed, but Todoroki still looked like he was trying to solve a memory jigsaw with two few jigs to saw.

“You know, Bakugou, you should be more like Todoroki,” Kaminari said, bravely considering Bakugou still had the knife.

“Strongly disagree,” Bakugou said, cracking eggs into the bowl.

“You told me to fuck off a lot when I tried to warn you-”

“Fuck off, dude.”

“Yeah, just like that!”

Despite himself and his will to remain somewhat anonymous Izuku couldn’t help but laugh. A small part of him wanted to say the same to Kaminari. He hadn’t gotten a warning and had ended up vomiting on the roof. Kirishima laughed with him, and Todoroki smiled, so he thought he wouldn’t stand out too much, but Hanta Sero walked in from the hall and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey Izuku, glad to see you’re alright!”

“Yeah, we were worried when we couldn’t find you,” Kaminari chimed in.

“And there’s yet to be the public apology you promised!” Iida added with crossed arms.

Izuku sighed, but gave a look gentle enough that Bakugou and Todoroki backed off their jagged glares.

“I know some of you were probably a little worried about me,” Izuku said, trying to keep up a smile. “But I'm fine! I was being looked after.”

“Heads up,” Bakugou interrupted as he slid a plate full of what looked to be a gourmet omelette in front of Todoroki.  

“Thanks Bakugou, this actually looks… Good.”

“Why the fuck are you surprised, shit head?!”

Todoroki didn’t deign a response as he started shovelling the food into his mouth, his usual restraint overtaken by a ravenous hunger that probably came from only eating chocolates yesterday. The smell of it hit Izuku and he had to swallow to contain the drool. He’d never seen Bakugou make anything that he couldn’t furiously scramble before.

“So we’re getting some of this, right?” Kirishima asked, getting so close to Todoroki’s plate that he pulled it back.

“When you’re as pathetic as them, then I'll make you some,” Bakugou scoffed. “I'm gonna try and get extra hero credit or some shit for taking care of these two idiots.”

“Is that a thing we can do?” Iida whispered. “In that case I shall make you all breakfast!”

“Dude, that’s not not a real-” Kaminari was interrupted by Denki’s arm around his shoulder pressing tight.

“Nah that’s totally how it works, bro! Can I get some toast with mine?”

Iida marched into kitchen as Bakugou left it with his second plate, ignoring everything else as he walked to the table. With a clash he dumped the plate in front of Izuku and collapsed into the chair beside him, crossing his feet onto the table with a slump. Izuku had to resist the urge to blow into the dish immediately.

“Kacchan what about you? Aren’t you eating?”

“I'm fine, I was sick of cooking,” Bakugou said, though his stomach growled.

“Ah, I see what’s happening! He’s decided he’d rather have my cooking!” Iida said proudly.

“Kirishima really, I need to apologize for what I did last night. Please, have some of my meal!” Todoroki thrust his plate into Kirishima’s face, apparently regaining some control.

“For the last time you don’t have to apologize for anything!” Kirishima licked his lips. “But I will take some of this!”

Kirishima swiped some food from Todoroki’s plate before he could change his mind with a huge grin to counter Kaminari’s frown at being left with Iida’s cooking. Izuku got an idea, and adjusted his seat so that he was closer to Bakugou, but not enough that anyone but them would notice.

He shifted his plate to sit before him again, though this time it too was closer to Bakugou.

“Don’t worry Kaminari, one order up!”

Iida gave him a plate of what could only be described as a gooped mess. To his credit Kaminari did try it, though with each of his bites there was a distinct crunch of what must have been eggshells scattered through the dish.

“Hey Iida, I'm, uh, not really hungry. You can have this one, yeah?”

Iida paused. “Hmm, I wonder if I'll still get extra credit for trying…”

With a shrug he switched off the stove and took his plate, joining the others at the table. He started eating his goop and seemed to like it well enough to keep eating it after the first bite.

Izuku smiled to himself as Bakugou sat up a little and swiped the fork from his plate, eating a massive bite of the egg before pushing it back to Izuku with a huff. After every bite Izuku took it was never long before Bakugou snatched another one, though he did start taking smaller bites to leave more for Izuku.

Breakfast ended quicker than he had expected it too, and with far less awkwardness than he’d imagined. Before he knew it everyone was heading off to their first class on campus.

The school day came through slowly. Bakugou had said little to him, opting instead to stay in a brooding silence that Izuku figured it was best to ignore for today. Even Todoroki was strangely quiet, except for when he apologized to Kirishima about a hundred more times throughout the day.

He couldn’t really judge them for acting weird, though. He’d spent so long watching the two of them that Ochako had accused him of being weird as well. Maybe he should be more thankful that nothing seemed to have changed for the worse between them, but really he was just upset that the one time he had tried to actively pursue his crush that it had gone so poorly.

Izuku snuggled up into his bed as the night air made it’s way through the window of his room. He tried to get comfortable, but every position he could actually sleep in his bed in made him mad. After being in Bakugou’s bed he hated having to curl his body between the jutting springs. Hated the sheets that itched his bare skin and were somehow too hot and still let in too much cold air. Hated not having Bakugou’s arms wrapped around him.

He thought about going over to his room. Knocking on the door. Then he’d have to think of something to say. Somehow find the words to convince Bakugou to let him in, then let him into his bed. Maybe if he got drunk and pathetic enough again…

Izuku kept thinking of it until he fell asleep.




Shouto Todoroki woke up to the sound of crazed muttering and scribbling pen on scrunching paper. Of course the room was dark, as he’d once again been woken before the damn sun could. Maybe he should end his break from his heroic destiny just to get a break from his crazy roommate.

Still, at least his body seemed to be getting used to the early starts as he didn’t seem to have any trouble opening his eyes in the face of darkness, and there were few protests from his body as he sat up to look for wherever Bakugou was muttering from.

He found Bakugou with a leg on each of their desks, surrounded by a sea of abandoned paper scrunches, with more paper notes pinned into the bare wall above their desks. Bakugou picked up a fistfull of paper and stabbed them into the wall using the same pin. He muttered to himself as he used a line of string he seemed to be disassembling from an old scarf to link together the different pins.

People like- Everyone likes-” Bakugou laughed a strangely maniacal laugh. “ It’s perfect, it’s flawless, it’s… doable it’s-”

Todoroki found getting out of bed easy as he moved towards the insane scene to get a closer look at what exactly he was covering their wall with.

Most of them were notes, though they only seemed to have one word scribbled on them each. Some of the others were crude drawings of what he assumed must be Midoriya based purely on the fact they were drawn in green pen, and in no way based on Bakugou’s artistic talent. Though he’d clearly put more effort into the rather lewd images that Todoroki tried to ignore of his innocent friend.

The notes themselves barely had any reason to them, covered with words like ‘Explosions’, ‘Food’, and ‘Shirtless???’ scrawled into them.

Todoroki strafed around Bakugou to get a better look at the notes without engaging Bakugou. In the center of the notes and the strings and right in front of where Bakugou knelt on the desks muttering was a note with the word ‘DATE’ in big letters spread over two notes, and underlined three times.  

Bakugou whipped his head to him with a slanted smile and wide eyes that twitched with some emotion Todoroki had never felt.

“Todoroki! You’re finally awake. Good. Great. How much do you fucking sleep, dude? Whatever, you can help me. Not that I need it, but whatever. I need some more pens this one’s running out.”

Todoroki pointed to the spilled cup of pens by Bakugou’s left knee, and Bakugou immediately picked them up and put them to work.

“How much have you slept?”

Bakugou paused, counting on his fingers until he reached ten.

“I dunno like one? none? It’s none. But I've done something better! I've figured why the hell I haven’t been able to fucking sleep lately. Well kind of. Not really. I did figure out what fixes it though and it’s that-” Bakugou thrust his finger to the wall to Midoriya’s room “-Little shit next door! Sleeping with that fucking nerd in the bed is like taking god damn sleep medicine. He’s a fucking fluffy teddy bear the stupid-” Bakugou ruffed up his hair and went back to scrawling on the wall.

Todoroki took a deep breath, once again having the same old internal debate of whether to just go back to sleep and deal with this when Bakugou was passed out. Against his better judgement though he decided to stay awake and deal with this now.

“So what’s all of,” Todoroki gestured vaguely, “This?”

Bakugou didn’t turn back to him, instead sticking another note onto the web.

“We kissed,” he said, quietly. “On the roof he kissed me. Even though he was drunk and I told him not to he kissed me, and I kissed him back.”

“I'm happy for you, but… why don’t you sound happy?”

“It was fucking cheating!” Bakugou shouted back. “I've wanted that little nerd for this damn long and the first time we kiss it’s not only him kissing me, but it’s because he’d fucking drunk?! That doesn’t count for shit. He has to know what he’d fucking doing and choose to do it. Also, I should be the one to kiss him! That loser’s a bloody Sub, I'm the top! I should be taking lead, right?!”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“It means I'm the alpha, I'm in control, and he’s just a fucking loser!”

“Have you considered not calling him that?”

Bakugou waved him off with a hand.

“So this is my plan to win. To get a real victory, not tainted by any of Denki’s bullshit. A perfect plan for the perfect date to make that idiot want me for real!”

Todoroki nodded along, slowly. “So what’s the plan?”

“I spent all night brainstorming, trying to think of things that that damn loser likes.”

“Midoriya likes explosions?”

“I saw his sketchbook like a week ago and it was full of me exploding shit,” Bakugou explained, moving his finger over to the ‘shirtless’ card. “Also my outfit had ripped in most of them so my chest was exposed so I guess he likes that too. Also when I woke up yesterday he was- Let’s just say this card is accurate.”

Todoroki was still idly nodding during the explanation. “Didn’t you say he liked your ‘furry outfit’ as well?”

Bakugou groaned. “I don’t want to wear that fucking shit again!”

“I still think it should go on the wall. You’re trying to make a comprehensive list, right?”

Bakugou grumbled and shook his head,  but pinned up the ‘furry’ card on the far edge of the web.

“He likes the colour green, right?” Bakugou questioned.

“I'm pretty sure that’s his natural hair colour.”

Bakugou gave him a weird look, until Todoroki pointed to his red hair.

“Still, it’s all through his costume design as well. I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.” Bakugou laughed to himself. “Like always.”

Todoroki ignored him, instead they stood side by side reviewing the webbed list. Explosions, shirtless, food, furry, All Might, note-taking, drawing, katsudon, power (underlined five times), talking fast about nothing, and three separate cards that all said ‘dumb shit’.

“He seemed to have fun flirting,” Todoroki suggested.

Todoroki paused, but after a moment stood up tall with a straight back.

“Yes. Definitely.” Bakugou thought for a second longer. “Does that mean that I should have tried flirting, or that I should get him to flirt with me?”

Todoroki pinned the ‘flirt’ card to the wall. “Maybe if you start flirting he’ll follow you? Being at this school he’s certainly got less shy being around everyone. Maybe it’s the same.”

Bakugou nodded sharply, and they surveyed the list again as they tried to think of more than eight things about their friend.

“How do we not know more about Midoriya?”

“For as much as the damn nerd talks sometimes, it’s never about himself, really.”

“Is this enough?” Todoroki asked.

Bakugou chewed on his pen. He got back on the desks and adjusted the string that ran between the notes.

“Okay, here’s the plan. Tomorrow I'll go to his room and pick up him up for the date. Like physically pick him up to show off how strong I am. Then I'll take him out for food, I guess I'll try to find a katsudon place. I'll listen to him talk about whatever random shit he talks about and I'll take notes, then I'll take off my shirt and blow stuff up!”

“Hmm. It sounds good, but where does the tail come into it?” Todoroki questioned.

“I'm not wearing the fucking tail!”

Todoroki pointed the the ‘furry’ card. “But he likes the-”

“I'm not wearing the fucking tail you idiot!” Bakugou once again realised he was yelling in a communal dorm and calmed himself, or got about as calm as Bakugou can be. “Oh. I just thought of the big finish. He likes heroes and justice and that shit. You can pretend to be a mugger, then I can act all heroic and defeat you!’

Todoroki nodded once. ‘I can be quite menacing.”

They shared one last nod at a well thought through plan.

“This will work.”

“Maybe, but maybe we should run it past Ochako just to make sure.”

“What? Why would I need that brat’s fucking help?”

“You haven’t slept, and I have never been on a date.”

Bakugou looked at him, an eyebrow raised. “Really?”

“It wasn’t relevant to training.”

“Your dad fucking sucks.”


The silence hung over them for a moment before Bakugou ripped the notes from the wall and grabbed his coat, throwing Todoroki’s to him as well.

“Alright let’s go see the damned witch.”

“Now? Bakugou the sun isn’t up for like another hour.”

“Well we have to go now or we’ll have to wait until after class! I'm sure she’ll be fine with it once we say it’s about Deku, anyway. She’s always up for sticking her nose places it doesn’t belong.”

“I wouldn’t say that when you’re asking her for help.’

“I'm not asking her for help! She’s just… a consult.”

Todoroki shook his head as they walked out the door, still in their pajamas.




Katsuki Bakugou reached the door to the 1A girls common room, Todoroki close behind, when the door swung open and Momo Yaoyorozu stepped through in her running suit.

“Oh hey boys, what are you doing her at this hour?”

“I bet you’d like to know,” Bakugou snapped back, eyeing her closely.

Todoroki shook his head. “We’re looking for Ochako.”

“She’s probably still asleep, but I won’t stop you from trying.”

Momo took off down the hall, stretching her arms as she left for her morning jog. Same as Bakugou would have done if he weren’t preoccupied with all of this shit with Midoriya.

Damn, he’d missed two days in a row now. Maybe he was as bad as Todoroki after all.

No. Todoroki had given up on everything, Bakugou had just changed his goals to a different victory. He wasn’t going to give up until he’d gotten what he wanted.

He burst into the girl’s common room, keeping his eyes ahead until he was in the hall, and at the Ochako’s door. He’d been here once before at her request. Not an experience he’d enjoyed as she basically lectured him for three hours about not being rude to Midoriya. Obviously he’d already decided to start being nicer or he wouldn’t have listened to the whole fucking crapfest.

He knocked somewhat gently on the door, trying to find a balance between an urgent knock and not wanting anyone else to overhear and see him here asking for help. Todoroki looked at the other doors, though no one seemed to be disturbed. Except for the extremely dishevelled girl who opened the door.

“What do you guys want?” Ochako asked, dabbing the sleep from her eyes.

Bakugou just shoved his stack of notes into her hand and barged past into her room. He sat at her desk and put up his feet, just in time to watch Todoroki awkwardly bow to Ochako and walk into the room. Ochako found a spot on her bed and began reading through the notes, Bakugou watching her intently.

“I have no idea what this is,” she finally said.

“I told you this was a waste of damn time, she can’t even read!” Bakugou rose to stand but Todoroki pushed down on his shoulder.

“We’re trying to plan a date-” Todoroki said, Ochako rifling through her stack and found the ‘date’ card, “-And we were brainstorming all of the things that Izuku likes.”

Ochako read through the notes again, this time nodding along to herself as she separated them into two piles, and a third that seemed to be full of the ones that said ‘dumb shit’. She seemed to smile stupidly for a while, but thankfully for Bakugou’s stomach she contained it quickly.

“I'll help you, but you gotta tell me why you’re planning a date all of a sudden! Does it have to do with why you two disappeared from the roof together, hmmmm?”

Bakugou made an angry sound from deep in his throat, but Todoroki cut in.


Ochako shrugged, surprisingly accepting that as enough information.

“Okay this is the stack that still confuses me-”

“How?! It’s simple!” Bakugou yelled.

“Why do you guys think Izuku is a furry? And I wouldn't really say he likes talking fast.”

“If you know him so damn well, what do you think he likes?!”

“Well~” Ochako bit her lip in a way Bakugou hated. The way she did before every lecture. “At his core Deku is a sweetheart! The reason you probably think he talks fast is because he’s always worried he’s talking too much and boring people, but he still has so much to say. What you could try is getting him to talk! Just have a conversation. You’re both nerds-” Bakugou grimaced at the label, “-about heroes and stuff. Talk about that! You have ‘food’ on a card here. Deku said yesterday that you made some kickass food! Instead of going to a restaurant you should try to cook for him!”

Bakugout pouted, staring at Todoroki. Of course she was fucking right and they were both good ideas, but no way in hell that he would be the one to say it. Luckily Todoroki seemed to take the hint.

“Those are good ideas, Ochako. Anything else?”

“Hmmmm,” Ochako made a big show of rubbing her temples. “You have explosions written here, which I think is good, but maybe instead you could do fireworks? Instead of being shirtless you could just wear a tight shirt?” Ochako looked him over. “Got that covered, I guess. You definitely got one right, though. You should definitely be sure to flirt at every opportunity! You guys are clueless so really be relentless! Everything you say should be flirting!”

Bakugou sat up with a huff and folded his arms.

“I'm noticing some holes in your little plan here,” Bakugou started, but Todoroki hit his arm lightly with a look that told him to be nicer. Which he begrudgingly tried to do. “I mean… thanks for the help. But how the hell am I going to cook anything without him knowing? He lives ten feet from the damn kitchen! Also isn’t lighting off fireworks illegal or some shit? Also last time I tried to flirt Deku thought I was a fucking pervert prankster and went into god damn shock.”

“It's true,” Todoroki nodded, unhelpful as ever.

“That was before he knew you were serious! Now that you’ve kissed he knows the game is on. Even if you told him to forget about it afterwards.”

Ochako stared him down until he averted his gaze. Of course Midoriya had fucking told her about it yesterday.

“Now is when you have to flirt, because that party was him trying and you blew him off!”

“I think we could use fireworks provided they were adjusted to blow low, and we did it on campus grounds. If we do it during power hours then it would just blend into the normal day to day explosions,” Todoroki said.

“Oh, and if you need to cook food you can use the girl’s dorm kitchen!”

“Won’t people be disturbed?” Todoroki asked.

“Ohh, we can come up with a compromise, I'm sure!”

Bakugou stood abruptly, pulling Todoroki off where he leaned on the desk and towards the door. He considered just leaving but decided Ochako deserved something for the help in his victory. No debts left unpaid.

“Thanks, those were good ideas,” he practically spat out before leaving the room as quickly as he could.

They walked swiftly through the common room, not noticing they weren’t alone until Jirou fell into line with them on their way out.

“Are you guys here to escort me to work?”

Todoroki looked between them. “I’d prefer to sleep, but if you’d like-”

“You’re excused, Todo,’ Jirou said with the smallest smile.

Bakugou was brewing with ideas the whole way down and out of the dorms, reinforcing his plan with what he had learned from Ochako. Todoroki tried to separate from them and head for the male dorms, but Bakugou grabbed his wrist to make him stop.

“I'm going to tell you a plan. I just want you to nod if it’s fine and shake your head if it’s absolute shit, can you do that?”

Bakugou waited for them to nod, Jirou looking thoroughly confused.

“Tomorrow I'm going to find Deku, Invite him to that training day I owe him, kick his ass, take him to some dumbass spot and have a fucking lame ass picnic, and then Todoroki you’ll be there to set off fireworks because you have nothing better to do, then I kiss the fucking brat for real.”

After a too long moment, they both nodded, though Jirou took a second longer to work out what they were talking about.

Bakugou released a pent up breath, cracking his knuckles.

“I'll walk you to work if you never talk about this to me again.”

Jirou nodded once again and set off, Bakugou in tow. He turned back to say goodbye to Todoroki, but he was already halfway back to the dorm to finally sleep. A deep part of him felt bad for always waking him up, but the rest of him was just glad to finally have a real plan of attack.

He wished it could be today, but he needed an amount of sleep if he was going to be savvy enough to try to make a good impression on Midoriya. But he could do this. He could smile and be nice and sweet and stupid for a day. He could make that fucking loser smile, and get that damn kiss for real.