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We Belong Together

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“Felicity,” Oliver pulled her into a tight hug reminisce of the way he held her when they reunited in the aftermath of Lian Yu. He looked the same dressed in jeans and a short sleeve shirt, showing off his impressive physique, yet there was something different about him. There was an urgency, a hint of sadness that she could not place because Oliver had not been like this in a long time. Despite the never-ending flow of villains and bad guys, which they had accepted was a constant part of their lives, they were happy. Married, settled and content. This sadness emanating from him suddenly was one she could not understand.

“That’s quite a greeting,” she smiled into his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist. “You only said goodbye to me this morning.”

He kissed the top of her head gently before whispering, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come home to you tonight like I always do and I’ll try not to be late tonight.” Felicity looked up and tilted her head to get a good look at him. Oliver was smiling at her yet there was something off about his smile. There was a steely determination behind it. An expression that was not normally reserved for her.

“Pretty soon you’ll be with me every night Felicity,” he stated firmly before kissing her on the forehead.


“I just had the weirdest dream,” Felicity muttered, peering out at Oliver from under the covers. It was a miracle she was even coherent enough to recount her dream before her morning coffee but it was such a strange dream, she simply had to share it with him. “You showed up at work to meet me for lunch. It was all fine and good until you hugged me and started looking sad. Then you started sounding all ominous.” Felicity gave an involuntary little shiver. It was weird seeing Oliver that way. She had know him when he was the hood, the Arrow, in both his darker and lighter moments and yet he had never been like how he appeared in her dream.

“Maybe I just missed you?” Oliver volunteered with a grin on his face. “I don’t make a habit of telling you but I do miss you when we’re at our day jobs.”

Oliver sat down on the bed and motioned for her to come over, which Felicity happily obliged, snuggling into his arms. “See this I understand, you are exactly how you should be, albeit a tiny bit mushier than normal. You were off in my dream Oliver. There was something about you. You weren’t like this.”

“I always think dreams are an outlet for all the stress that’s going on in our lives. Maybe you’re worried about me when I go on patrol at night so it’s manifesting in me acting off in your dreams.” He gave her a peck on the lips. “Come out to breakfast. I made you crispy waffles with all the trimmings. Don’t waste our weekend off alone by worrying about a dream you had.”

“Ooh,” Felicity beamed at the thought of the breakfast spread waiting for her in the kitchen. “Do I tell you I love you enough? Because I love you.” She leaned in to give him a kiss.

“I never get sick of hearing it,” Oliver smiled in between kisses. And then suddenly all hell broke loose.

Out of nowhere Oliver went flying across the room, as Felicity looked up in horror to find the Legends team posturing at the foot of her bed. Meanwhile Ray and Sara were wrestling Oliver in the corner of their bedroom.

“What the frak!!!” Felicity squawked when she was finally able to process the scene before her. “Have you all gone crazy? Get off my husband! And out of our room! What…why….why are you even here?”

She marched towards where Oliver was still in a tussle with Ray and Sara only to be stopped by Mick of all people. “No can do Ponytail, stay away from the imposter for your own good.” 

“Have you people lost your minds? Ray! Sara! STOP IT,” she yelled, pulling cushions off her bed and hurling the cushions at them. Oliver now had the upper hand and had Ray in a headlock, which Sara was trying to extract him from. The cushions did their job with all parties pausing to stare at her.

“ARE YOU ALL INSANE?” Felicity shouted at them, in her loudest of loud voices. “Not you Oliver, ignore the loud voice I’m using my love.” She paused to give him a gentle smile before narrowing her eyes to glare at the others and yelling again.


“He’s not your husband,” Ray managed to choke out. Oliver still had him in a chokehold and was dragging him around, dodging Sara. It was then Felicity noticed that the remaining Legends were standing in a circle around her.

As she was about to yell at them once again, a portal opened right at her bedroom door, spitting out Cisco, Barry and Iris. 

“Wrong Oliver guys! That’s the real one!” Barry shouted above the kerfuffle. “We haven’t tracked him to Earth1 yet.”

Just like that the chaos ended. Sara backed off and Oliver let go of Ray. The Legends broke up their circle around her and their postures relaxed significantly. Oliver moved to Felicity’s side and put a protective arm around her waist. “I’m not sure I want to know what this is all about but can you all clear out so my wife can put some clothes on?” 

One by one they looked sheepish and muttered their apologies under their breath before hurrying out of the room in single file, with the exception of Mick who nodded at Felicity and said, “Looking good Ponytail! Married life suits you.” He walked out of the room looking nonplussed at the death glare that Oliver threw his way.


“Now can someone explain what’s going on, why you’re all congregated at our place this fine Saturday and what on earth you were thinking when you attacked Oliver,” Felicity demanded after she had taken a few gulps of coffee. Oliver gave her shoulder a placating squeeze before placing a plate of waffles topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and berries before her.

Mick reached out to pluck a waffle from her plate only to have his hand rapped sharply by Oliver with a pair of tongs. “Don’t touch her food!”

“Is this how you treat house guests Robin Hood?” Mick grumbled, rubbing his hand.

“I’d make you some waffles if you had used the front door and didn’t just beam yourselves into our bedroom to attack me,” Oliver responded curtly. William was away at camp and he had all sorts of things planned for Felicity. Never did he imagine that two different crime fighting teams would be making themselves at home in his kitchen. He had planned this eagerly awaited weekend for months and was in no mood to host a partial vigilante crossover. 

“Sorry about that Oliver. No hard feelings I hope,” Ray chirped at him cheerfully. “You did get me good though! I still feel a bit hoarse.” He rubbed his throat but the sunny smile on his face did not dim. 

“You okay?” Oliver asked gruffly. “Want some waffles?” They had worked together a few times now; Oliver was beginning to view Ray somewhat fondly as the male and less attractive (this was debatable he knew but he was certainly not attracted to the guy) fraternal twin of Felicity. He suddenly felt quite bad for choking the poor guy.

“Wouldn’t want to trouble you. But say, do you mind if I use your batter to whip up a few for Mick here?” Ray asked glancing at Mick who was watching the waffles longingly.

“Sure, go for it.” Oliver moved away from the stove and took a seat next to Felicity. Ray trotted over to the kitchen and proceeded to put on an apron with “Queen of the Kitchen” printed on it that Felicity had bought Oliver as a joke. Oliver and Felicity exchanged a look between them, each one willing themself not to burst out laughing right there and then. Ray, who was oblivious to the amused glances, started churning out waffles with an efficiency that rivaled Oliver’s.

“Now that Ray is feeding everyone and I’m feeling significantly less mortified can someone please tell us what’s going on?” Felicity looked at their oddball friends expectantly. 

“We heard chatter from Cisco’s girlfriend that there’s going to be an invasion again. Different Earth this time. Cisco did a bit of vibing and apparently there is a giant spaceship aimed at our earth right now.” 

“Again?” Felicity groaned, banging her head against the dining table twice before Oliver held her shoulders to stop her. “Didn’t we already go through this with Aliens and those freaks from Earth X? What now? And on my long weekend with Oliver?” she wailed.

Truth be told she was more annoyed about the fact that this alleged invasion was happening on what was supposed to be her weekend of love and romance with Oliver. Not that every day with Oliver wasn’t love and romance but it was usually love and romance plus bad guys. She was hoping to exclude villains from the equation this weekend. 

“Earth Y this time,” Cisco piped up. “I have a system. All the earths where we’re good have a numbering system and all the bad earths where we’re bad have letters.” 

“But you were bad on E2,” Barry chimed in, earning himself a glare from Cisco.

“Just go with it Barry,” Iris ordered, glaring at her husband. The last thing they needed was to get sidetracked.

“Ok so what is it now? Some crazy on Earth Y wants to invade us? Today? Why hasn’t anything happened yet? No strange reports, no cosmic events. Nothing has appeared on my scans at all recently apart from your average low life criminal.” In fact things had been remarkably normal for some time. Felicity felt like she should have known better. There was always a bit of a lull before they were hit with some grand scale threat. 

“That’s because he’s after you,” Sara spoke up. “We believe he’s got his spaceship positioned to fire at Earth unless you’re handed over to him.”

Felicity almost choked on the piece of strawberry she was chewing because unless she was reading the situation wrong, Sara was very much talking about her. One look at Oliver indicated he was thinking the same thing; only his face was now creased with worry.

“You mean me? Me? Felicity Smoak? I pissed someone off so much they aimed their spaceship at earth to get their hands on me?” Felicity shook her head in disbelief. “You know I’ve never been the most popular girl in school but I didn’t think I was THAT hateful someone would threaten to blow up an entire planet just to get to me. And from another Earth? Are you sure it’s not a case of mistaken identity and they’re just after some doppelgänger of mine who pissed them off?”

“No it’s definitely you he’s after,” Cisco confirmed, looking incredibly apologetic to be the bearer of bad news. “My vibing indicates that he’s been trying to entire your mind via dreams.”

Felicity visibly paled at this statement, her eyes settling on Oliver’s face to see what his reaction was. He looked rattled but took her hand and squeezed it gently. “Let’s just get this clear first. Who is this He you all keep referring to?”

“Oliver man, this is awkward,” Barry responded, looking a little worried. 

Iris however decided that the time for beating around the bush was over and put everyone out of their misery quickly. “Sorry Felicity this is unpleasant but He is Oliver Queen from Earth Y. Chatter indicates that he lost his version of you during the Damian Darhk shooting, went a little insane, colluded with an evil version of Barry there and they now rule a portion Earth Y. The good news is they are fairly benevolent rulers according to all the research that we’ve done and data gathered, so we don’t need to free the people of Earth Y or anything like that. The bad news is Oliver Queen from Earth Y is hell-bent on finding a replacement Felicity and has gathered all his resources to come and demand you.”

“You said they ruled only a portion of Earth Y,” Felicity mused, her analytical mind taking over from the part of her that was still trying to process the fact that EvilOliver was after her. “If there are other rulers why are they not stopping him from going on this rampage to find a woman?”

“No just any woman. He’s looking for you,” Oliver muttered, looking distraught.

“Because it looks like he’s spent years building up to this moment. Everything that he’s done has been to accumulate enough resources to find himself another Felicity,” Iris explained. “He’s struck enough deals with the other leaders on Earth Y and you are considered collateral damage to them.” 

“Why am I only finding out about this now?” Felicity asked. Apparently she was the star of this latest debacle they had been researching but everyone had only thought to inform her now.

“When we first heard the chatter we thought it was a mass scale invasion like the last two years. But nothing happened so we stood down and did some digging. The more information we got the more it all pointed to Earth Y’s Oliver Queen being obsessed with you. This morning Cisco realized he’s been trying to invade your dreams which means….” 

“I am the sole reason behind all his plans that you guys have been uncovering. I knew there was something off about the Oliver in that dream.” She shook her head to try and clear it.

“The good news is we’re certain he doesn’t want to kill you,” Iris offered by way of consolation. “We think he just wants to kidnap you and make you fall in love with him.” She gave Felicity’s other hand, the one that was not gripped by Oliver a pat and whispered, “That’s an improvement on my situation a few years ago where EvilBarry tried to kill me.” 

“Iris are you ever going to let that go?” Barry groaned. “You did get to shoot him you know.”

“So this is why you all showed up and jumped on Oliver today,” Felicity mused, ignoring Barry.

“We thought he tricked you and you were canoodling with EvilOliver,” Ray called from the stove. “Amazing waffle recipe Oliver. So crispy! Mind if I get the recipe off you?”

“Sure,” Oliver replied absentmindedly, looking dazed like he was stuck in a bad dream. “It’s the corn starch and butter……Felicity you have to go in hiding. I will take you away somewhere and the rest of them can handle the situation.”

“I can’t just hide when I’m the cause for this threat in the first place,” Felicity protested. “Let me talk him down.”

“You will do no such thing,” Oliver retorted sternly.

Ordinarily Felicity would have told him off for ordering her about but she could see the worry on his face. To Oliver this wasn’t an equal threat against all. He viewed it as a threat against her solely and it was killing him inside. “Oliver whoever this version is, I don’t think his goal is to kill me. Kidnap me yes but I’m certain he won’t hurt a hair on my head. So let me try to talk some sense into him. God knows I managed to talk sense into you most of the time.” 

“This could be a trap where he sees you and beams away with you forever,” Oliver pleaded. “What will I do then?” he grasped onto both of her hands.

“Hey Red, yes you, the one that travels around and messes up time and the universe,” Mick spoke up, addressing Barry. “Can’t you do what you usually do when you have a tantrum and pluck a spare version of her from somewhere to hand over to the lovesick fool? Or go to another earth and grab another Ponytail to give to him.” 

“If Savitar has taught me anything, it’s to not mess around with time remnants,” Barry responded, trying to look dignified at being called out by Mick. “Knowing my luck TimeRemnant Felicity will become angry and turn evil, then you’ll have a Bonnie and Clyde duo running around the multiverse.”

“And we can’t just steal another Felicity from another Earth. That would leave that earth in the same situation as we are in now,” Cisco explained.

“Why did he chose our earth? Did you managed to find that out?” Felicity asked. There were infinite versions of her on infinite earths. What made Earth Y Oliver target them specifically? Not that it would have been better for him to target anyone else. If anything they were better equipped to deal with this kind of thing having been invaded annually for the last 2 years. 

“You’re the closest version to the Felicity he lost,” Oliver said quietly looking at her with soft gentle eyes. “That’s what I would do if I were to try and console myself. Find the closest to the original.” 

“Can we disable the weapons in his ship or something? Between myself, Ray, Cisco and Barry I’m sure we can figure out how to do this. He doesn’t want to rule earth so we’ll render his weapons useless, disarm the threat to earth, you guys can all jump in and do your super ninja thing, catch him and we’ll pop him in the pipeline or an Argus prison. Problem solved.” Felicity glanced around to see how her suggestion was received.

“Damn you cold girl. The man is in love with you and built an empire to get to you,” Cisco said, earning him a vicious glare from both Iris and Felicity.

“The man is not my husband and wants to kidnap me,” Felicity retorted calmly.

“Perhaps he’s just misunderstood?” Barry suggested trying to make peace. “Losing someone you love can really take you to dark places and before you know it, all the good parts of you are gone.”

“And so you try to kidnap or kill the one you love?” Felicity and Iris challenged him in unison. Barry slunk down in his chair to avoid their glares. 

“Felicity has no patience for Evil Doppelgängers,” Oliver informed them, smiling at his wife fondly, although his smile was tainted with worry.

“I second Felicity’s idea,” Ray jumped in, eager to broker some peace. The last thing they needed was to start arguing amongst themselves. “But we, the Buoyant Brainiacs need time to hack into his ship to get the specs for the weapons. We have to find a way to buy time and we can’t use Felicity as a distraction because we need her brainpower.” 

“Black Siren,” Felicity suggested, glancing at Sara to make sure she was ok with the suggestion. 

Sara nodded back at her calmly in agreement. “If Earth Y Oliver thinks our Felicity is similar to his Felicity there’s a good chance he would have known a Laurel on his earth. Black Siren’s identical appearance will hopefully cause him enough confusion to buy us more time. And we don’t have to worry about what ultimately happens to her. We don’t have many choices in terms of distractions since the only other options are Thea or John.” 

“You’re forgetting that Black Siren hates Felicity and has tried to kill Felicity multiple times. You can’t just track her down and ask her nicely Hey can you distract this Evil Version of Oliver to help us out? He’s after Felicity and we need time to work on it. I still say I take you away from here Felicity. You can find a way to wire in and work with the others.” 

“Their specialty is not hacking or disarming weapons,” Felicity argued. “I really need to work in the same space as them. Hate to say this Oliver but Black Siren has a slight obsession with you. We can send word that you want to meet her, send Earth Y Oliver word that I’m willing to meet him and voila, the axis of evil meets and hopefully confuse each other enough to buy us some time.” 

“Fine but I stay here to guard you, the Legends guard you, we station the rest of Team Arrow to keep an eye on Earth Y Oliver so we know exactly where he is and under no circumstances are you to meet him or go anywhere alone,” Oliver demanded.

“Deal,” Felicity agreed. She stood up and wrapped her arms around him. “I will be the most well guarded girl on the planet Oliver. Try not to worry too much.”