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Delta Werewolves

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1993 Piosenkawilka Czarownik A.K.A. Claudia Stilinski's P.O.V.



I'm thinking of ways to tweak the enchantments on my medallion.


It already hides my wolf scent as well as my emotions and the ozone smell of magick. I already have a 'don't notice me' ward that makes me appear human. Maybe I can enchant it to ensure my heartbeat sounds steady. That'll make it easier to lie and play human around Talia Hale.



A knock on the door disturbs my musings.




I smell Talia. What does that arrogant dictator want now? I've kept quiet all of my mate's memories she locked away and removed from him about our relationship, or her. I don't want him kicked out of his pack. I even married the deputy she ordered me to though I refuse to let anyone but my mate touch me sexually (shuddering at the thought of sex with a human).


I straighten myself up and brush off my shoulders and sleeves before I answer the door to greet Talia.


I open the door and act surprised to see her at my door. "What a surprise to have the great Talia come to my humble house."


Talia saunters in like she owns the place. Her typical arrogant Alpha behavior in action. She haughtily launches into 'instructing' me, her substandard Witch she snagged as a secondary emissary. Or, so she thinks. She should thank her 'warped brother' Peter for getting her hooks into me. 


"You've done well, informing our pack of the police departments' movements, but I need you to ensure you maintain the rising deputy's attention. I see John becoming Sheriff, with your help. He needs to be seen more like a loving family man and not a cold detective."


"I want you to have a baby with him. You're nearing the end of your childbearing prime. Having a child will keep the deputy's attention, and it'll show him as a warm, loving family man, providing a mate for one of my kids. It may even be a possible emissary for the next generation of my pack."


My jaw drops at her audacity. "WHAT!!! You want me to pop out a BABY with HIM? Women don't just pop out a baby whenever they want. That's not possible in the real world."


She sneers as she says "You're a Witch, honey, and this isn't the real world, it's the supernatural world. Your magick did perfectly well, ensnaring my brother. Ensure you have a baby. My ADOPTED kids need a guaranteed mate close enough in age not to be cradle robbers or cougars. Werewolves as cougars aren't as funny as it sounds. Laura is already 4, and Derek is 3. You need to have this child within nine months and no more than five years."


"Adopted? You mean the ones you got from forcibly marrying the mate of the female wolf you killed so you could take their land in the preserve? Those adopted kids? There's a reason they call you mom instead of mother."


Talia glares as she snarls "She was a bitten wolf. Bitten wolves aren't as important as born wolves."


I raise an eyebrow in derision considering SHE'S a bitten wolf and they never asked if they could live in MY territory. Oh yeah, that's right. The BITCH doesn't know this land still belongs to us BRUJA.


The unknown supernatural that owns the properties near that area of the preserve refuses to sell to the Hale family. Well, not so much the Hale family as Talia herself. My kind has been trying to get the damn Elves to let us have some of that land for over 200 years.


She says "My family has tried to get land close to the Elf sanctuary for centuries. The won't even let us near it to negotiate. I think my adopted kids were too young to remember their birth mother and they're both born wolves, so they're perfect heirs for me. The spoils of war."


I ask "So killing their mother was perfectly okay because you wanted their land and born wolves to carry on your family name?"


I look incredulous at Talia and wonder if there's any humanity in her at all. "Your brother can provide heirs to carry on the name since HE IS a Hale, and you, technically, aren't. You're the result of your mother's dalliance with the human mail carrier." I quietly mutter "at least he wasn't the milkman."


She glares at me and says "Peter's my half-brother, as you so kindly pointed out. All the treaties signed by the Hales in the last 200 years specify a Hale has to live here. That means the alpha has to be named Hale. Blood or not, the point is rather mute."


I throw up my hands in frustration. Talia's certainly mad with the need for power. I huff out a breath and glare at her. "Fine, there's an old family potion that'll increase my fertility and make my spouse horny near me. I won't be able to collect all of the items without the correct moon phases. It'll take me several months of gathering, and then there's the preparing before it's ready."


Talia smiles as she gloats that she's won and is getting what she wants. She does love it when people have to bow to her wishes, forcing them feels better than blind submission."That's beautiful dear, as long as you give birth in 18 months. If it takes more than five years ..."


She shakes her head and sadly frowns as she says "I'd hate to make Peter an Omega. A wolf without a pack. All wolf packs that hold a grudge against us may feel the need to take it out on his hide."


I can't believe she'd be so calloused to Peter. "He's your left hand and your little brother. How can you use your family as expendable resources for your power plays? Don't you love or care about anyone?"


She just looks at me with her 'what do you think' look on her face and her arrogant sneer.


I say "I know you erased Peter's memory of claiming me as his mate. You even forced him to impregnate that were-coyote, just to weaken her. A coyote mother birthing a child gives part of her power to her baby."


I wring my hands as I ask the questions I dread to hear the answers. "Is Peter aware you use him to get what you want? Does he remember he's the born wolf and you're born human? I know you paid Deucalion with sex to turn you."


She says "that imbecile knows nothing and he'd never believe that his protective older sister and Alpha would do anything like that."


I coldly say "YOU just had to become a were so you could kill your mom and steal her Alpha power. Does he remember YOU were the left hand, and he was chosen to be the next Alpha?"


She sneers and says "Someone has been passing rumors around. No. Peter would never believe it if anyone told him. I'd have to kill him if he did and became a threat to me and my throne. That little twit has so many holes in his memories it looks like Swiss cheese."
I ask "how can he not know or suspect anything?"


She evilly smiles as she says "Peter believes he isn't entirely sane, making him the perfect left hand. I use my Alpha powers to make him think he's defective, and he has to do what I (his Alpha) tells him to keep him sane and functioning, or he may end up in Eichen House. I suggest you do as I tell you, or you'll wind up there instead of OR with him if you try anything."


I exaggerate a resigned sigh and say "alright. I'll do as you ask, but you should leave now. My husband will be home soon for lunch, and you have no reason to visit with the lowly wife of a deputy."
She nods and says "that's true, for now."


I ask "are you trying to increase John's standing as a public official? One suggestion Alpha Hale. When I have my baby, it might be advantageous if my child gets to know and spend time with your kids. That is if you want one of them to be a future spouse. The best marriages are with people you know your whole life."


Talia thinks it over and says "that's true. Or friendship will start AFTER you have a baby. That'll seem more natural. I really should leave now, but remember that you don't ever want to cross me, and it's best to obey me, in everything. If not for your sack, then for Peter's."


I lock the door after she leaves, lean against it and sigh in relief that the evil bitch is gone. I head to the kitchen to start lunch for John.