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The Devil Fighter

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It was a beautiful morning in the small city of Kuoh, Japan. The cleared blue sky allowed the sunlight bring the refreshing heat of Spring upon a giant high school, while a few young people, apparently to be the students by the school uniforms they're all wearing, made their way to the front gate. Some of them were already in the school grounds or inside of a huge three-story building, which is made of bricks and the architecture was seemly reminiscent of the European buildings from the Renaissance period.

However, there was a only a young man who was still standing in front of the gates. He's around 17-years old and stood about 5 feet 10 inches, with dark, medium hair tied in a low ponytail with a black ribbon and he was holding a dark leather bag. He was wearing the official school uniform like everyone else, which consists a long-sleeved black blazer with white accents, it was opened up that revealed a light blue T-shirt underneath; a pair of black pants and black Nike sneakers instead of dress shoes. Wrapped around his head was a black cap, with a white logo of an American Baseball team, the New York Yankees, which probably means the young man is from the United States.

He was looking at the entrance of the huge high school for a moment, as he was checking the brochure which contains the information about this place. He heard the rumors that this used to be a private school only for girls, before years later eventually changed into a co-ed school for some reason. Nevertheless, most of the number of students are still female, also some of them are from overseas, but that's besides the point. The fact that the guys could be lucky to make friends with them, maybe getting a girlfriend as well, but sometimes their expectations can be just an illusion or their possibility would turn out to be very low, that depends on their reputation.

"So this is the Kuoh Academy, huh?" The young man said while rubbing his chin in wonder. "Hmm, never thought this would look so different than the other high school buildings in this country." He shrugged as he kept the brochure in his pocket. "Oh well, it looks pretty good than I imagine. Better start to search for the principal's office." He took a deep breath, feeling so ready to start a new life as a normal student, before he entered at the gates.

While he was walking and admiring the panoramic view of the academy, some students who were going directly to their respective classes and others who were chattering to each other about several topics, mostly related to the academy activities and what to do after school, they stopped talking when their eyes caught attention on the young man with the cap as he was passing by. Maybe because he was dressed casually, judging his opened up blazer and his cap which no one would wear it; or maybe simply because he's a new foreign student. Some of them were trying to check on his appearance underneath of his hat to see what he looks like, though they could only see the lower part of his face because his eyes were shadowed, they are completely sure he's from another continent.

The young American suddenly realized he's being stared curiously by almost everyone who's on his way, like he just become a some sort of attraction, even they started to whisper each other inaudibly. He started to feel a little nervous, but he decided to ignore what he can and continued his way into the main building by the huge glass door.

The supposed new student looked around when he found himself in the main lobby, quite broad with ceramic floor and dark brown-blueish walls, he couldn't hold back the amazement for what huge the entrance hall can be. However, that made him realize this place is so damn huge that he probably easily get lost if he tries to find a location. He knew he ain't got time to explore throughout this building and doesn't want to delay his appointment to the principal. So the young man decided the best he can do, is to ask anyone for directions.

He started to look for a person who's willing to help him and quickly as soon as possible. When suddenly, he got attention on two bespectacled young women entering by the glass door. One of them is in late teens with a slim body, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes. And the second who was walking behind her, was a little taller than her, pretty around the same age though, with long straight black hair that extends all the way down to her knees with split bangs and brown eyes.

Like most of the girls at Kuoh Academy, they wear white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, brown shoes and black high-knee socks.

The reason he got his attention is when the two girls with glasses entered the building, most of the female students got excited by watching their appearance before they bowed to them and giving a good day. They must be popular, he thought; and the expressions they're wearing seemed solemn, like they're very serious about something, maybe they have important school-related tasks. He thought he should not stand in their way, but surely they could assist him if he's in trouble. He just has to be polite with them, just in case.

"Excuse me, ladies!" The young man exclaimed as he walked up to them while waving his hand. The girls suddenly listened before they stopped their tracks and turned to him, while the other students who welcomed the couple watched the scene in shock for some reason. "Sorry to bother you, but I need help. Can you tell me where can I find the principal's office? I'm in a bit of hurry before the class begins." He spoke in Japanese, not very fluent, but at least enough to understand him.

The two bespectacled women just stared at him silently like they are bemused for his action because nobody has ever asked them for help. However, it seemed that the one with the purple-framed glasses was studying warily on his face, who knows why. He almost got nervous for the brief silence in the environment, was that something wrong he just did to make them look at him like that?

"Is this your first day at school?" The short bob haired young woman suddenly asked nonchalantly in his native language.

He went surprised she was speaking English fluently, maybe she's from another country because she didn't look like she was born in this country to begin with.

He nodded his head to answer her question."I have the appointment to see the principal to assign me which class I'll attend, but I don't have a map and sometimes I could get easily lost in huge places like this. I want to make it in time before the ring bells."

She blinked with her raised eyebrow, before she pointed with her finger to the large staircase at the end of the right side.

"Go upstairs to the third floor and walk down the hallway while you'll see the signs of the names of the rooms, in that way you will find the principal's office. I suggest you to watch your step to no bump with someone on your way."

The young man smiled and bowed to them as a appreciation. "Thank you very much, ladies." And then, he went quickly in his way to the third floor, as the women watched him go upstairs, until he was now out of sight.

"What's wrong, Kaichou? I saw you've been staring at him intensively like you've met him before." The long haired girl asked.

The short haired with violet eyes frowned. "I don't know if you would believe me, Tsubaki, but I think I just felt a source of a power within him..." She said with a low tone.

After his short interview with the director of Kuoh Academy, the young man with the cap was walking through the hallway of the second floor, actually following a pretty young adult woman.

She's about twenty-eight years old, with amber eyes and long light brown hair with longer right bangs kept behind her right ear, while her left bangs hang freely in front of her left ear. Her physic was lean built that shows her amazing curvaceous body and her ample bust. She's dressed with a sleeveless pink shirt with dark brown accents, which gave a good view on her cleavage, and a large black skirt. Moments ago, she was also in the office when he came in and it turned out she was waiting for him and she's his new teacher. She introduced herself as Yuuko Sagiri, the teacher of B-1 where the young man will assist.

As far as he knows, Ms. Sagiri's personality showed she's kinda strict because apparently she focuses on her job and wants to maintain her own dignity as a teacher. At least she acted a little kind to him by giving a welcome, they introduced to each other formally and now they're on their way to the classroom.

Suddenly, Yuuko stopped her tracks in front of a thick-wooden double door, as the foreign student halted before he noticed a sign beside of the door, which it has the same letter and number they were looking for.

"We're here." The teacher said as she turned around to him. "Now before we enter, due for the fact that this is your first time in school, I need to tell you the three simple rules you must follow." Yuuko began to count by holding her index finger. "Rule number one, you must pay attention while we are in a middle of a lesson, distraction is not allowed when you're gonna need to learn a lot of things for your future exams. Rule number two, making jokes or ridiculous comments about your teacher are forbidden. And the students can talk to me only if it's school matter. nd rule number three, always respect to your classmates but especially with the girls, because I won't tolerate anykind of indecent or ill-mannered students in my class. Is there any questions you want me to answer?".

The young man shook his head. "Nope, I understand perfectly clear as a glass of wine, Sagiri-san."

Yuuko flashed out a smile "That's what I wanted to hear." She walked up to the door, but she stopped for a second. "Oh, and by the way, we don't allow anyone using hats during the class, so would you kindly take it off so everyone can see your face?"

"Oh, right. Sorry about that, I just like to wear this all the time." The foreign student removed the cap off his head, revealing his sky-blue eyes and the rest of his younger face, as he combed his hair with his fingers and kept his cap into his school bag.

"It's okay, you can still wear it when you are out of class. Our dress code is not actually too strict after all. Now wait here while I'll let know my students about your presence, and then I'll tell you to show up." Then she opened the door and went inside.

He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and began to whistle a little piece of original music he come up with to entertain himself, but also trying to overcome his nervousness for the fact he's going to introduce to a large number of people inside. Suddenly, he heard Yuuko's voice from behind the door talking to her students, before she started to mention they have a new student who will join with them.

"Alright, you can come in!" That was her signal.

He opened the door and walked in. The classroom was spacious with about twenty four seats and tables arranged in four rows, all of them are made of oak wood and has the different style than the common chair desks; there's five large windows at the end of the left which shows the perfect view to the outside of the building, there was a huge chalkboard stuck on the wall where Yuuko was standing beside it, and also she was sitting on a thick-wooden desk. The classmates were watching him with surprise in their eyes because they just realized he's not a Japanese, but some of them, mostly the males, showed no interest; maybe they thought that the new student would be a female.

The young American stood in front of the whole class, trying to ignore the stares like he's being targeted by a group of snipers.

"Would you like to give us your name and tell us something about yourself, if you don't mind?" Yuuko said kindly.

He nodded his head, as he cleared his throat and addressed to his new companions.

"I'm Elliot Davidson, but you can just call me Elliot. It's nice to meet you all." He bowed his head. "I was born in the United States, but I decided to live in your country with a friend because I was so interested with your culture and your life style. My hobbies are watching action movies and MMA sports, I like playing Basketball and video games when I have free time, but I like having friends and learn some interesting stuff in this class. I hope we could get along and know each other." He finished his greeting with his friendly, toothy grin.

Yuuko smiled. "That's good to hear, Elliot-san. Now, is there an empty seat for him?" She asked to her students.

"There's one nobody used it since forever, Sagiri-san!" One of them pointed to an unoccupied desk at the right side.

"Oh, that's perfect. Go take your seat and we'll get start the class." Yuuko said.

Elliot nodded as he made his way through as he placed his school bag on the desk by hanging it with the hook and sat on his chair.

"What do you think about him? Don't you think he's cute?" He suddenly heard a girl with light pink short hair, muttering to another girl with brown hair tied in two ponytails with red ribbons, who was behind her.

"He's not too handsome as Yuuto-senpai, but I agree with you." She said with a smile. "I think his hairstyle makes him look so cool."

Elliot remained speechless, but he couldn't hold back the gratefulness for receiving that compliment, and he thought someone would judge him for letting his hair grown and his ponytail.

"Ugh, something tells me that Yankee is going to be a new chick-magnet..." Elliot noticed a male student groaning, who oddly has his hair completely shaved and his ears were big as from a monkey's.

"Damn Gaijins... They always has the chance to take our future girlfriends away from us..." Another male student with dark short shaggy hair and wore glasses, who's beside from the baldy one, agreed while giving the American a glare.

Elliot began to feel offended by the words they're saying for just being a foreigner, but also a little confused why they cared about being popular with the female students. He shook his head to just ignore them and focus when Yuuko announced the class was now on and everyone stopped murmuring finally.

It was recess time already, all the students went out to take a lunch outdoor and some of them decided to stay in their classrooms, or, in some cases, they went to the rooftop. Elliot was found walking through the small pathway, surrounded with group of trees and shrubs, looking for a nice spot to eat his lunch before the break ends. Sometimes he wanted to find a quiet place where can help him relax and think clearly what he should do about his current experience in Kuoh Academy. He was breathing the clean wind around the academy and observes the calm surroundings and easy going atmosphere. At least until he heard the squealing from the girls behind him that almost startled him.

He stopped his tracks and turned around frantically when he thought some sort of incident just happened, only to see the increasing small crowd gathered around, probably watching someone's special presence. He also noticed some boys with excitement on their faces, and seemed they are blushing. Elliot remained confused, wondering why they were making such racket, until the crowd stepped aside and suddenly revealed two beautiful girls, making their way through.

One of them is a young woman who appears to be in her late teens with a buxom figure, a light skin tone, and blue-green eyes. Her most distinctive feature is her long, crimson red hair that reaches down to her thighs, with a single hair sticking out from the top. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. She seemed a bit serious judging by her expression, as seems she's busy with some business, apparently from the high school, just like the girl with the glasses he met. Anyways, the rest of the students didn't lose attention on her and her companion.

The other was just as buxom as the red head. She appears to be around the same age as her as well, with violet eyes and her very long black hair that reaches all the way down to her legs, with two antennae sticking out from the top and sloping backwards, tied with an orange ribbon keeping it in place. She was walking beside the crimson haired with a confident smile and a cheerful expression.

That moment which Elliot realized is that they were walking towards him, and he was standing in the middle of their way. His mind suddenly yelled he should step aside and let them pass, but his body ignored that order like he turned himself into a human statue. Elliot didn't stop looking directly to their faces, it's like he's now under a spell of charming by their beauty so he couldn't stop giving attention they deserved.

Somehow he finally snapped out before he realized they are now closer to him, so Elliot hastily moved to the left before they would bump into him. But What he did not expect is when the crimson haired young woman stopped beside him before she turned her head to look at him, and their eyes met each other. The raven haired also stopped, wondering in curious why she was staring at the unknown young man with the cap.

Elliot was completely shocked, being observed by a pretty girl made his cheeks heating up, then he was starting to panic because he doesn't know the reason what's got her attention. Suddenly he started to assume she might have noticed he's wearing the cap ever since he got out of the building, maybe is because she found this as a problem of the dress code, just like Ms. Sagiri mentioned.

Without hesitating, he took his cap off his head quickly.

"U-Um, h-hi!" Elliot stuttered as he waved his hand. "I... I'm Elliot. I-it's nice to meet you." He gave the beauty couple a nervous smile. Talking to girls has always been difficult for him, it was even worse because both these girls were presumably popular, and even more obviously beautiful. That's double the trouble as far as he's concerned.

The crimson haired woman didn't say anything after his greeting. She just stared at him like he was some kind of puzzle, and it was the same look the girl with the glasses made that look. Elliot began to sweat uncomfortably, thinking it did not work what he had in mind to show a little respect to her and the rules of the school. But then, she merely turned her gaze away from him and continued to walk across her designated path. The ravenette looked beguiled, perhaps wondering if her friend knew about this young man, but she eventually decided to follow her without asking her.

The young man with the black cap just remained standing, watching the two beauties walk away. Well, that was unexpected, he mused to himself. However, he was glad they didn't find any problem with him and left him alone, but now he was asking himself why she said nothing after she was focusing on him.

"Hey you!"

Elliot snapped out from his thoughts when he heard two guys talking to him at the same time, and turned around. To turn things even more obnoxious, it was the same students from his class who made a harsh comment towards him for having the quick attention to the girls. That's not all, he just realized after the two girls disappeared, the other students were staring at him. The boys glared at him with jealousy and outrage, meanwhile the girls had mixed reactions, some of them were confused what they witnessed and others were giving Elliot their suspicious look, trying to find out his true intentions after he dared to talk with the crimson haired.

"What were you trying to do with the ladies?! Are you trying to take advantage on them?!" The one with his shaved hair growled with interrogation.

Elliot was almost taken aback for that question. "What? N-No, I would never do that, man! I was just saying hello to them and be friendly!" He countered out loud so everyone in present would not misunderstand about him. Unfortunately, the two guys didn't seem they have listened to him.

"Do you think you can get away by that simple excuse on your first day?!" The boy with the glasses pointed accusingly to Elliot with his finger. "You'll learn a lesson to leave them alone after school! You've already caused much trouble to yourself!"

The two guys then ran off, leaving Elliot completely perplexed for their strange warning and what's going on. And the obvious question he had on his mind was, what the hell is their problem with treating him like he could be their potential enemy so soon? They just barely met him, therefore this doesn't make any sense.

Elliot shook his head, dispelling those thoughts for now before he would get a headache to think those complicated questions, and continued on his way to find a place, this time where no one could bother him for a while. He really needed to grab a bite to eat in peace before returning to his class.

Eventually Elliot found the right spot he was looking for, but what also discovered it was an old building which it seems a club house, not too far away from the main school building. The club house is a three story building, with the third story serving as a clock-tower, and it has been painted white with a black roof with vines creeping up to the second story.

Currently, he can be found sitting under a tree, eating a turkey club sandwich he made it back home, and with a can of Coca-Cola sitting next to him. As he was watching the blue sky with no clouds today, his thoughts about the two good-looking girls he bumped into. He had tried digging up some information about them briefly. It had been hard, but casually he had managed to discover a little bit by asking some of the students. Fortunately they accepted of answer his questions with no problem.

The crimson haired was Rias Gremory. Not much is know about her but she's considered by many to be the school's number-one beauty, as well as one of Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies and the President of a club called the Occult Research Club. Some rumors claimed she had come from Europe, somewhere from to be specific, and the reason why she's so popular is due for her amazing figure and her marvelous scarlet hair.

The young woman with black hair who had been with Rias was Akeno Himejima. She's the second person of the Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies. There are not as many rumors about her, but she's better known as popular with the boys for her features, and also that the fact she's the Vice-President of the same club.

This is not the first time Elliot had met such beautiful women to begin with, but for some reason his mind was incapable of doing anything other than thinking about their beauty; the color of their eyes, their hair, and their amazing well-developed figures. Those two have it all to make a male living in a dream come true. It's difficult to imagine there being many other women with the same beauty as the Two Great Ladies.

While Elliot was about to take the final bite of his turkey sandwich, he noticed a window from the old building being opened. Gaining his attention, he looked up in curiosity to see who it is and nearly gaped in surprise when he saw the familiar face. It was Rias Gremory; she was looking around at the school grounds, while breathing the fresh air of spring with her nostrils. Then, she felt someone's eyes on her before she turned her head and looked at the young man, before realizing he's the young man with the cap who introduced embarrassingly to her moments ago.

Elliot froze in shock state like a deer staring down the barrel end of a shotgun. Now it was repeating the moment like it turned out to be a déja vu. Elliot had no idea why he was just staring at her, but somehow he felt that her look was the same from the another girl with glasses, and it's very unlikely it would be just a coincidence. If that was the case, then it means they found something on him what he doesn't know.

He snapped out of his stupor when he heard the school bell rang, meaning the lunch break is now over and all students must return to their classrooms immediately. He gobbled his turkey sandwich in one bite, almost choking when it barely stuck on his throat, before he stood up and made a run to his class.

Rias Gremory watched the new student running off her sight through a pathway, until he disappeared into the small forest where leads his way back to the main school building. She stepped away from the window and walked over to the Victorian-style couch and sat down onto with her legs crossed, focusing now on the chessboard with pieces of chess scattered around. Apparently it was now her turn to make a move and pondering which decision she has to make because the game was about to reach a conclusion of the game.

Suddenly, the long raven haired woman who was with Rias on the walk, Akeno Himejima, appeared beside her holding a tray with a tea cup and a teapot. "I brought you some tea, Buchou." Akeno said with gentleness and kindness on her tone, as she set the tray down on the table and stood beside her afterwards.

"Thank you, Akeno." Rias grabbed her tea cup and took a sip, before her eyes turned back on the chessboard with full attention, but somehow she was getting distracted for some issue.

Akeno started to notice her President have been quiet than usual ever since they got here, meaning there was something that probably disturbs her. "Buchou... Do you mind if I ask you if there's something wrong? You barely talked to me and I'm a little concerned what's bothering you." Akeno said.

Rias knew her Vice-President would do that question sooner or later. She let out a sigh and answered. "Do you remember that boy with the cap we saw earlier?"

Akeno blinked in wonder, but she nodded with her head.

"By any chance, do you know who is he?" Rias asked.

Akeno put a finger to her chin. "Not really, but I heard recently that he's a new First-Year student from North America. In fact, this is the first time a male from another country attends in this academy. Is there's something wrong about him?" She inquired with curiousness.

Rias turned to her with a frown. "This might sound very hard to believe for you when I ask you this, Akeno. Did you feel something out of ordinary from him when he was near to us, even though a little maybe?" She asked.

Akeno raised her eyebrows in surprise, before she shook her head. "I'm afraid not, Buchou." She replied frankly. "My senses are not sharply as you have, I can't even sense the strength from a human after all." She paused for a second before she began to realize something that made her eyes widen. "Wait, are you're saying that..."

Rias nodded with seriousness. "Yes. He's got an indescribable power I never felt before, and this is beyond of my knowledge." She left her tea cup on the coffee table.

"What do you mean?" Akeno asked with a blink of confusion.

"There's no way I could mistake he's got a potential within, the problem is that I don't know exactly what it is. There wasn't any sign of him having a Sacred Gear or one of the Longinus, but I swear I could sense some kind of an energy flowing through his body that I would never ignore. I can assure you there's something more about him what makes him more than a mere young student." Rias put her hand on her chin thoughtfully, trying to find the solid answer that could explains all her doubts.

"For the way you're reacting, I assume that troubles you." Akeno replied as she decided to sit beside her, with the intention to comfort her if she lose her calm.

Rias responded by shaking her head. "I don't think he could be much of a threat after he acted very politely to us. I didn't even felt any sign of hostility, even though he might be pretending." Then she grabbed a white piece of pawn and instead of placing it to a base, she twiddled it with her fingers. "However, I can't help but feel so curious what kind of power he's possessing, and I want to find out what it is, if it's the last thing I do!"

Akeno noticed how Rias was now focusing on a piece of chess, before she found out what the President is thinking about right now.

"My, my~ Don't you think you are being a little selfish?" Akeno said with a hint of tease. "We know nothing about the foreigner and unaware if he has any allegations. Besides, it wouldn't be a good idea if you'll try to talk to him in this school, that will bring some people's attention and they might to misunderstand."

Rias stopped playing with the piece of pawn. "I know that already. Therefore, the only option remains is to gather some information about Elliot or at least what is the source of his unknown power, and be very discreet because we're not so sure if he could be a friend or enemy to us, unless he's not involved with any of the other factions." Rias replied.

"That sounds a good idea, indeed. So what we would do after we learned everything we wanted to know?" Akeno inquired.

"We'll decide either leave him alone..." The corner of her lips began to form up a smile, "Or on second thought, this young man could be the most interesting person to be part of my club." Then, she finally placed the pawn on the base which was very near of the black piece of King. "Checkmate."

Akeno went surprised by the immediate move that finished the game already at this moment. "Oh my, this is now the twentieth time you defeated me! You should sign up to a Chess tournament, Buchou." She suggested with a smile.

Rias shrugged. "It's just my hobby, maybe I'd do it by the Summer though." She stood up from the couch. "Anyways, I'll leave you in charge of this matter after school Akeno, but I want you to be more careful. Try to keep your low profile while you follow him and if you find something that wouldn't be a good sign, return immediately to this spot or try to contact me if you are in trouble and I'll assist you along with Koneko and Yuuto."

Akeno bowed her head. "I understand, Buchou."

After his first day of school was now over, Elliot was found walking through an avenue, as the sun was slowly dipping below on the horizon. The darkness would soon be upon the city of Kuoh, and the night was approaching. Moments later, Elliot came into a park where he always crosses when he goes his way to the academy and back home, . Situated next to him is a large fountain from which water sprung forth to create a beautiful display of colors as light refracted off the droplets.

He was about to continue on his way when a voice called out.

"Hey, Yankee boy!" His peaceful moment was disturbed after hearing the two familiar voices that Elliot wished he should never have. He turned around, and saw it was the same male students who interrogated him back at the school during the lunch break.

Elliot let out a irritated sigh as he rubbed his eyes. "Now what do you guys want?" Elliot asked reluctantly, feeling his temper now boiling for the fact those obnoxious guys have followed him ever since he went out of the school.

"Don't tell me you just forgot! We told you we're gonna make you regret for getting all the attention from babes like Akeno-senpai and Rias-senpai! If you think you can be like that prince then you've got another thing coming!" The bald student growled out, with his hands clenched into fists with the urge of beat the American up.

Elliot gritted his teeth to contain his temper, as he took a deep breath while rubbing his temples. "Are you guys serious? I told you for the last time I was just trying to be nice with them! I didn't even know those girls were so popular!" He replied, trying unsuccessfully to reason with the angry fans.

"Your excuse won't save you if you think you can take us as fools!" One of the men cracks his knuckles, his friends doing the same.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Elliot said with a frown. "Look, can't we just talk about this with no violence? You know that's not gonna help anything."

"Shut the hell up, Yankee boy!" I'll show you what happens when you try to flirt with our idols! Take this!" The first guy charged at Elliot, with his fist cranked back to give the foreign student a powerful punch to his face.

As the fist launched forward, Elliot sighed before he raised a left hand, and the fist was caught onto his palm. Elliot didn't even flinch when the punch made contact to his hand. He dropped his school bag before grabbing the boy's arm, turned around and threw him. The student soared through the air for several feet before landing on the ground with a harsh thud.

As the first guy groaned in pain, the second guy decided to give his partner a hand, attacking Elliot from behind, but the young man with the cap knew what was coming... Elliot spun around before he tilted his head sideways, as the fist whizzed above his shouder. Suddenly, Elliot grabbed the aggressor's arm and struck him in the back of the neck with his elbow.

The first guy growled in anger. He stood up from the ground and took a step forward to attack, but before he can make another move Elliot dropped him to the ground again. Elliot's leg swept out, knocking the attacker off balance. The cap wearing young man stood back up, before he put his foot on the other boy's neck, hard enough to immobilize him, but not enough to truly hurt him.

While Elliot keeps the other boy down with his foot, the other one got on his feet and glare at him, with a mix of shock and rage on his eyes.

"Now listen to me you two and you'll listen very well. I don't want to hurt you because you are just confused, but if you don't leave me alone right now, you're going to end up getting a beat down." Elliot looks at the duo with a face that was colder than ice as he moves his foot away from student's neck. They all growl at him; it was clear they still want to teach him a lesson. But after showing how well he could handle himself, they seemed to realize fighting him was useless.

Elliot moved his foot out of the male student's neck and made two steps backwards to give him some space. The guy coughed and stood up and walked toward to his partner, accepting the humiliating defeat.

"This isn't over yet, Yankee boy! You may won this time, but we'll find the way to make you pay!" The second guy screamed before he, while the first guy followed him, ran away and leaving Elliot alone in the park.

Elliot just remained standing while watching the kids leave. He let out a tiring sigh when he was now alone. He felt for them, he really did. They seem to really look up to those two idols. But they were too exaggerating if they thought he was taking their attention. It wasn't like he did any of that on purpose.

Just as Elliot turns around to leave, another presence just entered his senses.

He looked around for a moment, there was no one else in sight, but there's no way he could be wrong. Suddenly, he turned around abrutply to face the bushes.

"Who's there?" He shouted, taking a fighting stance. "I know you're in there! So show yourself!"

"Oh my~ You caught me." Elliot went surprise when the voice that came to him was gentle. He realized it's definitely from a female. He squinted his eyes as a silhouette came out from behind the bushes. Even with the little bit of sunlight left, he managed to recognize the figure before him.

His eyes widened and let his arms drop down to his sides, as his expression of hostility suddenly changed into surprise when he immediately recognized the long raven hair and violet eyes from a beautiful young woman.

"You-you're Akeno Himejima?" He stuttered.

Akeno giggled in amuse in response. "I'm very surprised you knew I was hiding. I hope I wasn't disturbing you." Akeno said with an apologetic tone.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Elliot responded with a sheepish chuckle. "No, not at all, don't worry about it. Sorry for my outburst though, I didn't know it was you."

Butterflies begin to well up inside of Elliot's stomach when Akeno began to walk towards him with her arms were crossed, making her breast jiggle and bounce with each step. He tried to only focus on her eyes, but only made his face getting redder by her beautiful complex.

"So... What are you doing here?" He asked after a moment of silence.

"Oh, not much. I was just walking home from school when I heard all the commotion." Akeno practically lied. She was actually following him because she was carrying out Rias' order to learn anything about what does he do out of school.

He merely nodded, as his face gained realization. "I see." Then he blinked when he realized they haven't formally introduced. "Oh, I'm Elliot Davidson by the way, but you can call me Elliot." He bowed. "It's nice to meet you, Akeno-senpai."

She bowed as well, and Elliot can't help but notice the interesting things the act does to her chest. "Nice to meet you as well, Elliot-kun." She politely replied.

"By the way, if I remember, you were with Rias Gremory during lunch time, right?"

"Yeah, I remember." Akeno looks slyly at him, "You were trying to be nice to her." She covered her mouth with her hand and giggled demurely, "You were acting funny when you were blushing like that while trying to be a gentlemen."

Elliot looked away shyly. "I was just trying to be a gentleman because I was always told it's important to be a gentlemen around girls!"

"Ufufufu, you're blushing again. How cute," Akeno teased, before she decided to change the subject. "By the way, where did you learn all those moves to defend yourself? It seems like you've been studying the martial arts for years." Akeno let her curiosity get the best of her.

The question made Elliot wear a grin. "Well, you are correct." He puffed out from his chest and pointed himself with his thumb. "That's because I'm a fighter! And my dream looking for challenge with anyone who are skilled in combat in order to test my mettle and participate in a fighting tournament!"

Akeno covered her mouth with her hand and giggled in amusement. "Oh my, really?"

"Of course!" He replied.

"Then how about proving to me that you're really a fighter?"

"Eh?" Elliot blinked with a puzzle look, as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm...not sure how I'm supposed to prove myself to you. What do you want me to do?"

Akeno could scarcely contain her smile. While she doesn't know much about this "fighter" business that Elliot just spouted, she did know that this was the perfect opportunity to find out about the "power" that Rias spoke of.

"Why don't we have a little sparring match between the two of us?" She suggested with her eyes closed and a placid smile on her face.

Elliot blinked again several times, as if he hadn't quite heard her. "I'm sorry must be joking, right?" He said with a nervous laugh. "I mean, no offense, but I don't think you couldn't stand a chance against me, and I don't really want to hurt you or..."

A lightning bold whizzing past his shoulder left him speechless. He turned around his head slowly and saw the bolt struck a tree, utterly destroying it. He turned back at Akeno to see lightning coruscating from her left hand.

"See? You don't have to worry about hurting me," Despite Akeno's giggle sounded absolutely heavenly, there was something about it that someone might freak out. Maybe it had something to do with the lightning that was surrounding her like some kind of barrier. Then again, maybe it just had to do with that strange blush on her cheeks and the way she looks like she's devouring him with her eyes. He did not like that look at all.

Despite just witnessing someone shoot LIGHTNING OUT OF THEIR HAND, Elliot does not look frightened. Indeed, rather than a fearful expression, the young man with the cap was wearing an ear-splitting grin. "I won't to ask where you got that power." He replied before he took a fighting stance "But I accept your challenge!"

(God Hand OST - Rainy Rose)

Akeno was the first to attack by casting a lightning spell out of her left hand, streaking towards Elliot. He rolled along the ground, dodging the lighting before he charged at Akeno.

The school idol formed two balls of lightning in her hands and launched them at him. Elliot managed to dodge one of the crackling yellow spheres, but the second was already near that he didn't have time to dodge. He skidded to a stop and crossed his arms to form an 'X' pattern and brace for impact. The attack hit Elliot dead on, sending him backward and sliding across the ground. He grunted before he standing up; that attack had hurt a little, but it mostly just gave him a mild shock.

He raised his right fist above his head and prepared one of his own techniques.

"POWER WAVE!" He punched the ground, launching a crescent beam of blue energy along the ground towards Akeno.

Akeno summoned a strange red symbol in front of her, which just blocked the blue energy. With both her hands tied, Elliot seized the moment to charge again to make this a close combat battle.

When he finally reached her, he jumped into the air and threw a roundhouse kick, as his foot wreathed in blue flames.


Akeno summoned the symbol for the second time, but when Elliot's foot hit the shield, it shattered like so much glass. She staggered backwards and Elliot launched another kick, this time hitting the raven-haired beauty in her abdomen.

"GAH!" Akeno flew backwards for several feet before hitting the ground.

Elliot stared at Akeno kneeling before him on her hands and knees, shaking. For a moment, he began to worry that his attack may have hurt her. It was only after a few seconds that he realized the girl was shaking with laughter, not in pain.

"Ufufufu..." Her laugh was definitely different that Elliot just got a bad feeling.

Akeno raised her head to show half-lidded eyes and a smile on her face that anyone would run away in fear. The only reason Elliot didn't is because he's in a fight.

"Amazing. No man has dared to hit me like that." She giggled again. "It seems you don't mind hurting a woman so long as you're in a battle. Ufufufu..."

Elliot began to shuddered for her sudden change of behavior, wondering himself what's wrong with the school idol. Is she some kind of a masochist?

"Now it's my turn, and this time I won't be be holding back." Her tone became rather wickedly.

She summonsed the symbol from above. Unlike the red one, it was large and yellow. Elliot looked up before he saw the symbol directly above him.

He acted quickly to move out before a large bolt of lightning came out from the symbol and impacted the ground. Elliot was thrown back by the explosion, but landed on his feet.

Three more symbols appeared in the air around them and each one sent a blast of lightning his way. Elliot only managed to evade two of the lightning bolts, but the last one almost hits him. It strikes the ground inches in front of him and the force of the explosion sent him flying backwards. He hit the ground hard and slided for several feet.

Elliot struggled to his feet but he rolled around instead, dodging the another lightning attack from Akeno.

Despite the deadliness of Akeno's assault, Elliot let out a chuckle and looked at his opponent with a smirk. "Not bad, but let's see how well you fight with your fists!" He lunged at her, taking evasive actions as Akeno begins sending more lighting his way.

Elliot reared his fist back before his knuckle was engulfed with blue flames, just like one of his feet.


Before Elliot's fist makes contact with Akeno, she created a sphere of lighting that surrounded her, blocking the punch. She then generates a shock wave with the lightning, pushing the young man away from her and shocking him at the same time.

Elliot pressed his fingers on the ground and skidded across the ground, but he winced when they scraped painfully on the surface.

That moment he realized Akeno is good with long range attacks. It's hard to even approach her and no matter how much he strives to get in close, she'll just use that dome which protects her in close combat. He considered it's now the time to use one of his techniques which he spent time to improve it. Though he was not sure if that should work, but it's better to see what happens.

He decided to make another counterattack at her again, Akeno giggled in respone. "Oh my, you still want more? Very well, then." More lightning flew from her fingertips and towards the young man in the cap.

Elliot dodged each and every attack that comes his way as he closed the distance between them. He reared his right fist back to prepare his technique, gathering all of his energy into it. Akeno made another sphere of lightning, no doubt expecting an attack like the last one.


Pounding his fist into the ground, Elliot created a large wave of energy that burst forth from the earth. Akeno's eyes widened in shock when the attack hits her sphere with explosive and unstoppable force, making her protective sphere shatter like glass before Akeno was hit full on by the attack.

"AAAAAHHHH!" She released a yell as she was thrown backwards like a ragdoll and fell to the ground.

(Ost End)

Elliot was panting after he finished his attack, but he was wearing a satisfying smile. When the dust cloud his attack kicked up dissipated, he saw Akeno lying on the ground. Elliot's smile faded as his face changed into concern that he rushed after her, thinking he might have put too much power into his attack due to his excitement over the battle.

"Akeno-senpai! Are you okay?" He kneeled beside her.

Thankfully, Akeno was not too injured and she was still conscious. She sat up as she rubbed her head, appearing no worse for wear. Elliot sighed in relief, but soon found himself staring at her with wide eyes.

Her uniform had been completely torn apart by that last attack and her right breast was exposed to him. At least he couldn't see something more revealing because Akeno was wearing a bra. Even then, he found himself staring at the purple, lacy bra with mortification and embarrassment clear on his face.

"Oh, my! My uniform is ruined!" She exclaimed, putting her hand on her flushed cheeks.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry! I shouldn't have put so much power into my technique. Here, let me cover you." He took off his jacket, revealing his white t-shirt, wrapped it over Akeno's shoulders.

Akeno looked at him in surprise, but a second later, she smiled at his thoughtful gesture. "Thank you." She said in gratitude.

Elliot helped Akeno to get on her feet. "Are you okay? Sorry about your uniform by the way."

"It's okay, I'm fine," She reassured him, with her perennial smile never leaving her face. "And aren't you a gentleman, acting all worried about me even though we just fought."

Elliot smiled and blushes at the same time. "What kind of man would I be if I left a woman when she was in such a state?"

They shared a smile. Elliot looked up at the full moon shining overhead. It was already night. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

"We should probably head home now." He turned at Akeno. "Hey, I could take you to your home, but I don't know where you live about you come with me to my place? As an apology for ruining your clothes."

Akeno blinked. She found herself surprised for what had to be the sixth or seventh time this night. She did not expect Elliot to be so nice to her after their battle, especially since she had been pretty merciless to him in the fight. She wasn't sure if she can accept his offer, but she knew walking in the street half-naked is really a bad idea. In fact, she thought this could be the chance to know about his lifestyle and to learn how he got such power.

Akeno smiled and nodded her head. "I would like that."

Elliot returned the smile before he left the park with Akeno in tow, in their way to his.

Three figures stood on top of a large building, watching the young couple walking out of the park.

One of them was a middle-aged looking man with short black hair, wearing a pale violet trenchcoat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, and a black fedora. The second was an attractive young woman with long black hair down to her hips. Her clothing was more revealing, consisting of black, leather strap-like objects around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that run right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots. Lastly, the third one was a short girl with blonde hair styled into twintails. She wore a Gothic attire. which consisted of a black Lolita dress with white frills, a large black bow on the front, and a green jewel embedded on the collar, white thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She also wore a large black bow on top of her hair.

The trio have saw the fight from the beginning, and their reaction was shocking.

"I can't believe it." The woman said with wide eyes.

"Who could've imagine a human can defeat a Devil. I swear I never seen something like that before." The man replied, biting his index finger with apprehension.

"Me neither. He looked kinda cute though, but I guess we should be careful with him, isn't it?" Said the little girl, swinging her legs childishly as she was sitting on the edge of the building. "You think he has a Sacred Gear inside of him?"

"No," The man answered with a shook on his head. "That power of his is much different than any Sacred Gear. Though, that doesn't mean he couldn't have one inside of him."

"Don't you think we should just kill him before he become a threat to us?" The woman asked with a frown.

"You're right, if he becomes a Devil or an Angel, this could be a huge problem for our kind." He replied, but then he returned the frown at her. "But you saw how he's capable. I don't think it would be wise to attack him unless we know about his power."

"Then we should tell our Lady everything what we saw." A female voice sounds out behind them. They turn around to see another attractive woman, tall and buxom, with navy blue hair that obscured her right eye. Wearing a violet, trenchcoat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trenchcoat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck.

"Since we don't have any ideas what should we do about that boy, we need to know what does she think about it and giving us an order. In the meantime, I think we should leave him alone, for now." The blue haired woman said.

"What are you talking about, Kalawawrner? We can't waste our chance before someone get the attention on him. We can do this together to get rid off him." The purple dress woman responded in protest.

Kalawarned turned at her sternly. "And what if he's capable to defend himself against us, Raynare? You already saw what happened in there, so I don't believe we could stand against that guy. And if our Lady will learn we attacked a human without her permission, she will be mad at us and who knows what kind of consequences we will suffer. Besides, we don't even know if he could be a great threat to us. So the only thing we can do about it is tell her about that boy and see if she tells us what to do. Do you understand?"

Raynare remained silent, but she hesitantly gave Kalawarner a nod.

"Good, then we better go talk to her. Let's go."

Suddenly, a pair of black feather wings emerge from the blue haired woman's back, before the others revealed they also have their own wings. And then, they flew off into the night, as a few feathers raining down upon the roof of the building.

Elliot and Akeno were walking down a quiet street, where is a little far away from the urban areas of Kuoh city, on their way to Elliot's home. Elliot had not realize that he had his arm wrapped around Akeno's waist. She couldn't stop blushing, but at the same time, she's rather glad that she met such a nice young man. It was no longer just his power that made her want to learn more about him, but his generous and friendly personality.

She took a brief look at Elliot's face, staring intently his pair of deep-set icy blue eyes. Elliot suddenly noticed Akeno was staring at him, before he returned the gaze at her in curiosity. But Akeno quickly turned her head away with a shy look.

Elliot thought he would ask her if there's something wrong, but he thought she must be pretty uncomfortable to answer him, since her clothes got torn up after the fight. He knew he should make up something as a an apology.

The journey didn't last longer when Elliot stopped his tracks, forcing Akeno to do the same.

"We're here." Elliot said.

The building they're standing in front of was a two-story house, with light gray tiles on the gabled roof; stone-like ceramic walls on the lower floor and beige walls on the upper floor, with four large square windows. On the right side there was a small garden filled with different types of plants and flowers. Several parts of the house also looked like they were made of wood, such as the roof and pillars.

Akeno was astonished just by looking the size of the building, wondering how Elliot could afford to live such an expensive house.

Elliot unlocked the main door with a key and opened it, but stepped aside to allow Akeno to proceed before going in himself. He turned a switch on, before the lights illuminated the darkened environment, as they walked further in.

The living room was spacious, with two brown couches, a small coffee table. At the end of the right there was a TV cabinet, with a 32 inch TV on top, video game consoles and several sets of video games and DVDs. Most of the DVDs he owns are action movies, featuring his personal favorite martial artists. Jet Li, Michael J. White, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, and even, what he considers as his idol, Bruce Lee.

"My, your house looks very cozy." Akeno complimented as she looked around the living room in amazement.

Elliot smiled in response. "Thanks. A friend of mine allowed me to live here while he moved away. Which means, I live alone, for now." Elliot said while he was taking off his shoes. Akeno followed his suit and they both walked over to one of the couches.

"Really? Where is he?" Akeno grew curious as she took the seat.

"He went to Osaka because he has a match for a championship in the next week. So he asked me to take care his house until he returns." Elliot replied and sat next to her.

"Wait, you mean your friend is also a fighter? Just like you?" She inquired in surprise.

The young man's smile widened to that question. "That's right! He's a Muay Thai professional fighter. I've watched every single of his fights since I met him and he was my inspiration to keep training. Well, actually he's not the only one who helped me a lot. I got a friend who's in Florida, and he has a brother who's living in Kyoto. Their names are Terry and Andy. They both are also fighters!" He chuckled gleefully. "You have no idea how happy I was to meet those guys who gave me the reason who I wanted to be."

Akeno giggled some more. She found amusing how Elliot had much respect to them. But now that she learned how the young man gained those powers, she's now intrigued to know about his friends and what kind of training he had with them. If they're also human, then it could mean there must be other people who can have that potential. Though she wondered, why Elliot feels so proudly about being a fighter. What does it mean to him to be a fighter?

Elliot stood up from the couch. "Hey, would you like something to drink?" He asked.

Akeno snapped out from her thoughts. She was about to politely refuse the offer, but the sense of dryness in her throat made her change her mind. "A glass of water should be fine." She answered.

"Alright, in the meantime, feel like you are yourself in home." Then, he headed to the kitchen.

While Akeno was waiting for her drink, she held Elliot's jacket around her a bit tighter. It's not like she's embarrased to expose her toring clothes to him, which he actually does that just for amusement, but she couldn't understand why she was doing that. For some reason, she wanted to feel the warm, even though she wasn't cold. She let out a sigh, before her cheeks flushed in red. It can't be... She is being attracted to Elliot? After their recent first meeting turned out a fight?

Before she started thinking, Elliot came back from the kitchen with a glass of water.

"Here you go." Elliot handed it to Akeno.

"Thank you." The ravenette took a sip of her drink, while Elliot went back to his seat.

"Elliot." Akeno spoke up as she set the glass down on the table. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, what's on your mind?" Elliot said.

"You were telling me only about your friends, but what about your parents? Are they still living in your country?" She asked after she realized he never mentioned about them before.

Elliot went taken aback at the question, as his smile suddenly disappeared and his cheerful behavior changed into sadness. Akeno suddenly knew what kind of expression mean, and knew she wouldn't like what kind of answer she's going to hear.

"I... I don't have. I mean, I have not know them since I was a baby." Elliot responded, staring downheartedly to the ground. "I was raised in the orphanage back in Florida when the nuns found me at the doorstep, which is very sure to say that my parents were gone after they left me there. When I was seven, I ran away because I knew I was gonna be adopted someday, but I didn't want to have a new family. I ended up living in the streets while I was trying to find my real parents, but I found nothing about them." He let out a sigh. "I gave up because... what's the point to find someone who left you in an orphanage, and then you never seen them for a long time? So eventually I learned how to take care of myself."

Akeno started to regret for asking that question that turned out to be sensitive for Elliot. She should've known that it's not usual that a young man like Elliot could live all by himself in a house without anyone in his family, even if he's living in a friend's house.

"I am so sorry to hear that." She said in pity.

"It's fine," Elliot smiled sadly, "I know it's painful for me, but at least I have people who are taking care of me. So you don't need to worry about it."

Akeno nodded with her head, but her heart isn't in the gesture. For some reason, she doesn't like the look of depression that had overcome Elliot's features. That moment she thought she has to cheer him up somehow, maybe like changing the subject for something that he dedicates.

"There's something else I'd like to know." She spoke, as Elliot turned to her expectantly for her next question. "How did you learn all those techniques you used in our battle? I've never seen anyone doing that kind of moves before."

Elliot's blinked in surprise, much to Akeno's relief, she noticed his mood immediately brightened.

"My best friend was the one who taught me. All those abilities you saw me use were his own techniques, but he didn't mind sharing them with me."

"Terry must be very special to you to let you learn how to fight." Akeno noted idly.

"He really is," Elliot replied with a sincere smile. "He's always been kinda like an older brother to me after he saved me when I was all alone in the streets. He told me that being a fighter is about showing your courage and being able to survive whatever is thrown your way." He raises a hand and clenches it into a fist. "That's why I decided to be a fighter, because I want to be stronger like him to be capable to face my problems by myself, and maybe have my own disciples. I suppose you could say it's my way of passing on my legacy."

Akeno is surprised by his sudden change in mood from something so simple. It seems the young man enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Nevertheless, seeing him in good spirits was enough to make her smile.

She put a hand to her cheek, "My, you look so cute when you get excited like that."

A sheepish laugh escaped from Elliot's mouth, as he rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry," He replied. "I just can't help it. I wasn't into fighting so much until I learned more about it, plus watching some good martial arts movies and watching UFC."

After talking for a few more minutes, Elliot looks at the clock and sees that it reads 8:47.

"Oh crap! Look at how late it is! I still have to make dinner!" Elliot jumped to his feet. But before he went to the kitchen, he looked a Akeno, still covered by his jacket. He slapped his forehead. "And I forgot to give you something to wear! Hold on, I'll be right back!"

As Elliot ran up the stairs, Akeno laughed quietly to herself. She's really starting to like his personality.

A few seconds later, Elliot came back with a black t-shirt with a red UFC logo and black pajama pants.

"Sorry I forgot to give you these before," Elliot handed the clothes to her. "Here, my shirt's a little big, but it should fit. Oh! And if you want, you can take a shower while I cook dinner. There's a bathroom upstairs, just on the right hand side."

Akeno gave Elliot an appreciative smile as she stood up from the couch. "Thank you. I think I shall do that."

While Akeno was taking the shower, Elliot was cooking grilled steaks with baked potatoes and carrots, as he was almost finish with tonight's dinner, his mind was wandering to Akeno. Honestly, he never thought he would bump into a high school girl whose powers is lighting manipulation. But that's besides the point, she seemed like a very nice girl, friendly, kind, and not to mention very beautiful. He was glad to meet that kind of person, though the only thing that keeps throwing him off about her is her behavior towards him. The way she acted when he landed a hit on her, was nothing that any opponent would react such a way.

When the steaks were now roasted, he put them on each plate along with the potatoes and carrots.

"Akeno-Senpai! Dinner's ready!" He called out.


He put the plates on the table just as Akeno appeared. When he turned to her, his jaw dropped to the ground. The ravenette is now wearing his pajamas and t-shirt, and she looks good. Maybe it's just him, but he could swear her breasts looked even bigger in his shirt than they do in her uniform.

Akeno saw his face get red and smirked. "My,my~ Are you okay? You're face is all red." So saying this, she leaned forward to check his forehead, showing off a healthy portion of her cleavage in the process as they jiggled and bounced. Needless to say, his face grew even more red.

"What! No, no! I'm fine! Really!" He stammered, backing up several steps as the steam poured out of his ears.

"Are you sure?" She asked, tilting her head cutely.

He nodded vigorously. "Yes! I'm very sure. A-anyway, dinner's all ready. We should eat before it gets cold." He hastily sits down and tries to ignore the sweat that formed on his brow from Akeno's teasing and eat.

Akeno decided to leave him alone...for now. With a soft giggle, she sat down and began to eat.

The dinner is enjoyable. Akeno sighed softly after finishing, her posture slumping.

"That was very good," She complimented. "I didn't know you could cook so well."

"Thanks. I used to be terrible, but my friends taught me how to cook. Said I would need to eat right if I wanted to be a fighter." He laughs while patting his stomach. "I don't know about that, but it's nice being able to eat good food instead of spending all my money and snacks and hamburgers."

"Elliot-kun..." Akeno speaks in a low tone.


She gave him a sweet smile. "I want to thank you for being so kind. Even though I kinda pushed you into fighting me you've been very nice and even invited me into your house and cooked me dinner." Her smile grew so large that her eyes are forced close. It made her look even cuter. "I've never met someone as kind as you."

He smiled and took off his hat to run his fingers through his hair. "I don't have much experience with stuff like this, talking to a beautiful girl I mean." He twiddled his thumbs and gulps. "So...I also wanted to thank you for accepting my invitation and hanging out with me."

Akeno stood up in one, fluid motion, then walks behind Elliot. The boy froze and his face heated up when she wrapped her arms around him and he felt two big, soft something press into his back.

"A-Akeno-senpai?!" He said in a panic.

"You don't have to call me 'senpai' you know. We're now friends, right? So you can just call me Akeno...or Akeno-chan, if you prefer."

He gulped, but nodded with his head. "O-okay."

While he is glad to have made a new friend in Akeno, he is also nervous because of how she's acting around him.

A glance at the clock shows it was getting late.

"It's getting late. You should probably go home now," He tried to stand up, but was unable to when Akeno doesn't let go.

"I don't really feel like leaving right now. I would like to spend more time with you," She placed her hand on his cheek and turned his head so he could look into her violet eyes. "Let me stay with you, just for tonight, please?"

Elliot foundhimself speechless. His heart pounded like a war drum as Akeno's beautiful face filled his vision.

Somehow, he found his voice.

"Ah...I..." He gulped, "I could stay here. B-but only for tonight." He added. The last thing he needs is for his friend to find out he had a woman spend the night. He could only imagine how they would react.

Akeno smiled at him. "Thank you," she pecked him on the cheek and breaks the hug, ignoring his gasp as made to stand in front of him. "Where's your room?"

Still reeling from the shock, Elliot answers without thinking. "Upstairs, second door on the left..."

"Thanks~!" Akeno sings in a sing song voice, giggling as she walked away. "I'll be waiting for you!"

Elliot snapped out of his shock at her statement. "H-hey! Wai-" Too late, she already left.

He rested his elbows on the table and put his hands on his head. 'Why is this happening to me?' He asked himself with a frustrated sigh.

He touched the cheek where Akeno kissed him. Unbidden, he smiled. He was probably one of the luckiest guys in the school. How many of them can say one of the two idols kissed them? Not many, he wagers. Or was Akeno always like that? Well, best not to worry about it.

Elliot put his hat back on before taking the plates to the kitchen sink. Afterward, he made his way to the bedroom.

Upon opening the door, Elliot is greeted with his spacious bedroom. Sliding windows reveal the outside world and a balcony gives a wonderful view of the neighborhood. On his right is a bed and right next to it a punching bag. The other side contains his closet and desk, which had his computer on top. Hanging up on the walls were various UFC poster and even a few of Muhammad Ali and a number of Bruce Lee movies.

Akeno was sitting in the middle of his bed, absently gazing around his room. "My, what an interesting room."

"Thank you."

"You have a lot of stuff about fighting in here."

"Sorry about that. I know it's a bit...excessive."

"Not at all," she smiled at him. "It shows a lot about your character."

"I guess." Elliot walked over to his closet and grabbed a pair of pajamas before walking to the door. He stopped, however, when Akeno speaks up.

"Where are you going?"

He turned his head to look at her. "To get changed and then find a nice couch to sleep on."

"I wouldn't mind if you changed right here," Akeno winked. "And why would you want to sleep on the couch when you could sleep, with, me?" she asked, her voice as suggestive as it is seductive.

He blushes a bit, but also manages a small chuckle. "I don't think so," he stated. Elliot is about to open the door, but before he could a pair of arms wrap around his right one.

"H-Hey! Let go of me!" He tried to break out of her grip, but stops when he looks over at Akeno.

She was giving him the puppy dog eyes, and Elliot finds his will breaking. "Please. Don't leave me here; I'll be lonely without you."

After several seconds of defiance, Elliot deflated like a balloon that had all the air taken out of it. "Alright, fine!" He sighed, trying to ignore the feel her his arm between her breasts. "But you have to turn around while I'm changing, okay?"

She pouted at him, but he just smirks. "You want to sleep with me, right? Then you have to do as I say."

"Ha...fine, fine. You're no fun." She let go of his arm and turns around in a huff.

As Elliot chuckled and starts to get changed, Akeno fumed. She was really looking forward to seeing what he looked like underneath that shirt. If those arms of his were any indication, then he was probably quite muscular.

"Finished," Elliot says, "You can turn around now."

Akeno turned around. Elliot is now wearing a dark sleeveless shirt and dark blue plaid pajamas. Without his school uniform she can clearly see his toned arms.

"Akeno-sempai? It's something wrong with my arms?" He asks, seeing she was eyeing at his arms.

"Ufufufu... Elliot-kun, It's just your arms are strong. If other girls in Kuoh Academy will saw your body, you will get a lot of fangirls in all the academy, and no one will leave you alone neither when you study." She joked.

"My everyday of workout to keep my physical it's just for practice for my techniques, not to get a lot of chicks!" He answers, and a nervous tick mark formed above his head.

Everything Akeno is doing with him makes him look like a child.

"Can we go to sleep now? We have to get up early for tomorrow." He said.

His bed don't have enough space for two people, but she replied she don't mind sharing the space with lays down on his bed, Akeno behind him. Despite having agreed to sleep with the girl, he felt very nervous. This is his first time sleeping with a girl.

Meanwhile, Akeno is actually enjoying sharing a bed with Elliot. The only thing that could make it better was if he was facing her. Oh well.

Akeno sniffed the air in front of her. Elliot still smells of sweat from his fight. It seems he forgot to take a shower. He was probably too busy with their conversation and making dinner.

Akeno wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.


Akeno doesn't reply, instead she pretended to be asleep, but keeps a tight grip on him so he could not break it. After several seconds of trying to break free he gave up. She looked so peaceful when she sleeps that he doesn't want to wake her. It doesn't help that she looks absolutely adorable snuggling him like that.

Sighing, Elliot closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

"Hmm? A human with an unknown power?" The voice of a woman asked. The female in question sits on a Victorian chair, her appearance cast in shadow. Meanwhile, her butler who was standing beside served her a cup of tea.

"Yes, we have reason to believe that his power does not come from a Sacred Gear. And he managed to fight off a Devil with this power." The woman with the purple dress answered. She and her partners were kneeling before the one seated on the chair.

"You just came here, interrupting my free time to tell me about one human with an unknown power?" She asked, her voice menacing. The three below her shivered at her tone.

"We are deeply sorry, Ojou-Sama. We didn't mean to bother you, but we believe this power could become a threat to us and the progress we've made. It would be even worse if he is reincarnated as a Devil or Angel. We merely wished to know what your orders are with this. What do you want us to do with this human?"

Staying silent, the woman hidden in shadows thinks. She does not believe a single human with a strange power could be a threat, especially if he does not have a Sacred Gear. However, she admits to being curious, especially after her servants told her this child managed to defeat a Devil. Such a thing should be impossible for a normal human to accomplish.

She wondered who this young man is?

She lifted her cup of tea and took a sip.

"A question, Kalawarner. Why do you believe he must be eliminated?"

"I won't lie, I have no idea, Ojou-Sama. But I've never seen a human with that kind of power before. And he managed to defeat a Devil, a strong one at that. Only a very powerful human could beat a devil."

"Is that so?" The shadows moved as she leaned back. "I am still not convinced of his threat, but I suppose you do have a point."

"S-So, what do you want us to do?" Kalawarner asked.

"You and your partners are to keep an eye on him for the time being. Try and find out more about him: his name, where he lives, what he likes, anything and everything you can. If possible, find out where he got those powers. But do not try to attack yet, only after I have learned everything about him before I'll decide what we should do." Her voice lowered, becoming cold and menacing. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Ojou-Sama. I will do as you command." She bowed before standing up and walking to the door. Her partners do the same and follow the woman in purple as she left the room.