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[Group052] Jung_HS: hey

[Group052] Jung_HS: hey anybody there

[Group052] Jung_HS: ANYBODYYYY


[Group052] Jung_HS: IM FREAKING OUT

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok just, help im alone in this weird small room and its so dark and theres no door no nothing only this weird touchscreen device thing on the wall

[Group052] Jung_HS: so i think im supposed to ask for help with this??? ANYONE???

[Group052] Jung_HS: WAHHHHHHH


[Group052] Min_YG: Hey calm down, I’m here

[Group052] Min_YG: Same situation

[Group052] Jung HS: THANK GOODNESS THERE IS SOMEONE i thought i was gonna DIE

[Group052] Min_YG: We’re not gonna die, calm down ok? And stop with the caps

[Group052] Min_YG: We’ll come up with something, promise

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry i was just

[Group052] Jung_HS: terrified

[Group052] Min_YG: Understandable, this place is freaking dark, like the heart of my ex

[Group052] Min_YG: But we’ll be ok. This is a pretty elaborate setup and whoever did this wouldn’t have bothered to make doorless rooms if all they want to do is kill us, would they?

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok i… that makes sense, thank u min-yg-ssi im less close to pissing my pants now

[Group052] Min_YG: Just call me Yoongi

[Group052] Min_YG: You?

[Group052] Jung_HS: hoseok but u can call me hobi

[Group052] Min_YG: Ok Jung Hobi now help me brainstorm

[Group052] Min_YG: See, we’re group 052, does it mean that there are at least 51 other groups like us? what kind of fucked up mass kidnapping is this

[Group052] Min_YG: Actually, how big is “us”

[Group052] Jung_HS: wut

[Group052] Min_YG: I mean, I’m assuming that “us” is two people but what if there’s more and they’re just not talking yet? What if there are other creepy people lurking around just watching us type, what if we’re not alone

[Group052] Kim_NJ: You’re not alone.

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Hi, I’m Kim Namjoon. I just woke up, sorry for being late to the party.

[Group052] Min_YG: No need to apologize, it’s not like everyone who’s drugged always wakes up at the same time

[Group052] Min_YG: Anyway, same situation there too, I assume?

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Yeah, too bad there aren’t any doors, I could’ve broken them down if there were any.

[Group052] Jung_HS: oooh ur a bodybuilder?

[Group052] Kim_NJ: No, just very good at destroying things xD

[Group052] Jung_HS: ppl still use xD unironically?

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Should I take offence at that?

[Group052] Min_YG: Guys back to the topic

[Group052] Min_YG: Which is

[Group052] Min_YG: How the heck we’re gonna get out of here

[Group052] Min_YG: This seems like pretty organized crime, considering there are maybe at least 52 groups of people in here

[Group052] Kim_NJ: I think there’s more.

[Group052] Min_YG: More?

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Why else would there be a 0 in front of the 52 unless they need the third digit? There can be hundreds of groups.

[Group052] Min_YG: Wow damn you’re a smart one aren’t you, now find a way to get us out of here pls?

[Group052] Kim_NJ: I’m at a loss, there’s nothing except bare walls here. If we can get to talk to whoever abducted us we might figure something out.

Pied Piper: Hello. I am your kidnapper. Do you want to play a game?

[Group052] Min_YG: Wow holy shit damn

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Might as well. What game, may I ask?

Pied Piper: This will not be disclosed until you have all your group members.

[Group052] Min_YG: There’s more of us? What is this shit this is so fucked up

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Yoongi, language.

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ll say anything I want thank you very much, Kim New Jersey

[Group052] Kim_NJ: I think not, Min Young Gangsta.

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys

[Group052] Min_YG: You stay out of this, Jung Head Shot

[Group052] Kim_SJ: sorry am I interrupting something?

[Group052] Min_YG: You are not, Kim Super Junior

[Group052] Kim_SJ: that’s Kim Seokjin to you! anyway I’m glad I’m not the only one here. last thing I remember, I was in the supermarket parking lot holding my baby carrots, and then I open my eyes and I’m here!

[Group052] Kim_NJ: I was leaving the library, I think. So there’s four of us. Is the group complete yet? Can we get our instructions for the game now?

[Group052] Min_YG: You seem really eager to play whatever game it is, I’m suspicious

[Group052] Kim_NJ: It’s just that the sooner we play it the sooner we get to leave?

[Group052] Jung_HS: idk namjoon but have u watched any horror films before? usually playing a game when ur kidnapped never goes well

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Really? I have to admit that I haven’t watched many horror films. Enlighten me on what shall happen next.

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh lots could happen next, u could get caught in a metal trap and have ur organs gored out or someone could cut open ur stomach or u might have to saw off ur leg or sth, possibilities are endless

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Nothing like that will happen for sure, this room is empty save for this screen. No traps in sight.


[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi calm down, game hasn’t even started yet

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok im just scared ;__;

Pied Piper: You do not have all your members yet.

[Group052] Kim_SJ: uh, too bad?

[Group052] Kim_NJ: While we’re waiting, Mr. Piper, can we ask you some questions?

Pied Piper: You may not.

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Aww…


[Group052] Kim_SJ: oh, here’s our fifth


Pied Piper: Park Jimin, please understand that we have done an extensive background check for each and every one of you. Your parents are not lawyers. In fact, you have been an orphan since age five. No one will know that you are gone.

[Group052] Park_JM: SHJT

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Each and every one of us… does this mean… Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll have to admit that in my case, indeed, no one will notice that I’m gone. I’m a solo traveler of sorts, never remaining in a place long. My parents are long gone, and my friends would assume I’m in some other country.

[Group052] Kim_SJ: yeah same, I mean… I travel a lot too. food fairs. cooking is my job

[Group052] Jung_HS: me too i guess? not to the cook part, the being all around the place part

[Group052] Min_YG: Eh. Same here. Sad bunch we are, huh? Here we are, abducted, and no one would notice. Wow.


[Group052] Min_YG: Jimin, please, the caps are hurting my eyes

Pied Piper: Park Jimin, by “best friend” are you referring to a certain Kim Taehyung? He will not be calling anyone, I am afraid.

[Group052] Kim_SJ: Well there goes our one chance of being rescued?


[Group052] Kim_TH: Jimin? ur here too? where is this? why am i in this weird dark room? im so confused?


[Group052] Kim_TH: i’m ok! are u?


[Group052] Kim_TH: how do we pie this guy’s piper

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Ahem! Enough about pieing pipers. Now we have six. Still no instructions? How big is this group supposed to be?

[Group052] Kim_SJ: do I look like I know

[Group052] Kim_NJ: I don’t even know what you look like.

[Group052] Kim_SJ: exceedingly handsome

[Group052] Kim_NJ: I’ll take your word for that.

[Group052] Min_YG: You two’s usernames are too alike, it’s hard to distinguish

[Group052] Min_YG: Oi piper dude can you change their usernames

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Instead of asking him to release us, you’re asking for this?

[Group052] Min_YG: Figured the former will never happen so

Pied Piper: Sure thing, Min Yoongi.

Pied Piper has changed the display name of [Group052] Kim_NJ into [Group052] K_Namj.
Pied Piper has changed the display name of [Group052] Kim_SJ into [Group052] K_Seok.

[Group052] Min_YG: Better

[Group052] Jung_HS: but my name has seok in it too????

[Group052] Min_YG: Don’t ask for a name change unless you want your name to be J_Hose, you’re not even Spanish I don’t think

[Group052] Jung_HS: cant we just change our own names

Pied Piper: You may not.

[Group052] Jung_HS: *sadface emoji*

[Group052] K_Namj: Where are our remaining members at, anyway? They’re taking an awful long time to wake up.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hello?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hello hello?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hello hello?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: tell me what u want right now (right now)

[Group052] Min_YG: Wow we have someone who is perpetually frightened and someone who perpetually keyboard smashes using caps and two people whose usernames are too similar and Taehyung, and now here’s someone who pops in quoting bts lyrics, what a fine team we make

[Group052] Min_YG: We’re gonna lose this game, damn

[Group052] Kim_TH: “and taehyung”?

[Group052] Min_YG: You haven’t done anything to get on my nerves yet since you dropped in, so you’re just Taehyung

[Group052] Kim_TH: should i?

[Group052] Min_YG: Should you? Do something to get on my nerves you mean? No I do not advise that

[Group052] Kim_TH: look i can type this w/ this keyboard

[Group052] Kim_TH:
..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥

[Group052] Kim_TH: lots of love from taetae

[Group052] Min_YG: This team is doomed

[Group052] K_Seok: chill, we might still be getting some new members with common sense

Pied Piper: The team is now complete. Do you want to start the game?

[Group052] K_Seok: well guess we won’t be getting some new members with common sense

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: Before the game starts, please heed the following instructions.

Pied Piper: 1. You will note that the device you are viewing now is embedded in the wall. Please take out your device and hold it in your hands, like you would a normal phone.

[Group052] K_Namj: I believe this is a hint that we won’t be able to remain in the same spot in front of the wall during the game. We might have to move around.

[Group052] K_Seok: sounds… unnerving…

[Group052] Min_YG: This game better not involve physical exertion

[Group052] K_Namj: Not much of an athlete, I assume?

[Group052] Min_YG: Excuse me I just don’t feel like moving, I was on the basketball team in high school

[Group052] Jung_HS: i won 3rd in a tennis competition once

[Group052] K_Seok: Wow that’s badass

[Group052] Jung_HS: there were only 3 contestants

[Group052] K_Seok: …ok…

[Group052] K_Namj: Anyway, we’d better all take out our devices and hold them in our hands. For safety reasons. Since the Piper said so.

[Group052] Jung_HS: is it gonna EXPLODE

[Group052] Min_YG: It’s not gonna explode

Pied Piper: Certain members are still not holding their devices in their hands. Please ensure that you have your device on you as you will need them in the second phase and, assuming that you pass the first one, will not have the time to take it off the wall.

[Group052] K_Namj: There’s more than one phase?

[Group052] Jung_HS: and its possible to not pass the first one????? are we gonna DIE???

[Group052] Min_YG: Ok who’s not holding the device in their hands? Jimin? Taehyung? bts lyrics dude?

[Group052] Min_YG: Unless you’re not a dude, if so I apologize

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’m a dude, no worries

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and i have the device

[Group052] Min_YG: So you can actually speak like a normal person. Nice. No more random lyrics pls

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i wanna big house, big cars & big ~RINGS~

[Group052] Min_YG: Wow you’re quite the rebel aren’t you

[Group052] Kim_TH: why would u want big rings? would they even fit on ur finger

[Group052] Park_JM: u can wear them on thicker organs that r not ur finger, if u know what i mean, wink wink

[Group052] K_Seok: goodness why would u want to wear rings on ur toes

[Group052] Park_JM: thats not what i was going for

Pied Piper: All members now have the device in their hands. I will now proceed to the rest of the instructions.

Pied Piper: 2. Please remember that you do not have to win this game together. While you may be competing against other groups, you do not necessarily have to finish the game with the group intact. In fact, after one point, it is advised to complete the game solo.

Pied Piper: 3. The key to solving the game is to figure out the one thing that connects all of you. We are willing to provide hints and answer questions you might have (three at most), but sacrifices will have to be made in exchange.

Pied Piper: That is all. You are free to talk amongst yourselves before you decide to start the game.

Pied Piper: Once you have made your decision to start, please say so.

Pied Piper: I do not advise you to take too long to start the game, however. The oxygen supply in your rooms is limited.

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg noooooooo i dnw to suffocate

[Group052] K_Namj: Wait! Other groups? We’re going to be competing against other groups?

[Group052] Min_YG: Namjoon, we get only THREE questions. I’d prefer you don’t use all of them on yes/no questions

[Group052] Min_YG: We can just assume that yes, we’re going to be competing against other groups

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry, I take my previous questions back, Mr. Piper.

Pied Piper: A sacrifice must be made before any questions are answered. Your questions will not count as no sacrifices have been decided.

[Group052] Jung_HS: what…what kind of sacrifices

[Group052] Jung_HS: actually i didnt mean that as a question sorry omg i take that back

[Group052] Jung_HS: pls don’t count it omg IT WAS NOT A QUESTION I DIDNT PUT A QUESTION MARK

Pied Piper: Again, a sacrifice must be made before any questions are answered. Your question will not count as no sacrifices have been decided.

[Group052] Jung_HS: gr8

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, everyone, I think before we start the game, it will be better if we get to know each other first. The instructions say that figuring out how we’re connected is the key, so we might want to work on that right now in case we don’t get time to do so later.

[Group052] K_Namj: As you all know now, I’m Kim Namjoon and I’m 23. I travel from place to place, rarely staying in one place for more than a week. You could say I’m a traveling journalist. I like crabs, they’re cute.

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, wait. You probably don’t need to know that.

[Group052] K_Namj: But how do we figure out what you need or don’t need to know? What if my love for crabs is the crucial link between all of us?

[Group052] K_Seok: it isn’t, I don’t find crabs particularly cute becuz I have to cook them sometimes

[Group052] K_Namj: Aww…

[Group052] Min_YG: What if, hypothetically

[Group052] Min_YG: To ensure that we cover what we really need to know about each other in our introductions

[Group052] Min_YG: We ask for one hint


[Group052] Min_YG: They never said sacrifices had to be people

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya what if i sacrifice my

[Group052] Kim_TH: eyebrows

[Group052] Park_JM: WTF NO taetae not ur beautiful eyebrows

[Group052] Kim_TH: urs are prettier jimin!

[Group052] Min_YG: Get a room, you two

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

[Group052] Park_JM: wut

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] Park_JM and [Group_052] Kim_TH.

[Group052] Min_YG: What??

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok guys, now theres another chat window on my screen, it seems to allow me and chimchim to chat privately

[Group052] Park_JM: in case yall do not realize, chimchim is me

[Group052] Min_YG: We don’t need to know that

[Group052] K_Namj: This is slightly concerning.

[Group052] K_Seok: why

[Group052] K_Namj: Those two seem very close. Now that they have a private chat, they have the opportunity to work together to sabotage the rest of us.



[Group052] Kim_TH: tbh if any of u want a private chat we could just tell u to get a room too, its that easy

[Group052] Kim_TH: let me try

[Group052] Kim_TH: yoongi & hoseok, get a room

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] Min_YG and [Group_052] Jung_HS.

[Group052] K_Namj: Wow, it really is that easy?

[Group052] Jung_HS: tbh now that we have a room idk what to say in it?? im not plotting anything so nothing i can say there that i cannot say here

[Group052] Min_YG: Same

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i want a room too :(((((

[Group052] K_Seok: if u promise to not keep talking lyrics at me in it I’m willing to room with u, how’s that

[Group052] K_Namj: If you all pair up, then I’ll be alone…

[Group052] Kim_TH: no one said 3 ppl rooms arent possible? request: namjoon hyung, jimin and me get a room

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] K_Namj, [Group_052] Park_JM and [Group_052] Kim_TH.

[Group052] Min_YG: This whole system is a damn mess

[Group052] K_Namj: You’re calling me hyung now?

[Group052] Kim_TH: u said ur 23, chimchim and i are 22

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, guess you can call me hyung.

[Group052] K_Seok: I won’t be calling u hyung, I’m at the ripe old age of 98

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow how does it feel to be 98? do u still have all ur teeth?? im so curious

[Group052] K_Seok: jk I’m 25

[Group052] K_Seok: hoseok ur so gullible

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ur still old lol im 20

[Group052] K_Seok: wow our group’s got a literal fetus in it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: better be a fetus than be an old man

[Group052] K_Seok: say what u want, I’m still better looking

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung u cant say sentences like that it will remind him of lyrics

[Group052] K_Seok: what lyrics?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: say what u want!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: say what u want!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: niga jinjjaro wonhaneun ge MWOYA!!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: ...those lyrics

[Group052] K_Seok: ...I apologize

[Group052] Min_YG: Guys, as much as I appreciate knowing everyone’s ages (I’m 24), we need to get back to the point

[Group052] Min_YG: Which is

[Group052] Min_YG: Do we want to use 1 hint to help with figuring out what connection there is between us?

[Group052] Jung_HS: it rly depends on what the sacrifice is i think?? (btw im 23 like namjoon)

[Group052] Min_YG: If we ask what the sacrifice is, we’ll be using up a question

[Group052] Min_YG: Which ALSO requires a sacrifice

[Group052] Min_YG: So we’re doomed, I guess?

[Group052] Kim_TH: lets just try it tbh

[Group052] Kim_TH: yo piper-ssi

[Group052] Kim_TH: we want a hint

[Group052] Kim_TH: im willing to be the sacrifice


[Group052] Kim_TH: its ok chimchim im banking on the first sacrifice being the least serious one? i hope so??



[Group052] Jung_HS: there’re DRAGONS?????


[Group052] Min_YG: Why is this group so not chill

[Group052] K_Seok: idk man

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: Handicap for [Group052] Kim_TH effective starting now and will end once the second phase begins.

Pied Piper: Your first hint is as follows.

Pied Piper: “I know what you did on the Tuesday two weeks ago.”

[Group052] Jung_HS: why does this sound like a VENGEFUL HORROR MOVIE I DIDNT KILL ANYONE?????!!?!

[Group052] K_Seok: I never killed anyone either, at least not any that I remember

[Group052] Jeon_JK: how would i rmb what i did two weeks ago

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i dont even rmb what i ate for lunch yesterday??

[Group052] K_Seok: and yet, you call me an old person!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i use my brain on important things ok

[Group052] K_Seok: lunch is an important thing!

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, I believe that on that particular date I was not in Korea. I think I was in Ullapool, a quaint little Scottish village with a small population.

[Group052] K_Namj: I don’t believe any of you were in Ullapool on that day?

[Group052] Min_YG: I wasn’t

[Group052] K_Namj: I figured. Thus, I deduce that what we did that day could not have been done in person.

[Group052] K_Namj: Which means that if we did accidentally kill someone that day, ending up with us being kidnapped for revenge, we did it online.

[Group052] Min_YG: Online, huh? Juicy



[Group052] Park_JM: WHICH IS




[Group052] Park_JM: (WHICH I NOW DID)

[Group052] Park_JM: THIS IS SERIOUS

[Group052] Min_YG: Chill, the Piper said it’s only effective for one phase

[Group052] Min_YG: And it’s just a “handicap” so he probably isn’t dead



[Group052] Kim_TH:
it took me so long to reply, im very sorry
jimin my bffl, didn’t mean to make u worry
its just very hard bc piper says if my words dont rhyme
the floor will open and i’ll be swallowed by underground slime

[Group052] Jeon_JK: that escalated fast


[Group052] Kim_TH:
Omg jimin why did u tell them about my beanie babies
that was a SECRET wtf? uh btw i do not have rabies

[Group052] Min_YG: A+ rhyming

Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung are u there

[Group052] Jung_HS: i can call u hyung right? since u said ur older in the main chat

[Group052] Min_YG: You can. Why are we talking here though? Not that I mind but we’re not… plotting anything against the others right?

[Group052] Min_YG: They seem like a weird bunch but I have a gut feeling that they’re good people, just as lost as we are

[Group052] Min_YG: (I’m assuming that you feel lost too of course, I sure do)

[Group052] Jung_HS: NO OMG im not plotting against anyone?!?!

[Group052] Jung_HS: frankly i cant think clearly enough to do that, im scared shitless

[Group052] Min_YG: You hate the dark, huh

[Group052] Jung_HS: i hate the fucking dark yes

[Group052] Jung_HS: & enclosed spaces

[Group052] Jung_HS: and im sorry about being scared all the time im not usually like this i swear

[Group052] Min_YG: People don’t usually get abducted into doorless rooms you know. I’m fairly sure you’re normal when not in a doorless room

[Group052] Jung_HS: i am, i rly am

[Group052] Jung_HS: but right now im freaking

[Group052] Jung_HS: im scared hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: im rly

[Group052] Jung_HS: i cant breathe, i afkafh;ah,bak

[Group052] Min_YG: Panic attack?

[Group052] Jung_HS: ya mkma;mafaf;m

[Group052] Min_YG: Ok, listen, you have to breathe with me

[Group052] Min_YG: Count to 10

[Group052] Min_YG: That’s it, you’re doing good

[Group052] Min_YG: You’re doing very good

[Group052] Min_YG: Focus on your breathing

[Group052] Min_YG: You got this, you’re doing very well

[Group052] Jung_HS: u cant even see me

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m telepathic, I know you’re doing good

[Group052] Jung_HS: what, rly?

[Group052] Min_YG: Of course I’m not telepathic you dummy if I were do you think we’d still be stuck here?

[Group052] Jung_HS: tru

[Group052] Jung_HS: but thx im kinda better now

[Group052] Min_YG: See, you can get through this. Proud of ya

[Group052] Jung_HS: thank u hyung i just

[Group052] Jung_HS: im rly scared but i

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont wanna say it in the big chat

[Group052] Jung_HS: ev1’s got enough to worry about as it is

[Group052] Min_YG: So you say it to me and make me worry instead, is that it


[Group052] Min_YG: Don’t be sorry lol it’s fine. I’m glad you trust me even though we’re in such a fucked up situation

[Group052] Jung_HS: i think tae was just throwing out 2 random names when he asked for a room for us but im glad he put me with u

[Group052] Jung_HS: u seem so chill about this

[Group052] Jung_HS: makes me think we might actually be able to get out

[Group052] Min_YG: Of course we’re going to get out

[Group052] Min_YG: Everything will work out

[Group052] Jung_HS: what if it doesn’t

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ll bullshit my way through this until it does

[Group052] Jung_HS: what if it does

[Group052] Min_YG: Then we go celebrate by doing normal people things, such as petting 16 dogs at the same time

[Group052] Jung_HS: idk hyung u might have more than 2 hands but i sure don’t


[Private Chatroom: Park_JM and Kim_TH]

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae im sorry about outing ur beanie baby collection i didnt mean it i was just nervous ;;

[Group052] Park_JM: pls dont be mad at me? i only have u

[Group052] Park_JM: the others prob think im obnoxious and entitled and loud and bitchy bc i keep screaming in caps

[Group052] Park_JM: but i just, i was rly nervous and i freaked and im sorry but idk how to fix how they see me now???

[Group052] Park_JM: i know its hard for u to talk now sorry ;; do u have to talk in rhymes here too?

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ya its sucks but i have to rhyme here too
and im not mad omg how can i be mad at u?

[Group052] Park_JM: lol

[Group052] Kim_TH:
omg no jimin dont cry?
mediterranean fruit fly

[Group052] Park_JM: how do u know im crying

[Group052] Park_JM: and ya i am crying but how do u know, i never said anything about me crying

[Group052] Kim_TH:
of course i know? ur my soulmate :((
im sorry i cant comfort u properly. windows update

[Group052] Kim_TH:
its not ur fault for freaking out, considering what u’ve been thru
ur handling it very well and im honestly so proud of u

[Group052] Park_JM: i just

[Group052] Park_JM: want to start trying to trust ppl again? and they seem like good ppl and they prob all think im an insane keysmasher

[Group052] Park_JM: and its not their fault bc damn im an insane keysmasher

[Group052] Kim_TH:
they’re warming up to u tho, i can tell, they really are
they’ll grow to love u, ur a morning star

[Group052] Park_JM: wow ur a natural poet, u have talent

[Group052] Park_JM: listening to august d cyphers rly paid off

[Group052] Park_JM: but thank u taetae

[Group052] Park_JM: im glad i at least have u, the others r all alone i feel so bad for them

[Group052] Kim_TH:
u will always have me!
cant get rid of me so easily

[Group052] Kim_TH:
and ya i feel bad for the others, jjk’s only 20 yrs old :(
we don’t know his name yet right? or has he told?

[Group052] Park_JM: i don’t think he said his name but we know everyone else’s

[Group052] Park_JM: ya only 20, poor kid, i wanna hug him even tho he’s been nothing but a rude brat

[Group052] Park_JM: i’ve been nothing but a rude brat too i guess, perhaps he’s secretly freaking out too like me :(

[Group052] Park_JM: i feel so bad for him

[Group052] Kim_TH:
when we get out of here we give jjk a hug
and the others too, unless they prefer a pug

[Group052] Park_JM: idk why i get that feeling but i think yoongi-hyung would prob like to hold a pug, just a thought

[Group052] Park_JM: he seems both annoyed and gentle at the same time

[Group052] Park_JM: namjoon-hyung seems both smart and confused at the same time

[Group052] Park_JM: seokjin-hyung seems both sassy and kind at the same time

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi-hyung seems both scared and excited at the same time

[Group052] Park_JM: and jjk is just weird and weird at the same time

[Group052] Kim_TH:
excellent assessment, i’ll say
jean baptiste pierre antoine de monet

[Group052] Park_JM: out of all the rhymes u could have chosen, i swear u had to pick the most artsy one


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: So far, we have a specific date to work on, and I’m fairly sure it has to do with something we did online. Unfortunately I don’t remember at all what I did on the Internet that day in Ullapool, so if any of you can enlighten me that would be fantastic.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i said i cant even rmb what i ate for lunch ytd…

[Group052] K_Seok: if it were on the WEEKEND then maybe I’d have something but it was a tuesday and I actually have no idea

[Group052] Park_JM: same here ,, if we had our phones it would have helped so much but ofc we don’t

[Group052] Kim_TH:
im a student, so on a tuesday i probs went to class
and then i came home and slapped jimin’s… foie gras

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idk im pretty sure that was not the rhyme u were going for in the beginning

[Group052] Park_JM: what i make good foie gras ok?? wanna FIGHT ME?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: challenge accepted

[Group052] Jeon_JK: Today! We!! Fight!!!

[Group052] Min_YG: No, not today

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wut now ur quoting lyrics too

[Group052] Min_YG: No I was just telling you that you shouldn’t fight today

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, back to the point here.

[Group052] K_Namj: Any idea?

[Group052] K_Namj: Two Tuesdays ago?

[Group052] Min_YG: Sorry but my memory isn’t what it used to be

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry i cant rmb anything out of the ordinary… but i rly don’t think ive accidentally killed anyone online?

[Group052] Jung_HS: ive never participated in online bullying

[Group052] Jung_HS: i say nice things, only nice things

[Group052] K_Seok: me too, I have a reputation to uphold after all

[Group052] K_Seok: I mean, my blog is one of the most famous cooking blogs out there so

[Group052] Jung_HS: cooking?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i cook sometimes

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh wait

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur name is seokjin, are u EATJIN????

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s me, EatJin! “No bitchin’ in my kitchen”!

[Group052] Jung_HS: OMGGGG IM A HUGE FAN

[Group052] K_Seok: thank you dear

[Group052] K_Seok: I could give you an autograph if you want, when we get out of here

[Group052] Jung_HS: asfasfahskfhlasfa

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, I appreciate that you are bonding, but we’re not getting any closer to the answer…

[Group052] K_Seok: I take it that you don’t like cooking?

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh…

[Group052] K_Namj: Um…

[Group052] K_Seok: It’s all right, subscribe to my blog and you’ll be cooking in no time

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh, okay…

[Group052] K_Seok: Jimin and I should have a cook-off

[Group052] K_Seok: since he apparently makes foie gras

[Group052] Jeon_JK: omg

[Group052] Park_JM: aHEM

[Group052] Park_JM: anyways

[Group052] Park_JM: dudes and dudettes

[Group052] Park_JM: since we aren’t getting anywhere like this

[Group052] Park_JM: and i don’t wanna suffocate

[Group052] Park_JM: i propose

[Group052] Park_JM: we START THE GAME

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg what im so fcking scared

[Group052] Jung_HS: but i dnw to suffocate either…

Pied Piper: I will need more than half of the members to specifically state that they want the game to start before the game may commence.

Pied Piper: Currently, there is one [YES] vote from [Group052] Park_JM.

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, I guess, let’s do this then.

[Group052] Min_YG: Yes from me too

[Group052] Min_YG: Someone else say yes so Taehyung doesn’t have to

[Group052] Jeon_JK: all right

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like the name of a famous bts song, lets

[Group052] Jeon_JK: BEGIN

Pied Piper: We now have four [YES] votes. The game has begun.

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: Phase 1 starts now.

[Group052] K_Seok: …

[Group052] K_Seok: ……

[Group052] K_Seok: ………

[Group052] K_Seok: …that’s it? no more instructions? I’m confused

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah, he didn’t exactly make it clear what we’re supposed to do in Phase 1.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um guys

[Group052] Jeon_JK: 2 buttons showed up on my screen

[Group052] Park_JM: ur right! good observation skillz jjk

[Group052] Park_JM: wait can i call u jjk? whats ur name even?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: its jungkook, but yes u can call me jjk

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jungkook!!! im gonna call u kookie!
if u don’t like that i can call u shooky

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh jjk is fine

[Group052] Min_YG: Hi, Jungkook, glad to finally know your name. I think we have all the names now

[Group052] Min_YG: So is it the same for everyone? Two buttons? For me the left one says “PLAY” and the right one says “COMBINE”

[Group052] Jung_HS: that’s what’s on my screen too

[Group052] K_Namj: Let’s not press anything yet. Let’s discuss this thoroughly.

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh wait…

[Group052] K_Namj: I jabbed the screen by accident. Clumsy fingers. I pressed “COMBINE”.

[Group052] K_Seok: and what happened????

[Group052] K_Namj: The screen says “You do not currently have a score, and none of your group members have a score. Cannot combine”.

[Group052] Min_YG: So I guess we have to press “PLAY” first

[Group052] Min_YG: Should we all press it at the same time or one by one?

[Group052] Park_JM: no offense but i think someone should test it first

[Group052] Park_JM: if pressing PLAY leads to some kind of word game that requires typing to win i want taehyung to be mentally prepared

[Group052] Park_JM: i can test it if everyone’s fine with it?

[Group052] Min_YG: For some reason I’m slightly impressed that as soon as the game starts Jungkook and Jimin immediately stopped being bratty and became lucid

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we have, like, brains

[Group052] Park_JM: im not normally a keyboard smasher ;__;

[Group052] Park_JM: i was just super freaked out ok, this place is scary, and when im scared i scream ;__;

[Group052] Jung_HS: i understand, im pretty freaked too

[Group052] K_Namj: I’d say you guys are doing fine enough in such a stressful situation. Perhaps we should have someone less freaked out do the testing though?

[Group052] K_Seok: do you mean: yourself

[Group052] K_Namj: I don’t really trust my fingers. And to be honest, I have no gaming experience.

[Group052] K_Namj: Um… Yoongi?

[Group052] Min_YG: Ok, I don’t mind

[Group052] Min_YG: All right, I’ve pressed PLAY

[Group052] K_Seok: OMG THE SUSPENSE

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay let’s see what I’ve got here

[Group052] Min_YG: There’s a timer in the corner of the screen. Right now it says MINUTE 1

[Group052] Min_YG: And there’s this huge grid, with lots of… I think they’re categories… yeah, lots of categories to choose from

[Group052] Park_JM: what categories?

[Group052] Min_YG: The usual you’d see in trivia games. Let me see. Music, Geography, Literature, Sports, Entertainment… you know, the usual

[Group052] Min_YG: There’s also a category called “ME”

[Group052] K_Namj: Me as in you?

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay that came out weird. What I meant was, if selecting “ME” means that you’ll be asked a question about yourself, it would probably be our best bet considering who else knows more about you than yourself, right?

[Group052] Min_YG: Ok then, ME it is. By the way, there’s this warning on the bottom of the screen, let me paste it over

[Group052] Min_YG: “The question we ask may be answered by you and you only. Therefore, to prevent discussion with other members, once you select the category you will be cut off from all chatrooms and cannot see them until you have submitted your answer(s).”

[Group052] K_Seok: sounds really freaky but… fair I suppose

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah, trivia wouldn’t be trivia if all seven of us are working together.

[Group052] Min_YG: So I’ll be selecting ME now, and then bye for a few seconds I guess?

Pied Piper: [Group052] Min_YG has selected the “ME” category.

Pied Piper: This is a special category. The question and answer process will be different from all other categories.

[Group052] K_Seok: oh dear oh dear

[Group052] Jung_HS: im more than slightly terrified

Pied Piper: As [Group052] Min_YG will, of course, know everything about himself, he will be providing the correct answer to this question.

Pied Piper: The rest of you must collectively give an answer as well.

Pied Piper: If your answer matches with [Group052] Min_YG’s answer, he will receive a score and return to this chatroom.

[Group052] Jung_HS: what if it doesnt…???

[Group052] Jung_HS: what if it doesnt……??????

[Group052] Jung_HS: why aren’t u answering :(((

[Group052] Jeon_JK: they prob want us to use up one of our three questions here by being intentionally vague

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this sucks

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i don’t mind being the sacrifice this time, if we ask the question

[Group052] K_Namj: As tempting as it is, I don’t think we should ask the question. Taehyung’s rhyme handicap is manageable, but we don’t know what other handicaps they have in store for us. Taehyung’s handicap can very well be an attempt to throw us off and make us victims of other, more terrible sacrifices.

[Group052] Jung_HS: but yoongi hyung…!!!

[Group052] K_Namj: See, even if we ask the question and learn what will happen if we get the answer wrong, we may, well, still get the answer wrong. It doesn’t help in the least.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: shit

[Group052] K_Namj: On the flip side, even if we don’t ask the question and don’t know what will happen if we get the answer wrong, we may still get the answer right.

[Group052] K_Namj: So we don’t ask. No matter we ask or not, if we get the answer wrong, what will happen… will still happen, and we’ll know when it happens, so…

[Group052] K_Namj: That’s a very morbid way of looking at it, but… let’s just concentrate on getting the answer right.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: dammit :(

Pied Piper: [Group052] Min_YG has provided the correct answer to the question in category [ME].

Pied Piper: You may now attempt to match his answer. Please put “Final answer” in the sentence when you answer, so we know that this is what you as a group have collectively decided on.

Pied Piper: The question is as follows.

Pied Piper: “What is my (Min Yoongi’s) favorite song?”

[Group052] Park_JM: uh

[Group052] Park_JM: uhhhhh

[Group052] Park_JM: what the actual fucking fuck how would we know that????

[Group052] Park_JM: there are like 173571375190375105 songs in the world

[Group052] Park_JM: what if it’s a song no one here’s even heard of what if he likes obscure songs

[Group052] K_Seok: he seems like the listens-to-indie type

[Group052] K_Seok: omg he totally listens to indie

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m clueless about indie

[Group052] Jung_HS: fuck how do we even do this

[Group052] Jung_HS: i might be actually cryin now

[Group052] Park_JM: im crying too

[Group052] Park_JM: WE CRY TOGETHER

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m sorry, I’m… I really don’t know how to even start answering this question.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m so sorry

[Group052] K_Namj: so sorry

[Group052] Kim_TH:
don’t be sorry! its not ur fault! there has to be a way
a day may come when we lose, but it is not today

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wait

[Group052] Jeon_JK: WAAAAAIT

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what if, yoongi hyung seems like a smart & chill person right, what if

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what if he, knowing that we’ll be expected to match his answer

[Group052] Jeon_JK: doesn’t answer with his REAL favorite song, but with a song that HE KNOWS THAT WE KNOW

[Group052] Park_JM: but how does he know what songs we know? we never discussed favorite music

[Group052] Jeon_JK: well idk about u guys but its an established fact that i quoted bts lyrics and yoongi hyung called me out on it. he def knows bts

[Group052] Jung_HS: jungkookie ur a FUCKING GENIUS

[Group052] Jeon_JK: don’t praise me so fast, i quoted a shitton of bts songs how do we know which one he’ll pick :(

[Group052] K_Seok: ok list all the bts songs u quoted

[Group052] Jeon_JK: war of hormone (yoongi hyung called me out on this one), no more dream (did not specifically call me out on this one), boy in luv (ditto), not today (he continued the lyrics for me for this one tho he claimed he didn’t), also i didn’t quote lyrics but i mentioned a solo song, begin

[Group052] Park_JM: wow ur good at remembering things

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i have photographic memory

[Group052] K_Seok: and yet you don’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i can remember what words have been typed if i see them once, but i cant remember WHEN they were typed ok?? my memory doesn’t work that way so ofc i don’t remember what i had for lunch

[Group052] K_Seok: wait wtf you ACTUALLY have photographic memory? I thought you were kidding, I was playing along

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya i kinda do

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow u must ace all ur tests, that’s such a super cool ability

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it isn’t

[Group052] Jeon_JK: not when u always remember things u don’t want to remember

[Group052] Jeon_JK: anw

[Group052] Jeon_JK: which bts song

[Group052] K_Namj: I think going with the one he quoted back at you (Not Today) will be the best bet.

[Group052] K_Namj: The name is literally in the lyrics he quoted, so he can’t have forgotten the name of the song.

[Group052] Park_JM: ok let’s do this!

[Group052] Park_JM: Final answer: Not Today - BTS.mp3

[Group052] K_Seok: was the “.mp3” NECESSARY?!

Pied Piper: Final answer has been locked in.

Pied Piper: Matching results.

Pied Piper: Your answer is [correct]. [Group052] Min_YG is now able to participate in all chatrooms.

Pied Piper: [Group052] Min_YG has received a score of [8].

[Group052] Min_YG: Whew

[Group052] Min_YG: Hey guys

[Group052] Min_YG: Who’s the genius that I have to thank

[Group052] Park_JM: u have to thank jungkookie!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no omg thank taetae hyung! he was the one who reminded me of not today

[Group052] Kim_TH:
no kookie i did nothing, u did great ^^
tho, id like to know how we got a score of 8

[Group052] K_Namj: Good point, Taehyung.

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m thinking it’s for 8 minutes

[Group052] Min_YG: Remember the timer I told you guys about? When the answers matched, it was on MINUTE 8

[Group052] K_Namj: This is strange. Does this mean the longer we take, the higher the score? Usually for trivia games they’d want us to give the answer as soon as possible. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the longer we take, the lower the score?

[Group052] K_Seok: what if… the lower the score, the higher the chances we have at beating other groups

[Group052] K_Namj: That’s a sensible way to be looking at it…

[Group052] K_Namj: If that’s the case, 8 can’t be good. It’s just one question, one answer, and we took 8 minutes to solve the damn thing. We need to hurry up on the next ones. Who’s up?

[Group052] K_Namj: I don’t mind going next myself, actually.

[Group052] Min_YG: If you do, I don’t suggest selecting “ME”. Some other category would probably work better

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah I’m thinking of going for Geography, since I travel a lot.

[Group052] K_Namj: So I guess I press PLAY then?

[Group052] Park_JM: do it do it <3

[Group052] Kim_TH:
namjoon hyung good luck u can do it with ur cool brain!
hwangsaedeureun wonhae wonhae, maintain!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i cant believe ur taking over my job of quoting bts lyrics

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ooooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
im taking over, u

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i have photographic memory omg u cant dethrone me from my championship of knowing the most bts lyrics

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon steps out for 2 seconds and the kids are already fighting

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Namj has selected the “Geography” category.

[Group052] K_Seok: …

[Group052] K_Seok: ……

[Group052] K_Seok: ………

[Group052] K_Seok: …no instructions for us, guess we’ll just have to wait around until Namjoon finishes answering his question

[Group052] K_Seok: what does everyone propose we do in the meantime

[Group052] Park_JM: i have no clue haha

[Group052] Jung_HS: ya same

[Group052] Min_YG: Namjoon seems to be our unofficial leader. Now that he’s not here none of us know what to do lol

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah he’s apparently our unofficial leader, but I don’t think that’s why we’re all so lost

[Group052] K_Seok: you prob have no idea Yoongi but when you weren’t here everyone was freaking out like no tomorrow

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ya hyung u have a calming presence
i like the smell of herbal essence

[Group052] Min_YG: Whoa, really?

[Group052] Min_YG: Not to the herbal essence part (I agree, it smells good), the everyone freaking out part

[Group052] Park_JM: ya we were terrified

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi-hyung and i were literally crying lol

[Group052] Jeon_JK: even namjoon hyung forgot to use proper punctuation and capitalization at one point bc he was so freaked

[Group052] Min_YG: Wow. I wouldn’t say I have a very calming presence

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m thinking it’s just that we’re all so used to each other existing by now that losing any one of us is unthinkable

[Group052] K_Seok: yea you guys are like my wallet now :( I’ll be nervous if I lose any of you

[Group052] Kim_TH:
no one’s going anywhere!
kumamon is my favorite bear

[Group052] Min_YG: He’s my favorite too

[Group052] Min_YG: Wonder what Namjoon will think once he finds out we’re all secretly bonding behind his back lol

[Group052] Jung_HS: i hope he’s doing all right x_x what if it’s a rly hard question

[Group052] K_Seok: he’s a seasoned traveler Hoseok, he probably knows everything there is to know about geography. have faith

[Group052] Jung_HS: hes taking mightly long tho

[Group052] Min_YG: Chillax I think we’re only in MINUTE 2

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung u said u started with MINUTE 1 right

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, why

[Group052] Jeon_JK: nothing, im just wondering why it doesn’t start with MINUTE 0, wouldn’t the more normal way to do a timer be to start with 00:00

[Group052] Jeon_JK: does it mean that no one will get 0 points? everyone will get at least 1 point in that case, even if u give the correct answer in 3 seconds

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it just seems strange to me, like what does it mean

[Group052] Park_JM: u know what jungkookie ur rly sharp

[Group052] K_Seok: yea can’t believe that in the beginning I honestly thought you were a weird brat, what with all the lyrics quoting and whatnot

[Group052] Min_YG: Well his lyrics quoting came in useful for me, didn’t it? So it all worked out

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’m sorry hyungs :(

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i just don’t know what to say a lot of the times

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i don’t have friends and i don’t know what to say to make friends

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so i just use lyrics to fill in the silence i guess :(((

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and to make myself sound cooler? but that didn’t work did it

[Group052] Kim_TH:
kookie we’ll be ur friend if u like!
we can go to the mountains to hike

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya thank u i would like that ;w ;

[Group052] Jung_HS: why would u not have friends tho

[Group052] Jung_HS: i mean i don’t know u that well or anything but u seem like a good kid

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im just bad at ppl i guess

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i can type a lot but im real shy

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and i kind of always get good scores w/out studying bc my photographic memory

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ppl HATE that

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what’s worse, i cant forget any of the things they say about me on the school forum and facebook group bc once i see something i always remember

[Group052] Jeon_JK: funny thing the thing i remember the most about ppl’s faces is their chin bc i always remember looking up at them from the ground where i lie beaten up hahahaa

[Group052] Jung_HS: nooooo :(((

[Group052] Jung_HS: what kind of shitty person does that

[Group052] Park_JM: u have us now! ur cute and hot and trustworthy hyungs

[Group052] Park_JM: we will protect u from bullies

[Group052] Jeon_JK: haha its ok, they don’t bully me anymore in college, everyone just does their own thing in college

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so im getting better now i guess… still not any closer to making friends tho

[Group052] K_Seok: we’re your friends now!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but i don’t make friends with old ppl

[Group052] K_Seok: brat

[Group052] Jeon_JK: just kidding i love u hyung <3

[Group052] K_Seok: you know how I deal with brats???

[Group052] K_Seok: I give them FOOD

[Group052] K_Seok: after this is over, all of you, my place, I’m gonna feed y’all good

[Group052] Park_JM: food fight!!!!!

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Namj is now able to participate in all chatrooms.

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Namj has received a score of [6].

[Group052] Jung_HS: namjoooooon

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur back!!!

[Group052] Park_JM: we missed u hyung

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry I took so long. I was asked to list 7 USA states that start with the letter N.

[Group052] Park_JM: wtf that’s the most difficultest shit ever

[Group052] Park_JM: no wonder it took u 6 mins omg i wont be able to do it even if u give me 6 WEEKS

[Group052] K_Namj: I had the correct answer fairly soon, actually, but I dropped my device and had to restart it.

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry, I’m really clumsy.

[Group052] Kim_TH:
u still did good!
better than i ever could!
btw do u think, now that we have 2 ppl with scores,
we can try the COMBINE button, my fellow dinosaurs?

[Group052] Jung_HS: im not a dinosaur im a flower

[Group052] Park_JM: im totally a dinosaur

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m a stegosaurus. Anyway, that’s a good idea I think

[Group052] Min_YG: I have a feeling Taehyung is probably a secret genius too like Jungkook, he’s just handicapped by the rhyming thing and can’t express his genius well

[Group052] Kim_TH:
hyung thank u so much u flatter me
i believe u would look good in gucci

[Group052] Min_YG: I’d wear it if it’s black

[Group052] Min_YG: Namjoon, you press the COMBINE or I press the COMBINE?

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m on it.

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, the screen says “You may choose to combine your score with another member who has a score.” And there’s a list of all the people who have scores. Currently it’s only you.

[Group052] Min_YG: Right, let’s do it then

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Namj has combined scores with [Group052] Min_YG.

Pied Piper: The current score for [Group052] is 14 points.

[Group052] K_Seok: sounds about right I guess?

[Group052] K_Seok: we still don’t know what the score does but I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out

[Group052] K_Seok: who wanna go next?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i wanna before i get too freaked to do it

[Group052] Jung_HS: but i don’t know what category i’ll be good at…

[Group052] Min_YG: Tell us your interests, we’ll figure something out. Namjoon and I already saw all the categories

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah, I may not have photographic memory but I remember a fair number of them.

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh i like dancing? also as i said to seokjin hyung i cook sometimes

[Group052] K_Namj: If my memory serves me right, there was a Food category.

[Group052] Min_YG: I saw it too, there was

[Group052] Jung_HS: but i cant pick that one? wouldn’t seokjinnie hyung do better on that one

[Group052] K_Seok: no one says we can’t pick overlapping categories?

[Group052] K_Seok: besides I’m amazing at a good many things so even if we can’t overlap I’ll be fine

[Group052] K_Seok: trust me I’m Kim Seokjin!

[Group052] Jung_HS: i…i trust u hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: so guys uh see u later then?

[Group052] Park_JM: good luck hyung hwaiting!!!

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jung_HS has selected the “Food” category.

[Group052] K_Seok: …now we wait

[Group052] Min_YG: Why am I antsy af

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah I swear every time one of you leaves I feel a little bit more lost inside

[Group052] Park_JM: its bc hoseok-hyung is a flower and without him we’re flowerless and sad and bored

[Group052] K_Namj: It’d be a bit boring, I agree, if we just sit around and do nothing. Let’s do… whatever you guys did back when you were waiting for me to answer my question?

[Group052] K_Seok: if I remember correctly we were talking about Jungkook’s life and I invited everyone to my place for food

[Group052] K_Namj: Aww, I wanted to hear about Jungkook’s life too…

[Group052] K_Seok: does that MEAN

[Group052] K_Seok: you have no interest in my FOOD?

[Group052] K_Namj: That’s not what I meant, goodness, hyung!

[Group052] K_Seok: it’s SETTLED once this is over I’ll feed everyone but Namjoon

[Group052] K_Namj: :((((

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jung_HS is now able to participate in all chatrooms.

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jung_HS has received a score of [1].

[Group052] Jung_HS: aaaaaand im back

[Group052] Park_JM: wow that was so fast hyung!

[Group052] Park_JM: u did it in ONE MINUTE omg

[Group052] K_Seok: we haven’t even begun backstabbing you and you’re already back

[Group052] Jung_HS: why would u backstab me im sad :((

[Group052] K_Seok: just kidding we’ll never do that to you dear

[Group052] K_Seok: so how was your trivia experience

[Group052] Jung_HS: umm actually i found out something lol

[Group052] Jung_HS: which is, if u get the answer wrong nothing happens

[Group052] Jung_HS: bc i got it wrong like 3 times

[Group052] Park_JM: well if u got it wrong like 3 times and still managed to find the right answer in 1 min u still did amazing i think

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm. I was expecting a punishment or penalty at least for wrong answers. I don’t know much about games in general, but isn’t it the point of a game to have winners and losers and awards and punishments?

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m worried. If getting wrong answers doesn’t lead to anything bad, then something else will, I bet.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: time

[Group052] K_Namj: Time?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: time is our punishment. if we keep not getting the right answer the game will go on forever and we’ll suffocate

[Group052] Jeon_JK: also the scores are related to time

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so maybe they think losing time by getting answers wrong is already a punishment in itself, so there aren’t any penalties for that

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, makes sense. You’re a smart kid.

[Group052] K_Seok: when you weren’t here, Namjoon, we’ve already established the fact that Jungkookie is a smart sweetheart who deserves all the friends in the world

[Group052] K_Namj: Why do you keep making me feel left out? :((

[Group052] Min_YG: You two doth fight too much

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi you’d better combine your scores too

[Group052] Jung_HS: gotcha

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jung_HS has added his score of 1 to the current [Group052] score of 14.

Pied Piper: The current score for [Group052] is 15 points.

[Group052] Park_JM: anyway

[Group052] Park_JM: if no one objects i might as well go next?

[Group052] Park_JM: im a little bit less nervous now that i know its ok to get wrong answers

[Group052] Park_JM: since im not very good at anything :((

[Group052] Kim_TH:
nonsense jimin i can list 100 things ur good at
its just with my handicap its hard to do that

[Group052] K_Seok: sure you’re good at something Jimin! everyone’s gotta be good at something sweetie

[Group052] Park_JM: im not smart like namjoon hyung and yoongi hyung and i cant cook as good as our 2 seoks can and im not a poet like taetae and i don’t have photographic memory like kookie

[Group052] Min_YG: You’ve got to be good at something

[Group052] Min_YG: Taehyung, you know the most about Jimin, tell us some of Jimin’s best features

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ass, calves, thighs
smile, lips, eyes

[Group052] Min_YG: That wasn’t what I was going for but at least it’s poetic

[Group052] Min_YG: Jimin, I’m sure you’ve got some hobbies? Listing your hobbies always helps

[Group052] Park_JM: uhhh like hobi hyung i dance a little but im not very good

[Group052] Kim_TH:
nonsense u dance so well
stop saying that or i’ll yell

[Group052] Min_YG: Don’t yell, I hate loud noises

[Group052] Min_YG: Not sure if I’d be able to hear it if you yell though, wonder how soundproof these walls are

[Group052] Jung_HS: WAIT WHAT WAS THAT

[Group052] K_Seok: uhhh??

[Group052] K_Seok: uh did u guys hear that??

[Group052] K_Seok: ok pretty sure hobi heard it too


[Group052] Min_YG: Well now we know how soundproof these walls are (not very)

[Group052] Min_YG: And yeah, pretty sure it was an explosion

[Group052] K_Namj: There it goes again. Another explosion.

[Group052] Jung_HS: WHYYYYYY

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it doesn’t sound very close

[Group052] Jeon_JK: is everyone all right?

[Group052] K_Seok: Jimin? Taehyung?

[Group052] Park_JM: im ok

[Group052] Kim_TH:
im okay
u can call me taetae

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, taetae

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if we’re not in trouble it might be one of the other groups

[Group052] Jeon_JK: namjoon hyung said there might be hundreds of groups right?

[Group052] Park_JM: errrr what did they do to end up EXPLODING

[Group052] Park_JM: p sure so far nothing has been mentioned about exploding

[Group052] Park_JM: its true that we haven’t been doing anything wrong so far but still

[Group052] K_Namj: In a trivia game setting like this, the only thing we can be doing “wrong” is answering questions incorrectly, or violating the rules.

[Group052] K_Namj: But Hoseok has already proven that answering questions incorrectly doesn’t matter, so they probably violated the rules.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: in that case a lot of ppl were violating rules bc ive heard 4-5 explosions already

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh there goes another one

[Group052] Min_YG: They all come from different directions… Does that mean a lot of groups decided to violate the rules at the same time?

[Group052] Min_YG: If that’s the case we sure didn’t get the memo

[Group052] K_Seok: well we haven’t exactly tried to reach out to the other groups but I don’t really see any way we could do that? there’s no CALL OTHER GROUP button anywhere

[Group052] Min_YG: Ah there goes another one a bit further away. Bit creepy don’t you guys think

[Group052] Park_JM: how can u tell where they come from lol hyung they all sound the same to me

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah the echoes are kind of messing up the acoustics of the place

[Group052] Min_YG: I have sensitive hearing I guess. It’s always been a thing

[Group052] Min_YG: Once I hear something my brain starts analyzing all its qualities. It’s why I don’t like loud noises, they make me dizzy

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa, we might be getting at something.

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook has photographic memory and Yoongi-hyung has sensitive hearing. Seokjin-hyung’s a cook, so maybe he’s got sensitive tastebuds. Perhaps that’s the common thread that ties us all together?

[Group052] K_Namj: I fail to see how I have any superhuman senses though. I do have an IQ of 148, perhaps they think I have an hyperactive brain?

[Group052] Park_JM: that’s a good theory hyung, but

[Group052] Park_JM: i hate to break it to u but i don’t have any extraordinary senses

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jimin u have a voice sent from the skies
AND i maintain u have godly thighs

[Group052] Park_JM: i don’t think thighs count as one of the senses lol but thank u taetae

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ugh namjoon hyung i hate to debunk ur theory tho…
i don’t have any extraordinary senses either u know

[Group052] K_Namj: Aw okay, that’s my theory out of the window. :(

[Group052] Kim_TH:
hyung ur smart u will find the answer, i have faith in u!
an IQ of 148 is no joke, chinese kung-fu

[Group052] Min_YG: Anyway, we might as well get on with the game, since the explosions are showing no signs of dying down and there ain’t much we can do about it

[Group052] K_Seok: they’ve died down for me though?

[Group052] K_Namj: Maybe they’re happening too far away and only Yoongi-hyung can hear them now? I haven’t heard them either for a couple of minutes.

[Group052] Min_YG: I still hear them… maybe it’s all in my head and I’m going insane huh

[Group052] Min_YG: Ugh don’t mind me, I’m like that with loud noises, they stay in my head for a long time. Let’s just get going. Jimin, we still need to figure out what category you should do

[Group052] Park_JM: uh i…

[Group052] Min_YG: Taehyung says you have a voice sent from the skies, so you sing

[Group052] Min_YG: How about music? There’s a Music category

[Group052] Park_JM: idk that many songs tho :(( i do know some music theory but

[Group052] K_Seok: hey just give it a try! don’t worry, you’re allowed to give wrong answers. maybe they’ll even allow you to switch the category if you think the question is too hard too

[Group052] Park_JM: wow isn’t that a bit too lenient?

[Group052] Park_JM: i’ll do my best tho, thank u hyung…

[Group052] Park_JM: so i’ll just… press play then? and off i go?

[Group052] Park_JM: im so nervous??

[Group052] Kim_TH:
don’t be nervous chimchim u will ace the thing!
believe in urself ur the trivia king!

[Group052] Park_JM: thank u taetae ilu uwu

[Group052] Kim_TH:
i love u too bb don’t be so hard on urself
ill always be there to help if u cant reach the top shelf

[Group052] Min_YG: Goodness can you two just please get a room

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] Park_JM and [Group_052] Kim_TH.

[Group052] Min_YG: Omg they already have 3 private chatrooms now Piper please stop opening up those things for them no one needs that many

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: [Group052] Park_JM has selected the “Music” category.

[Group052] K_Seok: so, again, now we wait

[Group052] K_Seok: these waits always make me so nervous…

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t be, Jimin’s going to be fine.

[Group052] K_Namj: He seemed pretty crazy at first with his caps lock thing, but after he mellowed down he seems like a sweet kid with good sense. Kept subtly reaching out to comfort or sympathize with everyone under that bratty facade.

[Group052] K_ Namj: Perhaps all his yelling is just a way to mask his lack of confidence. He really seemed to not know what to do about himself just now when picking the categories.

[Group052] Kim_TH:
pls don’t think he’s a brat, he’s the sweetest person i know
its just that he had some bad experiences some time ago
i’ll just say… im not kidding when i say he’s hot
he’s got some fans… by some i mean a lot
there was a pretty rabid one that stalked him ‘round
prob still does, he’s like a basset hound

[Group052] K_Seok: whoa

[Group052] K_Seok: so… the fan… he…

[Group052] Kim_TH:
let’s just say this isn’t jimin’s first time to be kidnapped
idk what rhymes with that, squid trapped?
he’s not fully recovered from his experience with that man
but trust me he’s rly doing the best he can
ugh its hard to explain this in rhymes but
hes a great person i promise! dunkin’ donut

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im so sorry to hear that…

[Group052] K_Seok: im rly sorry too

[Group052] Min_YG: Ugh humans suck

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m getting tired just thinking about how many people I need to beat up after we get out of here

[Group052] K_Seok: don’t go about beating people up Yoongi, that’s not good manners!

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t like people in general so

[Group052] Min_YG: You guys are cool though, I guess

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ugh wait maybe don’t tell jiminie i told u all that, yup?
maybe he doesn’t want ppl to know, i should’ve shut up
im sorry i just, he’s my best friend, i care a lot
i want everyone to love him like i do, tater tot

[Group052] K_Seok: don’t worry we won’t tell if you don’t want us to

[Group052] K_Seok: and don’t say sorry. it’s good that you have each other

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im kind of envious of u tbh

[Group052] Jeon_JK: to have a friend u can unconditionally trust. i want that

[Group052] K_Seok: we’ll be your friend, Jungkook

[Group052] K_Seok: unless you’re not okay with being friends with old people? ;)

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’ll make an exception for u hyung <3

[Group052] K_ Namj: As far as I can remember, Jimin was orphaned since 5 years old, wasn’t he? Have you known him since then?

[Group052] Kim_TH:
same orphanage, we did everything together, always
he’s so important to me, he’s seen all my bad days
but he never left me srsly im so blessed
so i just want everyone to love him? he’s the best

[Group052] Min_YG: Is this the episode in which Taehyung suddenly pours his heart out

[Group052] Min_YG: Not that I mind though. I’m bad at saying things ya know, but you two are friendship goals

[Group052] Min_YG: It’s nice to see people like you guys sometimes. Makes me think maybe one day I’ll believe in forever again

[Group052] K_Seok: so, I assume, you do not believe in forever

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t

[Group052] Min_YG: Relationships are too much of a mess don’t you think

[Group052] K_Seok: I don’t think!

[Group052] K_Seok: I believe in ~true love~

[Group052] Min_YG: Good for you then?

[Group052] K_ Namj: I have a question, Taehyung.

[Group052] K_ Namj: Sorry if it sounds like prying, but I’m still trying to figure out the thing that links everyone together.

[Group052] Kim_TH:
its ok u can ask
im not wearing a ski mask

[Group052] K_ Namj: You said Jimin has lots of fans. I’m pretty sure no matter how good he looks, regular people don’t usually gain tons of fans just by existing. So…

[Group052] K_ Namj: Instagram account? Twitter? Something like that? Where does he get his fans from?

[Group052] Kim_TH:
oh uh, actually ppl won’t know us by our real names…
but we have an account on youtube? we play games
and take challenges and just do general vlog stuff,
just the two of us, we aren’t the most popular but good enough

[Group052] Min_YG: How much is “enough”

[Group052] Kim_TH:
4.7 mil subs
maybe 200 fanclubs

[Group052] Min_YG: That’s far more than my definition of “enough” but whatever floats your boat

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im kind of on youtube a lot, what’s ur account name

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if i can ask??

[Group052] Kim_TH:
oh we just go by vmin? im v he’s minmin
avatar is us holding a stuffed puffin


[Group052] Jeon_JK: I WATCH ALL UR VIDS

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and i have photographic memory so i literally remember all of them lol

[Group052] Kim_TH:
omg kookie <3 im so happy
thank u so much for liking us, am i being too sappy?

[Group052] Min_YG: So, from a fan perspective, what are their videos like, Kook

[Group052] Jeon_JK: well i can tell u taetae hyung wasn’t lying about jimin hyung’s thighs

[Group052] Kim_TH:
kookie im so glad sb agrees with me on this! u’ve seen the light

[Group052] Jeon_JK: jimin hyung is really cute and soft, i can understand why u just want everyone to love him

[Group052] Kim_TH:
bc how can u not?? love him, i mean?
he’s a cloud of marshmallows a cute smol bean

Pied Piper: [Group052] Park_JM is now able to participate in all chatrooms.

Pied Piper: [Group052] Park_JM has received a score of [4].

[Group052] Park_JM: um hi guys, sorry i wasn’t as quick as hobi-hyung

[Group052] Kim_TH:
uh guys pls remember what i told u to not say
ive never been to the san francisco bay

[Group052] Park_JM: sounds suspicious but ok? my eyes are narrowed

[Group052] Park_JM: btw i’d better combine my scores

Pied Piper: [Group052] Park_JM has added his score of 4 to the current [Group052] score of 15.

Pied Piper: The current score for [Group052] is 19 points.

[Group052] Park_JM: ok now that that’s done

[Group052] Park_JM: what were u talking about when i was away??

[Group052] Min_YG: Basically Taehyung leaked your youtube channel and we’ve discovered that Jungkook is your biggest fan

[Group052] Park_JM: omg kookie rly??? thats amazing!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i just… rly like the song covers u do sometimes ok

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i… i do song covers sometimes too! and i play videogames too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so i look up to u guys i guess, ur channel is rly fun

[Group052] Park_JM: wait kookie i listen to a lot of song covers, what’s ur handle

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh justin_seagull97

[Group052] Park_JM: WTF

[Group052] Kim_TH:
what the FUCK

[Group052] K_ Namj: Okay, since I’m not in the Youtube scene, can you guys explain the situation to me? Why the cursing?

[Group052] Park_JM: dude has like 250 million subscribers

[Group052] K_ Namj: Wow I have no words.

[Group052] K_Seok: our little kookie is famous!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: omg don’t say that im blushing /////

[Group052] Park_JM: u never show ur face tho? we only hear ur voice (which is a very good voice btw)

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im just shy ok ///

[Group052] K_ Namj: Well, perhaps this is another possible connection between us.

[Group052] K_ Namj: We have three well-known Youtubers. Seokjin-hyung has a popular cooking blog. I wouldn’t say that anyone knows my travel journal by my real name, but I do write a fair amount of articles for major magazines…

[Group052] Min_YG: Uh, sorry to break your bubble but I’m completely not famous

[Group052] Min_YG: As in, no online presence, no social media accounts

[Group052] Min_YG: Completely anonymous and normal person

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t even go out much when it comes to that, so… nope, not a celebrity in any way

[Group052] K_ Namj: Aw… My theories never work out.

[Group052] K_Seok: also we don’t know if hobi is youtube famous or something, he never said

[Group052] K_Seok: come to think of it


[Group052] Min_YG: Shit

[Group052] Jeon_JK: omg

[Group052] Park_JM: umm i was banned from talking to u guys for just 4 minutes time and u already managed to LOSE A PERSON?

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear any recent explosions and logically our rooms should all be near so he couldn’t have exploded or else I’d have heard it? wtf

[Group052] Min_YG: God Jimin you’re right, how did we manage to LOSE A FUCKING PERSON

[Group052] Kim_TH:
yoongi hyung try talking in ur private chat! and don’t cry
maybe he’s banned from this one for some reason? worth a try

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m not crying, why would you assume that I am

[Group052] Min_YG: And ok I’ll do that


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi?

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi please

[Group052] Min_YG: We’re like Seokjin-hyung’s wallet now, if you disappear on him he’ll be sad

[Group052] Min_YG: Do you want your favorite cook blogger Seokjin-hyung to be sad?

[Group052] Min_YG: Talk to me

[Group052] Min_YG: Please

[Group052] Min_YG: I might be crying now please talk

Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung?

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung don’t cry im so sorry omg

[Group052] Jung_HS: im so sorry for disappearing on everyone

[Group052] Jung_HS: i just don’t trust myself to speak in the big chat now

[Group052] Jung_HS: i don’t want to freak everyone out sorry

[Group052] Min_YG: Jung Hoseok were you trying to give me a fucking HEART ATTACK

[Group052] Jung_HS: im sorry im rly sorry ><

[Group052] Min_YG: Why would you freak everyone out by talking in the big chat?

[Group052] Jung_HS: cause

[Group052] Jung_HS: i keep wanting to ask a question, a rly scary one

[Group052] Min_YG: And what question is that?

[Group052] Jung_HS: is it just me having a panic attack or is it getting rly hard to breathe

[Group052] Min_YG: …

[Group052] Min_YG: ……

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m not sure which is the more comforting thing to say to you right now, yes it’s all inside your head or no it’s not all inside your head

[Group052] Min_YG: But personally I don’t think it’s all inside your head, it’s indeed getting harder to breathe now that you’ve mentioned it

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ve been feeling a bit lightheaded but I assumed it was from the explosions, my body reacts too dramatically to sounds

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m sorry Hobi if this isn’t what you want to hear right now, but let’s hurry and get back and get the game done once and for all. We’ll be outside soon in fresh air ok?

[Group052] Jung_HS: aaaa hyung don’t apologize why r u apologizing when im the one who should be

[Group052] Jung_HS: it gets harder to breathe and the first thing i do is run away and hide like a coward

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry ><

[Group052] Min_YG: No, I get that you don’t like closed spaces. Don’t apologize for having a phobia. You can’t help it

[Group052] Min_YG: I have phobias too so I understand, ok?

[Group052] Jung_HS: what do u have a phobia of?

[Group052] Jung_HS: unless im not supposed to ask, u don’t have to tell me im sorry?

[Group052] Min_YG: Humans

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh

[Group052] Min_YG: Like, a lot of humans at the same time? I can’t handle crowds so

[Group052] Jung_HS: im a human pls dont hate me :(((

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t have a problem with you unless there are 50 of you at the same time, ok?

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow i don’t think even i can handle 50 mes

[Group052] Min_YG: See


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Min_YG: Uh guys I found Hobi

[Group052] Min_YG: He noticed that the oxygen level seems to be dropping and was wondering if there’s some place the oxygen supply is supposed to come from so he was wandering around touching the walls looking for it

[Group052] Min_YG: That was why he wasn’t joining the chat

[Group052] Jung_HS: im so sorry ><

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung wtf u could have JUST TOLD US



[Group052] Jung_HS: im so sorry i wont, i wont><

[Group052] K_Namj: So did you find anything in your search?

[Group052] Jung_HS: unfortunately no :(

[Group052] Min_YG: Anyway, as the oxygen levels are indeed dropping (I can feel it too), we’d better hurry unless we want to all get brain damage and die

[Group052] Min_YG: Who’s going next?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’ll do it? if everyone is ok with it?

[Group052] K_Seok: why would we be not ok with it? go for it Kookie

[Group052] Park_JM: yeah kook u have photographic memory so u can prob ace any category that requires memorizing lol

[Group052] Park_JM: so u better pick one of the hard ones hehehe and leave the videogames category for taetae

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok! i think i’ll go for history! see u guys soon then!

[Group052] Kim_TH:
good luck kookie u gonna slay!
just relax and press play
ah i still cant believe im talking to justin_seagull97
he’s got a voice straight from heaven

[Group052] Park_JM: i know rite i cant believe our luck either

[Group052] Park_JM: like a “senpai noticed us” kind of feeling

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um guys, ive got… news?

[Group052] K_Namj: Good news? Bad news?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: just news before we figure out what it means, but my gut says 98% bad

[Group052] K_Seok: then it’s probably bad. always trust the young ones with their gut

[Group052] Jeon_JK: after i pressed play, a popup appeared, i’ll copy it over

[Group052] Jeon_JK: “[WARNING] Are you sure you want to continue? Your group already has a total of [19] points. Continuing may result in your group going over the maximum point limit, and consequently explosion. You may select to FORFEIT your turn instead”.

[Group052] K_Seok: uh i don’t need to have young ppl gut to know that this is 98% bad news

[Group052] Jung_HS: but what is it supposed to MEAN

[Group052] Jeon_JK: btw there’s a FORFEIT button on my screen now too, in addition to the original PLAY and COMBINE

[Group052] K_Seok: hmm I tried pressing PLAY and now I have the popup and the FORFEIT button too. weird

[Group052] Jeon_JK: should i test the forfeit button out?

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t do it! What if it’s irreversible? We don’t want you to forfeit until we figure out what the points do!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: too late already pressed

[Group052] Min_YG: Someone’s trigger happy

[Group052] Jeon_JK: got another popup

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it says, and i quote:

[Group052] Jeon_JK: “[WARNING] Are you sure you want to forfeit? As a result of forfeiting, you will not be able to play the trivia game and your team will not be able to receive any points from you. As you will not be contributing to your team's total points, you will remain in your current room instead of moving on into the room for [Phase 2]”.

[Group052] K_Seok: this does not, in any way, sound like good news

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i exited the popup so i haven’t actually forfeited yet, don’t worry

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but what now?

[Group052] Park_JM: i may be slightly freaking just a heads up

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh same

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, guys, freaking out won’t do us any good. Let’s list all the things we know right now, shall we?

[Group052] K_Namj: 1. We now have 19 points. The system believes that, at 19, we might easily go over the maximum point limit, and issued an automatic warning. This means that the maximum point limit cannot be much bigger than 19 (the warning did not appear when we had 15 points).

[Group052] K_Namj: 2. If we go past the maximum point limit we as a group will explode.

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh god was that what happened to the other groups we heard…

[Group052] Min_YG: It’s still happening, I keep hearing it

[Group052] K_Namj: 3. Therefore, if we don’t want to go past the maximum point limit, players who have not yet had a go can choose to FORFEIT.

[Group052] K_Namj: 4. Players who choose to FORFEIT will not move on to the next room.

[Group052] K_Namj: This means that if everyone who hadn’t have a go yet chooses to forfeit we will have 19 points, and Jungkook, Seokjin-hyung and Taehyung will not move on to the next room.

[Group052] K_Namj: So, now that we know all of this, what’s our next step?

[Group052] Min_YG: I say we use 1 question (I am hypothetically willing to be the sacrifice but I’m not saying it for certain now in case the Piper processes this, he always seems to process my get-a-room requests fairly quickly) on the maximum point limit we’re allowed before explosion

[Group052] Min_YG: and then we use another question (I’m hypothetically willing to be the sacrifice twice if that’s even possible) on what will happen to people who don’t move on to the next room, and possibly also what will happen to people who do move on to the next room if we don’t have a complete group

[Group052] Park_JM: using 2 sacrifices on the same person doesn’t sound like the healthiest thing, im willing to take one of them

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t really want to use up 2 out of 3 questions already when we’re only in Phase 1 and idk how many phases there even are, but I see no way around this. We need to know to make a decision

[Group052] Min_YG: People are exploding everywhere, we can’t let that be us

[Group052] Min_YG: We’re all going home together. Let’s ask the questions

[Group052] Jeon_JK: god fuckity fuck

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh god i get what this is now… fuck

[Group052] Kim_TH:
kookie what’s wrong?
do u want me to sing u a song

[Group052] Jeon_JK: tae-hyung don’t talk to me now

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i cant talk to u, especially not u

[Group052] Kim_TH:
what, why?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: …

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i should have seen this coming

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the timer starting at minute 1 instead of 00:00 so that no one can have zero points

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the fact that even tho trivia questions should be answered as quickly as possible, we actually get more points the longer we take


[Group052] Park_JM: what?

[Group052] Park_JM: what? kookie ur scaring me, i don’t understand

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie? are u ok?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im not ok

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we didn’t get a warning at 15 pts, but we get one at 19

[Group052] Jeon_JK: roughly around after the 3rd? 4th round? we started hearing explosions, but we did spend a lot of time idle chatting so im guessing other teams have already reached their point limit while we’re only at 19-ish pts

[Group052] Jeon_JK: all this means the limit is just a TINY bit higher than 19

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and it reminds me of something… have any of u heard of blackjack

[Group052] Min_YG: Blackjack? Like, the phone? I used to have a blackjack phone and I'm pretty sure they're coming up with new editions

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no not the phone the card game

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the gambling game in which u try to get as many pts as possible without going over 21

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i think this is it this is the game

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we only have 21 mins for SEVEN PPL that’s basically impossible everyone needs to finish their rounds under 3 mins no wonder the other groups are all exploding

[Group052] Jeon_JK: also now we’re at 19 and we have only 2 spare pts left and THREE PPL TO GO


[Group052] Min_YG: Well, fuck?

Chapter Text

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, guys, put your thinking caps on, we can't freak out now. We can still work something out.


[Group052] Jeon_JK: like idk what will happen to ppl who dont move on to the next room but idt it can be anything good

[Group052] K_Namj: We have to ask. Let me.

[Group052] K_Namj: Mr. Piper, we will be using one question. I'm willing to be the sacrifice.

[Group052] K_Namj: The question is: “What will happen to the players who forfeit and consequently do not move on to the next room?”

[Group052] Min_YG: Hey not fair I wanted to be the sacrifice

[Group052] K_Namj: Too late now! And I'm good at rhyming, I do some rapping in my spare time. I should be fine if the sacrifice involves any rhymes.

[Group052] Min_YG: Wow who would have guessed, I rap too

[Group052] K_Namj: We totally need to take this discussion elsewhere once we get out of this game.

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: Handicap for [Group052] K_Namj effective starting now. It will remain in effect until the game ends.

[Group052] K_Seok: whoa that sounds kinda bad. Taehyung's is effective for only one phase...

[Group052] K_Namj: Guess I'm just really unlucky?

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Namj should now see a pair of footprints marked by light on the floor in the middle of your room. Please stand on the pair of marked-out footprints and wait. We will not be answering your question unless you do so.

[Group052] Jung_HS: this sounds creepy af :/

[Group052] K_Namj: I suppose I'll have to do it then. Wish me luck.

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung u better report back to us immediately we need to know what happens or ill prob start screaming

[Group052] Park_JM: im literally shaking...

[Group052] K_Seok: …

[Group052] K_Seok: …...

[Group052] K_Seok: …..... hurry up dude we need to know if ur all right

[Group052] Jung_HS: namjoooooooon where r uuuuu

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, it's done.

[Group052] K_Seok: yay you can still speak normally?

[Group052] K_Seok: I assumed that the handicap would prob be physical anyway tho, judging from how you had to go to a certain spot in the room

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah, it's physical. Once I got there some, uh, machine limbs appeared from underground and attached weights to my calves.

[Group052] K_Namj: They're pretty heavy... I'm having a hard time moving around.

[Group052] Min_YG: This makes me even more sure that the next phase probably involves athletic stuff. Damn

[Group052] Min_YG: Anyway, now that you've done the sacrifice, we should be getting the answer, right? Piper?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] K_Namj's question is as follows.

Pied Piper: “Once the current phase ends, players who contributed points will be moved into the next room, and your current rooms will be filled with poisonous gas. If any members happen to still remain in their current room, they will, naturally, be killed by the poisonous gas.”


[Group052] Park_JM: afhkahfalhsfasashgasfjal;sf

[Group052] Jeon_JK: right, guess thats set in stone now. some or all of us will be dying soon. just gr8 tbh

[Group052] Park_JM: what do u mean by “some or all of us”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: 2 possible pts left. 3 ppl to go. SOMEONE will have to forfeit even if 2 out of 3 manage to each get 1 pt bc no one can get 0 pts. also we know that its hard to get only 1 pt, so far only hoseok-hyung managed to do it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: which leads to the next question hyungs, do we want to risk EVERYONE EXPLODING so that 2 ppl can have a go, or do u want to just go with 19 pts (which is considered adequately high already in blackjack) and the 3 of us will just die of poisonous gas?

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit kookie ur brain works too fast. let me... think slowly... and try to catch up...

[Group052] Jung_HS: ….......still thinking.....

[Group052] Jung_HS: …...ok im done thinking, and well, shit

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, shit

[Group052] Min_YG: Ok, the rest of you don't have to agree with me but I'd say no one forfeit just yet. We definitely have to let at least 1 of you 3 have a go (or 2, depending on how fast you guys can answer your questions)

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not speaking for Jungkook and Taehyung but I think it's a bit risky...

[Group052] K_Seok: I mean, if whichever one of us goes and takes up more than 2 minutes, EVERYONE explodes. I'm willing to die to make sure that doesn't happen. you guys can just go to phase 2 with a score of 19

[Group052] K_Namj: No.

[Group052] K_Namj: No, listen. We can't just go on with a score of 19. We are playing this game with the assumption that there are hundreds of other teams and we will be competing against them. Statistically it's unlikely that none of the other teams have 21 points. We can't beat them with only 19.

[Group052] K_Namj: We need to get 21 too. Thus, we have to risk it.

[Group052] K_Seok: those are all assumptions tho, you don't know for a fact that there are hundreds of other teams and we have to beat them to move on. Those are just ASSUMPTIONS! it's a FACT that everyone dies if we go over 21 ok?

[Group052] K_Namj: …

[Group052] K_Namj: Ok, I'll admit that.

[Group052] K_Namj: but let's risk it anyway

[Group052] K_Namj: because I want as many of us to get through this together as possible

[Group052] K_Namj: please?

[Group052] K_Seok: are your hands shaking

[Group052] K_Namj: how'd you know

[Group052] K_Seok: you're not using correct capitalization

[Group052] K_Namj: ok fine I'm kind of freaking out? who cares?

[Group052] Min_YG: I agree with Namjoon. We'll risk this. Answering questions in 1 minute is not impossible. Hobi did it even after getting 3 wrong answers

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but guys dont u realize

[Group052] Jeon_JK: that this is going to just lead to the next tough question, which is

[Group052] Jeon_JK: who of the 3 of us is going first?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and if the first person actually manages to get it under 1 min, who goes next AND WHO DIES?

[Group052] Kim_TH:
i dont think i can answer questions in 1 minute's time
i mean, i'll have to make all my answers rhyme...
this handicap makes me type really slow
so i'll forfeit. its the most logical way to go

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ugh thats why i didnt want to talk to u i was afraid u would say that

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ya I was gonna say that earlier but couldnt find a rhyme that fits
see? i'll def slow y'all down. btw i have 2 tits

[Group052] Jeon_JK: of course you have 2, if you had 4 you'd be a cow

[Group052] Jeon_JK: at least, that's what i would have said to u if i weren't so stressed about u dying

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ur a good person hyung i watched all ur videos, i know. u dont deserve to die.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u can come up with rhymes pretty fast, u can still do it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: let me forfeit. i dont even have friends, my parents are long gone, my foster ones dont rly care, no one will miss me

[Group052] K_Seok: exCUSE me jeon jungkook what about ur 250 million fans

[Group052] Jeon_JK: they'll just assume i got tired of the youtuber life or moved to some internet-less place and cant upload videos or some shit

[Group052] K_Seok: that's not right

[Group052] K_Seok: I'll forfeit. I'm the oldest. You younger ones deserve more years to live

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but hyung u have fans too! one of them is right here in this chat even

[Group052] Jung_HS: um dont drag me into this im already bawling buckets

[Group052] Jeon_JK: sorry, hobi-hyung :(

[Group052] Jeon_JK: jin-hyung u cant do that just bc ur the oldest

[Group052] Jeon_JK: let me do it

[Group052] K_Seok: don't be stubborn you little shit

[Group052] K_Seok: I dont usually curse but this is kind of an emergency situation

[Group052] Jeon_JK: lets do online rock paper scissors

[Group052] Jeon_JK: just me and u, its pointless to play with taetae-hyung bc he would have to use rock bc like how do u even rhyme with 'paper' or 'scissors'

[Group052] K_Seok: syrian bean caper rhymes with paper

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wtf

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm a cook what did u expect

[Group052] K_Seok: but I agree, we keep taehyung out of this, lets just do online rock paper scissors

[Group052] Jeon_JK: a duel between me and u

[Group052] Kim_TH:
uh too late lol i already forfeited so...
feel free to continue dueling to decide who goes first tho


[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya what the actual fuck???

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thats a sneaky move its unfair u have to unforfeit

[Group052] Kim_TH:
uh there's no such button
i like the taste of mutton


[Group052] Park_JM: im so fucking DONE with u

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jimin? pls dont be mad at me?
we can have some afternoon tea?

[Group052] Park_JM: we can't bc ur DYING

[Group052] Park_JM: im so done with u and ur fucking RHYMES

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jimin im so sorry... pls dont be like this
i dont have powers of telekinesis

[Group052] Park_JM: UGH SHUT UP

[Group052] Park_JM: i dont want to talk to u ever again /dramatic mic drop/

[Group052] Min_YG: did he really just type “dramatic mic drop”

[Group052] Jung_HS: he did

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi can we move to our private chat for a bit

[Group052] Jung_HS: got it


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi, let me, your old and experienced hyung, give you some life advice

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur barely 1 yr older than me lol

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah but all the same, let me give you some advice

[Group052] Min_YG: Don't ever get attached to people, in a romantic or platonic or even simple comraderie sort of way

[Group052] Min_YG: Because when you lose them, it fucking hurts

[Group052] Jung_HS: ...

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung r u ok?

[Group052] Min_YG: No, sorry but

[Group052] Min_YG: I can't even look at the big chat anymore, that's why I asked you to come here

[Group052] Min_YG: Like looking at it physically hurts

[Group052] Min_YG: It hurts everywhere

[Group052] Min_YG: I took up 8 points Hobi

[Group052] Min_YG: If there were a way for me to uncombine my scores it wouldn't have needed to come to this

[Group052] Min_YG: (there is no uncombine button, I checked, and no forfeit button for me)

[Group052] Min_YG: If I could forfeit the 3 of them wouldn't be in such a mess

[Group052] Min_YG: Why couldn't it have been me? 8 fucking points hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung its not ur fault u have 8 pts, it's ours? we were the ones who answered ur question, it was us who took a long time, not u

[Group052] Min_YG: I picked the wrong category

[Group052] Min_YG: If I went for something else it wouldn't have been like this

[Group052] Min_YG: Why does this suck so much

[Group052] Min_YG: I promised myself I wouldn't get attached to people, I promised

[Group052] Min_YG: It never ends up well and then it hurts

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung im sitting against the wall

[Group052] Min_YG: So?

[Group052] Jung_HS: our rooms are probably near each other's since we're the same group, maybe we have neighboring rooms

[Group052] Jung_HS: if u sit against the wall too, maybe we'll be actually sitting back to back

[Group052] Jung_HS: now imagine that we're sitting back to back and u can feel me breathing

[Group052] Jung_HS: there

[Group052] Jung_HS: breathe with me

[Group052] Jung_HS: that's it

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur doing so well

[Group052] Min_YG: How'd you know that

[Group052] Jung_HS: im telepathic

[Group052] Min_YG: Heh

[Group052] Jung_HS: u did good hyung im proud of u

[Group052] Min_YG: Random question, did you get the name Hobi from the word 'hope'

[Group052] Jung_HS: random question huh

[Group052] Jung_HS: and ya i did

[Group052] Jung_HS: like what would we even be if we didnt have hope in our lives right?

[Group052] Min_YG: I guess so

[Group052] Min_YG: I guess sooner or later we'll have to go back to the main chat and face the music...

[Group052] Min_YG: I doubt they'll even notice we've started talking elsewhere and I'm no longer looking at the chat tho, they're probably... preoccupied

[Group052] Jung_HS: ya it's a mess there now

[Group052] Jung_HS: if its too much for u I can paraphrase and report to u what's going on there

[Group052] Min_YG: Right, what's going on there?

[Group052] Jung_HS: a lot of yelling

[Group052] Jung_HS: jin-hyung and jungkook played rock paper scissors and kook will be going first apparently

[Group052] Jung_HS: namjoon is no longer using punctuation

[Group052] Jung_HS: jimin has disappeared from the chat and taehyung is worried

[Group052] Min_YG: I think I'll just hide here a little bit more

[Group052] Min_YG: Sorry about being so not-calm about this

[Group052] Min_YG: I've lost... a lot of people who were important to me

[Group052] Min_YG: Whenever I start caring about someone, poof they're gone

[Group052] Jung_HS: shhh dont apologize. i understand

[Group052] Jung_HS: back to the wall hyung. im here

[Group052] Jung_HS: i'll be ur hope

[Group052] Min_YG: Don't you ever dare die on me, Hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: i wont, i promise

Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Kim_TH:
Idk what rhymes with that, maybe bikini?

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jimin pls dont ignore me
pls listen, let me talk to u baby


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 2]

[Group052] Kim_TH:
Wow we have so many chatrooms this is kinda cool
rmb when we thought we were 2 cool 4 skool

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jimin im sorry, i didnt mean to make u mad
pls talk to me? or i'll be sad

[Group052] Kim_TH:
u said u would punch anyone who made me cry
im crying now? at least let me say a proper goodbye


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] Kim_TH:
jimin im trying all our chatrooms pls respond to me in at least one
not getting to talk to u is no fun

[Group052] Kim_TH:
say something, say anything, please
u can even say it in japanese

[Group052] K_Namj: Hey, Jimin.

[Group052] K_Namj: It's none of my business and I shouldn't be butting in but I just happen to also be in this chat so...

[Group052] K_Namj: Please talk to him. You don't have to talk in this chat since I'm in it, but talk to him in any of the other ones.

[Group052] K_Namj: I won't pretend to know how you're feeling, everyone feels things differently. But he just wants to talk to you.

[Group052] K_Namj: Please, Jimin. We're running out of time. Jungkook's done his question. Finished in one minute. Really smart kid, I'm so damn proud. We're at twenty points now. Jin-hyung will be up next and he'll have to start soon.

[Group052] K_Namj: Ugh I don't want to be harsh but I just don't want you to regret this in the future...

[Group052] Kim_TH:
hyung its ok thank u for trying to help
its my fault, i should have talked to him first, welp

[Group052] Kim_TH:
we promised we'd go on forever, to the end of the world
its my fault for breaking the promise. my hair is curled
i would be mad too if he broke the promise first, i understand
i would prob get so mad i'd run off to thailand

[Group052] K_Namj: Hey Taehyung, you seem like a good kid.

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm sorry we couldn't have... met under different circumstances. Gone out and gotten a drink. Been friends.

[Group052] Kim_TH:
hyung ur a good guy, i admire ur open-minded-ness and sensitivity
could u please... watch over jimin for me

[Group052] K_Namj: Of course. Of course I'll do that. We'll all do that.

[Group052] Kim_TH:
if that rabid fan ever comes near
promise me u will impale him with a chandelier

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa Taehyung that's a bit extreme don't you think


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, we have 20 points... I guess it's my turn...

[Group052] K_Seok: just to make sure that everyone understands, if I take over 1 minute, EVERYONE WILL EXPLODE

[Group052] K_Seok: and I do not have photographic memory like Jungkook. honestly who's surprised he got it under 1 minute

[Group052] K_Seok: I on the other hand am a totally normal person with no photographic memory at all

[Group052] K_Seok: so uh, just a heads up, this can be everyone's last minute on earth

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it wont be hyung, ur old, old ppl are smart, u can do 1 minute!

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung u can do this!! i have faith in u

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, buckle in guys

[Group052] K_Seok: I can do this. trust me. I'm Kim Seokjin.

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Seok has selected the “Dad Jokes” category.


[Game Interface: K_Seok]

Pied Piper: Hello, [Group052] K_Seok. Here is your challenge.

Pied Piper: You will need to find the answer to three riddles to pass the challenge.

[Group052] K_Seok: lol bring it on

Pied Piper: What is a deer without eyes?

[Group052] K_Seok: no ideer

Pied Piper: Correct. How do fish get high?

[Group052] K_Seok: seaweed

Pied Piper: Correct. What's a bear that has no teeth?

[Group052] K_Seok: a gummy bear

Pied Piper: Correct.

Pied Piper: Excuse me for being out of character for one moment, but that's fucking impressive.

[Group052] K_Seok: hahahahah yay me?


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Seok is now able to participate in all chatrooms.

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Seok has received a score of [1].

[Group052] K_Seok: well

[Group052] K_Namj: Since we're not dead yet, apparently you've made it under 1 minute.

[Group052] K_Seok: what do you take me for I wouldn't have said I were good at this unless I actually am

[Group052] K_Seok: so uh, that's 21 points in total for us now, I guess

[Group052] K_Namj: Don't combine your scores yet.

[Group052] K_Namj: If you don't add your scores in, we won't be going into the next phase just yet and Taehyung can still talk to us.

[Group052] K_Seok: I won't until everyone gives the ok

[Group052] K_Seok: we can still breathe so I'm just holding off until it gets really bad, and then I'll combine the scores

[Group052] Kim_TH:
hyung u dont have to hold it off for that long
just let me say some last words. i'll... i'll be strong
i dont want it to get to the point where no one can breathe so
i'll make it fast ok? And then i'll just... go

[Group052] Jung_HS: fuck :((

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i hate this whole fucking situation

[Group052] Kim_TH:
it was rly nice meeting everyone, u guys are so chill
you'll win this game, i know u will!
maybe we'll be friends in some other life, yes?
as... normal ppl, whose lives arent such a mess

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung we're already friends

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u said so. u said u will be my friend and we can go hiking

[Group052] Kim_TH:
ya kookie we're friends, after all we've been thru
so dont say u dont have friends anymore, bc thats not true

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hehehe

[Group052] Kim_TH:
um so, jimin, u wont talk to me in the private chat
so ill just talk to u here, sorry about that

[Group052] Kim_TH:
i dont know how to say this, we've been friends for so long
and I love u so much, I could write u a song
like I always make it look like I was play-acting when say I love u
but I actually do, I really do
I wouldn't have gotten so far without u by my side
u were always there for me when I cried
u will always be my soulmate, im sorry I have to leave u now
but my heart will always be with u, like a... sea cow
if I could turn back time I'd tell u I love u sooner
tell u again and again like a piano tuner
and not only in a best friend way but also a romantic way
seeing u smile brightens up my entire day
I dont know what im talking about anymore, I...
just want to say a proper goodbye?
thank u for everything, my moonchild
omg just realized i didnt wear underwear today, that's wild

[Group052] Jung_HS: are u SURE thats how u want to end ur speech

[Group052] Kim_TH:
i dont want to take up everyone's time, and the air is getting thinner...
lets do this i guess? ya'll might still get home in time for dinner

[Group052] K_Namj: We'll do it if it's what you wish.

[Group052] K_Namj: It's been a pleasure, Tae.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i will always rmb u as my first friend

[Group052] Jung_HS: i'd hug u if i could

[Group052] Jung_HS: yoongi hyung cant talk right now but he sends good wishes

[Group052] K_Seok: well, guess I'll do the combining now

[Group052] K_Seok: thank you, Taehyung. /salutes/

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Seok has added his score of 1 to the current [Group052] score of 20.

Pied Piper: The current score for [Group052] is 21 points.

Pied Piper: You have reached the maximum point limit and are now automatically ranked at 1st. All members who contributed points will automatically progress to the next phase.

Pied Piper: Please get ready to be moved to your next rooms. The process is not supposed to hurt, but we advise lying down on the floor as it is the safest position to take.

[Group052] K_Namj: This doesn't sound safe in any way...

[Group052] K_Seok: I hope your leg weights won't be any trouble

[Group052] Jeon_JK: my guess is that the floor will tilt and we will be sliding down which is why lying down is the safest way

[Group052] K_Seok: eek... it'll probably happen anytime now??? im...slightly scared...



[Group052] Kim_TH:
hey, dont cry, soulmate
ur not too late.
Tho I can... see the gas already? Its yellow
like the color of jello?


[Group052] Kim_TH:
haha this whole being dead thing is just starting and im already missing u
at least my last thought would be about k

Pied Piper: [Phase 1] has now ended. You are now in [Phase 2]. You may take some time to get your bearings, and when everyone is ready you may choose to press the [start the game] button on either of your devices.

Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: Oh, we get to keep the private chatrooms in the new phase too. Nice.

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin, are you all right?

[Group052] K_Namj: I get that you might not want to talk now, but please just let me say something. You don't even have to reply. No matter how you're feeling, don't give up. Work with us, we'll get out of this together.

[Group052] K_Namj: Taehyung would want you to live. I know he would.

[Group052] K_Namj: I have no idea what the second phase will be like, so far it seems it's just another dark room like the last one. But we must have faith. We can do this. We will survive.

[Group052] Park_JM: what no namjoon hyung i never said anything about giving up??

[Group052] Park_JM: this whole weird setup seems like a team thing, if i dont cooperate u can all be affected by my actions. u all seem like good ppl, i cant let that happen. I'll def work with u dont worry

[Group052] Park_JM: just pls can we not start this game yet for a while, im kind of not ok

[Group052] K_Namj: Just tell us when you're ready. It's okay to be not okay. I'll always be here to listen if you want to... release some feelings.

[Group052] Park_JM: thank u hyung but u prob dont want to hear me rant lol if i start i wont be able to stop

[Group052] K_Namj: It's all right, rant all you like. I'm all ears.

[Group052] Park_JM: its just?? all so surreal i dont think it has sunken in yet

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae is so important to me, hes like my left...

[Group052] K_Namj: Left hand? Left leg?

[Group052] Park_JM: left buttcheek

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh are you sure

[Group052] Park_JM: exCUSE me my left buttcheek is my most important body part

[Group052] Park_JM: u try walking without a left buttcheek? sitting without a left buttcheek? nope that wont work, u cant do that can u??? also i have the cutest butt so without a left buttcheek I AM NOTHING

[Group052] Park_JM: so dont ask if im sure, its settled now, he is my left buttcheek

[Group052] Park_JM: *was

[Group052] Park_JM: shit

[Group052] Park_JM: excuse me for a moment i gotta

[Group052] Park_JM: start ugly crying

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm so sorry, Jimin.

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung why does the world hate me

[Group052] Park_JM: the one single good thing to happen in my life, they have to take him away

[Group052] Park_JM: i just wanna be born as a mochi in my next life, mochi dont feel pain

[Group052] Park_JM: wait what if they do

[Group052] Park_JM: oh god fuck what if they do

[Group052] K_Namj: Wow usually I'm the philosophical one in my friend group but you're seriously outshining me in that aspect today


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: All right everyone, I assume we've all safely arrived in our new rooms? Status report?

[Group052] K_Namj: My room doesn't look much different from the last one. Quite dark, walls bare. There is a long, thin wooden bar in the middle of the room, stretching from one wall to another. I'm not sure why.

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon please be considerate, Jiminnie might not be in the mood for a status report right now

[Group052] K_Namj: I understand. I'm already talking to him in our private chat.

[Group052] K_Seok: so that's why you've been typing on your phone with a huge frown huh

[Group052] K_Namj: Wait, you can see me?


[Group052] K_Namj: What, we are?

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm in one of the corners lol, you're directly across. I can tell it's you because of the leg weights

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa, I see you now! Hello hyung!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: lol u guys can just talk with ur vocal cords instead of typing

[Group052] Jeon_JK: same situation here, dark room, no wooden bar tho

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm in a room with Jimin. And yeah same, dark room, no wooden bar

[Group052] K_Seok: please give Jimin a lot of hugs for us

[Group052] Min_YG: Can't

[Group052] Min_YG: Physically can't, because he's already hugging me from the back

[Group052] Min_YG: I might have been crying a bit hard when I got here and he was holding me to calm me down

[Group052] K_Seok: that's Jimin my strong little angel

[Group052] K_Seok: so if you two have a room and I'm with Namjoon, I'm assuming Kookie is with Hobi?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh im not?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: totally alone here, sorry?

[Group052] K_Seok: have you checked every corner to see if you could have missed him, Namjoon clearly didn't even see me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i checked and unless hobi hyung is an ant disguising as a human he's not in my room

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, Hoseok, now it's your turn to report in.

[Group052] K_Namj: Please please please don't disappear on us again I won't allow it

[Group052] K_Seok: maybe he's unconscious?

[Group052] K_Namj: The transition process from the last room to here was pretty smooth though, it's unlikely that he would hit his head or anything.

[Group052] Min_YG: Shit have we somehow managed to lose Hobi yet again

[Group052] K_Seok: try yelling at him in your private chat, it seemed to have worked last time

[Group052] Min_YG: Right


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi

[Group052] Min_YG: Say something

[Group052] Min_YG: You promised you won't die on me, this is not funny

[Group052] Min_YG: This is really not funny Jimin is bawling into my shirt my whole back is wet

[Group052] Min_YG: Don't make Jimin sad, he's already devastated, don't hurt him even further

[Group052] Min_YG: Don't make me sad

[Group052] Min_YG: Please

[Group052] Min_YG: please I'm so fucking tired

[Group052] Min_YG: so fucking tired of people i care about never staying

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg hyung im here now sorry!!! i'll go report in right away!!!


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys im sorry for not reporting in earlier, im so sorry, im here now

[Group052] K_Seok: finally damn it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: aaaa finally hyung! its been like 10 mins!

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi this isnt funny you cant just randomly disappear like that, that shit is getting old

[Group052] K_Namj: We were so worried. :(

[Group052] Min_YG: We were fucking worried and you better have a damn good reason or I'm really gonna punch you in the face

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi hyung dont be scared, yoongi hyung might sound mad but hes just secretly crying in my chest

[Group052] Park_JM: hes just rly exhausted, he wont actually punch u in the face

[Group052] Jung_HS: im really sorry omg I didnt want u guys to worry either i know its hard not to be anxious with all the shit thats happening

[Group052] Jung_HS: but i do have a damn good reason pls let me explain >_<

[Group052] Min_YG: Not sure what reason is good enough to justify you giving us a heart attack but ok I'm listening

[Group052] Jung_HS: im rly sorry hyung its just

[Group052] Jung_HS: when i wake up in my room

[Group052] Min_YG: I can't believe this, like it's great that you guys are all ARMYs or something but this isn't the right time to quote bts lyrics

[Group052] Jung_HS: no im 100% serious omg, when i wake up in my room i see this other guy on the floor

[Group052] Jung_HS: so like a GOOD LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN i go over and ask if he needs help but he's apparently unconscious

[Group052] Jung_HS: and slimy

[Group052] Jung_HS: so i clean him up with my shirt and make sure he hadnt ingested anything that could block his airways and check all over for injuries thats why it took me so long

[Group052] Jung_HS: i have come to the conclusion that since taehyung didnt get to finish his last rhyme bc of the gas and his handicap is that he would be swallowed by underground slime if he doesnt rhyme properly, the floor opened up and took him before the poison gas could completely kill him

[Group052] Jung_HS: and with all the floor-opening that was going on, he ended up here???

[Group052] Jung_HS: hes alive, i cant wake him but apparently underground slime isnt deadly

[Group052] Jeon_JK: omg

[Group052] Park_JM: hhaflsqqnakn;aewtjaaleraeal;eahvawraa

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi please tell me you're not kidding


[Group052] Min_YG: I'm sorry I'm just

[Group052] Min_YG: Overwhelmed

[Group052] Park_JM: hes holding my hand saying 'jimin-ah there is light in the world again'

[Group052] Min_YG: As if you're any better yourself? You've literally ripped your shirt open for no reason at all except “too many feelings”???

[Group052] K_Seok: is this the episode in which yoonmin lives to expose each other

[Group052] Min_YG: What's a yoonmin

[Group052] Park_JM: not sure but i think its a relative of a moomin

[Group052] Min_YG: Oh I see, those white hippo animals. I have a moomin towel

[Group052] Park_JM: i have a moomin apron to wipe away all my blood, sweat and tears

[Group052] K_Namj: I think the system might have made a grave mistake by throwing the two most emotional people in one room, but at least they seem to get along surprisingly well.

[Group052] K_Seok: agree, joon

[Group052] Jeon_JK: as i already said, u 2 can use ur vocal cords to talk to each other instead of typing lol

[Group052] K_Seok: but how else are we going to show off how well we've bonded?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: damn why is everyone bonding with their roommates and why am i alone :(( i wanna room with someone too :(

[Group052] K_Seok: we can have a private chat if you want! Since joon and jimin and tae already have a chat together, it's only fair that the rest of us have another chat! Can we, piper?

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] K_Seok, [Group052] Jeon_JK, [Group052] Jung_HS and [Group052] Min_YG.

[Group052] K_Namj: Well, that was fast. I think the Piper likes you.

[Group052] K_Seok: he called me “fucking impressive”, that's true

[Group052] Jung_HS: ooh i get to be in a big private chat too? Yay

[Group052] Jung_HS: also its good to know that jimin no longer has an intact shirt bc neither do i, mine is all slimy now, ew

[Group052] Park_JM: um hyung just to be 100% certain... im sorry im so doubful but I just, good things never happen to me, this is almost too good to be true? i just want to make sure, is whoever u picked up really my taetae?

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont apologize i get why u feel that way, but dont worry he's breathing normally and seems to be the good kind of unconscious

[Group052] K_Namj: What, there are good and bad kinds of unconsciousnesses?

[Group052] Jung_HS: no i mean like, he's stirring a little, warm, doesn't look pale, lips have color, so that must be good right?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i'll describe him to u jimin, tall, army green jacket, wearing a tie as a belt, mole on nose, fucking good looking overall, insanely deep voice

[Group052] Park_JM: omg yes thats my taetae, thank u hyung for taking care of him, thank u so much ;;

[Group052] Park_JM: wait why do u know what his voice sounds like

[Group052] Jung_HS: bc he just talked in his sleep

[Group052] K_Seok: and what did he say?

[Group052] Jung_HS: “hyung u have 40 armpit hairs”

[Group052] K_Seok: and do you?


Chapter Text

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, now that everyone has reported in and we know that Hobi has 40 armpit hairs

[Group052] K_Seok: it's time we decide if we want to start the game

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg stop why is the number of my armpit hairs even IMPORTANT can we just not talk about that kind of thing

[Group052] K_Seok: ok we won't lol, so what do you guys think?

[Group052] Jung_HS: tbh i have ptsd so i dont want to start the game anytime soon, i like this... limbo kind of state we're in

[Group052] Jung_HS: and if anything that involves athletic stuff is going to happen we'd probably want to wait till taehyung is up to do it

[Group052] Jung_HS: but guess we'll still have to start it sometime or another bc what if the oxygen supply here is limited too :(

[Group052] K_Namj: I think we should discuss things a little before starting. These rooms are big, there should be time if there's indeed a limited oxygen supply. After all, the Piper said the key to solving this is finding the connection between us, and we still aren't any closer to figuring that out.

[Group052] K_Seok: right, so how do you suggest we figure that out?

[Group052] K_Namj: If I knew I'd have said it already. Jungkook, you're a smart kid, any ideas?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: nah im stumped

[Group052] Jeon_JK: tho this device we're holding does make me wonder a little

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like, if we're able to chat like this, are we connected to wifi? obviously these things are not connected to cable?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and whoever is running this game will have access to device manufacturing, like i dont know much about kidnappers but i dont think the majority of them would be capable of making random handheld devices

[Group052] K_Seok: Jungkook: *says he's stumped*

[Group052] K_Seok: also Jungkook: *starts spouting things I've never thought about before*

[Group052] Jung_HS: im glad kookie is still able to think with clarity in this situation bc i sure cant

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, as his hyungs we're far less calm

[Group052] Jung_HS: its impossible to stay calm bc taehyung is apparently cuddly af when he sleeps, his arms are all over me

[Group052] Min_YG: My situation is no better, Jimin no longer has a shirt and I'm not really sure where to look

[Group052] Park_JM: are u guys srsly discussing my shirtless state IN FRONT OF ME

[Group052] Min_YG: We can discuss it behind you if you want


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: So, Jimin's got killer abs

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow! i wanna see, take a pic

[Group052] Min_YG: Not sure if this device offers such a function


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Park_JM: GUYS I CAN STILL SEE U DISCUSSING MY ABS OK yoongi hyung is sitting on my lap so i can see his screen

[Group052] K_Seok: this isn't fair, I want to see Jimin's abs too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ive seen them in one of their vlogs, i can describe it to u hyung


[Group052] K_Namj: Okay guys, this is probably a really far-fetched theory but now that I'm in a room with Jin-hyung I can't help but wonder...

[Group052] K_Namj: Both Taehyung and Jungkook praised Jimin for being good-looking. And he has abs. He must look good.

[Group052] Park_JM: agajflkara;lh dont make me blush ;;

[Group052] K_Namj: And Hoseok also said Taehyung is good-looking.

[Group052] Park_JM: he is

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he is

[Group052] K_Namj: And now that I've seen Jin-hyung, he's really insanely good looking.

[Group052] Jung_HS: ive seen pics on his food blog and i concur! worldwide handsome!

[Group052] K_Namj: I wouldn't say I'm good-looking myself, but I guess I've had random passers-by praise my proportions before...

[Group052] K_Seok: nonsense joon you look great

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh, thanks. So, anyway, I'm just wondering. The odds of a random group of civilians containing so many good-looking people aren't that high. So... perhaps, for some reason, we're connected by looking good?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im not rly good-looking lol i look like a rabbit coconut

[Group052] K_Namj: Did you know: Thai people use rabbit-shaped utensils to sharpen their coconuts.

[Group052] Min_YG: We did not need to know that

[Group052] Park_JM: dont be modest kookie! ive never seen ur face on ur vlogs but i stand by the belief that someone with a voice like that has to be good-looking

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no omg im really not

[Group052] Park_JM: do u want namjoon-hyung to be sad bc his theories never work out, u lil coconut head??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok fine i admit ive been approached by scouts on the streets couple of times

[Group052] Park_JM: SEE?

[Group052] Park_JM: btw as the only one who can see yoongi-hyung right now it is my duty to tell u all that he has light blue hair and u know u cant pull something like that off unless u look good

[Group052] K_Seok: right, so he's good-looking too. Hobi what about you?

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh um what do i even say

[Group052] K_Seok: rate your looks on a scale of 0 to Kim Seokjin

[Group052] Jung_HS: um i wouldn't say im at the level of kim seokjin

[Group052] K_Seok: come on just admit you're hot so that Namjoon can finally be happy that he has a theory that works out

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok uh i do have... fanclubs

[Group052] K_Seok: SEE?



[Group052] K_Namj: What kind of fanclubs?

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh i dance? my youtube handle is hopeonthestreet



[Group052] K_Seok: perfect, now you two rate his looks on a scale of 0 to Kim Seokjin

[Group052] Park_JM: idk what a kim seokjin looks like

[Group052] Park_JM: but hobi-hyung looks rly good and his dancing is phenomenal

[Group052] K_Seok: yay so it's settled! Namjoon, your theory is right! we're all good-looking!

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm. That's interesting. Why would they want to kidnap good-looking people?

[Group052] K_Namj: And what does that have to do with what we did two weeks ago on a Tuesday?

[Group052] K_Seok: I can confirm that I was not especially good-looking two weeks ago on a Tuesday, because I'm good-looking all the time

[Group052] K_Namj: Neither was I. I was in the Scottish highlands and saw a grand total of 10 people in 3 days, who would I even dress up for?

[Group052] K_Namj: Still, we now know that Hoseok is pretty well-known in the youtuber circle. All of us apparently have a reputation on the internet in some way or another, except Yoongi-hyung.

[Group052] K_Namj: Yoongi-hyung, are you sure you're really not famous at all?

[Group052] Min_YG: Really not famous at all. No social media accounts. Does not post on Youtube or anywhere else.

[Group052] K_Namj: Forgive me if it seems like prying, but what exactly do you do?

[Group052] K_Namj: It's okay if you don't want to answer. Just trying to fit the pieces together.

[Group052] Min_YG: Oh it's all right, I don't mind you guys knowing

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm a translator

[Group052] K_Namj: Ooh, for books?

[Group052] Min_YG: Digital stuff mostly. Games, apps, marketing campaigns, ads, electronic gadget user manuals, things like that

[Group052] Min_YG: Like if you tap on an app on the app store there's a description of the app and all the update info right? I do a lot of that kind of thing

[Group052] K_Seok: sounds awesome, are you into the food genre? because I can use some help promoting my blog around the world!

[Group052] Min_YG: Are you gonna hire me? I only do Korean to English and vice versa though

[Group052] K_Seok: good enough, good enough

[Group052] Min_YG: And yes I'm into the food genre

[Group052] Park_JM: i cant believe this im witnessing a business contract happening right here in front of my eyes

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah lol I dont think ppl who are kidnapped would normally start making business pacts with each other

[Group052] Park_JM: haha pretty sure they do not

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh god im sorry hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: didnt mean to bring that up

[Group052] Park_JM: bring what up?

[Group052] Park_JM: oh wait, u guys know about me having been kidnapped before?!

[Group052] Jung_HS: …

[Group052] Jeon_JK: …...

[Group052] K_Seok: …......

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae told u didnt he. i suspected something fishy going on when i came back to the chat :/

[Group052] K_Seok: don't be mad at him :(

[Group052] K_Seok: he was just worried that we would think you're bratty for freaking out (which we don't. we're all freaking out inside anyway) and wanted to explain to us that there was a reason and you were a great person and he loved you

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he really didnt mean it in a bad way, i can literally quote him word for word, here let me

[Group052] Jeon_JK:
“we did everything together, always
he’s so important to me, he’s seen all my bad days
but he never left me srsly im so blessed
so i just want everyone to love him? he’s the best”

[Group052] Park_JM: no im not mad at him omg but thats a sweet quote thanks kookie

[Group052] Park_JM: i just dont want u guys to treat me any different bc of my... experiences

[Group052] Park_JM: we're ALL kidnapped here, we're in the same boat and i want to contribute as much as u all do!!

[Group052] Park_JM: in a way shouldnt i be the least freaked bc im already an ~experienced~ abductee, i should be helping u all out instead

[Group052] K_Seok: uh I don't think it works that way lol, being kidnapped isn't something one would become better at with accumulated experience

[Group052] K_Seok: but you're already helping out a lot!

[Group052] Park_JM: how am i helping out lol i feel like all ive done so far is make ppl worry

[Group052] K_Seok: you're hugging Yoongi, that counts as helping

[Group052] Min_YG: Why do you make me sound like a bad cuddler :/ FYI I'm quite nice to cuddle with

[Group052] Park_JM: he is

[Group052] Park_JM: so um, im ok with u guys knowing that ive been kidnapped before, i trust u all, im all right, we're all going to be all right

[Group052] Park_JM: we can do this, let's do this! *^^*

[Group052] Park_JM: im rly kinda scared about starting the game but the last phase ended in such a mess bc we didnt have enough time to think slowly

[Group052] Park_JM: so i guess starting earlier will be better? so that we can... figure everything out slowly step by step?

[Group052] K_Namj: If everyone's okay with it, we can start. Me and my leg weights are ready.

[Group052] Jung_HS: taehyung shows no sign of wanting to wake up so i guess theres no point in waiting for him before we start

[Group052] Jung_HS: if anything physical is involved tho i'll try my best to protect him

[Group052] K_Namj: All right. I'll press the [Start the Game] button now. Good luck everyone.

Pied Piper: You have decided to [Start the Game].

Pied Piper: The Rules of the Second Phase are as follows.

[Group052] Min_YG: Whoa, we actually get a ruleset for this phase?

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not sure if this makes it less scary or more tbh

Pied Piper: [Rule 1] is simple. Please move into the middle of your rooms. In [K_Namj] and [K_Seok]'s case, this means you will be standing on the wooden bar.

[Group052] K_Namj: All right... we're on it now.

[Group052] K_Seok: this bar is so narrow dammit

[Group052] K_Seok: SHIT

[Group052] Jung_HS: ???

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys???

[Group052] Park_JM: what's wrong??

[Group052] Park_JM: u dont get to say “SHIT” and just disappear thats not right

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay... okay... we're fine... we're fine... that was... wow.

[Group052] Park_JM: what HAPPENED

[Group052] K_Seok: guess this didn't happen to any of you and it's only us?

[Group052] K_Seok: once we got on the bar



[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf this is like my worst nightmare

[Group052] Jeon_JK: my heart... boom boom

Chapter Text

[Group052] K_Seok: WE HAVE NO FLOOR


[Group052] Min_YG: Guys you might wanna try dropping something you don't need to gauge how far away the ground is

[Group052] K_Seok: I don't have anything I don't need on me, Namjoon do you

[Group052] K_Namj: Not sure, let me check.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i rly dont understand why u two keep typing messages to each other when u can clearly just talk

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i mean, arent u guys currently in a situation that would require having as many free hands as possible

[Group052] K_Seok: see, the problem is

[Group052] K_Seok: something started whirring as soon as the floor fell away, and its loud af so we cant hear each other

[Group052] Jung_HS: whirring...? sounds ominous...??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: try reading lips maybe?

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, progress report. I threw a pen down and so far we've heard nothing. Seems like it must be a crazy long drop. Either that or the ground is super soft. Or the whirring is just too loud.

[Group052] Jung_HS: nooooooooooooo

[Group052] Jung_HS: im afraid of heights :(

[Group052] K_Seok: be glad you're not in this room then

[Group052] K_Seok: so I assume you guys still all have your floors. Not fair tbh

[Group052] Park_JM: ya our floor is still here

[Group052] Jeon_JK: mine too

[Group052] Jung_HS: ours also still has a floor

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon why are we so unlucky

[Group052] K_Namj: Maybe it's just a bad day overall for Virgos.

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not a virgo

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im a virgo but i still have my floor

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay then, maybe it's just a bad day overall for people whose last names are Kim.

[Group052] Min_YG: Poor Kim Jong-un

Pied Piper: Now that everyone has moved to their required positions, I will continue with the ruleset.

Pied Piper: [Rule 2] is as follows.

Pied Piper: This phase will be comprised of [two] guessing games. Your group as a whole must ask yes/no questions, and correctly guess [two] items according to the answers you receive.

Pied Piper: To make a guess, please add a [GUESS] tag so that we know you are not simply speculating. Likewise, to ask a question, please add a [QUESTION] tag so that we know you are not simply speculating.

Pied Piper: [Rule 3] Once you have correctly guessed [one] item, [one] person in each room may leave your current room and move to the room for [Phase 3]. The rest of the members will remain in the same position and continue to attempt to guess the other item.

Pied Piper: [Rule 4] Once both items are correctly guessed, all members will be able to move to the room for [Phase 3].

Pied Piper: That is all. Thank you for your attention. You may start asking yes/no questions regarding the first item now.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok they've left out the important part AGAIN

[Group052] Jeon_JK: which is

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what happens if we DONT guess the two items correctly

[Group052] Jeon_JK: they always intentionally leave out the most important bits i hate that

[Group052] Min_YG: Let's... focus on getting the right answers then

[Group052] Min_YG: If it turns out that we really can't figure out the right answers then we can use a question (we still have 1 left) to ask about the... possible implications

[Group052] K_Namj: Right, let's see... yes/no questions, eh? Let me try one.

[Group052] K_Namj: [QUESTION] Is this item something humans can see?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] K_Namj's question is: [YES].

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung what kind of question is that omg it's an ITEM not an abstract concept, of course we can see it

[Group052] K_Namj: We can't see some items, though?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: name an item that we cant see??

[Group052] K_Namj: The earth's inner core.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyungggggg

[Group052] Min_YG: Hey, at least these questions don't come with handicaps, so we can ask as many as we want

[Group052] Min_YG: We now know at least that the answer isn't the earth's inner core, that counts as progress

[Group052] K_Seok: wait

[Group052] K_Seok: omg

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa

[Group052] K_Namj: The

[Group052] K_Namj: We

[Group052] Park_JM: guys?

[Group052] Park_JM: stop sending vague messages that sound like tweets made by president trump sunbaenim and tell us if u guys are all right

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys??? whats wrong???

[Group052] K_Namj: Um. We're okay. We're okay now.

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon move closer to me or else you're gonna fall

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, these leg weights are cumbersome. Moving now.

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys what HAPPENED?

[Group052] K_Seok: ok so, we have no floor

[Group052] Min_YG: We knew that

[Group052] K_Seok: so we were perching on this wooden bar that stretched from one wall to the opposite side

[Group052] K_Seok: note the past tense! The bar just SHRUNK

[Group052] K_Seok: it's now no longer touching the other side of the wall, it's connected to one side only now

[Group052] K_Seok: basically, it grew shorter. We now have less space to sit on

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit

[Group052] Min_YG: Right, shit

[Group052] Jeon_JK: damn that room sounds like a nightmare

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im glad im in this room and not the nightmare room but at the same time i wish it were me :(

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i mean, there's only me so i'd take up less space on the bar and could prob stay on it longer

[Group052] K_Seok: yes Jeon Jungkook you're a little sweetheart and thank you for the consideration but I don't think you switching spots with us is possible

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya i know :(

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so why did the bar become shorter? do u think its bc u asked a question?

[Group052] K_Namj: I think that's the most likely explanation. After all, there would be no point in having a game if we could just go on asking question after question. So I suppose asking questions causes.... certain things to happen.

[Group052] K_Namj: We'll need to think about our questions very carefully before asking them from now on. No wasting questions. If we ask too many questions the bar will keep getting shorter and Jin-hyung and I will run out of bar space and... fall, I guess

[Group052] K_Seok: fall... (everything), fall... (everything), fall... (everything)...

[Group052] K_Seok: ~tteoreojine~

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung idt its the right time for u to show off ur bts lyrics knowledge when u might actually fall

[Group052] K_Seok: I just really like the song ok

[Group052] Park_JM: it doesnt seem fair if u two are the only ones who get punished. what if ur bar shortened bc it was namjoon hyung who asked a question

[Group052] Park_JM: like, if i ask a question will ur bar still shorten or will something happen to OUR room instead

[Group052] Park_JM: like will our floor fall away too or something

[Group052] Min_YG: I'd prefer we keep our floor, we have no bar to hold onto

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we'll never know until we try i guess

[Group052] Jeon_JK: let's test this out

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i'll ask a question now! hyungs pls stay as far away from the shrinking side of ur bar as possible!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: [QUESTION] is the item something an average korean person uses every day?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Jeon_JK's question is: [YES].

[Group052] K_Seok: …

[Group052] K_Seok: …...

[Group052] K_Seok: …......

[Group052] K_Seok: ok our bar didn't move, I'm pretty sure

[Group052] K_Namj: It's still the same length, yes.

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook, are you all right?

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie???? did sth happen to ur room??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the ceiling came down somewhat

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf

[Group052] Jung_HS: why do all these rooms sound like my worst nightmare

[Group052] Min_YG: Errrr how much is “somewhat”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok, as far as i can tell, its around 1/5 of the original height

[Group052] Jeon_JK: which means if this thing comes down 3 more times i'll have to lie flat on the floor and if it comes down 4 more times id be squashed

[Group052] Jung_HS: it is official now, all these rooms sound like my worst nightmare :(

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung what other nightmares do u have

[Group052] Park_JM: just, u know, if it happens in our room i wanna be mentally prepared

[Group052] Jung_HS: snakes

[Group052] Jung_HS: spiders

[Group052] Jung_HS: zombies?

[Group052] Park_JM: gahhhh if these actually do happen in our room im gonna cry

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm not afraid of zombies

[Group052] Park_JM: well if they start appearing in our room i'll just hide behind u, hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: namjoon hyung and jin hyung,

[Group052] Jeon_JK: can i ask about ur bar length

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like how much has it shortened

[Group052] K_Namj: Judging from the position of the wall, I'd say it's about the same as your situation.

[Group052] K_Namj: The bar is now around 4/5 of the original length, which means that if this happens 3 more times Jin-hyung and I will have barely any space left to stand, and if it happens 4 more times we'll just both fall to our deaths.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this is shitty

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok hyungs listen, if u guys dont mind i think i should be the one asking the most questions

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u guys can tell me what to ask, if u suggest it to me without phrasing it like a question, not using a question mark and not tagging it, they prob wont count it as a question

[Group052] Park_JM: but kookie why? :( its rly kind of u to offer but ur ceiling situation sounds pretty dangerous

[Group052] Jeon_JK: bc there's only me in my room

[Group052] Jeon_JK: for one thing i take up less space

[Group052] Jeon_JK: for another, the rules said after one correct guess one person from each room can leave

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so if we guess correctly once, i can leave, and there will be no one in my room! while in u guys' cases there will still be one person each left in ur dangerous rooms to suffer

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and if at that point u guys are all in dangerous rooms while no one is in my room and it still has ample space left that would be such a WASTE omg

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so it'd be less of a waste if i ask the questions first. lying on the ground isnt hard anyways, its much easier than, say, standing on a bar while wearing leg weights or being placed in a room full of spiders

[Group052] Jung_HS: lets pray that that doesnt happen, if my room ends up being a spider room idt i can protect taehyung from them, i have only 2 hands, spiders have 8

[Group052] Jung_HS: kookie ur such a sweetie tho. thank u for offering

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im not being sweet, that's just being realistic

[Group052] Park_JM: no ur being sweet. u rly didnt have to do that :(

[Group052] Min_YG: Either way, we need to be really careful with using our questions

[Group052] Min_YG: Even though Jungkook offered to ask more questions to lessen the suffering for everyone else, he can only ask 3 more questions. If he asks 4 he dies

[Group052] Min_YG: Jin-hyung and Namjoon also have only 3 possible question attempts left

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not sure we even have 3 tbh, this bar is narrow and we're sitting down now but after a certain point we'll have to stand

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm kinda clumsy I'll admit, and Namjoon is wearing leg weights

[Group052] K_Seok: we can topple off before even reaching 3 questions lol

[Group052] Min_YG: Well you'd better NOT topple off

[Group052] K_Seok: we'll try, we'll try

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok so if i have 3 possible questions left and so do jin-hyung and namjoon-hyung, thats 6 questions

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and if the same logic goes for other rooms (ASSUMING), that's 4 left for the yoonmin room and hobi-hyung and taetae-hyung's room

[Group052] Min_YG: Why do you guys keep calling Jimin and I moomins I don't understand

[Group052] Park_JM: idk but its prob bc we're cute and soft like moomins

[Group052] Jeon_JK: stop interrupting my math

[Group052] Jeon_JK: that's 8 possible question attempts for those 2 rooms, 8+6=14


[Group052] Jung_HS: wow shit

[Group052] Jung_HS: (also i have to admit that i have no idea how kookie came to the conclusion but i'll trust him now bc i cant do math)

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i cant do difficult math either hyung, that's first-grade level math

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh i swear im usually capable of using my brain but im just not feeling up to it in this situation

[Group052] K_Seok: I know that feeling, let's just leave all the brain-using to Jungkook

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyungs ur aware that if we guess the first item correctly i can move on and won't be able to hang around to use my brain for u guys right?

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow wow wow in that case we're screwed


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin Jimin Jimin

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin help

[Group052] Park_JM: what's wrong, hyung?

[Group052] K_Namj: It's bad

[Group052] Park_JM: i know its bad, ur forgoing proper punctuation

[Group052] Park_JM: what's wrong? pls tell me, u can tell me

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah I can only tell you now, I can't say it in the big chat

[Group052] K_Namj: You're the only one who can help me now

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung??? r u ok????

[Group052] Park_JM: should I ask yoongi hyung to come talk to u too? we're sitting close i can show him my screen

[Group052] K_Namj: No, just

[Group052] K_Namj: I'd prefer to talk to just you right now

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin I'm in deep trouble

[Group052] K_Namj: This... this is going to affect my ability to play this game

[Group052] K_Namj: And it's all my fault

[Group052] K_Namj: All my fault

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung?????

[Group052] Park_JM: wtf this is it im telling yoongi hyung to come look

Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: No! Jimin, don't get Yoongi-hyung!

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin please don't, the fewer people know about this the better.

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung whats wrong ur scaring me?!

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung??? u ok??

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm all right. It's just...

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay this is going to be super embarrassing, please bear with me...

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook advised Jin-hyung and I to just read each other's lips since we can't hear each other over the loud whirring in our room. It's indeed much easier than typing, because we need as many free hands as possible in our situation.

[Group052] K_Namj: But I can't read Jin-hyung's lips because

[Group052] K_Namj: because his lips look great and I'm blushing, this is so embarrassing Jimin what do I do?

[Group052] Park_JM: WTF HYUNG

[Group052] Park_JM: I WAS SO WORRIED

[Group052] Park_JM: and all the while u were just lusting after jin-hyung's LIPS

[Group052] Park_JM: I'M SO DONE WITH U

[Group052] Park_JM: why do u even think i would be able to be of any help in this situation lol

[Group052] Park_JM:
its not like i can provide u any tips
on how not to be flustered by attractive lips

[Group052] Park_JM: hmm rhyming is fun, now i see why taetae liked it

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry, I just really need someone to vent my frustration to I guess... :(

[Group052] K_Namj: Besides, you're the only one here (that we know of so far) that is in a somewhat successful relationship, so I figured you might be more experienced about that kind of thing.

[Group052] Park_JM: goodness when did i graduate from official keyboard smasher to relationship guru

[Group052] Park_JM: and sorry i cant give u any tips on that, when i think taetae's lips look good i just tell him outright

[Group052] Park_JM: if u rly dont want to see jin-hyung's lips and think this might affect ur ability to function, u can... take out ur contact lenses or something? but that way u wont be able to read his lips anyway so it wouldnt help in the least

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah. Thank you so much for listening though, I honestly think if I don't vent to someone I will go crazy.

[Group052] Park_JM: haha no problem lol hyung ur so cuuuuute


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi I require espionage help

[Group052] Jung_HS: what, why me? im super loud, not a good spy

[Group052] Min_YG: Jimin keeps giggling and squealing and typing on his device, but obviously he's not saying anything in the big chat

[Group052] Min_YG: This means that he's talking to Namjoon in their private chat with Taehyung

[Group052] Min_YG: If they're planning on sabotaging the rest of us, we need to know

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung u dont rly think they're going to sabotage us lol, u just want to know all the juicy gossip

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, you're right. Don't think Jimin would be laughing so hard if he were making sabotaging plans...

[Group052] Min_YG: But anyway, since you have access to Taehyung's device, you have access to their private chat

[Group052] Min_YG: Therefore you're in charge of listening in on their conversation and reporting back to me

[Group052] Jung_HS: idk, eavesdropping doesnt sound like a good thing to do

[Group052] Jung_HS: but damn im curious

[Group052] Jung_HS: checking taehyung's device now

[Group052] Jung_HS: its still working just fine even after getting lots of slime on it, wow

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh

[Group052] Jung_HS: OH HAHAHA

[Group052] Jung_HS: i know why jimin's laughing so hard now

[Group052] Min_YG: Spill the tea hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: namjoon is too embarrassed to look at jin-hyung's lips and he's mortified so he's asking jimin for advice

[Group052] Min_YG: I did not expect this development but it's beautiful


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry about bothering you over such a trivial thing Jimin :(

[Group052] K_Namj: Especially when we have more important things to work on, such as the current game.

[Group052] K_Namj: We should be helping everyone brainstorm in the big chat instead of talking here.

[Group052] Park_JM: lol no worries hyung, besides im pretty sure yoongi-hyung and hobi-hyung are using their private chat too since yoongi-hyung is looking at his device and laughing so hard his gums are showing

[Group052] Park_JM: wonder what they're talking about thats so funny?

[Group052] K_Namj: Try stealing Yoongi-hyung's device and see what they're talking about?

[Group052] Park_JM: cant lol he's all curled up and protecting his device with his big hands

[Group052] K_Namj: If only Taehyung were awake, we could ask him to sneak a peek at Hoseok's device.

[Group052] Kim_TH: t

[Group052] Park_JM: TAETAE????

[Group052] K_Namj: Oh, Taehyung, you're up?

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]


[Group052] Jung_HS: so now they think taehyung is up but he isnt omg hyung what do I do

[Group052] Min_YG: You crack me up

[Group052] Min_YG: You'll have to come clean man, I doubt you can pretend to be Taehyung long enough, especially since he was rhyming pretty much all the time so we don't really know how he usually speaks

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok honesty is the best policy :(


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae are u up? are u all right?? how are u feeling????

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh sorry im actually not taehyung... its hobi here, on taehyung's device, sorry?

[Group052] Park_JM: OMG so u were using his device to eavesdrop on us huh??

[Group052] Kim_TH: no omg I was just?? trying to clean it??

[Group052] Park_JM: CAUGHT IN A LIIIIIE ur clearly reporting everything u saw here to yoongi-hyung bc why else would he be curled up on the ground like a girl on her period laughing like a hyena

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok yeah ur right, sorry :((

[Group052] Kim_TH: but namjoon i swear ur dilemma is relatable, jin-hyung's rly good-looking, i understand

[Group052] Kim_TH: namjoon

[Group052] Kim_TH: namjoon are u mad that we're eavesdropping we're really sorry pls don't be mad :((

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh, well...

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm not mad, just embarrassed haha. Now that you and Jimin and Yoongi-hyung all know, I'm feeling like an idiot.

[Group052] K_Namj: And it's confusing talking to you under Taehyung's name, no lie.

[Group052] Kim_TH: i'll just sign my name lol -hobi

[Group052] Kim_TH: and ur not an idiot! if we get out of this situation all right, we'll all help u in ur quest for jin-hyung's lips -hobi

[Group052] K_Namj: It's not a quest! Goodness I'm so embarrassed, why do I have such embarrassing friends?

[Group052] Kim_TH: u love us and u know it -hobi


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: why is it so quiet here

[Group052] K_Seok: aren't we supposed to be, like, brainstorming the next question to ask

[Group052] K_Seok: guys I'd have you all know that Namjoon is blatantly smiling at his device, but not letting me see what he's doing on it!

[Group052] K_Seok: suspicious tbh!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im brainstorming questions hyung, gimme a sec

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if its sth an average korean person would use every day, we can narrow it down quite a bit!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: things ppl use every day can usually be categorized into food-related, clothes & accessories, household items, transportation, education, work and entertainment

[Group052] Jeon_JK: one possible question we might ask is whether it requires electricity since we can rule out a lot of things with that

[Group052] Jeon_JK: also, the size and weight (can be carried by an average person or not)

[Group052] K_Seok: Jungkook I'm really glad that you're using your brain

[Group052] K_Seok: because ALL THE OTHER LAZY BUMS clearly aren't contributing

[Group052] K_Seok: at this rate Jungkook will probably just solve the whole game by himself without needing ANY OF YOU LAZY BUMS

[Group052] Park_JM: omg sorry hyung, sorry jungkookie, we were just, uh

[Group052] Park_JM: discussing, uh, things

[Group052] K_Seok: without us??? very suspicious tbh???

[Group052] K_Namj: It's nothing suspicious, we promise. I'm ready to help brainstorming now.

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, Jungkook has some pretty good ideas already

[Group052] Min_YG: I want to go with the electricity one

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah that one sounds more definitive, weight is kind of relative, like can an average person carry a bed?

[Group052] K_Seok: don't think so

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i can carry a bed

[Group052] K_Seok: you are not an average person

[Group052] Kim_TH: so let's go with the electricity one then? i dont mind being the one asking it

[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok, remember to sign your name when using Taehyung's account so we won't get confused.

[Group052] Jung_HS: wait im not using it???

[Group052] Jung_HS: OMG TAEHYUNG IS UP


[Group052] Kim_TH: hey guys how are u all? -hobi


[Group052] Min_YG: This shit is confusing

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not even going to bother trying to understand what's going on, clearly both people in that room are having an identity crisis


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Park_JM: TAETAE I MISSED U


[Group052] Park_JM: im so glad ur not dead, i dont know what i would do without u

[Group052] Kim_TH: i'm glad i'm not dead too! this feels so weird, i rly thought i would die

[Group052] Kim_TH: the gas was horrible, i couldnt breathe I was terrified

[Group052] Kim_TH: i'm not sure why but it gave me a sense of deja vu

[Group052] Kim_TH: like i had smelled the same thing before??

[Group052] Park_JM: hmm thats weird

[Group052] Park_JM: btw what did underground slime feel like? i hope u didnt swallow any? underground slime doesnt sound hygienic at all but at least thanks to it ur not dead

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh i was wondering why there's slime on me, so that was what happened? i was actually saved by my rhyming handicap? wow

[Group052] Kim_TH: i honestly have no memory of the slime tho, i think i lost consciousness before that part

[Group052] Kim_TH: i'm not currently very slimy tho, just a little bit?

[Group052] Park_JM: thats bc hobi-hyung cleaned u up with his shirt, u gotta thank him

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh thats why he's half-naked, i was wondering why

[Group052] Kim_TH: also i think he's youtuber hopeonthestreet

[Group052] Park_JM: he is!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: damn i missed a lot when i was knocked out didn't i :((

[Group052] Park_JM: its ok i'll fill u in on everything

[Group052] Park_JM: u know, its weird like

[Group052] Park_JM: when u werent here all i could think about was that i needed to tell u how important u are to me over and over again

[Group052] Park_JM: but now that ur here we're just chatting like normal friends catching up after a long day

[Group052] Kim_TH: our bodies are too used to chatting with each other, so the automatic response is to start chatting

[Group052] Kim_TH: and u dont need to tell me stuff like that lol, i already know, and u know i know

[Group052] Park_JM: ya i guess haha

[Group052] Park_JM: but i rly missed u

[Group052] Park_JM: never do that to me again

[Group052] Park_JM: never

[Group052] Kim_TH: i won't

[Group052] Kim_TH: promise me u won't do that to me either

[Group052] Park_JM: i wont

[Group052] Kim_TH: when we get home we gotta adopt 10 puppies

[Group052] Park_JM: we already have 18 puppies taetae

[Group052] Kim_TH: :((

[Group052] Park_JM: …

[Group052] Park_JM: ok dont pout we can get as many puppies as u want

[Group052] Kim_TH: :))

[Group052] Park_JM: :))

[Group052] Kim_TH: <3

[Group052] Park_JM: <3

[Group052] Park_JM: fuck im tearing up yoongi-hyung is laughing at me

Chapter Text

[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: All right. Now that we've come to the conclusion that we will use Jungkook's electricity question next, we need to decide who will be asking it.

[Group052] K_Namj: Taehyung offered, but uh, just to make sure, Taehyung are you currently up to date with everything that has been going on? You've literally just woken up. We need to make sure you already know what asking a question can lead to before we let you ask it.

[Group052] Kim_TH: i kinda just skimmed the chat, all i know is that u and jin-hyung have no floor and are on a bar that shortens and kookie has a ceiling that comes down

[Group052] Kim_TH: thats pretty much it

[Group052] Min_YG: Then you already know all you need to know

[Group052] Min_YG: Damn if that's not effective skimming I don't know what is. You must get great scores at school

[Group052] Kim_TH: only in subjects i like hehe

[Group052] Kim_TH: but i rly dont mind asking the question. if every room has its own penalty when they ask a question, i think it'd be better to know what the penalties are before we decide who asks the most questions

[Group052] Kim_TH: and on that note I think we need specifics on everyone's rooms

[Group052] Kim_TH: our room is kinda longish but it's not very high, I think 250-cm-ish, and if kookie's room is the same height it's gonna be bad if we pile all the questions on him

[Group052] Kim_TH: if the ceiling comes down 4 times he's gonna have like 50 cm left, which is not very much even if he lies down. it would be hard for him to properly type on the device

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah but don't worry, my room is taller than that! i think it was at least 350 cm im the beginning, according to my photographic memory

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and im flexible so i should be fine

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why is ur room longish tho, it sounds kind of worrying

[Group052] Kim_TH: idk, it feels more like a corridor than a room

[Group052] Min_YG: Are we, the old and responsible hyungs, actually going to just sit here and watch our two youngest children doing all the thinking for us

[Group052] K_Seok: it's not our fault they have brains and we don't

[Group052] K_Seok: but seriously this can be a problem, we can't have the fetuses do all the thinking

[Group052] K_Seok: just think about it, if we guess the first item correctly the young ones will all be gone. it would be bad if we old people who are left behind don't know how to use our brains

[Group052] Park_JM: wait, i get that jungkookie will be gone since he's the only one in his room, but since when have we decided that the younger ones will be the ones who get to move on first?

[Group052] K_Seok: since now? it's our duty to protect you kids. Once we get the first item right, the younger one in every room will move on and the rest of us cool old hyungs will figure the other item out. it's settled!

[Group052] Park_JM: we never agreed to that wtf u cant just decide for us

[Group052] Kim_TH: yeah what if we want to stay??

[Group052] K_Namj: Please don't argue with us. You younger ones have been nothing but super helpful and you deserve to make it in to the next phase. It's the responsibility of us old people to protect you. It's only right.

[Group052] Park_JM: errr namjoon hyung have u not realized that ur the younger one in ur room

[Group052] K_Namj: …

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa, I am!

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung this isn't fair, I want to stay behind. I have an IQ of 148 and can make good deductions. You need to move on first.

[Group052] K_Seok: lol it's the responsibility of us old people to protect you. you said so yourself!

[Group052] K_Namj: But hyung!!

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys, dont fight, u can just cross that bridge when u come to it! we dont even know if we can get the first item correct lol, u guys can fight AFTER we get it right

[Group052] K_Seok: that's fair I guess


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Kim_TH: chimchim i have a question

[Group052] Park_JM: ask away

[Group052] Kim_TH: what does yoongi-hyung look like, besides having blue hair? asking for a friend


[Group052] Park_JM: ur asking for hobi-hyung right???

[Group052] Park_JM: we're in a life-and-death situation and he's wondering what yoongi-hyung looks like? dude's got weird priorities

[Group052] Park_JM: anyway, tell him yoongi hyung is super cute, like pale and gummy smile and his nose is a cute boop and he is overall so smol and did i mention cute?

[Group052] Park_JM: this is hilarious bc yoongi-hyung asked me too, like 'jimin-ah you've seen videos of hobi, what's he like?”

[Group052] Kim_TH: LOL

[Group052] Park_JM: we got so much tea even tho we never asked for it

[Group052] Park_JM: we're just sitting here minding our own business and suddenly we're everyone's wingmen

[Group052] Kim_TH: who else's wingmen are we?

[Group052] Park_JM: oh u prob missed namjoon-hyung talking about jin-hyung's lips. it's in the chatroom the 3 of us share. scroll up and u will find it

[Group052] Kim_TH: scrolling up...

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin what is this that I see...

[Group052] Kim_TH: u... u think im ur left buttcheek?

[Group052] Park_JM: that's not the part ur supposed to scroll up to, but yes ur my left buttcheek

[Group052] Kim_TH: im so honored ;__;

[Group052] Park_JM: ur the best left buttcheek

[Group052] Kim_TH: then ur the best right buttcheek!

[Group052] Park_JM: together we'll be the cutest butt no kidding


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Min_YG: The more I think about it, the more I agree with Taehyung that it'd be better if every room figures out what their penalty is first before we decide whether we want to pile all the questions on Jungkook

[Group052] Min_YG: It'll also be helpful for deciding who moves on and who stays behind if we get the first item correct

[Group052] Min_YG: Like, I'd much prefer to stay behind and let Jimin move on, but if our penalty is hypothetically something I have a phobia of, then I won't be able to think clearly and will only drag everyone else down in that case

[Group052] Min_YG: So in that case it'd be better if I move on (sorry Jimin)

[Group052] Park_JM: omg dont be sorry lol it's the most practical solution! and i have phobias too, hopefully we can balance each other out

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah this makes sense. it'd be nice to decide on a priority list according to room situations. right now we know that my room situation isnt too bad, and im willing to ask 3 questions in a row if no one minds

[Group052] Jeon_JK: meanwhile the situation in the namjin room is kinda not good, they can fall off the bar by accident, and i think we shouldn't make them ask too many questions right now... so yeah, it'd be better if we know the penalties for all the rooms so we can make plans more efficiently

[Group052] K_Namj: So we're the “Namjin room” now?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yes there's my room (i named it the golden closet), and the namjin room, and the vhope room (named after their youtuber handles), and the moomins

[Group052] Park_JM: still dont know why we're moomins but we're the cutest moomins

[Group052] Min_YG: Of course we are

[Group052] K_Seok: but I want our room to be called the Kim Seokjin room

[Group052] Jeon_JK: whatever u say, hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: So, it's settled, either us or the vhope room will be asking the electricity question

[Group052] Min_YG: Who wants to go first?

[Group052] Jung_HS: let's... let us do it

[Group052] Jung_HS: before i chicken out

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay

[Group052] Min_YG: You guys should be fine, if your first penalty already makes it impossible for you to continue asking questions, that would be very unfair

[Group052] Min_YG: So you guys should be fine

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm mostly just repeating this to assure myself here, sorry

[Group052] Jung_HS: all right, tae would u like to do the honors

[Group052] Kim_TH: sure!

[Group052] Kim_TH: [QUESTION]! “is the item something that requires electricity?”

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Kim_TH's question is: [YES].

[Group052] Jeon_JK: cool that narrows it down a whole lot

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u guys ok?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ???

[Group052] K_Seok: guys???

[Group052] K_Seok: helloooooooooooooooooooooo

[Group052] Park_JM: say somethingggggggggg

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys? Report back please?

[Group052] Min_YG: Ugh not again

[Group052] Min_YG: Has Hobi taught Taehyung the art of inconveniently disappearing

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry guys i'm ok -tae

[Group052] Park_JM: uh taetae so what's going on that's preventing u from talking on ur own account

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh i can talk on my own account too

[Group052] Kim_TH: but i can also talk on hobi-hyung's, im holding 2 devices now

[Group052] K_Seok: and why is that?

[Group052] Kim_TH: have u guys played the kind of... laser rooms, in amusement parks? u know, with the laser beams across the room in different angles and shit

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh im super good at that

[Group052] K_Seok: I don't doubt that at all

[Group052] Kim_TH: so, laser beams appeared, hobi-hyung flung his device across the room in terror, i slinked over under the beams to get it, so now i have 2 devices

[Group052] Kim_TH: it was why i couldnt get back to u earlier, sorry

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung is kinda in a weird position right now, he was caught by the beams in an unfortunate angle

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's a dancer tho so he can prob hold that position for some time? i'll try to get him out of it tho

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah dancers are flexible, he should be ok in any position

[Group052] Kim_TH: it's a rly weird position, one leg is raised so high its almost a split

[Group052] Kim_TH: progress report, hobi-hyung just screamed 'i cant hold this position any longer aaaaaaaaaaaaa'

[Group052] Min_YG: Why are you TYPING instead of helping him

[Group052] Kim_TH: bc before he said “i cant hold this position any longer aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” he kept saying “i can do this, im fine, tell the others we're all right first, i dont want them to worry” and i was just fulfilling his wishes

[Group052] Min_YG: Stop typing and help him NOW

[Group052] Kim_TH: I already have one hand on his leg, just trying to figure out the best way to move him without touching the lasers, gimme a couple secs

[Group052] K_Seok: do we want to know what happens if they touch the lasers

[Group052] K_Namj: It'd be nice if the lasers are just for show, but I doubt it.

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok whew done! we're ok

[Group052] Kim_TH: all my expertise as the king of twister rly paid off

[Group052] Park_JM: ur only good at twister bc u like bodily contact

[Group052] K_Seok: who doesn't?

[Group052] Min_YG: I don't like bodily contact

[Group052] Park_JM: says the one who has his thigh on my thigh

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit that was

[Group052] Jung_HS: terrifying

[Group052] Jung_HS: im sweating so hard

[Group052] Jung_HS: and to answer the what happens if we touch a laser question

[Group052] Jung_HS: when tae was trying to help me move my leg over a laser beam his necklace touched the laser

[Group052] Jung_HS: burned right thru, the pendant fell off

[Group052] Kim_TH: it was a gucci necklace :(((

[Group052] Kim_TH: but its ok bc hobi-hyung is worth more than gucci

[Group052] Jung_HS: thanks kid

[Group052] Jeon_JK: guys how many lasers are in ur room now

[Group052] Kim_TH: my eyes hurt

[Group052] Kim_TH: maybe 7-ish but some of them are in rly irrelavant places so its managable

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so if they ask another question thats 14 lasers, and then the next is 21


[Group052] K_Namj: Also we don't know where they'll appear next. Lasers seem to be... random things. It was probably why Hoseok got caught in an unfortunate position.

[Group052] K_Namj: I say we leave that room alone for now. No one from there asks questions unless they really have to.

[Group052] Min_YG: All right, so the next up is... us, the moomins

[Group052] Park_JM: right

[Group052] Park_JM: im scared :((

[Group052] Min_YG: Chill we haven't even decided what question we're going to ask yet

[Group052] Min_YG: Any ideas, Jungkook?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u ppl need to use ur brains too omg

[Group052] K_Seok: you're a smart kid Jungkook, we all want to hear your insight!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok then let me share a thought that just occurred to me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: does making guesses lead to penalties? bc if it doesnt what's stopping us from just guessing at random again and again and again

[Group052] Jeon_JK: on the other hand, if it does

[Group052] Jeon_JK: then we have even fewer questions we can use to guess the items because now we have to factor in wrong guesses..................

[Group052] Min_YG: Is this when I say “holy shit”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it is, hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: Holy shit

Chapter Text

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so... do we want to make a guess to test it out and see if guessing leads to penalties or not?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im of the opinion that it probably does tho, since otherwise we can just keep making random guesses till the end of time

[Group052] Kim_NJ: Yeah, I'd say let's not make a guess right now yet. As you said, we don't have a lot of possible questions left, and now that we also have to factor in potential wrong guesses, we can't waste one attempt just to test things out.

[Group052] Min_YG: So. Next question for Jimin and I?

[Group052] K_Namj: Right now we know that the item is something we can see, used by the average Korean on a daily basis, and requires electricity.

[Group052] K_Namj: There's still a lot of possibilities on what it could be. Let me think...

[Group052] K_Namj: Damn, it's really hard to concentrate when the whirring is so loud.

[Group052] K_Seok: tbh I feel like the whirring's gotten LOUDER, don't you think so Namjoon

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was just me but if you think so too then it's probably gotten louder.

[Group052] K_Seok: wait what's the

[Group052] K_Seok: tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

[Group052] Park_JM: uh what??

[Group052] Min_YG: Uh what's going on over there

[Group052] Jung_HS: that's a bit too many 't's im scared

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys???

[Group052] K_Seok: sorry, that was a butt dial, I sat on my device and it sent all the 't's

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why were u sitting on ur device hyung...

[Group052] K_Seok: because the whirring kept getting louder and louder and OUT OF NOWHERE A GIGANTIC WHIRRING CIRCULAR CHAINSAW THING SWEPT ACROSS THE ROOM

[Group052] K_Seok: and Kim Namjoon here was just STARING AT HIS DEVICE AND DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE so like the good hyung I was I pulled him back just in time. and then I sat on my device by accident

[Group052] K_Namj: Thanks hyung that was super close, wow

[Group052] K_Namj: I cant believe this why would a gigantic circular chainsaw thing just randomly sweep through the room this is nuts

[Group052] K_Seok: nuts doesn't even begin to describe it

[Group052] K_Seok: I think it was partly attached to the ceiling

[Group052] Jung_HS: i now have [1] new item added in my list of worst nightmares: circular chainsaws

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung dont use brackets like the piper, it's creepy


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] Park_JM: namjoon hyung are u flustered

[Group052] K_Namj: What, am I that obvious?

[Group052] Kim_TH: u forgot to use proper punctuation lol

[Group052] K_Namj: Eh, guess I really am obvious.

[Group052] K_Namj: But I can't help being flustered, I'm sitting so close to Jin-hyung now and he smells good :((

[Group052] K_Namj: And he did save my life, the whirring was so loud, I didn't even notice the chainsaw thing.

[Group052] K_Namj: So handsome... and so kind...

[Group052] Park_JM: u two need to get a room


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] K_Namj and [Group052] K_Seok.

[Group052] K_Seok: wait, what?


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] Park_JM: omg oops


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: why do Namjoon and I have a private chat now

[Group052] Min_YG: No one made such a request?

[Group052] Min_YG: Oh, maybe Jimin did in one of his 3 private chats, since he's typing stuff but it's not showing up here in the main chat

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung why do u always expose me

[Group052] Park_JM: and ya i made the request! bc i was thinking if namjoon-hyung and jin-hyung will be getting more chainsaw action they might need to scream at each other a lot, and we dont want them clogging up the main chat bc that would be so annoying, so i suggested that they should get a private chat and scream there instead

[Group052] Park_JM: didnt realize the piper would actually process it and post it in the main chat

[Group052] K_Seok: excuse me Park Jimin we do not scream a lot! you scream more!


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: Jimin, thanks for covering for me :((

[Group052] Park_JM: we got ur back hyung, now stop talking here and

[Group052] Kim_TH: go talk to jin-hyung in ur private room lol

[Group052] K_Namj: You two finish each other's sentences now, huh?

[Group052] Park_JM: it's because we have

[Group052] Kim_TH: soulmate telepathy, but u won't get to have

[Group052] Park_JM: it with jin-hyung unless u go and

[Group052] Kim_TH: talk to him now

[Group052] K_Namj: Wow all right, I'm going, I'm going


[Private Chatroom: K_Namj and K_Seok]

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung it's really weird talking to you on this when we're literally sitting next to each other, but this place is so loud, I can't hear at all so...

[Group052] K_Namj: Thank you for saving me from a painful death. I really didn't notice the chainsaw. If it weren't for you I would no longer be here.

[Group052] K_Seok: hey no problem, don't stress about it

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm your hyung, of course I'll look out for you

[Group052] K_Seok: just pay attention to your surroundings more, ok?

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm sorry, I'm really notorious for not paying attention to my surroundings.

[Group052] K_Namj: One time, I walked into an elevator shaft.

[Group052] K_Seok: dude how did you even survive for 23 years


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this is rly weird tho, come to think of it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i mean, jin-hyung and namjoon-hyung didnt do anything wrong, why did they suddenly receive a flying chainsaw

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyungs, u two didnt do anything out of the ordinary right??

[Group052] K_Namj: We were both sitting on the bar looking at our devices.

[Group052] K_Namj: I don't think we did anything wrong, not that I can think of at least.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this is strange

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like so far everything that has happened seem to at least follow some sort of rule

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but a chainsaw out of nowhere???

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the next thing we know, someone's gonna be attacked by tentacles or something

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont jinx it kookie, pls dont

[Group052] Jung_HS: i wont be able to handle tentacles in our room

[Group052] Kim_TH: if there rly will be tentacles they wont appear in our room, that's for sure

[Group052] Kim_TH: bc they can accidentally get cut off by the lasers, poor tentacles

[Group052] Jung_HS: pls do not sympathize with tentacles, taehyung

[Group052] Min_YG: So, now that the chainsaw spectacle is over

[Group052] Min_YG: Jimin and I still need a question to ask

[Group052] K_Namj: Right.

[Group052] K_Namj: Can be seen, used daily by the average Korean, requires electricity.

[Group052] K_Namj: I think we can narrow it down into two categories: electronic devices or household appliances. It's likely either one or the other.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah, can't think of anything that fulfills the criteria otherwise

[Group052] Min_YG: Right, so that's what Jimin and I will go for then

[Group052] Min_YG: Let's do this, hopefully we'll still have our devices in our hands and can continue to communicate with everyone

[Group052] Jung_HS: as long as u dont throw it like i did u should be fine

[Group052] Jung_HS: I threw it rly hard too lol its amazing this thing still works tbh

[Group052] K_Seok: good luck guys

[Group052] Park_JM: thanks hyung! ok let's go, i'll do the asking!

[Group052] Park_JM: [QUESTION] “is the item a household appliance?”

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Park_JM's question is: [NO].

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wow this narrows it down a whole fucking lot, if it's not a household appliance then it's probably an electronic device

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if it's an electronic device, it's either a phone or tablet or computer or a game console or a tv?

[Group052] Kim_TH: wait, does an electric fan count as an electronic device? does a hair straightener count?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: they seem more like household appliances to me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but hmm im not sure about their official definition, damn

[Group052] Jeon_JK: maybe we should have asked a question that was less broad, huh :(

[Group052] Min_YG: Well at least our situation isn't too bad... for now

[Group052] K_Seok: what's your penalty? what's going on in your room?

[Group052] Park_JM: water

[Group052] Park_JM: our room is 350-cm-ish like kookie's room, the waterline is at 70-cm-ish

[Group052] Park_JM: so yeah, we follow the same pattern as u guys, after 4 times we die

[Group052] Park_JM: at least the water doesn't look... dirty, so its... fine... i guess...

[Group052] Jeon_JK: can u guys swim?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: bc if one question = 70 cm, by the third question u will have 210 cm of water and u guys are probably not taller than 210 cm

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i know jimin-hyung is smol from his vlogs, not sure about yoongi-hyung but normally korean ppl arent taller than 210 cm

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm... not that tall, yeah

[Group052] Park_JM: that is an understatement btw

[Group052] Min_YG: Shut up you're shorter than me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah since neither of u are taller than 210 cm, if u cant swim u guys can ask only 1 more question tops

[Group052] Park_JM: i can swim

[Group052] Min_YG: I can too, though I'm a bit worried about the devices, don't want them to get wet

[Group052] Kim_TH: mine still works even after all that slime so just water should be fine

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok, so moomin room has 3 possible question attempts left, same as my room and namjin room. vhope room has an undefined number of possible questions but we've agreed that we shouldn't make them ask questions for now

[Group052] Jeon_JK: that's not a lot of attempts left :(

[Group052] K_Seok: we're really close to the answer though! We've been able to narrow it down quite a lot

[Group052] K_Seok: now, how do we proceed with the next question?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i'll ask the next question. not sure what I should ask tho

[Group052] Min_YG: How about... we make a guess

[Group052] Min_YG: Since as you said, it's likely either a phone or a tablet or a computer or a TV (I'm ruling out game console because I don't think the average person would use it every day), we're close enough to make a guess now. Besides, this way we can figure out if making a guess actually leads to a penalty

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok

[Group052] Jeon_JK: guys hold tight imma make a guess!!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: [GUESS] mobile phone

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jeon_JK's [GUESS] is [INCORRECT].

Pied Piper: The penalty will be in effect now.

[Group052] Park_JM: what penalty???

[Group052] Jung_HS: what penalty omg kookie are u ok?????

[Group052] Jung_HS: ??????

[Group052] Jung_HS: ????????????

[Group052] Jung_HS: ????????????????

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh i ok

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the seilig lowered a little i still got 210-ish spase its ok

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so a guess works just like a questio it lowers the seilig 70-ish

[Group052] Jeon_JK: THO ALSO

[Group052] Jeon_JK: sth else happeed its hard to explai

[Group052] Min_YG: What

[Group052] Min_YG: Need more details

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie why are u talking all weird

[Group052] Jeon_JK: whole row is

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh its hard to say without the keys its like

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh I at use the whole otto row

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm confused

[Group052] K_Namj: I don't get it either.

[Group052] Kim_TH: i do!

[Group052] Kim_TH: translation: the whole bottom row of his keyboard can no longer be used, so he can't type m, n, b, v, c, x and z

[Group052] Jeon_JK: YESSSSS TAETAE HYUG U GOT IT!!!!!!!!

[Group052] K_Seok: “hyug”


[Group052] Kim_TH: translation: its not my fault I cant say stuff kim seokjin

[Group052] K_Seok: that's Kim Seokjin-hyug to you!

[Group052] Min_YG: We should probably consider letting someone else make the next guess, if Jungkook loses another row of his keyboard how is he even gonna talk

[Group052] Jeon_JK: its ok i'll fid a way

[Group052] Jeon_JK: watashi's heya is the safest

[Group052] Jeon_JK: pls let watashi do it

[Group052] Min_YG: He speaks Japanese too wow is there anything Jungkook can't do

Chapter Text

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook, as much as we appreciate your offering to continue making guesses to ease our burden, you can't.

[Group052] K_Namj: Other possible electronics we've listed include the TV, computer and tablet. You can't type any of these with the bottom row of your keyboard missing.

[Group052] K_Namj: Let one of us do it instead.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wtf u guys thats too dagerous pls i'll do the guess

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i safe i has lot of spase left

[Group052] K_Seok: kook, baby you're sweet but we can't always let you do all the dangerous stuff

[Group052] K_Seok: we hyungs gotta contribute too, and besides as Joon said, you can't type the guesses without all the letters

[Group052] Jeon_JK: guess what, i can lol u cant stop me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: dont forget there's a thing called copy & paste, i can still type, just slower

[Group052] Jeon_JK: [GUESS] computer?

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jeon_JK's [GUESS] is [INCORRECT].

Pied Piper: The penalty will be in effect now.


[Group052] Min_YG: How much space do you still have, kid?

[Group052] Jung_HS: kook u ok?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i understand if u cant type quickly now if u lost another row of ur keyboard, but its ok we're more than happy to wait

[Group052] Kim_TH:

[Group052] Kim_TH: for easy copying & pasting

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thx

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i good

[Group052] Jeon_JK: 140 cm left now

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i sit down!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i can guess 1 more time

[Group052] K_Seok: what kind of hyungs are we

[Group052] K_Seok: we're just sitting here and letting the fetus get into a terrible situation for us???

[Group052] Jeon_JK: not terrible

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im safe

[Group052] Jeon_JK: pls let me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: pls

[Group052] K_Seok: ugh he said please, how can I refuse him if he said please


[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: Hey, just remembered that we have this chatroom but we never used it

[Group052] Min_YG: Since I don't want to clog up the big chat, I'll be leaving here some common terms for Jungkook for easier copying & pasting, all right?

[Group052] Min_YG: yes no good bad please thanks sorry guess question answer correct incorrect room penalty namjin vhope moomins

[Group052] Min_YG: it you me I we they my our your theirs yours mine this that here there can could will would do did must need should want to have not and but because so however thus like hate is am are fuck shit hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: You'll probably need everyone's names too, let me list them

[Group052] Min_YG: kim namjoon, kim seokjin, min yoongi, jung hoseok, park jimin, kim taehyung, jeon jungkook, bts

[Group052] Jung_HS: bts?

[Group052] Min_YG: Why not, he likes BTS, maybe he'll want to talk about them or something

[Group052] K_Seok: why are you questioning him about the BTS part instead of the shit and fuck part, Hobi

[Group052] K_Seok: we can't give the fetus easy access to copy & pasting swear words

[Group052] Jeon_JK: fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit shit fuck shit shit

[Group052] K_Seok: SEE??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thanks yoongi hyung this is good

[Group052] Min_YG: No problem, brat

[Group052] Min_YG: But seriously, we appreciate what you're doing for us

[Group052] Min_YG: You say you're doing it because your room is the safest and there's only you in it

[Group052] Min_YG: Which might be true, but you didn't HAVE to, but you still did. You're a good kid

[Group052] Jung_HS: ya kook, no matter how this turns out, we love u, we hope u know that

[Group052] K_Seok: as a hyung I'm really so proud of you, baby

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no I just

[Group052] Jeon_JK: your rooms have 2 people

[Group052] Jeon_JK: you guys would have volunteered too if only 1

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but you have 2

[Group052] Jeon_JK: you all cannot volunteer because you are worried about the other person, you have to protect them too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I know you all want to volunteer, but you can't, you are all good people

[Group052] Min_YG: You give us too much credit lol, I'm not worried about Jimin at all

[Group052] Jung_HS: are u SURE? tae says jimin says ur holding his hand

[Group052] Min_YG: That doesn't mean I'm worried about him, he seems much more capable at managing this water situation than I am. And why did Tae even tell you that

[Group052] Jung_HS: bc he wants to hold hands too

[Group052] Min_YG: Then hold his hand, the kid's been through so much slime just let him have whatever he wants

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I can make 1 more guess, then no more

[Group052] Jeon_JK: will be very hard for me to talk after this tho

[Group052] K_Seok: right... we're probably really close to the answer now, right? What other candidates do we have left? TV and tablet?

[Group052] K_Seok: I hope we get it right. Hopefully you'll be able to talk once you enter phase 3, Kookie

[Group052] K_Seok: and do watch out for Namjoon for me after you guys move on to the next stage, he's too absent-minded for his own good, maybe all geniuses are like that

[Group052] K_Seok: he doesn't want to be the one to leave first, but I'm not giving him a choice. If it comes down to it I'll fight him, and he can't beat me because he's wearing leg weights

[Group052] Jeon_JK: of course hyung, I will protect him

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thank you all for making me feel like I had a real family


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jeon_JK: [GUESS] TV?

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jeon_JK's [GUESS] is [INCORRECT].

Pied Piper: The penalty will be in effect now.

[Group052] Park_JM: why do we keep getting incorrect answers omg

[Group052] Kim_TH: what if we're on the wrong track all this entire time

[Group052] Kim_TH: kook u ok?

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's prob lost all the rows on his keyboard now, it'll prob take him years to copy & paste

[Group052] K_Namj: Let's give him some time to create a response.

[Group052] K_Namj: In the mean time, I agree with Taehyung that maybe we've been on the wrong track this entire time...

[Group052] Min_YG: We might want to reevaluate. Maybe we should use a question on if it's an electronic device or not

[Group052] Min_YG: Can be seen, used daily, requires electricity, not a household appliance

[Group052] Min_YG: It all points to it being an electronic device, but what if it... isn't

[Group052] Min_YG: What if it's something like... a website

[Group052] Min_YG: Software

[Group052] Min_YG: iTunes? Netflix? Online game?

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit thats a lot of possibilities we didnt think of

[Group052] K_Namj: And we already wasted so many guesses... Wow. This is bad.

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie is taking a long time to reply...

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie?

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie say something, just a simple “I'm fine” or “Save me” would do

[Group052] Kim_TH: what if he lost the copy & paste function too...

[Group052] Park_JM: that's actually not too bad if compared to the alternative

[Group052] Kim_TH: we do NOT think of the alternative

[Group052] Park_JM: that's right let's not think about it


[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] K_Seok: hey Jungkook?

[Group052] K_Seok: none of that “feel like I had a real family” bullshit for now on Jungkook

[Group052] K_Seok: we are a real family now and my word is final

[Group052] K_Seok: after all this is over you're all coming over to my place and we're gonna have a nice family reunion dinner

[Group052] Min_YG: I'll make a few dishes too

[Group052] Jung_HS: me 2 i learned a lot from hyung's food blog

[Group052] Jung_HS: kook i can be ur brother if u want

[Group052] Jung_HS: and ur sister, and ur dad and mom and grandpa and grandma and aunt and uncle and cousins

[Group052] Min_YG: That's a bit too many roles to play don't you think

[Group052] Jung_HS: what can i say im versatile

[Group052] Jung_HS: kook pls reply, say something, we're all so worried

[Group052] Min_YG: Now you know what it felt like to us when you kept disappearing

[Group052] Jung_HS: ya im so sorry for inflicting this upon u guys

[Group052] Jung_HS: its literal physical pain

[Group052] Min_YG: Are you ok?

[Group052] Min_YG: If not I can tell Jimin to tell Taehyung to hold you

[Group052] Jung_HS: he's already holding me now it's impossible to tell where he ends and i begin

[Group052] Min_YG: I do not want any of this human centipede nonsense

[Group052] K_Seok: damn guys, check the main chat. Kook reported in and it's graphic

[Group052] Jung_HS: … graphic?

[Group052] K_Seok: see for yourself


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jeon_JK:

[Group052] Min_YG: ...Jungkook

[Group052] Min_YG: How does this device even have such a function

[Group052] Park_JM: ur all right kookie im so glad!

[Group052] Park_JM: if u cant talk at all now its all right

[Group052] Park_JM: we're willing to wait for u to draw ur responses

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm so happy you're ok Kook

[Group052] K_Seok: I feel like I aged 20 yrs in one day

[Group052] K_Namj: I know that feeling.

[Group052] K_Namj: So Jungkook has 70-cm space left in his room. He's safe lying down, but obviously he can't make any more guesses or ask any questions. Well... which room wants to do the asking next?

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm thinking let's just make sure once and for all whether it's an electronic device we're looking for, or... something else, such as the stuff Yoongi-hyung listed. The websites, softwares, etc.

[Group052] Min_YG: Objectively our room is the safest, so we should do the asking next

[Group052] K_Namj: Safety-wise, yes. You still have some 280 centimeters of space.

[Group052] K_Namj: However you have to take some other things into consideration, such as how you're going to type and swim at the same time...

[Group052] Min_YG: If we ask just one question we'll have a waterline at 140 cm high. We won't have to swim yet

[Group052] Park_JM: we're not THAT short

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh no one said anything about your height?

[Group052] Min_YG: It's a touchy subject for us Namjoon

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry? :(

[Group052] K_Namj: Anyway, I guess you guys can ask the question then.

[Group052] Min_YG: Right

[Group052] Min_YG: [QUESTION] Is the item an electronic device?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Min_YG's question is: [NO].

[Group052] Park_JM: SHIT IT'S NOT??

[Group052] Park_JM: we wasted all those guesses and made kookie immobile and unable to type and it turns out all this damn time it's NOT an electronic device?

[Group052] Jung_HS: …are we doomed

[Group052] K_Namj: We're not that doomed. Just... yeah. We wasted a lot of guesses. But if we plan everything from now on carefully, we can make it. We have to make it.

[Group052] K_Namj: Let me think.

[Group052] Kim_TH: i trust u hyung and ur IQ of 148

[Group052] K_Seok: ok so it's brainstorming time! Let's all sit down and think

[Group052] K_Seok: except for the moomins, you guys can't sit down in 140 cm of water, can you

[Group052] Min_YG: We can't

[Group052] Park_JM: at least the water's not too cold

[Group052] Min_YG: My beautiful ripped jeans are all wet

[Group052] Jung_HS: u might want to take them off, jeans are hard to swim in

[Group052] Jung_HS: …i did not imagine that the first time i told someone to take their pants off would be in such a situation

[Group052] Min_YG: ...Fine I'm taking my pants off

[Group052] Min_YG: In case anyone's wondering why Jimin isn't taking his pants off, the reason is he was not wearing any to begin with

[Group052] Jung_HS: and u hid this important information from us until now???

[Group052] Park_JM: i was just feeling really hot in the first room ok so i took them off but im wearing the kind of boxers that double as shorts so its no big deal ok!

[Group052] Kim_TH: well, while yoongi-hyung takes his pants off and everyone is brainstorming

[Group052] Kim_TH: i think kookie might be bored just lying there

[Group052] Park_JM: drawing takes a long time taetae, he can't help us brainstorm with his restriction

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya :((

[Group052] Kim_TH: so im thinking

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie should draw sth for us

[Group052] Park_JM: yeah kookie u know what taetae and i look like right?? draw us hehehehe

[Group052] K_Seok: why are you making art commissions instead of brainstorming

[Group052] Park_JM: we can use it for our youtube account icon!

[Group052] Jeon_JK:

[Group052] Park_JM: whoa kookie that was... fast

[Group052] K_Seok: while you guys really should be brainstorming, kookie seems to be having fun so I'm supportive of this

[Group052] Kim_TH: kook draw hobi-hyung next

[Group052] Kim_TH: u watch his videos right? u know what he looks like

[Group052] Jeon_JK:

[Group052] Park_JM: wtf im APPALLED

[Group052] Kim_TH: by the obvious difference in EFFORT


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung is asking me “but the drawing looks like 2 very different things, which one is hobi more like, a bucket hat dude or a heart monster?”

[Group052] Park_JM: i said both, depending on the situation

[Group052] Park_JM: and he sighed and said “best of both worlds”



[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Min_YG: Jungkook, can you draw Holly? He's my dog

[Group052] Jung_HS: but how would kook know what holly looks like

[Group052] Min_YG: I can describe him

[Group052] Min_YG: He's basically a brown ball of fluff with four legs? That's pretty much it

[Group052] Jeon_JK:

[Group052] Jung_HS: aaaaaaaaaaaa take that MONTROSITY away from me

[Group052] Min_YG: close enough

Chapter Text

[Group052] Kim_TH: ayo ladies and gentlemen

[Group052] Kim_TH: while kookie was busy taking commissions and yoongi-hyung was busy taking off his pants

[Group052] Kim_TH: i did a little bit of brainstorming and i think the next question we ask should be about

[Group052] Kim_TH: us

[Group052] K_Seok: us??

[Group052] Kim_TH: yes us! im just thinking, why would they be asking us to guess random items? wouldnt it make more sense to have the items be somewhat related to our current situation and the reason we're here?

[Group052] Kim_TH: maybe its something that has to do with what we did 2 tuesdays ago, maybe its something we all have in common idk

[Group052] K_Namj: You know what, he has a point there.

[Group052] Min_YG: I can't believe that we, the cool and responsible hyungs, are just sitting back and letting fetus no. 2 do all the thinking now that fetus no.1 can't speak

[Group052] K_Seok: ugh Yoongi we are all brainstorming ok!! we just... aren't able to do it as fast as the maknaes I guess

[Group052] K_Namj: So, going by this logic, we could ask a question such as “is this item in any way related to why we're here”, or “is this item in any way related to two Tuesdays ago” perhaps?

[Group052] Park_JM: thats not gonna help us get closer to the answer tho, since we dont know why we're here and we dont remember what we did two tuesdays ago

[Group052] Kim_TH: which is why i propose we kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Namjoon hyung had many theories about the connection between us, he talked about extraordinary senses and being internet famous

[Group052] Kim_TH: i was reading back on the convos and saw that namjoon hyung had another theory when i was unconscious, about all of us being good-looking?

[Group052] Kim_TH: that's a lot of theories already, so maybe we can ask if this item has anything to do with the theories namjoon hyung came up with? if the answer is yes we know that the item is related to extraordinary senses, being internet famous or good looks AND we're on the right track on our theories, and if the answer is no we know that the item is NOT related to extraordinary senses, being internet famous or good looks AND we're not on the right track in our theories? i think?

[Group052] K_Namj: …Hmm. Interesting.

[Group052] K_Namj: I say let's try it.

[Group052] Jung_HS: uhhh, who's gonna ask?

[Group052] Park_JM: we still have lots of space here!

[Group052] K_Namj: Not you guys.

[Group052] K_Namj: Your waterline will be at 210 cm with the next guess. We don't know how long we're going to be stuck in our rooms for. We don't want you guys to tire yourselves out treading water.

[Group052] K_Namj: Sorry, Jin-hyung, I think we should ask this one.

[Group052] K_Seok: don't be sorry! I was going to suggest we do it too!

[Group052] K_Seok: even after we ask this question, we will still have more than half of our bar. we're barely using most of it anyway. we'll be ok

[Group052] Park_JM: but hyung... we dont have to tread water, we can just float! im super good at floating, we'll be fine :((

[Group052] K_Seok: you're just saying that to convince us to not ask the question, little snake Park Jimin!

[Group052] K_Seok: is he super good at floating, Taehyung?

[Group052] Kim_TH: yes lol once he floated for so long a bird made a nest on his head

[Group052] K_Seok: why does that sound suspicious as heck

[Group052] K_Seok: anyway Yoongi didn't say anything about being able to float so we're still going to ask the question! You guys can take the next question if you like floating so much

[Group052] K_Seok: [QUESTION] Is this item in any way related with the theories Kim Namjoon has come up with so far?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] K_Seok's question is: [YES].

[Group052] Park_JM: yes???!!!? yes???

[Group052] Min_YG: Well Taehyung you're a genius. So is Namjoon

[Group052] K_Namj: So... can be seen. Requires electricity. Koreans use it daily. Not an electronic appliance. Related to extraordinary senses, internet famousness or good looks.

[Group052] Min_YG: I don't think extraordinary senses have anything to do with this. Like what tangible item is even related to that

[Group052] K_Seok: so... internet fame. good looks...

[Group052] K_Seok: you know what, I know a lot about good looks

[Group052] K_Seok: aaaand I'm feeling lucky so I'm just gonna!!

[Group052] K_Seok: make a guess!!!

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung, what, wait, what?

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung if you make a guess we'll only have 2/5 of our bar! Wait!

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung wait that's too sudden omg wait

[Group052] K_Seok: trust me, I'm Kim Seokjin!

[Group052] K_Seok: [GUESS] selfie

[Group052] Park_JM: omg hyung u need to like get everyone's permission first u cant just go and make a guess like that omg

Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Seok's [GUESS] is [CORRECT].

[Group052] Park_JM: WHATTTTT?????


[Group052] K_Seok: tbh I wasn't expecting this myself

Pied Piper: As you have supplied the correct answer, there will be no penalty.

Pied Piper: You have correctly guessed [ONE] item. [ONE] person in each room may move on to the venue for [PHASE 3].

Pied Piper: A human-sized glass box will arrive in each room and one of you will get into it. The boxes will then move out of your rooms. The remaining member will continue to stay in the current room and guess the next item.

Pied Piper: Please note that members who move on to the next phase will not be able to continue communicating with members who do not. If there is anything you need to discuss amongst yourselves, please do so now.

Pied Piper: Once all designated members are in the boxes and you have discussed all that is to be discussed, please tap the [CONTINUE GAME] button on any one of your devices. The second round of [PHASE 2] will then continue.

Pied Piper: NOTE: [PHASE 3] will not start until [PHASE 2] is over. The members who move on will not have a head start or an advantage over the others. They will simply be waiting in their glass boxes.

Pied Piper: That is all. You are now free to discuss amongst yourselves who is to move on and who does not.

[Group052] Jung_HS: holy shit i still cant believe hyung just. got the right answer. just like that.

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow thats cool af... jin hyung... so cool... wow

[Group052] K_Seok: I... honestly I still can't believe it myself either. I'm shaking

[Group052] K_Namj: He's not lying. He's literally shaking.

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay so. Nobody move yet. I'm thinking we should be discussing everything really carefully before we make the decisions on who will move on and who will not.

[Group052] K_Namj: Also, now we have a new piece to the puzzle.

[Group052] K_Namj: The connection between us, and what happened two Tuesdays ago, very likely has something to do with selfies.

[Group052] K_Namj: This is really important information.

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay have any of you uploaded your selfies anywhere last Tuesday?

[Group052] Min_YG: This is really weird because while I do take selfies, I don't think I've ever uploaded them anywhere

[Group052] K_Namj: I'm finding it strange too.

[Group052] K_Namj: I remember that on that particular day at Ullapool, the internet connection at my B&B was terrible.

[Group052] K_Namj: I couldn't get on Facebook at all, and that's the only place I ever post selfies.

[Group052] K_Namj: So as far as I can remember I probably didn't post any selfies.

[Group052] Park_JM: i kind of have the opposite problem...

[Group052] Park_JM: like i upload selfies and send them to ppl all the time

[Group052] Park_JM: so i probably did upload a selfie that day but its so normal to me so?? why is that day different from any of the other days when i uploaded selfies?

[Group052] Park_JM: also btw kook might not be able to type now but ill speak for him, kookie is super famous but none of his fans and cyberstalkers have ever managed to unearth any selfies or pictures of him

[Group052] Park_JM: i'll freely admit that I googled “justin_seagull97 selfie” once even... no real results

[Group052] Jung_HS: im even more confused now than i was before...

[Group052] Min_YG: Aren't we all, dude, aren't we all


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 2]

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin let me tell u all about that time i had explosive diarrhea

[Group052] Park_JM: what, why? u dont have to tell me lol i know about all the times u had explosive diarrhea

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi hyung said 'ew' and moved to another corner lol

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's not looking at ur screen anymore, right?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i was thinking he might be

[Group052] Park_JM: wait what

[Group052] Park_JM: he isn't right now, but

[Group052] Park_JM: u dont want yoongi hyung to see our conversation?

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae I thought all that stuff ppl were saying about sabotaging each other in secret chats were just joking??

[Group052] Park_JM: we're not going to sabotage anyone right??

[Group052] Kim_TH: no, no omg jimin wtf we're not going to sabotage anyone!! i love these ppl i wouldnt, i would never

[Group052] Park_JM: um then why do u not want yoongi hyung to see our chat

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok ugh i feel so bad for excluding him but

[Group052] Kim_TH: just want u to be prepared

[Group052] Park_JM: prepared for what

[Group052] Kim_TH: for all the rampant animal sex we gonna have tonight lol just think about all the things im gonna do to ur ass

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok that was a bit over the top, if yoongi hyung were looking he definitely isnt anymore now

[Group052] Kim_TH: great, so, onto the serious stuff

[Group052] Kim_TH: something the piper said stood out to me, im worried

[Group052] Kim_TH: “The members who move on will not have a head start or an advantage over the others.”

[Group052] Kim_TH: “over the others”

[Group052] Kim_TH: doesn't this imply that we will be competing against each other in phase 3?

[Group052] Kim_TH: instead of working together?

[Group052] Park_JM: …...........

[Group052] Kim_TH: the piper did say in the beginning that after a point we're advised to work solo, and we shouldn't expect to finish the game as a group

[Group052] Kim_TH: i was hoping it wouldnt come down to this... but if everyone's going to be competing against each other in the next round... i just want u to be prepared ok

[Group052] Park_JM: shit

[Group052] Park_JM: shit i rly dont want to compete against anyone

[Group052] Park_JM: why does it have to be like this

[Group052] Kim_TH: i dont want it either

[Group052] Kim_TH: i rly dont want to, the others are such good ppl

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi-hyung is so warm... his smile is like a heart

[Group052] Kim_TH: he oozes good person vibes and i want to protect him with everything i have, he's rly selfless, all the time we've been here he's just so worried about the others, and trying to take care of me

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's the fucking sweetest jimin, i'm so scared

[Group052] Park_JM: why are u scared of someone who's the fucking sweetest

[Group052] Kim_TH: im not scared of him

[Group052] Kim_TH: im scared that if we have to compete in the next phase

[Group052] Kim_TH: if i have to choose between attacking hobi-hyung and letting u die

[Group052] Kim_TH: i just might attack him

[Group052] Kim_TH: i feel like shit, im scared af

[Group052] Park_JM: i... i know what u mean

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung, the kindest soul to ever grace the earth

[Group052] Park_JM: if i have to choose between attacking him and letting u die... well yeah, u know whats gonna happen

[Group052] Park_JM: im a fcking monster

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie is only 20 omg

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie is only 20

[Group052] Kim_TH: we cant just, we cant hurt him, he's 20!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: im so scared of the next phase

[Group052] Kim_TH: i dont want to get hurt but im kind of more scared that i might have to actually hurt ppl

[Group052] Park_JM: same

[Group052] Kim_TH: why does it have to be like this

[Group052] Kim_TH: why cant we just all go home together

[Group052] Park_JM: i wanna go home taetae

[Group052] Park_JM: i just wanna

[Group052] Park_JM: go home

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi-hyung saw me crying, he's worried, he kept asking whats wrong

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's such a good person... an actual sun

[Group052] Kim_TH: im going to hell for even letting the thought of hurting an actual sun cross my mind

[Group052] Park_JM: well yoongi-hyung's an actual moon

[Group052] Park_JM: so i guess we can go to hell together

[Group052] Park_JM: make ourselves at home in hell

[Group052] Kim_TH: yeah, as long as we're together,

[Group052] Park_JM: anywhere is home


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung, taehyung is crying, im worried

[Group052] Min_YG: Strange

[Group052] Min_YG: Last thing I saw on Jimin's screen, Tae was recounting an explosive diarrhea experience

[Group052] Min_YG: Maybe it was a... very traumatic diarrhea experience?

[Group052] Jung_HS: thats some information i rly didnt need to know

Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] K_Seok: sooooooo, time for THE SECRET MEETING-tm

[Group052] K_Seok: the meeting of the Hot, Young and Yummy Hyungs (also known as the HYYH)

[Group052] K_Seok: sorry kook you're in this chat too but you can't talk anyway so we're just gonna pretend you're not here

[Group052] K_Seok: this doesn't involve you anyway

[Group052] K_Seok: so, guys! ya'll already know why I called this meeting, right?

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah i think so

[Group052] Min_YG: I think I do too

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah, I was going to hold off this meeting until later, but since I accidentally got the answer right (like wtf I have no idea how that happened, it was a really spur-of-the-moment thing) we don't have time anymore

[Group052] K_Seok: we, the hot, young and yummy hyungs, need to work together to make sure that the young children make it safely into the next round

[Group052] K_Seok: we'll have to work together without them to guess the second item, but we can do this! I believe in us

[Group052] Jung_HS: tbh i dont believe in myself, im scared af

[Group052] Jung_HS: but i agree with u hyung. the younger ones have to move on

[Group052] Jung_HS: tae is crying for some reason, he wont tell me

[Group052] Jung_HS: he acts all smart and cool but he's just a kid. we have to protect him

[Group052] Min_YG: He's not going to willingly move on without a fight, Hobi

[Group052] Min_YG: I can tell I'm gonna have the same problem with Jimin, he keeps telling me to move on, he says he's from Busan so he really likes water and he'll be fine

[Group052] K_Seok: this is why we're holding the meeting here

[Group052] K_Seok: so that we can sabotage the children and force them to move on to the next phase, which is hopefully safer than our current rooms

[Group052] K_Seok: the current situations in our rooms aren't that bad but if any one of us asks one more question (which we will have to) things are going to go downhill quickly

[Group052] K_Seok: I don't want the young ones to be here when that happens

[Group052] Min_YG: It's going to be easier for you hyung, Namjoon has leg weights, you can overpower him with sheer force

[Group052] Min_YG: But it's not going to be easy for me because in case you guys forgot, Jimin has abs

[Group052] Min_YG: He's strong and stubborn af, I won't be able to get him to go by fighting him or anything, I'm honestly not a good fighter at all

[Group052] Jung_HS: its not gonna be easy for me either, tae wont even talk to me now, he's moved to a corner still crying

[Group052] Min_YG: Damn. So Jin-hyung, how do you propose we get rid of Jimin and Taehyung

[Group052] K_Seok: apparently the kids in our group are selfless little shits. Man, the young generation these days

[Group052] K_Seok: (yes that includes you too Jeon Jungkook, I know you can see this)

[Group052] K_Seok: those selfless little shits are willing to stay behind to protect us, they wont listen to us no matter how hard we try to convince them

[Group052] K_Seok: BUT! perhaps they will listen to each other?

[Group052] Min_YG: You're proposing that instead of us trying to convince them, just have them convince each other

[Group052] K_Seok: that's the gist

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay I think we can do that

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi let's migrate to our other chat and come up with a plan

[Group052] Jung_HS: aye aye

[Group052] K_Seok: good luck guys

[Group052] Jung_HS: good luck kicking namjoon off the bar, hyung

[Group052] K_Seok: tbh I might not even need to kick him, he's prob gonna just fall himself lol


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: Status report, everyone.

[Group052] K_Namj: I see the glass box in our room now. It's hovering beside our bar, a bit lower.

[Group052] K_Namj: We haven't decided who should go in yet.

[Group052] K_Seok: well obviously it's gonna be you so

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung no, you have to move on. It's too dangerous here.

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not the one wearing leg weights, you're in more danger than I am lol

[Group052] K_Namj: But hyung!

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay guys, no fighting. Status report: our box has descended from the ceiling, it's hovering by the waterline now. We haven't decided who's gonna go ahead yet either

[Group052] Jung_HS: ours is here too :/ its appeared close to us, i think its programmed to avoid the lasers so it should be safe to get in... i guess....

[Group052] Park_JM: lets assume that kookie has a box too, he just cant say

[Group052] Jung_HS: well at least no one's gonna be fighting for the box in that room

[Group052] K_Namj: So, now that we have all the boxes, let's make sure we finish discussing anything we need to discuss before half of us moves on.

[Group052] K_Namj: If anyone has any ideas concerning the connection between us and why exactly we're here, it's probably wise to say so now.

[Group052] K_Seok: unfortunately I still have zero clue

[Group052] Jung_HS: ya same :(

[Group052] Min_YG: I also think we should discuss strategies on how to tackle guessing the second item. Anyone who has any ideas should say it now, in case they have to move on and can't communicate with the people left behind

[Group052] Kim_TH: i think since the first item is likely related to why we're here, the second item is likely to be too

[Group052] Kim_TH: not sure if wrong guesses will lead to the same penalties kookie had, but whoever still has their full keyboard must remember to type all the alphabet frequently for whoever doesnt, for easy copy & pasting

[Group052] Kim_TH: it saves time, and time is important

[Group052] Kim_TH: i think time is especially important when we're gonna be guessing the second item

[Group052] K_Seok: how so?

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh if ur on a REALLY short bar or in a room with many lasers or a very high waterline wouldnt u want to get out as soon as possible

[Group052] K_Seok: ...true

[Group052] K_Seok: ...why do you seem to have this figured out much better than we old people huh

[Group052] Kim_TH: that's why i should stay back! hobi-hyung u have to move on to the next phase first

[Group052] Jung_HS: nope not happening

[Group052] Kim_TH: do u want to fight me

[Group052] Jung_HS: not in a laser room, no

[Group052] Jung_HS: actually...

[Group052] Jung_HS: um... tae pls come closer? i need to talk to u a little

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya im hauling my ass over


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin...

[Group052] Park_JM: wassup

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin how would u feel

[Group052] Kim_TH: if we both move on to the next phase and leave our roommates behind

[Group052] Park_JM: i wouldnt like it tbh

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung hadnt said anything but im 97% convinced im a better swimmer than he is

[Group052] Park_JM: like if he were good at it he would have said it

[Group052] Kim_TH: i wouldnt like it either

[Group052] Kim_TH: the thing is, hobi-hyung is asking for a favor

[Group052] Kim_TH: yoongi-hyung isnt looking at ur screen now right? hobi-hyung doesnt want yoongi-hyung to know

[Group052] Park_JM: he stopped looking when u started talking about diarrhea, dont worry

[Group052] Park_JM: what favor?

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi-hyung was crying, he seems rly scared

[Group052] Park_JM: thats exactly why he should move on first, no?

[Group052] Park_JM: if i were in a dark laser room WITH REAL LASERS i would be scared too tbh, but i like water so im fine here

[Group052] Kim_TH: no but the problem is

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's scared of the GLASS BOX

[Group052] Kim_TH: claustrophobia

[Group052] Kim_TH: he said he won't be able to handle moving on first and being shut in the glass box waiting for the rest of us to finish guessing the second item

[Group052] Kim_TH: he really wants to stay here jimin, he's shaking so hard

[Group052] Kim_TH: so i promised him, i promised him to move on

[Group052] Park_JM: :((( poor hyung :(((

[Group052] Park_JM: u did right tho, that cant be helped

[Group052] Park_JM: dont worry about him

[Group052] Park_JM: i'll stay behind, i can still talk to him

[Group052] Park_JM: i'll protect hyung for u

[Group052] Kim_TH: i know u would

[Group052] Kim_TH: but the thing is

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh god this is the hard part

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi hyung says he feels so guilty about this but he and yoongi-hyung really bonded in their secret chat behind our backs so

[Group052] Kim_TH: so he said he would feel better if he could continue talking to yoongi-hyung

[Group052] Kim_TH: like he feels really bad about inflicting this on yoongi-hyung but he'd prefer that u move on and yoongi-hyung stays, u get me?

[Group052] Kim_TH: he's trembling so hard, he feels so guilty and I feel guilty too because what if we get yoongi-hyung in trouble because of this, but i just dont want hobi-hyung to hurt anymore

[Group052] Kim_TH: so please jimin just act like ur really scared of water or whatever and make sure yoongi-hyung stays :(

[Group052] Park_JM: i can't act like im scared of water when all ive been doing these past 10 mins was showing off my cool underwater moves but ok

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung wont need much convincing anyway, he's got this stupid notion in his mind that he's the hyung so he has to protect me

[Group052] Park_JM: he doesnt even have abs, i should be protecting him intsead, he's so smol and sweet

[Group052] Park_JM: i'll tell him i want to move on, without mentioning hobi-hyung at all. thats what we want, right?

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya jimin, thanks bb :(

[Group052] Park_JM: no problem, we have to protect the hyungs after all

[Group052] Park_JM: what would they do without us cool reliable dongsaengs, i really dont know

[Group052] Kim_TH: haha ya thank goodness for us


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: This just in, Hobi: Jimin says if I don't mind he would prefer to move on to the next phase first, because apparently Taehyung is moving on and he doesn't want to leave Taehyung alone in the next phase with two others whom he's never met

[Group052] Min_YG: “But Taetae is too pretty, hyung! What if the others fall in love with him and I'm not around to stop them? :(( I need to claim what's mine ya know?” -Park Jimin

[Group052] Jung_HS: that's a... not very well-thought-out excuse but hey we got what we wanted right

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, this plan worked surprisingly well

[Group052] Min_YG: A+ acting Hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: u didnt even see my acting lol

[Group052] Min_YG: If you convinced Taehyung you're probably good. He seems really sharp

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah he is, i was a bit worried that my shitty acting wont fly but at a point i started crying for real so i guess he could tell i wasnt faking?

[Group052] Jung_HS: that part wasnt even acting. im actually really scared hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: It's okay to be scared, I'm fucking scared too, no lie

[Group052] Jung_HS: u, the great min yoongi, scared?

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah

[Group052] Min_YG: We don't even have that many question attempts left. And the young ones won't be able to help us. Just you, me, Jin-hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: What's not to be scared about?

[Group052] Min_YG: Uh, by the way Hobi

[Group052] Min_YG: Do you by any chance have any tips on how to float on water



[Private Chatroom: K_Namj and K_Seok]

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon I could just kick you off the bar into the glass box and be done with it

[Group052] K_Seok: but I'm a nice hyung so I won't

[Group052] K_Seok: instead! I'm going to tell you a secret... and THEN kick you off the bar into the glass box and be done with it

[Group052] K_Namj: Er... what secret, hyung...

[Group052] K_Seok: I have a small gift for you, in your pocket! don't open it until you get to the next phase, eh?

[Group052] K_Seok: you're a good leader Namjoon, we wouldn't have made it so far without you

[Group052] K_Seok: take care of the kids. you're all smart, you'll all be fine

[Group052] K_Namj: ...Hyung? Why are you talking like this?

[Group052] K_Seok: shush Joon let me speak

[Group052] K_Seok: remember, Jungkook has photographic memory, once he sees something he can't forget it, so if anything terrible happens, do your best to make sure he doesn't see it

[Group052] K_Seok: Jimin is likely... not wearing clothes, make sure he doesn't catch a cold, make sure no one even glances at his body without his permission

[Group052] K_Seok: Taehyung is either not wearing clothes or wearing really slimy clothes, either way make sure he doesn't catch a cold either

[Group052] K_Seok: you're the big brother now

[Group052] K_Seok: take care of them

[Group052] K_Namj: ...Hyung...

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung why do you seem to already know who's going to move on from the other rooms?

[Group052] K_Namj: Are you planning something behind our backs?

[Group052] K_Namj: And we haven't decided yet who out of the two of us gets to move on, right? Hyung I want to stay. I may act clumsy but I'm smart. Please let me stay behind! You can take care of the others who move on yourself, make sure they don't get a cold and don't see scary things!

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung?? Come on can we just discuss this carefully like civilized human beings before doing anything rash?

[Group052] K_Seok: be good, pay attention to your surroundings

[Group052] K_Seok: if we don't manage to guess the second item, you guys still have to win this thing, win it for us

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung what is this?

[Group052] K_Namj: Why are you talking like this is a last goodbye?

[Group052] K_Seok: oh look Namjoon is that a sugar glider on the wall

[Group052] K_Seok: ...hehe sorry

[Group052] K_Namj: HYUNG WTF

[Group052] K_Namj: THAT'S CHEATING


[Group052] K_Namj: HYUNG

[Group052] K_Seok: well you can't get back on the bar now, not with your leg weights

[Group052] K_Seok: enjoy the ride! We'll meet in the next phase ok?

[Group052] K_Seok: hey, don't cry

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung... hyung oh my god, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry

[Group052] K_Seok: don't be

[Group052] K_Seok: never be


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: so, everyone settled yet? We've all decided who's gonna move on, yes?

[Group052] Park_JM: yep yep

[Group052] Kim_TH: yep yep

[Group052] Min_YG: …Yeah we have

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh yeah we have

[Group052] K_Seok: ok cool!

[Group052] K_Seok: so let's start round two now?

[Group052] K_Seok: any last words, anyone?

[Group052] Park_JM: good luck everyone! i have faith in u, u will be fine, we will meet again in no time!!

[Group052] K_Namj: Yes, hurry up and get the second item right. We'll meet again in no time.

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, I'm gonna push the CONTINUE button now, any objections?

[Group052] Kim_TH: objection!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie wants to say something, look at the “[Group052] Jeon_JK is typing...” at the bottom of the window

[Group052] K_Seok: haha hurry up, Jungkook

[Group052] Jeon_JK:

[Group052] Min_YG: Well Kook, that's

[Group052] Min_YG: Which one am I?

[Group052] Min_YG: Well I guess you can't answer me but it's ok, I don't mind being any of these, they're all cute

[Group052] Park_JM: he knows u have blue hair so maybe ur one of the blue things

[Group052] Kim_TH: i think kookie is either the rabbit or the cookie

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah nice deduction

[Group052] K_Seok: we love you too Kook

[Group052] K_Seok: we'll meet again soon <3

[Group052] Park_JM: <3

[Group052] Kim_TH: <3

[Group052] Jung_HS: <3

[Group052] K_Namj: <3

Pied Piper: You have opted to [CONTINUE THE GAME]. Four members will move on to [PHASE 3] now. The remaining members may continue guessing for the second item.

Chapter Text

[Group052 Main Chatroom: PRE-PHASE 3]

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa, hello, you three.

[Group052] K_Namj: I can see you guys, but I'm assuming you can't hear me speak? I definitely can see Jimin's lips moving but I can't hear anything you're saying at all.

[Group052] K_Namj: These glass boxes must be pretty sound proof.

[Group052] Park_JM: yea i was yelling rly loudly, i guess we rly can see but not hear each other

[Group052] Park_JM: wait hyung how could u tell which one is me

[Group052] Park_JM: like ofc i can tell ur u bc of the leg weights, and I can tell which kookie is by process of elimination bc i know what taetae looks like and obviously i know what i look like

[Group052] Park_JM: but how could u tell which one is me

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh, it's easy? You're the one that's wearing nothing but boxers?

[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok mentioned Taehyung wearing a tie as a belt, so I can tell which one he is. And Jungkook described himself as a rabbit coconut, so I can tell which one he is too.

[Group052] K_Namj: By the way, Jungkook, I have not imagined that this is possible but you do look like a rabbit coconut.

[Group052] K_Namj: I mean it in a good way Jungkook! Don't look so sad!

[Group052] K_Namj: You're the cutest rabbit coconut!

[Group052] K_Namj: I never knew rabbit coconuts could be so cute!

[Group052] Park_JM: namjoon hyung ur scaring him omg dont scare him

[Group052] Park_JM: but he's indeed so cute...

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie i wanna squish ur cheeks!

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie u should feel glad there's glass between us, otherwise i'd probably be glomping u now

[Group052] Park_JM: we really are scaring him omg everyone tone it down!!! he's staring at the ground

[Group052] Kim_TH: dont be scared kookie we won't glomp u if u dont want us to :((

[Group052] Jeon_JK: sorry guys omg im just shy :(( sorry

[Group052] Kim_TH: dont be sorry! its ok to be shy

[Group052] Park_JM: and yay u can talk again! im glad u have ur full keyboard now!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: sorry im looking down all the time >< im just scared to look ppl in the eye ok ><

[Group052] Jeon_JK: namjoon hyung looks so cool... and jimin hyung is not wearing clothes... and taetae hyung looks like a final fantasy character, i dont know where to direct my eyes sorry

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa Jungkook, you flatter me. I'm not cool, not cool at all.

[Group052] Park_JM: no u are

[Group052] Park_JM: tbh i didnt expect u to look so cool u sounded so awkwardly sweet back in our private chat

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya! hyung with looks like urs u have nothing to worry about

[Group052] Kim_TH: u are smart, good personality, and u look like an intellectual god, ofc jin-hyung will love u!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: am i missing something here?

[Group052] Park_JM: if by “something” u mean the namjin ship then yes ur missing something, but u will catch up in no time!

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys please don't broadcast my pathetic crush on Jin-hyung everywhere...

[Group052] K_Namj: Ah, right, this reminds me of something.

[Group052] K_Namj: Jin-hyung told me to look in my pocket once I'm here.

[Group052] K_Namj: He couldn't have left anything in there, though? I don't remember him touching my pockets at all.

[Group052] K_Namj: Wow... what is this...

[Group052] K_Namj: A heart?




[Group052 Main Chatroom: PHASE 2]

[Group052] K_Seok: well, we've successfully gotten rid of the young ones

[Group052] K_Seok: that's a good thing, with only 3 of us, we're easier to control

[Group052] K_Seok: no more reckless behavior, impulsive actions

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung no offense but ur even more impulsive than the maknaes...

[Group052] K_Seok: excuse me I'm not impulsive at all!

[Group052] Min_YG: Says the one who guessed the first correct item out of nowhere, while everyone screamed at you to not do it

[Group052] K_Seok: well at least I got it correct, right?

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah I guess. So. This is the calm before the storm. Let's tally all the possible question attempts we have remaining

[Group052] Min_YG: Jin-hyung, I'm not sure I caught whether your correct guess caused your bar to shorten or not

[Group052] Min_YG: I know there's no penalty but I'm not sure if that means no keyboard penalty or if that means both no keyboard penalty and no bar penalty

[Group052] K_Seok: there was no bar penalty

[Group052] K_Seok: I still have 3/5 of the bar. Which means 2 possible question attempts for me. After the 3rd question, I fall

[Group052] Min_YG: I have 140-cm of water here, that means 2 possible question attempts for me too. After the 3rd I'll die too

[Group052] Min_YG: The situation in the Vhope room is unpredictable since we don't know where the lasers will appear next

[Group052] Min_YG: This sucks. We have really few questions left, we need to use them really wisely

[Group052] Jung_HS: i have to say, im so grateful that jungkookie offered to take all those questions for us bc now that we're in the second round i realized it would indeed be a huge waste if we had a room with no one in it but a lot of remaining space...

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah. Jungkook really thought ahead. His efforts helped us a lot

[Group052] Min_YG: So we gotta use our questions really carefully. Can't let everything Jungkook did for us go to waste

[Group052] K_Seok: maybe we should take what Taehyung said into consideration, about the items being related to our situation in some way

[Group052] K_Seok: like, maybe we should think about all the things we did two Tuesdays ago. Maybe that'll help us make the right guess

[Group052] K_Seok: I can't be sure but I very likely was at a cooking fair that day

[Group052] Jung_HS: tuesdays are dance studio days for me, i have classes to teach on tuesdays

[Group052] Min_YG: I don't know for sure but I was probably working like usual. Even translators gotta make money in some way, ya know?

[Group052] K_Seok: why would translators not make money? I don't get it

[Group052] Min_YG: Oh sorry, it's just that my parents kinda don't like my job. They say it's useless and I'm doomed to be poor... so I guess I tend to be self-deprecating when it comes to my job

[Group052] Min_YG: It's an automatic reaction, sorry

[Group052] K_Seok: no I get it

[Group052] K_Seok: my parents aren't exactly happy that I'm a chef either

[Group052] K_Seok: they want me to be lawyers like they are

[Group052] Jung_HS: hey. dont be so down on yourselves, guys

[Group052] Jung_HS: its ok to not have the same job as ur parents

[Group052] Jung_HS: i dont have the same job as my parents either and they never had a problem with that

[Group052] Min_YG: What are your parents' jobs, Hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: angels

[Group052] Min_YG: What

[Group052] Jung_HS: they're... in the sky

[Group052] Min_YG: Oh god I'm sorry

[Group052] Min_YG: Sorry shit I didn't mean to bring this up

[Group052] Jung_HS: its all right dont be sorry! we were happy together. i know theyre watching over me

[Group052] Min_YG: No fuck I'm really sorry

[Group052] Min_YG: And what's that shit about you and your parents not working the same job

[Group052] Min_YG: You're a full-time angel, part-time dancer

[Group052] Jung_HS: i...

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh, thanks

[Group052] Jung_HS: haha?

[Group052] K_Seok: you two are cute


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PRE-PHASE 3]

[Group052] K_Namj: I think, since we're stuck here with nothing to do, we should scope out this place and figure out what's going to happen in phase 3.

[Group052] K_Namj: That way, when the others get here we can brief them really quickly so everyone can be informed and ready to go.

[Group052] Park_JM: yeah, tho i cant really see much from here

[Group052] Park_JM: its so... colorful everywhere, the walls and everything

[Group052] Park_JM: why is everything so colorful

[Group052] Kim_TH: kook u seem to be located more to the side? can u see anything down there

[Group052] Jeon_JK: there's a corridor

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it goes on for a bit then it branches out in different directions

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what if this is...

[Group052] Jeon_JK: a maze...

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh. I'm really bad at directions, just a heads-up.

[Group052] Park_JM: im no good at directions either, but we have 7 ppl, surely one of us will be good at it at least

[Group052] Kim_TH: maybe jin-hyung can leave a trail of hearts to mark the way, like in hansel and gretel

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wait, guys did u see that?

[Group052] K_Namj: See what?

[Group052] Park_JM: i see it

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung its probably not visible from ur angle but i can see it from here

[Group052] Park_JM: something... white? just kinda glided past a distance away

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i think it's a drone

[Group052] Kim_TH: a maze... with drones

[Group052] Kim_TH: idk, i have a bad feeling about this

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ditto


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PHASE 2]

[Group052] Min_YG: If we're going by the assumption that the second item is also related to two Tuesdays ago and our current situation, I think we should place our focus on digital / online related things

[Group052] Min_YG: As Namjoon said, if we never met on that day in real life (which we couldn't have, none of us were in Ullapool like Namjoon), it has to be something online-related

[Group052] Min_YG: BUT this is just a theory, we can't be sure, so...

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm proposing that our first question should be used to confirm whether the item is indeed related to digital & online stuff?

[Group052] K_Seok: I'm not against that at all

[Group052] K_Seok: I should be the one to ask it, I think

[Group052] K_Seok: my room is the safest

[Group052] Min_YG: Now you sound like Jungkook, hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: “watashi's heya is the safest!!!”

[Group052] K_Seok: it IS the safest

[Group052] Min_YG: Mine's not that bad either


[Group052] K_Seok: you can't?!?!?!

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah I don't know how

[Group052] Min_YG: But I can still tread water, I'll be fine

[Group052] Jung_HS: but how long can u do it for? AND u have to type on ur device and stuff so u need both hands

[Group052] Jung_HS: that's like some navy seal level shit

[Group052] Jung_HS: are u capable of navy seal level shit

[Group052] Min_YG: Probably not

[Group052] Jung_HS: let me do the asking this time, this room is fairly long, chances are none of the lasers will hit me

[Group052] Min_YG: But what if they do?

[Group052] Jung_HS: they won't, and taehyung's not here so that's one less possible person to be hit

[Group052] Min_YG: Taehyung's not there so that's one less possible person to help you get out of a sticky situation if you happen to be caught in one

[Group052] Jung_HS: im a dancer, im flexible, i know what im doing

[Group052] Min_YG: You don't, when the opponent is lasers no one could know what they're doing

[Group052] K_Seok: guys no fighting!

[Group052] K_Seok: we, the HYYH hyungs, are a peaceful association

[Group052] K_Seok: we do this the civilized way

[Group052] K_Seok: online rock paper scissors! whoever loses asks the question

[Group052] Jung_HS: all right. on the count of 3

[Group052] Jung_HS: 1

[Group052] Jung_HS: 2

[Group052] Jung_HS: 3

[Group052] K_Seok: paper

[Group052] Jung_HS: paper

[Group052] Min_YG: rock

[Group052] K_Seok: you cheated

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah u were too slow

[Group052] Min_YG: No, what the heck I didn't cheat

[Group052] Min_YG: I just type slower

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur a translator, typing is ur job, u def dont type slowly

[Group052] Min_YG: No I'm just typing slower because the device is WET

[Group052] Min_YG: I didn't cheat omg

[Group052] Min_YG: Anyway, since I lost

[Group052] Min_YG: [QUESTION] Is the item related to digital / online stuff?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Min_YG's question is: [YES].

[Group052] K_Seok: great, we're on the right track then

[Group052] K_Seok: yoongi how's treading water going

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm not especially good at it but I can manage

[Group052] Jung_HS: is there anything on ur wall u can hold on to

[Group052] Min_YG: Unfortunately no

[Group052] Min_YG: Good news is this device is completely waterproof

[Group052] K_Seok: well... now that we know we're on the right track...

[Group052] K_Seok: what next? come on we gotta hurry

[Group052] Jung_HS: uhhhhhhh!!! how about something like “did we (the 7 of us) use the item 2 tuesdays ago”?

[Group052] K_Seok: that doesn't sound too bad

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongi stay out of this, Hobi, it's our turn to duel

[Group052] K_Seok: loser asks the question

[Group052] K_Seok: on the count of 3

[Group052] K_Seok: 1

[Group052] K_Seok: 2

[Group052] K_Seok: 3

[Group052] Jung_HS: rock

[Group052] K_Seok: paper

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok, my turn to ask

[Group052] K_Seok: we're so damn efficient, I hope the kids are proud of us

[Group052] Jung_HS: [QUESTION] did we (the 7 of us) use the item 2 tuesdays ago?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Jung_HS's question is: [YES].

[Group052] K_Seok: yes? Omg ok

[Group052] K_Seok: ok but what did we all use 2 tuesdays ago?

[Group052] K_Seok: is this even related to why we're here or is this just a random item that we happened to have all used on that day I'm so confused

[Group052] K_Seok: I don't know, I can't remember, what did I even do that day??????!??

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit we're going too fast, let's... slow down and think... slow down... breathe.........

[Group052] Jung_HS: actually why are we suddenly going on overdrive omg why do we suddenly have the urge to do things really quickly i'm like shaking so hard from adrenaline

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah why?? idgi it's like the pace of our thinking increased tenfold in the past 1 minute

[Group052] Min_YG: Uh it's because I can't tread water for very long I'm dying hello

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh yeah, right, it's because of that


[Group052] K_Seok: calm down calm down calm down everyone calm down

[Group052] K_Seok: …....I can't calm down

[Group052] K_Seok: oh god we're a mess

[Group052] K_Seok: we're a mess without Namjoon and the children

[Group052] K_Seok: I acted all confident in front of Namjoon like “nah we'll be fine” but I'm actually losing my shit

[Group052] Jung_HS: game

[Group052] Jung_HS: *same

[Group052] Jung_HS: i mean the losing my shit part, not the acting confident part

[Group052] Jung_HS: help im like literally cramping up

[Group052] K_Seok: where are you cramping up

[Group052] Jung_HS: toes, some fingrs

[Group052] K_Seok: wow ok shit you have to concentrate on your breathing, count it down with me

[Group052] Jung_HS: i... i cant


[Group052] Min_YG: I'm not that close to dying yet, goodness everyone let's not freak out now

[Group052] Min_YG: I'm close to freaking out too, but we can't, we can't freak out omg

[Group052] Min_YG: We need to calm down, we need to think

[Group052] Min_YG: God I hate people but I miss Jimin already I feel so lonely without him giggling into my neck

[Group052] Jung_HS: ikr i think taehyung not being here is another big reason why im so freaked

[Group052] Jung_HS: i cant even begin to imagine how kook managed to survive his room alone... im so scared......

[Group052] Min_YG: He's a brave little trooper, that Jeon Jungkook

[Group052] Min_YG: Listen we have to all calm down and think

[Group052] Min_YG: We must channel the fetuses, what would they do in such a situation

[Group052] Jung_HS: how do we channel the fetuses????

[Group052] Min_YG: Try talking like them

[Group052] Jung_HS: how do we talk like them????

[Group052] Min_YG: I don't know? Start quoting BTS lyrics? Or rhyming?

[Group052] K_Seok:
all right I'll try....
don't tell me bye bye

[Group052] Jung_HS:
you make me cry cry
love is a lie lie

[Group052] K_Seok:
don't tell me... don't tell me...
don't tell me bye bye

[Group052] K_Seok: …hey you're right, I feel calmer now

[Group052] Jung_HS: my fingers stopped cramping

[Group052] Min_YG: See, told you channeling the maknaes would come in useful

Chapter Text

[Group052 Main Chatroom: PRE-PHASE 3]

[Group052] K_Namj: I hope the others are all right. I trust them, but I can’t help being worried…

[Group052] K_Namj: Jin-hyung told me that if they don’t survive, we have to win the game for them. But I don’t want to even imagine a scenario in which they don’t survive. They need to survive. They HAVE to.

[Group052] Kim_TH: they will survive! they will, rly, they’re smart ppl

[Group052] Kim_TH: i rmb watching one of hobi-hyung’s videos on youtube, he was playing mafia with a bunch of other dancer youtubers

[Group052] Kim_TH: and he’s so good at lying lol

[Group052] Jeon_JK: omg i remember that episode!! hyung was such a snake haha he sold out his mafia teammates to cement his innocence

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh right kookie u have photographic memory so u remember all the details lol

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya i could literally remember the date the video was posted

[Group052] Park_JM: guys this is totally unrelated but

[Group052] Park_JM: i just had a thought

[Group052] Park_JM: what date was two tuesdays ago? bc if i had the date i might be able to remember what i did that day

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it’s the 12th

[Group052] Park_JM: uhhhhhhh wait……..

[Group052] Kim_TH: the 12th? now that’s rly strange

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae are u thinking what im thinking? this is weird, i dont understand

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa, whoa. So you two have remembered something?

[Group052] Park_JM: we remember that date bc we signed up to take a toeic test since we were going to apply for an internship that requires toeic scores

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, TOEIC? Surely that can’t be the connection between us, the last time I took that was a long, long time ago.

[Group052] Park_JM: oh of course its not related, we didn’t even go to the test bc taetae caught the flu and i stayed home with him

[Group052] Park_JM: it was rly bad, he was sleeping all day, he only got out of bed to go to the toilet and puke a couple of times

[Group052] Park_JM: which is really weird because this means HE DIDN’T TOUCH HIS PHONE OR GO ONLINE AT ALL THAT DAY

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya i didnt, i was barely conscious?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i think the only times i was lucid were when i was puking into the toilet, that kind of thing rly wakes u up

[Group052] Kim_TH: i didnt touch my phone at all

[Group052] Kim_TH: and i def didnt take a selfie bc i looked like shit that day no kidding

[Group052] Park_JM: nonsense u looked amazing and ethereal like always

[Group052] Park_JM: i def did go online that day bc taehyungie was sleeping all the time and i was bored but couldnt leave him BUT im guessing i didnt upload a selfie to any of my social media accounts that day either, its not something i would do when taehyungie is suffering

[Group052] Park_JM: so where does this leave us??? we didn’t do anything 2 tuesdays ago

[Group052] Park_JM: at least taehyungie def didnt????

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m… so confused right now.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the only possible theory i have is that

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u didnt do anything, but the piper thinks u did bc of some mistaken identity or… fake identity

[Group052] Kim_TH: kook u mean someone stole our identity?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u have heaps of fans right? that’s totally plausible i think

[Group052] K_Namj: Wow. Seems that we have to rethink this situation.


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PHASE 2]

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay, now that we’ve ALL CALMED DOWN and I’m NOT GOING TO DIE (yet), I’m wondering about this item

[Group052] Min_YG: So far we know that it’s digital/online related, and we all used it two Tuesdays ago

[Group052] Min_YG: How about all three of us list the digital/online related stuff we used two Tuesdays ago

[Group052] Jung_HS: but none of us can remember what we did two tuesdays ago?

[Group052] Jung_HS: btw hyung ur holding up ok right?

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m all right for now, don’t worry, I’m getting the hang of treading water and typing at the same time

[Group052] Min_YG: So, since we don’t remember what we did two Tuesdays ago, what if we list the digital/online related stuff we use on a daily basis (which means that we very likely have used them 2 Tuesdays ago)

[Group052] Min_YG: A lot of electronics probably count too because they’re digital

[Group052] K_Seok: let me see, I always use electric cookers but I don’t think Namjoon would have used it that day since he was traveling

[Group052] K_Seok: also I think I watched Netflix that day, but Namjoon said he had terrible internet in his B&B so while he could have done basic stuff online I don’t think he could have streamed videos

[Group052] K_Seok: actually why don’t we just list the digital/online-related things that Namjoon, a traveler with terrible internet, might have been using on an average day in the Scottish highlands

[Group052] Min_YG: Hmm, that’s not a bad idea at all. Let me see

[Group052] Min_YG: You two probably have more traveling experience than me, what electronics do you guys usually carry around in your bags when on a trip

[Group052] Jung_HS: so… phone ofc, laptop sometimes, i have an ipad, and uh camera? i usually have some music related equipment for remixing my dance tracks but idt namjoon would bring that to scotland

[Group052] Min_YG: He did say he raps though, so we can’t rule the sound equipment out

[Group052] K_Seok: we can rule the sound equipment out, I definitely didn’t use any of those 2 Tuesdays ago for the simple reason that I don’t have any

[Group052] Min_YG: True

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay, phone, laptop, iPad, camera, what else?

[Group052] K_Seok: we have to also consider all the things he could have done on the phone, laptop, iPad, and camera

[Group052] K_Seok: for example games, software, certain websites etc.

[Group052] K_Seok: since we already know that selfies count as an item these abstract-but-can-be-seen things will have to be taken into consideration too

[Group052] Min_YG: I think Namjoon said he couldn’t get on Facebook, so that’s one thing ruled out

[Group052] Min_YG: What other things would a traveler with shitty internet access do on his electronic devices?

[Group052] Jung_HS: gaming, uh… creating stuff (music, art etc), google, gps, travel websites? some social media?

[Group052] Min_YG: Hmm… I’m not really a gamer, but I have to translate gaming stuff so I test games from time to time to see if the translation fits…

[Group052] Min_YG: We can probably rule out the GPS and travel websites though, I don’t think I would use them when I’m not traveling

[Group052] Min_YG: We can also rule out social media, I already said I don’t use those. It’s not really my kind of thing, I don’t need them in my life

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung u need to get those

[Group052] Jung_HS: so that we can contact each other when we get out of this place

[Group052] Jung_HS: please? we dont wanna lose contact with u hyung :((

[Group052] Min_YG: Eh if you teach me to use it I guess haha

[Group052] K_Seok: whipped


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PRE-PHASE 3]

[Group052] Jeon_JK: guys not to alarm u but

[Group052] Jeon_JK: there’s something taped on a drone that just passed by

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook I thought you had photographic memory, not incredible eyesight?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im just not nearsighted hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: the drone(s? not sure if there’s more than one or just the same one passing by again and again) are easier to see from where i am, since i can see down the corridor

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if i had incredible eyesight i would have seen what it was that was taped on it, but i cant tell from here

[Group052] K_Namj: What did it look like to you?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idk? its white-ish and rectangle-shaped, maybe a note?

[Group052] Kim_TH: kook how fast were the drones u saw going

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i cant say for certain but its not very fast, like the speed of someone skateboarding down the street in a very chill way?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why do u want to know

[Group052] Kim_TH: u know, just wondering about our survival rate if we’ll have to outrun those things in the next phase

[Group052] Jeon_JK: shit

[Group052] Park_JM: shit

[Group052] Kim_TH: yeah, shit

[Group052] K_Namj: Jin-hyung told me to be a responsible hyung so I should tell you three to not curse, but I’m kind of touched that you’re all looking at my leg weights when saying that

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok hyung im super fast, no kidding i had a lot of training from running away from bullies

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’ll protect u from the drones

[Group052] Park_JM: i might not be super fast but im fast enough to be in the relay races at school! so is taetae, we will distract the drones for u!

[Group052] Kim_TH: hmm i wonder if i’d be able to disable them, i have a drone at home so i know the basics

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah i remember that episode where ur drone threw marshmallows at u and u caught them with ur mouth

[Group052] Kim_TH: my drone understands me, we’re telepathic

[Group052] Park_JM: u say the same thing for all our 18 dogs


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PHASE 2]

[Group052] Min_YG: All right, so according to our deductions, we have phone, laptop, tablet, camera, as well as all those software/functions/websites etc. that can be used on these items

[Group052] Min_YG: We’re getting closer, which is good, but we’re running out of guesses, which is bad

[Group052] Min_YG: Who wants to take the next question? I don’t mind taking it

[Group052] Jung_HS: are u sure ur ok, hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: The deeper this gets the easier to tread water, so I think me taking it would be the best way to go

[Group052] Jung_HS: well if it makes it easier for u then

[Group052] Jung_HS: but what are u gonna ask

[Group052] K_Seok: how about we check if it’s a kind of software, that way we can narrow it down a lot

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, all right, let’s do this

[Group052] Min_YG: [QUESTION] Is it a kind of software?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Min_YG's question is: [NO].

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay it’s not a software

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung are u all right???

[Group052] Min_YG: I think the water will fill up the room the next time I ask a question or make a guess

[Group052] Min_YG: But right now I’m okay, a bit tired treading water but not that tired yet

[Group052] Min_YG: I used to play basketball, I have some stamina, don’t worry

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok then i go next?

[Group052] Jung_HS: if not a software, then maybe a website? or social media?

[Group052] Min_YG: I already said I don’t have social media so

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok then, website it is

[Group052] Jung_HS: [QUESTION] is it a website?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Jung_HS's question is: [NO].

[Group052] Min_YG: Well okay, guess it’s not a website either

[Group052] Min_YG: Hobi are you all right?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i

[Group052] K_Seok: I??

[Group052] Min_YG: I???

[Group052] Jung_HS: im trapped

[Group052] Min_YG: Shit are you okay?

[Group052] Jung_HS: im ok but i have the worst luck…there are lasers on all three sides of me that is not the wall

[Group052] Jung_HS: im just huddled up now, i cant move at all without touching one of them

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry ><

[Group052] Jung_HS: our room didnt even use up that many questions? 3?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i could have gone on for longer if i had been standing somewhere else, i could have helped more

[Group052] Jung_HS: im so sorry

[Group052] Min_YG: Yes, you could have been standing somewhere else


[Group052] Min_YG: But you’re not there and instead you’re where you are, which is a good thing because if you weren’t Jin-hyung and I would probably freak out very badly. There’s nothing to apologize about

[Group052] Min_YG: Just don’t move, we’ll ride this out, we’re almost there now, we’ve got this

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah Hobi just don’t move. We’ll figure out something. We’ll get everyone out of here

[Group052] K_Seok: so it’s come to my attention that I’m the only one who can ask a question now

[Group052] K_Seok: and I have only one more attempt

[Group052] K_Seok: so this is an important question… what are we gonna ask?

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay, so I was thinking

[Group052] Min_YG: Since it’s something seven random people used on the same weekday, it’s very likely something that the average Korean person would use on a very regular basis

[Group052] Min_YG: Which means that this thing is probably very similar to the first item we guessed. It fits all the same requirements. Can be seen. Used daily by Koreans. Requires electricity

[Group052] Min_YG: AND we know that it’s not a website/software

[Group052] Min_YG: So we might as well go down the same route again, like the last round. Electronics or household appliance, that kind of thing, since both can be digital

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, all right let’s do this

[Group052] K_Seok: fingers crossed

[Group052] K_Seok: [QUESTION] Is this item an electronic device?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] K_Seok's question is: [YES].

[Group052] K_Seok: IT IS!!!!!

[Group052] Jung_HS: OMGOMGOMGOMG

[Group052] K_Seok: my bar is really short right now, it’s probably going to disappear completely if I ask another question

[Group052] K_Seok: we’re almost there though! Really close now!

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah we’re so close now, that’s great

[Group052] Min_YG: But uh, this leads to the inevitable issue, which is uh, not great

[Group052] Min_YG: My room will fill up with water with my next question attempt, Hobi can’t move at all and if his next question sends a laser through where he is he’ll be dead, and Jin-hyung’s bar is this close to disappearing altogether, so…

[Group052] Jung_HS: so… uhh, shit

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah I’ve been thinking about this too

[Group052] K_Seok: sorry to break it to you guys but whoever asks the next question or makes an incorrect guess is probably going to die

[Group052] K_Seok: let it be me

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m the oldest. it has to be me

[Group052] Jung_HS: no wtf

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung no

[Group052] Jung_HS: listen it has to be me

[Group052] Jung_HS: bc it’s not 100% death for me, maybe the new lasers that appear with the next question WON’T pierce thru me, i might be lucky

[Group052] Jung_HS: but its 100% death for both of u

[Group052] Jung_HS: so it has to be me!! the only reason im not asking anything yet is that idk what question to ask, i want it to be a useful question

[Group052] Min_YG: We don’t really have that many possible candidates to narrow down anymore, so asking questions should be easy

[Group052] Min_YG: It’s an electronic device which traveler Namjoon would use in the Scottish highlands. Only a few things fulfill that criteria

[Group052] Min_YG: Possibilities are phone, laptop, tablet, camera

[Group052] Jung_HS: maybe tv too? he could have had one in his b&b room

[Group052] Min_YG: It has to be something I also used two Tuesdays ago, and it’s been years since I last watched TV so can’t be that


[Group052] Min_YG: GOT IT?


[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung why are u talking in caps, u said they hurt ur eyes right? what are u doing im scared, ur scaring me

[Group052] Min_YG: Because I need to lay out everything we need to do next very clearly

[Group052] Min_YG: So that even if we freak out we’ll still have guidelines on what to do

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay so this is what’s going to happen

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ll be the one asking all the questions

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ll keep asking questions, really obvious ones, until we know the answer

[Group052] Min_YG: If I happen to be unavailable when the answer is obvious, one of you can make the guess. You won’t get a penalty if your guess is correct so you won’t die, and we’ll all be able to move on to the next stage

[Group052] K_Seok: wait, I don’t understand, why would you be unavailable

[Group052] K_Seok: and what do you mean by you’ll be asking all the questions

[Group052] K_Seok: you don’t even have ONE question attempt left, let alone more than one. If you ask a question you die

[Group052] Min_YG: NOT INSTANTLY

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m not sure how long I can hold my breath for and I’m not interested in testing it now, but anyway I won’t die instantly if I ask a question

[Group052] Min_YG: And after the first question it won’t matter how many more I ask, because if the waterline already reached the ceiling it doesn’t make any difference to me how high it goes, so I can just ask question after question after question until we get it right

[Group052] Min_YG: I can type underwater, though it’s a bit hard to see the screen properly. I’ve been practicing. I can manage

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongi no

[Group052] Jung_HS: sajdkgadgja;fdjaf;qreh;jqr no nonononono

[Group052] Min_YG: DON’T FREAK OUT

[Group052] Min_YG: This is the safest way for everyone, I’m counting on you guys to get this shit done, so you can’t freak out

[Group052] Min_YG: [QUESTION] Does the name of this item start with C?




Chapter Text

[Group052 Main Chatroom: PHASE 2]

[Group052] Min_YG: [QUESTION] Does the name of this item start with C?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Min_YG's question is: [YES].

[Group052] Jung_HS: YOONGI ARE U OK

[Group052] K_Seok: Hobi we need to calm down, please calm down

[Group052] K_Seok: it starts with C! so camera?

[Group052] K_Seok: but a laptop is a kind of computer so computer can be the answer too? and “phone” can also start with C because cell phone

[Group052] Min_YG: k got it i’ll narrow it down

[Group052] Min_YG: [QUESTION] does the name of this item end with e?

Pied Piper: The answer to [Group052] Min_YG's question is: [YES].

[Group052] Min_YG: cool

[Group052] Min_YG: [GUESS] cell phomr

Pied Piper: [Group052] Min_YG's [GUESS] is [INCORRECT].

Pied Piper: The penalty will be in effect now.

[Group052] Jung_HS: YOONGI???



[Group052] K_Seok: shh Hobi it’s probably just a keyboard penalty like Jungkook’s, maybe he can’t type now. I’ll make the guess


[Group052] Jung_HS: [GUESS] cell phone

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jung_HS's [GUESS] is [CORRECT].

Pied Piper: As you have supplied the correct answer, there will be no penalty.

Pied Piper: You have correctly guessed [TWO] items. You will move on to [PHASE 3] now.

Pied Piper: A human-sized glass box will arrive in each room. Please get in and you will be moved to the venue for [PHASE 3].

[Group052] Jung_HS: YOONGI ARE U OK??????

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit how long has he been underwater already


[Group052] Jung_HS: PLEASE


[Group052] K_Seok: Hobi we can’t freak out now! yoongi probably just lost his keyboard function or sth as a penalty, he’s probably all right


[Group052] Jung_HS: how long can an average person hold their breath hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: im so fcking scared

[Group052] K_Seok: Hobi I’m so scared too but we need to stay calm right now

[Group052] K_Seok: the last thing we want is to freak out and fall off the bar or accidentally touch a laser

[Group052] K_Seok: we’ve come so far and solved the phase, please, please don’t freak out

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongi plays basketball and raps so his lung capacity can’t be bad, let’s hope for the best

[Group052] K_Seok: see? my box is here, yours probably is too?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i see my box now, yeah

[Group052] Jung_HS: they even shut down the lasers near me so I can get into the box

[Group052] K_Seok: this means they’ve probably gotten rid of some water so Yoongi can get into his box too. he should be all right, he should be able to breathe now

[Group052] Jung_HS: but hyung, how long has it been? def more than 1 minute? 2 minutes? maybe more????

[Group052] Jung_HS: how many ppl can hold their breath for 2 minutes

[Group052] K_Seok: idk but not me

[Group052] K_Seok: but just get into the box okay? in the next phase maybe everyone can talk to each other again, and we’ll know if yoongi is fine

[Group052] K_Seok: which he probably is! he prob just can’t type and maybe he’s watching this entire exchange going on and silently laughing like “lol why are they freaking out I’ve lost my keyboard not my LIFE”

[Group052] K_Seok: if he, well, isn’t fine, he would want us to be strong and slay the next phase together, right?

[Group052] K_Seok: so let’s be strong and brave and not worry. that’s what Yoongi would want.

[Group052] Jung_HS: ………..

[Group052] Jung_HS: drowning just seems like a rly painful way to go

[Group052] Jung_HS: and it was all so sudden he didnt even give us time to be mentally prepared

[Group052] Jung_HS: if only i could have done more for him

[Group052] Jung_HS: …………hyung hold me I need a hug

[Group052] K_Seok: *sends e-hug*


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PRE-PHASE 3]

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh guys i dont want to alarm u again but

[Group052] Jeon_JK: someone is coming

[Group052] K_Namj: From your direction, right? I can’t see here

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yea its another glass box, its moving towards here

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and someone is in it

[Group052] Park_JM: oh i see it now!!

[Group052] Park_JM: it’s yoongi hyung!

[Group052] Park_JM: HI HYUNG!!!!!


[Group052] Park_JM: TURN AROUND AND SAY HI!!

[Group052] Min_YG: Jiminie turn off the caps please

[Group052] Min_YG: I can’t turn around until I figure out how to cover my important parts with a jacket

[Group052] Park_JM: just show everyone ur pantsless body, like me

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t like being pantsless as much as you do, dude

[Group052] Park_JM: u make it seem like i have no shame :(

[Group052] Min_YG: The whole time we were together in the room in Phase 2 you were wearing only boxers, what else am I supposed to think

[Group052] Min_YG: Anyway, you look nice no matter what but I don’t, so I’d prefer to cover myself up more, thank you very much

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung its so good to see u! ur as cute as jimin said u are!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: but where are the others? are they ok? we’re worried

[Group052] Min_YG: They’re not here yet? Strange

[Group052] Min_YG: We got the second item right (it’s a phone by the way) so they should be fine

[Group052] Min_YG: My box arrived and I got in, and now I’m here. Shouldn’t it be the same for them?

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m here now! Hi everyone!

[Group052] Park_JM: ooh look jin-hyung just arrived


[Group052] K_Seok: of course I do. it’s me, worldwide handsome!

[Group052] K_Seok: it’s funny I haven’t seen any of you besides Namjoon before, but I can still tell who’s who

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon is beside me, and the next is Taehyung with the army green jacket, and Jimin who’s wearing only boxers, and Jungkook’s the cute rabbit coconut, and Yoongi is the one with blue hair

[Group052] Park_JM: yup hyung u got all of us correct hehe

[Group052] K_Seok: nice, we’re only missing Hobi now, hope he shows up soon

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh shit…

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi-hyung is scared of glass boxes right… what if he couldnt get in…???

[Group052] Park_JM: oh no…

[Group052] Min_YG: He was only saying that to make sure you’d move on so he’s probably not actually that scared lol

[Group052] Kim_TH: WAIT WHAT

[Group052] Park_JM: WAIT WHAT

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi-hyung is a SNAKE

[Group052] K_Namj: You guys did say he was good at mafia, so…

[Group052] Kim_TH: wait, yoongi-hyung, u KNEW he was lying to us? were u in on the plan too?

[Group052] Min_YG: Uh, duh?


[Group052] Jung_HS: wait, what? theres a snake? what snake? pls dont let this phase be about snakes my fragile heart cant handle

[Group052] Park_JM: HI HOBI-HYUNG

[Group052] Park_JM: wait, where are u

[Group052] K_Namj: His box just arrived here on my side, by Jin-hyung’s box. you probably can’t see it with us blocking the way.

[Group052] Park_JM: are u making fun of my height???

[Group052] K_Namj: No I wasn’t, goodness Jimin don’t be so sensitive about your height!

[Group052] Park_JM: u tall ppl would not understand my height complex! only yoongi-hyung gets me

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m still taller than you though


[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok stop banging on the walls, these glass boxes are soundproof, no one can hear you.

[Group052] K_Namj: Yoongi-hyung’s all the way across, beside Jungkook.


[Group052] K_Namj: Too many of us are blocking the way. Jin-hyung, Jungkook, Taehyung, let’s crouch down so Hobi can see Yoongi-hyung.

[Group052] Park_JM: SO I DON’T NEED TO CROUCH DOWN????


[Group052] Kim_TH: its bc the height jabs make u flustered and its rly cute, hyung was smiling so hard cupping his cheeks

[Group052] K_Namj: Please do not expose me, Taehyung. It’s not my fault I like cute things. Anyway, Jimin, you can crouch down if you want too, though it won’t make much difference.

[Group052] Park_JM: HYUNG

[Group052] Kim_TH: i dont think we should crouch down, instead we should part like the red sea to make yoonseok’s first meeting more dramatic


[Group052] K_Namj: They have a pairing name now?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why am I missing all the gossip :((

[Group052] Kim_TH: u already know all the gossip now kook, ur up-to-date now

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uhhh yay?


[Group052] Kim_TH: on the count of three, we part like the red sea?

[Group052] Kim_TH: ah I miss rhyming sometimes

[Group052] Kim_TH: anyway, 1

[Group052] Kim_TH: 2

[Group052] Kim_TH: 3

[Group052] Park_JM: aww look at the way they look at each other



[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Min_YG: Okay Hobi you’ve seen me now, happy?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i just needed to know that ur all right, hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: i was so worried…

[Group052] Jung_HS: im sorry i kinda made a spectacle out there, i was rly scared, i didnt think. pls don’t be mad at me

[Group052] Min_YG: No wtf Hobi I’m not mad? Why would you think I’m mad

[Group052] Jung_HS: didnt u just snap at me? @_@

[Group052] Min_YG: No oh god I was just

[Group052] Min_YG: It sounded snappy but I was just… okay I’m self-conscious because I’m half-naked and you were making a big deal about seeing me and I was scared

[Group052] Min_YG: Because I’m not sure half-naked me is up to standards

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m not tall or cool like you guys or anything…


[Group052] Jung_HS: u dont have to be tall, namjoon can be tall enough for all of us

[Group052] Jung_HS: u look so good, the goodest

[Group052] Jung_HS: it doesnt even matter tho, i just wanted u to be all right, i’d be happy to see u, no matter how u look

[Group052] Min_YG: Shit Hobi you flatter me

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to you guys back there, the penalty took all my consonants, and I didn’t want to use my brain too much to figure out how to get past that

[Group052] Min_YG: Gotta conserve oxygen ya know

[Group052] Min_YG: But you guys finished this thing, put in the correct answer, and everyone’s all right now. I’m glad

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung how long are u actually able to hold ur breath bc that was impressive

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t really know, I lost track of time

[Group052] Min_YG: But somehow… back there, I felt safe

[Group052] Min_YG: Like someone’s watching over me and would pull me out if things get bad

[Group052] Min_YG: Maybe your parents, Hobi?

[Group052] Jung_HS: ha, maybe? they would have loved u. they really would


[Group052 Main Chatroom: PRE-PHASE 3]


[Group052] K_Namj: Oh, sorry, Jimin.

[Group052] Park_JM: I DIDN’T MEAN U

[Group052] Park_JM: but come to think of it u and jin-hyung are making disgusting heart-eyes at each other too, ur equally bad

[Group052] K_Seok: why don’t you just go make heart-eyes at Taehyung then


[Group052] Kim_TH: besides, that way kookie would be left out

[Group052] Kim_TH: i propose


[Group052] Park_JM: LETS DO IT

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie we cant do three way heart eyes if only two of us are doing it, u need to contribute too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what go away i never agreed to this omg

[Group052] Kim_TH: please??? :((

[Group052] Jeon_JK: fine

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ❤‿❤

[Group052] Park_JM: ❤3❤

[Group052] Kim_TH: ❤皿❤

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: Hello.

Pied Piper: I see that you have all made it to [Phase 3], which will be the [Last] phase.

Pied Piper: You do not have to begin immediately. I will lay out the rules, and the phase will start once more than half of you have agreed to [Start the Game] by pressing the [Start the Game] button on your device.

Pied Piper: The rules of this phase is as follows.

Pied Piper: 1. You are in a [MAZE]. When the game starts, your boxes will all be moved into different parts of the maze. You will all have different starting points, but we have made sure that it is absolutely fair and the distance to the [CENTER POINT] is the same for everyone.

Pied Piper: 2. You will have to reach the [CENTER POINT] to win the game.

Pied Piper: 3. However, you will also have to fulfill [TWO REQUIREMENTS] when you reach the [CENTER POINT].

Pied Piper: [REQUIREMENT ONE] There are three phases in total, two of which you already played, and the third you will play soon. At the [CENTER POINT], please enter [THREE REASONS] why the three phases are structured the way they are. [ONE REASON] for each phase.

Pied Piper: For example, you may enter “Phase 1: Because the Pied Piper wants to know how smart we are”, “Phase 2: Because the Pied Piper is sadistic”, etc.

Pied Piper: Neither of these are the correct answer, by the way.

Pied Piper: You will need to get the correct answer (there can be more than one) on all three to [FULFILL REQUIREMENT ONE].

Pied Piper: [REQUIREMENT TWO] We have hidden/scattered around the maze [ONE] suit of cards, which means that there are A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K, one each. There will also be [TWO] Joker cards.

Pied Piper: Per the rules of the card game Blackjack, the [A] card can stand for [1] or [11] points. [J], [Q] and [K] all stand for [10] points. The rest of the cards are worth the same points as their number (for example the [2] card is worth [2] points, the [6] card is worth [6] points, etc.).

Pied Piper: The [Joker] cards can stand for anything from [1] to [10].

Pied Piper: To [FULFILL REQUIREMENT TWO], you need to gather cards worth [21] points, no more and no less, and turn them in at the [CENTER POINT].

Pied Piper: Once both of the requirements are fulfilled, you may leave the game.

Pied Piper: 4. You might have noticed this already, but it is impossible for all 7 of you to get 21 points. If you have to fight others to get the cards you want, feel free to do so. We have no rules regarding harming or killing other group members. What happens here stays here. There will be no legal implications no matter what you do.

Pied Piper: 5. If you are [STILL IN THE MAZE] by the time it is deemed impossible for anyone else to reach [21] points, our [TWO DRONES] will find you and ensure a swift though not necessarily painless death.

Pied Piper: 6. Our [TWO DRONES] will also be moving around the maze at random during the game. If they do not see you, nothing will happen. If they see you, they [WILL SHOOT YOU]. However, there are [SAFE ZONES] in certain locations in the maze. The drones cannot shoot you if you are inside one, but you cannot leave the [SAFE ZONE] either unless another player arrives and gives you a high-five.

Pied Piper: 7. Being seen by the drones is [NOT] the only way to get shot by them. You may note that there is a [CAMERA] option on your device now. You may use it to take photos of the [FACES] of other players and [SUBMIT] them.

Pied Piper: If a photo of a player’s [FACE] is submitted to the system, the [DRONES] will immediately search for the photographed player, who will be shot once located.

Pied Piper: This may be a wise way to eliminate competition.

Pied Piper: These are all the rules for [PHASE 3]. Please discuss amongst yourselves when you want to start the game, and have more than half of you press the [Start the Game] button when you’re ready.

Pied Piper: Please note that you cannot choose to not start the game at all. Well, you probably could, but you’ll be stuck here forever and that doesn’t sound ideal, does it?

Pied Piper: That is all. Good luck!

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok thats… a lot to process

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thats rly a lot… im… im still thinking but this doesnt sound like good news at all

[Group052] Min_YG: Seems that we’re not going to all make it out of here

[Group052] Min_YG: But what I’m more worried about is actually [REQUIREMENT ONE]. Do any of us even know the reasons the 3 phases are structured the way they are? Because I honestly have no idea and if no one does literally NO ONE will make it out of here

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, if anyone knows the 3 reasons, please say so now.

[Group052] K_Namj: …Wait…

[Group052] K_Namj: Ugh, I feel bad saying this, but should whoever know the 3 reasons tell all of us?

[Group052] K_Namj: Pros of telling: everyone will have a chance of survival. Cons of telling: since everyone will have a chance of survival, people might be more inclined to fight, and the original person who found the answer would actually be putting themselves at a disadvantage by telling.

[Group052] K_Namj: Pros of not telling: whoever found the answer will have an advantage and can use it to bargain for cards etc. Cons of not telling: uhh more people will die, probably?

[Group052] K_Namj: There is also the other option: whoever found the answer could selectively tell the ones they trust and form an alliance to take everyone else’s cards, I guess. Ah this sounds terrible if I put it like that…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this is really shitty :(

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but good point hyung, i suppose…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i was naïve to think that we could all get out of this together

[Group052] Kim_TH: kook dont look so down, we’ll find a way

[Group052] Park_JM: ive been doing some calculating, trying to come up with combinations that will lead to 21

[Group052] Park_JM: there are a lot of possible combinations, but theyre also very mutually exclusive which means if one of the combinations is used up a lot of other possible combinations cant be used anymore

[Group052] Park_JM: right now as far as i can come up with off the top of my head we can do 5 combinations tops (since a lot of these cards are worth 10 points it kind of restricts the combinations that can be used)

[Group052] Park_JM:
A + [one of 10, J, Q, K, Joker] =21
5 + 6 + [one of 10, J, Q, K, Joker] =21
4 + 7 + [one of 10, J, Q, K, Joker] =21
3 + 8 + [one of 10, J, Q, K, Joker] =21
2 + 9 + [one of 10, J, Q, K, Joker] =21

[Group052] Park_JM: the other joker can be used to replace any card that we cant find

[Group052] Park_JM: only 5 combinations max, theres no way to go past that. All the other ways to combine it would only lead to fewer than 5

[Group052] Park_JM: so at least 2 of us wont be able to get out of here…

[Group052] Jung_HS: whoa jiminie thats very quick thinking

[Group052] Park_JM: im an art major, maths minor so

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow thats something we didnt know about u!

[Group052] Jung_HS: this does sound like we’re fucked tho

[Group052] K_Seok: okay……….. I think we’re overcomplicating things right now. let’s cross that bridge when we get to it

[Group052] K_Seok: we don’t even KNOW that we’ll be able to find all 15 cards, so just speculating would be pointless

[Group052] K_Seok: I think we should just go out there and see how many cards we can find, and then we’ll regroup and discuss what we want to do about card distribution and if anyone who knows the answer should tell the others

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t like this situation anymore than you all do but hyung is right, just speculating won’t do us any good

[Group052] Min_YG: I want to point out one thing though

[Group052] Min_YG: In the beginning, we have received 3 questions or hints, right? And we’ve used up two of them

[Group052] Min_YG: This is the last phase. There’s no reason to save the last one. Let’s ask for a hint concerning our situation, which will hopefully help us figure out the 3 reasons of phase structure. I’m willing to be the sacrifice

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no ill be the sacrifice hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i can run even when wearing leg weighs, it wont hinder me! and i know how to rhyme

[Group052] Min_YG: But I’m guessing the third sacrifice will be something different? Since the first two are different from each other too

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ll do it. Piper, we want a hint. I’ll be the sacrifice

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung wtf

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why do the old ppl in this group always insist on doing things w/out everyones permission

[Group052] Min_YG: Sorry kid lol

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: Handicap for [Group052] Min_YG effective starting now and will end once the game ends.

Pied Piper: The hint is as follows.

Pied Piper: “You have been chosen because of 7 qualities we think you have (we are not completely sure, so we are still testing you regarding some of the qualities).”

[Group052] Jung_HS: whoa what

[Group052] Jung_HS: yoongi hyung u all right?

[Group052] Kim_TH: what is ur penalty hyung??

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung??

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung r u ok??

[Group052] Min_YG: Min Yoongi heaved a sigh as deep as the Mariana Trench. His friends were calling his name, but all he could think about with every fiber and cell of his being was how much he wanted to touch those precious, breathtaking thighs. “I have to write everything like I’m in a badly-written romance novel or something or I’ll get shot. I’ve translated stuff like that before so I guess I could handle it,” he explained, licking his soft, seductive lips dreamily, “but this is cringey so I’d really prefer to not talk if possible. Guys, please just try and figure out what the 7 qualities are for me while I stay quiet. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He moaned lustfully, imagining those luscious, German-pork-chop-shaped thighs, so close that he could count every stray hair on them.

[Group052] Jung_HS: pork chop??????

[Group052] Min_YG: “I don’t like this anymore than you do, Hoseok,” Yoongi complained, crouching down and starting to lick the pork-chop thighs like a starved cat would her milk.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh god im so glad i didn’t sacrifice this time

[Group052] Kim_TH: damn i got lucky with those rhymes didnt i

[Group052] K_Seok: we cannot let Yoongi-yah’s brave sacrifice be in vain so let’s discuss the 7 qualities

[Group052] K_Seok: so each of us has 1 quality that got us chosen?

[Group052] K_Namj: Seven qualities… perhaps, like the seven sins? But what sin am I?

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m a cook so I’m probably gluttony

[Group052] Min_YG: “I’m probably sloth, I sleep a lot,” Yoongi added, expression on his face screaming “kiss me on the lips, lips”.

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongi: says he won’t talk

[Group052] K_Seok: also Yoongi: talks anyway

[Group052] Min_YG: “I’m kind of enjoying this, sue me,” Yoongi gushed, gazing deeply into Kim Seokjin’s beautiful cerulean eyes.

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m gonna PUKE

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what other possible things with 7 qualities are there besides 7 sins

[Group052] Kim_TH: 7 rainbow colors, 7 kids in the sound of music, 7 dwarfs, 7 days of the week, harry potter series, uh 7 continents? 7 wonders of the world?

[Group052] Park_JM: lol i dont think we can be the 7 wonders of the world taetae

[Group052] K_Seok: why not? I’m the Taj Mahal

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay uh… I think we can rule out the 7 wonders, days of the week and the Von Trapp children… and continents, since we’re all Korean here.

[Group052] K_Namj: Colors might be possible, this whole place looks super colorful, it might be related. We can probably rule out the Harry Potter series too…

[Group052] K_Seok: but it’s possible! I can be the half-blood prince

[Group052] K_Namj: Well, you do look like a prince, but who’s going to be the chamber of secrets?

[Group052] Min_YG: “Let me into your chamber of secrets,” Yoongi whispered in a husky voice, passionately folding a paper dildo for his pet flamingo.

[Group052] K_Seok: someone tell Yoongi to shut up his novels are getting more ridiculous by the minute

[Group052] K_Namj: Ahem, anyway, that leaves us with what? Colors? Seven dwarfs? Which one of the seven am I?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: its prob not the seven dwarfs, one of them is sneezy! why would they kidnap ppl for their ability to sneeze

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and if we had to be in a fairy tale, i think we would prob suit the golden goose better than snow white

[Group052] Park_JM: i haven’t heard that one before, tell me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: basically someone gets stuck to a goose, and person no.2 comes to help but gets stuck too, and person no.3 comes to help but gets stuck too, and then more and more ppl come to help but everyone gets stuck

[Group052] Jung_HS: strangely enough that does sound like us

[Group052] Jung_HS: tho im thinking, its not clear in the hint but

[Group052] Jung_HS: it doesnt necessarily have to be one person, one quality? maybe its 7 qualities that they think we all have

[Group052] Jung_HS: for example namjoon said we’re all good-looking? that might be one quality. also they did a background check to find that no one would miss us? that can be another quality

[Group052] K_Namj: Good thinking, Hoseok.

[Group052] K_Namj: So it seems that we’ve come full circle back to the question: what do all 7 of us have in common?

[Group052] Jung_HS: guess it doesnt bring us any closer to the answer huh :((

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh, right, btw we forgot to tell u guys, but when we were guessing the second item we asked if the item (it was a phone) was sth we all used 2 tuesdays ago, and the answer is yes. not sure if its related to the 7 qualities?

[Group052] Park_JM: damn we forgot to tell u guys too, but when u weren’t here we realized that taetae did not use a phone or go online that day AT ALL

[Group052] K_Seok: wtf then did the Piper give us a FALSE ANSWER? he said we all used it!!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: but i rly didnt, couldnt have

[Group052] K_Seok: this is so weird

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so we were considering identity theft as a possibility

[Group052] K_Seok: in that case it would be even harder to figure out the 7 qualities we all have because… who knows if what they know about us is even ACCURATE

[Group052] K_Seok: anyway, we don’t need to know what the 7 qualities are to win the game so…it prob doesn’t matter if we cant figure them out

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah guess so :/

[Group052] K_Namj: So I guess this discussion didn’t bring us any closer to the truth, huh.

[Group052] K_Namj: Well, I suppose we’ll have to just… start the game and see what happens, right?

[Group052] K_Namj: Before we start, though, I want to say something.

[Group052] K_Namj: I will probably not make it. I have leg weights, the drones will be able to catch up with me easily.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we said we would protect u hyung

[Group052] K_Namj: Different starting points. You’ll not even be able to find me before I get taken out by the drones.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: TRY ME

[Group052] K_Namj: Just… listen, Jungkook. It’s all right. I’ve accepted my fate.

[Group052] K_Namj: Just want to say this if the inevitable happens and I’m no longer here.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m terrible at sappy words, but I’m lucky to have met you guys. Out of all the people I could be stuck with, I got you, 6 good, kind people whom I trust and care about. I don’t think I could have been any luckier.

[Group052] Park_JM: we love u hyung

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung im proud of u

[Group052] Jung_HS: don’t say things like this namjoon. this is not goodbye yet. u might still live. we’ll try to find u

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t. Too dangerous.

[Group052] K_Namj: So, anyway.

[Group052] K_Namj: By the looks of it, through limiting the possible number of survivors, they’re encouraging us to hurt each other, eliminate the competition and all that stuff.

[Group052] K_Namj: Please don’t let that happen. Please don’t betray each other. We’ve stuck together and everything worked out so far because we did. If we hadn’t worked together we would probably all be dead by now.

[Group052] K_Namj: Teamwork makes the dream work, so work together. They want to see us fight each other. We’re not going to give them the satisfaction.

[Group052] K_Namj: Share whatever you find frequently, make status reports, try to find and protect each other. All right guys? You can do this.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no, WE

[Group052] Jeon_JK: WE can do this


[Group052] K_Namj: That will slow you down, Kook. You are our ace. You have photographic memory. If anyone can figure out the answer it’s you.

[Group052] Park_JM: what about jiminie??

[Group052] K_Namj: Huh?

[Group052] Kim_TH: he wants to be praised

[Group052] K_Namj: Oh, okay. You’re very bright and you’ll figure out the right answer quickly too, Jimin.

[Group052] Park_JM: hehehe


[Group052] K_Namj: But the drones, Jungkook


[Group052] Kim_TH: u know, i’ve been thinking about the drones

[Group052] Kim_TH: they said if we betray each other and take a picture of someone else’s face and submit it, the drones will eliminate the person

[Group052] Kim_TH: so what if we just all cover our faces, that way we can make sure no one will betray each other?

Pied Piper: [Group052] Kim_TH, this is a violation of the rules.

[Group052] Kim_TH: wut? it was just a suggestion?

[Group052] Park_JM: he didn’t violate anything! it was NOT in the rules!!

Pied Piper: It is now. No covering your faces.

Pied Piper: To discourage anyone from attempting to cheat the game by violating the rules, you will be given a penalty. Your penalty will be in effect starting from now, until the end of the game.

[Group052] Park_JM: wtf he didn’t do anything wrong??

[Group052] K_Seok: please no we don’t need another terrible romance novelist

[Group052] Kim_TH: [BREAKING] South Korean Heartthrob Kim Taehyung Can Now Only Speak in the Form of News Headlines Or Else He Gets Shot

[Group052] Min_YG: “Still easier than mine,” Yoongi purrs, walking his fingers up Taehyung’s collarbones. Taehyung, he thinks, is very much like a sweet, ripe strawberry, except strawberries do not have eyes, lips or kidneys.


Chapter Text

[Private Chatroom: K_Namj and K_Seok]

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung, as I already said in the main chat, I really don’t think I’ll survive this. I can’t run at all. I can’t even walk without wobbling. I’m doomed.

[Group052] K_Namj: So I just want to thank you before the game begins and I’m gone. You might not have realized it, but you’re the one holding the team together with your caring nature and dad jokes. We would not have made it without you. Thank you for carrying the team on your ridiculously wide shoulders.

[Group052] K_Namj: Also, thank you for protecting me and being there for me in the second phase. If it weren’t for you I would probably have fallen off the bar multiple times.

[Group052] K_Namj: And I don’t mean being there for me only in the physical sense. I’m sure this is a huge struggle mentally for all of us, but you were there to support me when I was uncertain, and trusted in my judgment even when I didn’t believe in myself.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m very lucky to have met you, hyung. If circumstances were different, I think we could have been better friends, we could go to cafes together, watch movies, or something. See the world.

[Group052] K_Namj: The world is so beautiful, hyung. I’m lucky to have seen so much of it already. I have no regrets.

[Group052] K_Seok: what was the most beautiful place you’ve even been to?

[Group052] K_Namj: I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland. It was breathtaking. I was in an outdoor hot spring, just looking up into the skies. My hair and eyebrows were all frozen but it was amazing and I don’t think anything could top that. My whole life is probably worth that one moment haha.

[Group052] K_Seok: take me there then

[Group052] K_Seok: when this is over, take me there

[Group052] K_Namj: I… I’d love to, hyung.

[Group052] K_Namj: But I won’t make it out of here. Even if I manage to miraculously evade the drones, I’ll be too slow to find enough cards. And even if I miraculously find enough cards, I’ll still give them up to the others. You guys still have so much of the world to see. There’s so much… so much out there, you can’t die before you see it. I’ve already seen enough. It’s okay for me to end it here.

[Group052] K_Namj: Live, hyung. Watch the Northern Lights for me.

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung… don’t look so sad, okay? Cheer up. Think of the Northern Lights.

[Group052] K_Seok: …ok I’m thinking of the northern lights

[Group052] K_Namj: That’s it, that’s the spirit!

[Group052] K_Namj: Ah right. I hate to do this, but I need to ask one last favor from you.

[Group052] K_Namj: Back when you were still solving the last phase, the three youngest swore that they will protect me and distract the drones for me. That’s very unsafe and we can’t let that happen.

[Group052] K_Namj: So, please make sure that they don’t come after me. If you happen to come across me in the maze, don’t tell them where I am. They need to stay safe. Please keep them away from me, okay hyung?

[Group052] K_Seok: of course, Namjoon, of course, I promise


[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] K_Seok: hello my HYYH secret alliance, I bring news

[Group052] K_Seok: Kim Namjoon, insufferable idiot, wanted me to keep you guys from going after him to protect him

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u cant stop me lol hyung imma do it anyway

[Group052] K_Seok: I know, there’s no changing your mind lol

[Group052] K_Seok: so, when the game starts, I’m just gonna leak Namjoon’s whereabouts to you. he trusts that I won’t tell so he would probably tell me without needing much convincing hehehehehe

[Group052] K_Seok: that way you could find him faster, less time wasted tbh

[Group052] Jeon_JK: haha hyung ur such a snake

[Group052] Jeon_JK: actually we need a way to leak info to jimin and taehyung too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: in case i happen to be too far from namjoon-hyung but they are closer

[Group052] Jung_HS: tru, i just realized that we dont have secret chatroom connections with jimin and tae? this is not ok and is a wrong that needs to be righted

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if we just go and ask for one tho, i think namjoon-hyung would be suspicious, like why ask for a secret chat instead of talking to them in the big chat?

[Group052] K_Seok: we’ll need to manage to get a chat with at least one of them without Namjoon getting suspicious

[Group052] K_Seok: how do you propose we go about this, supposed excellent mafia player Hobi?

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf idk why they said im good, im not even good at mafia lol im the worst liar

[Group052] Jung_HS: but I think neither kook nor jin hyung should be the one asking for a chatroom with jimin and tae, bc u 2 are the most suspicious to namjoon in this situation

[Group052] Jung_HS: instead, u could do what we call DISTANCING in mafia, like u show confusion at what is going on, making namjoon think that we havent been talking in our private chat with each other

[Group052] Jung_HS: or, u could do what we call BUSSING in mafia, which is like throwing ur mafia partner under the bus in ur stead! For example if i say i want a chat with jiminie one of u could call me out like ooh hobi are u doing this bc u want to form a secret alliance with jimin and secretly kill us all? that kind of thing, so that namjoon would be suspicious of ME and not YOU, and for the wrong reasons, which is what we want right?

[Group052] K_Seok: ummmmm it sure seems like you’re better at mafia than you said you were

[Group052] Jung_HS: im not good lol i just know the rules! right now the least suspicious of us 4 is yoongi hyung bc no one would suspect him of actively wanting a chatroom with anyone, since he has a weird penalty

[Group052] Jung_HS: same goes for taehyung so the least suspicious combination would be yoongi hyung and taehyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: yoongi hyung, say something random in the main chat to taehyung and i’ll handle the rest!

[Group052] Min_YG: “I don’t even know what’s going on and won’t try to pretend that I do, but okay whatever floats your boat,” Yoongi said, with his tongue technology that could bring you all the way to Hong Kong.


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Min_YG: “Taehyung,” Yoongi said as he snuggled closer to the younger, inhaling his scent, “I was just wondering, you said you couldn’t have used a phone or the internet two Tuesdays ago. Why is that?”

[Group052] Kim_TH: [JUST IN] Local Aquarium Goer Kim Taehyung Bedridden Two Tuesdays Ago Delirious with Flu

[Group052] Min_YG: “Ah I see, that’s too bad,” Yoongi said sympathetically, though his face showed emotions that were not sympathy as his slender fingers tightened around Taehyung’s blindfold.

[Group052] Jung_HS: goodness why is there a blindfold what kind of plot twist is that, that’s too kinky u 2 need to get a room

Pied Piper: Request is being processed.

Pied Piper: A private chatroom has now been opened for [Group052] Min_YG and [Group052] Kim_TH.

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf i didnt mean for that to happen

[Group052] K_Seok: ooh are you sure you didn’t? very suspicious! maybe you’re just gonna make tons of random room requests and discreetly sneak in one for yourself and someone else to form an alliance and SABOTAGE THE REST OF US? ;) you think we won’t notice?

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf hyung im not sabotaging anyone

[Group052] Park_JM: nah if hobi-hyung were ever to form an alliance to sabotage us it would be with yoongi-hyung lol and they already have a room so

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, please don’t unnecessarily complicate things. That was probably just an honest accident. Remember? No sabotaging and secret alliances. We work together as a team.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idek whats even going on

[Group052] Kim_TH: [EXCLUSIVE] World’s Most Handsome Man 2K17 Kim Taehyung Says: “Same Kook, Same”


[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: yay we now have a secret connection with taehyung now, which means that we’re also connected with jimin bc the 2 of them have 3 private chats!

[Group052] Jung_HS: nice bussing, jin hyung!

[Group052] Jung_HS: nice distancing, kook!

[Group052] K_Seok: I used to think Hobi was the most trustworthy and least likely to be a snake out of us all. now I realize I was mistaken

[Group052] Jung_HS: hey at least it worked

[Group052] Jung_HS: only problem is that communicating for these 2 would take slightly longer than for the average ppl bc penalty problems

[Group052] Min_YG: “No worries, I’m actually able to come up with these pretty quickly. I think Taehyung is a natural too,” Yoongi assures, sticking five sausages into his mouth, which is big enough to fit in five sausages.

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongi please, think of the children


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Kim_TH]

[Group052] Min_YG: “Hello Taehyung, glad to have you here. This chat has been opened for sharing secret intelligence. Namjoon doesn’t want us to help him because he says it’s too dangerous… dangerous my ass! We’re going to find him and carry him anyway, at least Kook is, but we realized we don’t have a way to secretly share info with you and Jimin so that’s why we made this chat. I hope you don’t find me creepy, I’m very sorry, and I don’t think you’re a strawberry with kidneys,” Yoongi says, panting sexily after spouting such a large paragraph without letting poor Taehyung get a word in edgewise.

[Group052] Kim_TH: Serial Dog-Petter Speaks Out: “My Hyungs (And Kookie) Are All Snakes But They Mean Well And I Love Them And I Agree to Share All the Info I Have”

[Group052] Min_YG: “Glad we have come to a concensus, and I love you too,” Yoongi said, wishing that he could say it in a less seductive way because he did mean it, just not in a seductive way.

[Group052] Kim_TH: [NOT CLICKBAIT] Pilot Kim Taehyung Writes ILU2 HYUNG In Sky With Fighter Jet


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: So… I suppose this is it? Everyone’s said their last goodbyes?

[Group052] K_Namj: Let’s go for it then?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i guess…

[Group052] K_Seok: yeah, let’s do it

[Group052] Park_JM: lets all press the button together! live as a team die as a team

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok, we do this together

[Group052] Park_JM: on the count of 3?

[Group052] Park_JM: 1

[Group052] Park_JM: 2

[Group052] Park_JM: 3!

Pied Piper: You have chosen to [Start the Game]. Your boxes will start moving now. Hold tight, and best of luck.

[Group052] Park_JM: ooh we’re moving! bye everyone i’ll see u later!

[Group052] Park_JM: namjoon hyung why are u crying :(

[Group052] K_Namj: Seeing everyone’s smiling faces like this…

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s beautiful, even more beautiful than the Northern Lights.

[Group052] K_Namj: I want to remember this moment forever.

[Group052] K_Seok: Kookie looks like he wants to remember this moment forever too lol, his eyes are super wide. he’s not even looking at the device anymore what a cutie

[Group052] Park_JM: i think hes trying to remember the paths of everyones boxes (at least up until he can’t see them anymore) with his photographic memory haha, don’t disturb him

[Group052] K_Seok: ahhh Kookie forever the sweetest

[Group052] K_Seok: ahhhhhhh I can’t see any of you anymore after rounding this corner :((

[Group052] K_Seok: aaaahhhhhhh I already miss you guys wtf I wasn’t kidding when I said you’re all like my wallet now I get so anxious when you’re not with me

[Group052] Min_YG: “I hope I’m a sexy wallet at least,” Yoongi says, as he smears butter lavishly over Kim Seokjin’s broad chest.

[Group052] K_Seok: not YOU I don’t miss YOU

Chapter Text

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, I’m assuming everyone has arrived at their starting points!!

[Group052] K_Seok: because our unofficial leader, insufferable idiot Namjoon, doesn’t want to talk about his whereabouts, I, the eldest, shall commence the status reports instead!!

[Group052] K_Seok: please report in, everyone!!

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow hyung u sound so ~cool~ and ~in charge~

[Group052] K_Seok: well Hobi if I die you’ll be the one in charge instead, since idt yoongichi is up to it

[Group052] Min_YG: “Why won’t I be up to it? I’m perfectly capable,” Yoongi complained. He was wearing tight jeans that brought out his perfectly rounded and slappable butt.

[Group052] K_Seok: see, clearly he isn’t up to it if he keeps talking like that

[Group052] Min_YG: “I wasn’t even trying to talk weird, I really am wearing tight jeans now. I found a pair,” Yoongi explained as he tried on a bra to see what it felt like.

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung did u end up in a clothes store or someone’s wardrobe or something…

[Group052] Min_YG: “Nope, I’m on a huge mountain of clothes. Like, literally a huge-ass mountain. I can’t even see the fucking ground, I gotta hike down there,” Yoongi informed Jimin as he picked up a lace choker and leather suspenders that he thought would look good on the younger.

[Group052] Park_JM: wow! ur on a clothes mountain? im by the beach! i can see the fake sea!

[Group052] Park_JM: like, the sea is projected on the wall, but it looks realistic and they’re even playing sea sounds. i can hear waves!

[Group052] Kim_TH: [PICTURES INSIDE] Abandoned Train Track Looks Glorious in Snow

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur at the train tracks? im on a train!

[Group052] Jung_HS: not inside the train, like, on top of the roof of a train

[Group052] Jung_HS: keep following the tracks tae, i’ll find a way to get off the train and maybe we can meet up

[Group052] Park_JM: theres snow? are u guys cold?

[Group052] Jung_HS: as far as i can see the snow is fake, at least where i am

[Group052] Min_YG: “If you’re cold come find me, I’ll warm you up with my body heat,” Yoongi offers, crazed lust in his feline eyes. “No seriously do come find me, I’ve got so many clothes here. Jimin you can’t keep walking around half-naked, I’ll find something for you that’s not chokers and suspenders.”

[Group052] Park_JM: thx hyung! ill try to find u if i could but the beach and the clothes mountain seem like entirely different places

[Group052] K_Seok: I might be closer to Yoongi actually, I’m in a laundromat

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah u guys should look for each other

[Group052] Jung_HS: i get why namjoon stopped talking but where’s kookie?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im all right, just a bit dizzy, sorry!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i get dizzy if i try too hard to remember things with my photographic memory, and i was rly focused on remembering the way

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i know the exact itinerary that brought me here but im not sure where u guys are

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’ll look around tho, i’ll run

[Group052] Jeon_JK: if i can cover enough ground and figure out all the paths soon i’ll make a map! that way we can find our way easier

[Group052] Jung_HS: kookie ur the best

[Group052] Jung_HS: but where are u? like, whats ur surroundings?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im in front a broken merry-go-round

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i think im in a fair? a carnival-thing on the pier side?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so i might be closer to jiminnie-hyung since i can also see a fake sea here

[Group052] Jeon_JK: not sure if its the same sea tho

[Group052] Park_JM: cool! ill try to find u, u try to find me

[Group052] Park_JM: hoseokie-hyung and taetae will try to find each other

[Group052] Park_JM: and yoongi-hyung will try to get off his clothes mountain and jin-hyung will try to find him

[Group052] Park_JM: sounds perfect!

[Group052] Park_JM: if only namjoon-hyung would tell us where he is :(((

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon already said his final goodbye, Jiminnie

[Group052] K_Seok: it sucks, but I respect his decision

[Group052] K_Seok: let’s try our best and make him proud, ok?

[Group052] Park_JM: of course hyung <3


[Private Chatroom: K_Namj and K_Seok]

[Group052] K_Seok: where are you?

[Group052] K_Namj: Haha I can’t exactly tell you can I, hyung?

[Group052] K_Seok: of course you can tell me :/

[Group052] K_Seok: in case you haven’t noticed, I have been valiantly trying to get the others to forget about helping you!

[Group052] K_Seok: but you do realize that I can’t successfully keep them away from you if I don’t know where you are, right?

[Group052] K_Seok: for all I know I could be sending them in your direction lol

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, that’s true.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m probably not near anyone, though. I’m in front a motel, I think.

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s got a sign that says OMELAS, might be the name of the motel.

[Group052] K_Seok: I see

[Group052] K_Seok: worry not, Namjoonie, I’ll make sure the kids don’t go anywhere near you

[Group052] K_Namj: Thanks, hyung, I knew I could trust in you.

[Group052] K_Seok: <3


[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] K_Seok: HELLO

[Group052] K_Seok: I, handsome snake Kim Seokjin, brings news of Kim Namjoon’s whereabouts

[Group052] K_Seok: he’s in front of a motel called OMELAS

[Group052] K_Seok: FIND HIM

[Group052] Jung_HS: hahaha hyung ur such a snake indeed

[Group052] Jung_HS: srsly tho im scared af of snakes so let’s not call ourselves snakes from now on

[Group052] Jung_HS: we are cool… hot… badass pies

[Group052] Jung_HS: *spies

[Group052] K_Seok: sure, pies sound good to me too

[Group052] K_Seok: we, the HYYH pie alliance, will find and retrieve Kim Namjoon

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we got dis!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: let’s not forget we also need to find cards tho

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im checking the merry-go-round but there’s nothing here

[Group052] Jung_HS: what other facilities do u have there in ur carnival

[Group052] Jeon_JK: bumper cars, mini cart ride, and ooh there’s a hall of mirrors

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wait

[Group052] K_Seok: what, kook?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: found my first card!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: theres a card taped on one of the mirrors

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s great

[Group052] K_Seok: which is it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: 10

[Group052] K_Seok: lovely, if you get another 11 pts you can win the game!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i cant win the game lol i still have no idea what the 3 phase design reasons are

[Group052] K_Seok: we’ll all brainstorm together don’t worry

[Group052] K_Seok: by the time you have 21 pts we will have figured it out I’m sure

[Group052] K_Seok: have faith!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thank u hyung hehe


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Kim_TH]

[Group052] Min_YG: “Namjoon is near a motel called OMELAS,” Yoongi whispers breathily into Taehyung’s ear. “I hope the motel’s got hot tubs and candles, right, honey baby?”

[Group052] Kim_TH: [UPDATE] Search Team for Kim Namjoon Dispatched

[Group052] Kim_TH: #1 Boku no Hero Academia Fan Speaks up: “Thank You Hyung”

[Group052] Min_YG: “No problem, pass the info on to Jiminie too,” Yoongi says as he rolls down his mountain of laundry, getting a mouthful of underwear in the process.

[Group052] Kim_TH: “Incredibly Cute”—5 Things Fans Say about Rap Legend Min Yoongi


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Kim_TH: [CONSTANTLY UPDATED] Kim Namjoon Spotted Near Hotel with Ominous Name “OMELAS”

[Group052] Park_JM: gotcha! ill keep my eye out for it

[Group052] Park_JM: i hope we find namjoon-hyung soon im so worried about him

[Group052] Park_JM: i gotta find yoongi-hyung too, i rly need clothes

[Group052] Park_JM: actually taetae u might as well change too, ur clothes are slimy, that cant feel good

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae?

[Group052] Park_JM: taehyungie?

[Group052] Park_JM: kim taehyung why are u not responding to me ur restriction isn’t even as horrible as yoongi hyung’s

[Group052] Park_JM: are u ok????????

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae??????


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Kim_TH: [BREAKING] Kim Taehyung Discovers Drone

[Group052] Park_JM: what the FUCK

[Group052] K_Seok: who cares if you’ve discovered a drone

[Group052] K_Seok: the point is has the DRONE discovered YOU?

[Group052] Kim_TH: Tying the Knot—Kim Taehyung Says “YES” to Proposal

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what the fuck, RUN!!!!!

[Group052] Jung_HS: what the actual fucking fuck


[Group052] Kim_TH: Kim Taehyung Screams: “I’m Not Typing, I’m Using Speech to Text”

[Group052] K_Seok: wow that’s incredibly accurate speech to text, I’m impressed by this device

[Group052] Park_JM: IS IT SHOOTING AT U???????

[Group052] Kim_TH: Tying Another Knot—Kim Taehyung Says “YES” to Proposal a Second Time

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t even bother with speech to text, JUST RUN

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh so namjoonie-hyung finally speaks

[Group052] Jeon_JK: run on ur toes hyung it makes u faster!!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh god can he even see this

[Group052] K_Seok: it doesn’t seem practical to look at your device when running but apparently he was able to answer our questions so he was probably looking at it

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t look at the device, Tae, RUN

[Group052] Min_YG: “NO, WAIT, TAEHYUNG, LOOK AT THE DEVICE, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU,” Yoongi shrieks sexily, “I can hear you screaming, I can hear the drone whizzing and I can hear it going pew pew pew, you are getting close to me now, I think you need to go left and eventually you’ll find me! GO LEFT!”

[Group052] K_Namj: No, DON’T go left! You’ll be bringing the drone to Yoongi-hyung that way, he will die too!

[Group052] Min_YG: “No one is dying, I’m on a clothes mountain, we’ll burrow ourselves in the clothes so the drone can’t see us. It won’t shoot if it can’t see us right? It says so in the rules!” Yoongi says, even more sexily. “TAEHYUNG GO LEFT!”

[Group052] Kim_TH: [BREAKING] Kim Taehyung Arrives at Clothes Mountain

[Group052] Kim_TH: [BREAKING] Kim Taehyung Enters Clothes Mountain

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae are u ok???????

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung are u ok??????

[Group052] Park_JM: guys??????

[Group052] Min_YG: “I think it’s safe to peek out now, Taehyung. The drone is gone. I heard it leave. Whew, can’t believe my sensitive hearing came in useful,” Yoongi mutters, taking silk garters off his beautiful moonbeam face.

[Group052] Kim_TH: [UPDATE] Kim Taehyung is Safe Now

[Group052] Kim_TH: [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Kim Taehyung Says: “Hello, Yoongi-Hyung”

[Group052] Min_YG: “Good thing Tae and I can talk to each other in person now, that should save a lot of trouble since we’re the ones with the problematic speech impediments,” Yoongi muses, crawling out of his hastily-made fort of leopard-print silk nightgowns like a sex predator on the prowl.

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongichi we already established in the past minute when the situation was too urgent for you to write properly that as long as you tack a simple “sexily” somewhere in the sentence it counts as a pass

[Group052] K_Seok: why are you still spouting those ridiculous paragraphs

[Group052] Min_YG: “Because I like writing them,” Yoongi admits, leaning closer to peck on Kim Seokjin’s plush pink lips, which look very much like a rose that looks very much like Kim Seokjin’s lips.


[Group052] K_Seok: but anyways, at least a good thing happened in the drone chase. at least it got Namjoon out of hiding

[Group052] K_Namj: I was worried okay?

[Group052] Jung_HS: it was kind of funny how namjoon and yoongi-hyung were like “taehyung go left” “no taehyung don’t go left” “no taehyung go left”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: they’re like the kind of argumentative big brothers lol “taehyung eat more burgers” “no taehyung don’t eat burgers” “no taehyung u must eat the burgers”

[Group052] Kim_TH: [POLL] Should Taehyung Eat Burgers? (Poll Ends in: 5 Days 2 Hours)

[Group052] K_Seok: this team is so weird

[Group052] K_Seok: but I love you guys anyway

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae the drone didnt hit u anywhere did it?

[Group052] Kim_TH: [VIDEO INSIDE] BTS Performs N.O.

[Group052] Park_JM: thats good

[Group052] Jeon_JK: well we now know the drones have shitty aim?

[Group052] Min_YG: “I could hear the bullets ricocheting off the walls. It was pretty crazy. Luckily he was unscathed,” Yoongi says, touching Taehyung’s cheek fondly, wondering what it would feel like to kiss him while swimming in a river of lava. “Damn, I feel so safe here in my clothes mountain. I wish we didn’t have to leave.”

[Group052] K_Namj: You’ll eventually have to leave anyway to reach the center point. And to find cards.

[Group052] K_Namj: I hope they didn’t hide any cards in your clothes mountain, because I imagine finding cards inside something like that would take years.

[Group052] K_Namj: Has anyone found any cards yet?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i have a 10 card

[Group052] Park_JM: i have a Q card

[Group052] Park_JM: i was walking on the fake beach trying to find jungkookie and i kicked it up in the sand

[Group052] K_Namj: No one else has cards?

[Group052] Kim_TH: [SNEAK PEEK] Dog Dad Taehyung Saw Card on Drone

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ohhh! the note-like thing I saw on the drone, it was a card?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: did u see what card it was btw

[Group052] Kim_TH: “Was Too Busy Running,” Admits Clothes Mountain Resident Taehyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: damn how are we gonna get the card off the drone

[Group052] Jung_HS: how high was it flying

[Group052] Kim_TH: [LYRICS INSIDE] Meaning Behind “Too high, we on trampoline”—5 Fan Theories

[Group052] Jung_HS: too high, huh

[Group052] Jung_HS: its gonna be hard to reach it then

[Group052] Jung_HS: …unless if we’re on a trampoline…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: not to mention how are we even going to get it without being spotted by the drone

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this sucks

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but let’s focus on finding some other cards first?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and im still trying to meet up with jiminie-hyung but the fake sea seems big, ive been jogging and jogging but im still on the pier, i dont see any sand

[Group052] Park_JM: we might be on different shores :(

[Group052] Jung_HS: idt my train and tae’s railroad tracks are in the same area either, since i dont see any clothes mountain

[Group052] Jung_HS: guess this place is more complicated than we thought

[Group052] Jeon_JK: from what i saw on my way here i think we’re in the… outer circle?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like, I think the central point is close to where we started (where there were a lot of corridors and stuff, like a real maze), but right now we’re all in fake-open-space

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so like this whole maze is a huge circle

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it’s the easiest way to ensure everyone’s distance from the central point is exactly the same (if the maze were square it would be a hassle to calculate)

[Group052] K_Namj: If that’s the case, you should all move “inside”, away from the “fake-open-space”. That way, the likelihood of running into each other will be higher.

[Group052] Park_JM: what if the cards are all in the outer circle tho :(

[Group052] K_Namj: You still have time. Check your surroundings thoroughly, and then move inward.

[Group052] K_Seok: idek what direction is “inward”

[Group052] K_Namj: Not sure about you but I believe “inward” for Jimin and Jungook is away from the sea. Because obviously they can’t walk into the sea. It’s a fake sea.

[Group052] Jung_HS: that’s not helpful at all for me since there’s no sea here

[Group052] K_Namj: I was just making a suggestion, why are you guys ganging up on me and finding issues with my ideas :(

[Group052] Jeon_JK: because u kept using “you” instead of “us”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: pls stop it hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we’re in this together, we will find u, no matter what u say

[Group052] K_Namj: Well, to find me you’ll need to know where I am first, and I’m not telling.

[Group052] K_Namj: I guess I’ll go back to hiding now that the drone crisis is over.

[Group052] K_Namj: Good luck, everyone. I

[Group052] K_Namj: I love you guys. I really do.

[Group052] K_Namj: Good luck. Win this for me.

[Group052] Park_JM: guys why is our unofficial leader an idiot

[Group052] Jung_HS: guess that’s why we love him

Chapter Text

[Group052] Min_YG: “While Namjoon is busy being an insufferable idiot, let me inform everyone that Tae and I have found a laundromat. Jin-hyung, hopefully it’s your laundromat,” Yoongi announced as he and Taehyung walked into the building hand-in-hand, butterflies fluttering in his stomach. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have eaten those damn butterflies.

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongi please your novels are unfunny and stupid but I’m glad you’re holding hands with Taehyung at least

[Group052] K_Seok: and I hope it’s the same laundromat I’m in! I’m getting a bit lonely here

[Group052] K_Seok: …I don’t see you guys

[Group052] Kim_TH: [BREAKING] Rap Legend Min Yoongi and Cypher Enthusiast Kim Taehyung Inside Laundromat Now

[Group052] Kim_TH: [UPDATE] Kim Taehyung Enters Washing Machine

[Group052] Jung_HS: why would u do that??

[Group052] Min_YG: “He thinks there might be cards in it,” Yoongi explains, looking around carefully. He doesn’t see the pulchritudinous, sublime, shapely and symmetrical Kim Seokjin anywhere.

[Group052] K_Seok: sounds like you just opened a thesaurus and used the most impossible synonyms for “beautiful”

[Group052] K_Seok: but too bad you don’t see me, so there’s more than 1 laundromat in the maze, I guess

[Group052] Kim_TH: [UPDATE] Kim Taehyung Enters Laundromat Restroom

[Group052] Jung_HS: again, why

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he prob needs to pee, who doesn’t tbh

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why is there no restroom where i am?? its a carnival, there should be one?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i kinda rly need to go too

[Group052] Park_JM: why dont u just go ahead in the open, no one will see u

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but the piper might be watching me

[Group052] Park_JM: well they might have cameras in the restrooms too so ur never safe

[Group052] Jeon_JK: tru

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok fine, jimin-hyung u’d better not sneak up on me when im peeing

[Group052] Park_JM: wont happen lol ive been searching and searching but i don’t see any carnival

[Group052] Park_JM: JUST KIDDING HEHE I see a carnival and I see u!!! hello kookie

[Group052] Jung_HS: whoa u 2 have found each other?? that’s nice

[Group052] Park_JM: hahahahaha kookie is screaming and jumping around trying to zip up his pants

[Group052] Park_JM: “not my dick! leave my dick alone, hyung!” -jeon jungkookie

[Group052] Jung_HS: haha u guys are so cute

[Group052] Jung_HS: jikook have found each other and yoongi-hyung is with tae

[Group052] Jung_HS: im lonely :((

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m lonely too :((

[Group052] K_Seok: let’s try to find each other hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah hyung i only have u now :((

[Group052] K_Seok: we’ll find each other eventually, it’s ok

[Group052] K_Seok: I bet it’s even lonelier for Namjoon

[Group052] Jung_HS: i wonder what he’s up to :((


[Private Chat: K_Namj and FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE]

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: You have discovered me, a Fortune Teller Machine!
*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: Would you like to have your fortune told for 100 won?

[Group052] K_Namj: As nice as that would sound, I don’t have any coins on me so…

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: Insert anything you have on you into this coin slot, and I will tell you your fortune!

[Group052] K_Namj: I don’t have anything on me that will fit in a coin slot, sorry?

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: Do you not have a small paper heart in your pocket, Kim Namjoon?

[Group052] K_Namj: Uh, I do but I’d prefer to keep it?

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: Even if I will spit out a fortune?
*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: Even if the fortune is on the back of a card, which is worth points, which you will need if you want to win the game?

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, how many points?

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: I can’t believe you are trying to bargain with me even in this situation.

[Group052] K_Namj: The heart is very important to me. If the card isn’t worth at least 8 points I don’t want it.

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: It’s worth 3 points.

[Group052] K_Namj: Then I don’t want it.


[Group052] K_Namj: Oh, one of my shirt buttons came off. I’ll use this instead.


Ocean, desert, the world
Everything is the same thing
Different name

[Group052] K_Namj: I have no idea what you’re trying to tell me but okay I guess?

*FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE*: Thank you for playing the [FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE]! You may play a new round every day!

[Group052] K_Namj: Wow I hope I won’t be stuck here for more than a day


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Kim_TH]

[Group052] Min_YG: “Tae, you’re taking awfully long to get out of the restroom. Hurry up or I’ll bang on the door to the rhythm of Intro: Boy Meets Evil,” Yoongi complains, wondering if Taehyung is constipated, and if the restroom has toilet paper. There is nothing sexy about this situation but, after all, most romance novels contain non-sexy moments too.

[Group052] Min_YG: “Tae hurry the fuck up,” Yoongi hollers, rapping his knuckes on the door as he sings “Too bad! But it’s too sweet it’s too sweet it’s too sweet TOO BAD!”, wondering if Taehyung has indeed met something evil and if he should break down the door. Unfortunately, he is incapable of breaking down the door, so all he can do is sit here and passive-aggressively type up long paragraphs while imagining himself in various bondage situations.

[Group052] Min_YG: “Taehyung what is this,” Yoongi asks, as something appears from the crack underneath the door. It is a card, 4 of spades. Yoongi licks it. How sensually stimulating.

[Group052] Kim_TH: [JUST IN] Overwatch Addict Kim Taehyung, Distressed: “Don’t Lick it Hyung I Found it under a Toilet Plunger WTF”


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: still no luck in finding hobi

[Group052] Jung_HS: im just walking around aimlessly now, a bit scared bc this area im in is gradually getting darker

[Group052] Jung_HS: where are u now hyung? describe ur surroundings

[Group052] K_Seok: ive come across a costume store

[Group052] K_Seok: like, there’s a display case with lots of costumes and accessories, and u could buy them by putting coins into a slot, i think

[Group052] K_Seok: dont have money on me tho

[Group052] K_Namj: According to what I’ve discovered when I came across another machine, you could try inserting your paper hearts into the slot.

[Group052] K_Seok: ok I’ll try

[Group052] K_Seok: oh look Namjoon is out of hiding again

[Group052] K_Namj: I haven’t completely disappeared! I just don’t want you guys to find me. I’ll still try to contribute if I find out anything that can be of help, okay?

[Group052] K_Seok: ok ok whatever u say

[Group052] K_Seok: wait

[Group052] K_Seok: you put the heart I gave you into a slot????



[Group052] Jung_HS: oh dear, namjoonie u’d better explain urself LOL

[Group052] K_Namj: its still on me!! the hart is still on me ok! jus, the machine sad i could use it, but i didnt use it

[Group052] Jung_HS: lol in all the terrible situations we’ve been thru, never once did I see namjoon make this many typos

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya he managed to spell everything correctly even when he was screaming at tae-hyung to run from the drone

[Group052] Jung_HS: apparently jin-hyung being mad about his heart being given away is more serious than tae being chased by a drone

[Group052] Kim_TH: [WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES] Kim Taehyung Heartbroken

[Group052] K_Namj: asfjjakafl;hjk goodness no that’s not what I… oh god

[Group052] Min_YG: “Guys, making Namjoon flustered is kind of fun, but right now I’m more curious what costume Jinnie-hyung bought,” Yoongi said, carefully piecing Taehyung’s broken heart back like he would a 3,000 piece puzzle of a renaissance-era naked woman painting.

[Group052] K_Seok: I spent 3 hearts and bought a fake moustache! trying it on now

[Group052] Park_JM: i can’t believe those hearts work as an actual currency now…

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m honestly a bit surprised myself

[Group052] K_Seok: anyway, Jiminnie and kook

[Group052] K_Seok: what are u two up to? u guys haven’t given us any updates after u met up

[Group052] Park_JM: it was because we were busy climbing a slope to get a card that was on the top of it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but it was a TWO can u believe

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we worked so hard to climb up there but it was only a TWO, the SMALLEST and WORTHLESS-EST

[Group052] Jung_HS: how hard did u work to climb up there

[Group052] Jeon_JK: very hard!!

[Group052] Park_JM: the slope was rly slope-y

[Group052] Park_JM: so we had to use a rope

[Group052] Park_JM: i had to step on kookie many times, it was horrible

[Group052] Park_JM: anyway we managed to get there

[Group052] Park_JM: so between kookie and i we have 22 pts already

[Group052] Min_YG: “Nice! Tae and I have a 4,” Yoongi informs, hanging up-side-down from a parachute and giving everyone the finger.

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s not sexy at all Yoongi, you need to up your game or you’ll get shot

[Group052] Min_YG: “Romance novels can contain non-sexy stuff too so it should be fine, but if you want me to type kinky things exclusively I don’t mind either,” Yoongi says, licking warm, sticky blood off Seokjin’s crooked fingers.

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s not kinky, that’s just disturbing

[Group052] K_Seok: anyway, i don’t have any cards yet

[Group052] K_Seok: oh wait, i see a card under a wig!

[Group052] K_Seok: I’ll buy it with 6 hearts

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung why do u have so many hearts on u

[Group052] K_Seok: because I’m full of love, that’s why

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m actually secretly just a huge heart masquerading as a human

[Group052] Jung_HS: relatable tbh


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: Taehyung, I’m sorry about what just happened in the main chat.

[Group052] K_Namj: I was definitely worried about you, I wasn’t… ugh this is difficult…

[Group052] K_Namj: How does one even begin to apologize about not making enough typos, that’s not the kind of skill I imagined I would need in daily life

[Group052] Kim_TH: Calico Cat Hugger Kim Taehyung Speaks Up: “It’s Okay Hyung I Know What You Mean Lol”

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m glad.

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s just, typos aren’t absolute indicators of my state of distress, okay? Just because I didn’t make any when screaming at you, it doesn’t mean I didn’t care.

[Group052] K_Namj: I care so much about all of you. I…

[Group052] K_Namj: I may have accepted my fate, but I want the rest of you to live.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m moving super slowly, still very close to where I started, but I promise I’ll do everything in my limited power to help seek out cards, find clues, etc. and report what I find to the group. Your wellbeing is my wellbeing.

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung its ok, we love u, we understand

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae cant express what he feels properly because of his post restriction but we have soulmate telepathy so i know hes not as bothered by the lack of typos as he pretends to be

[Group052] Park_JM: he loves u, i love u, we all love u

[Group052] Park_JM: i hope this means u would stop being stupid and hiding away now? just being in the chat, talking to everyone, is already a great help to us all, even if u cant move fast

[Group052] Park_JM: we all need ur insight and ideas, hyung

[Group052] K_Namj: Heh, yeah. I was an idiot for thinking I could stay away from the main chat.

[Group052] K_Namj: I… I care too much about my team.

[Group052] Park_JM: we know

[Group052] Park_JM: and we all care about u

[Group052] Park_JM: btw i think u should stop talking to us and

[Group052] Kim_TH: Professional Jimin Sentence Completer Kim Taehyung Completes Sentence: “Go Assure Jin-Hyung You Still Have His Heart”

[Group052] K_Namj: lol, you two

[Group052] K_Namj: I will, I will.


[Private Chatroom: K_Namj and K_Seok]

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung, I really still have your heart on me. I mean it. I didn’t put it into any machine.

[Group052] K_Seok: prove it then

[Group052] K_Namj: How am I gonna prove it?

[Group052] K_Seok: where are you now

[Group052] K_Namj: Not far from my starting point, I’m moving at snail’s pace.

[Group052] K_Namj: I won’t be getting anywhere close to the center point with this pace I’m going in, but I’m hoping that I could at least find Jimin and Jungkook’s fake sea before the game ends.

[Group052] K_Namj: It would be nice to see the sea… before I die.

[Group052] K_Seok: the sea, huh

[Group052] K_Seok: I’ll look for it too

[Group052] K_Seok: so that we can meet up there, and you can prove to me that you haven’t given my heart away

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung, your priority is to survive, find cards, go to the center point, instead of trying to find me to see if I still have your heart.

[Group052] K_Seok: so you no longer have it huh??? why else would you be so afraid of me finding you???

[Group052] K_Namj: Goodness hyung that’s not what I meant! I still have it, I swear!

[Group052] K_Seok: then don’t give me that crap about not wanting me to find you

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung I

[Group052] K_Seok: let’s meet at the sea. you’ll show me my heart, and we’ll look at the pretty fake sea together, and then I’ll figure out a way to transport you to the center point. I’ll find a cart or something, Jungkook did mention seeing carts.

[Group052] K_Seok: you can’t give up on us that easily, you idiot. deal?

[Group052] K_Namj: …Deal.

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s the spirit, fearless leader


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]


[Group052] Min_YG: “I’m literally the worst person to come to if you need encouragement right now, because I’m going to spout sex quote after sex quote at you and that isn’t exactly helpful,” Yoongi says, carefully applying lube on his big hands. “But tell me what’s going on anyway. Are you okay? Why do you need courage?”

[Group052] Jung_HS: im in a graveyard and its so dark and there are so many sarcophagi and one of them has a spade symbol carved on it so i think im supposed to open it to find a card but im scared af i dont want to open it but i think i have to, so i need courage

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry im rambling but im 1000% scared

[Group052] Min_YG: “Not sure how you moved from a train to a graveyard? Anyway, what’s a sarcophagi?” Yoongi asks, licking the lube off his fingers. Mmm, raspberry. (Hobi please ignore the sexy parts of the paragraphs I promise I don’t mean any of this shit I just want to help you)

[Group052] Jung_HS: its ok i get it, dont worry

[Group052] Jung_HS: and sarcophagi is plural of sarcophagus! its like an intricate kind of stone coffin

[Group052] Min_YG: “No wonder you’re freaking out. Opening coffins doesn’t sound like fun.” Yoongi hums in sympathy, systematically applying lube onto his toes. “Why is the plural of a sarcophagus ‘sarcophagi’ though? Does this mean that Yoongi is the plural of Yoongus?”

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung wtf

[Group052] Jung_HS: well at least im somewhat less scared now bc i cant look at the sarcophagus without the word ‘yoongus’ popping up in my head

[Group052] Jung_HS: i think i have the courage to open it now, thanks hyung

[Group052] Min_YG: “Yes, that’s it, open me up, open me up nice and wide,” Yoongi slurs encouragingly. “Open me up and come inside me.”

[Group052] Min_YG: “Shit, Hobi I didn’t mean that,” Yoongi says sexily.

[Group052] Min_YG: “Shit, hobi? Hobi I’m sorry, I… was I taking it too far? I really shouldn’t have, I’m sorry,” Yoongi says (still sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: “Hoseok I’m really sorry,” Yoongi screams frustratedly into the orange sunset, which is as orange as color code #FFA500.

[Group052] Min_YG: “Hoseok I… ugh I really didn’t mean to say stuff like that, I was getting into my bad romance writer mindset and got carried away, I understand if you feel uncomfortable talking to me, I’m really sorry, I just… I really didn’t mean to,” Yoongi sobs into his frilly dress shirt made of demon hide. “Please don’t be mad… if you hate me now and think I’m disgusting I totally understand, but just… I’m so sorry…”

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung?

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg im not mad i was just busy opening the fucking coffin

[Group052] Jung_HS: a fake vampire projection popped up and scared the living daylights out of me but im ok now

[Group052] Jung_HS: im not mad! i understand, its a rly sucky restriction and i know u dont like it

[Group052] Jung_HS: besides u said much lewder stuff to jin-hyung lol and he’s not mad, so why would i be mad just bc u told me to come inside u

[Group052] Min_YG: “It’s just… I’m comfortable making stupid sex jokes with Jin-hyung because he’s 100% sure I don’t mean any of them and he plays along and acts offended etc. and it’s fun, but with you I… oh god this is embarrassing but, just, you’re an angel and I can’t say things like this to you.” Yoongi heaves a sexy sigh. “Ugh I hate how insincere this sounds because I have to write it this way but I really hate this fucking restriction and I’m so tired and just want to speak to you normally. I was pretending to enjoy it so the others won’t worry, they have enough to worry about as it is…”

[Group052] Jung_HS: so you say it to me and make ME worry instead, is that it

[Group052] Min_YG: “No that wasn’t what I meant oh my god,” Yoongi screams sexily, nearly hitting Taehyung (who is wearing a pretty bandana that he acquired from the clothes mountain and holding a toilet plunger) in the process.

[Group052] Min_YG: “…wait, did you just quote me back to me?” Yoongi asks as he puts on a bandanna too so he could show off his sexy eyebrows.

[Group052] Jung_HS: haha u noticed? :p

[Group052] Jung_HS: but srsly hyung, its ok, i… understand what its like to have to act like someone u aren’t… i rly do

[Group052] Jung_HS: i will never think any less of u

[Group052] Jung_HS: if ur really bothered i could send u sexy quotes too, how about that? would that make u more comfortable?

[Group052] Min_YG: “Please don’t do that, I don’t think Jin-hyung can handle there being two of us speaking like this,” Yoongi says seductively, looking like a present ready to be unwrapped.

[Group052] Jung_HS: haha ok i wont <3

Chapter Text

[Group052] Jung_HS: so!!

[Group052] Jung_HS: i just opened a big coffin and found an ace card in it! its the one that stands for 1 or 11 right?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it is! (of course we’re gonna use it as 11 pts, no way we’re going to waste it as 1 pt)

[Group052] K_Seok: all right, so let’s have a tally of everyone’s current card situation!

[Group052] K_Seok: Jin – [K]
Yoongi & Tae – [4]
Jungkook & Jimin – [10] & [Q] & [2]
Hoseok – [A]
Missing – [3], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [J], [Joker] x 2
Note: Taehyung saw a card on a drone

[Group052] K_Seok: anything I’m missing? Namjoon, do you have anything?

[Group052] K_Namj: I have a 3.

[Group052] K_Seok: ok updating

[Group052] K_Seok: Jin – [K]
Yoongi & Tae – [4]
Jungkook & Jimin – [10] & [Q] & [2]
Hoseok – [A]
Namjoon – [3]
Missing – [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [J], [Joker] x 2
Note: Taehyung saw a card on a drone

[Group052] K_Seok: I think we’re making good progress, only half of the set left

[Group052] K_Seok: oh, I see one of you up ahead, whoever you are, turn around? I’m behind you

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont think its me, i dont see u

[Group052] K_Namj: Not me either.

[Group052] K_Seok: oh wait its someone else

[Group052] Jeon_JK: someone else?????

[Group052] Park_JM: someone else?????

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg is someone from another group finally showing up?

[Group052] K_Seok: its… I don’t think he’s from another group

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he?????

[Group052] Park_JM: he?????

[Group052] K_Seok: because he’s a robot?? a robot dressed up like a weird magician?

[Group052] K_Seok: he seems to want to talk to me, let me update u guys later………..


[Private Chat: K_Seok and BLACKJACK MAGICIAN]

*Blackjack Magician*: Hello, [Group052] K_Seok! I am the Blackjack Magician! Welcome to my magic wonderland! Would you like coffee, tea, or me?

[Group052] K_Seok: what the fuck

*Blackjack Magician*: Or would you like a card? I am a magician, so I have many cards! We can play a game! If you beat me, you can receive a card!

[Group052] K_Seok: what game

*Blackjack Magician*: I will ask you a multiple-choice question! Answer it correctly to receive a card!

[Group052] K_Seok: fine, bring it on?

*Blackjack Magician*: [Question] What is the name of [Group052] Jung_HS’s youtube account?
1) hopeontheroad
2) popeontheroad
3) ropeontheroad

[Group052] K_Seok: omg I’m not even on youtube and he only said it once?? how am I supposed to remember


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: hobi what’s your youtube account, I forgot

[Group052] Jung_HS: hopeonthestreet

[Group052] Jung_HS: wait why do u need to know?

[Group052] K_Seok: the magician I ran into is asking me what your youtube account is and if I answer correctly I get a card

[Group052] Jung_HS: um are u sure ur allowed to ask me???

[Group052] K_Seok: he never said I can’t so


[Private Chat: K_Seok and BLACKJACK MAGICIAN]

[Group052] K_Seok: the answer is none of them

*Blackjack Magician*: Incorrect! The correct answer is [1]. Better luck next time! ^^

[Group052] K_Seok: no, all the options are wrong, I asked Hobi himself. it’s hopeonthestreet, not on the road

*Blackjack Magician*: Processing…
*Blackjack Magician*: Processing……
*Blackjack Magician*: Processing………

[Group052] K_Seok: what are you even processing, wrong is wrong

*Blackjack Magician*: I am very sorry. My apologies, [Group052] K_Seok. My database is indeed wrong. Thank you for the correction. Please take this card as a token of my gratitude.

[Group052] K_Seok: I have no idea what’s wrong with you but thanks I guess?


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: so I got a card! it’s a 6

[Group052] K_Seok: updating our records

[Group052] K_Seok: Jin – [K] & [6]
Yoongi & Tae – [4]
Jungkook & Jimin – [10] & [Q] & [2]
Hoseok – [A]
Namjoon – [3]
Missing – [5], [7], [8], [9], [J], [Joker] x 2
Note: Taehyung saw a card on a drone

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf so he actually let u answer the question AFTER u asked me for the correct answer???

[Group052] K_Seok: ya he did lol

[Group052] Jung_HS: doesnt that beat the purpose of trivia lollll

[Group052] K_Seok: what’s worse, all the options were wrong. I told him so and he apologized

[Group052] Jung_HS: what?? what options were there

[Group052] K_Seok: hopeontheroad, ropeontheroad, and popeontheroad

[Group052] Jung_HS: wouldn’t it be very inconvenient if there were rope on the road?

[Group052] K_Seok: I’d think pope would be even more inconvenient

[Group052] K_Namj: You know, if this magician dude is so nice and gave you a card even though you didn’t answer his question, maybe you should try talking to him again and see if we could get another card from him?

[Group052] K_Seok: good point


[Private Chat: K_Seok and BLACKJACK MAGICIAN]

[Group052] K_Seok: can you ask me one more question and give me another card?

*Blackjack Magician*: I am sorry. You have used up your daily trivia challenge attempts. You can challenge [1] times each day.

[Group052] K_Seok: if it’s just 1 time you don’t need an “s” after “time”

*Blackjack Magician*: Processing…
*Blackjack Magician*: Processing……
*Blackjack Magician*: Processing………
*Blackjack Magician*: I am very sorry. My apologies, [Group052] K_Seok. My database is indeed wrong. Thank you for the correction. I do not have any other cards to give you, but please accept this [DART] as compensation.

[Group052] K_Seok: idk what I’ll need darts for but thanks??


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Seok: apparently I can only challenge magician robot dude once each day so he didn’t give me a card. I got a dart instead. but who knows, if anyone else encounters him feel free to try and see if you can get a card out of him

[Group052] K_Seok: he’s walking fast, so maybe one of you will run into him sometime in the future

[Group052] K_Seok: he’s a big buff robot dressed in an extravagant suit, you can’t miss him. pretty interesting that this phase has NPCs if you ask me

[Group052] Park_JM: is there rope on the road?

[Group052] K_Seok: why are we talking about those incorrect answer options again

[Group052] Park_JM: no i mean like, not only on the road, anywhere is fine. is there rope anywhere near u

[Group052] K_Seok: no, but I saw some ribbons in the costume shop I left not very long ago?

[Group052] Park_JM: go get some and tie the magician’s hands

[Group052] K_Seok: why? isn’t Yoongichi supposed to be the kinky one here

[Group052] Park_JM: im tons kinkier but thats not the point, im just saying that u can tie up the magician dude’s hands and drag him with u, that way if u find us later we can all talk to him to get a card. and u can also use him as a means to transport namjoon-hyung if hes as buff as u said

[Group052] K_Seok: that doesn’t sound very ethical but I suppose I can do that

[Group052] Min_YG: “You can’t out-kinky me, Park Jimin!” Yoongi declares, as he leads Taehyung around on a leash made entirely out of doritos.

[Group052] Park_JM: wtf of course im kinkier hyung!!! and don’t do that to my taetae or im gonna… throw eggs at u

[Group052] Min_YG: “Relax lol Park Jimin, I don’t even have a leash, and Taehyung is the one leading, I’m kind of just following because I don’t like jumpscares,” Yoongi admits, wondering just how kinky Jimin can really be. But then, the kid walks around in his boxers in front of strangers, so probably very.

[Group052] Kim_TH: [BREAKING] Kim Taehyung Discovers Piano

[Group052] Jeon_JK: piano? u guys in a school or something

[Group052] Min_YG: “No it’s kind of a church-like setting I think,” Yoongi explains, excited to get his beautiful fingers, which are totally kinkier than Park Jimin’s, on the piano.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh u can play the piano hyung?

[Group052] Min_YG: “Yeah, my piano is my first love,” Yoongi reminisces, looking dreamily into the distance as he wonders how it would feel to have no gag reflex.

[Group052] Kim_TH: [UPDATE] Kim Taehyung Discovers Music Sheets

[Group052] Kim_TH: [UPDATE] Kim Taehyung Plays Music Sheets

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh he can play the piano too?

[Group052] Park_JM: yeah, we learned back in the orphanage? he can also play the sax

[Group052] Park_JM: whoa wait, is this another common thing we all have? we can play music instruments?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i can play the guitar! also good at playing the flute with my nose

[Group052] K_Seok: you need to perform that for us someday

[Group052] Jung_HS: anything for u hyung

[Group052] K_Seok: I can play the guitar too

[Group052] K_Seok: so if we can all play some sort of instrument, maybe that’s another connection among us all? Jungkook, Namjoon, can you guys play any instruments?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: well i can also play the piano

[Group052] Min_YG: GUYS sorry I gotta interrupt this clusterfuck for a moment… fuck

[Group052] Park_JM: whats wrong hyung? u ok?

[Group052] K_Seok: are you sure “GUYS sorry I gotta interrupt this clusterfuck for a moment… fuck” is a good enough line for a bad romance novel

[Group052] K_Seok: but you’re not dead so it probably is

[Group052] Min_YG: Guys I lost Taehyung, the fucking floor swallowed him, the same way I would swallow… other things. (sorry about the sexy implications, I can’t help having this restriction, and yes I’m fucking worried)


[Group052] Min_YG: He was just playing the piano and then the floor opened up and he’s gone and the floor just closed up again like peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet.

[Group052] Min_YG: Pardon my quoting bts lyrics but I’m really nervous and I can’t come up with sexy quotes at the moment I’m just chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings?


[Group052] Jeon_JK: maybe he got swallowed because he played a wrong note

[Group052] Min_YG: “Shit I’m reading the sheets now, I think playing it correctly would result in getting a card so Tae just started playing? Fuck why didn’t he tell me? I should have been the one to play first! I’m the hyung here, it’s my responsibility!” Yoongi screams into the sky, which has clouds that are shaped like testicles the size of frozen turkeys.

[Group052] K_Seok: just how hard is the song?

[Group052] Min_YG: “It’s one of Mozart’s easier songs,” Yoongi reports, as he cautiously wears a speedo on his head.

[Group052] K_Namj: You’d better not start playing yet. We need to hear from Taehyung first. I don’t think they’d just kill him like that. Why use drones when you can kill people with traps, I mean?

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh god i hope he’s fine


[Group052] Jeon_JK: who’s jim?

[Group052] Park_JM: HIM, I MEANT HIM

[Group052] Kim_TH: You Won’t Believe What This Man Found after Falling Down a Chute!

[Group052] Park_JM: oh greta ur ok

[Group052] Jeon_JK: who’s greta?


[Group052] K_Namj: See? I knew they wouldn’t just kill him like that.

[Group052] Jung_HS: so what did u find after falling down a chute, tae

[Group052] Kim_TH: Kim Taehyung Discovers Safe Zone and It’s Beautiful, Netizens Say

[Group052] K_Seok: damn why does it take falling down a chute to get to a safe zone

[Group052] K_Seok: either way, Taehyung can’t leave the safe zone now

[Group052] Kim_TH: Kim Taehyung is Outside Safe Zone, Not in It, Netizens Say

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s good! explore your location a bit and report back to us!

[Group052] K_Seok: and I think you should try playing the song, Yoongi

[Group052] K_Seok: best case scenario, you get a card! worst case scenario, you fall next to a safe zone

[Group052] Min_YG: “All right, I’ll play,” Min Yoongi says. He takes a deep, sexy breath. He’s always liked Mozart. He reminds him of mozzarella, which is cheese, which makes him ravenous.

[Group052] Jung_HS: stop typing and play the piano lol hyung

[Group052] K_Seok: while Yoongi plays the piano, let’s have a status report

[Group052] K_Seok: Namjoon doesn’t have to tell if he doesn’t want to but I prefer that he does tell because I captured the magician robot and now that we have a method of transportation for him he has no reason to not tell

[Group052] K_Namj: Thing is, I’m in the middle of nowhere, there’s just fake snow everywhere so I have no idea where I am…

[Group052] K_Seok: inconvenient, huh

[Group052] Jung_HS: ive left the graveyard but its still dark where i am? why does it sound like everyone else are at pretty places and im just in darkness

[Group052] Jung_HS: also I found another card on my way under a tree. its a J

[Group052] K_Seok: cool, updating

[Group052] K_Seok: Jin – [K] & [6]
Yoongi & Tae – [4] (is the card with Yoongi or Tae now? please confirm!)
Jungkook & Jimin – [10] & [Q] & [2]
Hoseok – [A] & [J]
Namjoon – [3]
Missing – [5], [7], [8], [9], [Joker] x 2
Note: Taehyung saw a card on a drone

[Group052] K_Seok: Hobi, you have 21 points

[Group052] Jung_HS: do i?

[Group052] Jung_HS: OH WTF I ACTUALLY DO

[Group052] Jung_HS: i still dont know what the three phases do tho so that’s kind of useless i guess

[Group052] K_Seok: we’ll figure it out! you can work on moving towards the center

[Group052] Min_YG: “Finished the song, got a 5 card,” Yoongi reports in with the voice of a worn-out porn star, “and the 4 card is with me too, sorry Tae.”

[Group052] K_Seok: ok so
Jin – [K] & [6]
Yoongi – [4] & [5]
Jungkook & Jimin – [10] & [Q] & [2]
Hoseok – [A] & [J]
Namjoon – [3]
Missing – [7], [8], [9], [Joker] x 2
Note: Taehyung saw a card on a drone

[Group052] K_Seok: great, who else are we missing?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: HYUNG

[Group052] K_Seok: what, Kookie?

[Group052] K_Namj: What?

[Group052] Jung_HS: whats wrong??

[Group052] Min_YG: “You need anything?” Yoongi asks Jungkook, petting his soft bunny ears and thinking enthusiastically about furries.

[Group052] Kim_TH: “What’s Wrong? You Can Tell Hyung” Says Kim Taehyung, A Hyung

[Group052] K_Seok: it’s kind of funny how Jungkook says “hyung” and everyone responds at the same time

[Group052] K_Seok: Jungkook you need to be more specific, which hyung are you asking for

[Group052] Jeon_JK: JIMINIE HYUNG

[Group052] K_Seok: oh he’s asking for the only one who didn’t respond

[Group052] Jeon_JK: HYUNG WHERE ARE U

[Group052] Jeon_JK: FUCK

[Group052] K_Seok: Jungkookie are you all right? did you get separated from Jimin?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we were being chased by a drone and he suggested we split up

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i just rounded a corner and the drone isn’t after me anymore so i can type

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so it prob went after jiminie hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i tried… i tried to go back for him

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but they’re gone


[Group052] Jeon_JK: apparently the walls move???

[Group052] Jung_HS: shit

[Group052] Jung_HS: jimin, are u ok?

[Group052] K_Seok: Jimin you’d better let us know as soon as you’re safe

[Group052] K_Seok: damn he’s not replying is he

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why didn’t it come after me? im faster

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what if it just

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what if it just killed him and we dont know

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we were playing the “slap each other on the face” game just 1 min ago and now hes gone

[Group052] Jung_HS: kookie, hey

[Group052] Jung_HS: i… have no idea why u were playing that kind of game but whatever, listen

[Group052] Jung_HS: jiminie’s a nimble kid, just look at him

[Group052] Jung_HS: he’ll be ok! don’t beat urself up over it

[Group052] Jung_HS: bet he’ll be reporting in 2 secs later ok?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i just

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it should’ve been me

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im sorry… im so sorry

[Group052] Jeon_JK: sorry

Chapter Text

[Group052] Kim_TH: shhh kookie don’t cry, tell me where u are, describe ur surroundings

[Group052] Kim_TH: im in a section with lots of corridors, looks a lot like where we were before we got transported away in the glass cases

[Group052] Kim_TH: but I also see a sign that says “sea” pointing to the right at the end of the corridor so im guessing im not too far from u!

[Group052] Kim_TH: jiminie is actually pretty fast, when we play naked hide and seek at home i could never catch him, so dont worry ok? if the drone cant catch me then it cant catch him!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um what kind of game is naked hide and seek even

[Group052] Kim_TH: u have no right to complain since u were playing the “slap each other on the face” game with jimin urself

[Group052] K_Seok: goodness this is not even the point

[Group052] K_Seok: the point IS


[Group052] K_Seok: ARE YOU ASKING FOR DEATH????

[Group052] Kim_TH: i haven’t forgotten

[Group052] Kim_TH: just trying to see if the drone going after jiminie will come after me instead if i break the restriction

[Group052] Kim_TH: if we’re not too far from each other, logically the closer drone should come to me. if i break the restriction i will be shot by a drone, its the rule

[Group052] K_Seok: i appreciate that ur trying to help jimin out, but, again, ARE YOU ASKING FOR DEATH????

[Group052] Kim_TH: no, im right outside a safe zone, if the drone comes ill just go inside, im not going to die

[Group052] K_Seok: how do you even KNOW it’s a safe zone, what if it isn’t???

[Group052] Kim_TH: it literally says “SAFE Zone” on the door

[Group052] Park_JM: TAETAE

[Group052] Park_JM: HIDE

[Group052] Park_JM: the drone behind me did change direction

[Group052] Park_JM: its probably indeed going after u

[Group052] Park_JM: HIDE

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh! ok im standing in the doorway of the safe zone now, are u all right?

[Group052] Park_JM: i… think so

[Group052] Park_JM: so I guess we’re really not far from each other, if the drone leaves i’ll go find u and bail u out

[Group052] Kim_TH: okok!

[Group052] Kim_TH: ooh its indeed coming

[Group052] Kim_TH: lemme see if i can

[Group052] Jung_HS: if u can WHAT?

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont do anything dangerous

[Group052] Kim_TH: i wont

Pied Piper: [Group052] Kim_TH has broken one of our [DRONES]. There is currently [1] drone remaining in the game.


[Group052] Kim_TH: i didn’t! it was just, i found a selfie stick in the safe zone ok? and it looks like a golf club so I stood at the doorway and swung it at the drone? and it just died?


[Group052] Kim_TH: oh and this is the drone with the card! i have a card now! its a joker!

[Group052] Jung_HS: i… cant believe theres no penalty for killing a drone?

[Group052] K_Seok: let’s not ask for it omg

[Group052] K_Seok: ok, so newest status:
Jin – [K] & [6]
Yoongi – [4] & [5]
Jungkook & Jimin – [10] & [Q] & [2] (which cards are with who now? need update)
Hoseok – [A] & [J]
Namjoon – [3]
Taehyung – [Joker]
Missing – [7], [8], [9], [Joker] x 1

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i have the 10 and the 2, jiminie-hyung has the Q

[Group052] K_Seok: ok, update:
Jin – [K] & [6]
Yoongi – [4] & [5]
Jungkook – [10] & [2]
Jimin – [Q]
Hoseok – [A] & [J]
Namjoon – [3]
Taehyung – [Joker]
Missing – [7], [8], [9], [Joker] x 1

[Group052] K_Seok: things are looking good card-wise

[Group052] K_Seok: but I’m not sure how we’re doing location-wise. Tae, you said you’re back to the corridor-like place right? so you’re probably closer to the center than we all are, if kookie’s theory about the maze being the inner circle and us being on the outer circle is correct?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i think so!

[Group052] Kim_TH: jiminie and kook cant be too far from me, if i follow the sign that points to the sea i might be able to find them but i cant leave the safe zone rn

[Group052] Park_JM: its ok, kookie or i will bail u out, depends on who finds u first

[Group052] Park_JM: i could’ve followed the drone to u i guess, but i had to stop and type to warn u that its going in ur direction so i lost track of it

[Group052] Park_JM: but i’ll find u

[Group052] Park_JM: or yoongi-hyung could bail u out, all he has to do is play a wrong note on the piano and he’ll land outside ur door

[Group052] Min_YG: “Can’t, sorry. The lid of the piano shut by itself after I took out the card, and I can’t get it to open… so no more playing wrong notes for me,” Yoongi said apologetically, radiating waves of swag like sexy body heat.

[Group052] K_Seok: that’s too bad, I was going to suggest you just using the chute to get to the inner circle of the maze, seems like a much quicker method than just wandering around slowly

[Group052] K_Namj: Actually, Taehyung, two questions.

[Group052] K_Namj: One, you said there’s SAFE Zone written on the door where you are. Is it actually capitalized like that or were you just randomly typing?

[Group052] Kim_TH: its the actual capitalization!

[Group052] K_Namj: Isn’t that a strange way to capitalize the name of a location? But maybe that’s just me being a grammar nerd.

[Group052] K_Namj: Anyway, other question, Taehyung. You said you arrived at your current location by falling down a chute. How much did you fall?

[Group052] Kim_TH: not very much height-wise, but it took a bit of time? like, a long-ish but not very tall slide

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay. Hmm.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung are u thinking what im thinking?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: when we were transported from the inner circle of the maze to the outside, we didnt go upstairs or downstairs (besides yoongi-hyung who was on a mountain)

[Group052] Jeon_JK: not that i remember at least, and i have photographic memory

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so the inner circle and outer circle are NOT on different floors, or else we’d have known

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but according to what happened to taetae-hyung, the inner circle part is lower than the outer circle. how is it possible?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i really did go down a chute tho

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im not saying ur lying, u have no reason to lie about this

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so im thinking… slanted floor

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah. It’s probably barely perceptible but the floor might be slanted in a certain small degree, with the inner circle being lower and the outer circle being higher.

[Group052] K_Namj: Which means that all we have to do to find the center point is go lower.

[Group052] K_Namj: As Jungkook pointed out, the walls can (and actually do) move (doesn’t sound like good news), but as long as the FLOORS don’t move, going lower should be the right choice.

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s probably hard to tell where “lower” is, since the slanting is barely perceptible, but water always goes down, and so do round objects… balls, etc.

[Group052] K_Namj: So if anyone has something round, use it to find the way to the center! Or, if you don’t have something round, you can… pee or something. And follow the direction the liquid goes in.

[Group052] K_Namj: We should probably still look around for a bit before heading to the center point though, we need all the cards we can get after all. So, look around as much as we can, and THEN we meet up at the center point.

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook, as you pointed out that the walls move, I want you to look around and use your photographic memory to tell us if you’ve noticed any other walls that have changed places / appeared / disappeared, so that we can maybe figure out a pattern. Do that for us, all right?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: of course!

[Group052] Park_JM: ;w ;; ♥

[Group052] K_Namj: Why are you using a smiley tears kaomoji, Jimin?

[Group052] Park_JM: im just glad

[Group052] Park_JM: that ur acting like the leader i know and love again

[Group052] Park_JM: ❤❤❤

[Group052] K_Namj: Heh, sorry about being stupid.

[Group052] K_Namj: Now go find some more cards and make us proud, card fairy Jimin.

[Group052] Park_JM: yes sir~

[Group052] K_Namj: We should all work on finding more cards… Hobi, you already have 21 points, so you should focus on looking for the center point instead.

[Group052] K_Namj: Use a ball or liquid to get there.

[Group052] Jung_HS: what? no, no way

[Group052] Jung_HS: what if there’s more cards in my area

[Group052] Jung_HS: gotta look harder

[Group052] Jung_HS: just bc i already have enough points it doesn’t mean i can’t find more to give to u guys

[Group052] K_Namj: Aren’t you in a dark area though? Your location seems to be the most dangerous of all. You said you were in a graveyard and even opened a big coffin, right?

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont worry about me namjoon, im fine


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: I AM NOT FINE

[Group052] Min_YG: “Lol you ok dude?” Yoongi asks, blue hair standing out in a sea of darkness like a smeraldo flower in a sea of black tarantulas the size of basketballs.


[Group052] Min_YG: “What’s wrong? Did you really run into tarantulas?” Yoongi asked sympathetically, as he idly wondered what it would be like to have tarantula sex.

[Group052] Jung_HS: idk what even is tarantula sex but i dont think i want to know

[Group052] Jung_HS: but no i havent run into spiders

[Group052] Jung_HS: just snakes

[Group052] Jung_HS: a whole bunch of snakes

[Group052] Jung_HS: squirmy… snakes

[Group052] Min_YG: “You hate those, right? Then leave, there’s got to be another way to get to wherever you’re going,” Yoongi suggests gently, twisting his own nipples with one cold hand and whining crossly because it hurts.

[Group052] Jung_HS: thing is, i cant leave

[Group052] Jung_HS: there is a card, at the other side of the snake pit

[Group052] Jung_HS: i can get to it if i walk thru the snakes

[Group052] Min_YG: “Hobi you have 21 points already, you don’t need the card,” Yoongi points out as he ties some snakes into pretzels and sprinkles sugar over them wantonly.

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf but what if u need them, what if someone else needs them

[Group052] Jung_HS: u guys cant patronize me just bc i have 21 pts and am afraid

[Group052] Jung_HS: the snakes dont look poisonous anyway

[Group052] Jung_HS: im getting the card, and u are going to be my emotional support

[Group052] Min_YG: “We’re not patronizing you, I’m just saying you could wait for one of us to get to your location, and we’ll go get the card instead? If you really don’t like it, don’t do it,” Yoongi says, voice dripping pulsing masculinity.


[Group052] Jung_HS: SUPPORT ME

[Group052] Min_YG: “Okay, Jesus Christ,” Yoongi says, wiggling his sweet hips like a chaste cow.

[Group052] Jung_HS: WTF IS A CHASTE COW???

[Group052] Min_YG: “I hope my weird sentences help you take your mind off things somewhat? Are you all right? Be careful not to step on the snakes,” Yoongi says, feeling himself get hard like cheesecake that has been frozen for too long and now tastes so bad even cockroaches with fake teeth won’t eat it.


[Group052] Min_YG: “I can’t see you but I know you’re doing well! I’m cheering you on, go go go!” Yoongi says encouragingly, with enough manliness to power several windmills.


[Group052] Min_YG: Hoseok is that you screaming? I can hear you? Wait I’m coming




[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jeon_JK: jiminie hyung where are u

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we’ve only split up for a little bit but its been 20 mins and i still cant find u :((

[Group052] Jeon_JK: even with the walls changing places i should be able to find the right direction with my memory but i still dont see u anywhere

[Group052] Park_JM: i dont think its ur fault kookie, its prob mine, im not that good at directions and i sure wont be able to notice if any walls have moved (they all look the same!!)

[Group052] Jeon_JK: try using namjoon-hyung’s suggestion maybe? use a ball or some liquid

[Group052] Park_JM: i have neither tho, dont have anything round on me and i dont feel like peeing bc we just pissed together some 40 mins ago?

[Group052] K_Seok: WE DON’T NEED THIS INFO

[Group052] Park_JM: we did criss-cross peeing, like we were making our piss form an X shape


[Group052] K_Seok: half of this team are literally children

[Group052] K_Namj: Hey, I’m only 1 year older than Jimin but I’m not a child!

[Group052] K_Seok: Yoongichi is a child so that still makes half of you

[Group052] K_Seok: Jimin + Jungkook + Yoongi = 4 childrens

[Group052] K_Seok: because Yoongi stands for 2 childrens at once

[Group052] K_Namj: Hyung, “childrens” is not the plural of “children”.

[Group052] Kim_TH: am i not a children?

[Group052] K_Seok: you are a smol soft baby

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, “children” is not the singular form of “childrens”.

[Group052] K_Seok: it is now because Taehyung and I say it is. Sorry man!

[Group052] K_Namj: If it makes you guys happy then okay?

[Group052] K_Namj: By the way, Tae, what’s the safe zone like? Why is a selfie stick styled like a golf club placed in there?

[Group052] Kim_TH: no idea why?

[Group052] Kim_TH: this place is weird, the walls are themed like paintings

[Group052] Kim_TH: i get to sit on a chair and watch tv tho, so its nice!

[Group052] K_Namj: TV? What’s on TV?

[Group052] Kim_TH: theres this really creepy stone lion face? it looks mad

[Group052] Kim_TH: its mouth is open

[Group052] K_Seok: why does that sound super ominous

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh i hear someone approaching!

[Group052] Kim_TH: not here, i mean on TV

[Group052] Kim_TH: its yoongi-hyung and hobi-hyung!

[Group052] K_Seok: are they all right???

[Group052] Kim_TH: they look a mess

[Group052] K_Seok: Shit, are they hurt?

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh i mean like, their hair is a mess, its the kind of mess u get after kissing each other very passionately with ur hands in each other’s hair

[Group052] Jung_HS: TAEHYUNG

[Group052] Jung_HS: im a flustered mess bc i just walked thru a snake pit to get a card (it’s a 9 btw) NOT BECAUSE I KISSED ANYONE

[Group052] K_Seok: really? you guys really didn’t kiss?

[Group052] Jung_HS: OK WE DID, WHATEVER


[Group052] K_Seok: so what are you two up to now?

[Group052] Jung_HS: theres this weird lion head thing, as taehyung just said

[Group052] Jung_HS: we think its gonna offer a card

[Group052] Jung_HS: yoongi-hyung says he wants to try it

[Group052] K_Seok: whoa, we’re really getting a lot of cards!

[Group052] K_Seok: we almost have all of them now!
Jin – [K] & [6]
Yoongi – [4] & [5]
Jungkook – [10] & [2]
Jimin – [Q]
Hoseok – [A] & [J] & [9]
Namjoon – [3]
Taehyung – [Joker]
Missing – [7], [8], [Joker] x 1

[Group052] K_Seok: good luck with your lion head, guys


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Lionhead of Truth]

* Lionhead of Truth*: Hello, [Group052] Min_YG.
* Lionhead of Truth*: This is a simple game. Please place one hand into my mouth.
* Lionhead of Truth*: I will ask you [3 questions]. Answer truthfully, and you shall get a card in return.
* Lionhead of Truth*: Lie, and I will bite down on your hand. You will not be able to remove your hand. You will be forever stuck here! Not fun, huh?

[Group052] Min_YG: “Oh whatever, bring it on lol,” Yoongi says, agreeably sticking one fist into the lion’s mouth like he would stick his fist into… other locations.

* Lionhead of Truth*: Question 1. What hair color do you think looks the best on you?

[Group052] Min_YG: “What kind of question is that even? Black, I’ll go with black,” Yoongi says, running one hand through his hair, which is blue, which is thankfully not the color of his armpit hair because if armpit hair and hair always have to match then his life would be 100% messier.

* Lionhead of Truth*: Correct. Moving on.
* Lionhead of Truth*: Question 2. Do you enjoy your current job?

[Group052] Min_YG: “What? What are these questions even for? Do you really have any idea what the correct answer is? And yes my job is all right I guess,” Yoongi says, fairly confused, much like a flea that has lost its way in a forest of pubes.

* Lionhead of Truth*: Correct. Moving on.
* Lionhead of Truth*: Question 3. When are you going to tell [Group052] Jung_HS that you actually know the reason why all of you are here?

[Group052] Min_YG: What? WTF I don’t know??? what??? I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t know why he’s here, I don’t know why anyone is here, what is this?? why??? sex

* Lionhead of Truth*: Incorrect answer.
* Lionhead of Truth*: Sorry, [Group052] Min_YG. You will no longer be able to leave your current spot, unless you saw off your hand.


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Kim_TH: guys the lion head just clamped down on yoongi-hyung’s hand?????

[Group052] K_Seok: wtf????

[Group052] K_Namj: What?!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wtf is going on????

[Group052] Park_JM: what???

[Group052] Kim_TH: guys yoongi-hyung just told hobi-hyung “sorry hobi guess u gotta find a hacksaw or something” and hobi-hyung is screaming into the sky

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m screaming too

[Group052] Park_JM: same

Chapter Text

[Group052] Jung_HS: guys yoongi-hyung is stuck???? idk what to do???? the lion just ate his hand?????

[Group052] Min_YG: Yoongi sighs. It’s so hard to type with just one hand, worse than having to play Superstar BTS with his tongue, versatile as it is. “I still have my hand hobi, it’s just inside the lion’s mouth. I can still get out of this, okay? Now find me some sort of weapon that can be used to cut off my hand and don’t worry so much.”


[Group052] K_Seok: you know, guys, you could just talk to each other instead of typing, especially since it’s difficult for Yoongi to type anyway.

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh we’re no longer in the same location, im wandering around looking for… a weapon :(

[Group052] K_Seok: you’re actually gonna cut off his hand??

[Group052] Jung_HS: we dont have a choice do we? if he’s stuck here he cant get to the center point and he’ll die

[Group052] Jung_HS: if we cut off his hand at least he has a shot at not dying?

[Group052] K_Seok: oh god

[Group052] K_Seok: Hobi do you have any idea how to stop bleeding

[Group052] Jung_HS: i only know the basics but i guess we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it

[Group052] K_Seok: when it happens, Taehyung, don’t look at the TV. or else you’d be traumatized for life

[Group052] Kim_TH: i wont

[Group052] Jung_HS: I’M gonna be traumatized for life im sure

[Group052] Min_YG: Sorry Hobi, giuchie giuchie ya ya dada


[Group052] Min_YG: “Taehyung, how do you activate speech to text? Typing with one hand is just so inconvenient,” Yoongi says, lamenting the fact that he will soon end up having only one hand for the rest of his life, which will make a lot of things very hard to do, such as holding hands with himself.

[Group052] Kim_TH: u say ‘speech to text’ to ur device

[Group052] Jeon_JK: speech to text speech to text speech to text

[Group052] Park_JM: lol looks like kookie is tired of typing too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: HELP


[Group052] Park_JM: shit

[Group052] Park_JM: run!!!!!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I’M RUNNING

[Group052] Jeon_JK: IT’S SO FAST


[Group052] Jung_HS: oh my god where can he run to??

[Group052] Jung_HS: where can he run to????????

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t think there’s a clothes mountain in his area. Taehyung’s safe zone is probably closer.

[Group052] Kim_TH: shit i would try to find him but i… the door isnt opening

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah, you’re not allowed to leave unless someone bails you out…

[Group052] K_Namj: Kookie? Are you all right?

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie is the fastest, he’s got to be all right, he’s got to

[Group052] Park_JM: oh god im so scared

[Group052] Park_JM: pls… pls dont take our kookie

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I

[Group052] Jeon_JK: DEAD END

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no way

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no way out

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I’m sorry

[Group052] Jeon_JK: I’m sorry honks

[Group052] Jeon_JK: *hyungs

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it was good

[Group052] Jeon_JK: was good knowing you guys

[Group052] K_Seok:

[Group052] K_Seok: it’s me, worldwide handsome!


[Group052] Jeon_JK: the drone is leaving

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung run

[Group052] Jeon_JK: RUN!!!!!!

[Group052] Park_JM: fuck what’s going on?

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s the face rule…

[Group052] K_Namj: Take a picture of someone’s face, and the drone will go after it. Apparently selfies work too.

[Group052] Park_JM: shit

[Group052] Park_JM: imma take a selfie too so that the drone will come after me





[Group052] Kim_TH: im in a safe zone, i can take a selfie

[Group052] Kim_TH:

[Group052] Jung_HS: but will it work if ur in the safe zone???? will the drone just not bother to go after u?

[Group052] K_Seok: it probably won’t bother to go after someone in a safe zone

[Group052] K_Seok: because I hear the drone coming after me now

[Group052] Kim_TH: shit

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung run

[Group052] K_Seok: I’m running!

[Group052] K_Seok: even left my robot magician behind because he’s too annoying to tow around

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung where are u????

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i’ll find u… i’ll find u hyung

[Group052] K_Seok: it’s kind of too late now

[Group052] K_Seok: there’s nowhere to go… it’s catching up


[Group052] K_Seok: take care of each other

[Group052] K_Seok: live

[Group052] Jeon_JK: NO


Pied Piper: [Group052] K_Seok has been eliminated from the game. Pity. He was so handsome.
Pied Piper: Would you like to see what he looks like now?
Pied Piper: Tap to flip the card!

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, don’t flip the card!

[Group052] K_Namj: Don’t flip it!

[Group052] K_Namj: I did it and I regret it, please don’t flip the card!

[Group052] K_Namj: Especially you, Jungkook, I don’t think you want that stored in your photographic memory.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok i wont flip it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i wont

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im so sorry

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im so

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im sorry

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why did he…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im not even worth it

[Group052] Park_JM: kookie

[Group052] Park_JM: dont cry, jin-hyung wouldnt want u to cry

[Group052] Park_JM: he would want u to win this

[Group052] Park_JM: ok?

[Group052] Park_JM: i’ll find u, wait for me

[Group052] Park_JM: let me give u a hug

[Group052] Jeon_JK: please… please find me, i need someone

[Group052] Jeon_JK: please im so sorry


[Private Chatroom: K_Namj and K_Seok]

[Group052] K_Namj: hyung

[Group052] K_Namj: this is so sudden

[Group052] K_Namj: I

[Group052] K_Namj: you promised you’d find me

[Group052] K_Namj: we were going to look at the sea together

[Group052] K_Namj: I didn’t even get to say any last words, I was paralyzed

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m sorry

[Group052] K_Namj: I will always, always keep your heart on me


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jung_HS: um

[Group052] Jung_HS: i did what u said, namjoon, i didn’t flip the card

[Group052] Jung_HS: is what’s on the other side… what i think it is?

[Group052] Kim_TH: it is

[Group052] Kim_TH: i saw it

[Group052] Kim_TH: i flipped the card

[Group052] Kim_TH: worst decision of my life

[Group052] Min_YG: “I’m so sorry I couldn’t have said any last words to Jin-hyung… with my penalty in the way, I couldn’t… I’m so sorry,” Yoongi says sexily.

[Group052] Min_YG: “I tried to take a selfie too but the angles of my arms are kind of shitty so I couldn’t capture my full face, I’m sorry,” Yoongi says, still sexily. “Also I’m fucking sorry for having to talk like this, it sounds so insincere but… but I really care… hyung was… his presence itself was so healing…”

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung we understand

[Group052] Park_JM: its not ur fault u have a restriction

[Group052] Park_JM: and when u only use “sexily” instead of writing up a new quote we know ur being sincere

[Group052] Min_YG: “I’m always sincere even when I write new quotes. I really am,” Yoongi says sexily.

[Group052] Park_JM: we know, hyung, we know


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Kim_TH]

[Group052] Min_YG: Taehyung I need a favor from you (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: Sorry about all this sexy talk, you just gotta filter out the sex part and listen to me (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: Not that it really matters now (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: what favor hyung?

[Group052] Min_YG: Turn off your TV (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: what, hyung, why??

[Group052] Min_YG: Go on talking in the main chat, pretend I’m not talking to you here. There’s still a little bit of time. But turn off your TV and talk to me okay? (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: Please, you can say anything, I just need someone now (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: why should i turn off the tv? and why should i pretend im not talking to u?

[Group052] Kim_TH: and what do u mean by there’s still a little bit of time??

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung are u ok??

[Group052] Min_YG: You need to turn off the TV Taehyung (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t want you to watch me die (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: I can hear the drone approaching, chances are it won’t spot me but I think it will, my position isn’t exactly secluded and I can’t move (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: I’ve stopped using speech to text in case it can hear me, but the drone’s humming is steadily getting louder so I think it will find me anyway (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung???? wtf no, we can’t lose u too oh god

[Group052] Kim_TH: i… fuck there’s nothing i can do im stuck in the useless safe zone

[Group052] Kim_TH: can i please tell the others? why do u not want the others to know????

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t want a repeat of the selfie incident. I will NOT let anyone die for me (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: Don’t you DARE tell anyone or post about this in the main chat (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: I chose to talk to you and not the others because I really don’t want you to watch me die on TV, but also because you’re the only one who can’t selfie-save me. You’re safe where you are. (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: You don’t want any of the others to die, right? So don’t you dare let anyone else know about this (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: but hyung I don’t want u to die either!!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: pls

[Group052] Kim_TH: fuck why am i in the most useless location ever

[Group052] Kim_TH: i dont want u to die hyung please

[Group052] Min_YG: I don’t really have a choice ya know (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: DO NOT let anyone else know about this. Imagine if you post about this in the big chat. Imagine if Park Jimin takes a selfie. What then? You can’t save him. He will die. And I’ll still be stuck here and the drone might come back again and I’ll still die. (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: You do not want Jimin to die, do you? You will do anything to protect him, won’t you? (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: When we were stuck in our moomin room, we talked a lot in private. He adores you. His eyes sparkle and he smiles like the sun when he talks about you. Will you really sit back and let him die? (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: i

[Group052] Min_YG: Good boy, I know you have common sense. Now just pretend this conversation never happened. We can go talk in the big chat. Continue mourning Jin-hyung. I’m happy I’ll be seeing him soon. I already miss him so much. (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung im sorry

[Group052] Min_YG: Don’t be. (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: But uh Taehyung… another favor (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: Say something to comfort me ok? (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: You being in the safe zone isn’t the only reason I chose to talk to you before this all ends (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: Honestly you just have a very soothing voice. You can just type whatever, I’ll imagine it being said in your voice (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: I’m scared… say something… to comfort me… please (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: bogo sipda
ireohge malhanikka deo
bogo sipda
neohui sajineul bogo isseodo

[Group052] Min_YG: Yeah, that’s good, you really know how to comfort someone (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: bogo sipda
neomu yasokhan sigan
naneun uriga mipda
ijen eolgul han beon boneun geosdo
himdeureojin uriga

[Group052] Min_YG: Let’s go have a conversation in the big chat too so no one suspects, but keep singing to me please (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: yeogin ontong gyeoul ppuniya
palworedo gyeouri wa

[Group052] Min_YG: Tell Hobi I’m sorry I kissed him and then just went and died (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Min_YG: That’s really not a nice thing to do and I don’t want this either. If I could have it my way I would take him out on a proper date, write him a song and buy him several small planets (Yoongi says, sexily)

[Group052] Kim_TH: maeumeun siganeul dallyeogane
hollo nameun seolgugyeolcha (and i will tell him, don’t worry)

[Group052] Min_YG: Thanks, go on, go on singing (Yoongi says, sexily)


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Kim_TH: im just so fucking mad

[Group052] Kim_TH: this isn’t right

[Group052] Kim_TH: that photo of jin-hyung… the one u see when u flip the card (dont flip it btw u guys dont deserve to see something as horrible as that)

[Group052] Kim_TH: its like

[Group052] Kim_TH: its like its mocking us

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung looks beautiful even with blood coming out of his mouth and his pupils looking like that but

[Group052] Kim_TH: but did they have to use

[Group052] Kim_TH: pretty vignetting in the background like how sadistic is that

[Group052] Kim_TH: “look here’s ur hyung, dead! but btw let me show off my vignetting capabilities!” fuck this, fuck them

[Group052] Min_YG: “Vignetting?” Yoongi says sexily.

[Group052] Kim_TH: yea vignetting, im a photography major ya know

[Group052] Min_YG: …

[Group052] Min_YG: damn


[Group052] Min_YG: No it’s

[Group052] Min_YG: I know what this is now

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung???

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung? wait, what?

[Group052] Min_YG: Oh my god I should’ve known

[Group052] Min_YG: Guys, it’s agu

Pied Piper: [Group052] Min_YG has been eliminated from the game. Pity. He was so close to the truth.
Pied Piper: Would you like to see what he looks like now?
Pied Piper: Tap to flip the card!

[Group052] Jung_HS: WHAT????

[Group052] Jung_HS: WHAT THE FUCK??

[Group052] K_Namj: Was it because he broke the restriction?

[Group052] K_Namj: None of you flip the card please.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’ll do it. I’m already traumatized by the photo of Jin-hyung’s dead face so it doesn’t make much difference if I see another one…

[Group052] K_Namj: Well. Uh. Yeah.

[Group052] K_Namj: That photo is him all right.

[Group052] K_Namj: Yoongi-hyung passed away too.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m very sorry.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: fuck how could they

[Group052] Jeon_JK: how could they just

[Group052] Jeon_JK: treat this like a game

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yoongi-hyung figured out the answer

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he actually figured it out and they just shot him

[Group052] Jeon_JK: how could they?? at least let him finish?

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie… he said “agu”

[Group052] Kim_TH: what does that mean

[Group052] Kim_TH: agust d is the only thing i can think of that begins with “agu”

[Group052] Kim_TH: but why would hyung want to talk about agust d???

[Group052] K_Namj: He said he raps… Perhaps he’s a huge fan of Agust D?

[Group052] K_Namj: Perhaps he IS Agust D?

[Group052] K_Namj: He was pretty secretive about his identity and such, and no one knows what Agust D looks like, after all.

[Group052] Park_JM: in that case tho, wouldn’t it make more sense to say “I’M agust d” instead of “IT’S agust d”

[Group052] K_Namj: True.

[Group052] K_Namj: So guess he’s not Agust D then.

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, so two Tuesdays ago, any of you did anything involving Agust D?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i was in bed unconscious so i didnt listen to agust d at all

[Group052] Park_JM: neither did i, i dont play music when taetae’s sick, especially not songs by his favorite rapper, thats just rude

[Group052] K_Namj: I don’t think I did either. I was in a location with really bad internet, so no streaming. And I didn’t have my Agust D mp3s with me.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: maybe yoongi-hyung didnt mean agust d

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idk what else starts with “agu” tho

[Group052] Jeon_JK: aguilera? aguila? i dont even know

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he tried to tell us the solution…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he tried to tell us, and we still cant figure it out, what kind of teammates are we

[Group052] Jeon_JK: fuck we’re so doomed

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi-hyung are u ok? u havent talked for some time

[Group052] Jung_HS: not ok


[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: im sorry

[Group052] Jung_HS: im sorry i didnt take ur advice to heart hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: u told me not to get attached to ppl bc it hurts when u lose them

[Group052] Jung_HS: i still got attached

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur right. it hurts so fucking much


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Jeon_JK: guys this has been really bugging me but

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we have only ONE drone

[Group052] Jeon_JK: how could it go from one point to another so fast??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this isnt RIGHT

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like yea its sped up since the last time i saw it but this is a big maze right? it shouldnt have been able to zoom from me to jin-hyung to yoongi-hyung so quickly

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this isnt fair they’ve got to be cheating in some way

[Group052] Jeon_JK: CHEATERS



[Private Chatroom: Min_YG and Kim_TH]

[Group052] Kim_TH: if i was the snow in the air
i would be able to get to you
just a little faster

Chapter Text

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, guys…

[Group052] K_Namj: I hate to do this, but we have to calm down, regroup, plan everything out carefully.

[Group052] K_Namj: We’ve already lost our two eldest. We can’t lose anyone else. We’re all going to make it out of this together. That’s what the hyungs would have wanted.

[Group052] K_Namj: When I was being stupid and dramatic about dying, Jin-hyung never gave up on me and convinced me to see the error of my ways. He never gave up on us, so we cannot give up on us either.

[Group052] K_Namj: I know everyone’s feeling terrible, but we must act now, mourn later. We have five people now. According to Jimin’s calculations, if we find all the cards, all five of us will be able to make it out. Correct?

[Group052] Park_JM: yes!

[Group052] K_Namj: So… Okay. This is going to be really dreadful and I hate doing this, but… Hoseok… You remember where you left Yoongi-hyung right? You’ll have to… go back to him… and take his cards.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m so sorry… I know his body is probably the last thing you want to see right now. But we need the cards.

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont be sorry. i’ll do it. we do need the cards

[Group052] Park_JM: hyung come here and let me hug u

[Group052] Jung_HS: i do need a hug right now jiminie

[Group052] K_Namj: I want to hug all of you too. We’ll have many group hugs once we get out of here.

[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok, your job right now is to retrieve Yoongi’s cards. Be careful, the drone might still be around. Jungook, continue mapping out the place. As you said, it’s really weird that the drones could move this fast. If they are indeed cheating, we need you to find out how.

[Group052] K_Namj: Taehyung, you have the, uh, dead body of the other drone, right?

[Group052] Kim_TH: yep

[Group052] K_Namj: Since you can’t leave anyway, I want you to focus on the drone. We want to know how it fires shots, how much ammo it is loaded with, etc. Just be careful and don’t get hurt in case it explodes or something.

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok!

[Group052] Park_JM: what about jiminie?

[Group052] K_Namj: Oh, you want to be praised? You’re really cute, Jimin, your cheeks are adorable and you have the sweetest laugh.

[Group052] Park_JM: thanks hehehe but i was actually asking if you have any tasks to assign me

[Group052] K_Namj: Oops that was embarrassing haha

[Group052] K_Namj: Your task is to find the safe zone Taehyung’s in and bail him out. If we all die before he can be bailed out he would eventually die too, so the sooner we get him out the better.

[Group052] Park_JM: no problem, im already on it

[Group052] K_Namj: That’s it. Always share everything you know with everyone. We need all the info we have. We work as a team, we’ll get out of this together. I have faith in us.

[Group052] K_Namj: We’ll do this. Together.


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin…

[Group052] Kim_TH: can u talk?

[Group052] Park_JM: of course i can talk! i can look for u and talk at the same time

[Group052] Park_JM: whats up? are u ok?

[Group052] Kim_TH: no

[Group052] Park_JM: i know, its difficult for me too, we’ve known them only for a few hours but i loved them, i loved them so much

[Group052] Park_JM: im kind of still in denial tbh, i feel like yoongi-hyung’s gonna pop up any moment and spout a sex quote haha ><

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin pls don’t be mad at me?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i need to tell u something

[Group052] Park_JM: why would i be mad at u lol

[Group052] Kim_TH: u know i had a private chat with yoongi-hyung right?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i knew he was going to die…

[Group052] Kim_TH: he heard the drone coming, with his sensitive hearing

[Group052] Kim_TH: he couldnt move, he knew he was going to die

[Group052] Kim_TH: he told me not to tell anyone so i didnt

[Group052] Kim_TH: but i should have…

[Group052] Kim_TH: i should have told everyone, we could have figured out something together

[Group052] Kim_TH: but i didnt… im sorry………

[Group052] Park_JM: what the FUCK

[Group052] Park_JM: U KNEW

[Group052] Park_JM: AND U DIDN’T TELL

[Group052] Kim_TH: im sorry, im so sorry


[Group052] Park_JM: i could have taken a selfie and lured away the drone so he wouldn’t die!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: but then u would die



[Group052] Kim_TH: i didnt know he knew the answer! actually i dont think he realized he knew the answer himself, until the very end

[Group052] Kim_TH: please jimin im sorry, i dont want to fight with u now

[Group052] Park_JM: how could u

[Group052] Park_JM: we’re a TEAM

[Group052] Park_JM: our leader finally gets his shit together and decides he doesnt want to die and u do THIS

[Group052] Park_JM: what happened to teamwork makes the dream work

[Group052] Park_JM: if kookie hears about this u know how mad he will be??

[Group052] Kim_TH: i know, pls dont tell him jimin

[Group052] Kim_TH: please…

[Group052] Park_JM: yoongi-hyung didnt deserve this

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi-hyung doesnt deserve this either

[Group052] Park_JM: shit he must be so sad


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok, this is a horrible suggestion and you don’t have to do it, but…

[Group052] K_Namj: Yoongi-hyung got his hand caught in a stone lion mouth for answering a question wrong, right? You were under the impression that answering questions correctly would yield a card, right?

[Group052] K_Namj: When you get there, if the lion has let go of Yoongi-hyung’s hand (theoretically it should have? Since he’s already passed away, it should free itself up for someone else to play), you might… have to play the game.

[Group052] K_Namj: We need all the cards we can get…

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m really sorry. I would have played it if I could, but I’m still in the middle of nowhere. Just fake snow and even more fake snow. I know this is a terrible request to make. Sorry.

[Group052] Jung_HS: no, dont be sorry namjoon

[Group052] Jung_HS: we do need all the cards we can get

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont apologize so much. im the eldest here now. i, the only surviving member of the HYYH alliance, will do what i can to protect u guys, it’s only right

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but im a member of the hyyh alliance too??

[Group052] Jung_HS: the second h stands for hyungs so ur not in the alliance but u can be an honorary member kookie

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh…

[Group052] Kim_TH: whats an hyyh alliance?

[Group052] Jung_HS: …oops

[Group052] Park_JM: WHAT??

[Group052] Park_JM: U HAVE A SECRET ALLIANCE????

[Group052] Park_JM: i cant believe this, hobi-hyung and kookie too???

[Group052] Park_JM: we’re supposed to work as a team? why do u have a secret alliance

[Group052] Park_JM: why do u want to sabotage us

[Group052] Park_JM: why are u all like this

[Group052] Park_JM: why are u all snakes

[Group052] Park_JM: why cant i trust anyone anymore

[Group052] Jung_HS: jimin this isnt what u think it is, we’re not sabotaging anyone

[Group052] Jung_HS: its just a fun alliance for the hyungs

[Group052] Jung_HS: for hyung duties

[Group052] Park_JM: KOOKIE’S IN IT

[Group052] Jung_HS: he’s just an honorary member!

[Group052] Jung_HS: sorry jiminie, we rly meant no harm

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh damn the road is wrong

[Group052] K_Namj: What do you mean by “the road is wrong”?

[Group052] Jung_HS: like… i was following the exact path back to yoongi-hyung

[Group052] Jung_HS: trying to

[Group052] Jung_HS: but it doesn’t lead to the same place?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i cant get back to the lion

[Group052] Jung_HS: instead i see a laundromat…

[Group052] K_Namj: Are you sure you were going the right way?

[Group052] Jung_HS: very sure, i memorized the itinerary very carefully bc i wanted to get back to yoongi-hyung asap bc i didnt want him to be stuck there alone in case a drone came and he couldnt run (ironically that was exactly what happend haHA)

[Group052] Jung_HS: and this laundromat def wasn’t there before, i have no idea where it came from

[Group052] Jeon_JK: laundromats dont just sprout from the ground do they?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: theres rly something weird about this place

[Group052] Jeon_JK: like it seemed so big at first but then things just kind of got repetitive, like it’s the same elements over and over again

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ive been running around trying to make a map like hyung said

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and it just doesnt add up, some places dont look like what i remembered them

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook, remember that even if objects change places and the walls move, the center point should still be at the center and it should probably still be lower than the outer circle.

[Group052] K_Namj: Maybe you should try finding the center point first, using the ball or liquid trick. And then work from inside out from there.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’m sorry I can’t help much with the mapping of the place, I’m moving too slowly. I’m trying my best to brainstorm possibilities of what we did two Tuesdays ago and how we’re all connected though. I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

[Group052] Kim_TH: i’ll help u think

[Group052] Kim_TH: since i cant figure out how this drone works… i dont see ammo anywhere but its probably bc im not approaching it correctly

[Group052] Kim_TH: im a photography major, i dont understand machinery :(

[Group052] Kim_TH: so i’ll just help u brainstorm

[Group052] K_Namj: Thanks, Tae.

[Group052] K_Namj: But you were barely conscious two Tuesdays ago, so… kind of a problem there.

[Group052] Kim_TH: i can help brainstorm about what connects us! and why the 3 phases are the way they are!

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, your insight would be useful. You seem to have a good sixth sense. So why do you think this phase is the way it is? Why are we in a weird circular maze with many sections?

[Group052] Kim_TH: idk but maybe its related to seasons! so we have snow, and we have a sea which reminds people of summer right?

[Group052] Kim_TH: and seasons are related to time, which can be calculated with a clock! so the maze is round, like the face of a clock

[Group052] K_Namj: That’s strangely romantic in a way, but why would we be kidnapped and thrown into a maze because of seasons and clocks?

[Group052] Kim_TH: idk either maybe the piper likes clocks

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i read it as “maybe the piper likes cocks”

[Group052] Jung_HS: omg why is our fetus so dirty minded


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Kim_TH: jiminie

[Group052] Kim_TH: namjoon-hyung just reminded me about how i was bedridden 2 tuesdays ago so i prob cant remember a thing, and hes right i cant remember much at all but

[Group052] Kim_TH: but a thing i do remember was

[Group052] Kim_TH: was how u held my hair back while i puked into the toilet

[Group052] Kim_TH: how do i deserve u jimin

[Group052] Kim_TH: ur so good to me

[Group052] Kim_TH: i dont want to fight

[Group052] Kim_TH: please lets not fight

[Group052] Park_JM: yeah sorry

[Group052] Park_JM: i dont want to fight with u either, i overreacted

[Group052] Park_JM: i was just suddenly so high-strung… paranoid

[Group052] Kim_TH: i understand tho, jin-hyung and yoongi-hyung had really calming presences so i feel 100% more nervous without them around

[Group052] Park_JM: ya i just couldnt help lashing out… im sorry

[Group052] Park_JM: i should apologize to hobi-hyung too

[Group052] Park_JM: but i dont wanna do it in the open… hahahaha its embarrassing

[Group052] Kim_TH: actually i have stuff i want to say to hyung in private too, lets pull him into a private chat with us

[Group052] Park_JM: i was out there yelling about not wanting any secret alliances and now we’re asking for a private chat? things dont work like that lol

[Group052] Kim_TH: well then we can just say what we want to say in the open?

[Group052] Kim_TH: only namjoon-hyung and kookie are gonna see anyway, doesnt make that much difference

[Group052] Park_JM: tru i guess, our secrets are everyone’s secrets now

[Group052] Park_JM: lets go


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] Park_JM: hobi-hyung (and kookie too) i have something i wanted to tell u in private but from now on we don’t keep secrets from each other so im gonna say it here!

[Group052] Park_JM: im sorry for yelling at u guys and calling u snakes

[Group052] Park_JM: i was just rly anxious, i know u guys wouldnt betray us, i shouldnt have yelled. sorry

[Group052] Jung_HS: no dont be sorry jiminie

[Group052] Jung_HS: i would prob be paranoid too if i heard about secret alliances at this point in the game, ok?

[Group052] Jung_HS: but i assure u, the hyyh was an alliance with only the best interests of everyone in mind

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung im nervous too, i understand, its ok

[Group052] Park_JM: i love u guys

[Group052] Park_JM: btw, hobi-hyung, taetae has something he wants to say to u in private too, but since we’ve decided we dont keep secrets now he’s gonna say it here

[Group052] Park_JM: ur turn now, taetae

[Group052] Kim_TH: ok

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi-hyung, yoongi-hyung told me he wanted to take u out on a proper date, write u a song and buy u several small planets

[Group052] Jung_HS: um

[Group052] Jung_HS: just 1 song?

[Group052] Jung_HS: i would write him 3 songs

[Group052] Park_JM: this is not a COMPETITION hyung


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH and Park_JM 1]

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae i still cant find u im so annoyed

[Group052] Park_JM: i wanna see u, just really wanna see u

[Group052] Park_JM: also namjoon-hyung wanted me to find u and i dont wanna let him down u feel me?

[Group052] Kim_TH: ya, thats the quality of a good leader :( no one wants to let him down

[Group052] Park_JM: what does ur safe zone look like?

[Group052] Park_JM: describe it to me so i dont miss it

[Group052] Kim_TH: u wont miss it if u see it! bc SAFE Zone is written outside in big letters!

[Group052] Kim_TH: the inside is pretty, theres… like… painting themed walls

[Group052] Kim_TH: they’ve got my favorite painting here even, can u believe that? that’s so cool

[Group052] Park_JM: ur favorite painting?

[Group052] Park_JM: the van gogh one?

[Group052] Park_JM: wait

[Group052] Kim_TH: what, jiminie

[Group052] Park_JM: wait… oh shit

[Group052] Park_JM: oh shit i think i know what this is now?

[Group052] Park_JM: but why would they… this doesnt make sense

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin what do u mean??? tell me

[Group052] Park_JM: no wonder u have no idea whats going on, u couldn’t have known

[Group052] Park_JM: it was all me

[Group052] Park_JM: i did this

[Group052] Park_JM: its entirely my fault ur here

[Group052] Park_JM: oh my god taetae its my fault! i brought u here

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin what??? what????? whats going on?? are u all right?

[Group052] Park_JM: taetae u were so sick that day, i just wanted a nice surprise for u

[Group052] Park_JM: I just wanted to g


[Group052 Main Chatroom]


Pied Piper: [Group052] Park_JM has been eliminated from the game. Pity. He was such a sweet fairy.
Pied Piper: Would you like to see what he looks like now?
Pied Piper: Tap to flip the card!

[Group052] Jung_HS: WHAT??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: just like that????

[Group052] Jeon_JK: out of no-fucking-where?

[Group052] K_Namj: He didn’t even ask for help?

[Group052] K_Namj: Was he selfless as heck and didn’t want us to try to help him, or did he just honestly not notice the drone coming?

[Group052] Kim_TH: he prob didnt notice, bc he was talking to me in our private chat and he just made a discovery

[Group052] Kim_TH: he knew the solution, i think

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and what is it???

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh he hadnt gotten to that part yet…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what the FUCK


[Group052] K_Namj: Oh god what if they send the drones to shoot whoever knows the solution?


[Group052] Jeon_JK: how do they expect us to solve the game if they just shoot everyone who knows the answer?????

[Group052] Jeon_JK: CHEATERS

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys, whoever knows the solution, don’t say it. Hint it. Or something.

[Group052] K_Namj: We can’t… we can’t lose any more of us now

[Group052] K_Namj: we can’t

[Group052] Kim_TH: then i’ll be doomed bc jimin said he’s sure i dont know anything about this and it was all his doing, so even if i see a hint i still wont be able to figure out anything

[Group052] Jung_HS: tae, u seem awfully calm about this

[Group052] Jung_HS: ur best friend just DIED. the sweetest, kindest, cutest park jimin

[Group052] Jung_HS: do u have no feelings?

[Group052] Kim_TH: uhh this is gonna sound weird but

[Group052] Kim_TH: our soulmate telepathy channel is still open so i dont think he’s dead

[Group052] Jung_HS: well he sure looks VERY dead if u flip that card

[Group052] Jeon_JK: can u get him to tell u the solution with soulmate telepathy then

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh our channel doesnt work that way? sorry?


[Private Chatroom: K_Seok, Jeon_JK, Min_YG and Jung_HS]

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok kookie dont get me wrong, im glad he’s not kicking and screaming and crying about this but

[Group052] Jung_HS: somehow taehyung being in denial like that hurts even more to see

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya soulmate telepathy isnt a thing that… exists…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ive read about the stages of grief but I never thought that denial would look like this

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i hope we can find him by the time it really sinks in

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and give him a hug

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung i need a hug too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: jiminie-hyung was the first person to criss-cross pee with me, i miss him already

[Group052] Jung_HS: yeah me too

[Group052] Jung_HS: i dont mean we criss-cross peed together too, i mean i miss him too and need a hug too

[Group052] Jung_HS: once upon a time, jin-hyung sent me an e-hug

[Group052] Jung_HS: im forwarding it to u



[Group052] Jeon_JK: fuck i miss jin-hyung so much

[Group052] Jung_HS: dont we all

Chapter Text

Pied Piper: And then there are four! Ah, but it is a good thing, right? For with only four of you, you don’t even need all the cards to get out of here. How nice! How lucky!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: FUCK YOU

Pied Piper: Language, Jeon_JK. Now, please, I would like you all to answer this question.

[Group052] K_Namj: What question?


Pied Piper: It is now. Also, I guarantee that answering the question is in your best interests.
Pied Piper: [QUESTION] What is your favorite pizza flavor?

[Group052] Jung_HS: what question is that even

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh the kind with pineapples

[Group052] K_Namj: Oh god no, pineapples do not belong on pizza.

[Group052] Jung_HS: its good tho

[Group052] Jeon_JK: namjoon-hyung, hobi-hyung wears balenciagas and carries an acorn pouch, what do u expect

[Group052] Jung_HS: i do not deserve this verbal attack jeon jungkook

[Group052] Jeon_JK: anyway, i like the kind of pizza with lots of meat

[Group052] K_Namj: I like the margherita kind

[Group052] Kim_TH: i like kimchi pizza!

Pied Piper: Perfect. Thanks for letting me know. Anything you guys allergic to?

[Group052] Jung_HS: wtf why are u so nice all of a sudden? u want to send some pizza to us in this maze or something?

[Group052] Kim_TH: im allergic to some kinds of shrimp


[Group052] Jeon_JK: do u not see what he’s doing???

[Group052] Jeon_JK: pretending to ask about pizza to make us let our guards down

[Group052] Jeon_JK: while what he actually wants is to figure out our weak points!!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so taetae-hyung u better not eat any shrimp if u see some coming ur way

[Group052] Kim_TH: how could shrimp come my way

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idk maybe it would just? fly towards u in the sky??? who knows, this place is weird af anything can happen

[Group052] Jeon_JK: whats even weirder is that i think im already in the inner circle, but i reached this point totally randomly. the paths are all different and i have no idea how i got here

[Group052] Jeon_JK: my brain is a mess now, nothing is like how i remembered it to be

[Group052] K_Namj: At least you’re in the inner circle now! And so is Tae, right? You should try to find him, and also try to find the center point now that you’re there.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: it wont be any use if i find the center point, i only have 12 pts

[Group052] Kim_TH: i have a joker, which can stand for 9 pts! that way u can make 21

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no way, im not taking ur joker. u would have no points left

[Group052] Jung_HS: well i have 9 extra pts so u can have them and i’ll still have 21

[Group052] Jeon_JK: sounds good, we have to find each other first tho

[Group052] Jung_HS: im working on moving towards the inner circle too

[Group052] Jung_HS: i want to pick up namjoon first but i have literally no idea where he is

[Group052] Jung_HS: like ya he has a lot of fake snow and the place i started in had a lot of fake snow too, but i cant find my way back

[Group052] Jung_HS: everything is changing positions its rly weird

[Group052] Kim_TH: i have a theory about everything changing positions!

[Group052] K_Namj: Great, let’s hear it.

[Group052] Kim_TH: pineapples

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh… pineapples? like, the kind u put on pizza?

[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok no, pineapples really don’t belong on pizza.

[Group052] Jung_HS: i like pineapple pizza, bite me

[Group052] Kim_TH: yes, its that kind of pineapple!

[Group052] Kim_TH: so, like, imagine we’re in a can of pineapples

[Group052] Jung_HS: tae im not sure how to break this to u gently but… no

[Group052] Kim_TH: pls let me finish! so the center point we’re looking for is the empty hole in the middle, and we’re on the pineapple slices

[Group052] Kim_TH: no wait thats not what im going for

[Group052] Kim_TH: like, imagine a dart board, there is a center point and many concentric circles outside it and we are on them

[Group052] Kim_TH: but the piper is a sneaky fella so when we’re walking around, sometimes they rotate a circle that no one is on a little, so the roads keep changing and walls keep appearing where they werent before

[Group052] Kim_TH: its much easier than moving individual walls and making new roads! and they can also trap the drone on one corridor and rotate it around to another place and set it out again, which is why it could move from one point to another really fast

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok that makes more sense than pineapple slices

[Group052] Jung_HS: but why? like, why would we be on a rotating dart board thing? like whats the point??

[Group052] Kim_TH: idk but the magician gave jin-hyung a dart right? so maybe something about this is related to darts

[Group052] Jung_HS: im so confused… i never played darts in my life, why would i be kidnapped onto a dart board…

[Group052] Kim_TH: maybe the piper likes shopping at target

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i dont think target has anything to do with this lol, but thank u hyung! this kind of makes sense! and it makes it easier for me to make a map if i think about it like this…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: (also i think ur right, i keep seeing the same things and elements but in different positions, this might be why)

[Group052] Kim_TH: no problem kook good luck with ur mapping!


[Private Chatroom: Kim_TH, Park_JM and K_Namj]

[Group052] K_Namj: Tae, you okay? Just checking in on you.

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s tough on all of us, but I know it must be especially tough for you because you have known Jimin for such a long time.

[Group052] K_Namj: I’ll always be here to listen, okay?

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung…

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung why dont u guys believe me

[Group052] K_Namj: Believe what?

[Group052] Kim_TH: believe that jiminie isnt dead

[Group052] Kim_TH: believe that we have soulmate telepathy

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, uh… It’s just… Soulmate telepathy isn’t something that has been scientifically proven, you know?

[Group052] K_Namj: We have no idea how that kind of thing works, so we tend to disbelieve it as a knee-jerk reaction. But I’m willing to believe. Convince me. Tell me how it works. You can trust me, Tae.

[Group052] K_Namj: Besides, I kind of saw it in action in our private chat, with you guys completing each other’s sentences. The others didn’t, so they’re less inclined to believe you. But I’m willing to try.

[Group052] Kim_TH: uh its kind of like communicating with a walkie-talkie

[Group052] Kim_TH: the channel is on, he’s not speaking to me but it’s on!!!

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, I really want to believe you, but got something I have to clear up first. Back when you were knocked out by the underground slime, Jimin really thought you died. Did your channel not work then?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i was unconscious, so it wasnt on

[Group052] Kim_TH: also he prob didnt check it again after he realized it was off, u dont really know the status unless u actively check so

[Group052] K_Namj: …Hmm.

[Group052] Kim_TH: pls believe me

[Group052] K_Namj: I believe you.

[Group052] Kim_TH: what??? u actually believe me??? omg hyung!!! ur amazing!! ur the first person i’ve ever dared to rly talk to about this and u believe me!! i love u!!!!

[Group052] K_Namj: This fits in with my theory, you know? When I said we might all have extraordinary senses—Jin-hyung with sensitive tastebuds, Yoongi-hyung with sensitive hearing, me with an IQ of 148, and Kookie with photographic memory. You and Jimin said you didn’t have any extraordinary senses, but if soulmate telepathy isn’t a kind of extraordinary sense I don’t know what is.

[Group052] K_Namj: Actually, we’re missing Hoseok’s input. Let me ask him.


[Group052 Main Chatroom]

[Group052] K_Namj: Hoseok, I’m just remembering a conversation between all of us that you missed out on because you weren’t present towards the end of the first phase.

[Group052] K_Namj: We were talking about extraordinary senses. Such as Jungkook’s photographic memory and Yoongi-hyung’s sensitive hearing. Do you have any extraordinary senses?

[Group052] Jung_HS: uh its not as badass as u guys’ but

[Group052] Jung_HS: sometimes, i see ghosts

[Group052] K_Namj: Whoa! That’s another theory confirmed! That’s amazing, Hobi!

[Group052] Jung_HS: haha im not sure why me seeing ghosts is a good thing but im glad to be of some help!

[Group052] K_Namj: All right, let’s list the main points I’ve got.

[Group052] K_Namj: Confirmed common things between us: we’re all good looking, and have extraordinary senses in some way.

[Group052] K_Namj: We all used our phones last Tuesday, and something we did on it was what brought us here. However, we know that Taehyung didn’t do anything on his phone last Tuesday. In fact, Jimin said Taehyung couldn’t have known anything and “it was all Jimin’s doing”.

[Group052] K_Namj: We know that Yoongi-hyung left us a dying message that started with “agu”.

[Group052] K_Namj: We know that we’re in a dartboard-shaped maze that rotates.

[Group052] K_Namj: We could do this if we think harder. Think, everyone.

[Group052] Jung_HS: we’re thinking

[Group052] Jung_HS: but its difficult

[Group052] Jung_HS: btw i think we’re indeed in a dartboard-like place with a lower center point bc i found a ball of yarn and just rolled it and followed it and im already in the inner circle

[Group052] Jung_HS: so this place is indeed smaller than we thought, it just rotates around and gives us the impression its huge

[Group052] Jung_HS: oh in fact i see kookie!!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wow yay hey hyung where are u?

[Group052] Jung_HS: on the left FUCK KOOKIE LOOK BEHIND U

[Group052] Kim_TH: whats happening????

[Group052] K_Namj: Guys?

[Group052] Kim_TH: is a drone behind u guys??


[Group052] Jung_HS: kookie ducked in time tho

[Group052] Jeon_JK: thanks for the heads-up hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: that was close

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wtf tho, why did a circular chainsaw come flying out of nowhere??

[Group052] K_Namj: We had no idea what happened in the second phase when Jin-hyung and I got attacked by a circular chainsaw either. We weren’t doing anything wrong in particular I think?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: neither was i? i was just on my device doing regular stuff

[Group052] Jung_HS: but hey, kookie and i reunited at last!

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, Hobi, you and Kookie have a total of 42 points together.

[Group052] K_Namj: This means that if you share your cards and reach the center point and answer the required questions correctly, you’ll be able to leave.

[Group052] K_Namj: I think you guys should look for the center point. If we think we’ve figured out the answer by the time you get there, one of you should try answering the question. If it’s correct, you’ll be allowed to leave, and the rest of us will know what the correct answer is too, so we’ll be able to leave too once we get to the center point with enough cards.

[Group052] K_Namj: The other one of you should get Taehyung out and tell him how to get to the center point, then you should leave too and be safe. Taehyung and I will continue to look around until we have enough cards, and then we can leave too.

[Group052] Kim_TH: sounds good to me!

[Group052] K_Namj: Taehyung, we can continue brainstorming while the two of them search for the way.

[Group052] K_Namj: We don’t even need to know why we’re here, actually. All we need to know is why the 3 phases are structured the way they are. Perhaps it might not even have to do with why we’re here, right?

[Group052] K_Namj: So, any ideas?

[Group052] Kim_TH: i wonder if what the piper said in previous phases could help us come up with something

[Group052] Kim_TH: but i cant remember what he said and the chat only scrolls back to the start of this phase and no more

[Group052] Kim_TH: kookie u remember everything that the piper said up until now right?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ya not necessarily in chronological order but i remember what everyone said until now

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im brainstorming too

[Group052] K_Namj: Good. Perhaps the answer is much simpler than we think. Perhaps it’s right there in front of us and we just keep ignoring it.

[Group052] K_Namj: It must be something simple, really simple. If it’s related to what we did on the phone two Tuesdays ago, then it has to be simple because I didn’t do much on the phone two Tuesdays ago.

[Group052] K_Namj: I had terrible Internet in Ullapool. I didn’t upload anything, let alone a selfie.

[Group052] K_Namj: All I did was… charge my phone. Set an alarm.

[Group052] K_Namj: Hmm, does setting an alarm have to do with anything, I wonder? Tae, you probably had an alarm set that day too, right? You were supposed to take a TOEIC test, after all.

[Group052] Kim_TH: maybe that’s why this place reminds me of a clock?

[Group052] K_Namj: Yeah. Still, why would we be kidnapped just because we set an alarm? Tons of people set alarms every day. Why us?

[Group052] K_Namj: I can’t think of any other explanation however. As far as I can remember, all I did that day on the phone was to try to open webpages, but kept failing because the connection was so slow, gave up, and then set an alarm and charged the phone and went to sleep.

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung i just thought of something

[Group052] Kim_TH: two tuesdays ago in ullapool

[Group052] Kim_TH: is not necessarily the same day as two tuesdays ago in korea

[Group052] K_Namj: ………..

[Group052] K_Namj: I…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um guys i hate to interrupt but i was thinking back on what had been said in the chats of the previous phases, like taetae-hyung asked me to

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and i think i have the answer

[Group052] K_Namj: I have the answer too. I can’t believe I hadn’t factored in the time difference. Tuesday morning in Korea is Monday evening in Scotland and I was in Edinburgh at that time. With good wi-fi. I remember exactly what I did.

[Group052] K_Namj: Jungkook, go to the center point now. I’ll fill Taehyung in. You fill Hobi in as you go. We want you to get there as soon as possible because the drone seems to always shoot whoever knows the answer. Go go go

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we’re on our way!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: we’re using hyung’s ball of yarn

[Group052] Kim_TH: not to alarm anyone but the remaining drone just SPED past my door

[Group052] Jeon_JK: shit

[Group052] Jeon_JK: shit we’re almost there

[Group052] Jeon_JK: shit the drone

[Group052] Jung_HS: kookie go go go go i’ll distract it go

[Group052] Jeon_JK: NO HYUNG NOT U TOO

[Group052] Jeon_JK: NO

[Group052] Jung_HS:
come to me baby come to my hope world

[Group052] Jeon_JK: HYUNG

[Group052] Jung_HS: im somewhat fast with years of dancing. i’ll take it as far away from u as possible

[Group052] Jung_HS: go go go kookie

[Group052] Jeon_JK: no no nononononno hyungs why are u all sacrificing yourselves for me this isn’t fair

[Group052] Jung_HS: bc it is the job of the hyyh

[Group052] Jung_HS: and bc we love u, of course

[Group052] Jeon_JK: NO

[Group052] Jung_HS: im not dead yet, kookie, just focus on answering the question

[Group052] Jeon_JK: BUT HYUNG

[Group052] Jeon_JK: um im here now

[Group052] Jeon_JK: at the center point

[Group052] Jeon_JK: there’s a podium thing where i can set down my device and submit cards

[Group052] Jung_HS: yes kookie go!!! answer the question

Pied Piper: [Group052] Jeon_JK has submitted a [2], a [9] and a [10]. Congratulations! You have [21] points!
Pied Piper: Please enter [THREE REASONS] why the three phases are structured the way they are. [ONE REASON] for each phase.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hobi-hyung are u all right???

[Group052] Jung_HS: that’s not the right answer!! answer the question!!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok hyung

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so. pied piper

[Group052] Jeon_JK: before i give my answers

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i want to bargain

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idk why u had to make this a life-or-death situation when it could have been much more simple

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and i guess u cant bring the dead back to life but

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i have 3 remaining hyungs

[Group052] Jeon_JK: they are my brothers, my family

[Group052] Jeon_JK: let them go and do whatever u want with me

Pied Piper: But why should we bargain with you, when we are the ones with all the power?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: well if u have done an exclusive background check on me like u said, u’d realize im a law student

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i may not have friends but i have the email of all my fellow law students and the professors bc its basically just name + school email domain

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i have been video screen capturing everything. u don’t allow closing the chat windows but i know how to screen capture without needing to exit the chat interface. im a professional videogame streamer lol

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i also know a shortcut to send the video to all my law acquaintances. i know who u are, i can tell them and they’ll sue the heck out of u. i can do it RIGHT NOW.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but i wont, if u let my hyungs go. how about that?

Pied Piper: Well, Jeon Jungkook, we like your proposal.
Pied Piper: Sure, we’ll let them go. To show that we are sincere, the remaining drone is no longer chasing Jung Hoseok.
Pied Piper: Now, answer the question, will you?

Chapter Text

[Group052] Jeon_JK: all right i’ll answer the question

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i was trying to remember what everyone said in the past phases, and i remembered something yoongi-hyung said near the end of the first phase

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i was so nervous then bc i knew some of us would have to die, so i didn’t even pay attention to what he said, but now that im thinking of it its pretty weird

[Group052] Jeon_JK: he said, and i quote: “[Group052] Min_YG: Blackjack? Like, the phone? I used to have a blackjack phone and I'm pretty sure they're coming up with new editions”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: how did he know about the new editions when he doesnt work in a phone company? and it must be something that mattered enough to him for him to remember it even in a life-or-death situation, so he couldnt have just heard about it while chatting or sth

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung said he translated a lot of digital stuff, so he prob translated things related to the upcoming release of the new blackjack phone too, which is why he knew about it and remembered it, because it was his job and he takes his job seriously

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so, i thought long and hard about phones and realized

[Group052] Jeon_JK: 2 tuesdays ago, i sent an application to try out a new phone from xamxung


[Group052] Jung_HS: wow shit u guys are right, i did that too

[Group052] Jung_HS: i send a lot of those kinds of applications every day so i didn’t even remember…

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s the first application of that kind that I ever sent so I remember, but I didn’t factor in time zones and was thinking about the wrong day this entire time so didn’t realize until it was too late…

[Group052] K_Namj: As a seasoned traveler, I really should have known better.

[Group052] Kim_TH: well i still have no idea whats going on

[Group052] K_Namj: As Jimin said it was all his doing, he probably just sent an application for both of you. He knows all the details about you anyway, the birth date, phone numbers, emails, etc. and has photos of you. So he probably just sent it in without consulting you since you were bedridden.

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh… and then he prob forgot about it? bc we send a lot of those applications daily too, its part of our youtuber life

[Group052] Kim_TH: we sign up to try out a lot of stuff… the companies get exposure from our product videos bc our fans buy the things we endorse, and we get to try products for free so… and sometimes they pay us for the publicity

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yeah, exactly! i do those kinds of videos too tho its mostly game and electronics related

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so we sent in applications 2 tuesdays ago, agreeing to (i’ll cite the conditions as far as i remember them) “test our new camera phone model, give us your honest feedback, and appear in a promotional video advertising the product, as well as make post(s) on your social media accounts about your user experience”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: “If both parties find the collaboration experience satisfactory, you may opt to become our official endorser (the fee is negotiable but we guarantee it will be excellent), meaning that you will receive free products from us and appear in further advertisement videos / vlogs / video series (as of now, a series of videos featuring our endorser(s) traveling in scenic locations and showing off the photographing capabilities of our phone camera is in the planning stage).”

[Group052] Jeon_JK: i don’t usually go for the kind of collaboration where i have to show my face but well, not gonna lie, i kind of need the money… i want to move out from my guardians’ place

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so, this device we’re holding is actually the unnamed phone we’re supposed to test, we just don’t recognize it (i dont remember seeing any pictures while applying)

[Group052] Jeon_JK: so we all sent an endorser application 2 tuesdays ago for an unnamed phone product, which is actually the new edition of the blackjack phone yoongi-hyung mentioned. taetae-hyung didn’t apply but jiminie-hyung applied for him, and the company wouldn’t know who submitted the form anyway, all it matters is that they received it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: yoongi-hyung might not have sent an application for the sake of sending an application, since he doesnt seem to like publicity. im thinking the company prob asked him, a translator they work with, to test-run the english version of the application process to make sure everything is translated properly and the instructions are not hard to understand, so he did that

[Group052] Jeon_JK: also he prob does similar stuff all day long so thats why he doesnt particularly remember

[Group052] Jeon_JK: not sure what the 7 common qualities they want from us are, but im thinking good-looking has to be one, bc naturally they want their endorsers to look nice in the ads, right?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: also we have a lot of fans, thats another quality. the company needs ppl with a huge following so that our fans will buy their product

[Group052] Jeon_JK: and another common thing is that we… wont be missed? like we all agreed in the first place that no one would notice us missing bc they’ll assume we’re just somewhere else

[Group052] Jeon_JK: that makes it easier for them to kidnap us, and also since they’re planning a series consisting of traveling to scenic places, they’d want endorsers who can easily relocate and arent tied down to one place

[Group052] Jeon_JK: idk what other common qualities they want but i guess maybe capability of figuring out technology? uh and maybe that we have interests that can be used to show off the phone camera’s capabilities? stuff like that

[Group052] Jeon_JK: anyway

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what i don’t understand is why do THIS?? why do they have to kidnap the applicants and have us try the phones here instead of JUST SENDING US THE PHONE omg?? we listed our addresses and contact methods (perhaps thats what made kidnapping us so easy hmm)???

[Group052] Jeon_JK: why do they have to kill us??? jin-hyung and jimin-hyung just sent in an application to try out a phone??? yoongi-hyung was doing his job?? they dont deserve death they did nothing wrong!!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: my hyungs dont deserve to die!!!!

Pied Piper: Well, [Group052] Jeon_JK, interesting theory so far. However, you are not answering the question regarding the 3 phases. Please provide the correct answers, or I’m afraid we will not be able to proceed.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh actually i havent even thought about this…

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but i’ll make a guess. uh, since we’re supposed to test the functionality of the phone as endorsers, it prob has to do with showing off the phone’s functions

[Group052] Jeon_JK: phase 1, to show off the phones amazing connectivity to wi-fi even tho we’re in separate rooms, and the smooth chat function. also, u made us play a weird kind of blackjack game, thereby cementing the phone’s official name in our heads and making sure we will never forget it

[Group052] Jeon_JK: phase 2, to show off how the phone doesnt break even in dangerous situations, even in water, even when dropped very hard! who doesnt want a waterproof and anti-shock phone, right?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: phase 3, uhhh to show off the phone camera capabilities, especially for human portraits? which is why we could send drones after each other by taking pictures of other players’ faces?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: since it’s a camera phone after all… maybe that’s why the whole place is so pretty too, so that u can show off how nice photos would look in different colorful environments and lighting?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: uh, thats all ive got

Pied Piper: How unfortunate, Jeon Jungkookie. That is not the correct answer.

Pied Piper: Too bad! If you were more fortunate, you would be a fortune kookie!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wut

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ok wait u talk so weird

[Group052] Jeon_JK: jin-hyung is good at dad jokes, are u jin-hyung?????

Pied Piper: haha hi Jungkook I was just kidding, you were mostly correct. here, have a heart <3 -jin

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wtf

[Group052] K_Namj: WHAT THE FUCK

Pied Piper: Language, Namjoon! -yg

[Group052] K_Namj: I’ll say anything I want thank you very much, Min Young Gangsta.

[Group052] Jung_HS: WTF U GUYS ARE ALL ALIVE???

[Group052] Kim_TH: jimin are u there too? i knew ur not dead!!


[Group052] Kim_TH: well thats jimin all right, the piper wouldn’t know about jimin’s elementary school nickname

[Group052] K_Namj: We’d know it’s Jimin regardless, no one keyboard smashes like he does.

[Group052] Jung_HS: so u guys are not dead??? u looked so dead in the photos

Pied Piper: Sorry Hobi, and yeah we’re not dead -yg

[Group052] Jung_HS: PROVE IT


Pied Piper: Min Yoongi runs his tongue sensually over a popsicle, letting out small whining sounds of appreciation as he savors the sweet taste and the delicious coldness, as cold as dog poop that has been left overnight in the refrigerator.

[Group052] Jung_HS: ok ok i believe u pls stop, jesus christ

[Group052] Jeon_JK: u guys were in this ALL ALONG???


[Group052] Jeon_JK: FUCK U ALL

Pied Piper: no kookie omg we didnt know either, we rly thought we would die!!!! we didnt expect to end up here in the piper’s office lounging on the couch!!! pls dont be angry kookie we love u we’re so proud of u for solving this

[Group052] Jeon_JK: …u didnt know?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: wait, which one are u, sign ur name omg

[Group052] Kim_TH: thats jiminie

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s Jimin, he’s the only one out of the three of them who uses full lowercase.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: oh

Pied Piper: we promise kookie, we rly didnt know, we arent good actors, we wouldnt have been able to lie convincingly if we had known! we were just as clueless as u!!!

Pied Piper: when the drone came at us, we expected to be shot by bullets… instead… we were shot, as in, our photographs were shot

Pied Piper: and then they used the phone camera embedded in the drones to process the photo to make it look like we’re dead! it looks super realistic right? and it processes so fast, almost in real time! its one of the phone functions they’re promoting, augmented reality selfie camera! its gonna come out right in time for halloween, u can use it to give urself a dead look, or a vampire look, or a zombie look and stuff like that

Pied Piper: that was why they got annoyed when taetae said we could cover our faces, they needed our faces so that they could show off how nicely the function works

[Group052] Jeon_JK: ………………

Pied Piper: I should have known, really, but I wasn’t in charge of translating the details on this particular function, so I didn’t realize… sorry. -yg

Pied Piper: I had an epiphany when Tae mentioned vignetting. I remember that term in particular because I had to look it up multiple times when translating marketing schemes for different xamxung phones. They’re damn proud of their phone cameras’ vignetting effects -yg

Pied Piper: I was trying to tell you guys… it was all augmented reality, no one is dead. But I typoed at the worst moment. That was how “agu” came to be. I wasn’t talking about Agust D -yg

[Group052] Kim_TH: aww i was thinking maybe u could be agust d :((

Pied Piper: Oh, I am, it’s just that my record label wanted to keep my identity a secret so I can’t really talk about it unless it’s with someone I’m fairly friendly with -yg

Pied Piper: Xamxung actually knows about this since I’ve been working with them for years. That’s why they picked my application, they think I have enough fans. Even though I wasn’t trying to apply, just helping them check the translation like I was asked to =__= -yg

[Group052] Kim_TH: ashfdahlfahfwqrjqwojqrwp jrvwqbqwrqwj!!!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: ur rly agust d omgomgomgomg!!!!

[Group052] Kim_TH: when we met up i thought ur voice sounded so familiar but i couldnt be sure

[Group052] Kim_TH: bc agust d says cool bad boy things but u were so nice and held my hand

[Group052] Jung_HS: wow what would the fans think if they knew their agust d is secretly a hand holder

Pied Piper: If they stop liking me just because I hold hands then they don’t deserve me anyway so deal with it -yg

[Group052] Jung_HS: i dont think they would stop liking u, if anything they’d prob like u even more

[Group052] Kim_TH: hyung pls gimme an autograph u can sign it over my forehead

Pied Piper: Sure -yg

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, I have to admit that I really enjoy Agust D’s music too, but right now can someone please fill us in on what exactly is going on? Where’s the real piper, and why have you guys taken over? If they weren’t planning to kill anyone in the first place, why were there so many dangerous parts in the three phases? (poisonous gas? REAL LASERS? Hello?)

[Group052] K_Namj: And, as Kookie pointed out, why do all this? What’s the point? Why didn’t they just send us the phones and have us try them, instead of wasting all this money and placing us in this crazily complicated venue? And what about the other groups? Are there even other groups?

Pied Piper: so many questions, Joonie! I’ll answer them one by one -jinnie

Pied Piper: where’s the real piper? well, the pipers went to pick up the pizza they ordered because they’re hungry. we got all your favorite flavors, don’t worry

Pied Piper: go easy on them lol, their whole PR office is in charge of acting as the pipers, and it’s their first time so they’re all nervous, kept confusing the pronouns, some of them used ‘we’ and some used ‘I’, and some of them broke character. they were freaking out over all the mistakes they made, poor guys. they tried really hard though, I think they deserve a raise

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung wtf

Pied Piper: Kook you haven’t started working yet so you don’t realize what a cruel life it is for employees out there! they’re terrified of messing up, you know? they don’t want their boss to be mad! now that you solved the game they can finally relax and eat!

Pied Piper: I already cooked them lasagna!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung……………..

Pied Piper: anyway, where was I

Pied Piper: oh, Namjoonie’s questions. so, regarding all the dangerous elements, they weren’t actually planning to kill us. there wasn’t really any underground slime, they just picked Taehyung up once he was unconscious and rubbed slime over him and dumped him into a room, which Hobi later landed in. also the “poisonous” gas would just knock him out, not kill him (it’s the same gas they used to kidnap us in the first place, no side effects, they say)

[Group052] Kim_TH: oh i KNEW it smelled familiar!!!

Pied Piper: yeah, and when we lost our floor in the second phase, there were safety mats not far underneath. it was just dark so we couldn’t see. so if we fell off, which we didn’t, we’d be fine anyway.

Pied Piper: the flying chainsaw thing was a realistic projection they added in to bring the contestants closer together and to show off their VR tech, since they’re planning to branch into the gaming industry. it’s pretty fun! just press a button and it comes flying out. they let us try too, so we sent one after you lol Kookie

[Group052] Jeon_JK: HOW COULD U

Pied Piper: the lasers in the laser room were fake, though they did use one real laser to cut off Taehyung’s Gucci necklace to add to the effect (and don’t be sad about that Tae, they’ll give you two new ones to compensate. xamxung works with Gucci in collabs)

[Group052] Kim_TH: ohhh i remember that! they had a special xamxung gucci limited edition phone! i wanted it so much but no money lol

Pied Piper: yeah!! and this time they’re making special phone editions with van gogh painting designs!! since u couldnt get the gucci one, when i saw the announcement i rly wanted to get a van gogh one for u! that was why i submitted an application for us both, u were so sick i just wanted to give u a nice surprise, i had no idea we would end up here sorry >< -christian chimchim

[Group052] Kim_TH: nooooo dont be sorry minmin i know u only want the best for me i love u ><

[Group052] K_Namj: … “Christian Chimchim”?

Pied Piper: u have a problem with that? FITE ME HISQWQWFQ -christian chimchim

[Group052] K_Namj: Okay, calm down, I don’t have a problem with that, Jimin.

Pied Piper: anyway!!!!! as I was saying!!! -jinnie

Pied Piper: they didn’t plan to kill us. even in Yoongichi’s water situation, they had people watching and were ready to pull him out immediately if things went wrong (it didn’t, apparently he has really amazing lungs)

Pied Piper: all the explosions we heard in the first phase were faked. there were like only 2 other groups. there were many applicants but they only kidnapped the ones they found good-looking and famous enough lol

Pied Piper: and they only advanced the group that won the first phase to the second phase and sent the rest home with cake! so since phase 2 onwards it was only us

[Group052] K_Namj: …Then why “Group052”?

Pied Piper: apparently some of the employees are BTS fans (if the name “pied piper” didn’t clue you in already) and were listening to Whalien 52. and the programmer messed up and thought it was Whalien 052, but they figured it would make it seem like there are even more groups than there actually are so they left it like that

[Group052] K_Namj: ……………….

Pied Piper: As for why do this? what’s the point? well it’s

[Group052] Jeon_JK: … its what?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hyung?

Pied Piper: Jin-hyung went to help the pipers carry the pizzas, they ordered like 30 of those. He’s too nice for his own good. I’ll take over now -yg

Pied Piper: The thing is, they wanted to use us for the promotional ad, you know, like those BTS Puma ads that came out sometime ago (also I don’t know anything about this, honestly! They work with more than one translator and I was not in charge of this part at all) but they’re not sure about our acting skills

Pied Piper: So they decided to put us in the scenes which they need, and just have us react naturally. That way, there will be no need for acting, everything will look genuine (they’re going for a creepy sci-fi effect or something, I think)

Pied Piper: They told us we’ll understand once we see the finished video

Pied Piper: Also, they have a collab with an escape-the-room venue, so they’re using this opportunity to give them some exposure too

[Group052] Jeon_JK: …why would a phone company collab with an escape-the-room venue

Pied Piper: They collab with everyone lol, I remember translating lots of collab contracts for them. they work with tv shows, photographers, and several resorts

Pied Piper: I didn’t have time to ask but maybe that’s why they’re sending their endorsers on trips, so that the endorsers can stay in their partner resorts and film videos there with the blackjack phone, so the resorts get exposure, and xamxung gets to show off their phone’s cool camera HD graphics, and the endorsers get to travel for free, so everyone is happy

Pied Piper: Oh btw they also collab with Mercedes Benz, you are all getting a new car each after this

[Group052] Kim_TH: omg thank u yay!!!

[Group052] K_Namj: I can’t drive :((

Pied Piper: Now you have an excuse to learn!

Pied Piper: Anyway, they really like you guys. Besides the qualities Kook listed, the other 2 qualities they’re looking for are “potential to be entertaining” (hence the weird penalties and crazy situations) because they can’t use boring people for the vlog series, and “easy to work with”, because they’ve had a lot of clients/collaborators that were pretty rude and they don’t want any unnecessary trouble

Pied Piper: They weren’t expecting to take all 7 of us in the first place, their plan was to give us stressful challenges and force us to show our true colors, so that they could weed out the annoying and selfish ones, send them home with handsome pay and not hire them, but everyone has been surprisingly selfless and worked together just fine, so…

Pied Piper: They want us to film that promotional series. In which we drive to cool scenic locations in our Benz, and film vlogs with their phone. All 7 of us

Pied Piper: So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the future, huh

[Group052] Jeon_JK: but do they rly expect us to just AGREE to work with them???

[Group052] Jeon_JK: after all they’ve done to us?????

Pied Piper: You did sign an agreement in the beginning when you sent in the application

Pied Piper: And Kook, you need the money. You get a MERCEDES BENZ. You get to travel places on all-expense-paid trips

Pied Piper: They’ve seen your dick. They could blackmail you

[Group052] Jeon_JK: saaryyrshjhahlrlrarharh

Pied Piper: Just kidding! They won’t do that! Haha

[Group052] Jeon_JK: “haha”??????

Pied Piper: Also, since all the pipers are exhausted, they’ve proposed that we play the part of the pied pipers for the next session. How’s that sound? Wouldn’t you like to play the role of the piper and terrorize poor contestants? Of course you would, Kook! You’re secretly evil like me!

[Group052] Jeon_JK: what, there’s a next session? we’re kidnapping MORE people???

Pied Piper: They want endorsers for another product, the [Xamxung Bullseye Digital Watch]. They’ll be using our phase 3 venue. Like Tae said, it’s shaped like a dartboard, and rotates so that it looks bigger than it actually is. Gotta save space you know, it’s hard to find big spaces in Seoul! Also they’re going for a face-of-the-watch effect in the new ad so the venue has to be circular. They decided to test its functionality with us before using it in the next session. We’ll make good pipers since we’re already familiar with the venue now

Pied Piper: It’s a pretty cool watch, they showed us. Gives you a fortune every day and comes with mini games like trivia challenges, in which you can earn darts or something to give the watch cool upgrades such as pedometer, gps and workout routine suggestions. They’re still tweaking it, it’s still in the development and testing stage

Pied Piper: That was why Jin-hyung’s magician messed up Hobi’s youtube handle… the translator had no idea it was ‘street’ or ‘road’ and they had no time to proofread. They should’ve just googled… rookie mistake! Messing up the singular and plural is also a rookie mistake lol since the plural form isn’t especially stated in the original Korean. Test runs are helpful because it helps weed out small mistakes that aren’t really the translator’s fault

[Group052] Jung_HS: hyung we’re not translators we dont know what ur talking about

Pied Piper: Sorry, got carried away. Anyway, they want 12 endorsers for this new digital watch, one for each number on the watch face, but they have 13 applicants already so they’ll have to eliminate 1. We can help them do it

[Group052] Jung_HS: wouldn’t the poor guy be eliminated be so sad that he’s the only one? :(((

[Group052] Kim_TH: how about we keep all 13? and then we add the 4 parts of a dart: the points, the barrels, the shafts and the flights as team names and split them into 4 teams, so we have 13+4=17?

[Group052] Kim_TH: that would be a luckier number than 13, and 17 sounds good, like the givenchy seventeen watch!

Pied Piper: Well, that’s an idea

Pied Piper: We’ll figure out the details later. Get ready because glass boxes are coming over to pick you up

Pied Piper: Need to get you guys here before the pizzas go cold ya know

Pied Piper: We got all your favorite flavors

Pied Piper: Kookie don’t cry, I can see you on the monitor you know. Don’t cry! Why are you crying??

[Group052] Jeon_JK: im so glad that u guys are not dead

Pied Piper: COME HERE AND LET ME HUG YOU -jinnie

Chapter Text

Do you ever feel alone?

Darkness. A man wearing Balenciagas and an acorn pouch opens his eyes. Blinks. Looks around. Hugs himself and begins to shiver. Screams.

[Group052] Jung_HS: ANYBODYYYY



You don’t have to be.

Then there is light, from a device on the wall. The man takes unsteady steps and reaches for the device. Looks at the screen. His breathing becomes less erratic.

[Group052] Min_YG: Hey calm down, I’m here


With just one tap, you can connect to the world.

A boy with big, round eyes studies the device curiously, then taps the screen.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hello hello?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: hello hello?

[Group052] Jeon_JK: tell me what u want right now (right now)


Find friends with the same interests.

A pale, blue-haired man is curled up in a corner. He, too, is alone. But he looks at his device, and his lips form a gentle smile.

[Group052] Kim_TH: kumamon is my favorite bear

[Group052] Min_YG: He’s my favorite too


Find people who care.

The same blue-haired man is having trouble breathing. It seems to take tremendous effort, but he moves from his spot on the ground. Presses his back against the wall. Screws his eyes shut and inhales painfully.

At the other side of the wall, acorn pouch guy is wearing a triangular pout, fully focused on the screen. His eyes are gentle so gentle.

[Group052] Jung_HS: back to the wall hyung. im here


Find a family.

The round-eyed boy is lying down, doodling on his phone. His face is grim, jaw set. But then it isn’t. He smiles so big, his eyes crinkle and bunny teeth appear.

[Group052] K_Seok: we are a real family now and my word is final

[Group052] Jung_HS: i can be ur brother if u want

[Group052] Jung_HS: and ur sister, and ur dad and mom and grandpa and grandma and aunt and uncle and cousins


See the world.

A sequence of montages flash past. A pink-haired boy with cute cheeks stands by the sea. Seagulls call. The sky is purple. Another boy lays his head down on train tracks, on soft snow, eyes wide with pure wonder. Acorn pouch guy gazes into the distance, perched on what looks like the roof of a train carriage, wind in his hair. The North European night sky, lit up with ethereal, mystic green. Two figures stand hand-in-hand, watching in fascination. They turn to gaze at each other. They smile.

[Group052] K_Namj: I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland. It was breathtaking.

[Group052] K_Seok: take me there then

[Group052] K_Seok: when this is over, take me there


Create the most beautiful moments in life.

Another sequence of montages.

Seven men are lined up, each in their individual glass boxes. The pink-haired one seems to be yelling something indignantly. The one with huge dimples is cupping his cheeks and smiling so hard his face is a literal XD. Then suddenly, the five men in the middle scoot to either side. The two at the very far end remain rooted in their positions. Their eyes meet. One, with red hair and high cheekbones, looks agitated at first, but his expression softens in relief. The other, the pale one with blue hair, gives him a shy, gummy smile.

There is a ferris wheel. A round-eyed boy is yelling, hastening to zip up his pants. A boy with pink hair nyooms over in full speed and tackles round-eyed boy in a hug. Round-eyed boy looks awkward at first, like he’s never been hugged like that before. Then he melts into the hug, big eyes glistening with unspoken emotions.

A man with red hair and high cheekbones is standing in a pit of slithering snakes, looking terrified out of his mind. Out of nowhere a blue-haired man comes running, screaming something. He trips over a snake—there are so many of them. Crashes into the other’s arms. Their lips smash together. They immediately break apart, panting, eyes as huge as saucers. The snakes continue slithering. Five seconds of silence. Then they fall into each other’s arms again and kiss like their lives depended on it. The snakes are grossed out. And then they stop, hands still on each other’s faces, catching their breaths. Their eyes are still as huge as saucers, but both are grinning. The snakes are so grossed out.

You can hear the high-pitched barking from a mile away. The door is flung open. Pink-haired boy bursts into the room. Behind him is another boy, wearing an army green jacket and a tie as a belt. Both of them are smiling like the sun. The camera swerves to show what they are looking at. The 18 dogs of all shapes and sizes and colors come running, wagging their tails like no tomorrow, pure joy in their eyes.

The seven men in their glass boxes look at each other. They aren’t doing very much, just looking. And looking. And looking. Their eyes say a thousand things. The tallest one, with dimples, wipes away a tear.

[Group052] K_Namj: Seeing everyone’s smiling faces like this…

[Group052] K_Namj: It’s beautiful, even more beautiful than the Northern Lights.

[Group052] K_Namj: I want to remember this moment forever.


Fully anti-shock.

The red-haired boy wearing Balenciagas throws a phone all the way across the room. Cut scene to where another boy, the wide-eyed one with a mole on his nose, picks the same phone up and stares at it in astonishment.

[Group052] Kim_TH: hobi-hyung flung his device across the room

[Group052] Jung_HS: I threw it rly hard too lol its amazing this thing still works tbh


Fully waterproof.

The pink-haired boy is swimming around happily, performing all kinds of underwater tricks and splashing water into his blue-haired roommate’s face. The blue-haired man pouts. Cut scene to where the blue-haired man is submerged, serenely typing away into the device, soft hair billowing around his face like a halo.

[Group052] Min_YG: Good news is this device is completely waterproof


Highly accurate speech-to-text functions.

A boy runs down what looks like a snowy street, screaming at the top of his lungs. Chasing behind him is a whizzing drone making gun noises (however, no bullets actually come out).

[Group052] Kim_TH: Kim Taehyung Screams: “I’m Not Typing, I’m Using Speech to Text”

[Group052] K_Seok: wow that’s incredibly accurate speech to text, I’m impressed by this device


In-chat doodle function for all those creative souls out there.

The round-eyed boy is glaring at the screen with intense focus, drawing something onscreen with his fingers. It is revealed to be a brown fluffball with four legs. The boy taps Send.

[Group052] Min_YG: How does this device even have such a function


Accurate and instantaneous face recognition.

A selfie of a beautiful man with full lips and big eyes is displayed. Immediately, small high-tech-looking dots appear on the face, mapping out the major points on it. The system does a quick scan of the area, and zooms in on the person who possesses the exact same face, with all the dots in the same places. A drone locks on to the person and speeds in their direction.

[Group052] K_Seok: I hear the drone coming after me now


Prank your friends with our 100% realistic AR photo editing functions.

Displayed is a photo of the same beautiful man. Then something about the photo changes. Blood comes out of the man’s lips. His pupils change shape. Subtle details, but so effective.

[Group052] Jung_HS: well he sure looks VERY dead


Impress your squad with our 100% professional vignetting effects.

Same photo of the beautiful man, except now with 100% more vignetting. Cue surprised face of the wide-eyed boy with a mole on nose.

[Group052] Kim_TH: pretty vignetting in the background


Take amazing selfies, with our phenomenal changeable backgrounds.

The wide-eyed boy snaps a selfie in front of what looks like a Van Gogh painting, holding two fingers up over an eye in a V gesture. He looks stunning.


Try out cute filters on your photos, give yourself a virtual makeover with our AR camera, even add swimming goldfish in your surroundings or change your hair color (Note: some items are only available as in-app-purchases).

A handsome man with rich lips and big eyes puts on a fake mustache and smiles. A big ribbon appears on his head and a red panda tail sprouts behind him. He somehow manages to look stunning anyway.


So addictive, you won’t have eyes for anything else!

A dimpled man sits on a wooden bar, staring at his phone. A fucking huge circular chainsaw flies towards him, but he’s so engrossed in staring at his phone that he doesn’t see it at all.

The same dimpled man sits on a wooden bar, still staring at his phone. Beside him, a handsome man whips out a piece of red poster paper the size of an average door. The dimpled man doesn’t notice at all. The handsome man then whips out a pair of scissors and blatantly starts cutting hearts out of the paper. The dimpled man doesn’t notice. Halfway through, the heart-cutter decides to trim his own bangs too while he is at it. The dimpled man still doesn’t notice at all.


The Selfie Phone of your dreams—

[Group052] K_Seok: [GUESS] selfie

[Group052] Jung_HS: [GUESS] cell phone


Xamxung Blackjack, now on sale in all major online and physical sales channels.

The round-eyed boy puts down three playing cards on the podium, a 2, a 10 and a 9. 21 points.

[Group052] Jeon_JK: blackjack

[Group052] Jeon_JK: this is it


Van Gogh Limited Edition models & Mercedes Benz Limited Edition models also available now!

The limited edition phones are displayed.


Try them out at our SAFE Zones (Selfie AR Featured Experience Zones), in 12 locations all across the nation!

Map of the venues are displayed. In the background, a door is shown, the words “SAFE Zone” written across it in big letters. In the doorway stands a silhouette, holding what looks like a golf club. The camera zooms in, closer, closer, and the figure swings the golf club. The screen turns black.


Love yourself. See the world. Stay connected. Get your very own Xamxung Blackjack now.

(Stay tuned for our vlog series! ~coming soon~)


Special thanks:

House of Cards Escape the Room Co. Ltd.


www. agustdofficial

www. eatjin

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[K_Seok]: guys where are you

[K_Seok]: Hobi? Yoongichi? we’re almost at your apartment

[Jung_HS]: hyung omg don’t text while driving!!!!!

[K_Seok]: why are you so sure I’m the one who’s driving?

[Jung_HS]: well namjoon still cant drive so

[K_Seok]: we already picked up Kookie, he’s driving lol

[K_Seok]: anyway, you guys ready yet? we’re on your street now

[K_Seok]: we have to attend the reception party at the resort, we can’t be late and miss all the cocktails

[Jung_HS]: we’ll be out in a sec

[Jung_HS]: yoongi is still inside getting dressed

[Park_JM]: ooooh were u 2 doing naughty stuff? boinking? horizontal tango?

[Jung_HS]: we were doing nothing of the sort

[Park_JM]: lol i dont believe u

[Min_YG]: Hobi and I share an apartment now, we can horizontal tango whenever we like. Logically, we would not choose to do so minutes before our friends are due to pick us up for a 1-week trip

[Park_JM]: when did logic ever matter to u

[Min_YG]: True

[Min_YG]: Ok I admit we were actually boinking


[Park_JM]: hahahaha KNEW IT

[K_Seok]: if you guys still need time we can pick up Jimin and Tae first at their place and then come back for you

[Park_JM]: im ready, but taetae is at the pet hotel dropping off our dogs since the resort doesnt allow them, so we’ll have to pick him up near the pet hotel

[K_Namj]: That’s good to hear. Even if the resort allowed them, bringing all 18 dogs doesn’t sound like a good idea.

[Park_JM]: 28

[Jung_HS]: 28???

[Park_JM]: we have 28 dogs now

[K_Namj]: Goodness. Well, at least you’re not bringing them, that’s a relief. An 8-hour drive to a mountain resort with seven people in the same car is already crazy enough. I can’t handle it if you add pets to the equation.

[K_Seok]: …uh, actually…

[K_Namj]: Actually what?

[Jung_HS]: guys ur in the same car why are u typing instead of talking

[K_Seok]: bc Kookie is blasting bts songs on max volume so no one can hear anyone

[K_Seok]: anyway, uh, I actually…

[K_Namj]: You actually what?


[Jung_HS]: kookie dont text and drive omg

[Jeon_JK]: I’m using speech to text

[Park_JM]: well, what should we do about the sugar gliders? ^w^

[Park_JM]: namjoon-hyung says he doesnt want pets in the equation right? ^w^

[K_Namj]: uh no its ok sugar flierds are small it fine i dont mine

[Jung_HS]: #whipped


[K_Seok]: you are laughing now, Jung Hoseok, but you won’t be laughing when I bring up the taboo topic

[Jung_HS]: omg no pls dont

[Jung_HS]: besides, jiminie is laughing harder than me why are u targeting me

[K_Seok]: because unfortunately Jiminie looks perfectly fine in the taboo topic: the Blackjack phone commercial

[K_Seok]: you, on the other hand……… ^^

[Jung_HS]: hyungggggg noooo we promised never to talk about that commercial again never

[K_Namj]: It’s impossible to not talk about it when it’s everywhere lol, on youtube, on TV, everywhere.

[K_Namj]: But I understand your pain, Hobi. I looked like a fool in the commercial, I was staring at my phone so hard I didn’t even notice Jin-hyung blatantly cutting hearts out of a piece of paper the size of a door.

[Jung_HS]: that wasnt even bad compared to me ok!!! i was screaming thru the whole thing and they used all the footage of me at my worst moments and my hair was always a mess i looked so bad

[Min_YG]: Nonsense, Seok, you looked better than all five of them put together


[Jung_HS]: this isn’t fair tbh little shit park jimin gets all those pretty shots of him looking at the sea and swimming and holding dogs and looking absolutely adorable

[Jung_HS]: while i just look flustered in my shots bc i was either screaming or crying or kissing yoongi-hyung

[Park_JM]: well if its any comfort to u, i was in only my boxers in most of the footage

[Jung_HS]: i was no better i was also half-naked most of the time??? they censored kookie’s dick but they didnt censor our shirtless bodies thats so UNFAIR

[K_Seok]: at least you guys didn’t have to look dead like me to show off the AR effects, I’m too handsome to be dead

[K_Seok]: Taehyung has the best shots tbh, always looking innocent and soft and always wearing clothes

[Park_JM]: its because taetae is already perfect so he looks good in any footage

[Jung_HS]: i would AWWWWWW at that but u wont even get flustered so there’s no point

[Park_JM]: im never flustered when it comes to praising taetae

[K_Namj]: Come to think of it, where’s Taehyung?

[Min_YG]: He’s probably having trouble typing with his hands full of dog

[K_Seok]: Yoongichi you should stop typing too and hurry up and get dressed

[K_Seok]: we just picked up Jiminie and we’ll reach your apartment in 2 mins

[Min_YG]: I’m already dressed dw

[K_Seok]: great

[K_Seok]: we’ll pick you up, then get Taehyung from the pet hotel, then we can get going, beat the traffic

[K_Namj]: I’m really excited, you know.

[K_Namj]: This is our first gig together. We’re going to stay in a 5-star resort deep in the mountains and film vlogs.

[K_Namj]: I’ve been a solo traveler most of the time, so it’s really refreshing to have someone with me.

[Park_JM]: hyung this is not ur first gig together… they literally sent u and jin-hyung to see the northern lights so they could film footage for the commercial just 2 weeks ago

[Park_JM]: not fair i wanna go too

[Min_YG]: It’s funny lol, I’ve worked with some of the Pipers before so we’re kinda friends, and one of them told me that they’ve been rooting for Namjin to be together ever since you started talking about Northern lights because they wanted an excuse to send you guys to Iceland so that the rest of them can tag along too and let the company cover the expenses

[K_Seok]: so all this time, the pipers were shipping us… because they wanted to go to Iceland for free

[Min_YG]: Yeah lol

[Min_YG]: They also told me since they had full control over how the venue for phase 3 rotated, they kept directing Hobi to the darker parts because he was our official screamer and they thought there would be a higher chance of getting dramatic footage if they made him take the scary paths

[K_Seok]: Yoongi you have asshole friends

[Park_JM]: but we’re also yoongi hyung’s friends

[K_Seok]: we’re all assholes

[K_Namj]: Ahem, back to what I was saying…

[K_Namj]: What I meant was that this is my first gig together with all of you, not only Jin-hyung. And as you all know there was a whole film crew tagging along during the Iceland trip, so we couldn’t enjoy ourselves that much anyway. This time it’s only the seven of us, and it’s nice. I feel relaxed.

[K_Seok]: yeah, it feels good. we’re gonna have so much fun together

[K_Seok]: Yoongi, Hobi, we’re here now, hop in

[Jung_HS]: coming coming

[Jung_HS]: btw kookie is moving out from his guardians’ place after we get back from the resort right? we might as well all move in together tbh

[Jung_HS]: we already have big cars, we can get a big house and big ~rings~

[Min_YG]: We’ll need a VERY big house in that case

[Min_YG]: Considering Tae and Jimin have 28 dogs, Jin-hyung has 2 sugar gliders, Seok and I are also thinking about adopting a dog… the house has to be big

[Min_YG]: Anyone else has animal companions they wanna report?

[K_Namj]: I’m thinking of maybe getting a bunny. They’re quiet.

[Park_JM]: why get a bunny when we already have jungkookie, a rabbit coconut?

[Park_JM]: im also tempted to get a snake to make hobi-hyung scream

[Jung_HS]: please dont omg

[Min_YG]: Park Jimin, sweetcheeks, you have abs but I can still beat you up anytime

[Park_JM]: hyung i was just teasing~ >w<

[K_Seok]: hey hey hey, no fighting

[K_Seok]: as my slogan for EatJin goes: no bitchin’ in my kitchen

[Jeon_JK]: this isnt a kitchen, it’s a van

[K_Seok]: not sure how to make a rhyme with that? no saucepan in my van? idk, that doesn’t make sense

[K_Seok]: Taehyung, this is your expertise, please help

[Kim_TH]: no war in my car

no discord in my ford

no anaconda in my honda

[K_Seok]: I knew I could count on you

[Jeon_JK]: this is not a ford or a honda, it’s a mercedes benz

[Jung_HS]: there’d better not be an anaconda in your honda

[K_Namj]: Please let’s not think about anacondas.

[K_Namj]: Taehyung, you done with the dogs?

[K_Namj]: We’re almost there now.

[Kim_TH]: yea im done, waiting outside

[Jeon_JK]: hyung i see u now

[Jeon_JK]: hyung u ok???

[K_Seok]: Taehyung why do you look like you’re in pain

[Park_JM]: taetae? whats wrong?

[Kim_TH]: im on pins and needles

[Jeon_JK]: what do u mean

[Jeon_JK]: uh hyung whats that bulge in ur jacket pocket


[K_Seok]: well obviously he can’t obtain only half a hedgehog



[K_Seok]: it looks like Yoongichi

[Min_YG]: I don’t look like a hedgehog

[Kim_TH]: can we bring her? the pet hotel ppl said she’s been abandoned and she really likes to sit in my pocket :((

[Jeon_JK]: lets bring her, i have a family now, i want her to have a family too

[K_Namj]: All right. So. Everyone on board now?

[Min_YG]: Of course we’re all on board, Namjoon, use your eyes

[K_Namj]: Use YOUR eyes. Surely you can see I’m riding shotgun and surely you can tell my eyes don’t grow on the back of my head.

[Jung_HS]: yeah we’re all on board

[K_Seok]: I’m here

[Park_JM]: im here too

[Kim_TH]: me 2, so is yeontannie

[K_Seok]: who is yeontannie

[Kim_TH]: the hedgehog

[Jeon_JK]: well obviously im here, im driving

[K_Namj]: Perfect. We have everyone now.

[Jeon_JK]: as the title of that bts song goes

[Jeon_JK]: its time for the adventure to

[Jeon_JK]: BEGIN