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Through the Thorns

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Justin Taylor was tired. Tired of coming last in Brian's life. He didn't mind coming after Gus, of course. But shouldn't he, as Brian's partner, come at least before Michael and Lindsay? Brian was blind to their manipulations but Justin saw it all. He saw Michael's attemps at breaking him and the Stud of Liberty up. He saw Lindsay's dreams of being Brian's wife, he saw her greedy head rear whenever Brian did something for Justin. It was clear to him: Michael and Lindsay wanted him gone, far far away from Brian. And after 6 years of fighting for Brian's love, Justin really was tired of everything. For the last couple of weeks, he felt terrible but Brian didn't even seem to notice. Michael or Lindsay only needed to call and Brian would jump to help them. When Justin was too tired join to Brian on a night out at Babylon, Brian would just shrug and go alone.

Justin finished the last boards for one of Kinnetic's campaigns before he grabbed his duffel bag and packed his clothes and belongings. He wasn't like Michael or Lindsay, he wouldn't force Brian to chose. He knew how much Brian loved his two best friends. He never minded their friendship although he hated how they both used Brian's trust, generosity and loyality. However, he needed to think of himself first. He wasn't feeling well and couldn't wait for his lover to finally get a clue and realize that the blonde needed him. He packed everything he owned, put his keys on the counter and left the loft. He left Brian a letter on the bed, asking for a call so they could talk.

Unfortunately for Justin, Brian came home along with Michael. Ben had left him just a week ago and kicked Michael out of the house so the comic lover had to move into his Mom's house, which she shared with her lover Carl. Occasionally, Michael would sleep at Brian's loft, much to Justin's dismay. So, when Michael noticed Justin's letter in the bedroom, he took and read it and stuffed it into his pocket. He was sure that they finally got rid of one Justin Taylor.


2 Days Later

Brian was worried, angry and confused. Justin was gone and he had no idea why he left or where he went to. He called Daphne and Jennifer but neither knew about the blonde's whereabouts. Debbie had no clue either. The ad genius knew that Justin wasn't feeling too well lately so he called all the hospitals in the area but Justin wasn't to be found. When he asked Carl, the police offer explained to him that it seemed Justin moved out so there was no reason for the police to search for the young man.

Emmett and Ted had no idea where the blonde had gone to either but they all worried about him. And Brian. It seemed that Brian was going crazy in his 'quest' to find Justin. Why didn't the blonde call and why did he leave when they all thought he and Brian were happy and finally on the same page.

Michael and Lindsay on the other hand didn't worry but were almost celebrating the disappearance of Justin. They were both annoyed whenever Justin's name was mentioned. Melanie was ready to kick Lindsay out because of her ignorance towards someone they all considered a friend, family.

Justin had been busy since the night he walked out of the loft for good. He checked into a cheap hotel until he found a place to rent or buy. Luckily, he managed to save a little bit of money. The day after moving out of the loft, he went to a doctor who took some blood samples and did athorough check. Justin almost fainted when he was told the results: he was pregnant. With Brian's child. That news of course changed everything and Justin knew he had to think about his decision to leave Brian. He was mad tho when he arrived back at the hotel when he noticed that Brian hadn't called. When Brian still hadn't called two days later his anger turned into frustration and desperation. Did Brian even care that he was gone? He had his number changed before he left but he wrote his new number into the letter so Brian couldn't use this as an excuse. Before he could think about what he was going to do, everything went black.


Late Afternoon

"Justin?" Brian answered his phone, hoping it was Justin.

"Brian, it's Jennifer. Allgheny Hospital called me, Justin was brought in. It seems he booked a room at the Pitts Hotel and fainted. The Manager heard the noise and went to look for him. He called an ambulance when he found Justin. He's unconscious but the doctors are doing some tests now. I thought you'd like to know. I'm on my way there." Jennifer told him.

"I'm on my way. Let's hope he didn't hurt his head." Brian worried. He grabbed his keys and ran out of the loft, almost forgetting to set the alarm.