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Omadonna Ascendent

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Let me state something clearly, right now at the beginning, so you can press your back button and move on if you so choose.

This is not going to be a 'nice' story.

Like any epic tale involving an Armageddon, there is an awful lot of gratuitous violence and a shit-load of rape, death and destruction. Oh and bad language. Lots and lots of bad language.

But I hope there is enough humour threaded amongst the dark angst to balance it out and I promise there will be a happy ending for the important characters in this story.

Please, read the warnings. If anything there isn't your cup of tea, back away quickly right now.

As adults you can police your own choice of reading material so if you think you might be 'triggered' by something in this story, please don't read it. And, respectfully, definitely don't read it and then feel entitled to complain about it.

It's a very slow-burn. It's going to take almost a dozen chapters before any of the main protagonists are even born, let alone start having wild monkey sex with each other.

If you want PWP, you will not find it here and few of the warnings apply until much later in the story either but I'd rather post every single one of them up front so you know what you'll be getting in to.

And although it will take me a while to polish and post each chapter, the story is finished. I couldn't post a single word of a story as complex as this without having already intricately plotted every single step of it in advance, so it's too late to change anything that happens. Please don't ask me to do so, because that ship has sailed. All the various threads of this story are woven into a complex tapestry that could unravel with the snipping of a single thread.

Because I prefer to avoid vast swathes of exposition, you will encounter a number of strange and unfamiliar words right from the synopsis. Hopefully everything will become self-explanatory as the story progresses, but to aid the Reader I have posted a glossary of terms. This does, however, contain some spoilers so you may prefer to skip over it and only use it for referral if necessary.

The nature of A/B/O interactions mean there's always a fine line between non-con and dub-con, so I have emphasised the former for the avoidance of any doubt.

I am, at heart, purely a Destiel shipper. I have never been particularly interested in Wincest or Cas/Sam/Dean so no one could possibly be more surprised than me that both became integral to this story.

However, ultimately and unashamedly this is a Destiel tale and the Sam portrayed in this story is, for a considerable while, not a particularly likeable one. If you love Sam, you possibly will not enjoy this story although the theme of redemption is integral to this tale and there are no true villains in this story, only fallible humans. Most of whom eventually learn and grow from their mistakes.

Although this universe explores pack mentality, and only the Betas are what we would consider fully 'human', there are no shape shifters in this story. Indeed, the origins of these particular characters are never explored in evolutionary terms. Any Darwin-type scientist in this society with the temerity to have suggested any theory of evolution would undoubtedly have suffered the fate of Gallileo, so whether the characters are descended from apes or wolves or any other form of being is irrelevant as the characters themselves do not care. As far as they are concerned, they are the way they are because their god, the All-Father, decreed it should be so.

But, that having been said, there's definitely more than a little of the lupine in them.

There are no non-canon deaths but people do die in this tale, some of them horribly. Many characters suffer terribly, particularly Dean and Sam, but I don't expect their canon time in Hell or the cage were walks in the park either, so I make no apologies.

I hope you like it.

But, I repeat, please read the warnings.