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Glucose Guardian (That's Mighty Big Of You)

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Not one of his poorer life decisions, all things considered. This had all started as a dare. Baekhyun had texted him the article partially as a joke. The first few sites he pulled up seemed fun and promising. He was bored and broke, so why the fuck not.

The first guy he met was older than dirt, smelled like hard candies, and had eerily perfect, blindingly white veneers or dentures. He swore he fell in love with Jongin at first sight, and popped a Viagra right at their dinner table just as the house salad arrived.

The second guy could not stop talking about how much he paid for his new yacht, or his new Audi, or his Rolex. Or his new wife’s new tits. An absolute mess.

The third guy, Jongin is currently wondering if he’s secretly some kind of serial killer. He’s too...normal. He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s fucking hot. And he spends money like he can just sweat out more, and is more than happy to dote on Jongin regularly.

He’ll have to make a note to research his sugar daddy’s porn history next time he’s over, see if the man is into vore or something possibly alarming.

Kyungsoo is absently fiddling with one of his cufflinks as he recounts his most recent trip to Fiji, where they will be going in a few weeks. It’s rare to hear him monologuing. He prefers to ask questions, and listen to Jongin talk about school instead. The light catches on one of the cufflinks, setting off the silver Gucci logo as he continues to brush his thumb over the embossed surface.

“Do you want dessert?” Kyungsoo asks, in his deep, buttery voice.

Jongin is not an escort. They are, by a loose definition, dating. There is just no facade over this relationship: they met on Glucose Guardian, an elite sugar daddy meet site. Kyungsoo has to pay ₩5,000,000 a year just to be a member, and submit his tax forms and bank statements to be approved and verified. He’s expected to spoil Jongin with lavish gifts, and make sure his monthly allowance is deposited on time. And as the (gag) sugar baby, Jongin is expected to be supermodelesque and stereotypically beautiful and pleasant and, basically, whatever daddy wants, within their previously agreed upon terms. Arm candy, of sorts. And arm candy can’t be eating decadent, 1000-calorie, gluten-free, triple dark chocolate cheesecakes after lunch every other day.

“I’m so full,” Jongin says, putting a little whine into his voice.

Do Kyungsoo is a white whale. He’s Jongin’s diamond in the rough. Considering all the creeps and geezers on GG, Do Kyungsoo is an ultra rarity. He’s young, attractive, private, and busy as hell. He wants companionship: someone to cuddle and read subtitles with while watching foreign movies, someone to have peaceful lunches with, someone to cook for whenever he is feeling up to it. Someone who’ll ride his big, fat dick after all of those things and walk away without causing drama or gossiping that the chaebol prince of one of the largest beauty companies in South Korea happens to prefer men.

He’s a fucking dream.

The shiny black bag slides smoothly across the table linen as Kyungsoo taps on his phone screen, mouth contorting into an annoyed pucker. “I saw this and thought of you. It was supposed to be a surprise,” he says distractedly, “but I just had a thing come up.”

Like he said, busy as hell. Sometimes, it’s a boon, because Jongin only has so much social energy and bubbliness in him, and then sometimes, he’s already clean and stretched and ready to be filled and fucked over a marble dining table. Pity. His finger hooks onto the nearest corner of the bag and tilts it just enough to catch a glimpse of black lace.

“I’ll model it for you later,” Jongin promises.

Kyungsoo’s phone starts vibrating anew the instant he sets it down, and he sighs as he ignores it, giving Jongin a weary smile. “Tonight?” he asks.

“Depends how much I like it,” Jongin retorts teasingly.

Later, after the bill is paid and they’re being chauffeured back to Kyungsoo’s office in the central district of Seoul, Jongin sucks him off in the back seat, loudly slurping as Kyungsoo lets out a guttural moan and shoots down his throat. And then he’s pushed onto his back in surprise for Kyungsoo to reciprocate.

Kyungsoo is a fantastic cocksucker. When they have enough time, he’ll worship Jongin’s cock, bringing him close to the edge and letting him go soft again, over and over, before finally encouraging him to grab Kyungsoo’s head and fuck his mouth to completion. But right now, already pulled up to the Do Group Head Office front entrance, he doesn’t bother with tricks and teases, and just deep throats him as often and as long as he can, until Jongin’s shuddering and pushing his shoulders away from the sensitivity, post-orgasm.

They kiss afterwards, sloppily, as Jongin tucks himself back into his pants. Kyungsoo’s already hard again, but with his driver leaning his back against their window to keep prying eyes from peeking in, there’s no chance for a second round. “Send me nice pictures while I’m stuck in my meeting,” he says as he tries to fit his erection back under his slacks.

“Maybe,” Jongin whispers, stealing another kiss before helping Kyungsoo fix his hair and straighten out his clothes to dampen away the “freshly fucked” vibes.

“I’ll be waiting,” Kyungsoo grins, tapping him on the nose. “I’ll miss you.”

Jongin wiggles his fingers goodbye as he watches Kyungsoo side-shuffle out of the car. He scoots back into his seat and grabs his new gift bag as Mr. Park gets back in the front seat.

“Where to?” asks the grumpy driver. Jongin can’t really blame him. If he had to be lookout for midday public blowjobs, he’d be pretty pissy himself.

“Back to my dorm,” he answers, pulling the top garment out of the tissue paper. Black lace with little floral accents and detachable leather suspenders, studded with black Swarovski crystals. There’s a cute little bow in the back. The next piece is an excuse of a skirt, frilly and sheer black, and if he were to wear it, would not even cover half of his ass cheeks. The last bit of fabric is the largest, some sort of full body piece in a mix of lace and broad straps of elastic. Bondage inspired, but still tame. Kyungsoo is a fan of soft, dainty things.

“Your apartment should be set up by the time you return from Fiji,” Mr. Park assures him as they near campus. He is about to finish the semester, and was considering staying over for the summer, but apparently, Kyungsoo had other plans.

“Thank you,” Jongin says, before climbing out of the car and watching it drive off. He decides to take the stairs back to his room. A little cardio to offset the decadent meal. A wrong tap opens his Glucose Guardian app instead of his mobile banking, and Jongin idly flips over to his profile. It’s dimmed, to show he is currently unavailable. Has been now, for the last four months or so. He should get the exact date, so they can celebrate some cute six months anniversary thing.

Kyungsoo’s profile is dimmed too. They’re exclusive. It only took a couple of weeks for Kyungsoo to propose a monthly allowance and offer, and honestly, even if it had been drastically lower, Jongin would’ve gladly accepted. Kyungsoo’s actually fun to be around. He’s low maintenance, he’s kind and sweet, and his tastes are pretty vanilla, but with enough enthusiasm that Jongin doesn’t grow bored.

Speaking of vanilla, it is always fun to see Kyungsoo’s preferences list. It’s so oddly specific. No DDlb. No painplay. No breathplay. The list goes on, meanwhile the kinkiest thing they’ve done in the past four months has been him rimming Jongin on his balcony while a party went on downstairs.

...Maybe he should look into Kyungsoo’s porn tastes, if he can think of all these categories to omit while maintaining such a sweet veneer.

Back in his room, Jongin hastily strips out of his clothes, and plucks the little skirt from the bag. He surveys his reflection, turning side to side and petting the soft fabric as he pulls it on. From the back, it frames his ass like a fan, too short to provide any coverage. From the front, it’s barely long enough to cover his soft cock, with the slightest movement exposing the tip. That’ll be good enough for Kyungsoo.

‘I don’t think this is the right size :C’ Jongin types out before attaching two of the best pictures. He hits send and collapses onto the bed, sticking his legs straight up in the air, and swaying them back and forth. His phone vibrates within seconds.

♡♡ DK ♡♡ :

I think it’s perfect

Fuck it looks so good on you

It makes my booty cold :C

I’ll warm you up

It’s the perfect length for you to sit on my face

Well, your face isn’t here, now is it?

My face wishes it was there

Baby show me your pretty cock

Uh uh


Maybe tonight

If you tell me how pretty i am

Thats all i do

Tsk tsk

You’re supposed to be working

Go be big and important

Im hard and horny

Its close enough

Not to me it’s not

I guess i’ll have to use one of these fancy toys


In my room

All by myself :C

I want to see!

Jongin rolls over and hangs off the side of his bed to pull out a box underneath. He grabs the first smaller box within it and rips it open, dropping the expensive vibrator onto his sheets and snapping a picture with an accompanying ‘There :)’ before putting it away and reaching for his laptop. He can multitask doing homework and flirting with Kyungsoo at the same time.