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Moon River

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The cameras outside the White House did not even think to turn to the single black car pulling into the back drive. Surely it was only a low level staffer returning with food. Everyone ‘important’ was already accounted for, engaged in internal meetings. Right?

She laid down in the back seat of the car to avoid anyone spotting her return. Surprisingly, she successfully made it out of the ever guarded fortress without being obvious and she planned to make it back in the same fashion.

She stared at the ceiling, mind traveling a mile a minute. Try as she might, she could not force herself to relax against the seat. Every fiber of her being was tingling with an indescribable sensation, from the tips of her fingers tapping against her seat belt to her toes rubbing against the heel of her shoe. How could one’s life turn so upside down in only one hour?

“We’re here, Mrs. Clinton,” the agent said putting the car in park under the back awning.

“Thank you, Steven,” she said clicking her seatbelt open. She had a hard time sitting up with her tight pencil skirt holding her knees together. Keeping her head down she made sure her flats were back on the right feet, secured her baseball cap back on her head, and departed the parked car, running quickly into thought the back door.

Her eyes darted around the diplomatic reception room and then down the hall as she went deeper into the White House, her eyes scanning for anyone who could deliver a message. As she rounded the corner, she found her messenger.

“Mack,” she called to her husband’s chief of staff. He was talking with a few advisors at the far end.

Upon hearing his name, he turned to the First Lady who was practically cantering all the way down the hall to meet him. “Yes, Mrs. Clinton?” he turned, ready to serve her apparently urgent need.

“Tell the President I need to see him, now.” Barely taking a break to make sure he got the message, she continued quickly past the group and headed for the family elevator.

“Of course, Mrs. Clinton.” He felt the need to respond even though he knew she wasn’t listening. He watched as she stepped into the elevator and immediately began to pace between the two walls. As the doors closed, he watched as her head tilted up to the light. With her eyes closed, her lips curled into the most contented, warm expression he had ever seen on her. She bit her lip as if to contain her obvious happiness. With that as the last image he saw, the doors shut her off from the world.

Once in her room, she threw her purse on the bed and ripped off her coat and hat, unconsciously following her routine of laying them on the chaise to be picked up later. She stood still for a moment, trying to make a conscious decision of what she needed to do before her husband arrived. With a general plan in her head, she rushed to her vanity and sat on the stool. Fiddling with her hairbrush, she brushed her hair away from her face and finally noticed the mess of makeup that covered her cheeks. She didn’t realize how much makeup was wiped off under her eyes. Throwing the brush back on the table, she rubbed her fingers beneath each of her eyes, trying to remove the smears. In normal ‘touch up’ routines, she would reapply whatever goop washed away, but this was not normal. Any anyway, anything she would reapply now would surely be washed away shortly.

Moving to her purse on the bed, she took out a piece of paper that currently felt like her life line. Moving some of her books to the floor, she placed the paper face down on her bedside table. She then stood at the foot of the bed, ready for his entrance.

She didn’t have to wait long. Hearing his heavy footfall right when he got off the elevator, she folded her hands together to keep them from fidgeting and bit her lip to keep herself from smiling. He burst through the door only a moment later, filling the room with his presence.

“How was it?” he asked, rushing towards her dressed in his full work suit and tie.

She looked past him to the open door. “Close the door, Bill.”

He drew his eyebrows together. “Why?”

“Just do it, please.” She tried to suppress her elation by biting harder on her lip and averting her eyes to the windows beside her.

He took her closed off manner as a bad sign. He turned to shut the door and took one last steadying breath before solemnly returning to her side.

“What happened? What did she say?” He tried to read her face, but he could only see her forehead, eyelids, and the tip of her nose.

“Bill,” she began softly.

“Is it the stomach bug?” he interrupted, not at all comfortable with the uneasiness in her voice.

She shook her head. “No, although she said that was going around, but…”

“Food poisoning?” he tried again.

His firing remarks drew her gaze to her husband. “No, I told you I didn’t eat anything diff…”

“Well then what, Hill? You’re scaring me.” He shuffled his weight between his feet and ran his fingers through his greying hair. His face showed his natural boyish innocence and worry.

“Bill, honey, calm down.” She took his hand from its fidgeting and pulled it to her chest. “I’m alright. Nothing’s wrong with me.” She stroked his long fingers.

He looked at her, even more confused. “Then why on earth are you acting like this?”

She took a step backwards, releasing his hand. “Sit down, honey.”

Keeping his eyes glued to his wife, he sat at the bottom of the bed.

She took her time. This seemed so easy to tell him in her head, but the reality of the situation was so much more complicated. He was the president and she the first lady. They had an incomprehensible amount of responsibility on their shoulders and nowhere in their busy schedules did it account for this turn of events.

“Hill, please,” he implored.

She turned to face him, standing with her knees against his. Her hands gently wrapped around his neck and his hands naturally went to her waist, immediately moving to stroke her middle. She looked down at the immaculate placement of his hands, and started to well up again.

She met his anxious eyes with her damp ones. “Billy… honey… We’re having a baby.”

He would be lying if he said this wasn’t the biggest shock of his life. His jaw dropped and his eyes went blank. His heart must have skipped a beat because it started to beat twice as fast to catch up. “What?” He said breathlessly, in disbelief.

She nodded her head as she watched his mind process. “I’m pregnant.”

He looked her up and down, jaw slack. “Really?” he barely whispered.

“Yes…” Her own happiness leaked out of her eyes and smile.

“Really?” He stood, choking on his words.


“Oh my God!” He pulled her body into his fast embrace; his right hand secured at her waist, his left hand holding her head against his. In quick succession, he kissed her cheek, nose, and finally landed heavy on her mouth. “A Baby!”

With all the extra energy he suddenly had, he wrapped his arms around her back and swept his wife off her feet, twirling her around their bedroom. Their joint laughter rang through the room.

“Bill!” she exclaimed, grabbing at his arms. “You’re squishing us!”

“Oh my God!” he quickly sat her down on the bottom edge of the bed. “I’m sorry, darlin.” Wiping his leaking eyes, he moved straight to her feet. “Let me help you.” He quickly removed her shoes, lifted a now bare foot, and began to massage the sole.

“Honey!” His rapid actions made her unsteady and she tilted to her side, holding her body up on her elbow. “I’ll take a rain check on the foot massage. I’ll need it more in the upcoming months.” She took his chin in the palm of her hand and pulled his head to meet hers. “I would much prefer another form of attention right now.”

Without needing any more direction, he gladly gave her what she wanted. Leaning back, she used her arms to slide slowly to the center of the bed. He followed straddling and crawling over her body so their kiss never had a means to break.

When she was settled in the center, she leaned her head against the plush pillows and hooked her arms under his and up around his shoulders. His entire body rolled down hers, settling on top. He flipped positions so they both laid on their sides. Her leg, hindered a bit by her pencil skirt, immediately wrapped around his calf. She let out a breathless whimper as his mouth left hers, only to travel directly over her chin and down her neck. He kissed her skin as far down as he could, but clothing didn’t deter his intent. He made it to her stomach and hovered while the reality of their new situation sunk in.

“Oh my God,” he sighed. “I never thought this would happen.” He was still in a state of shock and amazement.

“Happen again, you mean,” she corrected. “I don’t know if your memory goes back so far, but we’ve been here before.”

“Yea, but it’s been 14 years.” He drew out his words to express their long, arduous wait.

“Honey,” Hillary stopped him with her suddenly solemn voice. “It’s been 7 years.”

He understood. He leaned down to kiss her stomach. “We’ve hoped and prayed for so long.”

She nodded. She couldn’t even begin to surmise the number of prayers she sent asking for this moment to transpire again. “It’s a miracle.”

He rubbed his nose over her stomach, placing a sporadic kiss here and there.

“Do you want a better view?” she inquired.

He smiled wryly up at her. “I would.” He had two of her blouse buttons undone before she stopped him.

“That’s not exactly what I meant.” She shushed his hands away. “Let me up for a moment.”

He unpinned her and let her reach for the paper on the bedside table.

“You see there,” she pointed to the black and white blob in the photo. “There he is.”

He couldn’t hold in his overjoyed expression for anything in the world. That tiny smudge was their child. To keep from outwardly crying, he decided to play with her. “So you’re sure this one’ll be a boy?”

“Um hum,” she hummed. “I’m positive.”

“You said that last time.”

“Well, this time I’m right.”

He let her think she won, for now. He took the picture and held it in between the both of them. “We’ll frame it… and I want a copy for my desk.”

“Not yet, honey. No one knows.” She lifted her head and spoke directly at him. “And nobody is going to find out anytime soon. Not until we’re sure I won’t…”

He heard her silent worry. He propped himself up on his elbow. Looking at her face, he saw her distress, but looking into her eyes, he saw her euphoria. He drew his fingertips over her cheek. She was soft and warm to his gentle touch. “What shall we name him?”

She sighed. “Bill, I’m not sure we should…”

“Of course we should. Why not?” He kissed her forehead.

She ignored his question and continued releasing her inner trepidation. “I can’t do that again, Bill…”

“No, no, no…” He stopped her thoughts from coming out of her mouth. They had been down that road before, more than once. “It’ll stay our secret for now, but let’s enjoy every moment that we have with this new life.”

With hope still fresh, her arms snaked up his chest, around his broad shoulders, and to his hair where she tugged him even closer. He let his weight rest on top of her and moved his hands to fondle her cheeks and neck.

Their lips me in a warm kiss full of deep affection. As he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, she closed her eyes tightly, suppressing the nagging feeling that history was about to repeat itself.