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Jack Robinson was at his desk going through reports and yawning, it was 9:30 am and he had been at a raid the night before. There was a brisk knock at the door and Mac came barreling into his office.

"Mac! We have no case at the moment that I am aware of....?"

"No, I was reading the paper and I saw this. I had to come over and ask you if you know anything about it."

Jack blinked and tilted his head, "I didn't see anything of significance this morning..."

Mac smirked both at the familiar response and his expression, "Do you read the ads, Inspector?"


"Well you should, they are full of human drama, the personals are my favorite, I know Phryne and I love to read them. But this is in the want ads and I had to ask you if you know about this and what you thought...?"

Still very confused, Jack accepted the folded paper, "The want ads?"

"Yes, this ringed one."

"Wanted, women looking for adventure on the high seas, excitement, treasure and challenge." Jack shrugged, "So? Nothing illegal that I can see."

"Pirating isn't illegal?"

"It does not say that, and why would i know about it?"

"Doesn't it sound like a certain lady we both know..."

"Phryne, does not need to answer an ad to find trouble, Mac."

"True, but what if it is a way to lure her, or get her somewhere and spring a trap, or...."

"Mac, I think your imagination is running away from you."

"Jack, other then you, who knows Phryne best?"

"True." Jack sighed and looked at his watch, "It's too early for her to be up and unless she has an early appointment I don't know about she should still be sound asleep." He picked up the phone and dialed a beloved number, "Good Morning, Mr. Butler, has Miss Fisher arisen? Good, please forestall her seeing the paper, if she gets up before the Doctor and I arrive...yes, it is important. Thank you. We will be there soon."

He turned to Mac, "Shall we?"




"So what is all this about?" Asked Phryne pacing the parlor wearing her favorite black silk kimono as she paced in front of her two best friends seated on the chaise lounge. Mac didn't say anything, she just handed Phryne the ad. She read and shrugged, "So?"

Jack smirked, "That is what I said."

"Well, I thought it might mean trouble it seems to be all about you to me."

"Pirates? Me?"

Jack shrugged and looked at Mac, "well you have been quiet lately maybe..."

"I just finished a case with you, three days ago and we were...well and I..."

Jack choked on his tea and glanced at Mac, who rolled her eyes, "You two had a date."

"A bit more but that will do for the masses, so do you really think I wouldn't tell you two if I was planning something? But Mac is right, it could be a lure for me and it certainly could be something illegal like white slavery, not everyone trips into trouble like I do."

"Thank heavens..."

"Jack!" she scolded rolling her eyes. "So they would need to find adventure and this ad might seem just the ticket, let me change, I will be two ticks and we can go investigate."

Phryne ran out of the room and up the stairs. Jack looked at Mac, and said, "would you like more toast or biscuits? I would." He grabbed a plate and went to the kitchen.

Mac shook her head smiling then picked up her tea. She looked up and said, "So what do you think? Yes, you. I know you have many opinions. So I'll tell you what, what comes next will come from you. I will let Phryne and Jack know and we will follow your lead. You always wanted to write one of these didn't you?" She raised her tea cup and saluted. She is waiting for your response.