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Victor Sandwich with Oswald Filling

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There was a fairly large crowd of guests at the mansion this evening. A highly irregular occurrence. But this was a special night, the after party of a very successful opening night at the Iceberg Lounge. Most were guests from the VIP section, bosses and associates of the Gotham underworld. Fries was among the normal people since he discovered a temporary cure. The temporary effects were one hundred times better than nothing at all and he actually didn’t mind that it didn’t last. He had been on the fence about finding a permanent cure since it would mean he was no longer unique. His innovation and condition were the sole reasons Oswald sought him in the first place. He was currently with him, smiling and touching the small man often as he flirted. Freeze had been attracted to Oswald, it wasn’t something that drew him at first. Their friendship had gotten strong over the year they’ve been together. It was a slow burning fire that grew over many months.

Zsasz was watching the both of them as he made his rounds among the crowds. He was summoned by a guest that gave him a few words. The guest and a group headed to the study. Victor smiled as he observed his boss flirt with the tall snowy sex god. Fries stood closer as he made the kingpin laugh. Their silhouettes in front of the fireplace looked like two lovers about to engage in a kiss. Fries kept ensuring Oswald was constantly with a full glass of wine. Victor narrowed his eyes at Freeze as he refilled his glass. He thought the other Victor’s attempt was “fuck boy-esque”. He knew that Fries wasn’t typically so crude but this was a strike against him.

“Thanks, I’m not going anywhere so why not indulge. So what are your plans? I can't imagine you want to hang out here all night with these people.”, Oswald said as he smiled at the beaming Fries.

“Oh well, I actually did want to hangout here but only if I can monopolize your attention.” Fries smirked as he ran a hand through his white locks.

Oswald batted his eyelashes at Fries. He grinned and bit his lower lip as his eyes roamed all over Victor’s body. He admired the way he was dressed tonight. A loosely buttoned light blue dress shirt, dark blue fitted slacks, a single button dark blue suit jacket and white dress shoes. Oswald blushed as Fries stood closer, his electric blue eyes had him mesmerized.

Zsasz loved good timing, timing was the essence of comedy. He was laughing hysterically in his mind as he approached them briskly. He slid in front of Oswald just as Freeze was about to reach for him.

“Boss, your guests wanted to do a toast and request your presence in the study.”, Zsasz said with a large grin.

Oswald staggered back a step and looked over at Fries then at Zsasz. “Ok, excuse me Victor.” He promptly headed to the study despite his reluctance at being separated from the extremely sexy and flirtatious Freeze.

Zsasz turned to face the pouting Victor behind him. He smiled with a mock apologetic look as he backed away. He wanted the taller Victor to know he did that on purpose. Fries shot him a dirty look.

“Trying hard is an act of desperation. Not a good look on you.”, Zsasz quipped before he turned around and did his rounds.

Freeze smiled at the retreating form of the assassin then headed to the minibar to find a drink. He took his pilfered bottle and went outside, he hated crowds or he would've joined everyone in the study. He spent majority of his life, since becoming Mr. Freeze, isolated. Ivy, Firefly and Oswald are the only people he’s allowed to invade his self imposed solitude. He headed to the gardens behind the mansion with a whole bottle of Fireball.

Since discovering a temporary cure, all he desires is to experience warmth in all it’s possible sensations. At the moment, he opted for a spicy liquor to remind him of what it’s like being normal. He enjoyed the gardens now that spring had arrived. The fragrances, that were typically muted in his frozen state, were effervescent and heady perfumes that surrounded him as he sat on the stone bench.

He was out in the gardens for a couple of hours, trying to flick small stones through the arms of a statue in a fountain. He was slowly becoming inebriated and singing, humming, a song called “Nothing Else Matters”. He flicked stone missiles through the air that zinged and pelted the fountain statue.

“There you are.”

Fries turned and smiled at Oswald, “It’s a nice night. What are you doing out here? You shouldn’t leave your guests alone.”

He was overjoyed that Oswald came to find him. He wanted to get him alone from all the guards and guests to kiss him. He wanted that kiss to turn into something else as well, a night spent exploring his body.

“They all left, you’ve been out here awhile. Mind if I join you?”

“I insist.”

Oswald plucked the bottle of liquor from the bench. He shook the bottle and laughed.

Victor grinned, “I suppose I was out here longer than I thought. The bottle sounds mostly empty.”

“I thought you didn’t drink.”

“Well to be fair this is only my second time being normal. You haven’t seen me act as my true self.”

“You feel different, mentally, as Freeze?”

“It’s an experience that is hard to convey. I feel so removed from myself and all of the human race.”, Fries said as he flicked another stone that made it through the opening of the statue arms.

Oswald scoffed and shook his head then said, “Again, why are you here? You should be out having fun. Instead you are sitting in the dark, in a garden of an old depressing mansion.”

“I’ve only ever been alone. Even before I became Freeze, I was alone working on a freezing technique that would preserve my dying wife safely.”, Fries said as he clenched his jaw.

Oswald turned and gawked at him. He wanted to change the subject before Fries wallowed in one of the many sullen states he seemed to reside in. “I see, well how long are you going to be normal for?”

“Lasts a couple of days but the duration isn’t always precise. Do you have something in mind?”, Victor asked as he turned and smiled at Oswald.

Oswald smiled and asked, “What do you want to do that you miss when your frozen?”

Fries busted out laughing, Oswald liked the sound of his laugh, it was throaty and full. He smiled really big and asked,”What’s so funny?”

“That’s a loaded question, asking me what I miss. Well, I miss a lot of things but the thing I miss the most is physical contact. Kissing, touching …sex.”, Fries said as he leaned back on his two palms.

He looked over at Oswald and he could feel himself start to stir. The past few months, before he found the temporary cure, he would stare at Oswald nonstop. He dreamed of touching him with his barehands often. Now that he is able to enjoy skin to skin contact, he wanted to waste no time.

In the dim lighting of the garden grounds Oswald was sure Fries could see him turn red from that comment. He cleared his throat and said in a nervous tone, “I imagine that is something to miss. I wouldn’t know.”

“You’ve never kissed or had sex?”, Fries asked gently. He wasn’t sure if Oswald would get defensive or mad with his prodding.

Oswald fiddled with his tie as he calmed himself and stated, “No, never. It’s never happened for me. Honestly, before Edward came along I never actually felt attraction. Well, no, I take that back. I was once attracted to someone but I’m sure it was nothing. I’m not entirely sure what I felt. I thought maybe he felt something but I was too scared to pursue it.”

Fries gave Oswald a smile and asked, “Is it someone you still know?”

“Yes, in fact, he works for me. But, being that he is employed with me that makes him off limits. So, again forever alone.”, he said as he fiddled with a cufflink.

Fries leaned into Oswald wrapping an arm around his shoulder and gently taking his face into his other hand. “Well, what if I told you there is someone else who is interested in you? Who would love nothing more than to make you his own?”

Oswald felt his heartbeat race, “Wh…wh…who would that be?”, he squeaked out.

Fries didn’t answer but leaned in to kiss the trembling man. But just as their lips were about to meet around came another interruption.

“Boss, one of the leaders requests an audience with you. He said it was important.”, Zsasz said with a mischievous small grin and narrowed eyes. He was two for two, he mentally high-fived himself.

Oswald pressed his lips thin, fluttering his eyelashes, he tried to calm his rage at the constant interruption. He looked over at Zsasz and said, “Ok, thank you.” He glared at his assassin for a second and turned to Fries.

Zsasz never lost his grin even after being reprimanded with a scolding look.

Oswald smiled at Freeze and said, “Come back inside and wait for me in the study. I want to revisit that last thought.”

Fries looked back at Zsasz and leaned closer to the small man’s ear and whispered, “Wouldn’t you rather I wait for you in your bedroom?”

Oswald’s heart skipped a beat as a huge nervous smile spread across his face, he was rendered speechless. He felt apprehensive of an intimate rendezvous but he managed some courage. He wasn’t going to turn away one of the most attractive men he’s ever met.

“Ok, I’ll try to make this quick.”

Penguin got up and headed back into the mansion. Zsasz didn’t accompany him but stayed back. Fries assumed the assassin left as he went back to flicking stones through the arms of the statue. Zsasz picked up a hand full of stones and start flicking some as well. Fries turned around as soon as he saw stones he didn’t throw hit the statue. He gave Zsasz a long look over his shoulder.

“What are you’re intentions with him?”, Zsasz asked as he kept flicking stones.

Fries got up to leave but paused, “That’s really none of your business.” Fries proceeded up the couple of steps towards the path leading back inside. Before he reached the paved path Zsasz seemed to materialize in front of him.

“Actually, it is my business. I’m paid to kill people for him and dole out punishment to underlings but I’m also his bodyguard. AND as his protector I have to question everything that would put him at risk.”, Zsasz said with his usual charm and subtle threat.

Fries smiled and ran a hand through his hair, he laughed. The half bottle of Fireball started hitting him as soon as he started walking. “Ok, fine you want to know?”

Zsasz stared at him, his demeanor remained icy as he glared at the freak in front of him. He’s known ever since he returned that his boss had a crush on this other Victor. He couldn’t exactly blame him, Freeze was unique and beautiful. He was just having a hard time sharing Oswald’s attention with him.

“I plan on making him happy.”, Fries offered.

Zsasz pressed his lips together and raised his eyebrows at him, he was not amused. Fries’s gaze never left his own, he didn’t like the fact that Victor didn’t feel intimidated by him. He was aware that Oswald favored the ethereal-eyed man. Despite being capable of making Freeze disappear, he wouldn't dare lift a hand against him. He brought too much to the table. Oswald and his empire would suffer his loss.

Fries chuckled and shook his head, “Geez, you have a thing for him too. Don’t you?”

“Don’t turn this around on me. Are you looking to satisfy your urges or are you looking to make him yours?”, Zsasz asked nonplussed.

“Ah, I see now. You must be the one he was talking about. The one working for him that he had a crush on. Makes sense since you are always by his side and frankly the only person I could see him being attracted to.”, Fries rambled under his breath. He headed back to the fountain to grab the liquor bottle he forgot about. He could feel Zsasz following closely behind him.

“Wait, what?”, the assassin asked as he followed the slightly drunk Freeze. He wasn't sure he heard him correctly.

Fries scooped up the bottle and turned to him, “I might be wrong but really, you’re like the only attractive guy here other than that frozen Riddler guy thing.”

Zsasz smiled and placed his thumbs through his belt , “I’m way more attractive than that green popsicle. So, my suspicions are correct, I knew he had a crush on me.”

He grinned thinking of maybe acting on this. Since Oswald had Fries to gawk at now, he thought that he lost interest in him. He was sure that the small kingpin was tired of waiting on him to act. Victor knew he wanted him to be the first one to admit to the attraction.

Fries took a quick drink and set the bottle back down on the bench. He stretched his arms and scooped up more stones. “So, does this mean we are romantic rivals?” He started throwing stones at the fountain again.

“Well, I don’t see how. It’s obvious he is currently interested in you. As much as I’m attracted to him I don’t want to be tied down to one person. I like to keep my options open. He isn’t a “hit it and quit it” type of person. Things would get too complicated if he wanted something long term with me.”, Zsasz stated.

He knew if he pursued Oswald for some sexual relief that the small man would get attached. He retracted his previous thought, it was too risky. He’s gone over this a million times in his head before. His job and his sanity would suffer greatly if they were involved.

He knew he would ruin a good thing, the main reason he's never tried to pursue him. He already felt bound to him. The unspoken thing between them had been there since the first day they met. If he had wanted to leave, he would find it nearly impossible do so. Especially after a physical relationship.

“So you only want him for sex?”, Fries said with a grin.

“Well, sex is the desired outcome.”

“I’m not a “hit it and quit it” type person either but I also have a whatever happens, happens, mentality. I roll with what feels right.”, Fries said as he flung the last of the stones. He glanced at the assassin, Zsasz was staring at him deep in thought.

Fries found the other Victor extremely attractive. He exuded an air of assured confidence that made him irresistible. He also found his dark humor enjoyable even if it was gruesome most of the time.

Zsasz approached him, his thumbs still in his belt. He was feeling in a rare mood and wanted to chase his flighty thoughts where they strayed. He stood mere inches from the smiling ice prince. They both stared at each other, their eyes roaming each other’s face.

“You have an unfair advantage.”, Zsasz finally said.

“Why do you believe that?”

“Don’t act coy. You know what you look like.”, Zsasz said with a bitter tone.

“I never look in a mirror, so tell me.”, Fries said with a smirk. He couldn’t help but play with him.

“I could carve your face off and show it to you.”, Zsasz said with a large smile.

Fries laughed, “And you? He delights in your exploits. His eyes are always looking for you. Well, till I found a cure then it changed.” He beamed at the other Victor. He knew he was poking the bear.

Zsasz stood closer, “That’s what I mean. Before when there was no threat of you two touching each other, I still had his attention. Now that your beautiful body is free....” he said and paused. He undid the button from Freeze’s jacket letting it fall open. He looked into his eyes,  “…he feels that perhaps there could be a potential relationship.”

“What does it matter to you? You said you didn’t want to be tied down to him.”, Fries ceased smiling.

“Perhaps I want him to always desire me.”

“I had no idea you were unreasonable.”, Fries shook his head.

Fries shrugged out of the jacket and threw it on the bench behind him. He felt his shirt getting yanked out of his pants. He turned back to the assassin with an amused look of shock.

Zsasz took off his gloves and threw them on the bench. He then grabbed Victor’s shirt and started unbuttoning it while staring up into his eyes. Fries grinned and undid Zsasz’s top two jacket buttons which earned him a hand to his wrist which was forcibly wrestled behind his back. Freeze’s grin turned into a large smile as Zsasz ran a hand inside his shirt and caressed his skin.

Fries moaned softly and then laughed under his breath. He wrestled his arm back from Zsasz with ease and wrapped his arms around the surprised assassin. He lifted him to his lips and kissed him then abruptly let him go. The smaller Victor stumbled a bit as his feet hit the ground.

“Perhaps we can continue this later. I have to go back inside.”, Fries said as he grabbed his jacket and walked away.

“Or, we can continue this, the three of us, tonight.”, Zsasz stated. He desired both Fries and Oswald. He wanted to do dirty things to them both. Mainly, he wanted to make sure the small kingpin didn’t get over him.

Fries halted in his tracks and turned around, “He’s a virgin. Do you think he really wants his first experience to be a threesome? He’s too shy to kiss.” Fries’s interest perked at the thought of having the both of them.

Zsasz’s smile turned into a lascivious look, “Oooooo a virgin? I figured The Riddler was first to take that.” He wanted to be the first to claim Oswald then watch the other Victor take his little Penguin in all positions afterwards. If Oswald agreed to this, he will be recovering for a week. Victor had an evil smirk play at the corners of his mouth.

“Well, you figured wrong.”, Fries came back over to him and smiled a boyish grin. “I will leave the convincing up to you.”

Zsasz looked him up and down then grabbed Fries’s belt as he pulled him close. He placed a hand on the back of his neck and pulled his mouth towards his eager tongue. He loved the way he tasted like cinnamon candy from the liquor he had been drinking. Their tongues did battle to dominate each other for a minute. Each pressing their wrestling tongue deep into each other’s mouth.

Freeze grabbed his arms and broke from his embrace, “Let’s go.” He wanted to continue this on a soft bed where they can finish their battle.

“I’ll meet you up there. I’m going to grab some lube from my car. I don’t think Oswald has any. I’m sure he doesn't even masturbate.”, he grinned as he headed towards the garage.

Zsasz walked through the door to Oswald’s room. He grinned at Fries who was looking out a window deep in thought. He roughly handled him and ushered him to the edge of the bed, toppling him over. He slithered on top of him in a flash and grabbed a handful of hair. His other hand held his face firmly in place as he smiled.

“You are exquisite. I just want to slap my dick all over this face of yours.”, Zsasz said with a mischievous grin.

Fries chuckled, “Oh you do? Do you?” He then grabbed Zsasz’s hand that was holding his hair and forced him to let go and rolled over him. He twisted one of Zsasz’s arms under his back and laid his weight on top of the shocked assassin. He effectively pinned his arm as he started unbuttoning his jacket and untying his tie.

The door to the bedroom opened snapping the two Victors’ attention from each other. Oswald walked in. He halted in his tracks and stood wide-eyed, gawking at both Victors in his bed. They both sat up and grinned at him. He didn’t know what to say or do. He stood there muted and unmoving.

Fries looked at Zsasz who got up and headed over to the gaping kingpin. He threw off his jacket and whipped off his dangling tie as he stared down the red-faced Penguin. He’s been wanting to do this for a long time. He grabbed Oswald into his arms and kissed him softly, he didn’t wait for permission. He managed to exercise an amazing amount of self control from attacking his lips.

Oswald gasped and shook at the sudden intimate contact with Zsasz. He felt his arms snake tighter around his waist and his kiss deepened. He pulled away from the kiss. He had enjoyed it but he was unsure what the Victors were getting at with this whole act.

“What’s going on?”, Oswald asked in a shaky voice.

Zsasz's embrace tighten as he leaned in to whisper in his ear. Oswald closed his eyes and gave a small gasp, his fingers wandered over the assassin’s shoulders to his gun holster straps. He's daydreamed of yanking Zsasz to his body by the same leather strips and forcing a kiss on him. He slipped his fingers underneath the straps, he felt the assassin's arms tighten around him a bit more as he said to him.

“Victor and I were wondering if you’d mind I joined in?”, Zsasz asked in a deep husky tone. He then kissed him softly on his neck and added, “I’ve always wanted you, Oswald.”

Victor had wept mentally at the taste of him, the feel of his shaking body captured in his arms. The day he first met him, he had felt a strong attraction. Sharped tongued, backstabbing, scheming pretty little umbrella boy that he was. It always drove him insane when Oswald assert his dominance over underlings. Over the years those initial fires of attraction only burned hotter as time progressed.

Oswald could feel his whole body shake with each whispered word. His entire being pulsated as blood rushed through each extremity. He gazed into Zsasz’s eyes, drawn in by their deep dark pools. He was always weak in his gaze. He favored Victor above all else during the years he’s worked for him. He could smell his cologne along with a hint of leather and gun smoke radiate off of his skin. Oswald always loved how Zsasz smelled. The times that Victor rode in the limo, his scent filled the air around him. He would have to mentally steady himself from throwing his body at him.

“I...I never done this before.”, Oswald said.

Fries was on the bed lounging against the headboard watching the entire exchange. He found that he liked watching Zsasz seduce Oswald. The little Penguin looked so small against the assassin. The way he trembled and moaned as he gave in sent a shivers up his spine. He felt his cock move, he wanted to see Zsasz take him. He was sure the assassin will insist on being the first. He smiled as he placed an arm behind his head and watched on.

Zsasz wrapped his arms tightly around him and picked him up. His kisses stifled any protest from leaving Oswald’s lips as he got him close to the bed. He laid him down with his head on Fries’s lap. He briefly explored his mouth with his tongue as the other Victor ran a hand over his head. Fingers gently caressed his smooth skin.

Watching the both of them make out on his lap was a huge turn on. He caressed both of their heads as they kissed. Zsasz then turned his attention to him and gave him a small kiss then he got off the bed.

Oswald peered up at Fries, his face turned a few shades redder after watching them both kiss. He sat up as Freeze caressed his face and pulled him into his arms.

“Are you comfortable with this? I promise we will stop anytime you no longer want to go through with it.”, Freeze said.

Oswald looked into his eyes and smiled, “Ok. I just don’t know what I’m doing.” He looked away, his body was unable to stop its trembling. He felt like he was going to fall to pieces.

“You don’t have to worry about that, we want to pleasure you.”, Fries said as he leaned in and placed his lips on his.

Oswald moaned as the excitement of having both of his crushes in bed with him started to overcome his fear. Fries started undoing his tie and slowly pulled it off as he kissed him again. 

Fries worked Oswald’s jacket and vest off. He placed them neatly on a night stand. Zsasz rejoined them after he removed his holster, jacket and vest. He came up behind Oswald and snaked his arms around him to undo the buttons on his shirt. He softly bit his neck and let his tongue dance on his skin.

The small man gasped as Zsasz bit down harder and pulled his shirt off him. Fries ran his hand from Oswald’s face down his bare chest then he came in and joined Zsasz on the opposite side of his neck.

“Oh god!”, Oswald moaned. The entire scene was something beyond his wildest dreams. Having both Victors’ mouth on him made him feel his first stirring of an erection. He placed one hand on Zsasz’s face and the other on Fries’s. He could feel Zsasz wrap an arm around him and in the other he took a handful of Freeze’s hair. Fries wrapped his arms around the both of them and pulled them both close.

Zsasz’s tongue travelled to Oswald’s ear then he whispered, “Give me your lips.”

Oswald turned his head as Zsasz lightly planted his lips on him. He then commanded, “Fries, bring those lips over here.”

Fries kissed the both of them at the same time, both Victors’ tongues tips met Oswald’s.

“Oh Victor!” Oswald gasped as he felt two sets of hands all over him as their tongues explored his mouth. They both chuckled in his mouth as the exclamation was a catch all.

Fries worked himself off the bed to get undressed. Zsasz wasted no time, he laid Oswald down and climbed on top. He ravished the small man underneath him making him gasp and struggle. The assassin nipped and bit his neck as he grabbed handfuls of his body and squeezed harshly. Oswald squealed and panted as Zsasz bit him roughly all over his shoulders and neck.

“Zsasz! That hurts!”, Oswald cried out as he felt teeth sink into his shoulder. He tried pushing him off but he wasn’t physically strong enough to thwart him.

The assassin chuckled under his breath as Oswald squirmed and struggled under his body. He grabbed his face roughly and licked him from his neck to his lips. He then sat up and quickly undid the buttons on his shirt and whipped it off.

Oswald gazed up opened-mouthed at all the tally marks of Victor’s confirmed kills. He shuddered, he forgets sometimes that Zsasz is a dangerous man but as he gazed up at the dozens of tally marks on his body, he got a sobering reminder. He looked up into his eyes, there was a dangerous look. He knew he wasn’t done unleashing his torment. Victor began descending back down on him.

The small man gasped and his body stiffened as he leaned in. He wanted to hear him scream in another round of painful biting.

Before Zsasz could continue, two arms came around him quickly holding him in place. Fries kissed his neck and he pressed his lips to his ear. “Not so aggressive, baby, not with him. If you feel the need, take it out on me.”, Fries whispered.

Fries let Zsasz go and took Oswald’s hand pulling him over to him as he laid back against the headboard. He coaxed Oswald to get comfortable between his legs.

He gawked at Fries as he was pulled against him. He smiled as his eyes roamed the naked body before him.

Victor smiled sweetly at him as he placed an arm behind his head. With his other hand he took Oswald’s hand and placed it on his chest.

“Touch me, explore all you want. I want you to feel at ease touching and caressing. Take your time.”, Fries said softly.

Oswald let his fingertips wander over each perfectly sculpted muscle. He had always wanted to touch Freeze this way, allowing his fingers to worship the white-haired adonis.

Zsasz got off the bed and took off the rest of his clothes. He came behind Oswald and kissed the back of his neck.

The small man paused his exploration expecting painful bites but instead Zsasz softly rubbed his back. He moaned as hands soothed his tension.

Oswald’s hand caressed each well formed muscle on Fries chest and followed each curvature down to his belly button. He glanced back at Zsasz, he wanted to feel each tally mark on his body made in the heat of murderous passion.

Fries grabbed Victor and pulled him next to him and captured his lips in a rough kiss. Oswald watched them kiss as he ran his hand up Fries’s chest he then placed his other hand on Zsasz. He felt the slight raised scar tissue of the marks, he smiled as he ran his fingers over each score. His gaze then fell on Zsasz’s erection and his eyes nearly popped out. He glanced at Fries’s and his head swam. He thought he was going to be faint, fear set in that they will use their large cocks on him.

His astonishment made him immobile while he stared at their penises. They stopped kissing each other and looked at him. He looked up and jumped in his skin when he realized that they were both staring at him. He turned red and tried to cover his embarrassment with a hand over his face.

“Come here baby. Lay back on me”, Fries said as he pulled Oswald down to him.

He laid with his back on Freeze’s chest. Victor  began massaging his shoulders as Zsasz got in front of him and unbuttoned his pants. Oswald stared at his assassin as he stripped him naked. He blushed under his gaze, he could also feel Fries’s erection on his back.

Zsasz smiled as he took in Oswald’s naked form. “You are as white and lithe as I imagined. I want to taste you”, Zsasz purred. He kissed and licked his chest, his mouth explored downwards.

Fries gently pulled his face towards his and kissed him as Zsasz made his way down to his erection. Oswald gasped and arched his back as his member was suddenly enveloped in a warm wet mouth. He could feel Zsasz’s tongue slither and glide all over. Fries’s mouth felt so warm and soft as he kissed him passionately. Oswald surrendered to each sensation as they brought him pleasure. Zsasz stopped and lubed a finger with a tube he had quickly grabbed from his car.

Oswald felt Zsasz’s tongue again and a finger at his hole. He squealed in Fries’s mouth and broke from the kiss to watch Victor pleasure him. He could feel the slow intrusion of a slick finger inside him.

Zsasz swirled and wiggled his finger slowly as he stared at his work. He was enthralled at the act of penetrating Oswald. He crawled up to his lips and kissed him slowly as he worked his finger deeper and faster. He added another finger.

Oswald gasped and cried out, “Zsasz!”

“Mmmm fuck!” Zsasz growled. He grabbed a handful of white hair and kissed Fries roughly. He then bit his neck savagely to the point of breaking skin. Fries hissed in pain but let him do as he liked as long as he didn't hurt Oswald. Zsasz worked his fingers in deep long swirls. He could feel two hands grab his ass.

“Oh Zsasz!”, Oswald moaned. He clenched down on Victor’s well-formed fleshy mounds.

He broke from his ravishing of Fries and squirted lube on his own erection and worked it all over with his free hand. He then slowly removed his fingers and grabbed one of Oswald’s legs and lifted, positioning his worked hole. He wanted to burn Oswald’s face into his mind right before he takes his virginity. His face was red and sweaty, he was looking at him through long lashes of half closed eyes. He was shaking and waiting for him to enter.

Fries wrapped his arms around the small trembling man and kissed his face. He started rubbing his throbbing cock on Oswald’s sweaty back. He watched on as Zsasz was preparing to enter and claim his prize.

The assassin inserted the tip into Oswald earning him a loud sweet moan. He watched as Fries grabbed the backs of the small man’s knees giving him better access.

Oswald shook in his grasp. He was scared of Zsasz inserting his entire length in him.

The assassin wanted to fuck him hard but he controlled himself and took a deep breath. He grabbed Oswald’s hips in both hands and went in slow and deep. He then stopped to allow him to get use to the feeling of fullness. He lubed up a hand and took Fries’s cock and worked him as Oswald relaxed.

Fries thrusted in unison with Zsasz who was busy kissing the squirming and panting small man. He began thrusting slowly as Oswald cried and moaned in his mouth. Fries groaned as his erection throbbed in Victor’s hand, the sex act taking place on his body got him rock hard.

Zsasz slowly exited from the enveloping flesh and positioned Fries at Oswald’s worked hole. Fries moaned as he entered the slick and inviting heat. He held Oswald firmly as he entered him all the way.

Oswald shook his head, Fries was larger than Zsasz. He was sure Fries’s girth would split him in half. “No, please wait wait!”, he cried.

He felt Freeze’s arms wrap around him tighter as he continued to insert himself. He felt his flesh give way to the large cock. He squealed and cried, as Fries entered all the way.

”Mmmm baby. Sssh, relax.”, Fries moaned.

Zsasz watched as his little Penguin shook his head and pleaded as Fries made slow thrusting movements into him. He sat back and watched, his eyes taking in every moan, gasp and sweat bead coming from Oswald. He was enthralled with how beautiful he was. He crawled over and shoved his tongue in Penguin's gasping mouth as Fries worked long and slow movements into him.

Zsasz went down on Oswald, sucking and licking. He took his entire length into his mouth. 

“Oh god, I ….Oh Victor!” Oswald felt himself cum into the hot sucking mouth. 

Fries stopped thrusting when Oswald came, the sensation nearly had him release as well. He exited the panting and limp man to let Zsasz have him for a bit.

Victor entered him enthusiastically and lifted him making him wrap his legs around his waist. He got to his knees as he began fucking Oswald roughly. He growled behind an evil grin as his body slapped up against the squealing little man in rapid motion.

“Zsasz! No please!”, Oswald weakly said as a vice like embrace held him in place. He shoved both of his palms on his chest and tried breaking free of the crushing grip. Zsasz only went harder, he felt himself lowered down onto the bed as the rough undulations continued. The crushing embrace relented, his wrists were snatched, arms pinned over his head. The assassin worked in long slow deep thrusts. The act was starting to feel good even though it still hurt.

He looked up into his face, Zsasz smiled and met his lips as he kept his current rhythm. He felt his wrists freed from his grasp and he wrapped his arms around Victor's shoulders. "My perfect assassin. How I've wanted you.", he moaned into his mouth.

Zsasz felt his climax come with his words. “Oh baby, I’m coming!”, he growled as he thrusted hard into him one last time.

He exited the weak and sweaty man allowing Fries to have him. He kissed the white haired man as he made his way towards Oswald. He laid off to the side as he stroked his little Penguin's sweaty face.

Fries crawled between his legs and entered the panting limp man. He didn’t torture him with rough sex but went slow as he kissed him all over his face and neck.

“Victor!”, Oswald moaned as he began picking up speed. He tried to hold on but he was exhausted. He laid limply as Fries had his way with him.

Fries sat up and wrapped Oswald’s legs around his waist and then grabbed his hips. He began going harder into him as he felt his release coming quickly. Zsasz came over and kissed Oswald as he grabbed his wrists and pinned them over his head. Fries didn’t last long and came into Oswald in a loud groan. He continued to pump his hips into him as he emptied a long held fullness.

He came down and joined Zsasz at his mouth. Both Victors kissed him as their tongues danced with each other. Fries slowly removed himself and said, “Let’s go shower.” He smiled as he stood.

Zsasz got up and headed to the bathroom. Oswald tried to stand but was weak and sore. Fries scooped him up and helped him to the shower.

As the three got dried Zsasz said, “I’m headed out, Boss. I want to handle that problem at the docks in the morning.”

“Ok”, Oswald said as he smiled and blushed.

Zsasz kissed him and said, “I had fun, I hope you did too. If you ever want to do that again, I’m more than willing.”

Oswald smiled, “I had fun. I will see you tomorrow.”

Zsasz grabbed Fries and kissed him, giving him a lingering look then he headed into the bedroom to get dressed.

Fries hugged Oswald and then took his towel off and dried the small man’s hair with it. Oswald giggled and grabbed the towel as Fries embraced him and kissed his cheek.

“Tomorrow morning we should do this again then go eat shit tons of greasy food and then come back and do this again.”, Fries said with a huge grin. He swayed back and forth with the small man in his arms.

Oswald laughed, “You will have to give me some time to heal. I have things to take care of in the afternoon. But I will be free before dinner, let me take you somewhere nice. Why dine like a commoner when you can dine like a king? You deserve only the best." He batted his eyelashes at him, he wanted to shower Victor with riches and everything his heart desired.

Victor smiled and kissed him then rested his forehead on his, “I want to make you happy. I want to protect you and keep you for always.”

Oswald stared at him wide-eyed and smiled. His eyes started to tear up and he breathed out, “I want to be with you always.”

Zsasz heard them as he finished getting dressed. His mind started to bring up things he didn't want to think about. He glanced towards the bathroom and left. He was having mixed feelings about Oswald wanting to be with Fries. He was unsure about his statement in the gardens earlier. He knew he wasn't completely honest about how he felt about Oswald. Only now, he wanted Fries as well. He didn't want them building a relationship with each other because he didn't want to see his Penguin with anyone but him. He rushed out of the bedroom and left the mansion, his thoughts started to plague him. 

Chapter Text

Oswald and Fries spent most of the morning in bed, making love and cuddling. He loved how much Fries wanted to hold him, his touch was a constant presence. His arms were so large and warm, he was going to miss his embrace when his body reverts back to his Mr. Freeze persona. He reminded himself the wait between states is short, Victor can take the temporary remedy once a week. He reluctantly got ready to handle some business matters but as far as he was concerned the day was off to a great start. He had the sexy Victor Fries in his bed, smiling and watching him get dressed. His smile was the greatest motivator to get business done and come back home.

“I will be working on that smaller freeze ray while I await your return. After I test it, it’s all yours.”, Fries commented as he laid on his side and watched Oswald get ready for work.

“Excellent, I won’t be long. I promise. I will call you before I leave Gotham then the rest of the day is just for you and me.”, Oswald smiled and went over to him planting a kiss on his lips.

He exited the mansion and headed to the limo where Zsasz was standing next to the opened vehicle door. He had a small smile on his face as he waited for him to approach. Oswald could feel his heart beat faster as he gazed upon the hitman, he thought about him last night after he left. All of his past daydreams of touching Zsasz was nothing compared to the real deal. In every daydream he was dominant and dangerous, he wanted to feel him again. Oswald entered the limo and Zsasz immediately followed and sat close.

“The situation at the docks is handled and the conspirators eliminated. They are apparently working for one of your associates that you are getting ready to meet today. Shall I send in a team and subdue him?”

“Yes, keep him alive. I want to make an example of him. It will be quick. I have a date with Freeze tonight and I don’t want to be kept late.”

Zsasz’s raw temper pricked with that comment. He thought about Freeze and Oswald all night last night and knew his jealousy would get provoked if he had to hear about them being together. He peered at his boss with a look of complete indifference but deep down his rage was simmering to a boil.

“I have a couple of debts I want to collect personally and a meeting at four.”, Oswald said as he looked at his watch. He then shuffled through his briefcase to look at his schedule.

“Sure thing, boss.”, Zsasz said as he whipped out his phone. He commanded his women to retrieve the double-crossing associate.

He got off the phone and looked at Oswald who glanced at him as a sweet smile graced his lips. Zsasz could feel his anger and jealousy continue to simmer in his mind. He wanted to claim him while making it as painful as possible. His common sense took a back seat to his jealousy as he reached for the small kingpin.

Oswald felt himself getting yanked over roughly, Zsasz wrapped him in a tight embrace. It was crushing and made worse since he was already sore from the last night. He panicked as he immediately started feeling light-headed. The pain and lack of full breaths hit him hard.

“Z..Zsasz..I..can’t breathe”, Oswald said as his vision started to fade. His body started going limp in the vice like embrace.

Victor eased up realizing how close he was to passing out. He didn’t want to go too far but half of him wanted to take his frustration out on him for daring to fall for Freeze. Oswald belonged to him even if he never planned on solidifying his intentions in this new relationship.

Oswald gasped and regained his senses, his assassin hadn't totally released him. He peered into two cold black eyes. The small kingpin struggled to break free for just a second but stopped when it earned him a tighter hold. They stared at each other for a long moment. He could feel himself getting turned on but something seemed “off” about Victor. He knew that he was upset with him but he didn't understand why.

“Zsasz?” Oswald was about to ask him if he was ok but was stifled as lips met his.

Victor didn’t say a word and kissed him from his lips to his neck. He inhaled Oswald’s neck deeply, his cologne smelled sweet and smoky like burning leaves and warm vanilla. He always loved this particular scent he wore, it wasn’t often he used it. He inhaled deeply once more then bared his teeth and bit him hard.

Oswald cried out and struggled, he was getting pushed down onto the seat as Zsasz climbed on top never breaking from his deep painful bite.

“Zsasz! Stop you’re hurting me! Stop!”, Oswald sobbed. His fear started to escalate, Fries wasn’t there to control him from getting carried away. He felt him bite harder and he screamed as he tried beating Victor off of him. It earned him a deeper bite and he stopped, he felt warm liquid run from Victor's mouth and down his neck onto the seat. He was sure it was blood.

He let Oswald’s neck go, as he did, a string of saliva and blood followed as he gazed into Oswald’s red tear-stained face. He wanted to eat Oswald alive, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He tried to calm down from doing something he was going to regret. He then kissed the gasping, pleading man. His hands wandered all over his body and he hissed in frustration at all the clothes Oswald was wearing. He started to undress the resistant Penguin. His labored breathing turned into a growl as he menaced the man under him. He wanted to rip his clothes off.

“No! Zsasz! Not in the limo!”, Oswald screeched as he tried to keep him from stripping him. “Stop it! NO!”

He grabbed Oswald’s face in both hands and licked from his throat to his lips then growled, “You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to fuck you in this limo. The drive is over an hour, I’m FUCKING you.”

Oswald shook and looked at him with large pleading eyes, “Just…please don’t hurt me. Please.” He could feel his heart race and his body shaking like a leaf. He was scared of Zsasz but he couldn't help his attraction to him. He just wanted him to refrain from making sex a painful ordeal that he had to endure. He could feel hot tears run down his face as his whole body throbbed in pain.

Zsasz took in Oswald’s fear, he knew he was terrorizing the small man to satisfy his jealousy. He felt his anger throttle back as he realized he almost went too far. He took a deep breath again and said, “I’m sorry, I will try.”

He stripped Oswald and himself, he had the lube with him since he had planned on taking Penguin on the ride over. He made him lay face down on the seat as he entered him. He didn’t give Oswald time to get use to his presence and started having at him. He worked himself vigorously into the small man under him but stopped. He noticed that Oswald hadn’t made a sound other than a few small gasps. He was also stiff and had buried his face in the seat. Zsasz stopped and looked at him, he didn't like how this was feeling.

“Come here baby, sit on my lap”, Zsasz said as he rubbed Oswald’s back. He felt the sudden spasm of stiff muscles under his touch as he laid his hand on his back.

He pulled out of him and sat on the seat of the limo. He pulled the trembling man onto his lap facing him.

Oswald winced, his sides were hurting from where Zsasz crushed him in an embrace last night and from earlier. He leaned forward and plastered his face into the back of the seat. He felt light-headed and weak, his neck and back side radiated in pain. He felt Victor raise his hips to reenter him again. He cried out in pain as his sides spasmed.

Zsasz stopped from entering him when he heard the small man’s muffled cries into the leather upholstery. He gently placed his hand on his chin and peeled his face from the back of the seat. He looked him over, he was sweaty, red-faced and sobbing quietly. He felt his heart sink, he had hurt Oswald deeply with his actions.

Oswald looked at the side of his ribs where he felt the pain. It was bruised deep blue and red, it was enough to make him not want to move.

Zsasz looked at his bruising and clenched his jaw tight, he had no idea Oswald was hurt so badly. “I’m sorry.”

“It was from last night, it’s just when you held me earlier it made it worse. Can you not hold me so tight? I promise I’m not going anywhere.”, Oswald said with a small smile.

Victor looked at him, even though he was smiling, his eyes conveyed a different meaning. He looked scared and the tears didn’t help matters either. Oswald leaned over to kiss him.

Zsasz turned his head and grabbed his shoulders, gently pushing him away. He looked him over, his neck was a bright red beacon from the vicious bite. He looked at his ribs and saw that the bruising was on the other side as well.

Oswald had many bruises all over and he was sure it was all his doing from last night and in the limo. He looked up at Oswald who was wrapping his arms around himself to cover up from Victor's intense scrutiny. He had gone too far with him, he had violated his fragile trust when it came to sacred liberties with his body. Zsasz kissed his chest and leaned his forehead on it. His mounding guilt exterminated all anger and jealousy he was feeling.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. I was jealous and upset, I wanted you to myself. I heard you and Fries talking in the bathroom last night as I got dressed. I’m just really messed up right now. I took it out on you.”

“I don’t understand why did you agree to what we did last night if you wanted me to yourself?”, Oswald asked shakily, his sobs started to subside.

“I wanted Fries too, I guess I’m greedy. I want the both of you but I don’t want you both falling in love with each other. I’m sure there’s a part of me that wants you forever. I’m just no good at relationships and I was shocked to hear how quickly Fries was willing to give himself to you.”

He gently got Oswald off his lap, he slipped on his underwear and pants then went to the bar in the back. There were wet wipes that were kept for days when things got bloody and messy at meetings and at debt collecting. Zsasz cleaned himself quickly and then came over to Oswald who was still gawking at him. He handed him the wipes and then went back to the bar to grab ice. He placed a few cubes in a paper towel.

Oswald cleaned himself up and tossed everything out the window. He got his underwear and pants on as Victor approached.

Zsasz placed the crude ice pack on the grievous bite. He was kneeling on the floor between Oswald’s legs as he pressed the pack to his wound. Even though the small kingpin was smiling at him he looked pale and weak. Victor felt two hands on the sides of his face then lips, he returned the exchange as gently as possible. He vowed to never hurt him again during any intimate moments. Zsasz smiled at Oswald as he preoccupied himself with running his fingers all over each tally mark on his chest.

He loved the dangerous side of his assassin and he didn’t fault him for his behavior. He knew Zsasz was a highly passionate man and that being involved with him could be risky.

“Please forgive me.”, Zsasz pleaded as he pouted.

Oswald caressed his face, “No need to ask for forgiveness. I knew what I was getting into wanting you this way.” He kissed him and said, “I will need you to beat that associate for me since you’ve rendered me too sore to do otherwise.”

Zsasz smiled but he really didn’t feel right about what he had done. “Sure thing, boss.”

He grabbed Oswald’s clothes and started dressing him but stopped at buttoning his shirt all the way and putting his tie on. His neck was really tender and swollen. Oswald was busy putting his cuff links back on as Zsasz got dressed and then headed to the back and poured him a large drink.

He returned and handed the glass to him as he sat close. He wrapped an arm over his shoulders gently pulling Oswald to him. He peered down at him, he noticed his hand was shaking as he gulped his drink down. He was still sweating and wincing with each bump the limo hit.

“Do you want me to just deal with the associate and call off the meeting at four? I can also handle the three difficult businesses and get what they owe you.”, Zsasz asked with concern. His guilt turned into self loathing.

Oswald finished his drink and shook his head, “No, it’s fine. I’m ok.” He peered up at Zsasz who didn’t believe him one bit. In actuality, he felt like a he had been beaten with a baseball bat about his ribs.

“The second you sway and look like you’re about to collapse I’m making the driver take you back to the mansion.”, Victor said. He wasn’t going to compromise and he wasn’t going to take a no for an answer.

Oswald gazed at his long time crush, he loved everything about him. The day Victor came back to him, he was overjoyed. He thought Zsasz was as well, the look on his face was different from any look he’s seen before. He almost seemed elated when he discovered that he wasn't dead. There was a moment that night he thought it would turn into an intimate exchange between the two. He remembered that scene well: They were sitting in his study, it was a cold night and the fire place was roaring. There was a snow storm that was turning into blizzard outside and he told Zsasz he could stay after they discussed his contract. They sat on the leather couch as they made small talk. Small talk with Zsasz consisted of two to four worded comments on his end. His conversation offered little to the scene but his eyes and his body language spoke volumes.

“Zsasz, the night that you returned to me and…”

“I wanted to kiss you, well, I wanted to do more than kiss you.”, Victor said before Oswald could finish his thought. He placed his lips on his and kissed him softly.

Oswald smiled and caressed his face, “After last night and earlier you don’t seem like you have problems being assertive. Why have you held back this entire time?”

“Believe it or not, I was scared. Scared of what pursuing you would lead me to. Scared of making a bad decision. I’ve never been in a relationship, I tend to runaway when my sex partners catch feelings for me.”

“You were scared of being in a relationship with me.”, Oswald gazed at him with a disappointed look. “Then why are you mad if Freeze and I want to be together? As far as the three of us are concerned there aren't established parameters. You can come and go as you like, no messy relationship to hinder you.”

Oswald looked away feeling like Zsasz had robbed him of all the what ifs being with him could bring.

Zsasz stared out of the window he wanted to drop the subject. He was thankful when his phone rang. He received the call and was informed they had the unfortunate traitor ready for Oswald’s interrogation. After the call he and Oswald mutually left the discussion to the wayside and got back into their customary daily life routines. Oswald went over some paperwork and called some people. Zsasz call his team and gave instructions while contacts kept him informed of rival gang movements.

Afternoon rolled around and Oswald was done with his last meeting and they were headed back to the mansion. He called Freeze to inform him of his return.

“Hey baby, are you on the way back now?”, Fries said as he sipped some hot tea. He was dealing with a mountain of log books and designs.

“Yes, we should be back in an hour. I have the reservations all set. How was your day?”, Oswald beamed as he stared out the window.

“Great! I finished that small freeze ray. I can’t wait to show you. This thing is no bigger than a handgun.”

“I’m intrigued. I can’t wait to kiss you again.”, Oswald said as he bit his lip.

“I have one more day of being normal, I’m going to spend it with my lips permanently attached to you.”, Fries said with a small moan.

“Sounds like its going to be a very good day then.”, Oswald said with a smile. He couldn't wait to feel those large warm lips again.

“I have somethings going on in the lab right now. I will need to finish up here and I will see you when you get home. Love you.”

Oswald’s eyes nearly popped out and he stuttered, “D..d did you say you love me?”

Zsasz quickly turned his head and glared at Oswald.

“I guess I did.”, Fries said with a surprised and amused tone. He leaned on the kitchen island as he stared out the window. He hoped he didn't overstep the relationship as it were.

Oswald beamed and asked, “Did you mean to say that?”

“It slipped out but it doesn't make it untrue. I love you.”, Fries said.

Oswald smiled and he thought he was going to cry, “I love you too. I will see you soon. Bye.”

He placed his phone back in his jacket and stared out the window as a few minutes passed by. He noticed Zsasz staring at him from the reflection and turned to face him.

“He’s already busting out the “L” word? Seems reckless.”, Zsasz stated with a bit of derision. He couldn't help himself, he was getting worked up over them declaring love to each other. He was panicking in the inside.

Oswald's heart raced, he could tell Zsasz was getting upset. He didn't want to argue and sour his mood before he saw Fries.

“We’ve been close for a year now and…”, Oswald said.

“A WHOLE year. Wonderful. Maybe in a week you two should get married.”, Zsasz interrupted. His black eyes drilled into him as his lips pressed into a thin line. His eyes and body posture indicated he wanted to fight about it.

Oswald didn’t want to continue down this path with Zsasz so he opted for looking out of his window. He saw in the reflection Victor whip out his phone and glance at him before he dialed out.

Fries just stepped into the shower when his phone rang. He quickly dried his hands as he stepped out, he saw it was Zsasz.

“Hey Zsaszzy.” , Fries said with a grin.

“Hey snowman. So, what is this I hear you throwing around the “L” word?”

“It slipped out but to be honest, it felt right. Why are you asking?”, Fries knew that Zsasz would say something to him about it but calling him with Oswald sitting next to him in the limo was a ballsy move.

“Seems premature but if it feels right and it’s in your nature to blurt out such things, who am I to argue.”, Zsasz could feel Oswald burning a hole in the side of his face with a death glare. He didn’t care he was going to continue this argument with Fries since Oswald wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

Fries chuckled and sighed, “Hey, I warned you what I’m like. You’re not mad are you baby? I got enough love for you too.”

“You’re being funny right now, aren't you?”, Zsasz spat. He was clenching his jaw, he was on the verge of rage at the moment.

“Come on, don’t be like that.”, Fries said with some concern. He wasn’t sure what Zsasz might have said to Oswald before he called.

“Don’t be like what?”, Zsasz snapped.

“Angry, jealous and stand-offish. We probably should've discussed boundaries before we did what we did last night. Please don’t be mad at me and especially don’t be mad at Oswald, he adores you.”, Fries said sadly.

Zsasz glanced at Oswald who was staring at him with the same disappointed look from earlier. Oswald looked back at the window, he was wringing his hands. Victor felt his rage dissipate as he recalled the hurt he brought unto him earlier.

“Well, its too late for that because I’ve already made an ass of myself with Oswald.”, Zsasz said as he kept looking at the small man who was staring out the window.

“What did you say to him?”, Fries asked as he furrowed his white brows together.

“We can talk later. I don’t believe in such things like love, its meaningless. So bite your tongue when you spout that in my presence.”, Zsasz stated. He closed his phone as he continued staring at Oswald. He noticed his shoulders were shaking and he heard him sobbing softly.

Zsasz took a deep breath, he knew he was making things between the three of them strained. He wanted to rip Oswald and Fries from each other but he didn’t know to what end. He tried seeing this from Oswald’s point of view. He’s never experienced love or physical intimacy till last night. He’s never had someone love him and this thing he had with Fries might seem like a god-send to him. And here he was trying to take it all from him to keep him alone and available for himself. Zsasz knew he didn’t want a relationship with him but he wanted him regardless. He also wanted Fries and if they kept growing closer to each other he feared they will soon cut him out of the equation.

He scooted over to Oswald taking his hand and pulling him into a soft embrace. The small man wouldn't look at him as he kept his gaze down in his lap. He made him look at him before he spoke, “When I found out you were alive, I called all my contracts closed and left a message with Falcone to never call me again. I also left a long time sex partner and I did all of this on the drive to your mansion. All I could think of is that I needed to be with you. I think that’s what someone would call love. I can’t ever say for sure though. I know how I am. I wander. I bore. I’m moody. But if ever there was someone that has my attention and always will, it would be you.”

Oswald stared at him wide-eyed, he knew that Zsasz pretty much said he loved him in his own way. Zsasz had wanted to spare him the frustration that loving someone like himself would cause. He gazed at the silent assassin, Victor was rubbing his back with his fingertips as he stared back at him.

He always loved how Zsasz pouted, he was sure the assassin had no idea he was making such a face at the moment. Oswald kissed him, he wanted his pouty lips badly.

“Oswald.”, Zsasz moaned as he deepened the kiss. He felt his shirt get unbuttoned and a hand slip in that started caressing the marks on his chest.

Oswald felt his body awaken as his hand travelled all over to finger each score he came across. He pulled from Zsasz’s lips to stare at him as he stroked his face.

“I love you.”, Oswald whispered. He kissed Victor before he could say anything. He then placed a couple of fingers over his lips to keep him for saying anything.

Zsasz stared at him, he felt his chin quiver for a second. He swallowed hard and slowly laid his head on Oswald’s lap. He felt fingertips stroke his head and cheek as he closed his eyes, he reveled in his adoration. They rode back to the mansion in complete silence.

Chapter Text

Before they exited the limo, Zsasz embraced him and buried his face in his shoulder. He didn't want this moment to end. He knew once they exited this space that it was all over. Fries will rip Oswald from him after he sees what he had done. He wanted to rewind to this morning and hold Oswald, confessing his love to him. But he had treated him like a possession, a possession he nearly broke in a fit of jealousy.

Oswald kissed his head and waited for him to let go. He saw that Victor was struggling, his breathing was getting rapid. He was unsure if he was weeping, he caressed the smooth skin of his head and waited a couple of minutes.

“Zsasz, we should go inside now.”

The assassin relinquished his embrace and opened the door for him. Oswald immediately placed his walking cane forward. His sides were radiating pain and it only got worse as the day progressed. He was sure he was going to collapse after the last run to collect debts. He barely addressed the business owners but instead had Zsasz rough them up.

Oswald walked slowly towards the mansion, he stopped to catch his breath. His ribs were screaming with each limp forward. It was amazing all the muscles required to walk and how he could feel each extension and contraction as they ached in pain.

Victor reached the doors and turned around only to see Oswald had barely made it five feet from the limo. He was leaning on his cane with both hands, he could see him breathing hard. He started to walk again but stopped after three steps. Zsasz was about to go back and carry him in but he continued to walk on with a slow even pace.

They both entered the mansion, Oswald made it to the staircase and held onto the railing, mentally preparing himself to climb the flight. Victor was going to check on his team but looked back at the small man. He was resting his head on the railing, his knuckles white from gripping the smooth wood. Victor rushed over and scooped up Oswald into his arms.

“Zsasz, no! I’m ok!”, Oswald said with a scowl. His protests ended as his body ached in pain from being carried. Victor made quick work up the steps. 

He set the sweaty and weak kingpin on his bed. Oswald glanced up at him. Zsasz wasted no time and left the room. He decided to go tell the other Victor what he had done.

He wandered to the kitchen where Fries was writing notes in his lab journal at the kitchen island. He was in the middle of building some safety measures for the lounge, he was often buried under blueprints and schematics. Zsasz often marveled at how someone so beautiful and strong could also be incredibly intelligent.

Freeze looked up and graced him with a small smile. He had felt bad about the conversation on the phone earlier. He didn’t want Zsasz to feel put out in the relationship but at the same time he had wanted to confess to Oswald that he indeed truly loved him. He immediately got up and went over to Victor who was standing at the entrance to the kitchen.

He stared at the gorgeous vision of Fries in all white casual dress suit. He paired it with a light blue silk shirt that made his eyes look like blue fire. He wanted to just walk away and avoid any and all conversation about his behavior. He stayed his ground though, he deserved his wrath and anger.

Fries didn’t say anything but wrapped his arms around Victor and gently placed a welcoming kiss on his lips. “Are you still mad at me?

Zsasz wrapped his arms around his waist and ran his hands under his jacket to feel the silk underneath. He then started a trail of kisses from Fries’s Adam’s Apple to his ear. He then ran his hands through his thick white hair and gazed into his eyes.

“No, I’m not mad.”

“So what did you do to make an ass of yourself with Oswald?”

“I hurt him. I was angry.”, Zsasz said as he let him go.

Fries’s eyes scanned the assassin’s face as he waited for him to expand on his statement but he never did. The look on Zsasz’s face was hard to read, the assassin stepped away from him. He had a bad feeling that grew in the pit of his stomach, he rushed out of the kitchen and raced up the stairs. He busted into Oswald’s room and heard the shower running.

“Oswald?”, Fries called out as he walked into the bathroom.

“Victor, I…I will be out in a minute.”, Oswald called out.

Fries noticed his voice sounded a bit scared, he didn’t ask for permission and opened the shower stall. His heart dropped and his eyes nearly popped out as he saw the bruises and severely swollen bite mark. Fries shook his head in disbelief but his shock melted into a dangerous growing anger.

Oswald’s arms slowly tried covering his sides. He turned off the water and grabbed a towel to cover his bruised body. He knew he looked really bad and he was sure this would get ugly for Zsasz.

“Oswald, are you ok?! Zsasz said he had hurt you but…”, Fries’s voice trembled with rage. It looked like he had beaten the small man mercilessly about the ribs and nearly ripped out his throat with his teeth.

Fries turned to rush out of the bathroom and confront Victor for what he had done but he didn't have to go far, Zsasz was standing behind him. Fries wasted no time and grabbed him by the jacket, his face twisted in rage. He violently shoved him out of the bathroom by throwing him through the half opened door. Oswald shouted at Fries to stop but he didn’t relent, he followed the other Victor as he tumbled to the ground, his mind set on revenge.
Zsasz crashed through the door into the bedroom, hitting the ground hard on his back.  The air was knocked out of him for a second but he quickly got onto his feet.

Fries was on him immediately as he stood, his arm shot out and grabbed him by the throat, “You have thirty seconds to explain to me that what I saw was a big misunderstanding!”

He said nothing but stared at Fries, he wanted him to hit him, punish him for what he done to Oswald. He saw his eyes start to glow as his anger was reaching it zenith. Fries’s hand clenched down, Zsasz let out a gasping choke as his airway and blood supply were cut off in the crushing grip.

“NO!”, Oswald shouted as he tried getting his grip off of Zsasz, “Please stop! He’s apologized to me and it’s all forgiven. Victor stop!”

Fries quickly let Zsasz go, who fell back onto a dresser gasping for breath, his head foggy from the lack of blood. Oswald was about to rush over to his side but Fries snatched him in a soft embrace. He kissed the top of his head and held him close to his body protectively. He started crying as he shouted at Zsasz, “Why would you do this to him?!”

Oswald’s blood curdled, he didn't want them to fight. It was killing him that both of his Victors were hurting over him.

The assassin’s senses returned and he made an attempt to leave the room. Oswald pushed off of Fries and grabbed his arm, “NO! Please, let’s not end the day like this! Please!” He pulled on his arm as Victor kept walking towards the door.

“Zsasz! Stop!”

He halted in his tracks but kept his face turned away. Oswald placed his hand on the side of his face and turned him to look at his eyes. The assassin turned reluctantly, his face stained with tears. Oswald nearly crumbled from seeing him so broken, he wrapped his arms around him.

Fries couldn't look at him just yet, he kept his back to them both. He ran his hand through his hair and let it rest on the back of his neck. He knew that Zsasz would be unpredictable in this arrangement. He also knew that despite his words last night that he was completely and utterly in love with Oswald. He sighed as he turned to look at the both of them.

Oswald buried his face in his neck speaking softly words of love to keep him in place. The assassin wrapped his arms around his Penguin and kissed his face as he let out one sob.

“Please no more, I can’t bare to see you this way. I love you.”, Oswald whispered.

Fries walked over and embraced the both of them. He then took Oswald’s arm and gently tore him away from Zsasz as he said, “We will go over boundaries soon. You should go now, we will talk about this tomorrow.” Fries eyed him warily as his arms wrapped around Oswald.

Zsasz looked at Oswald who was trying to get free of Fries’s embrace to get back to him but stopped when Fries whispered, “My love.”

Oswald stopped trying to pry his arms open. He buried his face into Victor's chest. Zsasz quickly left the bedroom and the mansion unable to cope with their love for each other.

Fries took Oswald’s hand and led him to the bed where he sat down and brought Oswald into his arms. He looked him over with concern and said, “It’s not ok. This isn’t right my love. If he loved you he would have NEVER done this. I care about him and you but I worry now. He’s proven to be unstable.”

Oswald didn’t respond but stroked Fries’s face with his fingertips. His heart was sinking for Zsasz. He’s never seen him in such a state of distress.
He kissed his hand and continued, “We should stay home, you’ve been through a lot today.”

Oswald shook his head, “No, please let’s get out of here for the night. I was looking forward to going out with you.”

Fries smiled and kissed his hand again, “Very well, whatever you wish my love.”

Oswald grabbed his face in both hands and said, “Say those three words to me again.”

“I love you. I love you with all my heart Oswald Cobblepot.”, Fries said with a large smile. He pulled him onto his lap and kissed him.

“I love you, Victor. I’ve been looking forward to your kisses all day.”, Oswald smiled as he kissed him again. He loved how protective Victor of him. It didn’t escape his attention how opposite end of the spectrum both Victors were to each other. He loved Zsasz’s unpredictable and dangerous nature paired with Fries, a fierce guardian and lover.

They arrived at the restaurant, Oswald had reserved the entire establishment so they would have complete privacy. The staff had placed a table by the panoramic windows. Candles adorned the table and two large leather chairs were on both ends. Fries smiled and flagged down a waiter.

“Yes, sir?”, the distinguished waiter promptly asked.

“You can take one of the chairs away.”, Fries said.

The waiter looked at Oswald and back at Fries slightly confused. Fries took the kingpin’s hand and sat down then pulled him onto his lap. Oswald shook his head and giggled.

“Are you seriously going to spend the entire evening with me on your lap?”

“That’s correct. I want my hands on you at all times. Bring those lips here.”, Victor said as his arms enveloped the small man on his lap. He loved feeling Oswald against his body.

Oswald placed his hand on his cheek and kissed him, both of them losing themselves to the moment as waiters stood by smiling and blushing.

“I have something for you.”, Fries said as he dug into his jacket.

He pulled out the mini freeze ray, he twirled it on a finger by the trigger then aimed and froze two of the four candles on the table. He then held it out as he pointed to a switch.

“You have to hold the safety down as you pull the trigger that way there’s no way you can accidentally freeze yourself. Give it try.”

Oswald looked around then summoned a waiter over. The waiter looked scared to death as he hustled over. “Y..Yes, sir?”

“Bring a pitcher of water.”, Oswald said as he looked at the weapon.

The waiter zipped away thankful he wasn't target practice. Fries chuckled and held onto Oswald tighter, he was sure that the boy was toast. The pitcher of water appeared as the waiter vanished quickly behind his coworker. Oswald held down the safety and took aim, then fired. The weapon fired smoothly, he barely felt it vibrate.

“I love it! It’s fun! I’m going to use this on the next traitor to cross my path.”, Oswald beamed.

The head waiter promptly replaced the candles then lit the new ones. The other two younger waiters came, placing wine glasses and bottles of their finest on the table. The head waiter poured the two love birds their drinks as they kissed then he summoned the two young waiters to come assist him with bringing out the first course.

“I have something for you as well.”, Oswald said as he dug into his jacket pocket. He pulled out a ring box. He smiled and said, “This once belonged to my father, it was a ring my mother had bought him very long ago. It’s a promise ring, a promise to always love him forever.”

Fries looked apprehensive to take a family keepsake, “This is a family heirloom my love, are you sure you want to part with it?”

“I’m not parting with it since you will be in my life, I hope for always.”, Oswald beamed a smile.

“Of course, how silly of me. I’m not going anywhere.”, Fries chuckled and kissed his neck.

Oswald opened the box and showed him the ring. It a was a large ring made of white gold inlaid with a large diamond. It was simple but the meaning profound. Fries smiled at Oswald and presented him his right hand. Oswald slipped it on the third finger and sighed as his worry over the fit was unfounded.

“Over the past year as we grew close you have been the light of my life, the reason to wake in the mornings. I will always love you, forever.”, Oswald declared then kissed his hand.

“Before we solidified our relationship, waking up to see your blushing face was something I lived for. I loved each awkward and flirtatious moment we would spend when we were alone. You are my everything. I will never take this ring off.”, Fries smiled and kissed him. Then he reached for a wine glass and handed it to Oswald then he grabbed the other. He smiled and said, “To our undying love.”

An hour in, Fries and Oswald were in bliss, talking, kissing and feeding each other. Oswald felt his phone ring, he had put it on vibrate so the evening wasn’t disturbed with ringing. He dug the phone out to turn it off. He didn’t want to be disturbed at all. “Sorry, I’m going to turn it off. Whatever it is can wait till tomorrow.”

He looked at the caller ID before he powered his phone down and saw it was Zsasz. He took a deep breath and looked at Fries. Victor instantly knew it was the other Victor who was calling. He released Oswald from his arms and set his wine glass down.

“I’m sorry, let me make sure it’s nothing pressing. I don’t want to ignore him.”, Oswald said as he stood.

“It’s ok, go on.”, Fries said with a forced smile.

“Zsasz.”, Oswald answered. He walked away from the table to the windows over looking the city lights below.

“I wasn't sure you would answer. I’m surprised you did.”, Zsasz said with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

“I wasn’t going to ignore you.”, Oswald could tell he was upset. Victor’s voice took on a slight lower tone when he was mad.

“There was a bit of fall out from today. Remnants of loyalists to that associate. They tried raiding your weapons warehouse. It’s all contained, just thought I’d let you know.”

“Ok, thank you.”, Oswald wanted to hang up but he wasn't sure if Zsasz was going to continue to speak. He could hear him taking a deep breath.

“Sorry to disturb any further declarations of love on your date.”

“Please don’t be mad…”

“I’m NOT.”, Zsasz barked.

He heard him take another deep breath and then he heard some crashing. Zsasz was breathing heavily, he sounded like he had punched something.

“Zsasz…”, Oswald rested his forehead on the window as he waited for him to say something.

“I will see you tomorrow boss.”, He said as he hung up.

Oswald turned the phone off and headed back to Fries. Victor pulled him onto his lap and embraced him.

“Just some trouble at the warehouse, all handled though.”, Oswald said quickly wanting to drop the subject.

Fries drank the rest of his wine and set the glass down. A waiter promptly refilled it and left. Victor had wanted to ask what else Zsasz said, he knew that Oswald was holding back. But he didn't want to put him in a bad mood, he kissed his lips and continued with adoring him. He figured Zsasz was pretty good at making Oswald upset, no reason to add himself to the mix.

A few hours later and they were back at the mansion. They were rolling around his bed kissing and stripping each other.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or in pain.”, Fries whispered.

“I’m fine, I want to do this. The next time will be a whole week from now. That’s a long time to wait especially when I look at you and I get instantly turned on!”, Oswald retorted as he unbuttoned Victor’s shirt.

“Ok, but we go slow, you relax. Lay there and let me do all the work.”, Fries asserted. He got up on his knees on the bed as Oswald relaxed on the pillows and watched him strip. Fries smiled at him as his white hair played against his eyes.

He has seen Fries shirtless many times but each time he is still dumbstruck at his well sculpted physique. Everything about Fries was superb, his body, his hair and his eyes. The fact he could freeze with just a touch as his Freeze persona, made him sort of a god in his eyes. He loved how strong he was, all the times Fries’s handled him and had his way during morning sex sent shivers through his body. His large hands holding him in all positions was an immediate turn on.

Fries took off Oswald’s clothes slowly, he wanted to prolong the satisfaction of touching his skin. Once Oswald was completely naked he stopped to kiss him all over his slim body. He was careful to avoid his sides where the bruises were. His tongue traveled all over  sending waves of pleasure to Oswald who moaned and giggled with each pass over sensitive areas.

Victor then got up and took off the rest of his clothes slowly, allowing Oswald time to enjoy the view. He then went into a nightstand and took out lubricant he stored there. He grabbed Oswald by both ankles and pulled him over to the edge of the bed.

“Oh Victor! I love it when your so assertive!” Oswald moaned.

He watched as Victor lubed his fingers then lean over him to kiss him. He felt a slick finger play at his muscle then it slowly entered.

Fries placed his mouth to his ear as he whispered, “Do you love it when I’m inside you, baby? I dream all day of bouncing you on my lap. Making you moan and squeal as I fill you all the way. All I could think about today was your tight ass on my cock.”

Oswald delighted in his dirty talk as he inserted another finger. He moaned and shivered as Fries continued, “I was so turned on watching Zsasz fuck you last night. There’s just something about watching you get taken, seeing you in the throes of ecstasy. That sweet voice of yours moaning and gasping as he fucked you. You get me so worked up.”

Victor licked his ear as he moaned. He continued to work his fingers slowly in him as his tongue explored his mouth. He then slowly took his fingers out and lubed up his cock. He stood and looked down at his little Penguin as he stroked himself.

“Mmmm. You’re so hot Victor. I need you now! Please!”

Fries leaned over him and positioned himself at the slick hole. He slowly entered but didn’t go in any further than the tip. He whispered in his ear again. “This is my favorite part, watching your face as I fill you for the first time. Feeling you tighten and relax around me over and over. Mmmm” He slowly entered all the way into the squirming moaning man.

Fries paused to admire Oswald, he was breathing hard out of his mouth, his hand rested on his forehead as he gazed at him through long lashes. He could feel him pulsate around him, he groaned as he let Oswald’s body gratify him. He ran a couple of fingers over the small man’s mouth and slowly insert them. A warm wet tongue glided over them as Fries moaned, he started working himself in slow movements in unison with Oswald’s tongue. He removed his fingers and kissed Oswald as he slowly worked himself into him being careful about his soreness.

Fries then stood and took Oswald’s erection into his hand. He worked him slowly as he continued to undulate his hips into him. His lover started thrusting himself into his grip.

 Oswald grabbed his own hair with one hand and the other hand he gripped the bedspread tightly. “That feels so good!”, Oswald exclaimed as he timed his motions with Fries.

Victor stopped his movements to focus on pleasuring his lover, Oswald’s thrusts were getting him close. Fries stroked him faster as Oswald pumped his hips in harder and deeper motions. Fries could feel himself drawing near to an orgasm. His lover’s heat throbbed and swallowed him as his hips added friction. He moaned at how deep he was inside of Oswald, he wanted to remain in this moment forever.

Oswald thrusted faster as both sensations made him shout out his release. “Victor! You feel so good!” He could feel his cum spray all over his stomach as he continued to move himself on Fries.

“Yes! Don’t stop baby! Ride me!”, Fries shouted as his climax came hard. He filled his lover as he groaned, thrusting into him erratically.

Fries laid next to his sweaty smiling man and kissed his hand, “I hope this evening made up for your day. I want to make you happy.”

“You make me so complete.”, Oswald said as he snuggled into Fries’s chest. “How about we go out of town in six days? Just you and me. At a resort country get away, great food, large soft beds. Solitude.”

“I would absolutely love that!”, Fries exclaimed as he kissed him all over his face. “You and me and LOTS of sex.”

Oswald chuckled as he embraced Fries tighter but his smile faded a little as he asked, “Do you mind if we leave Zsasz out of it? I hope it doesn't upset you. To be honest, I’m a bit scared to allow him to touch me during sex now. I know he cares about me but…”

Fries stroked his back and softly spoke, “You have every right to be wary of his touch. I know he doesn't like relationships so it shouldn't matter if he’s there or not. This is more about you and me than it us about the three of us.”

Oswald kissed Fries’s chest as his warm arms held him in a protective embrace.

Chapter Text

Zsasz entered the mansion, it was early morning. He dismissed his night shift and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. He had stayed up most of the night with some of his team members at a club. He had wanted to forget yesterday in its entirety so he opted for some mindless fun. He took home a stranger to bury his misery in their body, something he hadn't done in a long time. It only served him for the moments they were touching but if anything it made his state of mind worse after it was done. The encounter had frustrated him, drunken sex was the worst. He now remembered why he never drank and never had sex with a drunk person.

He barely got two hours of sleep and the two hours he was able to get, he dreamt of Oswald. The dreamscape scene was of the small man standing at the edge of an impossibly high cliff in the middle of black tumultuous seas, the skies were filled with chaotic clouds that spewed large cyclones. Oswald turned slowly to look at him and then fell backwards off the precipice as he whispered his name. He had awoke sweaty, dehydrated and more miserable than ever.

 He wanted to go up to Oswald’s room and hold him to know he was ok, the dream really messed him up. He imagined they were up there right now, holding each other and professing their love. He got a glass and poured himself some water, the dry feeling didn’t go away even after drinking a few glasses of water before he left his home. He went into the cabinet to get a coffee cup but the way he was feeling he wanted to drink the coffee out of the carafe. He closed the cabinet doors and was surprised to see Fries standing by the kitchen island.

“Zsasz, I’m sorry about last night. I think we should however discuss boundaries if you are going to continue being apart of this. But first, what were you thinking harming Oswald that way? He may be strong and outspoken but his trust is fragile as it is. You were his only real friend in so long and he thinks the world of you.”

“I regretted it the second I did it. He had no idea how close I was to putting a bullet in my own head.”, Zsasz said as he leaned his head on the cabinet door. All of this early morning guilt and talking was hurting his head.

Fries watched as the hitman close his eyes and leaned on the counter with his head in his hands. “You have no idea how close I was to snapping your neck. I’m still angry but for him I’m willing to set my own feelings aside. But why did you do that, tell me.”

“I was jealous. Jealousy is kind of new for me. So, I didn't handle it well.”, Zsasz stated matter of factly. He stood upright again and rubbed his face with both hands.

“What? You hurt him over jealousy? I’m at a loss here. You’ve contradicted your words from last night. What is it then? Do you or don’t you want a relationship with him?”

“It’s more complicated than I ever could imagine.”, Zsasz said as he took a drink of his water.

“You had all the time to confess to him how you felt but now that he loves me you go off the deep end?”, Fries sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He did his best to comfort Oswald last night as his bruised sides throbbed when he laid to sleep. His neck wound had cause him another area of discomfort, it concerned him that it was probably infected. He cleaned it a couple of times last night. He was exhausted for tending to his love and trying his best to soothe him.

The assassin pressed his lips together and tilted his head as he eyed the troubled man before him. He was smoothing his bed head from his eyes and that’s when he noticed the ring on his hand. Zsasz felt like he got punched in the gut, a ring signified that their relationship was moving without him. He wanted to escape, he wanted to drown out all of the thoughts of them but he didn’t know how. He did what he could do and that was to leave Fries’s presence.

Fries grabbed the retreating man’s arm and pulled him over to him before he could escape. He didn't want Zsasz to hurt anymore than he wanted Oswald to suffer. He wanted to ease his thoughts and let him know he was still wanted.

Zsasz knew he was strong but it felt like his arm was caught in a metal vice. He felt himself handled like a rag doll and pressed against Fries’s body. His electric blue eyes held him in place more than his muscle.

Fries pinned him against the kitchen island and took his face in both of his hands. Until he got involved with him, he never thought he was capable of passion that wasn't the killing kind. They stared at each other a few moments then Fries kissed him softly as he pressed his body into him.

Zsasz gasped and wrapped his arms around him, grasping Fries’s ass hard. He wanted him deeply and though he loved Oswald the most, Victor was a great distraction from his pain. He could feel Fries starting to unbutton his jacket. He ran his hands down the front of his pajama bottoms and stroked him.

“It’s a little early and highly inconvenient that you two are doing that there.”, Oswald said as he glared at the two Victors. His fatigue kept him tamed with his admonishment. He just wanted to get some pain relief and coffee.

They both stopped what they were doing and looked at Oswald. Zsasz noticed his neck looked worse than it did last night and he looked like he hardly slept. He took his hands out of Fries’s pants and stepped away from him. Oswald slowly walked into the kitchen, his sides complained with each step as he got to the fridge. Ivy had placed some salves in there for wounds, he forgot about them yesterday or he would have slept better.

“Let me pour you some coffee my love. Sit.”, Fries said as he rushed to the cabinet.

Oswald nodded and sat down on a stool at the island with the salve in hand. He barely acknowledged Zsasz as he rested his head in his hands. His phone rang snapping him out of his drowsiness, it was his manager for the lounge informing him of some inventory issues. He set the salve down and proceeded with talking with him.

Zsasz grabbed the tin and opened it, he gingerly applied a thin layer of the waxy substance over his wound. Oswald hissed and closed his eyes then continued with the conversation. He stared at Oswald as he tried his best to not fall out from sleep as he talked.

Oswald closed his phone and rested his head in his hands once again. Zsasz took one of his hands and slowly brought it to his face. The tired man turned his head while still cradled in his other palm. Victor kissed his hand and kept it on his cheek as he stared at him. He desperately wanted Oswald’s approval, forgiveness and affection.

He managed a small smile as he looked at his other Victor. He knew that he was begging for his touch and approval. He stroked his cheek as he closed his eyes, sleep was winning over everything else.

Zsasz caressed Oswald’s sleepy face and kissed him on his cheek. Clear green eyes looked into his own black pools as he kept caressing the tired man’s face. The memory of last night’s dream played in his mind of loosing Oswald to the chaos within him. He wanted to hold him and never let go. He kissed him again on the lips, the feeling he gets with Oswald is different than with Fries. He was sure he was forever bound to him even if he tried to forget him with others, none would ever claim him so deeply.

Oswald felt a hand take the back of his head and an arm wrap around his waist gently. The assassin got up off his stool and pressed his body to him as his tongue begged for entrance to his mouth. He grabbed Zsasz’s face and allowed his tongue to play with his.

Fries set the coffee on the island and glanced at them. He liked watching them kiss among other things but they three needed to discuss the relationship. They didn’t look to be stopping any time soon so he spoke up.

“Zsasz, Oswald we should discuss some things here.”

Oswald broke free from the kiss but Zsasz didn’t want to end it just yet and chased his lips down. He wrapped his arms around him and caught his lips again with his own. Oswald gasped and whispered, “Zsasz.”

The assassin wanted to ignore Fries and continue with making the small man in his arms shiver and moan.

“Zsasz!”, Fries said with a stern tone.

Oswald gently pushed the stubborn man from his lips as he turned to look at Fries. Zsasz reluctantly pulled away and sat down.

Fries leaned his elbows on the island and glanced at Oswald then addressed Zsasz. “We talked last night and both Oswald and I think we need to have some boundaries and rules if you are going to keep being a part of this relationship. Nothing too crazy, but obviously if anyone of us are feeling put out by the other two to discuss it like adults and not harbor ill-feelings. Also, sex is only permitted when there’s consent between the three of us. No, going off and engaging in fun time without the third person’s knowledge.”

“So, when you two have sex you need my permission?” Zsasz raised his eyebrow and pressed his lips together. He knew damn well that the permission part only applied to him.

Fries sighed and shook his head, “No, Zsasz. It only applies to you. In light of what you did I feel you need my permission to touch Oswald.” He got off his elbows and stood, he could tell that the assassin was set to fly off the handle either by storming out or verbal assault.

“Is that how you feel or is it all his input?”, Zsasz countered.

“Zsasz, I don’t doubt you care about me but the two times we’ve been together you’ve hurt me. I don’t know if I feel comfortable having sex with you without Fries there.”, Oswald said with a heartbroken tone. “And, to be honest. I’m a little wary about being left alone with you.” He turned away from the assassin and stared down into his lap.

He felt his heart ache over Oswald’s fear of him. He never wanted this, he never wanted to hurt him. But he had caused him pain. His chest was riddled with phantom pains. He wondered if this was what heartbreak felt like. Fries and Oswald were pulling away from him.

The assassin stood and asked, “Is that all?”

Fries nodded and turned to fix himself some coffee. Zsasz looked at Oswald who was gazing up at him looking hurt both emotionally and physically. The assassin hung his head and sat back down. He knew he had no right to be so angry. He took Oswald’s hand in both of his hands and stared at it as he caressed the small appendage. He could feel anger and jealousy begin to permeate his mind as he sat there. He wanted to rip them apart from each other. Jealousy with all its wicked intent spoke for him.

“Am I free to step away from this? Although you two are trying to accommodate me I think its best to for me to step away from this. Away from you, Oswald. It’s affecting how I perform my job. I can protect you from everyone but myself.”, Zsasz said. He could feel his heart shrivel.

Fries turned to regard him as Oswald gawked at him. He quickly composed himself and said, “If that is what you want Zsasz, you are free to leave this relationship.”

“I still would like an intimate relationship with Fries if that’s ok with the both of you.”, he quickly added as he let Oswald go. He looked at Victor who was watching him with a surprised expression.

Fries had wanted to keep his casual relationship with Zsasz. He loved Oswald but he wanted the assassin to gratify his kinks. He was undeniably attracted to him and he knew that the gunman was capable of seducing him into anything.

“My love, that decision is up to you.”, Fries said.

Oswald knew that both Victors were attracted to each other and since the relationship started out with the three of them he now felt uncomfortable with them having an exclusive relationship with each other. Oswald looked at Zsasz who was studying him, his face was stone like as he awaited his response. It almost seemed like the assassin flipped a switch and turned off all of his emotions. Oswald was jealous of his ability to get over things instantaneously. The fact Fries didn’t make the decision for himself meant that he still wanted to be with the other Victor. Oswald could feel himself about to make a decision that he didn't want to make but Fries’s happiness was important to him.

“I..I guess that’s ok.”, Oswald said as he looked down into his coffee. He could feel Zsasz’s gaze burn a hole into his face. He turned away from him and fiddled with the salve that he quickly placed in his pajama shirt pocket.

Fries leaned over the counter and planted a kiss on Oswald’s forehead. “My love, only if you permit us to be together than that is the only time we will be. Right, Zsasz?”

“Of course.” Zsasz said with a quick and fading smile. He was taken aback that he had agreed to such a thing. He could tell, however, that Oswald was definitely not okay with it. He wanted Oswald to not be okay with it, he wanted to tear them apart. He knew he only agreed with this arrangement to keep his ice prince happy.

Oswald felt heartache before and what he was feeling wasn’t too far off. He glanced at Zsasz, who was still burning a hole into him with his dark eyes. The assassin was studying him, to gauge his reaction with sharing Fries. He was sure he could see his pain, he was always such an open book with his emotions.

“My love.”, Fries cooed. He stroked Oswald’s face and looked him over. He knew that Oswald was not ok with it but he had a feeling he did it to make him happy.

Oswald set the coffee cup down and took Fries’s hand and kissed the ring. Fries had been the best thing in his life and he wanted to make him happy. He was fine with giving him this since he would only engage with Zsasz after seeking his permission to do so.

“Victor, mind helping me to bed. I didn’t sleep well last night. I could use more rest.”, Oswald said as he slowly got off the stool and braced himself on his cane.

Both Victors said, “Ok”

Oswald glanced at Zsasz but looked away and mumbled, “I meant my beloved, Fries.”

Fries came around and followed Oswald out of the kitchen. He gave Zsasz a kiss on the lips before doing so.

In Oswald’s bedroom, Victor got him tucked and comfortable then laid next to him as he softly rubbed his back. Oswald sighed as fingers soothed his back, “You don't have to stay up here with me if you rather be with Zsasz right now.” Oswald did his best to sound strong and indifferent but deep down he was dying from heartache.

Fries wrapped his arm around him, “My love, I want to be with you. You are my number one concern.”

Oswald turned to face Fries, he snuggled into the crook of his neck and shoulder. He smiled as Fries sang him some song he’s never heard before. He loved the deep tones of his voice, it was rich and soothing. The reverberation of his throat against his face made him smile.

“How is it you are this amazing Victor? How is it you are here with me? You don't have to really answer, it’s just thoughts I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around.”

Fries smiled and rubbed his hands softly up and down his back. “I thought Victor Fries was dead, I should have died with my wife. In a way that man I once was did die, I awoke changed. Angry. Desperate for death. I felt that way for a long time especially in the icy tundra where you and Ivy found me in. Part of me wanted to die alone but another part of me wanted to be saved. You rescued me so I am yours.”

“You rescued me too. I feel so safe, loved, different, when I’m with you. I feel like the world could burn down but I wouldn't care as long as I’m with you. You have no idea how much you mean to me, I want to make you happy always.”, Oswald said as he ran his finger tips over Victor’s chest.

“I’m very happy with you. You alone.”, Fries said as he soothed his love. He was thinking he wanted to advance the relationship. He made up his mind to ask Oswald next weekend when they were away, to be his husband.

Chapter Text

Six days passed and things got back to normal. Oswald was in his bedroom fresh from the shower and wrapped in a robe. He was bustling about packing final items into a small suitcase he had on the bed. He and Fries were leaving Gotham for a couple of days to stay at a resort upstate. They haven't told anyone of this till this morning. Fries told the girls which was promptly followed by squealing and a hail fire of questions that could be heard from his bedroom. He was sure Bridgit was the loudest which was surprising since Ivy often communicate in squeals and squeaks. She should have been the most vocal but there was no mistaking that growly shriek. Oswald snatched his phone from the dresser and called his manager to inform him of his absence. He normally didn't trust anyone with business matters but his lounge manager has proven his mettle. He felt confident enough to leave the lounge in his hands for two days. Even if there was a problem he could be in town within a couple hours, they weren’t staying far. There was a knock on the door as he ended his call.

“Come in.”, Oswald said as he zipped up the suitcase.

Zsasz entered the room and noticed the luggage on the bed as Oswald went through his dresser to retrieve garments. He felt a ball of bitterness get caught in his throat, he knew this was Fries’s days to be normal. He had hoped to have the adonis to himself when Oswald wasn't monopolizing his time. This new development made him raise an eyebrow. His boss was keeping his precious Freeze away even though there was an agreement to share him. He knew Oswald was jealous of his other Victor desiring him. He smiled and scoffed softly but kept the offending verbal displeasure sealed tightly in his mouth.

“You needed to see me?”, Zsasz asked as he pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes at the distracted kingpin.

“Yes, I will out of town for a couple of days. So, I will need you to run things as you always do with the understanding I won’t be around. That’s all.”, Oswald said curtly. He didn't care to elaborate that Fries was coming with him.

The assassin wanted to hear him say he was stealing Fries away and added, “Just you?” He tilted his head ever so slightly while examining the half dressed man.

Oswald turned to face him with rolling eyes and answered, “No, not just me. You can go now.” He fluttered his eyelashes and waved a hand to dismiss him.

Zsasz left the room, a small kernel of revenge percolating around in his heart. He saw Fries approach, he had taken the serum already. He was in casual clothing, long sleeve shirt and jeans. He ran a hand through his perfect snow white hair as he looked at his watch. Fries halted in his tracks and addressed him, “Is Oswald done getting dressed?”

Fries had been a little disappointed he wouldn't be able to give Zsasz any attention since Oswald wanted to go away for the two days. He knew Victor would be upset with it when he found out. “Did he tell you we were going away for a couple of days?”

“He said “HE” was leaving for a couple of days. He didn't mention you were going. I’m guessing he didn’t care to share you.”, Zsasz said as he eyed him up and down.

“It’s not like that. We made these plans before the agreement in the kitchen a week ago. Please don’t be upset with Oswald.”

“Ok.”, Zsasz relented his initiate anger but he still wanted to create a divide between the two.

Fries’s eye roamed his face and then settled on his lips. “Maybe next time?”

“Sure, or now.”, Zsasz whispered and grabbed his wrist.

He dragged Fries into a vacant room across the hall. The tall man didn’t even protest, he knew he wanted this. He locked the door and smiled at Victor. He took a couple of steps closer to him as he eyed him up and down. He wanted to make him a quivering mess right before his trip with Oswald. He wanted him to have a secret that would nag at him those two days spent in lover’s bliss. His arms swiftly wrapped the smiling Fries into their hold. He didn't want to waste time since Oswald would soon be done and looking for his lover.

Fries grabbed Victor’s face and shoved his tongue in his mouth, a small moan escaped his lips. He loved it when the assassin was aggressive. The both of them have yet to establish who was in control but Fries was ready to assert himself over the other Victor. He could feel the assassin walk him as their tongues did battle again. Then two firm hands quickly shoved him onto the pristinely made four poster bed. Fries leaned on an elbow and watched as Zsasz began removing his gun holster.

Guilt started to mess with Fries, he sat up and stated with reluctance, “We can’t do this.”

Zsasz didn’t listen to him as he peeled off his guns and set the ensemble on a nightstand. He whipped of his jacket then quickly worked the buttons on his shirt. He glanced at Fries with a raised eyebrow and smirk. The ice prince wasn’t really putting up a fight, he remained where he had tossed him. He removed his shirt, laying it on his jacket that was folded over his guns. He faced the prone sex god and advanced on him as he climbed onto the bed.

Fries was riveted by the assassin’s body and tally marks. He damned himself in his head as he eagerly anticipated his touch. A muffled ring emanated from his pants pocket, slicing through the sexual tension. He knew it was Oswald. He got up off the bed immediately and answered the phone, “My love.”

Zsasz followed the retreating man who stopped a few steps away from the bed. He wanted to fondle him as he spoke with Oswald.

“Victor, can you help me with my suitcase? I know I'm running a bit late. I’m almost done.”

Fries felt Zsasz’s arms come around from behind then a deft hand slipped down his pants. The assassin took hold of his full erection and massaged the throbbing flesh. Then he felt a hot mouth on his neck as a tongue swirled between kisses.

Fries covered the receiver and moaned then replied, “I’ll be there in a minute, my love.”

He closed his phone and turned his head towards Zsasz who continued stroking him with one hand as the other worked his buttons and zipper off of his pants. Victor turned around and captured his face with both of his hands. He kissed him as he walked him back to the bed. He could feel his pants being worked down below his engorged cock. Fries quickly laid on the bed as he pulled Zsasz on top of him.

The tall Victor wrapped a large hand around the smaller Victor’s throat and growled, “I want to feel your mouth on me!”

“Whatever you want.”, Zsasz stated with a whisper. He made his way down to Fries’s throbbing member that was glistening with precum. He wrapped a hand gently around the shaft and tickled the tip with his tongue. He tasted the saltiness and smiled, he liked his flavor.

Fries let out a whimper, he wanted to fill Victor’s mouth with his entire length. He wanted to feel the back of his throat as his wet tongue glides and wiggles on the back of his shaft. He didn’t have to wait long. He felt Zsasz’s mouth take him in slow and steady. He gasped as his entire length had been accepted. He looked down at Victor and moaned as he witnessed his large cock gone completely down his throat. He bit his wrist to keep from making too much noise but had lost it when Zsasz started sucking, “Oh god! That feels so fucking good!”

He looked on as the other Victor hummed, sucked and shook his head from side to side. Fries whimpered in delight, this was the first time anyone has taken his entirety during fellatio.

Zsasz bobbed his head up and down, sucking harder as he pulled up and wiggling his tongue on the down stroke. He shook his head side to side once he reached the base.

Fries was could feel his impending explosion coming fast. He groaned as quietly as possible, “Don't stop! Don't stop! I’m coming, oh shit! Fuck! Swallow it!” He felt Victor’s mouth suck and swallow every bit of his cum. He hastily grabbed a pillow and covered his face releasing a storm of expletives.

Zsasz released him from his mouth and grinned as he crawled up to get face to face. Victor was struggling to compose himself with the pillow still over his head. The smug assassin removed the feathery noise suppressor and addressed the panting man underneath.

“You should probably hurry over to Oswald.”

He ignored the assassin’s words, he wanted to hold him for just a second. Fries stroked Zsasz’s face with one hand as he wrapped the other arm around his back. He kissed him on his lips and face then looked into his eyes.

Victor didn’t care for the exchange of kisses and pulled away from him. He rolled off to the side and tilted his head, narrowing his eyes at Fries. He was disappointed at how easily he was able to be seduced.

Guilt was starting to build in Freeze’s mind along with regret. He scrambled off the bed, his guilty conscious started to mess with him. He promised Oswald he wouldn't engage with Victor without his permission. Here he was, violating his trust. He glanced at Zsasz as he zipped up. The assassin was laying down staring at him with a odd look on his face, one could describe it as a look of triumph and bitterness. Fries hurried out of the room and headed to Oswald’s.

“There you are! Please, can you take the suitcase to the car? I’m almost done, give me five minutes my love.”, Oswald said as he hurried into his closet.

“You look beautiful by the way.”, Fries said with a smile. His guilt was going to be a burden the entire weekend, he wanted to confess to Oswald but he didn't want to hurt him. Not before the long awaited escape. He went to the closet and wrapped his love in an embrace and kissed him.

“It’s not often I get to see you dressed like a commoner.”

Oswald smiled and said, “We are going on vacation, no need to be so formal. I’m almost done. I will meet you down in the car.”

Fries grabbed his suitcase and left. Oswald picked out a pair of shoes and sat on a chair in his bedroom. He began fiddling with the laces when he heard the door open. He didn’t look up as he chided, “I said I would be down in five minutes. I’m almost done then we can leave my love.”

“Five minutes? Might be a new record for me.”, Zsasz said as he eyed the plainly dressed Penguin. He was in a dark blue cashmere sweater and gray khakis, even in plain clothing he still stood out as beautiful.

Oswald’s gaze shot up, Zsasz made a hasty approach towards him. The assassin knelt before him and began unbuttoning the top of his shirt.

“What are you doing?!”, Oswald said as he pressed himself against the back of the chair.

“Remember that east side gang leader you had me kill yesterday? Give me your hand.”, Zsasz whispered as he opened his jacket and shirt to expose his collar bone.

Oswald apprehensively raised his right hand towards Zsasz. The assassin took his hand and gently placed his index finger on a fresh tally mark that went across his collar bone. He fingered it softly, his eyes were glued to the fresh cut. He loved touching his marks, little reminders of past kills. The dangerous and lethal side of his assassin, scrolled on his body. His fingers wandered to nearby scars, his lips parted, he wanted to kiss each mark.

Victor watched as his fingers visited past kills, Oswald’s face an open book of want and need. He stared at the enthralled face and smiled as his full blown erection throbbed. Zsasz took Oswald’s face in his hands and kissed him. He then wrapped him up in his arms and stood him up.

Oswald struggled for a second but let out a gasp as Zsasz pressed him to his body and growled in his mouth. He wrapped his arms around his neck and allowed Victor's tongue entrance into his mouth.

Zsasz ushered him to the bed and laid him down. He worked himself between his legs as he got on top. His lips softly explored his face then travelled slowly down to his neck.

Oswald stiffened and mewled, “NO, please!” His hands tried to thwart him from whatever he was about to do to him. The attack he rendered on his neck from the last time still vivid and painful in his memories. He was on the verge of screaming for Fries.

Zsasz stopped kissing him and held his face gently, “I’m not going to hurt you. I promise.” All the smugness that he had walking into the room had temporary disappeared as he looked into scared green eyes. He could feel Oswald starting to shake, his hands didn’t relent their defensive position from in front of his face.

“Please believe me.”

Oswald dropped his hands to his chest as he grabbed his own sweater tightly. He wanted to trust Zsasz but he was still frightened.

Victor kissed the trembling man underneath him and trailed his kisses to his neck. Oswald was still stiff and breathing heavily. He tongued the mostly healed wound and elicited a small shaky moan. He loved the sound of his moans, gasps and breaths. He unbuttoned his pants and took his erection into his hand. He rested his forehead on Oswald’s as he looked into his eyes. He began stroking himself as he recalled the way the small man’s body felt when he claimed his virginity. 

Oswald caressed his face and ran his fingertips over his lips. He loved the shape of his mouth, he often stared at his lips when he spoke. Zsasz licked the tips of one of his fingers. Oswald could feel Victor speed up his masturbation as he took one of his fingers completely into his mouth. His own penis stirred and grew quickly.

“Oh Zsasz! Oh god, I still want you.”, Oswald cried in a small whisper. He removed his finger from the sucking mouth and planted a deep kiss on the moaning assassin.

Victor looked into his eyes with his lips still on Oswald’s and said, “When he fucks you and makes you cum, I want you to cum for me. I want you to to think of me and how much you miss my kisses. How much you miss my body on yours.” Zsasz growled.

He leaned into his ear and breathed in a deep voice, “I want to fuck you so badly.” He stroked himself faster, pleasure rippled through him as his hand coated in precum.

“Victor!”, Oswald gasped. He trailed kisses from the assassin’s neck to his lips. A swift tongue awaited his, the two played eagerly with each other.

A deep groan escaped Victor's mouth, his orgasm a couple of strokes away. He breathed through rough breaths, “When you scream “Victor” it will be my face and dick you cream yourself for.” He came into his own hand. His lips gave Oswald one last kiss as he pumped himself empty.

He got up off the bed in a hurry leaving Oswald disheveled and panting. He stood at the edge as he wiped his seed on his boxers and zipped his pants back up. He watched the small man still battling to regain his senses as he buckled his belt.

“See you in two days, boss.”, Zsasz said with a smile. He promptly left the room without waiting for acknowledgment.

Oswald covered his face and whispered, “Holy fuck.”

He started berating himself for allowing Zsasz power over him. He was confused with his actions. He was the one that wanted to step away from having a relationship with him. He sat up, as guilt started to trickled into his thoughts. He loved Fries but he couldn't help his attraction to the other Victor. Zsasz was playing with him, he was sure it was because they were leaving for a couple of days. He got up and finished putting his shoes on. He wanted to tell Fries what happened but he didn't want to spoil the two days they had together. He left the room feeling like a complete ass. He was going to have to talk to Zsasz about this later.

Chapter Text

Oswald hastily made his way out of the mansion and entered the running car. Victor was leaning on the steering wheel in deep reflection when he heard the car door open. Fries smiled as he took Oswald’s chin into his hand and gave him a kiss. Both of them harboring guilt over their actions but saying nothing.

“Let’s get the hell out of here. I’ve been looking forward to us being completely alone.”, Fries said as he drove the car away from the mansion.

“Me too. Honestly, I wish we could be gone longer.”, Oswald said as he looked out the window. His heart raced and his hands sweated as his mind replayed Zsasz’s seduction. He wanted to confess his actions but he didn't want to spoil the weekend. He concluded that he would tell Fries what happened when they returned home.

Oswald wrung his hands, not even a week into the relationship and already he was messing it up. His mind then thought about Edward for a split second. He quickly switched on the radio to listen to something other than his own nagging thoughts.

Fries had similar thoughts as well, he was just glad they will be alone. He had planned on taking their relationship further, he focused on that. He smiled when Oswald turned on the radio and hummed with the instrumentals as the notes dipped and elongated into a harmonic dance. He wasn't much for classical music but enjoyed it when Oswald played classic sonatas on the piano.

They arrived to a private cabin over looking a deep emerald valley and distant forest. It was on gated resort grounds which includes fine dining, winery and luxury amenities.

Fries and Oswald immediately headed to the cabin and threw their luggage on the floor. Fries took out a small dispenser of lube that he threw on the bed. Oswald smiled and watched his gorgeous Freeze, he was still in absolute awe of him. He came up behind Victor, wrapping his arms around his waist. He leaned his head on his back and closed his eyes. He felt the warm hands of his lover lightly rub his arms. He took a deep breath in and whispered, “You have made me so happy, Victor. I’m still so amazed by you and the fact you are with me.”

“We were destined to be together. How cute is Mr. Freeze and The Penguin names when said together? We should think of amalgamations for our coupling. Like Pengeeze, or our first names like: Osfries or Frieswald? Oooo! How about Freezewald?”

The small man laughed and held him tighter, “What are we? Vapid tabloid journalist?” Oswald let him go. His lover turned and caught him up in his arms, he then found himself suspended in the air. He wrapped his arms around Victor’s neck and kissed his waiting lips. He took pleasure when Fries handled him, his strength was thrilling.

They started to undress each other with the fervor of two desperate sex-starved lovers. Fries sat on the bed as Oswald climbed onto his lap. He pulled off the the large man’s shirt in one swift motion. He could smell his cologne all over the top, it was intoxicating. The scent of effervescent greens, smokey wood and an underlining tone of cloves. He wanted to cuddle with it while he buried his nose in the cotton fabric all night. He threw the shirt on the nightstand and looked at his lover. Fries was looking up at him with his electric blue eyes, his hair a bit messy. He loved it when those white locks flopped over his eyes.

Fries ran his two hands over Oswald’s hips then rested them on his small rear end. He grasped him firmly while softly rolling his pelvis into him. It earned him a delighted gasp from his small lover.

Oswald took his own sweater off then commanded Fries, “Lay on the bed.” He got off his lap and waited for his snowy prince to comply.
Victor smiled as Oswald crawled on the bed and straddled his legs. His little bird instantly got to work showering his body with kisses and feathery touches. It brought him joy to allow him control over the pace of their sexual encounters. Every session he could tell Oswald was discovering what made him happy and gaining confidence at vocalizing his wants.

Oswald caressed and kissed each mound of well-toned muscle but Zsasz’s voice popped in his head and for a split second he envisioned kissing each tally score. Oswald wanted to suppress the memory of his guilty encounter so he crawled up to Fries’s lips. His kissed his lover gently with his eyes open, he didn't want Zsasz to pop into his mind again. He then rolled off to the side of Victor and worked on the buttons on his pants. Once he got everything unfastened and loose he slipped a hand down to caress his engorged cock. He smirked as he stared down at his busy hand, he loved handling all ten inches of his lover.

Fries moaned as Oswald’s soft hand stroked him tenderly. He enjoyed the way his thumb played at the tip as he paused momentarily. He moaned at each twist and flick of his lover's wrist with each pass.

He rolled on top of the small man and chuckled. “I've been looking forward to this all week. Do you know how hard it is to walk around with a frozen boner?”

Oswald busted out laughing, as Fries kissed his neck then retorted, “It's not funny! Ok, well maybe it’s a little funny.”

He got off the bed and pulled Oswald to his feet next to him. He made quick work of the remaining clothing on the both of them. He took the small kingpin’s hand and led him next to the radio. He turned on the small electrical device and worked the tuner.

“What are you doing?”, Oswald giggled. He stared at Fries’s firm and perky ass as he searched for a station. His eyes then climbed the ample apple-shaped buttocks to his back that rippled and rolled with muscles and soft dimples.

“Hold on, one minute. Ah! That’s perfect.”, Fries said as he found a station that was playing a slow sultry voiced song. “I want to dance with you.”, he said matter-of-factly.

Oswald smiled at the charming man who wrapped his arms around his waist. They swayed in basic two step motions. Oswald held on tightly to the back of his neck and stared into his ethereal blue pools.

“You’ve made me so happy. I love you Oswald.”

“I love you, Victor.”

Fries kissed him tenderly as they danced small circles in front of the radio. He then said with a soft sigh, “We should get married.”

Oswald laughed but stopped when he realized that Fries was being serious. “Really? You mean after awhile?”

“I mean after we make love and have lunch.”, Fries smirked and kissed his nose.

Oswald gawked and batted his eyelashes, “Well, what about rings?”

Fries winked and said, “Think I would ask if I didn’t have the rings? So, is that a yes?”

Oswald let him go and huffed, “Well, how can I answer if I wasn't properly asked?!” He crossed his arms and stared at the tall man.

Fries held up a finger as he headed to the luggage on the ground. “One second.” Fries dug into his suit case and then came back to Oswald. He got on one knee and present an engagement ring.

Oswald stared at the presented item as his mouth hung open. It was made of tungsten and had a vivid blue inlay that was glowing. It illuminated the ring box with a soft blue hue.

“Oswald Cobblepot, will you marry me here in a few hours?”, Fries asked with a huge smile.

The small man snorted and laughed, “You know even in my daydreams I would have never imagined this. A naked proposal for a marriage happening in the same day.”

“So, is that a yes?”, Fries asked.

“Yes! Yes, I will marry you!”, Oswald smiled as Fries placed the ring on his left-hand ring finger.

“YES!!!”, Victor shouted. Fries popped up to his feet while scooping the surprised man in his arms. He spun the both of them in a tight circles then plopped backwards onto the bed with Oswald on top of him. They showered each other with kisses and laughed as they rolled around.

“My fiancé! I love saying that! Fiancé.”, Victor rambled as he nipped at Oswald.

Oswald snuggled into his arms and stared at the glowing ring. “What is this glowing blue inlay made of?”

“It’s just harmless compounds I sealed into the ring from my freeze ray formula. Don’t worry, even if the seal broke by some immense force you won’t freeze. I wanted a personal touch to your ring.”

“It’s perfect, I love it!”, Oswald kissed him and then looked at the clock by the bed, “We better hurry so we can get married before dinner!”

Fries quickly rolled on top of him and got the lube he threw on the bed. He squirted a little into his hand and stroked Oswald slowly. He watched his lover squirm and moan with his tender touch. He kissed his freckled face as he quickened his pace on around his shaft. The small man timed his thrusts with Fries's hand.

“Oh, Victor. Now.”

Fries’s hand then traveled down to the small muscle ring. He inserted a finger into him and slowly worked him loose. It always gives him goosebumps when his finger penetrates him. The anticipation of the tightness around his own hard cock was a delicious feeling. He savored every moment as his member throbbed with need.

Oswald grabbed the lube and applied some into his hand. He took his fiancé's erection and began pumping him slowly. He moaned as his need to be filled increased with each stroke.

Fries thrusted his penis into the small slippery hand. He could feel the ring of flesh loosen. He inserted another finger, earning him a gasp. Oswald began stroking him a little faster as he moved his hips with Fries’s fingers. Victor rested his forehead on Oswald’s and moaned as his fingers were swallowed into his heat.

“Now, I need you now!”, Oswald cried out. He wanted to feel the pressure of his cock entering him. His body ached to feel his hardness deep inside. His own erection throbbed with need to feel skin. He rolled his hips harder onto Victor’s fingers.

Fries moaned in delight at his lover’s need. He took his fingers out and quickly inserted himself into the writhing man. He kissed his lips and panted deep breaths as his anticipation of heat and tightness was at last gratified.

Oswald’s gasped and cried out as he slowly entered all the way. He could feel his fiancé’s hardness throb inside of him as it slowly penetrated.

“Uuuh yes! Yes!”, Fries growled into Oswald’s mouth as he fully sheathed himself into his small body.

Oswald started grinding himself onto Victor with slow hip rolls. His snowy lover grunted and groaned with each slow bucking motion. Victor kissed and licked his neck as he sped his hip movements. His mind brought up Zsasz’s lustful words from that morning during his steamy seduction.

“Oh, Victor!” He imagined it was Zsasz who was licking him and moaning in his ear. His body smelling of subtle cologne, sweat and gun smoke. He started grinding faster onto Victor, his mind relentless with memories of his assassin in the ache of desire.

“You feel so good baby! I’m so close. Slow down, slow down, baby! I want you to cum first!”, Victor gasped. His orgasm was a few well placed thrusts away.

Oswald felt his release come out of no where and cried out, “Oh god, Oh Victor! I’m coming!” His mind replaying Zsasz’s demand and he complied. His memories of the other Victor holding him as he had his way burned fierce in his mind.

He enjoyed the sensation of his semen spilling between their bodies. Slick and warm, their bodies slipping and sliding against each other.

Fries wrapped his arms around his waist and worked himself in rapid thrusts. Oswald squealed and squirmed at his sudden aggressiveness. He then slowed his pace down a bit and swirled his hips slowly, working his member deep and hard inside. He gazed down at his lover who was holding onto the sheets with two fists. He smirked and went at him fast and hard again. He wanted to hear Oswald scream.

"OH VICTOR! Oh god!", Oswald cried out as his body was pounded hard.

“Oh baby! Shit! Yeah! I just want to come in you all day and night!”, Fries groaned as he released inside of the silky, tight, swallowing flesh. He crumpled to the side of Oswald being careful to not crush him with his weight.

“You’re so amazing Victor!”, Oswald moaned. He loved the feeling of Victor’s orgasms deep inside him. The sweet sounds of his deep voiced proclamations and moans were music to his ears.

Fries smiled and kissed his face several times then said, “So this may sound ridiculous but are we going to take each other’s last names?”

“Hm, Oswald Fries.”

“Or Victor Cobblepot”, Fries chuckled.

“We can discuss this at length later. Let’s skip lunch and go get married.”, Oswald demanded as he slipped out from under Fries and got up.

Fries got up and stretched, “Too bad we can’t go get married naked.”

Later that evening after getting married by the Justice of the Peace. The newly wedded couple hurried back to their cabin. Oswald called to have champagne sent to the room and to make reservations at the resort restaurant. They quickly indulged in another round of sex to consummate the marriage. They then hurried to the restaurant, hunger nagging at them both.

The establishment was situated by at the outskirts of the woods, it had all the elegance of a five-star restaurant. The hostess took them to their table that was tucked into a quiet corner. A female singer and small band were playing love songs on the cello, violin and piano. Victor pulled his chair next to Oswald’s and draped his arm over his shoulders. He kissed his husband's left-hand repeatedly as Oswald ordered drinks for them both. The small man leaned on his husband’s shoulder. He took Fries’s left hand in his and stared at both of their wedding bands.

“Excuse me, ladies and gentleman. We have a request to play a love song for two recently married men. Is there an Oswald and Victor in here tonight?”, the female singer announced.

Both of them looked at each other and shrugged. Fries raised his hand but immediately put it down feeling a bit uneasy. Oswald stared at the singer, a little dumbfounded of how anyone would know of their marriage. His expression then turned from confusion to bitterness, he had a feeling.

The woman smiled at them then read the card again. “This is from Zsasz and the song is called “Entombed by The Deftones.” Also, he wanted to congratulate the both of you on the recent marriage. Congratulations!”

Everyone clapped and raised their glasses to their marriage. Fries raised his glass as he clenched his jaw. He was furious, he rubbed Oswald’s shoulder. He saw that he was deep in thought, his happiness slowly melting away.

“Fuck him. It’s going to be our song now. I won’t let him invade our happiness this way.”, Fries said as he addressed the sullen man next to him. He caressed his husband’s face and made him look him in the eyes.

Oswald smiled as Fries wrapped his arm tighter around him. The band started playing the modified version of the song on their instruments. Fries stared deep into his eyes and sang with the woman:
From the day you arrived
I've remained by your side
In chains, entombed.
Placed inside, safe and sound
Shapes and colors are all I see.
 On the day you arrived
I became your device
To lay and soothe.
Placed inside, safe and sound
Shapes and colors are all I see
Shades of colors are all I feel.
From the day you arrive
I'll stay by your side.
Placed inside, safe and sound
Shapes of colors are all I see
Shapes of colors are all I feel
Placed inside, safe inside
Shades of colors are all I see
Safe inside
The music died down as the song ended. Oswald stared at his husband in complete awe, tears rolled down his face. “I love you, Fries.”

Victor kissed him, “I love you my darling husband.”

Next day Ivy and Bridgit were at the mansion handling the mail and to make calls to contractors and business associates in Oswald’s study. Zsasz entered, he had been summoned by Ivy. He stood at her side as she got off the phone with Oswald.

“Bridge, come here for a second I got some news!” Ivy was smiling huge and practically squealing in her mouth.


“Oswald and Victor got married last night!! SO, I guess you won the bet!”, she squealed.

“GET THE FUCK OUT! I was only joking but, holy shit!” Bridgit laughed as she sat on the desk.

Outwardly, Zsasz remained unmoved. Deep inside he was heart broken. He had trashed his apartment in a fit of rage. Then when rage subsided, he had cut large gashes on his thighs with his blades. Physical pain masked the emotional turmoil that kept him company all night. He had dozens of slices on his legs that he could feel sting and burn. He focused on the pain as he awaited Ivy’s purpose for calling him. His stance, stone like and indifferent.

Bridgit placed two palms on the desk as she leaned towards Ivy, “SOOOoooo? Are they on their honeymoon?”

“Well yes but also some news, Zsasz, that’s the reason I called you here. Oswald said he and Fries will be gone another week. They wanted to spend their honeymoon far away on some island. He didn't tell me the name. He said they wanted to ensure no one knew where they were. Zsasz, he wanted you to watch over me and Bridgit as we handle meetings for him and business at the lounge.”


“I’ve got two meetings tomorrow with distributors and the weapons dealer. So bright and early.”, Ivy said as she took out Oswald’s schedule.

“Ok, I’m going to talk to my team.”, Victor said as he exited the study with haste.

Zsasz left the study and went into a vacant room. He fell to his knees and doubled-over, resting his forehead on the ground. He wasn't given to theatrics but since hearing the news he found himself incapable of coping with the realization of loosing Oswald. His emotions were out of control as was his body. He heaved large breaths in and out of his lungs. He felt like he was in pain but none of the satisfying sting of sliced flesh. It was a pain that brought him no satisfaction.

The moment his team member told him they got married, he lost it. He threw his phone against the wall and destroyed whatever he got his hands on. Episodes came and went over the last twenty-four hours. He’s wailed, laughed and cut himself over and over on his legs, random acts. His mind was trying to cope with new emotions he’s never felt till he got involved with Freeze and Penguin. He thankfully left his blades at home to avoid maiming himself. He sighed a deep breath then stood and adjusted his clothing. He took out his phone.

Fries and Oswald were driving to Gotham airport, they had made reservations at a ski resort despite telling Ivy they were heading to an island. Fries had brought his cyro-suit but Oswald insisted going somewhere cold would be better since he could be outside unhindered.

“I’m going to call Bridgit and have her bring me another dose of the serum. Our flight doesn't take off for another couple of hours. I will make sure she knows to come alone.,” Fries said.

“Good idea.”, Oswald said as he took out his phone to make a call to lounge management. He looked in surprise as his phone began buzzing in his hand. It was Zsasz. Oswald took a deep breath and answered the phone.


“Did you like the song I dedicated to you both?”, Zsasz said with a cool detached tone.

“Yes, it was nicely sung by Fries as the band played.”, Oswald answered. He wasn't going to argue with Zsasz but trump him at his game.

“Oh, did he now? I knew I liked him for more than his gorgeous body. Did he tell you I sucked his dick before you two left?”, Zsasz quipped back. A thick smugness laden each word he spoke.

Oswald felt like his stomach dropped from his body and the air punched out of his lungs. He looked at Fries who was busy talking to Bridgit. He could feel himself on the verge of tears and he took a deep breath in.


“Zsasz…”, Oswald’s voice hitched. He was struggling to battle back his tears.

 Victor hissed and spatted as he said, “Did he mention how much he loved it? DID HE?! When you called I had my hands around his cock stroking him! Honestly, he didn't even put up a fight. Is that someone you want as a husband? How long till he bores of you and leaves you?! He’s just looking for a thrilling fuck, right now you’re it but eventually he will stray.”

He was gnashing his teeth as an angry smile contorted his face. He gripped his phone tightly as he awaited a response.

Oswald sobbed as he glanced at Fries. “You seduced me too.”

“Your marriage will FAIL! Miserably! Your eyes will look for me. You will remember how loyal I was to you and you will come back to me!”, Zsasz said through clenched teeth and heavy breaths.

“Loyal? You are trying to ruin my relationship with Fries. For what? So you can have me when it’s convenient for you? Always keeping me an arms length away but never set free from your selfishness? I rather die than suffer being with you.” Oswald was full fledge crying now.

“I remember you proclaiming how much you still wanted me before you went and did something stupid, like get married. Were you suffering then?”, Victor calmly asked.

Oswald ’s pain over Zsasz’s behavior mounted with that last statement. “Why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to hurt me…” He cared for him, it hurt like hell he enjoyed tormenting him.

“Was everything you said to me a lie? I loved you, Zsasz. All I wanted was you in my life and you’ve caused me pain for it!”

Zsasz wailed into the phone, “I told you I’m no good with relationships! Oswald…why him?! I saw you first! I SAW YOU FIRST!” His body started shaking, he fell to his knees again and laid his head on the floor.

Oswald gasped in shock as Fries’s snatched the phone from him. “That’s ENOUGH! Zsasz, I’m warning you! BACK OFF!”

The assassin’s misery was cut short with fury but he refrained from yelling and cooly said, “There’s my ice prince. I thought I’d tell Oswald about our indiscretion yesterday morning. I would hate for there to be secrets between two newly weds.”

Zsasz ended the call.

Chapter Text

Fries closed the phone and peered over at Oswald who was leaning his head on the passenger side window. He was crying and staring off into the distance not wanting to look at him.

“My love, I’m going to pull over so we can talk.”, Fries said. His heart was breaking over causing his husband emotional pain.

He pulled into a vacant lot and placed the car in park. He turned in his seat to look at Oswald who wasn't acknowledging him. He took his left hand in his but it was snatched out of his grasp. The small man wrapped his arms around himself and still refusing to look over at him. Fries ran a hand down his face, he had to collect his thoughts over his actions.

“He told you what happened between us before we left for the resort. I was going to tell you. I really was. I’m sorry, I had a moment of weakness with him. I know it doesn’t excuse it…”

“He seduced me too.”, Oswald said interrupting him. He peered over at Fries and continued, “We only kissed but he gratified himself as we did. I guess it was quickly following when he was with you.”

“My love, I’m so sorry. I want nothing to do with him now that we are married! I promise to never allow him to touch me again! I swear it! Please, forgive me.” Fries reached for his hand again, he pulled his husband closer and kissed his lips and repeated apologized for what he’s done.

“I’m sorry too, I promise to never let him sway me from you.”, Oswald said as he took Fries’s hand.

Victor kissed his hand and brought it to his forehead, “Let’s forget about him and focus on ourselves. Eventually he will tire of playing with us and go back to his usual self.”

“I’m going to have to address this with him if he is to still work for me. I don't imagine it will go over well, he’s never acted like this. I’m sure he will make things worse before he moves on from us. I don’t want to fire him, he’s too important to me. I don’t know what to do with him…”

“Do you want to ice him?”, Fries said with a smile. Oswald scoffed and shook his head, a small smile played at his lips.

“Let’s just wait and see. He’s the only old friend I had left. It’s our fault just as much as his. We shouldn't have allowed him into our relationship.”

They were at the airport waiting for Bridgit, they saw her jump up an down and wave at them. She ran towards them and hugged them both as she shrieked and growled. “YOU GUYS!!! OH MY GOD! You made me a bunch of money, I won a bet with Ivy and…”

“A what?!”, Oswald interrupted as he blinked at her several times.

“NOTHING!”, Bridgit said quickly.

Fries yanked her hoodie down over her face and chuckled. She swatted at him and held out the bag.

“Ok, serums are in this bag, I brought you an extra one in case you two wanted to remain away longer. ALSO, Ivy placed a wedding gift in the bag. That elixir she was working on for you, Victor, is in here. Instructions on the bottle. It will give you an extra day of being normal.”

Fries took the bag and hugged her tightly, making her struggle and growl at the duration of the contact. He let her go and said, “Thanks for running all of this out here for us. Tell Ivy I appreciate her working on the elixir for me.” He beamed at her as she adjusted her hoodie.

“Hey no problem! Oh ummm, I was followed. I tried to get away but Zsasz insisted he come to make sure I was safe. This guy can’t take no for an answer but it’s Zsasz so I figured you two wouldn't care if he came.”, Bridgit said as she shrugged.

As she spoke they saw the assassin approach, he had a small smile on his face. His gaze went from Freeze to Penguin as he stood in front of the newly wedded men. Oswald held Fries hand and scooted closer to him.

“I heard you sang a great song last night, Victor. I wanted to come and congratulate you both personally. Don’t worry, the girls and I will keep things running smoothly as you two enjoy wedded bliss.”, Zsasz said as though he was actually sincere.

Bridgit smiled as she leaned into him and cooed. The assassin placed a hand over his heart and cooed back, they both shared a smile.

Fries was seething, he was about to attack the assassin regardless of where they were and who was around. Oswald held him back with a firm hand hold.

“Victor, we should get checked in.”, Oswald said as he held onto his arm and looked up at him.

Fries nodded as he grabbed both suitcases, “Thanks again Bridgit for bringing the serum. I owe you.”

“Does that mean I can play with your freeze ray?”, she beamed.

“Who are you kidding? You probably already fired it several times while in my lab.”, he smiled and winked at her as he turned and followed Oswald into the airport.

Bridgit turned to head back to the car but stopped when she realized that Zsasz wasn’t following her. She looked for him, he was still standing at the sliding glass doors looking in.

“Yo! Vic! Come on!”

Oswald turned to look back and saw that Zsasz was staring at them from the doors. The assassin placed a hand on the glass, he looked heartbroken. Oswald stared back at him as his chin quivered, he was about to burst into tears. He buried his face in Fries’s arm he couldn't bare to see Zsasz that way. He wanted to escape and stay gone with his husband by his side but he knew he couldn't do that. A week would be enough to forget the sting of all the nasty events of yesterday and today.

A week passed and the couple had arrived back at the mansion. The week spent at a ski resort had been perfectly blissful and relaxing. Ivy and Bridgit welcomed them back with hugs and squeals. Zsasz was standing back, eyeing the both of them as the girls chatted them up. The girls grabbed their suitcases and took them upstairs as Fries followed them.

“What do you got in here!? A body?!”, Bridgit hissed as she heaved the suitcase into her arms.

“Some gifts for you both, I got you one of those long hoodies you were having a hard time finding. The one in all black with the cat ears and tail and a white one with the bunny ears.

“Awesome!!”, Bridgit exclaimed.

“What did you get me??”, Ivy asked quickly.

“You are hard to shop for because you basically have everything but I got you some fuzzy mittens and scarves.”, Fries said.

“I could use more fuzzy mittens.”

“That elixir you made worked great. It startled Oswald, apparently it made me look how I use to look before my transformation. He thought I was an intruder.”, Fries chuckled.

Ivy busted out laughing as she reached the top of the stairs with the suitcase.

Oswald remained downstairs, he watched as the three disappeared. His gaze then focused on Zsasz, who was standing in place looking completely unfazed.

He walked over to him and said. “I’m willing to forget everything you have said and done to make me and Fries miserable. But you will from this point forward conduct yourself in a professional manner. If you so much as say one word against our marriage or try to sabotage us, I will expect you to never again return. Do you understand?” Oswald steeled his jaw and affixed Zsasz with hard look challenging him to disobey him.

“I said all I have to say. I’m done. I will, for now on, act like I have always acted before all this. So, sure thing boss.”, Victor said with a smile. He placed his thumbs in his gun holster straps.

Oswald nodded and headed to the study. He took off his jacket and sat at his desk to go over some paperwork for business contracts and to make calls. He rested his head in his palms, he actually had stressed over talking to Zsasz. He wasn't sure if Zsasz would fight him or leave, he was shocked when he acted compliant with the new rules. He took a deep breath and tried to get his head back into business. He then saw a glass of whiskey slide towards him on the desk.

Victor offered his boss a small smile but it faded when he glanced at the wedding ring. He walked away without a word and stood by one of the windows. He received a call from his team lead and carried on a quick hushed conversation with her.

Oswald gulped the drink down then got to work. Fries walked in and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I’m about to change, I can feel it. I will be in my lab down stairs.” He glanced up at Zsasz who was busy on the phone and whispered, “Is everything ok?”

Oswald nodded his head and smiled at him. “Yes, go on before the heat gets to you. I love you.” He grabbed his hand and kissed it.

Fries leaned over and kissed Oswald one last time before he was unable to for the next week. He turned to leave but glanced at Zsasz who was leaning against the window staring at him. His pace out the door didn't falter, he left trusting that Oswald handled things with the assassin.

Victor walked around to the front of the desk and sat down on one of the chairs, “Boss, I got a call that there was another attempt on your weapon stores. My women are bringing two of the culprits over for interrogation.”

“Good. I was going to move our weapons cache to another set of warehouses closer to the lounge. I'm closing those warehouses to convert them into a lab for Fries. He needs more space.”, Oswald said as he signed paperwork for construction on other projects.

“I know you are busy but are you going to join in on the interrogation?”, Zsasz said as his eyes never left the rings on his boss’s left hand. It was hard to avoid looking at them since the engagement ring glowed like a blue beacon.

Oswald looked at his watch then paused, “Yes, I will look on. I shouldn't have anything else but some things to sign and making payments.”

Zsasz got up and left the study to set up the interrogation room.

Oswald watched him leave. He had noticed that Zsasz seemed to have returned to normal. He was unsure if he truly was setting it all aside or if he was still hurt. He sighed, he still cared for him and he knew he always will.

After an hour, Zsasz called Oswald to let him know the captives were prepared and waiting. The small kingpin entered the witnessing room and stood at the two way mirror to watch, he could hear everything in the small room.

Victor entered the room and approached the bound and blindfolded men. He took the cloth off the eyes of one of them and smiled. “You’re the lucky one. You get to see what I’m going to do to you before it happens. You know, so you can mentally prepare.” Zsasz waved his hands then started to take off his jacket and shirt.

The bound man shook and screamed, “I know nothing! Please! Come on man! I’m just a goon with no information! I swear!”

“Me too!! Just a nobody!”, the one still blindfolded pleaded.

Oswald studied the scene and found it strange that there were no tools in the room as customary with these sessions. Then he beheld a gruesome spectacle. His eyes popped wide open as Zsasz took off his tops to expose what was underneath. He had slice marks all over his body that weren’t the careful marks of his tallies. He looked like he fell into a pit of knives, deep gashes riddled his body. Oswald was shocked and horrified as Victor whipped out two double edge blades.

He walked to the blind struggling captive who was screaming by now. He wasted no time and stabbed him repeatedly in the guts, spilling his bowels all over the floor. The smell of iron as blood, along with ruptured bowels, filled the room.

Victor smiled at the captive that was witnessing the horrific scene. He finished the wailing man by stabbing him in the head, repeatedly.

Oswald fell backwards into the wall and covered his mouth. He was sure the dead man’s head was going to rip off his neck with how many times Victor stabbed him. He had never seen Zsasz torture captives in this manner. It was ghoulish and completely unlike him. He was scared, something was wrong with him and he was unsure of what to do. He then saw him as he turned to look at the mirror, his eyes looked distant. He looked as if he had checked out mentally.

Zsasz asked the remaining captive standard questions that he answered through sobs and fear. Victor felt satisfied with what information he garnered and sliced through the two arteries in the captives neck then he stabbed him over and over through the heart. Blood spray all over him, he exited the room without a look over to the mirror.

Oswald left the witnessing room and rushed to his study. He thought he was going to be sick. He poured himself a drink that he gulped down. He sat on one of the leather chairs by the fire, staring into the roaring flames trying to grasp what it was he saw.


Oswald jumped out of his skin, Zsasz was standing at the study entrance looking normal, mostly.

“I found out who sent them. I having it dealt with now.”

“O..OK.” , Oswald said. He quickly got up and went to his desk to parcel out payments. He wanted to forget about what he saw by distracting himself with mundane tasks. He sat at his desk and got to work but looked at Victor. He was standing in front of the fire place checking his equipment. He clucked his tongue and took out a handkerchief to clean a spot on his gloves. Victor paused and side glanced Oswald but went back to cleaning himself.

Oswald called his runners in to take payments to various locations then called it quits for the night. He went to the kitchen, he needed water and company that wasn't Zsasz.
Olga was busy making lunch as he entered, he sat at the kitchen island as he tried to forget the scene he witnessed.

“OH! Mr. Cobblepot! You startled me! Lunch is almost ready!”, She said as she clutched her chest when she closed the refrigerator door.

“It’s ok Olga, I’m just in here thinking. Watching someone as they perform tasks is a great way to think over difficult things.”, Oswald said as he fiddled with his hands.

Olga eyed him warily but went about tending to her pans as she seared meats and sauces.

Oswald shook his head and watched her cook as he thought about Zsasz. He had wanted to address what happened but things were strained as it were. He didn't want to push him any further over the edge. He massaged his temples, he worried about him. Despite everything that has transpired, he cared for Victor deeply. He sat in silence for half an hour as the sounds of dishes and cooking food filled his senses.

“Um, lunch is ready. Did you want to eat in here?”, Olga said with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh sure.”

Olga served him at the island as she went about setting plates on the table for Ivy and Bridgit. He had couple of bites but mostly picked at his food, he was still a bit sick to his stomach. He felt a presence and saw a shadow emerge over him.

“Boss, mind if I join you? I’m kind of hungry. Team lead has my car.”

Oswald turned around and nodded, “Here, take mine. I’m not hungry.” He scooted the plate to the space next to him. He glanced over as Zsasz sat down and started eating. Oswald rested his chin in one of his palms as he leaned on the kitchen island and looked ahead.

Zsasz looked at him but didn’t say anything, he turned his attention to the plate. He couldn't remember when he last ate. He took large bites that he struggled to chew.

Oswald wandered over to the fridge and poured a couple of glasses of water. He handed one to Zsasz then went to make some coffee. He went back into the fridge and took out a pie. He sliced into it and gave a healthy portion to Zsasz. Then sliced one for himself and waited for the coffee. Olga came in to take Ivy and Bridgit their food, Oswald stopped her and whispered to her, “Please go do other duties but don't come in the kitchen.”

She nodded and hustled about her way with the trays. He went back to the coffee maker and prepared a cup. He glanced over at Zsasz who had devoured the entire plate and was working on the dessert. Oswald just now noticed how pale and thin he looked, he felt his heart ache. He realized he hadn't really looked at Zsasz other than glances but now that he was looking, he could tell something was wrong. The circles around his eyes looked darker than usual, he looked as though he hadn't slept in days.

Victor set his fork down and looked up, “Thank you.” He got up and was about to leave when Oswald called out to him.

“Zsasz, wait please. Stay.”

Victor halted in his tracks and looked at him. Oswald approached him and pointed to the stool for him to sit backdown. Zsasz complied and looked up at him. Oswald stood close and studied his face, he turned away.

Oswald unbutton Victor’s jacket and shirt, which earned him a nasty look. It didn't deter him, he undid four buttons and looked in. He then went to the fridge to retrieve the new healing salves Ivy made. Zsasz got up to leave.

“You will sit your fucking ass down and stay put. That’s an order!”, Oswald said with a glare. He closed the door and headed over to the assassin.

Zsasz sat back down and stared off into the distance away from him. Oswald dragged an stool over in front of him. He undid the rest of his buttons and peered up at Victor’s face.

“Take off your tops.”, Oswald commanded. He waited but Victor kept staring off into space. Oswald roughly grabbed his face and forced him to look at him.

“Zsasz, what are you doing to yourself? You look like you haven't slept in days. These gashes all over your body, did you do this to yourself?”

“Do you actually care?”, Zsasz asked. He glared at the small man and pulled his face out of his grasp in a quick jerk.

“Are you really going to ask me something so stupid? Take off your tops.”, Oswald snarked and opened the tins. He got some bandages from a drawer and came back to the stool.

He grimaced at the amount of self inflicted gashes Zsasz had. Some looked fresh while a couple looked infected. The infected wounds were hot to the touch, Oswald decided they needed to be cleaned. He got up and got some rubbing alcohol and cotton. He applied alcohol to the infected and did his best to clean them. Zsasz winced but made no sound. He swabbed the other gashes and applied the salves and then added bandages for the fresh cuts.

He looked up at Victor as he finished applying treatment. He set the supplies aside and got up to pour coffee. He watched as Victor dressed himself and sat back down. He was staring off into space again. He came over and sat back down in front of him. The stubborn man’s gaze was focused on the floor.

“Zsasz…” Oswald was about to start but he knew he was getting tuned out. One thing about Victor, if he didn't want to listen to something he was great at not hearing a damn thing. He grabbed his hands and massage the tops with his thumbs.
The assassin snapped out of his self-imposed catatonic state and looked at Oswald.

“I can’t change who you are no more than you can change who I am. If we had been together before Fries walked into my life we would have been miserable. I would have been too attached to you and I know you value your freedom to come and go as you like. The outcome would have been us pulling away from each other. I can’t loose you, I value you too much. Whatever it is that’s tormenting you, please just tell me.”

Zsasz kept his gaze on the two smooth white hands that held his and took a deep breath. “I’m a selfish, greedy and easily angered man. I’ve known for awhile how you felt about Fries. I knew he wanted to touch you and claim you the night of the party. I lost my mind. I convinced him to let me join in by seducing him. I was angry, I didn't want to change what we were to each other but I didn't want him to have you. I was so certain that you would never look for another after Edward. So I kept how I felt about you to myself. After that night I started having thoughts about Fries as well. I’m having a hard time coping with a lot of things. I have nightmares when I try to sleep. It’s been two days….I think. Maybe three.”

Oswald’s could feel tears sit heavy in his eyes, he blinked. Two warm droplets rolled speedily down his face, he wiped them away. He stood and pulled Zsasz along with him. The assassin didn’t put up a fight, he followed without a word. He went upstairs into a wing that normally isn't used since it was for guests. There was always one room ready to received unexpected company. He opened the bedroom door and pulled Zsasz in with him.

He led Victor to the edge of the bed and looked up at him. Victor was watching him, Oswald could tell he was extremely exhausted. The full meal at lunch would soon drag him down into sleep despite his resistance to do it on his own.

Oswald took off his gun holster, jacket and laid them on the night stand. He then took off his own shoes, jacket and vest . He walked around to the other night stand and laid his clothes on it. He climbed into bed and he patted the space next to him.

Zsasz could feel the pull of exhaustion and he crawled on the soft mattress, laying close to Oswald. He got comfortable on the pillow and sighed heavily as he gazed at the small man.

Oswald stared back at him and then caressed his face. “I will be here, in case you have a nightmare. Sleep.”

Victor closed his eyes and was out like a light within a a couple of minutes. Oswald stroked his face a few more times. He ached for his old Zsasz, carefree, full of dark humor and his best friend. He was about to settle into a light nap when Victor awoke with a start, startling him.

“It’s ok, sleep.” Oswald said

“Can I hold you?”, Zsasz said through labored breathing. His eyes begging for a ward against the persistent nightmares.

Oswald scooted over to him and tucked into his waiting arms. He felt Victor rest his cheek on his head. He wrapped an arm over his waist and stroked his back softly.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.”, Zsasz sighed.

He kept stroking his back, “I forgive you.”

Oswald awoke and looked at his watch. They been in the bedroom sleeping for four hours. It was past five in the afternoon. He looked at Victor who was still in deep sleep. Oswald reached for his phone and called Fries.

“My love where are you? I was calling and looking for you.”, Fries immediately said.

“Sorry love, I’m with Zsasz at the moment. I wanted to call and let you know that I’m fine. I will talk to you tomorrow and let you know what happened. He’s not well, I wanted to stay with him for the night.”

“Ok my love, but where are you?”

“In the mansion, in the guest wing.”

Oswald placed his phone on silent and got up to take off his tie and cuff links. He got back into the bed.

Zsasz was awake, barely, as he watched the small man scoot closer to him. He raised an arm to have him return to the embrace. Oswald shuffled into his waiting arm and buried his face in his neck.

“I love you…”, Victor said sleepily.

Oswald looked up into his face but he was fast asleep. He kissed his neck then closed his eyes. He awoke around two in the morning to a hand stroking his face. The room was pitch black, he placed his hand on the one caressing him.

“How do you feel?”, Oswald asked groggily. He snuggled back into Zsasz’s neck.

“Better, now that I know you are real and in my arms.”, Zsasz whispered. He felt two small warm kisses on his neck. He stroked Oswald’s hair, then caressed his face again.

Oswald felt his hand under his chin that lifted his face out of the crook of his neck. Soft lips kissed his and departed as quickly as they landed. Oswald reached up and ran his fingertips over his cheek. He felt Zsasz shift and roll on top of him, then warm lips on his own again. Soft sensuous flesh full of tenderness and none of the aggression.

“I love you, Zsasz.”

“I love you, Oswald.”

Victor pulled him back into his embrace as he laid on his side. “I should get going. My team lead is probably still here when her shift was done over five hours ago.”

“I want you to take a few days off. Please. Go heal up and get rest. Then come back to me and Fries. Take Ivy’s remedies with you.”

“I’m not sure your husband will want me back. I did some terrible things.”, he said as he kissed Oswald’s head.

“I know he wants you back. I will talk with him. Come back in five days.”, Oswald said as he kissed Victor’s neck.

Zsasz gave him one final kiss on the head and got up. He turned the lamp on next to the bed and got dressed. “See you in five days, boss.”, Zsasz said then turned and left the room.

Oswald wandered to his bedroom and called his husband.

Chapter Text

Five days had passed and Zsasz walked into the study where he was expected. Oswald looked at his husband who was standing next to him and nodded. Fries walked over to the assassin and welcomed him back by hugging him.

“I hope your vacation did much to relax and ease your pains.”, Fries said as he ran the back of his fingers down Victor’s face.

Zsasz wrapped his arms around Fries and rested his head on his shoulder. Victor encompassed the assassin with his arms and kissed his head. He was hurt when he realized just how messed up Victor was. He didn’t want him to suffer.

Oswald smiled as he watched his two Victors reconcile. “I don’t have any meetings or important matters that need my attention today. Ivy and Bridgit have things handled at the lounge. We have reservations for one night at a cozy place and we hoped you would join us.”, Oswald said from his desk.

Fries held Zsasz’s face in both hands and kissed him lightly, “Please come.”

“Ok”, Victor smiled sadly. He didn't understand why they were giving him a second chance but he was grateful. He kissed Fries as he wrapped his arms around his waist. His hands slipped under the single button blazer to feel the satin shirt. He loved it when he wore soft lustrous fabrics. He was able to feel every curve and definition of his body underneath.

“I would like to get you to myself to start the evening off. Oswald said it was fine for us to be alone while he gets a massage.”, Fries said as he held Victor’s face in his hands.

“Then we can continue our battle for dominance.”, Zsasz said through a lecherous smile. He dug his fingers into Fries’s back as he pressed him harder into his body. He looked him up and down.

“It will be a short battle, I assure you.”, Fries said with a sweet smile.

Zsasz looked over at Oswald who had two runners come in and take envelopes with payments. His boss smiled at the both of them as he organized his paperwork off the top of his desk.

“We leave in thirty minutes. If you need to shuffle duties for the night might want to do so now.” Oswald expressed with a quick look of his watch. He got up to head upstairs to pack a small bag of toiletries.

Zsasz rushed over to him and embraced him gently. Oswald wrapped his fingers around his leather holster straps and pulled him in for a kiss. It earned him a small moan of approval from the assassin. Zsasz lifted him onto the desk and continued the kiss but paused for a moment to look into his eyes. “I love you.”

Oswald kissed him and returned the sentiment, “I love you too.”

At the resort they had a cabin near the woods, privacy was important. Oswald placed his bag of toiletries in the bathroom. He had fifteen minutes to get to the spa thanks to Zsasz halting progress by constantly scooping him into his arms for kisses. If he wasn’t impeding his progress he was stalling Fries. Zsasz was constantly lip locked with one of them.

In the limo, Oswald had to put his foot down with the two Victors. He wasn't going to the spa sweaty and smelling of sex. He allowed kissing but as soon as Zsasz or Fries tried removing his clothing he’d smack them off of him. He spent the two hours on the ride over either lip-locked or defending himself.

He placed all his items neatly on the marble bathroom counter and hung the bag in the closet. He entered the bedroom and both Victors were staring each other down. Oswald cleared his throat, his husband turned to embrace him.

“I should return in forty minutes.”

“When you do please, sit and relax. I think things might get a little dangerous if you are too close. I will order you coffee also some champagne. Is there anything else you want waiting while you relax my love?”

“No, I think that will do. I was going to enjoy the hot tub if you two are still working things out. But I definitely want to join in when the dangerous parts are over.”, Oswald said sweetly. He batted his eyelashes and licked Fries’s lips.

Zsasz came over and kissed Oswald on the neck. The small man grabbed his face and kissed him then left the room.

Fries went to the phone and called room service. He stared at Zsasz who was taking his gun-holster off as he wandered around the room. He peered out the french doors to the deck outside. There was a hot tub, large wooden deck furniture and view of the woods.

“Thank you, please bring them in thirty minutes.”, He concluded the order.

He watched as Victor took off his jacket and vest while staring out doors. He was a meticulous man with habits and rituals, he could see how evident it was when he removed his clothing. One item at a time, neatly placed with deliberate thought. Gun-holster set down and folded over itself in a particular way for no-guess work when donning. The jacket he folded and placed over his gun ensemble. Both arms together then folded to the body of the jacket then the entire garment folded on itself once. His vest he folded vertically at the button line then laid flat on the jacket. He then took out his phone from his pants pocket and put it on silent by his folded clothes. Zsasz turned and looked at him.

Fries smiled and remained sitting at the small couch. The last time he and Zsasz were alone in each other’s company there had been tension. They haven't talked since the conversation on the phone. When Zsasz had threatened his marriage by telling Oswald of their tryst. Fries had actually still harbored a bit of resentment over that. He was sure Zsasz had seduced him to use it as a device to tear his marriage apart. He wanted to forgive him but it was hard to forget. He rubbed the back of his neck and stared at his lap. He wanted to discuss it but he didn't know if it was worth it. They had came here to bond with Zsasz, bring him back into their relationship. He didn't want to sour the intent of the mini-vacation.

Fries looked up at him with his hand still on the back of his neck. Zsasz sauntered over to him and plopped down on the couch.
“Did you agree to allow me a second chance only to make Oswald happy?”

“He and I talked it over. I miss you too it’s just…it’s nothing. Forget about it”

Zsasz studied the tall man and smirked, he knew Fries was still upset with him. He decided to poke the bear, get him to release his anger. “Are you still angry with me because I told Oswald about our hanky-panky?” He scooted closer to him.

“It’s all in the past, let’s not talk about that.”, Fries said with a forced smile. He could tell Zsasz was toying him him. His black eyes searched his face with a small grin.

“I don't regret telling him. I meant what I said right before I hung up.”, He stated as he looked Fries up and down. His smirk grew as his eyes narrowed on him.

“Oh? That’s funny, considering you could of told me about how you seduced him after you were with me.”, Fries said with a growing tone of anger.

“I guess that I decided to keep one secret. How silly of me. I suppose I did that on purpose. I wanted him angry with you.”, Zsasz said with a small chuckle.

Fries got up and walked out the french doors. His anger was starting to flare and he didn't want to ruin the night. He leaned on the deck railing.

Zsasz followed him out and stood behind him, he wanted Fries to fight him. To get over the anger and, maybe, do what they came here to do. He only hoped he can steer him back from murderous rage and into sexual rage.

He grinned and said, “I told him how you loved it and how you were so weak against me…”

“Stop it!”, Fries warned.

“I even added my two cents on how something like that is a warning sign that you are a cheater…”

Fries spun around and backslapped Zsasz. The assassin was stunned, it hardly hurt but he knew Victor held back from really laying into him.

Fries stood back and hung his head, “Why are you saying these things to me? I thought you wanted to be with me, us? Why do you want to continue the ugliness?”

Zsasz grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close as he growled, “Maybe because you are holding your anger in! Stop being such a fucking titty-baby!” He reared back a hand and slapped Fries across the face as hard as he could.

Fries was caught off guard with the sudden slap, he actually spun around and stumbled into the railing. He clutched his stinging face and after his shock dissipated, his anger took hold. He faced Zsasz as his eyes glowed, he was done talking. He grabbed the assassin by the shirt and shoved him backwards, sending him over a wooden deck chair. The hard wood seating went tumbling with him as he rolled into a small outdoor table for two. A glass ashtray hit the ground next to him, nearly clocking his head. He grabbed the glass square, it was solid and thick with considerable weight. He smiled as he quickly threw it at Victor, hitting him directly on the head. He laughed as the projectile connected.

“FUCK!!”, Fries cried out. He clutched his head but quickly shook off the pain. He went after the flailing assassin as he scurried to his feet. He manage to catch Zsasz before he made it through the french doors. He growled with a sadistic laugh.

Zsasz felt two large hands on his shoulders that pulled him back from the cabin portal. He thought how it was a pity he wasn't faster. There were so many great weapons laying around the room. He then found himself in a choke hold, he acted quickly and slapped a hand on the arm across his neck as his other hand slammed into Fries’s crotch. He grabbed a hand full of junk. He was glad the other Victor wore his slacks today, he was able to get a heaping hand full of nuts and dick. He pulled, hard.

Fries cried out as his dick and nuts felt like they were getting ripped off. He then found his arm yanked off the assassin’s neck and an elbow landed square into his ribs. He grunted over the sharp blow.

Zsasz made quick work of the choking arm and twisted it behind Fries's back as he folded him forward. He wrapped his other arm around Freeze’s neck and applied pressure.

Fries found it incredible that in a matter of seconds he was staring as the assassin’s feet and legs as he choked.

“You maybe strong but you are a lousy fighter.”, Zsasz said with a chuckle.

Fries’s free hand shot out and grabbed Zsasz’s knee and squeezed hard. It earned him a startled grunt. The assassin let up his choke hold enough for him to stand up and toss Zsasz over his back.

The assassin was unceremoniously dumped over the ice giant. He shielded his head and neck from impact by landing on his hands and falling flat on his back. Zsasz found himself on the ground, again, next to the littered chair and table. He saw Fries rear a leg back with serious intent to kick him when he’s down.

Zsasz made a mental note: Fries. Fights. Dirty. He scrambled to his feet in time to get out of the way of large booted foot that nearly smashed him in the ribs. He tried to put distance between them.

The tall Victor noticed the ashtray laid close by. He snatched up the discard glass weapon and flung it at the small Victor, it hit him square in the back. He watched as Zsasz contorted his body and slammed against the railing of the deck.

“FUCK MY LIFE!! SHIT!! That fucking hurts!!”, Zsasz wailed as he hung onto the deck.

“Stop being a titty-baby! You fucking bitch!”, Fries advanced on him and swung a large fist at him.

Zsasz dodged his lumbering attacks with ease and landed a punched of his own on Victor's nose. Fries staggered back a step as blood began running down his chin freely. Zsasz smiled at the tall bloodied Victor who shook off the punch and swung at him, connecting with a cheek. Zsasz went tumbling to the floor, he hated how much he was on the ground with this encounter. He immediately scrambled away from the infuriated man.

“All this is actually starting to turn me on. Too bad you’re unable to get the upper-hand on me or I would be more impressed.” Zsasz said as he put a bit of distance between he and Fries. They danced circles around each other.

Taller Victor was panting and growling, he had enough of his talk. He was going to put Zsasz’s mouth to better use. He made a b-line towards the assassin who took a defensive crouch. Fries then grabbed a chair that was near him and threw it at Zsasz hoping to clip him or stun the hell out of him. He just needed him to stay still long enough for him to get his hands on him.

Victor saw the large projectile hurdle towards him and was shocked that Fries was able to lift the solid wood reclining chair like it was nothing. It had to have weighed seventy to eighty pounds. He dodged it but the heavy wooden weapon crashed through the floor near him. He felt his footing become off balance as the deck underneath his feet splintered and fell. Then he felt a strong grasp on his wrist and he was yanked, his back hit Fries’s body. He struggled as two large arms wrap around him and squeeze tightly. His wind was knocked out of his lungs but the arms kept squeezing. He tried to head butt his face but it was out of his range. He tried to slam the flat of his boot into a knee but Fries dodged each weak attempt.

Zsasz began going limp as his vision started to fade. Fries let him go and spun him around then applied the bear hug again but not as tightly. He wanted him conscious.

“I think I have you bested. I know what you were trying to do. I needed this.”, Fries said as he gazed at the beaten assassin. He kissed his lips.

Zsasz tasted blood with the kiss and moaned into his mouth. He wanted to lick the blood off his face.

At the door, room service rang. A young boy stood by a cart that had a fresh carafe of coffee and a couple of bottles of champagne. He yawned and straightened his uniform. He placed his hand near his mouth and exhaled into the cupped hand to check for bad breath. He rang the doorbell again when no one answered. He usually gave each ring the count of thirty seconds before making another.
The door swung open, the boy smiled but staggered back at the sight before him. A tall white-haired man with glowing blue eyes and a bloody face stood there.

“Y..Y Your coffee and champagne ….sir.”

“Thanks, here you go kid.”

Money was shoved into the boy’s hand as Fries rolled the small station into the room and promptly closed the door. The kid looked at the wad of cash and his eyes popped open. It was a tip of several hundreds of dollars. He smiled and hurried away.

Fries rolled Oswald’s refreshments by the couch, out of the way of whatever he and Zsasz were about to do.

He watched as Victor made his way to the bed. He stood at the edge waiting on him to approach.  Fries felt his blood quicken as the assassin coyly grinned at him. 

He approached Zsasz and stood close behind him. He ran his finger tips over the back of his neck then he slipped his hand around to the front. His fingers settled over his throat and squeezed. He pressed his body against Victor as he choked him. He didn’t try to stop him, he seemed to enjoy it. Fries kissed his ear and the side of his face, he slipped a hand over his crotch. He could feel him already excited and at attention. He shoved the gagging man on the bed.

Zsasz regained his breath and rolled away from Fries’s grasp as he followed him onto the bed. He grabbed Fries’s left hand and twisted it over his wrist then twisted it behind Freeze’s back, yanking upwards. He grabbed a handful of his white hair and pull back roughly. The assassin maneuvered behind him, he admired his bloodied face. Even when battered and bruise Freeze was still stunning. He licked him from his ear to his neck and bit down, hard.

"Fucking shit! Stop biting!!", Fries hissed. He muscled his arm free from Zsasz and elbowed him in the ribs. He turned and took advantage of the stunned man. He forced him down on the bed then laid his weight on him.

The assassin gasped and struggled, he threw an elbow and hitting Fries on the nose. It didn't fazed him and only served to make him more determined. Zsasz felt a hand slap his face hard, he reeled for a bit. The stinging pain on his face and the lack of full breaths knocked the fight out of him.

“Keep fighting me, it’s just making me want it more.”, Fries said with a deep chuckle. He placed a hand over Zsasz’s neck and squeezed. He watched as the assassin struggled and as soon as it looked like he was about to pass out he let go. He then turned his attention to his shirt and undid all the buttons quickly.

Zsasz snapped out of his haze and threw a punch making Fries tumble off of him. He whipped off his shirt and tossed it. He grabbed Fries by the back of the knees and yanked him closer to apply his own strangle hold. He grinned evilly as Fries tried removing his hands but his will was fading fast. As soon as his hands lost power, Zsasz let him go and backslapped him. He then took off Fries’s shirt and focused on his pants. He glanced at Freeze’s face and saw he was regaining his senses. He backslapped him again.

“FUCK! You fucking little SHIT!”, Fries shouted in pain. He clutched his battered nose, blood flowed freely.

Zsasz laughed and undid the buttons and zipper. He was about to yank his slacks down when Fries sat up quickly and applied another bear hug. He buried his battered face in the assassin’s chest to avoid a head-butt. He could feel the fight in the smaller man dissipate and waited a couple seconds longer before letting go. He laid the semi-conscious body down and stood up. He took off his shoes and the rest of his clothes as he eyed the gasping man on the bed.

The door opened and Oswald was treated to a startling sight, Fries completely naked with a bloody and bruised up face. He saw that Zsasz was on the bed groaning as he tried to sit up.

Fries smiled and said, “My love, hope you were thoroughly relaxed. The coffee and champagne are by the…”

Zsasz attacked him with horse kick to the stomach. Fries grunted and stumbled backwards.

He scrambled off the bed and grabbed him by the hair, “Thanks for taking all your clothes off for me.” He looked over and saw Oswald, “Hiya, boss!” He offered a quick smile then forced the naked Victor down on the bed.

Oswald blinked a few times but then made his way to the bathroom to get into a robe. He had no idea they were really going to do actual battle. He could hear slaps, groans and grunts as he closed the door. Then the loud sounds of springs and creaking wood as bodies tussled on the bed. He cringed, he hoped they hadn't broke anything.

“FUCK!! Oooow you fucking white-haired dirty fighting bitch!!”

“Hope you like your bloody nose!”

Sounds of struggling and more cussing. Then it all went quiet. Oswald just figured they were done with the violent hand-to-hand combat. He got out of his clothes and shrugged into a thick terry cloth robe. He was thinking of getting into the hot tub soon but he wanted to watch the Victors play first.

He went out and saw Fries, he was taking the assassin’s shoes and pants off. Victor had him stripped naked in a matter of a minute.

Oswald stared wide-eyed as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat on the couch. He wasn't sure if he would like watching them but he found it strangely hypnotizing. He sipped his brew and looked on. His husband smiled at him as he assessed the knocked out assassin. He then left the limp man to come over and kiss his beloved.

Oswald huffed and scooted away, “NO! DO NOT! You are all bloody! I don't want this robe ruined!”

“Aww come on baby, can I at least get a kiss on the cheek? I won’t move.”, Fries begged as he squatted lower for a kiss.

Oswald stretched up and quickly pecked him on a clean spot. He sat back down and watched as his love went into his jacket that was on the floor and took out the lube. He also took out a set of handcuffs. Oswald narrowed his eyes and smiled at his husband.

“You dirty boy.”, Oswald whispered with his coffee at his mouth.

Fries flipped Zsasz over and cuffed his hands together. Then turned him back around. He climbed in-between his legs and then proceeded to smack his face to get him to wake.

Victor came to and found himself stripped naked with Fries on top of him. He did a mental check and was relieved that his dick wasn't already in his ass.

“Aren't you the gentleman? Waiting for me to wake before shoving your cock inside me.”, Zsasz said with a smirk.

“I would be more concerned at the lack of arms and hands than that right now.”

Zsasz’s eyes pop wide open and struggled to get his hands from behind him. He realized  they were cuffed together. He laid back onto the bed and smiled. “Well, aren't you sneaky. I guess you would need these since you’re incapable of subduing me in battle.”

Fries smiled as he held the assassin’s face in a hand. “No, Zsasz, actually I held back a lot. If you must know I could’ve out muscled your expert fighting skills without a problem but I wanted it to be fun for you too.”

Fries planted his lips on Victor and kissed him deeply. Their tongues met, the taste of blood with its coppery tones veiled itself over both of their mouthes. Fries lips travelled down his neck and kept exploring down. The self inflicted gashes were mostly healed into white marks with Ivy’s remedies. Even a few of his tally marks faded with the application.

Zsasz moaned as his lips and tongue kept going down to his belly button then further. He felt a tongue play with the tip of his growing penis. Then a mouth took him all in. A hand shot up and wrapped around his throat. Fries squeezed his neck slowly as he continued paying special attention to his growing erection.

Oswald stared wide-eyed at the display and forgot about his coffee.

“Oh shit!” Zsasz cried out. He could feel his vision fade with the lack of blood but Fries quickly let his neck go. He panted and struggled for air as his brain struggled for blood. He grinned and thrusted into Fries mouth as he sucked and licked at him.

Fries let his cock go with a long sucking pull then came back to kiss him on the lips. He laid next to the bound man and grabbed the lube. Fries planted his lips back on Victor, they sucked at each other’s tongues and continued the battle in their mouthes.

“You ready to stick that fucking dick of yours in me?!”, Zsasz growled.

“The question is, are you ready?”, Fries chuckled. He squirted lube into his hand coating his fingers and palm. He grinned as he played at Zsasz’s hole. He watched as the assassin’s face turned red, he was trembling. Fries was surprised by this reaction, he whispered, “Is this your first time being on the receiving end? Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin in that regard.”

Fries kissed his neck as his fingers still played at his hole, he didn't want to enter him yet. He wanted to hear the answer before he continued.

“What can I say, I love taking.”

Fries inserted a finger and groaned, “Then I’m going to enjoy this.”

Zsasz gasped as Fries’s finger went all the way in. “You big fingered fuck! I feel so sorry for Oswald now!”

Fries chuckled, “That’s just one finger baby.” He swirled it around in him earning him more moans and gasps.

Oswald chuckled from the couch at Zsasz’s comment. Fries glanced at his husband and blew him a kiss and then got back to work on the assassin.

Fries slowly slipped in another finger making Zsasz gasp and contort his body to get away from the intrusion. His legs snap closed around Fries’s arm.

“No no no, you’re going too fast!” Zsasz cried out. His face was red and sweaty. He wanted to get away from the wiggling appendages.

“I can still move my fingers even if you clamp down on my arm.”, Fries said with a grin. He kissed him to get him to relax. He slipped his free arm under Zsasz’s neck and trailed kisses from his lips to his neck. He grinned as he bared his teeth and bit down hard on his neck.

Victor cried out and tried to get away from the bite but Fries had a firm hold on him. He wiggled his fingers in him faster.

“Victor! UuuH!”, Zsasz cried out.

Fries let his bite go and kissed the assassin’s face and said, “I need you. I’m going to take you now.” he slipped his fingers out of the panting man and lubed his cock with the excess that was already in his hand.

Zsasz shook and tried to close his legs but Fries placed his knee in between his legs. Fries climbed on top of him and forced his legs open. He smirked down at the scared man, he thought he was absolutely ravishing when trembling and anticipating.

Oswald watched with an open gawking expression. He sipped his coffee and smiled, Zsasz was making sounds he never heard before. It was all too delicious to walk away from. He wanted to see his husband penetrate him. He wanted to hear more of Zsasz’s squealing and sobbing.

He placed the tip at his worked hole and toyed with him, rubbing it back and forth. He then slowly inserted it as Zsasz’s legs shivered around him. He paused to admire the conquered and bound man under him.

Victor could feel himself give way to the tip as it slipped in. He expected to immediately feel the rest of Fries enter him but he didn’t. He opened his eyes and looked at the adonis over him. His face bloody and bruised, he imagined he looked just as bad. Those eyes looked at him with such intensity, deep down he enjoyed submitting to him. To have this view and the feel of him, he would gladly submit every time.

Fries kissed him as he slowly entered further, he could feel his body shake. He moaned as the the engulfing flesh pulsed and tightened. He couldn't hold back any longer he entered fully in a slow hard thrust.

“OH fuck! Please don’t move! Don’t move!”, Zsasz shouted through labored panicked breaths.

Fries sat up and grabbed his hips. The prone man tried to bring his legs up to push him off. Fries grabbed both knees and pressed his fingers hard into the sides of them.

Zsasz jerked his legs back around Fries and at the same time hissed in pain. He could feel Victor’s hardness throb and pulse inside him, he was sure he would split in half if Fries started thrusting in and out of him.

Fries moaned and chuckled, “You're mine.” He grabbed his hips and started rolling his pelvis into the sobbing man. He got up to his knees with Zsasz’s hips still in his grasp and started having at him mercilessly.

“Fuck!! You big dicked asshole!”, Zsasz screeched. He shook his head and felt lightheaded. He clamped his legs around Fries, the size of him was hard to get use to.

“Relax your muscles, Zsasz!”, Oswald called out from the couch with an evil grin.

“Oh my god, how are you still able to walk?! You poor thing!!”, Zsasz cried out.

Fries let his hips go as he got off his knees and laid back over the sweaty gasping man. He swirled and rolled his hips hard into him. He could feel the body around him start to swallow him in. “Oh shit, you feel so good baby.”

Zsasz could feel his pain subside as pleasure started taking hold. Fries’s penis started rubbing on the perfect spot he heard so much about. He inhaled sharply and started grinding his hips with Fries. He felt lips and teeth on his chin that made their way to his ear.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long. Especially when you were so fucking out of control. I’ve been wanting to put you in your place with my cock up your ass. I hope your ready for some hate fucking.”, Fries whispered in his ear.

Zsasz smiled as he rolled his hips harder onto Fries, “Then fucking give it to me, you fucking bitch!”

Oswald got up and decided he wanted to go ahead and relax in the hot tub. He went into the bathroom to retrieve a towel. As he pulled one of the plush towels from the rung he heard Zsasz cry out and the rapid sounds of flesh smacking flesh.

He went back into the room and saw that Zsasz had been flipped over and was being held firmly by the chain of his cuffed hands. Fries was going at him relentlessly, he had a scowl on his face. Zsasz’s head was on the bed as he sobbed into the mattress. Oswald smiled at his husband’s ruthlessness.

He opened the french doors and was treated to a destructive sight. Oswald’s jaw dropped, table and chairs littered the deck. There was a huge hole where one of the reclining wooden chairs was sticking out. Oswald pressed his lips together and glared at the distracted men. He needed a drink, this was going to be an expensive trip. He grabbed one of the bottles of champagne and didn't bother with the glasses. He slipped into the hot bubbling water and closed his eyes. He could hear the muffled cries of Zsasz and the angry grunts of his husband. He figured it would be awhile before he would join them, they still needed to work things out.

He stretched and enjoyed the relaxing day. He looked at the sky and saw fluffy white clouds roll by. They masked the sun for a few seconds sending golden afternoon rays onto the emerald green woods. Oswald smiled and reclined back into the soothing jets. His tranquility was cut short with more commotion from the room.


Sounds of something breaking.

“Get over! Yeah, right there! I’m going to fuck you so hard make you levitate off the ground!”

Oswald sighed and watched as a flock of birds passed by. He was sure they were ducks, maybe mallards. He place a hand over his eyebrows to shield from the sun as he looked up.

Something large fell over in the room with a loud thud.

“Oh Victor!! Harder!! Harder!!”

“Yeah? You want it harder?”, Fries growled

The sounds of Zsasz’s shouting and bodies slapping harshly against each other filled the tranquil space. Oswald opened the champagne and drank from the bottle. He set the bottle down and enjoyed a chilly breeze as it blew in. He wondered when management will be called about the excessive noise.

Fries stood Zsasz up and pressed his body against the wall, He lift his legs to wrap around his waist and inserted himself. He then placed both of his palms on the wall next to Zsasz’s head, he smirked at the assassin who was struggling to catch his breath. He rolled his hips deep into him making him moan in delight.

“Take these cuffs off of me. I want to touch you.”, Zsasz said with urgency.

Fries kissed him as he wrapped his arms around him. “In a minute, I want to feel you like this a bit longer.” He bounced Zsasz into the wall as he continued with his aggressive thrusting. He did this for a couple of minutes then pulled out of him. He laid the smaller Victor on the bed.

“Stay right there.”, Fries said as he held up a finger. He wandered over to the french doors and opened one.

“My love, are you going to join us soon?”, Fries donned a charming smile.

Oswald waded over to the edge closest to the door and smiled, “You two done destroying the room?”

“Perhaps, come on. Come hop on Zsasz. He needs a break from me.”, He ran a hand through his hair and smirked.

“Okay, be right there.”, Oswald smiled.

He walked into the room after carefully maneuvering through the destruction of a coffee table and nightstand. Both of his Victors were on the bed kissing, Victor had been released from his cuffs. Fries broke from the kiss and laid back on the pillows as he leaned on the headboard.

Oswald stood by the edge of the bed and shrugged out of his robe. He stared at Zsasz, he hadn't allowed him to touch him this way since the limo, he was a bit apprehensive.

Zsasz scooted to the edge of the bed and took his hand. He climbed into the bed and laid next to his husband as his other Victor wasted no time and got on top of him.

He kissed him softly as he ran his hands over Oswald’s body with a feathery gentle touch. He could feel the small man’s heart race and body stiffened ever so slightly. His fear of him made him sad.

Zsasz held his face, “I’m not going to hurt you. I love you. Please let me pleasure you. I promise to be gentle.”

Two large green eyes with pending tears looked up into deep black pools. They searched his face with heartbreak, his eyes begged him.

Oswald wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. “I trust you.”

Zsasz’s lips marched their way slowly down Oswald’s body. His tongue swirl and danced as he made his way to his erection. He stroked the modest-sized flesh of his love as he placed small kisses on the shaft.

“You’re so beautiful. I could never get over how fucking gorgeous you are. It’s always so hard for me to leave your side each day.”, Zsasz said between kisses.

“It always made me happy when you stayed close to me.”, Oswald gasped. He felt his mouth take him in. “Victor!” A swift and gentle tongue worked around his shaft. Warm and wet, he moaned. He felt Zsasz take him all in and sucked as his two hands traveled up his body and caressed his chest.

Fries smiled and moaned, he recalled the expert way Zsasz handled him in his mouth. He felt his cock throb. He caressed Oswald’s face as he reveled in pleasure.

Victor let Oswald’s slick cock go, he wanted to kiss him. They both made out for awhile as they both gasped and moaned about how much they loved each other. Fries smiled as he watched on, not a hint of jealousy over their proclamations. He knew he was Oswald’s one and only.

“Now, take me now!” Oswald growled in Zsasz’s mouth.

Zsasz unlatched himself from Oswald’s lips and looked around. Fries handed him the lube and went down to kiss his husband.

“My love.”, Oswald moaned as he wrapped his arms around Fries’s neck.

“I love watching you both so much.” He kissed Oswald who gasped and held on tighter to his husband as Zsasz went down on him again. He felt a finger go in slowly.

Oswald got really worked up as Zsasz swallowed him. “OH! Zsasz easy! You’re going to make me cum too fast. Come here!”

He joined Victor at Oswald’s mouth and the three kissed. Zsasz inserted another finger and kissed at Oswald’s neck as the other Victor did likewise.

“I love you both so much. My perfect Victors.”, Oswald moaned.

Zsasz got up and applied lubed onto his erection. He knew this was going to be fast. He eagerly inserted himself, going in all the way in one steady stroke. Oswald moaned as he swirled his hips. He then held still, enjoying the sweet pulse of the quivering flesh around his hard cock.

Fries let Oswald go to let them both have time together. He watched Zsasz hold Oswald’s hips in his hands as he got on his knees. The assassin move his body like he had no bones. He rolled his abs, the wave continued to his hips as he thrusted slowly into the small man for a couple of minutes.

“God damn, Zsasz you’re so fucking hot.” Fries whispered.

Fries got up and got some water as he watched from the mini fridge. They both continued their hungry kissing as Oswald rolled his pelvis onto Victor.

“Oh shit baby! That feels so good. You little angel. Come on, ride me. Ride me.”

Oswald picked his pace up as Zsasz pulled him up. Victor sat on his legs and leaned back a little. Oswald had a hand on the back of his neck and the other on the mattress. He rolled and undulated his body on Victor, feeling him deep inside moving and throbbing against the sweet spot. He stared into his eyes, the both of them locked gazes as he continued to ride him.

Zsasz could feel the friction as the small body held tightly onto his rock hard erection. He felt his cock throb with joy at the heat and movements.

“Uuuuuh god! I’m so close. Stop baby.”, Zsasz groaned.

“I’m close too, my love come here.”, Oswald said breathlessly.

Fries came and laid on the bed, he beckoned Zsasz over to him. “Come here.”, Fries whispered.

Oswald dismounted and waited for him to get in place on Fries. He watched intently, he loved seeing Zsasz so submissive.

Victor got on top of him. Fries chuckled and grabbed his ass with one hand and with the other guided him down onto his eager cock. He gasped and shuddered, his girth was still hard to get use to at first. Fries pushed Victor down all the way onto him. Zsasz smiled and rolled his hips onto him. He worked Fries’s cock for a few strokes.

“Come here baby.”, Zsasz said as he held out his hand.

Fries gave Victor two quick thrusts making him moan. Oswald straddled Fries and faced Zsasz, he gave him a deep long kiss.

Fries put his arms behind his head and continued to bounce Zsasz as they kissed. He enjoyed hearing him cry out also he liked watching Oswald jiggle with him.

Oswald laid his back on Fries as Zsasz grabbed his hips, pulling him close. He inserted himself into his Penguin. He got a sensory overload of both Fries and Oswald, he knew he was going to orgasm soon.

“Shit! I’m already struggling to not cum.”, Zsasz groaned. He gasped as soon as Oswald started back with rolling and thrusting his hips into him.

“Why hold back baby?”, Fries growled as he started pounding into him.

“Oh Zsasz! Yes, I’m so close, Come with me! OH Victor!”, Oswald screamed as his climax hit.

Zsasz could feel his build up come hard, both sensations giving him an explosive release. “FUCK!! Oh my god! Keep fucking me baby! Ride that dick empty!”, Zsasz gasped as Fries started pounding him harder.

“Yeah!! Damn that was hot!!”, Fries groaned. He released into Zsasz as he wrapped his arms around his husband.

The three of them slumped onto the bed with Oswald in-between them. Oswald laid flat on his back, Zsasz and Fries had an arm around him.

“So why is there a huge hole in the deck?”, Oswald asked.

Zsasz propped himself up on one elbow and said, “Your husband tried to murder me with a chair. Twice actually. In his defense I was being an asshole.”

Oswald cupped Zsasz’s face in his hand, “Ok, well then the damages are coming out of your pay.” he batted his eyelashes at him.

Fries snorted at him and laughed, the assassin leaned over and kissed Victor. Fries caressed his face and smiled.

“We should move to another cabin, this one looks like shit.”, Zsasz said as he got up and went to the bathroom to shower.

“Fuck, speaking of looking like shit. My beautiful face is jacked up!”, he shouted from the bathroom.

Oswald headed to the phone to call the front desk for another cabin.

Fries got up and joined Zsasz who was at the mirror still looking at his battle wounds. “Great! my nose is a huge pickle! Thanks Zsasz, for making me as ugly as you.”

Oswald was on hold when he heard scuffling and something falling in the bathroom.

“HEY!! I swear to god if you two break something else I’m going to brain the both of you with this other champagne bottle!!”

Morning came as Oswald awoke in the new cabin they moved to. He had both Victors wrapped around him. He got out of bed, crawling over his husband who slept like the dead. He felt a hand grab his ankle.

“Where you going baby? It’s still early, come back.”, Zsasz said as he smiled.

“I’m hungry and both of you put out so much heat I’m sweating.”, Oswald whispered.

Zsasz let him go and snuggled up to Fries. The large man wrapped an arm around him and continued snoring softly.

Oswald had ordered breakfast for the three of them. He turned on the television as he waited on room service. He peer over at the bed, his husband was kissing Zsasz but settled back into sleep again. He smiled at his two Victors, the morning rays made the moment look serene.

Forty minutes have passed and food had arrived. Oswald was on the deck with the spread. His husband was first to wake and amble over to the table. Fries sat down and beckoned his husband onto his lap.

“So what do you think? Should we ask him?”, Fries said after feeding Oswald a strawberry with whipped cream.

“Sure. I want him to feel he is apart of this.”, Oswald said as he sipped his coffee.

Victor wandered to the deck, he surveyed the food on the table and poured himself a glass of orange juice. Oswald spoke up, “Zsasz, Fries and I were wondering if you would like to come back to us. No strings attached. We request a more serious relationship commitment from you though. You don't have to answer us now but…”

“Sure.”, Zsasz said interrupting his boss. “Where am I going to go and find a love deeper than what I feel for you? Or a dick bigger than Fries’s?”, he smirked at them both. He quickly sat on Fries’s lap with Oswald making the chair break spilling the three of them onto the floor.

“I blame Fries’s dick”, Zsasz said as he remained where he fell.

“This is coming out of your pay.”, Oswald added sternly.

“I blame my dick too.”