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Get Lost In The Rhythm Of Me

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Alex has her first date with Maggie four days after she tells her she loves her.

If either of them had their way, it would have been even sooner, but she guesses that’s one of the hazards about the fact that she agreed to teach three sections of her class this semester; it came with the end of semester rush – on top of her actual research.

But, that’s over now for the next few months, and even though she still has work in the lab, she’s never before felt like such a giddy kid celebrating summer vacation.

She really hasn’t not been feeling like this since the night Maggie professed her feelings back for her, even with having so much work to do. Honestly, she doesn’t think she’s ever felt this happy.

Which is why she’s not going to let the fact that Maggie called her an hour ago to tell her – her tone sad and regretful and irritated all at once – that she was being made to stay at the station and re-fill out all of the paperwork from their current case because of something one of the other detectives on the case had botched the day before, stop the date from happening.

Excited nerves tingle throughout her body as she tightens her grip on the bag filled with food that she’d picked up from Maggie’s favorite Italian place, still able to feel the grin she has that she’s been wearing since right before she’d left, as she’d told Kara, “I have a date with Maggie.”

And she could hear the amazement in her own voice.  

She’s still able to hear her sister’s almost equally excited squeal and, “Yeah, you do!” as she’d given Alex a bright eyed smile and a tight hug.

She’s more than familiar enough with the precinct after the past few years to be able to navigate around, and she comes to a stop when she sees Maggie sitting at her desk.

She doesn’t know how it happens, but seeing Maggie never fails to give her that breathless head rush. It started years ago, and if anything, has only gotten stronger. Even now, as she is furiously scrawling on the forms on her desk.

Even now, while her head is braced against one hand, all that thick, dark hair falling over her shoulder, as her face is settled so deeply in a mix between a scowl and a frown, Alex is almost worried it might get stuck that way.

Maggie is focusing so deeply on her work that she doesn’t notice Alex is there until she places the bag of food on the desk, “Delivery for Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie’s head snaps up, and it’s almost like a switch is flicked. The frowning scowl is replaced in seconds with a smile so bright, her dimples pop, “Danvers?”

And – has she really never noticed that Maggie always smiles like this for her? Or had she just been talking herself into believing that it didn’t mean what it means?

That Maggie loves her, a small voice says in the back of her mind.

“What are you doing here?” Those dark eyes are still twinkling up at her in that way that only Maggie has – and, Alex is convinced, only Maggie will ever have – but she’s tilting her head in confusion.

“Well, you sounded kind of awful on the phone,” she teases, a small smile on her face, even as she feels a slight niggling of doubt in her stomach. “I figured you could use some dinner.”

Maggie’s eyebrows lift as she takes in the bag Alex had placed down, “From Angelo’s? That’s over a half hour away,” her voice is soft and surprised, still.

And it gives Alex a feeling of satisfaction that she surprised Maggie like this, but also the persistent ghost of irritation toward so many people in Maggie’s past that cause her this surprise that anyone would go out of the way for her; she doubts that feeling will ever go away.

“Angelo’s is your favorite,” she reminds her as she reaches for an empty chair to pull over, before hesitating, eyes flickering to Maggie. Whose dark gaze is still wide and thoughtful as she bites at the inside of her lip, “Can I…?”

“No,” Maggie’s voice is quiet but firm, and when she feels herself freeze, she looks up just in time to see her lean back to drag the chair from the desk behind her, “Not across. Sit over here, with me.”

The relief that slides over her is ridiculous, and she can’t contain her smile. Maggie’s shaking her head a bit, and Alex can feel her gaze on her as she sits down… and she scoots in close enough that her legs brush against Maggie’s because she can. Because for the first time in the last few years, she can let herself feel the way her stomach flips when they touch and not feel hopeless.

It only makes it even better when she meets Maggie’s eyes and she swears she can see the same feeling mirrored on her face.

They hold it for a few beats – beats that make her heart skip – before she clears her throat and reaches for the food, “I got you the spaghetti and meatballs –”

“You can’t go wrong with a classic,” Maggie lightly tells her, a laugh in her voice even as Alex rolls her eyes.

“You always say that. Anyway, I got the carbonara, if you want to mix it up,” she pulls out the to-go containers, glad they’re still warm. And that she had the foresight to bring the insulated bag Kara keeps in their kitchen.


She reaches for the plates she’d tucked away into the bag from her apartment, “Don’t worry, I got the rolls, too.”

Maggie huffs out a breath before her hand lands on Alex’s wrist, effectively stilling her, “Alex. You didn’t have to do this.”

“I – what?” she glimpses from Maggie’s hand – both soft and lightly calloused and so familiar to her after years of knowing her, but so new in the way it lands on her arm and her thumb rubs lightly at her skin – up to meet her gaze again.

It gives her goosebumps.

“I mean,” Maggie squeezes her eyes closed, “It’s my fault tonight had to be cancelled. Well, that idiot Harrison’s fault, but I’m the one who had to ruin tonight. You – you didn’t have to do all of this.”

Alex can hear the remorse in her voice, and she wants it gone.

But the reassurances she’d given Maggie on the phone hadn’t worked, and, really, it’s not like she doesn’t know by now that Maggie is going to be hard on herself. Especially when their first morning together, the way Maggie had laid herself out, vulnerable to her, is still so fresh in her memory.

So, she lifts an eyebrow, keeping her tone as matter-of-fact as she can, as she reaches for her dinner, “What, you thought I was going to just miss our first date? Not a chance.”

The look Maggie gives her is both warm and skeptical at the same time, “No; I was the one who asked you on the date, and had the whole night planned. I’m the one who runs the show on the first date, Danvers.”

“And I’m the one who told you I love you first and got the whole ball rolling,” she says, and it’s the first time either of them have referenced that night so casually and she can feel it settling over them.

It’s surprisingly comfortable.

Especially because Maggie’s dimples are back, “You do have that.” But then she slides her spaghetti toward herself, “But it means that the first date should fall to me. So, tonight, is a perfect surprise… but our first date isn’t in the precinct, surrounded by paperwork and that old stereo that I can never figure out how to shut off.”

“No?” she makes a show of looking down at herself, still wearing the tight jeans and heeled boots and sort-of dressy shirt – she hadn’t known what to wear to plan for their date – then at the food, before back to Maggie, “You, me, Italian dinner, music…” she trails off before biting her lip and sliding her hand down into Maggie’s, interlacing their fingers easily. “And this? Seems like a date to me.”

Even though Maggie shakes her head, her hand flexes in Alex’s to hold a little tighter, “Nerd. But, Alex. You,” she sighs, trailing her eyes over Alex’s face slowly, “You deserve an amazing romance. Special nights, to be treated right.”

“That’s why I’m here with you,” she murmurs. She doesn’t say that every night she spends with Maggie is special to her. That being with Maggie is exactly how she would choose to spend her nights time and time again, anywhere.

But she knows that Maggie knows by the way her eyes brighten so much, Alex thinks that the sun and the moon are both reflected in them despite being inside.

They eat, continuing to hold hands without even realizing it, as Maggie falls into telling Alex about the case and her paperwork, and Alex tells her about her day at work – as through she hadn’t texted her about it earlier – and she stays long past their meal being done.

It’s over two hours later that Maggie is walking her out of the building, despite the fact that she still has to get paperwork done.

“I meant to leave sooner,” she admits, as they walk down the steps, hands swinging slightly between them, “I didn’t want to derail your night.”

Maggie stops and tugs on Alex’s hand enough to stop her, letting her pause to see her shaking her head solemnly, “You were the best part of my night; paperwork derailed it.”

She knows that her relief is showing in her smile, “Yeah?”

Maggie quirks an eyebrow as she steps to the side, drawing them closer to the side of the building, “Well, it’s not every day your girlfriend brings your favorite dinner to completely turn around your day after being forced to cancel on her.”

She can feel her heart stutter in her chest, “Girlfriend?”

The hand holding hers tightens fractionally and she can see her swallow, before Maggie tilts her head, “I, uh, well, I figured, because of the love part, but I at least should have waited until the very end of our date to ask you…”

“Then you admit it’s a date?” she grins, even while she can feel the blood rushing through her veins at the word. Girlfriend.

Maggie pauses, looking almost a little flustered by herself – which Alex guesses means she’s probably feeling actually flustered inside. She doesn’t need Maggie to tell her that she’s never before referred to anyone as her girlfriend so quickly, so easily.

And then she blows out a breath, an adorable smile tugging at her mouth, “Yeah. It was a date, Danvers,” her voice is low, and she shakes her head, “Besides, I don’t want you to think I didn’t notice all of this.”

She uses her free hand to gesture up and down, tilting her head appreciatively, and Alex can feel warmth pool in her stomach. “What kind of girlfriend would I be, dressing down for our first date?”

Maggie scoffs slightly, around her smile. And Alex swears she doesn’t know the last time she has seen Maggie smile so much… and the fact that it’s because of her is – headier than even the most powerful drink she’s ever had.

“You could wear anything and any date would be perfect,” Maggie informs her, her voice dipping just a bit, as she hooks her finger into Alex’s belt loop.

And her stomach drops because Maggie can do that now. She can hook her fingers into her belt loop and tug Alex forward by the hips. It’s fucking ridiculous how her knees go weak with the movement, and it’s easy to be backed into the wall.

Especially with Maggie’s body, solid and warm and just a breath away from completely pressing against her. Alex would gladly take that breath to feel Maggie even closer.

It’s not a surprise when Maggie leans in – leans up – and touches her lips against hers. Because this is happening and it’s real and she is really on a date with Maggie Sawyer.

Soft, exploring lips brush against her own – once, twice, and then settling the third time. And each touch sends a tingle shooting through her body, right to her core, as her hand strokes up Maggie’s back.

She can feel the lean muscle there and it’s so easy to be able to picture just how it would look under her hands. She grips a bit harder at her shoulder and revels in the way it makes Maggie’s mouth part on a hum into her own.

Maggie’s tongue slides against hers and she slides her hand up higher, to be able to sift her fingers into dark hair, pulling her even closer. Close enough that now the breath between their bodies is entirely gone, and Maggie’s hands both settle on her hips, her thumbs stroking in soft circles that elicit unstoppable, soft sounds from the back of Alex’s throat.

God, she doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to this. The way Maggie’s mouth on hers makes her breathless, makes her blood instantly run hotter, makes her feel like she could spend forever doing just – this.

She doesn’t ever want to get used to it, either.

Maggie runs her hands slowly up to her waist – she can feel the warmth of her fingers through her shirt, and it drives her a little crazy, as she slowly strokes back down. She nips lightly at Maggie’s lip in response, and it’s far, far too soon when the hands on her hips flex and Maggie pulls back.

Not far. Just far enough, though, so they aren’t kissing, but close enough that she can nuzzle her nose against Maggie’s without moving more than scant centimeters. Close enough that she can feel Maggie smile because of it.

“I’ve never regretted having to call off any personal plans for work in my life. Before you,” Maggie breathes against her lips, and Alex can feel her fingers press teasing patterns into her hips.

It makes her shiver, all the way up her spine, even before she presses their foreheads together. “I know what you mean. And I think you’ll have plenty of times to show me just how understanding you are about when I have to spend late nights at work, too.”

Actually, she knows it for a fact. She knows that Maggie has a lot she wants to do, a lot she wants to prove, and so does she; they both always have. It’s one of the things that’s made them work so well together as friends.

“How much do you want to bet that someday soon when you’re working late, you have your favorite dinner mysteriously delivered?” Maggie murmurs as she slants her mouth against Alex’s again. It’s brief, and just a brush of lips, really, but Alex’s breath still shudders out with the feeling.

Her fingers toy with the tips of Maggie’s hair, feeling the softness, as they pull back. She needs to take a second before she’s able to say, “You know I can’t resist a bet.”

“I’m counting on it,” she whispers, ducking her head just enough to press her lips to Alex’s jaw.

Before she can even tighten her hands in her hair, though, Maggie is pulling back with a deep breath as she smooth her hands over Alex’s hips, and dropping them to her sides, just as Alex’s fall to her own.

Maggie’s eyes are even darker than usual, and her lips are the slightest bit swollen and she looks so good, Alex’s hands itch to pull her closer again. As she blows out a deep breath, Maggie runs her own hands through her hair, before she quirks a grin, “If I don’t make myself go back inside now, I never will.”

“And that would be bad…?” she jokes, as she runs her own hand over her stomach. As if that would do anything to quell this excitement inside, like her nerves are jangling but somehow in the best way.

“Let me know when you get home safe, Danvers. We have future plans to keep,” she reminds her with a playful smile, and a twinkle in her eyes.

And Alex takes a moment to just mirror it. Because the future sounds pretty good.